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The main aim of this project is to continuously check the pollution caused due to the smoke coming out from the vehicles and stop the vehicle if the smoke content exceeds the predefined limit and send this message through the Zigbee module to the control room. At the control room, this message will be received and will be displayed on the PC. The data that is transmitted and received is the vehicle number of the user vehicle. CO sensor is used to measure the smoke released from the user vehicle. As the sensor reads this data and sends this data to the microcontroller, the microcontroller continuously compares this value with the already predefined value and when it exceeds the predefined limit, the microcontroller alerts the buzzer, stops the engine and also sends the vehicle number to the other side through Zigbee module. At the other side, the Zigbee module receives this and finally the vehicle number will be displayed on the PC. Thus, the pollution check is carried out in a smoother way using Zigbee. SOFTWARE AND HARDWARE TOOLS: Software Tools: 1. Keil compiler 2. Orcad. 3. Proload Hardware Tools: 1. Microcontroller AT89S52 2. Zigbee modules 3. MAX232 4. CO sensor 5. PC 6. Buzzer and its driver circuit

7. DC motor and driver circuit

Transmitter side fixed to the user vehicle:

Receiver section: