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You are the Logos of the Father, God, Who is before

the ages, the great High Priest, Who was incarnate and
became man for the salvation of mankind. And out of
all nations, He called unto Him a chosen generation, a
royal priesthood, a holy nation and a justified people.

As you have sent the Holy Spirit upon the apostles on

the day of Pentecost, and He came upon each one of
them like cloven tongues of fire.

And filled them with every knowledge, every

understanding and every spiritual wisdom, according
to Your faithful promise. And they spoke in every
language, and they preached Your holy name to all the

As for Peter and Paul, foremost among the apostles,

the shadow of the one was healing the sick, whereas
the handkerchiefs and aprons of the other caused
diseases to depart, and evil spirits to go out.

And after they preached the gospel of the kingdom,

and taught the nations, they shed their blood for Your
name’s sake, and received the crown of apostleship
and that of martyrdom.

O You, Who have granted His holy disciples and His

honored apostles the descent of the Spirit, the
Paraclete, upon them, and gave them authority to
work healings, signs and miracles. They preached us
Your holy name and restored us to the true faith of the
Holy Trinity.

We praise You, bless You, glorify You and give thanks

unto You, on account of these great gifts.

And we ask You, O our Master, to grant us also the

forgiveness of our sins, and to purify our hearts, our
souls, our bodies and our spirits, so that, with a pure
heart, we dare with boldness, without fear, to cry unto
Your Holy Father, Who is in the heavens, and say:

Our Father. . .