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Introduction: Nature, Scope, and Problems & Objectives.

Individual Differences and their Evaluation, Role of Heredity, Environment,

Types of Individual Differences.

Psychological tests in industries, their Utility, Reliability and Validly

Attitudes: Meaning, Characteristics, Factors that Influence Development of

Attitudes, Implication for organization.

Industrial Morale: Meaning, Characteristics, Factors that Influence Morale,

Measures of Improving Morale.

Monotony: Fatigue and Stress: Meaning, Impact, Causative Factors.

Motivation: Meaning, Types, Applications in industry - MBO, Job design.

Work Environment: The Arousal Hypothesis - Noise, Illumination, Color,

Vibration, Miscellaneous Factors.

Recommended Text Books

1. M.L. Blum & J.C. Industrial Psychology - Its CBS Naylor Theoretical & Social

2. Ghosh & Ghorpade Industrial Psychology Himalaya

Reference Books

1. Miner Industrial/Organisation TataMcGraw Psychology Hill

2. Schultz & Schultz Psychology & Work Today Pearson

3. Riggio Industrial/ Organisational Prentice Hall Psychology

4. Dubrin Applying Pschology: Prentice Hall Industrial & Organisation Effectiveness