Do you mean to say we must consider the lagna lord of the drekkana chart, and subsequently its tattva

? If the lagna lord of d-3 chart is mars, then it must be bhu tattva, is that it? Or, am I not understanding you properly? Suresh this has been moved from another folder, as more jyotish questions came up regarding past lives. Namaste suresh, A good question. The Drekkana ( pronounced Dreshkana) is of great import. Also note there are few ways of errecting a 1/3rd hart, that of Parivrittitraya and that of Somanath. and that of Prasara Drekkana which takes the trines from the sign itself that is being calulated, and then there is Jagannath Drekkana. So, this post will not be one of Drekkana creation, but wanted to let you know there are differnt views on this matter. Lets answer your question directly

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Look to the natal chart and the placement of surya and chandra... Based upon the lagna ( as ones birth of the body indicator), which graha is stonger, Sun or Moon. Surya and Chandra bring the body and mind together in this earth, into the lagna. Now that you know the stonger of the 2 grahas which Drekkana , the 1st 10°, 2nd or 3rd 10° segment of the sign, does that graha reside in? If one creates the Drekkana chart, using risi Parasara's method, Look to the Lagna of the D3 chart. Where does the stronger graha reside? Who owns that division? By now this should be a rasi or bhava placement of the grahas that the sun is in or moon? Is it Mars? Jupiter? Venus? Saturn or Mercury? Each Graha is associated with a tattva correct? That tattva then tells you the last station the native was in.

Lets take an example of a native with the Moon in Rohini and Taurus in the 7th house. Sun is in the 9th house. Both good placements. Yet Moon is Mooltrikona position and is stonger then the sun. Moon is 16° Taurus or the 2nd drekkana of this sign. So the Parashara rule is, grahas in Taurus, in the 2nd Drekkana = being placed in the D3 chart in Virgo. This is Parasha's rule that is beautiful, the placement of grahas from its rasi sign to its drekkana is 1st, 5th or 9th from the house the graha resides in. So, Moon is in Virgo in the D3 chart. Who owns Virgo? Mercury. Mercury indicated prthvi tattva. This native's last station was in narka loka. There is also rule that says , in terms of strenth, the graha that is well placed and has more planets associated with it, it also is strong. This is the evaluation for the sun. This native has the sun assocated/conjunct with 3 other grahas, and one of them is the Atmakaraka. So when then needs to look to the sun's drekkana just to have a dual opinion on this last station. The sun in Cancer and is in the 1st drekkana or 1st 10° of this sign. Hence in the D3 chart, it then resides in Cancer ( again Parashara's rules here). So who owns Cancer? Chandra. And what tattva is associated with Moon? Apa or jala, fluid tattva. This suggests that the natives last station was that of the gandarva, kinnaras, apsaras, siddhas. So how to break the code here ? It goes by the stonger position of the Sun and moon. And there are specific rules. Yet a exalted graha wins. Moon in Rohini/Taurus is exalted~moolatrikona~ position and hence, IMHO the last station for this native was naraka loka...And congratulations to this native ,as s/he is now back to bhu loka and working out the next set of karma baggage to move forward. But what did this person die from? Look to the drekkana owned by Saturn (Yama). Each tattva brings a dis-ease, yes? Sun - heavy fevers Moon - water issues, swelling, fuild in the lungs, etc. Mars - tejas and fire - perhaps firearms, or conflagration Where Rahu is included with the graha you may deduce foul play. Ketu - a mystery in death, as ketu takes this role [ no head graha] etc. etc. Hope this helps.... Note this knowledge is that of the tradition, of the parampara. I know nothing and remain the sisya & WIP.

Drekkanas as you might be aware is 1/3 of a sign. Drekkanas have an important role in Prasna astrology... especially medical astrology. The classical work on Prasna astrology "Krishneeyam" details methods of using Drekkana significations in horary astrology. In natal astrology, the nature of the 22nd Drekkana from the drekkana of the lagna indicates the source/ manner of death. Ayudha drekkana indicates injury with weapons as cause of death / accidents, and so on. If the lagna drekkana is Pasha drekkana, then the native may experience bondage/ incarceration. Curiously there is an astrological alibi that I have found in operation in real life circumstances.... If a child is born under pasha drekkana, it has been found that the parents tie up the child due to its overactivity when they cannot pay close attention to its activities due to their preoccupations considering the child's safety. Such children do not get incarcerated actually! Sarpa drekkana falling in the 22nd decante can mean danger from poisonous reptiles that could be life threatening. If the birth is in Chatushpada drekkana (quadraped drekkana) or if the 7th lord is in the Chatushpada Drekkana, then the sexual activity of the native will resemble that of a quadraped animal, etc. This has been explained in various classics including Brihat Parasara Hora Shastra, Sarvartha Chintamani, etc. Ofcourse, in the varga analysis, Drekkana is used to study the prospects of siblings.

Bhratru Bhava Sahaja- Vikrama - Parākrama - Duschikya - Sahottha

DOMAIN 3 = 3rd-from-any-lagna = 3rd-from-Chandra
Bhava of Budha the Messenger

Sibling group, Ensemble, Cohort, Team or Band

management (micromanagement), the hands, manual skills, manipulation, commands + mandates,

gesture and word, conversation, signaling, instructions, explanations, publications, printing, plans
Brethren, Business, bravery, meetings, media, messaging, "The News", evangelism, commerce, communication, siblings, Cousins, cooperatives, Co-workers, Team-mates

those whom one is with (saha) - mental narrative = the company one keeps = team = cohort = altogether - out ensemble
1 2 3 4 5 7 8 9 10 11 12 6 Ari Tanu Dhana Sahaja Bandhu Putra Yuvati Randhra Dharma Karma Labha Vyaya Bhava Bhava Bhava Bhava Bhava Bhava Bhava Bhava Bhava Bhava Bhava Bhava

Cologne Sanskrit Dictionary

Bhratru (bhrAtR) =
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A brother (often used to designate a near relative or an intimate friend , esp. as a term of friendly address) (dual case) brother and sister [Cf. Zd. {bratar}; Gk./ Lat. {frater}; Lith. {broterelis}; Slavonic {bratru}; Gothic{brothar} ; German{bruoder, Bruder}; English {brother}.

y y y y y y y y y y

born or produced together or at the same time as (gen.); congenital, innate, hereditary, original , natural birthplace, home Always the same as from the beginning; natural state or disposition name of the third astrol. mansion emancipation during life innately honest naturally dirty , spotty by nature A natural friend (as a sister's son , cousin etc.) fond or tender by nature A natural enemy, one hostile by birth (as the son of the


same father by another mother , the son of a paternal uncle etc.) One who is born neutral or who is naturally neither an enemy nor a friend , a common acquaintance , friend , unconnected by birth

Krama =
y y y y y


A step; the way going , proceeding , course; in regular course , gradually , by degrees A position taken (by an animal.) before making a spring or attacking uninterrupted or regular progress , order , series , regular arrangement , succession "in the order of the castes"; hereditary descent; according to order or rank or series; method , manner; custom , rule sanctioned by tradition (in drama) attainment of the object desired

Para-krama =
y y y y y

doubling the other (i.e. second) letter of a conjunction of consonants bold advance, attack , heroism , courage , power , strength , energy , exertion, enterprise going out or away knowing the strength (of an enemy) showing courage or strength , exerting power

Vi-krama =
y y y y y y y

The absence of the Krama, A step , stride , pace; a foot going , proceeding , walking , motion , gait; course , way , manner; in regular order valour , courage , heroism , power , strength to display prowess , use one's strength) ; force , forcible means; an act of prowess , feat of valour The 14th year in the 60 years cycle of Jupiter The 3rd astrological house


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Brother of whole blood born together A natural friend The natural state "saha" means "together"


Bhratru =
y y y y

Brother intimate friend or relation A near relative in general A term of friendly address (my brother)

Pt Narasimha Rao
y y y y y

"The 3rd house shows one's boldness. The 3rd house from lagna and the 3rd house from Mars show one's true boldness and the 3rd house from AL shows how bold one is perceived. In addition, A3 shows the maya surrounding one's boldness. It shows what drives the perceptions of people about one's boldness. The weapons one possesses may drive those perceptions and A3 may show one's weapons. The 3rd house also shows one's communication skills. The 3rd house in D-24 (chart of learning and knowledge) and D-10, (achievements in society) may show one's writing skills. A3 shows the maya associated with one's writing skills. One may have excellent writing skills, but not write any book.

Bhava-3 Arudha-3 3rd-fromMangala weapons Writings and publications

In such a case, people may not really appreciate one's writing skills.

