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Daybreak: The Renesmee Cullen Story

Daybreak: The Renesmee Cullen Story


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Published by S.J. Fenner
This is a fan based story about what I think could happen after Breaking Dawn.
Renesmee returns to Forks just months before her seventh birthday to visit Charlie and Jacob. On the way she meets a mysterious girl named Mackenzie and the two become fast friends. Only Mackenzie has a secret that will forever change Nessie's life. Now she’s in a race against time to save those she loves and a missing Jacob, but she maybe too late!
I own nothing! The characters and the books belong to it's author! this is a fan based story! Please comment and enjoy
>>Brezzy Bre
This is a fan based story about what I think could happen after Breaking Dawn.
Renesmee returns to Forks just months before her seventh birthday to visit Charlie and Jacob. On the way she meets a mysterious girl named Mackenzie and the two become fast friends. Only Mackenzie has a secret that will forever change Nessie's life. Now she’s in a race against time to save those she loves and a missing Jacob, but she maybe too late!
I own nothing! The characters and the books belong to it's author! this is a fan based story! Please comment and enjoy
>>Brezzy Bre

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Published by: S.J. Fenner on May 06, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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I was unable to move as I looked at him in disbelief. Xavier was
here, in Forks! I hadn’t seen him in months since I escaped from
the institute. Was he here to try and take me back? He inched a
little closer to me. He looked the same as always; dress for success
in his black Armani suit, his hair cut short. He played with his
beard as he looked at me.
“Ah, Mackenzie!” Xavier said with delight. He opened his arms as
if he wanted to hug me, but I didn’t budge “So good to see you…
in person that is.” He chuckled to himself.
“I wish I could say the same.” I grumble.
“I take it you are not happy to see me.” He frowned.
“What are you doing here?” I asked, ignoring his assessment.
“Can’t I check in and see how my favorite niece is doing?”
“I’m your only niece.” I pointed out.
“And that’s why you’re my favorite.” He smiled. I smiled back.
What am I doing! He’s reeling me in like usual and I’m falling for
it once again.


“Please can you just get on with it and tell me why you are here.” I
He held his hands up in front of him. “Okay, you’ve got me. I
didn’t come here just to see you. I have an ulterior motive.”
“Really!” I exclaimed in fake surprise.
He paid no attention to my sarcasm. “You hurt Langston pretty
I rolled my eyes. “As if you care! And it was the least I could do
for what she did to Margaret.”
He stared at me. “So you don’t wonder how you did it? How you
were able to put such force behind it.”
“No.” I admitted. “I hadn’t given it much thought.”
“You’re now able to move things with your mind!” he said with
“I was able to do that before.” I informed him.
“You could blink objects to you, but now you’re able to that with
out blinking. You’re powers are evolving… quicker than I
expected.” He trailed off. “You almost pose as a threat to me.”
I examined his face and I saw fear in his eyes. Shane and Alex had
said that everyone knows what I am capable of. Everyone one but
me that is. I just can’t see Xavier being afraid of me. He
interrupted my thoughts. “You might want to enjoy it, while it
“What is that suppose to mean?”
Xavier walked over and stood in front of me.
“I know you have figured out what is happening to Renesmee.”
It was weird to hear someone call her by her full name, especially
Xavier. “She is very special to me and I’m not leaving without
“You are not taking her anywhere!”
“I don’t have to. She’s going to come to me and when she does I
will be unstoppable.”
I clenched my teeth together. “You’re lying!”
He smiled wickedly. “Don’t be jealous Mackenzie you are
welcome to join us if you like.”


“I will never join the likes of you.” I spit through my teeth. He
“Well I tired, though I knew you would refuse. You’re going to
wish you had. Renesmee is going to be powerful! It will make up
for the disappointment I felt when you refused to stand by me.”
I shuddered a little. “I don’t get it, first you change all these kids
as a part of your experiment, but it’s gone a bit further than that.
You want more power and for what? It’s like you’re forming an
He laughed quietly to himself. “That’s just what I am doing.”
I eyes were wide in horror. “What on earth for?”
“That isn’t for you to know right now. Besides you have more
pressing issues to deal with! The Cullen’s will be here shortly and
you have to help Renesmee make the transition. I’m counting on
you to help her with her powers, until I can take over her training.”
“You’re not going to train her to do anything Xavier. I’m going to
stop you!” I threatened.
His lips pulled into an evil smile. “Maybe that is if you live long
enough!” I was about to ask him what he was talking about, when
he closed his eyes and concentrated on something. He sighed to
himself and seemed rather annoyed.
“My apologies for having to cut our reunion short, but your
boyfriends on his way and I would like to avoid a confrontation.”
“Seth isn’t my boyfriend.” I informed him. Xavier chuckled and
put his hand on my shoulder.
“My dear niece, when are you going to open your eyes and see
things as they really are.” Then he looked at me with such sadness.
“What a waste of such a wonderful talent! Renesmee will make up
for that and this time I won’t make the same mistake twice!”
“And what mistake would that be?” I said defensively.
He lean in towards my ear and whispered, “Trusting you!” His
voice was menacing. “You betrayed me by making me thing that
you actually understood what I was doing. I really thought that you
were starting to come around. And then one day I see you escaping
with the others. If it wasn’t for Renesmee, you wouldn’t be here.


