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Dear Joe,

We acknowledge with deep gratitude the receipt of Rs. 1,715,000/= remitted by the Alumni Association UK , to the College. This money is used as follows- (as given in the request) Renovation of the Chapel 1st Installment Multi Media Smart room Winner of Essay Competition(50 Pounds) Staff Incentives (2 Primary Teachers) Tamil Literary Project in Memory of Late Mr. M. A. Joseph (Fixed Deposit) For Educational Needs of IDP Students - 1,104,255.00 - 265,800.00 9,202.00 8,000.00 184,000.00 143,743.00 1,715,000.00

I, together with the staff and students who are the beneficiaries, thank you and all the other donors who have generously contributed to the educational well being of our children here. You had taken great trouble to collect this big amount to help the College without touching the OBA Funds. We really appreciate your commitment and interest in the College. Please convey our deep gratitude to Mrs. Merium Albert, Mr. L. W. Christian, Mrs. Josephine Stiernborg, Dr. A. E. A. Joseph and the Donors for chapel Fund. Thanking You.

Your Sincerely Rev. Fr. M. Jero Selvanayagam Rector