Shloka 11-12 Duschikya (the third house): . Ch. So A3 in D-24 and D-10 may show the books or articles written by him. talent [or otherwise] should be understood from the third house. throat." ~~ Pt. Shri Raman was famous for his Budha-driven argumentation style that provided learners with copious examples. the A3 of Barbara Pijan Lama's D-10 = Meena containing a Revati Chandra. and an exemplary role model of professional service. journeys and father. 7. 9 . Shloka 2 From the third house should be examined all matters relating to courage. Phaladeepika. servants. brothers. In such a case. but end up writing 20 books.y y y y One may be an average writer. for example. Madhya Parashari. Ch. Sankheta Nidhi. Shloka 3 Younger brother or sister. Narasimha Rao BPL note: Similarly. A3 is in Pisces. This can mean that he will be known for some books on saattwik and traditional subjects and astrology certainly fits the bill. The A-3 of D=10 for the famous 20th-century Jyotisha author B. Appetite. Ch1. Thus the exact books written by one decide the perceptions of the world about one's writing skills. valor or courage. clear and detailed explanations. Raman was Kanya. ornaments.V. In this author's D-10. people may perceive him as a great writer.

and parent's death." BPHS Ch. advertisers. voice. father's death. music. strength. sisters. skilled work with the hands including painting." bhava-3 Agents and Environments : y y y y y y sales." Satyajatakam. declarations and announcements . angels. 7. schedulers.) planning. technical training that has commercial utility. inks and literary press. bravery. reports. Shloka 39-43 "Whatever has to be known through Sahaja Bhava be also analyzed through the 3rd from Mangala. etc. "From SahajaBhava. Shloka 16 "The third house signifies brothers. messages. dress and mental stability and firmness. scribe or transcription. know of the following: valor. and brother are denoted by the third house. 1. valor.). etc. media production (films. etc. announcers. editing. prowess. BPHS Chapter 11: 4. Ch. management. type-setting. messengers. courage. evangelists. writings. video. information-packaging. journey. managers. fruits. brothers. publications. the right ear.Uras (chest). short-journey services (holiday and business travel). tool-using. "handlers". courage. visual arts. ear. servants (attending. initiatory instructions (Upadesha). internet content. army. marketing. seminars and conferences. fear.

00 .Sahaja and Ari Budha and Business Dwad-amsha of Sahaja bhava = Twelve Types of Message 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th 8th Portio 1st n of portion portio porti portio portio portio portion portion n on n n n the bhava 00:0 15.00 07.30 20.00 .00 07.n 27.30 27.30 10.Plan ahead -.00 15. same-age-group Cohort. y y y y y y y Budha Bhava-3 Graha residing in L-3 in Lagna vs.30 02:30 02:30 05.30 05.-12.30 25.00 22. cousins.00 12.Disea Jewels Dining ng ge born ses of of the entitlem portio Sensual nts pleasur n the ears ents e Musi Youn ears c and ger Ear Family Merrim Voic brothe orname possessi ent e rs and ons nts sisters 9th 10th 11th 12th portion porti portion portio on 25. or Band (musical . team.30 20.00 . dramatic ensemble.00 30.30 22.It wasn't raining when Noah built the ark.00 3/4 3/5 3/6 3/7 3/8 3/9 3/10 Meani 3/3 ng of [kama] the Serva Singi Coura After. Lagnesha in bhava-3 L-3 in 12 bhava Effect of bhava-3 on business communication style and career environment Budha's Two "teenage" houses .30 17.30 10. same-age kids within the extended family.17. same-age kids in the neighborhood or school.00 3/11 3/12 3/1 3/2 Devotion Succ Longev Incurri to God ess ity ng debts Sincerity + Faithful ness bhava-3: Angle-Yoga to Other Houses 1st-from-3rd y y Siblings.

Sarvartha Chintamani. musical ensembles. educational "classes" designed for practical.. throat.g. and confidence to take risks later in life. Sibling groups can include cousins. shoulders.(body parts. courage in one's competitive abilities. physical level) y y y "From the third house should be considered the brothers. medicine. band of thieves) Birth order Hearing and Ears Hands and Hand-Skills. campaign management teams. build communication skills. Ch. and planets. other daily-repeat children. restricted airflow. those with whom friendly but superficial. arms. y Siblings and cousins A positive 3rd-house would show healthy competition with siblings/cousins/neighbor-kids. Jackie Kennedy. airflow (e. bhava-9) Acquaintances. Neighbors. death from lung disease. sales and marketing teams. chest. close classmates. not superficial but rather deeper reflective education = the opposite bhava.) Co-workers in a department.) Conversations. not medical or legal advisers. close neighbors. Shani in bhava-3 a karaka for habitual "smoking" or working in severe air pollution. etc. Small Groups. merry band. scripted conversations are politely and regularly exchanged. right ear. 4. valor. Teams including sports clubs. breathing. . Shloka 1 y y y y band. marching band. LUNGS. eatables. seminars and conferences. Thinking and Talking. (90% of human conversation is pre-scripted. e. planning teams. non-philosophical information exchange (philosophical and religious inquiry.g. cf. colleagues who are not professional Advisers with whom one have no one-toone contract (they are contracted to the team or organization but not directly partner-contracted to each other. education. The first and most prominent signification of Bhratru Bhava is the sibling-group interaction. If extreme." -. those are bhava-7). friends. Childhood interactions with all their rough-and-tumble boundary testing and ego-proving.

remaining mentally within the range of one's own people o Mental Tasking o Communications Media. Self-Made Wealth As 2nd-from-2nd bhratru bhava brings wealth-of-wealth. Naturally 2 must be capitalized in order for 3 to draw upon the resources of 2. and a favorable education in practical subjects. The positive-third-house native takes For total wealth picture. or "self-made wealth". Business success depends on the resources of speech. + karaka Budha/Shukra. usually from family lineage 2) and parlaying that capital into a business development (3). how much wealth the native will . using language o Commerce and conversation. see Dhana bhava AND house-3. and often some seed money (often in the form of parent's investment in his education) .Short-term Travels. all the day-today transactions of business o 2nd-from-2nd "information about values and knowledge" Wealth from Wealth y y y y Self-made wealth is the result of taking one's existing capital (2. Self-Made Wealth. good time management. on the basis of family money or family historic values and beliefs. Building on the family resources from Dhana Bhava. hearing. writing in 2 Peak development of major personal wealth occurs in periods of L-2+ L-3. business travel . the native with positive attributes in Sahajabhava will have strong moral values. regional travel. conversation.

joint assets in second marriage Family history of the second partner in second union. Welch's personal wealth was supposedly protected by a prenuptial agreement but his 2nd ex-wife. Shani in 3 = conservative. Onassis had a famously unwelcoming and eventually adversarial relationship with her second husband's family. hoards and warehouses. knowledge traditions.Shani-Kumbha-3 and Shani also strong = Makara in 3rd navamsha. often feeling brow-beaten by heavy conversation of the family of partner-2. They worked hard to prevent her from getting access to the 2nd husband's family money. Shani in strength in 3 identifies the family of the 2nd spouse Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis .Shani-3 and Lord of the 3rd navamsha locked into Nishturabashi yoga with a neechcha Shani. Mr. o Jack Welch . law) added a clause the o . Mrs. slow to talk. 3 is a naturally talkative location. a shrewd lawyer (Shani. arts and music. Most notably. or frozen relations with no communication at all. cultural legacies. Shani drishti to 3 = withholding but may produce respect for the spousal family (in lieu of affection) once the native is over 50. even after protracted negotiations by her first husband's brother Teddy Kennedy she received considerably less of his total fortune than she expected. however Mangala drishti upon Budha's natural bhava is adversarial with bickering and disagreement.create through self-effort and self-owned business "doubling" or increase of family hoards Second marriage y y Financial holdings of second marriage = marriage-2 wealth stored in bank accounts. family history.

e. but "progenitors" of one's lineage = house 2. tongue. what they talk about. partner's religious views and ritual performance (2 = 9th from 7th) Parents' Death As 2nd-from-2nd. their selfnarrative wealth and knowledge of the spouse's father (2nd from 9th from 7th) partner's Philosophy of life.) Thus L-3 by when strong by bhukti lordship with supporting transits. (Mother is house 4 and father is house 9. When he acted unfaithfully after 11 years of marriage. 3rd-from-1st Hands y Writing. their values lineage. the 2nd Mrs. language. can signal the parents' death. mouth of the second spouse. and physical mechanisms of speech.i. Sahaja bhava shows death of the family history. and y y y caused the pre-nup to expire after 10 years. jawbone. "In-Laws" = spouse-2's entire extended family perceived as an entity. hair. verbal expression. face. including what goes in the mouth and what comes out of the mouth .. Successful literary authors must have strength in bhava-3 for for technical "manual" writing capability. "Technical writers" and literary producers of government documentation or other noncreative writing. PLUS strength in bhava-5 for personal intelligence and capability to channel divine inspiration. spouse's verbal opinions (is your spouse-2 outspoken? bad teeth? inarticulate? gifted with languages? look to bhava-3) family history of the second spouse . teeth. clearly supported by her family. Welch. varieties of languages spoken by the spouse. partner's relation to university culture. lips. was able to walk away with an estimated 180 million dollar settlement. including college professors who only mark the papers of their students but who do not .

Gestures (hands). (Long sojourns in foreign lands. programming. Public Relations. bracing of all kinds physical and mental. planning. technical theatrical work.y y y y y y y y y y y y y y themselves write creatively. the internal narrative (when negative graha inhabit bhava-3. may need strength only in L-3 from Chandra or lagna. agendas Routines. telephone. Mental Attitude/State of Mind Courage. Sales. group meetings. holiday travel. inclusion in the group Skilled Crafts. Explaining Oneself ARMS. short-term travel. all the necessary equipment for music production. crutches and braces. Media industry and devices. bravado. body language. GRIEF and depression with lack of positive daily thought-flow = lack of breathing).any act performed with the hands. Commercial Capabilities Sahaja_bhava_career. television. the brassier . Advertising. The tools used in handiwork. any communicative device or medium Communications Media of every conceivable type. mental focus. Competition. All "manual" skills . Marketing. but the massive manual and technical arrangements needed to convey the inspiration = bhava-3. films. breathing. your communication style organizing information. changing country residence = bhava-12). including dental braces. seminar and conference planners. mental training regarding unfamiliar cultures. internal conversation. emotional and familiar embrace. mentalities. The individual creativity needs for artistic or theatrical performance = bhava-5. Manipulation Mental Health. schedules b ravel industry. and bhava-3 itself. business travel.htm"> Career: your business style. Public Relations 4th-from-12th y y y property in foreign lands Higher Education. and languages vehicles manufactured in foreign lands .

