Ether has been temporarily rejected by modern science because of the experiment of Michelson & Morley where they laid light on a plate like in figure below

Rotating the plate they could not detect any alteration of the shade of the color due to it's change of orientation on the compass, that if ether was present it would have caused alteration in the mode of wave overlap The problem was that they did not know that the Earth carries it's ether like an envelope like the atmospheric envelope, like humans carry their Ethereal body with them; Michelson±Morley experiment

Ether around Earth is extended to the Moon, and travels with the Earth, In the above picture Dino Kraspedon shows the Envelope of Etheric covering; See Dino Kraspedon here:

My Contact with UFO's by Dino Kraspedon chapter two
Ether only exists around planets for a certain distance, and is nothing more than a type of matter. The etheric layers are effects, not causes. In order to understand the phenomenon of revolution we must regard the true diameter of the planet not as that of its solid mass, but as the sum of its solid and gaseous parts. The true diameter can be obtained from the following formula: Terrestrial radius

x speed of revolution

407,200 km. Your planet rotates on its axis at 1.60 km. per hour, and revolves in its orbit at 1o6.oo km. per hour. This gives a value of 407.200 km. for the radius of the total gaseous envelope. If we subtract from this figure the radius of the Earth (6,378 km.) we see that the terrestrial ether extends 400,822 km. beyond the solid surface of the planet The Moon, then, lies within the fringes of the etheric covering, so that the various phenomena connected with it take place within this covering.


Also here I'll quote David Wilcock in consideration of existence of ether:
Interestingly, Micro cluster Physics textbook, (Sugano) has a photograph of a gold cluster consisting of ³about 460´ atoms, where we can clearly see the close-packed sphere structure of the atoms inside, forming unmistakable geometry. These images are taken by a scanning electron microscope at very high magnification, and the structure of the cuboctahedron geometry Figure is clearly visible in a series of different angles. Interestingly, the cluster is seen to undergo different geometric changes from the cuboctahedron to other forms in its structure from image to image, again suggesting a fluidlike quality, and unseen ³stresses´ in the ether at work.

We can also see Illustrated by Kirby Urner in The Isotropic Vector Matrix how sphere packing of rhombic dodecahedra, form cuboctahedron

Ether comes in spheres and packs in Rhombic dodeecahedra.

It would be appropriate to have a discussion on geometric understanding of gravity, since it is connected to fluid-like quality of matter and its stresses Let us look at a droplet of water Our discussion here is about solids also since they have this secondary fluidic nature embedded in them It would be appropriate to have a discussion on geometric understanding of gravity, since it is connected to fluid-like quality of matter and its stresses Let us look at a droplet of water Our discussion here is about solids also since they have this secondary fluidic nature embedded in them The geometry of a water droplet has been formed by the laws of fractals; - as fluid tries to copy the shape of the earth,- it produces a sphere that takes the most of the volume of water, the rest of the water creates a smaller spheres, and the rest even smaller and so on ...

Michio Kaku: ³The gravitational interaction is caused by the lowest vibratory mode of a circular string (a loop).´ I add to it that that circular string is resonation of cycles on the spheres in the droplet 1- Only one circle on each sphere can resonate, because the rest of the sphere cancels out by the next sphere 2- Due to inertia the direction of the loop should be: Clockwise on the northern hemisphere and counterclockwise on the southern hemisphere

The main secret here is that any energy that is in the droplet or can penetrate such a geometric shape as a droplet would tend to exert pressure at the bottom and escape the top, and this is the whole issue about the motion of the droplet Vahe Pitchikian


We know that the shortest distance between two points is a straight line, so in our universe we've always assumed that the fastest way from Point A to Point B was to travel in a straight line between the two points at the speed of light. Well, the fact is that when you are dealing with space/time and you enjoy the capability of generating an intense gravitational field, the fastest way from Point A to Point B is to distort, or warp, or bend the space/time between Points A and B, bringing Points A and B closer together. The more intense the gravitational field, the greater the distortion of space/time and the shorter the distance between Points A and B. Most of us think of space/time as the void or as nothing and remember, it wasn't that long ago that man considered the air in our atmosphere to be nothing. Yet with time, we've become aware of the components and properties of the air in our atmosphere. Well, indeed, space/time is an entity and one of its properties is that it can be distorted or bent by a gravitational field.

CIGAR SHAPED SPACECRAFT , by Tore Alfstad Large cigar shaped "mother ship" craft use system B, which is essentially a wave propulsion system. The system generates energy plane 2 (hereafter, EP2) waves which are in counter or discounter phase to EP2 waves present in space. The mother ship operates according to the following general description: At the front of the ship are some conic holes. These "holes" are transmitting and receiving devices. The "holes" can be invisible seen from the outside of the ship. The receiving holes are placed behind the transmitting holes. When preparing for interstellar travel, the ship directs its front in the direction of the target star. The swing product from this star at EP2 are received by the receiving holes. These holes are connected to an EP2 receiver. In the receiver the signals are digitized. Then the signal is directed to a powerful computer. This computer calculates the modulation frequency picture which will put the ship in the right phase with respect to the EP2 waves from the star. This electrical frequency picture is generated by a PLL generator array. The frequency picture is split up into many channels. Each channel is amplified to amplitude of 1000000 Volt PEP. Each channel is connected to specific electrodes inside a high-energy modulator tube. Through this tube runs an orgon force or other suitable force. Inside the tube a frequency picture similar to that generated by the star, but in another phase, is generated.

This picture is modulated into the high energy stream running trough the tube. The modulated EP2 stream is mixed with an isotropically generated EP2 field which surrounds the entire ship. When these 2 frequencies are mixed you get a frequency which is the sum of the two original frequencies. This frequency sum creates an attractive force between the ship and the star on energy plane one (EP1). The modulated EP2 stream is mixed with the unmodulated isotropic field at the transmitting "holes". The reason for the mixing is to eliminate centripetal acceleration. The propulsion force will work at the same level on every atom in the ship at the same time. This means that the ship can make rapid course changes and accelerations without affecting the crew. When the ship approaches the speed of light a special device in the ship is activated. The device compensates for the Doppler effect the ship generates in the microidic plane by the ship's movement. This Doppler effect causes the mass of an object to increase as it approaches the speed of light. This is caused when the material frequency of the object approaches the gravity frequency. If these frequencies come into phase the mass of the object would be infinitely high. The compensation device transmits antidoppler waves on EP2 causing the effect to be eliminated. When the compensation device is active the ship can travel faster than the speed of light because the ship's mass no longer increases. The EP2 waves have a speed which is the square of the light speed. This permit the ship to move at close to 90 billion Km/sec at maximum speed. (90000000000 Km/Sec).

