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With An EnglishTranslation and Copious Explanatory notes anclExamples

' Ar.rI. Secrerary to thebovt. of Mysore (Retd.) andTranslaror pactdhti, of Sripati llrinot )atata. Horasara. Uttarkalanr ritactc.

V. Subramanya Sastri, B.A.

Vol. I

16,Ansari Road, Darya Ganj, NewDelhi-1,1000 2 (INDIA)


PREFACE It is a matter of grcat pleasurethat thc publloation of the rccond edition of JATAKA PARIJATA, the monumental work of Sri VaidyanatbaDikshita with the erdeltentDotcs of Sastri has bccn possible by God'r the Late V. Subramanya graceand the sameis bcing ptacedbefore thc public. Tbis ic an exact reprint of the cdition that was brought out by Shri Sastriin the ycar 1932. No words of introductionare rcquired ' by themselves rs the works of Sh. Sastriare all masterpieces lnd havc rightly earnedthe fame tbat is their due. The earlier cdition was long out of print and theic war an cver growing dcmandfor this book and thc prescnt edition is intended to fulfill this long-feltdemand. The importanceof this work Jataka Parijatacannot be It is a basictext book of Hindu Astrology, studied cxa.gerated. glmost in all parts of the country by studentsand scholars alike. It is a book invariably prescribed for study in almost on Jyotisha. As a classical text book all orientalexrrminations only to BrihatJataof Hindu Astrologyit ranksnext perhaps 1a... The fact remains that Brihat Jatakais too brief and difficultand that was why works like Horasara, Saravalietc. ',rycrc written with a view to supply all that is obscure, hidden and missing therein. Among thesc works is none that can excelJataka Parijata in providing a detailed knowledge about all thc essential aspectslike Ayurdaya. yogas, Bhavaphala, Vimshottari, Ashtakvarga,Stri Jataka, Kalachakra Dasbaetc.The work hasbeen translated in mostof tbe rcgional languages like Malayalam, Hindi etc and is held in high cstecmby astrologers as a book of great authority throughout the country


fltsa{ lc}tnc t}<t qf{ii dftf,fr r rr Thescience of Jyotisha, accordrng ,. ,,ti;lii: 3o,u,a.o

into three parts-Hora (prcdictive), Ganitha (Marhematical) pnd Sarhhita (M:sccllancour) Predictive. Astrology was origi-



in the form of works called nalty written by the ancient sages and detailed and a volumirrous very HORAS. These were lt is time-consuming. and difficult very $udy thereof was that in commentaries quotxtions found tlte from understood called after Parasara, Horas of largc volumes therebxisted Atri, Gargaetc. Today Kaushika, Saunaka, BrihatPrajapatya, many of these havs bucomerare aud almost inaccessiblc. Later works like Brihat Jatakaand JatakaParijataetc-are all profess to be. of theseHorasas they themeselves condensations the authorsays: In theopeningtwo verses ;RAr qrt q{rnilfilfqa w1q a{T6nr1 | (qrq nr(rqf(g(Ilil;a 5*rq6 il4.6 qrkqrtl ll it is clear,hat the authoris summa' From this statement risingall that is importaut in the ancient Horas of Garga, likc BrihatJataka, Saravali Parasara etc.and the later'works etc.And at the end he writes: qsnlTl€qfqitq I E'lirfwgegaaqacql qt ilam qrftqnqftr ffitgo te'ffta"tq rr and is supposedto i.e.thisworkisdividedinto l8 cbatpers in the containftatgO 1763 slokrrs. But, the work conlains Many slokas due to ittterpolations. present form l9l8 slok:rs areverbatirnborrowedfrom the ancicntworks like Saravali, etc.are indebted BrihatJataka etc. Workslike Phaladeepika that are to thisr reatwork whichfact it clearfrom the slokas found in them, borrowedfrom this book. eg.utfqrzt<{;ff ctc. T'hcSubjcct Matter are brieffy The topicsdealt with in the X V III Adhyayas as follows: l. Nature of thc signs. 2. Nature of the plariets. 3. death 4. Arishta'Infantile aud miscellaneous' Birth of beasts combinations thar inar 6. Evil etc. 5. Ayurdaya-Longevity. two or more 8. Combination of 7. Rajayogas' the boroscopes Planets. 9. Effectsof Mandi, yqar, month etc of birth' 10. of III 11.Resultsof I arrdII houses. 12.Results Ashtavarga.' and houses. Rds'rlts of V VI 14. Results 13. and IV houscs 15.Rdsultsof X, XIand XII ol'VII, VIlt and IX houscs.', lrcrrscs. 16 FemaleHoroscopy. 17. KalachakraDasha. \

(5) 18. Vimshottari Dasha and other Types of Dashar. Hundreds chapters VI, VII anil VIII and 4,of yo8asare dealt with in lcuch a detailedtreatmentis difficult to comeacrosselsewhere. Each chapter is comprebensivebook by itself and it is for the . readerto verify for himself thc contents. THE AATHOR Not much is known about the author exceptthat he wag the son of a great scholar Venkatadri and belonged to the Gotra as he himselfsays: , Bharadwaja

'jfr fdsrftrt tgafiaan: *'iu-arq*if: t qt<Erct gt'tlgcrq f*gw:*,igaafrq r lfrfamsefriltrcirrrt 6qq; *iuarc: gdl: ll
from the abundancy of quotations found from the work 'sarvarthaChintamani,tsomeopine that fathrjtof Vaidyanatha' of 'sarvarths the auth,or Dikshita is none other than Venkatesa. and the further investigation But. this deserves Chintamani'. thc appearsto be incondusive.The suggqstionlthat suggestion author was indentical with the writer -of the celpbr\tqdwork 'Prataparadriya'on poestics,is totally incorrect, llpr tlq latter was Vidy?natha (fselFTrq).the confusion being du\ $o the 'D\k\hita' similarityin spelling.'The appcllation unfortunate clearlydcnotesthat he must haveperformcdsom\ biq sa\r\fices etc. of the type 'Somayaga' to South India ar\,r tnost ilrobpbly The author belohged to Karnatakaor AndhraPradesh. Prof. Katva has statcd that he belonged fo the l4th ccn' tury and livcd in Mysore. As far as we could gather, tqe family trce is as follows.-Anniah Dikshita Diksbita) Venkatadri(Venkates{l Vaidyan.thaDikshita Ifany f\rther dctailsare known to' he readers,they are crn be addedfor requotcd to scnd thcm to us so that lhe same great this work. the author about of more tight .f[rowing

(6) HisTime Thc author l.asbeendeclared by Kcsara Daivajna, ashis guru,whichfact is borne out by the followirrgslokain hir work

g6i mr : dl{irnrrer6rdega6r rnlpiaraagr

g1,ia-rwq<11 arira: *q1c: "flqdd qtiil€sil Ganesa-Daiva.;na, the son of Kesava Daivajna wrote his famous trearise Graha Laghava(rc qfqr{; in 1520 A. D. (Keshavabelonged (rFemt) in tr,taharto l),landigram 'shtra) wbich is clearfronr the verse : afiamq E6rwr;a faclfrnqrfadtaraf h lTsgo'tfirrliltl: €rnqnrret{ fuE *ils: rr

--Tt artrr
So,Kesavlr Daivajnr must have bccn born about 1456 A. D. HcnceVaidyanatba should havebeen born bctween 1425 A. D. and l45t A.D The Translation It is hardly nccessflry to dwelt upon the meritsof this translation as the worksof ShriSastri :rrctoo wellknown to the public for theirremarktble clnrityeruditionand thoroughness. Thc rcaderwill find that all availa5leparrllel passages (morb tbanabouta thousand slokas) from authenticworkshavcbeen frecly and fully quoted almost perhaps to superfluityso tha.t the book will servc ts a relf containedand usefulcompcndium on thc subject. If thir book should be receivedly all thv i,.jaders interestcd in this scieoceof Asirology .wrth interest and should it provc urcful to oxr readers, wc wrtl considerourselves amply rcwarded for our labour. THE PUBLISHERS

CONTENTS Adhyaya I The Propertiesof Signs Adhyaya II Nature of the Planetsand their Properties AdhyayaIII Manifold Births etc. AdhyayaIV Dcath incidentatto bhildhood Adhyaya V L.engthof Life AdhyayaV-A Exit from the world.


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1 and who rules al'l animate wotlda qtftstil) to the going to expoundJatakaParijata (erm dl astrololeri epitomioing the tdarry influence i"tif (vrrrn) and others treeted ol by Garga (rrrt). Brabman Si". *[ @rftt ffit$rrefiqr( ll Rll ...7.of who is rp $bvereignof the hosts of imriortal (TtR) lighte. Parasara qrflql$ilrqqfugqr ?ffifu cfrfu{tqft{r€q eirrftftqrrq: g{l t r|. who transcendb M"y" (qrqr) [Prakriti I am . l. who i! oi t[" nature of Vishnu 1ft9] (rrd and Lf"".ll *ritsfi.O of the Godderts Sri (g1).ll sTq a a JATAKAPARIJATA --<\i+tr-- nffi!tl il€r qrtrtmffii qtA ffifrfttrrRqtt t'rq ilrffid I {Kt ll t ll AdtryaYa or SrcNg' Tsn PnoPEETTEB Srofra.m. the Lord the of day. Having bowed to the Sun. im"t. te.

Jutuma (ggr or Rg*).t SIokt 2. Aja (ct). Yuga (tr1) or Mithuna mgf).feetof the Lbrd of Raghuswhich the bardcommuniry haveto salute (in undertaking. important scientific work /Saravali ia 1gl. Kriya (ft-r). the third aE Dwandwa (iie) Niiyugma (qtc). the secondar Vrishabhai?qc or tlc).i W{ q. Tumbura (gqr) or Adya (ru). the nectarcous sweetsof astrological rrursq@qr{r{r$ql tiuqwnfuq€qi{ fr qrffi{rRqrqn I tl Sloka. Prostratingmyeelf at the lotus. a descendant of the Bharadwaja (rrrCrw) family lnd a proficient in the Scienceof Astrology.3. tbe qaqsqattsittn*sr qff qgqnfirqill? r . I.i q $i ftqF Eqk ttstt lt \tl ffir wfrr*rffirdrqbqrr ffi*dqftrqqF$drqzq uft q{rrd q$€ qil *fr qzdqr{flrtflasn q tl dlaFs{iqsgfnwr qqft'tt Sllhas 46 and Jirst quarter 0f Sloko 7:-The first eign. men who appreciate -truths. Yama(cc). astrologerE style as Mesha(*l).2 €reocm Adh. Viswa (f*q). Uksha(ert} Go (fr). the son of tbe learnedVenkatadri(ffi).Tavuru (ilrgG)cr Gokula (tfrW). set forth ia regular order the whole mrrter (of Astrology) commencingwith the ddinitione of the zodiacalpositione to afford mental injoyment to the multitudeof *ir. the talented Vaidyanacha(lqirq).anything auspicious)I prepare the work of Jatakapaiijata (wrcwrRwn) abridging the (qnmft).

ninth as Dhanus(sgq). Rrmani (twft) or Taruni (Godt) Juka (1n)' in..rgn. Mrrgasya(€arv)'MakaralTt) or Nakra (ns) th.:. such as the names clc'.2.. eleventh as Kumbha ($x)' -lhata (re). Thoyadhara(rilcqt). the Vrigchika riarasrnanrar).. ("9)' Tn"i.!. Fa r f*cqfr *rl ftrbq?t0qhn aA rit.wards : Mesha Vrislfabha .q?t t. S.. Anthya 1*u). but the following Rasis: here regarding Vrishabha (tcc) ana other wl1 ..p" (<r'i)or the tenth asMriga ielr). ok. the fifth ag lianthirava (5vit€)' Simha ftt)' (qfr{) or Leya (Ur .7. the sixth a$ Pathonr irtiig*ao '1er*1.. @ -1f*t). :. and the twelfth as Meena (ctq).. bh.. cach of the signs is known'. r. Prithur<rna(ggtq) ifrt'. the eighth 'as lli. KarLaaka (r{Ar) or Karkaa (*).*Ct. nrfrsqrq: fourth as Kulira (sdr).s[. rdf etErri\$qi r ft0 qrdtlt a*r rrr: ffi-qttt qgh+c I d drtt' *Cf cg". Kaurpi (+rft) or Kita (*a) the several The following are the I-atin names for eigns from Mesha (lr) or. Katal€Simha --. Libra Scorpio $agittarius CapricoriAquarius Pisc6 z'diacaL .tot 1Q ulrr{rqr. I(anya Aries Taurug Gemiui Cancer I*o Virgo Tula Vrischika Dhanus Makari Kuhbha Meena iu . Kanya (*c0. Mathsya (tl)' or Jhaoha Norrs. an elementary know' The autLc presumes in the student 'of 12 Rasis' tho 27 the lcdge of the science.Vanik 1nior1)' oi Dhata ('{4. t f€i ggt rqbrrftilt *ir qlFrr acrCr rlf ]t $. Mithuna .. aidbegins to give tho different naines by which Ntirfr"tr""..ottt as Thruli (lrdr1. more elaborately'dealt In slokas 18 to 25 the Rasis have becn may be noted Skandahora-(m-<1Kr) from with.

the breast. NorBs Rasis are usually counted from Mesha and Nakshatras from hswini (qhr*) rdrRff.i.qtrfr44nfi a"q1.qr Erilf}ffiRi}E gorf+fl{d qrmft. .. tun . The parts o[ the body of the person Kala (wo-Time) beginning with Mesh". Rasi (rrfu).rli. . Bharani (qetr) ana the first quarter of Krithika (afr61) and so on. qwq aril Tdr crtr frtrrs q t ilflrnfrili Frydffit {rsi (d{ ll il{o {Ksr$i{ ilqrqqturTct | ilisFtir 6..m cr€igs: trq<-o aqrrr frqdcrd frgd drlrgrq<uF{T{| irflrT{: m*.zfh* #. the groins. c/. Garga (. ffinmtrnrrffffinu11 ^ Sloha 7 lquarters 2 to 4). rhe hearj..ftfirlt{fu Adhr qHriffiT{q*Wrr ftqrqtl t qn. Bhavana (rtt) and Bha(v).. the two thighs. Kriya (Arc) and other zodiacal signs in the heavens consist of nine quarters of Btarsreckoning from Dasra fqe Aswini) . the mouth. the private parr. Sloha 8. Thus Mesha is composed of Aswini (qDrft). the two knees..6: g6frltq. qf}fr rwfr tc: aRmrrrT{ sq s r scqrtcr aFrr: rzc: il ft*t lTrrfi.rp. the two calvesand the two feet.clrql"vrrfi raecrtfu{tqii{ q. the hip.the several synonymous terms for Rasi (cFr) or sign. "r" vely the head.".nd are Fr.d lGhetra (ele). Each Nakshatra has four quarters and each Rasi consists of nine quarters of the Nakshatras.Riksha (*r).. the belly.rFt-r:cK: itE t*tiia: Lecqr<r?*i q rl t.- il(trar6atI ffig€tnt**1(r@3 sr6q qrggrpiqq6q fr I qr€t frqgrtnq{r slq tt d tl .) The last quarter of the sloka gives.

rg€ffi?nf{ g€CltrtiffiqAeq6{fifu | tt T{tTfl qsc?fii:Isrt rMqrfr i. t. The 12 Rasis are supposed to represent the several pzrrts of the body of Kalapurustra iqiogtc). Mesha (Aries) representing the head and so l-4._tha_. Mqt'frmuftn{ffi trot qrwrqitrqqfrirl €Trrftqh( r irqil qqwrfuilqw{rn q{ €}w2r{mn q tl sG qgrqqrdr qhr tqqrdsr S/oFa.. catedby their respective name6.. the hinder parr of the body baipg. q. ' \ clr. . Each one of them inhabits the region approprhte thereto. ing a harpand a mace.the horoscope according as the Ras is typifying them are connected with beneficqr malefic planets. of a horse.Sl. In the case of all horoscopes. &9. to find out the full growth or otherwise of the differmt parts of the body of the owner of. Gemini constitutea pair-ofhumanbeings bear. Capricornus is a shark with the fage of a deer. ing signscorrespondto things tvith froperties indi. Sagittariw is a man armed with a bow. The remain. Librais a person with a balance. m{t{di rNssrgE{c Grd( fiB*rfuns+{gr{r TrtqE aturl +loqrgtfft qt{lsqs: rl expressed The object of this divisiop is also distinctly' in the same work thus : ifi1cr. Virgo ia a woman ltanding in a boarcarryingwith her corn and fire. Sign PisceEconEists of two fisheswith their two tails and headsin reversed poEitione. 9. Aqglt rius is symbolised by a man with a pot. rqfrserrr: '5 Notps cf. the several parts of the body referred to above should be understood to be representCd iry the signs beginning from the Lagna.

or the pleasure. farms.The haurrt of the sixth or Virgo is a pasture. The lair of Vrischika (te*.caves and dense forests: . Th: abodeof Mesha (h) or the Ram ie the surface of the earth containing precious stones and yieldingmin:rals.banLin the midst of thetable. the cow station and the forest.6 qrdsqrftqa Adh I Notns. or the Scorpion consistsof a region abounding in he qrgwwrrmi qrq sflrtt! €rguRqluo{tilrfi?| ffig{ar sde€q r Er{teamgfltrrfi sdttrfu n I" tl qqfftRg€oqrd gonnf 'rsq ileorttiili{raqqfur qTqar@ stzsffi:nlttl r imrrq qREgrr{t{rr tqq frqqanoeT{qorfr qt{q qHfrigfrfrrflft u tR tr Slofras 10.I. 5.wm) or the Crab of a woman The locality of Thula (Wr) or Libre is the ba:aar of a city abounding in all kinds of qt. r*lmaq: is another reading. or holes ol . The seat of Kataka .haunts such as a park or a garden. cf . The placeof Mithuna fcga) or Gemini is the gambling house and pleasure. a pond or a sand.12. Ihe quarters of Vrishabha (ttll or theBull. q. The region of Simha(ftt) or the Lion is deep mountain.

crttqfr fqrgRg cfuft Afi.dt{rsPdlqfdrfr rt tqRcrqtgFdaft iis tdrr<Rqfum{ft: ttt€ tr+ Cqqc+i cqrcA:wrrrgrut' t tqrz:d.gngndrf6qrsrs* gfuaq?{r: il l{M Ig +lq t-rr f. lost things.. the sea and similar collections of water. The resort of of veesels and the receptacles Meena(rfr) or Pisces ia a river...€ft qgcfr Eqcfbcrt<crgee ge<Srg: r eqft rdq K(c <arRgrre uuvrwuqS : il qqr{lt cdHrr* qrg&t a$IrR qqls I .Y1'-19---?--noxiousreptiles.. (tltefirorFftlrt Ruq: t rffiWnt uftqonrcff{srsqfr: il {qrrrqnufugii q*t: cqrcR:sa{gqiqt{t: I ll rrd* mr<ftrqEd *. T'-T:.-. These are useful in fixing the nature and the whereabouts of absconded or missing persons.The campor barrackcontaininghorses is the placeof Chapa (rm) or the chariots and elephants .(tGffiqr.qtq. etc.Sagittarius. The home of Makara (got) or the Deer' faced is a river or other water'abounding region' The seat of Kumbha ($q) or Aguarius io a water'pot in a house..rqr c* ssftR{ nffi I ilsrt{t{r vrt Ruq: q{Ir6at 61ftfuqqft: rl qftqi q€r quqwrlcllqs Rrt: q mft *ffi..t t gxrrHtsq rqqrqElttaepilgr**qsUfi: tl qrlrMt qln: t*ssdt gffiqqrg I Urn+o@-q1ftqfi:rt ll.-.------"" .. from which the following is extracted:- qut sEfr fvcurtqtr! irrq<r qqt rtftF: gtil: r ' : rr sqrftrr tqr+..rcnRt{dEfiqft: aqr:rQt Rftu urg: rd s.-. Norus. and seem to have been culled from the works of the Yavanas.

. are to be considered ficrce and ousphious3 they are also termed moving. 13. characier.are long.. This sloka is helpful in deqiding tho sex.t [. If the Lagna be a male sign and the surroundings lead to the sagneconclusion. of the perbon coucerned. The rigns are male and female:from Mesha onwards in rqular order. Mesha.Qqqr:' ap. Vrishabha and Kumbhaare short. taken in order. Again" the eignofrom Merha.rrwrltqrt @ ! i{rc : f t g : r r q.Q q ftu: stqq S* Et fiqrfirqr$rqt: r g*rqilmg{rq cd d*reE6} qalftareqft: il c0 g *<cqcq{dtr ilqs crfr p{t* eRilt r gglqtqFcffi?tt@:rr Adb.. The student should never venture anyprediction_ unless'a11 t\e existing coditions are fully and carefully tested and weighed. but if thefr should be otherwise. Mithuna and. Makar4 Mithuna. =grTtsdr{ntq|ffi qF11QM*turrFril- {qtrewemnmM $irftdr eil$ $Sft vtRtrfff{rl? ufr nqq il R tl Sloha. gtt<sq{dq{ Efirsreg snqfur:t | iln r lqrtnM. q{ S€rS- {1ft5 11frSqrftg ffiK{dt irrfrfr rn<ikd . Vrirhabha. etc. Dhanuc. he is surely a male. Kataka with their thrikme ot triangular cignoreprercntttp four qufterE commencing from the East. appearance. The oigns Merha. Kanya. fixed and dual rignr reopcti"ely. Meena and Katakaare of wen length while Vrischika. hb will $e a male with feminine appcarancc and charactqr. $inha and Thula. ot uicc oosat. Nor:s.. etc.

Vrishabha. 14 . Kataka. . but it will by seen from sloha 56 infta tbat the sign's length is represented sign' short the number 20 and should therefcre be classed as a cl. The-rising aign at any characterioed given time. These Merha and Makara poEEesB excepting the tign Mithuna rire with their rear portion 'fhe rest appear with thsir heads and have firot.U. Mithuna..t 'f.YYYUT lrfrsrnr: lvrtvvwYu af.-iinq{. tqt eetsrftsiatc|}'iftrcdti gt*d frt<: -qtacJ qqft kqffir&rr& tttft' q 'ilfl ?.Isl. qgtftilfttrdrct fr gavg:tffig'rgqr{ qtn: I tt {qqftffiftfr ffi sqr<qmr: zPqq+'qr Videalsa notes to that sloka.ofu. Dhanus' otreogth at night.Norss c/. €KFdt. 14. t (Rrqrrr+goqrqrqtffrq: lr(dFtFt || be The sign Meena is stated to be of even length. atqP gwr A?nlcq divqw grwt. ssffi: ' . q65f{ea'rds qtmril ftPtrEqzgXflSqfqlw{fir trdnwqfr irqr:rftfrflRaqor: Rrqrwt mqqqtsu{frffiq t ftawl(aqg{Tt3ifiaot qhR ll tB ll Sl.q1{r:5llr: t}<r g*5 rretg tt d€fl: ftryqddr R:cERRft tmq. Itrength during the dry. q(l{(e[ffi ' t qin gBrflr&a irorfusr s{kar tt Fnr {tqttqr*c s-Tqrqtg3Qr<cr: Also lt€ft(trdRr nn zsrreetRqro<rc€rrr ttarc-q! q: t . They are also termed rigno by tuperiority. if repreoentedby a coupleof fieh'figureo ir ) and under both tlie Priohtodaya ( sg?qq io "or. ' I ftqhrerilti g r qft+rumwri. $eerchodaya (t?rff'qc).vffirvv!^ !v rv.

cf. .{rgpqrrffidn?ft Et: tr'l'it<qrqt ur{?it(frs.rg $i ts qr$qndtRltqunR\fl q6lt6r iilag{pr qi1ctfqwtlt FqlilIfqreftfurnl{rrql oqfail qia qrr &ril i[ttret: ll tq ll qoli\tllqr tltnqg{ t 'I aqrqua\.iJessiir. Vifu Adhyaya II sl.0lo rmdM Adh.The latter haif ct Dhanuo' and Mesha' when Vrish. MercuryanclJupiterare water'resfftcrs. while Mesha.resolters. M'n' (wra)or they happen. ll wflrflq qaqs Rdnqeowt ihrqrqntt' Slofta.$il (QflqqHqftld eq 11 lu ll iorrrfr rf{qarq\qf $imha' Slolos. 16.q: tI of this sloka.17. pla' Amongplanets. Vrischika.ha.a -the l0th-bouoe. (dry or) waterless those that traverse represent Norss.l u. 13' usi rireagt and Saturnwaterless t{ srdr qqk il'6or:n (fr' I rd v.oi"iit eigno' Kanva' are calledquadruped .Mithuna and Vrishabha.ngtt "nd . ones. 15.rtol N'"gpqgrq<fr54<r0. For the usefulness cir& Rqcfl qotqiiEa tt alil<} q+ntsikr{Rt<: qmq't{ qf<i <t+ Rc{zrq$ {rrd a ae{ lt ffi ltsr kT{a Also {lrt|ts*€qrrm qftoTi{tnqF frqrqqr qzq5firtlrfr1rlr lrq(iril {t<rt il t\. represent Thula and Simha.Kanya. tbe forepart of Makar. the Moon and Venus are tenned watery Mars Suo' tbe and nets.b gpnrt qPrd5. Many learned men say that Meena.Dhanus. water. Katakaand Makaraare termedwatery signs' the Kumbha.T{q ft-qrffiir ksflli}mr:q: tt eiFrtq:q*q-gh<rqSnqrqqr e€qt: sdw: t a. ifl .

rr<rts?ficfiFEeil{ R r Bhavadigb.+A{iir{t'<r&qcfbir | rr A+{r reir fqqAt it wocr<rq: I mltDr*: +tir s-osr{qftfrp66: Tgms-qisftfr{trftrq: Q q-gtqfl:ll {Fr€ -.rfi{rql ftimm-<-Wfrq .1t{rAg4dft ftitr q qfu.a4:r ofiryr sfuir Frgtld R rc<rqrq: rl s-gtq. 18.".t& . o/.rd:. when they form the lagna or the rieing sigr\ have abundant strengthand are termedthe human family of bipeda. the quadruped signs are strong au night when in Kendra(*-"4) position. 7th. but also the other aquatir signs.a) positi.irq {e: rqr Xdnda qf. Vrischika which is a water.8t... ta+(ftfrtfier:) The term qizr (reptiles) here includgs nbt pnty Vrischika Rasi. Sl.qd€)or Kendra (#q) position poqseFs Kantaka in the rtrength in the two periodsof juoction betweenday and night (morning and evening). or 10th house) during the 1*. c/ .'t+dtffr: frfq-garg. A bipedsign is srrong [n a Kendra (let. Ill. Tfiula and the fbrerparr of Dhanus. All reptile signs ulhen the came (*.t{ r q-q-{sffi-6r qr+rE{rertr: Xirart I *f r$} ? {. The latter part of Makara.4th.{ t. 2l-23 *ErK u{ qR *aqqr: tFqft {ttgerrr{Fil tt qdtl Slokd.are Etrong when they tuppen to be the {th house. resortingsign is strong in the seventhhouse. ' Nores' cf' il. T$d. l8 rrrftsEfif: II Mithuna. Meena and Kaaka which are termed waterv signs. Nores.on d"y . These are useful in finding the (iTIq iitro) Izrda frqfrqqft: Ch.-r** *d lrdlG ffir qg6T(r! irctrar *oqnrcr rdrqq I {lr +. .rdrql fign-or qh{rr Trr. Kumbha.

g$atttrqc qil! d€rr*frarlll'o'll t tg: o€t x?roft{{rrft eTr w: ftFrr.iffi *At the animalincludes beings./9. Simhaare Kthatriyar .rnr and Thula are \f. and Kanya' Kumbha. and Vrigchika Dhanusand MaLara are 80 in rhe afrernoon... Dhanus. fsgi qttqr: *nqrrSsft Ttr{r *F: ll qarfi{ra{$ frqrfrqtfl qeffi Efu$ffitr t ffi qilt ll Rt ll . from a tree down in. Brahmins. -r-. ' {ft{t llltll rdfu{it{Fi q{osr{ofd <rr€{€Fqs €flrFHFtt[({qT qFqat qr{ffit lTkff{ i . *to. as Sudra (*i) and l(4talca The sign Vrishabha is considered correct view' c/' rrem<' +Stt Brahmin. Katakr are Sudras' Nmes.atmr-mm-tn< Sloka."t "rt" "aa and gold to clay' things of thtt classvarying from comprices to a the whol: body of living gr"ir.Zl.qtq: g".2l..Mineral tableand animal. Vrischika and Vrishabha are Sloka.tia* all plants etE r they are mineral' other signs taken in order' that even signs'-.ff qrfiGqq blind Sloko. This seemsto be the qro-Sloka'$1. Meshaand Vaisyas . Wise men'qayin respect vege' V.ilI.rr faqwqrqffit tqll I ii." Thol.. ffiEv. Mesha.V-------t-t ffirfitRqtu ## Adh f qrdfi *qtmqrrrqt *rrqli d*{a: tqt+ ll tq ll of Meshaand "ffi.Vrishabha and $imhr are and Kanya are at the deadof night' Kataka'Mithuna ara deaf in th3 utina at midday. l'tleena'..

res. mqtc-d wrgrwif q\eslm.rrat t cra. Vrischika and Meenair (*tsFn) and is well'known ar called Riksha. 22.l-20. piebrld.ta Arcft "t qq Strd wcr?t qcqrft *<Xs: n | rrrfr€t{rkqrzw wrgF{fifufrctrrrJil! fuo' @ q'fig *Rqet'll RQ ll Sloha. Makaraand Dhanuswhich are lame become fatal in the two periodsof t wilight.3. pink.brown. c. cf.:t{. rrrltstqrr: 13 Sloke.-the end of the elbow -a Pqgandantha(*rrnei. al.22: The deerfacedand the bow'b:aring oigns.nChi ie.white.8|. *q. qgqrds r$ qttrididqre$qrrsfiPE{r' fReffir r writcq rt fr*6i{al1ir*<rta* Also qRrsd t onRaftdgrfi-dr: qr€atqftttcp:gfuTr{c I urqaenrftn.. variegated.the' signs Kataka. The concluding pqrtion'of.fttri g qRrrcqqfW{rtq . For the effect of a birth at qt. and white arethe colourl aE' deep.x:.2l.goltlen.d. green(parrot's hue).c. pale-white. Nr. signed to the signsfrom Mesha onwards.llitq: 'Tg{q'fFFr' qffirtd: $rnqril: ll il part (a critical period).f.ycllowish or brown.Sr. +ftrgrtcrrfr<ul: <f Also qtwrm cn: Rra:gtfttr: vra&qawogt:t ftmr: ttrce: n rqq!fi(6{: F{. vulnerable ri' Nottg. Red.11.

24 Clothin. q{qgft ilttrirqfrg'{fr mtffi qriqwt*'r TqF( qfir: llR\ll flfiHtqnild*qT*fr stur nqri(g Slotil. flowers springingin w. Also A<lhyaya fiq-dfrqq: wqdgcwr. the collectionof forest produce.{ ilqrii qrrfugcq {rqrd firffTdrqit-qfr$gtM Fqluqrg: -. Eesamum-$acl<s.Mars. St.signs respectively. plantrin. inf'a. 25.rter and all water'born articles.o ba the materialg representedby Mesha and the remaining.can?. lords of the signsfrom Mcshaouwardsand alsoof their amsas' NcT.l1 qrfficrRqre Adh I. Wise men say that Mars. accorJing as the eigns typifying them are weakor Etrong.i{s. Venus. thingo are said f. 4. : : $TFmsq?Aq* 1lge Wq g*a+ irt t*r+rg"ft fiq€: fka<?il rtqi: I ^-\ ErFr|E$rqFrqqqlr q{{!5rllrcctt -1 . c. I1I. Mercury. bambcc. Venus. the Sun. the Moon.l and other artictesof apparel. cereals of the highestsort. muiga or kidney beanrnd other stored articles of trade coming up to iron and oth:r kindredsubsugar.their quantity being small or great. gold and other valuable weapons rtances. M:rcury. cuperiorrice.qr{rt grd fro'lrtgd fag*{Gft I t {qfr ll 18 ll Stoka.Saturn. " !ffiaa1iBj1qFtl:' . is anotherreading.\ q flEEr qEI: -\ frrr rnq&tn rrtr q ro& frsri m* sfire: rl . I. l.6.f. c/ nreeR ag{qgq'Sl. 42.E. the and Jupitgr are respectively Satrrrn Jupiter. and horses.

qr{i gqq griTl*: eqr ft. the next t€n degrees. e. tne ifrtilon" ({oFr+ior). I)hanus ( qW. Kumbha(in) ic theMoolathrikona Mithuna(fogr). Thula (gor).gq t4* tudtqnfrar: t 1r{qrrnrr qc ffirurcd cit g *qs I . Sani (nft).. (€8") Kanya (*-qt).hu.* clcs r. .eaq 1 qraffirwni cdhn*: srtftrti tmrs I Ei qrtFnt.t Mootathrikona(ryH*lo)' The the Moolathri' of Mesha arecalled first twelve degrees lona (teflrlor. and Kumblra(gq) are the first triangular (Moolatrikonawith the $un' commencing W&*f") signsof the planets In the . t. and the rest. qtq(i {ti{' t qili q{rqrrur qrftree . the Srwakshetra 6/ fl<rrd. the exaltation sign and +.).Lf Sukra (gt).t. rheir own house' The first three degrees portion 9f jl' cf Vrishabha(yu) form the exaltation Moon. The f."r.Sl.26'28. the first t0 degrees Kumbha(S. and the.!11' ({strkshetra(qt").theSsakshetra (€e"). Ravi (rft)' ind of the signs Thula (gor1' Guru (gt). sd qrE llq. aRnrgettqr TdrxEirqr qte :qqP-qql II I1E frmrfrmdkqtaqidrsffq*qqr* ff rm.\ell ilfirlrr{rr{r: gEtet Tt qr( ll 1d ll ir?Hsti qFlqrrd. cf Kuja(go)and the rest. Simha (lttt). Vrishabha(1ltr.rat baif of Kanya(*'.F).ar)is the' exaltation tbe Moola' portion of Budha(gq).' Mesha Stokas. S. Kanya (t'ar). (h). Swakshetra (eia).tt. and the last five degreee'.28 rrr*srqrq: I5 r<rq w\ r wRqrqrqgqfoAftA+d ffisr {Wgfr?fi{r ftamtrq. i.qiiti zgs qqoit Simhe1&t). and Dhanus ( fW ) form the Moolathrikona (qor?ohr).tJd.

Meohg Vrishabha. Meena and Thula are the exaltation Eeven planetc respectively from the Sun onwards. I.Sruror A (16) tq{i * fifurdwr a<r: (20) it (10) rdrwr: r gvs ilrilr: Fr<i qrtqr: (15) rt (5) trtr: €* qt Bdogr Rn (10) qI *Tqil gt: n For the Exaltation!'and Svrakstctn (g&a) places of Ral'rr and Ketu. the 3rd' the 28th. lvfakara.cc1i alq q n *ar q grlt fti {t{ v erg{ qaq I qsws$*r*nN Em dd q tf{rrrfirftir(nt'rq. . Wfr Frffi& Itso vrgftctsrw QFr (10) grn (3) rtqina: (28) lfr'w: (f9 e{rror (5) affiitr. oigno beingthe7th from their exaltation their deprescion oneE.Kanya. 29. ${ 1.16 { illrfurr Adh. The higheEt exaltation portion of the planeto counting from the Sunare the 10th.(z?) Tirqqr: (20) rite g*qrvrr: r tt dCqr (20) vcrffiurt ql (10) w si tuilq !!Fr {w. r fuqqrffiW{mr ll Rqll Sloka. aignrof the Kataka. oidc 1\s following from Pensara (c(r{-d il*q ul* ta\Aqir gw{q I qafu*rut** ? g. (3) * (27) ffiorwr: n giqtq un€rrT (1Z) q* ffiqw: fr (18) gri 'rsR gfr ftcr (to) rkftqil: fr (20) €r[q r * uft: rfuq{: (15) Ff. q{rqr{rT tsrc c BrdsrcA r* qt t gN il r*sid TcFrrrt <* q* rr frnfttcr: ilFt Frirqqcl sqr{Tdtr I qRqtq qqr €: ltt r.

19-"-""""". ""."-"' 11. Dwaclacamra or l/l6th.the 15tlr. qt c{fficfrsrql Tftt M U*ortrfh*qeft g€t {rftiqnoir il qrdrq{tsew{i{r:$oitutsd Etttsmoi ?qrgRaqqfrfiqrirnrlnrI |Wttwqqr Rqfir{ft Ek qtr. 30. (ve) balas of These are useful in finding the correct Uchcha the several planets. Dalamamsa .n "*r. The eflects of the Sun and the Moon occupying their res' pective highest exaltation degreesintheir exaltation signs (Uchcha Rasi'sqtlRt) have been separately given thus by Garga:- €drqirqf*ffiqwq:{ai qffitq I sr€ir sftt c{r* €fu*rmdraft rr and the result of their occupying their extreme depressionportions is thus described bY the same. Kalamsa(Taitl) (wutt) (ftnrtn) or l/30th. the 5th.danger.long (ta) means the half of a Rasi.Dreklanafirrur) ot 17$td. the 2?th and the rigns. Navadea(miqr) ot l/9tb. of the aon's or 5th houoe."""**:". and in belongreepectively one to the Moon and the -Sun' The Drekkana . and' $trathtyamea Thrimsamsa or l/60th of a rign (usully called Daoavarga<trt) pre life and prosperityto men' Hora duceloss. (irrrql or the third portions of a sign are owned by thd iords'of the sign inelf.r. (qtrqiql or f t0th. and of the 9th or the hotne d Dbarma (q*) I . Lagna or the whote. Swaramsa half. (Crlntqr)orl/l2th.". in an oddsign'the halves to the Sun and the Moon.rdrt+ t$grnt"tft grt Gfr Eqm ftqffiqil:Qfl:flffii {ER ll 1" ll Sloha. theseveral - """" " "".. Hora (it) or grtn) ot ll7th." tlOth degreeof Norrs.

(3) Drekkana. (7) Dasamamsa (8) Drvadisamsa (9) Shodasanlsa (tO) Vimsamsa (tt) Siddhamsaor one twenty-fourth. There are sixteen Vargas.lvrao for stert vi frr forrmq ssiqfr mqidrfi: I qrq{d{Isdfutlg{: qgasffs. but only teu are given herd.t dd ftrq t arrfr€ifr Erfirirm: r fttria*q qfist *iv egqr6e: rr rsrnqeqft vg1tsRm: r*g €Efrrr. the following from rr. (13) Trimsamsa. (2) IJora. (6) Navamsa. c/.$) respectively. (lZ) gtramsa or one twentyseventh.rr qI \ qtriqfireffi€r . tl r For the names of the 16 Vargas. *<rgam as&ER"rfrtrrmanf{qi lrcr: r ilEftanq qgirnEI furuno. Six and sometimes sevenare usually resorted to and are known as Shadvarga (q<.IE qrdrqfit|tt Adh I Nores. (14) Khavedamsa or one fortieth (tS) etsMvedamsa or one forty-fifth and (16) Shashtyamsaor one sixtieth.({il'n: cuirt{ dirr rRq tl * That is. 4. (l) Rasi.i) aud Sapthavarga. c({R Tqh *cttiTer*.. I qgqdrrrfrsriefr rrdft irqqr tl Alao q. gfoca+rtt*t is anotherreading. Viik slokas+7 & +8 ittta. Even theseten Vargasare but seldom consulted. t* alrr q tu*rortgqtn'sgsiw*':| mirft q{rci{a qqh13ffi: il fffi'qfr eq-{r'6€irrkrfridirm<a: r qlqi. (4) Chathurthamsir or lth (5) Sapthamsa. For the uses of the several Vargas.r{ qut mdrcE: r ertt irqqqqrftifu nrrn6ft rr .tn-o ffiqni isittr{ fqrnrnqqd}. r/.

they'are to be reckonedfrom the lord of the 7th house onwards. 8r. rr*sqnq: 19 Horas and According to the Yavanas. accepted for Prasna (qa) purposes(Ilorary astrology) whiie the other is reco5lnised for purposes of horosccpy. This sloka gives the ril:it:' finding out the lord of the Saptarnamsa in the cases of odd and even si6ns. thus stated.* (qg Errror s€{e tl e*trfrrg elt:or s:ETeatfiT€IgatTtr qF4r[ | q*cq Sfh{rqf. But by Varahamihira.rcl: Rrt tr} ilrf.qfr ifi qirrrqft rr rTffitotror<qgl{ar{r.frfu qn q€rngt:$€nlq: tl ffi(rfiqqrmq{r gA o? qd{rnrqfufl:trflrrrEq: ll 1l tl SIo&a 31. who has 'r sitlg €iltr $rr{r grAg{titrr *qr r ryfi: *nrt tqr sr. but is shared by all tlris view of the Yavanas is not recognised nor even by authorities like Satya. . i. according not restricted to the I sEerq*il{cnrftcni MiiWr: 6c{|qdis( tl so that. The owners of the Sapthamamsas (qcctT) or the ?th portions of Lagnirand other hougas are in the cale of an odd sign to be countedregularlyfrom the lord thereof. to this view.a( m ffqi{r sr" Gr* $?rrEI dttr qRssqqrin AtirqT qrr}Tqqg rl sTrefi g srra* qiffir €ntcr {tls&fui tl asg€grrcTd Ut gd|I*igcr gTrUR'r q*org.{{TTnq: Pg: I tqrqf*ncaq:Tzr€ie{rrir qil sft": tl But it may be mentioned here that this convention of the Yavanas has beer. {{r. the ownership of the Horas i3 the Sun and the Moon. while in the ca.eof an even sign. the lords of the Drekkanas are as described in the following sloka : qreirg ir rrers q.$.

33The Navamsas Mesha Simharetpectiveiy belorrgto the nine signof-tqT Makara' to onwards. Thula and Kurnbha' The Vriochika and Meena resPectively appertainto Ar. an even sign. Kanya and The nine signs t"t"t"t" and otherc following it' tbe Navamsa! U"ginni"g with Thula are the ownerc of of Navamsae oi"ttairnJo".ld signs from KatakaonwardE' ttt" "in" NOTES. thoee of Vriihrbha. etc't cf .t0 '{''" ilmdua Adh I of Thula' an'odd sign' Thus. character or temSaptharnamsas are useful to ascortain the if born in a p"oro"na of the native. will count from Vrischika' The magni' reckoned from Vrischika) and close with tude of each segment is 4?o. for examplo. he being cruelly disposed if his birth happens in a Krura Sapthamsa. Nrvrnrsas' Thcso give the rulce for fiuding out tho Each iTrqtqt$iartdqi ad{r€gff(q: I wqgltrqffit I iroramirn aa t ll '11ll umgF{s*{ttt s*erqrEsiq6t: . or peacefut in nature also utilised for seeking is Saumya Saptamamsa.Meshaand slolos 32. tbe Sapthamamsasi Mesha' while those of will begin with Thuia and end with (=theTth sign Vrishabha Vrischika. This division information ibout one's brothers. qfur€6 *rsmft qriwor grt eer& r$: I sgcitrilftq{s: crT{ qt cftfril: ll " Also lqa1q{dn tt tqrftftr5qerrsrfr cgstEqrrqrqqmdtt q€i1rrdiqqt{tl|'r: ll q-a$rss"qraqfr: ceqCh+cti U *t}S {lg werrr {r6crulrar3 ildr: trr{Fd *tqr: t w{-{rq|tr tt q qtfittt m *ftm: tr lR ll of Dhanrie.

Thula t Vrischika. Dbanus Makara Kumbha Meena I Simha Kanya I qri{st iq' f* q€'{ild{6: ft --otn+r ftqill qfr<qfr tqe' ll lu ll the best Sloba34 The Vargottama (<ril-<e) or sign' the is the firs$ NavanEain -a moveable Navamsa dual cign' in a fixld oign' and the last in a . the first N.&g <{dqln t qffi q*frr€GT: I aJe said to ..* "f Y:. The subjoined table in their ordcr for the several signs' Simha Dhanus Vrishabha .silrd'd € €.KanYa I I Makara ilakara Kumbha Meqna Mesha Vrishabha Mithuna Kataka Mithuna Thula Kumbha Kataka Vrischika Meena lst 2nd 3rd' 4th 5th 6th 7th 8th 9th ileghn Vrishabha Mithrrot Kataka Simha KanYa Thula Vrischika Dhanus Thula Vrischika Dhanus Makara Kumbha Meeoa Mesha Vrishabha Mithuna Ketata Simba Kanya .* (aEi{) The middlemost Navamsa K+taka is Kata'ka"oi 'o ou' and so on-of' J'Vrt"tt*uoa is Vrishabha ({lil(ci{) Planets sitrrated in Vargottarna-os . (cfi-{c) Navamsasin thd Vargottarna the It will be seenthat as the signs themsetves' For several Rasis bear the samenames is Mesha:the first ol (a1d the niae Navamsas Navamse Is 3" 2d.*t productive of immense good'of' Itf.

. and (10) Ananth" f"o-i.). v{r{rt !nrr{ fEnfrfl m"q}i g11r ats"'r{iq r f: qdf{ q{r ftqc* q'{rpilrrtre'sr: tt . in the case of an even sigq..rl. counted inthdinvcrscordcrin the case of an.. the owners of the Dasamamsa (wwtn1 or f6th portions are to be countedfrom /he sign iteelf. ead qrte!*a ggfil-aqrilr. . ({ara).ig""*. 1 srr€flrq r{ri}} q} sr gtnilw rr U .i. "*.. (o) Maruta (qrm). I "Also qiq rQg q*aqqftee: gunvr m{rqtrdr: I trrrrftalqirTr rfu}g c"rr ft{f$g irrcrrTr:I qrltvcr: cQsrfrF{a wre:g. . In the caseof an orJd oign.rTilrTr{tqn<{rQrrt rr.22 qTilffiQqrl i' Adh.C) .. from ite 9th onwarde. (z) rubera ($i<). (5) Varuna (+rq).i ffq{rhrq lTnr{r d-ilih"raf*€ifq r ' tsffishn nc{i {irlns0arqT fc: tl {h* It will be seenfrom the above that a&ording' to parasara (cflEK) (. The ownerE oa. fnl n.r. This s10ka gives the t"il:tu::' the Dasamamse (iqgit)and Dwadasamsa "at...r ' erfiri{rrfrqirrTnililrt{{Irg{r: lt i\ il cf. (z) Agni (ufid...(3) yarna (+q).}'g<rr: I Also qrtrad q.r" tobe reckoned "f from that aign. o'{rRqqfqtir{rrc-i+i W} gqG6r..rrrnt}g q*r gvga'rrrr: il t Slaka J5. . (9) padrnaja (q-{r"r).r) ttrelords of the'Dasamamsas in the case of an odd sign are (Indra (64).ulatins (AfCri{r)of a Rasi.i" Dwadasamsa (arwt{| or rtsth portions ' .

! ..a (l) (r) the lords .nrl (efd (a) recurring in regular order' But this view is Ahi and not aecepted bY all. ! .?. Darne of thrt the initial segmentof eigu.' t .v v . that of the sign Taurus assumel the name of Leo. Tbersegment rulers are. in regular the sign Aries takes on the.v v . Rudra (t<) anil Aditya (erRFT)'i" rotetion. Their of an odd eign are Brahma(lut). in the case of lbe positivc sigis Bra. sd thet consecution.' .! e r . tbe ecliptic is cut up into. ond so on. The Shodasamsas in the lords portions of a sign ate important. Vishn" (ftg).8L ili r q y v ' J v t r v v Y v . r {gt*m{ilI RftHd}ft{ftnmrr *fu t. grfrftofi ffi q16ffir Rdqa' ftst qmqlql:hlqll (M'{r) or f"th Sloha 36. .. r/. Nripamsa (qci{f)... ('ftrt{itd in the foltowiry are thus described The Shodasamsas works.hma(eqr). Pansrrr fi<tTd rlobip . Inthecaseoftho negativesigns. (r) Ganesa (q. When the lagna ie an even sign.r . Vishnu tftqf} case Hara (w) and Ravi (rh) recurring in regular order.lg2 cqbl By this mode of are named segmentgof l' 52' 30" each in length. 'division. the lorde of ths (Qrwrhr) are to be counted in the invcrtc S[odasamoas (urer) or Ravi (rft) order from Bhaskara Notes.' .. t The Shodasamsa (ifc{i{r) division of the zodiacal sign is variously knovrn as Kalamsa (q-oi{) the several Dwadasamsas of each sign are '{2) yama (zH) Aswini Kumaras (et}{-'t$clt... lhc enumeretion of is rcvcr. zodiacal. aod ro fortl.v .v r{d}srqrq: J .'dt{n. Thc sogments in the order of lhe signs. ' wtfup qrtrtp"r sqi{rqr P{futriM: sqttiQatrcor: sc*s?cq| ll *r* @fr'ftwftRtrrir gri Tqrrrc*{ {rdr .

but also for zbdiacal nannes of all segments. the names of the divinities mentioned.urr. qfi ii gfr rtfqcq il Adh" l. These two woiils are in astrological classics not only in the general dense of use. the order of the count is reversed. this system. of segrnents.. the Saturn. and the Sun. (gt. If the sign under segmentation is positive. Mercury. the order of qaming is. planets.mencing from Aries and be supplementediu thc end by the nlmes Brahma (rg). . (J). as usual. l0th. (Zl. When the sign under segmentation is negative. Mars. If the sign is lhu order of enumerationis to be reversed. reversed. There are some others whose views are also marshalled below for convenience of reference. except for the circumstance that in place of the divinities we substitute the names of the 9th. I . J*. of course. llth and l2th signscounted from the positivesigns (under segmentation. Ruara (qf) ana Aditya (srrtts) to makeup the number 16. Mars. or from which a count bas to be made for a specific purpose. only. and the Sun.the count of the segments in the case ofan odd sign must follow the order of the zodiacal signs com.tion). The word lM (in the 2nd line)=6|'. tne method of allocation of the segments is the same as iu the previous system ._ps it provideis not only ior rulers though not wholly plauetary. with reference to the first method are put in. When the sign is negative. to make up the number 16. Vishnu (t?T).But according to 'Ascendant'but also (as here) in that of'a given sign or house' or t a sigo cr house under consideration. the count of thc begments must follow the order of the zodiacar. This schemo has a certain amount of symmetry aborlt it. signs commencing from that sign (as in the case of the fffirill and be supplemented in the end by the names of ""g*"ot. The method of allocation of the segments is in no wise different from that of (2) above. in place of the four planets. Satrirn. Accordingto ".the positive and negativesigns are distinguished by the possessiori of a cqnmon disposition. Mercury.l rnwfut rtffi* iw tstw: fit: rrqr I ruft*1rt.' ..

T.other hand. Kratu (n-g). Souri (ttrR) or Vishnu (fig) represents l0 (the lO Avataras). Angiras (ffirw). lsaGtr). (agq) represents 9 (the Prajapatis. are uscd in accordance with the latter Spnkhya. Sankhyas. ln an evon sign on the. of the thosesign onward. Saptarshi Sastrv of Tanjore. Attrri (qtt) and Vriddhavasi rS 1a (agw{ts). Sauri (1rlfr). and Dirvakara (frqrdr). r*sntr: N 'The predictivp value of the 16s11i1r)segmentation is' as may in the absencc be expected. In an countedin tlre reverse order from the l2th sign. Pulasthya (goe). otLtha (tt). ta (fu) stands for I I ithe I I Rudras. The words Virinchi (ftRfh). I lth. V. llthand lZthsignscount6dfrom the same sign. Marichi. involved in considerable obscurity' 'iuthors astrological among of any consensus of testimony and as to the afrnities of the several segments with the signs authors And the sad part of it is tttat reiutable the planets. Kalvanavarman (tqprcd{) and Bala' bhadra' (qery<) have nothing to say about the Shodasamsa in their works. the first four sub-divisions are rcspectively governed by the lords of the lZth. from the same sign. the lirst twelve sub'divisions are ruled by the lords of the twelve signs beginning from that sign and the rcmaining four sub'divisions are respectively ruled by the lords of thegth. 9th. Sarma of I'anjore on tLe authority (as he tells me) of Pandit C.and the remaining sub'divisions are respecti' vely ruled by the lords of the twelve signs but couuted in the reverse order." 4 . Notes-In an odd sign. It is a peculiarity of our ancient Hindu authors to denoto numbers by the two well'known notation known as the Kata' payadi (q-zcqtii). Virinchi (ftRB) or Brahn'. l0th and 9th signs from that sign. l0th. the lords of the Shodasamsas from tLat reckoned signs twelve the of those are sub-divisions and l2th llth lOth. or the sixteen " [n an odcl sign. like Varahamihira (e-wFntd. and Diwakara (kcrfr() tq 12 {tne l2 Adityas). Bhrigu (W). together rvith 'signs to be are gven the lords sign.5[ 90. An ingenious iuterpretatiOn of this somewhat obscure variant of the verse has been oflered by Mr. (gw). (qtn?). and the Arnavadi (rrol'{fR).

On that accoturt.lpositive' or negative' or male possibility of a The lines or female.I ftdEqratc|r Adh I A.iKAqntqfd) cannot be forced to bear a meaning which ifs ('ird'iiqfiarir) and author did not evidently intencl.g. Saurisadivaka' Virinchi from syntactieal objections.K) tend to confirm the n6ar is almost the iDterpretation as given in the tianslation Clrintanrani rnark. Nanda had the Dik (ftT).bovefrom Pararpara (c{Il. It respects. and the like.E portions allotted in an odd sign to Kuja. parijata {. 7 and 6 Bt'dhaand Sukraare tegpectively . as they are termed in Western Astrology' view and this quoted a. as thev could have done if they in their were numbers If (qdrsTR€(4) view. tlte compound will not bear alnumerical interpretation raha (Rftffinftrf?Srdqr:) as neither the Phaladeepika (moatfrqit)nor the Sarwarttha Chinta' nor even Parasara (C.618. Sloh:t37. The verse as a rvhole considersthe can only mean the 'rising sign' being. 6. (Tq). '"t Fl \i tfr qqtrftft{qrrqsitwffiqi{{r: ltafrqrhfttil{tql:ll ls ll :I teirt q{kqqarsqtrdqlorl d. such a copious author in other (ffe{ft?f) in his Shoclasarns:r the mention even as much so does not Horaratna (trccq).'. tiut Phaladeepilia (rodft-+r) and Sarwarttha (qrgarilr) Shodasamsa of the allocatiqn (t{sftftd{tq) interpret the of language the Jatakarulerships dillerently. STi: s16th -Cutu. the divinities into those of any other denomination c. 'rising sign'.*. The Thrimasmea. Jdtaliapariiata Parasara (c{r{t( go a good. way together as regards Shodasamsa ('ilsqri{) rulerships.) varies the names of mani (gdqfqffftr:). in Aro*lradi Sankhya have ordinary would mind.part But this interpretation presents certain difrculties.d' (fr{rt{) or degrees. that Balabhadra (soilq). l{ad he chosen to introduce the topic' it would bave put an end to all trouble' the slola The word vitagne' (frs*) in the second half of vilagne R-dl') should be read with oje ("ii) in first line also. one or other of our ancienf authors is unfortunate Sankhya Vachaka Subanthaha (€<qrqrqqigE<f:).

7.8. I "' Each of the planets other than the Sun and the l{oon own two signs one odd and the otlter even. "-. isfro. When a planet is in .) Vidl a|'qo notes otr II. Norss C/. then take the odcl lhrimsanrsa Rasi (ft+rilr <rfu) of 'the planet ln fivhoseThrirnsantsa (frqrid the first planet lies. Thus.rrmT{ag r wnr rrrfr+nftrgrgi cmfigifr ${rrurqI.trtt) divisions are greatlyl useful in femele horoscopes (Viac e'anyayd XVI.g\€Ggqrgqi{rTr gfr g'{qrFf. Trirnsamsa (fr'. qdd.eqrE llldil milor mqiffi\ rqqt{qrfr $i€$ntftiltqn' t qrqhmr Itg| S'€* rr{drF{frfr M$mr! ll qq ll gnt'qRkqrrtmrqrrrf I sffi Boll qihrffffiffi'mrll fiqsrfi'd{sI MqFr sRm{rffi: ftilQmrcqr q<riqfrqtg-s(€ sre ffir' rJqrqd'til ffi ffiq' ll 8t ll {rotg ffi Tg{ttotfrllBRll i*or*gfrKqqwdhil : srorftq€rgqfttorcqt' r rtaurqlf.* Su-t" t-tt**u.tfH: tTqnrtrq qrir w q q*E lrgrratg r lrrFrgaeoEgrgtgnrgfiruri mtqim: tl q"*a qR sr& qs q qgr'r . 5 and 5 degrees have5r. a plahef in an odd sign in a Guru Tritnsamsa 15 fftdrr) r$rst be pleced in the Thrimsbnlsa l(undali (fr:Iirr Ws-&) in Dhanus (sgq) (an odd sign) andnot in I\'teppa (fta). sloka l$ inftd. gwqfrftqriFgtt*nll 81 ll' I -i8ffinqfifiq: . n'hile arplanet in an even sign in Guru Tritrrsattrsa(Sq frrfi--r) must be placed in Meenr (fra). 87-43 gqfrs€{rq: 2l Sani and Kuja t*n .fiqn terdr. gtf. Adhyaya :I qs'r{rsrff[ftqR€grt trttffirqrgd{rtTrll q {.

50 Prethapurisamsa 12 49 '13 A p a m p a t h y a m....... I Slofras3843..g8 rrlrqrftilrt Adh.4 1 2l Padnnabhanvamsa.29 33 Davagniamra .. 52 10 Agnyamsa .. 18 {4 Kalamsa. Demoniacaland divine portionr (enumerated in thece slokas)whereofthe firrt ii Ghor... 32 80-Gulikamsa .. . 3e . 14 48 Damehtraliaralamsa l3 49 Indumukhamsa ....4 4 18 Chandramsa ..... 41 15 Kalams& . 46 16 Sarpamsa .. 53 9 Garalamsa .".... Propitious and unpropitious poriions reckoned'fr6m Indurekhain the inirersi order govern the parts in "toth of the an eve.. ll 51 Kalagniamsa . The following are the dcsignaiioni ceveral $hishtyamsao :Slgn Namer of Shashtyameas Even Odd Sign Slgq Ntrnes ot Evs Shashtyamsae Sign 1 Ghc'ramsa . 28 34 Ghoramsa .. 5d 7 Bhrashtamsa ....#th parts in an odd (rign........ ...25 87 Sudhamsa . 3C 3 2 K a l a msa ... 14 Devaganesimsa . t0 52 Dandayudha.. 8 64 Subhakaramgr .3O 26 Ardramsa ..2L 40 Vishapradigdhamsa Z1 41 Kulanasamsa .... t .. 16 46 Mridvamsa . 60 2 Rakshasamsa ...42 20 Koma l a m s a . 15 4? &etbalamsa ...... lj 25 Devarusa ...n jign. B{ 28 Kshitiswaram$a. amoarule the Shashtyamsas or .. 40 22 Viehnuamsa .. 43 19 Mridwamsa . 3l 31 Mrityukaramga ..msa 9 53 Nirrnalamsa .. 19 43 Uthpathakamsa .Yarnamsaf Amayamsa26 3 6 K a n ta ka msa .. 5? 5 Yakshavalyamsa . 59 3 Devamsa ............ 36 2? Kalinasamsa ..23 39 Purnachandramca . 51 11 Mayamsa .83 29lKarnalakaramsa ... 58 4 Kuberamsa .......... sa 4 8 ..L4 3 8 A mru ta msa . i 58 Payodhy{rmsa ... 54 8 Kulaghnama ... 7 56 Kruramsa 6 56 Seethalarnsa t 67 Sudhanrsa .. 4E 1? Amru t h n m s a ... 38 23 Brahmamsa 24 Maheswaramsa .o........ lj 45 Saumyamsa .... 2Q 42 Vamsakshayamsa ..... ...Z7 35. 3 59 Bhramanamsa Z 60 Indurekhamea ............. lz 50 Pravirramsa . 56 6 Kinnaramia ...

a to thg Paravathamla..: qr(sd q iln tffit q iltmi il {sqsqq I vargasit Stbkttc.. 4t.f. is Iravatha.$1. Forrrvargn combinedcons'Eitute calted DlmhaElne' The combination of firl? t[tgas iE called union of sir Two vargar united form Perljata' The is la[ed Panvathamra' When a seventhvarga il*n combination be' ir ?Ja. of the conbinationo lre rliltinct an'rl repente I . The uniou of three r Gopura' Uttaoa.. then. 45''t6lA. The conrbinarion of 9 Vargas in" .t O. tha joined to the E1v:o ro*.t.loit) which is of Moola' co.."alokr' A eighth varga of alreadywilimake theconbination Devaloka . fTttarrra slokas will result and do rcferred to in the next two and a half ia-uor" goo. likewise. Swochcha' Swa Virgottama iirito"". arising from thst€t vatgrs' Norns Swakshetra' Uccha lf planets be in their Moolatrikona' positions atising benefic other or Vargottarna lrcsitions and have and other Vaiseshikamsas from the f)as[ Vargas.qi lr li\ ll qW dfrili rort qnr{d{Fr!l qaE't Bq rt wri ffi4.binotion (of the rpecialcharacteristio) gwakrtntn.+4-+e YYYYVvvvvvvvr rtiltsrirq: wvvvwvvvvvvwvvv !vwvuvrwYw t!!YVVVVYVWS m frqqrd<ltlrlwrq t qoftirwctilqmffi qEF( rt88 ll tirqqdtinilqqElttffiim rfl{t VaieerStoha.Jto the otvner of the horost:ope' sri q frfr{t qqi{< {tgq t qtm{tffi ftAwftfr'. They (wiremen) say that with commence hikamsasor partc of greatercellence the by produced Uttama (ulilc n"*t .

cffiT{ '.tt. Dwadasamsaand in regard to auspicious Thrimsamsa is recommended undertakings This Shadvarga when combined with Varga and is a sourceof d Saptha Sapthanamsais calle Itrength to the planets in all horoscopes. sfrrhorgorrir$ra'{ftqaFs:qtftstaicl*: €rqri fta. Navamsa. X I I . I c/. X I I I -19. Hora. u. Adh. tt ' I : For the eflects of planets in Vaiseshiliarnsasrefered to in s l o l i a 4 4 .eil qritwrarlttrr+r: | qr|t{rfr rr}q e. 9 2 ..5 ' 5 3 . Drekkana. gl .€tr ittracixfura: qsr4 lFtst. Xl\'-I02 aud XV'62 . l + 6 .ilsfhftth ll 8d ll s6iqrfrq'q.qz.30 qftrrcrRsre NoT*s. qdift '{it la$rmeita} {lTossr*acq I aro qritft: gi. X [ ' 6 3 . 9 ' r ..o*f'qq.$ The Shadvarga Lagna.f. e s si n f ' a I V . 3 1 .'ig?(ftir tn flq':a663 11 ll B\t ll fto{rtdeirurqEttrnE{i{ril' qrqt r fiqidrsq $. a6l{'.rrFtfr a figor tgtr*iit fh{a: t M rr)grrrmrt: g}t'ctH'qhzrir lrFqi '{: ttTar€qri'r $..rutrgtrf i'aFrcsqilil qqfifrrilrgrrc. Also q.i srst: it€tqh nqr I '61Ht rrlq qqi*tadt* q €sf\: u sgft{iadtorri aaiir: {Ifi{rfir( I itfilr: efl*rrci'rirttr{.r.t . cl.rdg W. 'f €Eatsq ftr.82. qr*tg q t{S qBtTiruspo1{ | consistingof Sloftns.Frir Tqlatgai t{p( ll : *srryfhcsrt{rftf]'rt cr{r{ilrfbfEf. .

Sahodara Duschikya. Yana(vehicle). it will be seen that his Jopiter. v v r v ' v . 2 & 3. 50. Pitrunandana .Dhairya (firmness).v v v l v ..and Kutumba(family) are thc names of thc second hotrsefrom the Lagna. Vikrama(prowess).. Hibuka. Geha ftrs (relations)and Chathushtaya the termsto denotethe fourth houee.$1. Nomg. Udaya (rising)"Adya (firet)' 'fhanu (body). Pathal:r.. (2) Swadrekkana (3) Swasapthamsa. Vak (speech). This is useful when the Sapthavargajabala has to be calcu' lated. Jarima namesof the Lagrraor the risingSignat the time-of Artha (wealth) Bhukthi(food). (land). andPanchaka (kibgJ.v .v v v v . and Hora arethe (birth). own Thrimsamsa. Sva (property).Deva (deity)' Raja are the (fatheraon). ('l) Swa'(5) and (7) SwaSwadasamams:L (6) Swadwadasamsa. and so possesses lhree vargas. dr. ([reroism). Vidya (learning). c.signations or*tr ilqdu?fiiqi€stvqri? t udrqqrqileffqFf rER tg' 11 Srr{irtqq?rqtql'id{qqkqdiqr{qrrq qrdfr qr qnt$Eg€ff$qgEr'{rft qril6flfr€gs"Rft | q?t{nqfrqlqqqrsrltimi{uqqqqgftgqirtft |l\ o|| Vriddhi. Dhi (intelligence). c. so that Jupiter is seid to have attained Mars (ll signs 27'-57'-g) occupieshis (0 own Drekkana (2) a Vargottama Navamsa and (3. Adhyaya III' sl. Viryi (brother). Vilagna. See {.'Bindhu (house). birth .v r ^ w 3I . navamsa.v v . Devalokamsa' the halamsa. whoseposition is given'as 8 signs lo'25'-ln.Matri (mothcr).. Sulha Ambu(water). (happiness). and Karna(ear)arethe of the third housefrom Lagna. In the example worked'out in v v w v w v v v Y v v v v v dsqtq: v . Kshiti. occupies (ll Moolatrikona. Nayana (cye). Kalpa. He is therefopesaid to have attainecl the Uttamamsa' 3M EIFTTHTfr- Stoko 49. S/ofur.

