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1 Computer Hardware/Computing History

Written by M.Britland

Learning Objectives
● To learn about the components inside a computer ● To understand the difference between input and output devices ● To learn about the impact of Alan Turing on modern computing ● To learn about Tim Berners-Lee and the birth of the world wide web ● To learn what the four generations of computers are

Learning Outcomes
● A collection of informative digital publications ● A multiple choice quiz ● An evaluation using feedback from your peers

Tasks: Publications
● Using what you have learnt in lessons and research from internet, create several publications on Use How Stuff Work, Computer Dictionary and a search engine for research into computer components. You should cover the following: ○ Hard Drive (HDD)/SSD ○ Optical Drive ○ Monitor ○ CPU ○ RAM ○ Motherboards ○ Inputs/outputs ○ Touch Screens ○ Tim Berners-Lee - Research ○ Alan Turing - Video ○ The four generations of computers


Taking an iPad Apart

Alan Turing

Tim Berners-Lee

The Four Generations of Computers

The Four Generations of Computers

The Four Generations of Computers

The Four Generations of Computers

Tasks: Evaluation
● Evaluate your work ○ Ask your friends what they think of your publications ○ Fully evaluate your work using your own opinion and feedback ■ What do your friends think? ■ What do you like about your publications? ■ What don't you like about it? ■ What would you do to improve?