Such circular patterns are even visible in steam bubbles The steam bubble is effected by the geometry of gravity of parallel realities also, as Stephen Hawking states that gravity would effect parallel realities, UFO- Builder David Hamel calls this choice of direction of a steam bubble

isotope line of time
The figure shows you a part of what David Hamel call "the isotope line of time". This path is composed from one "half-side" of all 9 triangles. In figure below you see only the first 5 sections of the "isotope line of time". David Hamel says "the isotope line of time shows us the expansion and the rotation". All life follows this line "in time".

Hamel pyramids secrets

From Michio Kaku; Eisteins cosmos: Ehrenfest Paradox "Consider a simple merry-go-round or a spinning disk. At rest, we know that its circumference is equal to Pi times the diameter. Once the merry-go-round is set into motion, however, the outer rim travels faster than the interior and hence, according to relativity, should shrink more than the interior, distorting the shape of the merry-goround.³ Exterior rings of a disk rotating faster would shrink and this would cause a disk tend to look like a sphere, because shrunk rings would tend to sit above or below the preceding rings In fact according to Tore Alfstad there exist such realities where the Earth would look like a disk I quote from Galactic Server here; Interdimensional Geography "This is especially valid for nature planes higher up on the energy dimension, as for instance the astral plane. If one views the whole from the prubunsic one will see that a set of planets on the same nature plane have a tendency to lay as a disk as seen in relation to the star. This is called the plane of the ecliptic. Going to the next prubunsic nature plane one will see that the same is the case here, but that the ecliptic plane here deviates for inst. 10 degrees from our nature plane. Thus we get an incline in the ecliptic plane for each nature plane along the 6th dimension coordinate« ³

All the point I am trying to make is such rings exist in our reality and a steam bubble picture shows how Rings change angle according to the gravitational effect of a parallel realities?

Sphinx Gate to 4D

I believe Pyramids were built by Atlanteans for hyperspace transportation; the stones act as solid structures that don¶t change in time, this function has been referred to as protonic continuity principle by Chronos technologies institute. Also Nicky Molloy has writings as she remembers another life as Atlantean Time travel scientist in the pyramids. What Dan Winter refers to is that pyramids were gates for 4-Dimensional transportation and a sign of it is the 14 and 32 angles which are unparallel Earths. See also my Brownian Motion about 5 un-parallels Vahe Pitchikian

Schrödinger's cat This Schrödinger's cat has been an old discussion that today could be viewed in a greater perspective, I was living in an RV that burned out due to a malfunctioning propane heater and 7 of my 10 cats died and all my belongings disintegrated in front of my eyes within five-ten minutes, I have discussed that molecules in excited states like steam bubbles tend to follow gravity trace of parallel realities, as it is observable that a steam bubble takes angles of 32 and 14 which are replicas of our macrocosmic parallel worlds It has also been discussed today that once two objects come in contact, they always stay in contact, for example if a cat accidentally plays with a Psychic¶s Crystal Ball, the Psychic would see scenes of the cats life (this I have learned from Tibetan Lama Lobsang Rampa), I personally do not like to throw my old clothing in trash, and throw them in river because I am connected to them by this principal, and myself being sensitive to metaphysical phenomena having everything I owned (including my handwritten math book) burning I had quite a unique observation, being also in contact with the souls of the lost cats The reason mass disappears in fire is that in excited states molecules spread in parallel realities, and also spread in TIME that in our case has geometric packing of five cubes in a dodecahedron as Dan Winter discussed it,

Studying Dan Winter's 7 videos here: http://www.fractalfield.com/perfectvalentine/ He says that a pentagrams are observable in tornadoes and the eye of a hurricane, which is shown in a pictures we had a thunderstorm here in Indianapolis the night before this review was added and had the city siren was on, and good time to meditate on natural electrical fields
It is being implied that more hyper spatial formations are echoing here

Other person I have seen talk about this point is Tore Alfstad (Tore means God of Thunder anyhow, and coincidentally Nikola Tesla was born during 3 unusual days thunderstorms)

One of the first things I asked God, was that when was he coming He said when you see the fish fly Quotation from Tore Alfstad below, from: http://www.galactic-server.net/torealf/s5t.txt Under certain circumstances matter may pass from one nature plane to another along the prubunsic dimension. One such circumstance is a thunderstorm pump (tornado or waterspout). A thunderstorm pump is created by the power in a thunder cloud rising above a certain critical value. Inside the waterspout strong, rotating electrical and magnetic fields are generated. It is said that there is lightening constantly going between the walls of a waterspout like this. If the field strength rises even further inside the pump, a critical border number 2 will be broken and we get ITM. Depending on the harmony between the frequencies inside the waterspout, the objects that now are sucked into the ITM zone will be transported via the hyper space to another nature plane on the 6th. dimension coordinate, or the object may be transported along the 4th dimension coordinate into the future. If the orgon power together with the electrical and magnetical fields is sufficiently strong, the material may also be transported upwards along the 5th. dimension coordinate, as the polytrons can take on a higher form. (They can for inst. lose their gravitons.) The reason why it now and again may rain with unknown animal species may be that a waterspout on a different prubunsic nature plane has sucked these up and transported them to us via an ITM zone inside a waterspout. The things that are sucked up by our waterspouts could just as well end up on a different nature plane. A good example: Lajamanu is 400 miles south of closest shore in Australia, where the fish fell down the sky while alive when they hit the ground; Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/worldnews/article-1254812/Hundreds-fish-fall-skyremote-Australian-town-Lajamanu.html#ixzz1Fe4pMbHq The fish should have been teleported the by the eye of a a huricane through the hyperspace to our reality

