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. .. Speal to you soon/See you son..MACMITI-AN www. bur I'!e been realb bsy. (ot no roru at aU) Thants for yolr emil. . I sor you name frcm . Please find anached my report.''rhing Just give me a call else.. will contact lou again shortly.... herc are . I would be gntetul if you could .. .ep1y to your email.LooLing {osard to our me€ting... JNr a short note to let you know I am wridng in connection with . Pleue.. .. ? I'd appreciate your help on this- Iwonderifyoucould.- I apologize for not getting in conracr with you befoie now Common acquaintdce Your name ws siven ro me by . . s i pdffile. Ve l<ncon{imthat.. you wanced.? Couldyou. I'[ Offering help Ifvou wish.. Please feel free to contact me if you have ary qoestiom.. . . Do you \€nt me ro .... /Canvou. you wmted..? Thmk you in advance for your help... Askins fot in{orMtion Could you give ne sone informatioo about I would like to know .com/italy Basics Dear Mr/Msrtr{s Dupuis Hi Mary Mary.. . lf theret an.. Do you dlink I ould have . My dkect line is . . Bat wishes/All the best Phreso bank I . l'nr Mlrins ro let you know dnt . .. 1wil1 .So...ry I haven'r written fo! ages..mation.. My numbd is . . I'm sendins ro! . ve regret to infom you thar . Gn lou tell me a lirde mde abo$ . I would be happy to Would you lite ne to .? Cm I have . l'm inrerested in €ceivinsfLnding out .? Thmk yo! for your dsistance.. Ded Maiy Thank you for your enall of . . ... . ? Thanks for your help. just ifyou have any questions. \Ye are writing ro inform you dlar . . .. .. wiih reference rc your emil senr [date]. f narrei .. eet back to you soon.. I'll I investigate the I'll looL into ir. Do nor hesitate to contact us again if you need any further info.. . .. .-. You will be plemed to heat drat .. In .. .. ate able to conlirm that .. - Here is the . -. . Cloe Giae my regdds b -. . Here's the . Re youi ldr emaiL. .macmillanenglish. We would like to point out that ..

. . what I meant wm .cony'itrly A MAC MILLAN Checking understanding Did you get ny Lsr emil sem on . The corect infomation is siven below. forget ny 1Nt efrai1. Negotiating with external partners Asking for in{omation Wlur ar Do you your usual chatges (feeshates) io a jol . Closine I look l'n to workins wLth you.. Sorry.. but I l'11 may be w. check and get back to you. but I hole there will be fona another opportuniry.) I world be prepared to ... Like . .. (if you .. sony that we couldn't use your sewices this tihe. I thoushr ... The main rhins lor ne is . Ler's go ahead on that bass.... ? ...... (ifyo(. . You're rishr..) Negotiating: being fl exible I an wiiling to . (but . I hope tl's Ger back io me if cldifi$ dre siruadon.l don't undentmd this point. Did you mean ro seDd rhisi I don't wanr to open the artachmeDt in case itt got Asking {or clarification I'n not sure what you mean by this.. . (but ... I Would you be able to My nain concem aL this stage is ..ong.. l fim t undersrmd what you're saying about .. l'n happy widi that for low Thar's fine..) Nesotiatingr agreiry Okay. you forgot to attach tl'e fib.nacnilanendish.trify? Which. ths? Can you sive me some more infomation about i thinl you couLd . Please amod you records accordiryLy.. .. Asking {or a suggestion How do vou drink we should deal with lhisl W1lat do you think is the best way foNardl Making a suSeestion Vhar alolr if we Negotiating: being . .... nor .1 Sony. Son]. -. do you meanl Colld you cl.Can you explain in more detaill Are you sure about tharl Sorry.. thert anythins else...www. bur I cart open rhe anachnent. Cm you send it asain? 1 sor your enail..) l car see {hat rou're sayins lbout .

