Dictionary of Middle Egyptian

in Gardiner Classification Order

Paul Dickson December 1, 2006

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Table of Contents
Introduction....................................................2 Phonology......................................................2 Definitions......................................................4
A - Men...............................................................5 B - Women.........................................................7 C - Gods.............................................................7 D – Parts of Men................................................9 E – Mammals...................................................51 F – Parts of Mammals......................................54 G - Birds...........................................................68 H - Parts of birds..............................................94 I - Reptiles........................................................95 K - Fish...........................................................101 L - Insects.......................................................102 M - Plants.......................................................102 N - Sky............................................................130 O - Buildings...................................................159 P - Boats.........................................................178 Q - Furniture...................................................180 R - Temple Furniture and Emblems...............186 S - Clothing.....................................................190 T - Warfare and Hunting.................................229 U - Agriculture and Crafts...............................235 V - Rope, Baskets, and Cloth.........................245 W - Stone and Ceramic Vessels....................272 X - Bread........................................................279 Y - Writing, Games, Music..............................286 Z - Strokes and Figures..................................290 Aa - Unclassified............................................292

As I began trying to learn to read the hieroglyphic writing of Middle Egyptian I was frustrated that all of the available dictionaries were organized around the approximate sounds of the words instead of their spelling, as is used in most other dictionaries. When I learned that all of the raw material was available for making my own dictionary, organized the way I wanted, I set out on this project. The definitions are organized in order by the Gardiner Codes of the glyphs that make them up. This system, developed by Alan Gardiner in the early part of the 20th century, groups the symbols into families according to what they look like. A good way to use this dictionary is not to print it on paper but to leave it in your computer as a PDF file so that you have the full use of the SEARCH facilities of your PDF reader. With that you can look for words in the English definitions, or in the phonetic pronunciation guides. For the latter it helps to check the box for case-sensitive searching, since case is important in the MdC notation.

The original definitions, transliterations, and glyph sequences are by Mark Vygus, via Luca Brigatti's web site at http://home.rochester.rr.com/lucabri/CDME.rar. The word lists are from Faulkner's dictionary and other sources. Conversion from the absolute positioning notation Mark used to Manuel de Codage superposition/juxtaposition notation was by some PHP programs I wrote. Creation of the body of the text and fixing up a few mistakes in the glyphs was done with Serge Rosmorduc's JSesh program, version 2.3. Final layout and formatting was done in OpenOffice.org-2.0. This dictionary is not yet finished. This version still has the following problems: 1. Some glyphs are missing because JSesh does not yet have all the necessary symbols. Usually the missing signs are variations on a simpler sign. This will require some work with Inkscape. 2. Due to deficiencies in my conversion program, the layout of signs within some words does not follow proper scribal practice in how small signs are placed together. This will require manual editing of the glyph codes.

Most of the symbols in a typical Egyptian text represent sounds (actually, just consonants), and one symbol can represent one, two, or three consonants. All of the symbols used for this purpose are listed here, grouped by what they are a picture of to aid in recognition.
Humans and parts

i Xn b

xr ni/n

nni a

ik di


ir mi/m

tp ni

Hr mH

ir d

xnt mt

r iw


Mammals and parts

ib sDm/idn zmA

iw pH Aw

rw wHm spr

wn Xn isw

wsr sAb spXr

wp st

ab Sd

bH/Hw ms X

ns nfr

Birds and parts

A nH mAw

AA Db/db TA

mA Ax snD

tiw aq pAq

mwt/miwt/mit/mt wr SA gb

m pA

mm w ww

mi/m wa

Reptiles, Fish, and Insects











imA sw

Hn Sma

xt nDm


xA iz

wAD wn


i dble y


nxb dble m

Sky, Earth, and Water


sbA/dwA mr/mi S


















Ships, Furniture, Sacred Objects











n siA

mDH anx

wsx HqA

nb awt

sAT wAs Dam

dmD sxm

TAz md




Warfare and Hunting

mn wa

HD sn



tp Xr

pD sSm

zwn nm





Agriculture and Crafts

mA stp/sTp

mA Ab/mr


mr DA tA

Hn ti/t

Sna/hb xsf Hm




Rope, Baskets, and Cloth


wA H wAH/sk

Ss nb

Sn k

T g

iT Hn

zA msn





Vessels, Bread, Writing, Strokes

bAs i

Hnw w im





















The definitions are in order by the classification system developed by Gardiner in 19??. They are grouped into sections according to the classification of the first sign in the word, and then in the same order within sections. For each word the following information is presented: 1. The hieroglyphic spelling 2. The phonetic spelling in MDC notation, enclosed in square brackets. 3. The part of speech (optional) in italics enclosed in parentheses 4. The English definition. 5. The names of the signs in the Gardiner classification system, enclosed in braces. For example: [qAi] (v. infinitive) be raised on high, uplifted {A28 X1} This dictionary entry is for the infinitive verb pronounced “qAi” (approximately “KA-ee”) meaning to be uplifted, made up of the two signs A28 (standing man with both arms raised) and X1 (bread loaf).

Dictionary of Middle Egyptian

A - Men


A - Men
[i] (suffix prn.) I, me, my {A1} [rmT] (collective n.) man, men, mankind, Egyptians {A1 A1 A1} [swr] drink {A2} [wab] pure, purify oneself, bathe, cleanse, purification, purity {A6} [wab] pure, purify oneself, bathe, cleanse, purification, purity {A6A}

[mt] die, perish, death {A14} [mt] die, perish, death {A14 X1} [xr] fall (in military sense) {A15} [xrw] enemy {A15} [sxr] (causative) overthrow, throw down, force into place (dislocated bone) {A15 X1} [ksw] bowings {A16} [Xrd] (v.) be, become a child {A17 A1} [Xrd] (n.) child {A17 A1} [TA] boy {A17 D53}
G14 X1 Z2 N33}

[wabwt] priestly service {A6 D58 G43

[bAgi] (n.) weariness, languor, slackness, remissness {A7} [Hmsi] sit down {A7} [hnw] associates, family {A8 A1 B1 Z2} [ATp] be heavy laden (with trouble) {A9

[msdmt] black eye paint {A17 N26

[Xrdw n mH] small children ? {A17 Z2
N35 D42}

{A18 X1}

[imty] foster child (of king of Lower Egypt)

[fAi] (v.) carry, support {A9 A24} [Atpw] (n.) cargo {A9 Q3 Z7 Y1 Z2}
{A9 X1 Y1 Z2}

[iAwi] (v. and n.) be aged, attain old age, old age {A19} [iky] quarryman {A19} [wr] great one, magnate {A19 A1} [iAwt] old age {A19 X1} [smsw] (djective) elder, eldest {A20} [sr] nobleman, magistrate {A21} [iky] quarryman {A21A M17 M17 A1} [nxt] strong, victorious, stiff, hard {A24} [mniw] herdsman {A24 G43 D40} [Hwi] (v.) beat, strike, smite {A25 D36} [qAt] height {A28}

[kAt] work, construction, craft, profession

[kAt] work, construction, craft, profession {A9

[Atpw] (n.) cargo {A9 Z7 Y1 Z2} [mSa] (n.) expedition {A12} [mSa] soldiers, army, infantry, gang (of workmen) {A12 A1 Z2} [mSa] (n.) expedition {A12 D54 Z2} [mSa] (v. and n.) make an expedition, expedition {A12 P1}

Dictionary of Middle Egyptian

A - Men


[qAyt] high ground, arable land {A28}
{A28 X1}

D40 X1 Z4}

[sAwty] guardian {A47 G1 G43

[qAi] (v. infinitive) be raised on high, uplifted

[sAi] sift (flour etc) {A47 G1 Z7 A24} [sAw] (v.) guard, ward off, restrain, heed {A47 G1 Z7 A24} [sAw] guardian, warden {A47 G43} [sAw] (v.) guard, ward off, restrain, heed
{A47 G43 A24}

[qAi] (adj. and v.) tall, high, exalted, be raised on high, uplifted {A28 Y1v} [qAt] height {A28 Y1v} [iAw] adoration {A30} [xwsi] pound, beat up, beat flat, build up, build, construct, stir {A34} [qd] builder {A35} [qd] build, fashion (men) {A35 A24} [afty] brewer {A36 X1 Z4 A24} [afty] brewer {A37 X1 Z4} [qis] (locality) Cusae (El - Kusiyah) {A38} [qis] (locality) Cusae (El - Kusiyah) {A38
S29 Z4 O49}

[mniw] herdsman {A47 G43 D40} [sAi iit .f] one whose coming is awaited {A47 G43 D40 D21 M18 M17 X1 I9} [sAi] (v.) await {A47 M17 M17} [iry sSm] functionary {A47 S29 T32} [irt] duty (of someone) {A47 X1 Z2} [irt] duty (of someone) {A47 Y1 Z2}
X1 Y1 Z2}

[iry xt] overseer, administrator {A49 Aa1 [iry at] hall-keeper {A49 D36 X1 O1}

[qis] (locality) Cusae (El - Kusiyah) {A39} [i] (suffix prn.) I,me,my {A40} [nsw] king of Upper Egypt, king {A41} [mniw] herdsman {A42 G43 A1} [mniw] herdsman {A47}
X1 Y1 Z2}

[iry nfr HAt] keeper of the diadem {A49
F35 F4 X1}

[iry hp] custodian of laws {A49 O4 Q3 Y1} [iry aA] door-keeper {A49 O31} [iry pDt] bowman {A49 T10 X1 Z1} [i] (suffix prn.) I,me,my {A50} [Spsw] costly offerings {A50 G43 Z2}

[iry xt] overseer, administrator {A47 Aa1

[sAi] (v.) await {A47 D54} [sAw] (v.) guard, ward off, restrain, heed {A47 G1 D40} [sAi] (v.) linger, await, creep {A47 G1

[Sps] nobleman, wealthy man {A50 S29 [Sps] tomb - chapel {A50 S29 O1}

[sAwt] watch and ward, warding off (evil) {A47 G1 G43 X1 D40 Z2}

[Spss] noble, august, well - esteemed, rich, enrich, value (someone) {A50 S29 S29 Y1v}

former (of time).) calve (of gazelle) {B3} [Spsy] noble. figure. shape {A53 G43 Y1 Z2} [irw] shape. precious things. valuable (of plants. dainties (to eat) {A52 O34 O34 Y1} [twt] statue. august (of gods). likeness {A53} [xprw] form. wealth. splendid (of buildings). before (of place) {D1 D36 G43} [tp awy] (adj. form {A53 G43 Y1 Z2} [sDr] spend the night. precious things. august (of gods). do in the night {A55} [XAt] corpse {A55} [Htp di nsw] an offering the King gives {A57} [rHwy] the Two Combatants (of human contestants) {A59B A59} [smsw hAyt] Elder of the portal {A113} [qd] use the potter's wheel {A158 D40} [nmw] dwarf {A282} [nsw] king {A299B} D – Parts of Men [tp Hsb] reckoning {D1 Aa2 Y1} [tp awy] (adj.Women [msi] (v.Gods [ra] (divinity) Re {C2} [stX] (divinity) Seth (god) {C7} [mAat] right . ancestors {D1 D36 G43} [tpt rd] task {D1 D56 X1 A24} . precious things. minerals). inactive. sleep. dainties (to eat) {A51 S29 O34 N33A} [Spssw] riches. dainties (to eat) {A50 S29 S29 Y1 Z2} [Spst] ritual jar {A50 S29 X1 W14} [Spst] noblewoman {A50 S29 X1 Y1 B1} B . go to rest. wealth. costly {A51} C .Men 7 A1} [Spss] wealthy man {A50 S29 S29 Y1 [Hsy] favoured.) predecessors. righteousness {C10} [HH] (divinity) Heh (god) {C11} [HH] million. image.) who are in front of (of place). a great number {C11} [HH n] many {C11 N35} [sxt] (divinity) the Fen goddess {C229} [Sps] a noble thing (to do) {A51 S29} [Spssw] riches. be inert. who takes precedence of (of rank) {D1 D36 G43} [tp awy] (n. wealth.Dictionary of Middle Egyptian A . lie down. spin {A349} [swr] drink {A410} [Spssw] riches. minerals).doing.) who had been before (of time). valuable (of plants. costly {A50 S29 Z4 Y1} [Spsy] noble. praised one. splendid (of buildings).

example (mathematics). radius (of circle) {D1 Q3 D21 Z1} [tp awy] (adj. the best of {D1 Z1} [tp] (financial) principal {D1 Z1} [tp] upon {D1 Z1} [tp] person. governance {D1 Z1 D56 Z1} [tp rd] instructions. example (mathematics). principal. tip (of bow) {D1 Z1} [tp] head. in the direction of. headman. people {D1 Z1 A1} [tp iAt] due time (to do something) {D1 [tp im] previously {D1 Z1 M17 G17} [tp rsy] the South of {D1 Z1 M24} [tp rsy] the South {D1 Z1 M24} [tp rsy] the South {D1 Z1 M26} . ancestors N35 I3 X1 Z1} [tp xnt] act of rebellion ? {D1 Z1 Aa1 [tp xnt] act of tyranny {D1 Z1 Aa1 N35 [tp tA] Beginning-of-the-Season festival {D1 M4 W3} I3 X1 Z1} [tp Hry] master {D1 Z1 D2 D21 A1} Z1 D21 D46 D56 Z1 Y1 Z2} M6 Z3} [tp tA] Beginning-of-the-Season festival {D1 [tp rd] instructions. chief.) predecessors. headman. the best of {D1 Q3} [tpy] being upon. tip (of toe).) who had been before (of time). former (of time) {D1 Q3 G43 D36 Z1 A51 Z3} [tpy tA] survivor {D1 Q3 N17 A1} [tp tA] Beginning-of-the-Season festival {D1 Q3 V13 D21 G43 M4 N5} [tpt r] utterance {D1 Q3 X1 D21 Z1} [tpt a] former state {D1 Q3 X1 D36 Z1} {D1 Q3 Z4} {D1 Z1 E1 Z2 O49} [tp iHw] (locality) Aphroditopolis (Atfih) [tp nfr] a good beginning {D1 Z1 F35} [tp nfr] a good beginning {D1 Z1 F35} [tp m] in front of. before (of place) {D1 Q3 G43 D36 Z1 A51 Z3} [tp rd] instructions. high (priest) [tpt r] utterance {D1 X1 D21 Z1} [tp rnpt] annual {D1 Z1 M4 X1 Z1} Z1 M17 G1 X1 F9 N5} [DADA] head. tip (of toe). base (of triangle). (financial) principle. regulations {D1 [tp] head. principal.) who are in front of (of place).Dictionary of Middle Egyptian D – Parts of Men 8 {D1 G43 D36 M17 M17} [tp awy] (n. high (priest) {D1 Q3} [tpy r] utterance {D1 Z1 D21 Z1} [tp a] before (time) {D1 Z1 D36 Z1} [tp dwAyt] dawn {D1 Z1 D46 V4 G1 M17 M17 X1 N14 N5 Z4A} Z1} [tpy r] utterance. duty. first. first. regulations {D1 Z1 D56 Z1 Y1v} [tp awy] (adj. chief. regulations. before (of time) {D1 Z1 G17} [tp Sw] destitution {D1 Z1 H6 G43 G37} [tpy] being upon. regulations {D1 Z1 D56 [tp rd] instructions.

day 'week' {D1 Z1 N5 V20} [tp ra nb] daily {D1 Z1 N5 Z1 V30} [tpy tA] survivor {D1 Z1 N16 N23 A40} Z1 N31 X1 Z1} Aa19 D40} [Hr] prepare. respect {D2 D21 M17 [Hryt] terror. master {D2 D21 D1 Z4 Z1} [tpt wAt] journey. conduct). terrify {D2 D21 Aa19 N23 Z1 A1} [Hry tA] survivor {D2 D21 N1 N16 [Hry S . standard (of speech. make ready.) terrible. escorting {D1 Z1 U2 Aa11 D36 H2} N37 D36 Z4 N33 A49 Z3} N37 D36 Z4 N33 T14 Z2 A1} [Hryw Say] Bedouin {D2 D21 G43 [Hryw Say] Bedouin {D2 D21 G43 [tp Hsb] reckoning. correct method.i] except me {D2 Aa1 Aa1 Aa1 X1 Aa19 D40 Z2 F34 Z1} [Hryt ib] terror {D2 D21 M17 M17 [Hr gs] beside. respect {D2 D21 M17 M17 X1 Aa19 D40 Z2} [Hr xw . headman. top {D2 D21 N1} [Hry] head man {D2 D21 N1 A1} N1 D1 Z1} [Hry tp] master (of a servant) {D2 D21 [Hry Xt . dread.f] (divinity) Arsaphes {D2 D21 N1 N37 N23 I9 G7} A24} O38} [Hr tm] chief of land register ? {D2 D21 N1 . having authority over.Dictionary of Middle Egyptian D – Parts of Men 9 [tp ra mD] ten . in the presence of {D2 Aa13 Z1} [Hryt] respect {D2 D21 M17 M17 X1 Aa19 G37 Z2} [Hry sA] a breed of cattle {D2 Aa18 Z1} [Hry tp] who is upon {D2 D1} [Hry] master {D2 D21} E1} [Hrw] upper part. dread. in the neighbourhood of. chief. top {D2 D21 G43 N1} [Hryw Say] Bedouin {D2 D21 G43 N35 S126 Aa15 X1 Y1 D36 Z1} [tpt Hwt] roof {D1 Z1 O6 X1 O1} [tpt] fine oil {D1 Z1 Q3 X1 W24 Z2} [tp mAa] beside. beginning (of region) {D1 [tp sSmt a] specification {D1 Z1 [Hrrt] flower {D2 D21 D21 X1 M2} G43 M4 X1} [Hryw rnpt] epagomenal days {D2 D21 [Hrw] upper part.f] an offering loaf {D2 [Hry sA] a breed of cattle {D2 D21 Aa17 [Hry sA] a breed of cattle {D2 D21 Aa17 D21 N1 F32 X1 I9 X4} Z1 F1} A24} [Hr] (v. norm. rectitude {D1 Z1 V28 S29 D58 Aa2 Y1} N37 D36 Z4 N33 T14 Z2 A12} [tpt] uraeus {D1 Z1 X1 I13} [tpy r] (financial) principle {D1 Z4 D21 Z1} A1} M17 X1 Aa19} [Hryt] terror.) terrify (someone) {D2 D21 Aa19 [Hr] (adj. accompanying. be ready {D2 D21 [Hry tp] who is upon.

top {D2 D21 Z7} [Hrw r] apart from. and. heaven {D2 X1 N1} [Hrtt] lump (of lapis lazuli) {D2 X1 X1 D12} [Hr] face. because {D2 Z1} Aa17 Z1} N37 I9 G7} Z2} [Hrst] carnelian ? {D2 D21 S29 X1 N33 [Hrt a] arrears {D2 D21 X1 D36 Z1 G37 Z2} [Hrty] (v.f] loyal to him {D2 Z1 N35A [Hr sy iSst] why ? {D2 Z1 O35 M17 M17 M17 V6 N37 S29 X1} S29 U28 G1 S29 Y2 Z2} [Hrt ib] central hall (of temple) {D2 F34 [Hr sDAs] being in good state {D2 Z1 [Hr sDAs] being in good state {D2 Z1 . upper. contents of torso {D2 F34} X1 O27} [Hr m ] (int. concerning. necropolis {D2 D21 X1 N25} [Hrt] tomb {D2 D21 X1 O20} [Hrtt] lump (of lapis lazuli) {D2 D21 X1 X1} [Hr sA] upon. at. besides. having on it. heaven {D2 D21 X1 N1} N21 Z1} [Hrt S] garden {D2 D21 X1 N1 N37 [Hrt] tomb. middle. on account of. midst of {D2 F34} [Hry ib] which is in the middle / midst of. utterly {D2 Z1 Aa28 D46 D12 Y1} D54} [Hrty] travel by land {D2 D21 X1 Z4 [Hr tp] on behalf of {D2 Z1 D1 Z1} [Hr] face. altogether. sight {D2 Z1 D21} [Hr a] in default ? {D2 Z1 D36 Z1} [Hr awy] immediately {D2 Z1 D36 Z1} G43 Z4} [Hry] who / which is upon.Dictionary of Middle Egyptian D – Parts of Men 10 D21 N35 X1 U15 O38A} [Hr n tm] chief of land register ? {D2 [Hry S .f] (divinity) Arsaphes {D2 D21 [Hrf] kind of bread {D2 I9 X4} [Hry] upper {D2 N1} [Hry wDb] Master of Largess {D2 N21A} [Hapy] Nile {D2 Q3} [Hrt] tomb {D2 X1 D21 N1 N25} [Hrt] sky.) travel by land {D2 D21 X1 D54} [Hrt] sky. sight {D2 Z1} [Hr] (prepostion with suffixes) upon.) why ? {D2 Z1 G17 D36} I9} [Hr mw . from. outside. in. headman {D2 D21 Z4 N1} N1 F13 X1 Z1} [Hry wpt] summit of head {D2 D21 Z4 [Hrw] upper part. inmost parts of. through. remainder {D2 Z1 D36 Z1 Y1 Z2} [Hr a] remainder {D2 D36 D21 G37 Z2} [Hr ib] in the middle. in turn {D2 Z1 [Hr qd] entirely. having authority over. after. who is higher. as well as {D2 D21 Z7 Aa19 N31 D21} [Hr awy] immediately {D2 Z1 D36 Z1 [Hr a] arrears. who dwell in.

achieve.tax {D4 M17 M17 Z3} M17 A2} [ir ihhy] rejoice {D4 M17 O4 O4 M17 [ir xt] do things {D4 Aa1 X1 Y1 Z2} [ir qd] achieve a (good) reputation.i mnt im .i] I have proved it myself {D4 N35 A1 Y5 N35 Y1 X1 M17 G17 A1} {D4 N35 O4 G43 G37} [ir nhw] show less of (a bad quality) [ir nwdw] swing awry. construct.Dictionary of Middle Egyptian S29 U28 S29 Y2} D – Parts of Men 11 [ir HAt] get in front of {D4 F4 X1 Z1} X1 A2 V28 N35 D36} [Hr] a rope (aboard a ship) {D2 Z1 V1} V4 G1 X1 N31 V30} [ir wpt Hna] punish {D4 F13 Q3 [Hr wAt nb] on every side {D2 Z1 [ir anwt] trim the nails {D4 F16 X1 Z1 N33A} [Hr nbw] everyone. make a travesty of {D4 N35 U19 . act perversely. grass {D3} [wS] be destroyed {D3} [Snw] hair. make a travesty of {D4 N35 U19 W24 G43 D46} [ir nwdw] swing awry. beget. do. achieve. provide for (someone) {D4 G17 T28 D21 G43 Y1 Z2} [ir mTn] obey {D4 G17 V13 N35 G41 N31} [iri] create. do one's business. success {D4 Aa28 D46 D12 Y1} [iri Snw] coiffeur (do hair) {D4 D3} [ir is HAq m] work devastation among {D4 M17 O35 D54 M16 G1 N29 D36 G17} N23} [ir sxt] carry on field sports {D4 M20 X1 [irwy] eyes {D4 D4} [irwy] eyes {D4 D4 G43 Z4} [irr] (evil) doer {D4 D21 A1} [irw] cattle . prepare. take action.n . everybody {D2 Z1 V30 A1 Z2 B1} Z3} [Hr nb] everyone {D2 Z1 V30 A1 B1 [Hr nb] everyone {D2 Z1 V30 A1 Z3} [ir Sd nxn n] act as guardian to (a minor) {D4 F30 D46 D36 N35 N35 Aa1 A17 N35} [ir mTn] obey {D4 G14 N35 X1 N31} [Snw] hair.tax {D4 M17 D4 D21 G43 E1} [ir sAwt] stand guard against {D4 [irw] cattle . grass {D3 Z2} [Sny tA] fenugreek ? {D3 Z2 N16 Z1 N23 N33 Z2} [m mXrw] govern (a land). act.tax {D4 D21 G43 Y1 Z2} [ir Dbaw] do wrong {D4 D50 D36} [ir biw] set a good example {D4 D58 M17 N41 F18 Y1 Z2} [ir . act perversely. make. treat {D4} [ir] doer (of good) {D4 A1} A47 G1 G43 Z2 D40 X1} D21 G43 A53 Y1 Z2} [ir xprw] assume a shape {D4 L1 [iri irw] levy the cattle .

