Fill in the blank with the correct possessive adjective. Here are the options: my, your, his, her, its, our, their

1. I have a dog. ___________ dog is brown.

2. Wendy has a brother. _______________brother lives in Los Angeles.

3. Tom is 8 years old. ________ sister is 11 years old.

4. You have a bicycle. ___________ bicycle is blue.

5. Ana talks to ___________mother on the phone every day.

6. Dan and I have blue pens. __________ pens are new.

7. I love Chinese food. ___________ favourite is noodles.

8. Ben lives in London. _________ cousins live in Dublin.

9. Frank and Don like sports. ______________favourite sport is soccer.

10. Jenny and I live in a house. ___________ parents live with us.

.1. 7. I know (they)__________ mother. 2. I like (Dave and Tanya) _____________ bicycles. 5. 9. She wants (I)_______________ money. 6. 4. I like (I)_________ hat. I have (you) ___________ pen. She likes (he) __________ shoes. 3. 8. The teacher has (she) __________book. She lives with (she)__________ brother. I buy (we) ___________ food every day. 10. He loves (the radio) ___________ music.