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Inc. Inc. 2)Overview tutorials: Demonstrate the capabilities of an application.Using ANSYS Tutorials ANSYS Tutorials are 2-8 minute instructional videos on ANSYS. © 2009 ANSYS. 3)How-To tutorials: Detail how to use of a specific feature. All rights reserved. 2 ANSYS. products. There are three categories of ANSYS Tutorials: 1)Introduction tutorials: Outline the workflow of an application. Inc. Proprietary .

PDF instructions Zipped working files © 2009 ANSYS. Inc. 3 ANSYS. Inc. Proprietary .Using ANSYS Tutorials Included with many tutorials are PDF instructions and working files so you can work through the tutorials on your own if you chose to do so. All rights reserved.

All rights reserved. instruction balloons. Inc. Instruction balloon Player bar © 2009 ANSYS. Proprietary .Using ANSYS Tutorials ANSYS Tutorials are formatted to include cursor motion. and a player bar that allows you to navigate through the video. Inc. 4 ANSYS.

Using ANSYS Tutorials You may find it easier to navigate through the tutorial using the keyboard shortcuts. Inc. 5 ANSYS. Space bar = Play/Pause Left = Back one Slide Right = Forward one Slide © 2009 ANSYS. All rights reserved. Proprietary . Inc.

Proprietary . All rights reserved. Inc. 6 ANSYS. Inc.Using ANSYS Tutorials Thanks for viewing ANSYS Tutorials! We will be updating the tutorials regularly so be sure to come again! © 2009 ANSYS.

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