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Dear Valued Employee, As many of you have already heard, VMH is facing another cut in the spending cap and rates allowed by Optumllealth - to the tune of 52 million. While it's an unfortunate situation, I wanted to let you know the steps we are taking to maintain the financial viability of VMH as well as continuing care for our cJients and preservation of our most precious resource, you. We are looking at several cost-controlling measures, and none

of them include lay-offs of our employees. Here are the two options we are considering:


Release of approximately 2,200 clients seen by VMH, These clients have been


identified through very speciflc criteria and include: a. Those with the least severe'conditions; b, Those that have not been hospitalized in the last 6 months; and c. Those who do not present a suicide risk. Most of these clients will come from the South Valley and North Valley clinics'

It is important to rernember that this is not a decision that VMH ever wanted to rnake' This is a decision made bykey Salt Lake County and Optum officials. VMH has actually absorbed nearly 56 million in the last two years due to Optum funding cuts and Utah Retirement System increases, and, in realit% has only downsized about $f .a million

worth,of progtiarns.
While Optum and Salt Lake County tout the success of their partnership, they are neglecting to acknowledge that senrices are being cut and clients with mental illness are not being appropriatelv served.
Please know pro-active steps are being taken to ensure that our side of the story will

or others to VMH

be preseqted. So we speak,with one voice, please refer any inquiries from the media PR Director Laun Wall, at 801-641-7148 {cell), 801-263-7162 {office) or laurawa @vallevmentalhealth.orE.

Thank you so much for your loyalty and support as we work through yet another difficult situation. Working together, we will emerge even s$onger and better able to provide services for our clientele.

Warm regards,