Antibiotics Table A.

1 Antibiotic Solutions Stock Solutiona Concentration Storage Ampicillin Carbenicillin Chloramphenicol Kanamycin Streptomycin Tetracyclineb

50 mg/ml in H2O 50 mg/ml in H2O 34 mg/ml in H2O 10 mg/ml in H2O 10 mg/ml in H2O 5 mg/ml in EtOH

-20°C -20°C -20°C -20°C -20°C -20°C

Working Concentration Stringent Relaxed Plasmids Plasmids 20 µg/ml 60 µg/ml 20 µg/ml 60 µg/ml 25 µg/ml 170 µg/ml 10 µg/ml 50 µg/ml 10 µg/ml 50 µg/ml 10 µg/ml 50 µg/ml

Stock solutions of antibiotics dissolved in H2O should be sterilized by filtration through a 0.22micron filter. Antibiotics dissolved in ethanol need not be sterilized. Store solutions in light-tight containers.

Magnesium ions are antagonists of tetracycline. Use media without magnesium salts (e.g., LB medium) for selection of bacteria resistant to tetracycline. This information was copied verbatim from Molecular Cloning: A Laboratory Manual 2nd edition. J. Sambrook, E.F. Fritsch, and T. Maniatis. A.6 Bacterial Media, Antibiotics, and Bacterial Strains.

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