) 'know' a woman {D21 Aa1 [irt] eye {D4 X1 Z1} [ir mDAt] read a book aloud {D4 Y1 X1 Z1} D53 Y1} [rxyt] subjects. look into {D4 U2 D4 G43 D4 Z2 G17} [ir . at. common folk.Dictionary of Middle Egyptian W24 Z7 D46 Z7 Z2 D54} D – Parts of Men 12 [rmw] (v. Aa1 X1 U22 Z2 Y1} [ir mnxt] do good {D4 Y5 N35 {D21 Aa1 I9 X1 D2 Z1} [msdmt] black eye paint {D7} .mAw . from {D21} [ri] (enclitic part.) weep {D9} [wDAt] the uninjured eye of Horus {D10} [ptr] see. in the presence of [rxyt] subjects. correct procedure {D4 X1 W19 M17 L1 D21} [rx] copulate. fortress {D19 X1 Z1 O1 Z1} Z4 N33 Z2} X1 B1} [ir Hmt] take a wife.m] make inspection of. mankind {D21 Aa1 G43 X1 G23 A1 Z3} [r xft Hr] in front of. commonfolk.m] make inspection look into {D4 U2 D4 G43 Z2 G17} [ir xsfw] meet {D4 U35 G43 D54} V4 G1 X1 N31 N35} [r] (conjunctive) so that. Beaky {D19 Z1 M17 M17 C3} {D4 S34 N35 Aa1} [ir anx] make provision for (someone) [ir swnt] do trade {D4 T11 N35 X1 Y1 Z2} [rtHty] baker {D20 X1 Z4 A1} [r] (indicates futurity) {D21} [r] ( 1/320th HqAt) a part (in fractions) {D21} {D21} [ir . behold {D10C D10} [mnDt ] eyeball ? {D12 F51} [xnrt] prison {D19 X1 O1} [xnrt] prison. do as should be done. to 'know' a woman {D21 Aa1 [rxt] (v. concerning. carry out the law {D4 O4 Q3 Y1} O34 Q3 O50 V28 N35 D36} [ir sp Hna] deal with someone {D4 [wsir] (divinity) Osiris {D4 Q2} [ir Htpw] make peace {D4 R4 X1 Q3 G43 Y1 Z2} [sty] Nubian mineral (ochre ?) {D19 X1 [fnD] nose {D19 Z1} [fnDy] long nosed. to marry {D4 N41 [ir hrw] take care ! {D4 O4 D21 Y1v} [ir hp] keep the law.) (not translated) {D21 A1} [irt xrt n] look after (someone) {D4 X1 Aa1 D21 X1 Y1 Z2 N35} [rx xt] wisdom {D21 Aa1 Aa1 Y1 X1} [rxxy] celebrated {D21 Aa1 Aa1 Z4 Y1} D53} [irt wAt] to escort {D4 X1 V4 X1 N31} [irt mi xpr] act properly. according as [ir wAt n] prepare a way for {D4 [r] (preposition) to. more than. until. of. trans.mAw .

place.) man.. men. common folk. Inquire !. learn {D21 [rx] wise man {D21 Aa1 Y1 A1} [rx xt] wise. be aware of. appoint. send (letter). mankind. cause.) swine (animal) {D21 D21 X1 F28 Z3} [rxyt] subjects. Egyptians {D21 Aa15 V13 A1 B1} [r sA] after {D21 Aa17 Z1} [r mDdw n ib n] according to the will of {D21 Aa23 D46 G43 N35 F34 Z1 N35} D36 U2 Aa11 D36 H2 D21} [rdi mAa r] pay attention to {D21 [rat] sun goddess (of queen) {D21 D36 X1 N5 B1} [rdi] (v.) give. in the presence of {D21 Aa13 [rmT] (collective n. annul {D21 D37 [rdi sA n] turn the back to {D21 D37 [r tp nfr] successfully {D21 D1 Z1 F35} [r tp nfr] successfully {D21 D1 Z1 F35} Aa17 Z1 N35} . grant {D21 D37} Aa17 Z1 D21} D1 Z1 D36 Z1 N35} [r tp a n] into the presence of {D21 [rdi sA r] put a stop to. mankind N1} [rx nsw] king's aquaintance {D21 Aa1 M23 X1 N35 A40} [rm] fish {D21 D21 G17 K1 Z1} Z2 N33} [rxs] slaughter {D21 Aa1 O34 T30A} [rxs] slaughter {D21 Aa1 S29 T30A D36} [rxt] knowledge {D21 Aa1 U33} [rxt] wash (clothes) {D21 Aa1 X1 D36} {D21 Aa1 X1 G23 A1 Z2 B1} [rrmt] mandrake ? {D21 D21 G17 X1 [rrwt] sow {D21 D21 G43 X1 E12} [rr] time {D21 D21 M6} [rri] boar {D21 D21 M17 E12} [rrit] piggishness ? {D21 D21 M17 X1} [rrt] (collective n.. amount. opinion {D21 Aa1 Y1v} Aa1 Y1v} [rdi rx] inform {D21 D36 D21 Aa1 Y1v} [ra] (divinity) Re {D21 D36 G7C} A40} [rx] know. number {D21 Aa1 X1 Y1} [rx] knowledge. mankind [rxt] knowledge. learned man {D21 Aa1 [ra] (divinity) Re (Sun god) {D21 D36 N5 [ra] (divinity) Re {D21 D36 N5 A40} Y1 X1 Aa1 Y1 Z2 A1} [ra] sun {D21 D36 N5 Z1} [rdi mAa r] a place to eavesdrop (put the temple to. put.Dictionary of Middle Egyptian D – Parts of Men 13 mankind {D21 Aa1 M17 M17 X1 G24 A1 Z2 B1} N35} [r tp n] into the presence of {D21 D1 Z1 [r Hrw] up above {D21 D2 D21 G43 {D21 Aa1 M17 M17 X1 Z2} [rxyt] subjects. permit.) {D21 D36 U2 Aa11 D36 H2 D21} [rx m] know of {D21 Aa1 Y1V G17} Z1} [r gs] beside. common folk.

superior to .Dictionary of Middle Egyptian D – Parts of Men 14 [rdi Hr gs] incline to one side (of balance). before. call the attention. leave alone. steps (of throne). tomb-shaft {D21 D46 G43 D56 D56 D56 O40} [rwDw] agent {D21 D46 G43 T12} [rd] grow {D21 D46 M32} [rd] shoot (of tree) {D21 D46 M32 Z1} [rdw] tomb-shaft {D21 D46 O1 Z1} [rdw] stairway {D21 D46 O32D} [rdw] tomb-shaft {D21 D46 O40A} [rd] grow {D21 D46 T12} M32 Y1v} [rdi Hr a] put in the charge of {D21 D37 [rdi Hr tA] cast ashore (rope). lay low (an enemy) {D21 D37 D2 Aa13 Z1} [rdi Hr] give in addition to {D21 D37 D2 Z1} [rdw] steps (of throne) {D21 D46 D56 [rdmt] a type of plant {D21 D46 G17 [rdi Hr gs] be partial. place in one's heart. permanent {D21 D46 T12 Y1} D37 F34 Z1 G17 Aa17 Z1} [rdi m Hr] command. prosper {D21 D46 T12 [rdw] stairway {D21 D46 T12 O40A} F22 Z4 Z7 F51B} [rdi pHwy] put an end to {D21 D37 [rdi ib m sA] be anxious about {D21 [rwD] enduring. uprights (of ladder). side [r HAt] in front of. give birth. firmness {D21 D46 T12 [rwdt] success {D21 D46 X1 T12 Y1 [rdi m ib] determine. set aside {D21 D37 D21 N16 N23 Z1} [rdi r] speak {D21 D37 D21 Z1} [rdi awy n] give a hand to. cast forth. neglect. arm. prompt {D21 D37 G17 F34 Z1} [rdi m tA] bury {D21 D37 G17 N16 N23 Z1} Z2} D56 D56} [rdw] steps (of throne) {D21 D46 Z7 Z4 [r bnrw] outside {D21 D58 N35 G43 U28 G1 Y1V F34 Z1} [rdi wDA ib] inform {D21 D37 D21 G43 O1} [rdi sS] draw (a weapon) {D21 D37 O34 N37 D54} {D21 D210 N35} [rmn] shoulder. fell (an enemy) {D21 D37 D2 Z1 Aa13 Z1} D2 Z1 D36 Z1} X1 M2 Z2} [rdw] stairway. help {D21 D37 D36 Z1 N35} [rwD] prosperous. expel {D21 D37 D2 Z1 N16 N23 Z1} [rdi Hr n] give commands to {D21 D37 D2 Z1 N35} [rdi r tA] land (from ship). appoint. show partiality (of judge) {D21 D37 D2 Aa13 Z1} [rdi Htpw n] make submission to {D21 D37 R4 X1 Q3 G43 Y1 Z2 N35} [rd] foot {D21 D46 D56} D56 D56} [rdi Hr gs] put (oneself) on (one's) side. be biased. call one's attention to {D21 D37 G17 D2 Z1} Y1 Z2} [rwd] strength.

) to what purpose ? {D21 G17 D36} [rmw] weeping {D21 G17 G43 D9} [rmw] weeper {D21 G17 G43 D9} D4 Z2} D54} [rwi] (v.string {D21 G43 D46 T12} [rwD] hard {D21 G43 D46 T12} D46 T12 D40} N36} [r HAt] river mouth {D21 F4 X1 Z1 [r Xnw] within.shaft [rwD] successful. palpitate {D21 G43 X1 [rwt] (n.) weep {D21 G17 D9} G17 D40 Z9} G43 D46 X1 O39} [rmrm] chastise {D21 G17 D21 T12 Y1} [rwdt] success {D21 G43 D46 X1 [rwD] prosperous.) dance {D21 G43 X1 D36} [rwt] (see under wDa-rwt) {D21 G43 O40} . something). Egyptians {D21 G17 V13 N33A} [rwi] dance. men. advance (against).Dictionary of Middle Egyptian {D21 F4 X1 Z1} D – Parts of Men 15 [rwD] bow .) serve (someone) {D21 G43 [rwi] vineyard ? {D21 G43 M17 M43} [rwdw] stairway.) weep. pass away. prosper {D21 G43 D46 Y1} [r m] (int. depart. serve (someone) {D21 G43 M17 D54} [rmT] (collective n. firmness {D21 G43 W24 G43 O1} F35 F4 X1} [iry nfr HAt] keeper of the diadem {D21 [r nfryt] to its end {D21 F35 I9 D21 [rwdw] tomb . mankind. beweep {D21 G17 D4} [rmw] (v. sandstone {D21 [rmi] (v.) leave (a place) {D21 G43 G43 D54} [rmwt] tears {D21 G17 G43 X1 D54 Z2} [rwwt] departure {D21 G43 G43 X1 [rm] fish {D21 G17 K1} [rmwt] tears {D21 G17 M17 M17 X1 D9A} [rwi] expel / drive off / remove (someone. into {D21 F26 N35 [rwd] strength.) advance (against) {D21 G43 [rwi] (v. leave (a place). tomb . succeed {D21 G43 D46 I7 Y1v} [rwit] interruption {D21 G43 M17 D54 X1} N21 N21} [rwdw] stairway {D21 G43 D46 N21 [rwdw] stairway {D21 G43 D46 A28} [rwt] dance. clap (hands) {D21 G43 A32} {D21 G43 D46 G43 O40 N33A} M17 D56 D54} [rwi] (v. escape (harm) {D21 G43 M17 D54} [rwi] go away.shaft {D21 G43 D46 T12 O1} M17 M17 X1} Z2 V1} [rwDw] sinews {D21 G43 D46 T12 [rwdt] hard stone. palpitate (of heart).) man.

extol {D21 N35 N35 {D21 M17 X1 D21 M6 Z2 N5 I9} Aa2 Z2} [rDw] efflux (of body) {D21 N26 G43 [rDw] efflux (of body) {D21 N26 G43 D26 Z2} [rqw] opponent {D21 N29 D36 A13G} N29 D41} [rq] incline. uprights (of ladder). carry.Dictionary of Middle Egyptian X1 N1} D – Parts of Men 16 X1 N1 A1} [rwty] outsider. arm. turn aside (from). side [rmni] (n. support. match.f] at his (proper) times [rmn] shoulder. defy {D21 A2} [rnn] bring up. enmity {D21 [rwty] (n.) bearer. equal {D21 N35 D41} {D21 N35 D41} [r HA] behind {D21 M16 G1 D1} [rwi] (v. trans.) clap (hands) {D21 M17 G43 D92} [rr] time {D21 M17 M6 N5} X1} [rwt] (see under wDa-rwt) {D21 M17 M17 [r itrw .) shoulder.) outside {D21 G43 X1 O1 Z4} X1 Z4 O32D O32D} N29 G43 D41 D54} [rwty] (dual) two gates {D21 G43 A15A Z2} [rqw] opponent {D21 N29 M17 M17 [rqw] opponent {D21 N29 M17 M17 [rf] (enclitic part. nurse {D21 N35 N35 A2} . supporter {D21 N35 D41} [rn] calf {D21 N35 M17 M17 E1} [rny] calf {D21 N35 M17 M17 E3} [rnn] caress {D21 N35 M22 M22} [rnn] rejoice (over).) outside {D21 G43 X1 O32D} G37 F34 Z1} [rqw] opponent {D21 N29 G43 A1} A13A} [rqw] opponent {D21 N29 G43 D41 [rqw] tilting (of balance).) outside {D21 G43 X1 N1 Z4} [rwty] (n. stranger {D21 G43 D54} [rqw] tilting (of balance) {D21 N29 D41 [rq ib] disaffected man {D21 D41 N29 [rwt] gate {D21 G43 X1 O32} [rwty] (n.) not to be translated {D21 I9} D41 D54 A14} Aa1 X1 D54} [r xt] under the authority of {D21 M3 D41} [rqy] fierce ? {D21 N29 M17 M17 Z7 [rqt ib] ill will {D21 N29 X1 D51 F34 [r xt] under the authority of {D21 M3 X1 Z1} Z1} D36 Y1 D21} [r SAa r] down to {D21 M8 G1 [rqw] opponent {D21 N29 Z2} [rn] name {D21 N35} [rn] young one (of animals) {D21 N35} [rn] name {D21 N35 A2} [rmni] (v.

) young. at all {D21 O34 N31} [rs] wake {D21 O34 T13 D7} [rswt] awakening. rely on. and v. trust in {D21 O4 [rnp] colt {D21 N35 Q3 M4B E6A} [rnpy] (adj. and v. fish). trust in {D21 O4 [rhn] rely on. entirely.) young. and v. and v. fresh (of water) {D21 N35 Q3 G43 M7A Y2} A17 A1} [rnp] young man {D21 N35 Q3 M4 [r hAw] near {D21 O4 G43 Z2} N35 A21} [rhn] lean (on). dream {D21 O34 Q3 X1 M2 Z2 M7A} [rnpwt] herbs. heir {D21 Q3 D36} H8} [rn] name (of king) {D21 N35 V10} [rnnwtt] (divinity) Renenutet (the Harvestgoddess) {D21 N35 X1 W24 X1 I13} [rnn] (divinity) Renenutet (the Harvestgoddess) {D21 N35 Z7 X1 X1 I12} [rpat] (fem.) noble. fresh (of water) {D21 N35 Q3 M17 M17 M4 A17} [rnpwt] herbs. exultation {D21 N35 N35 [rnnt] (wet)-nurse {D21 N35 N35 X1 B5D} X1 I12} [rnnt] the nurse-goddess {D21 N35 N35 [rnpw] youthful vigour {D21 N35 Q3 Y1 Z2} [rSwt] joy {D21 N37 G43 D19 X1 [r pr] temple. and v. trust in {D21 O4 N35 D41} [rhn] lean (on). fresh (of water) {D21 N35 Q3 Z4 M6 A17} [r nw] at the proper time {D21 N35 U19 W24 G43 N5} T13 Z7 X1 D4 Z2} [rpat] noble. vegetables {D21 N35 Q3 M17 M17 X1} N35 D41 D40} [rhn] wade {D21 O4 N35 D41 D40} [rhn] wade {D21 O4 N35 D41 D54} [rhn] wade {D21 O4 N35 D54A} O34 I9 G41 Z2} [rsf] catch (of fowl. chapel {D21 O1} [r hrt] satisfactorily {D21 O4 D21 X1 Y1} G43 M5 A17} [rnpy] (adj.) young. heir {D21 Q3 D36 X1 X1} . rely on.) young.) noble. nurse {D21 N35 N35 B6} G43 X1 A2 Z3} N35 Z7 X1 X1 I12} [rnnwtt] name of the ninth month {D21 [rS] joyful {D21 N37 D19 A2} [rSrS] rejoice {D21 N37 D19 O50 Z4A} [rSrSt] joy {D21 N37 D21 N37 X1 Z5 Z2 D19} [rnnwt] joy. affluence {D21 [rssy] quite.) young. heir {D21 Q3 D36 X1 [rpat] (fem.Dictionary of Middle Egyptian D – Parts of Men 17 [rnn] bring up. fresh (of water) {D21 N35 Q3 M5B A17} [rnpy] (adj. vegetables {D21 N35 [rnpy] (adj. fresh (of water) {D21 N35 Q3 M7A M2} [rnpy] (adj. nurse {D21 N35 N35 A18} [rnn] bring up.

mankind. at all {D21 S29 S29 [rs] wake. entirely. but {D21 V13} V13 A1} [rmT] man.n] in the sight of [rpyt] presiding goddess (of city) {D21 Q3 [rpyt] presiding goddess (of city) {D21 {D21 U2 D4 G43 Z2 N35} [r mAw] in the sight (of) {D21 U3 G1} Z7 N35} Q3 G43 X1 O286} [r mAw n] in the sight of {D21 U3 [rpyt] female counterpart (of diety). because of {D21 Z4 N31} [rssy] quite.Dictionary of Middle Egyptian D – Parts of Men 18 [rpw] rot {D21 Q3 F27} [r pw] (conjunctive) or {D21 Q3 G43} [rpw] rot {D21 Q3 G43 Aa2} G43 X1} [r Hrw] below {D21 T28 D21} N23 Z1} [r Xrw] below {D21 T28 D21 G43 [r . mankind {D21 V13 A1 Z2 B1} . in exchange [rT] (enclitic part. mankind {D21 U15 X1 A1 Z2} [rpyt] female statue {D21 Q3 M17 M17 X1 B1} Q3 O49 V30} [r py nbw] spokesman of every Pe-ite {D21 [rpyt] presiding goddess (of city) {D21 Q3 {D21 U28 G1 G43 X1 Aa2 Y1 Z2} [r DAwt] in return for.mAw .) man.) men.) men. because of {D21 U28 X1 Z9} S29 T13 D4} [r DAwt] in return for {D21 U29 X1 Z9} V4} D6} [rs] be watchful. vigilant {D21 S29 T13 [rsw] vigilance {D21 S29 T14 F27 [rwA] consider (doing something) {D21 [rwA] consider (doing something) G43} {D21 V4 G1 N31} T14 X1 A13 Z3} [rst] sacrificial victims ? {D21 S29 [r swnt] as the price of.) not translated {D21 S29} [rswt] dream {D21 S29 G43 X1 T13 D4} Z2} U28 X1 G43} [r DAwt] in return for. men. presiding goddess (of city) {D21 Q3 M17 M17 X1 B1} [rmT] (collective n. Egyptians {D21 for {D21 T11 N35 X1 Y1 Z2} [r DbAw] instead of {D21 T25 D58 G1 Z7 Z2 Y1} [rmTt] (collective n. because of [r DAwt] in return for. vigilant {D21 [r DAwt] in return for. men. mankind. Egyptians {D21 U15 A1 Z2} [rmTt] (collective n. because of {D21 U28 G1 G43 X1 Z9 Y1} X1 B73} M7A} [rnpwt] herbs. be watchful.) now. vegetables {D21 Q3 X1 Z2} [r DAw] mellay {D21 U28 G43 D40 [r DAw] mellay {D21 U28 G43 D40 [rs] (enclitic part.

prosper. prevail (over) {D21 V24 I10 T12} [rwD] prevail (over) {D21 V24 T12} A1 Z2} [rHw] comrades. the Two Combatants (Horus and Seth) {D21 V28 G43 A40 A40} X1} [rpat] (fem.) (not translated) {D21 V31} [rkrk] creep {D21 V31 D21 V31 D54} I14} U31} U31 A1} [rtHty] baker {D21 X1 V28 X1 Z4 [rtt] conspiracy ? {D21 X1 X1 A14} [rpat] (fem. bow-string {D21 V24 G43 [r mitt] likewise {D21 W19 X1 X1 Y1} [rnn] (divinity) Renenutet (the Harvestgoddess) {D21 W24 G43 X1 X1} [rmT] (collective n.) noble.) men. but {D21 V13 [r Tn] (int.) men. mankind {D21 [rmT] (collective n. Egyptians {D21 V13 X1 A1 Z2} [rmTt] (collective n.) man. men.) dance {D21 X1 G43 D92} [rTnw] Retenu (Syria) {D21 X1 N35 W24 N25} [rwD] hard. mankind {D21 V13 X1 A1 Z2A} V28 Q7 X4} [rkHt] heat {D21 V31 V28 X1 Q7} G43 N23 Z1} [r xntw] out {D21 W18 N35 X1 T12} [rwD] cord. men. enduring.) now. mankind. restrain {D21 X1 V28 [rHty] the Two Female Companions (Isis and Nephthys) {D21 V28 X1 Z4 B1 B1} [rk] (enclitic part. now {D21 V31} [rk] (enclitic part. of ancients) {D21 V31 N5 N23} T14 G41} N35 W24 G43 N25} [rTnw] Retenu (Syria) {D21 V13 [rmTt] (collective n. succeed. persistent {D21 V24 I10 T12} [rwD] prosperous. mankind {D21 V13 X1 A1 Z2 B1} Z3} [rkHw] flames {D21 V31 V28 G43 Q7 [rkH] light (fire) {D21 V31 V28 Q7} [rkH] (festival of ) Burning {D21 V31 V13 X1 A1 Z2} [rmTt] (collective n.) noble. successful. heir {D21 X1 Q3 D36 [rtH] blockhouse {D21 X1 V28 U31} [rtH] confine.) whither ? {D21 V13 N35 V31 M2 Z3} [rkrk] a creeping plant {D21 V31 D21 [rk] time (of king) {D21 V31 N5} [rk] time (of king.) but.Dictionary of Middle Egyptian D – Parts of Men 19 N35} [rTn] (enclitic part. heir {D21 X1 X1 Q3 D36 X1} [rkrk] snake {D21 D21 V31 V31 [rwty] (dual) two gates {D21 X1 Z4A O1} . permanent. strong. mankind. firm. effective. Egyptians {D21 X1 A1 Z2 B1} [rwt] (n.) man.) men. mates {D21 V28 G43 [rHwy] the Two Companions.

speech. side {D21 Y5 N35 D41} [rmn] side. bearer. chapel {D21 Z1 O1 Z1} [r Hry] master. opening. permit. chief {D21 Z1 D2 N1} [r awy] hands. goose shaped cake. uprights (of ladder). put.Dictionary of Middle Egyptian D – Parts of Men 20 [rdi] give. supporter {D21 Y5 N35 D41} [rmn] shoulder. limit. appoint.list {D21 Z1 M17 D46 D21 V37 Y1} G17} [r] water's edge {D21 Z1} [r] mouth. gang (of rowers) {D21 Y5 N35 D41 B1 Z2} Z1 N36} [r HAt] river mouth {D21 Z1 F4 X1 [r HAt] (pl. intent {D21 Z1} Z4 N1} [r Hry] master. language. including {D21 Y5 N35 [r mn m] as far as {D21 Y5 N35 Y1 [r xt] weapons {D21 Z1 M3 X1 Z1} [r idr] cattle . equal. place. utterance. actions {D21 Z1 D36 D36} [r awy] gate {D21 Z1 D36 D36 O1} [r awy] hands. carry. fish) {D21 Z1 O34 I9 G39 K1 Z2} X1 Z4 F51 F51} [r aty] joints (arm and leg) {D21 Z1 D36 [r awy] end. half (of sheet of water) {D21 [rmnwtyw] (pl. arm. chief {D21 Z1 D2 D21 [r n idt] uterus {D21 Z1 N35 X1 N41 [r pr] temple.) river mouth {D21 Z1 F4 X1 Z2 N35A N36} [r ib] chest {D21 Z1 F34 Z1} [r] goose. cause. match. chief {D21 Z1 N1} [r] fractions {D21 N33A Z1} [r] water's edge {D21 Z1 N35A} Z1} [r Hry] master. beside.) companions {D21 Y5 N35 W24 G43 X1 D41 Z2} [r Sdi] fattened goose {D21 Z1 G39 Y1} [r mn] as well as. near {D21 Z1 D36 Z1} D54 N23 Z1} [r sSy] ford ? {D21 Z1 O34 N37 Z4 [r pw] (conjunctive) or {D21 Z1 Q3 G43} . chapel {D21 Z1 O1 O49} [r pr] temple. grant {D21 X8} [iry mDAt] letter carrier {D21 Y2 A1} D42} X1 Z1 A24} [r a xt] combat {D21 Z1 D36 Z1 M3 [r awy] gate {D21 Z1 D36 Z1 O1} [r awy] gate {D21 Z1 D36 Z4 G43} [r HAt] river mouth {D21 Z1 F4 X1 Z1 N35A} [(iry) rmn (dmD)] (total of) each {D21 Y5 [rmni] shoulder. actions {D21 Z1 D36 D36 Z7 Z4} [r aA] entry (into land) {D21 O31 Z1} [rsf] catch (fowl. goose shaped incense {D21 Z1 G38} F30 D46 Aa3} Y5 N35 D41 N23} [rmn] side. support.

construction. personality. at all {D21 Z1 S29 Z4 N31} Z4 N31} [rssy] quite. orchard {D28 G1 N1} [kAwty] builder's workman. profession {D28 G1 X1 A9 Y1 Z2} [kAt] vagina {D28 G1 X1 F51} [kAw] food {D28 G1 Z7 Z8 Z2} [kA] soul. fortune.) nurse {D27A X1} [kA Hr kA] fifth month. essence (of a being). vagina. entirely.) palpitate (of heart) {D21 [r imy] between. kingship. will (of king).Dictionary of Middle Egyptian D – Parts of Men 21 G1 V2 D54} [r stA] ramp {D21 Z1 S29 X1 U30 [mnD] breast {D27} [mnat] (n. Festival of Khoiakh {D28 D28 Z2 W3 N5} [kA] bull {D28 D52 E1} [kAw] sycomore figs {D28 D52 Z7 N33 Z2} T14 Z6 Z2} [r pDtyw] foreigners {D21 Z1 T10 X1 Z1 T14 A1 Z2} G1 G43 A24 Z2} [r DAw] mellay {D21 Z1 U28 [r DAw] mellay {D21 Z1 U28 G43 A24} [kA] bull {D28 E1} [r DAw] mellay {D21 Z1 U28 M17 [kA] soul. {D25 X1 Z5A Z5A} . stranger {D21 Z7 X1 Z4 [rwty] (dual) two gates {D21 Z7 X1 Z4 G17 Z7 O1} [kAmw] vineyard. essence (of a being). goodwill. personality. fortune. phantom {D28 G1 A2} G1 M2} M17 G43 D40 Z2} [r stAw] necropolis {D21 Z1 V2 V2 V2 N25} N31 X1} [r wAt] path. intrans. [xmt rw] three quarters {D23} [spty] (dual) lip (of mouth. porter {D28 G1 G43 X1 Z4 A9 D40 A1} [kAmw] vineyard {D28 G1 N35 M43} Z7 Z7 D54} [rwi] (v. way {D21 Z1 V4 G1 [kAkA] bush. in the midst of {D21 Z11 G17 Z4} [kAt] work. kingship. wound. festival of Khoiakh {D28 D2 Z1 D28 W3 N5} M43 A1} [rssy] quite. brush {D28 G1 D28 [kAmw] vintner {D28 G1 G17 [rmnn] Lebanon {D21 Z1 Y5 N35 N35 N25} Z5A Z5A A24} N1} [rwty] outsider. jar). spirit. will (of king). entirely. craft. spirit. at all {D21 Z1 S29 [pDtyw] foreigners {D21 Z1 T9 T14 [kAry] gardener {D28 D21 M17 M17 A1 Z2} [kAr] shrine {D28 D21 M17 O18} [pDtyw] foreigners {D21 Z1 T9 X1 [kAr] shrine {D28 D21 O18} [kA Hr kA] fifth month.