(extramarital) lover (12) your home on the astral plane 5th-from-11th y y y goal-reaching intelligence. y y y y y y agents of 3 = office people. Periods of L-3 may signify professional disrespect or conflict in the executive duties. meetings. = animosity and conflict with career responsibilities. Good for work in medicine and toxic environments. aggression. telephone calls.karma bhava.y y parents of the private. strategic decision-making children of one's friends. and the tiring business of defending one's decisions in meetings and conversations illness and internal conflict (primarily mental . the endless administration tasks. and short-term travel required by executive-level positions in government and large corporations 6th-from. possibly unemployment or underemployment (6 = servitude). memoranda. co-workers conflicts. disregard for one's leadership enemies of one's career advance debt incurred while striving for public recognition or approval the natural controversies and arguments which attend executive decision roles. including litigation and complaints. children of the village or community people with whom one has a natural sibling-like affinity (or natural competition for attention) 6th-from-10th + 10thfrom-6th 6th-from-10th = the servitude of high-profile positions namely. emails.

message-delivery.y imbalance) produced by heavy public responsibility people who criticize (6th) your professional behaviors (10th) 7th-from-9th y y y y y y y Father's advisors. a deep healing. bhava-9 Guru = religion. agreements and teamwork by people who share a religion or belief system 8th-from-8th Revelation (8) of Discoveries (8) y y y y y bhava-3 = "The News" sudden changes which occur in 8 then produce new information announcements such as birth announcements. a terrible shock 8th-from-8th = 3 = announcement of the disaster or the rebirth! periods of L-3 coordinated with periods of L-8 can indicate receipt of shocking news Naturally the news is only interesting if it's unusual or . death announcements. talk ideologies and the ideological component of religions partnerships based on shared beliefs partnered conversations. Guru's advisors. domain 3 Budha = "opposite of true religion" = human narrative. conversation. product announcements etc bhava-3 ruled by Budha is non-discriminating = 3 reports everything (unless constrained by Shani or other repressive agents) bhava-3 = the news about all cycles at all points in their destruction-and-rebirth process Shock-of-Shock = Shocking News y y y y 8 = a shift in perception. Professor's advisers relationships between belief systems evangelical preaching.

lottery winnings. Sahaja bhava gives particular details about environment and consciousness at time of spirit's departure from the physical shell (death). from finding balanced exchange in human relationships . Aftershocks. Sahajabhava gives additional details about longevity. As 8th-from-8th. just environment) of death. rebirth after a terrible shock changed mental process resulting from intensive tantrik yoga practice administrative process of distributing outcome of insurance settlements. 9th-from-7th y y y father of the first spouse (father-in-law) religion / guru /belief system of the first spouse benefits resulting from contracts and agreements. Circumstances of Physical Death The re are three primary indicators for conditions or circumstances (not timing. or length of life. Longevity is profiled primarily in randhra bhava. but 8th-from-Moon and 8th-from-8th should also be considered to get the full picture.shocking! y y y y y y discussions about Longevity reporting the Circumstances of Physical Death second after surgery. Those are: y y y bhava-8+L-8 8th-from-8th: bhava-3+L-3 karaka for inevitable material reality = Shani. and other sudden windfalls Longevity As 8th-from-8th.

y gains of goodwill and wisdom from orderly legal process. debt. loss of protection. benefits from legal decisions 10th-from-6th + 6th from 10th y y y y y prestige of your enemies career of your enemies leadership resulting from engagement in conflict the professions (usually administrative) which may result from taking student loans or living in poverty during the "basis" of the career training (usually the student years) Careers in managing animosity. loss of license to practice. loss of educational opportunity (the urge for self-made wealth is stronger than the urge for education) unmet emotional needs / dissolution of emotional security dissolution of relationship with parents Maternal great grandmother (Mother's father's mother) Change of residence . and political election wins 12th-from-4th y y y y y y y y Change of Residence / Emigration loss of home / roots / parents loss of emotional stability. and disease 11th-from-5th y y one's own children's income. literature and theatre) games and amusements. goals. loss of the home country loss of diploma. gains and Achievement income from speculation. creative productions (such as art.

Venus in Sahajawith other wealth planets may show a person who often upgrades their home. SahajaBhava shows the dissolution of the home. or Putra bhava o Radix planets in Mithuna (Gemini) o Radix L-3 within navamsha .As 12th-from-4th. comes through: o 3rd house from radix lagna o 3rd-Lord in radix o 3rd house from Mangala (Mangala = karaka = Sahaja bhava) o 3rd. and connection to ancestral lands. you will be awash in foreigners for sure!) y Two Nativities Compared. moving into more and more luxurious properties.Chandra o 3rd-from-3rd. media communications.from. Sahaja" or "naturally together". writing. is formed via: 1. Rahu represents foreigners. (If you emigrate. the exiting from one's birth country and relocation in another country. especially during Shukra's periods. inter alia. Thus it represents emigration. For predicting emigration the third house and Rahu should both be strong. of patriotism. Emigration As 12th-from-4th. SahajaBhava also shows the dissolution (12th) of the home-country (4th). or the thyroid gland. for Sahaja-Bhava's Effect on Wealth and Siblings The astrological picture of siblings. Shani in the third house can signify involuntary moves caused by poverty or ill-health. Bhukti periods of the third lord often involve a home shift.

and cooperative teamwork process.including the thyroid gland. the details are highly aesthetic. inclusive and optimistic thought process. administrative planning tasks builds group emotional connection. upper limbs neck. right ear thyroid gland L-3 in Lagna vs. business communications. o L-3 = Shukra. Nature of conformance judged by characteristics of L-3. Etc. E. and small-scale administration of shared small-group concerns. Native is socially identified with siblings. o L-3 in a rashi of Shani = conservative administrative practices. o L-3 in a rashi of Guru = expansive. Lagnesha in bhava-3: Third lord in lagna = Daily business controls the personality. y y y Social personality conforms to repetitive daily business. A maintainer. nurturing repetition of conversations. emotional attachment to the sibling or team group. neighbors. o L-3 = Chandra.. administration of details.g. cousins. workgroup. the core of sound production. communications affectionate. . energetic seat of the fifth or "throat" chakra. Sahaja Bhava signifies the body parts most influential in social communication . if o L-3 = Budha. native mainly talks about their daily business (follow-through would depend on other graha in lagna). throat shoulders upper ribs ears. y y y y y y y y y hands chest breasts Arms. small projects. the 3rd harmonic varga for mentality and siblings) o 3rd Drekkhamsha o o Body Parts In the physical body. esp.3rd navamsha Radix L-3 within Drekkhamsha (D-3. limited material scale.

highly optimistic planner and strong identified with their group. The strongest case is uchcha Kuja which makes a captain of industry for Vrischikha lagna. cousins. contemplative. step-and-half-siblings. Natives with strength in Parakarama Sthana may describe themselves as innovative or artistic. liberal and inclusive type of business practice. with natural talents in all commercial behaviors such as sales.  If L-1 = Guru in Kumbha or Vrishabha. planning and execution. native expresses a feminized enthusiasm. o Nature of personalized expression of business practice is to be judged by characteristics of L-1. team-mates.  Any graha in Mithuna. bhava-3 signifies the collaborative peerage of co-workers. Distinguish from the "thinking" of bhava-9 which is grand-scale philosophy and innovative. One step past dhana bhava that rules the core blood family. call-and-response communications throughout the busy active day. but bhava-3 is not an essentially "creative" environment. Loves company and does well in female-targeted business. Native is a born business administrator. A dedicated worker but not a visionary :) o Thinking and Talking     Conditions of bhava-3 along with character of Budha will determine how one thinks and talks. neighbors. but also uchcha Shani or uchcha Budha are very positive for business in bhava-3. marketing. reflective thought. the native is a highly disciplined and punctual but may lack social communication skills and mental optimism.  Any graha in Simha. In adulthood. celebration of communicative media and sexual magnetism as the ultimate sales tool. Rather the mental processes of bhava-3 are "elaborative" of the basic human behaviors of Organizing goods and information.  If L-1 = Shukra in Simha or Dhanau. Sahajabhava includes siblings. Success at all detail levels but of course depending on the nature of the graha. education. and developing "group mind" with shared goals and plans for action. advertising. public relations.  If L-1 = Shani in Meena or Mesha. finds expression in the global marketplace esp. For example. which consists of the processing of largely repetitive. full of sweetness and bright optimism. The "thinking" of bhava-3 is small-scale daily business thought.Lagnesha in bhava-3 = Personality controls the daily business. May not conform to the dogma of conventional business practice due to the infusion of personal style into the communications transactions. and other adult equals who share one's basic . and playmates. scripted.

