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أمين عام الأمم المتحده

أمين عام الأمم المتحده

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Published by: CBS_News on Jun 27, 2013
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‫الجمهورية العربية السورية‬ ‫هيئة األركان العامة‬ ‫مكتب رئيس االركان‬ / ‫خ‬/105052 /:‫الرقم‬ ‫م‬1522/50/10 ‫التاريخ‬

June 25, 2013

State Members The Security Council The United Nations This letter is written with urgency to bring to your attention yet another series of ethnic and sectarian cleansing that the Assad regime and his allies are inflicting on our Syrian people. The most recent events in the region of Tal-Kalakh, north-west of Qusair, across from the Lebanese border, is further proof of the systematic sectarian cleansing against thousands of Syrians. The Assad regime is using siege, bombardment and massacre tactics to disseminate fear and shock among native civilian populations of villages and small cities in the area, while giving them an ultimatum to leave or face the consequences. Fearful of a regime that always delivers on its promise of visiting death and destruction on its people, most, if not all, of these beleaguered local civilians are being pushed out of their homes and villages, only to discover that Assad forces are establishing physical barriers to prevent them from returning to their land, homes and lives. Our reconnaissance reports have noted that Assad forces are increasingly using barbed wire fences, barricades, and wide zones of landmine fields to seal these occupied areas and eliminate any chance that its native inhabitants return to their homes. However, the inhabitants of Tal-Kalakh might not even have the opportunity to escape. At the time of writing this letter, our reports describe a city that is besieged from all sides by Assad forces, as well as Hezbollah fighters who crossed the Lebanese border from the Dabbussieh area. Indeed, Tal-Kalakh’s remaining inhabitants, several thousand civilians, could be awaiting a massacre to happen. These victims of Assad’s atrocities happen to be mainly of the Sunni minority population in these areas of western Syria, and we fear that they will be subjected to the same fate that others

like them faced in the Qusair area, several miles away to the east, and before them, the several hundred slaughtered in Banyas and Al-Baida south of Lattakia. Only three weeks ago, the report of the Independent International Commission of Inquiry on Syria to the Human Rights Council of the United Nations, confirmed the systematic engagement of the Assad regime in war crimes and crimes against humanity. I urgently request that you take immediate action to prevent the ethno-sectarian cleansing by Assad and his allies of Sunni minority communities. I also request that a team of UN investigators be sent to assess recent events and gather evidence of this regime’s crimes. The Supreme Military Council of the Free Syrian Army will help facilitate such mission in the areas it controls. The dire situation of these besieged areas requires immediate intervention by UNHCR, especially critically needed food and medical supplies. Syria should not be allowed to become the Rwanda of the 21st century, nor should it get Balkanized in an apparent "partition" designed and implemented by Assad and his backers. A divided Syria is going to be a scourge to its neighbors, region, and the whole world, but mostly, a catastrophe brought on the Syrian people for decades to come. Indeed, a new world map drawn on sectarian and ethnic lines, based on a “Syrian Precedent” will be a disastrous fate for the world we all want to see. Simply, a dictator should not be left to do so much destruction. I implore your esteemed council to act on the basic intrinsic moral responsibility bestowed on you as leaders of the Security Council of the United Nations. I hope that no procedural obstacles would inhibit you from acting on your human consciences, but in case this occurs, for you to act courageously and independently for the best interests of our humanity and world peace. Sincerely, Major General Dr. Eng. Salim Idris Chief of Staff, Supreme Military Council Free Syrian Army


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