UNDER THE SPIRITUAL SIGHT OF MUJADDID- E- AZAM OF 14TH CENTURY A.H. AALA HAZRAT AL SHAH IMAM AHMED RAZA KHAN FAZIL-E-SARELVI RAHMATULLAH TAALA ALALH “Allah Humma Salle Ala Sayyendna MUHAMMAD Wa Aalehi; wa Ashabehi; wa Sallam.” (NOBLE PROPHET MUHAMMAD SALLALLAHO- ALAIH-WASSALLAM has said, “Supplication is the core of worship.”) The mission is to spread the teachings of Aala Hazrat to entire Muslim world and Ummah. His teaching is true teachings of PROPHET MUHAMMAD SALLALLAHO ALAIH WASSALLAM (Peace Be Upon Him) Ahl- us- Sunnah Wal Jamaa.



METHOD: Pray 2 rakats of nawafil namaz, in each rakat after surah Fateha- recite 303 times Surah Ikhlas. After praying face South and keep reciting until one goes to sleep. Inshallah, one will receive the answer in dreams. Keep reciting until goes to sleep: AL NOORO, ALZAHIRO, AL BASITO.

ISTIKHARA GHOUS- E- AZAM (DEVINE GUIDENCE) METHOD: On THURSDAY, Take fresh bath, wear clean “Paak” clothes and use some attar (NON- ALCHOHOL Perfume) on your clothes, keeping fast in the day will be the best. At first recite 15 times Durood- Shareef and pledge the sawaab on the Hazrat Sheikh Abdul Qadir Al Jeelani Rehmatullahi Alaihe and then recite: AKHBIRNI BEHALI………………..



METHOD: Take fresh bath, use clean “paak” cloths use some good aroma. At first recite Durood Shareef 11 times and then recite this Dua 1100 times and then go to sleep. YA BADEEHAL HAJAYIBE YA KASHIF- AL- GHARAIBE.



This Istekhara is for things which are going to happen in a few days time to that person which are told in a dream recite 7 times. In the morning and evening after reciting for a few days one will start to see things which are going to happen in dreams Inshallah. METHOD: If someone wants to recite for a special reason for himself or someone else to find out something then one must recite for 1021 times and go to sleep where one has recited the Dua. If done on an empty stomach is more beneficial. Have the intention in heart for whatever reason you are reciting it for in all Istekhara. ALLAHUMMA KHIRLI WAKHTIRLEE WALA TOKILNE ILA IKHTIYARI-

ALUKA MIN FADLEKA.” WHEN ENTERING IN THE MOSQUE: BISMILLAH WAS. Keep your intention in your heart.” With ALLAH’S name. Keep your clean (paak) apply some attar on your clothes.SALATU WAS. ALLAH! “I seek refuge with you from all male and female jinns. Keep reciting until one goes to sleep.T.” WHEN STEPPING OUT OF THE MOSQUE: BISMILLAH WAS. “O ALLAH! Open for me the gates of your mercy. O. blessings and peace by upon the messenger of ALLAH. blessings and peace be upon the messenger of ALLAH “O ALLAH! I seek from your grace.” .SALAMU ALAA RASOOLILLAHRABBIGH FIRLEE ZUNOOBEE WAFATH LEE ABWABA RAHMATEKA- With the name of ALLAH S. Offer Namaz timely along with jamaat.SALATU WAS.ISTEKHARA: DEVINE GUIDENCE: Recite this Isma-e-hasna at least 10001 times or unlimited in numbers.SALLAM ALAA RASOOL ALLAH“ALLAHUMMA INNEE AS.” BEFORE ENTERING THE TOILET: ALAHUMMA INNEE AOOZO BIKA MINAL KHUBUSI WAL KHABA-ES.W. YA ALEEMO YA KHABEERO- Our Noble Prophet Sallallaho Alaih Wassallam has said “Supplication is the core of worship.

