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Reptiles Rough, scaly skin Cold-blooded Bury eggs in sand or mud Young eat worms and insects Adults eat mammals Swim by sweeping their tails Breathe air Tip of nose and eyes are seen above water Protected by state and Federal laws


 Narrow, pointed snout  4th tooth shows when mouth is closed  Prefers saltwater habitats  Adults grow to 23 feet long  Lighter in color (tan and brown)

 Broad, blunt snout  Teeth do not show when mouth is closed  Prefers freshwater habitats  Adults grow to 15 feet long  Darker in color (greyish black)

Foldable Venn Diagram
Cut on the horizontal line above. Then fold on the dotted lines bringing the edges of the two pictures together. This will cover the information in the “Both” column until the two outside sections are pulled out to show how the reptiles compare. See illustration below. As an extension activity, have the students create their own Foldable Venn Diagram by comparing bats and birds or toads and frogs.

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