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CONTENTS ******** I II III IV V VI VII I SETUP ************* Place the Barsched.xlt and Shape99.xlt files in the TEMPLATES folder in the folder in which you installed Microsoft Office or Microsoft Excel. These files MUST NOT be renamed. This spreadsheet has been formatted using Arial, Arial Black, Tahoma and Tekton~n TrueType fonts. The font file Tekton~n.ttf should be installed in your \Windows\Fonts directory. Execute the ARIALB32.EXE file to install the Arial Black font. This spreadsheet has been optimised for a screen resolution of 1024x768 HiColor 16 bit) using large fonts. Right click on the main Windows desktop, click on Properties and go to Settings to adjust (or see Screen Resolution below). Sheet Tabs should be enabled. Go to Tools > Options > View Remember! (1) Copy the Tekton~n.ttf file into your \Windows\Fonts folder. (2) Run the ARIALB32.EXE file to install. (3) If you are using 256 colour, change to Hicolor (16 bit). Setup Getting Started Spreadsheet Information Latest Version Registration Disclaimer File List

SCREEN RESOLUTION Although this spreadsheet has been optimised and thoroughly tested out on a resolution of 1024x768 using large fonts, it has also been tested using other combinations of 1024x768, 800x600, large fonts and small fonts. If you wish to use a combination other than the 1024x768 with large fonts, you may want to adjust Excel's display. Go to View menu > Zoom and adjust. Then save the spreadsheet (see Customisation on saving). Alternatively, use the ADJUST DISPLAY on the SETUP sheet. TO INSTALL THE TEKTON~N.TTF FONT FILE -----------------------------------1) Copy Tekton~n.ttf into your /Windows/Fonts folder. 2) Go to MY COMPUTER > CONTROL PANEL and double click on FONTS. Your font will then be installed.

Barsched. WHAT CAN BAR SCHEDULE DO? Bar Schedule automatically calculates the total length of a bar in accordance with BS 4466. The basic operation of the spreadsheet is that the user has to clear the coloured cells.xlt. dimensions of a link (shape codes 61 & 79). The spreadsheet has been developed to comply with BS 4466 : 1989 and Amendment No. Blue cells indicate input required and red cells indicate invalid data.0) spreadsheet program which is available either separate or as part of Microsoft Office 97.xls) click on the SAVE button which is on the schedule sheet. the total numbers of bars for each bar mark is calculated. length between two bends. When there are no colours in the row of a bar mark.xls).II GETTING STARTED *********************** To use Bar Schedule. to save your work in a Bar Schedule data file (default name: bardata. Click on Barsched.xlt is a TEMPLATE file. bar schedule will: 1) 2) 3) 4) Check Check Check Check the the the the minimum minimum minimum minimum bend length. If you want to save this copy click on SAVE under the FILE menu. open up Excel and click on the FILE menu and then on NEW. OPERATION.g. Follow the same procedure to open Shape 99 which will be displayed under the name Shape99. cells will appear coloured blue or red. On commencement of entering data. To import a previously stored data file use the OPEN button on the schedule shee t. Alternatively. Do not use the Open command on the toolbar or under the FILE menu. When the above procedure is followed a COPY is opened in Excel. Also. Copies will be saved in your default file location. 1 published 28 February 1990.xls file is a much smaller file and is suitable for emailing. Entering data into blue cells will clear the blue colour.g. The bardata. Bar Schedule will be displayed under the general tab with the name Barsched. length of a crank. . In addition. Excel automatically generates a numerically incremented file name for this copy (e. Clearing the contents of a red cell will clear the red colour. CUSTOMISATION To customise Bar Schedule (e. reduce scheduling errors. normally C:\My Documents. The aim of the spreadsheet is to reduce the time taken to produce a bar schedule. increase compliance with the BSI specified format for bar scheduling and facilitate electronic data interchange.xlt. reduce arithmetical errors. III SPREADSHEET INFORMATION ******************************* Bar Schedule for Excel 97 is a spreadsheet for the scheduling of steel for the reinforcement of concrete. then that barmark has been completed. Excel 97 refers to Microsoft Excel 97 (v8. Company name or Zoom settings) you must use the SAVE button in the ADJUST DISPLAY box on the SETUP sheet. Barsched1.xlt and then on OK. Go to TOOLS > OPTIONS > GENERAL and check.