Our space should be a bent hexahedron compared to that spatial formation of dodecahedron I sandblasted and pained water towers, the person who started me was S. F. a Greek man, I think from the Overself of Fidel Castro, He would make like $90.000.00 a year with manual labor, unseen vigor... He told me when you see a tornado grab it with your hand and he lifted his hand as if grabbing a torch, he said with the other hand you cut that tornado in half, and he moved his hand slowly over the top of the other one as if cutting the tornado with a knife-hand (in his mind) Well, I was in La Tuna, Texas, painting a Water Tower for a prison facility Here I saw the tornado at a far distance, I said to myself that I am going to try his method of psychokinesis, I grabbed the tornado and cut in half, after a moment I noticed that the top half has fallen like a tree, standing on the side of the other half, and both seemed now aimed towards me I cut them both now I had more, and then more, bunch of Lilliput tornados of the original radius I thought it would be logical to escape... There is consciousness everywhere in empty space, in a potato in a couch... Another experience I had with tornadoes, was in Kendallville, Indiana I was on a water tower job we had 2 people on the top and I was on the ground, and heavy winds started, so bad that the guys on the top could not move, one was J. C. who once went to jail because he came to give me a ride to work, with a suspended license another words a good friend of mine, the winds were out of control we could hardly secure stuff on the ground, and here my friends, J. . and E. Z. are up there suddenly the super power came to me like the incredible Hulk, I felt in power to climb the tower, there was no ifs or buts or anything like that. At the moment of decision the wind stopped next week when I was not there the tornado flattened parts of the town and the job was shut down In the book Jesus and the Essenes, They Walked with Jesus written by Dolores Cannon, hypnotist, past life regressionist She takes this person to the time of Jesus, The Essens, where a beautiful Hebrew scholar the character of an Essen 2000 years ago explains that the team of Moses were pretty advanced and did group psychokinesis to split waters

Stephen Hawking in his book The Universe in a Nutshell Chapter on {Brane new Worlds}, Scribd document page 204, says: The formation of a brane world could be like the formation of a bubble of steam in boiling water. His reference to this is in connection to parallel realities, where UFO man David Hamel Actually says that we should study a steam bubble to see parallel realities which he calls Isotope lines of time See also my
The Brownian Motion, 100 years after Einstein

It's a suggestion from David Hamel to let us to SEE the isotope line of the energy, in action. The goal of this experiment is to learn what is the isotope line of energy, "live". This experiment is to study the magnetism inside a boiling water jar. Use a microscope directly within the water. Study an "air" point (a "bubble) just before the beginning of the boiling. You will see the isotope line of the energy. This isotope line is inside the small "bubble" that starts forming at the bottom of the jar. To be able to see it, you must use a microscope. It's to see what Hamel call "the tesseract of time" - how it changes. You will see the point becoming automatically a triangle (the force). Take an empty jar. Put in the water. Put the microscope inside the water. Heat the water. You will see a "bubble" forming from nothing to a point. With a microscope, look inside the "bubble" just after the point appears. Because there is an "expansion", the life is forming, automatically. The "trilogy" is forming inside the "bubble". When you write something on a paper, with a pen, it's the same thing. First, you. Second, the pen. Third, the paper. This is the trilogy that makes the "point" appear on the paper. It's the same thing for all. All substances have the 3, at the beginning. This is the isotope line of energy. You will see the 3 parts of the isotope line inside the bubble. When you are sick, the isotope line is broken. When we will be able to see this isotope line of energy inside our body, we will be able to cure anything. The way to get cured from our illnesses will be completely changed.(VRIL SOCIETY)

In this page I have taken Hawkings steam bubble, and Dan Winter·s Sphinxs signs as parallel universes, It is rightfully visible that David Hamels Theory is working with Dan Winters Cosmology, which I believe is correct; Our Earth has five macrocosmic parallels, that are visible in steam bubble directions, also Ehrenfest Paradox as discussed on page 7 is visible here

Vahe Pitchikian

Being of a more basic type of existence than matter, Ether first came in spheres David Wilcock;Who is a reincarnation of Edgar Cayce has talked about that. Part of what my geometry is about the start of our universe, before this; - Third Big Bang, and even before the First "Bang³ (I am applying that there has been few big bangs and we have few more to go) The book Hermit talks about stars before the Big Bang, this book is story of abduction of a Tibetan Lama by Chariots of Gods The hermit gives us an account of his vision of the Big Bang given by ³Gods´ and he describes the stars being present before a big crunch and a central explosion, From The Hermit by Lobsang Rampa page 124 of original Book his words quoted below: ³At last one old man reached out and turned a knob. A screen lit up and showed stars the pattern of which I had not seen before. The screen expanded until it filled the whole of my vision, until it appeared that I had a window on space. The illusion was so great that I had the feeling that I WAS in space without even a window. I stared at the cold, motionless stars shining with such an unfriendly, hard glare.

'"We will speed it up a million fold," said the Voice, "or you will not perceive anything in your lifetime." The stars began a rhythmic swinging, about each other, about some unseen centre. From an outer edge of the picture there came speeding a vast comet with its flaming tail pointing toward that unseen, dark centre. Across the picture the comet flew, drawing together behind it other worlds. At last the comet collided with the cold, dead world which had been the centre of that galaxy. Other worlds, drawn out of their predestined orbits by the increased gravity, raced on a collision course. On the instant when comet and dead world collided the whole universe seemed to burst into flame. Whirling vortices of incandescent matter were flung across space. Flaming gases engulfed nearby worlds. The whole universe, as seen in the screen before me, became a mass of brilliant, violent flaming gas. Slowly the intense brightness pervading the whole of space subsided. At last there was a central flaming mass surrounded by smaller flaming masses. Gobbets of incandescent material were flung out as the great central mass vibrated and convulsed in the agony of the new conflagration. The Voice broke into my chaotic thought, "You are seeing in minutes that which took millions of years to evolve. We will change the picture." My whole vision was limited to the extent of the screen and that which I now perceived was of the star system receding so that I appeared to gaze from afar. The brightness of the central sun dimmed, yet it was still exceedingly bright. Worlds nearby still glowed red as they twisted and spun on their new orbits. At the speeded-up rate at which I was being shown, the whole universe seemed to be in whirling motion so that my very senses became bedazed.´

My channeled news is we are on our third expansion Before the First Bang, there was a Static Universe of Ether, where the first waves and spirals were produced by resonant fields of rotating logarithmic spirals; of packing and unpacking of spheres of ether As if Spheres of ether grew in number and filled up a large portion of the vacuum, it should have been some type of growth that every sphere imitates the whole blank universe in its own turn, some type of fractal-like law and a time-space rift is also perceivable; as 2 time-spaces merge one containing vacuum and one containing Ether (in a 3 dimensional time continuum), we should look at time as a three dimensional reality, where the beginning merges with now and the forever I first became familiar with our universe being created from nothing by deformation through this site: Technical information given from the IARGA contact team Which I think is one of the best in understanding our reality

Later through telepathy I found out that noting was a formation as a result of spiritual disintegration, an image, reflection or fractal of that understanding would be like in the Bible when GOD kicked the demons out, well God being merged with our reality it could be said that in spirit due to wrong choices/directions parts of our existence deteriorated & disintegrated, and even we might have done it on purpose as a sacrifice for achieving something that is a greater reality, the reflection or fractal of this could be visualized as the fall of man So that which was existence became nonexistent, is that the radical minus one or the

i in the complex numbers in fractal geometry for believers in the fractal
Universe is ??? The vacuum had been produced, from nothing by deformation, and nothing was formed by the fall of man, That is a spiritual disintegration that happened when God of Bible kicked Luciferians out of heaven, they (We) had chosen a path of destruction that produced the nothingness to begin our universe with