In a rashi of Budha. This native is able to repeat the sibling bonding process and expand it to build business teams with very high levels of social agreement. letters of credit. Explaining Oneself   L-3 defines not only what tends to be "on one's mind" in the sense of A budh. multi-lingual and multi-cultural communications knowledge. what one is attending to. time management. pragmatic. repetitive. highly responsive to the immediate environment. etc. restrained in one's thoughts and do no wrong with one's body. Dhammapada Atthakatha. sales behaviors. One should be careful in speech. and it is known in advance. Sahajabhava is the natural house of business administration and household management. It rules most commercial and administrative processes such as inventory management. Strength in bhava-3 indicates positive communications ability. Bk.       mental framework and with whom one can co-operate successfully toward realization of shared goals. but also the organizational and self-publishing approach which one takes toward explaining oneself to others. 20 (6) ~~ Pema Chodron Public Relations. bhava-3 is practical. This native is the jewel of their neighborhood. In contrast to the slow and pondering nature of philosophical thought in bhava-9. and circumscribed by the closed circuit of tribal interactions. communications of bhava-3 are fast-paced because their content is defined by the tribal culture. The native blessed with a powerful bhatru bhava is able to form strong team relationships by quickly locating the shared mental images and talking incessantly about the process while doing it. business department. Ad inf. bank accounting. . and family reunion. advertising and public relations campaigns. taskdriven. and every possible communicative instrument such as facsimile. small-group oriented.

weaving. 90% of human daily communication is completely scripted. verbal or gestural communications. and validating. Depressive thinking. marked by negative expectations and unresponsive daily interactions with the family and work-mates.Skilled Crafts. for business acuity and for basic mental health. and as fortunate lawful result of negotiation 9th-from-7th. anxious overcommunication (Budha-Moon). Thus Sahajabhava includes literary correspondence. shaping. The creative inspiration and authorship belongs to putra bhava. Look to bhava-3 for communicative skill in "thinking and talking". Frenetic. Repetitive. Gesticulating. . as well a fortune through dharma bhava (from lagna or from Chandra) because dharma bhava rules book publishing. The conversations in one's own head are just as repetitive and just as determinative of mental health or illness as are the external. scripted communicative interactions within the group are consoling. the signing of agreements. optimistic or pessimistic. the attitude toward craft and authentic skill set of the native can also be found in Sahajabhava and its lord. bhava-3 is the first place to look for the "mental health" issues so common in modern society. etc. Mental health        On the negative side. is often signified by Shani in bhava-3 or a harsh Shani aspect upon Budha. Successful authors must have strong third AND fifth houses. happy or sad. Commercial Capabilities  bhava-3 is also the house of skilled crafts and training. sculpting. non-stop talking (Budha dysfunction). The se internal and external conversation-dances which are performed millions of times in the lifetime are the primary determinants Of mental health and daily happiness. the physical movement of writing. unifying. painting. or dominating communicative behaviors (influence of Kuja) will all be noticed in bhava-3. Internal "loops" of repeating conversations are either validating or excluding. bonding. Hands and Hand-Skills     All major acts of the hands are encompassed within Bhratru Sthana. confirming.

gesticulating. entertaining. Ch. as opposed to practical short-term corporate or vocational training as found in Sahajabhava. managers. in the digital era.   Managing. advertising.htm"> Graha in bhava-3 for handcraft effects of graha in Sahajabhava Communications media The natural civilization extension of our physical hearing. planning. and all the highly complex communications technology of modern business are encompassed in Bhratru Bhava . public relations. Sahajabhava profiles our relationship to "media". and extremely happy. telecommunications/telephone. television and other image-media. graphical user interfaces. teamwork. "BPHS. the native will be endowed with happiness through co-born and will have wealth and sons. giving and following instructions. 24. and management are functions of the hands ("manus" = hand. mental tasking. and writing is the entire sophisticated field of cultural communications. "handlers" in the sense of paid managers who arrange one's travel schedule and communications. lifetime intellectual development. In modern parlance. Meetings. Similarly. business travel. messaging. dharma bhava indicates long-term philosophical education. getting along with customers. See: Sahaja_bhava_graha_in_domain_3. short-term commitments. As opposed to short journeys of a few hours or days as found in Sahajabhava. "If Sahaja's lord is in SahajaBhava. A strong and well-populated Sahajabhava shows skill and ability in sales. shloka 27 . and all the day-to-day idea juggling that modern business thinkers undertake."the naturally connected". be cheerful. marketing. and substantial mastery of the studied subject. dharma bhava profiles long travels lasting many months. 'virtual hands' ) and managers with strength in bhava-3 tend to be very "hands-on" Also.

basic values for money and financial management. Yes. bhava-3 signifies administration. bhava-3 is a local not a global domain. and basic historic cultural definitions of what is a crime and how to manage/contain criminality. paperwork. criminal law etc. medical/dental. It is not concerned with philosophy or large-scale scholarly inquiry. Immediate older sibling is seen in labha bhava (house-11) and the 11th lord.Bhratru Bhava marks specifically the immediate younger sibling. Coworkers will agree on values for basic human dignity and human rights. if you are in the middle of a big sibling group. business meetings. Immediate elder sibling = house 11    next older . and disease Careers in conflict-management such as social services. bank loans. the extensive group conversations indicated by bhava-3 are not possible.3rd-from-3rd = house 5 next younger = 3rd-from-3rd-from-3rd = house 7 etc. bhava-3 operates within a pre-established set of cultural values. Careers in managing animosity. Natives with strength in bhava-3 are charged to perpetuate the values of their people through administrative small-group process. along with continuous articulation of policy and planning efforts. debt.11th-from-11th = house 9 next older = 11th-from-11th-from-11th = house 7 etc. To find the profile of a specific 3 next younger . Without strong fundamental agreements on cultural values. basic definitions of disease/health. andrecord-keeping. These careers involve working primarily with people from one's own cultural value set (2nd-from-2nd). usually involve remarkable amounts of administrative paperwork and constant group meetings. there will be powerful resemblances between the oldest and the youngest extremes. . count odd houses in this way     immediate younger sibling .

Psychologically. Importantly. etc) should have an empowered and beneficial graha such as lagnesha+ L-3+ L10. Bhratru bhava tells us how much the native's birth order position within his sibling group determines her/his life experience. as a rule. For some people. The trick with them is their willingness to receive. For others. Middle children typically work extra hard for recognition. Youngest children typically relax and receive. fervor. they are! Only children are typically a mix of oldest-youngest behavior. They have high permission levels and don't work too hard . birth order is the determining feature of their personality. and expectations will vary according to birth order. Birth order Third house being weak or strong. social services. possibly close sibling-like friends) in the person's life. Middle children therefore are notably ambitious and frequently have deep performance anxiety to match.yet they are often just as successful as their other siblings. also repeating the same struggles and carrying the same expectations of life.    Eldest children by and large follow the psychological patterns of their parents. supportive. The list of positive sibling significations includes (but is not limited to): . determines the positive or negative role of siblings (and close neighbors.Natives who find their professional career in conflict-management specialties (banking. law enforcement. or oppressive lord. strong. public medicine. and are often convinced very early in their lives that unless they do something quite extraordinary they will not be worthy of the attention they crave. Birth order position will be important in his development because bhratru bhava and other significations for brothers (such as 3rd-from-Chandra) are Only the style of their approach. tending to choose similar occupations as the same-gender parent. with a weak. They fundamentally expect to be loved and taken care of . Birth order is a known factor in shaping human self-concept. or another auspicious combination in Sahajabhava. birth order (and other details of sibling relationship) exert only a mild positive or negative pull. criminal advocacy. all three birth positions can be very successful. close coworkers.

Thus the destructive powers of Kuja/3 would be most noticeable in Mesha or Vrischika rashis. However Kuja has so many favorable indications is the exalted lagnesha.this native's sibling position -. and both tactical and . uchcha Kuja is of course the karaka for stunning success in competitions of all kinds . Because of Kuja's strength and centrality in the radix .will encourage his competitive instincts and powerfully shape his destiny. uchcha Kuja also makes a great corporate businessperson. lord of 3rd-from Chandra. particularly the immediate younger sibling. Often bhratru. uchcha Kuja gives remarkable achievements in commercial business. Profile of Influential Younger Sibling Kuja is a highly masculine planet. or youngest -. However navamsha Kuja is a miserable planet for Kanya lagna in D-9.karaka Mars occupying His own house gives karako bhavo nashto. bravery. in drishti angles to his own lord Shani and Chandra's tenant uchcha Guru . shares Mangala's house yuti L-9 Chandra Radix L-3 Shani is also a rising Yogakarakain navamsha. So. He exhibits tremendous courage.whether eldest. because Kuja is exalted (oddly) in Saturn's sign.    Budha. this man with Vrischika rising and lagnesha uchcha Kuja in bhratru bhava receiving drishti of uchcha Guru and parivartamsha with L-3 Shani will be profoundly influenced by his siblings. The immediate younger sibling has abundance of high-function sports and competition energy. The native with uchcha Kuja as lagnesha occupying bhratru bhava is therefore exceptionally motivated to fulfill the conditions of his birth order.lord of Chandra and lagna. very hard worker. a heroic stamina. it is quite the opposite siblings are extremely influential.but particularly. signifying longer term degradation of physical vitality because Mars is radix lagnesha. making mother-trouble Clearly. Karako bhavo nashto in general applies only to planets in their own houses. we can surmise that this fellow is a very. which can actually destroy the contents of the house. Here is a middle child who works extremely hard to distinguish himself. or middle. He craves success. Also Chandra is handicapped in Ari Bhava.