But I don’t have much use for you any more and as soon as she’s
with me… I will make sure that you are disposed of just as will as
the others!” I shivered and looked up at him. He was once again in
deep concentration.
“I really did want to avoid this!” he said to me.
“Avoid what?” I asked. Then Seth, in his werewolf form, came into
sight with three other werewolves. They were obviously Ouil,
Embry and Leah. Jacob must have still been with Nessie. Alex
blinked in between Leah and Seth. She looked petrified as she
looked at the two of us.
“Get your hands off of her!” she demanded. Xavier laughed at her.
“You foolish little girl you don’t scare me.”
“And I’m not afraid of you.” She shot back. I was surprised at
Alex. She was being so brave even though we both knew what
Xavier was capable of, and he does not like to be challenged.
“Alex please we were just talking, he didn’t-” I tried to said but
Xavier cut me off.
“No that’s quite alright.” He said, his voice was unusually serene
and I was immediately suspicious. “It seems that Alexandria has
forgotten her place and how to respect her elders. Maybe I should
refresh her memory!” he snickered.
“Don’t do this please!” I begged. Alex took a step back.
“Too late.” And with that he lifted up his open palm in the air for
all to see. He slowly started to close it and Alex grabbed her throat,
gasping for air. He was closing off her throat little by little so she
couldn’t breathe. This was some twisted sick power that he used
back at the institute when an unknown would get out of hand. It
was a way to show us who was boss and that he could end our
lives within a matter of seconds! I would watch helplessly as
someone would become victim to him.
“H-elp!” she breathed.
I couldn’t let him hurt her anymore. I said I would stop him and
now I had to give him a little taste of his own medicine. I felt that
same rage within me. This time instead I put up both of my hands
and let the anger flow through me. With a jolt, he sailed through


the air and into a bolder. The force of impact made the bolder
crack. Alex fell backwards onto the ground and I ran over to her.
She was still recovering when I heard a snarl deep in Seth’s chest.
He was circling Xavier with the others as he kept trying to blink
past them to get to me. At that moment, Embry’s leg caught on fire
and the wolf howled in pain. While the werewolves were
momentarily distracted, he blinked past them and charged at me
and a still wounded Alex. He had fire in his eyes. I threw my body
over Alex to protect from what was coming. I waited for us to be
consumed by the blazing hot flames, but it never happened. I dared
myself to look up. Xavier looked at me with maddening eyes. He
blinked all over trying to get closer to me, but he couldn’t.
Something was blocking him.
“Is she going to be alright?” a familiar voice. I looked over to see
Vincent walking over to us with Chris. His force field must be
what’s keeping Xavier out. Shane was helping Embry, while Seth
and the others surrounded Xavier.
“It’s been fun, but this is starting to bore me. I’ll leave you all to
play amongst yourselves.” He said casually.
“Are you bored or out numbered?” Shane confronted him.
We all waited for his response. I figured he was trying to say what
he needed to say without giving too much away. He didn’t like the
enemy knowing more than what was needed to be heard.
“Don’t worry young ones, our… time to commence in battle will
come sooner than you think.” And with that he was gone.
No one spoke or moved. Alex interrupted the quiet. Her voice was
strained. “Is he gone?”
I looked down at her and nodded. She smiled. “Have I told you
lately how much I hate your uncle?”
I laughed at her. “Not today, but I think we should get you back to
the cottage. You’ve had a rough morning.”

* * *

We returned to the cottage and got Alex settled into bed in Nessie’s
parent’s room. Quil and Embry went back to Charlie’s to check on


Jake. Seth and Leah stayed with us. I tried to get Alex to rest, but
she wanted to know everything that happened, as did everyone
“So what did he say to you?” She demanded.
“Xavier supposedly came here to ‘check’ on me, but he’s come for
her.” I explained. “He’s staying here in Forks and he says he won’t
leave without Nessie.”
I glanced at everyone, who seemed to be just as upset as I was.
And why wouldn’t they be? If anything ever happened to her… but
I couldn’t think that way because she’s going to be just fine. I have
to believe that.
“She must be something if he’s going through all this trouble just
to get to her.” Shane concluded.
“That’s what he says. She’s suppose to be very gifted and he’ll do
anything to get his hands on her. Though he insist that she’s going
to come to him on her own.”
Alex’s mouth fell open. “She’s going to do what?”
“It’s not like we’re hearing this for the first time. Langston told us
this earlier.” I reminded her.
“Yes, but she’s been lying to us for weeks now and it could be even
longer than that.” Alex pointed out. “For all we know they’re both
“But how do we know that?” Chris asked. You know Chris doesn’t
talk much, but when he does I wish he hadn’t. He thinks he’s such
a know it all. I don’t understand how Vincent deals with him. “You
don’t know what’s going through her mind while she’s undergoing
the transformation. She might be angry when she awakens and-”
I stopped him. “Don’t you dare! She’d never do that to us. And
you’re right we don’t know, so we should wait and see how this all
plays out!”
“Wait!” he screeched. “We need to come up with a plan. Who
knows what Xavier is planning while he waits. We need to make
sure that she’s protected.”


“We’ve got that covered.” Leah reported. “You’ll all be safe. Seth
and I will be with you guys at all times and Sam’s pack is now on
“Hold on,” Alex disrupted, “there are more of you guys?”
“Many more.” Leah said to her. “Anyway Jacob, Quil and Embry
will stay at Charlie’s until the Cullen’s arrive.”
“The Cullen’s?” Shane looked perplexed. “Who are they?”

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