. qrftTtr$rffirft u-€wr{ qrqt.Mrityu (dcath). \t tl Slorie 51.Ripha. Vyaya (expend i ture).. q "-Tqpt$otrtbqfft Ud l5fl1g{s{dil' r a$IEfrqtsrTqnolw: fi:qaqqulffiqisqrr? tt qq rt Sr.the namee 1fe1 of the seventhhouse. Bhaya (danger).rrma (virtue). ). Dyuna. arc thc namesof the twelfth hotrsc. Jamithra.) Kalathrasampat (Dower). Labha (gain)arethe expressions fo. Gamana bitation.32 urwtlM Adrr i names of the fifth house.irqT{rrqm? i. (auspicious Suibha things).ethe Rajaspadada words to indic:ate the tenth houle Ekadasa (eleventh).Amsa (parti. Gtrru (fatlrer). 62. Asta arrdSapthama sa/ thc eldcrs. Ran. (coha Kamr (lovc). Dh. Upanthya) peuultinatc). Vyaplra (employruenr).Shaehtr. Roga (disease).fd gt.Ripu (enemy) and Kshata(w runds)are rhe names of the sixth houce.ora. and Karnra (work . l{adhya (zenitlr). Randhra.a arrdVinasa erc thc rrarn:s of the Sth housc. &sthra (weapon). (battle).r $rftttrqTttrq Tq?*l . Nores 'r1qruld1fir1p1 is another reuding.rtheeleventhhouse. D rvadasa ka(twelfthl and A nth prbha (lact house). travelling etc. af. \giqr*ua(ilitslt? rg. As'hta. Manr (honoar) Gnana(knowledge (sovcreignty).Meshurana. Ifryd. Nava (ninth) Bhagya (fortunc)are th: uarnes of the 9th ho-rsc.Ayus (tife). *q'izuqgsqtRffi r qqiq{ q' qltath*rqgEqrffi{ {qFill oqfi:e*rqqqd . Bhava. tion).{1a (incorne). Tapas (pcnance).

. They (astrologere) 9th from the LagnaThrithrikona. ob. and Rasathala(the 4th) are calledby any oneof the designations and. Tbis view is not ' accepted by Badarayaoa (il((tcor). 5g-54 rrrlilrl!: 98 }qfrq1. NorBs.6th.fuactioc cgptc t . the'biped. The lst.l of tbc houscr they sienify. {rlrrfu( r rtiffift qfurq r q-qqr r* rqls: t ilffi rsr <wq*r gtftq fWr *desl *rrrffiifri llrqrftdu.electod to d{patc and (2) tlce which. for he says: xqqftTSrt sgrrf*i I ll \B tt unl$rm: st ttvrm rnrq: qfutr: tl ^ qtwlvr: hq<flPdfttr: -l quwfim irqr: t According to Balabhadra.ccril ilrT r ilffi{ ERgrfr tRrl'r m(tqnttqtqir dr rr . the. besides serving such purpose. (l) . the quadrupedand the reptile signs become strong when they happen to be in Kendra. the terms Kendra. cNqqriT|Frwq: qurqqq*{ft crqgflgqTft t @qrftffi Slo&as (the l0th). The 2nd. 4th. According to some. 5th and the 8th arecalledPanapara llth. The 12th. The 8th and the 4th are the Chathurarra eigns.Meshurana Kalathra(the 7th).'Pana' phara and Apoklima houses respectively.Chathu' Kendr4 Kantaka chtaya. Panaphara et6 . Tthand the 10thare calledKendrag. rrc applied only to Bhavas and not Rasis. thosc which are used as mere conventional unss . 9th and the grd are Apoklima houses.The 9th and the 6th houges from the Lagnaare call the calledthe Thrikona houses. For he says. qia ffirfur ln this chdpterr the Lrms used to indicate one or the other of thc twelve houses or a number of them may be divided into two clesscs. 53-54. serving no other purpose than 'that of denoting the _ particularhouse or houges they have been spocially. Udaya(the lot). alsf.

8th. r\otes. etc. The'remaining aiz. the 9th. Sukha (gg) for the 4th house.and rvealth has to be predicted from the 2nd house .the 3rd house. The following belong to the latter class. Theaehouses lat arehouses aspectedby their reveral lords.I Of the former class may be mentioned the following:Hora (fr<t) for the Lagua. 5th. Fbst'half . 2nd. Thanu (t'g) for the Legna. Vesma (itr) or Griha (Ue).the 3rd. l2th and the houeeE. Ripha (Rrq') for the l2th. dayadiTs.Sukraor Guru. Duschikya (eArgl for.. 9th and l2th houses. ut". Dhi (qi) or Buddhi (gR). llth. Chaturasra (S"g(€) for the 4th and 8th houses . Meshurana G{ryt) for the l0th. for the ?nd. has tb bi ascertained from the i-edna. Putra (3lr). Kutumba'(ggq) or Swa (s) for the 2nd house. 7th and 10th houses: Panaphera fquFF-{. and Apoklima (qrmtB{) for the 3rd. sth. Kendra (*-.. 6th.Bandhu (+g). (meaning thereby that everything about ths lqdy-its grbwth or decai--h"blth. Slota. 6th and the l0thhousesare Upachaya (rigne of inere'ase or growth) houees. pro' effectsin rt'spect duceauspicious to a birth. lOthand llthbouses cease to tre Upacbrfl houses if they are aspected by malefic or othor inimical planct* Says Garga . Sahaja (tiq-q)orVikrama for the 3rd house. for the 5th house: and so on.6th. 7th. Kantaka (moa+). thus indi crting that information regarding one's family. but unoccupiedand unaopdcted by the rcrt. or to a per. Ion makinga query.a) and Chatushtava (qgsc) for tbe lst. In the opinion of some eminent astrologcrr li&l Garga. or if 'occupied of suffering. 55.91 rirrqrfirtt Adh. +th. or by Budha..4th. 8th and llth houses. Eminent profeeiors of Artrology say glat the 3rd.

But this view.q if8rrdfr rt \q tl r Rr{ottieqr: tfi fudtfrufrugor rqiqdmr Slofa.Cqqt utleaudQ&lctur csl.fsi{ ftqqTqc:Engor.{dl r{Fil wGv{t. qec"g* ti qr lsq?*t?r?r&eryit crRr: t tr rT{Ftqo{m rqr gdt sdtsft sr t\: tt Also il-. the term Upachaya (sc-{c) is applied to the 3rd.24128.0 rrqft frfi r ?ftkt{r qrt4 fr}ag st{. qrq Qut{ftsrtolq t rfuqtrr I lllll1 1grftc*.rq$csq*c*tffi q?qesrrqrq I r EqqrqqilFf.and 40 respec' | not accepted by Varahamihira (cwffItT)r He would have those houses alwaysas Upachayaones. Also {6{:itgSrtttT: qQ$hrilrrlr vttq tlrt . ihe measuiec sn lftt il aq ll c/.Satyaand Yavaneswara c. r/.tvt tl so&rTcfr std *rftdr te gw <r t f.rilA qrrtn.lls. The sane figureetaken in the inverse order give of the six eigns fron Thula onwards./. crifr$t aI ffiimrrrct r Itiwill bc seen that'tho figuresgiven in tbe slokc iq tbctgt . 56. raq.32r 36. arid llth houses provided they are not aspected or by planets inimical to the lords of thosehouses. ' Eurerof the six signsbeginningwith Meshaare repre' iented by the numbeit 10. nqrcq.'€rfuraft: ll That is. t0. And in this' he is roppoit"d by. Astrologetssay that the (lengths) nea. 6th by malefics l0th.s. sq qrftf. rr*sqr*: grf ilrYt:rt1. q: tfroprqfis{aarli Also qfirr< ct q*{ cqr* q rRr}rsrq* {tqrqdcE: I dwlqsrcffirtfluqr lrqrlit \utrsqsqrxrsrh I Lotttt hall of thc Slofu.

lggregate 360 and are the measurements in degrees of the 12 iigns which they subtend at the centre. These figuros 'aro useful in finding out the relative lengths of the several parts ofa human body (see Adhyaya III.-.. ftffi q{t{ilqr fr ffit Efi gfrqrqnrgw: I gR*wJqGS II(K{il: rt\erl SJotc.25.. a birt*r or. 4.. 20. 280 &c.FnF<r ftF( | qt *crfti.rcPd strq: tcqrtrrctt fi{r: I r/. €rwdr-Taffinrffraftgilrg:{fiF€rrgqrq {tqh {t{r!{tct: tl fltt. sloka 76). If the degreeaattainedby the Moon 8.i --.*----.-57. crq*r rrrctlq Uaqrhit qt Rrfrsqrd{Eqqft rr 61roqq-qtqlmfiil qgr'qrttttfrqil.22.they indicatedeathwhen I muhurta. in Meiha and the other signebe reopectively tL.---. qnnFqtnFrr AA rrnFt*T fi&qn qq{r qEft | T{f.2L. rrqft h cr cr* crwtfr . L.--*. --.(sfrfir) Ghatika is therefore:360 (rrqr:) Pranas tr qftwri rrt qr qEcr cr cgqffic {rdstq gftKtrrtutr lrT{r|IIr tlr TqAc t Rr q ar qc i+fugrcrci qsqr qrfr.cprcFr: ffrgffrilacor wq6. 240.23. t sqnrfr. --.t r ?a qqwrqq Mrqfr: rcrqq r qi qtcrf@+ ntf+ ur$qfi: | "irFTet:l Thus it is seen that the several measurementsmentioned in the sloka in the text when multiplied by l0 give the Chashakas (200.18.-" -. As the whole zodiac is passed over in 24 hcqrs. tidprationt . 20.1* 19.qrrtqffifr qft*whrrt: *fuq*h s{q-(cfq. rt<dfst i" qnsQ tffiifrdt *ctBrfr Er rtsq* tt . other Euchpoints are under con. each degrec isfinished iA 2+1360 x60x 60'or 240 seconds or 240124or lO Vighatikas or Chashakas. So that I kala or I (circular measure): I (cM) or Asu (6 Pranas being:l(qcfi) Chashaka l. in time) of the several signs.

l t ? fumimtg lngrnn'ffitu: n q!$ft t t{Fr: I il€ftctcfd (2) <mrwi trl ffi rnri {rnr qq tffi .2|r Z+.t fttrcnq u llJlas 5 v . frtt c qt$fr lfr r ra* frirr: r Strt frtu9* R q acrd Q.eft frl tt T{ fut Tcq I t2 BZ52+ n 26 l4 ric crrf ci r{ $frr. Dikshita givestheMoon's MrityubhaIn this'stokaVaidyanatha (gg*Ffi:) portions gas in the several signs.13. .26./.14.. l3.F:r qr[: rrr{r{riqqcitts: | ffitH qdil *t qrrmn(It r ffi g c'lrs.5 and. These aro or fateful more are less identical wlth those given in Sarwartha Chinta' mani (gtrtlk<mq) and Saravali (sKlqttr): .25. r w{q ft qq{rqr{q(TrT?{ronq x r But in the two works Brihat prajapatya (ftqrnrg) and 'Phdadeepika (qo<tlltt) the Mrityubhagas (qlgrrrn:) of the Moon lp the several signs from Meshaare given as 26.traqq I r** flftfr sRft csI qt frt r rFqrqtnfitr {dRsun$ fr qrfu r tl frG t fiftttr c|frrrqnlr rfiFrrFt: t gw: trfufrqn:qqff ftlrtq arcft. l?. .l* firq: r ilffirtT.. l2 respectively. 11. rtqrsrrq-?tr 26 rrh.sLr? n{tsrnq: 3? 8 nll in this sloka signifies the number a (ro$t:forms) and not 6. (l)ccfttffi Url frnfunt qt"qtg qqrftcrr(: I qrffiqrr€ ftfr il&g rN rr qu& *cc'{t[ efiftirftr*sfurr: r rlFtrt'6ft C @rili lrTcr..

n 9 t2 6 8 l9 28 25 23 29 l5 l9 28 I5 ll t7 l0 l3 l0 l{ l3 t2 ill 24 23 22 2l IO 20 l8 8 l+ l3 t2 8 29 t2 27 6 + 7 9 l2 l6 3 t8 2g 2+ l6 l7 22 2 3 a8 ...1 r. Mrityu bhagasor fateful drgreesof 'Etg =1tr .. 6 J tol t 2 .I q8 AlsonE{Ift+r sr"f Gt do qt Etrig* 26 12 13 25 24 ll 5t2 4dh I ft* rnrqv}* gcrwq t 26 l+ 13 25 .f ti wt ggrnrr: cftcr: lsr0dt qfr€e*fr{i{itr rl TJre(Cq{rn:) Mrityubhagas of the other plaqets and of tho Rasis in general as statedin qther works have beeucollectedand given in tbe following statement for e4syrefdrence. 1 8 + l + 20 l 3 2l 2 IJ ll. 20lr8 t+ l3 t5 .. Dhanus .t Ei# I Mesha Vrishabha Mithuna. Makara .(urxhla .15' 29 28 I 2r 12+ .cona 23 le ... l 4 l 221t0 nl t 0 .r'l zll g ll 8 l 2 3 1| + 6 27 lo l0 h l l0 17 ll I zl 13t2s tl t + l 2 t' 231 8t4 24' l 8 ll I ^l . Katatca Simha Kanya Thula Vrischika.

niftqfi ffi tuuqrq'qtHfrffio: r. (?) Kollaoa(8) lvlalava(9) Saindhava (10) North panchala (11) Yavanaand (12 Kosala. The degreee 21. referred to in the text in gi {gG=ryqrtft*qfrffiglt qlq*(o+rgTwaqmffiqEr:n \t tl tl SIoAas.ciousCffdltu .sl. The point of the compiuowhich ir 'auignedto the lord of a oignindicates the characterirtic of Plava or slope of the oign.*fifrfi: n Qols s[erFn€nqlrqq: m{ffi r qRs.trr{nitrqr duqrfl' rr\e tt Sloha.(2) Karnata (3) Chera (a) Chola 1S)fandya 1ei f.hrijata.8.qt. In the aetrological work called.t. These Pushkarabh*T:Tt: AdhyayaVII.a birth or other-ruch pointa are uoder f consideration 58.and the following signs respe*ively arE calldd Funl.24. and 9 attained by the Moon b Merhr . anotherrcading. 61. 18. Sloka 25 infta.r. 19.oe-e r nrfrsrmq: t9 I qF+wqGg tnRt gq.60. 59. Notrs. when a muhurtha.r Sloha. qrftqfrei is 61.. ll. 23. 58. ffiin*m.9.the chajter definingthe "Propertiee of $igno"haebeenpropounded. Tlte inhabited iegione 'denoted by Meshaand the other eiglls are relpectively (t) paala . L4. 14. kara and are to be taken as producingaufpl. The nameof the fourth fron that occupied house by the $un is called Abhijit. . 19.

Themeaning rrftgq*{: I qqt }qthm*: srdt trc: aq AR qftor sRr<r" Egrqrrft tq{ cvqft r ffi*sffi These are useful in locating the direction towards which a things thief may have abscondedin the case of queries regarding direction the in stolen.---. his Janma Rasi return victorious after suMuing his enemy' ft{irurorqrffi {ffifEqfq: l!tq: ll Thue ends the lot Adhyaya on the Properties of by Vaidya' Parijatacomposed $icns in the work Jataka of the nine planete' oi"tt.i'. ff s 31' ."--"--" *i9I --.cqrc rn qft qq*t lqat: oftc: t' ctutil Rffttr4rqltilt cmr: q( r is 'rt<l rFFr<rrri: grlHt w ftq rqt Qft e .=-r/. I tr i tfif l .-=. A Kiug that sets out on an expedition (c"q<tRi) will soon indicated bv the Plava (SE) of.*--Tl**--. qRmri qsilMt.t"9:.-*------.t underthe auspices j .

Venus. ascertained be fron tho persou to are qualities of tqe (5t{fl:) Kara^kas ud lppcrtein iU"r" plauets are then known as wey rs tbcy do to to the owDor of the horoscopejust in thc Ea.g' qFi Sq' qrffi{q(ig I sFIi U* grq\qr*qg!lltll tilqft ffirqsrrr A'dbYaYa ll. Kuja. the estencq of atl hie knowledge and happineso . of the the Lagna. This is so far as the external appearaDce' inherent concerne{. iluerff qnwnr*r. It(Ql${pffrffi3. In the notes to sloka 8 of Adhyaya Ir the sevcral partsof I(elapurusha (+rogw1 beginning with tbe head were stated to be counted from Mesha and those of the owner of a horoscopefrom rtc..exnrg Sloka. The Sun ic the sou! of Kalepurucha.. Budha' his cpeech . ANDTsEIn Pnopnnrrsg'' Nlrunp oF TEE Pr. the Moon. rrqreq '? ' rrirrcrfrarr. Nort thc Kalapurusha. hie deeire or luttl and Saturn. are Now thc body parts of the several planets. nirery. hio .cftifrru: €tt i* fr cil *fr artgt fu<'rrrtl glt qtrrrtrv' I qnqt(R: rtrirqlsg'ta: src wrc: {rQr*sq Eroftl llfq gt q!tg!*q{ g*: fiFr: cfirrr(s ESsq I 4L Also €RIqd . his otrength . o/. Guru. his mind .ilffiqrftqem:. l.

S{ftffi g fu{ti nl: rru{ il and. misery predominates. givcr of all sortsof 5:q Adhyaya ll(l\. other'ryise it .occulntion of the planet's bouse is also to bg undorstoqd. thc'Moon is the most q{fr t glwqreqft*qt child. g' q{nr g€ftt TFrdnftvrc. wlren he is weak.lnwqr* e{ qutg tt$ {ftar: r .gne-DG-strong .is aot e satisfactory one. lhe Sun and the Moo must-not to say of the La. q-q+ g:qnrq.en Saturn is stronS. By the wdrd st€{ used in the teit and translated as "happi' ness' both wealth and lrogeny are also to be understood in addi' tion to health and knowledge. (nrisery). the effects of thesi qualities will rcveat themselvos during the dasa periods of the planets concerned. qmz galrT awo: By the word'association' uscdabove. progeny ant that is why his arsocietion and aspect 4rc said to bo extremely ' beneficial. i$tt. af. gre*ltet hapoiness or misery than trrt r g{|rtt{ t There is no c qi !f(5:<i: the birth or death of oneis Jupiter is therefore the giver of health. it is said rlttt regui !'qrqq: ftueroretrqf ' f .r. But Saturn is an q:rception. Ot tf. For it is said |r{T lrNFGrnrfi"rt( s<|l.1 ftfu.* cqr ggt e{crqrggni: tl ln e toroscope. af.eie. c/ rr<ndt qnqnrqr rFlirFfiqr{rrgq<(r3.12 rrtrc|ftq|t Adult The several constituents of Kalapurusha (*rogw) will be strong og yeak in proportion to the strength of the sevoral planets representing them. For. This will be explained in Siturn is the.{ ' Wh. " iri ilSfi g:qTrniT: there is less of misery . wealth.

wrft tr{oil qr * ci: TrTEr: Ert cfiq{q cql <ewft rfi$ra qI lF Frtd rrilqdqamf(: Tffrrfqil{T6'{: I vqr stFt stF€f I Fr*d egrft neiQmte< €tqr: * rrsr ctqftrtrrt iat qPrge: <tt: t q gt<r{gqr €g: ll ftrq: srrfr q?efr i"Tqtq &irtr't e<ftr trg* rr t qrqetrcf six signs from Simha Further. it must' In sayingthat the Sun and the Moon are Sovereigns' that the Sun is the Kins. and os $oirso of s'n bouso 6S thc €crvaut Saturn has beou allotted ."r..vvtvvvwvvvvvvvvvw J!vvwvwvwvvvvvvvv' fttltihsrnc: vvvvvYvvewvw irvw vw' i9 qrs*rrngt <{ RT{ft qt€Ai tqrr: uytfM"atetffiu tt EqIftqfr qrrr*qqftt rffiMeaqr& A"ttnrqtaqAg Also |Milqrfrfifrfr*qrttfi Sqrirfr$qi im itq<rmqti ' -t ii r"" .been'givren house 4th the or tlr*iqrill .2.. Mars is the commander'in' apparent) chief and Saturnis the Eervant' Norrs.S[ 2 .. The Sun and the Moon are eovereigno' (heir Guru and Sukra are counsellors' Budha is the . the Sun is the lord of the the Moon is the lord of the six taken in the negative side while positive side' It is by thesc signs frorn Kataka counted in the 'tJoplanets that the suprem4cy over the other l0 signs has been the other plahets' For example' the 2nd \iven to Mars aud been atlotted to Mercury' place from the Sun (negatively) has is the minister' Thc' The 3rd Rasi has Uu"" git"o to V""os'who over hasr. Jupiter is the Mantri {Fr{ ) c/.youog prince. Ths"5th houseisthc to Mars who is the commander'in'chief" to Jupiter' To thc allotted been has house of kuolvledge. (c{rrdq) itt rrgwcrir fr eu: ffiiql fiftrt:' tt (T (rqtqt .'the Moonbeing the Queen' bg understood ( and Venus his wife Similarly.

Angaraka and Kruranethra Budha' Vid' denote Mars. Indu and Chandra eignify the Moon' Ara.Glou' Mri' g.Udupathi. Rudhire. Notrs' ior the ssveral namesfor eachof the planets. Similar remarks apply in the ca'seof the Moon with respect to the Rasis under her swaY. $oma.3. $urya. Heli.dr Ri. Kohitija.rl<rrn I | Reqrrea*ruaarQ3t. Thapana. |: \fu qtcqqRru(qrgtqrQqrffi tfrq"t *: ll 1 ll firqeracaqgqrQeiqqr*. Bhanu' words mean' Pucha.El (frqn0nq:t?dnqrn{ ll B ll r[Er .ik".a1qft' r qftqqefcr: frft 6ftqffifu r ggGfft: ll {nfr {rerRcFfr{rrarq: snt s*'r qdrqg: d\ft m qtr s I qrrrr qR tare:Trsf Ttaarrr ll ihql *se gq. ' qd@r gfi:6I€q:@:t sFilq$ilfil-d{q' dFm?qTlifq.ifu *Ttr itrrc*r t qe d"qq gqlq: grcntq qrrKlir: ll .44.II vvYvw Y vY- vice. Tharathanaya. YVY Y YYYVVVV!VYYUV qrtcCrnqTa r VWY W ! V! V! YYY VYY v ! ! v v U lvvv Adh.Dinakrit.Seethadyuti. Saumya. iVakra.Aruna and Arka are synonymoug ine the $un. rl' g+srtt 'i 'r "{tt$ r I qfi rrrgqrrTrffi-fh: {* Stofta. of Mercury' and Induputraarethe names Bodhana .

Bhrigusutha. Vachaspathi. Phanin Thamas. C/. lvlanthri. silEtl Sloka.6. Minor planetr Kala and others(to be enumerated irr the coming sloka) ari portiona belongingto Ravi and other planeta and pro' ducepainful cbnsequences. $ukra.Saimhikeya.. Paridhi.Achcha.aEastrologetr the well.bL 4-6 Qfnfrstqrq: {5 Sloha4. r. Chaya. The Son of declare.sunu.Asura.e Uqfr gwqnqr [ Rrs *gtffi q* $gS*sFrcqilrr I . of Rahtr raid to be C/. Sani.Yamalantaka. 6.known names of Ketu. Manda or Sani ic called Gulika. and Agu are Sarpa.Ardhaprahara.K"ty". Aarki. The Upagrahas in their order are Kala..Dhuma. the names.-govn-+ . and Manda are ueed to express Saturn.-gFqKrs {ffi& i[|r{:ffi:l qrar q tR*q.. ..Kodanda Mandi. Pathaand Upakethu. Guru.Sikhiand Ketuare. $uracharya Devejya and Jeeva tneanJupiter. Sitha.Tharani thanaya.Dhwaja. Kona. Aspujit and Danavejya are the nameE o{ Venug. ge#* asq-4ft?sdrai Sfrfir-d: | ?t"q qfincqg€$cftRft TliT: rl grFtqgtWr qrrgfee fta<qr I s{rqr qsqcq$s inrq:sftfirt ei[: rt q4g* qq<nrrI *tqfr qFE:qrfi: Ecor: cU: qfirrq{: *rft: qresrqrg*sfrtT:rl ieggg : 1 trg<frsgfo g"= s{t'q qsnfm *'SRfr{frfl Tqft(ffigt gfutq q|R: t E$IA[ lT|gg({rthn ifislEqf i['8r6o{il: q3 ll \ tl S|oka.

(frrye or F(qm or r..... . (qK or 6zrfrFrrd) . Mars' i (or*rfc) Ardhaprahara Mercury's .'. 6 Saturn's Pata . si cdqrc'i qi fuqen qr*rt€qara: n*qr*qnnt I g aa srfr M I wctTtitt* "rt{rrnqsqqrqr: ftparq&fitmg: qftdi wi ttrqrqqsqrtt r snlqtrttq rra-{aTq(trcFftq?f<rftqq1r: tr irrer$riki attetttt qnit catrtgqtEruq r qsi sd TrffiE dilrrl[t: tgz on<-a.r 11nqq I qifr r* q$ df. .. ... Jupiter's .16 Tilrqf?tqfr Norrs. II There are nine Upagrahas for the nine planets. (qTF{ or gB+) Mandi .... (Tg) .. Moon's Dhuma .. Yamakantaka . ......T :{-d?cril" frqE: t qqs.. (qRft) .... For finding their several positions on any particular day Astrologers have certain conventions which are epitomised in the follorving quotations:- (t) qrtur.irq*hntq*: €r<foA rqftcra* hq&+ qnrqrnrfu( qS r rQiS: qftie {df'rgQurkq t* qlqq1q sT(rg'irTrgt sq *g1c a*stgef rft: I (r) c{t{R iq@ES qi Tftffi&ret: *fr orqt gffiiqtsqwrqqrdfir: tt q€Tfr qnrfi lrr* qrrrrmrrefrrqcr t qfi Trrr r6rfrl: rdc*f{ilcrs: tr 11* eawm: qdttrrt qftiq$dqFq. The Sun's Upagraha is (mro) Kata Paridhi .. Rahu's (sf{g) Upaketu Ketu's t) . . . u . (qq{'rs6) . Venus' . .|-gq) Kodanda . . .

i at'the end of ghatikas 14. 10. but from that of the 5th. please refor to Brihatparasarahora.18. The position of Dhuma is foundbyedding4 signs. not from the lord of the weelcday chosen.subtract' ed from 12 sigos. .6.26. Paridhi' Kodanda' Pata and Upaketu) however appear to ha?e been specially uoticed. 14. to the figures for the Sun. Dbauus. Kethu is obtaiued. 10. l+. 18. Fqr detailed effects of the several Upagrahasoccupying one or the other of tpe 12 bhavas. d. 6 and 2 duting davtime. the position of Mandi at night time will be differeut on.fl. Thp result is Vyathipatha. These figures have to be proportionately increased pr diminished I .r becomes Parivesha or Paridhi.sed by 6 signs.'18 and 14 respectively The position of Yamakantaka during daylime on weekdays is at the end of ghatikas 18. l0 and 6. 14. viz: et the end of ghatikas 10. see slokas 13'14 nf Adhya:llr XIV.6. Add to this 16 degrees. The remainingfive aregenerallyknown as Dhumadi Papchgratas (qlrficqq(:) and for their effects. . autbor has dealt with Mandi elmost elaborately in Slokas I to 9 of Adhyaya IX. When Parivesha again is. Kethu increased by one sign will givc the figures for.26. l0 and6. 4Q minutes . ftfrtsqrt: o' 1l t rR*qtr*Aqqqriqq: qc} Asq n rqsd{S qi *gtd: tif q{: tqrt1Lsqc: r dctrrrmrlt i$: ctccF: Ear: il When the leng. Karmuka and Chapa are all synonyms. 26. 2. 26. of Kala. Six of ihese (Mandi. Thc .2. 22.22. at thc end of ghatikas 2. the position t of Mandi ({lFE) on the week days counting from Sunday onwards is at the end of ghatikas 26. Thts incra. according as the length of'day chosen is greater or less than 30 qhatikas. 2. But since the lords of thefirst 7 muhurtas in the night are counted. we get Indrachapa. the of day or night is 30 ghctikns. Dhuma.22-atd 18 . the week days. Substract Dhuma ftom 12 minutes 20 tigns.22. &22: of Ardhaprahara. 13 degrees.

qfr. Of thoae (ctylcd benign planets). Sukra haaa white person. The Moon ia a yoirth with a white body.ilnfrfl: tr SJoAr. Rahu. tion with a malignplanetie nalignantalso.@$ Adh. Kuja is of a palered colour. . Budha (the Moon's son) haa the lovely darkgreen hue of Durva or bent graso. Jupiterhasa body of yellowish hue. Ketu and Mars are'malign.Tr q(RgifrEg: I irq:R6frRftffieqrgft qKr<I qmffigfi rtN: I ffisrdwErtrqt dffieOq+dqilqtl Sloka.7.{t rnfrq|fut l.Moon. rd ffiTr' ft. Jupiterand Venua are auopiciou!.8. Ketu and Rahu are of the nature of darkneos. The Moon. II qil: rqrrfdrF€ftrgqa:fueFil gil gdffirr. @riffir'sq:l qqtnu?kilqreqftr *qHReCft: ll s tl Sloha. m*d {tilWnrrt ingifr: . Jupiter and Venus areerceed. Budhain conjunc. Rahu haea body black in appearance. The five planeto beginning with Kuja are star planeto.Ketu-hae a variegated aopect. Sani is dark in form. rays. $aturn. Saturn and Mars are ex. 9.the S'trn.reg. Btrt the waning. - $1. The Moon and the Sun are lumincus. Mercury. The Sun poeserses a form with dark. ceedingly naldie (among the malignant planar). ingly awpiciouc (benefic).

he (fttf).rrq*' tdrq. is alone. + wctt t iffi qrrfr cdfr grqrnffic s: r grqtw rtrtm {{tcql r to his essoci' really benefic or malefic according He bccomes the Mars or Moon.*rt: t Bat cf. Sun. Jupiter or Venus he is a benefic.-" """"":3*y: """" """-"""" rrsft rrr?4qr I . vith weak rs associated rtion. he'is a malefic. (tt{dm) Skandahora The Moon is therefore weak only on the l4th and l5th days ot lher waning.t q{crr: g*A**drcl$iFqc: iftrq: rt g*: gr*fuit sgcqffiSfrsft dhgqqlru*: Also qmqd Also 9v651 gqt|gErc drqr: trs. When he ia mori e bcaifc thea e ma1e6c: i . The Moon is generally a bene6c. If he with Moon the waxing When associated Saturn. q33: A. cf. ffiq( qeris*: $qq+S q crft gur: grnrn. IJut his benefic qualities g6it[s1 are so wcak that he may better bo clessed as indifferenfbenefic nor nialefic.crit(g ftq|Tt:qrr3 | nffisgu<gs: qftotrft{rrt: ctl: n A very weak Moon must therefore be treated as malignant' Mercury is by nature a benefic planet. ffkr qrt *cs <t g{ernsrQ rotgat: t u cffi rs Sn*nrrqr$i <F€5(Igtqr gi: t rt' Sott tiltnTs rqrrcrwfr trqil|qi *c6tflfttr: ll iuq: qrFri rrrtg &t qlctfrKr: t crfitgd:q. a/.rcg*ci €tuil w cnqr6cn<t Ssrml qt: n qcrcrsi agffi q|@ q q+{f Also (frursq) opinionsare at About the iiralignity of weak tvtoon slight variance.1':'* ""-" "".

i Mr R€qqcql gffqflsrqgil: {t![fiF:I I scqT'qr{ffi ffi qg.tqaoqdt? .ildq rtr qqqr{ eiF r ' {6qrfirgr<r{g} ffi< r*fl r q+( tt ?t ll Rrr(r trfiqqildtE{errm Sloftrr. most. c/.ilqofiRqlte\ a( n l o tl SloAa. g$tsq qqrfftqqsh qs{frK ilm fraffisftgqrdft r qs* {q} i! qq- qR qJqq. The Sun. way$ nse with the hinder part appearingin front. q-q-rry ert g gulftrtlg*<ri qrlft r{uqqaicqrrt r irfr'r*. Rahu and Saturnrl. During the third periodof ten dayshe hasno strength.ll.{nRef*foS*01: sgeqrftqqlft n is another reading).ll * Sloko.the Moon and Mercury rioe with tbe headfore. the Moon is of moderatestrength. but he will prove auspicious suchar if he posseEses the advantages beingaopected 6y benefic planeto'. (qiltg $qcgfte{*ft Also Efts q{ftcnftrrg*dsr tr(d{qq{I: sqq?d3 | f iil Wtt{UtgxE-4wrr efu{g R *etq*t' '. During the second periodof ten days. ] qtggdqqrft|l ll. The $un and Mercury are of the forh . In the first period of ten dayoof the lunarmonthwhich consistcof bright and darkhalves.he ie very auepicious. Venus. q{A'E( ilttqfiqrt Adh ll €hcqgffit . Jupitergoesboth ways. dr. L7.10.50 '' cf.

15. gdr r Eortfr qqg{rR{d gqroqqwnt r{F( MltqrF(: rltQll oilRmff{w{rtr{n . 13. Mercury Sloka. Saturn. Mars is (indicatee) ir a boy.Tha '?J year$. Ttre Morn and Srturn rnrinly prrtakeof th: . Venua. Saturn. Srtur.Saman rvani.ars old. fupiter and Venus are bip:ls. Venus ic' 16 yearoof age.ranl Mrrs ara quadrupedo. villageo which are the seats of learned Rahu. lvlars and the $un are planetsof thi nature of mioeralo.t rrul qtm:I[Fttq' Sqnsft{rRe. gA'uftrq TaETt* rirrt gT rN g* gtkqrq r gr*: ffit rfti qilqrqc'. Jupiter. r " qffiqn qrgqcqgqt gqrwilr nrt{rfrqr qatrilritqRilrdd il* ffi g ftftetftgu: rr SIo&a.Slofta. 18-15 &rirfr$qrc: 61 of a bird. water Jupiter and Mercury haunt men. . Mars and Merury are andAtha.The Moon has the shap: of a reptile.{: qff: ?st c$sc+ eE(rm6Erq$: t<c: tt rroqtir: qrqqmro€r6i fttqe: dqlq.l s. Ketu and the $un hauntmountaincand Ioreets ilsttEi€l'fte. lords of the four Vedas viz Rik. t4. Jupiter ie a p:rcon 30 y. The Sun is a parsonof 50 years. '/.sl.Rahuand Ketu are Moon it one of eacha hurrdred yearsold. Yajus.dwellers).t rt qtdcq ?tfttrgtii: etrtt. The Moon and Venusare reEtingin (water. qml(6t f{geqqrft: trilFEdqqr: {frttdhil{s lrtBtt a child. lv{ars.

18.-. He h greltlv afrlid when he is in his depresoion He is failing when he hasset or dirapqeared. Rut accordingto TfllR ilrw{lgq-:cfa ffiar wgkart: tt q3tc$ qh{rrnc{r ffi65t: tl :l flg: qg: rgt<e'{ffir {ti['r {fr(: I q{rrqr( lltqll dt. Sloka. . He is exceedinglydejected to an ene' orlportion belonging an Amea. A planet ia blazingwhen he io in hir :xaltationor Moolatrikona. 17.n their order. IIe is capable . $frc1'd{'1rft4qrsA Lattct half . - mwffic Adh' Ir the of a root.Mercury representsa mixture' sq-{q-{rfa fi{1qem Fitd hall..t. the ten conditionsof a planet re the wordg deecribing .whenhe shines bright with uncloudedsplendour' Sloha. 'failing and afraid bage. €oql ffi trfrsEqrT i rT{t[:€rer: e\t gR(' $€h r itqr?ffi'lEiqrTil: {dltilgg: tsistRrqd: lllerl ilIRw fttqqaqttqm: Erfu'Ft{ftqtFd'qrqtrrffiqqfrR{q r tMtseqn: lltdrl imK qlqnfi*ir.rrdltftS-fr (self'possessed). he is confidentin his own touEe. Sloha. wh:n he has 'reached the var$a of a'beneficplanet.z -. torturedr'dejected. happy in a friend's house.(€mr) occupies my'e cignfle is baseby union with the Varga of amalefic planit. happlt.Ji-. Venus and Jupiter represent :haracter rnimal kingdom.. :almn capable. confident 16 Blazing. He is tortured when overcomeby when he another planet. calm.

a:rQit gt: r qrfr rrRq€rnqt fto'o: rtqtEfg$gf*: r tri {rqrril: s$rsrtfrke .i qqtreartrr: g({qqirrlfrc€ni: qfuq: r ftqq cfrcsrt *futi wrri grl: 1 . r gfq6rrscrftqr{: {rc€t5r. Wrm< q?E:*rrrd: q*rqft q+E qs{RFII triffr ft?t gqqhfr Trmrr:err.n'ikqgc€ tri tr sIP.^ gR* lEosfi gftril'fffift{qilaqR{i.qft rarfr gcrFt rr+rR<rtr1r W*tqecfh* {a'rr..nsnr i rrqte rt trr.r. en{igdr rds* k*tsRrfriA: qrtfrRfr rr{n} agg:tltfr+: I g:crFiti'r rraqfi aftarfhgdr t{TFft e.{q-?aRu .qgl3lqJfi: . traftn fiPga:u qtf rercftFfinfuoqrgcqft osrga: scqf nrcrqiFfa:t td grn$F0rurr. ffir tfrge6lr cEftTil fttf*r&cqr qnmorcqat qdr a?i *r: trgrtorre:rt q?t ftq{fk gtq: cdrcEvrrftaruQgqr}. t[s: srfr gftt: ntc: lrdr ftfift* rftr: r .: ffirHqfuvuqrr *rogqP{gtf.f. .t c/. r*ft rl gq a* Ecft rnur.a$Erctf.{r.afr *eg6oorct rr 61ssnrc{er Roq: qoa rftr& m cfiTt ctt ERqr u dt Tqft s frE: ss: srJt gg{rJt Uhn: I irtt: gvqtrsf: ail: r$zfouqroarrr .w!s:.tftnqgs3 rl tstq: stft q. I vqqrfu hdrl qqqa.r rfrdt i}f*crfi: ' qgsrrffi rrclftgq co'rfr r Er€rrggq'.

water. Also qtqrffi t era: grxrFr ilrrqi aqr dmffi: RfuerRm'it: qil rr{lqr: tlricd: (q[T: tl ciinh g qewttarrui]. Kuoara .gold. The samecolours are declaredto lost articlm.a0rtEfr qqtftq'qt . pearls and iron.{rFrffi t qin"qq{ frraHg({qEroTf to the planetc Stroka.(efi RErfig€rfr{ret' F' t 1o ll .reddish.ot"t ascribed from the Suo onwardeare copper. etc.silver. lr tq ll yellowirh. green' Sloha. qanrr uftwr: qw *rilit ntffsl ilndWftieTs{Ift na. alloy of metalc.f. 19.i t {teqcra{q"}ftlqqfd gttl: sETffi qfta: vdwts q cTslc?qqft ttreqre:n g:tsdikl*trtfl*: c{ts'rh {tfuare} g t tnfttr Ftqtid qqgiEdimltwis: r TgtTltrlrsrt{tqt {cir<iro: qfrfirfr Rgql 11 il{rgccft AfW fi}d hi ci crg: t cceTriqftrs: ffi qfi6-{:rqrFt criqrq tl Frl<cdt' fto$ ftgcor{aAaftql t Crc{qg:qaq' qq6qila6l5gRarRtt :t a qrrit tir+rrrt tqqfr qo*Cft gtq: ll r Eqrftilrqftilrffi{rtfl{tilu'{u' EcqsrF(ffitat ?srdq rffim. Red. Wnw tra: te rfrur*orRfte: fte:6. belongto them in queriesregarding o/.r efitgcqqfttfsq'srrr: . tLA The subst. from and blaclcare thd coloursof the planets variegated tiheSun onwards.white. gem$. Fire.

st. Agarea2dthe lapirlazdlior turkoic are caid to belong to the'remaining planets Rahu and Keru recpectively. Indra.8[.r. Venusowns diamond. tl ilr *cqrqrcqt qeraFirc?carqq&arq qi6aT: I alrr q qt?r. capphire.Virhnu. ratarr qqqTrqi tqr . . Coral belongr 0 ptrreapotleos to lvfarg.& Rqirr ariq *dqnrr". Seturn'sgem ie ihe . qi TrtTdi tga eiit *e. The ruby is the Sun's precioue ctonei pearlthat of the Moon.Indrani.n g grrro*fr qqrfus.Topazberongo -rhaped to Jupit.trwrt qaffqqqqfir€-eq*rdqgq :r c-d{r+-{"a*qfueg*i"r qtrg q+d ltrrr. gt frrffisnm: 6t (Kartikeya). 19. qr0tTiGnqrqstq ffi CfirqoffiqEqqqRl{qr{'i fu ilwrql q q'h rr+- Slola. * ' c/ ffr*trqr€r il* tqFcftffifuilqa) ti.and Brahma the are pre-oiding deitieeof the planets from the sun in their order. u qf{ Uqorqt e rqqrft dii{r: I fttrigkqirfiq sffi I qft+rrJt Eaq{quq.ciTr ilrdqrili13rE{rrtt drrqarq: AtrqEnelYi 1 Vitlcatsor\dhyaya XVllI. Mercury's preciouc Etone is the emerald like the bird Garu_da. is. 21.c{rgrqrft* r* cqfr er futtq r Tlr rqt ftr-dgit: gqdqft ikaqq il qd€nt cr{rrcfri c*q{ cFn curfr ftqkrishtr }lSgatl grft: I qrfiq rt * cs.Lid. F-or the deities of the severalplanets c/.r.

* fine robe. n.. North and North'eaet reepectively' Vacantha The lorde of the six seasonsreckoning from V"noE.2L. Mercury and Jupiter are reepectively $outhweet' lords of the quarterEEast.. a .*<rir qt qfhstr{Farrtqrdq' qnrcsi Nqfrffiqilrcqrff{ a/..' Jupitir'.qG&eiq .-76wat q{ q13rrgvcfrs6d qc{ E* tsrftq 1u*fu) Alsosfifili(dr{Tol I .uw Also. qKH€l {€nutt tTsrqaFrrFqcwact-rsagdufiilq qrgfrilRrqrr. an ordinary garment. Il t Tt(uTrft T{ffirfui finiuirqredquryqrft satgqi *frAnemratqqnqq{ gq* qqFil lrlRrl Sloha.. Sr*.ufr6rt|**t:qwni*qc{fuweqlt: S' ' Sloha.a durablemantle and a rag respectively.36 qrdfitniln '1 Adh.*ffifo' rnrtGsr rr 11rr g. {.accordingto the Drekkanas of a rign Presidedover bY them' NoTrs.lpf tt tt . . 23' The singedby fire. tfi*q: nFa:mft t rrq1: {ts: srrflIftr: q'cr€crfr frrrrf{rtr: n " dr. Venue.and or the third portions "r. q1q-qei1 .. C/. R. Mars..ahu'Satur. Atl the sagessay that the articles ol apparelappropriatefor the $un and other planete Te t ttrict cloih. a clotl' " waehedinwater...n' the the Moon. tt1* d3qila at6+6frqt qbtrEii qcqqdr €6is qfofsftq r..Mars. the Moon Mcrcury.South'Qlotr$outh' \il/'estr Nortliwesc.akqttcrfr | {tr{sTftg RRsrfusA<t q *.

sl. If there is a planet in the l-agna.-Suppose the Sun (in progrqssion t" p.ns indicotcd bY thcntz-These are useful in finding out the proper seasons (of birttr) in the case of lost horoscopes.< 6 RTRK (Sisi (Vasanta Approximate period.tsft qgi qr fwrurerFtairr r qft q tl qrrrr: rrrt: rra?)t irEr {vzt{cglia 'f i +-dt'{sitlEarq?l nrftfk fitsfta: qfrEq rr I WtR. then it is rvith reference to the strongest planet.o. Venus Mars Moon Mercury 19th May l9th July 19thSeptr 19thNovr l9th Jauuy l9th (Grish (v (Sara 20th July Septr.&rcco*: rmftw4 {mansl. then the season typified by that planet should be predicted' Wl-ren there are more than one platret in tl're Lagna..rsrs r. 28 T^'v-v--'--:"--"'v ftffigatrc: trrelfiqqlt+lrEqt*ltstiqg: rtitT: ll 6l .r. 20th Novr Januy Satprd A!llio. x'garfurirs* g asera* rsntn: q q ?lti'it qft rraft trt< Erd: r qft q qi a *. . To From March h May i I Lord of the Seasorr.. it is only in that case that the season should be predicted with referenie to the planet orvning the Lagna l)rekkana' The six seasons'their approximate periodsand their'lords are given in the following statetnent:-E= I Name of the S"*. *y sy"tei to be affiicted by the Moou. l I *ma 2 d. r artr q rIFRq: Tfutdtttfi soErdil<qrtg h{qr: rrqFt ha Ptancts and thc tcts.tlion of thaptiwilh. If there is no planet in the Lagna.q 3c* 4Tq 5 tq.renflt will bc ill-hca-lth and bad'things to the native in G'r-sbina({1qy a . Tie .

a pleasure. A ehrine. 1q-wrct NoTr8.the placesassigned to them (Sl. a fire place.Iars'.. 24) and tbe.rlqrffimM{grlft: . Rahu and Ketu havetheir places in the cornerE of a houoe.ground.24. \Ve have then to say that. scopeat the same time. dicted for the periods if there b" gpod aspects.substances 1.bund.. MQiltrrffisl qRilEcqr isffikn "gdfr"ors 18 tl f. and a heapof rubbish are to be asoignedas the placec of the planets from the Sun onwatdE.troubles began itr l"ebruary and March (fqri].irq" (rttO I rq}qt rucft rrl srfogtr} cscirrf-Cr"ttt{r+ ilqsrt lurq! r The articles of apparelof thi scveralpiaaots (mentioned in sloE 22).chamber.'lt The Moon afficting Mercury by progressiou will bring i11.38 ||ilrtfuii Adb. r/. a treaEury. . bealth in Sarat Ritu (qrcf. Suppose for example the Moon has progressed to Aswini Nalishatra affiicted by Mars squnre opposition Saturo in a horo. Good things may be similarly prc.a thore or river.) Sloka.g). a bed.J(-Sisira Saturu's) and very badly in May and June (Grishnra-I\.

rscribed to them (sl..1Cofa Kitchen. 25.ilqrr Sloha..r. cloths ---l I"*".etc."". . "-"o I I tun Moon Their appropriate places I r articles of.roo clotbs - Abfticntio. . torn | .."r. in cgnJunction n'ith Saturn means useless marshy lands... . ..'Ir{ediunr clorhs Sif ver I .. the Moon. q€ fiqrqilr. oentioned boundary up to the river Gautioika._l I Play grounds . Jupiter Venus Saturn . $ukra'c swdyprevailc fr..J... gTfrrfld !ilt. of thd oDoat_suppose the il{oon in progression (as per any system) cornes in trine tc Venus. Mars.' J ewel llWars "rj Fire-placessuch as cloths ...lupit. {ft..lnu* .01.1 I I I I ' (olntt Mani) .Excellent lp -e a r l s I cloths | Hillock..territoryextends from Lankato the river Krirh'a. etc- fuGu:urmRteqru fteedr fiaflu<{. U. as ruler of the 4th house indicating investments. worship . we must say that cloths will be set fire to by accidents..94 frrftftsrqrc..1. Engine lBurnt I I rooms.. ptaces oi la*r.. j N e wc loths . useless placeslRagr. ..u cloths f aooou. crotrrs . In tire case of a nativity for example.. Substances apparel I ascribed I to them Temples. suppose the sun is square to Mars. .. It has to be predicted that the person will get or wear new aod good clothes. 20) are mrrshalled for purposes of roforencc in the following statement.. I I Marshyplaces .i.f o. r Rftqw{d.

rcrq tr according to tTncJ(the Varsya conrrnunity is represented .utcast:.Rut by the Moon and l\fercury and the Suclrasby Saturn.rhi{f}dtseo.rauflg qEqvr{ Sra{ar'vritga ags. M:rcury is the lord o{ th.Eisqrdiqfr' r {d.60 t"* t. gqrm . the Ganges lies the region of Mercurl. - qrrfi?rgrnq rr3frir qftaqi& l?ra+rrnrqq r fr. r rfi qfAq sriqrftFt -qtrqqq*{ q!. (2) tr-Dana. The SunandMars are Kshrtriyas. qqgolfrq: {rRrgfr $ilfl ttwtgofrthuagf. JupirerandVenusare llrahmins. Saturn has his sway over the countrt' frorn th: Ganges up to the Himalayas.palat viz (l) Hi{ Srma.26.r.itccrdi ar€c: Justas the four ca-stes have been a1:portioned to the planets. The Moon is a Vaisya. 'i .: . $aturn is the ieader of the c.: SutJra community.r ilq'qrftfr il qq ll Sloka. ll tt"tr . . Jupirer andthe Moon are planecs typifying rRq-Satva (puriryrgoodness)../. c/. Rfrqtffufifrf{raeft {qrd* trqrr{ qffif {iimrililftrs A\\A\ q. nt. (IsttrlTqrnrqrl Also IfSTT{-fi " ficrQir: gfig€ silrfi rEft g..The Sun.rrftrrcrqfuTr rr{til q|'rqq-crr"t""uiai.g*i flccfi gnr+rsic+ ftw r rTGrqtrii ?l€fi nfr: ltfr ftc}cr tt qdts-ct.and Mars own tqn-Tamas oi darkn:ss aetheir dietinguishing characteristic. it has to be inferred that the four:upa).*^ . i . Saturn. (tst ho117 .i I .ia.planete of passion.t ftaoqft*it Adh. Venus and Mercury are ess:ntilllr the.* --. . (t) irt Bheda and (4) to*p.." t*rhy.

rys-Danda. r lft q.tT: I qqrf *rqt: {fi rrisrr. r/.nftffi$tr qrrllwr rnmft *Sg gr{rit. the division of the planets into (l) biped (2) quadruped (3) n'inged and (4) reptile isaLso hinted a/. occupying and aspecting the lagna and the Rasi occupieclr. thus: To Jnpiter and Venqs-Stg-Samp.rqqlt . Xwil-a qclic*€gft q? :q4trqqq1}q qqq: f{T(qfrufthq Wqr{vrg@qfoqr: ll R\erl . ffitirc ffiq"T.E{FftS€.by the Moon.2&27 frfrilrsrqtc: 61 have also been assorted to the planets. Rut it must be renremberecl that the planet in rvhose Trimsamsa the Sun is situated plays a prominent lart io moulding the guna of the native c/.eib. to Mars and the Sun.&.qri tc<it cr fttri?r rr<I qrcft<rrEq tl " grqgqs€t c: €tRc{Ks qqrRrra €({r.g* c I l'urther. I cttfrsft | <rErqrir* . {r-Danq and to Mercury and Saturn-\t Bheda..Tr-gfhftqg€: q. gqmt (Lollu sr{ rrffcfuorra: fue*r rinilq3 qcrniq*gC[ | qsrq€t&FTfr Qlrcrqe {€({rQgor}r1r:Rrrq.ft qq{rftd I {qe.l:" qft: qs ggdt wra'$t rr*rt " f*aiarreqrt .*a rruq}cq|*: t r :' r*fur: ortrr-srqrcdffrsq'Gmrgrirsftqr: il ft*dftftlrgqt€rrqr F{rSt t{ft rd}.e: r qilg"r*t rr Gcer ugaqlfcsqpr4r holfl y6""e gunas should be ascertained after cxamining the strength of the planets owning. to the Mosn.fre'q f*{iq6nTrqrc(sriq}: seqrBgqN rr$ rnG '{ir qc{eEsnrqe €n cAfltffi t r agfi }q#tr'ilnr .*rqr.R qe ftnritr+fr gqrP{qilrg(." grif{fufr rffim .

Fire' Air and Water.a. the Sun. 28.and skin. Errth. Nores. II Sll}. $aturn and Venueare respectively the lords of Ether. Venusand the Moon are females.fat or grea$e.. Jupiter.ri arci :tt rft t cqrfi rr I ernic{r{iEei q s{site rra?.{i qir{c$. Venus their areSaturn..Iqsmr6 rf€ftt{qq"rtrt Sroka 71.r qrudfc{Ri{9fi[{€dnxlil! *tftcn ll le lt SJola. Mtrs an:lJupiter are males. The planets in the zodiac reckoned serialim from Saturnin accordance with the lengtlr of orbits Mrrs.Vidc (Latlet ha[) al. Mercury. bone. Mrrs. infta.62 fimqrftilt Adh. Tne Sln. blood.rrlrqrt{rai sfuir {iqgrrlr: stot " cdci tr{{r.{{qqTqirqdr{Tr<r.{rflrrt rr qril<tfl rqrntqrrlffiqc{**r ftn r rurW rr . (Fhd halll.r <{{trcirF{ | Trlpxqr{. Srturn. m rscle. 316{0 ! ctnr rrqr*i6qgtgtscrftcr: rr rdrrt g wmtt * dt cacrd tnrgRrq: rqrqflr\ inrilc crfr mk-Tlt Gffisl& qi ftccctr*a{T: . the Mocn anC Budha are respectivelv declared to be the lords of the following constituent elem:nts of the bedy: mrrrow. and th: Mrcn.ilqaqnrorrg}t1n s{rqt$q{ilRlrerqreefiftdqnntm qs fnfgrrftqgnd\(i{rrrfc {Ft[ 6qt- :i sFrqqge rqmfilf6(glrgg+q. Srturn and Mercury are eunuchs. Jupiter. Jupiter.'A7. Venus. semen. Mrrs. tq'-il?rfi . " Rf€a. the Sun. Mercury. (Lcttot halfl cl.

a year. Eweet.and mixed flavourshave for their lords the Moon. etc. astringent. Jupiter governs brain rliseases. half a montb.bitter acid. the $un. Jupiter Mars Venus and Mercuri. Mercury. The Sun. NclrBs. The Moon governs diabetes. Saltish One day Two months One rnonth 15 days One year Bitter Mixed Srveet Sour if.ttq{ n iq tl -\loha.qfq-Kashaya Applicaliorof thclrinciffr-If illness is indicated by Saturn. Venus. .s!.29. etc. Satunr. it is of short duration.2e fffilstrr: 63 All diseasesmentioned in Chapter VI are based upon this : r. a monthand a nuhurta (? ghatikas or 48 minuteo)reEpecrively. g.two'lnonth6.menstrual diseases. . Venus governs venereal diseases.Mars. it is long-standing: if iDdicatedby Mars. . a day. This shouldbe appliedwith reference to ChapterVI. Saturn.. Saline. erffidlqnTdsq{ilqrf I tfficqlrnr<ft. Mercury governs slin diseases.4 8 ' ) .eriod !'lavour The Sun The Moon Mars Mercury Jupiter Vsnus Saturn Half a year I'uugent wr (Kshana. Plaoet l. Jupiter and the Moon Ewayover perids of half ^yearl. pungent. such as madness.

According to the first view.s qqi{orarTtlda} nrer{ s Rqrrq rtn?. Vrischika Navamsa being the 2sd in the Mithuna lagna. to be 9 signs I I degrdes 13 minutes. The period typified by tbe same planet is e day.q E rr rrisirxi I r* -Jer* rrait ar (ag6erraaaiaarn)rcerFe ldviaclq (Latter hall) erranfteftrimqcr( cl0riq: (*arrarrt r) qrqit*qftg€a: +r& vrlftcimrcgvr: r ' rtrwfr ftgQct lrrrfurtsqsrEdqli l qtqr{: I ofr qn.0rvour typifiod by this perticular planef .lrE I Adh. the Navamsa occupied by Mars.Vrischika. the lord of . the compretionor success of the business bas to be predicted to happen in 2 days. 9s Mesba. Frndtheplanet that is strongest at the time of Adhana("rrqrq). happens to be thc 6th when counted from vrischila. inrsdr rrfr q{r} diqi qkEsitorlisaqqqg cnrrn{q(qrrisffora.dt qEiir: v?qar rra€e anq trol: +nl'rqq. and the position of Mars. Thc pregnant woman rvilf desiru (lous for) food mixecr with the . qrffiq in6q: I aqqr qR aqilredr{t rRfrsft il{r arr{fireai rr{ftlttsft-q+ <ri nnqqah. the Vrischika Navamsa in tbe Mitbuna lagna to have risen (2 signs 4 degrees 12 minutes). the time in which the successor otherwise is expected to occur rvill be 6 days.i'm rF{[\" !R$Clf.ilt $r} arqfta*rfterpq }qq tt trf. tl +glvaoPonflrtar qgrrrdra +wz qvit (Pfrst hail) lqtei-siltrnEr* q] qoqrd agcreeffi qlR TfiFqrn Also..slrf.qtt cf .qqft( cqAsft urSt *q: *fuq rsafi qer qu<r @t rrqft ( c ru€qrl-di{r+lqrsedqt mii rrlft a<tretrmiqrcarftrt qr srd qfit. According to the sccond view.q {errg: tl ffi Supposeat'the time of a query.

To calculate the correct Drigbala (6rAo)of planets. pleasesee chepter 2 of Sripatipaddhati (ffi cCftF) I .quarter.glance.€qftqatffi$1 rffirroqrd qr{nqtdqtn Rn(| ffrurnrmrffl wt g|qilrtilr:ll lt ll Sloha. All the planets in general have on the 7th house. Slo'hai31. The following from Parasara1'fifqrr) regar{ingRahu <jrishti (<rgre) will be of interest: . Mars ie potent with his tbree. and a full eyeat the ? qfla ffir$il: sqrr: t. in Jupiter is auepicious hio obliqueor angular aspect. Aatrologers ray that all the planets cast a quarterglance at the 3rd and 10thhouses.8O. Saturnis exceedinglypowerful when be hashis strongquarter.3[ t0-81 Cftlrsrclq: 66 q|ild rqft fratqr{{r{q}t{ ffiur$dsffiqtrurrt r frEt€r{w6{t. clo il<ran tq$lft qlrarqvqr qrarorrfrc: v* r i kqntr*Mqg(wsgcrit c-d cfrin l *q3 I Tf T{qfr rfrqedtqqnrT R$turrTft cgtt {fig. rtrength of aepect Norrs.IA Eqf<tt lo tl gtf. halfa glance at the 5th and 9th: three quartersof a glance at the 4th and 8th.g'frqqc-{qr+fr aqftr I a"he aqs grarqwrit "rffi As-{F{: cRE: r s{qfiVftqtc1rrqc{i gdFqr Rvuarsa} ..glance.

44.) by the combinationof three or more of the Lrroduced Vargas enumerated below:rle-SwochclLr (the 'qrilrfrqiiqtft(urt tqrRq.oo Jupiter look evenly.$wa.SwaRaoi (the planet's own house).t3. sloha. etstr'rqr-swathrikorra (the pra'et's Moorathrikona). i4. The looks of Rahu and saturn inclinedownwards. Venus and Mercury look eideways The t"totn . drekkana (the planet'sown Drekkana).igf.RRnt. Sloha. Sloha.tcturor.f *q?r: (g: lt lS tl .c own Navamasa). planets which do not poslessbenefic a$pect or other such good influencegrDay not prove auspiciouo when they are in their depreroion.B?^ The Sun and lvlaro look upwirde. n RR tl Qrq?6srorqgE1qqqpwtffiq. planetehave predominant atrength of position ( tur<+er-$tthanabala ) when they o... . aitle Adhyaya 10. on Ashtaka Varga).eown exaltation cign). iufra. tr io conjunction witb ininical or naleficglaneto cr acpectcd ' ?uaiQniqqQqt{ . q: tilltl frqrRqrqtqqqlqft tttqqpnRierr{frfogFf$iT{r{ r otrffiqqRnfrqnGil'dt*l Srotu.q-Swasuhrid(theplanat{riend's house).u.upy the Vaiseslrika Vargas(Vidc Adhy_aya l. and being in:the ascendant'porr-ar.qnwrftur. ret{r-Swa-amoa (the planet. .&66 rnrrntt Adh. merousbenef ic dots (morethan 4. Il !+ q{fe'gfr: qqqnEfuftnqwknm*.

the reet during the day. the Sun and Saturnhar it irfthe lvlarr in thc&uth or the l0th bhava. Mercury and Jupiterhave their fttcs' Digbalaor Etrongquarter in the Eastor Lrgna. sl. day.U6 tBtlrrlsqn: by then or in their Vargasor i. Venug 'North or 4th bhava. or whan they are cclipeed by thb Sun'srays or oveicomein planetary-far. I and 8.Trilqr tg. positional fhe strengthof jlanets will be better understood by a reference to Sripati's rules r. month and year. 36. Eachplanet is strong in his hour. nl\tl t filEo{rftn: d qqgR{ruttiq riloT Slola. the $rndhis or have fewer pointo (in the Ashtak. . Th: Moon. NorBs. Srturn and Mrrs have rrcreKalabala or temporal streirgthat night. Also {Iq'lffil.r Varga) or when they ocrupy the bad portions of a sign.fih qt rrrrnt ffi3fuerqqTrsa€d Ailhyayplll.Adhyayc dhati trft IV-sl 8 gwr}cd-u-g€*ft r fforqnrc{q. The benaficanJ malefic plan:ts have Itr€ngth in the bright and dark hrlv:s of tha monrh res. Mercury is always stroog.Ul. and the Moon have it in the \il/est or ?th bhava. lriry< 1 gftqt l{ftorrkeft cc:qo$I q fttotrt r g dr Rrm<crr& rrlmq u iriti<tr' g*nr*il Also ilnc-Sr cfi qtq$ eEr€rs* . pectively. nUqrqr*wr:qffiffin: r fteftrurqqr: g{rs$wgs: {il isroilft{urftt'QQ Sloho. 35.rn the subject. 35. c/. Vidc Sripatipadq&.

Vit. tive in the. ldhyaya-I I I.when motionor in conjunction consid:red (in plaoe.68 ltftqfiqrf Adh. $aturn. II cf.pfftw-Nairargikabila) 'cl. ciqit ffiqqaq: tq@ 16r: qdcicnre q+q g"entor Eftr+ rr ffi{qq{ cr$: gu!. of the .-li. tn<r+fi tr.qr*rFt&0i qfua: r cr't ctft{itg* r}sft qrRrs'eT|ten rr . fuiselfth r Gqrfu{r *nqamqqhqf k({Rrtrf 'r f*qruHqtqitwfttorlisnut{rrfufl drqrtqger rfigegr*dgnurarsn( rrlun twfq {6rFfi: qfruwrqrdg+rtnrj Sloha 37. Mercwy. (l) Varshapabala (dcru) bala (rfur*o). Sripatipaddhati (4rqhcqft'\. (2) Pakshabala (qqqo). tqqrar ffir nQrglsln: e*qr irsfu qrF>r rgofutaar: q: gft. Jupiter. Mar8.Venus. mFrd *qrffiifrsfr Rq sat mtag*cr ftfu irrcrcqiretcrq {fsn: *}rrr. Slohas{.lr: **ur r rrmAcs€tromd' {r€4irq. northern course. (+) Masapabala (qr€qc-€). in this sloka. Jupiter and in their retrograda Saturn.the Moon and the Sunris: eucceosively in natural strength (. Mars.are to bevictorious tary war. with the Moon. The Sun and the Moon are strong in the or Northern course. (l)Natonnata. (6) Horapabala (trfi-{-d) a/. The reader will see that the author has referred to six of the sub-divisions of Kalabala (nn"as. (5) Dinapalula (kqq-qa). Alsp af. The motionaletrength Uttarayana planats tak:n in regularorder from Mars is addi.' Venus.

it is not exactly known.{r ge ftr€rcqrifua{rtgrn: cRoac{r:I The wordss{{+ts. tsrr€Cheshtabala (motional strength). Fr€ntq' Kalabrla(temporal$trength)have varietiesindicatedby the numbere1. (+) CUesUtabala iiero) is said to eonsistof 5 sub-divisiogs.f. 6ffi'Slradbala) takeninthe follow' cix kinde of strength iog order namely $ca'Dri-bala (strength of aspect).38. please Slokas'28'46. Professors (w. ii Saoagaoa .Ill. viz. qAot fttil grfu 4q:n (ctq-€:) cf. 1.t in the toxt have been used in a purely technical way.' balas. grrccst thanabal a (posi t i onal st rength). [i Vakra (rt). rbst theseare. 5. (t) origbata (rrqo) is by itself one. Qrro-Digbala (directional istrength).RatrscrTtsfr n r ftrffiqnPfiffiqqqfolft rr16 rl gqdtfrrgfrgtoffi eift mqFilqtRI: of Astrology say that the Stc&o.1q dim: qffq gE. 7. (i) Uchcbahh (vrao) (ii) Sapthavargajabala(sr*ird{o) (iii) Yugmayugmrbrta (gngrqlr) (iv) Kendradibrta(tqiitro) an{ (v) Drek' kanabala 11t6qqo) (l) Nisatgabala(htfso)is by itself oneand hasno sub-division.. (2) Stthanabala (smqo) consists of 5 sub'divisions. 7. refer to Saravali c* dt ffi ftqt isr. Also {rg{nrqflqr 'of the several kinds of For details regarding tbe effects (qra+tfi)Jal. Mlq-N i saraga' bala (natural strdngth).ls & 16. . Nores. oil'. Here the author wants to mention the number of lsub'6itt' sions of the several kinds of balas. l. "{m'rqfi:7. the meaningbeing "when in conjunctionwith tho qqqt {Fltfi[foon" .gl 98 ftCr{lsrcc: 69 Atso ttqnrq Eraqmmr: qftttqr: I Eqqsltftfiffi{$ ' ftgan. 5.

il{ftq'd 'qt€g{e qd qi}. Saturnand Mars have 5 Rupar ar their. (tcrtrc).in The otrengthof planets is full. Venus has5* Rupas. 40. qlrao Purnabala c/.TEIqisqd aorh fih.i. gnq qrrffieq{ r qdh qs ?gamq3 | q {rqltt't ed<rq si{til sa^ asgqft q$€ tq<g cta A @ ffqfft csrq ft* qd sn( u q' i t*q Sioha 39.fue1-6. eto signs Makara the position. 7 areassigned the Moon gets6 . Stutft' qftq{6qfr*q1 11 !o ll $loka.r F€qwdTrflq0fit{n tt f}qt q:6n u Q1 .er wtq oulr*vift rt qs . cach .rmu'Ayanabda). (gsso)l .. tlrree'quarlcn or half pecordingto the varying intensity of the fcrcesmaking of lqro'Shadbala up tte aggregate . 60th partsand 360thprrts (of a Rupa) the Rupasor whole numbererepresent foined to cercain of strength thek as following the of planets. iii lUdagayanabala (s<tmi{d) iv Ayanabala (cw{u).hhur e*rr{t {ilqrt qaifAg.Vidc Slohrsl6t to 18. (5) Disbala (f?so) is by itself one.llh1ayc IU cf pnd v Yuddhabala Sripatipaddhati. shadbalas (w.') Masapabala (R-<qs-o) and (vii Horapabala (troqso). ffiaqq:trThffir .ra) is composed of (i) Natonnatabala({iltlrilro) li il Patstabala (q{lo r (i ii) Di narathri th r i bhagabala(kq<rFftect'rso) (rneq *a). The Sun and Jupiter have-6ff Rupro to Mercury. q-d{tTrdl qts(tdqqt.aF t dFqqr{r lrq q|trrft lr 8t fl r ({fi TiliPd . qqGftitqqEot&t'. (e) Katabata(mo. (v i) Di napabala i(iv) Varshapabala(qfqqo).(.

