Programming: Raspberry Pi and Python

Written by M.Britland

Learning Objectives

To Learn about the Raspberry Pi, how to set it up and how to use it To learn the programming fundamentals of Python ○ Python Syntax and the console ○ Variables ○ Sequence and Selection ○ Comments ○ Data Types ○ Lists ○ Iteration


Learning Outcomes
● ●

To be able to understand Python code To be able to write code and solve predetermined problems A multiple choice test

Tasks: Raspberry Pi

In a group set up the Raspberry Pi and attach all the peripherals ○ Did you enjoy setting it up and making it work? ○ Do you understand what you can do with it? ○ Why do you think it costs so little to produce? ○ Would you get one for home?

Tasks: Raspberry Pi

Tasks: Python
Syntax The grammatical rules and structural patterns governing the ordered use of appropriate words and symbols for issuing commands, writing code, etc., in a particular software application or programming language.

Tasks: Python

Using An Introduction to Python by Mark Clarkson, work through the booklet ○ Help those around you ○ Talk and discuss what you are learning with your friends and teacher ○ Try working through some of the problems at the back of the booklet

Resources: Beginners Python Book

Click on the image above for the beginners Python Book You could work through it at home

Resources: Computer games with Python

Click on the image above for free Python ebooks

Download Python at home

Click on the image above to download Python at home

Tasks: Evaluation

Evaluate your work ○ Did you enjoy programming? ○ Explain your answer ○ Are there any other languages you would like to learn? ○ How would you change the way you worked? ○ Anything else you would like to say about this project?