) row {D33 N35 D40} [Xnyt] (collective n. phantom {D28 Z1} [kAw] food {D28 Z1} [kAmw] grape . craft. confound (truth) {D33 N35 N35 A24} [kAt] work.) inflamed. phantom {D29} [kA] soul. kingship. personality. will (of king). kingship.) inflamed.) embrace {D32 D40} [Xnty] statue {D33 A53} [Xni] (v. will (of king). fortune. goodwill. personality. construction. construction. essence (of a being). construction. profession {D28 X1 A9 Y1v} M17 M17 X1 D40 A1 Z2} [Xnyt] (collective n. P1} [Xni] (v. profession {D28 X1 A9} goodwill. irritated (medical) [Xnn] inflamed. fortune. and n.) sailors {D33 N35 [kAt] vagina {D28 X1 F51} {D28 X1 N33A} [Xnn] (v. interfere with (persons. interfere with (persons. craft.Dictionary of Middle Egyptian D – Parts of Men 22 goodwill. phantom {D29 B76} [Hm kA] soul priest {D31} [qni] (v. irritated (medical) {D33 [Xnn] (v. essence (of a being). irritated (medical) {D33 N35 N35 Aa2} T14} [kbn] (locality) Byblos {D28 Z1 D58 N35 [kTn] charioteer {D28 Z1 G47 Z1 N35 W24 G43 D40 Z2} [Xnmw] tumult. commands).) disturb.) sailors {D33 N35 M17 M17 X1 A1 Z2} Z7 X1 N33 Z2} [kAt Swt] a lichen {D28 X1 A9 H6 [kAt] work. confound (truth) {D33 N35 N35 A24 E21} {D33 N35 N35 A24 E21} [Xnn] (v. convey by water {D33 N35 [Xni] (v. uproar {D33 N35 N35 G1 D56 D54} D54} [kTn] charioteer {D28 Z1 I10 N35 D56 [kAny] vintner {D28 Z1 N35 M17 N35 W24 G43 E21 D40 Z2} N35 N35 W24 G43 N4 D40 Z2} [Xnmw] tumult. spirit. will (of king). personality. uproar {D33 N35 [Xnmw] tumult.harvest {D28 Z1 Aa15 M43A Z3} N35 N35 A24} [Xnn] (v. fortune. commands).) row. spirit. kingship. uproar {D33 M17 M43 A1} [Xnnw] brawlers {D33 N35 N35 W24 Z7 E21 A24 A1 Z2} [kAw] food {D28 Z1 Z8 Z2} [kAw] food {D28 Z2} [kA] soul. essence (of a being). phantom {D28 G7} [kAmw] vintner {D28 G17 M43} [kAp] cense (gods) {D28 Q3 R5} [kAmw] vineyard {D28 W24 M1 M1 M1} [kAt] work.) disturb. profession [kA] soul.) row {D33 N35 P1 A24} [Xnty] statue {D33 N35 U33 A22} [Xnty anx] living semblance {D33 . goodwill. craft. spirit.

. if not.. trans.f] there will never be his like again {D35 N35 F25 G17 G43 X1 Z1 I9} [aHA] fish (lates niloticus) {D34 G1 K1} [aHAt] battleground {D34 G1 X1 O1} [aHAwty] warrior {D34 G1 Z7 X1 [nn wHmwty ....pole {D34 A24 [aHA mri] ply the sounding pole [ni] (v..not.) not {D35 N35} [nn wn Hr xw . weapons {D34 G1 [nn wHmwty ....) (weapons of) war {D34 A24} [aHA Hr] be wary of {D34 A24 D2 Z1} [aHA a] go to war {D34 A24 D36 Z1} [aHA mw] sounding pole {D34 A24 N35A M3} X1} [n] (negative part. does not exist {D35 N35A N34 Z1} [aHA mw] sounding .) drive away.Dictionary of Middle Egyptian N35 U33 A22 S34 N35 Aa1} D – Parts of Men Z4 A24} 23 [Xnw] sailor {D33 N35 W24 G43 A1} [Xnty] statue {D33 N35 X1 A22} [Xnt] water procession {D33 N35 X1 P1} P1 Y1 Z2} T11} [aHAw] arrow. rebuff {D35 M17} [ii] old negative particle {D35 M17 M17} [n is] indeed not.f] there will never be his like again {D35 N35 F25 G17 X1 I9} [nn wHmwty ...f] there will never be his like again {D35 N35 F25 G43 X1 Z4 I9} . weapons {D34 T11B Z1} [aHAt] battleground {D34 X1} [aHAt] warriors {D34 X1 A1 Z3} [aHAwty] warrior {D34 X1 G43 A12} [aHAt] warship {D34 X1 P1} [aHAwty] warrior {D34 X1 Z4 G43 D40} [Xnt] water procession {D33 N35 X1 [Xnw] sailor {D33 W24 A1} [Xnt] water . unless {D35 M17 S29} {D34 A24 U7 D21 M17 M3} [aHA] fight {D34 G1 A24} V13 G43} [aHA Tw] take care {D34 G1 A24 [aHA Tn] take care {D34 G1 A24 [nn] (negative part.f] there is none beside him {D35 N35 E34 N35 D2 Aa1 Aa1 Aa1 I9} V13 N35} G43 T11B} [aHAw] arrows.procession {D33 X1 P1} [Xnty] statue {D33 X1 Z4 A53} [aHA] warrior {D34} [aHA] fight. {D34 A24} [aHA] (n. which. weapons {D34 G43 [aHAw] arrows..not {D35 G43 X1} G43 X1 X1} [iwtt] what is not.) not {D35} [n wnt] there is not {D35 E34 N35 X1} [n wnt] there is/are not {D35 E34 N35 [iwty] who.

dusk {D36 Aa1 Aa1 Z7 [axm] image (of god) {D36 Aa1 Aa15 O38} [arrwt] gate {D36 D21 D21 G43 X1 [arrwt] gate {D36 D21 D21 G43 X1 Q38} G12} [axm] image {D36 Aa1 Aa15 G12} N23 Z2} O1} [arrwt] gate {D36 D21 D21 M17 M17 X1 [arar] chin ? {D36 D21 D36 D21 F51} [arryt] hall of judgement {D36 D21 D36 [axmt] river .. destroy {D36 Aa1 G17 D40} . does not exist {D35 X1 X1 G37 Z2} [axi] (v..) fly {D36 Aa1 H5} [axi] raise up.. place..) combine {D36 D21 I9 V37 Q7} [axm] extinguish.e. trans.bank {D36 Aa1 G14 X1 [ixmt] bank (of river) {D36 Aa1 G14 X1 M17 M17 X1 O1} N23 Z2} [axm] front of neck {D36 Aa1 G17 F10} [ixm sk] indestructible star (i.) combine {D36 D21 I9 V33 [arf] (v.) darken (sun) {D35 N35 M17 [ni] (v... appoint.not {D35 [mH] cubit {D36} [rdi] give.. put. consume {D36 Aa1 Aa1 Q7} [aXnwty] audience chamber {D36 Aa1 [axt] swoop (of falcon) {D36 Aa1 X1 [axxw] twilight {D36 Aa1 Aa1 Z7 N2} N2} H5A} [ixxw] twilight.not. which..) parry (missile) {D35 N35 Q7 N35A} [axm] quench (thirst) {D36 Aa1 G17 [ixmt] bank (of fortress) {D36 Aa1 G17 X1 N20} M17 X1 D41} F51} [nnSm] spleen {D35 N35 N40 G17 [n sp] never {D35 O34 Q3 O50} Z2} [axmw] twigs {D36 Aa1 G17 Z7 M2 [axmw] twigs {D36 Aa1 G17 Z7 M2 Z2} [iwtt] what is not. permit. quench (thirst) {D36 Aa1 G17 N35A} D40} [arf] (v... circumpolar) {D36 Aa1 G17 G43 S29 V31 N14} G4 N31 D54} [artyw] they who ascend ? {D36 D21 [arf] enclose {D36 D21 I9 D49} [arf] bag. contain {D36 D21 I9 V33} [axm] extinguish.. grant {D36} [axx] evaporate. trans. hang (men) {D36 Aa1 N1} [ax] brazier {D36 Aa1 Q7} [ax] brazier {D36 Aa1 R1E} W24 X1 Z4} X1 Z4 G37} [iwty] who. cause.. enclose.Dictionary of Middle Egyptian D – Parts of Men 24 M17} [ni] (v. combine.

penetrate [arw] proximity {D36 D21 N31} (juice) {D36 D36 I9 Z7 D40} [aai] jabber {D36 D36 M17 A2} [ian] baboon {D36 D36 N35 D36 E32} [aany] coop up.) sleep {D36 D36 G43 [arq] know. ascend. hindquarter {D36 D21 X1 F22} [art] jaw. home {D36 D21 M17 [art] roll (of papyrus. gain full knowledge of. squeeze out {D36 D21 N31} [ar] mount up. skilled (in) {D36 D21 N29 V12 Y1} [arq] bent {D36 D21 N29 V12 Y1} [arq] don (a garment) {D36 D21 N29 V12 Y1} Z4 D7D} [iaf] wring out {D36 D36 I9 D40} {D36 D36 I9 D40} [iaf] wring out (clothes). leather) {D36 D21 X1 [ar] reed pen {D36 D21 Z4 M2} [arw] proximity {D36 D21 Z7 N31 Z2} [iart] uraeus {D36 D36 D21 X1 I12} [iart] uraeus {D36 D36 D21 X1 I12} [aai] caller {D36 D36 D21 Z1 A1} [aab] comb (the hair) {D36 D36 D58 F16 D40} M17 X1 O38 M3} O39} [arrwt] lintel {D36 D21 M17 M17 X1 [arqy] last day of the month {D36 D21 N29 M17 M17 V12 Z1} N29 O22 N5} [arqy] last day of the month {D36 D21 [arq] don (a garment) {D36 D21 N29 O22 Y1v} [iab] bowl {D36 D36 D58 W10} [aab] bowl {D36 D36 D58 W10} D6} [arq] know.) sleep {D36 D36 G43 [aawy] sleep {D36 D36 G43 Z4 D5} [aawy] (v. confine ? {D36 D36 N35 Z4 A24} [ar] mount up. perceive. gain full knowledge of.Dictionary of Middle Egyptian D – Parts of Men D21 X1 F51B} 25 [ar] reed pen {D36 D21 M2} M17 M17 X1 M3} [arrwt] leaf (of double door) {D36 D21 [arrwt] leaf (of double door) {D36 D21 [iart] uraeus {D36 D21 X1 I12} [iart] uraeus {D36 D21 X1 I12} [art] roll (of papyrus) {D36 D21 X1 M2} V12 Z1} M17 M17 X1 M3} O1} [arrwt] lintel {D36 D21 M17 M17 X1 [aryt] dwelling. hinder parts (of man). squeeze out (juice) [iaf] wring out (clothes). extend. perceive. skilled {D36 D21 N29 V12} Z1} [arq] basket ? {D36 D21 N29 V12 V19 [aawy] (v. ascend {D36 D21 N31 D54} [art] jaw {D36 D21 X1 F19} [art] hinder part. and n. be wise. and n. anus {D36 [aany] camp {D36 D36 N35 Z4 O1} . be wise.

boasting. exageration {D36 [abw] purification. make presentation.jar {D36 D58 N37 W21} [abS] wine jar {D36 D58 N37 W59} [abA] offering .stone {D36 D58 O39} [abA] offering-stone {D36 D58 O39} {D36 D58 D36 F16 A2} [aba] boast.stone {D36 D58 G1 O30U} [abA] make presentation (to) {D36 D58 G29 Aa81} [abw] impurity {D36 D60 G43} . purity {D36 D58 G43 F17} [abab] become excited ? {D36 D58 D36 D58} F17 Y1 Z2} [abw] offerings {D36 D58 G43 {D36 D58 D36 D58 M17 M17 X1} [ababyt] region of collar-bone [abwt] staff of Office {D36 D58 G43 X1 O30U} [abab] appear ?. bury {D36 D58 F16 Y1 K4 X1 Aa2} [ab] meal {D36 D58 F16 Y1 Z2} [ab] horn {D36 D58 F16 Z1} S42 O39} D58 X1 F16 Y1v} O30U} [abwt] staff of office {D36 D58 X1 [abwt] forked staff {D36 D58 X1 [abA] offering . provide {D36 D58 G29 G1 S42 D40} [abA] present (to) {D36 D58 G29 S42} G29 S42 D40} [abA] command (a ship) {D36 D58 [aba] boast. exaggeration [aba] boast.stone {D36 D58 [abA] present (to). boasting. trans. exaggeration {D36 D58 D36 F16 Y1} D40} [abb] knock (on door) ? {D36 D58 D58 [abb] use the pitchfork {D36 D58 D58 F16 D42} [abA] glitter {D36 D58 S42 N8} O39} [ab] unite {D36 D58 F16} Z3} [abA] offering .stone {D36 D58 S42 [abA] provide (with) {D36 D58 S42 Y1v} [abH] fill up {D36 D58 V28 W54A} [abt] attachment.) inter. connection(s) {D36 [abw] victims {D36 D58 F16 A14 [iab XAt] (v.Dictionary of Middle Egyptian D – Parts of Men 26 [aa] royal barge {D36 D36 P1} [awaw] ring {D36 D36 S21} [aaw] flutter (of heart) {D36 D36 Z7 A2} [aDw] Buri fish {D36 D46 G43 K1 Z1} [adw] Buri fish {D36 D46 G43 K3 Z1} [abxn] frog {D36 D58 Aa1 N35 F27} D58 D36 A2} G29A G1 Q37} [abA] offering . shine ? {D36 D58 D36 D58 W10 Y1} [abw] purity {D36 D58 G43 Y1 Z2} [abwt] lettuce {D36 D58 G43 Z5} [abS] wine . boasting.

avarice {D36 E34 N35 A24 F34 Z1} [awnw] plunderer {D36 E34 N35 W24 Z7 A24} [am] swallow {D36 G17 A2} [ama] smear {D36 G17 D36 A24} [amaA] throw the throw . despoil {D36 E34 D58 M19 M1} [aAb] pleasant (of persons) {D36 G1 [awn ib] be rapacious. mudflat {D36 G17 D36 X1 N23 Z2} {D36 G17 F10 A2} W24 Z7 U33 X1 Z4 O1} [aXnwty] audience . sceptre {D36 G43 X1 S38} [af] his command {D36 I9} .stick {D36 G17 [abw r] breakfast {D36 F17 [amam] container (for bread etc. fly away {D36 F32 G41} [aXi] fly. muddy ground. absorb. breathe in. fly away {D36 F32 H5} [aXi] fly.) {D36 G17 D36 G17 Aa20} [aXnwty] audience chamber {D36 F26 N35 W24 Z7 U33 O1} G17 D51 D40} [amam] smear {D36 G17 D36 [amamw] shrew {D36 G17 D36 W24 X1 O1} [aXnwty] audience chamber {D36 F26 [aXnwty] audience chamber {D36 F26 G17 Z7 F27 Z1} W24 X1 Z4 O1} [amat] mud. be discreet.chamber {D36 F26 [aXm] image (of god) {D36 F32 G17 [am] swallow. regret. know G7} [am ib] become faint. rapacity. fly away {D36 F32 T14 G41} [aAa] valour ? {D36 G1 D36 N35A} [aS] summon {D36 G1 D36 N37 A2} [aAdt] a type of bread {D36 G1 D46 X1 X2} [awg] parch (grain) {D36 G43 W11 Q7} [awt] goats {D36 G43 X1 E28 N33A} [awt] crook.stick {D36 G17 D36 G1 T15} [awnt] stave {D36 E34 N35 X1 M3} [awnw] plunderer {D36 E34 Z7 A24} D58 G43 Y1 Z2 D21 Z1} D36 G1 X1 T15} [amaAt] throw ..stone {D36 G29 R30} [abA] sceptre {D36 G29 S42} [awaw] ring {D36 G43 D36 G43 S21} [aXi] fly. dissemble {D36 G17 F10 A2 F34 Z1} G17 I3} [aXm] voracious (?) spirit {D36 F32 X1 M3} [amaAt] throw-stick {D36 G17 G1 [amm] brain {D36 G17 G17 H8} [aXmw] twigs {D36 F32 G17 Z7 M2 Z2} P5 Z2} [aXmw] twigs {D36 F32 G17 Z7 [abA] offering . neglect.Dictionary of Middle Egyptian D – Parts of Men 27 N35 A24} [awn] be covetous.

cloth {D36 I9 N35 T30 Z2} [a] wooden rod {D36 M3} D50 D50 Y1v} [afnt] royal head-cloth {D36 I9 N35 X1 S57B} [aqA] (adj. become whole {D36 I10 V26 M17 O1} [afAy] encampment {D36 I9 G1 M17 [afAy] sweet clover ? {D36 I9 G1 Z4 [aD wDA] prosperous and flourishing (of affairs) {D36 I10 V26 Y1 G43 U28 G1 Y1v} M2 Z2} [aD wDA] safe and sound (of persons) {D36 I10 V26 Y1 G43 U28 G1 Y1v} [aD] perceive {D36 I10 V27} I10 V27B N23} [aff] fly {D36 I9 I9 G39} [aff] buzz (of insect) {D36 I9 I9 L2} [aff] (n. attractive ? [aD] spool. grease {D36 I10 V26 W24 Z2} Y1} [afA] devour ?. accurate {D36 N29 X1 Z5} [afnt] royal head . straightness. exact sense {D36 N29 G1 D50 D50 Y1v} [aqA ib] straightforward {D36 N29 G1 D50 D50 Y1V F34 Z1} [aDnt] armband. tear off {D36 I9 G1 F51B} [aD] be safe.) lead (to).) use aright {D36 N29 G1} [aqA] a type of rope {D36 N29 G1 D50 D50 V1 Z1} [afty] brewer {D36 I9 X1 A36} [afDt] chest (furniture) {D36 I9 X1 I10 Q6} [aqA] precise.Dictionary of Middle Egyptian D – Parts of Men D40 N36} 28 [afDt] chest {D36 I9 D46 X1 Q6} {D36 I9 D46 Y1} [afd] (v. honey bee {D36 I9 Z4 L2} [aDnt] crucible ? {D36 I10 N35 X1 Aa8} X1 W10} [aqA] stright-dealing. margin (of cultivation) {D36 [aDt] slaughter. tear off {D36 I9 G1 D40} [afA] devour. reel {D36 I10 V26 M3} [aDw] Buri fish {D36 I10 V26 N26} [aD] fat.cloth {D36 I9 N35 [afn] (v. armlet {D36 I10 N35 [aD mr] administrator {D36 I10 U7 M17 M17 D50 D50 Y1v} [aqAy] a straight-dealer {D36 N29 G1 . massacre {D36 I10 X1 [afnt] royal head . accurate. {D36 N29 G1 D50 D50 Y1v} [aftt] female brewer {D36 I9 X1 X1} [afty] brewer {D36 I9 X1 Z4A A417} [afy] bee. straightforwardness {D36 N29 G1 D50 D50 Y1v} [aqA] use aright. progress. trans. and adj. correct.) precise.) cover {D36 I9 N35 Y1 T67} [aq] enter (into) {D36 N29 D54} [aqA] (v.) fly (insect) {D36 I9 I9 L3} [afn] cover {D36 I9 N35 A24 Y1} X1 S28} [aD] edge. go straight forward.

magnificent {D36 N35 D5 Y1} A1} [and] unguent {D36 N35 I10 W23 Z1 [anDw] dawn {D36 N35 N26 G43 N8} [anDw] jar {D36 N35 N26 Z7 W24} [anqt] Anukis {D36 N35 N29 X1 B7C} [ann] (v. pleasing. socket (for jar) {D36 N35 X1 S21} [anDw] dawn {D36 N35 D46 G43 N2} [anDw] dawn {D36 N35 D46 G43 N5} N33 N33 N33} U19A} [ant] nail (of finger or toe) {D36 N35 X1 [ant] (n.board {D36 N35 Z4 M3} [and] an unguent {D36 N35 D46 W23 [andt] the few (of people) {D36 N35 [aS] summon {D36 N37 A2} [aS] cedar {D36 N37 Aa2} [aS] groan {D36 N37 Aa2 A2} [aS] cedar . scarcity. return. bring back {D36 N35 N35 D55} [annt] rump {D36 N35 N35 F114 F114 X1} [an] the pleasant man {D36 N35 D5 Y1 [an] (n.) beautiful {D36 N35 D7} [an] (n. complaint {D36 N35 [ant] finger/toe nail. be kind. fewness. bright of face.stalk (for matting) {D36 N35 [anbyt] measure for reed-stalks {D36 N35 D58 M17 M17 X1 M2} .oil {D36 N37 Aa2 W1} [aSaS] voicebox.) beautiful {D36 N35 D8} [an] beautiful {D36 N35 D8 Y1} [ian] baboon {D36 N35 D36 E32} [anay] complain. larynx {D36 N37 D36 D46 X1 G37} D58 M2} [anb] reed . claw {D36 N35 X1 [antyw] myrrh {D36 N35 X1 G4 W40} [anan] chin {D36 N35 D36 N35 F51} [and] few.) turn back {D36 N35 N35 D54} [ann] turn back.) pick {D36 N35 X1 U20} [any] writing . repeat again. come back. be diminished {D36 N35 D46 G37} [ant] ring (of gold).Dictionary of Middle Egyptian D – Parts of Men 29 G1 M17 M17 X1 D50 D50 Y1v} [aqAyt] true balancing {D36 N29 [antyw] myrrh {D36 N35 G4 N33A} [antyw] myrrh {D36 N35 G4 W23 Z2} [anH] eyebrow {D36 N35 G21 D13} [anDw] dawn {D36 N35 I10 N49} N33A} [aqA] a type of rope {D36 N29 G1 V1} [aqAyt] true balancing {D36 N29 G1 X1 D50 D50} [a] dyke {D36 N35A} [ain] eye {D36 N35 D4} [an] beautiful. complaint {D36 N35 D36 M17 M17 A2} [anw] (locality) Ainu (a source of Limestone) {D36 N35 W24 G43 D7} D51} D36 N35 A2} [anan] complain.

man (a vessel). plentiful.Dictionary of Middle Egyptian N37 F10 F51} D – Parts of Men 30 [apnnt] slug {D36 Q3 N35 N35 F27} I14C} [aSA] obnoxious ? {D36 N37 G1 Aa2} [aSA] many. incur (injury) {D36 Q3 D21 Y1} Q3 D54} D49 D40} [awA] look after. incur (injury) {D36 Q3 D21 Aa20 Y1v} [aprw] sailors. rot {D36 V4 G1 Aa2} [awA irr . rob (someone) [aHaw] (proper) positions (of things) {D36 V4 D40} [apr] provide. quantity. aquire. he who is robbed [api] traverse (a waterway).f] brigand {D36 V4 G1 D36 D4 D21 I9} Q3 D21 X1 Aa20 Y1 Z2} [apr] provide. wrongdoer {D36 U28 G1 D40 A1} [aS] cedar {D36 N37 M41} [aS] cedar {D36 N37 W24 W24 W24 M41} [aSty] abundant {D36 N37 X1 Z4A} [aHaw] attending {D36 P6 A21 G43} {D36 P6 D36 G43} A24} [aDAw] guilty. numerous. much. aquire.) guilt {D36 U28 G1 D40} [aDA] guilty man. equip (with). guilt {D36 U28 G1 Z7 [awAi] steal (goods). equip (with). man (a vessel). care for {D36 V4 G1 [awAy] robber. aquire. rob. workmen {D36 Q3 D21 G43 Aa20 A1 Z2} [awA] look after. care for ? {D36 V4 D40} [awAy] robber {D36 V4 G1 A24} A24} [awAi] steal. man (a vessel). robbery {D36 V4 G1 Aa20 W22} [aprt] a type of jar {D36 Q3 D21 X1 [aprt] equipment (of offerings) {D36 [awA] go bad. incur (injury) {D36 Q3 Y1v} [a] dragoman {D36 S25} [aw] dragoman {D36 S25} [aDAw] (n. equip (with). pass (by) {D36 [apr] an Asiatic people {D36 Q3 G43 {D36 V4 G1 M17 M17 A24 A1} D21 Z1} M17 G37 A1} [awAy] robber {D36 V4 G1 M17 [api] fly {D36 Q3 H5A} M17 M17 L1} [awAyt] a fermented drink ? {D36 V4 G1 M17 M17 X1 Aa2 W23 Z2} [apSAy] beetle {D36 Q3 M8 G1 G1 M17 M17 X1 Z6} [awAyt] female robber {D36 V4 [apy] the Winged Disk {D36 Q3 M17 M17 N58} Z6} [awAy] robber {D36 V4 G1 M17 M17 . multitude {D36 N37 G1 I1} G7} [apnnt] slug ? {D36 Q3 N35 N35 X1 [aSm] image (of god) {D36 N37 G17 [aSA] lizard {D36 N37 I1} [apr] provide. ordinary.

