General-Reporting Meeting of members of Association of Polish Aviation Industry(APAI) and Association of Group of Aerospace Industry Entrepreneurs

Main actions in 2009 Action plan for 2010

Rzeszów, May 25, 2010

200 < 50 16 25 45 Polish Aerospace Industry is organized in Association of Polish Aviation Industry(APAI). 30 members and „Aviation Valley” Association.500 50 .Polish Aerospace Industry Number of enterprises Employment Sale ~ 100 23 000 1 mld $ > 1000 500 -1000 4 6 200 . 79 members .

Knowledge Restructuring Development base .Development strategy D&R. universities. partnership Product World class manufacturing Technology Ownership transformations Capital. Market. laboratories.

Main actions in 2009 Visit of ambassadors in Aviation Valley Visit of Japanese entrepreneurs Paris Air Show ASD Annual Convention .

innovation Tertiary schools / Aeronet.Education. learning. junior secondary schools / „cool physics”. 80M$ Secondary schools / CEKSO centre of education. 35M$ Primary schools / university for kids .

information. etc.European Aerospace Cluster Partnership EACP – joint initiatives of „Wings for Regions” and CLUNET Platform of sharing best practices. projects. UE’s 31 aerospace clusters „Aviation Valley” leading one of 3 working groups (apart from Toulouse and Hamburg) .

11:00 . two neighboring booths of AVIATION VALLEY: 206 (PAIZ) + 309 (Rzeszów City) • Conference and discussion panel – June 8.ILA Berlin Air Show 2010 • Organizing a common trip of members of the Association to an aerospace trade show ILA Berlin Air Show 2010 • Organizing B2B meetings during ILA • Hall 7.

Benchmarking mission of small enterprises of AV • Acquiring knowledge about the best functioning standards of small aerospace enterprises in Europe • Creating AV representation • Selecting companies for visiting • Preparing visits • Acquiring funds for visits .

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