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Published by: Rhonda Tintle, Ph.D. on Jun 26, 2013
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1 MEDICAL ETHICS COURSE 450 Introduction / Study Guide Section 1 Professor Rhonda Tintle Davis

Ethical Conduct for Medical Practitioners Ethical issues are a component of the therapeutic medical practitioner - client relationship. Medical practitioners often encounter ethical situations in their everyday practice. Understanding the clients’ beliefs and values as separate from their own helps medical practitioners recognize ethical situations. The ethics practice standard focuses on the values and expectations of ethical conduct and behavior for medical practitioners Ethical Values Client choice and well-being Facilitating a clients' optimum health and doing no harm. Clients' choice should be self-determining; clients require truthful and correct information in order to make a choice. Privacy and confidentiality Keep personal information about clients private. Inform the client that others in the health care facility will have access to the clients’ information. Obtain an informed consent to provide health care. Honoring commitments Deliberately choose your commitments. Break the commitment to your clients’ into steps that you can complete in a timely manner. Honesty, truthfulness, and fairness Speak and act without any intention of deceiving the client in any way. Provide all the information available to a client. Access the clients’ readiness and willingness to receive information. Answer clients’ questions in a direct manner. Prioritize according to the critical nature of a clients need. All clients should receive equal courtesy regardless of their needs. Be willing to explore alternative ways of providing care. Acknowledge that clients' have their own set of values separate from your values. Discuss resource allocation with your clients.

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