Dictionary of Middle Egyptian D – Parts of Men 31 [awAt] robbery {D36 V4 G1 X1 D36} V4 M17 M17} H8} [abt] a funerary ritual object {D36 X1 D58 [awAy] robber. hand. chamber. register {D36 Y1} [anw] (locality ) Ainu ? (source of Limestone) {D36 W24 D8A} [at] house {D36 X1} [atx] strain {D36 X1 Aa1 A24} [atxw] brewers {D36 X1 Aa1 Z7 W22 A24 A1 Z2} [a] condition.) present (to) {D36 W10 D58} [ab] unite.house {D36 X1 O1 S29 D58 N14} S29 D58 N14 G1 A24} [at sbA] school {D36 X1 O1 W78} [agn] pedestal (for vase) {D36 W11 N35 [agwt] a preparation of grain {D36 W11 [at Hnqt] brew-house {D36 X1 V28 N29 X1} [at t] bake-house {D36 X1 X1 X3} F51} X1 M33A} [aty] intervertebral joints {D36 X1 Z4 F51 N33A} [agt] a resinous varnish ? {D36 W11 X1 [a] warrant. snare {D36 V28 T24E [aH] rope {D36 V28 V1} [a] bowl {D36 W10} [iab] (v. reel {D36 V26 D46 M3} [aDt] offence ? {D36 V27 I10 X1 A2} [aHA] fight {D36 V28 G1} [aH] wipe off. wipe away {D36 V28 T24E} D40} X1 M3 X1 Z1 O1} M3 X1 Z1 O1} [at nt xt] orchard {D36 X1 N35 X1 [at] room. school . member (of body) {D36 X1 F51} [awt] men {D36 X1 G43 T14 A1 A1 A1} [arqy] last day of the month {D36 V12 M17 M17 N5} F51} [at iwf] slaughter-house {D36 X1 M17 I9 [at nt xt] orchard {D36 X1 N35 [aD] spool. forearm {D36 Z1} [a] item. state {D36 Z1} [mH] forearm {D36 Z1} [a] arm. province {D36 Z1} [awt] goats {D36 X1 D52 E28 Z2} . house {D36 X1 O1} [at Dsrt] the Holy Chamber (the celestial Hall of judgement) {D36 X1 O1 D45 D21 X1 Y1} [aH] entrap. certificate. present {D36 W10 D58} [agwt] a preparation of grain {D36 W11 G43 X1 N33 Z2} X1 N33 N33A} [at bnrt] cake room {D36 X1 O1 M30 [at sbA] school. he who is robbed {D36 [awAy] reap {D36 V4 M17 M17 D40} [at] limb. record. trans. piece {D36 Z1} [a] region.

domain {D41 N35 [Hnk] offer (something to) {D39} D58 X1 G43} [mrkbt] chariot {D39 D21 Z1 V31 M17 M17 N23 X1 Z1} . bearers {D38 O35 D54 M23 G43} {D41 F51B Z1} [rmn] shoulder.) Medjay. grant {D38} [mryn] Syrian warrior {D38 D21 Z1 M17 M17 N35 G1 A20} Z2} [mnH] wax {D38 N35 G21 V28 N33 [mhr] milk jar {D38 O4 M17 W24 Z1} [mhwt] family {D38 O4 X1 G43 A1 Z2 [mH tA] land cubit (one hundredth of one auoura) {D41} [rmn] half (of rod. put. stiff. call the attention of {D37 G17 D2 N35} [di m Hr n] lay a charge upon. victorious. arm. trace {D36 Z1 D56 D54} Z1} [mSdt] ford {D39 F30 D46 X1} N33A} [mfkAt] turquoise {D39 I9 V31 X1 [mSrw] evening {D39 N37 E23 N2} [mDAw] (n. extend (hand). trace {D36 Z1} [a] warrant. certificate {D36 Z1} [a] track. place. arm. cause.) treatment {D40} [xAi] measure. permit. uprights (of ladder). uprights (of ladder). take (aim) {D38 O35 D54} [msw] carriers. side [niw] ostrich {D41 N35 G43 G34} [niA] underside of arm {D41 N35 M17 F51} [rmnyt] department. command (someone) {D37 G17 D2 N35} [rdi] give.Dictionary of Middle Egyptian D – Parts of Men 32 [a] track. aroura) {D41} B1} Z4 G37} [mhy] be forgetful. appoint. side {D41} [ms] bring. hard {D40} [srwx] (n. present. Police {D39 U28 [a xAst] desert region {D36 Z1 N25 X1 [a] dyke {D36 Z1 N35A} [di Hr n] give commands to {D37 D2 G43 Z3} W24} [Hnk] make offering (to) {D39 W24 W24 [Hnk] offerings {D39 W24 W24 W24} N35} O49} [Ddw] (locality) Busiris {D37 D37 G43 [ddi] haematite {D37 D37 M17 N33 Z2} [mwt] mother {D39 X1 B1} [Hnkt] offerings {D39 X1 M39} [Hnkyt anx] bed of life (where the sun sets) {D39 X1 O1 S34 N35 Aa1 O1} [Hnkt] offerings {D39 X1 Z2} [Hnk] offer (something to) {D39 Y1} [nxt] strong. bring away booty. neglectful {D38 O4 [rmn] shoulder. examine (patient). patrol {D40} [nxtw] victory {D40 Z2} [di m Hr n] appoint (someone to office).

illness) {D46 D21 A24} {D46 D21 A24} [Dsrt imntt] (locality) the Western Holy Place (Medinet Habu) {D45 D21 X1 R14 X1 X1} [Dsrt] strong ale {D45 D21 X1 W65} W65 R19A X1 X1 W10} [dr] lay down (flooring). trans.) bandage {D42 Q3 S28} M17} [Dsrt] table of offerings {D45 X1 R3Q} [Dsr] (adj. script.) make offering {D46 D21 [drpw] offerings {D46 D21 Q3 G43 Z8 Z2} [drgyt] bat (mammal) {D46 D21 . fragrance {D46A X1} [dHr] leather. provide. bitterness {D46 D2 D21 [dHr] leather. hide {D46 D2 D21 F27} G37} [rmnwty] companion {D42 W24 G43 U33 [mH] forearm {D42 Z1} [xrp] bring.) holy. privacy. title deeds {D46 D21 [Dsrt iAtt] milky ale ? {D45 D21 X1 I9 Z5 Y1v} [Dsrw] privacy {D45 D21 Y1 Z2} [Dsr a] with upraised arm {D45 D36 Z1} [Dsr Dsrw] Holy of Holies (Temple of Deir el Bahri) {D45 D45 Z3} [Dsrw] sanctity {D45 G43} [Dsrt] table of offerings {D45 X1 R3P} [drp] (v. one seventh of a cubit (measurement) {D46} [dm] be sharp {D46 Aa15 T30A D40} [idt] sweet savour. hide {D46 D2 D21 M17 [Dsr] (adj. cause {D46} [Ssp] palm (of hand). intrans. sanctity {D45 [dr] remove (need. strike (blow). sacred {D45 D21} [Dsr Dsrw] Holy of Holies (Temple of Deir el Bahri) {D45 D21 D45 Z2 O1} [Dsrw] holy place {D45 D21 E23 O1} [Dsrw] holy place {D45 D21 G43 O1} D21 G43 Y1v} F27} G37 Z2} [dHrt] sickness {D46 D2 D21 X1 F27 [dHrt] bitterness. put. feed (someone). present (dues) {D46 D21 Q3 D40} Q3 D40} [drp] (v. place.) holy.) give. sacred {D45 Y1} [Dsrw] seclusion {D45 Y1 Z2} [dw] (v. expel. destroy (places) {D46 D21 A24} [dr] subdue (enemies). overlay (floor) [drf] writing. dedicate {D44} [dHr] bitter. drive out (people.) offer to (god).Dictionary of Middle Egyptian D – Parts of Men 33 [rmn] processional shrine {D41 N35 O16} [niw] bowl {D41 Z1 W10} [niw] ostrich {D41 Z7 G39} [mH] cubit {D42} [kApw] roof {D42 Q3 G43} [kAp] (n. make offering of. sickness {D46 D2 D21 X1 G37 Z2} [Dsrw] seclusion. repress (wrongdoer). implant (obstacle). evil).

requisition (from) [dbH] ask for. weight (of balance) {D46 D58 N35 F49 O39} X1 D3} F18 D58 V28 G43 Z5} [dbHw] measure for offerings {D46 [dbnt] lock of hair {D46 D58 N35 [dAbw] figs {D46 D58 V12 N33 Z2} [dbHw] requirements. requisition (from) {D46 D58 V28 A2} F18 D58 V28 W10} [dbHw] requirements. beg. ingot. stretch (bow). compensation. bribes {D46 D58 G29 G1 Z7 T25 Y1 Z2} [dwn] (v.) go round (a place). trunk (of elephant). beg. requisition (from) {D46 F18 A2} [dbn] weight (of about 91 grammes). necessaries {D46 [dbHt] necessaries {D46 F18 D58 V28 X1 Y1 Z2} . be prostrate {D46 E34 N35 D54} [dwn] (v.) be stretched out. intrans.Dictionary of Middle Egyptian W11 M17 M17 X1 G39} D – Parts of Men 34 M17 M17 X1 G39} [dgyt] bat (mammal) {D46 D21 W11 {D46 D58 V28 F18} [dbH] ask for. reward. trans. travel round (a region) {D46 D58 N35 D12 D54} E34 N35 W24 A24} [dwn] (v.) straighten (knees) {D46 [dbH] ask for. trans. restore {D46 D58 [DbAw] payments.cloth {D46 E9 G43 N18} [dwn] (v. handle (of jar) {D46D X1 Z1} [db] hippopotomus {D46 D58 E25} [db] horn (of animal). slab (of metal) {D46 [Drt] hand. wing (of army) {D46 D58 F16} [dAiw] loin . beg. straighten (knees).) stop up {D46 D58 D36} D46 D58 A2} [dbt] female hippopotomus {D46 D58 X1 F27} [dbdb] thump (of heart) {D46 D58 D58 X1 O39} [Dbt] brick. {D46 E34 N35 D54} G29 G1 T25 Y1v} [DbA] replace. hands). trans. hands) {D46 E34 N35 V1} N33 Z2} [dAbw] figs {D46 D58 G43 M43 [dbn] (v. necessaries {D46 F18 D58 V28 U9} [dbH] ask for. beg. taut. trans. requisition (from) [Dryt] kite (bird) {D46 D21 X1} [ddwn] (divinity) a Nubian god {D46 D46 E34 A40} {D46 D58 V28 F18 A2} D58 V28 G43 Z5} [dbHw] measure for offerings {D46 D46 E34 N35 A42C} [ddwn] (divinity) a Nubian god {D46 [dbHt] necessaries {D46 D58 V28 X1 F18} [Ddw] (locality) Busiris {D46 D46 G43 O49} {D46 D58 V28 X1 F18 Z2 R4 X1 Q3 Z8 Z2} [dbHt Htp] funerary meal [ddt] dish {D46 D46 X1 W79} [dbi] (v.) stretch out (legs.) stretch out (legs.

beg. be renowned (of office) {D46 G17 S23 Y1} [dAdA] copulate. self control {D46 [dm] pronounce.Dictionary of Middle Egyptian D – Parts of Men 35 {D46 F18 D58 V28 Y1v} [dbH] ask for. place {D46 G43 [dAiw] loin . be renowned (of office) {D46 G17 T30 A2} [dAbw] figs {D46 G1 D58 M43 [dA] shake. pierce (sky) {D46 G17 T30A} [dm] pronounce. proclaim (name). pierce (sky) {D46 S28} . subdue (foes). wobble (of decaying limbs) {D46 G1 D54} N33 Z2} [dm] be sharp. infinitive) give. proclaim (name). steal (goods) {D46 G1 D21 T12 Y2} G1 D21 T12 Y2 F34 Z1} [dAr ib] self denial. rob (someone). mention (by name).cloth {D46 G43 M17 D21 T12 A24} [dAr] control (a tribe) {D46 G1 M17 [dAir] rape {D46 G1 M17 D21 T12 G43 N21} A24} D54} [dAi] subdue (lands) {D46 G1 M17 [dAiw] loin . sharpen. misbehave. trembling {D46 G1 [dAwt] shaking. cause {D46 G43} D40} G1 G43 X1 Z2 Aa2} [dw] (v.cloth {D46 G1 M17 Z7 G43 N33 N33 N33} [dDw] type of grain {D46 G43 N26 [diwt] gang of 5 {D46 G43 Z1 Z1 X1 Z1 Z1 Z1} G96} [dm] be sharp. proclaim (name). sodomize ?. tremble {D46 G1 G41 [dmt] knife {D46 G17 X1 T30 Z1} [dgm] castor . infinitive) give. supress (evil). place.oil plant {D46 G28 G17 M1} Aa2} G43 X1 G39 Z2} [dAwt] shaking. masturbate. trembling {D46 [dw] (v. rape. be renowned (of office) {D46 G17 T30} [dA] copulate {D46 G1 D52} [dA] become loose. sharpen. necessaries {D46 F18 V28 G43} [dgyt] bat (mammal) {D46 G1 W11 M17 M17 Z5} R4 Z8} [dbHt Htp] funerary meal {D46 F18 X1 [d ib r] set one's heart on {D46 F34 Z1 [dwAt] netherworld {D46 G1 X1 N15} [dwAt] netherworld {D46 G1 X1 N15} D40} D21} [dmA] cut off (heads) {D46 G3 T30 [dm] sharpen {D46 G17 S23} [dAr] control (temper). requisition (from) W11 M17 M17 X1 G41} [dgyt] bat (mammal) {D46 G1 [dbHw] requirements. put. strike (blow). mention (by name). implant (obstacle). mention (by name).cloth {D46 G1 M17 S29} [dAiw] loin . {D46 G1 D46 G1 D53} [dm] pronounce.

) share. revet (earthen banks) {D46 N35 M17 V11 A24} [dwn] (v.) share. powder {D46 N29 D21 D51 N33A} N23 Z1} [dnit] (n. intrans. restrain (someone). construct (dam).trees {D46 N29 D21 [dnit] bowl {D46 N35 M17 X1 W24} [dni] dam (water). victuals. hold back.register {D46 N35 M17 M15} [dni] revet (earthen banks) {D46 N35 M17 V11} [idmi] red linen {D46 M17 W19 S28} [Dsw] call (to) {D46 M23 G43 A2} N35 T9} [dni] dam (water). powder {D46 N29 U9} [Dnd] (n. burdensome (of years).) dam {D46 N35 M17 X1 V11 [dnit] a festival {D46 N35 M17 X1 W3 N5} D51 N33 Z2} [dqrw] fruit. canal {D46 N35 M17 X1 N35A N36 N23 Z1} [dDw] type of grain {D46 N26 N33A} [dqr] press (against). overburdened (of stomach). a way) {D46 N35 D46 N35 D54} [dnsw] weights (of net) {D46 N35 S29 U32 O39 Z2} .) stretch (bow) {D46 M42 [dnit] basket {D46 N35 M17 X1 Aa19} [dnit] ditch. portion {D46 N35 M17 G43 Z8 Z2} [db] hippopotomus {D46 M17 D58 [dyt] papyrus plant {D46 M17 M17 X1 M17 X1 V12 Z1} [dnyt] land . powder {D46 N29 D51 N33A} [dq] flour. restrain (someone). fruit . sustenance. trans. a process in spinning {D46 N29 D21 D51} [dq] flour. portion {D46 N35 M17 [dniw] (n. weighty {D46 N35 S29 U32 O39} [dq] flour. irksome. hold back.) be angry {D46 N35 [dns mhwt] guarded of speech {D46 N35 S29 U32 O39 G17 O4 G43 X1 Y1 Z2} [dndn] traverse (a place. exclude (from).) wrath {D46 N35 D46 F5} D46 N35 A24} [DnDn] (v. construct (dam).Dictionary of Middle Egyptian D – Parts of Men 36 N33 N33} [dfdf] drip {D46 I9 D46 I9 N33 N33 [dfA ib] stolid {D46 I9 G1 G37 Y1 T30} [dnd] slaughter (animals) {D46 N35 D46 [Dnbw] territories {D46 N35 D58 F34 Z1} G43 N21 Z2} [Dfaw] provisions. powder {D46 N29 M17 M17 D51 N33A} [dns] heaviness {D46 N35 O34 O39} [dns] heavy. revet (earthen banks) {D46 N35 M17 Z5 D40} [dq] flour. (deified as) Abundance {D46 I9 G1 K1 Z2} [dHi] be low {D46 M16 G1 G37} [dHA] straw {D46 M16 G1 M2 Z2} E25} [dni] share out {D46 N35 M17 F21} G43 Aa19} [dniw] (n.

proclaim (name). extend (hand) {D46 S23 G17 I10 Y1} . dwarf {D46 N35 W11 D21 Z5} [dSr] (adj. reddening {D46 N37 [dhn] appoint {D46 O4 N35 A2} [dhn] bow (to).top {D46 O4 N35 X1 D1 O39} [dSrw] blood {D46 N37 D21 D26} [dSr] flamingo {D46 N37 D21 G27} N37 D21 G27} [dSr] (adj. mention (by name). experience {D46 Q3 G27} [dpy] crocodile {D46 Q3 I3} [dpy] crocodile {D46 Q3 M17 M17 I3} [dp] (locality) Dep (Delta city) {D46 Q3 O49} G43 G27 Z2} [dSrw] wrath {D46 N37 D21 [dSrw] wrath {D46 N37 D21 G43 G37 Z2} [dpt] (n. order (burial) {D46 O4 N35 D1} F21 A282 A1} G43 Y1v} [dnw] flaw (in stone) {D46 N35 W24 [dnwt] families {D46 N35 W24 X1 [dhn tA] touch the earth with the forehead in obeisance {D46 O4 N35 D1 N16 N23 Z1} G43 A1 N33 N33 N33} [dhn] appoint {D46 O4 N35 D41 D40} [dhnt] forehead {D46 O4 N35 X1 D1} [dhnt] mountain . desert {D46 [dpt] loins {D46 Q3 X1 F51} [dpt] ship {D46 Q3 X1 P1} [dpty] an offering {D46 Q3 X1 Z4 F20} [dm] pronounce. and n.) taste {D46 Q3 X1 F20 A2} [dSrt] the Red Land. appoint. desert {D46 N37 [dSrt] the Red Crown {D46 N37 D21 X1 S3} [dmDw] crowd {D46 S23 G17 [dSrt] wrath {D46 N37 D21 X1 Z5} [dSrt] the Red Crown {D46 N37 D21 X1 [dmD] accumulate (grain). and n.Dictionary of Middle Egyptian D – Parts of Men Z5} 37 [dns] heavy {D46 N35 S29 U32 Y1v} N35 T30} [dn] cut off (heads). kill (someone) {D46 [DnH] wing {D46 N35 V28 H5} [dng] pygmy. reddening {D46 [dSr Hr] furious {D46 N37 D21 G27 [ds] flint {D46 O34 T30} [ds] flint {D46 O34 T30 O39} [ds] jar {D46 O34 Z4 W24} D2 Z1} F34 Z1} [dSr ib] furious {D46 N37 D21 G27 [dSrw] blood {D46 N37 D21 G43 F20 A2} [dp] taste (verb).) red. desert {D46 N37 D21 X1 N25} D21 X1 O49} [dSrt] the Red Land. compile (spell).) red. be renowned (of office) {D46 S23} I10 G43 Y1 A40 Z2} N37 D21 X1 G27 N25} [dSrt] the Red Land.

extend (hand) {D46 S23 I10 Y1} [dmD] associate (with). assemble. .pl. unite (lands) {D46 S23 I10 Y1} [dmD] reassemble (dismembered body).) praises [dwAt] netherworld. intrans. trans. compile (spell). nether chamber (in tomb) {D46 V4 X1 N15} [dHi] hang down {D46 V28 G37} [dHi] be humiliated {D46 V28 G37 D41} [dHi] hang down. behold {D46 W11 G1 M17 M17 D7} [dmA] bind together {D46 U1 M37} [dmA] cut off (heads) {D46 U1 M37} [dmAt] wing {D46 U1 X1 H5} [dwA] (v.) see. join (someone).) look (at) {D46 W11 D4} G1 D5} [ds] jar {D46 S29 W73} [dmAw] groups.) see.) praises {D46 V4 G1 X1 G43 A30 Z3} [dmD] accumulate (grain). assemble.) hide {D46 W11 A4} [dgi] (v. join (someone). unite (lands) {D46 S23 G17 I10 Y1} [dmD] reassemble (dismembered body). proclaim (name). join (someone). compile (spell).) starring {D46 W11 G1 [dgs] walk {D46 W11 G1 S29 D56 D54} [dgm] be speechless {D46 W11 G17 . bring together (people) {D46 S23 Y1v} [dHty] (n.) lead {D46 V28 X1 Z4 N33A} [dsi] vilify {D46 S29 M17 A2} [ds] knife {D46 S29 T30} [dgi] (v. bring together (people) {D46 S23 I10 Y1} [dwA mwt . trans. . be humiliated {D46 V28 M17 G37} [dmD] accumulate (grain).) look (at) {D46 W11 [dgA] walk {D46 W11 G1 D56 D54 [dm] pronounce. mention (by name). extend (hand) {D46 S23 Y1v} [dmD] associate (with). unite (lands) {D46 S23 Y1v} [dmD] reassemble (dismembered body). assemble. classes {D46 T12 U1 A1 Z2} [dgi] (v.) praise. be stretched out {D46 M17 A4 G37} [dgi] (v. be renowned (of office) {D46 T30} M37 D40} Y1} [dmA] bind together {D46 U1 G1 [dmA] stretch. worship {D46 V4 A30} M17 M17 X1 D5} [dgAyt] (n. bring together (people) {D46 S23 G17 I10 Y1} M17 M17 X1 N14 N5 Z4A} [dwAyt] morning {D46 V4 G1 [dwAwt] (n. behold {D46 W11 D4} [dgi] (v.f] (one of the Four sons of Horus) Duamutef {D46 V4 N14 G14 I9 X1 G7} [dwA wr] deified royal beard {D46 V4 N14 G36 D156 G7C} {D46 V4 X1 G43 G43 N14 A30 Y1 Z2} [dwAwt] (n.Dictionary of Middle Egyptian D – Parts of Men 38 [dmD] associate (with).pl. intrans. be low.) hide {D46 W11 G1 M17 U1 G1 U32 Y1v} [dgi] (v.

