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10 Perioade Pt Conflict

10 Perioade Pt Conflict

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Published by: Dan Mogos on Jun 28, 2013
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Top 10 Predictable Times for Conflict in the Church
Written by Craig Webb Dale Huff uses this list when he teaches pastors about Church conflict. Dale shares that it is adapted from a list authored by church conflict Guru, Speed Leas, in the book "Mastering Conflict & Controversy" by Edward G. Dobson and Marshall Shelley (Word Publishing, December 10, 1993). Dr. Joe Sherrer (New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary) shared this list with our Doctor of Ministry Class.

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I have tried to explain some of the reasoning and appreciate Dale's help with this article. The following are times in the life of the church when conflict is liable to surface. If you are dealing with unhealthy conflict, this may be expecially critical: 1. During the Easter Season Busiest time in the life of the church. Intensity of numbers High expectations Spiritual dimension - doctrinal issue flies in the face of Satan Conflict between pastor and music leader over amount of preaching vs. music 2. During a Stewardship Campaign or Budget Preparation 3. When Adding Staff 4. When the Basic Leadership Style/Approach Changes 5. During the Pastors Absence Vacation Mission Trip

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During the birth of the baby a pastor will spend more time at home and less time with the church family. When there is a wayward teenager or similar crisis.A%253D15706.. AL. Following a Change in the Pastor’s Family Most people want to feel good about the pastor . 7. Revival Leave 6. During the Time Between Pastors Jockeying for position and power Leadership Vacuum Dale Huff is the Director of the Office of LeaderCare/Church Administration for the Alabama Baptist Convention State Board of Missions. Leas uses the example of an influx of baby boomers into the church 8. They have two sons.04..but most have an idealized view of the pastor’s family..lifeway. Dale's primary job is to help ministers find places of service and to help churches find ministers. Lanelle are members of of Vaughn Forest Baptist Church.2815. He also provides a care and counseling ministry to ministers and their families. Related Articles: 1. Rapid Loss or Rapid Increase of Church Membership Dr..2009 16:38 . Biblical Solutions for Ministering to Difficult People © 2001-2009 LifeWay Christian Resources Share this: Blink Del. Sherrer added number ten .icio. and offers help to churches in conflict.us Digg Furl Simpy Spurl Y! MyWeb 2 din 3 30. Dale and his wife.LifeWay: Biblical Solutions for Life http://www. When there is a Significant Generational Change in the Focus of the Church. addresses the crisis of the termination of ministers. 10. Montgomery.com/lwc/rd_article_content/0. Upon the Completion of a New Building There has been an excitement and a dream The Church family has Raised and given a lot of money Now we have this new building and it is not perfect 9.

Share your thoughts with other readers: Post Comments Rate this Article Reader Comments: There is one other time when conflict seems to come up is when you are the senior staff member and the Pastor dies and you have to deal with a discipline problem with no real authority.A%253D15706.2815. but I don't expect that to happen in very many churches bevcause they think that they can handle problems as they come up. Bro. Tom Echols Eagle's Wing Baptist church.lifeway.04.. I feel that there might be a way to help those type of problems if the churches would adopt a contingency plan to help in those situatations. By: hiscarpenter On: 5/17/2004 6:01:38 PM (Flag this post) 3 din 3 30. I was that man who had to deal with all of the things that went on in those months after the passing of the pastor it was not a pretty sight.2009 16:38 ..com/lwc/rd_article_content/0. Sorry fot the length but I was just sharing my thoughts on this subject. because the church took too long to get over the loss of the pastor.LifeWay: Biblical Solutions for Life http://www.

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