xlt. Check if bending angles exceed 45 degrees. bug reports or require further information.R. Check that numeric data only is entered into numbers off and dimensions. which may be downloaded from : http://www. and other features! SHAPE CODE 99 Bar Schedule is accompanied by a second spreadsheet called Shape 99. Unlimited multiple sheets facility. Check the minimum offset dimension of a cranked bar.. Go to File menu.ttf and Arialb32. Email: pac@pactech. comments and assistance in distributing this software.org. FIStructE.fsnet. suggestions. PhD. If you have comments. PE. Comprehensive weight schedule.uk V REGISTRATION ******************** ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------REGISTRATION: Single user licence: Company multi-user licence: 45 Pounds 45 Pounds per copy installed . for further information email: rcc@bca.fsnet.co. Export schedules to an Excel Workbook for emailing or data storage. Allow a database of job details to be maintained. Also. Indicate dimensions required for a given shape code. Check the bar schedule reference & bar marks are in the correct format. Check the maximum pitch of a helix (shape code 87). Check bar type. Export to SteelPac's SDI format (electronic data interchange). CEng. Indicate non-preferred bar diameters.exe are also available from the above web site. diameter and shape code are in accordance with BS 4466. click on New and open Shape99.5) 6) 7) 8) 9) 10) 11) 12) 13) 14) 15) 16) 17) 18) 19) 20) 21) 22) 23) 24) 25) 26) Check the minimum radius of a non-standard bend. With Shape 99 you can produce a continuation sheet with a dimensioned sketch of your bar shape . Allow bar types R.structural-engineering. Import previously stored schedule data files.uk/ The font files Tekton~n.. please email: info@structural-engineering. S and X to be scheduled. Indicate dimensions placed into incorrect cells for a given shape code.co. Indicate if the total length of a bar exceeds 18m. Check that input dimensions are in multiples of 5mm. thanks to PAC Technologies Ltd for assistance with the SteelPac export facility. Indicate if the total length of a bar exceeds 12m. . Thank you to the Reinforced Concrete Council for their encouragement. MEng. The RCC is part of the British Cement Association.uk IV LATEST VERSION ********************** Please ensure you have the latest version of this software. T.uk Thank you for advice to Dr Shaiq U. Khan BEng (Civil). ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS. Check the minimum dimension of a semi-circular bend.co.

rent. decompile. disassemble.microsoft. Arial and Arial Black are provided free by Microsoft Corporation. This readme. This software is protected by United Kingdom copyright law and also by international treaty provisions. Any such unauthorised use shall result in immediate and automatic termination of this license.co. Also include the name you require the spreadsheet registered to (30 characters maximum). THE AUTHOR DISCLAIMS ALL WARRANTIES RELATING TO THIS SOFTWARE.Delivery will be by attachment to an email. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Registration of the RCC Spreadsheets for Concrete Design pack does not include this spreadsheet! LICENSE FOR USE AND DISTRIBUTION This spreadsheet is NOT a public domain program. without further permission. WHETHER EXPRESSED OR IMPLIED. It is copyrighted by the Author*. sell. They may be downloaded from: http://www.microsoft. Tel: 07939-187549 Day tel: 020-8349 5284 email: chris@buczkowski. You may copy and distribute the UNREGISTERED version of this spreadsheet. completely unaltered.com/support/kb/articles/Q175/0/15. To order a copy. All rights not expressly granted here are reserved to the Author. please send a cheque payable to 'C. INCLUDING BUT NOT LIMITED TO ANY IMPLIED WARRANTIES OF MERCHANTABILITY OR FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE. THE PERSON USING THE SOFTWARE BEARS ALL RISK AS TO THE QUALITY AND PERFORMANCE OF THE SOFTWARE. otherwise reverse engineer. CONSEQUENTIAL. ALTHOUGH EVERY EFFORT HAS BEEN MADE TO ENSURE THE ACCURACY OF THIS PROGRAM.com/typography/fontpack/ Microsoft also provide Tahoma which can be downloaded from: http://support.asp VI DISCLAIMER ****************** THIS SOFTWARE IS PROVIDED FOR EVALUATION ONLY.uk You should include your email or postal address and a contact telephone number.freeser . unprotect. * The Author is Chris Buczkowski FONTS Neither the Tekton~n nor the Arial Black font files are included in the licence agreement for sale. modify. Buczkowski' to the following address: Flat 304 100 Kingsway North Finchley LONDON N12 0EQ ve.txt file and Shape99. The Author grants you a license to use this software for evaluation purposes for an indefinite period. THE AUTHOR* SHALL NOT BE LIABLE FOR ANY INDIRECT. OR INCIDENTAL DAMAGES ARISING OUT OF THE USE OR INABILITY TO USE SUCH SOFTWARE. lease. ON AN "AS IS" BASIS. EVEN IF THE AUTHOR HAS BEEN ADVISED OF THE POSSIBILITY OF SUCH DAMAGES OR CLAIMS. You may not use. copy.xlt MUST accompany any copies of the spreadsheet. Tekton~n is freely available with the Reinforced Concrete Council's Spreadsheets for Concrete Design pack. or transfer this software except as provided in this agreement. USERS SHOULD VERIFY THE RESULTS FOR THEMSELVES.

Arialb32. files) If any files are missing.co.fsnet.ttf SteelPac.xlt Shape99.VII File List ***************** This is a list of files accompanying the Bar Schedule spreadsheet.uk/ ** END ** .xlt readme.structural-engineering.doc (6 no.txt Tekton~n. please download the complete set from: http://www.exe Barsched.

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