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Fusion Reiki Manual by Jason Storm Jens 3

Fusion Reiki Manual by Jason Storm Jens 3

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Published by: eforgues564 on Jun 27, 2013
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Double Dragon International Reiki School

Short manual for

Fusion Reiki
Combine your healing systems

Manual written by Jason Storm & Jens Söeborg System founder Jason Storm

manifesting. background. This symbol is self-attuning. Jason Storm received the Fusion symbol and instructions for its use. Seichim. artwork by Siv Breines of Norway. hands-on treatment slows the energy down a little bit. you will find your High Sense Perception greatly amplified and quite easy to develop. Dr. The physical connection of a direct. its energy amplifies any of the other styles or can work alone. This is normal. Fusion has a consciousness of its own and requires practically no effort of any kind to utilize in healing. and anyone of any level.Fusion as received by Dr. The symbol gave its name simply as "Fusion" and represents a mixture of the energies of Usui Reiki. as to intuitively seek the drawing order is part of the attunement and accessing process. There is no stroke order in drawing this symbol. How this all came about On Saturday 25th November. Jason Storm. After you have been attuned to Fusion. 2000. Most people find they connect easily and instantly with Fusion. meditation. blessings. during a group attunement for the members of the Reiki Revolution and the e-groups discussion list of the same name. . but you should experiment for yourself and find the techniques that work best for you with this very potent power source. To use the energies of Fusion in Reiki treatments simply say the name of the symbol and/or draw it (or visualize it) on the client receiving the energies and allow it to flow. typically requiring only about one third the amount of time of the other styles alone. or state of being can become attuned to the energies of this very potent symbol by following the attunement instructions. and the attunement is likely to pass to and through you very quick as well. and cleansing. Fusion works VERY QUICKLY. Karuna. Tao Tian and Chi Gong. IT IS MOST EFFECTIVE when used in distant treatment and attunements. belief. Let it show you the way.

Something quite pleasant and INTENSELY RELAXING. transforming your very flesh into pure healing light. As you sit for just a minute more allowing your awareness to be completely filled with Fusion. When you KNOW it is time to do so. get ready to begin to draw the symbol. Take as long as you like with this. Do this now.If you don't know one. then just focus on your breathing for a few minutes. Let the stroke order come to you intuitively. it will always bring you good luck. empowering. you're doing fine. Notice its shape. Good. You may begin to feel energy already flowing around and through you. aligning. most natural thing in the world. Congratulations and Namaste. and see yourself drawing the symbol from start to finish knowing that you cannot do it wrong. protection. . Keep your drawing of Fusion in a special place. you can allow your energy bodies to align and open.Fusion Reiki Attunements Self-Attunement (You will need a piece of paper and pen or pencil for this self-attunement method). begin to draw the symbol on your paper. Close your eyes and take a nice big. a tingling. a buzzing. Trust that it is already happening and you will be delightfully surprised at how easy it is now becoming. If you are familiar with a meditative technique for entering a light state of relaxation you should employ that now. As you become more aware of the appearance of this symbol. the lines. Nothing difficult about it. and share them with others. then your eyes can close again and the full power of this most potent healing energy can fully manifest. "Fusion". open your eyes and come back to this page. soaking in the ever increasing energies. there you will find a certain sensation that is most unusual. Now that you are feeling relaxed. even if you don't know what that means. healing. and guidance. Perhaps it is a warmth that is not normally there. and when you complete it your attunement will have been jump started into high gear. Now say its name. the crown of your head may begin to tingle. you can now begin to draw. Let it fill your awareness. After you see yourself complete the drawing in your mind. And as you now allow your awareness to shift to the palms of you hands. to vibrate sympathetically with the profound energy that can now begin to overwhelm your senses. take a look at the symbol at the next page. And when you are ready. I encourage you to experiment and find new uses for Fusion. What is the first thing you notice? Where is the logical place to begin? Take another big comfortable breath. comfortable breath and relax. and when you are feeling ready. let yourself begin to open more and more. the movement.

