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The Book of Mormon Gamification Project Peer Review

June 27th, 2013

Authors: Roman Rackwitz, Niels van der Linden, Kabir Ahmad, Nicolas Babin, Jorge Simes, Juan Valera, Michal Bakulinski, Toby Beresford
The GamFed Peer Review Process brings together all GamFed Members to discuss different realworld cases of gamification so as to identify the best gamification practices that make the experience engaging and are suitable for application in a business context. Project submitted for peer review: With the musicals Broadway success rapidly gaining momentum, The Book of Mormon team aimed to increase online engagement and social sharing of tour dates, exclusive interviews and other important content available on the musicals website. Highlighted Gamification Mechanic More than any other of our recent review projects, this case study relied most on social interactions. Every participant in this peer review mentioned some social sharing either as an objective that is targeted by the application, as a game mechanic that was used well, or both. This shows again that we deeply associate gameplay with social experiences and that BigDoors Book of Mormon was very well designed to evoke social behavior and let us crave for more social interactions. We also agreed that the BLAP elements (Badges, Leaderboards, Achievements, Points) were the main mechanics used. We felt that they were used well to drive short-term engagement.

Suggestions for further Best Practice More sharing and interactivity between players could drive further engagement. Our ideas included: give redeemable points to other users or charities provide more opportunity for User-generated-content (UGC). Both mechanics would enhance the motivation to share and to introduce new users to the game. More ideas suggested can be found below: Implementing actual information into the Game (e.g. Where is the musical actually playing?) Simpler interactions (e.g. One click approach to the missions.) Better, more precise guidance (e.g. What to do next to progress.)

Key takeaway While the reviewers all pointed out the extrinsic rewards (BLAP) as very well used, they also asked for more narrative, epic choices, and UGC. Many users showed a strong interest in interacting with other users, to help each others, and to share experiences more deeply. For more best practice, and to become a member of the International Gamification Confederation, please visit This document is licensed under Creative Commons 2.0 Attribution.

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