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AForonda CV

AForonda CV

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Published by Alison Gutierrez
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Published by: Alison Gutierrez on Jun 28, 2013
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24-C Villa 60, Rashidiya, Dubai, U.A.E. Mobile: +971 50 4116491 E-mail address:altheaforonda@yahoo.com


To pursue a long-term career in a challenging and professional organization that will utilize my knowledge and technical skills to be able to give my best service towards the productivity and growth of the company.


Inclusive Date Position Held Name of Company Company Address

August 17, 2009 to March 2011 Recruitment Coordinator HR & Administration Department Al Habtoor Leighton Group Airport Rd., Rashidiya, P.O. Box 320, Dubai, U.A.E.

Duties & Responsibilities: » Responsible in screening the resume for selection of applicant with related experience, extensive knowledge, skills and expertise in the construction industry. » Interview arrangement with the interviewers for the selection of shortlisted candidates for further proceedings.

Resume of Althea G. Foronda

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» Entering personal data of all potential and selected candidates using the database system and ensures that all the detailed information given are accurate and updated systematically. » Receiving incoming documents thru’ mails and e-mails for print-out from certain employee/s & candidates to be filed accordingly prior to visa formalities.R.» Boarding and lodging arrangement for Senior Level candidates who passed the phone interview to attend a personal interview prior to the availability and schedule of the interviewer.O.O. P.E. Dubai. Foronda Page 2 .R. » Assisting the selected candidates related to their visa formalities in submitting the requirements for processing either for a new visa application or transferring the visa. and Administrative related issues is concerned. tagging and filing of records in respective filing cabinet for easy traceability effectively. in accordance to the time allotted schedule prior to the joining formalities of every candidate based on the site requirements. » Ensures that offered salaries to the successful candidates are distributed properly with the corresponding signature and approval of all the approving bodies to be release for the acceptance of the offer to the selected candidate. as and when needed. Rashidiya. Box 320. Resume of Althea G. » Labeling. Duties & Responsibilities: » Assisting the Recruitment Manager with all the administrative/secretarial works. » Any administrative tasks directed by the Administrative Heads. Inclusive Date Position Held Name of Company Company Address February 4. whichever is applicable. 2008 ~ August 16.A. as and when required. » Coordination of visa processing with the P. 2009 Document Controller – Recruitment Section HR & Administration Department Al Habtoor Leighton Group Airport Rd. » Ensures that joining formalities is duly arranged and well coordinated to the respective departments accordingly and discussed brief information on H. U..

» Follow-up hotel confirmations for potential /selected candidates booking reservations. » Checking. » Arranging E-ticket/s and hotel bookings for selected candidates to join the company and to those who’s going to travel with their family members with return ticket/s that was agreed as per the terms and condition prior to the employment contract. binding and compilation of all the head hunter’s proposal for company record.» Arranging Return E-ticket/s and hotel bookings for shortlisted candidates to attend an interview with the interviewer if required. Philippines Duties & Responsibilities: Resume of Althea G. Makati City. » Preparation of summary reports. » Assists new employees especially the Senior Staff on their first day of joining the company to attend the induction training. scheduling visa medical by collecting the original employment visa along with the original passport for visa stamping purposes for the joining formalities. Foronda Page 3 . » Photocopying and scanning documents if applicable prior to visa processing such as application of family visas and visa renewal. updating and print-out reports with regards to the visa statuses for a particular candidates as required. Inclusive Date Position Held Auditor Name of Company Company Address June 2007 ~ January 2008 Head Document Control Center Officer cum Internal Kajima Philippines Incorporated 12th Floor 6788 Ayala Avenue. » Any administrative tasks as directed by my direct supervisors. » Ensures that all the documentation works are carried out in a safe and efficient manner effectively. » Responsible in incoming and transmitting documents to concern parties on project sites and distribution of letters/memos pertaining to recruitment. » Receiving all calls from Head Hunters for submission of proposals and arranging an appointment for the Recruitment Head/Executives for Head Hunting purposes and forwarding calls to the recruitment personnel if desired respectively.

edits and updates company policy. Pampanga. samples. registration. » Receive and records letters. procedures and manuals as per ISO 9001:2000. Philippines Duties & Responsibilities: » Performs secretarial and clerical works for the project site. Make & receive phone calls and fax. L & K Phase 3 Expansion Project CPIP. filing. Clarkfield. storage. audit scope checklist / summary and reports for the management’s review for ISO matters. internal and external communications related to the execution of the project under the direction of the Project Manager. Resume of Althea G. related to the project from suppliers and sub-contractors. » Prepares QMS training certificates to all attendees on said trainings prior to the courses applied for. correspondences. distribution.» Analyzes. » Assisting the HR Assistant in preparing audit schedules. » Responsible in making records of meeting schedules and appointments and remind concern staff of such schedules. » Handling. Inclusive Date Position Held Name of Company Company Address Project Title December 04. safekeeping and revision of all master / original internal and external documents and records of Head Office with the proper labels and tags for easy tracking in the master lists of documents and records. then distribute to the concern Engineer. » Take and prepare minutes of meeting for all weekly coordination. Phils. safekeeping. record and control of quality documents. 2006 ~ September 2007 Secretary / Site Document Control Center Officer Kajima Philippines Incorporated 12th Floor 6788 Ayala Avenue. Makati City. submittals. » Prepares letters. transmission and loaning of quality documents. » Assisting in conduction of trainings of all concerned employees for the proper knowledge and awareness of each courses which are applicable. » Analyzes. Foronda Page 4 . etc. » Receipt.