Here picture is from Sten F. Odenwald, from the book Patterns in the Void, he shows that patterns in the void has always been speculated by man Descartes sketch of domains in the Void controlled by various clouds of invisible particles. Invisible vortexes of particles engulfed every object and gave space a tessellated but invisible pattern of swirling, force-giving activity. Two circles like that will bend NOTHING to produce Ether Another words it takes two circles perpendicular to produce a three dimensional reality, that is by rotation of a vector centrifugally to create two dimensions and another one perpendicular to that to create the third dimension, it could be understood that two such vectors combined could produce every possible vector in 3 dimensions Vahe Pitchikian

From META-RATIONAL THOUGHT We, the human species, stand on the threshold of a new era - the Age of Conscious Awareness. We need to develop a new vision of who we are and how we fit into the rest of the universe. Humanity must undergo a transformation. It is typical for most people to think of consciousness as something uniquely human Some even go so far as to say that consciousness is a state that is caused by the human brain, an electrochemical accident of biological evolution. Most people tend to believe that their ability to be aware of their own consciousness is so unique that, in this world and perhaps in the entire universe, only Homo sapiens are fully conscious. The general assumption is that consciousness is a product of mind and mind is a product of brain. Not only is that a critical philosophical error but it is also a spiritual dead end. The belief that consciousness is a product of mind prevents the individual, and our whole culture, from realizing its unity with all that is and from experiencing the state known as cosmic, or transcendent consciousness. Modern humans walk around on this planet, whose biosphere ¶magically· enables their existence, along with the myriad of other life forms, not sensing and thus not believing in a planetary consciousness. Leslie Fieger

In pendulum dowsing, they bury copper without the expert knowing what is buried, several experts would do the dowsing with pendulum; that is they gradually lower the pendulum over the substance holding the string, it would rotate a certain number times clockwise and it would stop and it would rotate counterclockwise, if they change the substance the number will change yet wont make any difference if the person is changed, and this would not happen if it is lowered mechanically, it has to be human hand. Consciousness is merely higher vibratory states existing everywhere, elements, plants, animals, I can easily connect to animal consciousness, (Pet psychic) plants are extremely rewarding, and punishing also, according to our action for or against them, elements, definitely carry higher vibratory level within them, on rare occasions a sensitive person could perceive a speech form of a stone? In UFOlogy, it has been noted that they telepathically apologize a comet before destroying it, or definitely apologize an animal if it is extremely necessary for the survival of the group to murder it, for any more with our advancement of civilization it is not necessary to kill animals and it should be outlawed as it is totally ignorant and has terrible side effects!!! Consciousness was present in the beginning of formation of 3-dimensional space, via two circles perpendicular, this is an intelligent Universe it went back in time via faster than light frequencies. Tomato plant could not develop the fruit for me by accident Vahe Pitchikian

faster than light frequencies. A common happening in human reality Dimensions overview from GALACTIC SERVER

The famous Mandelbrot set that has cardioids is a Fractal that has become popular due to the efforts of Benoit Mandelbrot The Mandelbrot set and other fractal pictures are the result of iterating complex numbers through a quadratic equation; A complex number is a+bi where a and b are real numbers, and i is the imaginary unit,- square root of (-1) A quadratic equation is like Ax2+bx+c=0 Some kind of Fractal geometry can be visualized as basic reason of human form, like repetition of cardioids in a female form, (Cardioid in math has similarity in appearance to Mandelbrot fractals), I see creation of void, before creation of ether, and due to inter action of two circles perpendicular. So first there was nothing, and nothing was deformed to produce space, it is by an intelligent process, mind-speed (Light speed on Earth is estimated to be 300000 Km/sec Norwegian Channeler Tore Alfstad assigns speed of 4 and some 20000 zeros to mind Mind speed first cycles a vector to produce a circle which is two dimensions, then another circle perpendicular to it to produce three dimensions, so original cells of vacuum, are produced by interaction of two smart circles perpendicular and in process of shifting from first circle to the second one it produces a cardioid, in somewhat similar process like what light produces on the bottom of a cup

This two cycles perpendicular which are basics of creation of space, are also basics of creation of ourselves geometry of a cardioid, although non related to Mandelbrot set, in reality it is common that such similarities have also bases in foundation of universe. Mandelbrot set formed by imaginary numbers (i= square root of -1), which are in fact nonexistent, yet if we take the (i) to the power of two it becomes 1 which is existent, Think about these two cycles perpendicular and reproductive geometry and production of a child in this process who is existent (the 1). Distance is an illusion because the root of everything is in nothing Gravity is fractal; attraction is due to information being transferred through ether A Non 2 Dimensional fractal , (self similarity) is the Female Figure the red and the white cardioids are fractals representing creation from nothing, like birth


(Photographer;-Earl Miller)

The symbol INCUNABULA was chosen for its shape - cocoon, egg-like, gourd-like, the shape of Chaos according to Chaung Tzu. Cradle: beginnings. An in-house document from the Institute where the first breakthrough was attained (probably in the late winter or early spring of 1979. The Catalog is of prime importance for an understanding of the intellectual and historical background of the event. It remains unclear whether the East Coast and West Coast groups both entered the same alternate world, or two different but similar worlds. Communication between the two outposts has so far proved impossible because, as it happens, the Egg will not transport non-sentient matter. Travelers arrive Over There birth-naked in a Stone Age world - no airplanes, no radio, no clothes ... no fire and no tools! Only the Egg, like a diamond Faberge Easter gift designed by Dali, alone in the midst of "Nature nurturing". The machine is part computer but also partly- living crystal, like virus or DNA, and also partly "naked quantum stuff".

