Mehreen Raza (06-419) Quratulain Riaz (06-146)

Attacking the Motive
This fallacy occurs when an arguer Criticizes a person's motivation for offering a particular argument or claim, rather than examining the worth of the argument or claim itself. Attacking the Motive follows the pattern: 1. X is biased or has questionable motives. 2. X's argument or claim should be

• Kamal claims that LUMS is the best Business school in Pakistan. But why should we listen to him? Being a LUMS student, of course he would say that!

• The Judges who were removed for not taking the second PCO oath are agitating to reinstall the deposed Chief Justice Iftikhar Chaudry. But why should we listen to the judges? Ofcourse they would say that because when he is reinstated, he would reinstate them as well.


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