41. ttrgtms{Rr frientlship of planets Cne l0 3lr4Ztz r!/iilFrr{b. {serqrt.m: q fuuqrcqqi&pr.n uBfl Rrtft rtnJt$q$iqlqr: tgs RnrqT nftrql wnifs qqat lqi Rqar'{siiiqql geHrqRmfters r!: n8Rtl .[rom one another. Tbe $unand venuaarefriendr'of . Sloho. Venus . Mercury ic hio en€oy.qq^uil?g$cil{ {Tr: {q: duq' Ut*rrr. Venucandgaorn areDeutrals to him. aod Jupiter. thc 3rd and the llth. Mercury is neutraltowardshim. oeutral. Man.Sloht.. . c/..r. the Moon. Jupiter. They are iuimical if they occupy other poe itione This sloka gives only the atqt&r to tlreir occupyingcorlain houses.{i A&rorq. 42 The Sun's friendgareMare.: ?l Slgha. a* time being when they occupy the Znd and the l2th.g. the Moon and Jupiter'venue andsaturnarehrsenemiee. ggql gqe wtgtcril rdfcirqnirFrrf. glfi (g: r*.112..ilB\fl qrrq frrriir rftgffqrrant Rg:gsqrqt wrqt r qqr.gil r msrailffiTffi {qqr gr. The Moon's friendeare the $un and Mercury. ft t7 E e 5 6 ' : qrirqqrgq u{ g*qqrftrrr* ftcc} hqur: n S*q* rrrte: *Fqgrt *nffirrrri lr* ft r sil lrrrtqqr eTrq{-d. qq1.9.t qfr1qq1' gTfit dr sT fril* rRqr{qrr: I fri ffidl WffEqQfuarq{ qtqcql qqrf. or the 4th and the l0th plaoes. Mars' friendrarethegun. q.t5 'itln. Planetsare mutually friendly for .*Rftrtrq=.

Saturn. r3) rg-Sathru.n r]isqlfrrfr Adb. the 8th and the lOth. The Sun invites Mars twice.. the following by . Sloha.i€[. In order to tinil out the naturirl friendship or otherrvrseof planets with respect fo any . 9th.Jupiter is neutralcowards him.flut the Sun and the Moon become friends on a single invitatiorr (as each owns only a single sign in the Zodiac). 2^d.Mars and thc Mo. The rest :rre his enemies. Jupiter twice. Jupiterand Mars arehis neutrals. The Sun. the planet's exaltation Rasi. Place the planet in its ]Vloolatrikonairnd mark the 2nd. 45..8th.Sama. of Saturnare the Sun. Saturnand Mercury are the friends of Venus. . (4) dft{tg. (2) srF{ft*-Adhimithra.rne of the'rest. or when they happen tql o'wn the plenet's exaltation Rasi. rt Mercury. and exceedingly friendly or irtimical by their being deemed friendly or inimical both naturally rind for the time vi.once invited beconre acquaintances and planets that are uninvited become enemies.the Sloha.rn arc the ate VenusandMercury. The enemies . Venus and Saturn are uninvited. the Moon once and Mircury once. Venua The planetE are are to L^his Mercury friends. anrl llth housescountedfrom the planet's Moolatrikona Rasi. (l) being.His enemies 'Saturnis neutralto him. 44. gencral rule is laid cl<. His enemiesare the Su:r and the Moon. l?tlt''n gtrqtkdlurqT{rtqs ttrdi e'atsq}Fnrq'f I sfi Aq+ rril dt* q wqe( cl itqr: n Planets are friendly to any given planet when they happen t<l own the NoTrs. ftr-Mithra. l2th.\{oon andMars.rP{ -satyacharyai Vh.Adhisatlrru and (s) qq. Thus planet'aredividedinto 5 clag. Planets twice invited become friendsl pli.Jupiter and Mars are his neuffalsr and the Moon is his enemy. lth. Therefore Mars. friendsof Jupiter.

1qw6a firs?*cg$ est:gffidi -rr+tftSqr: lFrtrRgr*. Those that are enemies foes i'rvariably.i crrttatt qnf{rFRrr<*geSg6q: ftbr: rr gp: trftrqrq flq* E:fi{* tcgr s f}qnt r Ttrreq *rrr ftnruq.6na g6q: H'Rti cnqn ffi For frieuds of Rah'u antl Ketrr. A planet that is inimical in the one caseand friendly in the other ie to be taken as neutral. he is a great both ways are deadly friend.and Mercuryhis acquaintanco. I tpsl . g(sftiT. and the Moon are thc friends of the Sun. If there is friendlinese both naturally and temporarily on the part of a planet.ffi: Sloka. 46. gilFr:qftfrffi' r0 qft: fos qftmlx: Rr![il:Uq{qgil€ ftq. Venus and Saturn are his enemies.fugqnt: trvq fiqffi qortrr ilrtl tl sgyg Only some authorities hold the above vierv and not all. the following is stated in afr' gF* i{ftfrrflr qA. €qt{fuilcfu :-Sarwartthachinthaman i: qdkrfrqr: qqF( *ffiare w{r: tl rr*rg ftrrF qg:ffiqgfratgqqlt.$M iI qqtftqr{: I ll Bqrl Wruqttg€aq*qtiRg. That planetis but a friend which hag of being {riendly and neutral from the two the character points of view. Varahamihirr a/.tr veit ggqfu*torqsir{ Fm(Frncn*tdcr: tiwg:$nqr: reoapnqwtHr}qr&R il But Yavaneswara holds the following view: ' ' I gfr€ Srt qRW st r riftffiscqr. Similady it tho case of other planets. c/.$[ re-rl |lit{}sqiq: ?s Jupiter. while the one which haa the character of being neutraland inmical is an enemy.

4lt. c:haracter'of mothcrand affluence. foes and blood(parternal) relations.Frqdqwmildrn: ffirarft{qsy5qQqql:q' ll 8z ll immoveable Sluho.l. lande. A pereonought to divine abouthii own selfrfather.Vide Y-56infr. the Mars is violent. It is thc Moon that determinesthe one's heart. Mandi of Khara Ititlc inhu Adhyaya . influeur:e.hcalth. younger brother.speech q{rRttrftge(qrffitfr qF{i'fi r( qqn€qrqnfi<d qrfr.I rftqnn$qrlt .11 ucxrfuil Adr.30. It is through Mars that a person disease. # I Tqrirmk{rrkrrtrrqqr. qralities. Vigourand fortune from the Sun.\VIII sl. gth and the Tth housesfrom them or their lords will planetsif they happen excecdingly troublesome to _proyc occupiedby the lord own at thc sametime the houses (nrlor (qrFn). It is Mercury that:influences one'E relativesin general. In the case of moveable. uncte.qrwg€rl{5. understanding.rn ascertainhis own rcourage. Slcfrrr.{6*rrd.48. qualities. and action. F'rr:(qq) Khara. II Eloha.friends. planets occupving reEpectively the llth' anddualeigns. Mer' Moon'is wandering (unsteady).royal favour. dircriminationr maternal learning.characteriotic c. wffi il{lllqfie-qrnffiAqff<iq wi t{nrqEqnftRgarehqnqgnr tt uq tl frqlq-gR{d. Venus iu light or easyand Saturnis harsh. 47. Sages eaythat the Sunis steadfast. cury hasa mixture of diverse Jupiterie gentle.

hie advereity and prosperity' One aboutone'spaternalgrandfatherthrough oughtto guess tbrough-Ketu' grandfather Rahuandaboutthe maternal qge. qloP qfi $: ge: Crdtgtfiw: fta: tFt: t q5rqe{gfr fi-{1ffEav rlr4stcot: ll ftteggrt{tir€Fltdt:I sfql{dlaifitrt'?1tmr. 51. 52. qr( ll\Rll qftsqrfrsRoqril\g rtRftfu<. ornaments. physicrl devalopm:nt. One ought to conjectureabout one'E 'sots anf own genius. The Karakas with the Lrgna or the rising sign are (1) The Sutt ('l) Jupiter (l) Mars (a) Thc Moon and Mercurv (6) Ju'piter (6) Saturnand Mars (?) Venus (8) Srturn (9) The Son Jupitar (t0) Jupiter. Mercury and Jupiter when the 7th. informrtion regardi:rg by referring knowledge otle'8 wife.. to Jupiter. thg causeof death. t0.ffiid grftrtwrafi ft{stRRisql dqwt{il: WRaeaqflqrd* rtt!f!!x: I g(geRi|qg:iffisfi: qH-oqT( ll \t ll of the Bhavasbeginning Sloho.52 fr?frsrqrq: 16 qrgdkTE(ItnorRqii{ilEmr rtfr: qrilFd Ate\ lt\oll fiil{ ftilHii g ftrR*rr Sun. cf .the 4ch and the 5ch they occupyrespectively houserfrom the Lagnaale indced . Mercury'and "ni Saturn(tl) Jupitarand (12) Saturn.$[. 5q.wealth. vehicles. tTilErI$: S/ota.harmfulln all horo' . Venus. liveli[cod. love a{fairs and ir to bEooughtthrough Venrts' It is $atq1n pleaoures ihat oettlesa p:rson'e period of life.

.hislimbs i.. ff{Kal ' ngrarrftt' 6ar* gr drq: rrrtffi cri €6i qrft{r: t fig: qpffilme3 qrtql-r*mrtc6: &c€(+ t*6'€rfr gfr 1g{rg rerUtsftgtra: IFreRTf{cl: ll rr' . rfiqrragffirgaaru: ffirrsTt rrrdtragc+: Egir'{:*rgrmrer rft: tt qe{rFlH gtqq{rail(fu$t' I dqIGnA qffifrqriil { gqsqr ail-( ll\B l dF {qtwggqfiq: Stoha. ffiIrraqr!il ll \1 ll q#tffRlqi f{*q't' qIGrtIqtHFI. Sunconsisrs cl' fl(qdl t qfir$Fqeq{w'cgcft$<l<evd t-g. The Moon has phlegmatrdwind in speech his compogition. . chieflyof the quality of goodneos' . torr"lywith his linited quanriry .. cgfttrqrtaqi: {t: saoc: Rn: t q€r{. Sloha. He is always sensible. are as follow: gives in' Notus./.oflie is discrimioating. 64. in his mo{if{ril The harmful yogas as given by Manthreswara ' clt q.YVYTYYYt rtt:YvrutvYY rrffiffr rYY t YYYruvvY YYv:vwYUviYYYYUYvv Adb'II - tcopet.hck'red in mien.63'Poeeessedofenef$}lofasquarab as wine'.i.of a b"dy. but round' . ne^ irt *s: quei tsrF{t t ftrFtcga? rt 6tt g""-. are firm and exceedingly with a figure slim.ti {IJq: iFqirreq q[Rsst{' t mfilrfi qqrqtt.ifi.r0 . Saturn in the Bth housefrorn the ['tg* pariablY what ia agreeable-. lovely.and is given to rambling' Hit He hasfine eyec. of eyes bright of hair.

55. r/. wa*dt . I{e has bile in his composition. phlegm and wind in hic compoeition. qqf€firrwrmn:qgir: qtar rtem-*rqt gt$F s efi rlnet'rr : fttncs6q€f {os: qclt+t ftera${ro: tcuirr:.' trs: fuootsrit aag{f. He hasplenty of bile. he haea weahh of ready e$et111 and is a 8age. fle har a slender waisr His limbs are fine andof a reddishhuc.rnr: 77 urq? adgorftg trtt$rtrt:tt \\ tl Sloka. 56. He is energetic and luetful. a youthful appearance and generouE disposition. etm twtgE{ilrqftilqefo.He is exceedingly fond of fun. culation. ercr+dl ilur<rtqileill* r1g€rqctEoe {rs orqwrtsfffift+: Egqqr: t*cfrfrveirr r .1g or passion.x. He delightc in danage. He is thQsovereign of thoaewho are endowed with the quality of ruq. Mercury has a persongreen at the bladeof Durva or panicg(ass.eif}anri}amif .R.sf. wards the quality of Thamas lcrg) or darkness.rfruriqr {Gl:rdlqftfm:ufrtqt RrfE ll itQ ll Sloha. He is spare aod thin. cf.6a: I tfiTl{{grdGl: ($Fr{ Ga !5ttTf: . Mars has fierce eyel. uftffr RfdtQtmn. and his tendenciee are to. He hasa distinct arti. 6g+c fttjts. he is exceedingly fickle.

68. His eyes and hair are brown. FIeis of a phlegmatic all virtues. Venrlghas black curled hair. He for every por0esse8 the quality of goodnessor purity. armsr tqfitrodtct g ittrt : ft€rrotrE: ftrrt : g?tgqoraareg {tiftdtqo: t Q(irfttr: edr{ara: {* rd tr&dt f+s?ilAgdr qrdleirsrsssrcq*tSfu :cqrit 1t: tt finfr. \u ll {qir t{r. He haean amplitude of grace. .ease.7 Jupiterpossesu?s temperament hir colouris yellow.His linbs ar: very stnrn3!. His p:rlon is graced with marksof royalty not to be despised.rt 11 a big'beliied body . g<: ffi<e: iqa*: vrqrrtarcIt gq: ll Adb.{teEol.ofta.(t{nfi meeoftnfu: 1 {rqilftfttrg' s}rqeqsrq{ffs' qRqffisq. . is endowedwith'an aPtitude He poosesses gcience. He has much wind and phlegmin hic compo.II qEgq€Rt(. He ic dfrt'hrown and handsom:. a/.t8 c*qrguftf* s!*clftlte $r wnrsn<rq Sftgf. slokn. sition and is endowed with Rajas(twq) or the quality of paroion.vigour and all kinds of excellence.i$6rflI[ i {Iso!rytsi('q*il€rhwtt r Efrstltuqt{: tnfrtqintq {qrt qogEqRRa.' He ic erceedingly intelligent.rilT rsnr: qtfdqn' lfqq6{fgqrrdfiFfi(a{Klg{: ll \d ll S. and an amorou$dic' rieal end lovely :He hassefteyes position.

t&. bio own horer.rltt: +rffrrq q{qvlqrqq. 59. . Mars by Saturn Jupiterby Maru. dqqdrqr*agerrMatrr rrffis6ffi ErqffiErrqes Rae q& r tt qt tl l{rt Rqq0r{irnaqar{ S/oA. FIis body is dark asDurva the following poeitiono:-his exalcrtion. 60."-""". and disposed designs cf anl+dr ftfr hraEslsi: ${aT{tt: frrtdsqs: EsIrF:qqartcrmftgns cnarrir A'iur:t q* : :ft c fan'rcrFr./. ' arw ilfr smqsr{d'tsRgrrrtFsqflrqit *orqrdqftqlftqgPraa: qg@w: Rre:n ilAFqiqn"€: iftttflr Fiftrcrr' $$qltilflt I ffiq{relqliqs& dfMrg8dtftoq.Ti. His compoci' tion has phlegmand wind in it. and the Moon by Mercury. In planetary war.hii . 61. sr<rcd qrtft&gq: EqEq": ga. ?Ftonnit q.He is intent on dark to inactivity. Mercury by Venus. Saturri tean.Rn(ll \q lt haestiff hairand limbs. Saturn is overpoweredby the $un . he ir Sloks. 1 Scqrgrr?anqqcotkrQgit .q:qftrr rfige.l.1ffi rrrwft: n ti* diqcir wnftqa.gQa Sloha. The Sun is invariably Ettoog. $'Aq d* gwnfrffi<: r si[01 qq. Venus by the Moon. He has large teeth and eyeoof a fine reddishhrrown. the Moon by Jupiter.sf-r. €g {sqt rcil 8o fttr gfr gtqF{EI ![s.

rigns Meena.Ir his Navamea. his Drekkana. his Navamsa. during night time.his Hora. in the 4th houae The all Moon with the digits the south of the Equator.Jyeshta Revati). Navamsa. He gives prooperity when he is in tbc 10th hotrrc from the Lagnaand also when he is in Keaks ffifigt . the time of his northernpessage. in his retrograde movements. Mars hat abundant otrength in his in the own weekdry. 62. qE(. poeitions Riksha except the ir: all io otrong complete and Sendhis(d. in hie passage planets s' at night. Makara and Meeha. hie weekday.ffi ltqffirsrq*{{* sftilar qld{q r <nq-igffiUq ftfrr ge qrrqrqt qR rdt q{e qFr Rqr rd: tffi ll qRll s+aitr{qileilq $* Wuqti ?lunq. 63.when he is in the southern quarter.hie the middle of hie Drekkana. by benefic the end of a sign. . e.his Hora. the initial portion of the Navamsa of a and the tenth house. . when aspected. The samewhen aspectedby all the planets bring to mena royal destiny qm €irRaqqmsqM{il qordr q* q qTsqfrRr rrRTgQ qrf $drm+ q g€ qKrR ll Ql n S|rla. and also in the intial portion of a sign. Thc Moon hae strength in Cancer. his Ttutur.80 di$ffirt Adh. the last quarters of Aslesha. to . his weekday. enteringa eign. friendly ptanet. Stohtt. Kumbha.

66. prity if he be in the rising oign. his owu Vargaandlweek' to the north of the day. MrffiqR{n?nQ gtqfimrffi ilgqqtgwt a$ qn} t gr}f. shen witbout the Sun. 64. crtc {hfltrm{: ct q|t Rn qftqrm3rg: r qfrT{e ffiqrq{rtfr riltqTfrr{f ffi uil qr qq zdfofcc (I( tl 18 tt his owo Varga. Jupiter ie powerful in Meena. in the fourth ac wcll as in the l0th housefrom the Lagna.b! day as well aeby night' in (that portion of thc ecliptic whicll hir northern pasEage lies to the north of the Equator)and in the middle of a strengthand pros' rign.. He gives much wealth when hil depreasion lo the rising sign.rla. Venuo is aucpicious rignr io hio Vargar in hio weekday. He invariably algoin in Vrie' .tl. . ffiM{fr .at mid. Equtor. in the middleof a 'aign.Dhanusand Kataka. in his passage Ktrmbha.rq gqfrqR frll' qr( ll qq ll in his exaltation Sl.Mercury is oighty in Kanya and Mithuoa. qs{Gffi tt q atqrqffrqd stq] qR qrRrqQ t uil gt q qirt rgRr(: qr( ll q\ ll Sloka. in his weekday. when in the niddle ll .chika.

and in all the twelve signr when retrograde. qortqc<#<1r1i onts: rfrrr: t: aitft {cfr cncrqwdt rr{(Fq tl |5. Makara. in hio paesage to the south of the Equator.q* qtr{nql Rqgquftt $nqq I qh w€qE*g 5vrfrq: enq ll qe ll Sloha. . for he says. t2th.qrdff{'lqrilqQ ftnqF Urt q w{rgcrfrq:qR(| sqra*gqql q ffi ret cq flq4ll SloAa. qt U{q wt qR Eqtrrt qqqfnqw*qd u.tI of a his conjunctionwith the Moon. l)hanus or Moena idcntical with the Lagna is capable of conferring royalty on the native. Kumbha. Vrisbabha. 68. 3rd and the 4th houseE froo the lagna. the 'a night.Kanya Vrishabha. Norgr. in the afternoon. But according to planetary wsrr in the dark half of a month. in the 7th houre from the Lagna. in the 6th. Ketu dominates over the concluding portion of Kanya. portion weekday and Daca.time generally and over a birth occurring at period of any striking phenomenonsuch aB an eclipoe.lahu has otrength. In Merha. and in the l0th house from the Lagna. io hie own Drekkana. Dhanus. in his retrograde motion and when he is h advance of the $un. Saturn in Tula.8Sl ftTq|ft|t Ad[r. in the concluding of a sign. Vrischika. 67. Saturn is predominant in Thula. Kataka. Kumbha.

Satu(n. 69. ?1. the$un.-wi (Rq'sel trdrdfritqor*{rA iletil' (Tbis nreaning is only tontative') . 69-72 fiftftsrn{: 83 ftqot{rFe t ftertru{er?{iltt q&ntrfr uh qltg({rttg r {Ir{gfif{nnfilqi}ettEqtt Sloha. Those plan:ts which pcose$s the str€ogth dcscrib:d al:ovcb?com: rrtuvriling whztr ch-:y rrrt'bhrva or t"ppi to b: in the initial prrticn of a cal' hrus. Planets arecalledProne: Th:se in th: six behindthe $un are and wealth' of happiness sufinc and are productive firrrr{{rrd{ilr:nlor w<rttrqr*Reilr|.igo.{firq{gt q€'gt-qftgilt$tt I W.Mtrs. B .rs. Venuc' sari' Mercury and the Moon are the planets adrangedin abide atirn a*ording to the lengthof the time they the zodiacal ... ae ascertainedby rrrltgir'bhavr sphutr (correct culations).l to hold good in this case. V' S' s o n l 1 't r r n t a t i v e N .il' t qdltt{ agtdl{oss{flt ts ll sl ll ilflqqsirnt'r Stoha. Jupiter. Rahu wh rse position is at the node)has topoost point of the Errth'e orbit (ascending a ' prldooiniting strengthwhen he occupies posicion ba is he when r' e' above'oentioned felow the planete fore or to the eastof them {qrgfr[. the various fortunes of a p:rson's tif': can be.exp:cce. T h i s i n t e r p r e t a t i o ri r qqlutlrffirq tirgftm ril: t q{iltf€ilr qrr}etfr:1g: $€ilt{s ll eo ll in the six signsbaforethe Sun Slofra' ?0. none of the effects alrcady yogas and deecribed in so far ae they relate to Bhrv.

ngmt(I lFl{r.causedby the three foregoing put together. NorPs. It is thereforedifficult to reconcile with Darren the abovethe statementnradein this slolia that he becomes of effect when in the 7th house. to his said have . Venus in the 6th. Saturn is full (Greo)Digbata in the 7th house. of Gods andof Brahminga[ity of the of suchailments aE an aching head..7r. can remove the" evil . \ \ \ Tqrsri flr4ffifu: ll el tt $rq'r aFeqgofr {qril trq. \.?4. Saturn t'in a similar of the former poaition)cancounteract the evil influences (when posicion in Mars a of advantage) two combined. andSaturn in the ?th become barren of effect.84 rratqftnrd Adb" It Sltha. SloA:rs ?3. Mars in thc 2nd. The Moon in conjunctionwith the Sun. The Moon can obviate the malefic influence of the six preceding. The Sun can renove the evil effects of the foregoing 8eveo. I rreB ll ffitfi die{rflatrql(tilq+ r eEr frrta. iri aggravation and'dysentery. when he is in his north' This he doeemore effectually ward course qifr frqaq{t R{ttt' ll s\ tt S/o&4.rl q {ood trqg r(fi: r (Ilfilq ${t a. Jupiter can destroy thd evil evil cauged worked by the previousfive. Vidc sloha 35 sapra. (whenin strength) cancoun. Mercury in the 4th housefrom the Lagna Jupiter iri ' the 5th.Mercury teract the evil causedby Rahu. wasting consumption .trEtEfqEtqr{qftmft{tmo*' ilrAFlffffi{iF{. rag. Venushas power to nullify the ptanets by thesefour. ing fever. 76 The Sun (when malefic) invariably ttrrough the instrumentproducesmentalincompetence gervrnts of a king.

Eorro\rr r (when malefic) cauees Sloko 7'. and alsowith the aid of femalegoblinsand demonesser oumerouo (tldqrqqq${{ffqw{qqrtlstqi' r +raq. o{ the privities andthe stomach.nt. 76.. Btahqinr. Jupite utteredby preceP' due to the evil effectsof maledictions peopleand and such other venerable tors.lify cf spirirs.llMars(whenmalefic)quicklycarJrer fire. colic. of l.rrion.r. The Moon ( when malefic) cauFt generallybrought on by trouble by m:ans of diaeasee venereal indulgence.Mti-CftSftqtg of qqKil:ll es ll Stola.Jig. as well as the diseage t fiqrfrEg€t{grilq$' d+ q ga{€qfrrrrua'-u'tfil . diarrhoeaadd throirghthe inetrum.i ' eple:n of the . ald alro otherdiseases. iiJig.Parent. flGQsraq: 8e q|qqirrdAr{rfrdl qlt{rR(qqtfilqf ' t q $d ![ Tfrtn' ll sq ll trlturg€{tMqM Stoha. and also through the instrumentality that of deity.grir €sf'rrrqrde&'rq61*'.".. 76119 -v----t--t. M. Gods.ill.ha ?8.boils arr1 suchdisea'e' til. *r. forms Siur"theroichostsandthe terrific $ffi rled ll qnf*r?qfi{ilr{twkg'r{uRTe' rporhr much St. weapono' fearby a swellingof the scrotumphlegm' asareborn of tumours.otrlf Vishnu of whom the leaderis called Budha iiiniiuhlmo. the devoted ser.rcury (when male{/'r) mieerybyproducingwindimperc:ptiblyintheregiono by bri'ging on leptooy. cahrrh' :iaundice and iiflamnrtion of tbe nose.such as pallor.---.

:mieo. flies.[. E.1. nidhd of epilepay. instrum:ntalityof low general the an3 by in direaseo outcast hordeo..l thl"\dorrl. Rahu 'causeE halter. RtI( ll cR..*Use of disoasee and lcproey.'Tlie planets-sh-rwn'in Mare. also by fi€rldoland icsulting in want of app:tite' ingl:6. 8) the following -Sloft. ll[r: sr{qr aKGI(t:(t-i[ffFr$qEi${(. by o. leading byhangto suicides goblino'. Saturn occasions distress. by exceeeive to femalec rRq'ea*ftnlt' r lf 6ilPd €tqn{rugqil?qftr*9. smallpox. And Ketu causeathe affliction by ih: itch. graat fear to m:n by .'€atrlrh' an.ghosto.rchinitions of en. by an bv outbreak of enallpox. by leading !Q astswhich the evils of poverty breed by neansof )iends and thievesag algoby diseases affecting the jointc.S/bfr. tt c.rilrqr$rit r*j Veaus producee'peril through euchcauseE as drlnk arising from the diseases aod Ciabeteo of the beloved with a result induc:d by addiccion wo6en associated endeared gallantry.i.i 31.l{r{rrof\ $ii}r' ftggtqrR{t tttqrr(|lct rl qitsq gu*uft}eiWr{ rqn{(Rr6 {t: I 'flqw6q{rfiq{rdr n*rn- qrRsr{frilrfiffir qffiEqfi{ft'f.. three prira-the $urr'and- .

in adoleecence.1 ififtrm: 8? Jupiter and Venuc. ttqmq' Rctithft nitc. ber of degreea in advancedage and in in boyhood. rrorgntsq t5nq !d €ir{ {Frq$Snts t frsut"fsqil: tti rg. But in an eveneign. 84. theeeceveral divirionr order' bave to be againmaderegularlyin the reverse . oblations (thrown in the of prayere. of sorrowr they will becomeporreroed hme and otrength. 8g{.Sl. people propitiate the should. 83.rt gttgst qqis ctqqn\ t rftgtnftr*r ftftfu{ft rrftraqq. Mdrcuty produceg cf. Wheneverdieeaees tation of particular constituents of the view to allay all suchdiseaoec. c*lrcnis. In an odd sign. by fire) and by liberal gifte.* inflqqrgqrdfrdrmes I twqfurqqffin r{ qil'gtrq{rherdtil q: ll zl ll by irri' arecaused Sloha.--respectively producq etfect whan they are in the beginning. When their minds are 'and of diseare thesemeansfreed fiom apprehenrions happinerc health.{tqqh1:gak fl{rt ll 4u ll Sloha. lord of the irritated constituentsin quectioorby ocano tibationsof water.-{tq{qrt qor* Also qcFrc r ll q{rddqqP{flffirnrr.accordiogto the nun' a planetis caidto be in infancy' advanced.qtK qf5rq n qr* sund $rsr* cQ ftir{* elqr l: aqftf. the end and the rniddleof a effectat all times cign.

ttrl cttoli rtarqsamutft c{ts{n{tcq rrd tgt (6) ft€f ctg|tt$ Tfft fr $il r3: | qTcrq n Id: ffqcsm: cct ltorqqqr tfuir garr{ ${R} qrri c tgrq t n* g.'50 .""-V-aVYVttJ-. cf.ft*rdift qqitsqlq: st r {t'qrot qlrq: n l3r qci "t states or conditions ln somcof .JJ "r" planet concerned' cf' ilt in" u"* perio{ of the . some scencewhen it o""ont"' " irikona'Fr*m and call thern Yuva'lfilt recognisetheseas two distinct conditions effects.Ytt 'Adh. a planet is Bala'qr€i or subdividethis condi' it is placedin the houseof a friend-some a stateof Kumara' in is It AaiiU"t"'ffiuto and Bala'{ro' .It is said to be in Yuvan'$fi or Ucha Rasi'sta{€r.the astrological works' these nature of the Rasi occupiod of a planet are describedas du" to the in a state of infancy whcn by it . thus.are n-' and so on' Seperate and RaJa'tr<trespectively felt dur' be to declared and are conditions to eachof tt . ll NorEs. qftrro: €qk{fr rt* tegqt fue: t glrt ta< n !ilm: aFIfQI: srsftrdit srsrflrdt rrtrr rgg: {t$f fure: I rrttt lt {tt{rflftC?q€0 qftd rqrddt qqfftt(: t qlQQpqrffi{rq: rllt'! sgtrrstt{ g"ttq aa: tfitq' ll qtnrl {aim " lrrrrt<qn xfi qdts(trfi fttt rt qftilaqnrdre ci lr{qas{: t tllv(l g q{Ir6rs *lTQrF: nusffi tl !!nf{? qllrfie hqrsudtrr: t {tT{g' $rcte trfr lrrsrrqq: tt Iqtvqtttrr0 cct* 3s66t: I T{otctft ftrlqq u |gffuri @ Tfvt' .il il Trikona Rasi ac' (or a in 'vhen in its own house iFrIKor boyhood a state of sdole' or cording to some).

gL 66
AIso qKl{cft

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etrnri*etmi rgrttt lncfrlt t qfffiF ilrdi i Scffr'qrc frfril: r qwf *niterr{i grrrq: qdffa: f rqhffir<i q rqr crr iliRil: u

sUqi q {qn qrsrtQttt t ffi ffitsscstt|er s$qi g qrtr rret n t ctt: S* g{ft<r"q"ffiryr: qqil rqqq 1 fd{*dr lSeftat g{ftnt: grcirdkr: s$ffif*lit sfo{: t ftr$: gvftr: qn qfrr'q qrqth il ir €{d: qrrmfrt-tt: gtrtt3 | gcffififurig wqgr<efttar: ftrsr: teat: qcdfgr: ti

*qFt fr t sqi'ritl{qtri q qFr€*i ll d\ ll g(qEt{rft cd gfi etqrfuhmq
Slolc. 85. That portion of a'zodiacalcign'in which a planet io in itg exaltationanCthat Navamsawhich iE owned by it, they say, is its waking rtate. The Navam' to a friendly planet is its dreaoing Etate' ra betonging while itc sleep is that portion wherein it is ih its de' preocion as also that which is owned by an eneoy. 6J:cmR-*trtrftt fuff.r q EecP{€rgrq tlrt I RsrT& rl0n * 1 gqttil+q n firnq sqdget cr*anrggRis'I3 | . 51{qnffi: il ftiqa: q{sr1 <ntrm13 srtrrfiqr q$r6ETsqier qrfr t h!q,€rq(rua€{r tttsrTt gftqilc I
Bcside,s the teu Avastha's (qqgr:) or conditions described iu slokas 16r-18strfra and the three ones mentioned iu the present 'slolca, i.''ere are some rriore Avastbas (lt*eff:) wirich bave been tscribe,l to the several planots due to their being placed iq'certain



Adh. ll

positions. An accurate knowledge of these app@rs to bo very essential for making correct predictions. It has often been seen that, in the case of 2 or more persoDsborn at one and the sanie time (say in the same Lagla, in the same day, month and year), the. phalas or effects are not at all similar but quite different. This is mostly due to the entire change in their Avasthas (E{s-gr:)in n'hich the ptanets are situated in these lioroscopes' !'or insl.ance, .one ought to naturallj' expect Sarrthanavriddhi (rqrta?) if -a 'benefic planet (ga;6r) Puthrauasa if a occupies the 5th housean<l palefic one should occupy the same. But it is stated that beuefic planets in tlre Cheshta (=)st)state in the Sayana (:f+q) and Nidra Avasthas (fr4r w<vr) occupying the 5th house do moro harm tharr t good for progeuy, while malefics in the same positiori ancl in the eame conditions are capable of .helping the Santhanavriddhi (silIqER) of the native. As the several Avasthas (qcqrl:) of the planets are thus seen to play a very iruportant part in moulding tbe nature of their eflects cluring any birth, a detailed description cf the sante here will not be cousidereclout of place.

x{gdqtrft rIEMisg.ftqr rrFrr:{tQlat rrGe: ga t ft,il{Tt {qk{ fuE4t q rFrr-'g"rll

ofqdr .rftia*e gRrerfm<ur t gqd: Sft{dia .1trn+' cffrfer: Rq t gztgm; knr rrgkggftr
Tfltffqs*$Ffr affinr qt qq q ll

g6{riqt} srsft ftr4ilir& rrftga: I

rftt* *sft rrRfrgFft: s'eftqt: n
flgitr {tggdt RS€* rrasft r qqr ttqt ll !fte: s s Atq: {dfgdr sr<Alft'd: I norft Rra: ta: qlSqT qfr<: s irfliFt: lf g{.lFr { $mfil P{*rdt ftTgd f**sr qradftt: t gaor sftiiit qtr gkd: q c*Rd: tr rfor frfr qal qmt: T{cFdrAqr t

&fut t Mrqr€3qr

qq *firn: n

9[ It

ftOiltsrqrv: qtqr I lg tS r urig qeffi gftrc: tr)fu8tqrsfts at g:slrrw: u




t}or Aqd{ q*rl{g q&t: r rorqddtq tnrsl: strtrqs n] s gqr gtu qt ilt rftgr: I ffi GOA asfitft: sr$ q cf,merqI utenl Rq-frqq ftre€a&ecsl r gfue: 8rfun tsft q atr g:<rrca: u q;r it I gmml qnqq vFrft rT.E qhs qnksrA t.dqr r gnat?ffr il$l frfuetqfnrlc €si qq .rr trq I Bqt es qrft ir s<tqr( itrtrqr: I

Six varieties have fortnerly treen declared,'lry Sarnbhu rgg:rrd' conditions of planets, vizi, (1) Lsjjitha'q8ilil ashamed or ing tl,re. abashed,(2) Gan'itba-rrfqa (hauglrty or conceitd)' (3) Kshudhitha' gf+o (hunsrr), (4) Thrushitha-ufre (thirstv or Snedv), (5) Muditba' gfm (pleaied or detightecl) and (o) Kshobhithn'trilm (agitate-tfor cxcite<i). (i) A planet is said to be in a Laiiltha'sGrfr condition when it occupiesthe 5th botlsein coniunction with Rahu, Kctu, the Sun, Saturn or Mars. (ii) [t is saiJ to bc Garvitha {t{flaghen it is in its eraltation psilion o* in its llloolatrhikona. (iii) It is io a Kshudhitha-gF're state whcn it occypies an inimical houseor is in conjunction witlt Siturn or an inlpical by an inimical planpt' trirlpnetor aspectecl I (iv) If the plarict being in a rvatery'sign be at the sarne tinro aspectedby'an inimical planet and una$pected lry benefic ones' it is said to be in a Thrushitha Tt!il state. (v) gut if it occupies a frien<l's house apd be in cgnjunction with a friendly planet, or Jupiter or be aspectud by another ffiend' ly planet, it is in a Muditha gfm condition'r (ri) Lastty, its condition will be Kshobitha dfre when it is eclipsed by the lun and has on it the aspect of malefics oq. llrqt of an inimical Planot'.



AOO. 11

Tra {rqtt rrtlrrq qhF6{r& $ntr' t qtTqi . d gq, wt q* qsmcq[ ttqi q'tEttr q ffirxeiflaql

qrcrqftot tg*'!-*6c (Run da' il r* q- irql t{ st $rrt{rt aqr r g* et I tgrii g! dtFr ffiq n gft eiqr: *qrrq n,i qqrr qrtr r cIft e{cfi tq rlr qqtlgssq I trt 6* s rlor WMi eR* *Qq,r ff{Er Rtsr q rFrdr gftErfi. tl dt sq* it tsr* Rgti svq r qdr q sr+i rfutti fug: il Fierqi g{rg:,i lttruli q sfrqqnl relFranrI ft trqr gt, rr lrerri f{fttq ?r<i

q rr*i srnt c€ft<rrr u mle-gT qrrft ffi tn tqr$qsTr ,f?gqq g Rr qer"rt*sr q rfuei: qfuRfh: u ftze q.tE k*{ t sfttrtq I Sfitr tli tr{?rt foq}qaq,, srr{€ eqr@c cgr g}: r rRqr q€ lrrlr tTt ili1ffi<Qitt rr tnryfta'{trmlq gr: {rqqq\ I


There are twelve other conditions of planets which have qlso be speciallynoticed. They in their order are (l) S4yana{rFl to (lying down), (21Uwvesa Efr{r (sitting), (3)NethrapaniMI (witb the hand on the 6ye), (a) PrakasanaTrfi?t-d (making brieht ot rrqkz (desireto go), (6) Garrqaa.E{ irradiating) (5) Gamanechcha (soiqs), (Z) SabnayamVasati tr|{tci {€fr (dweUiqg or. beiqg in gn (cominb),(9) Sr{-d(eatiqs),(tO; t*ruEqassembly), (8) esama sTrrrfr tipsa:Wtrqr (desire to dance) (lt) Kauthut" *f+ (deliAl, jgvr pleasure)and (12) Nidra fr{ (sleep). of any planet, tbe fo[o11ipg iq To find the particular olirtrt1 be to adopted':method tbc



gicd tbe product of the folloring thrcc numbers:(l) The numler rqpresentingt\o order of thc (couqtpd (e) tno-. from the Sun whose Avastha'q{gl has to be found' lumber representing the order of the Nakshatra"(countedfrotu Aswini) in wbich the'planet is situated; and (3) thenumber ]egfppentipgthe actual degreein whicb the planet is at the time (l) Buderconsideration.To this product must be added the nuqber Nakshatra-wwF (Z) thc tpdicatingthe order of.theperson's:Janma (counted Dunqbr represenlingthe order of the Jananalagna'wrrou horq uesba) snd (3) the nusrber represeutiqg the ghatikal that of birth. Divide the Ielave elapsedsince suorise till the time jult by 12. Thi, remainderwill indicate tbe order of the Avastha rtit{n (corrntedfrom 6qa) of the planet' Again, multiply the remainderaboveobtained by itself' To :this add the number giveu in the marginally noted table ur:derthe initial letter of the nameof the person concerned. Divide the re-sult by 12. To the remainderadd the Kshepa'Sv, rihich is also
t' r[

t' lt tlll tft


It _ r g |t ! ( C 4 ig

ql ! ' q ! q f 5 t 2

trtq rIrq

appended in the margin, belooginq to the planet, and divide this by..3. The rtmainder will iudicate in which of tbe tbree-Drishti, Chesbta or Vicheshta-rt, iur, or ftiut conditions in' tbo Avaeth*'qgt already found, the planet act'qlly is at the time' Take for example the case of gived in the notes horoscope tbe afirrM. to 3ripathipaddhathi is required to 6nd tbp, Soooose it of Jupi' putti"ular Avast!4'rrvt ter. The birth is stqted to be qt a glrati&a before Sunrise or io the 60th ghatika from the previous Sunrise. l'he position of ;upiter is 8 signs, ldegree,.25 miootes, ! socoad. Jueiter is in

Surfs Ksbpa Il[@a's ,, Mq{s' ,, , Meqcury'g t, Jupiter's Yg$+e's Sqttru's ,BabB Kethu ,, ,, ,, ,, . ,,

1 r 5 3 3 4 {



Adh. II
is the lgth

, ii ttre sttr when counted from the sun. ftom Aswini'qttffil.


fherefore multiplying 5 x 19 x 2=190' by the Janana' 1'o this must be added the number represented (which is ltfesha-lc in thisloroscope), the numbbr t*gn.-._;; (which is Sravana'tltlul representing the Janmanakshatra":fafrfQF ald the number representing the ghao,r 2211&fron Aswini'qfA*) tikasthathaveelapsedsincelastSunrise(whicl'is60intlrepre. celt case)' t.heresultislgC*|.+22.|60or273.Dividingtlrisllyl2, whicl" nreans that Jupiter's Avastlra' we lrave 9 as the retuaintler arirql at the tirne is Rhojana"fra-a' of the native.begins Again squaring 9, we get 8l' -Tlre -nanre that letter is l' So we giveo fol number the with the letter S and p remainder l0' iR there 12' bv this ' 8l l I or 82. Dividing ;; t-

tlre Kshepa'qirof Jupiter'.viz' 5' T"',11 t ;i; nrust be added this is airllae{}v.3', thcre is a remainder 3 ,U-"rii"t" fS' Wlren the Bbojana that Jrtpiter is in Vicheshta'Rlsl'in J"i.*"s


Thefollowingtableishowstheparticutar'Avastlrar.rt{€Ifan planets are thereinin whic\ lhP'serse?al o, the sub'state ' "ooiitonunder reference: * iitt*a in the horoscope The Sub'state Nameof the Actual position Avastha -u. Planets in the Licliptic' ('*lwr) or condition s. s. "' Drishti (ED) Kauth'uka (#gd) r{l-17-43-$ Sun t' ll-27==53-." Mars " r' " " " Mercury ll-24-13-44 Bhojana (ftc-{) vicheshta (frist) I t:258;;oiter (isr) Itauthuka(AIgd) Che^shta O-.l+"12-51 Venus tt G-27-55-4fi "' " " Saturn " ' 1r' For further detailssee Hora Ratna' 9
Moon 9-l+-29-39 'r ti t' tt

By the specialfavor of the planets'the been diversity of their work."tnored nine plane"' r or'r-nrn*. flsrd q. rQn srnrftTqcrr$cE: :gshrm t q{ncfi cc} ftc. 86. A planet io a $irchodaya aign (Vidc Adhyaya 1.8e+z ftfrSs.sEr ftfrqqqe.f. But if he should be in a sign which hasboth the charac' fruitful at all times teristicr.n a Prishtodayaiign doeeit at the final ttage. 14) yields fruit at the initial portion of tht period of lite influenced by him: But . Sloka. rtv*rrc gBmq*ar*qt<+ee}:e: lutg r*qr: n Also rnFt: urq I t{e. 8?. he becomes r. qlilfiqlftqrt t Sl.Sl. qrsif qEIqlmttRr{r:ll cQ ll Sloha.ql=* qffifu il Also. frt<t+dt qri q{rrg soq: qNqrrrfucRr* fttrr: t sqAnt q q* €{r+{ gtH q *s! r fiq{il*{qq(rcr.ho.the same planet .or.qn: 95 gd(qtl..r-"'-* fi *qEq{urqr?qilt{fr$rt qrdfiqfiMrtrcKquontqrfrftitqt tt . form and properties has be' iet forth in the JatakaParijata which hac thereforE pianeary .. abuodantlyilluminatedwith the pith of works' treatedof in all astrological effects ll ds ll dttfre: rfuuqmztqq nafrqrsqUoutE: 'Nature Thus endc the second adhyaya upon the Pari' urd Properties of the Planen' i'n the work Tataka bv Vaidyanathauder'the auspiceaof the [o'-.

ftstr trd. I The first l0 slokas of this clnpter deal with Viyonijantna (REftq-rcl.{3.58.o Btnrus. 46. 46 have beeu taken from tsrihat Jataka. grRti\frfrq .'r3 Adh'yaya lll.. Slokas l. Out of the 80 slokas in this Adhyaya.f'ffT uffi. The words Amsa (sfEr)and Ithag (rTr. If. lflrrrror.I) llave been used 'qci{r) as will and not Nar-amsas to imply Dwadasamsas (Aiilt) be scen by the wotd Dwirasa bhaga (l*(gr{rq) in the opening sloka. activity or "-r"ii. at the time of the'birth SJo&n malefic planetc creatureor of a query regarding it' thd 'oner weak.2l-25. ut rr {tsq qi6 frftfrts:'of ?re any living 1.:4..rntes irtdicates'hunran if the native is ascertaining for !'urther.(ry. +3'+1.7-15.i r. The information contained in theseten slokas can Lre used with when a thing is lost or an anirnal is advant4gcfgr horary purposes$ lost. :rr1 sr. it can be utilised aDd if so or cultivatiorl fortunate or not with respect to aniurals to what extent. aod are fouod to be ltrong anil the benefic . or to enable tbe agriculturist and breeders of animals to find 6rrt the best seos(rnfor cultivation or for breeding purlnses' It can also be applie<tto:rn rJtdiuttry lioroscopetri see hos' ttluch of anirnal uature the Jataki ("indf) has or to see if the horoscopc uselesslike inaninrate beings.60-79..fiz-.38-40.

aud the malefics or Saturn bc stroug. Makara. One of the neutral planets like Mercury or'aspect Lagna the to respect with should be in ao angular house indicated zrnimal an that predict the I-agua.q) means Viyonijanma kingdom' vegetable or [o man.$b 1. tffitsrqrq: q7 kendra if I neutral planet (Saturn or Mercury) be in a position or aspectthe rising sign' the astrologer may L"hr" the birlh of a living being similar in form to that . determine whether the Dwadasanrsa (ffift1nt')' These occupiecl by tbe Moou belongs to a Viyoni Rasi with Along are the Rasis wbere an animal is likely to be born' should the Mer. or Meeoa).. Vrishaba. indicatedbv the Moon'e Dwadasamsaprovided this tp. a living being inferior in status (fttrkq.:Vrischika' first . whether of the animal For an animal to be born. KatakarSimha.ra"tttr" b. the benefics sbould be wealc. Then only we must by the Moon by the house owning the Dwadasamsa occupied will be born. Norps.rnet end of the kind indicated by the 4th house from the Moon' at the tirp: "o"f.longs to what is calleda ffifr (Viyoni) rign (\[esha. hatf of Dhanur. t11 Then we have to judge that the person has- an I l3 . Sun Venus! Ioon9ei Eromllc question (Horary) and B person comes and' puts a Suppose -J"itions shown DWn of the plaaets in thc zodiac as above are .

Another interpreta tion for (qalqr1i4lq'.5psrous in cow. or 3rd) occupied by the iVlocn. In queriis <if ..ilft (Viyoni). Supposewe come across such a position in the nativity of ittly person. thc astrologermay announcethe birth of a ffiFrarq (Viyoniianma) in form to as before(r.F-xenrpre [ turo Il .r (fi'€-cr.{lreft. provided the. exatnple. Z.etc.. thesearreuseful. Adtr.{rrei) (Chandrol).tutc as itbcvc. Finding thatihc malef planets . we judge. are strengthless and and finding alsothat the rising sign is a ft.. We have to judge that the nran is fortunate in auintals.08 ' *nnrqltqfr itt. I \ l a r s9 Jupiter 2 ^"..Rasi owning thc tZth i:ortion in questionis rrffih (Viyoni) one.Tr. indicated by t t-* I 1.tnd in their own Dwadasamsas while the benefic Dwadasamsas their in not own .A form typilted by the Dreklsna 'i. e.ll ofi q R*rfrtlTni ic planetsareEtrong s/oftr. T'he nlan.qtl I ' qrqr qfua:€qrril: qRTtfi'q-orq drrtqt't =$Hrfr Rqlftqfttrq uq. corresponding that indicated by the l2th portion of the sign occupiecl bv thc. c/.etc. 'inrcdt-d: gaort*: +rj\frlr$rffirfte! ar r drrzn*. Moon '[^ iudilates Vrishablra I1 tlrr. breeding ol predict the forrn of the thieves. Norrs.r)=2 x l.'ns.:untlermenticlnecl l)r\r:rdasau)sa.gsadvirasabbagasarnanarupam).rqi *at afiftft Er fifrii: Rr. Moon. t'ill be ptr. ln lrorarl fii.

the eides. Cancer. he should declareruiably to the planetc on lhe Lagna . qKHJi *v1&.3-1 qditcean: 99 Vrishabha will be prosperous or we may judge according to thc question. tire breast. (iemini. that a cow has heen lost. the bttttocks. [n the body of a quadruped. 3. the rail.Aries the mouth and the dewlap. lte will then tre in Meena l)wa' rlasamsa. Taurrrs.the astrologershould be able to give out the colours that may be found in the creature born (ffift). Virgo. ttre back.the higd legs. signifies the bcad.EFrdrra Sloha. In the above flgure. Gilq'qrdq* qsgttqqt$r fiq: fuM qQFr{r*lllll lQcqqritrsw t6wdr fu{S*. cerain planets. This will be very good for fishiog. the belly. Libra. c.irrgo"*iuR"qedr q6'de$rr frgi-. and Pisces.gertq. Membrum vitileand the $crotum. ffi . and as to . 4.qr: @+rrltqtfratg(ra+fl €s"{r tst fuU{ mfdr+fiqhoqqr r gt tr r rr Slota. $corpio. Aq*Capricornus.St. the anus. Lio. the numberof the prevailing hueg.f. the forelegsaod the shoulders . Bhattotpala interprets €rTlrr{ (Swabhaga$a) to mean'in ti9 Navamsa'.iric+'rfrgftgarft* <: r u vdqcclts q ffiftt+frinrnt nsiaft qffir nqatgqftqrEl. By putting togetherall the strong points whetherderivedfrom the rising sign or the risingDwa.n{c€atFfr stt rrrt oilqrqni q t u sd {qqerltqq+r€tveiffi. suPposl the Moon was in 39" of Mesha. rius. therein or the aspect thereon of the presence dasamga. Sagittarius.

aHrdr lqrlqfu€ff&iirqi q€gt'*a rtqt r . ' r/. 1I l9).rirq ccfu rr eti'iufi tanrr?friurqi fw Gunakara (S"nfl) and Bhattotpala (rrilm-o) interpret the worC lmsa (qrr) in the sloka as Navamsa- . 23 r'nd.ntrqrtMl g& sseqilq r i€i Graqdql: e{t ffi qrqd ffiMpe irrrq: I f '! f t t:. w. if any.{tvrA4ldl is another reading. sb q+{€e<€r.' € € 1<re* ee #r srsft r "or c{t?r+ *utq.lanets place<lirt the 7th bhava from thr"Lagna.specting the 'asamsa and predict the colour of the animal as dqscribedio cs?ar'6ci is another reading on the animal'sback. fFqrr{ofu S3 arrrg: vtgffisR u q-rtq ife: qttt<rta qfrTrBffiqq I qrf.j cTilrfr€H ftst r ir r* gq1 t6q{. The colour on the back of the aoimal (natural tripes of the animal at its bar:k) shculd be predicted tbrough the . Find out how many planets are posited in the Lagna or spect the Lagna. [f not. Norrs. : t€fgfi gsftfr qgqlqili uiq r qd{fr' n \ ll Ri sgn E?drds* . Tsffr rrqqqr:ofrft qfi ftt*rrq rr fri 6tPd*rq: nrft fti qrtfr ftfti s t rul CnmqtftitrfoE: uror ifu: {r<v{ n qrqrn . he may guess Se etreaks fhem in accordance with the planet in the ?th bhava.cdsfr vi SsffiI Sa* rl ql*6etS'={ fipv r qfiffi: = . r e.Ioo mmfiqft ig. If tbese planets are strong. find out the rising Dwa6fu. then only they be taken into coosideration. the greater will be the varieties of colours o the auimal. The greater the number of planets io the Lagna or .

r' . eaftifu. cording as the rising decanate and the Dwada. comeinto is of thesheeporgoat kiod when there is Rahu or Ketu in the Lagna. qfr.the birth will beof iur rising sign be aspected aoimalof the cow kind.the birth of a the'blrth of a quadruped brote may likewise happenwhen the lord of the Lagna and the ruler of the 4th (wa) bhava.5.. ( .---. But .pl'-et in it.-. if not aspected. For Pakshi drekkanassiilc Adhyaya5.lsg6*.qrf*qf?{i g*fti Tfrqili t :n il{ ll Q ll {rg*SWiq. c/. qrqr&s.ssfi1 gslre fttrir rfirtqr: qc$rr*trre gir: tras: r rev4q1*qtqrtirsq ee] e'rtq ertfrs. 6. Grant that the lords of the 4ch and the lat bhavasoccupy respectivelythe lst aod the 4th Bhavas.wt Drekkana)or when the rising Dwadasamsa is that of a moveable sign or of Mercury andhasa strong . When the rising decanateis a ciQi (Pakshi .st. Eamsi in the three caEes are occupied. are in coniunctron with Rahu and Ketu. may ba possible.qqdqi?: Slo ha. when the Lagnais in conJunc. An animalunlike all these birth when the rising sign abounds with malefic tailGs planem. rqt srru qsdwr n fturgt qtqi{rffi r qoigqr at*atqqrtr{rfrqqr: gqffi r fr€rn: uetl Sloha.the tion with or aspected buffalokind. Sloka 55 itfra.' NorBs. animalborn ig of the by Saturn.]j1 --:g:T'*"----- Sloha. If (in a fltdftffqtla'Viyonijauma Yoga)the by Venrrs. land or water birds may. :i:- --. 7. by Saturn or the Moon.

Jupiter nd the Sun.n<ntt Rurif?accrh clq s&it qi q qtrrtir t sq{: diil il flt. With the Lagri.osed 'rater.t02 ilCT|Rilt Adb" TII a Mitlruna. ln the above. lst in Simha and lst in Kumbha. then birds are born or iodicated as the cass may be.c. Saturrt indicate:: birds who live on earth as to birds li'!-inc irr rvater. The previous sloka holds good for predictiggi tbe cqlour 'fi( Atrua il tbe slCba tbe bird. Bhattotpala and Gunakara inlerpret 3s f$3vaolsa. frod the hct of its belong' ing to a land or watery sign' The trees gtowing in laid or water will be as many as ther€ are Rasis from the lagna uP to the next land or water'sigo . i\'Iesha. water is to be decidedfron the cbaracter of nthe risiog Dwldasamsa. 'c/. 8.a. then birds are born or inCicated es the ease rnay be.*o. ' €r{fir q{ ir€f aRtilIqqrfls ll c ll Sloha. i ' qRi: o{rfr{aratEo{9RK c.op1". lf a Paksbi Drekkana as above is risiog on the l. Kataka arrd Tula (uroveable signs) Dwedasamsasare rising on the Lagna aspected or occupied by Saturn or the l'Ioon.the astrologer may .rn"" the springing of trees. The l$oon indicates birds on . all devoid of strength. r.g8na ead be aspected b1 occupied by Saturn or the Moon.. then birds are born or indicated as the case maY be' If \{akara.the Moon.n land of.i'tt €r< rqr{r: dtfkitftat il .i. pf . Zod-in Thula. Iil/'hether they spring . tf the Dwadasamsaq of Trlercurl' (tlithuna or Kalya) arc risiog onlthe l-egna o.cupred ot aspected by Saturn or the Moon.

fronr lhe slokas of Saravali ( Drvadasamyaeither qrccupy his exaltatiou sign or bc rettograde in his motionr the number already obtairred should bc treblerl. Convert the years. Jupiter and the Sun must be powerless. lf the rtsft' (Taruprti)-the ruler of the I-agna Dwaclasaursa is away from the Lagna. such number should be doubled. c... yrind crut the r\1'urtlayaof ttre gio:rd1 (Kundali). Nevarrrsaor oDrekk^na.g 81" lod The-Lagua. But if Marp qhor. d. the nunrber (It{akaral being the tith fronr lllithuna) should bb trebled. the l\toon.: If the trord of the ris. the number of trees wilr be lhc nutnber of Rasis separating Mars frolrr the I:agla l. If he be in his Vargottarnamsa. 'fhen the rising l)wadasams. if l'Iars in the instaunr:e cited be retrqrade in his motion.. or bis own f)wadasamsa. Then the rising Qwadasamsa is that of Meena.r is the 6th in Mithuna lhsi. fronr X'Iitlruna to Kurnbha d.rld I oceqiy Mesha llavamsa or illesha Dwadasamsa of Kumbha. For eraiirple.rrd of Vrischil<a) be Kurrrbrra.. Supposethe l4th degree of Mithuna to be rising. e. r.a. We shalltthus bave 24. or rnsteadof o'. Again. his exaltationsig:n. $trsnj' aar*rfrEsrf{r$' lrt'q {rq}fti grtt I swtr|rc?htfl|n ttrnffi rt1ry3 x . f.:cupyingKumbha be in Makara. thdn wE uray say that thetrees are either in land or watery places. t). r. the follorviog has also to be noted.rted below. If it be a Viyooi (ftfi?) sign and at the same time be a lancllor watery Rasi. As.:: Supposeit is l\{akara Dwadasamsa (first hatf) ttrat is rising.1ferir (Dasaclhyayee). predict the nurnber of the trees by the 'signs intervening the Lagna and the atcfr (T'arupati). Find the Dwadasamsa of the Lagna. 'l'his wilt inclicate a tree near the river. Suppose the Lngna to be l7n in lianya. hir own sign..r6trr* tt (. the nurnber of tlees qrll be only gx il or lg and so oa c/. This will indicate a tree in a garden or park. months and days into days. Vrischika which is only a watery sign. lf at the time the position of Mars (the l.'he number arrived at will inclicate the number clf trees or plants. the following is the rule.

l\Iercury r{overnsgood trees but not hearin. ]r{ars brings forth thorny ones. Saturn inclicates useless tret:s.rvern$ trees bearing fruits.bearing and fruitless trees. 'fhe land investments are iridicated by the 4tlr bhara and rts lord. . . I\. wift indicate. Illse.!{(. . 9. Jupiter and Mercury produce respectivelyfruit. t EFtRrfr ffif. thorny tree:. l{oon. cr plants.The Moon givesbirth to thosethat aresappy.104 rtuuc|ftcfi erocatrt ssrsrqft rrd g isft arqa: r n frFrgqd ?vrqqqtqc+rr?eq Adh III lt should thus be understood that in order that a human being should be strong and powerful.if every landlord. This rnust be appliccl to the horolicopg.ffi Sqifiiliqgr: qftgilg {3. " effi :{f{l-{ wqft f{t$il{ qfqgs SiQqiqkqfrer fiuancf{ *q. Jupiter and the Sun shoukl possessstrength. unsightly. the uative beccmes powerless lrke a tree arrd becomes a depeudant on others. the Lagna. .ord nrc weak. Venus will produce llolvery trees or plrrntli.foorr relrrest'ntr. Some people are unfnrtutratti in land investment. Nolss.gfruit. Venus ushersinto the world thosethat merely blossom but bear no fruic.grrodor tad fortune in:thc 'trecs or plants indicatErl as :tbovc. lrrlriter .scentedboughs. Corning to progression (by any system). Saturmproduces such as are wardly strong(nrassive). progressed Nloon in any aspect to planets in radix goodor bad. because the 4th bhava and its l. The Sun governs timbcr ancl othcr trees which are rnwardli' strong.oill' trees while i\Iars denotes ugly ones. saplr1'trees i anrl Mars. \l/e haveto say againthat the Moon makee his trees oily and thoseproducedby Mars bavc ltrong. The Sun generates trees that are in. tbe Moon. . tRtt fuiqrRFg: sg$freqr{ Sloha. .

guit r Tr: *rq'Jtqrr}yefti otrit irrqrq crqqEiffifr gnisft r qrrfri: gc.a eoodtree in a bad placaThe rerult ig revbrsedwhen the condition is reversed That is.$ $tTrn q. qFr+A tftqtsrqt{: l0t rrnf.\ {Ek iFqrc{fiilqtftqrill I o tl ll {ft Rdftwqrs{nrr: ll Slo&a.planct's own Dwadasamsa last occupiedby it lp to th: alicn onc which it now occupies. 'Tbe number ol trees of the kind spokenof beforewill be the number o[ Dwadasamsar reckoned from the. a bed tree wi't[ spring up in' the-houss a good soil. .:qRr{ wr{ ilgt{t{ rtft trqr{ | $$nre}er{nrft gc sirsHr n rgrueft* tfu: ggffi{trqr $tF: r Wqqo*egert gtil's racfthi ctlq u AIso iREK $ qur{ qiqft q.ttlr: r ufrifurf€w *rf : figi. qrr'Rff .occupy of a b:nefic one. ro c/. 10.iqr{ qrgil [ gd e'norFqx gsqsr{ qrr}: gr: I ' *.producing planet. being benefic. '' gfrtgqii efu STdi tttft Eqffierqqr r q(t{r*qHfrfr"ueltnllE r\$a. is in the house of a oalefic one.$t qcrk ftrr: <g I 1ryr: . When the phnet presiding over rlic birth of a tree. ' Notrs c!. it generateE. being malefic. if the tree.

il: I torsiit qr sr€tcttil irct: nq fu<qqt e'{ft 11 . by a beneficmale pianet. g t l r a n d l 2 t h l r o u u e s . ' 7 t h .l .Kaptini rrreans rmenstruate. e'.tlrat 1 female who ca' is ure capable .*$1e . the woman lovingly uoites with a man . in an slqqqqrrFT '?th . U t h .r detailecl i'formatio' on fidfhr=q (\riyoniianma) ll qq ftffi{Br ll -'t ' . ll.106 .. .ril g fiuFqg5nfrrir swgtqqmqrqqrd-{ we\-qw&gq$qhQiftor irimdft ttFtil ii ?I tt of a woman which arc Sloirr.i . (Apachayasthana.".. grtqc (Upaclrata)places are 3rd.i . The menses of Mars and thq Moon. i.V. tqotqcaqftqi Proqoqni g <tu-l qfl: n tlicrrcri{qrfog annrren rralh f.$'ir .r'.Peedarksha) Rasis are {Jcq{ (Anumchaya) p l a c e si .B-'flre reittlerrvill do well ro go througtr Chapter 53 of qrttdr (saravali) fi. i' e'. 6th. 2 n d .Tffit. ' l t h .the blood of a wottr:ro. aftcr day tbe 5th 4th.te. l s t . lOth and'I ltlr houses' as tsy the vorcl ga5r€ (Subhapunrgraln). a .8th.-__-#-+---*T:- qtn+qii'ilR Adh. c.r|$ rla. frsk (.ff_*. 5 t h . A ation ciq (Narena) ttre rvord means a man in the true sense. \Ioon iil transi t if the he is the only benehc male (Upacbaya) place "and be aspecteil by Jupiter on occupies an srFt{ the woman ioins her husband and menstrud'tion..Jupiter is lrere nreetnt his planet.f procreatirrge. 5th. is in an ETqqrrrrrt occupies 3rd. 1oth or llth) and is aspected (Upachayasthana. . 9th or l?th) from the Lagna' But if the Mcon a different position.liorrs '$ 'r Mars signilies !'he Moon governs fluid natter of a t'onran' ntenstru' causes the tvo of combination . set in every month whcn the Mcon is d. 6th.r lst. of' due to the interaction bile and blood.i.

Iiurnhha is t[e only llasi where *hun tl. Along with this.r If we take a women's horoscope. lTt---t ll-r-=-l='l Dir i I I Sarurn I of a $orr:an n"o.'. t 1.their being ary orher nsr)ectfronr a hermaphrodite pJanet. 'lhe position of all planets except the Moon slro'rld be rvith referenceto the radix.i n u o r c a u s i n gc o u c e p t i o n .i{ (Janma Rasi. it will be seen tlrat there will only be 3 housesrvhereMars afgicts the* I I il lt rt i I For conception to take place on the 5th or the following IJut 2 of ttrern ure liliely to be fteEi (peedarkslu) bouses. the l\{oon by transit o' the 5th ilay after nrenstruation ttrtrstreceirretlre aspect of Jupiter without. the conception cannot take place. lOth r. . Lea'ing cff the lOth'and I lth which are sq{zt (Upar:hai'a) places.ntr llth houses 'respectivell'. 'l'he follorving additionar infirnrrtion is f'u'd i' otlier worlis:If. (oativity at birth). lt is necessarythat Jupiter must throw his aspect on tlre I\{oonon the 5th day after menstruation for conception to lre possibie. in the case of a rvonranas soon as slre bathes after the stoppageof the men. should any hermaplrrodite planet strong in position aspect the Moon in transit. in t'e follorving 'oroscope l\Iars aspcctsliur'b'a." II.c(.Rect i t t g i ' . frrorir the above principle it is possible to deduce rvhetlrer o worlran rvill hnve issues or not.on corrres in his transit that r'enstruatio' is capable of . t!fltdlstqrq: rM be cou'ted from the Laguaaud not from the r. the iltoon in her orbit slroulcl ccupy an '#. Vrishabha and l\'Iithunaslrich happe' to be the 7th. IVIoon's piace).

the intercourse will lle n. she I'ill bave criminal iutinraci \'itl. she will have s'exuil intercourse.'If . ao ordinary servant.: Adh rl.tst*gg4rrrrr*i rfutua I rfirrr* gqftnt {s-dtt dr ga.ith a fichle-nrinded pdrson. by several malefig planets. the union will be with a voluptuaiy.tq rfrqr rR*qrfrh q*i il q**in sb qr< siqr*: gaffi: ni: r d: sqi effqr qiqfi{ ar'{rq Srrfirr u qqTciltrfrgiftfr dm {r'. it will be with a beautiful loveri If it be Saturn. !f venus be thi aspectiig planet. qrq ftrcigir (rnnirll(qr I c'lq €srFtnArgfk: qila t} ftsqrl.t0E tr|rrr$ifi .mftgqqqh.posrerful Jupiter. If the Moon in the above said Upachaya position be aspected by the be Mercury. gurrfi: ' nftfirftqrtgt qgRwf. il tR tl . If thc aspecting planei be'Mais. thO woman rvill leave her own house and become a prostitute.l Upachaya Rasi qndbe at the same time aspected by.t fqei I Also qRKdt' ugvwnfiir.with hbf husband.eqrrrflftft{ frt snt* rr gnlsffiv. tt{srT{m.r qcq{ilfrfriltgttk qtq*. she rvill have sexuil'union with an officer of the King.qsft e6 rfu tq}q r rrqgt.S@ qi rG dn ft*a rtil: rrtt *g r qt qrqft rfr qts ftft<tq qftmiart r Eqlcd€ f}gtirqfffi qff{ ifd r sqrrqqrfrqqqqdr lwn gefr(cqrClr Serntrft {'ri ftirqc: Sa*rs: rr c.t'clRe: {fuccc.i S*{ st g.. If the Moon be aspected..ifrn r5{ftItilir q?frt t qrrsrarnF& gqqqnat iqd trqRftalf*i <qforrrlrtft d r {tfn $ ^ e64.

but if the sreFs (Asta Lagna)be aspectedor occupied' by benefic planets. Meena-dlz(Ke:tn)-represent which is bad. (Adhana Lagna). Atothn intctftctatio. Further. Tula. NorBs lt"shorrld. Why ? Because. Kataka and copulation among centipeds. tlren the union nill be follorved''by fteta (\'itasa) and qrs (Hasa).Ft ln.rd in thrltness.ay signs. Sirnilarly for the rest. r. . the lion is a forcible animal.the union will be in wrath. If malefics aspect or occupy the 7th house'from the snrllaof. enjoymcnt in the presence of tignt either of a hmp or of the Moon. Simha (t. I{ithuna' Kanya. A man and woman. lOftcl'rri -€--. Vrischika aud Makam (latter half).'and so on. A combinatioo. r .be noted that the twelve R&srs arc Night and Day Signs.-If the woman corrcernedgets into tnget ofin satisfaolior if Mars should'be the planet concerncd : aithott sal$facliot ov csiol. i. The kind of copulat'ion . rrralefics aspect or occupy the 7th.'lssl if Saturn be the occupying or aspecting plinet' If the Sun be the nralefic concerned.-. of the above two ideas rvill come to thip: consider that Mesha represents the 7th houseat the time of enjoyment.ion) represents an enjoyment by force.t#- 10r that the native Stoha12. lf bepe. tlere is n tcltttlsion at tht ottlstl ilsclf. I)hanus' 6rst half and Kumbln represent the enjoyment of a Iruman being. It{esha and Vrishabha repredent the enjoymctt of s quadruped of the ram and buffalo kind.under such circumstances enjoy each other like a quadru. If the qetrfu (Asta Rasi) or the ?th housefrom thl qrur-I (Adhana) Lagoa be aspectedor occupied by a maleficplanet.tbe union will abound in amorous pliy and laughter. Night signs represent enjoyment in darkness and D. real conjugal bliss.canhave is suchas it is with tbe creature typified by the ?th Rqsi. Makara (tst tutf) is very good for enjoyment . then the enjoyrnent takes place hruch against the wish of one of the trvo. fics aspector occupy the 7th.