However, emigration via the Egg proved possible when the "tantrik" or "double-yolk" effect was discovered: two people (any combination of age, gender, etc.) can Travel by Egg while making love, especially if one of the pair has already done the trip a few times and "knows the way" without elaborate visualization techniques and so forth. Quantum conspiracies and mysterious legends from an obscure location in South Central New Jersey, historically known as Ong's Hat, has inspired a counterculture revolution in physics; exotic pursuits in the Many-Worlds Interpretation of quantum mechanics paved the way for avant-garde experiments in quantum consciousness. Integrating procedural meditation with biofeedback and brain machine techniques, synchronicity attractors were developed which sought out tangible states of existence that reached beyond the bounds of the Consciousness Authority we know so well on Earth. Allegedly, the experimenters ultimately achieved success with time travel and the accessing of parallel universes. In the background shadows of these experiments stands one of the most secretive and mysterious religious organizations ever known to man: the Moorish Orthodox Church, a revolutionary and heretical sect of Islam that carries on an ancient tradition which sought to counterbalance the forces of orthodox Islam. Despite the controversial and dubious nature of the MOC, part of their tradition has been to serve as the torch bearers of freedom against the tyrannical and repressive aspects of the Earth's patriarchal power structure as our planetary consciousness shifts to the Age of Aquarius and sets its site on unlimited freedom and the expression of life in all of its true wonder and beauty. What exactly is Ong's Hat, an obscure location in the New Jersey Pine Barrens, not too far away from Fort Dix? Ong's Hat, which appears on some maps but not on others, is just north of New Jersey State Highway 70 and is less than thirty miles east of Philadelphia. If you take 70 to state highway 72 northwest, up the road a couple of miles you will find Ong's Hat Road and a bar in a little triangle. If you're lucky, some of the people in the bar might tell you some strange stories about the area. An actual town in the 1700's and 1800's, Ong's Hat acquired its name, according to legend, when a young man by the name of Jacob Ong snubbed a female admirer at the dance hall whereupon she stamped upon his highly fashionable and shiny silk hat. An inebriated Mr. Ong tossed the ruined hat into a tree where it stood, unreachable and battered, for many months. At some point thereafter, the town acquired

The Ong's Hat brochure featured in the new book Ong's Hat: The Beginning describes a scientific contrivance known as "the egg" which is alleged to be a device which, if used properly, can serve as a gateway to parallel worlds. These worlds are considered to be just a real as this one, but they are on a different time line. Parallel worlds are not shocking to quantum scientists but are merely a mathematical probability. If there are parallel worlds (and science says yes), it is just a matter of "time" before one can frequent them. Trying to understand time, as many of the Ong's Hat physicists did (and certainly succeeded to some degree), ultimately leads one to the threshold of what common vulgar language has always described as "God." That term is only a catch-all term to describe the forces and principles of creation. This force has often been represented in literature or drama as the Holy Grail, the Ark, or a host of other terms and concepts which represent the great religions of the world. The environment of the cult was both scientific and natural and included a hodgepodge of Tantra, Sufism, Ismaili esotericism, alchemy, psychopharmacology, biofeedback and brain machine meditation techniques. Within a year, major advances had been made in all the fields predicted by the equations. After more than three years, the major breakthrough had occurred which would reorient the entire project in a new direction: THE GATE. After an involved indoctrination that included both scientific orientation and sensual faculties being developed, a fellow of the ICS was ready for a device called the "egg." This consisted of a modified sensory deprivation chamber in which attention could be focused on a computer terminal and screen. Electrodes were taped to various body parts to provide physiological data which was fed into the computer. Donning a highly sophisticated helmet with computerized biofeedback devices, the explorer would then undertake a series of exercises in which theorems were used to generate graphic animations of the "strange attractors" which map the various states of consciousness. From this setup, feedback loops were established between this "iconography" and the actual states themselves which were in turn generated through the helmet simultaneously with a representation being viewable on the computer screen.

An Interview with Nick Herbert by Joseph Matheny Nick Herbert was a former SDI scientist turned renegade researcher. His past areas of renegade research involved pleasure dome technologies, Quantum Tantra (the Egg Yoke method), Time and Dimensional travel theories, and gelatinous substances. I'll give you a little background on Alternate Dimensions (A.D.). It was written in 1989 by Herbert, but was suppressed by the publisher, Harper & Row, for unexplained reasons in 1990. It seems that Herbert gave away the inner secrets of a Tantrik-dimensional travel cult based in northern California. Using techniques that combined Herbert's own theory of Quantum Tantra, and hardware technology, consisting of an egg-shaped craft of some sort, members of the cult were able to penetrate into other dimensions. There were also intense visualization techniques, and Tantrik-Egg-Yoke postures involved, but the Xerox copy I had purchased from MediaKaos seemed to be missing some of the key technical portions.

Nick Herbert: "Well, psychology has used a lot of classic metaphors to explain the mind, like the hydraulic metaphor of urges building up, an even when repressed, they'll find some way to spurt out to the surface. We're told that releasing your repressions will relieve the pressure, and you'll become healthy. That's a very classical metaphor. Now we have this marvelous new way of thinking called quantum mechanics, and it seems right to use these metaphors to explain human behavior. So, what's the most interesting human behavior of all? Sexual, of course. That's the idea, to use quantum mechanical metaphors to explore sexuality, to look at it through the lens of quantum physics. I would consider Q.T. successful if we could find new things to do that never would have been thought, of using the old metaphors. I mean, of course, pleasant things. (laughter). The core idea of Q.T. stems from Heisenberg's statement that "atoms are not things." So, Q.T. naturally extrapolated that statement into "well than people are not things, either." People are not things in the same way that atoms are not things." So, one symbol I've invented to epitomize Randomness, Thinglessness and Interconnectiveness is the trinity of White, Hot and Sticky. White corresponds to Thinglessness, Hot to Randomness, and Sticky to Interconnectiveness. By white, I mean like white light, all the colors together, all human sexual potentials. Thinglessness is wrought with possibilities. As David Finklestein, the inventor of quantum logic said, 'We are all white light, in the sense that we are all possibilities.' Hot has to do with newness, spontaneity that we can bring to the moment to remind us that the moment can be ever new. That's a hard thing to live up to, sexually, and otherwise. Sticky, of course, typifies the new kind connectiveness. A metaphor for achieving stickiness, are objects that you break in two, and each partner keeps one half. The fracture is unique, that I will only match one other person in the whole world! Quantum objects help to enhance this two-person white, hot, sticky state. And music is the connection in this technology."

After a brief orientation to The Egg Device, continuing discussion on cosmic origin: Of course the very beginning was a linear type time-like dimension, yet the beginning itself changes because of Time being a ´multiple way streetµ, as Einstein says that anything faster than light will go back in time. The first beginning should have been a cosmic string type reality, this would exhibit that time can exist even if we have one dimension ?!! Stephen Hawking says that Cosmic Strings are long objects with a tiny cross section that may have been produced during the early stages of the universe. Once cosmic strings formed, they were further stretched by the expansion of the universe, and by now a single cosmic string could cross the entire length of our observable universe As the concept of infinity in mathematics has been stretched to more than one infinity, - the beginnings could be stretched, the first beginning, - and it goes through metamorphosis... The first beginning was a linear growth of a time-space like thing, linear because dimensions did not exist, the thing grew one way because that is all it knew, and there was nothing to stop it.

