There are two aspects as I see it to bring harmony to the house of wealth and money… One of them is awakening

the energy of the North Node, which is possible only through elevating the energy of the South Node, the latter bearing all the inferior instinctive energy from past lives… this means (especially that it is in the 8th house) forgiving others, and a continuous state of transfiguration. If you can find the magic in everything (especially in yourself), the South Node energy will elevate by the same magic of the Scorpio, thus bringing light on the North Node. The second essential aspect on the 2nd house is its ruler, Venus. It I imperative to respect the astrological aspects of this planet, the conjunction with Mars and the square with Uranus. For this in the first place you must do things that you like… those things that you don’t enjoy, either leave them, or find a way to bring joy into them, never refuse yourself the pleasure of doing enjoyable things instead of those which just consume your energy and bring you no satisfaction. Also, from this state of joy, whatever you do, make it a masterpiece, like a piece of art…. This will on one side bring harmony on the conjunction and release the potential of the two planets together, and also take your energy to the level of the 12th house, toward a true belief in an ideal life… The square with Uranus is not a very big problem, just try to remember that you are not alone in this world, try to see the bigger picture, that ascendant in Aries with the black moon on the ascendant sometimes makes you quite individualistic. I think this would be all… )))))) Have fun and joy Capricorn!!!!!! You even have Mercury (the most playful planet) on your MC!!!!!

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