Krittika Chandra). This native will be highly successful on the material plane. Cannot stop mentalizing The siblings are also top achievers in their professional fields. He sees himself (dharma = viewpoint. The native must continue to compete with his (internalized) siblings. I simply have to be the Best. to be assured of mom's permanent loving attention. "I have to be better" says his inner child . and he will be unhappy. so indeed Shani in radix dominates the native's self-concept regarding his position in the world.competitive skills honed within the internal competition of the sibling group. Jyotisha suggests that the extraordinary strength of this Bhratru Bhava's middlechild programming gives a psychological motivation. The parivartan between lagnesha and his "dharmic" lord Shani is highly auspicious for the specific portfolio of Shani. Kuja occupies a navamsha of Shani. Acquaintances and dignity of leadership on behalf of the least powerful The full circle of those "naturally together" includes a wide variety of people with whom we form temporary sibling-type relationships. These are all qualities of bhratru bhava . "In fact. Otherwise he will be unable to find productive outlet for the amazing uchcha Kuja. perspective) predominantly as a worker on the material plane. He continues to compete for his dear mother's attention (Kuja controls Moon). handling confidential matters (Scorpio) with aggressive skill (uchcha Kuja). reflecting the tight interaction between uchcha Kuja and Shani in the native's radix.strategic intelligence. is seeing himself as a. or else vigorous competitive sport where he can achieve prestigious titlesand financial rewards. exceptionally skillful and diligent worker (emphasis on the diligent due to Shani lord of Kuja) let us examine the lagnesha via navamsha-lord method." He is programmed to pursue the Best (uchcha Kuja mutual drishti to uchcha Guru). He must continue to work in active competitive business communications. This native cannot expect conventional "retirement" in the sense of "disengagement from daily business" to be a pleasurable experience. These friends and .

In the current life. mental strength and vitality. A supremely powerful third bhava may show heroism. Sahajabhava also indicates courage. disenchanted support staff. stamina. These servants may be public servants in a civic setting. and force of will. Conversely. servants of the house such as babysitters and repair workers. and thieving servants. The sum total of effects on Bhratru sthana reveal one's overall State of Mind. Mental Attitude/State of Mind Although putra bhava is the seat of intelligence and a stronger indication of genius. cooks etc. or direct reports in a corporate office. A poor quality Sahajashows shoddy home repairs. 3 profiles the dignity of providing a lawful environment for service workers. He supervises and communicates well with office help and home-repair contractors. All of them are performing tasks. for example. Natives with malefic influences on the third house must pay extremely close attention to the affect which negative communications style is having on their underlings! Remember Sahajais 12thfrom-4th showing loss and dissolution of the home. housemaids. comfortable understanding with them. 3 also = 6th-from-10th. Higher Education . if Mars or Sun is lord. the nearly endless petty administration which accompanies executive roles in large hierarchical organizations of government bureaucracy and corporate pyramids. He with a generous and friendly Sahajabhava is the dignified and respectful boss that people like to work under. 3 represents the dignity of one's housing staff (butlers. Sahajabhava represents the basic mental balance and practical mental skills required for daily task management. the dignity of leadership of the lowest workers and ministry of the dispossessed. In cultures where class hierarchies are still very rigid. ideologues and dogmatic thinkers are also found here when fearful aspects from Saturn or an agitated Mars or Rahu are present. Along with general mental capacity. is likely to acquire many pleasant servants who remain loyal to him/her for a lifetime.acquaintances were no doubt our siblings in other lives. we find an easy. 3 = 10th-from-6th.) and the prestige they gain from serving in one's business establishment. The native with uchcha Guru in the third house.

and accurately recording one's research. Third house is for day-to-day mental tasking for running a classroom. death will be in sinful places" [whereas] Mixed occupation of SahajaBhava will yield mixed results with regard to the place of death." ~~ BPHS . Vitality. attending the endless meetings. [but] if SahajaBhava is occupied by a malefic. and thirst will cause death through Mangala in SahajaBhava. native is a successful if not profound student. and the dharmic strength to pursue them in spite of the onslaught of the "business" side of teaching! Situation at Death. Saturn in a good angle from Bhratru bhava may show the perpetual student whose perfectionism (a Saturnian trait!) makes them return to basic studies many times in the course of a lifetime. Shloka 25 "Consciousness will prevail at the time of death if Guru or Shukra are placed in SahajaBhava. It is quintessentially the house of the student. fire. willpower. measured from SahajaBhava "Chandra in SahajaBhava will cause death due to tuberculosis . interests will lie in commerce and communication arts rather than religion or humanities. 33 Courage. Ninth house is for the authentic philosophical studies. 33 "Wounds. If SahajaBhava is occupied by a benefic." BPHSCh. weapons. Selfishness or Self-directedness . Guru in SahajaBhava or giving a drishti to SahajaBhava will cause death by swelling or tumors" .... death will be in an auspicious place (like a shrine)." ~~ BPHS Ch 44. Mercury's effect on Bhratru makes the conversation witty.3 = 2nd-from-2nd is one of the houses of higher education. An academic career entails good effects on both Sahaja and dharma bhava.Ch..

Ask for guidance from them on matters of mental health. either psychically or physically. Even without asking them for help. . neighborhood and sibling relationships.especially the brave self-narrative needed to survive threats to life. such as lagna lord or an exalted graha in the third sthana. = 4th-from-9th-from-4th = your bhava-3 Your thought patterns and daily communication activities contain a strong psychic influence from the mother's father's mother. But you will know them in meditation. since they connote "the drive to survive" and denote self-made wealth. (Confirm also 3rd-from-Chandra and position of 3rdlord.the values and attributes of the home which shaped your earliest and most core sense of Self can be derived from Vikrama bhava.3 = 2nd-from-2nd = The death of death. courageous person who will make his or her mark on the world.) Third-house characteristics are famously helpful in business. Therefore the third house gives courage. A weak third house without compensation elsewhere in the chart signifies a person who does not willingly interact much with the world. The third house shows intensity of connection with the world through one's physical body. mental focus.if for example you discover their journal or letters. Modern society's long life spans make it a rare event to meet this relative of yours in person. indicates a vital. hands-on-healing. = 4th-from-9th-from-Moon However the sense of the Mother's father's mother [maternal great grandmother] as a subtle but important influence on your childhood home . and willpower . A strong 3rd house. writing. you may find that your communication and problem-solving style is quite similar to your mother's father's mother . Maternal Great Grandmother (mother's-father's-mother ) and her effect on your personality The most accurate emotional view of the mother's-father's-mother is seen in 12thfrom-Moon.

7. Livingston..Sankheta Nidhi. third. Wallace (Eds. R.H. it does not always refer only to the subtle awareness. seventh from ninth i. as distinguished from panic.. and B. would be the maraka or death-inflicting house for father. the body is obviously . Shloka 2 "Cowardice. Fourth house is for mother. The physical resemblance would be the strongest between your maternal great grandmother and your immediate younger sibling.. since both these relatives are encompassed in your third house.(1999). Twelfth from the fourth i.e. Zara Houshmand. the third.snowlionpub. -. Men at War from = H.     .com Pre-existing Consciousness "When we speak of mental awareness.e. www. is the house of expenditure and losses to the mother..B. Ch.).People may comment not so much on a physical resemblance but on a psychomental similarity. Dalai Lama.  From the time of conception to the time of death. A. is almost always simply a lack of ability to suspend the functioning of the imagination." ~~ Ernest Hemingway (1943). If ninth house be for father. Consciousness at the Crossroads: Conversations with the Dalai Lama on Brain Science and Buddhism.death of father and mother should be considered from the third house.

complexion of the body. intellect (or the organ of intelligence. appearance. ABILITY.functioning in some way. biological life" kalpa ." Tanu Bhava "vitality. beginning FLESH. weakness. innovation. MUSCLE. basis. Psychic Advertising "Physique. individualism. MOVEMENT. brain). birth. grief . PHYSIQUE independence.e. but when the body ceases to function as a body. vigour. PERSONALITY. Aura. there is still a very subtle form of consciousness and that is independent of the body. i. initiation Appearance. NEW-NESS.atmasthana BHAVA-1 Radix Lagna body. The fact that the body is able to act as a basis for mental events is dependent on the pre-existence of a subtle form of consciousness. happiness.

{ Tenuis. PRACTICAL SANSKRIT-ENGLISH DICTIONARY. 'tenable'. self form or manifestation The skin Hemionitis cordifolia A metre of 4 + 24 syllables cf. person . person . food or victuals . small . Lat. 'tension'. delicate unimportant The [physical] body The body .and innate nature are all to be guessed through the ascending Rashi. fine The body . [BPL: English 'tenacious'. Apte. self ~~ Cologne Digital Sanskrit Lexicon Tanu = y y y y y y Thin . shallow. limited. 'attention'. especially boiled rice . 'holding in place'}. S. minute . food in a mystical sense o (or the lowest form in which the supreme soul is manifested . 758: "Tanu" = y y y y y y y Outward form character or nature manifestation small." ~~ BPHS 11: 2 "Indications of Tanu Bhava" ~~ V. attenuated . emaciated . slender . bread corn . p. 'tenant'] y Tenuis. delicate . little . Anna = "eaten" . the coarsest envelope of the Supreme Spirit .

toil"). *wenwanan (cf.http://www. O. work at. fight. fight. Appearances + coverings." Goth. vinde "to win. The seeds of appearance general aspiration Attractiveness of the face beginnings birth potential body brain capacity to enjoy (this list is adapted from Das) colorcomplexion constitution dignity of mother as regards you [10th-from-4th] paternal great grandfather dispositions.H. winnan "to strive.etymonline. strive." Ger. vinna.N.E. struggle. win." and gewinnan "to gain or succeed by struggling. winnen "to gain. win.G. winnan "struggle for. Du." both from P. winnan." O. y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y Physical Presentation / Body Image Constitution Vitality Past-life Wisdom Cultural and Ethnic Identity (Caste) Confidence Early Childhood Complexion Well-being the physical body attributes + the social significance of those attributes. gawinnen "to suffer.S. Activity undertaken . winna. to : lemma = WIN: fusion of O.Gmc. gewinnen "to gain. O. natural general state of health impact of the personality permission for other qualities personality pleasure/pain destined previous lives wisdom seeds of y y y y Overall Fortune/a> Paternal great grandfather Great-grandchildren Mother's Dignity y y y y Lagnesha Bhava Lords in Lagna Graha Occupying bhava-1 L-1 'Lagnesha' in the 12 Domains BPHS Tanu Bhava . O. advantages all things." Dan.Fris.