ALLAZEE SAKH. and indeed we are to return to our Lord. Repeat it for 40 days.” AT THE TIME OF ANGER: AAOOZOBILLAHE MINASH SHAITANIR RAJEEM: “O ALLAH!” keep me away from satan. ALHAMDU LILLAH.KHARA LANA HAZAA WA MA KUNNA LAHO MUQRINEENAWA INNA ILA RABBINA LAMUN QALIBOON. Repeat it for at least seven days to eleven days.ALHAMDO LILLAHILLAZEE AZHABA ANNIL AZAA WA AAFAANEE : “All praise is due to ALLAH alone. Better time is after Isha prayer. Recite 1200 times after FAJR or Isha prayer and one will Inshallah see the results. For love and affection too. your wish must be fulfilled. who has removed the distress from me and given me comfort.SUBHAN.HAAJAT (TO FUL FILL ONES WISH) Recite Durood Shareef before and after 11 times and then recite 1001 times this Dua. I seek refuge with you. pure is he who has put this in our control where as we could not have subjugated it.” AMALIYANT FOR BETTERMENT IN LIFE: QAZAYE HAAJAT (TO FULFILL ONES WISH) This holy Dua is of Hazarat yousef Alaih Salaam. you wish must be fulfilled.E.E. Inshallah. YA BAREE ‘ANOFU’SE BALA MESALIN KHALA MIN GHAYREHI YA BARIYO. Inshallah. ALLAH HUSS SAMADO BARAYE QAZA-E-HAAJAT (TO FULFIL ONES WISH) Recite this “MUQATTA-AAT” 2050 times in a single sitting.” WHEN SITTING ON A VEHICLE. “All praise is for ALLAH.SAFAR. KAAF HA YA AIN SWAD – HA MEEM AIN SEEN QAAF .AFTER COMING OUT OF THE TOILET: GHUFRANKA.DUA. BARAYE QAZA.

“YA MANNANO ZAL IHSANE QAD AMA KULLA KHALAIQUE MINA HU YA MANNANO. Inshallah will receive devine assistance.QARZ SE NEZAT (TO RELIEVE DEBT) This holy Dua is of Hazrat Ebrahim Khaleel Ullah A. when going to sleep. Do this for 40 days. BARYABI QARZ (TO RELIEVE DEBT) Offer Isha prayer and sit idle on the same place. AAYAT-AL-KURSI 170 times.” BARYABI QARZ (TO RELIEVE DEBT) Offer 5 times Namaaz Bajamaat. To relieve debt one must recite this Dua as much as possible. After Isha prayer. Lie down on the bed facing sky side. INNAKA JAME’ONASE LE YAWM’ILA RAYBA FEE HE INNAL LAHA LA YUGHLIFUL MEEAAD. Recite before and after Durood Shareef 11 times. Do it for 40 days Inshallah AZZ-O-AJAL your debt will be clear. before and after 11 times durood is must. Recite.” till end. Recite Surah “AL-NASR” “EZA jaa aa Nasrullahe ………. paak bedsheet and paak pillow cover.S. MULAQUAT-E-AWLIYA (TO MEET ALLAH’S FRIENDS “SAINTS”) If anyone recites this Dua frequently. Inshallah your debt must be relieved. one will soon meet ALLAH’S friends (Saints). do fresh ablution (wuzoo) use some attar aroma. .

“RABELA TAZAR NI FARDAWA ANTA KHAIRUL WARISEENA” OR Recite.T. KHALAL NAMAZ (TO STOP “SHAITAN” WHISPERING DURING NAMAAZ) Read the meaning of Arabic Text and learn it.W. Insha ALLAH “SATAN” will go away. ALAM NASHRAH. BISMILLAHIRRAHMANIRRAHEEM: HUWAL AWWALO WA AAKHIRO WA ZAHIRO WA BATINO WA HUWA BE KULLE SHAIEN ALEEM. .NEJAT AZAAB-E-QABR (PROTECTION FROM THE PUNISHMENT OF GRAVE) Shahenshah-e-Hind Hazrat Sheikh Khwaja Moinuddin Chishti Ajmeri Sanjari Rehmat-Ullah-eTalla Alaih has said. TO STOP SATAN’S (SHAITAN) WHISPERING: Recite this Dua 3 times Insha Allah Shaitan mardood will go away. SURAH WALLAIL. after every Salah 11 times: “RAB E HABLI MILLA DUNKA ZUREYATAN TWAYE BATAN INNA KA SAMEEUD DUAA” KAMYABI IMTEHAN TO PASS ALL TYPES OF EXAMS & COMPETITIONS: Recite ISM-AL-HASNA (The Blessed Name of Almighty ALLAH) “YA HASEEBO” Recite this Ism 11000 times in one sitting along with before and after Durood Shareef Inshallah success in Exams and Competitions is yours by the will of ALLAH S. recite these five soorah daily. During Namaz remember the meaning of it. Inshallah you will be protected from the punishment of the grave and later hell fire: SURAH-AL-RAHMAN. SURAH WAQIYA. SURAH WALSHAMS. SURAH BARAYE AULAD – DUA FOR CHILDREN (INFERTILE COUPLES) Recite after every Salat 3 times: By the sake of this Dua Inshallah one will have babies soon.

