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On Misandry

On Misandry

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Published by Vonne Monai

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Published by: Vonne Monai on Jun 28, 2013
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On Misandry Feminists are frigid, misandrist, violent retards!

I think they have an excess of testosterone and are closet lesbians who use and abuse males because males allow it. They have no interest in anything other than manipulating revenge schemes against men that won't worship them and they slander and harm innocent people just because they can. While nurturing all sorts of ugly, guilty feelings they've earned for themselves they change their physiology. They can and do mutate. If they already are predisposed to mutation then their bad attitudes and unhealthy lifestyle will get the better of their physiology and everything that can go wrong, does go wrong. I've noticed, that by age nine most children have begun to show visible signs of these harmful mutations being activated. I think it occurs because of forces outside of themselves that they have no control over and their desire for certainty. They are jealous, cheats who don't want to play their position. They are certain that no one cares for them because they refuse to acknowledge their character flaws. Real love is required to see a person as they truly are and not what is convenient to the person they are manipulating at the moment. They know everyone and run through men gaining more control with each conquest. They are certain they can create chaos and have proven to themselves that they are unsuccessful and not industrious. Men have the upper hand, but make the mistake in allowing the evil mantras to dominate their minds. Armed with built in excuses (mantras) they literally fund their own destruction. Men think the females with low self esteem are easier to deal with, but they are inconsolable with a myriad of unresolved inner conflicts. They are horribly immature and overcompensate for their low libido and frigidity by spending excessively and seeking approval of other females. The misandrists have over used their techniques to the point that it ought to be clear to most males that they are feigning a personality. They are badly mimicking personality traits of women who have earned their high self esteem. Men ought to watch T.V. shows liked Snapped, Most Evil, or film noir to get a true look at the shameless mentality of the average female. The average female is a misandrist and the average male is her willing stooge. The feminist tricks and absurd demands can't be viewed as anything other than unapologetic homicidal tendencies.

They seek to murder love and natural attractions. I'm glad I've never broken anyone's heart or been a gold digger or prostitute. Those nuts like Lorraine and Vikki who try and live vicariously through me using extortion while deliberately setting up their hand picked losers for heartbreak. Thus turning them into their revenge driven, sadistic puppets. The lame games keep the chimps busy and they never really live. Chronic anger that's never satiated. Congenitally defective people contaminating the population with their disgusting mental food. When men are few, females are allowed to degrade themselves by degrading others and it becomes a free for all. *more on the misandrists techniques

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