accrue (to).) bandage {D49 Q3 S28} [Dba] point the finger (at) {D50 D36 A2} [Dbaw] reproach {D50 D36 G43 A2} [Dbawt] signet. trunk (of elephant). intrans.) reward {D52 W24 X1} [mt] strip ? (of cloth) {D52 X1} [diwt] gang of 5 {D46 X1 Z1 Z1 Z1 . suit (someone). trans. pill {D52 H8} {D52 V37 E1} M17 Y1v} [dmi] (v. reach (a place) [dmi] (v. intrans. seal {D50 D36 X1 S20} [Dbawt] signet. seal {D50 G43 X1 V9} [Dba] finger. befall (someone) {D46 W19 M17 D41} {D46 W19 M17 D41} X1 S20} [Dbawt] signet.) be joined (to) {D46 W19 [Drt] hand.) reach (a place) {D46 W19 M17 D54} [dmi] vicinity {D46 W19 M17 N21} N23 A1 Z2} [dmiw] fellow . 10.Dictionary of Middle Egyptian A7} D – Parts of Men Z3 A1 B1} 39 D6} [dgm] be speechless {D46 W11 G17 [dgi] (v. quarter (of town). abode. lump. seal {D50 D36 M17 M17 [Dbawt] signet. handle (of jar) {D46 X1 Z1} [kA idr] bull of the herd (Head Bull ?) [mtnwt] (n. handle (of jar) {D46 X1 F51} [Drt] hand {D46 X1 Z1} [Drt] hand. behold {D46 W11 [Hnt] palm of hand {D46 Z1} X1 Y1 Z2} [diwt] bellow {D46 Z3 Z1 Z1 G43 M17 M17 D4} M17 X1 A4 G39} [dgyt] a type of bird {D46 W11 M17 [dy] here. there {D46 Z4A N31} [kAp] (n. intrans. cleave (to).) be joined (to) {D46 [dmi] (v. intrans.) cleave (to) {D46 W19 M17 D34A A24} [dmi] (v. trans. toe. digit (one twentyeigth cubit). vicinity.000 (numeral) {D50 Z1} [dq] flour. trunk (of elephant).citizens {D46 W19 M17 [dmi] town. trans.) see.) be joined (to). powder {D51 N33A} [qAA] grains {D51 N33 Z2} [kA] bull {D52 E1} [kA n idr] bull of the herd (Head Bull ?) {D52 E1 Z1 N35 V37} [dmi] (v. quay {D46 W19 M17 N23 Z1} [dmi] (ornamental) fruit dish {D46 W19 M17 R3A} [kA] bull calf {D52 E3} [TAy] bull calf {D52 E3} [bDA] penis {D52 F51} [mt] bolus. thumb.) touch. seal {D50 D36 G43 X1 S20} [dgyt] bat (mammal) {D46 W11 M17 M17 X1 G39} W19 M17 A24} [dmi] (v.

renown {D52 X1 D21 T14 T14 A2 Z2} N35 X1 B1} [mt Hnt] concubine {D52 X1 V28 M2 D21 T14 T14 Y1v} [mty] straightforward.exact.) testify concerning {D52 X1 [mtrw] flood {D52 X1 D21 Z7 [mtt nt ib] affection ? {D52 X1 T14 T14 N35A N36 N23} [mty] strips ? (of cloth) {D52 X1 Z4} [mty] controller {D52 X1 Z4 A1} [mty n sA] controller of (priestly) phyle {D52 X1 Z4 A1 N35 V17 Z2 A1} [mtrw] flood {D52 X1 Z4 T14 T14 N35A} D52 X1 F21 A2} [mtmt] discuss. intrans. charge (tasks). exhibit (virtues).) be famous. trans. trans.) testify concerning. precise {D52 X1 X1 B1} [mt Hnt] concubine {D52 X1 V28 N35 [mtnwt] (n. usual (of form) {D52 X1 Z4 T14 T14 Y1v} Z4 T14 T14 Y1v} T14 T14} [mty] (n. renown {D52 X1 M17 M17 .Dictionary of Middle Egyptian D – Parts of Men X1} 40 [mwt] mother {D52 X1 B1} [mwt] mother {D52 X1 B1} T14 T14 A2 A1} T14 T14} [mtyt] rectitude {D52 X1 M17 M17 X1 [mtnwt] (n. way {D52 X1 N35 N31 N23} Y1v} [mtn] (v. regular (of seasons).) reward {D52 X1 W24 X1 Y1} [mtrt] testimony {D52 X1 X1} [mtt] exact moment {D52 X1 X1 N5 Z1} X1 T14 T14 Y1 N35 X1 F34 Z1} [mtr] fame. renown {D52 X1 D21 T14 T14 Y1 Z2} [mtrt] midday {D52 X1 D21 X1 N5} D21 Z4} [mtr] (v. precise.) exactitude. renowned X1 T14 T14 Y1v} [mtr] fame. customary (of diet). discussion {D52 X1 [mTwn] arena {D52 X1 E34 N35 E1 Z1} Z1} [mTwn] arena {D52 X1 E34 N35 E1 [mtwt] semen {D52 X1 G43 X1 Z2} [mtr] fame. precise {D52 X1 [mtr] (v.) reward {D52 X1 N35 T14 T14 A1} [mtrw] witness {D52 X1 D21 T14 T14 [mty n sA] controller of a (priestly) phyle {D52 X1 N35 V16} [mtr] (v. trans.) testify concerning {D52 {D52 X1 D21 T14 T14 A2} [mtr] (v. exacxtness {D52 X1 [mtr] fame. renown {D52 X1 M17 M17 [mty] straightforward.) reward {D52 X1 N35 [mtrw] witness {D52 X1 D21 G43 M17 M17 X1 Y1 Z2} [mtrw m irty] visible testimony {D52 X1 D21 G43 T14 T14 A2 A1 G17 D4 D4} [mTn] road. instruct {D52 X1 D21 T14 T14 A2} T14 T14 Y1v} [mty] straightforward.

puncture {D56 Y24} . actions. journeys. movements. part [wartyt] administratrix {D56 X1 X1} [wart] flight {D56 X1 Z2} [bkAt] pregnant woman {D58 D28 X1 B2} D36 D36 Y1v} [aba] boast. exaggeration {D58 [baba] drink {D58 D36 D58 D36 A30} [baba] drink {D58 D36 D58 D36 N35A} [babat] stream {D58 D36 D58 D36 X1 [sbq] (adj. journeys. seed.Dictionary of Middle Egyptian D – Parts of Men 41 Y1v} [mty] regular (of seasons) {D52 X1 Z4 [pds] box. (legal) procedure {D54 Z2} [rd] foot {D56} [wart] quarter (of necropolis) {D56} [rdwy] (dual) feet {D56 D56} A1} [bw] place {D58} [bw] place {D58} [bxxw] heat ? {D58 Aa1 Aa1 G43 Q7} O1} [bxn] country mansion {D58 Aa1 N35 [bxnw] basalt ? greywacke ? {D58 Aa1 N35 W24 G43 O39} O1} [bxnt] pylon {D58 Aa1 N35 X1 F5 [bxnt] pylon {D58 Aa1 N35 X1 F5 O21B} F5 O137} [bxnty] (pl. journeys. casket {D56 Z1 M3 Z1} {D57} [mt] strip ? (of cloth) {D52 X1 Z5} [mt] (anatomical) vessel. cheat [siAty] mutilator. attendant {D56 G43 [gHs] gazelle {D56 S29 E28} [pds] box.) splendid {D56 Y1v} [thm] perforation. casket {D56 S29 M3 Z1} [wart] foot {D56 X1 F51} [wartyt] administratrix {D56 X1 M17 M17 X1} {D56 X1 N23} [wart] administrative division. quarter.) pylons {D58 Aa1 N35 X1 [br] eyes {D58 D21 D12 D12} [bkA] be pregnant {D58 D28 B2} [bkA] be pregnant {D58 D28 B2A} [bkA] be pregnant {D58 D28 B2 Y1v} [bkA] lock of hair {D58 D28 D3} [bkA] tomorrow. movements. poison. duct. (legal) procedure {D54 D54 D54} [pr hA] come and go {D54 D55} [nmtt] stride. progeny. movements. muscle {D52 X1 Z5} [siAt] (causative) encroach upon (lands). boasting. twister (of speech) {D57 X1 Z4 A1} [mtwt] semen. morning {D58 D28 N5 Z4B} [wartw] administrator. actions. (legal) procedure {D54 X1 Z1} [nmtt] stride. illwill {D52 X1 Z7 X1 D53 Z2} [bAH] measure of capacity {D52 Z1 Z8} [nmtt] stride. actions.

a mine {D58 F18 N41 G43 Z2 N25} D46 G43 D28 D52 M2 Z2} D46 G43 D52 G43 M2 Z2} [bddw kA] water . hollows above collar-bone {D58 D58 M17 M17 X1 F51} [bbt] region of collar-bones {D58 D58 X1 F51} [baHi] (v. flood {D58 D36 X1 M2 Z2} [bbt] herb (inula gravedens) {D58 D58 [bAbAt] inshore eddy {D58 D58 X1 N23} [bAbAt] inshore eddy {D58 D58 X1 N35A} [bbt] hole. be wellsupplied.hearted F18 W10 G43 Z2B} [biAw] the produce (of a mine) {D58 [bdS] become faint. be inundated. to the East) {D58 F32 G43 D4 N25} . cavity {D58 D58 X1 O1} [bbwt] wig (shoulder length ?) {D58 D58 Z7 X1 D3} V28 G43 N35A} A2} [baH] be detested {D58 D36 V28 K1 [baH] abundance (as deity) {D58 D36 V28 N35A A40} G32} [baH] abundance {D58 D36 V28 N35A [bddw kA] water melon {D58 D46 F51} [bbwy] collar-bones {D58 D58 Z7 Z4 F51 [biAw] mining region. firmament {D58 F18 N41 N25} {D58 D46 N37 A7 D2 Z1} [bdS Hr] downcast. flood {D58 D36 [bbyt] region of throat. flood {D58 D36 V28 [baHw] inundation. flood. flood {D58 D36 D58 G43 M17 M17 X1 D3} V28 G32} D58 M17 M17 X1 D3} [bbwt] wig (shoulder length ?) {D58 V28 G32 N35A} [baHw] inundation. inundate {D58 D36 V28 G32 Y1} G39 Z8} [baH] abundance {D58 D36 V28 [baHw] inundation. later on.Dictionary of Middle Egyptian N35A} D – Parts of Men 42 [bd] natron {D58 D46 R9 N33 Z2} [bdt] emmer {D58 D46 X1 M34} Z1 N25} [baba] drink {D58 D36 D58 D36 Y1v} [bant] neck {D58 D36 N35 X1 F51B} [bant] neck {D58 D36 N35 X1 H1} G11} [bbr] (locality) Babel {D58 D58 D21 [bbwt] wig (shoulder length ?) {D58 [baHw] inundation.) have abundance. exhausted {D58 D46 N37 O120} [bXbX] pride ? (as a bad quality) {D58 F32 D58 F32 A24} A7} [bdSt] weakness {D58 D46 N37 X1 [bAXw] Bahu: a region (originally west of Egypt.melon {D58 D46 M17 X1 N25} [biAyt] firmament {D58 F18 N41 M17 [bdS] become faint. weak. exhausted {D58 D46 N37 A7} [biA] heaven. faint . weak.

white. greywacke ? {D58 F32 [bxnw] basalt ?. languid. destroy. bright. slackness. apertures of head) {D58 G29 D58 G29 G43 D12} [bAH] phallus. languid M17 M17 N35A} [bAt] bush.Dictionary of Middle Egyptian D – Parts of Men Y1} 43 N35 D6 O39} [bxnw] basalt ?. bright {D58 G29 G1 N29 . innocent.) damp {D58 G29 G1 {D58 G29 G1 W11 Z4 A7 G37} [bAgi] (v. greywacke ? {D58 F32 N35 O39} [bA] hack up (the earth). be slack.) be weary. remiss {D58 G29 G1 W11 A7} [bAgi] (n. dipper {D58 G29 G1 D46 X1 W10} G29 G1 D58 G29 G1 X1 N35A} [bAbAt] inshore eddy ? {D58 [bA] leopard {D58 G29 G1 F27} [bAXw] (locality) Bahu: a region (originally West of Egypt.) weariness. languor. hoe (crops).) damp {D58 G29 G1 M17 Z7 N35A} [bAy] foot-ewer {D58 G29 M17 M17 [bAq] fortunate {D58 G29 N29 Y1} [bAst] (locality) Bubastis {D58 G29 Q1 [bAq] oily. the East) {D58 G29 G1 F32 G43 D5 N25} W11 S29 M2} [bAgs] thorn bush ? {D58 G29 G1 [bAgg] (male) genitals {D58 G29 G1 W11 W11 D53} Z7 X1 D53} [bAAwt] virility {D58 G29 G1 G1 [bAiw] (adj. remissness {D58 G29 G1 W11 A7} [bAgyw] the languid ones (the dead) {D58 G29 G1 W11 A7 A40 Z3} [bAg] sight ? {D58 G29 G1 W11 D4} [bAgyw] the languid ones (the dead) {D58 G29 G1 W11 M17 M17 A7 A40 Z3} [bAg] thick (of fluids) {D58 G29 G1 W11 N35A} [bAbAw] hole (socket of eye. be dazzled (of sight). devastate {D58 G29 G1 U7 D40} [bDA] jar {D58 G29 G1 U28 W24} [bDA] jar {D58 G29 G1 U29 W24} V28 D53} [bw nfr] good {D58 F35} [bkA] morning {D58 G29 D28 N14} [bkA] tomorrow {D58 G29 D28 N14} [bAbAw] hole (socket of eye.) be weary. clear of character. glans {D58 G29 G1 [bAgi] (v. wisp (of corn) {D58 G29 G1 X1 M2} M17 O50 Z4 Z7 G39} [byby] wasp {D58 G29 G1 M17 [bAw] galley {D58 G29 G1 Z7 P1} F36A} [bAiw] (adj. fortunate {D58 G29 G1 N29 M1} [bAq] moringa oil {D58 G29 G1 N29 M1 W24 Z2} X1 O49} [bAs] devour {D58 G29 S29 W1} [bAq] oily. apertures of head) {D58 G29 D58 G29 G43 O1} [bA] leopard skin {D58 G29 F9 F27} [bAdt] ladle. later on.

) evil {D58 M17 N35 G37} [bin] (adj.) bad.) wonder. abomination Z3} [bi(A)w] wonders.) evil {D58 M17 N35 X1 G37} M17 A2} . goodness {D58 G43 F35 I9 D21} G1 M17 M17} [biAi] (v. marvel (at) {D58 M17 M17 X1 U16} K2 Z2} G43} [bsw] secret image (of god) {D58 K1 [bSA] malted barley ? {D58 M8 G1 M17 X1 U16 Y1 Z2} [biAyt] miracles.Dictionary of Middle Egyptian D – Parts of Men 44 Z7 N34} [bAgsw] dagger {D58 G29 W11 M23 [bA] leopard {D58 G29 X11 E24} D58 M17 T30A} [bibi] symptom of disease {D58 M17 [biAw] mining region. marvels {D58 [bw Hwrw] evil {D58 G43 V28 [bw nb] everyone {D58 G43 V30} [bw nbw] everyone.) detest . marvels {D58 M17 [biA] metal (bronze ?.) wonder. iron ?) {D58 M17 [bw] detest {D58 G43 K1 Z2} {D58 G43 M17 M17 G4 K1 G37 Z3} G1 N21 N41} [bwytyw] those who are abominated G1 N41 N21 N33 Z2} [biA] heaven.) wonder. a mine {D58 M17 G1 G43 O39 Z2} [bw] place {D58 G43} [bw nfr] good. marvel (at) {D58 M17 {D58 G43 X1 K1} M17 U16 Y1} K2 A2} [bwt] (n.) abomination {D58 G43 X1 U16 Y1} [biAi] wonder. marvels {D58 M17 G43 [biAi] (v. firmament {D58 M17 G43 [biA] heaven {D58 M17 G43 N22} [biA] heaven {D58 M17 G43 N22} [biAw] wonders. abominate. abominate {D58 G43 X1 [bwt] detest . iron ?) {D58 M17 N21 F18 O39 N33A} U9 Z2} A2} [bibi] acclamation {D58 M17 D58 M17 [bibi] symptom of disease {D58 M17 D58 [bin] (n. firmament {D58 M17 [bit] character.) abomination {D58 G43 X1 [bwt] (n. qualities {D58 M17 [bw] detest {D58 G43 M70} [bw] place (in reference to desert) {D58 G43 N25} G1 X1 F18 Y1 Z2} [biw] wasp {D58 M17 G43 L2 Z3A} N20} [bw mAa] truth {D58 G43 U2 Aa11} D21 G36 G43 G37} [biA] heaven. evil {D58 M17 N35 G37} [bint] (n. miracle {D58 M17 M17 [biAi] (v. everybody {D58 G43 V30 A1 Z2 B1} M17 G43 W10 U16 Y1 Z2} G37} [bwt] (v. marvel (at) {D58 M17 [biA] metal (bronze ?.

iron ?) {D58 M17 N41 [biAw] the produce (of a mine) {D58 M17 [bnr] sweet. marvels {D58 M17 [bi] good deed {D58 M17 N41 F18 A2} N41 F18 N25} X1 U16 Y1 N33A} [biAw] mining region. marvels {D58 M17 [bn] negative particle {D58 N35} [bnr] sweet. qualities {D58 M17 W10 F18 X1 A2} [bq] be hostile (to someone) ? {D58 N29 W10 G43 U16 Z2} [bi(A)w] wonders. qualities {D58 M17 X1 [bnr] sweet.) dates {D58 N35 D21 M17 M30} M17 M30 Y1} [biAyt] miracle {D58 M17 W10 X1 F18 Y1} Y1V Z3} [bit] character.) dates {D58 N35 D21 [bnbn] Benben stone (the sacred stone of .Dictionary of Middle Egyptian D – Parts of Men 45 {D58 M17 N35 X1 G37 D2 Z1 F34 Z1} [bint Hr ib] what is displeasing [bit] block (of stone) {D58 M17 X1 O39} S4} [biA] heaven. firmament {D58 M17 N41 F18} [bity] king of Lower Egypt {D58 M17 X1 [biAyt] miracles. pleasant {D58 N35 D21 [bnrt] sweetness {D58 N35 D21 M17 A2} F18} [bit] character. qualities {D58 M17 W10 X1 [bit] character. pleasant {D58 M30 N35} [bnrt] sweetness {D58 M30 X1} N29 Z7 D54} N41 O39 Z2} [bqbqw] recalcitrance ? {D58 N29 D58 [bik] falcon {D58 M17 V31 G6} {D58 M17 V31 G6 P1} [bik] 'falcon' ship (of the king) [bAq] bright {D58 N29 M1} [bqsw] spinal column {D58 N29 M23 G43 F51} [bik] 'falcon' ship (of the king) {D58 M17 V31 P1} [bqsw] spine {D58 N29 M23 Z7 F51} [biAyt] miracle. a mine {D58 M17 N41 N25} {D58 M17 X1 Z4 U16B Y1 Z2} O39} [biA] metal (bronze ?. qualities {D58 M17 X1 [bit] a loaf {D58 M17 X1 N18} [biAt] (n. pleasant {D58 N35 D21} [bnrytyw] confectioners {D58 N35 D21 M17 M17 X1 Z4 M30 A24 A1 Z2} [bnr] (n. a mine {D58 M17 W88} [bit] vase (in oval form) {D58 M17 X1 [biAty] marvellous person (of king) [biAw] mining region.) quarry {D58 M17 X1 N41 N25} X1 M30} M17 X1 M30} [bnrt (bnit)] (n. marvels {D58 M17 [bAq] moringa oil {D58 N29 W24 Z2} Y1} W10 F18 M17 M17 X1 Z5 Y1 Z2} [bit] character.

firmament {D58 N41 O39} Z2} [bnS] doorpost {D58 N35 N37 M3} G31} [bnw] heron {D58 N35 W24 G43 [bnw] heron {D58 N35 W24 G43 M17} [biA] heaven.) harp {D58 N35 X1 Y7} [bnty] pair of breasts.wine {D58 N35 M17 Z7 D19} [bSTw] rebellion {D58 N37 X1 D19} [bST] (v.Dictionary of Middle Egyptian D – Parts of Men 46 ON) {D58 N35 D58 N35 O24} [bnbnt] stem (of ship?) {D58 N35 D58 N35 X1 M3} {D58 N35 X1 X1 D27 F51 Z2} [bntwt] deep-bosomed (of women) [bnt] (n. pellet {D58 N35 N35 N33 [bnnt] pellet {D58 N35 N35 X1 N33 F18} [bStw] rebellion {D58 N37 X1 Z7 D19} [biAy] consisting of bronze ? {D58 N41 [biA] heaven. spittle {D58 N37 G43 [bST] (v.) harp {D58 N35 X1 M3} [biAy] consisting of bronze {D58 N41 .) dates {D58 N35 M17 M30 N33 Z2} [bnty] two baboons (which greet the morning sun) {D58 N35 X1 Z4 E35} [bnty] two baboons (which greet the morning sun) {D58 N35 X1 Z4 E51} [bSi] spit. pellet {D58 N35 N35 H8} Z2} U30 X1 G4 A14 Z3} [bSttyw] rebels {D58 N37 X1 [bnn] bead. overflow {D58 N35 N35 D53} [bnn] become erect (of male). overflow {D58 N35 N35 D54} [bnn] bead. corn-rubber [biAt] beer vessel {D58 N41 X1 W10} Z24 G1 M17} {D58 N35 W24 G43 O39 X1} [bnt] (n.) rebel (against) {D58 N37 X1 [bSTw] rebellion {D58 N37 X1 U30 D40} [bnn] beget. become erect (of male). nipples {D58 N35 X1 Z4 D27 D27} X1 O24} [bnbnt] pyramidion {D58 N35 D58 N35 [bnf] gall {D58 N35 I9 Aa3B} [bnf] gall {D58 N35 I9 F51} [bnf] gall {D58 N35 I9 H8} [bnr] (n. firmament {D58 N41 O39 [biAy] consisting of bronze {D58 N41 U16A G1 M17} G39} [biA] a mineral (not metal) {D58 N41 X1} [bnwt] hard sandstone.) rebel (against) {D58 N37 V13 A24} M30 W24 Z2} W24 Z2} [bniw] date . spit out {D58 N37 D26} D26 Z2} M30 Y1} [bnrt] sweetness {D58 N35 M17 X1 [bniw] date-wine {D58 N35 M17 Z7 [bSw] vomit.

initiate (into) {D58 O34 K1} [bs] (v. intrans. intrans.) abandon.) flow forth (of water) {D58 S29 K1 [bs] (v. trans.) instal {D58 S29 K1 Y1} [bsw] flame {D58 S29 Q7} [bskw] entrails {D58 S29 V31 G43 Aa2} N35 W24 G43 D19 Z1} V13 N35 W24 G43 D36 A1} [btnw] defiant man. rebel {D58 [bTw] incurable (disease or person) {D58 V13 X1 Z7 I14} [bT] (v. consequence {D58 S29 Z7 K1 D54} [bht] flabellum {D58 O4 X1 S35} [bs] (v.) secret {D58 S29 K1 Y1} [bs] (v. trans.) influx (of foreign migrants) {D58 [bwA] magnate. trans. forsake {D58 V13 [bT] (v. rebel {D58 V13 [bs] (n. bring in (a state of affairs). instal. trans.) enter {D58 O34 K1} [bsn] gypsum ? {D58 O34 N35 W10} D54} Z7 K1 D54 Z2} [bsw] (morbid) discharges {D58 S29 [bDA] stiff roll of linen {D58 U28 G1 O39} [bDA] mast-head {D58 U28 G1 V1 Z2 M3} [bDA] jar {D58 U28 G1 W24} [bDA] jar {D58 U28 X11} A1} [bsi] (v. forsake {D58 V13 [bsi] (v. trans.) introduce (someone into) D54} {D58 S29 K1 D54} D54 A40} [bsw] secret image (of god) {D58 S29 K1 D54} [btn] disobey.Dictionary of Middle Egyptian D – Parts of Men 47 G43} [biAy] consisting of bronze {D58 N41 Z24 T30A T30A T30A} [bskw] entrails {D58 S29 V31 G43 [bHA] flee {D58 O4 D54} [bhA] flee {D58 O4 G1 D54} [bhAw] fugitive {D58 O4 G1 Z7 D54 A1} [bsk] disembowel {D58 S29 V31 T30} [bAs] jar {D58 S29 W10B} [bsw] result.) flow forth (of water) {D58 S29 [bsi] (n. defy {D58 V13 N35 D56 [btnw] defiant man.place (for wildfowl) {D58 V4 G1 Z7 X1 A30 N23 Z1} D40} [bT] (v. notable {D58 V4 G1 [bwAt] hiding-place (for wild fowl) S29 D54} {D58 V4 G1 X1 N23 Z1} [bsw] flame {D58 S29 G43 Q7} [bsw] secret image (of god) {D58 S29 K1} D54} [bwAt] hiding . trans. reveal (a secret) {D58 O34 K1} [bs] (v.) introduce (someone into).) run {D58 V15 X1} [bskw] entrails {D58 S29 V31 G43 [bsA] protect {D58 V16 G1} F34 Z2} .) inter.) abandon.

drive off (foes) {D58 [bHn] howl (of dog) {D58 V28 N35 D19 A24 F34 Z1} [btn ib] insolent man {D58 X1 N35 [btnw] defiant man. rebel {D58 X1 N35 W24 D40} W24 G43 A2} W24 G43 F18} [bHn] howl (of dog) {D58 V28 N35 X1 N35 W24 G43 D19 A14} [btnw] defiant man. notable {D58 Z4 G1 Z7 Z4 A30} Z2} [bnr] globe of the eye {D58 Z7 N35 . intrans.) slackness.) be slack. remiss {D58 W11 A7} W11 G1 Z7 N35A A1} [btk] sink (of the heart) ? {D58 X1 V31 [btkbtk] escape {D58 X1 V31 D58 [bgAw] shipwrecked man {D58 X1 V31 D54} [bgsw] wrongdoing {D58 W11 M23 G43 G37 Z2} D54} [btktk] escape ? {D58 X1 V31 X1 V31 T8A} [bAgsw] dagger {D58 W11 M23 G43 [bgsw] wrongdoing {D58 W11 O34 G37} [bgsw] wrongdoing {D58 W11 S29 G37} [bAgs] thorn bush {D58 W11 S29 Z7 M2 [bw] place {D58 Z1} [bw] place {D58 Z1} [bw mAa] truth {D58 Z1 U5 D36 Y1v} [bwA] magnate. crime {D58 X1 U30 Z9 G37} [btk] squalor ? {D58 X1 V31 Aa2 Z2} D54} [bAgi] be slack. defy {D58 X1 N35 D19 A24} [bHn] cut off (limbs).) run {D58 X1 U30 G1 [btA] wrong. remissness {D58 [btn] disobey. remiss {D58 W11 A7} [bAgi] (v. intrans. injury {D58 X1 U30 G1 [btA] wrongdoer {D58 X1 U30 G1 Z9 G37 A1} [btA] wrong.Dictionary of Middle Egyptian D – Parts of Men 48 [bH] forced labour {D58 V28 A24 Y1v} [bHs] calf {D58 V28 F18 S29} [bHn] drive off (foes) {D58 V28 N35 F18} V28 N35 T30} W11 Z4 G37} [bAgi] (n. crime {D58 X1 U30 G1 G37} X1 Z9 Y1 Z2} [btAt] harm.) run {D58 X1 U30 G1 D54} D56 D54} [bT] (v. rebel {D58 [bHs] calf {D58 V28 O34 F18 E3} [bHs] hunt {D58 V28 S29 D40} [bHs] hunt {D58 V28 S29 D54} [bHs] hunt {D58 V28 S29 D56} [bH] forced labour {D58 V28 Z4 D40} [bkk] hair {D58 V31 V31 D3} [bikt] female falcon {D58 V31 X1 G158} [biA] a mineral (not metal) {D58 W10 F18 N33 Z2} [bT] (v.

refectory {D60 N35A X1 O1} [wabw] sacred robe {D60 S28} [wabt] offering . purification {D60 N35A} [wab] serve as priest {D60 N35A} [wab] Wab priest {D60 N35A A1} N35A G43 F51 Z2 X1} [xfa] (v. boasting. land (from ship).slab {D60 V13} [Hm kA] soul . carry. match.offering {D60 X1 F51} [wabwt] priestly service {D60 X1 N35A} [sAH] (n. cleanse. kitchen. exaggeration {D59 F16} [abw] purification {D59 F17} G32} [sAH] Orion (constellation) {D61 N14 G1 A40} [baHw] inundation. go to (earth = be buried) {D61 Y1v} [sAH] toe {D61 Z1 F51} [sAH] endow (with) {D63 Y1v} [rmw] weeper {D143B G43} [iaw r] breakfast {D154} [dwA wr] deified royal beard {D156 G36} [rmni] (n.Dictionary of Middle Egyptian Z2 D21 D6 Z2} D – Parts of Men 49 [wabt] meat . flood {D59 V28 [sAH] grant of land {D61 N21 Z1} [sAHt] neighbourhood {D61 X1} [sAH] reach. go to (earth = be buried) {D61 D54} Z2} [bwt] (n.) meat offerings {D60 [wabw] sacred robe {D60 G43 S28} [wabt] meat offering {D60 G43 X1 F51B} [wab] pure.) bearer. supporter {D210 N35} [rmni] (v. bathe.) grasp. tomb. bathe. equal {D210 N35} {D272 D40} [wab] pure. support. purity {D60} [wab] serve as priest {D60} [wab] wab priest {D60 A1} [wabwt] (pl.) meat offerings {D60 D36 M17 M17 X1 H8} D58 M17 M17 X1 F51 Z2} [wabwt] (pl. land (from ship). tread (the earth).service {D375 Y1 Z2} [wabt] priestess {D384} . tread (the earth). purify oneself.) abomination {D58 Z7 Z4 K2 [abab] threshold ? {D59 D59 N21} [aba] boast. make captures (in war) [mXqy] shoulder blade {D350 F32 [wabwt] (pl. cleanse.) shoulder. purify oneself. arrive at. arrive at.) dependant ? {D61} [sAH] reach.) meat offerings {D60 N29 M17 M17 F51} [wabw] sacred robe {D60 N35A G43 S28} [Hm kA] soul priest {D375 A1} D40 A1} [Hm kA] soul priest {D375 M17 M17 [wabt] place of embalment. and n. purification.

Dictionary of Middle Egyptian E – Mammals 50 E – Mammals [kA] bull {E1} [kA Sbn] rabble ? {E1 Z9 N35} [aA] ass. become pregnant {E9 F44 A1 Z2} [iwr] conceive (a child). act as heir {E9 D36 D54} D54} [iwdt] separation {E9 G43 D46 X1 [iwiw] dog {E9 G43 E9 G43 F44} E14} G43 F44} [iwa] inherit from (someone) {E9 D36 [iwaw] heir {E9 D36 G43 F44 A1} [iwayt] troops {E9 D36 M17 M17 X1 [iw] dog {E9 G43 E14} G43 G36 D21 B2} [iwr] conceive. heritage {E9 O1} [iwnn] sanctuary {E9 G43 N35 N35 [iwSS] gruel {E9 G43 N37 N37 N33} [iwa] reward {E9 G43 D36 D40} [iwi] be boatless. deprived {E9 G43 P1} . pleasant {E9 F34 Z1} U38A} [iwsw] balance {E9 G43 M23 G43 [iwnyt] pillared hall {E9 G43 N35 [iw] wrongdoing {E9 G37} [iw] lament. heritage {E9 D36 X1 [ims ib] kindly disposed. cry out {E9 G43 A2} G43 D36 D36 X1 F44 Y1 Z2} M17 M17 X1 O1} [iwat] inheritance. become pregnant {E9 D21 B12} [iwaw] heir {E9 G43 D36 F44} G43 A1 B1 Z2} [iwaw] (pl. leave boatless. leg (of beef) {E9 G43 D36 G43 F44 F51} S21} [iwaw] ring {E9 G43 D36 G43 [iwd] separate (x from y) {E9 G43 D46 Z2} [iwryt] beans {E9 D21 M17 M17 X1 N33 [iwaw] leg (of beef) {E9 D36 F44} [iwa] inherit. heritage {E9 D36 X1 M17 X1 G37 Z2} [iwyt] wrongdoing {E9 G43 M17 F44 Y1 Z2} [iwyt] house. injustice {E9 G43 G37} [iwayt] troops {E9 D36 X1 A1 Z2} F44} [iwat] inheritance. public places {E9 G43 M17 M17 X1 O1} [iwsw] balance (of scales) {E9 G43 M23 G43 M3} Z5 Y1 Z2} [iwat] inheritance. donkey {E7} [iwr] conceive (a child).) heirs {E9 G43 D36 [iwaw] thigh. become pregnant {E9 G43 G36 D21 Z5} [iw] wrongdoing. sanctuary. helpless. succeed. heritage {E9 D36 X1 [iwat] heiress {E9 D36 X1 F44} [iwat] inheritance. strand. quarter (of town).

(religious) mystery. mysterious. labour establishment [Snat] storehouse {E23 D36 X1 O1} [rSwt] joy {E23 H6 H6 H6} [iwat] inheritance. mysterious. confidential matter.Dictionary of Middle Egyptian E – Mammals 51 G43 N35A} [iwHw] inundation {E9 G43 V28 [sAb] jackal {E17} [sAb] dignitary. secret. make inaccessible. inject. flooring {E9 X1 N35 [iwryt] beans {E9 Z7 D21 M17 [rwyt] court of law. confidential matter. trans. make inaccessible. heritage {E9 X1 F44 [iwyt] wrongdoing {E9 X1 G37 Z2} [iwat] inheritance.) ennoble {E31 Y1v} [saH] rank. water (field-plots). dignity. flood {E9 G43 V28 N35A} [iwtyw] corruption {E9 G43 X1 G4 Aa2 Z2} [sAb r nxn] senior warden of Nekhen [stX] (divinity) Seth (god) {E21} [mAi] lion {E22} [rwyt] court of law. (religious) mystery. [wt inpw] a priest {E15 G43 X1 Aa2 [SstA] make secret. hall {E23 D21 M17 M17 X1 O1} [iwiw] dog {E9 G43 Z4A O50 F27} [iwnn] sanctuary {E9 N35 N35 O1} [iwsw] balance {E9 O34 U91} [iwH] moisten {E9 V28 N35A} Y1} {E23 D36 O1} [Snaw] storehouse. hall {E23 X1 O1} [rw] lion {E23 Z1} Z4 O1} N21 Z1} M17 X1 N33 M33A} [iwh] load {E9 Z7 O4 D41 D40} [bA] ram {E10} [SA] pig {E12} [Tsm] train (troops) {E14B X1 Y1v} [inpw] royal child {E15} [SstA] make secret. floor. dignity. hall {E23 M17 M17 X1 O1} F44} [rSwt] joy {E23 N37 G43 X1 Z2} [iwtn] ground. dignities (plural). problem {E16} . senior (in titles) {E17 A1} {E17 D21 O48 A1} [iwH] moisten. honours (plural) {E31} [saH] noble. secret. heritage {E9 X1 G43 [rwyt] court of law. dignities (plural). problem {E15} A1} [rwty] lion's den {E23 Z1 E23 X1 [rwty] double-lion god {E23 Z1 E23 Z1 U33 M17} [rit] side {E23 Z1 M17 X1 D41} [Aby] panther {E24} [Xnm] herd {E30 Z2} [anxt] goat {E31} [saH] rank. dignitary {E31 A1} [saH] (v.

open up. depression {E34 N35 [wnnt] (enclitic part. dress (a vase) {E34 N35 Aa1 S28} [wnx] be clothed (in) {E34 N35 Aa1 V12 S28 D40} I10 X1 G43 P30} M17 M17 X1 D3} [wnyt] baldness (of eyebrows) {E34 N35 [wnn] be. intrans. exist {E34 N35 N35} [wnn nfrw] (divinity) Onnophris {E34 N35 N35 F35 A40} [wnx] roll of cloth {E34 N35 Aa1 Z5} Aa11 Y1} [wn mAa] true being. travel about. really {E34 [wnS] jackal {E34 N35 N37 F27} D46 Z7 X1 N23 Z1 Z3} [wnS] sledge {E34 N35 N37 U16} [wnS] sledge {E34 N35 N37 Z7 M3} [wn Hr] open the sight of. service {E34 N35 W24 . relality {E34 N35 [wn] be stripped off (of branches of trees) [wnn nfrw] Onnophris (a name of Osiris) {E34 N35 N35 F35 G43 A40} N35 N35 X1} {E34 N35 D3 M3} N35 D3 Y1} [wn] be stripped off (of branches) {E34 [wndwt] hollow.) indeed. relality {E34 D54} [wnwn] travel about {E34 N35 E34 N35 [wnm] eat {E34 N35 G17 A2} [wnm] fattened ox ? {E34 N35 G17 [wn mAa] true being.cloth ? {E34 N35 [wnf ib] be frivolous {E34 N35 I9 V12 [wnDwt] hold (of ship) {E34 N35 [wnx] roll of cloth {E34 N35 Aa1 S28} [wnx] be clothed. traverse {E34 N35 E34 N35 D3} D40} N35 U2 Aa11 D36 H2 Y1} [wn mAa] true being. pass by. assume (ones body).) be noble {E31 Z1} [wnxw] clothing {E34 N35 Aa1 G43 V12 S28} [wn] fault. blame {E34 N35 G37} [wnf] be joyful {E34 N35 I9 S28} [wnf] be joyful {E34 N35 I9 V12} F34 Z1} Aa1 M17 M17 X1 V12 Z1} [wnxyt] mummy . be skilled. nod.Dictionary of Middle Egyptian E – Mammals U10 N33 Z2 E1} 52 honours (plural) {E31 Y1 Z2} [saH] (v. rip open {E34 N35 [wnpw] triumph {E34 N35 Q3 G43 [wnwn] sway to and fro. pass away {E34 [wnb] flower {E34 N35 D58 M2} [wnwn] travel about {E34 N35 E34 N35 A90} D1} [wnwn] travel about {E34 N35 E34 N35 O31 D40} [wn] open. hurry. public appearance {E34 N35 O31 D2 Z1} N35 D54} [wni] hasten. clear vision. reality {E34 N35 U5 D36 Y1v} G43 X1 N14 N5 Z1} [wnwt] duty. don (clothing). move about.

astronomer {E34 [wnwt] duty. astronomer {E34 [HAtt a ] local princess. really {E34 [wnt] (non-enclitic part.HsA] fierce lion {E238 V28 S29 . foremost. forepart (of animal). mayoress {F4 X1 X1 D36} [HAtt] bow-warp (of ship) {F4 X1 X1 V1} [HAtt] unguent {F4 X1 X1 W1} [HAt] beginning (of region). the best of. prow (of ship).) hasten. astronomer [HAt a] beginning {F4 D36} [HAty a] local prince.Dictionary of Middle Egyptian E – Mammals Aa18 G43} 53 N35 W24 X1 D4} [wnwty] hour watcher. neglect {E34 N35 Z4 D54} [wn] open up (quarry etc) {E34 O31} [wnwt] priesthood {E34 X1 N14} [wn] Hare {E34 Z1} [sspw] sphinx {E151 Z1} [Xnmw] (divinity) Khnum {E193A} [mA . chief. female nomarch. astronomer {E34 N35 W24 X1 N14 N5 D4} F – Parts of Mammals X1 N5} [At] moment. hurry. vanguard (of army) {F4 X1 Z1} [HAt Hr] forehead {F4 X1 Z1 D2 Z1} [HAt r] starting with {F4 X1 Z1 D21} [HAt xA] herdsman {F4 X1 Z1 M12} N35 X1 Z4 N14 N5} [wni] (v. mayoress {F4 X1 D36} [HAt xA] herdsman {F4 X1 M12} [HAtt] unguent {F4 X1 N33A} Z2} O1} [wnt] sanctuary (in temple) {E34 N35 X1 [wnwty] hour watcher. nomarch. instant.) indeed. service {E34 N35 W24 X1 N14} [pAxt] Pakhet (She who scratches [a lion goddess] ) {E241} W24 X1 N14 A1 Z2} [wnwt] staff (of workers) {E34 N35 [wnwt] hour {E34 N35 W24 X1 N14 N5} [wnwty] hour watcher.watcher. female nomarch. pass away. pass by. mayor {F4 D36 A1} {E34 N35 W24 X1 Z4 N14} [wnw] foetus {E34 N35 W24 Z7 A17} N35 X1} [HAty a] the finest of {F4 D36 Z1} D54} [wnnt] (enclitic part. service {E34 N35 W24 X1 [wnwty] hour . time (in general) {F3 N14 Y1} [wnwt] duty. {F4 X1 Z1} [HAt] forehead.) that {E34 N35 X1} [wnt] neglect {E34 N35 X1 D54} [wnwt] priesthood {E34 N35 X1 N14 [HAwty] the foremost {F4 G43 X1 Z4 [HAtt a ] local princess.

schedule {F13 Q3 G43 X1 Y1 Z2} . mission. rich (in years) {F12 S29 D21 D40} [wsr] wealthy man {F12 S29 D21 D40 A1} V19} [HAtt] bow-warp (of ship) {F4 X1 Z4 [HAwty] the foremost {F4 Z1 X1 G43 X1} D21 G43 D40 Z2} [wsrw] strength.Dictionary of Middle Egyptian F – Parts of Mammals 54 I10 V28 D56} [HAt sDH] shinbone {F4 X1 Z1 S29 D36} [wsrw] strength. power {F12 S29 D40 Z2} [wsrw] oar {F12 S29 G43} [wsrt] neck {F12 X1 Z1} [wsrt] neck {F12 X1 Z1 F51B} [wpt tA] farthest South {F13 N16} [wp wAwt] (divinity) Wepwawet {F13 N31 N31 N31 A40} [SsA] (v. respect {F7 X1} [Sfyt] majesty. power {F12 S29 D54} [HAwty] the foremost {F4 Z7 X1 D56 [wsrw] oar {F12 S29 D21 M3} [wsr] powerful {F12 S29 D21 Y1} [wsrw] strength. respect {F8 Z3} [pHty] (physical) strength. mission {F13 Q3 G43 [wpwt] task {F13 Q3 G43 X1 V12} [wpwt] inventory.headed figure (of Amun) {F7} [Sfyt] majesty.king) {F9 F9} [pHty] (physical) strength. news ? {F13 Q3 G43 X1 A2} X1 D54} [wpwt] business. behest.) be conversant (with) {F5} [SsA] (v. wealthy. central chest .) judge (contestants. influential. business. petitioners) [wpwt] household. thought {F4 X1 Z4 F34} [wsr] strong.) be wise {F6 Y1v} [Sft] ram . power {F12} [wsr] powerful {F12 A24} [wsr] wealthy man {F12 D21 A1} [wsrw] oar {F12 O34 D21 G43 P8} [wsr] strong {F12 S29} [wsr] wealthy man {F12 S29 D21 A1} N31 X1 Z2 A40} [wp wAwt] (divinity) Wepwawet {F13 [wpS] strew.king) {F9 X1 Z4} [am] know {F10} [wsr] powerful {F12} [wsrw] strength. task.) be conversant (with) {F5 G1} [SsAw] (medical) prescription {F5 G43 Y1 Z2} [SsA] (v. power (of god. scatter {F13 N37 Z9 N33 N33 N33} {F13 Q3 A2} [wpi] (v. power (of god. power {F12 S29 D21 [HAty] heart. powerful. crowd {F13 Q3 G43 X1 A1 B1 Z2} [wpwt] message.

commissioner. schedule {F13 Q3 X1 Z9} [wpwt] message {F13 Q3 X1 Z9 A2} [wpwt] inventory.Dictionary of Middle Egyptian F – Parts of Mammals {F13 Q3 Z9} 55 [wpwty] messenger. mission {F13 Q3 X1 Y2} [wpwty] messenger. separate. schedule {F13 Q3 [wpy] decision {F13 Q3 M17 M17 Z9} [wpwty] messenger. judge. distinguish. head-dress. mission {F13 Q3 X1 Z9} [wpwt] inventory. agent. brow. Edfu (in Upper Egypt) {F18 D46 X1 O49} R4 Z2} Z3} [wpwt] except {F13 Q3 Z7 X1 Z9 A2 [dbHt Htp] funerary meal {F18 D46 X1 [wpi] open. bystander {F13 Q3 X1 Z4 D54 A1} [wpt rnpt] New Year's Day (and its Festival) {F14 W3} [wpt rnpt] New Year's Day (and its Festival) {F15 W3} Z1 Z8 Z2} [abw r] breakfast {F16 Y1 Z2 D21 [db] horn (of animal) {F16 Z1} [ab] horn {F16 Z1} [abw] impurity {F17 G43} [abw] offerings {F17 Y1 Z2} [abw r] breakfast {F17 Z1 D21} [abw] offerings {F17 Z2} [bHdty] He of Behdet (the wingd sun . take [bHdty] He of Behdet (the winged Sun Disk) {F18 D46 X1 Z4} . bystander {F13 Q3 X1 A1} [wpwt] household. top. commissioner. mission {F13 Q3 X1 D54} [wpt rnpt] New Year's day (and its Festival) {F13 Q3 X1 M4 X1 Z1} [wpt] judgement {F13 Q3 X1 Y1} [wpwt] business. inaugurate. bystander {F13 Q3 G43 X1 Z4 D54 A1} [wpi] cut off {F13 Q3 Z9 T30} Z9 Y1 S29 X1} [wpr Hr] except. crowd {F13 Q3 X1 A1 B1 Z2} {F13 X1 Z1 N35 X1 F32 X1 Z1} [wpt nt Xt] centre of torso (vertical) [wpt mnty] the space between anus and genitals {F13 X1 Z1 Y5 N35 X1 D56 D56} [wpt] top knot (of hair) {F13 Q3 X1 D3A} [wpwt] business.disk) {F18 D46 X1 O49} [wpwty] messenger. part. discern. schedule {F13 Q3 X1 Z9 V12} [bHdt] Behdet (town in the Delta). bystander {F13 Q3 X1 Z4 Z9} [wpwt] business. agent. but {F13 Q3 G43 Z9 D2 Z1} [wp st] specify it (details of it) {F13 Q3 [wpw r] except {F13 Q3 G43 Z9 D21} M17 M17 X1 V12 Z1} [wpt] horns. commissioner. zenith {F13 X1 Z1} [wpt rnpt] New Year's Day {F13 X1 Z1 M4 X1 Z1} [wpwt] inventory. top-knot. agent. divide. commissioner. agent. open up.

surround. surround. hit. hearers {F21 G17 G43 [pHww] marshlands {F22 F22 F22 [sDmi] judge. contest (a will). judge. spear. judge. listen (to). understand. attack. judge. caught {F22 D54} [pH] reach (a person or place). satisfy (conditions) {F21} [sDm aS] servant {F21 A26} [sDm] hear (voice etc). attack (someone). spear (fish) {F22 D54} N36 Z1} [imy r mrw] Overseer of weavers {F20 [nsty] type of bread {F20 X1 Z4 X2} [sDm] hear (voice etc). obey.Dictionary of Middle Egyptian F – Parts of Mammals 56 [bHs] calf {F18 O34 E1} [bHs] calf {F18 O34 E3} [dbHt Htp] altar {F18 X1 R4} Z1 E23 Z1 A2 Z3} M17 G43 A1 Z2} [sDmi] judge. hear of (something). contest.commander {F21 [idnw] deputy {F21 W24 N35} [sDm aS] servant {F21 X1 D36 N37 A2} [sDm] hear (voice etc). hearers {F21 G17 M17 A1} [pHww] the far north {F22 F22 F22 N41 N41 N41} . hearers {F21 G17 M17 [sDnw] deputy {F21 N35 W24 Z7 N21 D40} [Hrr] roar (of lion) {F18 Y1 E23 [idn] proxy {F21 N35 Y1v} [idnw] deputy {F21 N35 Z7 W24} [idn] deputy {F21 W24} W24 D40} [HtA] armpit {F18 Y1 G47 Z1 F51} [Hw] food {F18 Y1 Z8 Z2} [ibH] tooth {F18 Z1} [ns] tongue {F20} [nsb] lap up. hind quarters {F22} [pHwy] reach. end by. understand. hear of (something). hear of 9something). finish. obey. listen (to). lick {F20 D58} [ns] tongue {F20 F51B Z1} [imy r mrw] Overseer of weavers {F20 N36 N23 Z1} [idn] serve as lieutenant . attain. understand. satisfy (conditions) {F21 Y1} [dni] share out {F21 Y1} [msDr] ear {F21 Z1} [DrD] leaf {F21 Z1} [pHwy] hinder parts. body) {F21 G17 D7} [sDm aS] servant {F21 G17 D36 N37 A2} [pH] hit (someone with comment). attain (wealth). finish (doing something) {F22 D54} [pHww] marshlands {F22 F22 F22} N36 N36 N36} A50 Z3} [sDmi] judge. obey. listen (to). satisfy (conditions) {F21 G17} [sdm] eyepaint {F21 G17 D7} [sdm] paint (eyes. caught {F22} [pH] end by (doing something).