-If Jupiter is trine to the qrsFI (Adhana) f.rrrfc tT{ft ee ftcirq: rr q .. Navamsas iD the sqq4 ({.110 .il ffiggilHrf.ld rre sinrurtaneouslyin their Navamsas. The corrnlentator Rhattotpah exprains that it is not necessary that all the'four foregoing pranets shou. mcnd rndft{rt :Adh. occident or operation.lpachaya)places of the female. for conception to take place.t nr qrdrq*ft ffift{rfril wr frqtffieqf{ilssr:rr rr tQ S/ola. wtt gnga* ctrss. it is enough that the Sun and Venus are in their Navamsas in the sqrrs (Upachaya) houses of ttre 'rale. I stf qtrt: g€ qrrsrq{tmirtrrearrq u .fr. Co:rceptirnwill equally takeplace wh:n Jupiter occupiesthe Lagnr or one of the Thrikona hous:s.{i qRrar*rrr qrik{c&rA r ftsq. or the Moon ancl Mars occupy their orvn .nrgcc] qF{ qrrnrr{ r qrqeqdqrTscr(Fqtrir\ sr . ii*flii (\ribeejinanr) l. NorEs.oi rr?grrq. 13.ori ft. there wif l be a conception of an cffspring. eqrrrttt frqilqilfl{Rqtf.agna.ftlrrqrggir FtrltrFtr rr . c/.eru nreans of thosc who have lost their seedor poteutiality on account rrf bld age. jtrst as theMoon.' tu ' cf gurrm ' €d{rit ftr{t sr$r i{rurt trttrrf.beamg in the caieof ttr. the union is likely to bear fruit.III eq"<*rgqrsri rrrrlqri awfr1aqn ^rljj. When the Mocn and Mars (in the case of a woman)or the Sunand Venus(in thecas:of aanan) occupytheir own houseor their Navamsae. blind. These planetary conjunctiorrs fail of effectwith regardro p:ople void of viritity.

uill cenceive a eunuch.t rF{g* cft* gv: qciu€rrir r .ttt<r qrqqr tqr.arteries and veirrs-). e.St. In the caseof equality of rvind in the right and left natlis or of the semen and blood. a female child. tion.o flllFlol qSrhsrlta: ill sqqq. strong tvintl passing through the right alB. then the fernale rvill conceive a niale child ancl if in the lcft q ferrralechiltl. at the time of connec. tRFfs't gtr**earftft: qlrircsqfqt: gld n r tr{ff{qnqq& ss{Rt rr*b *qa} mfr rt Also'<ik+' qrtrtaqnrc*-aFra *cr ftcilt+r : r g*sqccqt sngr Rih erti gt n z\nother meaning can also be attributed to the sloha as fol lorvs:- gd wler: ltur. They rnay :rlso be rvitlr rcqnct to the time of conception or r\dhana Legna (s{I+rn'og). the frrnale . (ii) If semenbe greater. rr Als. ct. gmrcfts-Sukravanija will mean 'and semen blood or the malo and female energy. ft*srqi ! {rtrt: I So <fr-Ravi in the slolia means fffi) Pingala and ag-Indu nrearns {lr1 (Ida) Thesi are thewirtls passingthrough the right antl left nadis itG.q€qrdilr qntFt 6qq r gctRcg3rcqfrsrdft *c" n . c/. tlre fenrale rvill c<rnceive a rnale child and if blood. gatrt S{q"et Tqr ilil rrtfurrir rrsft il Also of"it*6' rvgit €'&iirc*$R€rgcqei* $v-rq r Ctvri cr gwsrft rqr aqrrr&tTfr ccfr tl The abovscombinationsneed not uecessarily bc with respect to the male or feurale. The sloka will then mean (i) tf ttre author of conception has.

the $un or the Moon. they likewise cau$e . it is the wonlin that worrld grffer.rsband. If one of them be'ir^ conjunc' tion .14 Mars anu Saturnin the ?th ptace fr.il2 Also trte rrefiRill the $un t ring illness upon the h.with the Sun or the Moon and the other aspect d:ath. The two in the ?th placefrom the Moon afflict the wife planets with disease.'ilqr aqwsqtqwrqsm rrtBrl Slo&4. They bring on death if they be 'iq the of rhe Sun in the one case and l2th and the llnd p'lace of the Moon in the other. d. U'lTd qxsftrrrt tfri aFa*qqisft sr r qs. NorEs. III r*sfr* rftgsqrgb rtnirrilOnSuqrrr r qqrqil:gsrffiqrft frlfti.crft rqrqrrfrr n lnd guattct. t sFil snd$ qqrql ItctdFit: $qufifuit€Er (2) lf Mars and Saturn occupythe 7th place 'Srom tho Moon et lhc tlms of copulation.the tnan is likely to suffer very much from rltncreel complaints. (t) tf tvtlrs and Saturn occupythe 7th place from the Sun at thc time of copulation.Sttqrfifr Slqrt ftlrqt: n Irqg{dt€tgsitg.

we may safely say that the native is bouncl to sufter from venereal diseases. This mounts to (t) Sun conjunction Mars square Saturn or (2) Sun con' iunction Mars npposition Saturn caus€s death of male. Then it will cause death. (bl Moon opposition Mars antl Saturn : (o) Sun opposition Mars: and Moon opposition Saturn' lf any such yoga as mentioned above happens to be in the radix c[ a native. 5{r4ii} gdt ilar rlq-gwr (Kujarkajau yutau'tatha tadeka drishtva) means Mars must bc in conjunction with the Sun and Saturn in opposition or in the 4th from the Lagoa. 14 qrftc'i$rtf: 1r3 e Tth from the Sun' and woman will man the Moon. Hencerin the preseut instance if the life is to be cut short.tl2thanrl2nd from the Sun or l2th and Znd from the Mo6n the death of the rnaD or the woman should be predicted. In the ebove principle. [See chart in the ln olher words the above cas€s can be brietly put ihus : (c) Sott opposition Mars antl Saturn . Mars shoutd be in the l2th and Saturn in the 2nd. arxl Saturn. it is an important principle that Saturn in the visible half of the zodiac will increase the life. Oo. . tho Tth. Saturn should be in the 2nd atone. This is e:<actly the western principle also If Mars and Saturn at conception be on both sidesof the Sun. i:l :l :-l Mars i (l) Moon conjuriction Mars squareSattrn c: t5 .frorn the page previous ] respectively fall ill.El.

h. i w@qrfrffiirr&g61rr!ftr gSRq. ' ftnrfr wtfi trfurrrd: *qrftlrq* Trrc:ri: r qtw* qftt gcTr'ffi s *fd ftftrgr* rr T-qR{i.hq: r ilrfi*{frfrr rRgr frfr: sfiri: cqqFil ssqlq r qfteftrqfrF T(: U* qr ftftvrqfihtgft:qri il r ?qr wi' qryffi. furE't Tcrqt rtlrr *ftr g rar*q r ?igw! frr€{: *?.fiqn*teq. --l rSi ri {t (ot I . saq't|firfuftfr{r ft* Frli irq| &!3 | ri: nqrr$Eq ilrFTer g*r trn: g5rp1mrr: I F'er sorne rnore similar yogasr of.t g<riue: qr\e: c. .iw r ffi g erqfiqql{trnir ilfr.I lt+ ncffid Adh. (5) Sun conjunction Saturu squercMars or (O)Sun conjunction Siturn opposition Mers csus€s d€atb of male. -j : 4g'm . sqi ltt\rr .alsa frt(tsrflil{ I I .tFn€ $srq I frEqrEilfufr RrtfuSi f ic{ffi ffir.*l-i (7) Irtoon-conjunction Saturn squareMars or (S) Moon conjunction Saturn oppositionMars causesdoath : aof female. m (+) wtoonconjunction Mars oppositionSaturn ciuses death of fcmEle.

Then it will prove correct. it is good for both the man and the woman.designationof paternal uncle and maternalaunt. it becomes fallacious as ghere cannot be so many deaths alnong those born during thc lrriods when the planets in their transits complete their passage in that sign. They becomepropitioueto the pair they representwhen they occupythe odd and even signs (the mrle among them being in the odd.. The $rn and Venrn are termed fatber and nother rerpectively of the ceed cown cluring the day. Norrs 'and Venus. Saturn and the Moon during the night. Satrxn in an odd sign and the Moon in an oven one is good for lntornal rincte and maternal aunt. If the Sul is in an odd sign. thc Sun. vcly. and Venus in an even onc. the mothef . sKwdr ftct rnr&(t grr* rffi ftqnqt q r rrq{ft*frqsft Rstqrqtffift 'rtt: n '. the paternal uncle .16 tillrlqrq: ul .81.1t. ls1 night time. aud the Moon. Saturn. l!. Pia. The Sun and Saturn are planets that stay tolerably for a long period .frffigFqqqtl r*fttd qRiqdssG tr$ Nr:{rrqq1 {iqiq r . the mother'i sistcr. qot Mt C/. Saturn represents the father. the femalein the even). 30 days and 30 months mother. a sign. Moon.lif Rc* fiftrn.rt Slo&4. If the above principle is applied.. the mother's sister. Similarly. It should therefore be taken as drqq-{ (Ojabhqva) and (Ojarasi). the paternal uncle : and Venus.q qrfrq lft ftc: r qE ftnrqrfusrrft t anrff{tdrn: ftg: ftqtcq tqr: qc: r rlqrlftffi: <rrq$frs€ cq *g u qrrfiirftS wq: Mesq! | lnrRil1ut: r nrerrtqttg dilafiftfr. Failing to play the role of parentoeach of thece paire of planeB Bet the. ihc The Sun represents the father at dal time.

asconducing are. qil{ {nnl (K{r: ffiGtrr[lsll . . (a) Nakshatras Afo+l. A few of the objectionable periods nre rtrqd1. and (c) Sankrama and such other sacred days. . Rut the reading in the text is the more geoerally'acccptcd n ' onc.III *sfu{tlqon ftffi $qfffir*gqr{ q qot g. they and aspected is an .l s. is dcsirod. srsrct qrrn grrrftrgt cnlfrfldlftFt. by Jupiter.lto r|irrflTtilt Adh. Somehold pirrity of the womb For impregnation. see Muhurtha Sastras.thosethat to the concep. Thir iE piesan srq{ houseand is aspected to be doneat an unexceptionable lagna with manygood with ct and other points in its favor and unconnected periods of time. birth days. fasting days.qEi. others hs16kg€hK{fril:'. (b) qc$and other Vishtiriktas.. The last quarter of this sloka reads thus in s'o'illEq. L6. The firet 4 are ation of a woman are termedthe season. anniversary days and their previous ones. not fit for impregnation. tITIil{Es t uftqmtilqffirfu{at Ti[frqTqr ilrnfiqiT fiHtnm The firgt 16nights from the menEtru. f'he husbandshould $ow the seedwhen the Moon occu. mbr6 qrtrra ^ndgrlwtra.rgtqdffilkt lltqll wd{F\ Slola. If a woman'Bmenses eet in when the * or$rsq place by Mars.objectionable s Norss. The other nights-. For detailed inforinatiott. opinion for discardingthefirst four' of is adiflerence There 'tg(r1 tre-<rftqn:' whilo days as unfit for irnpregnation.bven'-arerecommended tion of tr maleoffapring NorBs. Sloku. Moon in )ecome favourableto oonceptionand not othetwiEe.17. .

. I e<rrfhg€i Stfici Rqreqqfrtiieq n For this aud the following infornration. qfoqrqrffit iI gq€sgh$rfl | {qtSdtqEr{ il(: (r{ffit ll le .--.. if on the 8th. see slslS{IS( for more gffi6r {nsd q. berautiful son. tuous son.sn91'gq{d Rwr r qtdftoKqr ttqltqatt {rqr{ qtqr dt t**' en(s'l(r}. qqTiq qrt il€ftsi ctrilR*q I qt{rRnrdt tirfttrwr frftdr rfrq rr At this time the female is supposecl to attain the following qual if icati. if on the ?th. female the a sinful a virthe all'wise son. a girl .fr{rq. tr -\.a fortunate if wretch. gfrmq' r qqqtssqHo{Ig fi*rurfrGfr* ll tq ll Stofta. The offspringconceivedduring the 13 with the 4th aftermenstruation.---. Slofta. the very goddess and if on the 16th. if onthe'llth. will nightscommencing be of the following description: lf conceivedon the 4th night. if on the l5th. of fortune.--------tI ----. Yahata: {rrtlTfffi{qit cgt:*Frr.. a founderof a family.lived son. a barrenfemale. it will be a short. sloka. a female. if on the if on the 5th..--.ons: ftitqs.-39:'::'Y1'. if on the 6th. on t4th. (herewill be the birth of an when the Suir i$ue.19 When the Sun is in the 3rd place from the NishekaLagnafiitos. it on the gth. The same result qay be expected fr$rorrnft from Rasi the Adhana Trikona occupieo a qpnir or Nisheka l.18. ---. qsquqiq{ ftis{ft. a son. if'on female a deformcd .ll . if on the 10th'a lord.

Jupiter and the Sun in an odd oign (irrecpectiveof the Navamsas occupied)producea male child. 2L.118 rdRq|l Adh" III $pected or occupied by a benefic planet. Venus and Marc in an evenoign (irrerpective of the Navameae they may be in) nake for a femalechild. If mrle as well as female plinets gccupy Navamsas of dual rigne. If the Lagna and:the planecc above-named be in an even eign and in a Navamra owned by an even sign. onc being aa odd dual sign and ono evon. the birth of a female cbild ir announced. vamtiu are of both kindc. Mithuna or Dhanuc. msa ownedby a dual Rasi.andatthe same time aopected produce by Mercury. the Sun. maleand female when the Na. for iostance. twins correopondingto the character of the dual Rasi to which. " . both femalesif the Navamaabe owned by a female drul Raci. both malesif the Na. Theoe five planets occupyiirg a Narn. the Navamsa mey happento beftrng. Jupitcrand thc Moon otrong irl an odd rign and in a Narnmra owned by ao odd sign. The Moon. vamoa belongsto a maledual Rasi. the astrologershould declarethe birth of a mrle bhild. the con born will be long-lived and proeperouc and will attain proficiency in all brancheg of knowledga dWsnt{*s@: ggH ffi at {ft?rnr rfi{ gntfr{ '' ' "\l fnq rqt( wtffifttr\s tiiter r nrttl qqds{fu qt * :n{w grft{onq Sloka. With the Lagna.that ic to my. Kanya or Meena.

21 & 22 oto.mi it-an?trrilcrf.8[ zz Gftlgn: t.s# lri to be " :. ' 8 of each in the first half of sloka 2l . Thue the iseue should be declaredto be male or female upon ascertaining the in strength of the ceveral planeto above preponderance menti@ed intluencing birttu Norus Tlre latter half of the sloka is applicablenot only to tho lirst holf but also to the previoussloka. dtt REqs ss qd?qcqtri Rrt qrsft n "' ' }{iir ' i (i: It may here be observed that these slokastiz. ftgl d. cf.gfucr: I -ccd AtrtTitrtkrgc?wr <ilngtr* tl il il Rl tr fururrTwdqq*{ qt"{ xqil g?frtqr " i Sloha 22. 'ir<n-d fr('|frfwqsfrRorqr Ruqqt Rrq*dss wt gt{r ftqt rfum: Seqwqt rrcft r n rri Vr. qmrdl ffi &qcirrrril trrcrffficlr16n rfta: I Utfin cq gqi <i €cit gaft'*rclrl rr gaqfi iRrt tc: <* fdtrig$ir: r ffi rrqrit q. . tithuna and Moena.*gq ${d qrroa* tiqr: I f a*rg* t'. or Dhanus and l(anya. ono being a male and the other a female. a twin is likly born. aloo bringe about the birth of a male child... Saturnnot being in the rieing sign but occupyingan odd house therefrom./.i u qrassssl Also ogqnq liFt Aqqt Mt gqFcfiI qq\ frftreir gtwnqomrt: r {fftet qrriqiwqitr: n ffu* fi*s*g€ ni fui cca$ gt. pound fourteeu male and fourteen female y%as. ttisa r.ln6c rr{fiilt ftm rfuq. rr .

. gfr &rrmqft g{'ltqtTqri!&htd qF.....Do 1. (3) Mars in oppositionto the Sun.. or.oppositionor 'Equare to Mars or in quincuox i8p?3r.and ffi: Adh.. 22 -l-iefore pretliction malting any in this connection both the yogasshoulrtbe carefully weigled and that which has a prepondcratiug inlluencepredicted. the Moon aud the Lagna occupying belongingto odd oigne. or the Sun in an evensign.S{inilRtElItR I ll $qft Rteendla?twrn Sloliu. (a) The Moon and the Lqgna being iu odd signs 'andaspected by Mars by Mars (which means'affliction being in squareto one and in quincunx to another)..Do 4th quarterthereof.: Moon in oppositionand thcreforemutually aspecting. The following are the sir planetary positions tending severally to the production of a cunuch:(1) The Sun and th. being as" pectedby Mars (Mars being in any sign). (5) The Moon in an evensign and Mercury in an by Mare.iF{ qR qwril:{Ftrtdt q* mw. 23. the $un being in an evensign.i Gfuqrt Frtd *(M ..lz0 ' ltlr't|ftil 3 of each in thc 3rd quarter thereof 2.. in other words. ally acpecting. the Sun in an even qign in . qqlfr(ffi dr. Navamsas . III in sLoka. (2) Mersury and Saturnin oppositionand so mutu.. and odd sign both being aspected (6) Venue.

)l_* s l.--:-- _t__ s(z) Mars Irrn"" 'fhe I I I copulation will result iu above six yogas at the tirne r'r[' rvill be fruitless and if any vy-yyv-vv-vwvvvi gftftsw: vvYYlYvYtYYYrvv$ 121 Nores. the coiticln of a male clr fenrate hrrroscope of the above yog&sare found in the procluiing or bringing forth issues' the native will not be capable of (Ttris is the real meaningof gftq-kleeba)' l6 . ln other *o"lt. i r'" r(t) iQ) I nl'-) I I ! ! +Ql I I I iI I (.

ItI A closer examination of this sloka will lead us to tbe follow. the Moon and the Lagna occupying Navarnsas belonging to odd signs or male Rasis are inost unfavorable and detrimental to conccption.c{cfe qE! sn* q{ "rirq* clt rrfrrq: St'& gftft: sgrQs: I . ing conctusions:(t) fn" Sun and the llfoon in oppositiou (or qfdlrrPoornima). cury in an odd sign.s. They are to be predicted from the qlsl. mors.i ftq-* ftqrffi ftt?*ir qr tff iA* aftv+ f€wRgi| t'(n! tl q ftsr* | . And if they be predicted from horoscopesof the last child and if thbse yogas should exist thereih.t SiQn$t$ttr: I c{i Mi fliqgw: fuarfttgr {r I I I 1 These eunuch ycgas take efiect only in the absence of male end female yogas.tIz rili|'llht Adti.{i a1fqt<'qqq61:aftt3r cFrr. (f) AlsomFrdr q.fir}nrft iqndfrAliiw<r: rrt+f}qr The commentator of llrihatjatal. oitsernrRR{rcil il.f (Adl.fqh{. and (O) Venus.rft{ftr*ffiii ffi&t r Mft Eg. (Zl Saturn in opposition to Mercury ('l'wo herrnaphrodite planets in opposition). The author of the <tmarft (another commentary for Brihat Jatali.ona) Lagua or ql{o[ (Prasua Lagna) and not from horoscopes. (5) l'Iars afilicting the I\{oon in an even sign and alsr"r Mer.iction rvith lvlars.(. Mars afficting the Sun in an even signn (4) The Moon and fhe Lagua both in ocld signs in aff.r) after commenting on the sloka says: Ei $cSt{frfi stt: c}{-€cr*{rdcs aqrr. then the mother will bear twists this slolra so as to bring it in line with the slokas he quotes frorn }iadarayana which tre given below:- f.qrfrg*r qr r*d agv* iffi: 11 .

The Moon and Venuc in even signc with Mars.T*t n6qrdtrq r ifif* otq rrraQm:Ufucd{cft il gqsrff scdf Mccafft *nntr r siltqr{tt{rrtirr ofugffitmr: I The English rendering rn accordance with the commentator would thin be as follows: The following aro the six plnnetary positionsiending severally to the produition of a eunuch:(l) l2l (t) The Moon and the Sun respectively in an even and an odd sign mutually aspecting. Mercury. Saturn in an evcn sign and li{"r"ory aspecting each other . ind (ft) Venus. 2' q|tllrilt: tzg tfi ffi qt: er.tll. The Moon in ln even sign and Mercury in nn odd sign bGingaspectedby Mars. gfi qqfifcr*rfrqrrfi tgffifrqqr n . in nn odd ohc Mars in an odd sign aspecting and being aspected by the Sun in an even sign . I. (5) ailt{ ilR{Arfrq wft g'ig il fitq: t frgt lftqqfrilr*qt{uFqrqfr USR e|t t fril{ rqtqtfirrgw€fr}: ilq uRutl Sloku24. Mars. Mercury. There will be a trio of eobryoE cos. (4) Mars in l. Iupiter and the Lagna in odd signacauoe the formationof a twin embryo.The rising rign and the Moon being in even signr rnd aspected by any maleplanetcausealcotwins. Jupiterand the Lagnabeing in even signsand poeseeeed of strengthlikewiseleadto a twin fetusbeingconceived in the womb.tgna and the Moon occupying male Navamsas.n even sign aspecting the Moon and the Lelina n an odd sign.

Mercury. concerneC msas are owned by dual signs of the same sex.lz4 rfircfitfrt Adh. occupyNavamsas I*o out of thesetriplets will have their sexesdetermioe. i.'ntrir*girr{ u-6n?aori' qib+r ftrg{iir .ron. . while Lagna. $. J'here are three 1'ogas . il s" rrlrtr{ir rihlsa{if&q} rJFr*s\rcofrS I f*{r{?} ar rfug c"}. y'. NorBs. !8' ftgt ugirr. In the second yoga. III ceived when Mercury in his own Navamsa aspectg all planets and the Lagna. both these being in even signs. u. IV{arsar. N{ercury.fa g{frqnnra.rt q.$ wp' qri qcr?Rf.ii Stii ftaqfr. qi4d€qi t ftnitiir+gurq r6rftvri' " rr$ T:riir f *t Stqq ftrftqi rr {rr. Ywft fttftrrgaaq.{rrfraiasrd frern. or if the Lagna and all the planets belongingto dual signs.i q t?{iffrh eagtr r rrfisqr silst flgt {r*F€[ftfi(qq.dtsf€cc*c t q r{qfrgge I B. rnentioned in this sloka for the birth of tlvius.rd Jupiter are in odd signs. a rnale planet (the Sun. The triplets will be of one and the samesex if all the Nava. females.c . ffc|frrq il{I rI*: 1 . Navamsas arethoseof Kanyaand Meena. qrcrqdi. flspect the I-agna aud the l[r.q. the trio will be all malecwhen the Navamsas are thoseof Mithuna and Dhanus when the . Jupitef and the Lagna must be powerful in even signs. In the third{ q€rF{er' q l1-{rTd€g(l rr$ rr ftg{itrq{rr uqr gtfrat aa-r .J by the character of the Navamsa occupied by'Mercurybaingmalesif the Navarnsais rhat of Mithuna. I\'Iars.i <rt?r. Iu the first yoga two female planets are in even signs. Mars or Jnpiter) rnust. and females if the Navamsa is owned by Kanya.

planets and tlre the other lo'ngingto Mithuna aspects ricing sign.. Mercury occupyinga Navamsa be. r .qr is another reading for ircffirr. some books roed ffiqr {rtgtr e} tft q{drqft drtr$qm'll1\ll in the SloAa. SLgt.the aatrologer shoulddeclare the womb. 27. Norps. Slofra.NavamEaowned the .{ sg {{r antrr trr4i}d. If the last Navamsa of Dhanus . (gqrif. then more than in tfre case of dogs. When Mercury in a mit. in the position describedin the previous Sloka. Many are the etnbryosencased embryonicbag when the risi*! sign is the laet Navam' are strongin the Navamsa sa of Dhanrsand the planets bv when the Lagnais aspecteci owned by Dhenusand Mercury a:rdSaturnin their{tt*fltgstq ffir{ wr q qrqft | u. a teqale and two males are in the urnmh rc . other planete and the rioing by *crKa-nya aspects cign. is rising..25.' In the first ling of the sloka in tbe text.eachof which is in a rEtt'Navamgaowned by a a trio to be in dual Rasi. The commenthree children are 1'rossible tator. 96." qgftqFerrrt ffi qkfiqrft{fut.qtqweqffifid ffi EiqrrRqtl gqrI grqtutr Fqrgqftu*teinw grqt{fiRt fi-"t6r* Sqtff}q qrtqrrI glnftmrF{ufq qtlult gQqIQrq: llRetl qlrqlftdtq&qerFrf ll Rdll saTrntiils. 'If Sloka. Bhattotpala is of opinion that the word c-l[Ft:(Prabhutab) may mean 5.s gd{srnr3 18t 1gr* q--d*d\ilfiqq-{+' for 'g't +'ntar+qiqwi'. 7 or l0 " g-.

t ${tk dlgt ir* qonofttne: dq${ffiIF(' 6qqn{il{*gs gq?fitld I $n $eerq diqrf. In such cises. But if resuit. The Sunand lupitcr in a dual . These nre rnere repetitions of what has nlready been stated in sloka 24 s11. same the Mithuna will tend to produce owned by Kanyaand aspgct Mercury be in a Nava. Sloka.accordingto 6is peculiar l.rct's hernapl\iodite female (l'ltt'iew'n "r' rr?di* grprgd"ineir gtflai) | tKI.itlqgfl drcdtcaia.otrengthor weaknesg. twin iemales.S/oArrs. .Navams. therewill be threa malesin the embryo.pra. by Mercury gerlerat:maletwins' The eignarpected Venus rnd Mars in a similar position produce M-ooo.figilrf ll R\ ll ll I oll $a$uutr*wr 29 and 30..ih rrT gr*tgtt rrtq u . Mercury in a Mithuna NavamsrNpcct' the and the rising sign occupying ing the otherplanets. .t26 mrrqRqfi rAdh.r€ar r*gdt qrq$f. Kanya and own:d by any of the two signs . Mercury in a Mithuna Navamsa ehould aspect the planeta and the rising sign every one of which also occupies Mithuor Navamsa.r a maleone. 28. whih Satu/nproil.Mqrcury tends to produc': .msa the other planets and the rising sign io the positions in the foregoingsloka.c c?c*tci{rfurdt $gn at'r rt g*fhm: t .there will be th1ee described in the womH females Ngrrns.

the pcr$on born will be a male herrnaphrodite. If the lagna .ry6. The Moon and Saturn aspcctingmutually at ruch a time. If a housr: owrtedby Mercury be thc Lagn. 31194 s. qqo?twr t ftt+ )Trtrfuqit ' fl 11ll slt xqsqQ sl* qrqqolfiqr Slokt t?.twin issuesif in the rising sign there be its own lorC as well as the logd of the 3rd bhava at the time of Rfu Nisheka.v g vv v v t r qrllfrsrrr: ! ! l l vtvvtvv. Therewill be. the Moon Slpl. If Saturn be irr the phce occupied by Mercury (i. When the lords of the 3rd and the lst possible. the pcroon brrrn will be a fernalehcrmlphrodicc.twin equally possible.t etq qqqd qr Sw. 34.vvvYtv:r t 'Y vL"n ' # lrl R66* qqmffiat qR q{. they tend to producea eunuch. are in conjunctiott.33. If at the time of impregnation anclthe $un aspecteach other. twins will become bhavas '\[/hen the lord of the rising sign is in a Varga-at 'owned by the 3rd bhava or in hi6 own gq! qgrnJ gqql q qqdqq qr ulrluur lt ll ll gvtqr*{tfrqr $affit *( t S/oAir. do likewiee.c be inthe 6thbhava) in tl're grevious case. issuesbecome qR I qt{il ffiq-. qr( | qilfr s{ftrrfr iqqolaqs qfr qrqqr(r n18ll rdtqirtr * fti* Srqlnrgh S/oftcr.c 3 t.qx* ilr ll lt ll .ttt r birth and if the lord of the (rth bhrvil be in thc Llgua and Mercury lrc in thc ( th bhava.

When the lord of the 8th houseis in the Ltgn" in conjunctionwith Rahu. When Rahu is in the Lagna and its lord is in the 10th bhava.?. ' Th" readi'g of the seconcl half 'f sqivlfuilqpr uf.the child will be born with the legsforemost. . born will havea cord coiledround''hio qq I Rsi qralqt{itnta*rq clqi qrqgt qrfrqt{gt ll QQ ti *A etrd gfthil $ aarT q atfiuro} ilfr{ffiffi€fl{ qq I iltqauri q' . this ought io be the frrst half of the next sloka. It is dilncult to account for the omission' S/ c/'tsiifsflcicr ortcri i. 36 When the lord of the 8th bhavaoccupy theper' the Lagnain conjuuctionwith a maleficplanet.x\ o* qnr qq di{ic: ll n\ ll S/ota.or the lord of therising siggis irrconjunction with the lord of the 8th bhavaanditrhenthe rising sign happensto ba a Drekkana of a'malefic planet' body. 35..128 t|Crcrnd A&i III ava in conjunction t foremoet. eon born will havea caulwoundabouthis body' When by Rahu in conjunctiqr with a Kendra is occupied (gfu61 Gulika. with Rahu.r correct one.i"i hori fFfr-qgitr sft crqcril: t As a rnatter of fact.the child will beborn with the lege Nolris. the personborn will havea cord coiled round his body' Notr. qfrq{rf.the perc. gti lii'r+dxcttmtEi ete this sloka is difierent in arrd nppears to be thc uaqt arrnt ilfrd qrEdqiI t<rtl r.

when the riring oign ic that of a malefic planet and is in the decanateof lvlarc the and beneticplanetsare in th.37 When Mercury.on born witl lravea cord coiled round hia body' y' glrrd{ t qrtqt qlqgt ft. Again.sL xrl8 {Ortrrm: t- 129 tqfirqt q €fl fuftf qKktmftfrqr{ qq llQstl Sloka. the pe(ton born haer cord wound about body. The reading of the first Notns.rrrrFt' half thert is slightty difterent: oiz. are io the 2nd-and owned by Mare and benefic planeto thc llth houres from the Lagna.qg't il ilr frnft I a decanete 38. having no alPect cf bendic planete pied by itg hir upoo it. Zrrd and llth bhavas' p".rft qr tffi tftcrrftrfi qqft qinrrqfftfufr t I $ffiqTxrrrl: rrt(rr. r orrftrmisns-ffm ar.ffirgl lr t g*c il tlrlqt: *ftfitrila* Also rt r€ Sr&tmrftril: r ffirrtr ftftfiltqr sffitqmqe .orj toond itt boCy. or a child will be born with a navel . When the Moon occupieo SJofrct. Rahuand Srturo are (tTcI) iDrekkanaand when thic last i0 occu' in the ricing -lord.. Also qRnol rtr cnRqtEtilqtdtirsft {t lll6rl {ilt @ {rfi*{t?rnt t tsrrfrlrA qrn* lS. 'fhis also appcars in ttl{fi.the iccuewill be a (eerpnt) reptile.

tbe position of the rnaleficsis specified. rt wrfrcT{fMft os *aRra: c? r qri?G qrd dq *Eeq tl dttss +d Anrl=frqf dr cfrt niaq oss tftralsEirt t' r.r-d<r sqdrshtn: k* imis*n*rt r : arcftr q ostt qrcfut$: gt: il sr{i}a&ilRa Rrgtfr Frrnq}q I qHrrritd: rr af4trwr srraznili Also UtitTInFIq Neither in the text. nor in the slokas 4bove qqoted. rrnqrflrrc{rcrctr{&ttQ*:gt. r{&uqftl*'iar *rt: crrrt&t: rr i' qrfi t\fit{ql'{* | qil. qKr{dt "/.t+-.rft.. {r#il<rqf'r$ r .t30 .39. rt{agcqSef: trqr Bqrft<itqil cRrn:' t Also gaffit r f. fifrTqrR3nt AdL III C1. nRFr:c+*. twinsporn wrirpped in one theath(secundineo). When the Sunis io a quadruped possessed and in strength of and'theother planetsare there will be dual or mutable signs (or Navamsas).qErrt qre qr{: mtfr frng&q rllq ll sign Sloka. . .. Nores.addedon by the granrnratical 1'rrocess of (qtctqtq) Adhyaharana. But they are to be either with j!9 Moon or the Lagna and for tl:ris purpose Crqr{(Sapap6)has to be.htfuttd "{q* qg c{ciftTe qarG Rqt t* Qfitrmaf*l\' r {Ai +gt*ft a qoffifu* rt qgcqqtfir q{ ft<rna{t' rt' r' Also rrrt eqtm qrcffiftfrei&* rr .

. a dual sign' Saturn is strong being in his Vargottamamsa' Rahu aud Kotu are in dual 3-. 40.occupiea . .-*"*--.Qfrtsqil ut t qA qrqt qroldnl ll 8" ll rm4ttqEt Sloka. in the bright half of the month and is thereforestrong' Mars is in his e:<attationand in a dual Navamsa' MercurY is in Dhanus. """ "" """. Tuesday' one at tl'19 P' M' and the other at I l-50 P. -. Madras Time.. Eri R st of e. a Resi of Jupiter is in exaltation and dual nature.M.----. ". -. From the above chart it will ... Place of birth-Madras' . and when Saturnor Mars it. When the rising sign is Mecha lq.. he is retrograde' Venus is in a Navamsa owned by Dhanus. Here is an illustration for the birth of twins (bottr matbs):lg32January 19. the percon borh will have a cord coiled . Further. ttl . (tfRdtt' (qtt) star Rohini of the Pada The Moon is in the 3rcl Venus ul Mars Sun Merc I-agna or Ascendant for the First child-5-:2+"-36'-30' Second child-6-2o-19'-30"' r. a dual sign' in Meenn Navamsa. Simbafit{ or Vrishabha observed that almost all tho planets occupy either a dual Itasi or a dual Navamsa' The Sun is in the first half of Makara and therefore in a quadruped sign' The Mosn is in his e:sltation sign..

ef. In -. or if Mars occupy Vrishabha identical with the l-4na.47. When a maleficplanetotherthan Marr ir in thc Lagnain conjunction with Rahu.eeft n Slohu'.. and ro other planet rrccupies the Lagna in eitlrer case. qr<r<tfl . When the rising sign hasa malefic Slctha. by manl maleficpla' planetin it and is either aepected netc or occupied by Rahuor Kethu in addition... the pcrsonborn hasa cord coiledround hio'body. bv thc.the camc resultfollows.tutn.'".ryl qtl5lft|fr Adh. d. t+'rir<r vqA *q-dt nt frhrc{qqc| nt r q$rd tl d( liiarn ll 6a Sr Also Tftqrflqq qi urt fi €tr TRf€r funfrqfr t q* qriffi t rrtrilrf ctt r . then thr cficct seid in the text will happen. sign owning the LagnaNavamsa. or by the ". rnhenthe Lagna bclongr to a malefic planet and tbe other conditionsmentionedpreviouelyobtain.i srlfuSelqRrrrft vccdtgft t qR n dqrq etffi ax Rmffi d wfr rl'fiqst tqqqrqt qfttsww t qtwerrt g frfit {r rrfr qt ntofttfrilTt! llutll 41.iringrigl erfr ar&t lfttlt wrg:I fifrrcdffi sA u+ss ftl rn{nsqrilEr rr t tq oi is another reading." 'arqrQR c/.. ll 81ll d TStflfr{ s} qril rt noftnfocu: owt wul ui Sil trqnrq* t f.or when . 'Agern. lt will tben mean " If Ifleshaor Simha be tbe I-agna and be at the sarrre time occupied I by S..

d also what Jathakaparijatha fraction of the Lagnais pasaed.tiad by the haaboenpassed wbat fraction of the DwadasamEa (impreg' Mo. the birth cf thc child in the womb may be expected. be declaredto happen. T'turdly' find whether the rioing sign at. n{l qlrrdfr Rnftqqrd{FffiqG( lrq ll 81 ll REft ms (ertntritr) 43. Count from this sign w. sffi cr' ihrrtfrtr wstl ctrore qr qhtseth* adi I " ' :r't . When this muchof the Raei is passed predict' Moon in the month of delivery. tqt{(ql'{ t Valaranatha instead .gL 18 atrftsqtr! N138 ectedby'Rah". This givesthc (ete) Nakehatraof birth..thetime of the queryor {rcrtpAdhana.' When the Moon is in the Rari daramsa thus found in the monthof delivery. when Seturn ig in the Lagnaand is aspected his body. ln. in his Vasuranatha Tr{R{iq' r r" ' ilGrofrgffidGI(ffi|+ R$qrrffii96. I. 14) q day or night' sign (ztidecrf. When so much of the the birth in queotionshould day or the night ie passed. Adhyaya.hichthic DwadaoamEa by the Dwa' as Deny Raeiaas the number tepresented in question. the birth may be ed.of Venkatesadaivagua reads ' qsf'{Herqft Sarwarthachintamani.rn at the time of the query 61 unnrr'Adhana by the netion). Find the particularDwadasamsa SJofta. Secondly.ccdtilrc.glmurtd ilfr ntsfun ret qii. Find the Rasi to belongs. lt . of a cign which the Moon occuiier. S/. round the perubnborn will havea cord coiled NorBs.ri. or by lvlaru.

ri cffc} Er arq?rlt rrir eer r rrfl*arffi ori wi Tr {rAs€TaII sfi r.rr RflrRrTre .<ncahir r qfusrqrrfi{rq aM qrFn I E'rrrcqriT {€*qffiA*c c{r gi I tri ftagriarqr( c{ ftfr frri'rrq i uc qr{}snsrnrEc{T{crs{ri g*qn* rrqfsr* qi wfr r*t rrrfr q+i r ftrrti T.s*qti q*q.rltt: r qfut rd'r q. atere*q<di rrft.idrii aei rrlq rr qqrri: r *qritrrorrqr ers?qrGiers{riir wd{r smRqi{tlfl Rr<rc<€ac]ql uit<q .:t .A efi rs* rri+qft qfuilsrrrarf qrErqairrflitr tfnrQc'jqlrterf.Id +iqRi *qa wct I I '.* ftrrqa: zg n k<rrfuFslrrrn& . r arai rrmqi qrsqi {etrsth ar fritt rr q{drqq-d: $ v&. f<iF miti ar Uilq qofrrrn: il q?-{t{rfii cft art**r csd {{+{ r trErritr iei{r*crflsRm+gft u qrrce I eirrqftrrwi sqt.rq i\ffiqq cgai*qrsdtRrfa. qs ttsarrq ffi* qrqdrRqR: r .rllaKftrRrfrri fqnr€rraqqfr Td€i &rdlsrt sr n rfirrRrqt aT ficfteq *dar t afti rfigrrq* $st oFFdr €q rr rrt i aqr.t{# w a.III Er rri qrq r dqr{l5. }Iiq .i ar frarcrar. qsFafrft r orqa.ta4 rtlrqrft|tt Adb.r{A s tt: I qrr r. ilirerT fi ndr iicr sr rsir rrlq u qra€rqrqqftarft: t aroreaeafifuqift $r.neqlF{ t\o e*o*qqfulE(fittrrifet rrcqtira t-1" q1ftrgi6 tr<r qfi'elqlr{€rrcrd ftftqgcrdocti wqi teoo iFrT .rgr{rTiqv.{ri qrft e*'t+.

c Simha. fo ghetikas (tfre ". to 6nd the cxact position of the Moon.of !ryht) or rt 8 ghatikas. rr rr&grrqrt{rtsqr+nEr@ t6 qr.til. Thcn. the Dwadasamsa is Dhanus. Dhanus happens to bb the 9th from Mesha. As the lUoorr is in the 5th Dwadasams. .. rrrrinnrnTrirrftr: fu[e f]* rea: rr fc.4a{T icfufu f}.| sie rsqtrU g$AI q$rq: I axrl ir (rr{rqqtrq | oBpgrqtnd rrchTri rqqRrf. To know the time.43 qdlisrqrq: I35 (* ltr ail'lsEtril{.r{r q.lrc:rff} g il{Trqift€a+r lFgrr arfitlTm arrt&n<r*ce{mriN. i. The birth has 'to be predicted when thb Moon passes through the 5th llasi counted from Dhanus. we have 'fhc'cxecf flfi$. Mesha...l2tiViglatit aein tha nt$. i.The former view seems more rational.} r e3y. According to this view. According to others the birth should be predicted thus:Find by counting from I\{esha the order of the Rasi representing the Dwadasnmsa.q. when tlre Moon traverses through so many Rasis frorn the DwadasarrrsaRasi.{efifiq: r trUi gru'ero* *iiff rerlrEas frrcrffi rrfrr:t . rgqercfusft o61 Erqrritil' qfo-<rftd ffi r qft qa q. we proceed thus: 'Tha Lagnr is 80 l4 20" inifizs (Kataka) wbich is a night sign.erssT..rrd: I {.'. This is the view of sonre. birth will happen.{ crffi rr*s lrntQrqrr: n .t of 4 signs lO Simha.lsrtqi{u} * roerq aq errqriffiqfrr s. poiul. Suppose the oTrq6og (Adhanalagna) or qryaq (Prasnalagna) . +# of Ctq):Mesha as having been traversed by the Moonat birth iime.cq.-i time will therefore t" .to be'3 signs 8o 12' 20" and the position of the Moon at the time o25' 35'. or 5o'l t6 or the second quarter of the star Aswini. the birth witl happen when the Moon is in the 9th Rasi from Dbanus.

-. (6) 'The Rasi occupied by '{hp lrloon at birth will bc ririry ''rI{FT{'Ia (Adhanakala) according es the of C. s"tiirrg at the tirrn srid Moon is waxing or'wauing' Let us take the following exemPle:1900 (lFrqf-rr Tberewas* birtb.n i*. "o*. .ii ^nd which have useful :after elaborate tests will be found to be very and visible' 9r waD' *axin8 (t) wtren the ilIoon at birth tt between qN|a (Adhana) iog and invisible. *usrffi Adh" III case of the Moon and Balabhadra also adds that obly in the of query or (uilsrt) Adhena the lortl of the 5th bhaua lt the time to lrc lrredicted that the ot:cupying orle au'tl the sattreltasi.U."d house (q(ers-Asta Lagna) when the Moon is visible' .'-"-"'-". ({rcri' (e) tf ttre Moon at birth be waxing an'l invisible interval between concep' Atlrislardha). the sign denotinel qHId (lairana)' Moon's position at the time of hrlf of r (Krisbnapaksha-dark be in ifwmqr (5) If the birth bhava wilt contain the Moo rt monttr). the sign denoting the 7th ofiqta (Adhana).m' ou'8t! Jaquqrf . et 4a. the result W 12' Tbe Convert this distance to degreesand divide will represent the number of days required' quotient ' (4) tf the birth takes place in {f5q{ (Suklapksha-bright the Lagna will reprosent tbc baff of a month).{tcta+ta-Adhanalialn) frorn the data works as far not been defiuitely stated in any of our astrologicat ls I har'e seenin Scpheriel's But the follorvrrrg geueral prirrciples cnunciated been fourrclto be truc " trilanualrif Astrology. the period intervening for l0 lunar revolutions aod bilth will be les'i thau the time token or'9 Solar lnonths. it has at that very instant ' pregnsnt womau t'il1 be delivercd of her child nnd not otherwise' tirne of conception The cooverse process of cleducing the for any birth hEs given (.. or more-is obteiocd {f) f'ne actual nurnber of days-:loss horizon' the distance the fronr by findios the distance of the Moon fronr the Lagna when the Moon is iuvisible' aod i"tn. or rvaning and visible' the be more then l0 lunar tion and actual time of birth will ' revolutions.i36 .

Moon was transiting (Aswini 2nd 8 signs 2+o2f 7 signszio Sl' The Moon is waxing and below tha horiaon(invisible). Il-2lo-15. conception should have bccn at about the early hours of the morning on the lst . we deduce that the time d. g$It{f{ thc lrgns. the qt{rf. rbich wben converted into days at an averagerate of l2o per day (Vidr f. thc na) must have been Meena. Ttc interval betweenconceptioutime aud birth time is thereforc porc Sun I enus' l8ttrJan.ZL'. lst Mars r conccption Rabu I than l0 lunar rnontbs (Rule 2 above). u.22' 26' +')-Vikari yoar. m. 19 qrf{tsrrrr: t37 Ayenamsa.pqil 1899 rhen Mepna had not fully risen Merch 1901 [Thc child died at 3-30 p. The conccption should thcrcforc havc takcn placc lOx 27'32305(period of one revolution of the Moon is. Venusl 4 a. night and Monday morning. The Moon baingin +9'95 or rougbly 283'180 (Meena) 22td degree of fr-q at birth.Moon from the borizon is(Lagua) qr 3-tgo-24r tnin*t 7-21"-Sl.. 1S00. on Friday the 22od. Sunclay. Chart at timc 1899 April.l... ) t!e' tfi6 th.€s (Adhana I-ag. 2V'32305 drys\ days prior to birth. Looking at tne Panchanga for tbat time.u1s 3) is t# or 9'95 days. Tho distancc of the. l3o N. tVton . Sun i Lagna . Dhauur month-Z5th.l 6tbbmftr t3 . ll signs2l'15' .

timeof conception.rEilQr qsql- qi?mft R-*rqfr(qqrfur r ffiffiqffispgfiqt1BB.t pl'rnet occupies-thc 7th trouse(vn.f" isq. 44. Theeff. bhara from the Moon.mmsa belonge Kataka'and to the Moon occupiesthe ?th house (nrl}th.tE8 rtq|lluf AdT III qgqtt qrqt q qt sqqRr qftft g Rfti{ e. If the:conception takesprace when thE Moon under gimilar Sloha. NotBs' .vefr. when the rioing Na./. rrqi q rrci qR{" urrqtn Aleo grcndi qrl tttrdit nfirl erdT fr ftt* r qfirifirti{.* . i. thon thc.birtn WiIl happon in tbc twetfth .ac€E. birtb willhappen afrer L.nd ih.L y?irt. tr. ss{qR|Ii d mRt c1N ftAr& glmFTF( | tft: urfu €Aft Erqrr"r{sr rl Also gwrl: sqq qRr agts*istr st \q crn<rqdiq r reqqini'tfr* q"rldfr.. Ifi at the.ihe rising Narnmoabelongo to $aturn . dbyayj) to mean "If the Navamsa Rasi of theMoon at the time of sorception be one of saturn's houses and if saturn be in trre l*.asdue to pla.b tbat bavebeeRdegcribedin this Chapter. {c"tur .the child will take 3 years to be born.l Thethird quartor of the Sloka is interpreted in {qrTcqfd (Dasa. ne6ry coojunctions ar the time of rle (qrqr+)Adhana must alsobe predicted in regardto the time of the birth when the eame planetaryconjunctionsare foundto exigr.

.tr dqFilgfr Sloha. tbr feneldwiU b.g no more.r6Btt u (Brihathprajapathya)it is said " tm qg6.-not onty to . guritiqagory.prajapathya) is quoted: ' TrTtntcrrs qcqEl<rgt rre: I c|'ir il Qg* qriqRrffir.or the Moon.theseyqgal crist.$L +l ttttsqC: 1|9 (Brihath.i r tffir nu\tl tEttqil S. This q (cba) sbould be taken to meaDggqr? ffi s gfi (Septhamastle Hibukastbe-cha sathi. qrrqthr teaorff"i tt*stlmi tlir r trlRcflr t&ry rts qitttqnrgqrr It is also opinod that if. 'n Etqfitm qr{rrcne qrdfuilssrma: ft r i'qefr ril tr: sqk cqlt rdRlft: rr f$t tur: oqkcrq$. ..t Allva I .) The object of Varahaqrihira in putting Saturn in the'7th housois.1.dtit rotgt r qiq t ort rfr qrrt.securs bis full aspecton the Lagua.strongth) as Saturu's Digbala ia too Ztb bousc ts futt. When the lorda of thL 9th aad tfth bhavacare in bad pooitiooEr tod the lord of trhe ririog aign is strong. the iscue bac undoubtedly been boro. fxa (Seenabtha)--and-other. eithout. 45.1 In trnqms Septhamam hibukam va ard in the text gnr& s (Sapthamasthcchr) is used. qi qtqftsrU"murrvcftrililTr I qlrtr q trfd| Rem: rel gl: r rq{ffi * itfr wtr rrrilfr: cfr: n ftil drilnqfrRilrr g. rtta. but also to givo him bis full Digbala (directional.

46. tbc falb. tr<r*A qIfrft rti{fun ftert rinr: r r. ia tbc srotrthq fts .risiog sign is unaspected by the Moou and thc Sun lr eirher in the 8th or 9th bbava. the birth of a child is out o[ thg father'rsight.ffi llrwsgl cr c{* rrir fa1. thc father will be in a foreign conDtrt. When the Moon doesnot aspect tbe lagna. h in the gth or 9th bhava. $qihls& er r ftsqfcrqtwq orft?al{$qft r fttrse qrt qsqrgu |{dmtn Bqtl Slola.iU b. e. And be ie at tbe time absent in a foreigncouotry.q ftg: rrlt fiqFm:crcft tt Frrq. If ttre above Sun be in a movcable siga.rni.I qrfutsi$s:cq{i cl &qqrf* Rattf qtl-{q il Also 141a4 ' lf tbe. tbeu the father is not present at tbc place of birth of the child. there will be no issuewith th: purificatory dlwae (Seeoantha) ceremony performedupoo ic o/' udtFrnfir s& ftqrrr&cfiaqrdtq I [:Qrrifr r$gurffir qFfi elqrdrclt R*l rfrrr: ctlrftrls& ae n srt sqri tec ilq1le cr wn) q(. If hG bc in tr b ngrnabfr s!n.t40 rlcrdf€A Adh.if ihe $un be. Notrs o/. III *"" bharn and rhat is owneC by a maleficplanetalro.ef .t qarftnrrR qt fualcft dfht ggla r qcqnfr Rtctqrcqns cT{irrahqn cst ftfr*.ln a mcveable cign and has falleo out of the ase (lvfadhya) er the l0rh bheva i.

iodicate the abseuce two respectively by the above'meationed ir occupiedaud aspected pielets be a moveableone. The Sun at a day birth and Saturu at a night birth.the c.n4t 1 l4l rrtcre btrth took placo. then alro the hther will'be away at the time o[ the birth of the lhild. (9a'srdq. In thc prcrcot sloka the oight scenery(birth at uight time) is describc4 since Saturn (the Karaka of the father at a night birth) ig tel* iitd consideration instead of the Sun as io the previous sfda. E'or the secondyoga given in the latter half of the slola (ia thc text). The Yqa deoicted is g day Scenery. qnrftrni {foi qq'*T rrfuqq{t*n I rr l?hni r{qft Qaf tg* n . thcn thr father will bo on his way home.onditionthat the Legna is not aspected by the Mooo ia accossary. Tbe autborof SaravelifurtDcrsstl. G/. the day scenerywas depicted. | srrrtr cGir gtfrrit*q al qe: n !- .) Sukajathaka: i qmftmt qrlr qilrrgtftql r Rnl: ftar frttnt sr. In tbe preViouseloka. If the Sun be in a dual aigu.qqqt stl t riqqr qffiwrrl ftitretn qi* Ttt u tbere the Moon if between Mars aud the Sca it dC to causc thc lErnc aflect. Balabhadrasligbtly difiers-He says trlqkt nsrcnrgi flffi-*sc.h qqrrfu qqnr\ ffirtsdarrt3ttBetl ffi qpn: Sluha. c/. When Saturn is to rise on the lagna or Maf.1 or if thE Mqoo be between Mercury and Venur.r qtor lftraq rr r EEqfrsft {r qt Oi il.qio setting (occupiesthe ?th rmr $[nv. the yoga indicgtesdemiseof thc fathot brforergoplaceat the time. if espectcd of the fatber.gKrsd q{irr}rtifte{t: gfr{ trss. Aad if the sign tbst by Mars.

III _ar jg . Mercury.the child born is a tar (Kshethraja).the peroon born ic a board. {qt r rcfFit qA qfrrgke Gqtrnwtngt qd {rwtqif. c. The sameis the cale also when Jupiter is stroog and in conjunction with . gmcrfr{ trwltlrn qt'grmfftsfr er r rr crRqRKr fttsft a chfe pli Vidc also sloka 59 ialto Sir q ffitg' T{rt qr$r?tqr t}81tl N{ qium. . the eon of a remarried ir a lhnfc (Pounarbhava). t qFffitSqrfriltrfrt frqq: n\t u Sl r[./. When the 12th W-tr. the ooo botn and alsoaepecteJ i. woElan. If the Mecn b: in a sign owl:d by a benefic planet or in a mt (Varga) of Jupiter.t1g 4i-*aAtthAG r_s rilmh!|lt rrJ{Jty Lwrryy-! -. gr' tntfr t'r{ rr\o tf ffg{Ft*tizt Sfola. and the Sun and the Moon are in their sd (Varga).r" 51.ff rr!_gtr' Adh. 49.bnava is aspected Sun and the Moon are. When the Moon is in the rrt (Varga) of Setrrrnand the 5th vtE (bhava):isoccupied by Satwn by the Sunand Venue.j- w tutnqGfrilhhsffitt dmmqtsrfrlF{ffit rrBztl Sto*a. the cbild born is legitimate. the rrt by the $un.or the Varga of tbe Moon aod the Sun.{ft-fi {r qorFqe: . . When Jupiceris not aspecteC by Marr.

If tbe lords of the &rr (Hora) and the {th. 52. When the ?th or the 5th Hre-!6. Varga of Jupiter.\E lr S/ conjunc. tbe child bom will be given away by the parento to aoother to adopt- qtq(r tl \q tl afiqqgil. thechitd bom was begotten by atotherr: s. titro with Rahu.Il3 qfi€Agfr@... . then the actrologer should declarethe child to be boro in consequence of tllreootber'l congreEl with eqcher. 't o occuDied by. 55.9{ il'r ilfift qrii qtwqwrqtar. or be not in one and the eame houee with be adoptedby othere) qirc{tftttD.gtcd' {'ii Sloha.the son born should be marked out as6ftf. e.iqt t qcqQrrrd g ffiftrfr wrourq r qfii qtq u\B rl oil{fr ft Rgh{rt {r E{qr?€g* Slof.houses or if either of thembe.i mr* gttrinqari r {qt Mr& E *frq. and if the Lagnaor the Moon be not in a rrcl. When qrFE (Mandi) is aspecred by the *l' lvloon and ic in conjunction with Saturn or aspected by s him.u. It Jupiterdoesnot aspect the Lagnaor the Moon.bhava count4dfrom qqqrr (Janmalagna) occupy eaqh otherts.J1.orKetu.uH{g frftt}( ri\t tr 'f. Krithrima (i.ETf{ Eqgfr S/ola.Saturnabi!'Mare and is unarp*ted by otGr. planete. i3.t[ 58't5 Erflcl$crr: .

glm-W..sunday anCsrdt€ ascociated with a qrfff-Bhadra thithbi.sravishttha.lrlrakha or $rqvqr). sfisqfl qqgfecrsr: ir&r gfficrrs. Thc folloving arc somc morc yoges for iltcgitimatc o$pring$ gileldt qrqfl lmilrrt I : tffieireffffqrriwr .edner. (r. n llornnrr rlqamrgei" si wftffi r lrenrnr:s ftM *. day andHt-Rerntbee. {tgfr(.(31 Erfift Dwadasee. A chitdboroin any of the threefollow. qn.Sunday and rFlu. iiogcombinations of ftft-Thithbi.!. !{orag.isftrran sqq il .Nak. ffqtKl. . rhatr4 (i'c. [ .) Thc readius given is as folloos:-ir from ffir qilt. rbatra is declaredto be the rerult of the notherb congreEs with ancther: ( l) fi*rqr-owitheeya..U. Balabhadrain his trcrr (Horarathna) statcs that this cloka (Thathamisra.YI:!ytvyyty ttryyrryy!yE!vyyy!.the child born b declared tobc begotten byanorbgc_ Norss..j! tf. or rcrft-Dwadasi) anda ftqrrnnmhripada n.tlrnrnrr! rt g$ qrcril cQ'i ttfoftmr gltwrqwil: s rrri r uft r .Varaandrlr.q|eftg*gfrqrEqtFEis qI qt*ftqqfts qtdrdfrfr{ fig' tt\e ll qrifrtfiqrtfffii s?mqi eettHrg r grEdcrGnqaqcfr eq criq qrfrsrEqgrrqq il Sloha.L. m qnt ftdiqrdtqr€w qwqt rftqffi qr firqnl rqgeafter i\s qnr qtfr qElhil \q rr Sloha.rffrrr. thani. e ftilcr-Dwitheeya. e) wadl-Sapthami. gq*q-Itunar\asu.LU rlTIfufi Y. When any oneof the 3 weekdayrrvi! &turday' Sundayand Tuesday. ecfr-Sap.

or the Moon ia in conjunction with 'the Sun and a maleficplinet. le sno$rr rcaAirrg. qftr< qtqRr.r ge!.r. When Jupiter doesnot aspectthe rieiog 'cign and the Moonr or ttre Moon in conjunction with 'when the Suo. But it has to be strted hore that if the Lagna en<lthe ftfoofr bc in a Navamsa belortsirlg to Jugiter. Fore child to b" a""rlrll' Mooa must rcccive iu''iopect of JupiterI e) ttcsuir lr. the offepringie poeitively declaredto have beenbegotieaby toother.mate or the } .conjunc. sbould not be any maleftc aloog with thc Moon in coniurction rith the Sun. r 116 ."*. n orFFtq lKfrttqilr {r mr* Gfi wrrrctr qntqtur gdrrr*r wrqdsillr ild rrqlk furqr(riqar Slola 58. frlnt rqftg r &fi'* I ftftrrril ar* tnltFi c rl ilr: ritsecrre: c$fffrr: I qmtq*t@ftfi qfr tTqeft r sg{i ti*qrqft ilr* qrqt s€rq. tion tpith the Moori sboukl be aspected by Jupitci.ankoRavina Samarpthaba. sarqd (l) Lagna . i "/.iE rtdtSrltrnr: Tffisrffirgett?f cuqkcttt! I qgtrft fuhtt arnnrsms! qreme il .rfiri qi q ftilri tE{ | lr er*{nt fi qrcslrd? RnEtl "nrg.Cl.i ctrtrtstnqiQf En rrWft ' ? lt tadl <fo|l qclqe: Nava Sas. theu tbe child ehoufd-'uOt bc drclared as illegitrmate. of (. c/. Tlre whole sloka is cagrableof 6ei6g inteo prctcd thus: ar iflir +ilsr reurit rr r 3aFaanl siirrr lvrcdutq u l9 .})'tbcro..

r. .. o 3 I ... . .. tion with Jupiter or ir in Jupiter'e irqpl'lDreehLnil ... . 2 l-omg1gg. if the Moon in conjunctionwith the Sun be also esso. When the Moon io in a nrQr (Raei) oyrnd by Jupiteror is in another rrRr(Rmi) in conjunc.. ciated with a malefic planet. tq'<*e t.. and secondly. . -.. o...Marichi + t Iz Vyaaa . I Prtasgra o. ... lleayepe Nrndl 2 3 Peulase Chyevena F ... if Jupitcr does not 'aspect the Legna and the Moon.. . 2 Sauneke 7jdc Srutis. qfr il gar: rqri clq ild frrqnc qFr n That is...Apavcda) yogas-bo declared illcgitimate.... . and at the eeme time tho Moon be not in conjunction with the Sun. ltl qrr !IG!yd qrd t i ftO{tr tqTrr{trt: rQor ecrrrrt q*.l{e *# rtfinnr|| Adh. then the child should-in the absonco of any restricting (unm.nnfinr arut: ll qqrqsl qr giq: ql|gcdqq r gt: mrfrcttutdrfi ilirr* il hftluqsrqr* rgtse $Fenrq(| acftc ftqnrq nlQq ga{t rrrq rr It would appeer that +{ ur<R (Apavada) yogaswero aftc great penanceobserved one after anotherby Sagcsas statodbdlow: Brahma. Manu 3 I Vssishta .ug(: r cft mft qcns... I Anglrag 5 Attri . nffi wffiq* ett qrr qtderqt rr\q tl ae* qFqilFdr I . ..Slolo 59.r.. Subrahmanya Garga I \ ald surya . {: i q{r qnftd q ql qrqqfteqr f{ s * \r r iregqtortrilfr. Cf.the I-agna and the Moon being unaspected by Jupiter....

rdqitr$ q{kffi{FqqRqfr t r{R fffitqrqr € mdtqu+fr QmllQo Sloha 6f.<ft}TRrrrtrqtswrcrT il q\ \a From the plural numbors usod in tho abovc guotation. But it is aot . it tould eppear that the term " malefics" ncednot necessarily bc confined to Saturn and Mars. inmoveableor a dual one. Norrs. Snbu rnd Kotu. crrnqqui qft{6t! cntfr r rq: lQar. Aod by " T(d o'Knrrarksbl . accordingasthe sign occupied by the $un is moveable. 4.SimL and Kumbhaand occupythe ?th. Pleaseseesloha 48 and thc noto thercto. the gth cr the 5th place from the $uo. but may bc extndod to woa& Moorr. This stoka is'from his own or on his way to his own country. the father of the child born is in a state of forcedoeclurion confined in a foreigr. If the two malefic planets $aturn and lvlarste in maleficsignsMeoha. ten by a. T*.paramour.o. place. qF{(m (Vanyarasige) is auother reading and segmsto be the correct oue.lfriftsrnr: l4l or crtn (Navamsa). the child born hasnot beenb:got. Norps. smqd.