Vahe Pitchikian

Cosmic Strings, in our fractal Universe, viewed in a 3-Dimensional Time, the universe could be viewed to still be a cosmic string, a one dimensional manifold, that is when the whole universe is reflected upon a very old universe when it was one dimensional A two dimensional Universe has been discussed by physicists, but one dimensionality, I believe is a new but an existent concept Below is Hawking on Cosmic strings Universe in a nutshell Scribd-page 150 Cosmic strings should not be confused with the strings of string theory, though they are not entirely unrelated. They are objects with length but a tiny cross section. Their occurrence is predicted in some theories of elementary particles. The space-time outside a single cosmic string is flat. However, it is flat space-time with a wedge cut out, with the sharp end of the wedge at the string. It is like a cone: take a large circle of paper and cut out a segment like a slice of pie, a wedge with its corner at the center of the circle. Then discard the piece you have cut out and glue the cut edges of the remaining piece together so that you have a cone. This represents the space-time in which the cosmic string exists

We still have an imagination of linearity of time, maybe because of the effect of that primal time, Real time should grows in a Sphere-like pattern, every reality in alternate realities is a dot on that sphere the subject of creation via deformation of nothing was first introduced here; Technical information given from the IARGA contactteam. I see consciousness present there, deforming the NOTHING (nothing meaning no vacuum not three dimensional space and of course not ether yet) using two circles perpendicular (rather 2 cardioids because circle has to break at a point to create another one like light on the bottom of a cup looks like a cardioid!??), Imagine rotating a vector in a centrifugal manner and stopping the rotation at the end of its first cycle and starting another circle perpendicular to the first one

It took time to do this so we call the time the 0th dimension, the only reason Albert Einstein called time the 4th dimension was that it was the forth dimension discovered, it is not necessary to have three dimensions before time, because time can exist even in one dimension because we can move on one line, in fact there should be time present for a dot to grow to be a line and time as the forth dimension does not fit explanations of higher dimensional geometries, like; Martin Gardner says on Spheres and Hyper-spheres: If r is a circle's radius then a2+b2=r2 And if r is a sphere's radius then a2+b2+c2=r2 And a 4-sphere's Cartesian formulas is a2+b2+c2=r2 The 4-D formula cannot be associated with time; Same applies to Riemann metric tensor that I discussed under title of "Hyper-Coordinate Systems" because the above process was the creation of three dimensions, and I repeat that it took time to do it to create it

Of course GOD was there before nothing was made. The Beginning has changed since GOD and consciousness went back to the beginning. First was God the smallest drop in the universe, the omnipotent frequency The omnipotence of frequency is in continual exchange of thoughts and higher forms of universally available frequencies Due to increase in wealth of frequencies, frequency overlaps and loops on Earth are created, yet these loops create more hyper loops which are pulse or replication of the initial hyper-loop" Above is a hyper: "Rationale´ In previous pages I reasoned that Two cycles perpendicular are the origin of creation, and even our life itself, the reproductive process In fact Tore Alfstad's Time machine, next page, is based on this principle of two such circles:

Tore Alfstad's Time machine,

This is a device witch enables time traveling. The central part of the device consists of 2 frame antennas which are arranged 90 degree in relationship to each other. Each frame is approximately 2 meters in diameter. The antennas can consist of tubes which are 10 Cm in diameter. The tube must be superconductive. Inside the tubes floats liquid helium for the superconductivity. The control device of the machine consists of a sinus generator with a tuning capacity from 1 Hz to 1000 MHz. The signal form this generator is amplified a little before it goes to a phase changer. This changes the phase of the signal 90 degree. The phase changer is independent of the frequency in. The phase change is 90 degrees for both 1 Hz and 1000 MHz input.

The insignal is split just before the phase changer so that on part is unchanged and another part is changed 90 degrees. After the phase changer are the signals amplified with 2 linear amplifiers to 100000 Watt on each channel. After that are the two channels fed to its respective frame antennas. The signal on one frame antenna will always be 90 degree in phase difference to the other frame antenna. USE: The generator is set to 1 Hz, and the machine is turned on. A compass needle at the centre of the machine will travel slowly round. Inside and round the antenna system it becomes a powerful rotating magnetic field. At a higher generator frequency, the magnetic field will rotate faster. Approximate 2 meters from the antennas are placed several chairs arranged in a circle around the antenna system. Her are the timetravelers placed. One increases now the generator frequency gradually until the speed of the rotating magnetic field is close to the speed of light. If now the right conditions are present (etherical/astral), the time will run slower for those who are sitting on the chairs compared to persons outside the powerfield. Seen from the chairs the time will run normal between each chair. The timetravelers clock will run normal. They will see the clock on the wall outside the powerfield running fast into the future. The nearer the rotating speed of the magnetic field comes to the light speed, the faster will the timetravelers move into the future..

If the speed of the magnetic field is set equal to light speed, the time will freeze seen from outside the magnetic field. Seen from the timetravelers view they are mowing endless fast into the future. (They will not be able to sense the world outside the magnetic field and the time will stop for them). If one increases the frequency further, the rotating speed of the magnetic field will become greater than the speed of light. The time sensed from the chairs would then be reversed, and they will see the clock on the wall outside the magnetic field moving backward. The timetravelers will now travel back in time. At the speed of light the timetravelers go both endlessly fast into the future and the past at the same time. The result is that the time freezes at that speed. At a higher frequency they will travel slower into the past. When the speed of the magnetic field approaches the lightspeed from above, the timetravelers will travel faster into the past.

