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Traffic lights are devices used in road intersections or pedestrian crossings to control vehicular traffic and keep pedestrians safe. They are highly useful for orderly and uninterrupted movement of vehicles and pedestrians during heavy traffic on the roads. They play a significant role in controlling the traffic during peak hours without a traffic policeman.. Modern traffic lights came into use from the early 20th century. There are three phase and four phase traffic lights in use. Generally, a traffic signal system has three lights. A green light on the bottom of the signal light stack indicates the traffic to proceed; a yellow light in the middle warns traffic to slow and prepare to stop; and a red light on the top to indicate the traffic to stop. This project proposes the design and implementation of TRAFFIC LIGHT CONTROLLER based on AT89C2051 microcontroller.The aim of the projects is to solve traffic congestion which is a severe problem in many modern cities all over the world. To solve the problem, we have designed a framework for a automatic traffic light control system and developed a simulation model with codes in to help build the system on hardware. Generally, each traffic light on an intersection is assigned a constant green signal time. It is possible to propose dynamic timebased coordination schemes where the green signal time of the traffic lights is assigned based on the present conditions of traffic. The pins of the various input output ports of the microcontroller are connected directly to the given LED's.The intelligent work which is done by traffic inspector will be perfectly done by the microcontroller in the circuit with the help of the program which is coded to the microcontroller and a certain amount of delay is provided depending on the user