Voronezh Travel Agency Voronezh Travel Agency (VTC) is a small agency that sells holiday packages of various operators

. There three persons are working here: manager (who also is the owner), manager assistant and secretary. Manager has great experience in leisure industry and good in sales. She mainly works with customers taking their requests and reporting them search results (p1 and p3 on diagram). Her assistant searches in online databases and prepares reports (p2). When customer is satisfied with offered packages he deals with secretary in several technic questions (p4 and p5). p1 12 min p2 45 min
60% 15%

p3 20 min

p4 25 min

p5 25 min

1. Order registration: Client interviewing, specification of client wishes and requests, filling the inner data base form. 2. Preparing an offer for client: searching in databases of package holiday operators, matched tours selection, writing e-mail to client. 3. Presentation an offer to client: Communication with client, client close consultation and getting information from client about his choice. With 60% probability client will not be satisfied with offer and will ask to select and present another tours. All processes beginning with p2 should be repeated. 4. Tentative contract execution. When client makes choice preparing a tour reservation: taking deposit payment, reservation a tour in operator’s database. With 15% probability a tour will not be confirmed. All processes beginning with p2 should be repeated again. 5. Contract execution: taking full payment, preparing client’s travel documents. Problem exploring Capacity of the recourses: Manger 1.27 ord./h Manager assistant 0.76 ord./h Secretary 1.11 ord./h So the bottleneck of the process is manager assistant. Also process line is unbalanced. Process optimization The key factors that can make process more optimized are:   Using special aggregators of holiday packages where a lot of operators presented in one place. This can significantly reduce process time approximately in 2-3 times. Reducing probability that client would not satisfied with offer in p3 by creating advanced checklist and using it in p1.

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