Meshe." . on account of business oi $11y. q<\ urrrncgattrt r grilt fit in$ ci* {req ei.{tb plror . Kataka. and if any other l)rekkana. Simha and iumbha. . [alrara and Kumbha are not meant. Sukh6). viz.igni.rt". the pregna"t -o..rrcrd in (Subh6..ft€ftTffi qrtrofrrffi afis<nqtRrfr r | gc (Subba) Tba.loka61. f6n-*fC( fftrcwril (ocn4.he Moon (whetherfutl or io the ?th bharn. Thc word si€ (saumve). Iho meaning will then be " If the Moon be full and in Katat a rnd if benefic planets be in the lagoa and the 4th$ousc." NorBs. Siqlhe.'.. but only Mesba. This nay )appenalro when the rising sign io a watery one and .rn'. may also be interpreted as!8 be a watery sign and the Moon be in the 7th bcing rlso full. and when Mercury ie in ihe .e. Here the difieronce between the terms paparksha (tfCd) nd Krurarksha qtf{ rnay be noted. "o$ls Sffi cd$ ftr\ o{qh s\ sfr r qt et qttitsftsfr n tnqer rqi* Inll ih* qa g s{r'rrh Erfi. The one means "all the housesowned by nrale6cs.r{6 rRsl*il| Adb" lil ll the five houses of ma{eficl.dlrr r jee*ihilitrcf vcuusoceugying tho. tT the l. nan is delivereil of her burdoo in a boat." rnd Jupiter occupi€sthe 4th house. qr{Ir|0t S..rmrq u i{+<q adds " If th" Sun in the above case be in gqrl s. the father is forcibly (illesally) dofintd.. wbilc lo other confines them to " their odd signs. Vrirchitn.Jupitcrby tbe commcntrtor brf b|fc nndoritoOd to meen as tsp'il. then alrc the birth taltcl Dlace in a bet. When the Moon ig full aod in his own ./. nui*tcr (Nigala drekkana).!g\ *' in tbe tcrt pnly . then tbc birth takes placc in a boat.1.

l. c/t 16g1ilr{il oft qgfi grqFmTrTqr eilA gi I qlt: ridr qq*tqr-+ ffi Also tqr<qirr c?q n r grqt I ait'fr gtfiTe dqr ffi qiilrrQT3lls! gt fitfrqi [€ir +q I According to the will meanthc Moor during the ten drys from fu. or the Lagna beiog a (Jetaresi) fioilflr. the word ai\ (SubhU) may alsr include Venusand (PoorneSasini) td rril. then the child will be born near water.rr r* r Rut the word Swarasig6 €fftfi may apply to (Sasini) qrftrft ot (Saumyc)ttlq in the text. the delivery takes place iu tbe vicioity od. Norss. or in the 10thor in the 4th bhavafrom the Lagna.7 from Mercury in thc LaCna.1fif to Srqtfq1f11it qr( qfr:.tso gcn*"1 ' ffi t gan $illi st ect{ft Nit r efi ffi fffifuft cr rqrTh nF{dqrs. Whcn the rising signis a watery onc and the Moon occupies a watery sign. For the latter view. If the Lagnabe a watery rign with the full Moon in it. " amgq-qgns sgW*T(Tgtri $&q: n (qqrd cl. Anothcrirlnfuetation.rater. oy' . 60 -:t<=:Yv-ffir.*-v qfirilsrrrri: l+'. or if suchMcon be in oppositionto the Lagna.qfrfu t$qrr'gsrrrs r tuql nQirr S/ofra62. . qr rS tTfil s{i{isq{r t t €r<rt.Dl. rgfqraq {h{: *t[gi t qfti drr{rr fr. the +th or the"lst bhava. The same happenswhen thc fult Mmn aspects a tratery sign. tho Moon occupies the l0th. cFfrfi qprlq: is anotherreading.l rrfrerrarl cqft qer* {tat cqr q0: r qqt qb* ft*rfa{{qqfrt{qa rnf u.

t rqssqrrf Ru{i gqfrgPrtfirft ilqr(t gqut {u{ *qr(frERtrE stsrr{t ir qBtl Sloka 64.n the rising eign and the Mo. the Sun or the .on a saltishground or on a sandyplace.(fr{r sqA?ftstqafri c"E: cFlft{tftril. trrmilrs orffirtqemt srq: qslr{rihil: r gfr rqft"rsl atortcJccrQrq rr ' eA offi qqr ibr m frri Er* r ir{sgqel: rftdigrfa csh stq rr Also G[. rilt qfir(ir. c/. qilq tra: r {frq'lr *lrrqt: qqt Ta{iroi rr Alsosnrqot c€Rirq* ffiwltifrf r qcft rrs": ff {qfu qq:fr.Frt ql r dr\ffi?rfrsqt rrqtrr S/<iAc 6.riring Moon.i. Again. when the Lagna is E&r (Vriechika) or uzr (Kataka)and $aturn occupiesit and ie aepect'ed by the Moon. fic planet.r60 qrfiilctfrwl Adh.ffftt strrrffiq&n g. According asSaturn. the delivery will take placein a pleasure house a temple.rn happento be in one anrl the samerrfu (n"ri) . the delivery will take placein a pi t. .m qrdsffigt M qrqff. Wh.occupying a watery sign.the delivary will take placein a Eecret Epot. ie aspected by Mercury. r rRTtwvrwft tcti cqfr *Ra: il Also dt+rttcr qq€r*0tiqcnf tr.oa *i"o Saturn is in the 12th rnq (Bhava) and aepected by a male. (Probably widowsderiveringchildren secretly is hintedherc).

the place of delivery will be a lovely one. and Saturnoccupying it be aspected by Mare. cribed. the placeof deliverywill be a palace. If the $un shouldaopect. If Venus and the Moon aspect Saturnin the poeitiondes.Wr {q{fi at fttotgr(t^rdi* q({ rlidlqrq$iltsts ltqrqt {r stit uq\tl Sloha 63. If the ricing sigh be a humanRasi. sr(r{df gqfut !r(E: I rRS qashafi dffi ' rRpr M aqlcl +{ a'Qorrr ln the yoga described in the sloka in the text.EL66 Ifti$ilT: t6l c/. gr<rqdl ail{oqqqae* FRqreil am ril qfi r a&ifrA 'qlrr* ftrer+Qu'ig ilaia rt qXQrt d'rtq'aaqri'g*garrai reofm!fir t aieif arffiglk WRq. the delivery will be in a cemetery.qwriRrdqTt cteil cl tl . the especting as woll as the aspectedplanets must be strong. liur{n '-{d'c*EatQffil0 I e .gallerywill be the placeof detiverywhen Mercury is the aspecting Planet' Norrs a/. ol.H Also rgq-+rt4. the delivery will take Jupiterbe the asp€cting placein the house dedicatedto the cacred fires. cremationgroundor kitchen. And laetlyan art. a templeor a cow houee.n a*ass i?trzfAe. If planet. t*qtrrr nftSorsqefr gtq q?{ frtira: r orrst?qrrri ltaraar rr ffioq sqt nrftrr sit {6at qoariirr I t ?rdrn hq.

. the birth will be in farher'c own house. qtlqcnnkrrr rtffiet wtrnlrdurr r\f.fatherb I *ot'" 1r' o/. )he child'o maternalgrand. riri qnt qnqitt ilwFR I lagnlr5tqrqlqtq"cQ$saqrll ftg clsr cut: dqiftnr}rar r f* funqqQrqr rgwrrilsmrrrfttl For the last quarter of the sloka r/.162 rtmftd Adh.houge. If the stronger of the two be moveable.r* rislt+ | . If the ricing be a Vargottamaone. If immove able. 6-qtl<r \' 'dt qcltqfuit q'nrrq.q*qqurrrql: ll trrcrfurr sr *d* arlrltfr qr r qtm&< cr {qrd"r nq qtq rr tt qqrr{rf }tnrqtsQq {ftoq r Aiso ttFdIIqFrdT qfr .R{m tl usrftrzqql n<} edat gffisft cr r .III tnq{mrnd qrilw{* ftfr ut t ' qarffi qqFqirotrrrqil{aq$*r n QQ rr Sloha 66.rnlly that correepondingto the rising sign or its Na\reora whichever of them ie etronger. ffirdKl . if in a dual oigo. then the birth will be in . the birth will be in a building far away from the native place of the father.Ilavamea house.futrsnftrfrltrr€r qcql qfidhner wri qftrr*t I qtrArtrrqi aarQastmqftfrq: ll rt ftfr sr rr* cTEFIFdrrr. it will be in an out. The placeof birth of a child ir ur.

"o''*frffifrfifr*urt tq Rqdsrqqr q-Ask .{qfgr gsffq= *' llqtrtl andSaturn Slofra6?. isdpctalioa.ot{*: '-* Also qlIlETilT *itst t* I ftqg'llsrrrtr lt Chandrelrreq-Nisanotberreadiogfor(ChandreAethc) Sun ii"o bo "If the Moon or the aod the t""oiil''tiir " bc trino to Mars and Saturn etc"' 'cclipsod" i'!" itl qk (nstna) mey also bo iutcr-prctedas '1: 5<it<tvvx'----'--coniuuction with tbe Sun' qi*r s wcrtl &frq I q$tt qrrr ei! q! ftt'fqc I qt .If the Moonbeintrine to Mars child at ."t Wc or tbo Moon' given for the Amsa o""opi"a by the. thc Moon.i byl.}s{tnqqF{t. ruf". io*tt' h"ppy by Jupiter.:lb' Srtrrfn occupyrlg Mars aud tbc 9th or the 7th houscia rcrpect to t/' ff(t{ai oac and tbo samebougcretc"' rctrMftqris<rttftggqtrm n $"rgptt g<rFc* tfiffi r n -'-.*o is strongcr --"d :l*j:ll oust 6rst decide r::ich of th" hie worr this ori-ncldc throughout prrceed."fi." "*lideration thcrefore sufrce. ecqt . Rasi and The considerationof the stronger Sup' J*"yt bc bomo in mind' Navamsais important "tJ**u onc thc is dircctly contrary to of tu" n*ti 't"t .h.--tq." Wbcn Asothct'c cnila becooeglong'lived' arpected for. and well. t".cgred Norrs..Lagna ..t time the ?th house' the andoccupies be Moon But if the born ir ab.odon.Varahamihir" o'r"' not of the Rasi aloqc will Brihat Jataka.8[ d? trft6 t]lflrnrcr '- dllnrtr: lggdt qca{ rlEr sufrrt t fr qt ll ftrrftrrrqrqrc* cqffi{ 168 of tbc iq19' viz'.



.fan. nl

Tlu slbka quoted above distinctly says that the l\Io-on shburd bc 6 (nfooana)i.a., eclipsedby the rays of the Suu and so the words (Asttagatne) qgqir and e{Ril .q,stie in the quotations from sararali and samudrajatake do not ,, the 7th house,, but mean @lipscd;" For rlleviating tte efiects <if'the yoga describedin the text,. JrqpitermuStbc st?ong.

c/. qqinr rfter g1q1r} dr* eq r{R r qS E, CBfr ffig, {qngki e *ga: rr


Sldka 6f. When the Moon is in tfie lagna and arfct.d by,a maleficplanetand \rfars occupiecthe ?th beingabandoned 4-."* the child periehee dl;; i*fo Tbe carneh.pp"or when lv&rc and Saturn ii O" lltt qrt?.Whenatenefic planetarpectstte Mooo, "r the chtld pasletirrto tbe b:rrrds of'a pereon of.acrase corrgp, pondingto;the.aopec.ting benefic plaoet.II .oott * .ii" nc under'theaboveyoga aspects the Lagna, then the child bereftof the motherwirt fail into thl handc or di people and will die. Evenif cared for Uy otn.rr; L qhild lives not.
' c/ sr<r{O Norrs *:ll

qfrfhtqQiqts&si* $qt*q+€.nsst Yd Qarqft I qrqR;q,frqqcifr ft*sft ffifrg rqgqfrsqry: nq6fl


wcF€arq rmqHgqrg! qr$irtd{ il qITft Strc] wqrqrrr.JGrpt argqil snil; I

fuqil qd€ qrrftFr &sri sts€}r erG: I



Sl. 6E



r'$l etitg {qr Aig wfi glrtrtt: t il qqft asrffi<lee*stg addsqil$ftrfi ffA s's} g{qrll6r|rl Balabhadra q TqNt crar ff6 cn'iU[rft t sft Smild*

qnltqfi*frg q6qoH.oi

grervr! qq irccn.6 ndt frqt rft n
Also lltqFtlqg --

qei q{qft a g{r: I ll Utrft ftqt c('


giffi Rrnat otaQt6ql ng ' wqfttlrffi: n irrrtrr rreffi 116r qrar ftqsqt I qrfr arn flri frnrflt crtrts<r gfirt!€qnq ti rtt: ll qreitiqrq crt" *flSksr eqr fuh t

errrvrc*gerittftqr mgk*


t l l


t |(2') ffii



Adh II

frqqrquts eeoqeeiloffis ilqlr,gt qRtilrtr u dtftfrolq. ftql rqril uqqtl
S/o[c 69. The delivery will take place in rhe houoeof the father, mother, paternal uncll or maternal aunt accordiog to the strength of the planet represelting theoerelativeg(vide SlokatS Supra).It will happen in an erpoeed phce auchaoa grave,a rampartor a river if the beneficplanetsbe ia their depression .bank, houses. If the Moon occupying the Lagoa be not aspectedby tbe benefic planetso:cupyiog one and the eame oign, the child will be born in a lonely place. ,$ Noras. a/. gr<r,rot trcddmtt|Qr csif tc: q{isu gdftrt r ftqdft EtFt qan*r aqrs'q1t il rrgrisRt Yi e$s<Mkuti t ftqfilxtrsilc€tr{rrk refrrnq ll

nnnrtrfrg r qffiIt: €r&' I ffflil cfiqqtrsmqu cwccrqr
Also tnrrir<r

ffiSnaBgqrt: i@g rq3&sirrffiritffi'

r rf

c/. mq*a e*qr qnrft€ c r sfaqft c{qft r cqt t ss* qrt ftqt ftffffi rr
,And lteqHTte{

qri q qft cr{tqrq-dq-q{qffi tl qft eqr iltq ftrqrq, u etr6l ffi

q rf$ + qt rtftqrft *dFrqr S*sgfr sTttr c| As* ffi q

.tvrvYY u Y!Jt!vt!,@E.@vJv.@



qr rqfi{ {ftfr\ (gk il (qR {{;i dtqmtq{fr | qenrit*q?q aRtqtqlqq il(( ll eoll qfrq;ff(qKerlfubuqrgtr;'ns
Sloka 70. When the Moon ir in a Narnmsa owned by saturn or in the 4th(wl)Bhavafrom the Lagna a watery aign' or by Saturn, or occupies or ia aspected is in is in conjunction with saturn, the accouchement ground whel-3 darknesg. The sametakesplaceon the cigns' The ot more planets are in their d.epression lile coming ow of the child from thc womb is exactly i. of the rieing sign,from the horizon; c, the eml.rg.nce sign, the child U-i, it a"{rffqa (SeershoCaya) "PPan '. * i , l r t h e h e a d f o r e m o s t ; a n d i f a g i r q c ( P r u c h t o d a y a ) srriqq (Ubhayo' ;6, with the legeforemost;and if an be planeto aly.l sign,with ih. h.ndt foremoet'If malefic the 7th or in conjunction with the Moon or occupy it is said ii. +ti qrq (Bbava)therefrom, mucb diotress' has to be enduredbY the mother'
NorBs. A;o}hctis|clfnlatioa....WhentheMooninthe4thbhan or is aspectedby Saturn' etc'" if.iA t Navamsaowneclby Saturn be taken tb mean (eUjea' Iu this sloka qsai'(Abjage) should
karkshaYoh: TEqF

*gni "-r*t,$ffi$;" #T',gi?'"ff":#f.Xil
cy'.wt<r qE ll . qqictRfi * td a'qQ rsdr q lw qrqacrcqqqaroft *qq: t il tE'q{q guiteQn aqtmrq


*ft" gt dlur ergt t



Adh. III

t t i$cm.rtt q&qtqrb{n€ttqil qtc *ftrttEFa vrirt{ren gt, rr
And f(artqflrdT

dtdqrser!drlorg:: dngfrsft <r I , q*{rrt coilr cr qt€ttqfr Rqa:ll

t<rr<cig irrq I aqt eTTrqrqq{ q IIE:qiqs&kw€a aqrQr r q:iFtcSct: vfrnlqt btg{tq tl qet * qib* ft't a'4geq g&o: t ftihtrosi drqtt' &)$rqR{ha Tr ll {Rd rTftrcrq* aar f6g6*gcr tl Alsotr<ndl , drritsqiloiiT a;|s*wghruar i;g* r ilE* Er sdr<qft csi a eqt: ll bir orS,r'i*r"rcrr*t mr6$et r ' qFr cwttztaafrgur: lr .tq"ffiah

I {ffi{i?frs*gm*Ern(ntt tal mnrriiEqrq qt{ttfficdHtllet rl - eriqiffsft

Slrla ?1. The quantity of oil in the lampwill by the Moon in vary with the portion to be traversed guessed from th"'rigo enteredupon. The wick is to be the riaing of wilf vary with the portion i[. LJgnt, d.e. of the lamp ,Lrr ritt below the horizon' The character from thechlracter of the eignoccupied i."to b. gueosed fixed' or iy-tf,. Sit, i.a. whether'thelight ie moveable' froui the nature of the Rasi in i"rlr'ic to be declared *ii"t, the $un is. The door of the lying'in' occupying tbe ti U" go.rsed by mean!of the planets those that are Kendrapositions; or ratherby meaneof pfanet possesged of strength; i'e' *itn more than tlne the door must be gueroed Kendra-pogitions, ;."*;.





by the strongestof them; when thereare no planete in the Kendras. find which of the Kendrao ia strongeet, and rhe direction facedby the door is guesoed accordingly.
NorBs. The Moon determines the oil in the lamp; tho wick in the larnp is dotermiaed by the l,agna and the Sun determinesthe chlracter of the lamp. If the Moon is waning, there will be little oil in the lamp. If thc Moon is at the beginningof a sign, the lamp will be full of oil.. If she be in tho middle of a sign, the oil in the- lainp rvill be moderatelyfulf ; if in the end of a sign, little oil. The same holds goodin the casoof a wick. If the Sun be in a moveablesiga, the lamp is not a fixturc btrt can be movedabout. If in an immoveablesignr the lamp is a 6x. ture and not capable of being movedabout. lf in a durl sigu, thc lamp can be separated from its place (rerooveable). If tbe Sun be in a fiery sign, we may say that the light is lit (siep), the electric by electric power; if fiery and also moveable tanrp is moncable,and so oa. t/. qr..riltr


qrqtr{tr|la} arelt,aRvt sfHidt I trcs{ftsnGg R'}EqFr4:strqile il qragF-{rfrii effitrw S are* ftt I {rv, 41 '4fr:aGrh qftt erqqttos il I wcftqil * cg{wa@t B{*r& qa{ili: q$r tdftdrlrdftll




qft'ftru(qtt ft?dgh Enii{ qftilfr q Ei rfr {frgt iltsfraqwq I Etgrd qfrEt Gdfrrgil *i q ug+ilt Ee

q*qt{€dt qrq;ilqFt *q tt sRft

Sloka 72. The lying-in chamber will happen to be old but repaired when Saturn_ir rtroDg. Ic will'be

chamber of the planetsin the Zodircal by means circle. when 'thechamber will be but flinsy. will be in the eastern in. ir in the weEtern lyiog. [t witl'be strong and durable wben Jupiter is powerful.h . &'ll-22 and cloths indicated by thc scvcral plaaets. $ qiaf vttqtrtruqI gt c qfi *q1ttudurtnr* r tl r rgrQrtcsrt !t "i tqu. a new building when the Moon ir in strength.chamber If it be owned by Jupiteror lying.@: qqfr* l|91ls qftrra{*0r fdild Eftr{rqrqrt Stoha73.chamber If itbe lvlatara or Simha.the chamberwill be locatedio tbrgnutbero grfita of tbe hourE. qr<rrd. portion of the house. r ngrnirl Uuileq!&g . The astrologer may guet! the sttucture. anedificebuilt by the combination of severalartisanl Mercury ie strong.i it €ggf r. when the Sunis power.1. If it be Vrishabha. If the sign in queotion be Mesha. the ly_ing.the portion of the house. $ gft r q.Tula. When Venus ie predominaot. in the manner indicated. '-'Wi. Tbe direction of tbe lyingin chamber by the cign owning the planet that is ir determined strongeEtin the rrmtnl[f Adh. Vrischika or Kumbha. possessiog worke o[ art anJ quite new.a structure abounding in timber. ber is in the north of the houce.Kataka. of other houses begioningwith thosewhich areimmediately around the lying.cham. rcgardingthc pleccr this Comparc lI--24.m e building epoiledby fire when Mars ic powerful. Norss.

tuen the lying'in'chambe'r' . fi * 5iu1ii6iffi' .E. Suppose will be in the northernportionof the regagd of facts EuchaE havebeen madein woEa$ statementE r6pect to tbe lyingir:hambet.signify the four intefmediate poinie.lrincipal Poiotsof the iompass in order in the tying-inchanber.ttiz. N.t)iz'. W. lrEqrd ffiI qng{ekGl qqFin'-sffifrs llsgll s€qrgR and imrnovc' Sloha 74. W'.in-charnber vierv His place)' charncter of the buitding where birth has taken il is not acceptable.$.ftqse{qprfu*f+qrtqnrrt*ffot : ll gq'Tg{qErftgirfu*{w€rq{$qFcil: fur?fr 'l'he FI l{l conrmeutator Bhattotpala is of opinion that the direction by the rising sign at birth of the lying-in-chaurber is determiuecl (and not by the sign nwned by the sirongest of the plauets in Ken' planets drasi videsloka 18 supn al\sls it is stated that yowerful the aud in Keudras will indicate the doors of the' ti*y....S. and N' E The astro' to the bed of the confined ioger rhould make. TheJour pairsof moveable the Eastand ablerigns begirrningwith Mesharepresept other. s E Directions of Rasis according to l-13 N E Directions of Rasis as per this Sloka N l* qt I s'lm{:. The four dual signs. l6r Jupiter is the strongest. the legsof the couch 2t . Dhanusand Meena. 14 tilfr!ffi: Notns.

/.An{ {nmrr rrnr'r r ureqirtrr: ffi qrgq{ gnri al r r1grh cr (Kerara.woman are in the direction indicatcd by the Lagnaand the 2nd the 6th and the gth.lee rnrrcrffi Adh. This is the principrc of Directions zrspsr M charya)also. wtr+eri-lrtqGqtbilf . And the 3rd and the l2th bhavas reprecenr the fore4ege of the couch (the 3rd beingthe right leg). III a 12th bhavaefrom the Lagna. jfhe left part of the body of the mother is indicated by thc visible half of the zodiac at birth and the iovisible helf indicates the right part of the body. rhe four corners of the c.. women. The 10th and the l rth represent rhe left ride NotBs. the 4th and the 5th bhavac.uch are indicated by the-3rd thc 6th' the 9th and the lZth houses from thc r-agna. The Zth and the gth bhaviefrom.|adfo{id r ftqffiq r r l$marrvr{ {iqr: c{*srrft {rrR: trrrr il . tfie right oide. the hind legc (the 6th being the right leg) of the couch.the Lagnarepresent the legsof the lying. The lst and 2nd houses from the Lagna indicate 'the head and face of th" mother and consequently the direction io which shc is lying. The head and faceof the lying.

l'herefore we have to say that they were br could sidc tho rcon wheie the acttral delivery took place an4 scgn. lThogethat are in the invisible portion r€prr's3nt the attendantsin th: interior of the lyinS'ia'chamb:r' a$sertthe contrary. _Others NorBs. Iu the following e:rample. 4 ate in the visible ort' half of the zodiac.rwrdcrdi: Tsur€G6r: "{alrsr\$qqtfr on the womanin attending Slt'ha'75. Of these 5. This is applicable only to females and not males' yenus Sun qfrGffi ffid lte\ ll Junit"rf I I [: jSaturni lJt:l' i Nota. ?5 '---'------'--' ttffctsqrd: 163 I 1.dt. there are 5 planets between the Lagna and the Moon. We have therefore topredict that five wOre in attendance upon the woman. The females childbedare as manyas there are planetsbetween the rising eign and the Moon.-The earlier slokas will indicate the presenceof a male are rttendant on the wornan prorided the following conditions fulfilled:-(l) Lagna with Saturn in it should be in opposition to the Sun' (2) The Sun in the Lagna should b6 io opposition to Saturn' (3) Mars iu the Lagna should be in opposition to Saturn' be in opposition to the Sun' i+i tut"t" in the t-agna should be in opposition to Mare' should (S) Tfre Sun in the Lagne . Suchof these as are in the visible hemisphereare without the lying'in':hamber.

1161 (Horaratna) afi a{rqrn{ iIT qI?Ft: g! rrcrftn! | rnrQtT J|nrfn t q urqrft: qFm slR I .IIt (6) Saturn iu the Lagna shouldbo in oppositiontb Mars..ngwatrnqparffihfi I rti*sr{.I (Chrndrika) {dr./.'rrq: o.t64' rrcrqfiit Adh. text gives the generally acceptedrule for ascertainingthe actual uumber of pers<.lqgaqrr vqfis+'rrerrnqrrr{fis Eris* rr qlf. one in the Lagnaand the other in the 7th.. irfoir ofi qA ft€: qI: qi}ilaEr: r Balabhadra adds in his 'irr. while tlre number without should be teckouecl by the nurnber of planets in the invisible portion of the zodiac. That is two of the three malefics should be in opposition. I For visible and invisible portionsof the Zodiac at any timc :iFrd {saunaka)says- rilir siriqfr ft:*.s{r. fi'fitr<r iTrs?n: va.iltfrw: t This view is uot acceptet'"by Varahamihira and that is why he said irsrqqr (parenyatha) in the sloka in the tert.drrn m[rff{ ct'q-{+st rr Also *rc-{rtr ' EqqaftcrKt{it: qFcr(rftsr@ | E-q. Sonre authorities view it otherwise. n.rt$stt qnrufrR. But when the Lagua and the l\{oon are in one and the sarne house.f . c.. that the number df persoDs witlriu the lying-in-chamber should be guessed by the uurtrberof plernets in the visible hemisphere.t ilir gFtr:r arhrrg€fiaqtt 316** .ns present at tbe tiute of confinement. gpffi ugftwxr:ftgteeltrrqr qgfr* u " Also ogqftrs flQrqsrrrt$ar cfgr{r: qlirrr qftTr lrqr: t rrftwsF*crgrn. the nunrber will be as stated in q&q.. rl. 'l'he S . liz.

and so on' onc can predict whether the several parts of the body hre long or short. the 3rd. His body and lirnbs will be com. The . mEDourate in their proportionswith the rising sign and other Rasis which are described a8. . alzr. or dispro' portional.Supra. or his appearance will be like that of thg planetthat hasthe greatest strength. The nativewill correspond in mien to the lord of the rising Navamca.] 4dhyaya I. 13 and 56. the neck. by the length. Norus. pied by the Moon. the native has l snrall head. the face. ' Jatakapari. shortness or otherwise of the signs tyfi' fying the particular prart of the body as' well as by the plauets occupyiog the particplar Rasi. 76 qffisr<rr: 165 s{qqt{qcEmgr@l qq€k-dEiqqEfrr qrffi{fi'{ril:rf n sQ11 Sloka 76. a short sign. the 2nd house. forming the head and other porriono of rrro$ec (Katapurusha).81. srrortI Srrort Even I Even -l Long ! Long Remembering that the Lagna representsthe head. elokas Short and long signs arc thus ilescribed iu jata l-l 3. Lagna bdiug Mesha.3rd house is governed by Mithuna and rrrust indicate a fairly long neck controlled by planets tborcin. I In the following examplc. His hue will be that of the lord of the Navamsa occu. lVide 8.

correspond to the neck twelve bhavas kaoasof the same s€q*nqilsqrse{m qE{q Ekrfl- .lo*: the nostrile. eves. mndt qftfufr gareurfi r arirrqqrqllaqr csrrr|Iqr!'ifs: rflffin1qa qils I Also 3tta*lRfd orarqqestifrrh qBfl qqelr qE: r -dqailFttadff4gtinilqsq || t k q"ctffiiltgqr&{ETfiM arfq€El ' qfkl fraS ffi{ i$oiltr... Venur :. wgxl qgdr${qr {rqgR}qrqrrftQfi lt ree ll Stoka 77. The second the cheeks.. houses drek' the jaws and the mouth. the indicatethe head. The Lagnaand other bhavasevery one of which is divided into three parts (Drekkanas)tQ' present the three divisions of the body ao detailed of the Lagna and othct The first decanates b.t66 '@y ULrvsvvt rlibcrRila irrrutvYUrYlYvYYrlYllYwJ-v-!w Adh ltr Sun indicating mcdium Mercury . Msrs o/. the ears. Moon and Saturn indicate tong fonn or stature rrd rhort stature. .

heert and the left cide of the chect correspond to the god &ekkanar of the 1.rrrl ... the thighs..r... the fth aodrhe 8tb cigns. e. fron the Lagna.... . The first drekkanasof the corric' zddr the 3rd. r lrff < r """1 lrft -. Thuc.. the 5th and the 6th houses pond to ttte eye..."s=[.the armr.... The firgt drekkana of the l2th.. the lltbr the lOth. and Eoon. the 10th..the kneeo. the sides. {LrCdecanate Norrs < . t6f1| r. of the Lagoaindicates the necL.t..ab... ropcctively.. the err..rr roo .. the the chect and thc navel. The of the ?th rign is the navel. the ."""" .. the firct drekkana of the riring rign ie the head.. the heart.. ri. left arms.. the 4th.i.. the testicles.ear. the s organsof generation and the anus.... i.'. Of the two rides of the body. The third drekkanaeepecifythe pelvic.a. left cide of the The ldt choulder..d.. And the fint drekkanaof the ?th is the mouth.aa'r.r drekkanas heoirphere.. <l fa'a.... u*P:: I'TL Legna lst I Decanate | "r" x.-If.. 77 i{tifrrrr: r6? rboulderc... .. The 2nd drekkana. the 9th and the 8th houses from the Lagoarepretent tbe eye.etc..t " ly:"' ' ' Head *gil*....... the nostril... the cheek and tbe jaw *rnthe left side.ooor rr r r r..a.. left ribu.'l#: a'. on the right aide. the left ie eignifiedby the drekkanas riren alrea of the tigns in the visible dy . the calvec and the legc..'.2!h..

ir} gU{rrqr uil wuqg'qaq Gq. II and tII is to first decanate be followed..168 qrGciRiln Adh... | : Catf I xnee lThirhl' cre * i-"sti..(:- P{Ttrrt oftrnrq.. i.r. the ordcr is tI.1{: Calf I ----l i III n"i"r* Lagoa 3rd Legsi Drekkana | I lPclvisl i 16"*l: iratinsl 'orqan ....i. But pla' by a bi'nef. This is the rneeningof ste+ftror'ilt: (Uditair' drekkanabhagaihi). tbe 2nd decanate of the Rasi. occupiedor'aspected whgn it is .frd t{ i{t€ w} gmif r T!6iq*r qrg$i c 'TIt fsilrqnt{! cftr..i.rrl Votr. If the first decanateof the Lagua happens to be Left < ..'lln order is III...rr Rr*gt q 11trrT6{rrsnggit q ril t cr+ q{r}rgqt ft {r* Rqs* qqorceqfiiq rt fu{ nqgtqd wgt e} q owRtq qqtt fur€S q rr€stf uqatqm€n I qtilrffisff{tm.. I rll lr-.... then the usual order I.iltr€eftil grr{lledll fifti r ft<.-If the first decanateof the Lagna happensto be thc of the Rasi.. Anus Kueet iThighl'.?8.q[so neti the aEtrologerrhorrld declare the exirtenceof a tpot .-When a drekkana is occupied by a maleficplanetrthere will be an ulser or wound in the part of the body indicated by the drekkana. r'. lestl-| -... IIurI4.. lf thc first decanaie of the T-agrn is the last decanate of tho Rasi. I and II. llt and I.1 --E..

If Saturn be the planet to causeguch ulcer. the ulcet. will crop up later on. Venus.'. a miseile. Jupircr. I[ Mercury be the maleficplanet. ?g Wiil$rrq.there. tf the planetbe in positions other than those describedabove. l' 22 I ieS[cd* . When the planet happeno to be in its own Rari ir or in conjunction with Saturn.poison ir'or serpentbites.$$ t..t|fu h. If other planetathan thege the waxing Moon and Mercury not in conjunction with malefic planeta occupyadrekkana. it will arisefrom fire.'' '"ridt *i J .there will be''no mark ot moter and the rerult would be all lavourable' ii NorEs.the hurt will cone trom a horned creature or by liquidc.. If the $un be the malefic planet. the iniury will be inflicted by eomepieceof tiober or a quadruped Lagtly.. if the Moon be the malign planet. r@ . '' ftr1gg$g (Sttnira sarqyutelhu) .it will be due to a hurt causedby a stonc or Eonewind disease.'t In the following nativity' all the -l 'i$' il. acids.has t oil.etc.. I I Ven Sun 25o r Ll3'i -l t$v i rl. suc. wouod or i mark rhould havebeenin the portion of the body indi' ' catedfrom the very birth.bas bccp interpretd 4s " in conjunction with sa1u1n. etc. If Mars bc thc planet destinedto tt inflict an injury.$ sl. the ulcer.the 1l ittiutv will arise by a fall on the ground trom a helght or by a blow received from a clod or somesuch earthy lubstance.

tbe right eyc. The 2nd rdecauate of th6 Lagnabegins from 6o of Vrishabba. M-ooo. Similarly. Therefore.pftt .Table III applics.170 lrirffiil* Adh. the lsf decanato of thc Lagna symboliscs the pelvis. III malefics are in the invisible portion of thc Zodiac. Mcrcury. When four planers whereof Mercury rhould be one. ing astl. being III' I aod II.nd dccanetc of Vrishabha) symbolises the neck (Fig.Bhattotpala intcrprcts rGgt (stthira samyutc) in the tcxt ls " in ao immovcablesign or Navamsa.eplar€ts ccrDing tcgttherarebenefic cr nalefic. It is the 3rd decanate of lt{esha. Therefore the Znd -figure dscenatc of tbe Lagna symbolises tle hcad.tbc rigbt II). Saturn. Mars. The 3rd begins from l5o of Vrishabha and extends to 25o of Vrishabha. I and II throughout. they must be on the right ride of the body. As thc lst decanato of the Lagna happens to be rthe 3rd -Th. the 3rd dccanatc of the Lagua (. (he order with rcspcct to cvcry bhava l!: ry. The 2ud decanateof the Lagna happensto bc the tst decanateof Vrishabha. we proceed as follows:_ Now I agna is Mesha 25"." ergqRilrqRr{ nt rq: eff q6. order being III. the first (I) appties. the sun's position refresents the right shoulder. tbc right testicl". and so on with rcspcct to thc other bhavas. il. Venus. parr bf tbE btdy inrfitatd TLe by tbe dccrrbtEotrr.r"foru dccanatc of Mesha. if et all there should be marks or moles. to determino the decanatos of tbc various bhavas according to the principles laid dorvn iu Sloka 77. Thc first decanate of the Lagna rules from 25o of Mesha to 5o of Vrishabba. -. ridc. tr{fr ftqqrqqnrfil:g}E{gtg il | qfrtt q-frMqh mtqgq: ' frarrnqqu{Egr fidteq {owr{t{ ueq. come together in a decanate of a eign. tbat part ol the body indicatedby the drerrana w-ill invariably get an ulcer or wound or somemarkaccord. In horoscopc. In the above figure. tf Sloha 79. the right I sticle.

He will therefore cause a mark on the right eye. I In the example giveu in. Vcnus . the personwill possess oark io an auspicioue the portion of the body inrticated. NorBs. [This applieeif Venur is alone. The time when the ulcers.ulcer or wound in that part of the body which the Rasi indicatcs. indicated ras abovc occur will bc during the Dasas and Antardasas asrmentionedin Ch. Hence he is an Erg{ (Asubha). Venus becomes an q{Irt (Asubha) if he be in combustion (that is within 5" from the Squ) or if he be weak in Navamsa or bo in inimical house. c/.. ' . The reading rcl >. VIII-sl. If he be in conjunction with benefico. Sole books read the 3rd quarter of thc sloka thus: tr. r qr . * . He is going to the operative conjunction-hencc wcak. . etc. . wound or mark.Erorf.2l of Brihat gataka. srfrf ilot.]' If Venusbe aspected by benefics. etc. He is in 1rtrd{i{r (Satru navamsa).? is better.4di{f{: q} osmi) rrsmftr The' tranrlation will then bo " A malefic planet in the 6th bhava from the Lagna brings on the .1g zn* d? aA!* trof: tl qrirsCr lSTrEtt SfrA rlo+ f{rq r Q{EEcgrrgr6iftglnsFtEr Tfttr: I srqtlEcg€as* qn €mi q srrer t rrmt il sqc|ft qrr{rqfufritlr{ r .'. the prcvious sloka. r W {trqnrrr: trrjr gxr: Ttr{ ir11q I ff lw q*nri inu*. l'his tsloka indicates qp_rmanent marks causcd rfrom birth. 7g {u?lrsqrq: 171 by V:nur (in case Venusbecomes an qgq Agubha)will havean ulcer.i Flr1g-i( rl " l|fr m<4rq6qrq sft|rt ccEq.a mrle or mark will be caused. qg here means tbe 6th plauct or in r neutrat house (tq) less powertut than €rJA (swagriha\ or ET (Uchcha).

itftwffi wqiloqRilEi qFilflqTftflrftqn co tl frt*{qi su{ | th mmaqn tqnqmm irerqrRqrt srrrnsrdqrqrnil0rfi ll Slvka.underthe auspic. ary positions. Thus endsthe Brd Adhyaya. rtB .ia Ifirth io the work onrcrRqrd (.. *ra-a-a. on eonceptioo . theagcerhinmentof thetime of birth of a child.f. of th" oio" pl*. all this hae beenfteatedof in this as declared by the srrqr{sqftfft (Acharya V"rrhr^ih-i.III ... A knowledgeof miscellaneoul births.8O.l fr.172 t]rrt|r|RilT Adh. rhe effectdue to conceptionundervarious lagnaand planei.t"k"prrijata) compiled try Vaidyanatha....

wtwr {rffiil{ n I tl Sloka1. r must be due to iis own rins (in a previousbirth). S l o k a s 1 7 . the child meetswith destruction being seizedby demons called rnolr6 (Balagrahas). qmilnnngrsorfrtrg qt:rt q frrr u-tqrqfidurr {ro{tdtrdR qRF[ru I tl qfu qgt* qrmftt g fte. If the child dies rn the fiiit."id.*i'.4}@dr*4 lT't' g. ro Cgrr.. 1Ttt qrqftgpqrq:U ln" Adhyaya IV. slRlsqrfrqTt i{. . 3 2 t o 3 9 a n d 9 9 h a v e been tr taken from Brihat Jataka.tuffi/ $.fly1'1691 'ted\.DEooD.rf$evnS.. In consequence of tha sinful acts of the parents(whether in this or in a previoue birth).<[ryears. If it comec by its deach in the last 4 years. In the case of ie owing to the accumulated sins of the father. q {Tfr t rrutrFsrg lgrutg q+t{ifr' uUtftlrq nRtl qd iluftumfrilMi qhrRtnqtrt{dt uq r qd qrflfi{rfr qs{Tqrlgr$tgr. Otr I n t h i s A c l h y a y a .If inthe middle 4 years.1 8 . srit '$tt o' *r lI of e. .t qgqrsEqFT. it is not porrible to determinethe period of life within' the first twelve yqrs. 178 . ". r {Ji ''w Jt' Drern INoIDBNTAT.l.tS{t . Sloha 2. ir io because of the mother'ssins. l*':.

"fc' reurqeeEft ffi Rdfrt q|qffiq ftqrgqr €qu\fr qnnil I tl ffiffirfut uur*r . W gprt: ll glk ftfus sqrt id "*ft qlrqFl from . wicdcnir". Till the 20th year.'' i ' Vidc also the followiug rr+' rtsqrgffi sc{qrtt q{q?tr $ffT qcft ffit eqrg{q mifr sfd t vf.adoptedfor palliating the evil effects described.qir{qrilq{n"i qcdql+q I qri5ri of faqu ildt cns fff*srP-rt& tht ll Rcgarding the three divisions of Ayus nrentioned in Sloka 3 'he adds {rl* * lr tr ll . It ig life extenda to 100 years. '. NorBs Mantreswara in whose work Phaladeepika also'(q-odRfit) these three slokas.... It is calledTt{qrgq (lvfadhya' to mayue) or middle agewhen the period of life extends qohgq perioC (Purnryus)when the of 70 yearc. tbey say. it is 11t" inrtu (Yogari. chta)period(evil broughton by planetary It is called {aqqlq (Alpayus) or short life when the period extends up to 32.. conjunctions). The first 8 years in men's lives is the period of rrqrfts (Balarishta-ills that afflict children). appear orbalin suggests in the following sloka the methods to be.tl4 rldrlrftilt Adh"rv t Slola 3. ntsrr* cftsr. F fl 'ttfrt ftqtsi genfud+Arq1 . i rqmq{ffirqc I tl sqtsgcftRngcrq rrt ftfu 61ss qqitffir ri : @iatrrqt.h { elerq ll ffirTi€m: *h*iqqrsqift | qA Ruqmt fTft'{r lrrstlql: l! }. .

rFrri portion of a Nakshatraaqu and is aspecteJ planet th: child D3ets or io conjuoctionwith. The same thing happenswhen the Moon happenc to be in the (Mrityu) qg or fateful portiont o{ the reveral Racis (Vide Adhyaya I. but if the Moon be in the 8th. the chitd and be acpected 6ee$ with death. The hther. the t2th or the 6th bhrva by the mrlefic planet'Rahu.:). e6 rgrl${tf: r?5 Sloha 4. $loka by a malefic planet. the motfier's mother.p ailf drq ll q li tglRt. Eveir Jupiter may occupy the lagna. $ Sloha 6. a malefic with early death. {rqqfrqfr:nq$lnrg cntffi<qrgon qrilqd qffiei q qlitsI tr . * frfttr: I qnq qqfq: sq<qE*: girltt: rr qEFilililftn rd e{ qrfr qE{$ft qA mnqrqlt{tf\t il ll \ rl Stoha6. +wc: snft:. vide Adhyaya l-22 sttpto. or it aepected Norrs EII* rillbh fiqffiFqt il t rt Eu{m6r qrqfuttnrftrqftrvqf qd fumi u{ qrrFfr ftqcrt&rfug?ftdltuP{ wtcft: t ilqr qftqqgglsEag{€gtfut For Gand"nlh 'i rnt ') qrqft: atrrtrrrr* c et sft Afr i-issh st qft: il (qtq. c/.the mothertgfather or the child itself will die rqon wben the 5thor the fth (rn) Bhavafrom the Iagna bea (Krurarasi) rrnft (male' rerpectiwly bythe $uo. tu 't . When the Moon ic in the (Gandantha) by. supro). the mother.rrrrctrs t.6it Mooni fic rlgn) and occupied . tbe naternal uncle. J7.the brother.-.$.

E<rrriqwfi qrargg.. and if Jupiter be oot in the Kendra. crdrr€rcdtgs RIq. qaiffii: trg rgceft: iieFa st rc{t cq* u rng'I tetild{il qR qrgg. Venusor Saturn.$ krqfi qqft{qirt lnwt {rdl (dfr il{t ll4 ll r s{i Sloft.Fhst halfl cl.Frtt'$.t(o witl be found useful. thrt Mars.the mother of the new' botD'iohnt will mnqrftqti Adh.\ For the sane efiect. .it may occagion NorEs. Ttris is cvidently taken from lg. When the Sunandthe Moon aretogether in the 4th crq (Bbavaifrom the Lagna and Saturnie in tbe ?th. Whenevera malignrnt pla::etis in the 6th ma a brother'sd:ath' (Bhava). (Lilier half. If the risiog signandthe Moon beacpect' ed by maleficplanets and at the same time be not acpectedby or coonected nlith benafic oneo. Slcka 7.r. . r arcrfter+rargsfua .tn:crfr qR atr{orttn! | gr0 qR n w qn1{€ grffi w*.iupiter.r.ftffi: qcfr q{onq qqrT(I fiftrr'i frsrrq q{ftIt' frTdntg: tle ll '.Mercury.rrqnetiq t dgrg arrt n&&rq Srr cftRqrqq:ct5{turtgsqr: 0 q-{F€{(td | trrqftftqqfrqdfr ntrefr . i.ry.qittlaif. qqr crc€snifr s?cile qilrrrq"F?f. * Notps..r8. e. tl|{cftill the following sloLa frcm r|rqis. they all conspire to bring about the mother'r death. The reading in work is sligbtlY difrerent.

Tfr?T{{ha5fiqqrrrd(d I gqftrr frt{ffr $KI wlqt E(Fdst gqqq 1lI o u Slola 10. g-10 cldsqrq.ft gqg0. Rwq. 4t sqgd Ffigr 88 qtr?t * grrvfe lr{qnr I . Sat. the young womanand her child die togetheror cparately. batwixt two rnalefic planets. When the Moon is in conjunction with Saturnand the $un is in the l2th housefrom the Lrgna and lvlarsin the 4th. ftrrrrbrcr lqfqr qft cnqrii AilT rc{+d r crqinril qtnq gu?E gri sirr ll wrgt ffi qugt $gt ilildt fMd fu'{r( REffi\ RrrurM r qaqtwrrrtn 1 rr S/ota 9. Nores Lagna or the Moon to ba in the midst of two maleficsshould bc within a distanceof 5oon either sidc. tr l'17 cf.the morherperishes wirh the child. Lasna 9o Mirs 5o Moon 2o Suu 29o Merc.\gl. 20o Venus 16o An erample. say all the aotrologere. If the rieing sign and rhe Moon bd devoidof benefic aspectE and be.

e crn bc rasily dete rrl . x(qtenirqqr<me]: gnrd{rfiiwr crragfr sqicr I crsritrcdr iitiie nitn* qEqi sqriqhq tl If it he before 7 months. s\tgd u+EitdHnl t .the lying.e eeve rn. the de... \ a/.rrc*ffitSr \rnril.ath in consequence of an b:irg n:ichsr irr cenjunction by the'n.. {Ar rnrfr I dqrn qnecr{trtftQTfioQ-qc q drq{riarir r gwufire cr Elrrtr rrrlgarftcqe ll 'e Also gw5q ibp xrrredt lfrrUrrtr ttvraqe4 rrTd]icQ$r gscas]6-{ai}* tq a'{r srrta ftcq} $ ll $w' {iwilnrrsqqT{Q $S ii.ll womanand her chilJ die forthwith.&ugngt Er arilqrg{r eft g (qr n t t tl Slofta11. r e r so c c u p yt h : L a g n a and tre 7th wl (l3h.cJ. . Iv ifntcE{lHffi{t qtrtrnrq n rn wlq srcrrd'€it tf. When mrl:fic plan:tsoccupy the 6th.r. Norrs. Wherr the iord of a month of aivanced pregnancv i 8 m a l e ifc a n Ce v i l p l a .th is by an aborfion and tho after effectscf abortion. and when Venusor Jupiter is betweentwo malef ic planett. qri qrqfrqir aqnilqrft r::' n' {riq qit sgtii rrilurl qrurfq.aruer: th. the 8th and the l2th trr{ (Birava) from tha Lagna and are not in conjunction wirh benefic planets.1?8 ilRrr|l|fiilt Adh. Aa l?. ncr asl-'ect:d woman m3eLs with d. The monrh of death of a pregnantlsoman d in the follcsirg u.thc pr:gnant with ben:fic plan:ts.ii frsfiJ qil qh lr lt tl .ir.

" Y::T planets ruliDg over the tee mcnths (in em5ryo) are given in thc l/j[ 5lefta dry'.rncticnwith Srturn.3-Y -""".\---A\ . The day also may be sirnilarly as Per sloka39 .rres. anCis aspected the motherwill di:. andthe aspectcd lylcon is either on the wan?or in ccnju:rctirnwith a p l .r. by cr is in conj. truaads*: is ancther rerding in the 2nd qurrter of the sloka q \ r \ \14 A\ q.z/rr. m a lef ic qt gifr ll t\ ll ETFiIq{ ilrr0tt skffirfi{r{ qRII Slotc 15.ff{iltitqrfttuisqiafkt I t}unz4fo: t gififlTt r{{qq ilura ffil'{iT II.I I A\ \ \ \ \ lr---- . When the Sun or Mars occupiesthe anclt'te Mocn is on the wang 8th placefrcm the Lagna. c h i l Jw i l l d i : . is vci'J of benefic an'J by mrlefic planets. Whichever plarret is wcakest will cause the death of tbe woman in his montb. sqlKi| iflgqq gilq qlqlqil €trTz[T I{E[.({qF-Td qr I qrirquRfqft qt{qft qnrr trgrriq{rsiqiq il tB tl St' k t 1 4 . r n a tt. W h:n th e S u n p o ss:ssin3 abundtnt occupiestha 3rd placefrom Venus and is strength. gnrrglsaft el:geutimt Tdqtt*:rornt {t} wqq I . When evil plan:ti occupy S/o& from the lr{ocnand ar: nct asp:ct:d by or in conjunc' the moth:r of ch: new bcrn tion with b:nefic planets. T h : s r n : e v : x u h r p p e : r lw h : n e v i l plan:tsoccupy the t0th plac: f .' qr'igi.h : m :th :r a n d h :r ch i tJd i : quickly.'omth: Mo rn arrd rlle thero Sun is among Nc. dcterminbd qii qrst{r\qlilat qrdrftq4 q{rfi ll tl lt aqrqnilql the 4th place z I 3.

if llfars be in the 5th or "nd=S"turo the 9th lrousefrom Venus and uuaspectedby Jupiter and Venus.' t '* cii q{it gtttg{ q qmrftqilr nersq u ls tl Sloha 17.qr.. lf Mars occupy the 9th or the Jth place from Venusduring the day. From the clme of conceptibn of the..{r6o 0 qrarctfuili Adh"tv i T qftiktq grrfrrre{r Rfri Yi antqtfr qrfr Rqilm* ulq rl Slcla 16.' I ef. the child doesnot l)romotethe well-being of the father.. gano.f' tfl. with death. I *iaqriwd\ $Frcgaii'{$l$ft er r iihit gtg:nrud tari ftct itGI: rr . .r *qrqAiiturnqft rftir urg*i iinft . 'ei ' . NorBs.i il $*lrrg sd:r $n lI r. the mother L..t. fl grritn list qr'r' c&r ir*r tuEer t'lrEs' tl ll las-' Sc' q. if Saturnoccupy the sane positionwirh respect to the Moon during tbe night and the Moon be weakand aspected by mrlefic planetoand devoid of all benefic aspecrs.f.. eqd ilq} I *rcoirih a-atrrftevgu3 1 rrdt &+ingaritrftq: nnTrrq wkqq'iE ggiitsft ettaaerqtl Also w<r+f..W j. crgtfh Rrt't. d 'r #I${lr '4 - " l'S '' rl P ct' ftr?t wqrq llstq€ c-i crcfittldt r &sr gsmqr rtri qaii hqi Esq u i l?' q But according to Garga. t.iT( rr* I I tl.

etc Jupiter is the planet .Saturn. the issue will resemble thc fethcr.. . l..rl"::rt". During the Znd month. If. viz.lth month as he governs the boues. the child suffersand pherewill be miscarriage..beneficpositions.. In the 5th.The lordsof tharemriningthree months. That is why after three nrorrths rniscarriage is not possible. th:reare several stages of development. if the lord of the month is weak.In the tsr month." . the issue will resemble the . The lord of tha Jrd mcnth duringw5icir rhelirnbsBprout up ie Jupiter.conquered 'in planetary fights and troubled. and the lord of the monrh is Marg. drawsEuEtena{ice f ron thamoth:rthrou. move$ abrut (shakes) and becomes f it for delivery-the lordsduring thesemonth: are respectively the lord of the (Adhanr Lagna)qrqriTvr. the tith.. the child is happy. during which the fetusb:comes palprble.*r. iE . the Moon and the Sun. the skin appearsand the lord of the monrh is the'resamen will bc io a liquid statestill and th: lord of the month is Venus. brain and ihead irr ti:e 3rd month. at the ti*re of conception. lf the Moon is strong. consciousness appcars. In the 6th month the hair bagios ro grow. the Sun is strong. wombin the t0th month. The Sun rules the .gh rhe uobiiical cord.rrd of the its depression sign. In the 4th morrth.In the 7th month whereofthe lord is Mercury..sL 1? t[plgrrtf{.the embrvohardens and becomes nore solid. f:elsrhirsu and hunger. The l. The goodor evil happening ro the child during each monthis dependent on the condition of its lord. the 9rh. the bcn: is formed and the Sun is the lord. e. r81 . it the lord of rhe month is srrong and occupies . and tire lOth.

si].}sfl{c:n qsi rnfh d*tietq({rrt trrcr t ' srr gqh{rrqr qt ag cteTl4q. atrr.kte.rh{El:fi*qrraar?grrt}-iFrrilr rrtTrTAfr | qt U I dzrr{ rdr: tf. According to Yavanacharya.gqr?.r {iifi i?rdrig'rrloetig I rriiarr I qI€FT. for he says q? gr.vrus5{nqrfue*xi*qdr! tl q qei atr'1-4n: rTrlrsSl qctlr Qt€Il I " q's q{ritreu *gi: cmi{{ cali u*. lv mothcr.' . cf firetri rrerqirq ie:iril|fu fi trri.r{r{Ti& Balabhedra sayswith regard to the abcve two contradictory views .q{.the lords of the first and second months are Mars and Venus resoebtively. llqrfi:' sqo€FTfiT{IrqilQrss{eairT+ .kamqtq cftfiirqra.18s srdscritsrt Adh.u: <gli. os$ cqir qrfu err cTsriWr €g: I f{tlf} qrib gqllrrr?tnr4r{raaq u qu. ' qihxlo iii*a: r Ragis'gt.t $ tl .i. ri r.rrtg.I*l <ni€r qrsri\frsi*tr: r qqri€tirrir wiir aglt rrrtr. r (g: srr{irqlr} firfi-Riilr garf&[ cr+rr|*qr: . ll g$Itifi. .i. qlir n " r'riulli .then thc iu bealthin the monthgoveroed fetuswill suffer by tharplaoet.i&er grrg* :nnorq . q erkrrurarfig rr*s qqril'lur srqEi I €gg {. lf any planet at the time of conceptionbe wealr.{ e1 4i-garmn6 w i'gr?arrtrsrr( r qrsrftrqi{{rrn} a \qi wqi qqririeprrr..? rl Vasishtaholds the former{Feri$avscfFqE:l (€ir qqqrGfi{: u r|trifd gqsldr€rq?arf Alsc qgi{d} qrqn€idr.

rieriqtrgqt urrT gwrriirtfhar fr?ctl Sloka t8.t{rq: lE8 "*r0r I urtFaag: rrlnggl r{trir grr t . (Ravina Nireekshitaha[ Tbere are tro -distinct yogas in tbis sloka as stated above. houses. the 4th and the lOth. eafedeli. very is assured. the Znd. If benefics cccupyanyof the following viz.. 1g rgtff." He guotes in rupport the following from qr<n-ejt fii. the 7th.en benefic planets are in the rising sigu. or in conjuuction with the iUoon.. then gafe delivery may be predicted aleo{i&d'r r?qqrlt l}}$" by the following lf Tbis is furrbersupported slokafromg. e^r+iiq*rqqnrg<rrerrdr$: r .flirhrirsgfr crlt gaqqrs\e] qle ll oftq1 Tfr€tua crsai aq+ rnir r lqirfui crik wffir rrrr*ir rre: ll qq qrcrn{fr Rqi {tit erstrrrhJsii qr r qrih r€+rstr rrfirrie il n6parrlwi gqfrltrfturqrqTtgrflwqftqtr lmnFginmts r q qfiqond.vmqrfi iishas]qrrls : ruqr r r ^1[ri: O& Il ..4rfir qr. the the 7th. oiz. the 4th and the 10th. Somc books read (ftqr ftrirkc.cfrReqrxqrt: gdi q qr.neotator Bhettotprle doesirot however accept tbe reading given in the text but would h:tve the other reading and would interpret it thus: " \\'l. the fetus is happy if tbe Moon or the rising sign in the positions described be aspected by tho sua. and when the malefic planets are in the 3rdor the llth or in both. Thc com.guri fqti. 5th. the 9th.qr?*ior art. If bene{icsoccupythe Lagna or be in conjurrcion with the Moc'n and be aspected by Jupiter andthe male{ics occupy the 3rd andthe I ltir.the tlth. ggi . reckonedfrom eitherthe Moon or the Lagna and be at the simetim: aspecccd by Jupirer.r' . rirGeqrqqriq qr'sr-t rJr tt." ^. or occupy one or more of tho following places. the 5th.. the 2n4. Cr&nriiea.

iRrtt qtwrftc|f Adh.navarman) and Uyrrq<. {l . Varahamihira has used er{r}q+: (asobhanaihi)-crc+: (papa. qc?fis&iqn* er{ qr ftdt: g$' I gti rr crt{rqqerq*R(eeerri orqqrgdrnrq*+cidcqqfte*.IV But the other readingis supported by the following works. Lrage ll v"" . (Guna.irg*r{ar aRqen. Rahrr and Ketu are not reckoned as forming part of the malefics in this yoga. . three or more.lar rir*<fu+]qdqqgg ri qq?{r ee} r$ 1 srGr?ire?rrcrqi qfrsqrqqfirqrtqrrqi cqcQfqqr{ ri ipti ri . a. kaihi) is another reading-which means more than two malefics.i) t*a ga. Mars and Saturn. qhfr qEiqrt I 6qqRqts* Wt ffi qq:gtfQt g frtfiaqq|trlt tq rl ffiir{ mEFil' fl i 1C! uqfroE. '.ir rndserth rrrl tggtrqr{grrrqtt rn the light of the above quotations." . c. the .'ireekishithaha) rvould appear to bb the original and correct reading: and tfioiliTfi&n: (Ravina Nireekshithaha) must be au interpolation in Varaharnihira's rvork and must have been followed by later iuthors like +({IoFth{ (K"ty.lsm sr. and the waning$'1gs{'r: I orlsulgaria rrrrqrcftgqfc{i t ruirq ili$? t {fq: RE qdQil: I *cr" imiterr afuiqsqqrrc il The three rnalefics can therefore be nono other than the Sun. . gevu {Hifre: (Guruna . r frht: crtaq ftuft: g?! cqr llr{at fiftirq il Also {ftmqrqg I t $.r{rq (Nishet adhyayai Skanda has said- Et segfr?rr. kara).r19.r84 tln. for. When the Sun and $aturn occupythe 12th placefrom the Lagna. at the end of the ftkd.

re meets'rhrith death. being aspectedby a moveable Mercury. If the birth takes place at night when the Moon occupieo sign.born child has to go on a journey to a far region. Notr. thit event takeaplace in 3 year$.tt c(ff!S*a gitstftil r n\ftsri qt ntt qft ctq} flftrrqntn Also (r<r{€rl qtrrerrrt fti qqd ilMteil I raft ftitnt crrqft ftat rqpv n trrstatg *rrrrrtq trfur.s. For the latter half. the father goeE to a foreign country and the. In case the Moon is aopectedby beneficplanets. When the waning Moon occupies (Kendra) *rr planet is the in a malefic or and sign riaing in the 8th placefrom the Lagna.cft(iq r cQA cre dr: n Mfr ssqFd $ufta. fic planets occupy the 8th or the 6th from the Lagna 24 .f. If bene. gmnre+' qtc. they predict the loss of the father quickly. c/.1Qort Sloha 20. Yiilc a. the father of the new. qini l.the child dies.lso III-+7 $t qRtqfltr qR quefiqr qrfisqilfrqilfrffiCirTo: I sitr rrrn€rqg{keg{r ildR qwr(tt Rt rr ftetr E-dFilnrt the Sloho 21.g[ z0-zr ruqtrrqtqr t86 7th place. If SaturnandtheSun occupy a sroveablesign at the time of birth in question.qfr Frqrqt glQri (nqti lrlriil | t {fl qrggtft{rqt AM qIRfrdrfutq{ .

x v.ftita at once.r.qn: I qifqE{qwi qns q ? H{q: ll aul eGt *q: v* qqft +qq[: | qel qpaq R qIft qqqfr1q 11 . bring about ihe deathof the new.Iagoq and ir .maleficooslrthc city in a uronth.iqfr q.Mars and the Sunbeingtogether in the 8tb or the 6th house from the Lagna and being neither in conjunction with b'enefic planers.. qrr qqrqiM {r Rgnftqrcn {iqlQrdr r qu{Er:er utltl drfuqil q frdrffiwrraT aiilr qlrtt wt li{ fiIqglQffilqtI cfiqflFfilrrqtfr q(of Rr$ rr1{ tl Sloha 23.born. . ggl-*f|.tt {i.r86 tnllrfutf Adh tv -aa-^^a- child goesto Yrna's and be aspectedby.. { sr qEfrRqfilqrqqqnrfiqtfrt iaq tf "eftillrftfr ffi 6egmfrqrrBrteqr qft: r :{ nta rgilfr qii q g\ce freer: ll Alco lrrfttqlirt flEqFq) r$gq) oh . . Sloha 22.ri..qre}r&U:flq: €sq ftifi: 1 *'.Atil! | siletrri Rni $c qrfit q q Hrtqrrr gsi q qqrQgtfi rrlft q. Saturn.:: . When Mara occupiee a Navamsa owned ?th place in the Moon from the by the. nor aop€ctr ed by them. . r7.n: q$sqil: nt{rl}qg*:st r qr?: qfr4 *Qg €rgRFiqf srtrft'fteil r .i..

r& .the ?7th star reckoned 'gqftt fffidffi q{gt wnaqtrs* ort{* qr? q ffi ttfr qr$t trfiig ilts lt R\ ll ' t ownedby " Slofta25.9th.. hougefrom the f. When Margie in a Navamsa by the Moon or the rising eign'andis not a$p?cted from the 5th ptace iopit.Whenthelordoftherieingoignicin and when Saturn ie io the 8th or ?tb hic depressione etill'born diec . the chitd dieaquicklY' ** * o{qfr ffirr( ild qt il u{q ilr* | ot* eu*qEtnrtq'uqiort{silotd}fr ll Rqil Sloha26. $fismq I fiem&r* ft+ ftq?qffi qt( t ffifA ll *fifr fiqreqqrq] S-ir^'t qT{a{ ilq ECf{ Et lrlirct qtgs 6qqfr qaill llRsll ' 1 qrfrfuqernrdl ?{trnfrqil{qt tft urggqql' (3rd. of. When $aturnrMarc andth: Sunocctlpy urry predict the 5th placefrom the Lagna.the astrologer the deathof ghenew'born infant upon the coming of from that of the nativity' .. When the Sunand other planete Sl.. .. tberrriltr lapotiinai placee gTuPl a 27. and whenthe Moonis in the L.8c4? rg{tsrrrr: r87 " bo rn c h i l d h a p p e n so n th e co mi n g o fth e T ?thNakshafir (fron the star of the nativitY)' | qanqMel g*tqn(qF{er qtd *( ll 18 ll qnffifrfi* €nkrar 'r''' Sloha the child almogt after much suffering. lzth) rod ..6th.

will die quicklY. This sloka appearsto havebeentaken from qrff{Gt(Saravali)' Iu that work the first half readsthus: uqnft.the new.born infant will die. t n sTqil wfraffiat: $alilRl GEm' surtlH il faqr€il f. and ic place from either a couple of monthsor six months.188 r|ltc|nilt Adb lv are s$ength. llRqll frfrs *'Arffis q* qrffi iIfi q{im?qg| fr Tqt qtcn Ro*ilffissi fr drein t Stoka79. and whbn the' the rising sign is a watery oneandthe Moon occupies planets qf*{ when benefic and are (VrischiLa) Lagnaor saythat the ngw'born child the Yavanas in the Kendras. saf thoEe that &now the science of actroiogy. When Saturn occupies the 7th place from the Lagna. Wh'en the Moon occupies it. C/.rt S+ riqtlttrqtsqirlI q.tqt1t q tqrdi qrffi€igdft ts ll 1o ll a QGr( Rasi) Sloftn 30. \l/hen Jupiter occupies pwned by N4an or is in his dcpressionand when:thE . the 8th or the 12th by a maleficplanet.€r$: flgqladqll t lt Rcll *:lg dr. gmqra+. the 6th.qaqqt uor* qrtqEU $qs&f'ft t . but has no benefic asPect aspected by beoefic pnd when the Kendra-places are unoccupied planete. the life of the child.leEo. Nores . or is in tbe Lagnaitself. *qkr. d{rquq€tflt {rflT* qrQq gfr gq€E€ti I aryrugtqdr is another reading. Vidc g'13s sloka 34 infto.uaqfrkg {rfrtiqtiqqfrlr$iliti the rising Stoha 28.

. If one nralefic in the Lagna be in opposition rvith another rurlefic in the ?th bhava and the l\{oon is in conjunction with a malefic unaspected by benefics.the child will die in a month' c/. paeo qr<RSt cl..botn not aspectgd child will soonhappen.the Sun and Saturnoccupythe Slota 3l from the Lagna. it will lead to death.gL 81-81 ' YY Y tYYY Y! Y YVVYYIWVYVVY rlgfrsreir: Y!YYY YY YV I UYVVYY t J' t Y TTTT4!. If two malefic planetsoccupy one tbe Lagna and the other the ?th place from it. ssltfatilrcFl ffi ?r{c? g Sq&qtr?sqil I sfet{*sft era€ eneirq€ cqrefil n *6u qQRtte wil qmfr{ qfrmrft lllt ll If Mars. the point of junction betweennight and day' day and nighi or mid'day. If Ketu occupiee off in 2 months. and if the Moon be in conjunctionwith a malignantplanetand be by beneficotl(Brthe deathof the new.n are in opposilion.thz new'born child will die 8th house the Lagna'the cbild wi[[ in a month. qns Src{l r *cR{Tr$ril}ca htscqq'e qit qrrFil&sR crka il ai qtlqgRi{trn q|il{gEg ru?RqI$( | *g. lf the Moon be with Mars while ttle Suh bnd Satur. c..ifuuks€qa<nr{ rr[4t A R I crsEic qrqi fiftfltns araq r qtqqfltco* gffi {d I Tt* HIRtl Eglr$t qil €ig{ qiEPquq Sloha the ldf andthe 7th hduses. Norrs. The word *r' (Krura) may mean Mars onll'. theu it witl be twilight.Y! 189 birth takecplaceprecicelyin any one of the 3 sandhyai i.

Two uralefics in tbe Lagna in quincuar Bsp€ct *itb e onleftc in tbe'8th house or thc Sun rising in tbc hjra b qfrtqqtsqilt darGqftaqqft . mnra qtrrtrsiF cfi qt gi qr fltq{i snt t rrrtngil fcqtqtilkfo6sg: I' a\ Also ttr(il<t qrq<t||t(Trta[tr: t TF qr:{|Tir: Tpur eqiqwear s cf.the rstrologer may prediit tbe deathof the new-bornchild at once.r90 tteqrfllrl Adh tv a/.F(6 irrdqrnlrtq t gilrr r +( M P{qi{fiq n 1l rl *-As Sloha 33.ia:t' fqt cn€ trq: trr. Thereforo two maleficsis tbc first and one in the 8th. and the beneficones be not in the Kendras. or all the three maleficsin thc Lagqr ere possible. Three malefics rising in the Lagna at twilight tirno ie bad for iife. thoo tho Suu rnust be in the Lagna. Norrs When the waning Moon is talked of as being in the l2th house. If the waningMooo occupy the l2th placefrom the Lagnaand all the malefic planetcbe in dre Lagnaand the 8th placefrom it.