30 20.y other things start in life.22.27.00 20.00 27.n 10.30 05.30 25.00 1/2 1/3 Meani 1/1 ng of Mesha Vrish Mithun the portio abha a n Compl exion Physi Head que Bodily Color Body 4th 5th 6th 7th 8th 9th 10th 11th 12th portio portion portio porti porti portion portion portion portio n n on on 25.00 .30 -10.00 bhava 00:0 02:30 02:30 07.00 1/4 1/5 1/6 1/7 1/8 1/9 1/10 1/11 1/12 Karkat Simha Kany Thula Vrisc Dhanus Makara Kumb Meen ha a a hika hya a Examp les of ascend ant degree Dwada msha Happin Thinki Fame Identit ng Devo Auspicio ess Age Next Grief y Reno tion usness birth marks Though Suffe wn to Joys of Ayur on the ts Gods Celebrati Life (longe ring ons vity) person + Miser Relig ies ious Stoma Devo ch tion Catheri Angel Rabindr Param Jacques Lisa Mart Maha UK Jeddu Ram Josem Couste Marie ha ne ina anath atma Queen Krishna Dass aria Zeta.Jolie Tagore hamsa au Presl Stew Gand Elizabeth murti Escri Jones Yogan ey art hi II Nicola va Jane Swami anda Al Eliz s Tiger Fonda Viveka Gore Virgi Steve Rudo OSHO Clare Sarkoz Amm Woods nanda Thom nia n lf Rajneesh Prophet y achi Julia as Tony Wool Spiel Stein .30 .00 30.00 17.30 15.00 . life force Tanu bhava represents the physical body which is called Anna-mayakosha = the "food-illusion-sheath" or "food-loving entity" Dwad-amsha of Tanu bhava = Twelve Types of Vitality 2nd 3rd Portio 1st portion portio portion n of n the 05.30 12.00 17.30 12. natural vitality.30 22.00 15.30 07.

Rahu.) .OJ Rober Winsto Merto Blair f berg er n Simpso ts n n Churchi Bill Judy UK Elvis UK ll Wood Clinton Garla Princ Presl y nd ey UK.rine Murd er Aurobi Paul Hepb och Teres ndo Linda Sartre urn a Ronsta dt Barbar Charl a es Willia Walters Mans m on Buckle Zubin y Mehta Julian Eleano Lucia Assang r no e Roose Pavar velt otti Bill Gates Marga Marti n ret Mead Heide Jack gger Welch Deepa Donald k Trump Chopr a Richard Nixon Bepin Behari Nancy Reagan Margar Christ opher et Thatche Reeve r Barack Obama Emilio Pucci Carla Bruni Shakira Union of Unions = 7th-from-7th = Tanu Bhava y y y y Naturally. or karaka-Shukra. unfortunately. the agreement of all agreements is the unification of one's flesh body with the spirit and soul of the true personality All external partnership is the expression of internal balance (or lack thereof). Kenn e Roosev Roose Noam Condol Bush edy Won elt velt Choms Meryl eezza .Princ e Princes e Harry Barbra Allen UK s Anne Willia Streisan Prince Fried Brad m d Jerry Charles rich Mado Pitt Adolph Brown Nietz nna Hitler Shirley Camill sche MacLai a PJohn Frankli Theo ne Alan Bowles Geor F Stevi n dore Alda ge W. marriage is a mirror of the self Timing of marriage is seen equally in periods of (navamsha) L-1+ L-7. (Or.43 der ky Streep Rice Rupe Ivana Katha rt Moth Trump Shri Jean.

"Who does this body belong to? Does it belong to my parents who created it? Or does it belong to my wife who is my life partner? Is it fuel for the fire that is ultimately going to consume it. or is it food for vultures and wolves? Does it belong to me. Shloka 1 From the first house should be considered everything about the native's body. These should be assessed from the Rising Sign. is seen first through: y y y radix lagna lagnesha (lagna Lord) Karaka rashi. Shloka 39-43 "Tanu" or The Outward Form.. -. complexion. Appearance and Wealth. . Fame. -.. Ch. manner of living. Longevity. or to my near and dear ones? " ~~ Bhagavata Purana 11.. Status. ~~BPHS Ch. Karaka rashi itself.Sankheta Nidhi. Shloka 2 Whatever results are to be known from .. Ch. or characteristics of Surya (karaka for 1st house) . should also be known from. 7.. 9 .. happiness or otherwise..Madhya Parashari.. Tanu.19 Indications of the first house are: Physique.. caste. marks or moles. temperament. longevity. 7.26. the Lagna. Complexion.

The rising Nakshatra a Lord of the rising Nakshatra Navamsha (D-9) lagnaD-1 lagnesha within navamsha Moon in D-1 and D-9 It is worth looking at the characteristics of the D-9's rising Nakshatra and its Lord. color.The astrological picture of body." "I have materialized capability to perform specific socially recognized actions. Therefore being tall and thin might be a sign of royalty. shape. and constitution is expanded by noting: 1. physical attributes. physical Agency of bhava-1: The primary agent of L-1 is the physical body as an integrated whole y the whole is composed of many coordinated sets of Attributes == social attributes. Q: What person or object in this world executes the karmic agenda of bhava-1 and its lord? y A:the physical body and social identity will carry out the instructions of bhava-1 and its lord. 3. Therefore. Although D-9's rising Nakshatra a will tell us more about the native's behavior and expectations in psycho-emotional relationships. The social personality indicates "Who I Am. 2. Each culture has its own categories for evaluating-devaluating social and physical attributes of its members." "I materialize into a set of physical and social attributes. 4. therefore I am. complexion. Body parts. texture. The social personality is a layer of social recognition and purpose that is based on the physical form and acts as an interpretive bridge from one embodied being to another within human social groups. The social personality attributes = the accumulated social meaning of the physical body and all of its apparent attributes (size. do consider the D-9 in assessing native's overall fortune. our social relationships in fact define our personality to a very great degree. emotional attributes. strength. 5. etc." . therefore I am. physical capabilities). musculature. appearance and social behavior.

Usually this capability-set is a past-life carry-over from practiced expertise over the period of many lifetimes. (Typically this is the period of the L-5+L-9 measured from radix lagna and much stronger when the graha is also L-5 or L-9 from Chandra. o L-1 and children Vimshottari Dasha periods of the L-1 may trigger the birth of a child. o When L-1 triggers acquisition of children in a female nativity. .g.) However in male nativities the birth of a child is frequently indicated by a period of L-1. which is also a direct agency of the native's physical body and the extended meaning of the physical body as the basis of social identity. even if she does not enjoy direct physical experience of creating the child's body from within. o In a female nativity. L-1 in bhava-2 contributes to the native's social identity with historical values and hoards. it is much more common for the route of acquisition to be via adoption rather than via natural childbirth. o L-1 in bhava-11 identifies the native with social specialization in the area of community networks and complex marketplace relationships. periods of L-5 and L-9 or Guru are the most common triggers for childbirth or acquisition of children through adoption. but rather an independent new being. o Psychologically this pattern may indicate that for the male. o Etc. producing a child is often predominantly an act of physical self-replication. Adoption may provide the childless female with a precious channel for passing along her social personality to a child.L-1 and Social Activity Identity L-1 as a marker of " social activity" indicates areas of social behavior toward which the native's physical capabilities are strongly aligned.. E. the stronger psychology is the female's ability to channel divine creativity through her own body thus creating a new being who is rather specifically not a replication of oneself. o L-1 in bhava-8 identifies the native with social specialization in the activities of mysteries and emergencies. Whereas for a female. Social validation bhava-1 signifies personal competition for social validation through a successful combination of physical behaviors and traits.

The radix lagna is not really about true identity. radix lagna) indicate physique and physical vitality. The radix lagna is about social ranking. from coarse to refined and high to low) can tell much more about one's core identity than the janma lagna. In other words.For example. when the entrepreneurial L3 is rising. Surya (soul-level of philosophical reason) and Chandra (astral ruler of all emotions. Swamsha (the navamsha lagna) is also a better indicator of divine awareness and spiritual intent. what society think of one's appearance and behavior has a major impact on the quality of one's experience in this life. Therefore the radix lagna. The natal lagna (ascendant) describes the astrological conditions that were in place on Earth's eastern horizon at the time of birth. a person will develop selfmade wealth. Whether or one responds to social ranking and class identification actively (to change or negotiate it) or passively (to simply accept it or be unconcerned with it) the "social personality" is a major part of life consciousness. individual social placement. on a day-today reality basis. . Strong. y Any planet gains strength and dignity by occupying the lagna. is the single most important determinant of social position at birth and prospects for accomplishment during the lifetime.y The most basic and most predominant signification of Tanu Sthana is the physical body and its appearance on the material plane. y The main method of social placement is physical appearance and behaviors. These conditions play a major role in the social ranking of the individual during the current incarnation. y y y y y y y y Factors to be considered in the profile of individual social personality. and social identity (remember this is social identity. with attention to orb o . whether one is concerned to ignore or manage or change that position. The lagna describes the place on the social map one "drops in" to the great hierarchies of social organization. they have a great effect on the quality of life overall. and how one is treated by others based on one's appearance and position. the social ranking is also a significant determiner of material accomplishment and a major component of ego-based selfrecognition. Whether the house lords bring gifts or liabilities. positive planets in radix lagna or Chandra lagna (more potently. For most people. not spiritual identity!) rashi decanate lagnesha (graha which owns the rising "line") Nakshatra a Nakshatra pada lord of the rising Nakshatra graha in the lagna. The lagna and lagnesha describe how one becomes socially placed and positioned. along with Chandra close is the rising graha to the Line? o does the rising graha change houses in the bhava chart? Overall Fortune Rising house lords become exceptionally strong when located in lagna.

