 SSR  Finish

reading Chapter 7  Visual representation of Chapter 7  Chapter 7 Response

You now have 15 minutes to silent read.

 Soundtrack

revisions are due today. If you are turning them in, please turn them in to the wire basket on my desk.  Make sure that the second draft of your narrative is finished for tomorrow because we will be working on it.

We will now finish reading chapter 7 of Gatsby.

While watching the film version, take notes of similarities and differences between what you read and what you see.


2. 3.

As they are leaving the hotel, what milestone does Nick remember that he had forgotten in all the excitement? What is the significance of this? Who is “watching” over the incidents in the valley of ashes? Of who is this symbolic? As Gatsby and Nick arrive at the Buchanan’s house, the scene is nearly identical to a much earlier scene in the novel. Daisy and Jordan are sitting on the couch in their white dresses and Tom is on the hall telephone talking with “his girl.” What does the repetition of this scene suggest?

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