Your prerence at . Unforrunately. I have modtr appointment in my schedule on thar day. idreadl Sorry for the inconvenience.-*uttanenglish. I have omething Retusiry Thanl you for your kind invitadon. $DT but I can't make Thwsday. How about. ADy Sorry. I would be delighted to attend lhe neetins. It would be helpful lf you could bring . wlll be very ueirl. ? I wonder ou me€ting nexr week. Thanks a lot for dE invitadon. vort Any tine after that world be fine. Thsnls else on I hope we that day. mnfim the is details. . Please let me know if you are able to attend.. lnvitations Invitinq I wolld like ro invlte you lo atrend .. That should be okay. PLease bring to the neering .. I apolosi?e fo! any inconvenlence caused. The date you slggest is 6ne.. before the meeting. Pleme . after lunch I'n fiee Thmday I Thusdav momins. I'n out of the office until 2pm. Phrase bank . to if we could move lt to ... I look {oNdd to rneeting yor in Bruseh. It would be great to see you drere. tic be mnd mtil aftq rtrat make it is olay. . I'11 ger back to you if t\eret a problenRe Changing Thir to 1er you know that I will not be able aftmd dre nee ng ndt Thusday. Unfortunately I cant mana8e next Monday. Fleoe accept I hope we will have the opporruniry to meet on nnother occasion in the neai futue.- Thank you foi you kind inviration.e chanses.. I will calVenail you comonow ro Thuiday is sood for ltre.. . .. a 1or for you kind bvirarirn. The date's 6ne {or ne. . I am sue rhe neettrs will be s giear succe$ cm meet up soon- Good luck wirh the meeting. l'd love to come to rhe neeting.. Please let me know if you cd Before the n€eting it would be usefui if . Unfortunaely. (fut ndt Mdday- Con{iming Thatk fne. I'm wriring to inviE you ro .cony'italy Arrangements Meetings I'm writing to armnge a lime foi our meeting- Jst a quick note to anange a time suit you? 'ivhat time would be convenient for youl Suegesting tindplace VlEn would H@ Could we neer on ldayl ar [tine]? Aa rou I would be able to attend dre neeting on abour ldayl at lrine]l {iee sometime ndt week? am. Let ne ltuw ifvou need to chenge Give me a call ifrnydri.A MIII-AN MAC *--. .

. Vouldn'r be benc ro ask Liyu? I can see whai youle sayins. It nishr be quire etpensile..'f . Ifyou'd like hore details. Actually. . \7e note fron our records that you have We rould like to remild you rhat . . Shall L. not .coditaly MAC MTLT"AN A \l\l rt' 11 t[ii tili H $lrl"\. .1 Perhaps we shouli .mniion lsirokayill. please do not he5itate to. ? I sas Nondeiine if lou couLd .ils helr Clan l Shrlll Makins a sugesrioo VoulJ you like me to . asstancei due to/hqure/inf orm/nrfonnation helprbecause oiask/tellfacts r-Jd. .macnillanenslish.. l Do you necd . /Also. rhhl ... . ..1 a ifl couLd ....rfterefore. Please accepr our apolosies for .l . ..... . k\ a norhins I'm sonn but it lools iile there will be smll delay.. . (+ -ins)l Shrll wc .. We regrer ro advise you rhat .l Howevet..l But. If you require rnr funhei inFormarion. .. . Thanls for the emaiL.. . lr It is nece$a.. Would you lile me to . . . lossible that I will . I'm sorry to telL you that ... I nishr . I rhink ir nisht be better io .y for is ne to .tls betrei to asl Liyu...rxww..ontact me... I rvould be gratetul if you could ...ny help with .1 \Vhar about ....1 -ltiDs for a.malpairs i:11i lde mcaning) occu!arion/po$e$/provide/receivehe!ar requesrhequrenents/r erLli Polite Polite and diplonati.....l L. Couid you lossibLy . /So. .. Phrase bank 91 . Donl you rhink drar ........4n addirion.... Ir will be very expensive. but . I was wonderine if you could .l Could Vouid u I wonder be a problem for you ifI../Informal Thank you for your cmail of 1 2 Feb. Re .1 ....1 To be honest.1 There seens to he m issue with thc.1 Offe.. I look foruard to necting you next week.. rhar doesnt give us nuch rime. I be a bu expensivel sure we can do Lt that.. Vont it I'n not That sn'es us very lide rime....rilllil Formal... .