" y ~~ BPHS Ch. her attitude. to have the 8th lord rising will bring occult interests and a struggle to understand hidden matters. You can apply this reasoning to the effects of any rising house lord. Naturally the mother's social and spiritual condition. o For example. Called a house of sanctuary and ruling matters "behind closed doors". although devoid of learning. Shloka 25 Similarly. Vyaya bhava. the lagna describes "wisdom from previous lives". the wealthy second lord brings a lifelong natural attraction to making and holding money. o Wisdom from previous lives As 2nd-from-12th. when the 10th house is strong. By contrast. be valorous. L9 rising brings the "bhagya" or good fortune of dharma-sthana very strongly into the person's life. Dasha periods of the 9th lord for one with L9 rising may be exceptionally auspicious.a matter of the 9th house. but have a look at Chandra and rashi lagna for information on her leadership. public responsibility. Planets in lagna will make the mother's impact more intense. and dignity. the native will have self-made wealth. o the 2nd-from."If Sahaja 's lord is in Tanu Bhava. 24. be disposed to worship. the lagna describes "dignity of the mother". and be intelligent. a person will have a strong knowledge about religious ritual .any house describes received knowledge regarding that house. Lagna similarly shows received knowledge from our subconsciously stored past-life memory. Her dignity substantially defines her child's life experience. o Great-Grandchildren . will have a tremendous impact on the native. "Dignity of the Mother" As 10th-from-4th. which is especially pronounced when L2 is timelord. the twelfth house. Vyaya bhava contains our ancient memory of past lives. describes the subconscious storage areas. o Never forget the Moon and 4th house in assessing the mother.

The bloodline is robust and positive thinking permeates the family tree.or at least strong! o Ask this relative (who is generally deceased in our lifetimes given average lifespans) in meditation for guidance to know your true self. these rising planets send a powerful advertising message about the native to his society.) o Dharma sthana itself (as 5th-from-5th) shows the first grandchild and the forecast for all grandchildren in general. ( o for public perception of the aura of the personality . The individual becomes iconic in their social setting. o The Twelve House Lords in the Ascendant When Graha occupy the radix lagna (or Chandra lagna). Both Chandra lagna and radix lagna have equal effects on your appearance.9th house is grandchildren. o Guru rising will give at least three children unless a separative planet like Rahu.see Arudha Lagna) o o . surgeries etc. Many great-grandchildren can be expected! o Paternal Great Grandfather o father's father's father [paternal great grandfather] = 9th-from-9th-from-9th = lagna.As 5th-from-9th. second. o The psychic influence of your paternal great grandfather is usually strong and positive . o When Jupiter rises with strength.which only sometimes corresponds to deeper truth . and third child. Saturn or Mars blocks house 5. 5th-from-9th is the children of the grandchildren. all the way down to the children's children's children. 1st house Also see 9th-from-9th-from-9th from Chandra. 7. o Also ask their guidance regarding any changes you might want to make regarding your physical vehicle. The public notices the behaviors of these rising domain lords much more quickly and dramatically than they might notice other aspects of the native's social self. Tanu Sthana signifies one's great-grandchildren. The message says " Please recognize and respond to me as a specialist in these social attributes. which will be Chandra itself." Nativities with Graha in lagna show a strong personality which is especially subject to " profiling". or 9 (first.

The ir effects do not pass beyond the gates of death.Rahu or Ketu in Lagna  provide a psychic intensity to the aura and strengthen the natural charisma H. "[Meditate on appreciation of the preciousness of a human incarnation and the human body as a spiritual vessel. This contemplation imbues us with a sense of spiritual dignity that subtly transforms our way of relating to ourselves and our existence. social. Glenn H. Mullin (Trans. all of which satisfy only superficial levels of the spirit. and biological needs. and we come to appreciate the quality of penetrating awareness and the capacity for spiritual development that distinguishes humans from animals . and Ed. We cease to see ourselves merely as animals uncontrolledly chasing after the immediate cravings of the senses in a vicious circle of jungle law. Dalai Lama on the Extreme Coolness of Human Birth! ~~ H. Dalai Lama.* and then the meaningful and rare nature of a human incarnation.).snowlionpub. we sit in meditation and contemplate first the eight freedoms and ten endowments. mundane attitude towards life. creative aspect of our being. The Path to Enlightenment. We have to learn to appreciate the intrinsic spiritual quality of human nature. as does Arat who builds a strong nest and then drags home all sorts of trinkets to it. In order to break the mind of this vain. transient goals. (1994). to have a subtle confidence in the positive. It is difficult to enter spiritual training if one regards one's life as having no purpose other than the pursuit of ephemeral.H.] The ordinary samsaric mind sees the human body as just a tool with which to chase material.H.

.. you cannot find it under analysis. it might be independent.then when one looked into and investigated them. and be able to practice it. Also the whole.No matter what the phenomenon is. .and insects. this inherent existence should become even clearer.. you cannot find it. if you divide this into its parts and look for the body. .[That] which gives rise to the appearance of I is mind and body. is designated in dependence upon the collection of parts of the body. everything exists in dependence on its parts. when you seek for the object designated. whether it be . more obvious.. * Generally. Were there something part-less. Rather.. you cannot find it either. the eight freedoms and ten endowments are the favorable conditions of your birth and the time in which you live that have enabled you to learn the dharma in this lifetime..H. However. but there is nothing that is part-less.if things did exist so concretely . This causes the thought of extracting the essence of life to arise with a joyous intensity." H. There is no whole which is separate from its parts. but when you divide this into mind and body and look for the I. body. Even the most subtle particles in the body have sides and hence parts. internal or external. Dalai Lama on "Appearances" "If things did in fact exist the way they appear .

Clarity. .snowlionpub. these things appear to us as if they do exist objectively and in their own right. when we search to discover what this phenomenon is that is designated. (2003). we say the person is young. when they age.   This can be well understood by observing our everyday conventions.H. and Ed. This is to say that a person exists in reliance upon the aggregates.). Elizabeth Napper (Ed. When the body and other aggregates are young.. we cannot find anything that is it. Stages of Meditation's own body or any other type of phenomenon. Losang Choephel Ganchenpa. Tenzin Gyatso . www. and Insight 25th Anniversary Edition. Since phenomena appear to us in a way that is different from what we discover when analysing. and thus there is a difference between the way things appear to our minds and the way they actually exist. Snow Lion Pub.).com "There is no self or person existing in isolation from the mental and physical aggregates.However. Geshe Lobsang Jordhen. this proves that their concrete appearance is due to a fault of our minds.).H. Kindness. Jeffrey Hopkins (Trans. Ven. . we say the person is old.." ~~ H. These conventional expressions concur with the actuality that the person exists in dependence on the aggregates. Dalai Lama. and Jeremy Russell (Trans." ~~ H.

one understands that these have a nature of impermanence and of suffering. .meditation on emptiness begins with gaining a sense of the inherent existence of which phenomena are empty. and phenomena in terms of their specific and general characters..  Through this.. Dalai Lama.. or without depending on . you cannot understand its absence.snowlionpub. or "I." ~~ H. which are its basis of designation. one generates an awareness that is directed toward liberation from cyclic existence in all its forms. For without understanding what is negated. mind.www..snowlionpub. emptiness." to be inherently Appearances "Through the establishments in mindfulness of body.(1989). Careful Observation of the Aggregates of the "I" ". one's mind turns away from over-emphasis on the appearances of this life-time and from uni-directional adherence to the prosperity of future lifetimes of high status within cyclic existence as the aim to be attained. Through carefully watching how you conceive your self. Overcoming such over-emphasis on the appearances of this and future lifetimes. feeling. you will determine that the "I" appears to be selfinstituting without depending on the collection of the mental and physical aggregates. The Dalai Lama at Harvard: Lectures on the Buddhist Path to Peace.

). Drekkana reveals fine detail of how the results of taking a particular class and composition of physical body will manifest in physical. social stigma based on your appearance. 7.any of them Field of Psychic Expectation for Matters of: y y y Siblings and Cousins collaborators and team-mates Fruits (11) of Mental Skill (3) 1. Tanu Bhava is the 1st house of physical body. musculature. The house which defines and energizes siblings/competitors/courage sits in 3/11 angle to the radix lagna. Clearly. and emotional communication patterns. Dalai Lama.H.ascertaining the object of negation. in conversations." ~~ Dzong-ka-ba and H. and Ed. www. 3. achieving good siblings and worthy competitors is one of the central goals of taking birth in a particular class of physical body. even though the "I" appears with those aggregates. vitality necessary for competition. we gain from Drekkana . look for confirmation of the fruits of the 1st house in the third divisional chart: D-3/Drekkana. vitality. Then look to the condition of bhava-1 in the radix. 2. The central result of having a body being the development of coordinated physical. Jeffrey Hopkins (Trans. Proper identification of this appearance is the first essential toward realizing selflessness -. in meetings. in small groups. mental. Bhratru bhava defines one's function on teams. cousins. Yoga Tantra: Paths to Magical Feats. Once the radix 3/11 relationship is established. and mental communication patterns.snowlionpub. Will tanu bhava generate the community support (11) and personal courage (3) necessary to realize its goals? Can it generate charismatic attractiveness. 6. look first (of course) to all the effects upon Bhratru bhava [the radix third house] itself. social. their rulers and their occupants. appearance. 4. Outcome depends on the relationship between the 3/11 houses. commercial success regarding competitors (not enemies). enthusiasm for life and strong personal identity? 5. To determine the prognosis for siblings. emotional. identity. communication patterns.