Fusion .

and I hope it finds you well. I wanted to create one very special. and relaxation to all who read it. If you are not familiar with Reiki. Anyone can learn and experience its remarkable soothing and healing effects. Thailand. wellness. Just as the Buddha did one afternoon. Jason Storm’s letter from Thailand Greetings. Jason Storm in Suphan Buri.RAY-KEE . 2001. But just imagine. There is a vast storehouse of knowledge contained in this symbol and these energies. on ONE condition. then just know that it is an ancient system of healing and enlightenment based on the balanced flow of Universal Life Force Energy (which in Japanese is translated as "Reiki" . perhaps you are aware of a particular sensation in your body that can NOW allow you to feel very comfortable.and in Mandarin Chinese we call it "Ling Chi"). and joy that Reiki has helped me and my family to experience. And this is my gift to you today. you can email at storm@reiki-revolution. for just another moment. without charge or regulation or controls of any kind. But I want the very chaotic energy of money kept as far away from Fusion as possible.cc and tell your experiences with Fusion.If you find a particularly effective technique with this symbol. To align your energetic system with the free flow of Reiki. Dear Friends: This is a message from Dr. Dr. You cannot be negatively impacted by doing so. or suggest a barter or exchange of some kind. It was created at 3:30 pm on Monday 19 February. REALLY IMAGINE. long ago. If you know someone in need of respite or healing. If you would not like to receive this gift of energy. I receive so many different "chain letters" and some of them are really REALLY horrible in the things they tell you.uni. personally. and calm your mind. Hopefully these will be available to all freely. then just delete this message and move on. You may ask for a donation (without specifying an amount). simply make yourself more comfortable. and will bring healing. with your feet flat on the floor. This message is charged with Fusion Reiki energy. please forward this to them. joy. I would like to invite you to read the rest of this short message and accept my warm wishes for the very best and brightest of blessings to you and your loved ones. I fully empower and authorize you to use this symbol. As you remain there. reading this message. Reiki cannot do anything but bring about the greatest good for all concerned with harm to none. these energies. regardless of belief or religious affiliation. No harm can come from reading this or accepting this gift of energy and joyous abundance. and the name "Fusion Reiki" in every way you see fit. very unique chain letter that brings the abundance of peace. and "Fusion" is the particular style that I practice. You do not charge anyone for a fee for treating or attuning them to Fusion. quite content. abundance. what profound experiences and gifts you might receive by just taking a minute to breathe. Many new techniques will surely emerge. Take a deep breath and read the .

Namo dai cheu. Namo tassa pakawato arahato samma samput tassa. I ask it be so as I wish it for them. by simply repeating the word "Namaste" and recalling this experience in its entirety. then it is an indicator that you have an excess of stress (or obstacles to joy) in your life. soothing vibrating in various parts of your body.following mantra aloud. most probably in the crown of your head. Begin now. personally. buzzing. Namo tassa pakawato arahato samma samput tassa. at storm@reiki-revolution." May all readers of this message be blessed. As soon as you complete the reading through of the mantra. If this feeling of radiant energy is a lot bigger than you were expecting. Rev. Dm. or anything else you need. the palms of the hands and soles of the feet. which was the language spoken by the Buddha during his lifetime. now and for all the days of their lives. for the greatest good of all and with harm to none. and realize the fullness of joy and things wonderful in every possible aspect. dai buwee geeyo ko-ah. tammang aratana nang. geeyo long guang dai lang gam guangsi im pusak. This mantra is in the Pali language. I mean REALLY NOTICE how calm and relaxed you really can be any time you like. the place between your eyebrows. PhD . the heart area. and it's ok to allow this very quiet energy to soothe and relax your tension and obstacles right on out of your body and your life.cc with your experiences. healed. This is perfectly normal. Namaste. Pootung aratana nang. It simply invites the calmness of spirit and blessings of Buddha and Kwan Yin and can be deeply relaxing in its own respect. In love. any questions. and peace always. or pleasant. Please feel free to write back to me. it's just that simple. This is the mantra that I personally use in my daily meditations. light.uni. then again in nine days. The energy and God know what to do. (now you can make a wish that will come true within one year). Expect joyful feelings to fill your week and notice. What do you feel?) Look for a particular surprise of "good luck" over the next three days. you may now begin to experience very strong tingling. sung kang aratana nang. empowered. ****Blessings of Joy and Abundance to you in the Flow of Reiki**** "Namo tassa pakawato arahato samma samput tassa. That's right. (**Reiki can begin FLOWING NOW** Simply breathe and soak it in. Jason Storm.

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