KNOW ALL MEN BY THESE PRESENTS: I , ( N a me o f M o r t g a g o r ) of legal age, single/married to____________________ with postal address at _____________________________hereinafter known as the MORTGAGOR, and _________________________________of legal age, single/married to ______________________ with postal address at _______________________________ hereinafter known as the MORTGAGEE, witnesseth: That the MORTGAGOR is indebted unto the MORTGAGEE in the sum of (Amount in Words) (000,000.00), Philippine Currency, receipt of which is acknowledged by the MORTGAGOR upon the signing of this instrument,payable within a period of _____ years, with interest thereon at the rate of (___) % per annum; That for, and consideration of , this indebtedness, and to assure the performance of said obligation to pay, the MORTGAGOR hereby conveys by way of CHATTEL MORTGAGE unto the MORTGAGEE, his heirs and assigns, the following personality now in the possession of said MORTGAGOR MAKE :TOYOTA SERIES : Matrix TYPE OF BODY :HATCHBACKK YEAR MODEL :2007 MOTOR NO. SERIAL/CHASSIS NO. PLATE NO. FILE NO. : 12R-0386511 : JBP-8807915-C : AMP 817 : FJ80

That the condition of this obligation is that should the MORTGAGOR perform the obligation to pay the hereinabove cited indebtedness of (Amount in Words) (000,000.00) together with accrued interest thereon, this chattel mortgage shall at once become null and void and of no effect whatsoever, otherwise, it shall remain in full force and effect.

IN WITNESS WHEREOF, the parties have hereunto set their hands, this ____day of ____________ 20___ at ____ Philippines.

_______________________________ MORTGAGOR

_______________________________ MORTGAGEE

IN THE PRESENCE OF: _______________________________ _______________________________


Republic of the Philippines) ________________________ ) S.S BEFORE ME, personally appeared: Name (Name of Mortgagor) CTC Number 10000000 Date/Place Issued Jan 01, __ / Quezon City

(Name of Mortgagee) 10000000 Jan 11. WITNESS MY HAND AND SEAL. on the date and place first above written. the undersigned MORTGAGOR AND MORTGAGEE hereby jointly and severally swear that we executed the foregoing Chattel Mortgage in order to secure the indebtedness therein and for no other purpose or purposes contrary to law. Page No. Notary Public Doc.______. Series of 20__. ______. Book No. __ / Las Pinas City Known to me and to me known to be the same persons who executed the foregoing instrument and acknowledged to me that the same is their free and voluntary act and deed. Note: Chattel mortgages requires an Affidavit of Good Faith attached to it -sample below: AFFIDAVIT OF GOOD FAITH We. ____________________________ MORTGAGOR _____________________________ MORTGAGEE .______. No.

Section 12 of the Rules of Court. 4. (hereinafter referred to as the "SECOND PARTY"). The SECOND PARTY waives all the rights under the provisions of Rule 39. At the request of the SECOND PARTY. WITNESSETH.and __________________________________________. the FIRST PARTY had extended a loan to the SECOND PARTY in the principal sum of PESOS: ___________________________________ (P_______________) (the "LOAN"). Filipino. or otherwise dispose of the PROPERTY without the consent of the FIRST PARTY being first obtained. and to remove. and other government fees and charges imposed on the in connection with this Mortgage shall be for the account of the SECOND PARTY. in addition to the stipulated interest. otherwise it shall remain in full force and effect. The SECOND PARTY promises to repay the LOAN to the FIRST PARTY within ninety (90) days from date hereof. the FIRST PARTY of its lawful representative is hereby appointed as the Attorney-inFact of the SECOND PARTY with full power and authority to take actual possession of the PROPERTY without the need of any judicial order. to the FIRST PARTY. 7. the PROPERTY shall be delivered on demand. with residence at ____________________________________________. judicially or extra-judicially under Act 3135. mortgage. of legal age. the unpaid principal and accrued interest thereon shall. each party hereby waiving any other venue. . .. sell or dispose of the same. with offices at (hereinafter referred to as the "FIRST PARTY". then this mortgage shall be null and void.LOAN AGREEMENT WITH REAL ESTATE MORTGAGE KNOW ALL MEN BY THESE PRESENTS: This Agreement entered into by and between: ____________________. 5. the full amount of which is acknowledged to have been received by the SECOND PARTY. together with interest at Two Per Cent (2%) per month on said amount from date hereof until full payment thereof. All documentary stamps due on this Agreement as well as all expenses for the registration of the Mortgage. REAL ESTATE MORTGAGE 2. The parties agree that all actions under this Agreement shall be brought before the proper courts of Makati City. 8. a corporation organized and existing under the laws of the Philippines. as amended. make any and pay for repairs and perform any other act which the FIRST PARTY may deem convenient to maintain and preserve the PROPERTY and all expenses incurred/advanced by the FIRST PARTY shall be charged against the SECOND PARTY and likewise secured by this mortgage. the SECOND PARTY hereby transfers and conveys by way of first real estate mortgage in favor of the FIRST PARTY. lease. In the event the DEBTOR shall fail to pay the LOAN as it falls due. with all its increments and accessories (the "PROPERTY"): DESCRIPTION OF PROPERTY 3. If the SECOND PARTY shall fail to comply with any of the terms and conditions of this Agreement. and the due faithful performance by the SECOND PARTY of his obligations under this Agreement. As security for the repayment of the LOAN and the interest and other charges thereon. the property described below. The SECOND PARTY during the life of this mortgage shall not sell. his heirs. In addition to its remedies herein or elsewhere under the law. That THE LOAN 1. executors or administrators shall well and truly perform the full obligations herein. encumber. The condition of this Mortgage is that if the SECOND PARTY. and the FIRST PARTY shall have the right to immediately foreclose this mortgage. be subject to penalty interest at the same rate as the stipulated interest commencing on the date immediately following the due date of the LOAN until full payment of the entire outstanding amount of the LOAN.

Tax Cert.IN WITNESS WHEREOF. Date/Place of Issue to me known and known to me to be the same person/s who signed and executed the foregoing Agreement and each acknowledged to me that the same is executed as his free and voluntary act and deed and that of the entity represented. this . if any. 200_ Doc. BEFORE ME this day personally appeared: Name Com. No. for the uses and purposes therein set forth. Metro Manila ) S. _____ Series of 200__. No. I have hereunto affixed my signature and notarial seal in ____________________. the parties hereto have caused these presents to be executed on the date and at the place first above set forth. and signed by the abovenamed parties and the witnesses on page ______ and on the left margin on each and every other page thereof.S. By: _________________________ (FIRST PARTY) ________________________ (SECOND PARTY) IN THE PRESENCE OF _________________________ AFFIDAVIT OF GOOD FAITH We severally swear that the foregoing Mortgage is made for the purpose of securing the LOAN specified and defined in this instrument and for no other purpose. The aforesaid persons likewise made oath as to the truth of the Affidavit of Good Faith. NOTARY PUBLIC Until December 31. I further certify that said document consists of ____ ( ) pages including this acknowledgement page. and that this Mortgage is not entered into for the purpose of fraud. that the LOAN is a just and valid obligation. _______________________ (MORTGAGOR) (MORTGAGEE) ACKNOWLEDGMENT AND CERTIFICATE OF OATH REPUBLIC OF THE PHILIPPINES) Makati. _____ Page No. _____ Book No. IN WITNESS WHEREOF. and refers to a mortgage ____________ located at __________. .

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