BISMILLAH IRRAHMAN IRRAHEEM TEZI ZEHAN (FOR BETTER MEMORY) Recite this Dua 21 times after any namaz. BISMILLAHIRRAHMANIRRAHEEM: AGHISNI AGHISNI AGHISNI YA MUGHEESO. BARAYE QAZA-E-HAJAAT (FULFIL YOUR WISH) Recite this URDU couplet after Isha Namaaz 303 times for fourteen days.MANPASAND SHADI (MARRIAGE WITH ONES OWN CHOICE) After Isha Namaz recite this Wazeefa 500 times along with Durood Shareef before and after 11 times. YA ALLAH YA RASOOL.m. Do fresh ablution (wuzoo) at midnight 2:00 a. “YA HAIO YA QAYYOM YA RAB MOOSA HAROON-O-EYSA. Tour wish will come true Insha Allah.Blow on water and student too. Use this water for better memory. BISMILLAHIRRAHMANIRRAHEEM: IRD KIRD AULIA JO. Repeat it for 21 days. RIJAL-AL-GHAYB (TO CALL UPON THE RIJAL-AL-GHAYB “THE UNSEEN AUTHORITY” FOR HELP) The Rijal-Al-Ghayb every night fly about helping people. and recite this URDU Ashaar 111 times every night at fix time. SADQUA HASSAN HUSSAIN DA. PAHRE JARI PAHAR MUSHKIL MERI KARO ASAN. MAIN AKELA MANZIL MERI DOOAR. MADA MERI KARO ZAROOR. Do it for 21 days with the wish in ones heart Inshallah enable one to get married at his/her choice. Inshallah by the will of ALLAH-O-AJAL the Rijal-Al-Ghayb will help. TEZI ZEHAN (FOR BETTER MEMORY) Recite it 786 times and blow on pure water and on the student.” . YA JANAB DASTGEER.

S.TEZI ZEHAN (FOR BETTER MEMORY) After every Farz Namaz put your right hand on your head and recite 11 times ISM-AL-HASNA (THE BLESSED NAME OF ALLAH ALMIGHTY) “YA QAVIYYU” DUA-E-ILM (SUPPLICATION FOR BETTER KNOWLEDGE AND TALENT) This Dua is from HAZRAT HAROON A. knowledge and wisdom will continue to flow. With the grace of ALLAH-AZ-O-AJAL.T. SHIFA-E-AMRAZ (FOR DISEASES) Do fresh wazoo (ablution) and put some attar on your clothes.T. Blow on the patient and on some pure water.Its most prominent Dua for Nazarbad. Inshallah patient will get relief. Inshallah. speech problems will solve and memory must be sharpened. Use this water as AAB-E-SHIFA. “RABBISHRAH LI SADRI WA YASSIRLI AMRI WAHLUL UQDATAM MIL LISANI YAFQAHOO QAWLI” BARAYE NAZAR BAD (EVIL SIGHT -FOR KIDS & ADULTS) Recite three Ayyat of SURAH-AL-BAQRAH AYYAT NO. “YA SALAMO” . SHIFA-E-AMRAZ (FOR CHRONIC DISEASES) Recite Surah AL-FATEHA 41 times and Aayaat-e-Shifa (can get it in any PANJ SURAH) along with Durood Shareef. “YA MUBDEAL BADA’AE LAM YABGHA FE INSHAHEHA OWNAN MIN KHALQEHI YA MUBDEOO” LAQNAT ZUBAN – TEZI ZEHAN (FOR VOCAL PROBLEMS & BETTER MEMORY) Recite this Dua before you start reading your course books or other reading material.W. One must recite this dua 99 times daily for 40 days. & HAZRAT KHIZR A. Inshallah by the will ALLAH S.S. Recite this ISM-AL-HASNA (THE BLESSED NAME OF ALLAH ALMIGHTY) 111 times and blow on the patient. 283 TO UPTO LAST.W. By the will of ALLAH S.

