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Date: ___________ I. Objective: Write numbers through 100 000 in symbols and in words. II. Subject Matter: Writing numbers through 100 000 in symbols and in words. References: Materials: BEC PELC I A 1.1.4 cut-outs of triangles, puzzle, place value chart, cassette, cassette tape

III. Procedure: A. Preliminary Activities: 1. Drill: 1. Write the smallest three-digit number 2. Write the biggest 3 digit number. 3. 10 more than 360 2. Review: Display 10 triangles with numbers written on each. Ask the pupils to remove the triangle with the number the teacher is saying.

B. Developmental Activities: 1. Presentation: a. About ninety-eight thousand, four hundred twenty-three boy scout joined the jamboree at Mt. Makiling. Let the pupil place the number in the place value chart. Thousands Ones tens ones hundreds tens ones 9 8 4 2 3 To write in words Ninety-eight thousand, four hundred twenty-three. To write in figures 98 423 2. Fixing Skills: Supply the missing words and read. 1. 62 136 _________ thousand one _________ six 2. 18 250 eighteen _______ two ________ fifty 3. 57 812 fifty ______ thousand ________ hundred _______ 3. Generalization: What are the things that we should remember when we are writing numbers in figures? In words? IV. Evaluation: Answer each question in number words. 1. What number is 1 000 more than 3650? 2. What number is 1500 more than 5365? 3. What number is 10 000 more than 23 150? V. Assignment: a. Write the underline number in words. 1. Mr. Go sold 1560 coconuts on the first day. 2. On the second day. He sold 2564 coconuts. 3. On the third day. He sold 7876 coconuts b. Write the underline numbers in figures 1. three thousand, eight hundred ninety-two pairs of ladies shoes 2. seven thousand, five hundred pairs of men shoes. 3. two thousand, six hundred ten pairs of girls shoes