l"'e o.irrcJ I loh iorw:rrd to an carlr retly.. terns oa rr\ drent Clould you dls.... sal {heiherthcre. cusromcrs CIose May 1$ggesrthat t caLl lou ar you convcnien.l$ . . . h !" o. {lscounrs.r me. U:acl of. nr ut'tr titt 'tt ul P''r: ii orit I Request for information (customer) How you got thc contacr Ve net lasiThunda-r or y.l dJ J€ I n ..r'.ricul.i1 ti'!es An e:tly replyrvorltl bc gre.. Flcasc J. *hich I tounJ d\roush Goosle We are a maufactuerAqpLietprovder oa ..s any mininlm orJe.M MILLAN **. lleasc stnd detaiis of your priccs. . \fe car neet aLlrorrneeds. r.rFi.u producrs Giving in{ormation (supplier) Tha*s 'I'hank you lor your cmail of 4lune inquidns rbout... yolr websire. t am sory blt tlut modclis no Lonser availablc I-kNe\ er. '. not hesirare ro conta.llb L 'r l.. gi . Yeuo.com.)r . We are iffercstcd in .ny erlortng m rhe rest ol dre EU.000. .rhin 24 hours ofa finn orde\.ur stard I Hm ar tlie \4uich Tade Fair eNailiigyou ri..fr hm order Ve can ofkr a discount of i0/. ... Mi direcr 92 Phrase bank . on.l.ms nr{i6t-r We catr nrpFly the iten$ rou reqlire dtrccrlt f.ice We can shif by . . \le can quore rou .rmatDn aboutyour 1o' fricc: lrR)duci nnge and ]n p. -nr l.lu.. . \Ve iie a I'olish comp..r.n! for firi{trne ou minimum o cr ii $2.e to di:cu!! rh€ nattei lurdlerl lfrou nccd anr further informarion.. we Nould like ro know . Ou nolmal tc.-*-illanenglish.. end an surc rhut thete is a narkcr tr./italy MAC t\"..om srock. Our exFrience !r ihisfield in. Our normaL proccdurc i$ n.tlr eppre.. a is c'r reciai offer rishr no\r'. and irc nceLl Please send us .rders oler€5000 1. We ship ihe goods v.1a-vs c. nr Wpreq.. This nondr se are offering Answering qdestiors specill deal on .. The goods wiLL be shippcrlwrthin thrce. I am attachinJr ou cunent cataloeue atul price lisi a Highlighting key points You will see 'n .. inft.r a"l ' a pdf fiLc rhir ou ltrr ol.

. Phrase bank 93 . . on this occasion With resr: to . . However. if you . Close ln ihe meantine. . In relation ro .. . I rndentand 1'ou are Imking for . if you wouLd like to discuss any odrer points... we aie inreresred things we would like to in. \I/c aie happl' to give you .. and I am confident we can find a good solution sonc infomldon lbout our comlany.con /italv MACMILT"AN A Iollowing up a call (supplier) Op"" Thank you for yolr calL dris nonins. I have anached a list of some of our ciien$. i$out s Close qill give you anorher calL later in the week to checL drat everydrne is satisfactory Ve look foNard to receiving you order. can we pay the rest after 60 daysl \X/e need the$e ircms by . . and it now possible ro place an order online..-.. inquirins about ! po$ible order for. and for explainir4 your needs so clearly. and asure you ir will have ou prompt I If 1nu need any irrrher informarion. If we can reach an asreenem on $ese nattes we are sure business wirh you in the lirtureWe look fosard to hearine hom you soon. I have spoken to ny line oanager. . . . thlt we can do nore Agreeing terms (supplier) Thank you for your email of. ... . I an sure we can Ve -ou1d Please be gratef"l il yo" could supply bank referenccs. . eiven below Plerse don't hesirate Clari{ying issues (customer) Open Thank vou for sendins. comrlete and retum the attached form so that your order can be procesed note s Please any delay. tha ve have rccenrly improved the tunctionaliry of oui website.. . . do not hesrtare ro contacr me. in peson ro discus . therc aie oneor rwo clalfi beforc going ahead.. . and we are able to .. ar rhe Latest. l As aereed. unfonunarely we ue not able to find dn acceptable compronise. . .wwwmacmillmenelish. Howeler. which include [names of comPanies] I have attached I'11 give you a call in a day or two after you've had a chance to read Perhaps it would be a good idea to nee. tocall me on mv direct line.. we wouLd be happr to 1et you have . . Do you give any discount for large orders? lf we pay 50% in advmce. includins ... .

