Nomenclature for Fixed Cutter Product Line


Bit Type V - Voyager R - Raider VI -Impregnated DE - Diamond Edge VH - Hole Opening Bicenter CB - Core Bit VN - Natural diamond ** VP - TSP ** VB - Oval Cutters - Lateral Jets

First Digit Blade Count 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 **100 **300 **500

Second Digit Cutter Size and Shape Round cutter 09 9mm 11 11mm 13 13mm 16 16mm 19 19mm Oval cutter 9 13mm x 9mm 11 16mm x 11mm 13 19mm x 13mm 16 23mm x 16mm Soft formation design Medium formation design Hard formation design

Suffix Features

TSP and Natural diamond hardness

B - Box connection T - Sleeve PP -Triple Row Power cutters P - Power cutters on all blades (DR no longer exist) P2 - Power cutters on some blades, not all blades D - Drop In Cutter in Gage Pad G - All TSP Gage G1 - Step gages G2 - Semi Active Gage G3 - Active Gage S - Steel Body L - Lateral Jets N - Nozzle Pattern less than One Nozzle per Blade O - Oval Cutters H - Nozzle Pattern in Excess of One Nozzle per Blade U - Up Drill / Back Ream X - Shock Studs R - Diamond Shock Studs except at Gage

R609 - Raider matrix body with 6 blades and 9mm cutters R519SH - Raider steel body with 5 blades and 19mm cutters and more than one nozzle per blade V613NR - Voyager matrix body with 6 blades and 13mm cutters with less than one nozzle per blade and diamond shock studs V513OU - Voyager matrix body with 5 blades and 19x13 ovals and updrill cutters V613OSPG2 - Voyager Steel Body with 6 blades 19x13 ovals with P cutters and semi active gage



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