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Juan Robles Cáceres N.A.


About the elderly care
It really is an interesting difficult question, but I will try to give my opinion though I think the emotional factor plays a lot on the subject. When I have to talk about any topic, I like comparing two completely opposite situations so we have to see the problem from two points of views: the Government and the family. We know the number of people who reach old age is increasing, and in a no distant future, people who contribute to pay with their tax the social welfare will be less than people who reach their retirements so the Government will not have enough money to pay a lot kind of assistances. On the other hand, see the other point of view, the family. Unfortunately, this modern world, where everything happen quickly, marks us an intense rhythm of life which makes us not realize the human aspect. Sometimes we only are able to see the economic side of things, without stopping to think that we are human beings. We treat our relatives as if they disturbing us for our targets. After my little introduction, my is that in the cases in which people are not able to look after themselves because they need a medical assistance (physical or psychic) the Government should pay for this care, either in a residence or in the home of the elderly. For people cannot afford this assistance should be free, of course, but in case people have enough money to pay this service, should be themselves who pay it. Sometimes, due to family discussions many elderly do not have any support. In those cases I think that their admission in a residence is a good option. Anyway, the best place to live, not only for elderly but also for everyone, is your home with your family support.