O Heavenly King, the comforter, the Spirit of Truth, Who is present everywhere and fills all things Treasury

of Blessings and Giver of Life, Come and abide in us and cleanse us from every stain, and save our souls, O Gracious One Lord Jesus Christ, Who commanded us to love our enemies, and those who defame and injure us, and to pray for them and forgive them; Who yourself did pray for your enemies, who crucified you: grant us, we pray, the spirit of Christian reconciliation and meekness, that we may heartily forgive every injury and be reconciled with them. Grant us to overcome the malevolence and offences of people with Christian meekness and true love of our neighbor. We further beseech Thee, O Lord, to grant to our enemies true peace and forgiveness of sins; and do not allow them to leave this life without true faith and a sincere conversion.

Enlighten our minds and keep all our senses.We praise You O God of our Fathers We bless You. now and ever and for ages to come. Shine into our heart with the True Sun of your righteousness. be ascribed glory. and may finally attain unto eternal life. that we may walk uprightly and your commandments. Son and Holy Spirit. and give thanks for your great and tender mercy. For Your are our God. O Father. O merciful and mighty God. Amen. . To You we flee. and unto You.

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