. l'lcasc srnd the money by banL naroler to rnle dre accornr.nntanding. h. anounrine t. . orsile enexplanarnrn of whv the balaDce is still outstandine lf you favc already deaLt with this mrtier. F. oJ \e muw ukyou ro rake iDDediatc lctbn to serrLe you account. rour cxilting ciedlt facilities have bccn suspended btr to s4 Ph€se bank .ur lccounr.e !er) rq. we shall ha1'e no akemarive tahe legal action ro rccover t1t moncy ln the neaniime. rhe sum of€4. comrd-!! unpaid account. We can confim rhat yout goods havc beer shipPed Ihe ro exceprion.e is attacheJ Accodins to our iecords. .yment for rbe ourst.r'.Jel. Unless we receive paymcnr q ithin seven d.ndins surn of€4.t00.t CLearln rhis situatn)n cdnot be alLo\cJ to conmue. .ys. lf you h avc an! questions. We need ablnl tiansfer in f LlsertLenenr \ifiour rufthe.k Wch.5 sDn s On Idatell vrotc ro rou recardins lou.n Lo my uer ous ernail of Idarel abur the overdue faymeni on rou.---ilt""english. days. Mavwc please remind you rhar thn anount I srlll ..lisio. Wc r ill ktcF rou full-r innrrned and apoLosilefor lnr inconvenience this mal cauie We aLe confident that you rvili be rery slrisfied $trh rhe eods ShoulJ drere questrns. Ths is nowovcrdue.M MACM ILLAN **-.500 s snll oursranding on t."n.t se have still not ieceived p.counr. I ruote ro you on [dates] cer.600 on your account l r rttrch copies of borh enails ThG sum is now two months overdue We a. We are ren concemed that the nanerha: not received your atrcnr1on.. flease Jisresard ths email We Noukl arfreciare your cootcution in dealingNith dris marrer.Jins rhe balance of€12.500.te to he able to ship your order wlthnr . and se have instLuctcrl our b:rnk ro open a Close PLease acknorvledge receipt ofthis order Con{irming an order (supplier) Open Your oller has becn rcccivcrl.ilr out.l denand rhesc itens are renFora.n. I sish ro dras your rtrcntn. r -Jrr "r 'l'r ".lLeme do nothcsitare io coniict me.com/italy Making an order (customer) Open Thanl you for youL rcccnt enail.J .bt emaii or Lrhone lt anr Asking for payment (supplier) We are ivriring regardiq a payment ol€12..600 for in.l €4.. do nor hcsitdre N conracr ne Thank rou nrr vour lollowingny emails ofLdaicsll nun Drbm lou th.. eiili€. Acopy olthc invoi.oice numbcrKJ6TE. n . and sc lccept you qrcrarion is Oui comlLeied order n)m atraclied.

