Formula=Inspiration BY: JEDYS P. ALAGON Claire! I crossed my fingers as I stood up to reach my paper.

You still got the low est score I sighed as I look at my paper full of red marks. My score doesn t bother or hurt me at all; the silent laughs that I am hearing right now is much more p ainful for me. I went back to my seat while crumpling my paper. I m really disappo inted. I really need to study! After our class, I went to the library to study. I opened my Trigonometry book a nd started understanding it. It s so complicated! I held my head and shook it .Eve rything seems swirling? Why do they have to teach this? Will we use these shapes and lines in the future? Will we use these x and y in our daily lives? I compla ined to myself as I rest my head on my arm. My head hurts, how can I be so poor in Math? Giving up already? My eyes widened as I saw his face. He gave me a little smile th en he grabbed my books and started flipping it. What are you doing here? he looked and smirked at me. Helping the dummy? he said tea singly. What did he just say? Rude! Who are you to tell me I am a dummy?! I shoute d. Thank God the librarian is not around. Seriously you don t know me? I examined hi s face, do I know him? Well, I m an anti-social type of person and my memory is ki nd of weak so I really don t know if I had seen him around before. Well I guess you are too busy sleeping during math class to notice me Okay, that one hit me. Yes I do sleep during our Math Class. Well, numbers makes me sleepy! I really don t know you I looked into a different direction, I felt awkward talking to him. I m your sea tmate I looked back at him full of shock. Really?! Honestly, I really don t want to h ave a seatmate especially during Math. I don t want other students to see me faili ng in Math. So when I knew that our class valedictorian is my seatmate, I never looked straight into his face. It s just I feel so down sitting beside a person wh o s smarter. Okay let s start he gave me some notes full of formulas and some sort of mathematics kind of things. Huh? I gave him a curious look; I really don t know what he s up to. I m giving you a free lesson. My eyes widened. Seriously? But why? He looked up then f inally looked back at me. Well, our teacher told me to do so, sort of extra proje ct I was to ask him but he began on teaching, I don t know but I feels weird. Days passed and I think I already conquered my mathematics dilemma. I m on my way to the math department to get the special test my teacher granted me. I felt rea lly nervous, the same thing I am feeling during math classes and quizzes I always feel nervous during those times. I m scared that I might do something wrong or mi ght forget the right formula. I shook my head and his words of wisdom started pl aying in my head: You ll never defeat problems, unless you solve them . I know I can do this I know I can! I grabbed the test paper from my teacher. I scanned it and felt hopeless after k nowing that it s harder than the other math tests. I don t know how to start or what to start. For a moment, I felt that my brain is drained again! Focus! Stop sayin g that it s hard and you can t do it! You still haven t tried! I smiled as I remember h ow he worked hard to teach a dummy like me. Even though I gave him headaches bec ause of my turtle brain , he never gave up on me; thus he always make ways to lesse n my worries He believes in me. I grabbed my pen and paper and started analyzing the equations and problems. I feel so much inspired and with that I can proudly say that I finished answering my exam, the only thing that is bothering me is th e results. An hour later, my teacher called me to announce the results. And I passed! The j oy bursting in my heart is so unexplainable! The smile on my face cannot fully s how how much I feel right now It s so worth it. My teacher congratulated me so I th anked her for letting me take the exam and letting him teach me. What are you say ing? She told me while handling me my paper. Shane told me that you ll going to give me a special test and he ll also teach me as his project from you. She looked at m e for a second then laughed. Is there something funny? He really told you that? I nodded as my response but she started laughing again. What s so funny? Why do I feel so weird right now? Solve it yourself! She tapped my back and sat on her chair ag ain. What, solve again? Mathematics, could you please give me a break!

Yes I am slow But that wa s before! You ll never defeat problems. Copycat. . I don t need to write notes. hah take that! He laughed then turned back as if he is getting some thing from his bag. See how hard and complicated my problem is? I flipped through the pages and I fe lt butterflies dancing in my tummy. I grabbed his head and watched his expression change.. You re slow He looked in the other way. You---I mean nothing Just go. He threw me his math notebook to me and I gave him a what-will-I-do-with-this look . I m a genius. Focus! Stop sayin g that it s hard and you can t do it! You still haven t tried! I m just applying what he had told me. unless you solve them I sat beside him and h e gave me a weird look then laughed sarcastically. it s really weird. H e coughed for a while then stared back in my eyes. All I can do is gaze on his piece of inspiration his notebook filled with sketches of a hopeless girl sleeping during her Math class. yo u can t understand me. Tsss. I scanned the place where he is seated. Go away! This thing is so hard. I need to than k him and at the same time ask him some few questions. Here comes the weird feeling again! I shook my head and tried walking near him.I was walking down the hall when I saw him sitting on the stairs. He s talking by himself? Hey what s the problem? I can see in his face that he is surprised in my presence.. even a genius like me don t know how to solve it He looked up an d sighed. but I think inspiration helped me somehow He said proudly.

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