. or.the 8th.8th housein conjutction is elgo bad. the 7th a maleficplanetoccupiee by baoefic and be not alpected from it.the death of the oew'born infant will happen quictly./ Rt<tcd ffirrtrwfo snriRr *lr{fi *ifnrr*: qfrr Stt rqqhd rt r sq: ffig tqgrrr: n r Also rndf: dit qd nrqqt: qtihwatitt *rniftr€ fttrd *( ll *tq tW! {il qq. When the Moon in conjunctionwith the rising sign.. Norrs is'anothcr reading.the l2th Blace the slotra quoted from . ttfra. T€St: lr$ sRtcol (Saravali) in the notesto sloka 28.r rgfrsrrrr: r"G* t9l quincunxasp€ct to two malcfics in thb . thece latter being in positions oth€r than-the Kendrag. Cl. 84 --A*^^.6rqq6m: I ll l8 tl spu$rrfts *{ilfqir{ qRlEs Sloha 34.

t qRftr€ qrdgt ll Q\ ll uuxgRtq qrqR&tffi Sloka 15. q@g ftrqstasr sgq: ll Tho word ftt (Krura) rnay mean Mars wbo unfailingly causes death. If sheis also affiictedin opposition for it is bad (malefics oriental). Wlren the Moon occupiestbe 6th or tbe 8tb placefrom the Lagnaand ie aspectedby malig' the deathof the new'born infant follorpc nant planets. 8th or l2th. ac' a6' deEcribecl'be quickly. If the lord of the lagna be beoeficand in the ?th in op:ratiog conjunction with a nateficand in affliction with three malefics. When such Mdon is in oppositionwith benefics(alt the threc). Note that tbe lloon in the l2tb.7th. .:n.then the' child. 7th aud 8th housesis baA (Vidt Brihat Jataka XX-4 & 5). Thc Moon in the 6th or 8th is generallvbad (/ddc Brihatby thc jataka Chapter XX).agria will mean that the Moou is just risen or rising. Then the Moon in conjunction with Mars in the 12th or the l. the rising or setting position for Moon in conjucction with llars is bad when benefics are not in angular positions. the child will mixedtogether.aqlfl qg: ntr ggct rq{ttrr'ilcrirr' .gv!i Yvvvvi gwY !v! -t" Adh. aod as he is one of the planets governing childhood in the afttt-+<qn (Naisargika dasa).diecin a month. lst. that is. If the Moon in the posirion described'be years.Iv ai'itffi 11s6 tt. This is also the western principle' qffi€r*i f*nqrg q** gttq sqTniEoqffift\ftt I qqil€*|t. 8 live pectedby beneficplanets. NorBs. Mars end Saturn life. by beneficandmaleficplanet's If aepected it will live only 4 vearg. becoming 3. The Moon iu the lst.rtl rrtt:ylrt9l99Jlr*r qrmftiln Y!9.

the child will live 2 years.} --.. if the combination be of(l) three boneficsand I ma1efic. When the Moon is in opposition with malefics and benelics it will shorten thc lifc by 4 ycars. (3) ooe benefic and 3 male6cs.&l'*i' (2) three beneficsand 2 malefiis. (+) two bonofics and 3 malefics. Jupiter Saturn are in the same degree ilx --l i Saturn Thc lord of the Lagna. the child will live I year.. conjuaction with Saturu.the child will live 7 yearsi . a'. r".dfor tifc bcforc 8th year.the following is an example:- . (the benefic Jupiter in this case) is setting in ilc 7th houso in operating coqjunction with a malefic while it ib. ffi trcftsgucoftnirtqrir siitr{.qrsqt" rl \ rgugt: tr& t{agqof fqfttrq-tq r qlfri: r{rq: @ltfA tt Latter half. and Mercury (who should be considered re a mrlcfic when in conjunction with a malefic planet). Tho nrlcr-of the I-agna. Jupiter is ro the 7th in operating.i[ J"* 26 . a malefic. or' is Mcrc{rry that governs the period from the'4th to the l2th ycai of a child. the child will live 5 years.I eru:drft.lMithuna.r (Kalbthrasahith6 Vitagnadhip6 papaviiith6 Subh6 sathi). In thc abovc. €Rlildi- . Sno. s'cl{€id. According to the Naisargika Dasa. d*r. i.Mars. As interpretedby me r'. He is further affiicteil by 3 malcfcs.lMqt g\ w/}f*i nl..81.8a rgfillqn: 10s iti b.

the child will not die.75.Tft i Mt(aflsri Rsctmrm: I srdgr qft qEturr<r: ttrprt*mir qEarq{r qm$nca: frrcg* rrft trqr ? qwlrqs"il bc notaspect' That is.ising.qrg{q** qr ll : from He also addsthat the I\[oonin the 6th or the 8th house planets whcther or male6c benefic {oes thc Lagna aad aspectedby to be ia tbe not causedeatirto the native wlten the birth happens day time during the dark half of a month. or. Sloka 8 ) and quotcs in support (frear) worl. or in the uigbt lipo during tbe bright half of a month (1. Iu support of the above he quotes from Yavancg' wara tho following sloka.{. tv affiiction with thre.-ts these two cases. then too.- qsFeqf Xvqfts$rf. This witl lccd to death within a month. qtsqsrqrqftffttry | er@tFa gtiafuettrAmts. tha child witl not die. be at tho same time iu conjunction with beaehc ones. Chapter"XIII.r N' B. Again. Brihat Jataka. which aro r.)from Mendsvya's . qgc-6'lgilsrtw4tF' ctc.eother malefics. Mercury should bo tahen as a malelic as otherwise the yogX will not be complete. wheu the Moon in tbe 6th or the 8th bhava happens to be in a house owned by a benefic Dlanet. The comnrentator Bhattotpala says in sounection with this rloha: It qqiAq cgrEsri q. if the Moouin thc 6th 6r thc dth plaoc cd by any planet. being in a Rasi of a malefic planet. of tbis the follorving sloka(1V. $.l94 friFcfiEri Adb.

tnt gttcstirq qr€g g[* . {tqrETq il qfrtttt figrernt rm: 'trVhh glt: r . i. I *acrfurttsfh( cr* cqqqgq t qd&stqft{afs 1afrrrfunniiih*| qftsfue'qrirs 6r$rTrg: tt dl ri tffir ftqlfr vtr ftF*t gft t qgctt rr qnq nrerrgt{iiq u Noli. some take tnu trordr aftfirttrqt (tHttffitl qrgcilnt? a.Viparocthnm rihppha sbaeht shtatnechu.' . and I"eeD& the thc 8th from the 6th horse. (Asupapekshite)when aspectedLy the Sun (also called wqmrr (Asugamec) or dflq4t*'l (Secgrrrasam€d artd ia s*$ffit .ueor in tbose bhavas rro better tblrc thao gocd onC.ttr: t tffirr: crfrTc{qqr:q: crq&fr osc{r*r ll Also -.-1'5" 6th and the 8th bhavas arc congiCricd bad. c/. rgtisrar: lT6 qnn{\I wr{t ffit ftt r u& u t crffi ftsRinrqalstQ qarffi adds._.q I cfr*hnrtqdftf.( The commentator qtssl. Opporition of bet. only hastensdeath.tcr of tlo rloLr)".sl. bc' one is settiog ad the other hcs alrt*dy set' (Bad planets cr.fics to t&t Ms6tr ie t&l* tucpllcor XX-10). lrhen ''bc rfril rool ll tb' t{t qrlf.? rr thc above quote the fo'llowing from ltr+f (Sarlnaka)' qitqd dniffi q 1t rnqqlhir t Rq q{ cqRr{f xld qrt dcfq: u Thc word qq (etba) in roe 2nd qra (P+dd of the tcit ber nccn to mceD" with'the condition lbove Sivtb tlf Sc nrst ondersto6d r r-.i . cr Frfr s* ' fofrsfltli qrnrq I *rrrrct Rqi arkq efa!*: cftti qras efr crqftft qr frrteqhnt <aqefh $rtt ftsqlrncn: r ssrqi' tl ctcqrd* qrf.lra-c. to mead Again. ffilir Rt (Edhct Ftala swulg. 85 .

" c/. Wben the Moon with Rahu is in con' (irrerpective of its ' iunction. the dhlld will livc only for o..'tbe o/.r. weak ma1efics. l.boneficMoon occupiesthe 7th housebeing aspected by maxiinum life of the child will be onc thc 3. q$ffirrtrq'fttH* ct r qr qfti AGTesft ?t fith\.f{:stdqffirscn&hr itfo wce q(|Tgi rt By <oreq &*tQt (dalamathaschamisrekshite) is mcant "when the weak Moon id.the meaning will (being h"uefic) is aspccted be " when the ful1 lfoon rn tbe Iagna by 3 wcak malefics. d' qMtftt sril&t crg{{"ggqq u xsrRKr I In the 3rd {I{ (padd oi the sloka in thc text.. (euauuuihi). 6rJ. Jup. month.itei t'rm. thc child'will in this case livoonly for 4 years. the Lagna is aspectedby the 3'benefics end also by the. q{ftoH ftvrite g{ rcffiit: t qfr{tQfissffitffictcgfttq u Thc +th quartcr may.3'mslefcs. aod the. Iv aspcctedby tha Sun aud further by gl: (Subhaihi) rl. mpnth' o/. I g*rgttst ll lE ll Slola 36. witb another malefic ..tben the child will liqe for 8 years.ffi qgmRt lR q-"iui M{t A rQ C\ \ vqqfr-6{fidft n ft*rqffir I qqfrgff{ftgd{ Fir g tr {tGtct. Mercuryr.trffi ttu{dh gt.drrt. it the q{tk (padacbcheda) be made as qflS-ft.{ grrfr.j q€rrtui $r.196 qrdr|ltnilf Adh. and Venus. also be interpreted tbus: " When thc rord:of the l*gaa is defeatedby a maleGcplanet in planetarywar.

and the death will ensuefrom the effectof an operation if the Sun tr in the Lagna.J6 rqfrsnrr: r07 porition) and Mars occupiesthe 8th. have been ioterprcicd The words fr qt (Gra:.agna l*"* I q-{tignfi i.l Igtt"+rfrs-| i €tFtl$: -i-ll -l supI I-agna I Seturu I JuPiter Ketu Mars rl1 g ctrrc: III iu t_ I Venus I Moon lMercurY .boro child (and the moth"*) will die.u"r".SL. is lnderstood l - | *"" IUarc *Fq'l[.of g (Tbu). both che mother and the child will die. (The force.cao only be brought about.asabove) Again. Nores. when the Sun or the Moon occupies the lagna and malefics be in the 5th.th6Chandr6) 'eclipod \ Moon ia association with and-aot'nccesserily Rahu " tas by some. 9th and 8th aod beneficsin their etiength do not aspecsor be not in coojunctioo with the Suo or the Moon in the lagoat the new.

being in con' junction not only with Rahu but also with another maleficr and the 8th house is occupied by Mars as n'e11. the translation of the first half of the sloka will be " when the Moon in' conjunction with Saturn is eclipsed iu tbe Lagna and. go Kctu il-atter lalf of the sloka lI Emnpla lM"r". In the first ioga. cited in the first half of the Sloka. both the mother and the child will die.rtever may be her position. as shown in the prebod' CLandr6) ing e:rarnples:- MoooI Rahu I the Sloka Eraoble --! Merc. With the abo-vq tho Sun's position in the Lagna is further nccessary to cause the demise as a resul. if thc Sun in conjuuction irith Mcrcury and Saturn bc eolipsed iu tbe La$nr ind Mars bo in . is very puch affiicted. The commentator Bhattotpala takes the word ctc (Grasthl) as referring to eclipse (lunar or solar). Saturn or the Sun' Tho word ofr (I-agne) should be taken onlv with <sl (Ravow) ttrat is next to it pnd need not apply to q. wh..i (Chandre) in the first line which is q-digilfi frr removed. Moreover. ttiz. inasmuch ss so manv words S+ ft*Tar&a ieg: (Kuje Nidhanasrithd Jananisuthayormritbvu) intervene.. llars occupies the 8th place'from it. and the death will eusue from the eftect of au operation if the Sun be in thcabove position. c'.10s rnrltrftqfi Adb lv' Thc ugu (AsuUlE)in conjunctionwith this'qfr qt'{G'rt*Uc may be either Saturnor the Sun.t of operation. (i. there was no aecesity for Varaharnihira to use the word ergq (Asubha) if he did uot intend any one of the planet*. According to his view. t I llagna lLagna 'enus I Sun I l(etu -l I reo The iuterpretation given above appears morl ratiohil ibA many instances (of the simultaneous demise of mother and child) yogas that are of common occurrenee may be brought under the thc Moon.

the 1st and the 8th places. According to this .the 9tb. For.interpretation the word etgu (Asubha) in qgrrcfet qR q.)" So that such deaths shoqld be expccted only lb times of eclipses.. Thc Moon is quincunxto IVIars. the Moon and lvfars occupy respectively the 12th. and tbose by operation especially io tbe Solar ones. l l sr(Rdi qfrilqrri qd ssi orai gtsrnt r 'r^a cr"r sr* hqt s-asE{ q nr*q ll ui <ds* il qmref?"aflarflurfteig r AI qst: lf ft&qEg6T: €d c{ors n?rQar {qft qrorqn[ tlfii qlt qfunWWa {tRmrnletl Sloka 37. Norps.sL g? rgfrssrr: 199 the 8th place fron it.R (Asubhasahithb Grasth0 Chandr€) can mean only Saturn and no other malefic planet. an eclipse of the Moon can occur'only on a full-moon day and the Sun will then be in the 7th place or in direct opposition. uulessthey be aopected by Jupiter possessed of strength. . Consequently Mercury will not be near the Moon. the Sun. If Saturn. In the example given below the sun is squ4reto seturn. they will conapireto bring about the death of creaturesborn under thic combination. .

srnsrcfr R:Eofi Rqftdkrscq I rfuil cft *ftnrr: ll nr$mtqrfiftedff gtorrc{oi l<ritimrg qraq| \ qr*fi *i w*q q{isrqn gQ.o "tt . the i lattcr. €ir gcor rt i{Esrr n In order that the four planets may be aspectedby Jupiter.900 mt|qrftcril g The Sun has gonc down the midheavenwhile Saturn asccnds rt. erarqan*qqirgwrr{q{frrrar ildq I Er{!iir: g. and iuto two. or be weak though be might aspqctall death only in tho four planets. It bill escape case Jupiter in ful'I strength aspectsall the four planets.-r . Also ttilwt|. . When thue: ffi ffiadq{frinto.l. "lq.following. it will be seenthat the sameeftect is producedif Sdturn and the Sun intcrchange places in the yoga describedin the tert.. Gwrsrc-g wrrffisf qtftStrfuqffictw lThe sloka is also capable of tbe.t( l . The Moon is rising. tbc 9tb' the lst and the 8th houses may also 'Saturn in tho 8th. gu161 TRI: I r{qgsftll{rfernff*: r?rftqrss qq: rl UqenftfrTtsttqq"t{ ilil i t.two. tbc lstr the Moon in thc 9th and Mars ia the l2th.the child will die. If he shouta aspectonly someof them.. rFn gwn tnt*r:{gatina Guruna Veekshitaha) may mean only trine aspect (frftq r&') (t'rikona drishtihi). From the quotation given below from gr<rqnt(Saravali). interprctatires r{Talq: i. af.rF{-{{iT(*t{t vaq+5q.s Tho plancts mentioncd iu tbe sloka ia the text as respcctively occupyiagthc l2th. oit. the Sun in bc takcn in tbe fotlowing order./.:must occupy the sth housefrom the Lagna. thus E13s eplit up 3s4 ffiE{fuq.

Cf. the words eRrer<F{{rqr*Uter are capable of being in' terpreted as 3{fkil€fffi{4.trq elelil f{Frt: . either case.t: 1 {rcsrqrr.qql+ar-frR aqd}srqqr tt Again. or when Saturn and the Sun are in the powerful Jupiter in by unaspected Moon and Mars are in the 8th.SL 87 qgqTctqrql 201 in Saturn and the Sun are in the l2ihand the Moon and Marsare the and Lagna the 9th. the 7th. gE. the 9th and the lst: i.6qiqo1:.* ?Rqq tI* r c/.qrwqa sqa delrq{qqlfit( ll qEreffqfr *q. Saturn and the Moon. C/.qqmlr<q*qa cd from the l2th. the result will be the same..c. at{* qpq.qtfrfr ffiT dq: I dq{rrft eTqql tt il{r qFqasqa dqrrTvrrnRta.' that is Saturn and the Sun. t ffi u qtrd inql q(oHIGlr( may also mean the 8th house count' The words . fi€r* ll ftE$eh: $rn?nqn .FiTd- t rg'iqqt. gEinil[s i qqr6qqq*-S*d *aqi tr* I f. n* a'n t €frqq:tf Stei ftqnwaq*qarg B{{rfi qog.the above vtew' frqr* qdu-qi*tr aqrqqqTfqt( ll il{r awn\ qTqr-E*q} il{Erlq. The inverse order may also be applied in.Hg srRes{nftat e{€dqITIqT {iq q{-t *qqt qft: tl frwqr ffqg+€r1gil:€Rtilfi. and Saturn and Mars placed in'the 7tb' the 4tb aud the 8th housesfrom the Lagna. aqt t<ugs*rdq1. 4th and the 8th from the Lagna.

rgit m"y br interproted as qgttfi-)in setting or culminatiry hdrizon.MercrrryandJupiterin their srEngth. Veouq. the 8th or the 12th placelrom it will briog on the deathof the new-borninfant unlecgaspectedby or in conjunc.the Moon goesto her . it is enough. Norss qnnfrr qflnq drtfrrl t Maqqlftrrm: qhqq*ila: tq *ti sgf: t ?€ egtR qGFrdr qnmr erregilAFftfr: frgfr* tt Tho Moon here need not necessarilybe waning as opiued by Bbettatpqle. nation(qfiEiq"Arishta yogr) whereofthe periodhas not been specified.m rlillfiilt Adh. Bhattotpala baseshis opinion on the follow. in the 5th. The Moon in conjunctionwith a male' fic planetin the lagna. tion with. tt itiltqqilfrffidnGnrqqdr ll lq ll {ilff rGfr qrftEtqlt fril lfuntrdq I Sloha 39. ing quotation from sKH{- fr'fir€6q{qilArhtrn: qfrqq*g$r: I qtrl qBfq: gfrcefl{ril TrdRF gt.the death of the child will ake place when the Moon in its periodicalcoursesgoes to the of houseoccupiedat the time of birth by the strongest the planets producing the Arishta yoga (uMrr)' The laure event Bay alro happenwhen. the fth. If she be in conjunction with malefics (not oaeqg. lf a child is born under a fatefulcombi. the ? il utctl uweuffiwt{R rftft{ sfrsildtftfr Slo[a 38.

trfl.rishtb vd8r (iRrhr0.. Wlicn..(l)'the Rasi occupied by thi Mooo. which is the Naisargika (teltr6) period accorded to thc Moon ia aly onerb rativity (Yidt Adhldva 7. Now.l. thit the Mooa should receive strong aspectof all the raalcficq.eli ottur tbter pcriods of demisebeing alluded to as rtray clse* 6/. There is anothcr conditiofo odr. (2) thE RaSi sigfrifuint thb Lagna aud (3) the Rasi occunred by thb strlibgest rnalifiC Dlalot ceirsing the .rc . Fiad out thc Rasis of the Moon antl thb Legnr. thc Suri.tloft planet is that causesearly death and the place occupied by it. That is. ever the Moon in the courseof hsr orbit cornosto a. wc thus 3€t 39 probrbilitias. NotBs.umthe or bc Moon ber of probabilitiesis limited to 13.ur. we kaow that the time taken by the Moon fur rilhing days approiimately.of tho Moon. Mars and Saturn. Thcu only. it rtray be noted hCrethat the general treid of Varlhanihira in treating 6f early deatbs rtfors cbi'eflv to tha PbsiGi€$ . death will talre glrco. Stoha?. Tha Moo-n one revotution is 2?'32305 $trcfore makesabout 13 revolutions in the cour$i: of a ybat.SLse qitsftt: gB place (occupied at the time of birth). In thc previous yogadfind out who the worst d.oei! or otherwise.ny of th0 tkoc placesmentioned above. ThiC radueesto dne cirtaintY. sKr+€r .A. T[l Mffi ifru3t b6 ]rr6iful (roft-Balavati) to cause death. or ttc Lagna (et the time of birth) and is arpectedin strength by malefic planets. Thus thl f.iii qRq. dbrh sill happen. shc dbtt lO t$l ruler of the 6th 9r the 8tb horlse. The sagei say thio death may be expectedto happo within a yeat.FqTi € il ai qtsRQr. thus indicating demise within r {trcfrqnftqqit ?€firo: €r( ll Mtl rfd'{tsRfril Tttl Also fr.

.the Moorl Mars and Saturn. Thesetwo glokasas wellas slokas +3. oends the new. . Eatqfr'flqqAsswrs uf'gfrrTfiwEddi r q+Rfufffitrfr #nFilt*qfr xqrqu'Rtl Eul E{eqqiqqR'{qrilqu Bo tl Rftwt|frit n'rft{fraqfi*h r ffiq: Ursoft{+ E$dqfisilil{il<i}n rfiffiiEvqnrggt{ €e: ll frra{fr.<boro'child.ft€eryoar&ftqfurq. Sloka 41.:givei a Z. a Kendrapoeition. I qeqRfiirgq:dFrf{frq-. When Cancerhappens to be the 6rh or the 8th placefrom the Lagnaand Mercury occupies it and is aepected.aspected by lvlan in $rength. "lupiter in a house of Mars and in the 8th house from the Lagna and aspected by the Sun.TinEr t .if devoid of Venus'aspect.It ffi $*n ffi r Sloha 40. Nores. rnnffi Adh..20d-.46 anil 50 aro from qgrst sfrtDr ffqo{r( frst gqnffitrqqqro} r qtqdtr qgtfr rnr w* .ru ff. cal houseor the 8th house{rom the Lagna the. tv qMtA qrq qeilrr oofidfrAr: niqrr. +j.. when occupyinga houseof Mars. the person brn wiil in + .fi q*rufrffqq*rqrer *trr*r {T.iqofurfi ngRtl Sloha inimi.born child to the othet world in j yeare.Moon. Saturnin his retrograde motion.Ft: rr Sr* qrsmr eir Fqqr: fiq+qqT tl qfrfiitfqqTqqqoeia.years' leaseof lifeio the qew.

q ftrq: nsrEqflfr{il q+q €sffil{q*q qnqfr ll duttr r rRq'Ffrqgeitt oqgp$fugi\r ll tftqtifirqffir*dwrt*s q{i\Wf ll BQ Slohd+1. Jupiter. or tbe $un. If thc those otyled frrro (Nigala'fetters). eqd be occuBiedby a male{ic planet a44 tdalPected by .Mars and the Moon. qfl gqnfiqiqt{sefrfttfi[e' {ttdq qe{l I qqq{R'fr ililssg!ll 88 ll eqrftqqqgil qHr qnrat oi fr isroilffiit{sqmqws: t quFI qrdl one fwrur Slofta 45.qamqaFfrq owo' a Navamsa Sloka 44.bird). Mars and Jupiter be togbtherin one sign at the time of birth. If the Sun. qffie('(Pasadhara'carryinga. When Saturnoccupies ed by the Moon and is aspectedby that planet.the Moon. the deatbof to passin 5 years. o/ w{r@r ftorert(| miad{f. The same the new$orn child comes when the group of planetsin oneplaceconsiets happens of Ntars. ftgr. 'of a qqfr$qEsn 8\ ll ""ag3t (Drekkana) be riaing .and the lord of the rising sign hasalso the Moon'g aspecton itr tbe child's life will last for 6 years. o/.(Vihanga. Saturh.*.( nrqEdEnflrqfiqg+.SL 49*{6 rutfsrfir: n6 of every yeart pay the debt of naturealthoughpbssessed kind of etrength.qrifi'Jqrf*k: t at: 11 gffiilfer. $aturn and the Moon . gqr+.aatel. fr-Ahi-snake).{ffT fHtqer.

-ilqrm'(Brihat iefer to Jataka) ch. in qr( lt 8q tl til a t{gt'n cnfil€ftrcq*Et Stoha 47 If the Sun. the Moon and lvlars oecupy tbe 5th placefrom the Lagna.1q sl tfrdhfrmIrrG fi\ trS Sq:r Sloho 46.' (JataLa .{utsEgit: q €{q: ll qrfr qqsi qrft qqlsFt qTfr ffis {ilifrcsRrd'rGtlfrq}( | q?rt{{sfr . c/.IV yearE.G qr il{m 6ilr<r ftgd6 o{ fir{sllBG Slola 48. [For tbe names of the Drekkanasin thie ils&|. Nores.enrft rr qTiliqq$r qffi qEttaqa imqs ll Be tl ffigqgrr! grqmT€qftns l' g{Ftni fur a frrqrnrt f./. i"nqr omtr:giryfiqaT{qfton* sq1q1 ffif at: qamdftft11. and if Jupltct Venus antl occupied aspectnot that Moon. algolkilFrfifirr' Pariiata) Adhyaya 5. If the Sun. the new'born cbild gocr to death'shabitatioo in the 9th year. e<itii.Wrrt( . Saturn and Mare be in the Lagnaand the ?th housefrom it be a signowned by by the waning Moon. The last quitter of this sloka readsasrffift(tllrtfirR srq{dt. the deathof the child may happen io?orSyeart.27. If the lord of the iising rign bea mnlettc planet rnd oceupy the 12th placefrom the Moon aq{ bG . Sloka33 in{raf.tnc t frrflnltt Adh.

qqrfrftfrqfti {qif<qdfrritqq n \o tl qrt rqi{_tuilqts+€fr ffi wq } Slota J0. deotroysthe child in 1r year$thoughbroughtup in the interim in regalcomforts. When Saturn occupies a Narnmsa own. tmlff ?srftqfi: qrq:{rfti}i ftlq. ed by ldakara and is aspectedby Mercury. the child wdll live 10 years and will have to e*periencb hatred riocc itc birth.ti:31".". qsq Wfte: t ar{rEEqilfi{efr arsflt irger il \t tl Slola 5t. qqs{nqqrq{.fi\ft q?f\E{r ftrril' q*ffiT{ tl wtqstutqtffidtr qtqquR {fi{ tqrg{T{itrq u Bq tl Sloha 49.} qGq q. tnwt eit fi*r'sq' qt&q6g. (This perhapshas reference to an qRcqh (Arishta yoga) Ttre latter half of this sloka readsthus in wfmdt.the chiid will die in 9 years.ilit I Also gunt< ffid+nrrfr nqqfiftS aftrt: tl qn]osqRfra. Norrs. rcpectedby maligu planeta. Tbe game event will happen if the lord of the rising rign be in a Navamsa occupiedby the Moon or happen to be the lord of that Navameaitaelf. Mercury in conjunctionwith the Sun and aopected by beneficplanets. c/. If the Sun be the lord of the eign occu."__"""_".nrfif{qqier$sR ftaii wrnq rr . q.

ng rtrtqtfr{lrt Adh"lv . ed by Virgo and is aspected by Mercury. qt qhffiAt goiqsRqt r qwq frEtfror' Tfrfit* qtof n \Q tl Slofra53. the child will pass away in the l2th year. the child will be disl{kedby the father and die in the l3th year. ed by Libra.tempered and pass away inthe 14th year.aopects c/. the child will suffer ed by Leo and is aspected hurt inllicted by a aharpweaponand hie life will consicr of 15 yeiuE. gslr+< q+qii Gqil' flgntdtq Fs:frtq qqqqfttaat: s1 qtuf\qrrtfr: n}ft qg qft €ft qil r tRqt fil{-dt wiqqsRr{qq qsfiqfitRt r q qt{fr n \R tl ftdr{qrr*r Ew{rdt Sloha 52. . When Saturn occupies a Navamsa own. rising oign in conjunction with Saturn and if Venus them. . qt fiqs&€qlHil | wqinrqRqt qg&tq qtoiqmr*qt dfr q n \B tl Slofta54. the boy will be ill. q frffit r ftrti{Fftft qt {gon qiqq qqr q{fin6({{ lt \\ rl qerqtsr SJofc 55. by Rahu. When Saturn occupies a Navamsa owo. by Vrischika ed and is aspecred only by the Sun. the cbild will live 12 years hatedby the father. When Saturnoccupies a Navamga own. and is aspected by Jupiter alone. When Saturnoccupies a Navamsa own.

leada life ol great hxury and hic deathwill take ptacein his l Tth yeai.a'hlrsrilmra.n Jupiter.iWhenSaturq. 6l-w qfrsrrp: 209 sqffiqi qt *ag&rnftt r rftfrr qhrc iiryrqrqitftq rr\Q tr.asfimft! n r&iq g-* The3rdclri (paael'ofthissloka reads . Norss .sgflrq} n \s tl {. If the lords of the rising oign and of the 8th place from it be in erch other'i 1t. Sloha 36. When Saturnoccupies a Naramsaown ed by. the person will be a hero in war. .rfr tilfTt gqr&Enir: ffi n \q tl btg qfrg ftilqn"r frs'rrtftuur*ffiirs r 27 wsi rI '{R darir qril' gdt fiiftq-wnr{ nQotl . n r. the native dies in hir lgth year.J q6.Gemini and is aspectee bv the lord of the ficing rign.ilrqtft. na and the 8th houseare nor benignand the t2th or thc 6th placeic unoccupied.occupier. qqfr{sfurt q+ umfu{ ftqt r t'r ' 't.Bromffia ilFfi | q Fn?fttr *{ffiqt rt rrgnn r. the grgroon will be hurt by a cnakeand die iohis l6th year. wfuqft fuqfit il gwnffifi iqsrq{RPrrrixqrlt u\dtr Sloka 58.Hfr qtrq}rn Sloha 37. The samething will happ:n when the lords of the Lag. and if they be not benefic.Cancerand is aopectedby Ketu."". ed

belorv fronr lFmqpf.i qAleqi: qtt: q\s{tg-twit qfi d"qar'fi+| nr\:pq1qlasrftairiftdqfr $.n sq(ffi oil qnrn\*'rqfifr. lv sloha 59.ri frE l ga'rfrrrh a.lit fi'qarRqfff* nsrgfrflfi: q{q{ U fin arnqri rfirei #e.h$S-r.r a. Norss Some mofe yogas restricting the period of lifc to within 20 yGarsare 6y1gcted. Jrpiter sgsrrpies the lcrdof th.: 8th hous: from the f.the new.aoga owned by lupftor and is aspecred by Rahu..a-. When Saturnoccupieo a Nav. the endof the 20th year. When the Sun in conjunction with th: Ltgn. at once.4rra: lr . and rvhgl occupiesa (t"r) Kendra) the person will die i.gl0 inllq'frrqrf %.ii qgrEd I aTrffuhifi: ems] qriiqg+ qrtl ileq sFc' qfr oqtq:ffitqr I qsqdffi rt erfimgq*qfir ft qt tl .in the 6th or the Sth place the child born lives happityup to from sheLagna.d that happnr to be Scor. and the lord of the Lagnair not aspected by beneficplanets. .-toha 61.t** A&. ohe life of the child is [9 yean.S* pio. Stoha planeta 60. ZLnd year.J. When malefic occupythe Kendrar andxjs not aopected by the Moon and other benefic planetsxsd when the Moon ie .' But if the lord of the rising born child liea oignis in hig exaltation.

tr .tqrT.iwg: g. When Saturnie in the rising sign and that happens to be' . lt qqiEt{etrfiftffifrffir Gtr qf{H qfr qqBrcC* {r qr( t*ftfufr t ll qRll qdiffi T{||. . 2ll (Yavanajathaka) fixing The followiDg yogas from Tffqff.qt utrt frqffiRqr€:fr'rrQ\ rr Sloha 67.fhi*{qrrhq.(ftIqrg q{qrg{{iRqilrt tirrd qqt €:q€rfr{ftfiR il qQtl fr qrfr qq$ et* tt qBll (ffifrn e ft{rifi . When the lord of the 8th house ic a maleficplanetand is aspectedby Jupiter and a malefic planet.26th or in the 27rh yar.ilJ frqia{nrq-iseqeqgrq: flfr q rTwrfi(: I Ir.ilerr tqq.qSilEri ?ecs1g' qgfiafr: 'rcq.s[.r. and the lord of the house occupied by the Moon is in the Eth housc from the Lagrra.chc deathof the native will acur in the ZSthyear. Slo&a 63. lrrron born will comeeither in the .nklina) places.nreigqFt qrd*rcf{flfra.rTdr. 0s{6 qilrT.{ thc length of tife to a period ranging from 22 to 26 years will bc fousd to-be useful: qdH geil {fiat ilgqr sl?t il r q: *f{Rqnqa} q{q qq+(|A€afieqrt rr r'ilqir inimical sign and tba benefic planeta the end of the are in qrirfuc (A.

li|nrTiffi €fuq-qrfhfr.2r2 rlcrqffrfi Adh.ia}gofl r olt qdti iilii€ng: qi ffqR u qA St d frqifr *-qlssi qrt r ffuefnmrrsqrt ffirrmfr €R. r ila nqa:ed| frqil erflsff1|qTg lf q-{r*il6fr slqfraftd{tq 96r: I -qqt fiil derftqe{ tt Sqm ennrqr . When the Moon is berween the lords of the 8th howe from the Lagnaand of 15garrqrrfu (Ja'nna RaE0. Nores. Sloha 65.tT frgr': I " inr€nx:qt f+{R fl8rsqfiairEr u *\t qe{t sd qqn. When the lord of the gth house occu pies a Kendra.r5e*rr:*qggilRrFq. For additional information see the folrowing slokas from T.e. and Jupiter io in the 12th house. the person born will go to yama'o abode in the 29tb year.rt"qqfiqpil Trl ff+sR.u qqtl 6q nrr* qlt qrqgtr+rft\ ffissl n r nqrFritnrb.the death of the narive will happe' either in hic 27th or 30th year. W{ren the Sun occupies the gth house from the Lagnain conjunction with the Moon arrdSaturn. . and therlord of rhe rising sign io **houi quqrfrqfi k-l CIttqaqRtr ( ffnrq.RotrlfrtrEt ftqf xqrfu nqetr SJoln 66. ftqiii *'rq? qtiT€rrll: Sloka 64. i. the eign occupied by the Mooo.

eogth. the lord of tbe 8th housefrom the Lagna drr or.6 (Yavanajothals) ffifrrrt vt qltr c nt{ ft r rrfft d@ d}leucildorqu rqrsaqqdi trrrrarcri rr: ritt I rqrlkrrrrl qpqrqrr*ght+ il Atgo qntt?u rrtr dq: rrff ft€t Hsrl crt I .aod tbe lagoa is without ctrength aod occupied alro. .by a maldic phoet.gL 6E-?0 qgrilsrnt: .thc Stlhhoure itrelf in conjuoction with a mdefic plaoet. Sloho 67.*ft rql* rnsqI: ci fr{rq ll r$urd qfruffi Ef. thc 8th or tbc lztb frolh the lagna and when the lord of the rbiog oigo io weak and it not in conjunction witb or arpected by benefic planets.tt8 rtr. nt T!dr$ ilsfrriiir qrgtsft qqFqtrrr€t qrq{grftftqiqrrtq il qqnilqtq€gd g{ftR{frd r qreqqnlltfrfi+( il so tl S$TTf.: II .-the p€{son born will lirrc nc fewgr than 30 jwc. When tbe Moon is oq the wane aod occupiera Ken. Yide il?o the following ftqrn Tfi-1rf. When a oalefic planet occupierthe 6th. qilt|5rrrdt qr {rttfrr5ffi ll qc ll S/olo 68.r " NorEs.U eR .perbapc hic deathmay happenio the 82nd year.the peraonboro'if eitlrer rhordived or childlego. the perron born will die io hir 3lhd year.

q. Now ends ths trertmenrof she different kinds of chort. the personborn shouldbe pronouncedto be ohort.qtlft Sloka 71.lived. If the lord of the rising sign posce$! exceeding strengthand be in conjunctigrr with a benefic planetor aspected thereby. NorRs.r. and arevoid of b:nCic aspeccs.and occupya Kendraporition and br freefrom any malefic xspect.llt4 ffrfcrftqfi Adhrlv the Lagnais either Saturnor a mrlefic pl rnet io coojunc. Sjcrla 70. the perEon boro must be declared short. lived. When the t2th and the Znd placerfrom the Lagnaare occupiedby malefic planets in unpropii 'tious Shasbtyarnsas. \\ qs<tr€ qR onr . will be very fortunateand be blessed rvith long [ife.the person borry. and this lord of the 8rh 'rurir houreoccupies (Shashtyamsa) an unpropitious of a cign. tion with anothermalefic planet.lifeduero rnqrfle (Balarishta) anddtrrfis (Yogarirhta) coupricedwithin the maximum age.limitof 3l years.ilq €rrqrFEi erErr€futft | .rrrcArroN oF EytL oR OouNTERAcTIoN oF MrsroRruun (t{rrgl tNrtrr haftt 'Trqs{n R{ri {frFqgrr. The following is anothet ontgtTt (Atpayur yoga) montioned in qRqmn (Yavanajathaka) r' gGotr :l$: g$r crrrra: cr] gwdgft r .ftnlrrqfr cr*sqrft?fdl ftnrq rr tl I sTqrftgrTsf! Nur.

.rqtsfttqi uir. gttri r *tr cKtrrrqt Ruurrqt 9{r qft: rr qt{ffis:}qq-frrdr nq$(aerh*(qd Rsqryo( ns111 SloAa 73. The Moon with his digits full or iu thc h<luse or thc N. n cl.{ffirsft qr t mtRsRffiran( fl{n$qu*eil: u \eR tl Slofur1't. ?2-78 cf.follow ing f rorn zaqr{tq et ( B. Venur or Mercury occupy I (ftd) K. In supportof this.. i hatprajapathya) cfiWrrgr4: grr& gqqr4rr: I arfti trst s* gErA ftlrve.g. q qq$fs.. prrllif ied tlren and .endra in strength and trc free from .las Rllr=Enll fuc' (Viseshatchchukra Veekhithaha). *" rlu" the .ifi qurq ll dqrlanti'rsrqiar qrorcftr arrq r tn*i qrqrroieq mnrgtqqrBqt tl q?qfk{ftHK fis..g6sqft$(qtirht ir. antl this all the morc when aspeit. qrrrgaqa6ifi . Nores. or conjunction with a mirleficplanet. l'he lasttqre (l'ada)uf this slolia shorrld rea. If'. qeq:tliragr Srl&mr fuer grtaift r crtiift nsn* ftlrm: gnirr:: ll Also ST(lTo'i qq: trftcg: g*!r htfu.qrq: CA6 wgftfturaq r{rg:nrtrqin11 | gq*. ed by a beneficplanet.. .rvamsa'lf a benefic planet becomesa deetroyer of all evil.

Sgra.ftswflft g.u1&r srfrftc {rtrqtdt c*fofr n t ffirnftg*fte.vati) Also ef. This elol€ is taken frqm {r<t{'dl (.74.4: 1fif.dqt r.{ fr q ftrqq qr drrq: s.q qG uQwrar?grrgf€eq$rI .qttfifuiqRgqtrs qFfo qqt rrex: tt qfr lR r-{Ril. howEver difficult it may be to tide over. hoar'ftort' NorEs. if aspectedby a aurpiciouc one. ftt EFilg6t ffir ftqtr|if qqr lreB Sloka. qro+rr. beneficplanet but free from the alpect of inimical oneo and conjunctfono-the and free from all malefic aspectE Moon in such a pooition dertrciyc qlusqilirfi tqqqt} lqqr{ | ${qrffi{rnlrrtr: quft rrcwq3 (A ffw crrq ll Also qrcc q*s& drig:rrof qqr*Frr* cR t fril Aft* tGe ftnt qrcnttqsr r qdrft af{ *qcr: g:n a} ars*trcft: t T{t * garrrt e*fti foar<}cr Also rf+a .g: Ulgqqfl: An qb'qr fufd ft*: <rf*mnt*qdl. spq. juet ar the $un deotroyc . ft'tn* dfto: r 51t1. The full Moon in ito own exalatioo. in irs own a vargaof friendly planetror of an 'or in it.rt: stftqftflr"kd€rilsqar c.r own varga.

ctcsilftrgsr qrjrq r qfir.flqtfr E.r{q: . il irfurfrsfrqc{r{ts. verylikea father infant THlt afflictione' c* ft* rrfir qeg qt sqrqtpilsrrrsrft gsngrrFrrt: I i rqqr ffiarrrrnFft crr(rc{g rrR Rtc t?rt T tFt tt to sloLa35.urq*a'rr fisfuilr{F. twffirR. JuPiterirr a Kerrdraposititrrr Etrength'witb clearbrig$t raYs'call of exceeding ressed 88 .$lolrr ?6. vqi'l&'ilrciq I g$ r ck qft rn?eq qtfifu. " -gy-'--.]:-?j-"-.gffifr^qil night Sltrlri 73.ll . 6tordQ sqq: gflffia g!ffi Atso ''triltffq{rl Thc rcading This is from qplqs[riFf. the Moon at the time though]occupying by the 6th or the 8th place from the".ffi| r* mitfir&qRqr uqt€lq( | ll tgQtt I|iFtt qgrF {rr {etqt qU[Hs ry ' qdtqEfr gRcrft sgtnftr :rtrd Por' . :n . Vidc rlso notes c/. Srfia.. If a birth takecplace during the or in the light half of the month (gccs€uklapaksha) (rqcrduring thI day in the dark half of the month Krirhiapafsha).if arpected beneficar well as mateficplanetsprotecterthe new'born qtq€ GrR ft+{ €Tt {sffql\${. (Mandavyajathaka)' thcrc is as follows: rrt{: I fiqtq'fr'fT atq rr*r antrftarErftrirft rhq tl: grrrreftE'ftia sr'i qitcreritq:u Also ta.

r {tihc' e'nrglcq{ sr. :iion humbly and devoutly offeredto the trident hearing Siva.enew$orn child. wqq gG qq R sltr k{rttcl rcrlhilr r iRt Fifub d?e Rar$r ffi <n rl ald qqqstq. Tho readingof the tirst half t'berois difrerent. at trhe time "of the birih of a child.ltdit il qgst I rnsErqRilifer qtrqmqrftilis t Rfist P{dqrrisftsr r tqqr u \% tl Slola ?8. hoodevefldiflicult they may be to tide over like a saluta.'they will undoubtedly Gontributeto the long lffe of th. If. mthnreqftrq: qrrigflel qri fke: ftrtrq. ct.218 fingrltqrt Adb tv ringly and to . qa (yavana) Also qnqr)"t ftrlrctrqgil g3cdl s +i Srftregfuqftlqr tftisqgadirr$ qgSr qrrt r* g Mrt{rqq I il oqrq iqrq.. there are planete occupying some of their exaltation rigoc.oiz. . tft tirnrW: *4i ndt ffi rq-*q. garccElt r to be the strongest Jupiteris considercd amongthe.i {tE dt{+S srmr{ tl qREqlq$iljsft rr0r qf\lt ftrqr n ss tl Slvha 77.. Nores.beno6cs in tbc matter of waqding of ail ovils and increesingthe happiness of tho nativs. This is from nt<rcdt (Sarevali). If the lord of the riciog eignbe ltrong or Trikona porition. others their own Rasis.the child thoughborn io a Kendra conjunctionsurviver underan evil produciogplanetary it of couns c/.

'!. the 6th or the by benefic llth place from the rising sign and aspecteJ planets dispels all evil then and tbere as the wind Eweepg away cotton. Rahu occupyingthe 3rd. (Saravali).Rf.irqfrwrqsfr tu: g* ftwr: fru: 1 . child alwaysas a clement sovereign EaveE an offender froro (the) death (he may have merited).v. I Also -gsns( cf<rAq* cr cfu c?$rdg3r I eqtlr rn crn Ri s* crcqfn tt Tq 1rlfirs.lffi errfr vrtfuu: gTrqqqra: orirEqffici t Ril{r€rsrgsqqilt a* lw srgraq iqrq ll Also il-d61q{vr aftg rrlftrmqc{r ftt 6&e gt: ttt: u 1efiA4ffi tvrilt.v"v. Slota 80 Rahu.Y-v. if occupyingthe Iagoa in lr glrr (Vrishabha)ot inir{' (Kataka} prorects the (Meeha).Y. .r<r( {Rqt E-ilTttqtnn g!H( ll do tl Sloha 79. . These aro fromlnr<rqdr c/.Y-v. This sloka is taken from {Tqq (Kasyapa) qffuei Tto(| R. Norns.rft l. qrz{sf*r?s} ri gh{ffil: wt! | amridrsifitiker rrgfhwor'r ll sq ll il{{ii e*gRiqrcil t{ (orf.Y. ?9-f0 .Sl.dra{iffi€fr r Also s|ffiA{r (erirr: etrn&qr fttilrit rlfi gitr r dcifir"' qqfrcig rJ: SffitM rt u Also tnrq.. .vwt vvvvvvvvyvvy sgfrsqn: yv r r vvYY vvYvvvYYYvwYY!!YY 219 Norns.

. averts coopletely all illr drat threaten the oew. occupiesthe Lagnaand is acpected planetal the child io averted.g)0 " Al* nr. When thr' lord of the oign in which the by benefic Moon ir. recsed of great rtreocth aod unaipected by maldic .born child as the Garuda reqoves poison (threateningto cause dtath). I Adb.ft. wnel poo. Fiqtrn rhrr*cdfl gtQft ffiftcrq. ''aspected fffi q {ttqrgr E{ A€tq il{ drffieuqornn n cl tl *-'a?tqq: ll SqRtFry3 il Slolc 83.. lv ngQwontr: gHryfttQm: lt rrdrfoirqrft c*ftgfrrlruq r frqmr dfii{tgil gtfter ffiltqror t ffittr ftrtqqfuqrg frFil qe{ qdt qGqE n 6t tl S/ofa Sl. r iircs ft:ffi*rg cqr ftt fcteftirtq: r rqfiffitbqrfrgnqtttt flftilq-A qA Rli Aw ll 61 ll Urydn t Sloha 81. Thic rhe evil threatening is the casealso when the Moon is in itc exaltationancl by Venue.tcildtttr mwftaf r eqr* T||r. The Moon occupying the varga of a beneJicplanet and arpectedby benefic planetc and shin. ning with full radiance. Tho rcading of this sloka is slightly different in sqt{F{enqfrt (Sarwartha Chintemani) uiz. The iord of lhe t'i-cing rign.

qri: fi"flri<. Norcs This slola is from Tllrts6tiliffi (Mandavyajathake) qo{l Rdfu *t hqF*dqtt ll 68 ll T8lsqaqtqfu q6q$$qr€iTq.{r} df*: erfaqi raqftt oq} qiq t qEqlg:ll qtaq<)e geg*.fleRtffqqqqrfiq\aqfrRtstffa*w tt . rovereignty. 84 tlrlsmr planetsbut acpected'bybeneflc onee and occupyiog a to the child Kendraposition wards off delth andsecures wrth tbe Etrong virtuea of a vigorouo long life graced. the the meanperiod of perEonborn is declared to posEess +t sqfroetqd qG' nlqqQ{i}:r *.gqJosas cultedfrom other wurks are given belorv for the reader's irrlormation ls the same nppears tu have been eitlter lost or omitted ffom this work. the.{i !}rl q''qqrgoq{ r q-qrntqGqt' {il"t{i{tfhflI n gqgsl : tl gf. Whcn the lord of the rising sign ir a Kendraor Tri without strengthand Jupiteroccupies or the 12th place kona position.a.Sth from thc Lagna is occupied by a malefic planet.r^)liiti**n. nffiqeiqilgvrt{FRItti qqqrg{hr tt .{rI fr*: qrqin*t'S: qEqqrgrd rit{: fr't' tq6qffrtt t qilGFlril: qnr €illFs{ft . frcm ths 33rd year upto Mean periodof life rangeE the 70th year (bcth incluoive! A few of thc nn"u. Slohu and the 6th.

*u'+'fh*Bqqrdht q.4. ftta.frF qls* q* sqrnfrt qeqtftFat *e ft ' ll qot** aqer* *iSeaEgqq' "' *i a. s.i qtq.gqfiEfft|: tqgilftsFti: E5r*tsnrttnffi wqtrfr q€ gfrf€Et-tqqft nrq'{q\'q'qet t qrqcg ail qroI nutifrra notrtfiqrqh q?qrftni{ttor td q gqg+ tt eil.itnqzRgrreqfi' n t uagdq *'qFil dt nrqflgl tR{qq'll .1 {* qgfr\qgb .qtftnad qrglft drfl:gfr il'rr'fi {Fatil( [ q* t lFn' ffirl'r ia st. q(qr{ Geqq tt ri tr deW*alqi qmqrt$qq'ill 1 u onff qs 1'.{Titfrqtt Pqsi qTnerq qnq'q{t S unrt {rg}{qHt qrfla Med. .di *t'd fiq{d ' iqFqltfiY qarfr lt qft wre* qg{rTqlnl ffqrffi ta{qt-ntti qmftt onqrt|W r qqR tt osr6qqtfi'r< qsrFqtar gueftegh qld3| Aqtr{r} aa'l gqil il+Ri Wfr€ q sil fidi ar{rFqq!fiqisqrRI qnnnrurt .rdsrltd * Adh.Iv s [i'.t qqrt hqrsR! qAffi l qR qtri t n{fii iuoe\f"il td$fr lr n tt ntt*t *a\fi * cwt sqA*Fqfrtrqr qRqrftfrif r u frttfrt qnq\tqrfislffiqft{*..

q}} r$1fr: erfrqi q qtsar qilqsrqqinilf{ I .eq er( qfbq{ tt dt ne'* Rg* {vT* s} +. 1! lqr.i -qlsi qrsR r furfrtqqqrt qgd fraqlfir Sremq qrircrsr tl qrrgiit ttfl drt: qqr{raHtfiil'tt " fiqil ufitm:HilqFiq+"qd. eilfr ftqqtnrtenit fr{i& | .ng{ftad qrdfilT$ qragq! tt ei.F..rtrf.iti sntl gfiqtqqT r (4 rt ilqrril {Rrri qmFqtqu{ffissilfr tl rr*ateffi nqfnsqe*frnnrir AsA d qr ilif€qrsT€nr( tl qeuqqwil$l' eq€{rts{t q r qfuailt nn: KqTgsnEqq{( ll qe *t qrqgfta) fifrqGi r qB{qi( qt qtk qft: qqqdfr?'rr qffi qqgtsft err ert* aqqflftqe qTF i arl q Eqrrft: tt qBqqftqt 'Tler: pfi| lqi qs{dFqlr ert{flprygquxtqFql: qffiil qrqt * qgrq<srg: r'. qdftqiqil q'i effirtqrq{tftt r frA*oG{ta flq{Fqqqeq{tl . qt q.8r rlfrsqrr: * i. qfi git arsntsEqFt .qqtsgqr: FII:I .iqeEr tfirqf iGtitlg tl t fig{rftq$ gttqq-}' qRqrqqri emrftqrh qraqt $qft q?r@ dtfr qe"r gtt-qg*+ tt qrriRqil: t frfr G@{gfilefiililrqt qgeqoql.etqqi Riit i aiqRj diqfrq.81.

'rrqft es}q r qful qrfr{rgfrnrfrgcd} *ia.:sstfts<ror{ tt rrU *FE+ dQ nqi rfuqiffiilr qrilRi? w&rqfr#qfr FHfr s1 rrq* qwq1l dti rQsct rfl r qfu{.wrr}q$qe wt Aq?riq.uil Adh. EiroitcfrT{aqsqsil tt erdgqq.n {€qm *ta qgnr *urrqnRa: i{Fer: RRar ftgt d"q' r frRf*er1afrcr srRr'di ilqqri {grf.nqtl . qeqiqqftEttqi a-rdlt nBs fiq?qf\Ra fr Hilvlqrsmqftefrft tqiqht qfthE' rl *i tta+ glqffi dtf {r* erqi {ftdr{ql r qtil dil qrqqR q qqg(nirguq. tt q* fuf eqi rqrt ft+ {r* .ilFrt qrnnlA r frt qra.qg+ reqffithrqw* r qrq: T* rq+gt qrnsfteqtfr flafH ll : dft qt *-d qrF*ft il* ** .224 rrr*rf.qsf\:nqg.s:ll pat q ki frsqqlftrrdtnergq'rdl qr dt ardlfi5foqawfi aqr+tfffurFqil &{1i guqqR ilatqr ililFE qw1 ffi qqrfrrr H sqrt itgt 6qq* oti& rqrrt Q r* tt Afirrili qTqqfr s qrdsffi at n Eqqiqq *-arr* Tgqrq{is# | Aqq-qTRqff aqqgeqtli hgit o*.Iv H{aft tisi} ffi s* H$tqGhqnnl r .sqqt.qffi qtda] ilff srf. qE.

sqrFqefrft: ttSrl a$rngtt 'i r& qr{Rrt} q frfurgf{-fiftiq rrcs rl Slola 87. 85-89 rgdrwrcl 226 ll d\ ll turqrgrTrarttt IIwr ElQt. When 3 planets are in the 8th house from the totqrgi{rtHt( Slolro36. the astrologer nnugt pronounce the period of life of the native to be full. the personborn mustbe declaredto possess long life. Qtrdrffiilt GuRqtfrrt: ffiq*ffiHorsqftqilr f0 I EltttqrgfiRfl&(tt ct s1 {ftd r. li. When 3 planets are in their exaltation aignsand the rising sign is occupiedby the iord of the and that again is without a maleficplanet. a friend's house and one'sown Varga and when of strengthi the astrologerie to theLagnais possessed declarethe pereonborn to be long-lived. 8th house.l SJola 88. When the Kendrais occupied planets and the lord of the Lagnais in conjunctionwith them or is aspectedby Jupiter. the personborn will have long life.qnnr} . qse snr{+ w}t grtgi t *'ari:tt frwlt g€gil$qlAtI *mrqt lt cq tl ftftfhrtn. u'ih qotg+qttngftftfiir( u cc . cccupying respectively an exaltation lign.iiit by benefic S/olo 85. \Vhen the lord of the rising sign occu' piesa Kendrabeingin conjunctionwith or aspected by Jupiter and Venus.

planets are togbtherin . the lord of tlre L0thhouseis in his exaltation sign: this ig yoga(2). the perron born attainolong li[e. tbe pereonborn will havelong life. anCthe llth placee from the Lagna and tbe benefic plonets be in Kendraor Trikona positions and if the lord of tha Lagna possesses strength. t - rtttt{ilrtig gtg qRtSq r {MsqfrsffiFfriEnql tl Sloha 9l.the 6rh. If Saturnor the lord of the gth housA from the Lagnabe in conjunction with any planet in his cxaltation sign. Iv Slohn 89. the 6th. th: life of the personbori must be declared to be long.and the iord of the ririog sign occupiesa Kendra: this is y6ga (l). qajqrity The of astrologers agreethat in both therc yodas. rmns GrRqFFFrrs dul dFwrRrql t . gqn kd?fr\orflr t fiqsrqqilrrrTFn: oil{ilirat{riftrr ffiftfrt( lt to tl S/ota 9J. qrTr Rlq{rflriln u}tr qQkrqr r qlqatsR qtqtgdnqgdrd{n qt tl Sloka 91.the 7th or the 8th Bhava from the Lagna and when the mrlefii ones are in the 3rd. Malefic planetsare in the 8th housefrom the Lagna. Malefic planetsare in the 12th and the 6th housesfrom the Lagna. If malefic planeto occupy the 3rd.226 Tirtcrfurr Adb. the 6th aod the llth places. the personborn will live long. When benefic.

€. Find the Rasi in which is the lord o-the sign occupiedby the lor<i of the 8th housef rom the Lagna.trikonafoign. the personbotn will live long and be fortunate. owned by dualeignr. its exa[tation when its lord occupies or Moola.its own. When the Lagna is a dual sign and a Kendra. When the Lagnais a dualsign.tq{ilft*rfr {r ftt qtEfdqF€r{ ll qB ll Sloha 94.R qnafun(*-'Ffiqt r fr qtfrqq trdl eqqfrtiqGtqrrq\ ll *..i.the person born may be pro' to have long life. Sloha95.Jupiter and Venue owned by moveable Navamsas and the remain' be in thoeeownedby immoveable'signs.8t. If the lord of the Raei ao found and the lord of the Lagna occupy a Kendra.. Tfitreq{rqtfiqfir{ qrdaqqfficr n'. 98-96 rqcTlqr: zzl Tqld o{ttrrn *qril qq ilrsqqn 31 lt Sloha 9-1. tl qsqFRqeni(&qg'iht 'r From the ?1gt year to the t00th ycar (both inclu' -ri{c) it calledqgfr'gq PoornaYus . ftsqd qko* qqtt k*rsfr qrt Asm{. If the Sun-. nounced tqt{ WqtillKrqR qq ir(r wgqrR! talg! ll qq ll q{t{ffisrftq. '. the life of the personborn will be suchas has beendegcribed.and two maleficplanetsoccupy Kendra positions in respect to the lord of the Lagna.the person in Navamsas ing planete born will live 100 Years.Saturn and Mars lre in signs.Tftqu ffi tKritctr I Sloha 96.

house are both iu nroveahle l(asis. Tbe I oga This appears to be from gwnt (Sukajathat<a).lt qriqr: fifiqtss*{r s11qrRi'ror?a: qtUtsek. H':'-f Madhya and st"qrgv Alpayus. reference to the remaining two sets.888 iirwM &f Adh. (ii) if they occupy move' fixed sigus respectively. Niflqtw: mfrq-qitqrr fiqqi{rtr* rfrqqqq}r i* g grqi{mgqgd {tqtgrM qqi zqrcrtl Oneof the meansof findrngout the q€q.{qtgq (I{ad}'. Llhat particular kind of . _. predicted.. qt.or*rr. qfqigt Tqtg:_ qcqrg' . sEq(Alpa.Ayus will have to be predicted under whiclr both the 'l'hus.1q antl havo hasis. \\ EWr{Filr Ori{. uit. taking tbe first set under each of tlre headsof Ayus.rtirrgq(Atpayus). Rutqi. (r) if ttre lords of tho Lagna and the 8th . uoted there is slightly difierent. {qigq (Deerghayus) will har:e tb'be. NI (id Rurqlsu*g: Erflaaation:-There are three sets of yogas uuder each of Deergha. Similarly nith f*qqrfirfr n qe tl rodhil omc\tiqtgtqrnqEt I wddrssrdtqtilfiqr qfiftqermaqilq*srs . then the native will be . __ wqt ofin: q{yu}u1* erq! otan: liq{qt'orsfin: wq! urinr crrq{Rii cEhlr: II ftR. if theyare in'q'. s. rv Norns. Illadyba) in boroscopes has been taken from Paraand diqfut {Deerghayus) sara and given below in a tabular form for easy reference.yanrayus) rvill eble and (iii) (Ctrara) (Ubnaya) to be stated.ti orld. condition5 ryhich constitute each sbt are satisfied. qslqr: qrudqdm: Eqcrnir c.Tqrd qrittr srrq{rqtrctc{: fur.

will occupy the Lagna in etrength.i. qd?rar: rdgtt ErqtatrI arqiaten rftfunr rnqneri frqtfi'rRan ll'nftrcrgr F*qcrEdt tl qthmTril lfqtgfr qtM {r qRq*ftfl r qilTqt d*qfatqqqpil glh$iEilqftttgt ll q4 ll SIoAc 98. Wherr Cancer'is the rising eign and Venue and Mer' Jupiterand the Moon occupy'it. with long life' will be an inepiredsaintetidowed ' wRgraokiqt\qftdtar$gaqrHil qr( llqqll Slofta 99.ted of in the * q hEEt t gwfr{Rt solrc}tfdnai 'qgH .. The reading of this sloka is slightiy different in a(lq{ttl (Horaprakasa)or:s.uiy rt.l. the 6th and the 3rd bhavas happen froro the Lagna.. --*----*' ---.'JupitetandMarc beinthe they 9th houre from the Lagna.-* ---ST'. *gclc Itre. in Kendrapoeitiont and the remainiogplanete to be in the l1th. it Makara or Kumbha be by the 3 planeto be .in the Lagna." and the Navamsa occupied (Vargoththamamsa) and if the Moon cfiRfi it. and .-'o?u Sloha91. the lerEoo born be blerttd with a htppv life ending with the end of the rvorld. and i'f the Navamsa' antl Lagna occupy be owned by the 9th houee from the the fth *leo Ly Saturn {i.99. If theSun..the personborn will havean immeneely to the order of reckoning long life without reference (Ayurdhaya) chaptere. If Saturn and Jupiterbeing in the 9th or the 10thhouse from the Lagna occuPy one and the by beneficplanete' and Navameaand be aspected oame the personborn in this Yoga if the Sun be..s]:'gf.

EmqiEr. €r<r{d.e90 IGTfufr Adb"lv This sloka gives an exception where the ordinary rules of .Vhen Aries or Pisces happenstobe the Lagna with Jupitcr or Venus occupying it.f. (rrq{ qq: I q a* r{tagaawa* or* gpmaa"_qfiq{&ii tq1l: fl Also cf*ofi lt€r €g: fuqrir gqrrlr$i r t. celestial like a t..the rnterencethat malelics are rsorsein sloka leii<is in l{endras_.'rur€S c&S St lta qtflqc: I 'fhis qnftttt q qrtel{R{fus r too ll qrrmftI: S'qlr{t tacafrsrrqruiq rt The slqka rn the text is also capable of berng rnterpretcd thus: "\.the person &c. the perconborn will be occupied being. (Simhgea' namsa).rft SSn fteiwqrqqfqa. i . or N'Iars has gained a tf. trtfusr{sE&f}rergir*m : n Also gur6r diafiftgtsr{fq{S *a4narg{|itrqnfrrrf I arqfigfirrat: qfiiqtr r ffiir $qftft ** fr"qftqfth air 'SloAo 100.. I Lagna I JuPiter I Moon * .{yurdayaar6 bot to be applied at all. When there areno malefic planeta'in and when the Kendra from theLagna t. than Konas i}t. .'l Trikona placee void onet. Salurn qlcqnqirqq?Aas. tf.-. and when the Sth is un' of benefic are places lry a maleficplanet."l'. .*1. t IrIars I l_-- . F ''r'{r. and the lVloon in the middlemost Navamsa of Taurus.

or Mars Taurus hae of the person born will gaineda ftasqia ($imhasanamsa) attain to yearsuntold by tha recitationof sacredhymrl6. ' qrqltr {ft o"} 1ftTfilq1Rf{ | ruqt eiq tt I o\ rl frqq${ftr*-A qTfr . rlrlsrn: 88'r ffqrQ*qqfti o{rts t*qilr ftqmrt u {ol tt Airffi{r{gil qrdrfrrm{H{: reckoned from tha Lagna S/ota l0l.10t-105 vv:vr'rrrf. the perEon born will live to the end of the world. If the planets are placed in eucha wry that Srturn is the first and Mars tlre last of them and they occupythe 1*nrRnial Vaiseshikamsas laicle. 44-41 Sut'ra. When Piscesis occupied by Jupiter piddlemost Navamsa and Venus.81. or the Moon ig in tbe gtra<iar (Vrishabhanavamea) i.). qlgdt $ hA sh qrffqatq* r rr c qtdfrll tou lt frt}t sft wi srttRi Slofta 104. I. Lagna and is and Jupiter occupiesthe in Pararnthamsa person born will bc a the saintly in $iohasaoaruEa! personage. When Jupiter has attained a Gopuramsain a Kendra position and Venus a Paravathamsa in a trirngular placeand Canceris. When Saturnis in Devalokamsa. the personborn will resemble M ffit qREreui ililF{taqrrutR wtr tttottr I {gt Uft qrfr{ndtfiuaqsqqtt SloAc 102. Adhyaya.e. the risiog sign. an immortal. tqffirh qq ft qnnili{* r ffi gt ont*fr qhoir qt( n loQ11 Mars Stolc 103.. Sl.

.Slola 106. divine life due to (1) abstractmeditation (2) recitarion of srcred hymos. thesesevenlrave been treated of in thiq Adhyaya. the person or 4 planets seat. When th. Y'122 inf a' The sameyoga is a11ain qft irffi uq qH]qrit qt rE{ llt oEll .when ltettusis in the ?th house sa is o'. early death duE to planeurrycombinatibns. thcir nullification. mean a!e. long life. Thus ends tlre Fourth Adhyaya styled Balarishta (Jathakaa ararfis and other yogas in the rvork wta-+srftqte parijatha)composedby Vtidyanatha under the araspices of the nine planets. attainsto Brahma's teferrerlto in Adhyara..vned and the Moon is in Kanya.: rising sign is Dhanus by Jupitet and when th: rising Navam' anclis <lccupied bv Mesha.qnTggil{*| qiqqff(qa{ tqi lt-Srqs{t qNqrgl t rraTRE qfrffi T$riffii . For the same togat seeAdh!ryt V sloha-123inJta' $i kn utr {rt s. etc.11osll F'i qlTr'+qr{qqffiqrAilgr qfr 'fnry€Eqqt tqilqRn?t cnmsqTililt ll Ereilftgtersiilqqgh srorfis (Balarishta-afflictions in child' Stoka 1{}?.?-82 lt{6$nctf Adb"Iv avamsa ia Kataka it and when 3 occupies and Jupiter is ownedby Dhanus born are in Kendra pcsitions.the pelson born will attaiir final beatitud*. hood). @ .

izl Vargaia(rrg0 AYus' Ashtaka their order the SJo&c...o61 d # sft{ ufrrqrrnG$fuqq q{frqqr rrl ll Fqfrqrt"tffi+ sqR *:A*ti g' 18'20 and 50 tre the figura 2.1' I abridge and give in t .Jt.ken from Brihat Jataka' I ffifiiqncqlgffFklll q ll qffiflQr qftrflfr qrft trlq eilt mq! rqFq ll b:3"ti' methodgt*. 2b.i i''f '! i] iF_ V' otr Lttr-l' boon 7' g' llt 17'l8' lg' 20' 2l' have slokas In this chapter.rt.. 333 .''til"a"t'naeoija' qt*-otvaia and (8) qsrrta16) itrc'N"trtt tr)i'.qrffiqlfrqTeqcq*stnllxt: n sftIqlqnillrq'll t AdhYaYa IrsXmg ..t M'Piodaja' Jtrl-Att"'Uicargaia (2)qlaChakraia' underthe heads (5) (3) lrr+Amcaia. authoritiesoo A1trologr Ttii"* ..2' Sloha resPect@y years prescribed iodicatiogthe nuober of ya in the Naioargikayurda' for the $un and lftt-ni#tt ffufretgqtcl.i.tiiliig tlie lengtht { oevcral of asireated by mwr un.lervarioupplanearypoeltione. ta.

. emsut ftlqfr\* kr.rc]-€eqi eft qr(rqt sqq.. q{g{s Sqfl! l.25 15.approximateincomc or salary of a pcrson' ffirqgilr cqt frdrq\ rTqowr( WrEdffit( | qql&!: rqq{ilQ6}q fufoer q50rd\Mr rrull ffi €rH((q. '12. 2 1a n d2 0 . Norrs.Tm{ qlqilu€rq1qf fto3qq}s:n ftqgdrmrfl{ ll l tl Sloha 3. ttqnrfi rqqffiqGg{t!*fturt ftA&Acclfqt trEr|dtilt qtrft: sgres il Ateo etqrdi g*a?ffich): aRrq:cim: t frrrq: fhftgpq rr{ih $rs U r gtl: lrqnn{rR gnarQ$n'ltr t ftnnl qRgps fhrrrg:€rrkRd: ll Thc fgures givcu for thc severalplanots in this sloka arc also hclpfui to find out the. . gubtract it from 12 rignr' .tc+in. The aggregatenumber of Rurrgr.28. Also af. Subtractthe figures of a plaact from thore denotingito highertexaltationpoint. Zidr rftqftq'cft V-19.gil lrerclftrtf v.i m sndftr I'ilnfir rgt{r( | ' eclotrqfcfr<er: qet{tai ffirrat: u ffi Tqqqr!tr(srrr frq6o.I qrt Rurqq{geqt tt r tt dmqRfinant?qi Stolos 4 and 5. 1 5 . If thc rerult is lesr tban 6 cignr. Adb"- Norss V. to the Sun and other planetr yeareasoigned dayurdaya in tbeir higheatexaltationpoint are reopectively19. Tida arlqfhg<ft l'Jso4.

