Villagers Storm Frankenstein’s Castle

By Elton Camp Two hundred years the castle has stood Occupied by barons, some bad, some good Its dark shadow falling over the town Few dared cause the noble baron to frown But when the latest baron came into power, Some of the villagers began to angrily glower It was false claims they began to make As a stand against the baron they did take “This man has no right nobility to claim. Why he even has a foreign sounding name.” “It’s in an infidel religion he’s a believer. He is actually a vile, dangerous deceiver.” “We seriously doubt his claim to citizenship. Both his position and title we’d like to strip.” “Our fine land isn’t the place of his birth. “He’s from a remote spot on this earth!” “Our pitchforks and torches he seeks to ban. It’s all a part of the baron’s dictatorial plan.” The entire country they attempted to incite To move against the castle in darkest night

Opposing the baron for the wrong reasons

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