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Accounting Setup Manager

Accounting Setup Manager

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Published by: Jabar Ali on Jun 27, 2013
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Creation of Primary Ledger (Set of Books) Navigation: Setup  Financials  Accounting Set up Manager  Accounting Setups

Click on “Add reporting currency” button

Click on “Add Another Row”

Select reporting currency as “USD” Currency conversion level “Journal” Description: for multi reporting purpose Click on “Apply” button

Click on “Next”

Click on “Finish”

Click on “return to Accounting Setups”. Enter your Primary ledger name in the search field

Click on “Update” button .

System will automatically take Short name with functional currency Once we define ledger we cannot change 3C’s. but we can change 4th C “Accounting method”. .

Click on “Next” Year end Processing Tab: Assign Retained earnings account (3310) .


Click on “Next” .

Click on “Finish” button .

Click on “reporting Currencies” “Update” button .

Click on “Update” button Currency Translation options: Choose “Corporate” as default rate type .


.Click on “Apply” Click on “Complete”.

Click on “Update” button of “Balancing Segment Value Assignments” .

Click on “Complete” .

Click on “Update” button of “Sequencing” .


Change the Status to “Complete” Then Click on “Apply” button” .

Now all the status is showing √ symbol Then click on “Complete” button .

System will give “Warning” message .

System will give “Confirmation” message Click on “Return to Accounting” tab .

** Structure will be stored in “GL Ledger Flex Field” and one more segment will be created as Ledger.Now you will get to see √ symbol for Primary and reporting ledger. .

Create Legal Entity Key in partial value of your Primary Ledger with % and click on “GO” Click on “Legal Entities” Tab .

Click on “Create Legal Entity” Identification Information: Territory: India Legal Entity Name: Organization Name: Legal entity identifier: PAN: Transacting Entity: Yes .

Legal Address: Location: Address: General Information: Click on “Apply” button System will give confirmation message Enter your “Legal Entity” partial name in the “Name” field and search .

System will create “Establishment” also as Legal Type Click on “Accounting Setup” Enter your Primary ledger partial name and search .

Click on “Add legal Entity” Again click on “Add Legal Entity” .

Search your Legal entity Enable √ “Select” box Click on “Select” button Click on “Apply” button .

You will get to see a 6th new option “Operating Units” in ASM window Click on “Update” button Click on “Complete” button .

Now operating unit status is turned to √ .

Update Segment Values: Click on “Update Balancing Segment Values” Click on “Add Balancing Segment Value” Choose value from the list .

Click on “Apply” button You will get to see 7th option as “Inter Company Accounts” Click on Update button of Inter Company Accounts .

Now the status is showing as “Inprogress” Change the status to Complete Click on “Done” .

.Click on “Return to Accounting Setups” Close the window.

Create Responsibility Log into System Administrator responsibility Navigation: Security  Responsibility  Define. .


Assign Primary Ledger to Profile Option: Profile option name: GL Ledger Name Navigation: Profile  System .

Save. .

Create User: Log in to System Administrator Navigation: Security  User  define Save. .

Log out from Oracle and re login You will get to see a responsibility added by system “Application Diagnostics” with “System administrator” responsibility. .

Open the periods: Log in to “General Ledger Responsibility” Navigation: Setup  Open / Close .

Click on “Find” First period is Dec – 95 Target period: Give current period you wish to open .

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