At the speed of light for the magnetic field rotation, the time is frozen for the people inside the powerfield and they can't register anything. For a outside person who looks inside the powerfield it looks like looking at a frozen hologram. If one from outside the magnetic field try to touch the field at this state it seems harder than steal. The outside person will at this state not be able to penetrate the powerfield who acts as a endlessly strong armor at that state. If one put a clock inside the powerfield an outside person will observe following: At 1 Hz the clock will run normal. When the frequency arrive the lowest part of the VHF band (oboe 30 MHz) the clock seems to be going slower. At the top of the VHF band (approximate 300 MHz) the clock will stop completely. In the lower part of the UHF band (from 400 MHz) the clock begin to go slowly backwards. At 1000 MHz the clock will go approximately at normal speed backwards. It's possible that the machine must have an injection of modulated orgon energy to function. Tore Alfstad

Maxwell¶s hexagonal packing of circles

Well anyhow the next stage in the static universe was the ether spheres, if you are familiar with sphere packing mathematics here; The colossal book of mathematics By Martin Gardner , chapter 10 packing spheres, pages 128 to 133 These rhombic dodecahedra that is my Spirit-guided information had actually been prescribed in our history by Maxwell, hexagon is packing of circles in a 2dimensional reality, while the 3-dimensional of which would be spheres & rhombic dodecahedra. Image on the left here from Patterns in the void By Sten F. Odenwald (p.27) I believe this is ether; not total vacuum and of course should be sphere packing of rhombic dodecahedron instead of packing of circles in hexagons??? Maxwell imagined that space was filled with Ether that acted like cogs and gears to move light from place to place

Truncated rhombic dodecahedron

Rhombic dodecahedron is formed by packing of spheres; - as Martin Gardner says that mathematicians in history actually compressed pees or metal spheres to see what forms they take and their most uniform and orderly shape was rhombic dodecahedron,-(that has been observed in Diamond Crystals in comets) in the future we should have to discuss other types of geometric solids that are produced by compressing spherical balloons (for example). Now the most important point is when these packed universe expands and causes collapse of rhombic dodecahedral formations. Then again, the point of truncated rhombic dodecahedron is that the expansion of etheric packing would cause the rhombic dodecahedra to truncate, that means the sharp corners will collapse, Rhombic dodecahedron has 2 types of corners, One is 3 faced type, the other 4 faced; The 4 faced create higher "mountains" so they collapse sooner. And the three faced ones form hexagons that are stable like triangles, stable, - when we are dealing with spheres, contrary to a square made of 4 spheres that would be unstable.

In a Trunkadron we will see 6 squares that are 3 sets of parallels in 3 dimensions / directions (XYZ), these squares that are produced in the process of Ether dynamism have a resonant field that is the matrix of our reality that is the base of cubic structure in Omniverse, these cubic resonant fields form something like a 3-Dimensional Greek cross Spiral the spirals observed in actual time-space travel black projects follow this matrix; I quote here from The Montauk Project, - Experiments in Time by Preston Nichols & Peter «A "hole" or time portal would appear right in the center of the Delta T antenna - you could walk through the portal from 1980 to 1990. There was an opening that you could look into. It looked like a circular corridor with a light at the other end. The time door would remain as long as Duncan would concentrate on 1990 and 1980. I've been told by those who entered the tunnel that it looked like a spiral, similar to science fiction style renditions of a vortex. When outside the tunnel, it looked like you were looking through space - from one circular opening through space to a circular but little bit smaller window at the other end«

I quote David wilcock here from Divine Cosmos Walter Russell, who was an artist and scientist located in Waynesboro, Virginia, had a published reading on pg. 165 in the book ´Channelingµ by John Klimo. Russell claimed that the messages came from ´God,µ and that they gave him an understanding of how the basic universal forces of electromagnetism, gravity, and atomic energy really operate. Let·s hear what God has to say, from an excerpt first published in 1947: ´In My universe there is but one form from which all forms appear. That one form is the pulsing cube-sphere, two halves of the heartbeat of my dual thinking. All forms pulse, therefore, all forms are two, one form for the inbreathing pulse, which generates, and one for the out-breathing, radiating one. The cube is the sphere expanded by the outward breath to black rest in cold space, and the sphere is the cube compressed to the incandescence of white-hot suns by the inward breath.µ My friends that is about what God teaches me also, Vahe Pitchikian

Michio Kaku in his book,- HYPERSPACE says: English mathematician named Charles Howard Hinton spent years developing ingenious methods by which the average person and a growing legion of followers, not only professional mathematicians, could "see" four-dimensional objects. Eventually, he perfected special cubes that, if one tried hard enough, could allow one to visualize hypercubes, or cubes in four dimensions. Hinton even coined the official name for a hypercube, a tesseract. Flatlanders cannot visualize a cube, but they can conceptualize a three-dimensional cube by unraveling it. To a Flatlander, a cube, when unfolded, resembles a cross, consisting of six squares. Similarly, we cannot visualize a fourdimensional hypercube, but if we unfold it we have a series of cubes arranged in a cross like tesseract. Although the cubes of a tesseract appear immobile, a four dimensional person can "wrap up" the cubes into a hypercube.

Hinton also knew of a second way to visualize higher-dimensional objects: by looking at the shadows they cast in lower dimensions. For example, a Flatlander can visualize a cube by looking at its two-dimensional shadow. A cube looks like two squares joined together. Similarly, a hypercube's shadow cast on the third dimension becomes a cube within a cube. In summary, Hinton's contribution may be his popularization of higherdimensional figures using three methods: by examining their shadows, their cross sections, and their unravelings. Cross section of a cube, can be a hexagon, if unraveled around the squares and rotated, can form a Trunkadron (Truncated Rhombic Dodecahedron) Vahe Pitchikian

I quoted Michio Kaku above only to add that if we examine the shadows of the cube when the light is shed at the directions as the cube unfolds, the average of all shadows would have 12 hexagons and would resemble a truncated rhombic dodecahedron Truncated Rhombic Dodecahedron that I Abbreviate as TRUNKADRON, is derived from a rhombic dodecahedron So the Hexagon in TRUNKADRON is an Irregular Hexagon; it has two 109.47 degree, and four 125.265 degree angles The 109.47 is one of the angles of a rhombus of rhombic dodecahedron while the other angle is 70.53

Beth Woodring

So we had a static packing of spheres of ether, and the first wave in our universe happens when, this ether packing expands and causes one ether sphere in the corner of a big rhombic dodecahedron (accumulation of smaller packed rhombic dodecahedra), fall inward As a result of further falling of spheres, after the first wave, resonant fields are formed that are conical and rotating such as a field that is conical, yet top view of it is a logarithmic spiral like image on the right by Beth Woodring This wave form can have a rotating resonant field that would look like a plus sign, now as we glide down this cone at certain speed, the plus sign (that is a cycle divided by four) could resemble a cycle divided by five depending our speed of gliding, like an optical illusion of hubcap of a wheel in motion, (Yet in reality we are gliding up the conical logarithmic spiral) The famous question of consciousness and reality, is based here the speed of consciousness is faster than light, that which converts the 4-cycle to be 5, it is the faster speed that alters the past to fit in the future, like engineering a tomato plant to feed me

