38 years old, Male, (+) History of wading in flood water Direct invasion of tissue on susceptible host; induce endotoxins, hemolysin

& lipase

Leptospire from infected animals

Capillary vasculitis

Endothelial edema, necrosis, lymphocytic infiltration

Loss of RBC & fluid via enlarged conjuction of fenestrae

CBC PT Petechiae, intraparenchymal bleeding, bleeding along serosa & mucosa; thrombocytopenia Jaundice, vascular congestion & disorganizatio n of liver cell plates




Alveolar capillary injury (focal/diffuse), interstitial & intraalveolar edema & bleeding, frank hemorrhage

Tubular necrosis, interstitial nephritis

Cardiac lesions, epicardial & endocardial petechiae, mayocardial interstitial edema, coronary arteritis

Hemorrhage, focal necrosis, infiltration within the adrenal gland

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