Bollinger Trade Rules Sell Trade Bull candle to close out of upper Bollinger Followed By a Bear candle Open

on Next Bar Buy Trade Bear Candle to close out of lower Bollinger Followed by a Bull candle Open on the next Candle’s open
1. Signal Candle, Break of Upper Bollinger (Bull Candle) or Lower Bollinger (Bear Candle) 2. Confirmation Candle, Bear candle on a Sell Signal or Bull Candle after break of the lower bollinger band.

3. Trigger Candle, open after confirmatory candle sell after bearish confirmation or buy after Bullish Confirmation.

When not to enter If the confirmation candle runs away leaving stop to large. If the stop loss is less than 5 or more than 15 Exceptions:  In the direction of the trend Don’t take a trade into a MA line 20, 50 or 200 If you lose miss following trade (unless in opposite direction) and then dbl up on next signal then treble on the next. *Don’t take a trade if two successive candle of same colour breach as there is too much momentum*not too sure If it resembles a Hammer or a shooting star it may be taken on the bolinger upper/lower without fully closing above or below. Stochastic must be overbought for sell or oversold for sell Look at General direction of trend on Daily Chart (map) & 4 Hour for trade management Look at hourly for support & resistance for possible exits Look for Bollinger squeezes and try to take the “Fakeout Trade” Last rule shove the middle Bollinger up your hoop.

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