The years and months thus arrived at correcpondto the rrglt+Ayurdaya of the Sun and other obtrined upon the applic.r day:rar well ao in:tlre tefiturgrtc'Naioargikayurdaya the is as follows: The interval between wrhing proceEs a flanet o actualpositionand its higheetexaltationpoing from 12 eignr. reducingthe Eame yearg. of the zodiac.. Sages S&. The quotient tepresentedby y.N to exceed6 oigns. 0-7 qrfisrqs: . multiply this by the planet's the product by 21. Divide oinutes.rr ProPortionate Norgs.shouldbe subtracted fbe rerult reduced to:minuter must be multipiied by the number of yerre aosigoed to the planet and divi' i.ftnrlgg Pindayrrs of the planet.610. ocnths. of the 2-foregoingslokas' This is simply a parapbrase uiigEi {$il | ia Aqxitqqqi qilqm: " nFI ffi Rgrtqtetqt riin.600.21- frfn$u*qt qfr qsrctqqffi Q ftfr6€ ftililsqgFr{ ilrtfttflrfdtt I dqffiglqrltd iffi*qFe u{q:M qq(ft* ll q ll say thaq irn tlre ft'!Ergqh'Pindayur' 6. it lcsc tban 6 signs. trhenumberof oinuter iri'the 12eignr ded by 21.rft.|'t wRR . P.rtion of *rcrt Neecha planets reduction' idha anOsioil."ri. keepit as it is .is calleJthe.dr $cftrqlft V'-20.

but when it occupies an intermediate positicn. The number of yearEgiven by the r agoa correspondto the numher of its Navausasthar have rigen abovc the horizon. But if Maniththa's view he adopted. According to some. the IagDayus wil. their wrgdq (Avurdaya) is to be dininichedby half. . For. the period ao$rgned to it is reducedby hatf . the number of years contributed by tbo l-agDe is thus found: orr{tftqffirqr rmilqfirgqrda: I Arn qtefttni cqtffiRilq ll tr^\soviilc slokas 14 aud 15 infua. The planetsexcepr when their motion is retrograde loeea third of their Ayurdayas when in inimical houses. qffi:Iq rll rrrcttr firM Rg. 15o methods of calculating .the tswg( (Lagnayua) is ac rnany yearc aEthere are Rasis reckonedfrom Merha up to [:agoa. Notrs First qr.att /. Thus if 15" 47' 24.!98 finwffiFtta Adlh.f from tbe very begioning. the reddctionia to be proportionate. rrre see in rq. ililltntK& is the reading adopted ia tfie comrnentariesof €Fco and ft+<q but in ftcratr it is nfit. according to them.rtfltgs (Lagnayqr) existed the Both (Rasyayus) was not a aew metbod found bg cltfil or men of his school. of Vrischika bave risen aithc birth tinc of a person. Thir lact reduction doee not apply to Venuc and Saturn. the nunrber of years given by the Legne accordiag to Varabamihira's view will be 9+7'+120O or 4'737 years.lir. Secondquattt! By the word sr'ft (Apare) inthis sloka is meant (qFrts) Mauittha (somecall him Manintha) and mea of bis school.m& Fhicb clearly meanstrArtiTtfif(*.r . For. v Slvka 7. When they are eclipre d. When a planetir in its depreorion point.l bc 7 years (number of rasis that have elapsed counted from !q) plrs '79/3Ocyears or ?'5263 years.

-gl. and the first method should be adopted if tlre lord of the rising Navamsa be strong' s.ff qtdtsccrq: 28? rhile But rtfrtq and men of his sc\ool fotiowed the 1att6' past thb otbcrs pref€rred the former. his light beingthen overpoweied that of the sun.rwfrrttdeq: <rtq"tt qt:$rnil: t ilcii satfi iltg€t sqft& rr d$: This view is not howev€r accepted by Varahamihira' flrr" For the latier balf of the sloka in tbe text. Navan rs aud Rasis and their fractions represent the foilowed be should method [fcnittha's that &c.qd|l Y.attotpala adds if the lord of the rising :iign be pcwerful.ndquotes in support thereof the foltowing sloka frsm eKl:ffr us coasidcr thg followiDg example:' .Vcnus l0o but when retrograde 8o l5o Satura when within l. This limit in the caseof the sevcral pllSets is as folloss: The Moon when within 12' from the Sun' l7o Mars wben within MercurYwhen within l4o but wben rotrograde l2c I lo JuPiterwheu within . c/' '{trln.22| A planet is said to be eclipsed rvheir he disappeais iitbin s by particutat limit from the sun. years molths. B. Under the two methods. c-? .

ll -240. t ffi=A SZStog . O-l+o..-Z+o-W I l-l5o l: contributes He thcrefore +fffLa6'31 '. f.. The fture iudicated by thd said ptanet gvcr.-Sd ' l.*Trrl1fuor Mars' deprcssion is Hib position is . 2.tberp..The Sua's enltatioa is His prcsent position is 0-l0o O-1)o-43.5 ycars ll. 9 -14'-30' I Venrts . In the example given abovc.. To Srd the iacoms or srlary.bFjnd tbe lord of thc l0th houseor plaret iu the l0th house(or thlt planet whicb is acar tto oeridirn).. prorimate income.-14' g-lo-?5. +f. I SatuFr Adh" v .r. O-l{F-fl | Mecury o-l7o-43'I lupite.ll-27o-$. 9-l+o-3d 7-3a Hisyears Ianna Sun Moon Mars lrlrfifrra .. 3-Z8o ll-27o-S3' t7:465 years His ycars thcreforc *" !r!*Fl Mcrcury's position ic is His depression .-3g.3. the Moon is in tha l0th housc and is stroryer than tbe lortl of that or t2.. O-27.d. lo - Tbe bun tlercforc contributcs l? +W-425 ' f i-re'sczt YGarg.!. His figuresflre thus obteiuodt Thc Moon's yearsin depressionare l2l i.ears similerly fupitor s". He is 7lf removedfrom his depressionpoint and therefore gets 12| l7l approximnteln t i$ x\2tr or about Tlic netirclE incomo must tbercfqt b ll' approriaetolg. Tbs Moon's position is His depressionis . To 6nd tbe Ayurdsya.

a fiftb. the qceptio$ in this'latter qaee bein. \anr gt r$rAilsRrmn Fs: cqqgqfr frml{t q{ftfrttqqttgrpm srq{ €{Tffif'{fig {nq I rgt t€?d Sloha 9. So thero is no reduction on tbat count As regardsthe rule about combustion. the whole.blc. atoodin two senses. Vcqur contributes f Of+ff Satura si"o tO+ffi$= In thc erample. Norss. When malefic planeto occupy the 6 bharnr baclward from the l2th. All planetcexcept l\darswhan in inimical . Thcycars for tho taaaa=+ffi or {. Tbc word m (VaLn) il thc preccdlng sloka may bc uadcr.36ycars qfr rcrr r{ qqr&flf sutkrtsn. The first meaningacccptableto tbe majority ir given in the translation.Ventu and $aiurn. When ecIipred by' tbe Sun they lose half their Ayurdaya. a fourth. r counted third.qlfofl r c il Slo&c 8.. reEpectively of tlreir . ahalf. or a cixth. ' Tho second has tbe support of so illustrious an authority es qr({tqq (Badarayana) from whosr rort this sloka has been takeu by the compiler vaidyanatbr Dtrhitr.ttrg-0 qdt$rQ *19'9? yera "'* lO'44ycars {2. Birt tbey come rrlilcr lta"cxccptioa irnd their years are thorcforc aot reduci. there is no planet tbat is quartorcd in tha hqrsc of its encmy.bgo* dectroy a third of theii Ayurdayas. Veuus and Saturn ars cllpse4 Thcir years should be rcducedby hatf.

Nores. tbat when sevoral planots occ. r {s qc cai ffi srgt: r.asto t For millfics l I . tho reduction shall be madefor the nirct powcrful onc. When beclefic planee occupy ruch poritions. '/. Satyacharya saysso.6qr I clrtqrsn qrft 3qqrEriqt M il ffi wami crtuiri qftffi: Alco€il. l.iqr lt: u qFrqftnltrsgctfqfr sa norrefrFr I qr$r!..*{frqt: srrri dit: ll qfis"oi qgt* cr* e $i q r "t urg: ftvrrcrn 6rfu *rqrawrtft l ItE{Iks: tilq: €rqFi ctcs€Ast g I wnh s{crg*cr I inrcsft dq u I -1. Thc cosr"mentator adds that Varahemihira concurg wilh Satyacharyain tbis view uie.$zao rrrftd Adh.|nf a siogle sign. only the strongeetof them cau8e8a reduction in the rEdq (Ayurdaya).v Ayurdaya is lost. mr* (|qe{ silqi{rag{: ttrf. the lose is half of tbat incurrd in the care of oalefic ones.When severalplaneto are in a bharn.

readers ero requested to refer to the 5th Adhyaya of 4tCirqqR: (Sripati'paddhati) and the samBle horoscope worked out by me tlrerein. TttErrq{olq. according to the obovo rute.eminentlystrong aud no other the losc of crg*l (Ayurdaya) porcion'in the wly carjses deccribed. lorcs *th.. When several planetsare in one hous". of whom l erc two " I[trs is stronger. He loses *th nnd his reduced period is t7'766 . asfrqrdntfr wR rdrF*rftlfrlr t q{ ilafrsft il{e6 1g qrqfr eqiutd 11 { o tl Sloha 10. { Th. the relative distance between t them being say otrly 2 or 3 degrees. 10 rrfrsrrri. vit" Mars and lWercury. Moon is in the l0th l-rouse. NI The p-rinciple to be noted hore is that the deduction is enjoin' benefic or malefic-. only one planetthat is pre. lt should however be clearly understood that the above com' * * rrutations are only rough and not quite accurate iuasmuch as no distinction is made betrveen a planet occupying the beg:inning 9f a bhava and another occupying the end of it. one planet (that is ib the lZth lrouse) loses his whole period while that in the llth loses only one half whiclr is rnathematically not correct. Again. He is beuelic and therefore His years when reduced will be 14'55*. In the presont horoscope.'i gt.:ase of Mercury is not necessary. Mars therefore loses all his years. hi \ qrdift Kffi fi hEilrigIItIIgr ilil( | !f.if they are in the od for planets-whether visible half. If the rules enunciated abovc are to be strictly applied. Both are rnade to sufier the^sameamount of reduction which is not correct. This reduction $ is enough and reduction in the . I Juprter is iu the 9th. To calcutate the Ayurdaya periods of the several planets correctly and accuratel]'. thcro n planets in the l2lh. 'fsupposethereisa planet occupying the beginning of the l2th houseaud another the end of the t I th.

the whole Ayus is lost. Tbe greatest amount of reduction under this count will bo rllzth of the whole Ayus wheu the Lagna happens to be the vcry end of a sign.and if a malefic should occupy the same.f. of reduction is obtained by multiplying the total number of years already obtained by the number of Navamsas betwcos the first point of Meshaand the Lajna-whole and fractionar-and dividing the product by l0S.e quotient in years.malefic and the other benefic occupying the Lagua.of the Lrgna that have emerged from the horizon. qRH6t fr. Nores. is the period to be diminished from the Ayurdaya found in coucequence of a malefic planet occupyingthe Lagna. etc . According to somc.monthE. Multiply the Ayurdayq found tiy the number repreeeoting the Navamsaportions. c.the numberoi y""r. Jf the mbkfic planet bb neeter. The latter viow is not favouredeither by Bhattotpala or by Kalyanavarn-. whole and fractional. the reduction will be only by half of the period abovefound. €. should the Lagnabe at the very end of Meene. Thus.If the malefic planet in the Lagna be aspected by a beneficplanet.u.the bthers.qlrrcilffir ql quJRet{-d'€{'tc{fi s q qntr fur rfr When there are two planets one. Tf. the planet that is nearer ib the rising Navamsa is alone to be considered and not .\ftfr aiiwirs ru{ rqfft n t t tl qrqttrtfrcr Aqr cA*i Rtrngqr I qwr cocqfu$fudsri qdmsqq il srg* qrqi st qeesrd gSffi r qqis rs'dti frncrfitm-ft rr The Commentator also adds " rrftr{ eu}atft t*fDro} TErqtq. The former view appears more rational. then the reduction enjoined bas to bc .24t mrTqfurf Adb"v ttnoq{Rtftftqrtr Slokar11. Divide the product by l0g.

and multiply here' with the qrgqtc(Ayurdaya) of the planets eeparately.. l2 & L:3. crfrslqrq: 'be 249 nearer. tion to be made in the Ayus will be f. only half malefic planet be aspected above for eachplanet the the result obtainedby Process qrgttc (Ayurdaya). qril+€Eqq u di In the example.Convert the degreesand portionr there. saysthe commentator q{fsrtr+i€fu{ wi}r qsfh artq:I Rftqr tcir $r&iR *. 12-13 hade. Thie ig to be subtractedfrom its (Amsayurdaya) reductioo doesnot apply to the *STrgEtq (Naisargikayurdaya) is The processin the iafrrsrgfi game ftorrgEtq. Saturn and already found. . found for each planetmust be eubtracted ing yearE.frdrrrrtf{€iqrflI& sqqff{ | qtsEl. then no reduction need be The word fi( Krura in the sloka doesnot include the wauing Moon.n=slsqw(God{t ||t 1 drqrtrufugqQlt\rq qil( t urt M irRr{r& effior{fr$ttq I qqqrt nt tsflfr q ll tl ll d{fi itEqfr. the reduc' the Sun in the Lagna and aspected by Jupiter. The quotient representetc.Tbis reductionis enjoined {rom its when a malefic planet occripies the Lagna.As there are two malefic planets.srg{( SloAc. the as-in lPindayurdaya). a b-enefic. the I-agna is 0-l4o-32! or 4#& Navamses. for..ofin the Lagnato minutes(the numberrepresent. . algothe Srme'as *cttr<ii r( Sripthipaddbeti)* Y. qrg{fu (Ayurdaya).btq * * M Rtfr. But if the by a beneficone. but if the benefic made.fjl. ing integral eigns being left out). by the Ayurdayas This is to be divided by 108 and multiplied uie. 27.'26.600. Divide the product by 21.

Thus. This of is the view of Varatra.rc (Jeevasarmayurdaya) [yus for the Lagna has. the quotient in the form of years. is ascertained instence by *#gof the Ayus has to be increased -i. if in a nativity the position of the Lagna be 0-l4o =871'76. ayear' .containedtherein into minutes.uilgft ilq qlgqq. the ofgv..-46'. etc. utull Slokn L4. when 6 Rupas). to be worked out iqsl as in the.v gilTg:€rfiq. When the Laguais strong (i. This sloka is taken from ffi: (r) The Ayus for the Legna in the irlrrgiic (Amsayurdaya)systemis found in the following manner: Reducethe sigus. (Sripatipaddhati) ch.tiz. since the Lagna in the above to be strong{its strength being9'I 37 Rupas).241 rlirqtfuit Adh.'48. The remainder dogrees. the aggregate '4843 or 4'843.. qrgdis qotao{frtrq il{tr{ ueierfttsrt q* Eqs r qoq. ftoergd* (pindayurdaya). Divide this by 20J. nurnberof years derived from the Lagna Thus.r should be added to the qsqlq (Lagnayue). into minutesand divide it by 2400. convert only the degrees. The result will be the number of years given by the Lagna. etc. Divide the slqlrfi-ot: (Ayushkalaha)bv 200. ir 4'3588 /lrr (o) In the 3 Ayurdayas.oWfgAh (Amrayurdaya) lYidc (e) abovcl. is the eTtifftat: (Ayushkalaha) of the Lagna. The number -3L.(tt ftqrG. the otrengthexceeds elc.the integral aigns beingleft out. (D) But according to some. NorBs. V.$3of a year. (Viilc sloka 7 su!ru).... ftrrqi the f{h (Nisargayurdaya) and frsqTqtg'. mihira. e.ot: (Ayushkalaha) given years by the Lagna:4'3588.
-liry#r vtv! v v v !

!v!v v v vYv v ! Y! ! u t vvv!!!!#


we have Since the l-agnais strong (in the presen\' example)' morc' years 4'3588 (already obtainecl), to add to 4'3588 years thercforc will Tbe total'number of years tlerived from the Lagna in his com' be 8'717i. But ftsm(bsrT (Dirvakara Daivagna) (KesavapaddhEti) mcntary on the 2{th sloka of the {icfs,Tsfi in the text :the sloka of reading quotesapprovinglS'the following

ifEoraliti ani ""pl"in" or strong' And i"i"aftt" va Lagne),i.c.,ioa Lagnawhetherweak (Lagnr a{R1ff,ftt{ importing c{rgr? (Lago.yoshi) he explains as with sloka The yoriirrrittUtm), i.'', for the Ayus of the- Lagna' (Diwakaradaivagria) tbe abovereadingas interpreteauy ftcr+&ffi would therefore mean "InthesethreeAyurdayas,t'ii',Pinda5'urdeya'Niscrgayur omit the signs and take only the tlaya and Jeevasarma'yurdal'a, sl6.r in the Lagna; then leduce tlreseto minutes and degrees, represent aiviae tUe sanreby 200. The resuLting quotient will the Lagnayus"' to , thc numberof yearsdue only According to this interpretation, Lagnayus works out the that (Diwakaradaivagna) adds to,f.35gb years. And ff+r*q iqt interpretationis largely accepted'

I Affisa urgqnlteacatrqsfi fltuq qrcftd a.t* tnoce{qilqqgrBerrrge c! *€{q I "tt (Alatadhva tagne) q** aot& Tr of (Abrle

SJota 15. People versed in Astrological$cience would havethe qsrg.((Lagnayue)consist of as nany *t ot. yearsasthereare whole Rasie the figures clenotingthe Lagna and some inonthsr etc' oitained by proportion (ri'c'some months which form the samefraction of a yearas the' risen portion of the

ll t\ ll ofigEtq{M{ afmmft{Ir<ts

is of a whot"ta.llJ;.,""" trrciffiiir V' lE' Iiagna
SeenotoEto 2nd quarter of sloka 7'



Adh. v

i6t{tssent@ geqqrgr o{ttFrsa ghq?c u tE rl
Slo.ka16. Effectwith carewhich ever maybecom nece$sary of the six reductions in the Ayurdayasof thplanets $uo and other in resp:ctto their being affectabV (1) the presence of r maleficplanet in thp Lagna(2) the loasof lustreowing to too great a proxirnity to the Sun (3) occu;ation of an inimical eign (a) arrival at the point (5) conjunctionwith other planztsand depression (C) positionin the lith, llth, L0th, 9th, 8th or ?th housefrom the Lagna' The reducedAyurdayao of the planetsif joined 'to the wqrgq (Lagoayus) give will the proper urg<-Ayus (in the aggregate), Norrs
The autbor here talks of the 6 kinds of reductions alluded t I already,viz., (l) nr.r<q<q (Krurodayabarana) lsloka lll, (z q<i.rcqrq (Astbangata harana)- lSloka 8], (3) a$nnq (Sathru kshetrarharana)lStoka 8], (4) al-{t*{<ur (Neechardhaharana)lSloka 7], (s)ft{ffire(gT (Grahayogatoharana)-lSlokal0], end (6) 6{qrftm (Vyayadi harana)- lSloka 9].

qqhr fr-era ft{{ql ffiqrt rrrlrgqs mhq r q*fr (q{Eqt litell rauuaeififrlg{ TgRn{
layodown in accordance SJo[r l?. Jeevasarman with hir own doctrine that the (maxioum) paiod of

81. l?



life given by eachplanet is *th of the maximum eggre, gateperiod (i. c, 170yearcacd 5 days). The declaration o{ ratya (vo) that the urgqk (Ayurdaya) of a planet in yearsto the number of the Rasi whose correspondo by the planet,is in agreement with Navamsa ie occupied astrological authorities the viewsof the majoriry of (aide the next cloka).
Nores. each planet According to qifirf{ (Jeevasarman) gives days or 17 years, l/7th of l'2\,vears,5 when in exaltation rJ. ghatikas intdr Vighatikas. and 34'3 .l month, 22 days,8 Fhtt htll,



Rgqftdrfaq* qqa] *qnacl qt;4rqrq I cd€rst"t f,rqsrrrrcfr{ q.rqll cti€cnc: qr{rich ftqcl qfroisq r R!!rg{ tl eti ttq{ rfter|q*: ll

Ayurdayais to be resortedto when the Lagna, Jecvasarman's are all weak. Cf ,+lnh the Sun and the IVIoon

qiqrse crcrgtqi{rq t sraqtnffi lrqif;rtts .i'i{qr{rrRt qrg: qi q{d'{ rr cqa rl ft
It has also to bc noted that just as in the iioerg<fo(Pin.layur' aya), the sevelal reductions, I'ir,, '{qitttiEwt(Cbalirapata harana)' i.rr*q<tt' (Neechaardhaharana,), l.r*;raarr? ( Sathrukshet ra hani,, -(Frilllt? t(Asthangatahani), mtlcqqrq (Krurodayaharana) will eve to bct made and then the resulting length of life ascertained, By the rvords €qfrt (Swamathena),Varahamihira means that eevasarnran(of the Bengal School) standsalone unsupportedso i,r'as his method of Ayurdaya is concernod. Thc Amsayurdaya method has been occurately treated tn ripathipaddhathi, 5tb Adhyaya and the reader will do well to refer to the example worked out by me in the notes to that work. It pas to be rcmembered that there are no years fixed fbr each plenet as iu the Pinda, Nisarga and Jeevacarma Ayurdayas' There ir also no Krutodeyaharaua in this systonl




qlr tflT qTfifls ll tz tt qrcmqFfigfis-Ers
Slofas. 18. Accordiirg to $atya'c rule the signc, etc. traversed by a given planetought minutes, degreeo, and divided by 200.If the into minirtes to be converted I Z subtractfrom it ar quotientbe a numberexceeding of 12as you con;rthe remaindergiveo manymultiples etc' months, of,years, the number

cdilhffins ftrfrtr{rsfirnrrt I

qunqftlqrrillffi Gsqqqtfsqfr{rtfrrr t
fqffi{tqK rrcil{r'Ailf(@

ll tl tt

givesitr urgdl (Ayurdaya) 20. But the Lagna .SloAas to the character of its rieing Navamla, ccrreopondiog yearlr, etc, months, a$the number of the i. c., aomany Navamsd rising indicatec. If the thc Rasi owning Lagna b'estrong,it givegin addition a! many ysareas there areRaeis in the figure denotiogthe Lagna.. In the reduction due to ttre this scrgqtr (Satyayurdaya) of a maleficplanet in the Iagna does not find preoence placc. Tbe yearsauigned to the planetc in the preoio* Ayurdayaoare not to be ucedfor calculation.

It€{ qfErrrtd dffi ffiFEilI ilRrq{ q *(r | , {Tarr ur{ q nQr rqqMt: ttqoil frsqqqr std e\

ie to Sl,l',rs 19. The wrgdr (Ayurdaya)of a planet its cxaltation or in its in retrograde be trebledwhen it is motion.The sarne is to bs doubled when the planet in ito own NavaruEa or in ita own is In xVargottamamsa, peculirrity is This the or in its own Drekkana. house in the method.of working out the urgdc (Ayurdaya) All else is similar ie qqrcr* (Satyacharya). according stated. to what haebeenalreadY

ll, gt-1t2



llil\Cm {Gr?r fr< ctnqftri runhnfi:I

qlqrrw€r r5f{rqrrd g qft ilaq6rq ll 1l ll

Sloha 21. The rute of stqrrr{ (Satyacharya) ir prcferable (to that laid down by rq'Maya or ancnml But somemake the procees inconsistent (teevasarmma). and unwarranable by a serieeof multiplicatione. The dictum of the Acharyas (eu-Satya and othere) ie the fotlowing: (1.).where severalmultiplications crop up, only one 'and that the higheotie to be gonethrough. (For instance, when a plaoet ie in its own houce,and in its exaltation, and in retrogrademotion,.the Ayurdaya is not to be doubled firrt and then the result trebled, and the oecond rerult further trebled. According to the rule, the qrg{tq (Ayurdrya), chould be trebled once for all). (2). Again, when there are several reductionsappli' greateEt should be made. cable,only one and that the (For instance,a planet may be in an inimical eign and may be eclipeedby the Sun. It ic enoughif the reduction by half i. c..the q<ra (Aethangata) reduction is made).


Sloka 22. When the $un and otber pla.neteare in their exattation, they have respectively10, 9, 6,5,7,8 bnd 5 rays .
'c NorBs. /. qori(-dnne.

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The rRrsrgflc (Rasmijayurdaya) system founded by Mahendra has been in vogue from a very long time and has been recognised by eminent astrologers such as Manittha, IVIaya, Yavana end Badarayana. A brief description of the method of obtaining the correct number of <?tq(Rasmi) or rays of planets is given below : The seven planets from the Sun onrvards have respectively 10, 9, 5, 5,7, I and 5 rays when they are in their full exaltation position, the corresponding number of rays when in their depression being zero in each case. The number of rays which a planet in eny intermediate position is entitled to, has therefore to be determined by mere rule-of.three When a planet has emergedfrom its dtq (Neecha) or depres' sion and is on its way towards its exaltation, its rays are said to be efug< (Abhimukhal or facing towards the front. These rays are declared to be capable of producing benefic results to thc native in a very short time. The reverse is the case with,tho q(|{gC (Parangmukha) or down'looking rays of planets which have fallen from their sq (Uchchs) or eraltation towards their depression. aDd are going

The rays have to undergo some multiplications and reductions, befcrc their utilisation for purposes of prediction. When a planet occupies a Dwadasamsa which is his own, his craltation, or tbat of e friendly planet, his rays arc to be doubled. The same remark applies when the planet is retrograde in bic motion or is in his g&e (Swakshetra) nasi. But if the Dwada gsrmsa be that of an enemy or the planet's Tlq{lfu (Neecha naJ, the rays suller areduction by l/l6th portion. All planets_ Venue and Saturn excepted-lose their.rays whm they becooe €N<Ird(Asthangatha) or eclipscd. when tbe retrograde motion of a planet isabout tocease, the rays suffer a reduction by{tl. The quality of s hororopc varice dircctly with thetotal auo-

bcr of raysgivcrrby the pla,nets at the timo of birth. porna

those born with 6 to l0 rays will be dependants with no perriranonthome and poor. femous and respected by their relations. good spcci. and so ou.51.lived when thc number falls short of ls. as one of rnedium life when it is between l5 and 25.7t9 5'053 7'345 l. The following boroscope of e distinguished given as an example : personage. etc. Saravali. bqing virtuous. it Sun Moon Mars Mcrcury Jupiter Vcnus Saturn I ll 3 0 6 2 0 2 23 55 35 I l0 +3 l5 59 +7 30 8 't5 + 7'289 7'35+ 7'550 5'678 7'. 2+ 26 ?+ l3 25 l8 17 t5 E F o a) +8 23 50 38 2+ . &c.. miserablq low. vrfisqrr: %l with I to 5 rays will be vcry insignificant.10. 2-s5-30 6. and short. It is also stated that the native should be declared long.t o t\ a I-sn{ I 7 Thc position of the Srra is His fi (Necha) position is . c/. vre*rtr s+lt rQFtrTs qrfifit ftuglr I ewrgi qarccQwqe qsqqRllr:u i $ rFor detailed information the reader is referred to tho scveral hapters on the subject in Brihat Parasarahora. those with l0 to 15 reys wilt bc somewhat bettor. of good temper. mens of their family &c. those with 15 to 20 rays will in addition tre rich.mindcd unlucky.lived when the number of rays exceed 25.gz .'0-O.

t62 rnrqfid Adh. v l?9r! 1 19 cr I{is r<rqg€(Parangmukha) raysare therefor" 8'726+.: Hbrrrfl[<{ (PerengrnuLha) '| ?.ss *rt 8!0 Moon Saturn ury Rasi ^ | venus 5un i n"no | **" Chakra Lagna Jupiter Rasi of a neutral planct. Ar be is occupyinga Dwpdasamsa of any kiud. The Moon'sposition is 7' 3' 0' 0. of 7'o2g|or tbrrcfore roe"s Stu The Moods net rays are thbrefore ' 6'5902.erc- He is occupying his own Dwadasamsa. 3-2+' l'26 Tbe positionof Mars is (Neecha) is 3-28. His reys arc thur pcition is tilcrcury's 0'13'10'+9 . His irq (Nccche) is x 9=7'0295.o' o His ds -is 0' 3'58'3+ His distencefrom *s (Neeche) ' | ravs *e :-'f. tl.o1?1 x 5 or'1103+75. His rays will fors have to be doubled. '220695. Ho ll- %'^ '4393. . multiplication thcrc is no reduction or ll'23'35'2+. His qFrgq (Abhimulcha)ravs are T The Moon is in thc DwadasamsaRasi of his enemy.

Thus the sphuta rdys of the geveral llanets are Sun Moon 8'726+ 6'5902 Parangmukha Abhimukba Perangmukha . FIe thus gets 5'3882rafs. henoc tbcre is no reductionon that accoubt.His distance from derrrcssionis 8'7765rays. Venus is in 2-18-l 5-s0 His depression . he sufiers no reduction.+3-23 Jupiter's His f.0-0 a-20-2? His rnega (Paraugmukha) rays aru l-0!9? x 5:.17.44-10 His T<lvgq(Parangmukha) x 8 or +'3882+ rays "t.05525. But as he occupieshis own Dwadasams.20. 9-16-37 Hisr<rqg<* (Parrngmukha)raysare 2'30923x 7=2'6941 a og He occupies the Drvadrsamsa of a neutral planet.1 5 -0 : 0 c.s" 22 His depression Subtracting.. his rays will bc doubled. He will thus have l'5655 rays. His motion is retrogradc. as he cornes under thc crccption. 6 Though he is an astangata planet.8.0.0 His distaacefrom ilq (Neecha) is 2. we get qtdfsrcrr: l l .l|ff As he is occupying the Dwadasamsa of a very friendly planet.O is 5-27 e{' His distancefrom deprcssion is 3.28-10-48 . position is 6-25. his rays will be doubled. 0. His rays wilt thereforehave to be doubled.t68 Hit *ftgtl (Abhimukha) raysare ry x 5='7827. He will thus get The position of Saturn iis His depression is .rs (Neecha)is 9-5-0.59-38 0.

tinffin". l. Similarly for the other plauets. the sameshouldbe made aud then only thc aggregatc Ayus shouldr .M Mercury Jupiter Venus Saturn Total r|cfqlftqfi l'5655 5'3882 8'7765 0'0557 3l'3232 Adh. deterhined. Also wqr& Saravali Srffirg $rr: aqmr rfgorfra: n r ilr This has bcen verified and found to be true..we get 0-22o-55)-30' As this is less than 6 signs.363{Crf (Jatakabha.rana.rtqr: I fttqrm& ilqqcqr: lt{rir ?tin tarqrftq: rc{Fc ll 61. we have to subtract this from 12 signs. The result is I I signs 7o +' 30".s exaltation is t. Next we corne to the tftqa (Rasmijia)rAyurdaya. U#Px l0 or t!# x l0=e.30. il ti qr{rirni rqertofhnq frcleri. For personspossessing3l rays. trVherever the (f<q) Harana mentionedin slokas 24 and 25 have to be applied. The number of years sivenby thc Sun .') Subtracting. It has to be observed hcre that this system of ayurdaya has to be adopted only when Mersury possesses tho greatest Taq-o (Shadbnla) aiCa (sloka 13 infn). and the Sun.v 'Abhimukhn Parangmukha Parangmukha Parangmukha (of which only about 8 are Ablrirnukha rays).i fr rEufr{ mrfruirq ulfufidqgqfir I Esr@ ffi6pil1Rltl . The Sun's position is . the following $o (phala) is stated' in crr{.o55'. 2..

When the planetis in ite own Raci.thuc found for the Sun and other planeto. the rays are diminiched by an eighth portion. they say. When the planet is in the housr of an cDemy. etc. qnrgRqRurrq .. toqrrwdqr{trqd qrqEFil fr sl . the ftErgg (Rasnijalu) due to the nyc. or in its retrogade motion.t gL *26 irihrqilr LrJ Sloha28.When the retrograde mo. aad the result reducedto minutec ehould be nultiplied by its rayE (mentioned in the preceding aloka) aod divided by the minuteecontained in the l2 rigne. tion comesto an end..represents. Sloka 't4. Etrqil+sEqqn'qcql {rdr nqrqmufi! il qB ll qrt Rffi qrtit ' sNd qnqq&tq I nAS $g etffiqftqwrgdtaqnilRerrgoqfs u i\ tl Sloha85. Tbe quotient in years. !* qtolq. if ters thrn 6 signs. A planer diminiohedby itc exrltation. is tb be subtracted from 1|| cignr. The qrgqtc (Ayurdaya) is to b€ halved in the case of all the q<irra (Aetangata) planets ercept Venus and Saturn. in the hougecf a very friendly planet. it hao in rayc doubled for qrgqf{ (Ayurdaya) purpoEeE. @Effi<Iftguft661g. the rays become reducedby a twelftb.Sagee tay that the qrgqfq(Ayurdaya) yielded by plaueteaccording to their raye is treated of in the Artrological Science foundedby lvtahendra. in itc own exaltation.

(Chakrayurdaya) is to be-calculatedin tho casc Thc sfir{+{T in which Venushas the greatest(Ec") Shadbala. ffiTfirrqtl qiffi{rtni Sloha27. infra). the . Ayurdaya given by the Sun is therefore#\5-11-9:r'r$ . 2o 5y 30'. ( applps alsoto what ic got flFhe name of the foroulas relating to the qtrtt (Savya) by meanc and qqtrq (Apaeavya)chakras. V 26. infra). The qrgd{ (Ayurdeya) whose initial portion consictcof the yearcdue to the unexpiredgheat a birth. of c horoscopo to the severatplanetsare those mentioned in Thc yearsassigned Adhyala XVII. NorBs. Similarly in the case of the other planets. Adhyaya XVII.ortionsof the p.216 rrrnM r Adh. Adbyaya XVII sloka 6.v' 800 32 ycsrs.Sun is in the sscondquartcr of the Star (tRrqr) IGittika having alreedy travorsed there 375'5 minutes. he is 1975''5removed * As eachstar c(ryers13" 20' or 800 minutes.pccupied by the Sun and other planets is caid to be the csrgq (Cfuakrayue)of the soven planets reckoned 4from the $un (aide. whereof tbe tord tikac ol a *trm (yogatara) rr$il imilr: I Retl . qfllq (Chakrayr. There is no tol (Harana) in this Ayurdaya. sloka 6. ' the Sun's position in any nativity to be I s'r8n Assuming from thc First Point of Mcshe. The numberof yearsof . The rrge (Ayus) consistingof the aggre"" Sloha gate of the reveralperiodsbelongingto the untraversed qgllmr (Nakshatrapada)or Navahcas frl.

Rq . When the lord of the'Lagna i8 strongl ir ic planet. qr*sqnl: c26t or ruore (Ayurdaya) is called qqlrgq(Dasayue) this sngqfrq The last ir commonly a{Tfirrgq (Nakshatradasayuo). infra. crcqrqr{q* ($Flulr ll trq*lFilr I st rrt rff qre qftrgrr ll ft dq{rig {Ril qqtq* gayue)reapectively Notss.the '*nrg<{Amcayus) by a benef aud aepected to be calculated. 31sl<a3. say thoseconverEant thing (to be known).trql d Nrfi{ sdsAffit Eqr(ll td ll Sloka 28./. MreRswisf.qi iqttgqi qiffig rrfreg r r 88 . r<rcrc Frnq I rrffickrfigq*qRdt: qriqmriTqr: q: <rfoit ensft rcrrtfl ttlltllrs s8lttit wT q*iffir I qsD: s( q sqt st *tstgqt il rftw€ roi ilrrrotq'fiktg eq fteq. This Sloka is from . If the Sun or the Moon be rtrong and the &qc(Pinda)or the fterQ< (Niaar' havebeneficaspect.. The nine planets referred to in this Sloka are the sevcn planets from the Sun onwards and the two nodes Rahu and Kctu. NorBs. Tbe years assigned to them are those mentioned in Adhyaya XVIII. is treatedevery' wherein. shouldbe reckoned. (qfr.l rqq].T) Manittha's work. qsdi{ (Aehtakavarga) the urgt (Ayus) derived from with it. 28-29 t.

) e. in the three sF{ (Chandra)yogasS"rn'l qis. nets are in their exaltatioo. and in all Rajayogas Ailhyayd VII.'oidc Adhyaya VII Sloha 8:. andthe otherplanets Trikonaplaces.) when the Moon is very strong. when all pla.t g{3(l Sunapha.a t. Parasara says lto-erg<[*(lrindayus) is to bc cdculatedr" . Sl:hts /. The ttanslation ought to be: " lVhen the Sun has reachedhis oxaltation and the other planets have attained their maximurn strength and occupy Kendra and Trikona positions. yogai. when all the planetsare in their exalta.egtg rtr${q+. When the Sunis in his exaltation Kendra arestrong occupying and. and in all Rajayogas where the planetsare strongert. in the strongest tion.59)when the yoga-producing plinets are possessed of erceeding strength.e. Ailhytyt V I I Sloha. in the strongest {r{r (Sasa)or tqf. Parasara says fiwrg< (Pindayus)is to be catculated.q (Hamsa yoga)(Adh1oyo VII. Durudhara. in the 4s6qr. (Sasa) fr g *i q qodgtll 1o ll qdg rmq'iis tqqrc qtrtnrtt 8l ll SloAas 2947. 59). yoga druma in the yogas n6rgtvitar:-uide infra. hora. reckonedas thoseof long.lived g <oar<lrr and seemsto be the correct one. Norrs Thei.38 ff(rTqlfrctt Adh. {T{t in or aqfin (Hamsayoga). in all other yogasreckoned as tlroseof long-lived people. Anapha.qahChandra Kema(**gefin) whentheMoon is strongest.latter half of Sloka 30 rea<lsthus in cc{r?Rt (parasara.v qI qtitrq.fu qrrr*. Adhyaya Mahapurusha VII. in the €lg$T (tvtahapurusha)yogas. all otheryogas yogas generally (aideinf ra AdhyayaVII in theChandra Slokas 71-73). SlohaS9).6riig flg.

iqrqlf$qtg the Sun 3.h" Sun. Thefollowingslokasfromri(fir(il((Parasarahora)giving as to the severat cases whero sorhdpgre detailed informltion be reckoned will be found ts [Fipdeyurdaya) &c.rlrEtatq l' {Trllircr(Samudryajr)' aa* r(Nakshatrrja (Kalachrkraja).. But the lattor (Parasarahora') in c'tf{Ker(t This Slokaapp€ars half there readsas follows I {iqi. M"''tfull'of strength in the 11th.Irf. have to dgifi be useful: - qEffitts€{tf ll 11ll it -tuiigi*tu qogt professore "' --- g** hi Hqerqts+fiqqt \oqql' qRe{ t *l mqr.A\ r 1il flr$rqlqqt glg lrterurircni'fuRg astrologicrt am?ng 13. a Kenira' o:ctrPy or in the 7th anJ otharbcn:ficplanats phce anJ whln th: Trikona or an sler iUpachaya) (A2lktimr) hr'ri:r.. accordingae r-eckoned i **t (Amsaja) Ayus is to be Venus'Jupiter'Saturn .d:rs Slioha (Nisargaja):3:: .. Mars' the greateststrength' pos$esseo or the Lagna Nores.fictrg\sq: ll REq(tfr d'qrsqBg . sfriirlr is to bEreckon:d' Rno.Mlrcury.. ii".. the mrleficrnss occupyit. Whan Jupiter is in the Lrgna' 31opa is in-thg4th".3l ---.--.q}qgl tosi .r toq( lllRll *roH Hqi q dr*tqr\.gq lPindavus) NorBs.. the ftost (Pindaja)' t*O: (Bhinnashtakavargajr)'ifioqsil iR. Ttie lea.-.. qthsh gnTt qorAt oi gt -q&trtq .Mooo..------. f-.snija).h. j_tj3.2.rrfifrthr{rgsqfr t *roqalgqrgr fit ftarsrqlReqgtgt tru{tq ilot t*nrif q{rgRrn{ililq r.

V qnrs* qTetflFt qT frqr. luqwqr. qB*dir ft:rt t t qt oh etqir? g{rea:ll \rqE1q:qfqdl dtqrqrt | *rt* q* rrqrqrqfq-q+ ffuTrqi I rilA g qtaivtrgfrq: nftqreqri: frt lt retrslifitllilqa' uil qetxErq: qt qoq-R sgqrqre{.iqkrdt o* grud < nfri tt :'{"1 .fl1:fsftrnmw t Sa.r gTfirq) rS frei qrerqiqUq gr* mqr(I ffi qq:mniqlt'} t"qr* g {€R tt troU {r+} q qt+t* *qr{qrfr' r srihrfqr.t:gi: I (. F{TrIr{fiTa[ Q[il*r q€trRqffq qqqrft a^Srfrtr"qfq fffi: q1fu 11 qfta:m}qqrq}ftqa: qGe.621nr ffiq* grnRil tf .nt{r.iFg c I qpqiqrt m qi HgqrftiRg rfirn(ll qfrbgq{idkt} ge:\rer: qirt: t aqrqi{tifta' ll ftqrg.el-qqw t acqrffiqeqruq gqrd{€rfr{fl rrqqrq}Er: ll .€afiruqilmntqq#* I frsqqqErqr€+ erqr.ilsfrftqt tt y at qG n\ qr'f ilU rynr* gq' r maltt mqrcior'toqril: ss t Gq tt \i tqrefr gErairolrare{a'i+t r qqifrg a"firfrg arqntigq ffin( tl m€ifuaq+sr qqrbqg.lsoo ilfficftltt dAdh.

who eat wholesome dia. wbo .fiq ll *. etc. The argu(Ayus) in years. Sloka 34.qffq(drRRaFqqrq r t qnqrflft qisotttodlqr- i q+t{fuil Gst{qnr mt tkeqrswr*fit n l\ tl t qlqwqt*tt t tqqrwrftqirtr I rcrtqqtMrry{il tq tf Sloha 35. (Sourayus) t qs. eo the period of life in solar yeilrE.ul. 261 qflarqhcHgEtqwnwilFil hr $tse{t: t qagh"fur6rqgd €ila qrl afE\oq eTrq: tl qnaflqRftnnt*q tt fib qgAeern'rqrif qteM ifsr qrq\uql{il<rqlI qwrgqft firtssiihssqqrt11 qcqlfi{t€+iqit qqr{i{e} na. 34-86 q€fr$qr{. who are devoted to tbc Brahminoand the Godc.I q tt tq' erqr* qfr+qrq c*w itg q. Thie wgu (Ayus) hasbeendeclared by wise men in respectto those who are engagedin the practiceof virtuous actions.. wgtnRffqt {'flq ll {er.qroftqrtq I wgrilRd qt fi*t gffuil{ t qrtt{ Et w{ frtqrngwqtlt 18 ll months. divided by 365 360 and is termed drrgq multiplied by i.nRgq(Mi q {dir€{Tr(mrr: qtirntqmqq tqfiilqnmqt t .^g qqoafir* | : ffi wrd*qft+lil-t.

SZ-:S. Suddendeath seizesthosethat are and of the forceof morallaw.that are the enemies godds.qrrilfurr{ tl Qell Tmo[rTt q REqr{ | grrfforrt d frsargdf{t qqwrort iigre q t t{vf q€iurt qq{iqr€t{Ht qrquilrqftflat ll ld ll ryrffiq qaFTllrqqfenf I Rgrtt lq ll w\qrg(ngf atGfr {rrqRE} Slokas37-39. and who are adCicted Brahmins.{6rittqffirtr*Tftq r . death overtakesthosewho Sloha 36. of the sacredscriptures. that have abandoned live sinful by that dutiesand traditional observances. q iilit qq. covetous to gluttony. Those that the ordinances regard the wrgq (Ayus) pre' know the sacredsciances scribedas applicableto people other than those that liableto untimely death. who revileGods aod aresinful.262 qrilwdlril Adh. folly abideby out of wouldnot and thosethat courEes. Zida $qfrqqii V. Premature and thievish.that are a sourceof dreadto all. havebeendeclared desffi (I) $qt{wiurtq ffiq{q I *rqm{gsqqsTqf qrcrqs ll 8a ll Frr{rg. that are viciou'q rceptical filch other of Gods and Brahmins. that are people's their ioois and turn ipfsfmer$.marksof chara:ter and conduct pecuii"t to their high {anilies.v hnd.

L?. bearsand frogc live for 300 years. of a fowl 8.rishta) perio{ of the native: . of a goat or sheep. crows and serpants. A thousrnd years is recognised the maximum length of life of aftc( rqran adwwrguffiq I . c/. l0. 16.e (A. monkeys. qRE{{n rl A. srffidt frwr: qGt{rr: c€ src qrqF€qrq r g Qcn [ frFiqrEfqilqrg:emr€rai ctrl*r: qqsrt u. S/ohas 42-44. The maximum ageof a horse ie 32 yearE . of an assor a camel. 12 likewiee. the maximumageis 7 years. 1?0 yearsis known as the maximumlife of men aod elephants.iqiEuq r*teir t flfhrEtg(ryr?t qrq(f'u BRtl gqqGrq]*rq-geqrR qrurt$sflurt q fttirwrd {igr n Bt tl tqe qfiqqi aKqrr6(rftqr {rfif n Bl tl erqntEetrf q $tr. of dovee.25. of a goooe. 'of peacocks.qfuiqi Zsrftg I gii g qrgn ch6rrlDr* ct*rgcq. Hawks.a slokas 45.54) the author has explainedthe various clues to frnd out the srft. owls. cranet. 4l-44 qgdlrtrrrq: 263 q frsqr r nttsrgtwqi srrrrEtqt .24. of a bull or buffalo.61. 14. and of the bulbul or elstern nightingale.ctils iti(tn I ilaifdnrl'qqrrriqfikeqtf (qr: tqKlt tt Btstl as Slokas 40-41. of a cuckoo or parrot. In the following ten slokes (i. Rakshasas havelengthof life lasting l5'0 years.

261 mircrRqt* Adb. with the respectively bhavag beginning qftffiqq*eiat q$ lrqqEr +q I Zrr[t ll Bq ll Frqffqrgn.vnr#e 'Tlqqaf qulsqeil wUtnnhqt fQguqfrr qwtrruIt qqftir qreEkrqt sAffttr{ qrt ttusit . The dasaperiod of a planet occupying the end of a sign brings on disease. V gfut t ftquseqtntE qrqfcgR 'When. medium or short lives according as at the in time of their birth four or more planets are grouped together groups 4 consecutive of the lst. under lions (into which the 12housesmay be arranged purposes)' there certainconditionsfe1 w(ffi1<'Ayurdaya is a maleficplanet devoid of strengthand unassociated the with a beneficplanet.. Deathmay happen in the daaa of the planetin question when the planet no further than the thirtieth degreeof hae progressed (Raei). 5th and the 9th. the qrRr c/. NorBs The following sloka from "ilr"6h{r wilt n divisions referred to: explain the cyclic q ftqqdqgunqflt qfr qtq ll 8\ ll srilrlrrnTr&nQrnitioa Ufol*: t qrr**taiar trtcuqrcrdifta:ll People have long.the astrologer can announce deathof the persooaffectedby this yoga at the conclu' cion of the ({r (Dasa-Ayurdayaperiod) of the weak maleficplanetin question. qoffi+t ll (qar) usr *{aqqdrdqfiftr-ds g. in oneof the threecyclic diviSloka 45. the 2nd or the 3rd cf the three the Lagna.ilfitrqt q(or Sloka 46.

JL d?-49 qrfr$nl: . it wilt prove fatal . lr.r q{rqi qR tqfrtffim rri: r qitcrsrqxi qgKEr q?. in an ini. the 6th to Jupiter. If a maleficplanet occupyingthe 6th or by ite enemy the 8th housefrom the Lagnabe aepected and if that 6th orthe 8th housebe itgelf owned by a maleficplanet.f.86 Sloha 47. c.o(Rtd r {fiTgff q glr€g qS qcTr S-drd+fr qr* er I csrceq qil €r{frrqq qtqgilrfttvc n Bq tl S/ota 49. mical houseor eclipced by the Sun. the 4th to &turn or the ?th to Rahu. If in the order of main daeasthe 5th happeno to belongto Mars.the deathof the person concerned will take placein the subsidiary dasa period of the planet occupyingthe 6th or the 8th housewhen the main dasa belongsto a planet conqueredin planetarywar. glnq.&" &**t efdG:r qtrntt qfr gA qq. and thie will be the caseall the more when the fatal dasas are alsociatedwith malefic planetealso.*tgvnft rr qwsqrn? xr: rrtefr rQeir$a:t q*o. every one of these will prove fatal.$rrorirst: t €SrqrfrRqdt srstQ f.rr<ffamc: il qers{rRE{r qid €r( qs giftr t thrgfi ed vrqq ila}qqfltr u Bdrl Sloha 48.s. the 5th or the ?th main dasa happeno to be that of a planet in depression. c/. 94 ffifrTaqffifrqmrr . If the 3rd.

repreoenting it. NorBs.s. In the main dasaas well as in the sub. This sloka also appears in qodf\qt (Phaladerpika).qedtftrr *nr*rq* rq?fi({ rrdl rqu: ac*{rcftr TFq qcrt ftlTlrt er slcri! er. a.966 iltITc|ftlrt Adb. Norr.deathmay happen. (Z) the one aEpepr.cftg{s}q Also cileR r tl vr<qg61$qit *n. The same event may be gxpectedwhen Saturn passes through the rrftr (Rasi) by the lord of the house owning the Navamsaoccupied referred in which is the owner of the ioom (Drekkana) to above. or (3) the (bhavaKaraka) qft+t€'t r etnqqqrq{ qt Erq(t *q tt \t ll Slota 51. ridiary dasa of the lord of the Znd cr the ?rh placefrom any bhavathere wilt happenthe deetructionthereofby (1) the planetoccupying the bhava. but the reading therelis eryqq (Ashtamasya) for elgqat (Ashtamastha.f. v ffiqr nwrqffqwf erqeq+fffit n \o u S/ola 50. When Saturn goesto a hougeoccupied of the 8th housefrom by the lord of a itorq (Drekkana) the Lagna. ing it.) qsq@qmtqqfttkdqd rfr t brrar: Gt{t tarsd Gq($ qtqt I ll \1 ll rpqf\q$l{ qcsEgrnarm .

il qil-crfrri Rqd: qrvr$rtilirg*sq rt qil sr$r{q q4fqt il qnnt \m<nrqtcteat ttottcft RsqP{FrftcE!tII.. Whichever of them is strongest. infra).rTrc:I '.81./. (5) the plqnet in conjunction with the lord of the 8th.} T-q:n. (6) the lord of the 64th Na. 6g qlfrrrlml 2gl rilqufr{Tq W fuilil r€irrlI il qQ rd qfg qq ili €ffi *iq u \E rl Slokas 52-53. qfrqt qqcrdqg*nrxqrqsqince'iisFr t cfr: r eS gtoqqnqRrqr: Est e{k qtc"Et u : cftrrfuqrftffirr€r: I e*nqnrrt{rrffi{rfr EnrrrAqgcgilqiclafudqn tcgft rgsa: ll Also qlrqrh cgrrt qft qqdt qfltsftqtgqq(dtqi. Tbe following reven are termed fud (Chhidra) Grahasor planets of vulnerability: (1) the lord of the 8th bhava. vamsa from that occupied by the Moon. (Z) the planet occupying the lamer (3) the planetaspectingthe 8th .Z?. . (oide eloka56. and (7) the raq (Athisathru) of the lord of the gth house.nd Drekkana from that of the Lagna. in the dasa of that planetshouldan astrologer predict death Norrs. frrqrd'<t qqn"f grlqqcqftttT'qrq: s w: qtr qr qqrflqqstQrgrn frqrdt ftlttrq ll i'! i .e. (+) the lord of et (Khara) i.crrrorfr t ffierr{ricrqr: o\ rrgtg ggt0r wg?s.

tbe fust and secondof tf.5lelrirqtrlsqrqrf]rqqrFqir{fi ' ii g:crqr*odft glrdr q: rTrrnt.qqcq rt I tnrflflrtqer<t fttdtrq t*aq cr+egrerwrq ll 'tgrorq6{Iq.v Also no{tfrtt :r frertil{. ever is Etronger' Nor's. The deathof the relative signifiedby any particularbhavaw'ill without doubt take placein the main dasa(1) of the planetoccupyingthe 12th place from that bhavaor (2) of the planet owning it which. The middlemost. The reading of this Sloka in nc<rrQfl (Phaladipika)is as follows: . The 2nd Drekkana of Vrischika is er-vledfT{rs (Nigada-fetters) Drekkana.the last and the first Drekkanae reapectivelyof Kataka.rt I . (Balabhadra) According to 1o{r{ the first and secondDrek(Vrischike) kanas of me{ (Ibtaka). These are also called are telmed ttt (Sarpa) ct{t-Pasa(noose) Drekkanas. tt Udtdfrfilqil q?ofrfffreqbqdr ttq qrq]frrr-d] flftffsn\\ ll Sloha 55. bc seys: €{tMI qsqt{flinqqr Uqf.Meenaand Vriechika Drekkanas.Ft{t<T{crrcEitrt r t ffisliffiqarct agril{r{Gl qr I {r{r\ilq tqeq qr* uq* fr{rqrll \8 ll : sloka 54. Th: first Drekkana of rVfakara as well rs of Simha ic termed v& (Pakshitird) Drekkana. NorEs.268 rrci\rftEre Adh.}a-n and the tast of dlc (Meena) are tt (Sarpa)Drekkanas:For. qAtc.

livine beings.riil *iiigi".e personborn at a time yhen the sum total of-*q fieeval and tr (Deha)i.i-rl" designation?t (Deha) or Body. the exacrfigures of what is cailednor (prana)i. vt (Khara) is the 22ndDrekkana from that of the Lagna..u 8th house from the Lagna. . In findingthepositior (Mandi) the fotlowing froa *rri gfuT*$s Rqrn'n€ig..gL 66-6? qrfrsqrr: 26s 'r T*er cqcft€rft q&{q cqctsrfi firqnc&h qr frTrqr:. G Mrityu) or Death.ipri.". c. Long lives tf.rt (Drekkan") i"ir. life and body io in excess . r ' @ffirr(urt)rnf gqrstqqt{qttE qg. rli. The figuresfor the risingsignmultiplied by 5 and euperadded to thosefor crF.h" figuresfor crt (Mandi) joined to those of the Sro go by the.Ju-y "r 8 and added to the figures for enaq(Mandi)g.i. .. Seven .theos**iur (Lagnadrekkana) is the first!*ar. : Slqkajj. from .name of gg (Mrityu) or Death. r "tYil Parasrra rRH( will be_tretpful.. Notps It is evident that the\2And i*Tnr (Drekkana) reckonod. The 64th lrFavamsa is reckonedfrom that occupied by the Moon..q tfyf.qsqun} qh rf \Q rr Sloha 56.ih TE ' qslffiqfqdlgs wrilrki dqfr ri q\e rr of qsili q qfffiqe fluRSi{rfqnt qqq {$eqfdr gFri ti sqrftt$ilr I . The 64th <qi{r (Navamsa) from that occupied by the Moon means the first qlitt (Navamsa) in the gth house from the Moon. The figuresfor rhe Moon rur.

f*ilil:I gfu+. {lfitrftflt Adh. MultiAdding q|F< (Manaii Dlying by 5. The 5th muhurta ends at l8 e.iir **fr r!t@e: to{tr ryqfrvo.rj (Mrityu). .5 R. that of Mars Jupiter's muhurta. (Yar4akantaka). S+ correspondiug to this time. Similarly ihe positions of qsf.210 . e. Br..5 [t. For the horoscope taken for illustration in page 238. the 8th portion is tordless.Here again Saturn's muhurta ir gfut (Gulika). l6'6c. may be found.. 20 +7. Therefore each muhurta is 3 c. the I. Mercury's.i$6( (Ardhaprahara). lVida also notes on ll4 sttpra." (A) lf2o-1?r-51.agna is 0-l4o-3 l'-46. Nights are similarly divided into 8 portions or muhurtas. Gulika's position is l0 signs. The position of gftq (Cutita) and others is assignedat the end of their respective muhurtas.'r-dfi is termed t.++. The first Muhurta on Friday night belongs to Mars.q<igfuafr ft6tqh I Gcenesr Eteraltcn{q}qafiq ll qsqiqt iifrcT: qrq mcEirgfut: eEe: t rr&cqesr rrrrrqrhrrqgcTRar rl rtqiqcct qqfr ftqdt. Therefore grtt (Gutit<a) i. tTft*.. the lord of the 5th weekday from Friday.qq (Arana prahara) etc. we get 2-12o-38'-50.f In tbe same example. The Sun's muhurta is called wo (Kala). we get for nq (Prana) l2-l'"-26t-.:*u: gih qqsqer: rl Qre. The length of Friday night in questionis given* tobe r29 s. Saturn's portion in each day is called gted (Gulika). I SrqiMcu<t: tl The following is the rule for finding tbe times of (Gulika) gftq and others on the several week-days: Divide the day into 8 parts. Saturn's druhurta is ihe 5th. the bosition of qftq (Mandi) is thus found out : The time of blrth was Friday rigbt. v * r {RerrrQ5t. the 8th portion lis without a styled ?m{.. The lords of the first 7 muhurtas are the 7 planets counted from the lord of the fifth week-day from the day chosen. 38'125 ft. The lords of the first 7 parts are the 7 pLanets counted in order from the lord of the day.

r. r. we gct for g. When Saturn arrives at a triangular rign from the qtllqh (Ayurbhava).oney. Adding nq (Prana).ilqlorGt qqqqrI qnh*rrt q.g (Mrityu 7l-7o-28'. death will take placewhen Jupiter arrivesar a triangular oign from where the lord of the qqqrt(Ayurbbava) b. c/.* 54. ctrcrfr qill{ flcgrqrrqi tril qrFq Qfr{q*: r nGfr scr( <rrdigantFg: garltr: r qrggr* rrkq1rgfifrkqa?firraft rr ddFdqwrisqil ilqt qqqhrqgiqlt qtq r.=98-l+o-ll. d.5&69 ciqls'lqrq: calL The Moon is 9. dtq*gagimafit .{i1. . Wben Saturnin his progreEsthrough his orbit arrives at rhe sign indicatedby tbe total of tt (Deha). Adding the Sun 0-l?"-43-30.tiq n \q rl Sloka 59.' =(D) This is greater than Bg (tvtrityu) (C)." (crda) Againmultiplv Mandi's positionby 7 wc gct 70-190-45-18'.sfl'e(Jeeva)and *g (Mrityu). thereis waste of m. Af ts *C wc have 169-2lo-+0'-38.r 7*25o.l+c--29'-39. the astrologermust predict death." (oetra) (B).the aetrolcger should 'Ihe predict the loss thereof. sameevent." Multiplying by 8. Thisis found to be correct as Saturn was then retrogradein Rohini.50." So that when Saturn is iu l-2lo-+0'-38o or transits Vrishabha there is Death. When Saturn.t rnqiw *eql r qrnftqftdfr qrUt nt d*.' (C) nq (Prana)or ds (Jeeva\Pltts ia (neha. 4E.57'-12.-. we gct Adcling qna..{ (Mandi) lo-2o --47. e.\ztf SJofto58. *q (D"tra) and gq (Mrityu). is in a triangular sign from theRaei referredto aboveiorin a Navamga owned by the Eame. we get for te 85-28o-+5'-6.

qsriqrng eilRRiQ il.212 qtrtqtftrfr Adh. the Sun and Mandi. by the aggregate of the figureefor the ttre sign indicated Lagna. This as welt as the next }. cular fwt (Drekkana) of the particular Raoi indiby the aggregate of the figurer of tbe live (ww) Gated Upagrahao reckoned from qr (Dbuma).stri {r qffilfr wdf ll Q" ll WEirrr-A Slota 60.deathwill take placewithout doubt. Subtractthe figuresof the Yarnakantaka (croom) from thoseof the rising sign and find out the Rasiandits Navamsa by the difference. qTFfi$t q|gs€'ftqlrq I ndq'sifrrfrt qltr Rnq q filf u qRtl $dttqqatnqrftiinurqrtsdgt Sloha 62. Subtractthe figures for Srturn from thoceof crPq (Mandi) and find out the Rasi and its Navamsaindicated by the difference.the native meets with death.6). Find the houseoccupiedby the lord of.."lli.v o{r*nr?tt$ffi*.(uideAdhyaya II-Si. When Saturn arrivesat a triangular position from thic Navamsa of the Rasi thus found. deathwill takc place. The came cvent will also happen when Saturnarrivesat the parti. . (Pbaladeepika). are also quotedin ss{Tq+l t r5t Auqnqq ftfrsq qqqrai( | rrftaEqmQ dit sg+ tqqr n qt ll Slolc 61.When indicated comes Navamsa thie in the Rasi thus to cccupy Jupiter found. When Jupiter arrives in his progressthrough the orbit at the Rasi found as aboveor in a triangular sign ihereof.




(The five Upagrahas reckoned from q$ (ohuma) are (l) TIr (Ardhaprahara), (l) rtqsoa'fi (Yamakantaka)' (Dhuma), tzl "q|r{( (+) *rrne (foaanaal and (5) qrF( (Mandi). For finding their posi' tions, seo notes on sloka 57 above and II-6 ttp'a (page 47)' The figure for rft4 (Mandi) is l0- 2o-+7'-5+n. ,. t Sobtracting Saturn'o-27o-'5s'-41' 3' which means we get 9-4o-52'-1 Makara) Rasi and (Kumbha) Navamsa. Whcn Saturn pdsses through a Rasi trine to Makara and a Navamsa trine to Kumbha' death may ba predicted.

Stroka63. Ascertain the Navamea,the Dwada' ramcaand the Drekkana indicated by the figuresfor Saturnat lvlandi When Jupiter arrivesat the Navamoa, and the Sunat a triangutarEignfrom the DwadasamEa is that and the rising Navamsa in question, the Drekkana Lagoa, of the figureefor the denotedby the aggregate the Moon and Mandi, deathwill take place.
Nores. that is, ho is in Tula Ni'' Mandi is in lO-2-+7-54; vamsa Kumbha Dwadasamsa and Kumbha Drekkana' According in a to this sloka, death may be expected when Jupiter arrives Navamsa trine to Tula; when Saturn arrivcs in a Dwadasamsa trinc fo Kumbha and the Sun in a Drekkana trine to Kumbha'

qftErWARdr{ffisqtQ sqgrc{t{sfttFnqq* | iqrq*Fnrqfm q Erg. er( ll Ql,tt fugqrP<ggtli{tRiEn

But c/- c€rcrlt nmqrfi qr{ln rrilfi{Tr fieqcfllnft rr* $Fcqtr|Ffrs r ci adrRrilql;} r qgrcrd gt: Trq?gtq ""ftflcr&ilqa {nfr- [ Trjt[fq{rqF qrfttrtl|r ffiflq{






64, Find out the Rasi .nd it, N"r.r.u indicated by the sum total of the figuree for the Lagna a.ndwrft (Mandi). This R.,i and its Nurrrmr", f.y the Agtrologerc,will give the clue to the parricular monthand the portion thereof in a year in which a p€roon's deathmay be expectedto happen ; (i.e.,when the sun arrivesar this particularRasi and the paiticular Navamsathereof the person will die). The Moon at the time of the decease will occupy rhe Ragiindicated by the total of the figuree for Mandi and the Moon ; encl the.rising sign will be that denoted by the totar of the figures for the Lagna,Mandi and the Moon.
Fitst hat f. (t) c{rcFi But see.r* lo""ttt;rrowing quotations I

frqturqd gRi{Ttil uriffi<q}rrq Sloka

frqtqql* xTffi ilG{r!|

rl u EB


(2) qgsmq-qii: €rrqrrftmTr*+.}urqrftq{ artrr: e ig qq*;rRnlsetqrqarrinst (aerrm{fi) diqfurt r afirrtsasiqnrftre?rt as fti)ils (rQ)wr qil BggnFd qqqqrr: eii rRqqft il
r,f. *o*rfr-

qsfinrf*i rrRrcrsesft cfrsft | q-,{dntP*orarq rrr*t cr frftq


,., I.alict half.


ftqilqft qfut i gfussrrrRS rr

qqffieqrn q* r'hrf*dftqq, r A*Hcrri nF+ trEr€sign<qr tl rkiimif& sr ftHt wroilunq I trtQnftorrtsl itrq sFqq<T irr tf qtcrtrnrFri ffito€ cr ftg qfi.: r





sqdfrrrntqruat fl\ qttr ll q\ ll
Sloka 63. Multiply by 9 the figuree for crFq (Mandi) and Saturn. AdJ the two productsand find out the particularRasi and its Navam:awhich indrcates. When Saturnpas$es throughthis, deathwill happen.

gPdf, t f{qd q gFr.{rq{d€qqr

qgn{Ir;triutst*trEi Trh r
inJicated Sloha66. Find out the sign of the zodiac by the sum total of the figuresfor the lords of the 6th, the 12th and the 3th bhavas. When Saturn is in thic or in a triangularsign from it, death has to be house apprehended. cl. vra*rt{r fgitear.rm t?ci orn fltcgFtr *rg wat <r t tguirrrareirflffuirqi rrrgb rrtaq{urqtl rr$r

ilq|t*rsrJqtiilsft qt $g{q ilrrq. ll qq ll

dli a;EatfrftiirgFriq-{ q qrR$i tirat grtssRft{strqriqctffi( t

qlt qiqd TEr qR {urtfrdorrnail qtq rrQg


Sloha 67. Add nine times the figures for Saturn and flFc tMandi) to nine times the figuresfor Jupiter; repeatthis processagain.Adding the two eetsof figuree relatingto Saturn, Mrndi and Jupiter, find out the Rasi and its Navamsaindicatedby the total obtained.When Jupiter progreosingthrough itc orbit arrives at the particularRasi and its Navamsa abovefound,the percon concerned will havehis exit froo the world.




qrg$) i{{t ft,i q qrlq
qtfiEgrr ar*r adq gnql(

$il m{ufurfusftqq,t
qigsrils 11 Qell enfuqtmntqFl

, Slolrr 68. Add nine times the figures for Saturn and crFq (Mandi) to nine times the figures for the Su_n. To ihis sumadd againnine times the figures for efiq (Mandi) joined to nine times the figurea for the Sun. throughthe particularRasi and When the Sun passes the by the grand'total, ,thq parilcularNavamraindicated concerneJ will takeolace. of the person demise

'" gtttgi6;tq{tru[i'q{rrsq*clt fl{ffilq{lf,ts I

ofionltll c€bRtqrfuqit {ilodqEfte

rr11 ll

S:oka 69. Add together the number of yeart, months,etc.constitutingthe Dasaperiod of the planeta or the lst bhava with the lord of tlre Sch in conjunction will and divide the sum total by 12,. The remainder death the say, astrologers indicatethe month in which, will take place, of the personconcerned

qqtt* nqudgFrt g qrFq

rd q a;n<mgmqrtqtt.

