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Quickmeme's deleted blog post

Quickmeme's deleted blog post

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Blog post from Quickmeme founders following the Reddit ban.
Blog post from Quickmeme founders following the Reddit ban.

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Published by: Fernando Alfonso III on Jun 24, 2013
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Quickmeme and reddit-ban. There are two sides to every story and we would like to have a better voice in sharing ours and our loyalty towards reddit, it’s users…

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Quickmeme and reddit-ban.
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There are two sides to every story and we would like to have a better voice in sharing ours and our loyalty towards reddit, it’s users and our own fans. Quickmeme has over half a million registered users in conjunction with reddit’s AdviceAnimals and has always been a favorite site of redditors (at least the ones that love memes). There have been malicious attacks and voting done over the past few months between Reddit Enhancement Suite (resme.me) and livememe.com. Along with actual malicious attacks from Reddit Enhancement Suites browser extension on quickmeme’s site, two in particular. The first was changing the submit to reddit links from quickmeme to resme.me and our users were then submitting those links instead. Of which a percentage of the traffic would then be skimmed to livememe. (you can see that resme.me and livememe reside on the same server and subnet). The second attack to quickmeme’s actual site was recently. Reddit Enhancement Suite actually changed our “make a caption button” urls to point at our own register page, therefore breaking our captioner for users of RES. With our captioner being broken, less posts from quickmeme would happen and more post to their owned site livememe would occur to reddit’s AdviceAnimals. Lastly they also change all the quickmeme links on reddit to resme.me via Reddit Enhancement Suite. Before we stopped them from hot linking, they had a “make your own caption” button under the images that they were hot linking from quickmeme, that would then post to livememe even when the link was from quickmeme. You can also see that Reddit Enhancement Suite links directly to all competing meme-generators images directly, except for livememe.com, which links to an ad paying page on livememe. Before we dive more into things, let’s take note that Reddit Enhancement Suite has millions of users of it’s browser extension. And thus control of the users browser and actions of those that use this extension. That said, we’d like to point out all the voting that was happening to livememe posts a few months back. It actually happened the day a smear campaign came out against quickmeme from the reddit user yourfriendshateyou whom has also been in close contact with the mod ManWithoutModem. What we saw was that all of the sudden livememe posts where everywhere all at the top of reddit, it just seemed suspicious as it was out of the norm in combination with a smear campaign from the user yourfriendshateyou. Livememe stayed like that for a few days, so It needed to be poked more into it, to see if livememe were voting up their own post or something… Well, it turn out they were, BIG time. We were confused at the time, of how that was even possible with reddit. We always thought that reddit would have good vote bot detection in place and would stop it. So how was it possible that livememe post where going from 10 upvotes on posts that were 30-40 mins old and then suddenly to 150 upvotes in a few minutes time. WOW. We pointed this out to other mods of AA, specifically noonches. A few more posts of livememe did this right after. Two posts from livememe were suspiciously removed to see what was going on with them. All of the 150-200 upvotes occurred while the post were removed for a few mins and then soon reapproved. It was successful because unless there is bad voting activity happening on reddit. It shouldn’t be slammed with upvotes, especially that many from that old of a post.


So, in conjunction with the mod noonches, he made this graph from his site



Quickmeme and reddit-ban. There are two sides to every story and we would like to have a better voice in sharing ours and our loyalty towards reddit, it’s users…

So, in conjunction with the mod noonches, he made this graph from his site http://71up.com/reddit/graph.php , it tracked all of livememe’s post for a while. Over time we were able to see what we would call “bump ups” in posts from livememe. Obviously they were getting slammed up somehow, but at the time no idea on how it would even be possible… As the story unfolds, resme.me is created after these events. resme.me from Reddit Enhancement Suite first started out simply link jacking all of quickmeme post and then hot linked all of quickmeme’s images to resme.me/(whatever meme).jpg from reddit.com. This happened for a month, but wasn’t being what we would call malicious… Then, resme.me added an “add caption” button underneath the hot linked images from quickmeme, this button used quickmeme’s captioner to create memes directly from resme.me/(quickmeme’s hot linked image).jpg .. Borderline abuse, but still not what we would call malicious. Now here’s where it gets good, a week or two later when a user would hit the “make caption” button underneath the linked jacked/hot linked quickmeme images coming from reddit and what happened? It created the image but was posted to livememe.com, thus having the user submit back to reddit the created livememe image. Now why would they do that?! It was a link from quickmeme, that was then linked jack and directed to resme.me/(hot linked quickmeme image). but when a user made this is was created to livememe… That’s when the correlation between resme.me which is owned by Reddit Enhancement Suite, as it was Reddit Enhancement Suite that implemented this (at the time resme.me would reside to redditenhancementsuite.com) and the connection livememe.com started. This is where things went from friendly to malicious… Just a few days later and what happened next was even more unreal. Reddit Enhancement Suite changed all the “Click here to submit to reddit” buttons on quickmeme.com’s site, (which would normally then bring up the submit page to AdviceAnimals and have qkme.me/(memelink) as the link url) and changed quickmeme’s urls to resme.me/(memelink) urls. So now they were forcing redditors to submit from quickmeme on behave of resme.me and resme.me was the posts getting submitted. What made matters even worse was that a percentage of the time the resme.me links that had been submitted to reddit, would redirect to livememe.com’s site with the same created meme image surrounded by ads. Even though the original meme created came from quickmeme.com Reddit Enchantment Suite (resme.me) were trying to maliciously use quickmeme and it’s users to promote their own site livememe.com. livememe also changed it’s captioner during this time and started using the captioner that resme.me was using and you could also see resme.me written into a lot of the code of livememe’s javascript and captioning process. The big kicker is resme.me resides on the same subnet of servers that livememe.com does. It doesn’t take a smart person to figure out that Reddit Enchantment Suite (resme.me) owns livememe.com, though not publicly announced. This combined with the gross voting on livememe.com posts and smear campaigns against quickmeme.com, has been used to malicious damage quickmeme’s brand. When you correlate Reddit Enhancement Suite and livememe together, you can see how Reddit Enhancement Suite could use it’s browser extension in a way of self promotion, control of users browser interactions with quickmeme and reddit, and the control of users actions (votes, etc…) Lastly, quickmeme would have no reason for “vote bots”. We wouldn’t benefit since our fans are so loyal, we’d have nothing to gain. Also there hasn’t been any self promotion on AdviceAnimals, quickmeme hasn’t been listed on the sidebar for a long time. And before that, other mods of AA controlled the content of AA. We really value all of you and hope for your continued support. Sincerely,




Quickmeme and reddit-ban. There are two sides to every story and we would like to have a better voice in sharing ours and our loyalty towards reddit, it’s users…

Stephen, Wayne and the team behind quickmeme.

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