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Guidelines for RC Tones

Guidelines for RC Tones

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Published by Ashmik Pratik
prepare for mba exams
prepare for mba exams

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Published by: Ashmik Pratik on Jun 26, 2013
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Guidelines for RC Tones

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Possible tone Meaning of the word Acerbic Aggressive Angry/indignant Apathetic Apologetic Belligerent Biased C austic Emotionless; not interested/ concerned; indifferent; unresponsive Expressing remorse, regret, sorrow for having failed, injured, insulted or wronged another Aggressively hostile; bellicose Favouring one thing/person/group over another for personal reasons. Biting; acerbic Patronizing; showing/implying patronising descent from dignity/ superiority Expressing contempt/ disdain displaying a belief that people are always self-seeking and never altruistic in their actions Unkind and displaying contempt Speak slightingly; depreciating; belittling Asserting opinions in an arrogant manner; imperious; dictatorial Easily affected by feelings actuated by experiencing love, hate, fear and the like Dealing with principles of morality; honest; righteous Substitution of mild, indirect or vague expression for one thought to be offensive, harsh or blunt More complicated/ elaborated than necessary; pompous Evincing keen interest in human affairs, nature, welfare, values Funny and amusing C onsider one's own internal state of feelings C ausing strong feelings Praising; extolling; applauding Impelling; inciting Fawning; showing servile complaisance; flattering; deferent Lacking vitality, imagination, distinction Egalitarian; pertaining to the characteristics of common people/ working class Inciting; stimulating; irritating; vexing Fanciful; impractical; unrealistic; extravagant; exaggerated Harsh, bitter derision; taunting; sneering; cutting remarks Ironical; taunting; human folly held up to scorn/ derision/ ridicule Theoretical rather than practical; thoughtful; reflective; hypothetical Using terminology or treating subject matter in a manner peculiar to a particular field, as a writer or a book Full of anger and hatred C ruel and angry criticism Harsh/ severe; bitter Forceful; tending towards unprovoked offensiveness

C ommiserating Feeling/ expressing sorrow for; empathizing with; pity C ondescending C ontemptuous C ynical Derisive Disparaging Dogmatic Emotional Ethical Euphemistic Grandiose Humanistic Humourous Introspective Incendiary Laudatory Motivating Obsequious Pedestrian Populist Provocative Romantic Sarcastic Satirical Speculative Technical Vitriolic Vituperative

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