in connecrion with nr ordcr FS690 which arrivcd this norning. .ablc in..nncmillanenglish. . t.con/italy I\{ACM]LLAN A ili.tr ffi il. we Nould Like ro oilbr yor .nsideiable Apologting (supplier) I am sriting in reLaridr to your rcccnt cdmpliint. ro compLair .l1 to you Iast s'ec'l nr srr that it is needed urgcntly.. \I/e musr iNisr on an immediate replocenent/fuLl refund. . draw lour. eie d.an ro sorr \ To conpcnsute Close fo the inconvcnie ce. If vou havc any funher questrrrs.ingeleryfting ue..r sen. to complanr about the quality ofa Foduct I bouchr from youi websire.l hoFc yor will acccrt mr apbgies lor rhe inconvenience caused. lut we cannot lcceptanr iesponsibilirv in rhis ouner. . rr:l rn gl tl'i l ri m filtri] id lt'll {l. t have spoken to die stai{ involved.. The equipmcnt I ordered hN sriLl not bcen deLivered.ttcntion to fie nesarile airitude of si)me mernbers of your team Complaint Our order dated 16 Septcmbcr clearly srared that we vinred 600 rtens. . . . . despiie my lhonc c.onvenien.. \Ye apre.. I can asurc yor thrt this uill ndt hapen egain.{) ffi il lI* tii' Complaining (customer) or"n . Unless we receive ilie eoods by thc endofrhis ireek.sed/in poor condition.tis has caused you conside. I verl nrch hopc you u'illcontinue to use ourseNices in rhe furuc.:} ffi il. Once again.ice N€ receivcd frcn your comlanl .hoce bur to I hope rou wilL dcll vith this ditter pronpdy as it is crusnrg c. Thark vou for brinsins thls nuttcr to ni\r lttention. Hoiv€lcr you The goods were farlty/dam. ive willhavcno. . Please leave ii ivirh me and I'Ll ect back ro rou iomonorv I hare tooked into the mrner and .e.. The prorluct l received was {eLL beLov the standetd I expecred. I need lo looL inro rhis.. Please accept my sincere aFolosics. I roulllikc to rpologrc for the inconvenience caused. There seems lo be !n eror in fie invoicc. We uill rnd refLecement item^end rhe missine goodteive yor a rclirnd lmmcJiatcll. pleme do not liesnate to contact ne on my rllrect Phhse bank 95 . I iras vcry conccmed to lcrn rbout . Wele haviLig a tempoFry probLeLn $'ith .www. and .boui the pd... Tr mrke nntte$ wose.iire thar.. when I callcd yot conpany your staff {'cre rude and Pleasc rephce the lauLty goods as soon as possihle.

(* -'"c)l .. ii: bener fim . Rerlly sorry.l'llcrll rou at the reekenJ to see how iiings are.ppieciate it if you could contacr me llease ler ne knos $'hat you rhink.turnin8 to it U nf oriunately/Lncliily To bc honest/lfyou ask me Basically/Ar rhe end ol rhe day Asking {or advice Open I'd like your advice about a prohlen I have I wns wondeiins ifyou had any ides. I'vejlst lerd youi enail. You can ro discuss rhis natter fufthei enail.r'* tt'tt. .CIt il Opening and closing: some examples Sory I haven't bee..cony'italy illD.d.*-ithnenslish. dnd sive ny very besr wishcs lo your famiLr. \Vlur abour. ..A MIII-AN MAC **". Bui let\ neet up soon anyway. Yor know you can count on me if you need any support.l How did 1'ou lorowl Anyway. (+ rng)l I think I thinh rhis option would be preferubie to . I hnpe L harc b.. in rouch. orsive me Giving advice Open I {'as $ry to hear about your cunent l'm rcalnnr yodle havins sucha hlrd tine at the moment Giving advice I think it nighi be a sood Have you thought of .l'm so soi4 ro hear abour what happened. What should I dolAnl idelsl a caLl. thart all for nor: Are you on SLypelLet\fix r dne ro char.en. Really busy wirh all kinds of sruiL Thank you so much for rhe wonderful present. ro see I ws Looking foi{aid ro it.har l wantc. Such a sharne became Sory asain I cant come. but are not sue Ir seems thadAparentty obvious or already known What you reatly think Most important thing about a situation Chansinq the subject. f 'orne help 96 Phrase bank . but I cant make it at the weekend. Thanls asain for the sifr. or r. ftt exactly. I would Theret somcthins on my mi..f* ll"ltl.. thrt What about going new Ans l-ee molie? Being friendly: linking words at the start o{ a sentence You heatd something.

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