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NAME “SCHOOL CLASS EAR sussect Richie Gua 299 PAGES Nyaga, S. G. 1992. Chuka Ethnozoology (Birds) - I. Unpublished manuscript notes on Chuka ethnoornithology written by Silas Gitonga Nyaga in December 1992 for Martin Walsh, Embu. 42 pp. in an exercise book (the first of eight books). When citing or quoting from this text please acknowledge its source in full. — | gangs Gyicta i Puenicia : \nole nerds Celoun 12—ly em, White. pied wun. some ceclisn OMOLOW Ae a elas. mine GJ P 2 Cine stg UPPien Ree wollte ae __Semie proek GR Pia bur (ney ee rae dooming, on Sore legie Ppecsnert Eee Hawa Wage ANS S “om ba Gy Savi0 pa Vlad At ane £( 0 OA fine tho i de aa 2 tg “Songs awed Cou Me LL SSiecethy wane adorn? SJ AO KS ao0 Add 2 e 4s Cunnin: Wek Cue PY A PON Gina Qa wPLO aetkeribie Be She oS eas AA. Kt Be A ot Shel booed wawins AGs0AUt as