) interior. back (of jaw.) Residence {F26 N35 O1 O49} [Xn] tent {F26 N35 S28} [xpS] foreleg. arm {F23 F1} [xpS] constellation of the Great Bear {F23 N14 A40} S34} [wHm anx] repeating life (living again) {F25 [wHmt] hoof {F25 X1 Z1} [Xn] approach {F26 N35 D54} [Xnw] (n. (legal) register [wHmw] herald. (repeating of birth) {F25 G17 Y1 F31 S29 G43 X1 B3} N36} [pHww] marshlands {F22 Z7 N35A [wHmw] herald. arm {F23 Z1} . hind-quarters. thigh. thigh. king) {F22 X1 Z4 D36} [kfA] be discreet {F22 Y1} [kfA ib] trustworthy {F22 Y1 F34 Z1} [pHwyt] rectum {F22 Z7 M17 M17 X1 F51} G17 M17 M17 X1 A2} [wHmyt] continued howling {F25 [wHm] repeat.Dictionary of Middle Egyptian F – Parts of Mammals 57 N21 Z2} [pHww] the far north {F22 G43 G43 [pHww m] northward to {F22 [xpS] stromg arm {F24} [wHm] ass {F25} [wHm] repeat {F25} {F25 A1} G43 G43 N21 Z2 G17} G43 M17 M17 F51} [pHwy] hinder parts. (legal) register {F25 G43} [pHwy] hinder-parts. bruit abroad {F25 G17 A2} [wHm] ass {F25 G17 E7} [wHmmyt] repetitions (of something said) {F25 G17 G17 M17 M17 X1 A2 Z3} G43 Z4 M17 M17 X1 V1 Z1} [pHwyt] rectum {F22 M17 M17 X1 F51B} M17 X1 V1} [pHwyt] stern-warp (of ship) {F22 M17 [wHmw] herald.report (of speech). reporter. reargaurd (of army). Residence {F26 N35 O1} [Xnw] (n. home. power (of god. reporter. reporter. house etc) {F22 Z7 Z4 F51} [pHwy] rear. (legal) register Y1v} {F25 G17 A1} X1 V1} [pHwyt] stern-warp (of ship) {F22 G43 [pHwyt] stern-warp (of ship) {F22 [wHm] repeat. abode.report (of actions) {F25 G17 Y1v} [wHm a] repeat {F25 G17 Y1 D36 Z1} [wHm mswt] be born again. hind quarters {F22 [pHwy] end {F22 G43 M17 M17 G43 [wHmw] herald. stern (of ship). register {F25 G17 G43 A2 A1} [HqAw] (divinity) god of Magic {F22 R12} [pHt r] ending at {F22 X1 D21} [pHty] (physical) strength. end {F22 Z7 Z4 F51} [xpS] foreleg. reporter.

recite {F30 D46 [Sdi] (v.) stare. read aloud. recite {F30 D46 [Sd xrw] disturbance {F30 D46 D40 [sti] impregnate (female).) pour (water) {F29 X1 M17 M17 N35A} N35A N36} [Xnw] brook {F26 N35 W24 G43 [Xnw] (adv. remove. dig (lake). beget. hide {F27} [swtwt] go forth {F27 X1 X1} [sAb] dappled (of calf) {F28} [sAb Swt] many coloured of plummage (of Solar Horus) {F28 H6} [sAb Swt] variegated of plumage {F28 H6} [sty] (v. home. pull (on). educate {F30 D46 D27} D36} [Sdi] (v.) stare.) read. stare at {F29 X1 D4} [sty] (v. rescue.) nourish (strife) {F30 D46 A24} [Sd r] public proclamation {F30 D46 D21 Z1} [Sdi] (v. apportion (fieldplots) {F30 D46 A24} [Sdi] (v.) inside {F26 N35 W24 G43 O1} M17 X1 D53 Z2} [styt] seed.skin {F30 D46 F27} [SdSd] protuberance on standard (of Wepwaret) {F30 D46 F30 D46 R62A} [styw] Asiatics {F29 X1 G4 T14 A1 .Dictionary of Middle Egyptian F – Parts of Mammals 58 {F26 N35 T34 G17 N35A N36 N23 Z1} [Xnm] basin (for irrigation) ? N8 Z3} [stwt] rays (of sun) {F29 X1 G43 X1 [Xnwtyw] skin .clad people {F26 N35 W24 G43 G4 F27 T14 Z2 A1} [stw] target {F29 X1 G43 Z1} [sti] (v. Residence {F26 N35 W24 G43 O1} [Xnt] hide.) read. abode. water .) stave off (event). exact (dues).) interior. home. ejaculate P8 G43} [sTA] see under other entries for sTA {F29 X1 D54} S43 D46 G43 A2} [Sd mdw] disturb {F30 D46 D40 [sTA] drag {F29 X1 D54} Z2} [Sdw] skin. dart {F29 X1 Z7 T19} [Sdi] (v. posterity {F29 X1 M17 [Xnw] (n.) take away. ransack (a country). recite {F30 A2} A2} [Xnt] burial chamber ? (of tomb) {F26 [Xnw awy] (n.) suckle. cut out.) embrace {F26 W24 D36 D36} [Xnw] (n. stare at {F29 X1 D4 T11} {F29 X1 D52} [Sdi] (v. Residence {F26 W24 O1 Z1} [dHr] leather.) interior. read aloud.) read. skin {F26 N35 X1 F27} N35 X1 O1} Z2} [stwt] rays (of sun) {F29 X1 N8} [stt] shooting pains {F29 X1 X1 Aa2 [stt] ground {F29 X1 X1 N23 Z1} [stw] arrow. salvage (boat) {F30 D46 A24} [Sdi] (v. abode. read aloud.

young (of animals) {F31 G43 X1} [mswtt] girl child {F31 G43 X1 X1 A17} [Sd] mortar (for pounding drugs) {F30 D46 [Sd] poultice {F30 D46 V12} [SdH] pomegranate wine {F30 D46 V28 W24 Z2} [msyt] supper {F31 G43 X1 X2 X6 W22} G14 X1 Z2 N33} X1 N23} [Sdyt] pool. offspring. water . well.) read.) children. plot (of land) {F30 D46 [msADt] nostril {F31 G1 I10 D19 [msTyw] offspring {F31 G4 X1 Z4 [Sdw] plot (of land) {F30 D46 N21 Z1} [Sd] artificial lake {F30 D46 N36 N21 Z1} A53 A40} X1 W3} [msyt] a festival {F31 G43 M17 M17 [Sd] vulva {F30 D46 O39} O39} [mswq] type of bread {F31 G43 N29 Z8} [mswt] (collective n. recite {F30 D46 [Sdw] raft {F30 D46 Z7 M3} [Sdw] raft {F30 D46 Z7 P1} [ms] child {F31 A17} [Sdw] skin.skin {F30 D46 G43 [Sdw] plot (of land) {F30 D46 G43 N23 Z1} N23} [Sdwt] plot (of land) {F30 D46 G43 X1 [Sdyt] pool. plot (of land) {F30 D46 [msxtyw] adze (used in Opening-ofthe-mouth) {F31 Aa1 G4 U21} [msxtyw] constellation of the Plough {F31 Aa1 G4 U21 N14} G43 X1 N42} [Sdy] ditch {F30 D46 M17 M17 N21 Z1} N23 X1} [Sdwt] plot (of land) {F30 D46 M17 M17 [Sdyt] rubble {F30 D46 M17 M17 X1 [msxnt] necropolis {F31 Aa1 N35 X1} [msi] (v. read aloud.) be born {F31 B3} [ms] calf {F31 E3} X1} N21 Z2} M17 M17 X1 N23} [Sdyt] pool. plot (of land) {F30 D46 [msdmt] black eye paint {F31 I10 [Sdt] (locality) Crocodilopolis {F30 D46 X1 O49} [msqt] the Milky-Way ? {F31 N29 X1 N25} [Sdt] dough {F30 D46 X1 W24 Z2} X1 Z4 Z5 Z5} [msqt] the Milky Way {F31 N29 X1 O1} [msqt] the Milky Way {F31 N29 X1 O39} [Sdty] He of Crocodilopolis {F30 D46 . well. well.Dictionary of Middle Egyptian F – Parts of Mammals 59 [Sd] vulva {F30 D46 F51} [Sdw] waterfowl {F30 D46 G39 Z2} F27} [Sdt] dough {F30 D46 X1 Z8} Y1v} [Sdi] (v.

) bear. leather.) create (of god). plait ? {F31 O34 N35 D40} A2} D46 X1 G37 B1} [ms] (enclitic part. give birth. animal hide {F31 [msDi] dislike. fashion {F31 S29 B3} G37} [msDi] (v. necropolis {F31 S29 Aa1 N35 X1 O39} [msTw] offspring {F31 S29 G4 X1 Z4 A40} [msxnt] (divinity) Meskhenet (goddess of birth) {F31 S29 Aa1 N35 X1 O39 I12} [msxnt] abode (of gods) {F31 S29 Aa1 N35 Z5 X1 I12} [mswt] birth {F31 S29 G43 X1 B3} {F31 S29 G43 X1 Q1 D4 W3} [mswt wsir Hb] birthday of Osiris [msDi] (v. serve (someone). hate {F31 S29 I10 A2} {F31 S29 Aa1 X1 F23} [msxtyw] constellation of the Plough [msi] (v.) dislike. birth-place ? {F31 S29 Aa1 N35 X1 O39} [msbb] turn (to). hate {F31 S29 D46 A2} [msddt] (fem. make. calve (of gazelle). hate {F31 S29 I10 [msDDt] what is hateful (of conduct) {F31 S29 I10 I10 X1 A2} [ms] bouquet {F31 S29 M2} .Dictionary of Middle Egyptian F – Parts of Mammals 60 X1 Z1} [msqt] the Milky Way {F31 N29 X1 O49 [msnw] harpooner {F31 N35 W24 S29 D28 F27} [mskA] skin. thigh {F31 S29 D46 X1 [msbb] turn (to) {F31 S29 D58 D58 N35 Q38} [msxn] abode (of gods) {F31 S29 Aa1 A2} [msxnt] (divinity) Meskhenet (goddess of birth) {F31 S29 Aa1 N35 X1 G7} [msxnt] bearing-stool ?.paint {F31 S29 D46 G14 X1 N33A} S29 Aa1 D21 O1} D68} [msxnt] birth . be born {F31 S29 B3} [msi] (v.place {F31 S29 Aa1 N35 [msxn] abode (of gods) {F31 S29 Aa1 A2} [msdw] rival {F31 S29 D46 G43 N35 G41} [msDDt] what is hateful (of conduct) {F31 S29 D46 M17 M17 X1 G37} [msADt] nostril {F31 S29 D46 X1 D19} N35 G119} [msxnt] birth . lay (of bird). deal (with) {F31 S29 D58 D58 E28} D58 D58 E92A D54} [msbb] serve (someone) {F31 S29 [msxnt] breeding place (of cattle) ?.place {F31 S29 Aa1 [msxn] abode (of gods) {F31 S29 Aa1 N35 O1} D56 F51} [msdt] haunch. abode (of gods). indeed {F31 S29 [ms xr] young (boys) of the tomb {F31 X1 N33 D20} [msADt] nostril {F31 S29 D46 G1 [msdmt] black eye .) rival {F31 S29 D46 Z7 V32 A1} [msn] spin ?.) surely. bring forth (of field).) dislike.

young (of animals) {F31 S29 M17 M17 X1} [msyt] waterfowl {F31 S29 M17 M17 X1 G41 Z2} [mski n mdt] slander ? {F31 [msktw] armlet {F31 S29 V31 X1 G43 M17 S107} [msyt tpt ] the First Mesyt (a Festival) {F31 S29 M17 M17 X1 N2 Z8 Z2 D1 X1 W3 N5} G43 S107} [msktw] armlet {F31 S29 V31 X1 [mst] mother {F31 S29 X1 B3} [msyt] waterfowl {F31 S29 X1 G39 Z2} [msTpt] portable shrine {F31 S29 X1 Q3 X1 M3} [msyt] a festival {F31 S29 M17 M17 X1 W3} Z8 Z2} [msyt] supper {F31 S29 M17 M17 X1 [msint] spermatic cord {F31 S29 M17 N35 X1 F51} [ms] child {F31 S29 Z5} [msi] (v.shirt {F31 S29 S29 F27 N35 D34 A24} [Xt] belly. plait ? {F31 S29 N35 [msTpt] portable shrine {F31 V13 Q3 [msn] spin ?.) bear.) child {F32 D21 D46 A17 [Xrd] (v.shirt {F31 [Xrd] (n. turn away {F31 S29 N35 V28 D55} [msnw] harpooner {F31 S29 N35 W24 Z7 T19 A24 A1} [mst] apron of fox-skins {F31 X1} [msyt tpt ] the First Mesyt (a Festival) {F31 X1 D1 Q3 X1 W3} G39 A1 B1} [mswt] children.Dictionary of Middle Egyptian F – Parts of Mammals 61 {F31 S29 M17 M17 D1 X1 W3} [msyt tpt] the First Mesyt (a Festival) [mss] tunic {F31 S29 S29 V6} S29 V31 M17 A2 N35 S43 D46 X1} [mswt] (collective n. become a child {F32 S29 S29 N34 N35 D34 A24} D21 D46 A17 A1} [mss] tunic {F31 S29 S29 S28} Z3} [Xrdw] childhood {F32 D21 D46 A17 . turn backwards. plait ? {F31 S29 N35 D36} [msnH] rotate.) be. sole (of foot) {F32} [Xt] belly (of gods or men) {F32 D12 X1} A1} S29 S29 F27 N35 D34 A24} [mss n aHA] shirt of mail {F31 [mss n aHA] mail .) children. body. offspring. give birth {F31 S29 Z5} [mswt] birth {F31 S29 Z7 X1 Z5 Z2} [msTw] offspring {F31 V13 G43} X1 O18} [msDr] ear {F31 S29 M36 D21 F21} [msq] leather {F31 S29 N29 O39} A24} [msn] spin ?. offspring {F31 X1 X1 A1} [ms aAt] prospector ? {F31 S29 O29 [mswt Ast Hb] birthday of Isis {F31 X1 Q1 X1 W3} [mss] totter {F31 S29 S29 A330} [mss n aHA] mail . womb.

navel {F32 [Xms] bend (the back in respect) {F32 Q3 G41 G1 G43 Aa2 F51} [Xqs] be injured {F32 N29 S29 G37} [Xqst] the injured Eye (of Horus) {F32 N29 S29 X1 G37 D12} G43 Aa2 Z2} [Xpw] figures (inlaid in metal) {F32 Q3 [Xpn] (adj.) children {F32 [Xaaw] measure.string.) bellies. allowance (of D2 Z1 F34 Z1} [Xs Hr ib] incompetent {F32 O34 G37 [Xsyt] wrongdoing {F32 O34 M17 milk) {F32 D36 D36 G43 N33 Z2} [Xam] approach {F32 D36 G17 D54} [Xaq] shave {F32 D36 N29 U37} [Xaqw] barber {F32 D36 N29 Z7 U37 A24} M17 X1 G37 Z2} M17 X1 M3 Z2} [XsAyt] type of spice {F32 O34 M17 [XsAyt] type of spice {F32 O34 M17 M17 X1 N33 Z2} [Xdr] rescue ? {F32 D46 D21 D36} G37} X1 G37} [Xst] cowardice.string. insignia {F32 V31 D21 . vile (of enemies.) children {F32 D21 D46 M17 M17 X1 N33 Z2} [XsAyt] type of spice {F32 O34 G1 G37 A1 B1} [Xsy] weak.) fat {F32 Q3 N35 F1} [XsA] be unanointed {F32 S29 G1 Aa2} [Xn] be blistered {F32 N35 Aa2} Aa17 G1 D3} [XsA] be unanointed {F32 O34 [XsAyt] type of spice {F32 {F32 V31 D21 Aa30 Aa30 Aa30} [Xkrw] panoply. wombs.string. feeble. ornaments [Xqr] be adorned {F32 V31 D21 Aa30 Y1} O34 Aa17 G1 M17 M17 X1 D3 N33 Z2} [Xsr] dispel {F32 O34 D21 V29 A24} Aa30 Y1v} [Xkrw] panoply. navel {F32 Q3 [XpAw] navel .Dictionary of Middle Egyptian F – Parts of Mammals 62 G37} [Xrd] calf (of gazelle) {F32 D21 D46 [Xrdw] (n. (riual) impurity {F32 O34 [Xsy] vile (of enemies) {F32 O34 Z4 [Xdr] be in discomfort {F32 D46 D21 [Xdb] kill {F32 D46 D58 A24} [Xdb] kill {F32 D46 D58 T31 D40} G37} [Xsy] coward {F32 O34 Z4 G37 A1} [XpAw] navel . mean (of conduct). humble (of rank). speech)) {F32 O34 G37} D21 D46 X1 A17 Z2} [Xrdt] (collective n. bodies {F32 F32 F32} [Xam] approach {F32 G17 D36 D54} [Xma] approach {F32 G17 D36 D54} G17 S29 D41} [XpAw] navel . navel {F32 Q3 Aa2} [Xpa] chew {F32 Q3 D36 A2} G1 F27} [Xtw] (pl. insignia.

kindly (of face). bottom {F35 I9 D21 M17 [nfryt r] down to {F35 I9 D21 M17 M17 X1 D21} [nfrw] young men (of army). desire. generation. mind. concubine {F32 V31 D21 X1 Aa30 B1} [nfrw] young men (of army). beautiful etc. happy / well / good (condition). recruits {F35 X1 D40} [nfr] (adv. recruits {F35 A1 [nfrw] ground level. {F35} [nfr] zero {F35} Z2} {F35 I9 D21 G43 A17 Z2} M17 X1} [nfryt] end. well . recruits [nfr] beauty {F35} [nfr] good. recruits {F35 G43 A17 Z2} D40} [Xtb] overthrow {F32 X1 D58 A15 [Xtt] pluck (plants). intelligence..) happily. fair. mood. sole (of foot) {F32 [Xt] body (of gods or man). goodness.. good / fair (character).f mH] weak in action {F34 Z1 I9 V22 V28 N35A} Z1 F34 Z1} [nfr Hr ib] pleasing {F35 I9 D21 D2 [nfrw] young men (of army). base {F35 D21 G43} [nfrt] good things {F35 D21 X1} [nfrwt] fair women {F35 D21 X1 B1 Z3} [nfrt] cattle {F35 D21 X1 E1 Z2} [nfr] penis {F35 D52} [nfr HAt] diadem {F35 F4 X1 Z1} Z3} M17 V1 X1 Z1} [nfryt] tiller . good / fine / goodly (quality) {F35 I9 D21} [nfr] necessary. will.rope {F35 I9 D21 M17 [nfr n] it is well with {F35 I9 D21 N35} [nfr pw] not {F35 I9 D21 Q3 G43} [nfrwt] fair women {F35 I9 D21 X1 B1 [nfrt] cattle {F35 I9 D21 X1 E1 Z2} [nfr tm] (divinity) Nefertum (the lotus . people {F32 X1 Z1 A1 B1 Z2} [Xt] people {F32 X1 Z2} [ib] heart. back part (of building) {F35 [Xkrt] coiffeuse.supplied..Dictionary of Middle Egyptian F – Parts of Mammals 63 G43 Aa30 Y1 Z2} [Xkrw] ornaments {F32 V31 D21 [nfrw] beauty. young people (Book ofthe Dead) {F35 F35 F35} [nfrw] end (period of time) {F35 F35 F35} F35 F35 Z1 O1} [Xqry] coiffeur {F32 V31 D21 M17 M17 Aa30 A1} M17 X1 Aa30 Z3} [Xkryt] insignia {F32 V31 D21 M17 [nfrw] end. lawful {F35 I9 D21} X1 Z1} [Xt] belly. well {F35 I9 D21} [nfr] good {F35 I9 D21} [nfr] beautiful.. to prey on {F32 X1 [nfrw] deficiency {F35 G43 G37 Z2} G43 Y1 Z2} [nfrw] young men (of army). understanding. wish {F34 Z1} [ib . womb. body..

arrive (in). low {F35 M17 M17 X1} [nfr n] not {F35 N35} [nfr pw] not. goodness. there is not {F35 Q3 G43} [nfr] crown of Upper Egypt {F35 S1} [nfr HDt] crown of Upper Egypt {F35 T3} [nfr HDt] crown of Upper Egypt {F35 T3 X1 S2} {F36 G1 M17 M17 X1 A24 A1 Z2} [smAyt] association. partake (of). good. lake) {F37 X1 Z1} {F39A Aa1 M17 M17 X1} [imAxyt] revered one (of dead women) [imAxyw] revered ones (of the aged [smAyt] (royal) consort {F36 G1 M17 M17 X1} . animal). arrive (in). good. join (a company). confederate {F36 M17 M17} [smAyt] (royal) consort {F36 M17 M17 X1} M17 M17 X1 A1 Z3} [smAyt] association. confederacy [nfr tm] (divinity) Nefertum (the lotus god) {F35 U15 A40} [nfrt] cattle {F35 X1 E1 Z2} [nfrt] cattle {F35 X1 Z2} [nfr] beauty. interment {F36 G1 Y1 N16} [smA tA] land (at) {F36 G1 Y1 W3 N16} [smAw] twilight {F36 G43 N2} {F36 G43 X1 A40 Z2} [smAyt] association. confederate {F36 Y1 A1} Z1} [smw] herb {F37J S29 G17 M2 Z2 [psDt] Ennead (of gods) {F37J X1 Z2 Z2 Z2 R8 R8 R8} [smAw] branches (of tree) {F36 G1 [iAt] back. {F36 G1 Y1v} [smA tA] unite (the land). spine (of man. what is good. side {F36 G1 D3} [smAw] lungs ? {F36 G1 F51} G43 M3 Z2} [smAy] companion. kindness {F35 I9 D21 X1 Y1 Z2} [nfryt] end. happiness. partake (of) {F36B} [smAw] lungs ? {F36 F36 F36} [smA] priest (who clothed the god) {F36 G1} [smA] scalp. confederacy {F36 [smAt a] an offering {F36 X1 D36 Z1 X6} X1} [smAt aAt] a textile fabric {F36 X1 O29 [smAt] union {F36 X1 Y1} [smA] unite. associate (with).middle (of river. good fortune {F35 Z1} [nfr] heart and wind-pipe {F35 Z1} [nfr] goodness {F35 Z1 Y1v} [nfrw] goodness {F35 Z1 Z2} [nfrw] goodness {F35 Z3} [smA] unite. be interred (in). bottom.Dictionary of Middle Egyptian F – Parts of Mammals 64 god) {F35 I9 D21 X1 U15 A40} [nfrt] good things. arrive (in). partake (of) {F36 Y1v} [smAy] companion. associate (with). join (a company). kindness. associate (with). make ready (a boat). join (a company). land (at). confederacy [smA] unite.

) petition {F42 D21 X1 A2} [sprty] petitioner {F42 D21 X1 Z4 A1} [spr] arrive. uterus {F45 F51B} [idt] cow {F45 X1 Z1 E1} [pXr] (v. move about (of limbs) {F46 D21 D54} . come {F42 D21 D54} [sprw] petitioner {F42 D21 G43 A1} A1} D41} [Aw] (n. length (of space. food {F40 X1 G43 Y1 Z2} [Awt] gifts.) arouse (oneself). vulva. present. time) {F40 Y1v} [Awy] (v.) long (of space.) length (of space) {F40 G43 Z2} [iwat] inheritance. circumambulate (walls). make petition {F42 D21 A2} [spr] arrive. masturbate [sprw] petitioner {F42 D21 G43 A2 [sprw] petitions {F42 D21 G43 A2 {F40 G43 G43} [Awy] extend. travel around / traverse (a region) {F46 D21 D54} [pXr] turn. unroll (a papyrus) {F46 D21 D54} [Awt] gifts {F40 X1 G43 N18} [Awt] length (of time) {F40 X1 G43 Y1 Y1 Y1} [Awt] gifts. heritage {F44 X1 Y1 [idt] womb. revolve (of sun). time) {F40 G43} [Aw] death {F40 Z7 Z6} [Sat] slaughtering. petition (someone). terror {F41 X1 Z2} [spr] appeal to. turn about. time) {F40 G43 Y1v} Y1 Z2} [Aw] (n.) turn.) extend (the arm) {F40 Z7 X1 [pXr] surround. come {F42 D54} [spr] rib {F42 Z1 F51} [isw] (n.) length (of space) {F40 G43 [Awy] (v. reach. enclose. veneration {F39A Z1} [Aw] long. pervade (hearts). food {F40 X1 X2 X6 W22} [Awt] length (of time. space) {F40 X1 Y1} [Aw] (adj. announce. arouse {F40 G43 M17 M17 A24} M17 M17 A24 D46 X1 Z1} Y1 Z2} [Awy Drt] lay hands on {F40 G43 A2 A1} [sprw] petitioner {F42 D21 M17 M17 [AwH] do violence {F40 G43 V28 A24} [sprt] (n.) reward {F44 G43} [iswty] representative {F44 X1} Y1 Z2} [Awt a] gifts {F40 G43 X1 D36 Z1 [Awt] long-knife {F40 G43 X1 T30} [Aw] (adj.Dictionary of Middle Egyptian F – Parts of Mammals D36} 65 living) {F39A M17 M17 G43 A51A Z3} [imAxt] honour {F39A X1 Z1} [imAx] spinal cord {F39A Z1} [imAx] honour.) extend (the arm) {F40 Z7 D40} [Awy] (v. reach.) long (of space. turn about {F46} [pXr] perambulate (a hall).

