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Pumps Q&A

Pumps Q&A

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Pumps Q&A
Pumps Q&A

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Published by: charzree on Jun 27, 2013
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PUMP Module Name : ______________________ EC No:_______________________ 1. True or False. A pump can be referred to by more than one name. 2.

List four basic components that are common to all pumps. a. _________________________ b. _________________________ c. _________________________ d. _________________________ 3. What is the basic difference between positive displacement pumps and centrifugal pumps? Date : ________

4. In comparison with positive displacement pumps, most centrifugal pumps move __________________( smaller,larger) volumes of liquids. 5. Electric motors and steam turbines are two common types of ___________________. 6. Before inspecting a pump, an operator should know, a. how the pump normally operates b. what special features the pump has c. What type of liquid is pumped d. The pump’s operating history e. All of the above. 7. True or False. Cavitation is the formation of gas pockets inside a pump that can occur during operation.

8. a. _______________________ True or False. Impeller c. If a pump’s available NPSH is ______________ the required NPSH. Stage 10. a. ______________________ b. 13. 14. Shafts b.(above. Reciprocating pumps and rotary pumps are the two basic types of _________________________Pumps. 9. A rattling noise that sounds like marbles ratting around inside a pump is usually a sign of _________________________. In most centrifugal pumps. Why are positive displacement pumps suitable for processes that require the injection and metering of specific amounts of liquids ? 12. Most multistage centrifugal pumps contain two or more a. Piston d. Packing is used to form a seal between a pump’s shaft and casing to eliminate leakoff. List two names that can be given to a pump that supplies feedwater to a boiler. Both a and b. volute b. the ______________________is a device that causes centrifugal force to be created in the pump. Circle the correct answer. 15. . the pump could be damaged. 11. Piston d. below). Impeller c.

The term “ head” can be used to refer to the ______________ exerted by a column of liquid as a result of its height. 21. In the volute of a centrifugal pump. 17. _________________________ c. _________________________ b. . True of False. _________________________ 18.16. 22. liquid velocity is converted into pressure. discharge ) located at the point where a particular liquid enters a process. a. The _________________ in a centrifugal pump has a series of curved vanes that extend out form its centre. A pump can be called a(n) ________________ pump if it is ( inlet . In most centrifugal pumps. 20. True or False. 19. List three operating checks that should be performed on an operating pump. A mechanical seal does not allow leakoff. a ___________________ helps convert the speed of the liquid being pumped into pressure.

(a) ________________and (b) _______________ have the same basic function to help keep the process liquid inside a pump by sealing the spaces where the shaft penetrates the casing. a. In the volute of a centrifugal pump. Check d. __________________________ . __________________________ b. 2. liquid velocity is converted into pressure. a. __________________________ c. a. 3. Inlet b. True or False. Seal water 4. The _________________ in a centrifugal pump has a series of curved vanes that extend out form its centre. List the three types of impeller that are used in centrifugal pumps.1. ______________________ 6. _____________________ b. Many centrifugal pumps have a ________________ valve in the discharge line to prevent liquid flow back through the pump. Control c. List the three types of impellers that are used in centrifugal pumps. ______________________ c. 5.

10. a. True or False.7. A diffuser performs basically the same function as a volute. True or False. mixed ) that directs liquid at a 90-degree angle form the suction eye. List two common methods of minimizing axial thrust that are used in multistage centrifugal pumps. the vanes are enclosed by shrouds to increase the efficiency of the pumping action. On some impellers. 12. 8. __________________________ . __________________________ b. 11. True or False. A centrifugal pump with a ____________________ mounted shaft is commonly used to keep its driver above a level of liquid being pumped. Axial thrust is created by the difference in pressure across an impeller. 9. axial. A(n) ____________________ flow design involves an impeller ( radial.

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