The good news is. which will manifest in this life in the intimate mirror of relationships to siblings and team-mates. If one has tapped into divine identity as it manifests in small-group process. fate of siblings themselves D-3 is a key to longevity prediction. o o For example. Predictions that can be partially confirmed via analysis of Dreshkhamsha D-3: y y y y helpfulness of siblings to the native. o the first 1/3 of Sagittarius is in the harmonic third of Sagittarius. D-3 shows small-group collective thought patterns and this view can help the Jyotishi evaluate the native's mental health. is ruled by the subsequent sign of the same element. and team-mates. as always: if unconsciously-continued patterns arise into consciousness. The middle 1/3. one will likely be empowered by strong and supportive siblings. is ruled by the final sign of the same element. 2nd and 3rd decanate of Meena From: David Frawley. karma is transformed into wisdom and negative implications of the astrological charts may be reversed. o The last 1/3. o Conflicted planets in drekkana indicate unresolved psychic difficulty in the native's subconscious. 20° 00'-30° 00'. . y y Gracious and abundant planets in drekkana indicate successful spiritual work in creatively developing one's self and others. the Astrology of the Seers. 1st and 2nd decanate of Vrischika.10° 00'-20° 00'. close neighbors. because the lord of the 22nd dreshkhamsha is associated with physical death Lord of the 22nd dreshkhamsha is easily seen = graha ruling the 8th rashi from D-3 lagna = lord of the 8th Dreshkona The re are also predictive uses for the Sarpa dreshkhamsha and the Phasha dreshkhamsha o "Sarpa" Dreshkona = serpent decanates = 1st and 2nd decanate of Karkata.(presuming an accurate birth time) a confirming level of detail regarding siblings/competitors/small group process. 186: "In this harmonic the first 1/3 or ten degrees 00° 00'-10° 00' of any sign ruled by itself. p.

the second that of the Fixed sign and the last that of the Mutable sign. This process of gradual merging of similar sounds by analogy happens in all languages. to match the Greek term dekka (10. Hence.   Western astrology has long used the decanate but usually calculates it differently. it sees the first third of Sagittarius as Aries. but may have changed over time. profession. if Saturn is located in a birth chart at 15° 20' Sagittarius.the second 1/3 in the harmonic third of Aries. decanate). and the last 1/3 in the harmonic third of Leo. leadership.  it would be in the harmonic third of Aries. " Disambiguation Drekkana vs Drekkana: BPL note: the D-3 varga now commonly called 'drekkana' was probably originally called the 'dreshkhamsha'. career D-12 Dwadashamsha = parents D-16 Shodashamsha = vehicles and their good or bad effects D-20 Vimshamsha = religious and spiritual development. o the proper dekkana or table of decanates merged also probably by analogy into 'drekkana'. o o o o It makes the first third of a sign that of the Cardinal sign of the element. by Analogy. fortunes D-6 Shastamsha = physical illness and bodily accidents D-7 Saptamsha = children (fruits of marriage) D-9 Navamsha = spouse (fruits of dharma) D-10 Dashamsha = power.for material life D-2 Hora = wealth D-3 Drekkhana = siblings D-4 Chaturthamsha = values. the second as Leo and the third as Sagittarius. permanent . o Hence. o o o o o o o o o o o o D-1 Radix = Rashi Kundali .

Privriti-traya and Somanath drekkan is considered under parshan jyotish.o o o o o o wisdom D-24 Siddhamsha [Chaturvimshamsha]= siddhis + formal education D-27 Bhamsha [Nakshatra amsha] =strengths and weaknesses D-30 Trimshamsha = general mischief D-40 Khavedamsha = Chatvarimshamsha D-45 Akshavedamsha D-60 Shashtyamsha = restrictions on present life fruits. Here is a brief note on Drekkana. a) Parasri Drekkana b) Privriti-traya Drekkana c) Somanath Drekkana d) Jagannath Drekkana Among them Parasri drekkan is often used for analyzing all matters related to coborns and siblings. Various ancient and medieval experts mentioned different methods of erecting drekkana. in order to unveil native͛s character. Greek astrologers paid great attention to the decanate system of delineation. Generally known drekkan (D3) are. *** DREKKANA *** Drekkana holds a rank of vital divisional chart. Among Sun. Western scholars used decanate technically identical to Jagannath Drekkana. via debt owed from past lives Dear All. If . Moon and Ascendant if all three or two fall into decanate (Jagannath drekkana) of malefic planets then the native would be evil minded. sinner and wrathful.

Li.30* ---------------------------------------Ar Ar Le Sg Narada Agastya Durvasa ---------------------------------------Ta Ta Vi Cp Agastya Durvasa Narada ---------------------------------------Ge Ge Li Aq Durvasa Narada Agastya ---------------------------------------Cn Cn Sc Pi Narada Agastya Durvasa ---------------------------------------Le Le Sg Ar Agastya Durvasa Narada ---------------------------------------Vi Vi Cp Ta Durvasa Narada Agastya ---------------------------------------Li Li Aq Ge Narada Agastya Durvasa ---------------------------------------Sc Sc Pi Cn Agastya Durvasa Narada . Extracting Parashri Drekkana: Sage Parashar named the three decanates Naarada. But if all three (among Sun. Moon and Ascendant) rises into benefic drekkana (and their lord of drekkan are also powerful) then native would be blessed. Durvaasa and Naaada. For fixed signs they are Aghastya. intelligent. softspoken and successful. Aghastya and Durvaasa for movable signs (Ar. ---------------------------------------Rasi 1st Drek 2nd Drek 3rd Drek 0* ʹ 10* 10* .trend is mixed then native will be lazy. Naarada and Aghastya lords the three drekkana respectively. back biter and ill-behaved.20* 20* . Cn. Cp). Whereas for dual signs Durvasa.

and may even signify Godbrothers (disciples of the same Guru). he received from his father. And Durvasa Muni was famous from his efforts to control his senses. So we might say that the three Drekkanas of the signs may refer to the soul. therefore Narada might represent the Atma. (above two paras are from Gauranga Das article). and those in the Drekkanas ruled by Durvasa would refer to the sensual/physical comfort or discomfort caused by the brothers and sisters. Bhakti is the prime necessity of the soul. therefore he represents the Indriyas. Agastya Muni is lined with Manas. the mind and the senses. Parasara Rishi states that the Drekkana Chakra should be analyzed with regard to siblings. We might conclude that the planets in the Drekkanas ruled by Narada would denote the spiritual/karmic relations to the native's brothers. or the mind in many places in the Vedas. Brahma the knowledge of devotion to the Supreme Lord. or the soul. or senses. or co-borns. .---------------------------------------Sg Sg Ar Le Durvasa Narada Agastya ---------------------------------------Cp Cp Ta Vi Narada Agastya Durvasa ---------------------------------------Aq Aq Ge Li Agastya Durvasa Narada ---------------------------------------Pi Pi Cn Sc Durvasa Narada Agastya ---------------------------------------Significance of Lordship: What is the significance of these three personalities? Narada Muni was the receptor of the Bhakti-khanda. that is. those in the Drekkanas ruled by Agastya would signify the mental/psychological effects from brothers.

bodily discomfort. For example at birth someone has 25* of Pisces as ascendant. provide they are devoid of benefic aspects.Lord of 22nd Drekkana: 22nd Drekkan is also called Khara and its lord is known as Kharesh. If the concerned planet is also a natural malefic and posited in malefic rashi then intensity of evil would definitely higher than expected. There are various methods of counting 22nd drekkana. Some clues to use 22nd Drekkana: * Dasha/antar of lord of 22nd drekkana generally afflicts native͛s health and yield mental agony. Kharesh is specially associated with cause of death. health matters. obtain 22nd drekkanas of other . The planet would be lord of 22nd drekkana from the rising sign in Rashi. Ket) in 22nd drekkan. It is considered one of the specially-ranked malefic planet for the native. Therefore whenever lord of D1 lagna Jupiter transits the Gemini. in Rashi. Rah. loss. * Whenever lord of langa transits the 22nd drekkan. grief and quarrel results. * Occupation of natural malefic (Sat. * In a similar fashion transit of lord of 22nd drekkan in ascendant produces trouble regarding significance of 1st house. Mar. reduces the potential of the chart upto great extant (unless there is no counter relief). * Like ascendant. native would encounter obstacles and losses. In general condition when ayur is not reached optimum it is concerned with bodily discomfort. but a very short cut technique is to look the lord of 8th house in D3. Then Scorpio rises as D3 langa and Gemini becomes the 22nd drekkana. and threat to longevity of the native.

M. With Regards. Transit of graha into respective 22nd drekkana always mar the significance of planet transited. Avoid starting any new task when your luminaries are transiting their 22nd drekkana or/and Kharash moving over Sun or Moon.planets specially Moon and Sun. . Imran .

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