T. QADRI WAZEEFA TO SEE “PROPHET MUHAMMAD SALLALLAHO ALAIH WASSALLAM” IN DREAMS: METHOD: After Friday namaz.W. BISMI BISMILLAH IRRAHMAN IRRAHEEM (1 TIME ONLY) SURAH FATEHA (7 TIMES ONLY) AAYAT.” . After completing 4 Nawafil recite Dorood-Shareef 100 times. “SALLALLAHO ALAN NABIAAL UMMIEY WA AALEHI SALLALLAHO ALAIH WASSALLAM SALATANV WA SALAMAN ALAIKA YA RASOOL ALLAH.KHATAM JADOO-SAHAR-KHALAL (DESTROY THE EFFECTS OF BLACK MAGIC OR EVIL WORKS) Recite BISMILLAH IRRAHMAN IRRAHEEM only once (DON’T FORGET ONLY ONE TIME – Recite Surah without “BISMILLAH”). In every rakat after Surah Fateha recite Aayat-AL-KURSI 11 times and Surah IKHLAS 11 times.AL-KURSI (7 TIMES ONLY) SURAH KAFIROON (7 TIMES ONLY) SURAH IKHLAS (7 TIMES ONLY) SURAH FALAQ (7 TIMES ONLY) SURAH NAAS (7 TIMES ONLY) Blow on patient and on some pure water. pray 4 rakats nafil. NOTE: Please take permission from a Qadri Sheikh to recite this wazeefa. Inshallah within 3 to 7 Fridays you must see our Noble beloved prophet in the dream. the effect of evil work will destroy completely. By the will of Almighty ALLAH S.

YA ALLAH) AFTER ZOHAR PRAYER (YA KAREEMO. it’s the best Dua for heart patients and other chronic patients. YA ALLAH) AFTER MAGHRIB PRAYER (YA SATTARO.SHIFA-E-AMRAZ DIL (FOR ALL TYPES OF HEART AILMENTS) Recite before and after 11 times Durood Shareef and recite this Dua 11 times blow on the patient and on some drinking pure water. HASBEE ALLAHO WA NEMAL WAKEEL O NEMAL MAWLA WA NEMAN NASEER . We got this dua from Hazrat Sheikh Khwaja Moinuddin Chishti Ajmeri Sanjari Rehmat-Ullah-e-Talla Alaih. YA ALLAH) AFTER ASAR PRAYER (YA JABBARO. YA ALLAH) AFTER ISHA PRAYER (YA GHAFFARO. FOR BETTERMENT IN LIFE & HERE AFTER: Recite these Tasbeeh 100 times after every namaaz. AFTER FAJR PRAYER (YA AZIZO. YA ALLAH) DUA-E-HIFAZAT (SUPPLICATION FOR PROTECTION) One who recites this dua frequently will be protected by ALLAH AZZ-O-AJAL. BISMILLAH IRRAHMAN IRRAHEEM: YA ALLAHO YA RAHMANO YA RAHEEMO DIL MARAKUN MUSTAQUEEM BEHAQQI EYYAKA NAABUDO WA EYYAKA NASTAEEN. Inshallah. Inshallah.

before going to bed do fresh wuzoo (ablution) on your bed recite this Quranic dua. It’s better after Fajr or Isha namaz.” . “YA HAIYYO. Inshallah judgement will be in you favour. BISMILLAHIRRAHMANIRRAHEEM: “RABBANA AFTAH BAINANA WA BAIN QAWMENA BIL HAQQ WA ANTA KHAIRUL FATEHEEN.” BARAYE NEEND LAANE (FOR INSOMNIA PATIENT “SLEEP DISORDERS”) If someone is suffering from sleeping disorders (insomnia). “INNAL LAHA WA MALAIKATAHOO YOSALLOONA ALANNABI YA AIYYOHAL LAZEENA AAMANOO SALLO ALAIHE WA SALLEMOO TASLEEMA. BIRAHMATEKA ASTAGHEESU.” BARAYE FATEH MUQUADDAMA (DUA FOR VICTORY IN COURT CASES) This dua is from Hazrat SHOEIB ALAIHE MUSSALAAM.” PARESHANI SE NEJAT KI DUA (DUA TO GET RID FROM ALL DIFFICULTIES OF LIFE) METHOD: Recite this dua after every namaz 100 times Inshallah. “HASBI ALLAHO LA ILAHA ILLA HOO ALAIHE TAWAKKALTO WA HUWA RABBUL ARSHIL AZEEM. Recite this dua 100 times daily after any namaz. Give them water to drink. It will work fast Inshallah comparable with sleeping pills. “YA HANNANO ANTALA’ZI WASEHTA KULLA SHAIYIN RAHMATAN WA ILMAN YA HANNANO” BARAYE NAZARBAD (FOR KIDS-EVIL SIGHT) Recite this dua 3 to 7 times Inshallah kids will be happy and cool. YA QAYYOOMO. LA ILAHA ILLA ANTA SUBHANAKA INNI KUNTUM-MINAZ ZALIMEEN.BARAYE NAFARMAN AULAD (CHILDREN WHO DON’T LISTEN TO PARENTS) Recite this dua after Maghrib prayer 41 times and blow on kids and on some pure water. Success will wait for you.

