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Test Your Critical Thinking Skills

Test Your Critical Thinking Skills

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Published by: Farah Noreen on Jun 28, 2013
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TEST YOUR CRITICAL THINKING SKILLS Take the DIAGNOSTIC QUIZ Answers are listed at the bottom of this page, after the POP QUIZ. Don't Peek! 1. If capital punishment deterred murders, it would be justified. But since it does not deter such crimes, does it follow that it isn't justified? Yes _____ No _____ 2. Suppose it is true that if Clyde studies philosophy tonight, he will flunk his math test tomorrow, and if he studies math instead, he will flunk his philosophy exam. Suppose it is also true that he cannot study for both exams (not enough time). Does it follow that Clyde is going to flunk at least one of his exams tomorrow? Yes _____ No _____ 3. My spoon is dry, and my spoon would be wet if I had stirred my coffee. And I would not have stirred my coffee unless I had put sugar in it. So, I must not have sugared my coffee, right? Yes _____ No _____ 4. In order for an argument to be cogent, its premises must be true. Yes _____ No _____ 5. Police: Sorry, but only people with a special ZZ permit can park here. Driver: Well, since I have a ZZ permit, that means I can park here. Is the driver in the right? Yes _____ No _____ 6. If someone's argument begs the question, it still remains a valid argument. Yes _____ No _____ 7. Mary says she won't sleep with Clyde unless they are married. Clyde agrees to get married. But, on their honeymoon, Mary still refuses to sleep with Clyde. Did Mary break her promise? Yes _____ No _____ 8. Lincoln's famous quotation, "You can fool some of the people all of the time and all of the people some of the time, but you can't fool all of the people all of the time," is a cogent argument. Yes _____ No _____ 9. As we all know, spheres cast curved shadows, and the Earth casts a curved shadow on the moon during lunar eclipses. Does this prove that the Earth is spherical? Yes _____ No _____ 10. The president of IBM certainly has influence. Yet, he was unable to enroll

" is a syllogism. Criticism by Reductio ad absurdum is fallacious. Yes _____ No _____ 13. then the falsity of A implies the truth of B. The famous argument "All men are mortal. it is false. Yes _____ No _____ 20. Socrates is mortal. though. Yes _____ No _____ 18. and Socrates is a man. If it is true that on a clear day you can see across the Mississippi River (to the other side). And so. I'm not absolutely sure it was Blackie. whereas inductive arguments go from specific premises to general conclusions. "Sorry. Using vague terms in one's premises to aid in the inference to one's conclusion is equivocation. Life is meaningless if there is no God. Did George lie to the police? Yes _____ No _____ 15. Yes _____ No _____ 11. that only persons with influence can get their children enrolled at Whatsamatta U. Therefore. But life is not meaningless. in #5 above. Yes _____ No _____ 17. The difference between deductive arguments and inductive arguments is that deductive arguments go from general premises to specific conclusions. Yes _____ No _____ • POP QUIZ TIME: When the police officer told the driver. as some people have been suggesting. Suppose George knows that Susan stole the money. does it follow that if one can see across the Mississippi River it is a clear day? Yes _____ No _____ 14. but I know it was either he or Susan. the conversation goes as follows: Police: Do you know who stole the money? George: Well. when the police come to question him." the driver thought . but criticism by Ad hominem is not. therefore. This entails that there must be a God. Yes _____ No _____ 12. He wants to protect her. Yes _____ No _____ 19. Slippery Slope arguments are fallacious. If the truth of statement A implies the falsity of statement B. Vagueness is not the same as ambiguity. Yes _____No _____ 16.his daughter at Whatsamatta University. but only people with a special ZZ permit can park here.

since I have a ZZ permit. No 9. No 10. Congratulations if you got this one right! Now. CHECK BACK LATER for the ANSWER and a new POP QUIZ. No 4. No 20. Yes 18. The fallacy of False Dichotomy is often called either-or reasoning. . No 6. can you explain WHY the driver's inference was faulty? Hint: it hinges on one little word. as it turns out. that is a possibility that renders the argument invalid. For example."Well. but do you know why your answers are right? 16-15 You could still use some practice. PREVIOUS QUIZ: What fallacy was committed in #2 on the Diagnostic Quiz given above. No 2. No 3. No 14. No 16. No 11. No 8. Yes How well did you do? 20-19 WOW! You are good! 18-17 Your intuitions are great. No 5. Yes 7. Yes 13. No 12. No 15. these are all popular ways setting up false dichotomies. that means I can park here. So. Yes 17. by virtue of this possibility. No 19. and CT could help. It is natural to assume the implicit premise that Clyde will study for one exam or the other." But. One is guilty of misrepresenting the situation as having fewer options or possibilities than it in fact does. But this is restricting Clyde's options unjustifiably: Perhaps he would do better not studying at all and just take the exams with a clear head. Answers to the DIAGNOSTIC QUIZ: 1. if you answered that it indeed follows that Clyde is going to flunk at least one of his exams tomorrow? ANSWER: This is one way to commit the fallacy of False Dichotomy. but that He cannot study for both. it does NOT follow that Clyde is going to flunk one of his exams tomorrow. the driver is incorrect in thinking that this follows. thinking things must be all or nothing or thinking people are either friends or foe.

14-10 CT could help a lot. 9-? CT could help a way lot! .

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