As I could create a five slice pie out of a four slice one, we can create Cube 5-Compound (Cubic packing of pentagonal dodecahedron); if three such spirals intermingle in 3 dimensions as a result of collapse of three 4-sided pyramids of rhombic dodecahedron (in a fractal formation) in the above process of unpacking of ether universe These fields that are created by 3 resonant spiral formations, could be represented by three cosmic clock like patterns in 3 perpendicular planes See Also: Star of David in 3-Dimensions

Universal Alphabet
It might be appropriate here to talk about a universal alphabet consisting of

which are demonstrated inside a circle
three elements, 1,- Angle 2,- Color 3,- Musical note 2 or more angles on one circle are used; group of circles are used; curved lines are used with multiplicities. Alphabetical charts with numbers (degree of angle frequency of color) instead of actual drawings of circles are also used

Five cube is a resonant field, our original frame was rhombic dodecahedron, now we have a pentagonal dodecahedron because the rhombuses stretch to pentagons because of the five cubes, attention: although we are talking of platonic solids, they are not ´solidµ , Rhombic dodecahedron can be considered as 12 teardrops shaped as rhombuses, yet they can change shape a little Fig 1 is our solar spectrum minus dark areas Fig 2 is the same image with decreased resolution These are five macrocosmic resonant fields that create five realities that are visible as 5 distinguishable sections in solar spectrum as it is observable in decreased resolution (Fig 2) Nick Herbert in his book Quantum Reality talks about a Calcite crystal with unique light splitting properties, that sends photons to two possible directions according to the polarity that they had attained, prior to reaching the experimental area Crystals have structures in higher dimension Tore Alfstad, probably the greatest telepathic contactee we have; in MULTISTRUCTURAL ENERGY CRYSTALS says that crystals have structures that expand in other energyplains If we rotate this Calcite Crystal 360 degrees in the path of each distinct color , should we obtain basic proof of the five cubic packing? Probably more complex experiments can be thought of

Fig 1

Fig 2

In Multidirectional time & holographic Universe Like Walter Russell·s revelations I was told that each of this cycles of the spirograph start at a big bang and end at big crunch The TIME-SPACE fractal field of the big bang is the Sun, The TIME-SPACE fractal field of the big crunch is the inner sun of the earth these are five macrocosmic resonant fields that that create five hyper realities, as it is observable in solar spectrum These five colors represent five worlds that the red is red shifted and the blue is blue shifted world Click here: Imagine, Geometry -- 5 cubes rotating dodecahedrally See 5 cubes rotating dodecahedrally;The motion that generates the red and the blue shifts of color, our solar spectrum is not the complete light spectrum as referred to Metatron See; Metatronic & Oritronic lights

Rhombic Triacontahedron

It would be appropriate to mention that the intersections of cubic 5 compound is the Rhombic triacontahedron that appears in quasi crystal structures, that is another apparent sign of the above process A two-dimensional projection of the rhombic triacontahedron results in the Penrose pattern I include the picture of Penrose Rhombus Tiling with Color Symmetry from University of Stuttgart in order to speculate the fractals of five cube packing of dodecahedron that contains a 5-star, and the rhomic triacontahedron's - 2 dimensional projection

Another way to visualize five parallel realities in our local macrocosm is to look at Cartwheel Galaxy This is formed by a Spirograph created by Walter Russel's 2 spiraling whirlpools David Wilcock and Walter Russell So my point is that 2 whirlpools at some stage of their fractalization have a 3 dimensional Hypotrochoid that is a HYPOTORROID and a hyper conchoid See also my Brownian Motion

BELOW IS CONCHOID IN MATHEMATICS Xah: Special Plane Curves: Conchoid Description Conchoid is a way of deriving a new curve based on a given curve, a fixed point, and a positive constant k. Curves generated this way are sometimes called general conchoid because this method is a generalization of conchoid of Nicomedes. Step-by-step description: Given a curve c, a point O not on l, and a constant k. Draw a line m passing O and any point P on C. Mark points Q1 and Q2 on m such that distance[Q1,P]==distance[Q2,p]==k. The locus of Q1 and Q2 for variable points P on c is the conchoid of c with respect to O and offset k. The point O is called the pole. In the following figure, the red dots are the conchoid of a sinusoid with pole at {-3,3} and k:=2.

Dying Star Creates Fantasy-like Sculpture of Gas and Dust , In this detailed view from NASA's Hubble Space Telescope, the so-called Cat's Eye Nebula looks like the penetrating eye of the disembodied sorcerer Sauron from the film adaptation of "The Lord of the Rings." The nebula, formally cataloged NGC 6543, is every bit as inscrutable as the J.R.R. Tolkien phantom character. Though the Cat's Eye Nebula was one of the first planetary nebulae to be discovered, it is one of the most complex such nebulae seen in space.


I'll quote David Wilcock from here: "Luminous plasma is the original, basic form that is produced as the two ethers blend together. The next image that we see below comes from the work of Dan Winter, showing the whirlpool to the left, the torus formations in their opposing rotation in the middle and then a diagram from Dr. Walter Russell to the far right that shows how they come together and form a sphere. (From the image, we can see that Winter makes the simple mistake of not seeing that the two tori are both contained in the same spherical space and are able to swirl inside of each other, since he has visualized them as more akin to two donuts that are sitting on top of each other.)´ Here 2 scholars Dan Winter and David Wilcock have a disagreement; they could possibly be both correct; looking at reality in different stages of formation of the fractal, in fact I channeled an additional third argument to further the disagreement: The 2 torus at some stage form a HYPOTORROID a name I make up for 2 tori of different sizes entangled one inside the other and produce a three dimensional hypocycloid;

The Hamel Antigravity Device Project JLN Labs 1997-2002 - by Jean-Louis Naudin

Download to see dynamics

These geometric concept are also visible in UFO tech like David Hamel Antigravity


This is observable viewing the Cartwheel Galaxy in fact the two tori produce an observable seashell,- you can see such geometric process looking at the Cartwheel Galaxy, The concept of this sea shell form a TRI-COORDINATE that needs be added to Solar Hyper-Coordinates, the Sun we optically see is like the tip of an iceberg, in hyperdimensions this "Iceberg" has more depth, that I discuss it in its Multiversial (Omniversal) proportions.??? A mathematical model of the simplest seashell shape by Xah Lee.

As a result of five cubic packing of the dodecahedron, we have five parallel worlds in our macrocosm,- and gravity effect of parallel realities what is referred to as Brownian motion, a series of random zigzags could be best illustrated in live 3D Graphics page (Click on image; very important ! ) See Frank Ruskey's Venn Diagram Dynamical Survey in the Electronic Journal of Combinatorics, also this still image.) Put the mouse cursor inside the box in this hyperlink and the figure will rotate

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