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com Press conference on preclearance
Mr. Joey Cardenas and Mrs. Velma Ibarra, actually, the State Commander of the Dr. Hector P. Garcia American GI Forum Org., is Mr. Peter Vallecillo – and he will be the spokesman representing our organization at the 11:00AM press conference tomorrow, at the Cesar Chavez Headquarters on East Commerce. I am actually the Veterans’ Legislation Liaison and Civil Rights Chair for our organization and I will also be there. Those who know me, know that it’s almost impossible to keep me quiet for too long, in fighting against INJUSTICES. Yes, getting a birth certificate is a problem, but that problem is further complicated when the potential voter was born in another state, or even in another country and later became an eligible to vote U.S. Citizen. However, our argument should always be, that the alleged investigations on “voter fraud,” simply do not support this racist action to implement a “Voter ID,” which undoubtedly develop into targeting of every Latino or other American legal resident of color. I hope we have as many AGIF and LULAC members present…. And invite EVERY ORGANIZATION interested in the rights of our citizens, to pack the place. Placido Salazar, USAF Retired Vietnam Veteran (210) 422-0378 Veterans’ Legislation Liaison Dr. Hector P. Garcia American GI Forum Org
From: Joey Cardenas [] Sent: Thursday, June 27, 2013 9:35 PM To: Placido Salazar Cc: velma ybarra Subject: Press conference on preclearance

Commander, Mrs. Velma Ybarra is coordinating tomorrow's press conference at 11:00, at the

Cesar Chavez office on E. Commerce St. I just spoke to her and we definitely want your help. Her number is 210-251-5589; please note that I have also copied her on this email. Velma, Commander Placido Salazar is leading the Hector P. Garcia American G.I. Forum of Texas, and his number is 210-422-0378. -joey

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