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Path of Exile CI Crit Dagger LS - Sheet1

Path of Exile CI Crit Dagger LS - Sheet1

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Published by: IzorkX on Jun 25, 2013
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Final Build Stats etc

CI Crit Dagger


112 Points

Type: Stats: Attack Speed: Strength: Dexterity: Intelligence: Endurance Charges: Increased Phys: Critical Chance: Critical Multiplier: Energy Shield: Evasion: Movement Speed: Resistance +: Estimated ES: 211% Increase (Multistrike/Faster Attacks/Nodes/iAS) 114 222 272 Key Nodes: 4 Unwavering Stance 124.8% Chaos Innocalation ~250 Iron Reflexes 545 Vaal Pact 254.4% Ghost Reaver 130.4% 15% 28 To All ~6149 Shield: High ES/Armor 300+ Weapon: Dagger Crit/Phys/iAS/Res Boots: Rainbowstride Helmet: High ES 350+ Bandits: Normal: Cruel: Merciless: Skill Point 8% Attack Speed (Kraityn) Endurance Charge (Oak) Gloves: Maligaro's Virtuosity Chest: High ES 600+

Links: 6L:

Gems: LS +10 Quality LMP Multistrike Life Leech Increased Crit Damage Faster Attacks Flicker Strike Faster Attacks Culling Strike Life Leech Discipline Purity Hatred Reduced Mana Spell Totem Summon Skeletons Minion Damage Minion Life Enfeeble Temporal Chains Faster Casting Elemental Weakness Enduring Cry Faster Casting

Colour: R G R R B G G G G R B B G R R B B B B G B B R B

Status(Gems): Have Have Have Have Have Quest Have Quest Have Quest Have Have Have Have Have Have Have Smurf Have Have Have Have Have Have






Rings: Dreamfragments Moonstone Amulet: %ES, Phys, Res Belt: High ES / Res

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