It (this sickness) is a means of cleansing from sins. But if one must.W. It (this sickness) is a means of cleansing from sins.” DUA FOR ZAM-ZAM (HOLY WATER) ALLA HUMMA INNEE AS ALOOKA ‘ ILMAN NAA-FEE-OW WA RIZQ-OW WASEE-OW SHEE-FA AMMIN KOOLLEE DAA-EEN. REPLY TO SOMEONE WHO SNEEZES: YARHOMO KALLAH Translation: May ALLAH S.DUA-E-BEEMARAN (WHEN SOMEONE IS CRITICALLY ILL) When someone is so critically ill that there is no hope for his recovery. Translation: O ALLAH. have mercy on you.T.T. AFTER SNEEZING: ALHAMDULILLAH / ALHAMDULILLAH ‘ALA KULLEE HA-LEN Translation: Thanks and all praise to be ALLAH (or) Thanks and all praises to be ALLAH S. . No need to worry. I ask you to grant me beneficial knowledge. DUA-E-BEEMAR (WHEN VISITING THE SICK) ALLAHUMMA AHYINI MA KAANATIL HAYYATU KHAIRALLEE WA TAWAFFANI IZA KANATIL FAATO KHAIRALLEE Translation: “O ALLAH keeps me alive so long as it in my best interest and gives me death when it is in my best interest. LA BA’SA TAHOORUN INSHA ALLAH” Translation: No need to worry. (DUA) “LA BA’SA TAHOORUN INSHA ALLAH.W. under no circumstances should he (or she) pray for his (or her) death. then one should recite the following supplication. under all conditions. abundant sustenance and cure from all diseases.

W. His mercy & blessings.W. GREETING ANOTHER MUSLIM: AS SALAMO ALAIKUM WA RAHMATULLAHI WA BARAKATUH Translation: May the peace of ALLAH AZZ-O-AJAL descend upon you and His mercy & blessings.T. WHEN SOMEONE CONVEYS SALAM TO YOU ON ANOTHER’S BEHALF: ALAYKA WA ALAY-HIS SALAMU WA RAHMATULLAHI WA BARAKATUH. give you guidance and make your children pious. . BEFORE A MEAL: BISMILLAH WA ALA BARAKA-TILLAH Translation: With ALLAH’s name and upon his blessings granted by ALLAH (do we eat) AFTER HAVING A MEAL: ALHAMDO LILLAHILLAZEE AT AMANA WA SAQUANA WAJA’ ALANA MINAL MUSLIMEEN Translation: All praise is due to ALLAH S.T.W.WHEN A NON-MUSLIM SNEEZES: YAHDEE KUMULLAHU WA YASLIH BA LAKDOM Translation: May ALLAH S. who gave us food and drink and who made us Muslim.T. Translation: Upon you and upon him be the peace of ALLAH S..

OR BISMILLAH: If it is a young man that is looking to get married my naseeha is he should read “SURAH: YASEEN at Fajr namaz. forgives my sins.” Q: 55: 33 SURAH AR RAHMAN There is something within ourselves that is beyond limitations our spirits may attain to the infinite. Translation: O ALLAH.” UPON AWAKENING: “ALHAMDO LILLAH – HILLAZEE AH – YANA BA’DA MA AMATANAWA ELAYHI NUSHOOR” Translation: Many thanks to ALLAH who gave us life after having given us death and (our) final return (On the day of Qiyyamah “Judgement”) is to him. And I testify that MUHAMMAD SALLALLAHO ALAIH WASSALLAM is His Prophet and Apostle. Recite SURAH: IKHLAS 41 times and 11 times Durood Shareef in the beginning and the end. AFTER ABLUTION (WUZOO): ALLAHUMMA JAL-NI MINAT-TOWWA BEENA WAJ ALNI MINAL MUTAHIREEN. ………………………………………………………………………………… “Oh ye company of Jinn and Men. Inshallah best proposal will come.BEFORE ABLUTION (WUZOO): ALLAHUMMA-GH FIRLEE ZAN-BEE WA WASS SI’LEE FI DARI WA BARIKLEE FI RIZQ. Inshallah problem will soon have a better solution. Translation: I testify that there is no deity except ALLAH. if you have the power to penetrate (all) the region of heavens and the earth then penetrate (them) you will never penetrate them except with (our) permission. make my home accommodating and grant me abundance in my livelihood. On the other hand 70 needs are fulfilled a day when SURAH: YASEEN is read at Fajr and worldly needs are met also. . WAZEEFA FOR GETTING MARRIED (SUPPLICATIONS FOR BETTER MARRIAGE) If there is problem in getting married for a boy or girl. He is one and has no partner.