Inclusive Date Position Held Name of Company Company Address Project Title November 03. indexing and distribution of external and internal documents. Sofitel Hotel Page 5 Resume of Althea G. submission and processing of petty cash reimbursement for site budget. Makati City.» Prepare master lists of quality records. Rosa. » Keeping tracks of all controlled and uncontrolled quality documents. 2003 ~ May 2004 Laguna Auto-parts Manufacturing Corp. Sta. Foronda . Laguna Technopark. Phils. » Ensures that sub-contractor/suppliers received their payment on time by processing their billings for payment based on monthly accomplishments and preparation. Philippines Inclusive Date Position Held Name of Company March 7. 2002 ~ November 30. Phils. Pasay City. » Establish and maintain the Document Control Center at project site. establish filing system. Roxas Boulevard. Clarkfield. 2003 ~ May 31. 2003 ~ Sept. Laguna. Makati City. Philippines Sofitel Hotel (formerly The Westin Philippine Plaza) CCP Complex. Phils. Inclusive Date Position Held Name of Company Company Address Projects Undertaken: Sept. 2004 ~ December 04. Inc. 2002 Secretary / Data Encoder Philippine Plaza Holdings. 2004 L & K Phase-2 Expansion Project CPIP. Suite 112. tables and charts for monthly accomplishments. Feb. » Any task directed by immediate supervisors related to the project as may be required such as preparation of reports. etc. February 01. 2006 Secretary / Site Document Control Center Officer Kajima Philippines Incorporated 12th Floor 6788 Ayala Avenue. 2004 Secretary cum Office Administrator Kajima Philippines Incorporated 12th Floor 6788 Ayala Avenue. Pampanga.

Roxas Blvd. Phils. 1998 ~ Mar. Laguna. Laguna.Sept. Clarkfield. Biñan. 1998 CM-TDK Project Laguna Technopark. 1999 Secretary /Encoder Kajima Resources Development Corporation 12th Floor 6788 Ayala Avenue. Cavite. Pasay City. Phils. 2005 Resume of Althea G. Dasmariñas. Apr. 1998 ~ Nov. Philippines SEMINARS/TRAININGS ATTENDED: Quality Management System Training .Project Title CCP Complex. Pampanga. Philippines The Westin Philippine Plaza Guestrooms & Mechanical/Electrical Renovation Project Inclusive Date Position Held Name of Company November 22. 1995 Office Secretary to the President Southern Luzon Institute of Technology Congressional East. July 1996 ~ March 1997 Digitel Expansion Project Dagupan / San Carlos City. Phils.. Dasmariñas. Nov. Foronda Page 6 . Projects Undertaken: Nov. Phils. Inc. 1995 ~ November 20. Mar. Philippines Inclusive Date Position Held Name of Company March 01. Rosa.. Cavite. 1998 L & K Phase-1 Project CPIP. Sta. Pangasinan. 1999 KITO-2 Additional Project Laguna Technopark. 4. 1995 ~ July 1996 Hitachi Machineries Phils. Makati City. 27 & Oct. 1997 ~ Apr. Project FCIE. Phils.May 24. 1995 ~ March 31. 2006 ISO 9001:2000 Documentation Training with Certificate .

Powerpoint. 17. Basic Auto-Cad Operation.A. Phils. 2005 Preventive Measures and Optimal Care: Occupational. Excel. Adobe Acrobat / Photoshop-Basic) Typing Skills: 45~55wpm Accuracy on Typing: 90% ~ 100% EDUCATIONAL BACKGROUND College School Year 2011 Diploma in Human Resource Management Stonebridge College U. 1997 COMPUTER KNOWLEDGE MS OFFICE ’95 ~ 2000/ XP Professional (MS Word.May 8. High-school Graduate Diploma Page 7 Vocational School Year 1995 Secondary School Year 1994 Resume of Althea G.K. Dubai. Sports and Recreational Activity Related Injuries May 8. Cavite. Dasmariñas.Dec.ISO 9001:2000 Awareness Training with Certificate . One-Year Computer Secretarial Course With Honors Southern Luzon Institute of Technology Congressional East. Foronda . 2004 Stress Out Stress: Managing Stress to Live Life to the Fullest . ‘04 Comprehensive PT Approach to Sports Injury . U.May 20.E.

Philippines Date of Birth Place of Birth Sex Civil Status Parents Name Passport Number Expiry Date Visa Status 08 G.4 & 2 yrs.2014 Residence Visa (NOC will be available upon request prior to the issuance of offer) CHARACTER REFERENCES Resume of Althea G. Pangasinan.. Philippines PERSONAL DATA Permanent Address Pangasinan. Foronda Page 8 . Philippines Primary School Year 19 90 Elementary Graduate Diploma Central – I Elementary School San Carlos City.6.Saint Charles Academy San Carlos City. Pangasinan. 30 May 1977 Manila. Del Pilar St.05. Philippines Female Married with four children (ages 10. Old) Alfonso & Vivian Gutierrez XX 3768911 20. San Carlos City.

RESUELLO City Mayor San Carlos City. Philippines I hereby certify that the above information are true and correct to the best of my knowledge. GUBALLA Project Manager Kajima Philippines Incorporated Makati City. Pangasinan EPITACIO N. Dubai.AE. U. JULIER C.O. Foronda Page 9 . FORONDA Applicant Resume of Althea G.ALI ABBAS NAQVI HR & Recruitment Manager Al Habtoor Leighton Group P. Box 320. Philippines CRISTINA SALVACION Architect / Document Control Center Officer Kajima Philippines Incorporated Makati City. ALTHEA G.

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