21 Years

©2008 Michael E. Hirst www.hirstmusic.com
Verse I face the day the rain may be here to stay Time will explain all the ways I’ve got it all wrong I’ve grown up to burn out to learn, we’re all the same Chasing or fleeing the Love that got us this far. So prone to fail, and our hope’s so frail. Chorus 21 years, and I am still learning to walk This morning, I’m still finding out who You are But that doesn’t make me less likely to fall. 21 years and I’m still becoming, These 21 years are gone without warning And time’s running out to figure this out and I still feel lost. Verse I face the day and a war I still haven’t named Demons and trials lay siege to truth and to grace. My heart breaks slow, what if I let go? (Chorus) (instrumental) (Chorus) …And I still yearn to belong…

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