“Whosoever recites SURAH: YASEEN in the early part of the day his needs to be fulfilled. (Again) If ALLAH AZZ-O-AJAL helps you. he/she should immediately offer repentance to ALLAH.” (TAFSEER VOL: 2) 4.” (HASHIYA OF TAFSEER JALALAYN PAGE 368) 5.W. Imam Ghazali R. “Whoever recited SURAH: YASEEN in the night seeking ALLAH’s pleasure. “It embraces the person with the goodness of this world and removes the dismay of the hereafter. I would love that it be in the heart of every person of my people. ALLAH S. BENEFITS OF SURAH YASEEN: 1. and SURAH: YASEEN DETAILS this in the most emphatic of ways.’s mercy in my mind. “Surely everything has a heart. DHAHABI) 3. that can help you. It is called “MU’AMMA” in the “TORAH”. none can over come you. Know! It is SURAH: YASEEN.” (MISHKAT 189) 2. then. after that. would forgive him. The NOBLE Prophet said. 6.” (TIRMIZI 2812/A. ALLAH S.T. let believers put their trust (SURAH: AL: IMRAN) I want to die with my forehead on ground. Tears in my eyes. and the heart of the QURAN is SURAH: YASEEN. The Noble Prophet (Sallallahu Alaih Wassallam) said. If He forsakes you.” PAGE . who is there. AMEEN YA RABBAL AALAMEEN. reciting the following dua: “ALLAH HUMMA INNEE ATOOBU ILAYKA MINHA LA-AR-JI-U ILAYHA ABADA. in ALLAH.” It was enquired. The Sunnah in my heart.W.” Translation: O ALLAH.DUA-E-TAOBA (REPENTANCE SUPPLICATION) Whenever a person commits any sin. explained that this is because soundness of faith reads on acknowledging Resurrection and Judgement. Quran on my tongue. It has been reported that Aisha (Radi Allahu-Anha) that the Noble Prophet said. “Whoever recites SURAH: YASEEN once ALLAh will record the reward of reciting the Quran ten times.A. “that there is a SURAH in the Quran that intercedes for its reciter and forgive its listener. I repeat before you for all my sins and I promise never to return to the same.T. then Noble Prophet said. The Noble Prophet (Sallallahu Alaih Wassallam) said.

5. SURAH: IKHLAS must be recited 11 times then blown on a glass of pure water and she should be made to drink it daily. It has been said that one who recites SURAH: FEEL 21 times after the “Zohar Prayer” he will receive wealth from the unknown. To have a strong memory the following should be recited as much as possible on the specified days mentioned: SATURDAY – (SURAH: TAHA) SUNDAY – (SURAH: TAHA 116) MONDAY – (SURAH: A’ALA: 7) TUESDAY – (SURAH: A’ALA: 6) WEDNESDAY (SURAH: QIYAMAH: 16) THURSDAY – (SURAH: QIYAMAH: 17) FRIDAY (SURAH: QIYAMAH: 18). 4. offer TWO RAKAH SALAH should be offered and in each rakaa’h SURAH: FATIHA should be read 7 times. SURAH: FATIHA should be read 19 times and then blow on one’s self. NASAI AND HAKIM) QURANIC VERSES (SUPPLICATIONS) 1. Inshallah his strictness towards you shall disappear. 2. When wanting a particular necessity to be fulfilled. 8. “SURAH: YASEEN is the heart of Quran. for instance a Judge etc. 3. One who reads SURAH: YASEEN before going to sleep will not ejaculate during his sleep. If a woman keeps on having miscarriages. Recite it for your deceased ones.(DARMI 3283/A) (ABU YALA-TABRANI-BALHAQUI) 7. When having to meet a high ranked person dignitary who is incharge. The Noble Prophet said.” (ABU DAWOOD. .

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