5€r s{t{ailffist wri

qq ll so ll qirrN{tT{{fr*WH(s

Slokt 70, Add nine times the figuresfor Saturn *rfio (Mandi) to nine times the figures for thc "nd Moon. To this total add again nine timeathe figuree for qrFq(Marrdi) jcined to nine times the figures for (Rasi,)and qdrt (Na' the Moon. Find the particularrrRr

$ by th: graod tolal' When the Moon vrmsr) inCicated thus (Rtsi) and aatlt (Nrvamsa) p..r.rittt"u3h t'r: rrr?r willtake place' concern':d iouoa,th':d:ath of the person


silirG qffiqf,ft5aqqmGftqlqE{It {{aqt I

Rt eftqrng$aqlqe

day' Sloku 7I. If the birth of a personbe during : time, his exit from the wJrid is to bc thus determinecl Addthe figures for the Eunand Srturn; and find out th: asterismawe (Nakshrtra)and th: portion thereof qar'"{tt of this (Mah;rdasa) indicatedby this total In the asterismlziide Adhyaya 18, sloka !, inf rn)' find out portion of to the parricular *nirr, p.iiod corresponds personcon' the etaialready found. The death of the cernedwill occurat this point of time' If the birth be durin! night, add the figuresfor the asleforetheprrticularperiod Moon andRrhu ; ascertai; to th: portion of the corresponding of the Mahadasa by the total' This will givethe time indicated asterism of ftqlof(Nir.v^anat.
Norss. rlf (Garga) gives another clue for The following sloka from (Nirvane) of any person' ascertaining the ffi

ll t* qqtsiilgfiltlil;ITI(ll el


nr rrfutfu*r\asqhffi rrh{Tir r stilrt Rt (i{1 qrri <{<t l' RiQt rTrui

uflKil{irriffiii (iltt$rwt €d: r cqtHqq iiqlir qqttiftRilqs ll el ll



Ceusnor,e PgnscN's EXI,rFRoM rnn Wonr,o. Sloka 7L, The 22nd Drekkana from the quiarq (Lagnadrekkana)is the cause of deach. An astrologer thoroughlyacquaintedwith the apprication of rhe, ciplecof his scienceshould i'dicate tha exit fron the world (fidur-Niryanr) of th: p3r$on concerned in reference ro th? lord of the Zznd Drekkana afcresaid. (aide Adhyaya5,A Sl. 11).
NorBs. cJ, Also grcn$t


uq,rr{6fi{riRawfuroir rraih +rrh qeit: I qr asrrffitqir fiefsr r(qlq, s,gtr,r| wrqurtrt: slrrT{rqiei e} r Asi{rq qqinR{aulirRi'tr<icftii fi ll

{ Also qotfqmt

r '

Viile aks Adhyayt V- A. Sloka ll infra. For the condition as to when this sloka has to be applied, see latter half of sloka 75 inl t o,

irorr{fr€h .tr ftr I ftBfil^tqE**g {nirt {g} trtor Eieq}ffif,rEhtr
{qi+{ ffir{fi Uq{qndtqrtg} ekwq tt \egtl
S/ofta 71. If a strong benefic plaoet occupies the ?th house from the Navamsa where.crflq (Mandi) is at a person's birth, that person'$ death is sure to cone about l,appily. But if M rs be in such a position, the death will be in battle. If Saturn should occupy the sameposition th: death would be infricted by thieves, demons, srrakesand other reptiles. 'If the Sun or the waning Moon hold the aboveposition, the death would

iqr ffqlt qq{t{sqft qrttsettqrc*

caused r butn. frcn affection.d tq oa*a oqr(sqflqt ng. When a strongplanet aspects of bhava deathresultsas rhe effectof the inflammation to that planet' If the aspecting the humour belonging by planetbe the sun. If the lord of the 8th bhava occupy the Lagna. 84 will occur on a road' Norps Fbsl quattc''. if Venus. If the 8th bhava conEtituting be a moveablesign. t qftor€t efui gfir rfrrRgarqaltn* aear qA' Rq(c{rirq tl {€: qqrri{r{rtctol'i eqrgfiqrqRr fiTtisi iroEilI {. gqiglrqr: qnr€? rrarrg g{taErrftte* <rffci. it Jupiter. de. if a dual sign.ft irla<t'&&r &atir q qqfut\qqqit{nftii t qft lt eB tl 3I qilE?qqowqlffi qQlqr-6ttqnq the 8th Sloka 74. if the Moon. from fever . from famine. t/. sn6d {t regd Rsri qwft qqrqfuq} utg:t ar€gasgdt r1ftffufu{Icrt(: qrq il .gI. from a disease if Mars. if a fixed sign.the deathwill arisefrom S"tutn be the aspecting thirst. 219 t an aquaticbeing.rth wiil happen in a foreign will takeplacein the peroon'r nativeplace. c/ cactfr qr. it wilt be due to an ailmentcaueed by water. leadingto deathwill be locatedin that part the disease of the bcdy of the $Iogor Kalapurushawhich the sign the 8th bhavarepresents. if Mercury.from a disorderarisingfrom a hurt inflicted by a weapon. lastly if phlegmatic planet.qt6?qEtfl iirct6{nr drrqt.

Stcoqil qaatlct.qrl5i s Egifr lls\ tr Efrururiqfufr iq ct?qrqcrffqr the 8th bhava Sloha75. C/. the hurt inflitted by cruel percone trumentsand agents cf the malign planeto. the 22nd Drekkana).olc iloha.280 |tdtcnill Adh. 4 Wrm'< frqlfta: c{cR qqd q<qrqinFqfurcrrFt rgffirnq iqrfiiFr€F!{als rtr* afo1rfi tiq t gamatqrgsansrcgss* dffiAn""ifisd q& qrt cr?qqs aqRqt<rQct1 s le{# r A. Slokar73 and 74 stfra.e. see slokas53-59of Adbyaya. cl. If the oign representiog be an uncccupiedhousebut aspectedby the $un and deathwill be broughtaboutby the influ' other planets.qrqr Gr gt1q1 qqr n I rr T{cdt snird:rF{qnFi}sr{tri For lhorl. (. If planete enceof the ctrongest of the aspecting of do not aspect but occupyit. ptanets. If neitherof these conditiongexist. the personborn m'etl dueto with very lamentable death either by"a dieease planets the or by of the ir flammatiqr of the humours who are the vile ins. If the house representing be occupied by a maleficplanet. But if ttre 8th bhavabe occupiedby a benefic planet. they will be the authorc death.qil{l qfb}rGsdqtlR hqtir I Ugrrrrt qrdtr(tqqaffiffiftsqtil t g{nqrt tr riitgqqagts{iftonidqlreta $guqqTR the 8th bhava Slchn 76.q{d ftnErcgdrftrr&iffi qgtft mtE r.II. .v For the humours of the several planets.the person will comeby hie deathtbroughthe lord of the Drekkana repreeenting the 8th bhava(i. the peroon wilf die happily. I SuPrc.

or through an operationby meano inEtrument.& qrt ftuqti qqEqh ll \eell birth Mars occupyLibra Sloha17. Saturnand the Moon occupythe 8th bhavaor a triangularposition from the Lagna.bolt.<. A slightly different reading is given in €t(tEdlluis' sfu{r sia e! Shdr. If the waning Mpon occupying deathwill take by Saturnin etrength.rrtrs'$i qg: I gcrr6fr<<ar iirlaqr€rgqEir rreR tr vrqrFanlififi g r.ur:z. (c/. If the Sun.A.s. 36 . doho l0rinfrc.a wall and the like. qftarqrfr{r e} dh=Et {isrnP{tI trq tted ll gilqe{qtsqt m Egr {qE-eI oqrFsrfHqMnnfiftqrstI t q1g:q1ffi6{ {q$qrf(?tr{ ril ll sq ll Sloka 79.r5qS the second the 8th Sloha78. the astrologer in the midstof fecesand filth. But the readingof qrti( ftqt quarter is difierent. 77-79 qsftsqlqr 281 tffi qfuE$rARq|stt Gurqi qt qq. Adhypva5 A.-Sl.the death of the personwill take place from the effectsof a strong mountainstorm' the fall of a thunder' . Norr.mrf*frtrroi: t gg: tlr=bon*a Ere$arGqrac:ll lf' See alsa Adhltya bhavabe aspected of the anus by a disease placethrough the agonycaused of an or the eye. 8)' NorBs 'n This sloka appears sttr{di (Saravali). If at a person's and the Sun Taurus and the lvloon a sign owned by death may predict sucha p'3rson's Saturn.

ll '. the personborn will die by fallingfrom his couch.and a malefic 4th bhava. NorBs The following is the reading in e'ltfFR. at a person'sbirth.! iI'J qrQ q{wqrrrtgti riiqrwfr rqt +F(i\rfrtiqaarqsi{qi-fr cf KrisirnFrqqt ikiiqrcdrwq wriifitgqqtff'qi (tit lt zo il ' lri $ S/ofta80.v.cast. NOffS. If. {Aq qr friir iiflEak{ {r qq tt cl p1 SloAa81. adopted s& {r{ir frn* Rc*eqrt orcraA g<<utEftq crcQA I aKRT E<rdqc€gat{*g: niq sr frRr ftqrqsez?r trnr tl .i"r ii L T he following is the readingof the slolia as given in qJA(K " irqrdi\ qi{crtccrrrrfrdr bh:qer tauatagt q *i{ r qgrfurgq{r'ifrqq s}ft il flqrTansci{ fler?dcro*crq grgfrgtlt q qft | ** oIIIEI}r smar i1qt{rffIliEgiltggigs q. Mars and the Sun occupy housesownedby eachother and are in Kendra positionswith respect that is the to the planet person lcrd of the 8th bhava. When the Moon is in the Lagna and the Sun is wilhout strength in the 8th bhavaandJupiter occupies planetis in the the l?th bhava. ment of execution. his latterend the will at incur the displeasure of the sovereignand sufferdeath by beingimpaledat the strkeor by someotherinstru.t e* iirst frEtssq . li L$ iri.282 qrtrcTftqre Adh.or beingassassinated at night by a low out.

at a person's birth..deathwill result from indigestion. the lords of the 8th and th: lst bhrva be bcth weak and Mars be in cohjunction with the lord of the 6th bhava. g2'95 cgfr$crc: 'bBl I olh ftqrt{& qt qB{tsrHI q./ Norns in ssi'iiqtfl{i?r' qti(Paaa) as(t* qasEeirJgtn't The second read.. .ftc 83.' 'iltal*t in' qfq' qsiqiq. death will resultfrom the same cause. qbrtrfr quqgTsh{str I wrgitoari\qd qrrfiq\Efit .. If.ilq& for iiqt is the readingadoptedin ft-qr{tr iu the latter half of this slol<a' Rnt{r EI frrRrdlq ilr qig&\qsPd{ofir ll d\ ll qrFnqqda t U{d{fr qqgeagd grunnfr . uir{t ErefiIIEg+ ut tqfrqr\ qftEi qq. he will die. lthqrqtiltt tit flttrvq tt G En itq {(til ilGiltf Sl. *dJ. r Nores. in brtcle.gtrt q{fd$ ll uR ll q q(dr Q[Arqn Sloka 82.Ii{irtriinrqrf}qt EIqtorel*ur\ ucu Stoka 84. When the lord of the 7th bhavais in conjunctionwitli the lords of the Znd and the 4th. When the lord of the Lagna occupies by tire ftom the Lrgna or is eclipsed the 6{th Navamsa per$on condeath bhava.. and thrt toc by a blow cay th: astrologers. irrflicted by a weapon. When the lord of the Lagnais in con' junctionwith thrt of th:4th bhava asw:ll as of the 2nd bhava. . the of the 6th $un or is in the cernedwill be by famine on the brre ground with no relationby his side.!jl.i 1.

284 qnswa. dearhwill follow from a fearfulepilepticfit."*llii. stoha 62 (tatter hatf) infua. in conjunction with . Noms Vidc atso Ailhyayt in ih" 2nd.v " from the Lagnais in conjunction wirh Srturn or occu. When the lord of the I rltb Navamsafrom the Lagna is in conjunction with Rahu or Adh. and maiefic planets.Dusthana (i. th: Sth or the l2th .**rq UftagQ'iurgghr gd g:qqrqriiqr ftqrrqrtq t nguxqr{i eiia'r q grenl1e.pies a bhava). q.rr{Rq git aqFa ll f{mqqtsrr?qt ftnruq *irmRq. This slokareads thus . the astrologershouldpredictdeath from a bitious complaint.braffimh qESt il qo{ftft | tit qrqdt* ntirqF€it qtq rrde tl slofro 87. cal possession or danger from fire or water when the waning Moon. the 6th. qottRFrfr q* qteqtttqEr gfr r qrqqtur @ rntrn.qft {t( lt cc tl . g:{{Irl. There will bea troubledueto demonia. death will be by hanging. when the sun or Mars without strength occupies the 8th bhava.the person concerned will die by swallowing poison.Mars.(Fqiriil gt I q ftqqRqh greiiirqqnrTqruRr di\ {RrT* dq rr Slofu 86. If the Moon underthe conditionsstated aboveoccupies any otherbadposition. Rahu or Saturnoccupies the 8th bhava.

the astrologercan predictdeathfrom rheumatism. or from an injury disease heat. death will occur from a aspected such as a boil. 88-92 qgfrstqrq. When Rahu is in the 8th bhava and by a malefic planet. If the Moon or Jupiter occupying a watery sign be also in the 8th bhavaand aspected by A predict may astrologer maleiicplanet. t €eq6q1 n* qmqrfittfkt Sloka 92. ' '{trrrfiri rr* qrqftftqtftt t qqirsrRtqurftq*{Fgfr aiq tt qRll . or he may declarethat it will be broughton by fever. qf{rqr. q{rnqqt ft*} qrqqtitiifR t qrEt( n 3o tl ftirn. shouldascer. qsqtqnrlgt qrqqafttti*rt t rtarn $ {t( n dq tt ndrqr( FqTeTsfi S/ofta 89. the deathfroq consumption.Eft&h il qt tl fq6sTq.81. death will happenfrom an attack of smallpox and such ocher affliccion ot from a fall brought on by biliousness.urirrrrn Sloka 9L. When Mercury oecupies Leo and ic planet. or diabetes.generatcd inflicted by a snake. consumption. When Rahu is in the 8th bhava and aopected by a malefic planet. the astiologer by a rnalefic aspected tain tbat death is to result from a disorder of the three humours. When Venus occupiesthe 8th bharn and is aspected by a maleficplanet.{rt iiarqG{{ttur Sktha 90. il ' Slo&a88.

. t p"'iooconcerned' . The eadingof ihe frrst oiz..Saturnand Mercury occupythe 10th theperson O"r" *il*:e fhava.r.Venus occupiesVirgo and the waning \tloon is in the ?th bhava.qir\ q{ rr* qrqfunqgkt Eqrtqsq{qfFqi {r i{EAd ft6td +qttil ll qB ll S/oAa94.therewill be an amputation of the hand. If Rahu."'il. The versereadsthus in ssirihtmqtQ qii qrir ar egir Wii sftaist frqn cqt st t ftq} wi aqi. g1 I This sloka is also in Tsrti?'mqfi. i. or Saturnin conjunction a malefic6tth portion of a sign euch with Rahuoccupies predict decapitation of the assr (Krura). Ir ' a slit in thehand. qil {+r qlsqgt a3lt fiFs'fl qrffi qrr "fr ql qrgr<*ruu qq.eblgqi5lard: I g*tr €t tr( t. When Saturnis in the 9th bhava and Jupiterin the 3rd.vqfrftorcrq.ia gn qft <r qfri r q*fuft'raqR rrgrtEdrrqr:'rq..tlre astrologers 'i { . half is slightly difterent. When Saturnis in the rising sign and Rahu in the 7th bhava.tqgftse stRtrilr*qft silit!n tl S/ola 93. If the Sun being the lord of the 8th bhavais aspe:tedby Venus.eae er g. ghqe! iEsqr&qrt ei( tttr er sFrrr*g* | qtt {il* qErntrgfr iti}sqwq qtr nt{ tl q\ tl Slota 95. or when the two planeto occupythe 8th and the llth bhavas. llrftqqd q t q{ ffi q& qrr* s-qrPat .t86 u qrdrcrRqa Adh"v "ergt{{Eqcfunrftc{rq{rg:" {flt cdrrt: q. ''}.the personwill suffer the amputationof hand and foot.

and ic in conjunction the person born will die an rrnnatunl death. say Rahu and tion with Parasara and other authorities.h ' 'ri n"ln .Jl'.ilfr Si qgt q q frsqsh I ffi ftw-{r\G g sb frqw: {oftqrad} Erlt qq il . uqg$t qR qrilit qqiFqtuourffi g t q!ft{q-ffqq{gidilfi qEriil+ffrtEq.rqi}r reads {qI*} 'f Notns for *qf}qi.f. the personconcernedwill have his belly occupies ripped. will suffer a wound by a weaponin the upperregion frorn the navel.r ' n{ttq-.. q.99 i t ! qqtfr${rq: v w v w w w v v vvvvvvvvvvvvvv!v!vvvw t Y vvvvvY r tr28? .i oaarQq qgrErr"qt Etftftt f$qU qtt Re. Norrs The latter half of the Sloka readsthus in eiliitr.''gI.4rtactgFs*rlrqrrtrq. ..qetnftfii qqf*g* qR uqqi t ffimtqqrsr {htr ilitat KI{ttEIIt tt 3rgll Slcha 97. the 8th or by the lord of the rieing eign the 12th bhava is aspected with Saturn. When the rising eign or its Navamsa is owned by Mars and occupied by the 1c tl SIofro 98.u qq tl Sloho 96. the person born. Mandi and Rahu. .ilqfi wfFqa.lq((s tE: r qr*& ifi. # 96. When Saturnin the rising sign is with' and the waning Moon is in conjunc' out benefic aEpect the Sun. qqffiqr$tgk aq gtratqtq.and the waning Moon in conjunction with Rahu and Mercury Leo. When the Moon in the 6th.

When the Mocn is in the rising rign. the 1st or the 8th bhava. Mars in the 4th not in conjunction with a l''enefic death will net andwhenMercury is in the rising sign. be in{lictedby the horns of an ox or cow or by the fall of a dart or spear. pla.. the the Moon in Virgo aspected concerned will resultfrom risk in a deathof the person quarrel or from water.i qsqwtretiqR q lirt u {oo 11 n' by mala' Sloka 100. When the Sun is in the 10th bhava.death will be caused aspected animalfound in largemaEE' the fangof a hornedaquatic and rivers' esof water euchas lakes . od qhffir awfiTli:* qfriaft vtq I to{irqqqrgi?r fautn*s-i afr iEt{ErPdi qM\erqR rf<tqGqq ll tol ll Sloha10I.v Sloha99.gftl qrftrfr (g|I€Aq-gt qrgg} D {.t zgg rffiqrffi Adh. Wlren beneficplanetsaspected fic ones occupy the tilth. nq-{tqdht' EdrqgssQtr qq?aqaqrti vrq t {srTrirr. If the Sun and the Moon be in and other planetsoccupy a dual sign being the Lagna from by malefic planets.the death of the personconcernedwill be due to the fall of a spear. the 4th. Saturnin the 4th bhavaand Mars in thg 10th death will result from the bad effectsof a fracas. When the Sunis in the risingsignand by a malefic plenet.

. 102'103 '* "1. When the gth or the 5th Rasi from that in which the Moon is. death will be brought oh by a urietresr. A.deathwill be caused by food of a specialkind. is either occupiedor &sp€ctr ed by a malefic planet and whetr the Drekkanaol rhe 8th bhava (i.4infua. when th: Sunand the Mooo occupy it in conjunctionwith a maleficplaaet and when the Bch bhavais algo occupied by a malefic planet.q. When Pisces is the rieirrg sign.e.rfi frffig vngqr* r greer rrurfr'+iri eoqsifiat ryrqll ill gftfiPfiqorrr( qmffirwTTil {qqil-{Tfld qrqt+drlt {T r UqqfrrrsqrirFqffi qfTtrfir cr. *<rgn vtntsrqfrt NorEs 2@: Vide also Y.(uide sloka 56. firrs (Nigada) or cnr (pasa).ss.TiftTqrrgrilTtgg6oq+{ 1 loQ 11 Sloha 102. the astrologer may predictsuicideby hanging. q't qi gqqt uiirff Frqr+ qTilfrt qqrrtqgRrtlt t 8? . the eend from the rising Drekkana happens to be w. li *fl. supra).'sl. When Mars is in the 4th bhava or the Sun in the ?th and when Saturnand the Moon occupythe 8th bhava. ffi qlt gt{ R"st qRqrq(& qfrsi* q qqdwfiuh RTq I {fu€t qit qrqgd q'tsst dtfr qrqRhwq{ n toQu Sloka 103.hrt ie teroed s* ($arpa).

uuftrri ffiffi {rrrR . When Saturn is in the 2nd bhava. When the lord of the rising sign associated with Ketu is in the midrt of two uraleficplanets.!t .deathwill be caused from the elfectsof riding on an elephant or a horse.ffir( n I og 11 Sloka 104.strength and the Sun in the the 4tb.:ffi i. th" Moon in the 4th and Mars in she 10th.v. and the 8th bhava is occupied by an unpropitious planet.890 rllwrnltl Adh. the person concerned dies from the effe:ts of a wound. . When Saturn is in the 8th bhavaand Moo in the 10th without.rt g qsnrqr. deathwill happenfrom the effectsof a blow by a pieceof timber falling unobserved. When Mars is in the 4th bhava. '' $'l .r octuil tqogt ffi q|qdn( ltt o\ tt Slolc 105.and when 4th and the 10th bhavas the lord of the 8th bhava being iu conjunctionwith cay that thc Mars occupiesthe rising aign. concerned D?rron . il 'llr". the Moon in the Znd and the Sun in the 10th. When inauspicious occupythe or Trikona positions.ft . death will be causedby a mother'ewrath. i'.Tr g€KqE*€tftAffiqfulsE r noqn{il rh* Tcatt il*SdarflTq Tft T$il r' loQrr planets Slo&a 106. v q=gffisEfrgt q* mn* qr* Tqqu. astrologers commit by will suicide hanging.Trilgt{ ftUil{r&ta tsgsI qTqtdwnsqqft qt. ..

Saturn in the 5th bhava. occupiedby maleficplanetsand the waning Moon is in the 6th or the 8th bhava from the Lagna.107-109 ' 6f13ufrrr NoTns 'i$'foreignland. ll ftfd*trtqs Earrnirs. When the Sun ig in th: Lagna.rrqFeroft ll srtqrlrin-<*rt rtAa vgh 'b'"$v'irr i)ii-ri'r' wi dr gt q't {. the Sun. NorBs nTi ar qfrqt wqil Eil{ttiqqtlfrr 11 | ou ll I c/.itt$tfurq . deathhasto be apprehended or thunderbolt. the lerson born will meet his end in a templegardenio.! rA91 c/.frcsrc r' .When Saturn and Mars occupy respec' tively the Lst and the 12th bhavas. death will happen at the time ol pilgrimage to a shrineby the of an enemY. tramt q#qls+nf{ gat r=hf}'ii si rrn)rI : .qaerqft &st I rlq's&r ert*.s. Shka .the Moon in the 8th and Mars in the from the fall of a uree ftb. machination qr{r. i qr\6{r{H-grn?ftuig {ltr iIRIdIIt}{rrili I qq ll qqrFsffitnuiit .il {riltT{gilrltfril{|Tkwfi q(tlrts I gffiqtqn{qQd ffis{ft lH iI qrdsll toi ll Sloha 1C9..the Moon and Mercury arein the ?th. NorBs efiect the following yoga is quoted in t(tqR For the sq.acfr.e Sloka qrqmmrt ilTdrqr1Pd: '\l/hen the l0th and the 4th bhavasaf.qtt gftiig+ .

i Sqrft{*rrft rnrr}qftit'ftqrqr+rTr-rrrt I qtqtr{qrrqqfir ffqrrJt{r fi-gftqqri gRi u ttt fl Stohalll When the Moon occupyinga sign be. ir<rtsr< NorBs A. . deathis saidto resultfrom the evii effects of pursuinga wickedcourse of life. infta. The sameevent may happenalsowhen the Moon occupies the 4th bhavain sign the Virgo and the other conditions hold good as in the previo$ cele. longingto Marr or Saturn is aspectedby a .+.rt"ti.ft furrirareq* \ \ a\ Adh v: grroirerl rr qrqgfsstt or'{rst Rrqirqqrh & *-qt {Tr g* gCr. Shha3.{i €rq+sn Sloka 110. It ir per$od be bstn io flccRr ryfiha. Yide N* c/. Adhyaia V.* $vqcwr1 a itagtrl qcqrqi Rr. planetand is between two malefic ptanets.r!|rfrrl qrnc r. I trcrffis. death will arige from expo&lreto fire arn!.t!2. When a malefic planetoccupies the gth bhavaand the lord thereofoccupies the l2th or a Kendra and the lord of the rising sign is deficient in strength.rl sr qdF@ici n qR Aqqeffi{Iqst fiqgt r$frRrtg*utt srslt Rqfufhqqqtqht ilar$gr i q${:r€ffi €q}R lmrilrn tt? rr Slofto.292 .tMfi ggr n tto rr u.

S{dqnfi'e qgr{ 1o f*a 18 €Mq 1o *I q5il 8o eryqog€lt8 . ghatika) by poieonor fire.if$sFqildf ftqq. {rr lo 'nnqr tB (F{m! 1o lII to Rr) l./. t f6n 1o Gn 1o Gr: 11 qilrT1o iR 1" T& q( firfqat lt fhfr: 1.rr* ./.I fle: erqrs'dq6uqra{r: AlsosreTr6it6lcl.t qni Rt gqrct ttq* tJtmlirq I q€at g qrrtrct ilfttft qqtqter. I . 30 qflqqlqsrqrg aiig1qe*frg t Srqwifuqrg qr* cisfid* aQlqqrfr'qitrgeil: ile€qr qB€?t Fqgt: F*'i!trtn.s firaq lqrd ti qrn]frqi $ffvrffiit fiqqft*rqi r . *trtrt fiqiar\ fiqi* {rgt nfaiqrd\q tt qft q rgqagi+ (-lt r. rising is in conjunction with sign the lord of the When cweral planetswhereofone is the lord of the 8th HE. I qq fr{r-RBq€r ut {s * t.qLn q. 'n Fi{ t( E tt frq ls t+M+ {o ftqrr*. simultaneous NorBs For f{qqtn 6.arms hir deathwill be caused planets.Sal i.q\sr Fgt I l$ " i qgq-dq$ mUfiqi cTrf.sL lls qrirsqr: WB fs occupiedby malef ic when the 8th rnc (bhava). (bhava) the death of the person concerned wiil be with tlre deathof a largenumber.

Some eminentsagesversed in astro. If the Navamsa is ownedby arising Kanya (*ar).". deathis produced by an aggravationof asthma aod .rretqqil xqRtnoft .v. . death will be due to diseases juice and the from a mrbid condition of the gastric privities. if to fta (Sinha).i. effir{qt g Uq1T{ilqcE11qg+ "! u. deathwill be due to headache.\ ffiqltaffi gq 6lrq{T6'{rtrFfr lnlirel EgxElllt l\ll r. Erer. A . I i ii i q*M:dffirt'{ft t desffittrs06qrnGqrsmtr .qr+T?: udrwqlftt fuwn'nft: rEto\rr dtorErsfrqn{dilPfr br\ iqn . d qig ilq qE?i\h rr t tl tl *Rqr g?rgwm ot{qfit{rqdirtrtrs*rqt r t S/ U fua (Mithuna) be the owner of the Navamsa..If the Navamsabelongs io * (Kataka).rheumatisn and insanity will leadto death . deathwill be caused by. 113.294 rRrfqfu{ft Adb. il.114. virulent tumors will break out ending in death. lord of the Lagnabelongs ailments' by a burningfeveror othersuch be brought'on If the N". in questionbe owned bygsu(Vrishabha). diseare logy eaythat a person's of of the from inflammation the humours the ariaing occupiedby the lord of the rign to which the Navamsa rising signbelongs.r"tt.qFliqailF{g{qfrtqtilq utt ftq llt tulf I Sluko. When the Navamsaoccupiedby the deathig saidto to hq (Mesha).

a quadrrrped (gv0.93 " or of deathwill be grief. or a weaponor other by a stone deathwill be occasioned cuch missile.s il r ftt aqfr efratwfiqfu"qia qsttf*gadaQqqtf. (SeeAdhyaya5. Sloft. For this and the .fr arffis1g{aeqr$*: I qtfAt qrgsii qeg+ dcwnqJ\q 11 figt ftgqi{ qr affiqrfl)Eqq {Vrar r r q. A. When suchNavamsa a tiger or a woman. 10'L2)to which the r.t' . Notes previous two slokas. Sl.ilaq fiF{nqtqll qF cc{h q1 qfifi\ot Fqt sw' I .And lastly deathwill be inftictedlby be a {traaia (Meenani.qft wqt'-iqnFfle€rqilqntersR u . 1.!. tongr. c/.r. If it be c+r (Makara) that owns the Navamsa. the cause i".$1.t.rt-k{R.lrtqin (Randhranavamsa) be' from the orlrqit (Lagnanavamsa) (-6{th Navamsa 12). €fiIqglT{rt:qrnqeiilm{ fiqlfrqrq I iqit i\ q1F{Fqqailfhfirur1a: I qr u " ' ftqittq qqitrfrTd{rtirftfqqfuqfrn +{ qtq g* e} qI n-flIn'}h ll 'tst wqi. ascolic. If er*€ (Vrischika)be the owner of the Navamsa. 115 sdrsrr: . T'he water or dysenterywill be placeof deathwilt be the haunt of thelign (aitie Adh' )raya1. ..r..the end will come such from a beastof prey sucha$a tiger or from a disease belongst9 $tr (Kumbha). If the Navamsabelongsto tlgq (Dhanus).vamsa) if the Navamsain question 'the causeof death. gout cf a virulent kind will produce death.

{t il P{ .tq{if&il €rg: tl qft urqftsG ftfrqogilrmll qft Rqqsgh ffio} te. Find out the rioing period of the portion of the Lagnabelow the horiton at the time of q{iirtd( trlffimmqizsr fr. 116. qrttiaguft6qfrgfrret I Otfuq(t{Ktltr (rqq(ft ffi tffi Fqftmgt'retfr fi qft qrft {tqffitiftqEg€t! rqq llf lvll{ t s[mfiqtft{s n t qqil Rfr uRgqqrit Slola.Whenthe time of birth is duringthe day and the riaing sign is a Raci strong at night or when the time oI birth ie during night and the rising cign ic a Ragi ctrong during the day. qrnqwftsi*qrq(4 sqrfae{ ll . Sloka.i\ q {iit(: ll rngt -qHrA' sqlilqt t st strtft qrqrqtqrq{egnarfr.. the person con' cernedwill meet his deeth in that direction which in potitional rtrength to the planetpredominant belongs thosethat are in conjunction among (Stthanabala) erFrr€t by the lord of the riring Navamsa' with or. "l** ffi ftqii qr €qq6ii uer-amlr t q*qt qqq"aqow{r.ag6 nmftwt Ad&" V Rq{reqqso}arvit qlqflgfiq&: tt qft qt.aspected I .TcgrI qqflfrqrdqtiftq rne$alrr Err*r qit qrugqwii'rttlfitrrfi: I t&trr:ii .

(SeeAdhvaya 5 A. (Krura. the 22nd from the orqlara (L:gna Drekkana) is a :n(. S/' I2'I3)' NoTES c. ben. by or by being eaten up by absorption with the elemetrts. and that a malefic planet. beastsand birds of prey.:fic. The Moon and Venus in the above' to the world of position send the deceased mentioned the Manes. Slokas lLZ -115) the body suffcrs extiuction by fire. Jupiteroccupying time of deathmakesthe dying person a denizenof the abodeof the Gods. Lastly.or mixed. the duration o[ witl be three times the original p:riod' unconsciousness According as the principal Drekkana concerned.i+ rriltl?a r dr.sltll8 rrilrqqr 297 prior to death birth. Mercury and $aturn o:cupying tbG rising sign at death cast the departed into the infcrnal regions. oft {&d}g qrqt t g*En eqr t* fi'irwrftg tiiiq r 38 . (uiJt Adhyaya 9. lf the Sun or Mars occtrpy the rntoratra they procureto the dying the (lvfarenalagna) wortd of mortalc.) watery. the will be twlee that giverr period of unconsciousness above.a){{rr ugibaadn+r} frt'i iggo: gw6} oii t izgar fi'{+ a vrvtg* rr Friatg* t tEqtltcanuro'rqr0rfr wRaqqrgfr | lell fr 11 $$kgugfr$il** qrssrori{s{rrr the rising sign at the Slolc 11$. The duration of unconsciousne$s will be measuredby this period. If the rising Navansa be aepected bv its lord.aqrqg. Norrs rrflcqfhr grdt'fr eri dshiei C/ q'rqm< qttirdrfl h cfra.r. by water. If that lord be a benefic one. vii.

fir t{tunqft g(. When" the Jupiter being the lord ol the l0th bhava occupies the dying persoo 12th cr is aspected L! beneficplanets. Those (Bhuvrr.* itUqmq Uiqfiqfgs I Slohu119. A-sloka 14.qt giTqrt* ti rqqi:dr. The same will be the casc when Rahu is in the 12th bhava in conjunction with crFE(Mandi) and the lord of the 8th bhava. porition immortal. and is aspected pies a malcficqriqt lShaclrtyamsa) by maleficplanets. trdttilt qrilqt'hrg* {rrqTn€ftd irqrqqntRo SloA'c 120.thc dying persongoesto thc region of hell. and is also aspectcd by the lord of the 6th bhava. infta.thc astro' loger calr predict gteat celestial happiness.Eqt rtrfrqqrisrrqr irqm{d qq( tt t1t rr irrq"qlqiiqrqeisqRh planct in its cxaltation SJofra121.298 rtrrqrRcrri crqrrlgri.i QA ctsalt qfloqfri r 615e l/idc Aclhyaya V.r*(Bhuloka). Adh.v qnriAqil€qq6qai qi+rSskmi* utR u t tq tl {q*t er( U€1r€iqg. The four Rasis begiuning with (*e) (Mesha) form the region of ln$. of an will attain to the . The four commencing with ugu to the *o stitute the geoT+ (Suvarloka). When a bcrrefic occupiesa benefic iri lVarga) in the lith bhava and is atpcctcdby planctsboth beneficand malefic. beginning with fhe (Simhr) are termcdgnoT+ (l)hanus) con' toka). The soul goes (Loka)to which the q{qora(Maranalagna) belongs. When thJlord of the 12th bhavaoccu. qnqsi{qft qfr&ald iir{tfr | tt:nrqit !tq(t gqtqi aq a iigti qrriR {lrr Et( | r..

thereof belonging to 'Venus Meshr. . Thus ends the sth Adhyaya on ths '.rnprs:{ by Vaidfa. lY-10(t.1 0 5 s t t p t a .fupiter o'r'cupiesa Navamsa. w .ranus)in sign Cancer.*.tz+ gtdlstqrq: cag qttqff qrqt{i{s$ qorFEt r*esqqd t hl{qgfh rrair'e*g aq{tiuq( qqriilu til tl Sloka 122.l bligs. The accurate probessof calculating the years of iast (Nisarga) and other Ayurdayas and all the differ. world . ffqrqt dten\qoFft qt qt d'rngtii rrrail{ntRltl S/ola 123. have all bren frrlly treatedof by the favor of the Sun and other planeto. c f. Length o[ Life" in the wcrk JarakaParijrta c. sttftn qgf{o}fr irqti{rh r o} Ufrcrq{qfttsh gcEtsf{qtti gErtH\Er sI ftefrflrmq€r ffiorqrs$Hr{t{ estfter uElgqr$r{r( n tRBtl tearqitfqe' qrilt$Rqril Efr'dtrEq€Eqn qHilqt€qrq3 rr{qr ll Slofrr 124. natha und:r the quspicecof the nine plauecs.:zl. when is in tha ?th bhrva and when the Moon in strength occupieso.:nt circumstances attending the last portion of onc's life and the precise moments of time when the cxit frorn th. the dying perEon will go to Brahma's region. cf. aod thereare three or four planetsin the Kendras. When Jupiter in great strength occupiesa Navamsa owned by vgq ( dying pirson go:s to th: region of ecerna.mry be looked for. When the rising sigh is Dhanus anC...rr (Kanya).

A. etc. suicide by hanging or falling. -gdfr T€tigutqeaqfutlnfl rq' rdtnlt ffidgtrqnfi qrfr qtqffttrhft: i q{GgqrcrqqtWEft ttI ll 300 Sl. by being a pre]' to witd beasts' by fire. torture. xtr FRoMrntl Wonr'o' (Clrapter XXV This Chapter is no other than the t{nt+ruqtt of Rrihar Jataka. the humour belongiog . death happens. Unnatural deaths-by drowning. When the 8th housebeing unoccupicd rE aapect{'d by a rtrong Planet. The next sloka deals with lhe kiud of transforrnation the body undergoesafter death-whether it is burnt or buried or exposed to the Sun and wind to be eaten by beasts and vultures. decapitation owing to royal clue displeasure-can also be ascertained.oka 1.rr q*lqtFlnpqputiqr ll AdhYaYa V. The Adhyaya deals with the native's exit frorn the world' place It eDablesthe reader to t:orrectly guess the titne wten. From the slokas one is also able to fairly divine the particular diseasewhich the native sufiers from and vhich culminates in death. the eleveu first where.The l2th sloka sives a one may have before to ilitermine the period of unconsciousness death. whether he will attaiu final emanciPation. etc' The last two slokas enable one to 6nd out what his past birth was and what his future birth will be. and the manner how.

it will be by . the humours peculiarto netsaspecting them becomemorbid and produce death' But if that and the occupyiogplanetbe the $un. if the Moon.oru of the ruler of that house. and if Srturn.wind and phlegnr Jupiter:Phlegm Venus=wind and Phlegm Saturn=wind . fire. if . according as the 8th house i'sa moveable. by a weapon . the 8th house causes diseasesas above the 8th house planets aspect o". etc. as epidemics deaths' impurlties.fixed or a mutablesigo. If two or more powerful by starvation or excessive eating' planetsaspectoroccupytbe8thhouse. t tqlfttemrq: sl of the bodY which and death ic the Rasi of the 8th house represents. Mars will cause accidental brain or of produce fever cholera. Mercury will -worry' or some unkno*n smallpox. by thirst.thentwoornrorediseases .El. . death will be in a foreignplace.or oE the road. thereby produced. Venus will cause thirst by excessivedrinks. by an ailment not accuratelyaecertained And by hunger' Venus. by fever. houge deathwill be due to fire.f Jupiter. water. Nores 'l'he Sun:bile The Moon:wind and Phlegrn Mars'-bile Mercury"=6i1e. be one's own house.If planets are not posited iu the 8th house or are not aspect' according to the ing it. diseases. by be . etc. if Mercury. Wtren there are teveralstrong pla' the 8th house. therofore -t will blood dysentery' diarrhcea' watery diseasessuch as loose motions. Jupiter will cause mental aoclSaturn. plague. if Mars. If orifplanetsoccupythe8thhouse.theycarrsetlrediseases(the ptrongest of the planets acting best) in those pprts of the body represents typified by the sign representing the 8th house' The Sun represents The Moon etc' fever.

When the Sun and the Moon are in Virgo and are aspectedby malefic planets. toufYfdq q{$sirtis3. lre will die by falling into a wcll. the man. then when he is engaged in bad or indifferent work. Norns. if it be weak. When the Sunand M. the Moon and Marr are in the 4th.v. tively the 10th and the 4th housc at a person's binh.803 'effict rtrwrftlrt Adh. If it tre an immoveabre one. If the 8th house happens to be a movedble sign.rrs occupyr6pec. the ?th and the l0ch houses respectivdy. and if comrnon. the native will die in a foreign place.firurgrffifusffistffir I qkq: rntt rqrdqq{qlEtst{frrft frt eqr Sloka 2. (or he may-commit suicide owing to differences with them). When Saturn.iil*-q(g. Varaharuihirahere tallis of accideutal deaths. lf the planet be powerful. he will die in his own place. t qalr{t\?iuqt: cQlr ciq q* errtq ll 'ft rogui frqi e1c?h aqrq{}vir €igr r f. and the Sun and the Moon occupy it. rtoo. a/. very near his birth place. and the succeeding srokas are fouod to be i i . liis deathwill be causedby the fall of . A. If the rising sign be a iul Rasi. If the yogas mentioned in this.gerfrs T'qrqiqwflfrfturfi+ qrqqtgs*r ntq.?€gs<gq'rqiltfufrlig rrR! <rrq r Also V-74 €r. from the top of a mountairr. qrtts-O RrfusudrTcr(sr<ct{cqe. he will perieh by being drowned in water.deathshould be tracedto the evil deeds of his own relations. there will be tleath wheu he is engaged in good work.

c.ilfr . If the Moon be in a sign of lvlara between two malefic planets. sr(H€ft 6ffifu Fq r{+t qA qgtlrfiEil: qrq I qrqrrdt q* ssrrel rrrqdiq{: ll trqrci {fuarae: ltwwrr<: <qt I rr<te f6 1 r*cri$iEg. they rnay occupy any of the houses either singly or together. it is not necessary that Mars and the Sun should respectively occupy the 4th and the lOth houses.s[. When Saturn occupiee Cancc'r and the person. by an accidentnearfire or by a fall (from a high place). death his will Moon Capricorn at the birth of a be caueed by dropsy. his deathwill be by a cord (by hanging).the effects mentioned in the first ^sloka need not then be applied In the lirst yoga. he will die by a weapon or by shortage of or by fire (or he will die cf tetanug the position same Moon occupies blood). deathwill be due to vitiated blood or emecia" tion.f u.qr$rql{rqft tiii agr lrlrt: il ori qln*rriiikftgn '}r o. If the Moon be in a sign owned by Saturnin the ramepoeition./. c/. q.*zn qqt{n* qn wffi ffirftxm: qftrqgr'frtQ$q{ fuft r $qrqiffiffi ftfr qR natqffi qqEqffi3 uils u I tl Slol'c 3. When the in Virgo. g tqlltrrstqrq 803 applicable in any horoscope. 'rl(rqoi d w"fn*ir: qq€Ttfi: hsrccrirri l1grfaai'grrrlpal: qt <<ergilt r qrcroiteaqhthicuml'i| : ir.

Norrs Slokas 16 of Chapter XXIII and 6 of Chapter XXI of Brihat Jataka dial with the yogas of imprisonurent. death will be painful. 3 aud. such planet causesdeath to the person while so imprisoned.rrn (Pasa) or ftrr-s (Niqada). A.Virgo (*. lf in the above Yogas. Wben the Moon is in Virgo occupying in. etc. rqr$ffi qwqkgqqirft rq'JEr€sqlr itFrrywnrdffis(fuit{rqer r FwngmF*i*rrdr q-'(fri tvn (. the perEon.:tsoccupythe 5th and fth housec and are not aspectcdby benefic planets at a person's birth. It may be irterestirrg to noto here that of all the zodiacal aigns. When two malefic plan'. there be a strong nralefic in the 5th or')ih.has been prorninently rrreutioned in Slokas 2.f in the 3rd ql( (I'ada) of each sloka in coltnec- . 'lt'"J (Pas:t) or t?rla ($igada). pror iderl the rnalefic planet is not aspected by benefics. Vcnus in Aries and the $un in therisiag rign.concerncd will come by his deathin his own housethrough a woma. If the IMoonbe in Virgoarrd in ttre 7th house iu conjurrctiou-with a malefic and if the Sun be in the Lagna and Venus in r\ries. death is due or can be traced to his wife or wolnan or lady-love either by being poixrned by her or himself comnritting suicideon account of her bad conduct. lf the 22nd det:anate(the first decanate of tlrc 8th house) be a4 (Sarpa).conjunction the 7th housc with a malefic planet.n.{-Kanya) alone .804 (fitrtfrntv et(fr gqqldQ q{ft rcsrfiqreqqr gcftFg a siqqrqrqqqi aw u Adh v.' ril omt q RFd {rrt ftG qRt lt B u Slchl 4. the dearh will be the pame a8 befcre. When the decanate of the 8th house is what is termed t{' (Sarpa). [iis dc:tthwill be in captivity. This refers to the irbove yoga.

qriffir r fR gtswr* iiqit q* q?qsr{sg*: I qrtrtdlrot qFcidq firftlilRgrq tl 89 . In the first two{hQi qrur qqirt'wftuin\ ll stffiril snfr Sloha 5. deathwill be by impalo.Mars be aspectedby Saturnninstead of by the waning Moon. The personmay die by accident..i caused NorEs. Western authors also say that planets in squares. lf in the yoga last mentioned. *Saturn will bave to occupy tho Lagna" the 4th or thelSth bouse. Arcana.rrr{ln*rgccJ: crcqrssqlrffugg: ffi: rrrgwrrflnS@sv<r g36q 1 {rfrqt fltcrotqt qrcrFsts<i ARI Tdiegtfr qroi€sFd SIET€* ll qr-$t q rft ffit dt.81 3 tqtthrser<: 905 Virgo \ion with accidental deaths. taneouslyoccupy the first. the 10th. the person will die from the effectc of a collision with a pieceof timber. and Mars be in the lfth and aspected by the waning Moon. by malofic ciluscs accidents when afficted (C/. If the Sun be in the 4th house. or {eath may be by his bdng:beaten by wood. the 5th and the 9th houses in conjunctionwith the Moon. the same death will bdall the person.theldeath ueed not necessarilylbe by impalement. c/ st<t{d} Er t{ qt triftffiegsgtsEfrgtqilsfr q{Sqneqfuft{Wr. If at a pbrson'sbirth the Sun or lv{arcbe in the 4th house and Saturn ir. he will be planats named impaled.) c/.51<r4di r .If the threefrmalefic abovesimul. Eerf.

the 10th. the 9th.{Slfg|aws tt{sffirnwd*uq tl tqrftq"lqu{rfreurriri Sloha 6. to imprioonment or to thrashing. he will die being beaten to deathby a club. Mdts. Moon. the lst and the 4th housesin the first yoga and in the l0tb.his deith will be due to suffocationby smoke. the lst and the 5th houses. If the same planetsoccupythe 10th.806 freTqffiqlt Adh. V. the 9th. When the waning Mcon. the first and the 5th houses in the second yoga i in that case the Moon cannot be waning $ he will be in the 5th house from the Sun in the first case and in the 6th house in the second case. to fire. ffi GsAs+ oMrraa: eFqqt crfr r ett: r 65 4it€gt*b" trt r antqqffQf. odl. NorBs The commentatop Bhattotpala would place the planets. Saturn and the Sunrctpectioalg in the gth. A. the lOtb.. tiaturn and the Sun occupy tlre 8th. . the lst and the 4th houses at a perEon's birth. Mars.

qA*qG& wwdqt qrrq{rilufr fr"qQtktri*ffitr\srqfr{{t q*fltsaqs s+s€{qtr ftltrn+sfr} r ql&f qftt. I ftg6r<{*dEt: g'ilTrg{ftatffi wgwgegqlftintqlnrE.*"3:_""*-cfi sr<ndf ilarEdlrrfuc'{qqfg*: '@ '@r tcrfrn{a{atttft$at: qrE ll q.c. the ?th and the lOth . his death would be broughtaboutby a weapon.turu. he will perish in conse. When the Sun is in the 10th houseand lvlars in the 4th at a person's<radr an operation or by insectbites). If Sa. the Moon and $aturn are in tjhe Lagne . If at a person'sbirth Mars. sEr $srq ll eocftgitid$t glgwt: wa: frtcFdis-ir: tl . or fire the displersureof a king. the +th and the l0th bhavas 'respectively at a person'sbirth.Sqft€&qihr€q-qr6qr{ |rct I Slo[a 8. :f. quenceof worms in a wound Q. When Mars is in the ?th bouserds Sun. his death will be by a fall from a vehicle..the Moon end Mars be in the 2nd. the Sunand cccupythe 4th. Saturnrespectively housea.s{Rst€ms $qq{qtftqflarqrgqtmftqroqtqq 'r qgt*nqE&ftt${ltditr qrfrqrdr Sql qefrftruaq n e rl Sloka 7.

If Mars be in the 7th and Saturn.being in the Rasis. Norps. ment of torture. ttttEdr t*Ss*gs$ il lprcqncilcEril: I qsqrr{i . the Sun a*rd Mars are placed in the l0th. If weak Moon.rne il qrqferq ufr{rqflaq3 gdtsqtt{rqtsqr ll q rl by Sloka 9. the Sunand Mars are in the 10th. Aries and a sign belonging to Saturn. the rhan n'ill die under similar conditions. the personconcernedwill be put to death by an loltru. If the Sun be in the l0th. concerned will die:in the midst of filth and the person feces. rq.fff*rt qitt'd Arcrutsfr t . Mars iu the 4th. the man will have an accident near a machinery and die. person will jsuffer from piler or firtula concerned tte qiqtFEil{n. When Mrrs. When the waning Moon is aspected and Saturn occupiesthe 8th houre lvlarg in strength. death wiil be caused from a four-footed arrimal.808 {rcwrftrr Adh V. If the sign on the 4th is a quadruped. c/.or when the waning Moon. or he may undergo as operation and die. This yoga arises by the planets. If Mars be in Tula. the man will die uncared for after badly purging. the Moon and the Suu are in the Ascendant. Saturn in Mesha and the Moon in Makara or Kumbha. Saturnand the Moon respectively occupy Libra. the 7th and the 4th houses respectively. and so on according to the nature of the Rasi. the 7th and the 4th 'espectively.qrgri rrffir6*q$d:qTcrsffgg I ftoc"'i g u*Ug: rffir: r. the manwill have a fall from a vehicle and die.ioi' *i*gitqr+ur$FrSri u qraq qa€Farqrs-flTffq{qrq Ir<qr I qri gaff gilqi cibt vrt* Rqi u +ffri rGr{ | ni ffncc} TE c.

sr<na €\ ettui oi ft*rt qfrtlT} | teraq$ Rhn\ q?g qfqatil'rriq rr qr<ffia+. When the SunandN{ars bhava. 4th at a person's If the Sun. lo-tt tqlitoreqrq: 309 of an aPPlication of a causticsubstance./. will die by falling from a precipice. the 8th and the 9th houses. The lord of this 22n4' . person concerned or of a wall' by the fall of a thunderbQlt.*u'nic rlssarQqrdrq: il affiqrilfteK srrt i"6rtirfrqaq qRttrt mfiqtoiegfrr{q€ffi ll t t ll wnqqfr{qisfr Sloha ll.Mars. his deathwill be clusedby birds. kidney diseasesafter operation. the 5th. NorBs an The man wili die from hernia. . s/. the causeof death is dcclared to be the 22nd decanatefrom that of the Lagna.1it6g} $fr wmsrti AriI ttqro! | sqKqE[r$Rqtikqfrqq-q- q+K {sftK{n{iq$qqft: ll t o li are in the ?th Sloka 10. Saturn and the Moon occupyr€sp€cr the tively the lst.Saturn in the uth and the waning Ldoon in the birth.rqs r*rqrffiftmd: t gg: vr. (Wherri the foregoing tests do not apply). sr<rs-di cRt{t gt}a * eftAt* qarris'*fr qRI: I gcqq€r*{aqr iinfrqrarg'{Fir rreft rt r in the yoga given in V'-78 IThere is a slight <liflerence sypra' fl qt dr {noibt fr.

A\ iqri i*dt TnEflfrh q Hgt I fi q i{Eqii*q} z:cgilqitqeA fiqrfrqro+fl Bftrrrrtttftq ir . The ruler of the 8th house is Mars. urinal complaints (suddenstoppageof urine. he causes fever as stated in Sloka l. according i Norns.irft tl Also stil{A sqqqmq-dkilRaiqeil: r eqrGrqihrrfril {il4 qq}q cfi: n For the cause of death due to each of the _?6 Drekkanas nappening to be the 22nd Dectnate. etc). The 2\od decanateis the 3rd decanate of Scorpio rvhich is ruled by the l\{oon.8r0 rurqfild Adh v. The ruler of the 8th house modifies the influence of the 22nd rJecanate. we have to apply this principle and not otherwise. Take for exanrple*-Lagna Aribs-Z. Therefore death is accidental.T'irsitqr (Bhavopira). unexpectedor short because it is l\{ars.6lrlTilcl ll . A. the foliowing slokas from the same work will be found to be useful::- w. The 22nd decanate from the Lagna drr:kkanacauses the diseaseaccording to 'the nature of the ruler of th'it decanate with certainty. g1116C- qtfitfui gintr{trnq:nfiftqrrraie€r ss: r rft{snr qr rgiiiqat ffi frqtqsrf.iqtgt 1.4i wrq{q{ ll fiar<Gdtqqilqrq qeAfi trltot: I {q {iitqlflrl na+. Sinrilarly in the caseof the other planets mentioned therein.aRFlqfqflT.5'. or of the sign containing it produceo death decanate to its characterirtics. 'l'he Moon gives water and as Mars modifies the Moon to a certain degree. If the ruler of the 22nd -decanate be the Sun. yogas of the In the absence mentioned in Slokas 2 to 10. This is irnplied in .?"gtt.we diseases may say death will lre due t') loose bowels.

iqft trg: tl erf& qiitq.A\olqI aql €fllit. g€i qqftR sTrU ftgq?i'i *nmqIHH {Efr t q nfiq|ntel lt ffgfRqfiqrilEBtilqqri q?qrf tt t tqqq(qrrinr rn6nm'rr.*neq-{Sqqr tt wqq{qilqrqfrffi dt( daflrqqrrrilrt eT+ FqrE{t fli Tq' flEr€$ tl qla qFFRqrtgeRqquqrRqrd+qq t q'A g q6{ilh(n "arergnilq: ll errisftqfteqrtfrqter{tifiila'ilqrrq: I q'i q qeqm€sqiti.Tlt deilTqrotqfinid"qr I qqft R q{otaqn pt agft$rvEnqrr ur"ilffii TdA R er${qtq' u q|qqrA fi gilftesgn}frRqfri.rrit q ggq€ ll qrtq qqqnt( q.iltr+firFffiFlarffir q 'ililtdt t e{ri ft-qrqil qw+ihmqrsftvrF€dll: I dqroftftgfiEa+ nrt .qnhqieiqq r qrt qfrq{} qsrqqafr +fr?ilrr frq{q.t.uq qqfr iE €eg:gsrq-.'er. 11 .sl. r . I qqfa A tr Afrqrrrt R **a+ri zrUguri slRqrdrBqqqFq"* uqil qq sqrGgq t ff{rqkwqrurrada\q q aqr-* ll s6qffiKrffinqri .' Hfirnsqrs' 31r q(q lqfiRfr qEreaatq tt .

ifr yrgyriq{aq$Gsrht rr qd eiaog. A. I €fflA Gg0rilfqgqr: stq n tR rr Sloka L2.iaft eeg'r qqtG Nr uqGsr. From all this we have to detcrmine generally this ftqfsr(Niryana) or exit from the world ae occurringat a placewhose surroundingewill be indica.{rffi+nnsqh tt qflieaF+i*fr 1 "qila.lqqEat: sqrRfraeq rl *Y{r#ds+ a\ EqrqrGfiqqrnnrq I eq'ilqqfrR qqql gFnnitli utt. ted by the planet occupying the Lagnaor by the planet I ruling the rising Navamsa as alsoby those that are in :i conjunctionwith or aspecting these.ilffiii. v. lt tiilqEt{sqgsuqrrr{fr qti'qorntrtw3 qMtq qkK ugqqEsglqflidrgaq.f{-i air +anqdrwrnn' erailf{wegtreunitrrai.ii€fir{ rr eit fr{grrri geqffiqkgil*it'q' r agrwo+ ti. "fhe rrnconscious stat€ at the time of dearh lasts for such time a io .3il| r]n$q|ftsnt Adh.qrgs&tqqriisq qfirq* e{ril <{tqt {€: sgrtrt ll grt s'n>di drq<lt<qr qaqil*' r qril nqgc$rfqea+ql rrhscgr n q-or"t .q=A eesgFdqlsft r dqqrt 11 T.qufirplrFtFg: I saRqT{nflqr EoE{g.

factory. they also indicate the for elample' the Moon indicates has been stated above' Suppose above principles and together the th" pt. the ces as are the result of occupation or aspecting by plzrDctsof states 8th houseor the absence cif both (Zicr Slolias I and ll) and signs: sevoral to the places appropriate that the following are the Aries. Place frequented by sheep' l'auru3. Capricorn-:watery tracts. the sloka l2 seemsto be the correct one: The -operation theatres' Mars (green all round).lition tr what Gemini.". a house. Scorpio--a hole. If'any surrouudirrgs of the Lagna 'or lt-s-frlvarnl is occupy the house where the ruler place of death irt ed. Seturn roonrs . Venus--well'furnished tupiter-treasury --dirty places. r i {i d 40 . tasi * with it Saturn "" grden (Ittooo) but dirty is where it that death takes place at a'spot (Saturp).o by beneficplanetsgetrerally' when aspected NorBs. Sagittarius a place frequented by horses.! . store housur.5. Libra-n Ltaz'zrt. will be irrdicated by the The place of death attd surroundings rising Navlmsa' It there planet in the Lagna or the one ruling its the sign occupietl by tha ruter L" no pl"o"t in the Lagua' the .$. Aquarius --a house. .place of death. Cancer. This periodbecoroes by its lord anCtrebled the rising sign is aepected "rh.'.. and Pisces-watery places' view' The But the above does not seem to be the correct in chapter II' following view which is advocated by verraharnihira Sun-temples. Place frequented by oxen.a fertile place grounds I I\'Iercury-pl:ry kitchens. rooms .. Bhattotpala interprets tlre 6rst half of the sloka thus: The Rasi exit from the world will occur at a place appropriate to the cir:umstan' such with occupied by the lord of the rising Navamsa..of will depict the or the risihg -Navamsa of"n"t owning tne Lagna itspect or planets of the .. a well' l-eo-a forest: Virgoa nrater. Moon. etc.. 12 tqfltdsqrr: 8lt ta doubled lagna below the horizon. of death accortling to We have then to say principle. .

(3+21. Aries 251is rising. 'I'his is not the period will thus have to be multiplied by 2X3. The multiplication should be done once the iime taken by it to riso ln thb East.iqr.314 crqlftlti Adh"v.qllr{ft ed: u stdinsnl cle: h\q ftfideftftgfrre: srq I ftgor:gtfit sq<gi{t .a.Sth (i. s${ilqiTrf\cer qcrr{ft qqrft qslqr: I ccdnwrrd: cft.T agna corresponds . By natural process. etc. The period of unconsciousnessi will be the time taken for thc portion of the rising sign below the horizoo to rise. 6 times and so on. say. The oblique ascension'of the remaining portion of tbe sign rising on the. . becauseof the ruler and a benefrc throwing their aspect on the Lagna. tlt({di saPra.t . a benefic is also aspecting the LaiEna. it is trebled. By the rule". o. Suppose thg Lagna is being aspected by its lord. I'he period of unconsciousness undergoei multiplicatton twicd or thrice. According ar the decanate of tbg.{iaTdh u . If aspected by a benefic.nqfl{nrfr'fr rlkftmilkswltlhqil liery.. If bv two benefics. the perio<l is to bi niultiplied by 3.! . The remairrfg portion is 5'. You have to multiply the period by 2.tb€re ir I firr Rn S/o&c 13.. the period is doubled. 1 wat.: . c. 22nd Iagrn) htrot from the the out to b e bbava . 'The time taken for 5" of Aries to rise in the Eas will be 20 minutes'generally (calculating at 2 houfs for the whole sign of Aries to rise).{frur dt {qqft. If the rising sign be aspected by its lord. lbke an exarnple.ry ir e miredone. At the same time. Vide also V-ll7 c/..:A.i{ . It'will }e enough if it is multiplied once by 5 i. Malefiis aspecting the rising sign will not deprive'cosciousness.

.beiogthoroughtywetted and softenedin water. Sagittarius f2) Taurus (2. Th: of whrt hrs b:an culledfrom tollowingis the essence bigher works (euchas citiicr&ibcr+. Aquarius (21 Capricorn (2) Libra (l) Vireo ( I ) Gemini (ll Sagittarius (3) Virio (3) Aquarius (l) :ll Tdl=36 . Thus. waterl' wa{Jala) and Infrt. NOTES.$t.' mixed (&*misra) decanates. by b:astsand bird s the body is eeten bcJieslod.i--*---< 3t6 or ol the.r the Sun and wind.a or {qa'Dahana). they arc shor*'nin the following statement' Drekkanas. 13 vvrwvvwvvvvvwvvvv trlfiHsrqrq: J vwwwvwvvJlwvvv assimilated aaexcrement. or being driod up by exposure t. Krura or Malefic L€o (l) Aries (l) Aquarius (l) Scorpio (l) Cepricorn(l) Pisces(3) Scorpio (3) Loo (3) Libra (3) Cencer (Z) Scorpio{z) =ll Jala or water-bearing Cancer (l) P i s c e s( l ) Pisces(2t Virgo (2) Taurus (3) cemini (3) Saurnya or 'Benefic Vimisra or mixed Capricorn (3) Aries (3) Cancer (3 I Taurus (l) Sasittarius (l) Gemini t2) Libra (2t I*o (21 Aries (2) . If the of the 8th house hrpp:ns to be a srrolant decanate (Vyaladrekkana). the finrl sta{gof the dead body hacto be thought outin the mrnn:r st.thrown out into t-heir of prey. For'ficry (fi(: Kru. Yi'ie lX'slokas ll2-ll5 For convenience.dead boiily by its being turned into aohes.Jyotisha Karma Vipaka)regardingpast and future life.

l by the l\/Iocn. If the lord of the decanate the it-it..qqRn* tBll " Sloka 11.the departed [" tnJ owner of the decanate regions' In th': previous from the linfernal ceme person or mediocre [ir. lf a rnixetl planrt (lihe lt{ercury). lf the Sunor Mars be'the lord the in the'previous birth the deceas:d particulardecanate. dogs. The 22nd 25o' "oor".longed to rheworld of mortals. Of the Sun and the Moon' find out occupied which is stronger.l.. the rank of the departedwas high' uDdercon' io* ...r*. trt"nser"of thcse two planets be Jupiter' the from out asa personcome . or Mercury t. If the Moon or Venusbe fro'' the came the 'Jeceased in etc' must are malefics in the 8th house'cremation Al 1f 1l1i:re (f) he predicted. Therefqre native shoulcl be burietl' " above rule: The following are the exceptionsto the qt (Sarpa) one' the bodv is Tf the 22nddecanate be a eaten by vultures.l""anate is o*n". Aries J-agna will be exposetl to dry' away' ' rule' the pei above as . aqrd(Vyala) or serpent decanates' i-to of stih"t letakaburial or other' The 2hnll&caoate is the cause of crernation' accordinq t9 9lane^ts wise according to the nature of its ruler or A benefic posited thereitr.. .i. Vide also VI 17 snPra' ' q'ltn\ qqfl geesqRgfr ffir€qMll aRsM{ ${r I dg-r.ording ar the owner of the drekkana .d shoirldba rnade the lord world of immortals. decanate of worid of Man':s. If Saturn in question.. A rnllefic planet cagses'crernation' then the body burial.916 vYvvvvYvYvvvvvvvvYvv {rnrrrftcrt YvvvYvvtvv!Yvvvv!vvr!Yv!YYYYYv- Adh V' A' see notes to Ch' XXIII Fo.

point' or in the depression therefrom ftsj -""-"-'--'-311 ----.:-'ii.. if culminating' mid heaven..hrd f rllen mideration was in his exaltation print. h ft1oi grg<ierroriaaagSr <{hai <i<ra: I ir*ss*cc€rsii tur'' *fu g-crfrgit art*'tqmq fte cg ciirA.S:: -" --.{n.."-'* ?1'-ll-..t" the ?th blrava lBhattotpalaaddsthe 6th and these planetais ".-.Jrt" . . he should heve held a a bad Position.q. whichever -of .iter departed 6th bhava'a Kendra poeition or the-8th il.i. tlt'o!heriilerftc!alion' If gootl position .i".'the personwill attain linal 'emancipa' .departed Slctc"t. the wor]d thereof doeo found to be strongest.t'.qito(rtl dqtqr q fon qrit-& ftrqqTnfr€f qtt qta frGrcrmr frflr ll t\ ll {q?d ig the lord of the. The refuge (f'r'.q{q}snitni! t W{erRgt. off of the decanate occu' Deternrine the past birth from the ruler powerful) aud predict pied by the Sun or the lt{oon (whichcver is (l'ol<at from where the soul is come' accordingly tbe particuler it+ that planet is in Thc lasl quatlct." rising decanate) or the planet from the rising decatrate) gg"a <Jecan. the clepartecl alsoif the rising sign is Piscer . the 16th decanate of the Drekkanacf the 6th house or of the Sth house (i'e'' the i-rn .. planetand riaing N"vamgais that of a benefic ".. and so ott' rI0l1T(:- $r..*nti"* #avas also).eiinaq+rafru tt qI qfrft itgl. happens .. to the and is in his exaltdtion p"rroo gi' If Jup.

Flanets placed in the 7th will indicate also futirie birth. tn the above two exceptions. If pisces be rising in a Na'amsa of n b. etc. flEit+ (Pitruloka).-Bliss CI* (Moksha) is higher than ?s. Rf<+r=tw (Ripurandhratryamsapa) may also bo intorprcted as the ruler of the decanate of the (rth or the gth bhava counted from the 7th.818 Tnrdhqft Adh. of the l2th or of the znd bhava. 'Norrs. dra position will meke the native attain bliss. This is clearly hinted by Varanarnihira talking bf M. tbe other planets rnust not be powerfur as Jupiter.c. gurFfi(:- qftete{rr{ r tfr€dittz?cilTqfr{Ali ErSs{cqttrqdr e iergwgfr frc€qdh c n ... v. (This agrees with the western view that the l2th and 2nd housesindicate future births and the 6th and the 8th iodicate past birth). rr (Devaloka).rneficl it leads to bliss. Erccflions.B. Exalted Jupiter in the 6th. while planetsother than Jupiter are without strength. i.ksna (rlf) as distinct and quite apart frorn the slokes containing ?git{. A. dl.. . the gth or in a Ken. loka). (Deva. Jupitenqccupiesit.