Dictionary of Middle Egyptian

F – Parts of Mammals



[pXr] twist / distort (what is said) {F46 D21 [pXr m] go about in, pervade {F46 D21

[dbnt] circuit (of ocean) {F46 N35 X1 D54}
A1 Z2}

[pXrt] frontier patrol {F46 X1 Z1 A24

D54 G17}

D54 G36 D21 N36 N23 Z1}

[pXr wr] River Euphrates {F46 D21

[pXrty] traveller {F48 D21 X1 Z4 D54} [dbn] (v. trans.) go round (a place), travel round (a region) {F49 N35 D54} [dbn] helmet {F49 N35 N34} [dbn] weight (of about 91 grammes), weight (of balance) {F49 N35 O39} [spXr] (causative) register, copy {F50} [fAk] pubic region {F51} [wsir] (divinity) Osiris {F51A D21 A40} [bAtyt] devotee of Hathor {F62 X1 M17

[pXr n] serve, pass to, revert to {F46
D21 D54 N35}

[pXr] (v.) turn, turn about {F46 D21 D56}
D21 G36 D21 N35A N36}

[pXr wr] River Euphrates {F46

[pXr wr] River Euphrates {F46 D21 G36

N33 Z2}

[pXrt] prescription, remedy {F46 D21 X1

[dbn] (v. trans.) go round (a place), travel round (a region) {F46 D54} [pXr sp 4] go round about four times
{F46 M16 O50 Z1 Z1 Z1 Z1}

[niAw] ibex {F88} [wpt ra] first day of the month (and its Festival)

[wdn] offer (to) {F46 N35} [dbn] weight (of about 91 grammes), weight (of balance) {F46 N35 D12} [dbn] (v. trans.) go round (a place), travel round (a region), encircle (with) {F46 N35

G - Birds
[A] enclitic particle {G1} [A] vulture, bird (in general) {G1} [Ax] spirit {G1 Aa1}
Aa1 M2}

[dbn] (v. intrans.) recur (of plants in season) {F46 N35 D54} [dbn] (builder's) mortar, (potter's) clay
{F46 N35 N33 Z2}

[AxAx] grow green {G1 Aa1 G1 [AxAx] spars (of ship) ? {G1 Aa1

[dbn] weight (of about 91 grammes), weight (of balance) {F46 N35 O39}
N35 W24 G43 D54}

G1 Aa1 M3 Z2}

[dbnw] circumference (of sky) {F46
N14 N14 N14}

[AxAx] stars {G1 Aa1 G1 Aa1

[dbnw] circumference (of sky) {F46
N35 W24 G43 S21} G4 N33A}

[Axtyw] horizon - dwellers {G1 Aa1

Dictionary of Middle Egyptian

G - Birds



[Axw] sunlight, sunshine {G1 Aa1 G43 [Axfxf] be fiery {G1 Aa1 I9 Aa1

[A] tread {G1 D56}

[Abx] (v. trans.) link (arms) {G1 D58 [Ams] (variant of iwms) falsehood {G1

I9 Q7}


[Axf] fever (of appetite) ? {G1 Aa1 I9 [Ax] papyrus thicket {G1 Aa1 M15} [Ax bit] (locality) Chemmis {G1

F31 S29 G37 Z2}

G37 Z2}

[iwms] misstatement {G1 F31 S29

[Ams] club, mace, wield the Ams {G1
F31 S29 S44}

Aa1 M15 L2 X1 O49}

[Ax] the spirit - state {G1 Aa1 Y1}

{G1 F32 D36 D51}

[AXa] scratch, srape, carve, engrave [AXat] scratch, scar {G1 F32 D36 X1

[Aryt] staff {G1 D21 M17 M17 X1

[Ar] drive away, oppress {G1 D21 T12
A24} A2}

[AXb] (v.) swallow {G1 F32 D58 [Awy] (v.) announce (someone) {G1

[Art] heaven, sky {G1 D21 X1 N1}
D58 X1 F17 G37 Z2}

[Aabt] oppression {G1 D36

F40 G43}

[AA] mound of ruins {G1 G1 N23 Z1}
G1 X1 G1 D40 A14}

[Aabt] oppression {G1 D36 D58 X1

[AAtA] Nubian chieftain ? {G1

[Aaw] container {G1 D36 G43 F27}
G43 Q33}

[Ama] a perching bird {G1 G17
D36 G38}

[Aaw] container (for papyri) {G1 D36

[Ad] decay {G1 D46 Aa2} [Ad] quiver, palpitate {G1 D46 D54} [Adw] aggressor {G1 D46 G43 D36 A1} [Adw] aggressor {G1 D46 G43
I3 A1}

[Amat] ramus (of jaw), fork (of bone), hinged bone {G1 G17 D36 G43 X1 D40} [Amat] ramus (of jaw), fork (of bone), hinged bone {G1 G17 D36 X1 D36} [Amat] ramus (of jaw), fork (of bone), hinged bone {G1 G17 D36 X1 D40}
G17 D49}

[Ad] be savage, be aggressive, be angry, attack, anger {G1 D46 I3}
X1 Y1 A24}

[Amm] seize, grasp, attack {G1 G17 [Ammw] gripings (medical) {G1

[Adt] prepare (a sleeping place) {G1 D46 [Adt] prepare {G1 D46 X1 Z5 A24}

G17 G17 G43 D36 Z2}


[Ammt] grasp, fist {G1 G17 G17 X1 [Am] burn, burn up {G1 G17 Q7}

Dictionary of Middle Egyptian

G - Birds



[iAm] bind (the sacrifice) {G1 G17 [Afry] (v.) boil {G1 I9 D21 M17 M17

[Ahw] pain {G1 O4 Aa2 G37}
G37 Z2}

[Ahmt] sorrow {G1 O4 Aa15 X1


[Afa] gluttony {G1 I9 D36 E28} [Afa] glutton {G1 I9 D36 E28 A1}

[Ahd] be weak {G1 O4 D46 A2} [Ahd] quiver, palpitate, be weak {G1
O4 D46 G37}

[Afd] part of animal leg {G1 I9 D46 [Axt] Inundation season {G1 M8 Aa1

[Ahw] misery, trouble {G1 O4 G37} [Ahw] misery, trouble, injury, pain, illness {G1 O4 G43 G37} [Ahy] descend {G1 O4 M17 M17 D54} [Ahw] sufferer {G1 O4 Z7 G37 A1} [Asx] reap {G1 O34 Aa1 U2 D40} [iAs] bald {G1 O34 Aa2}


T12 A24}

[Ar] oppress (the poor) {G1 M17 D21

[Ayt] blanch ? {G1 M17 M17 X1 G37} [Ais] viscera {G1 M17 S29 Aa2} [Aiw] windy ? {G1 M17 Z7 P5} [Aqd] a star {G1 N29 D46 N14 A40} [Aq] perish, come to grief {G1 N29 G37} [Aqw] misfortune {G1 N29 G37} [Aqs] a type of garment {G1 N29 S29

[Asrt] heaven, sky {G1 O34 D21 X1 [Asb] fierce, glowing (of radience) {G1

O34 D58 F3}

[As] (v. and adv.) hurry, flow fast, hasten, overtake, quickly {G1 O34 V2 D54}
X1 B1}

[Ast] (divinity) Isis (goddess) {G1 Q1


[AqHw] battle-axe {G1 N29 V28 G43 [iqHw] battle - axe {G1 N29 V28 G43

[Apd] rush forward {G1 Q3 D46 D54} [Apd] duck, bird {G1 Q3 D46 G38} [ipdw] furniture {G1 Q3 D46 M3 Z2} [ApH] (collective n.) swine, pigs {G1 Q3 [ASr] roast, roast meat, a roast {G1 N37
V28 Z5}



[Aqw] ruin, misfortune {G1 N29 Z7 G37

D21 F51}

[Asx] reap {G1 S29 Aa1 D36} [Asx] reap {G1 S29 Aa1 U1} [Asx] sickle {G1 S29 Aa1 U2}
{G1 S29 Aa2}

[ASr] roast {G1 N37 D21 Q7} [ASrt] roast joint {G1 N37 D21 X1 F51}

[AS] a type of drink {G1 N37 Z7 W22

[As] (variant of iAs and Ais) bald, viscera

Dictionary of Middle Egyptian

G - Birds


[Ais] viscera {G1 S29 Aa2}
M17 G43 Q7 Z3}


[Akrw] earth - gods {G1 V31 D21 G7 [Akrw] earth - gods {G1 V31 D21 I14

[Asbyw] flames {G1 S29 D58 M17

[Asb] fierce, glowing (of radiance) {G1
S29 D58 Q7}

[Ak] be bent (of elbow) {G1 V31 D36} [Ami] mix {G1 W19 M17 A24} [Ayt] blanch {G1 X1 A24} [Ayt] blanch {G1 X1 A24} [At] striking-power {G1 X1 F9}
X1 F9}

[As] bald-headed vulture {G1 S29 G41} [As] hurry, flow fast, hasten, overtake, quickly {G1 S29 V2 D54}
D54 X4 Z2}

[As] a type of cake, bread {G1 S29 V2

[As (Ast)] testicles {G1 S29 X1 F51} [ATwt] bed {G1 U33 M17 Z7 X1 M3} [ATwt] bed {G1 U33 M17 Z7 X1 M3} [AT] nurse {G1 V13 B5D} [ATwt] bed {G1 V13 G43 X1 M3} [AT] (v.) nurse {G1 V13 M17 M17

[At] moment, instant, time (in general) {G1 [At] moment, instant, time (in general) {G1

X1 F9 N5}

[Adw] aggressor {G1 X1 I3} [Adw] aggressor {G1 X1 I3} [Atf] be crowned {G1 X1 I9 F7D}


[ATyt] nurse {G1 V13 M17 M17 X1 [ATp] load, be laden {G1 V13 Q3 A9} [ATwt] bed {G1 V13 X1 Q18} [AHy] wave (flood) {G1 V28 M17 M17

[Atfw] Atef crown {G1 X1 I9 G43 [Atfw] Atef-crown {G1 X1 I9 G43



[Atfw] Atef crown {G1 X1 I9 S8 [AT] (n.) nurse {G1 X1 M17 M17


X1 D56 B1}

[AH] type of bread {G1 V28 N18 Z2}
O6 X1 O1}

[AH Hwt] tomb - shaft {G1 V28 U6

D56 B1}

[ATyt] nurse {G1 X1 M17 M17 X1

[At] moment, instant, time (in general) {G1
X1 N5}

[AHt] field, arable land, earth, mound {G1
V28 X1 N23}


[Akrw] earth - gods {G1 V31 D21 A40 [Akr] (divinity) Aker, the earth, earth-

X1 N5 Z1}

[At] moment, instant, time (in general) {G1 [At] striking-power {G1 X1 N5 Z1} [ATp] load (a ship) {G1 X1 Q3 A9}

gods {G1 V31 D21 E128}

Dictionary of Middle Egyptian

G - Birds


[Atp] coffer {G1 X1 Q3 A9 M3}

[mwt] mother {G14 X1 B1}
D21 V13 A1 B1 Z2}

[ATp] load (a ship) {G1 X1 Q3 A125 [Atpw] load, cargo {G1 X1 Q3 G43

[mwt rmT] placenta {G14 X1 B1

[mwt] weight {G14 X1 O39} [nbty] (divinity) The Two Ladies (Nekhbet and Edjoyet) {G16} [m] (negative imperative) do not {G17} [m] (m of predication) in the position of {G17} [m] with, by means of, from, out of, as, namely, when, as, though, together with {G17} [mswr] drinking bowl {G17 A115} [mxrw] dealings, business, ordinance, arrangement (of building) {G17 Aa1
D21 G43 Y1 Z2}

A9 A24}

X1 A9 D40 Z2}

[Atpwt] load, cargo {G1 X1 Q3 G43

[Atpwt] cargo {G1 X1 Q3 M17 M17
X1 A9}

[At] moment, instant, time {G1 X1 Z5 N5} [A] vulture, bird (in general) {G1 Z1} [mAy] foetus {G3 M17 M17 D53} [tisw] quarterstaff {G4 M23 G43 M3} [Hr] (divinity) Horus {G5 A40}
N21 N21}

[Hr idbwy] the Banks of Horus (Egypt) {G5 [wAwt Hr] Roads of Horus {G5 N31

Y1 Z2}

[mxrw] business {G17 Aa1 D21 G43 [mXr] low - lying land {G17 Aa1 D21

N25 Z2}


[wAwt Hr] Roads - of - Horus (a N.E. Fortress) {G5 N31 X1 X1 N25} [Hrt] (divinity) Horus (of Queen) {G5 X1} [imnt] the West {G7C X1 N25} [imnt] the West {G7C X1 O49 X1 Z1}
U33 M17}


[mxr] low - lying land {G17 Aa1 D21 [m xd] downstream {G17 Aa1 D46 P1} [m xmt] in the absence of, without {G17

Aa1 D52 X1 Z2 D35}

Aa1 D52 X1 Z3 A2}

[m xmt] in the absence of, without {G17 [mxAt] balance {G17 Aa1 G1 X1

[imnti] Westerner (used about the dead) {G7

[imnty] right (-hand) {G7 X1 Z4} [Hr nbw] Falcon of Gold {G8} [Hr nbw] Horus of Gold {G8} [Snbt] breast {G11 X1} [mwt] mother {G14}

[xm] sacred image {G17 Aa1 R22 A40}
S29 U35 M3}

[mxsf] peg (to secure net) {G17 Aa1

[mxtbt] an ornament (of gold) {G17
Aa1 X1 D58 X1 O39}

[mxtmt] a closed (or) sealed

Dictionary of Middle Egyptian

G - Birds


receptacle {G17 Aa1 X1 G17 X1 S20 V97} [m xt wat] into, as one thing, altogether {G17 X1 Aa1 Y1 Z2 T21 X1 Z1} [mx] respect (someone) {G17 Aa1 Y1} [m sA] at the back of, following after, having charge of, wearing (sandals) {G17 Aa17 Z1} [m.......tp n] from.......down to {G17 D1
Z1 N35}

[imy r ab wHmt Swt nSmt] Overseer of horn, hoof, feather and scale (livestock) {G17 D21 Z1 F16 F25 H6 K6}
Z1 M17 M17 N35 G1 A13}

[mryn] Syrian warrior {G17 D21

[mkAt] support, pedastal {G17 D28
G1 O1 X1}


[mkAt] support, pedestal {G17 D28 O230 [mXnty] ferryman {G17 D33 N35

Aa19 D40}

[m Hrt] in readiness for {G17 D2 D21 [m Hryt] above {G17 D2 D21 M17

X1 P1 U33 M17 G7}

M17 N1 X1}


[mXnt] ferry boat {G17 D33 N35 X1 [m] (negative imperative) do not {G17

D21 X1 N1}

[m Hryt] above, in advance of {G17 D2


[m ir] (negative imperative) do not {G17


[m] (enclitic part.) (not translated) {G17 [m] (non-enclitic part.) behold {G17 D36}

[imy r] overseer {G17 D21} [m rdi] let not {G17 D21 D36}
D21 G43 N23 Z1}

[imy r w] district - superintendent {G17 [m rwty r] absent from {G17 D21

[m a] (preposition) in the hand, possession, charge of, together with, from {G17 D36} [m] (imperative) take ! {G17 D36} [m] (int.) who ?, what ? {G17 D36} [mxnmt] carnelian ?, jasper ? {G17
D36 Aa1 N35 G17 Z2 X1 N33}

G43 X1 N1 Z4 D21}


[imy r xAw] overseer of herds {G17 D21 [imy r w] district - superintendent {G17

D21 N23 Z1 A1}


[mxAt] balance {G17 D36 Aa1 X1 [mar] fortunate, successful, flourishing

[imy r pr] steward {G17 D21 O1 Z1}
S25 G43 A2}

{G17 D36 D21 M32 Y1v}

[imy r aw] caravan leader {G17 D21

[mar] (n.) success {G17 D36 D21 M32

[imyt r] (fem.) forewoman (of gang) {G17
D21 X1} Y1}

[mar] fortunate, successful {G17 D36 D21 [mryn] Syrian warrior {G17 D36 D21 Z1 M17 M17 N35 G1 T14 A1} [mrkbt] chariot {G17 D36

[imy r ab wHmt Swt nSmt] Overseer of horn, hoof, feather and scale (livestock) {G17 D21 Z1 F16 F25 H6 K6}

equal. equal. counterpoise.k] take to yourself {G17 D36 N35 [m a ntt] seeing that {G17 D36 N35 V19} [maf] headsman's block {G17 D36 I9 X1 X1} [mDd] practice (a virtue). make level {G17 D36 G1 T14 T14 A2} X1 U39 M3} [mxAt] balance {G17 D36 M12 G1 [mxAw] (n. equal.) match. intrans.Dictionary of Middle Egyptian E23 Z1 V31 G1 D58 Z7 U33 M17 M3} G . hit. adjust. trans. bind {G17 D36 M12 D36 G17 D36} [m m] (preposition) among.) match.heritage ? {G17 D36 G47 [mTA] penis {G17 D36 G47 Z1 D53} [mfkAt] turquoise {D36 I9 V31 P6 M3} [mAqt] ladder {G17 D36 N29 X1 [mwnf] (palace) guard {G17 D36 N35 I9 A24 A1 Z2} X1 N33A G17 G1} V31} [m n . adjust.) be like {G17 . make level {G17 D36 G1 T14 T14 U38B} G1 Z7 Z9 A24} [mxA] make fast. obedient to {G17 D36 I10 D46 Aa24 D40 V4 G1 N31 X1} D36 N37 D21 E23 G43 X1 Z2 N5} [mSrwt] evening meal {G17 [mSrw] evening {G17 D36 N37 D21 G43 N2} [mxA] (v. counterpoise.) shed {G17 D36 M12 G1 Z7 O1} [mxA] (v. trans. trans. press on (with) {G17 D36 I10 D46 Aa24 D40} [mDd] press hard on. adjust.) match.Birds D36 M12 G1 T14 T14 Y1v} 72 X1 P1} [mXnt] ferry boat {G17 D36 F26 N35 [mXnty] ferryman {G17 D36 F26 {G17 D36 M12 G1 T14 T14 Y1 F34 Z1 N35} [mxA ib n] like in disposition to [mxAt] balance {G17 D36 N35 P1 X1 Z4 A1} M12 G1 X1 T14 T14 U38} [mxA] (v. counterpoise. therein {G17 [mmy] giraffe {G17 D36 G17 D36 F27} [mabA] harpoon {G17 D36 G29 [mHA] back of the head {G17 D36 M16 G1 D1} D54} [mi] (imperative) come ! {G17 D36 M17 [m aqAyt] exactly {G17 D36 N29 V20 V20 V20 T21} [mawH] oar {G17 D36 G43 V28 P8} X1 D40} G1 X1 D50 D50} [mTAt] land . make level {G17 D36 M12 G1 T14 T14 Y1v} W19} [mhr] milk jar {G17 D36 O4 D21 [mhn] coffer {G17 D36 O4 G1 N35 [mxA] (v. strike (the mouth in funerary ritual) {G17 D36 I10 D46 Aa24 D40} D21 E23 G43 N2} [mSrw] evening {G17 D36 N37 [mSrw] evening {G17 D36 N37 D21 E23 G43 N8} [mDd wAt] be loyal.

way {G17 D36 V13 N35 N31} T14 G41 A1} [mtn] sheikh {G17 D36 X1 N35 [mTn] course {G17 D36 X1 N35 V28 M2 N35 V31 A1} [mHnk] (fem.Birds A24} 73 [mht ib] negligence (of poor heart action) {G17 D36 O4 X1 G37 F34 Z1} D36 O4 Z4 G37} D36 V31 M16 G1 D1} [mkHA] back of the head {G17 [mhy] be forgetful. business.) behold {G17 D36 V31} T14 G41 Y1 A1} [mtn] sheikh {G17 D36 X1 N35 [mat] type of boat {G17 D36 X1 P1} [mki] guard.) (not translated) {G17 D38} {G17 D36 V31 A24} {G17 D36 V31 A24 Aa1 G43 D43 Y1} [mk] protector {G17 D36 V31 D40} [makA] brave {G17 D36 V31 G1 [mx] respect (someone) {G17 D38 Aa1} . extend (hand). proper station (for standing) {G17 D36 V31 X1 Y1} N23 Z1} [mXr] low lying land {G17 D36 T28 D21 [mXr] storehouse. take (aim) {G17 D36 O35 Z4 D54} D36 V31 S29 W78A} [mks] container (for documents) {G17 [mkt] thoracic spine {G17 D36 V31 X1 [msw] carriers. look after (horse) [mk xw] guarded and protected [m] (non . pedastal {G17 D36 V31 [mkt] protection. Police {G17 D36 V31 X1 Z4 D40 A1} [mki] guard. bring away booty. guardian {G17 D36 [mkty] protector. protect.enclitic part. protect {G17 D36 V31 Y1v} D36 V31 Y1 F51B} D36 U28 G1 M17 M17 Z7 T14 Z2 A1} [mkt] correct position (of limbs) {G17 [mTn] (locality) Mitanni {G17 D36 X1 D36 U28 G43 T14 N25 Z2} [mDAw] (locality) Medja {G17 N35 N25} [mTn] road. barn {G17 D36 T28 V31 X1 Z4 A24} [mkty] protector. guardian {G17 D21 O1} N23 Z7} [mXrw] a low place {G17 D36 T28 D21 [mDAw] (n.) behold {G17 D38} [m] (int.) Medjay. arrangement (of building) {G17 D36 T28 D21 G43 Z2 Y1} X1 Q3} [mkAt] support. neglectful {G17 [mkt] proper station (for standing) {G17 D36 V31 O1} [ms] bring.) who ?. what ? {G17 D38} [m] (enclitic part. present. ordinance. bearers {G17 D36 O35 Q3} Z7 D54 Z3} [mXrw] dealings.Dictionary of Middle Egyptian M3} G . correct position (of limbs).enclitic part.) partner ? {G17 D36 T14 G41 N31 Z2} [mawH] oar {G17 D36 V28 P8A} [mk] (non .

Dictionary of Middle Egyptian G . formerly {G17 D53 Y1} Y1 D36 Z1} [mkHA] turn the back to. in the house of D46 E34 N35 D54} [mXnty] ferryman {G17 F26 N35 X1 P1 U33 A40} {G17 D46 S29 T30} [mds] (v. be neglectful (of) {G17 D38 V31 M16 D1} [mds] sharp (of knife). neglectful {G17 D38 [mDH] fillet {G17 D46 V28 V12} [m bAH] in the presence of. forceful (of character) {G17 D46 S29 T30} S29 D46 A2} U33 M17 P1} [mXnty] ferryman {G17 F32 N35 D46 S29 T30 D40} [mds] firm . ignore. protector (of poor) {G17 D39 G43 N35 I9 A1 Z2} N33A G17} [mfkAt] turquoise {D39 I9 V31 X1 T21 Z1} [m bw wa] all together {G17 D58 G43 [m biA] no {G17 D58 M17 A2} [m biA] no {G17 D58 M17 G1 W10 F18 Y1 Z2 A2} [mi(w)] waters {G17 D39 N35A} [mTn] (locality) Mitanni {G17 D39 V13 N35 N25} [m iwyt] wrongfully {G17 E9 X1 G43} Z1} [mwt] mother {G17 D39 X1 B1} Z2} [m HAt] in front of. trans.) cut down (quarry) D36 D36} [m Xnw awy] within {G17 F26 W24 [m msDd] unwillingly {G17 F31 [mds] firm-planted (of foot).Birds F34 Z1} 74 O4} [mhy] be forgetful. before {G17 F4 X1 [sDmi] judge. in front.planted (of foot) {G17 [mds ib] spiteful {G17 D46 S29 T30 [mXnt] ferry boat {G17 F32 N35 X1 P4} [mXtw] intestines. in front of. eschew (evil). cut down (quarry) {G17 D46 S29 T30} [mds] sharp (of knife). in front. (palace) guard. henceforward [m dwn] habitually. acute (of vision). forceful (of character) {G17 D39 D46 O34 Y1} {G17 D39 D46 V28 T7 D40} [m bAH a] in the presence of {G17 D53 [mDH] hew (timber). hearers {G17 F21 A1 Z3} [m Dsrw] in private {G17 D45 D21 Y1 [m dwn] straight on {G17 D46 E34 N35 D54} [mXnty] ferryman {G17 F26 N35 G43 P1 X1 A40} {G17 D46 E34 N35 D54} [m dwn] from then on. formerly {G17 D58 G29 V28 D53 Y1} [mwnf] garrison. in front of. continually {G17 {G17 F26 N35 W24 G43 O1} [m Xnw] within. colon {G17 F32 . build (ships) [mi] (imperative) come ! {G17 D54} [m bAH] in the presence of. at. acute (of vision).

vex {G17 G47 G1 A2} [mTA ib r] disagree with someone {G17 G47 G1 A2 F34 Z1 D21} {G17 G47 G1 G17 S28} [imyw xtw] those of later times. extend (hand). bring away booty. colon {G17 F32 X1 [mDtft] chisel (used in Opening-ofthe-mouth ceremony) {G17 I10 X1 I9 X1 U22} [m qAb] doubled {G17 F46 Y1} [m m] (preposition) among.) therein {G17 G17} N33 N33} V19 V19} [mDt] oil {G17 I10 X1 W1B} [mXA] incline (one's heart to) {G17 K4 G1} [mymy] seed . therein {G17 G17} Z1} [mDt] byre {G17 I10 X1 V19} [mDt] depth {G17 I10 X1 V19 N23 [mDwt] bonds {G17 I10 X1 V19 [mm] transport (cattle) {G17 G17} [m m] (adv. as the outcome of {G17 M18 M17 D54 N35} [mDr] shut out (storms).corn {G17 G17 N33 N33 [mymy] seed corn of emmer ? {G17 G17 [imy xt] member of the bodyguard [m xtxt] backwards {G17 M3 N33 N33 N33} Aa1 X1 M3 Aa1 X1 D55} [msA] bring.corn {G17 G17 M17 N33 [mymy] seed corn of emmer ? {G17 G17 M17 N33 Z2} [mXA] a boat {G17 K4 G1 P1} {G17 M3 Aa1 X1 A12} N33} [mymy] seed .Birds 75 Z7 N33A} [mXtw] intestines. present (to). with free access {G17 G43 S29 V13 N35 D54} [mTA] flout.Dictionary of Middle Egyptian X1 G43 F51 Z2} G . take aim {G17 G39} [mww] Muu class of Ritual dancers {G17 G43 G43 A1 Z2} [m wsTn] unhindered. wall in .. except {G17 M16 G1 G43 Y1 Z2 D2 Z1} [mi] (imperative) come ! {G17 M17 D54} T30A Z2} [mfkAt] turquoise {G17 I9 D28 X1 N33A} N33A} [mfkAt] turquoise {G17 I9 V31 X1 [mDH] fillet {G17 I10 V28 S10} [mDH] fillet {G17 I10 V28 V12} [miAsw] spines {G17 M17 G1 O34 G43 [m ii n] as the consequence of. posterity {G17 M3 X1 A1 A1 A1} M3 X1 Z1} [imy xt] member of the bodyguard {G17 [mxAt] balance {G17 M12 G1 X1 U38} D1} [mHA] back of the head {G17 M16 G1 [m HAw] in excess of {G17 M16 G1 G43 Y1 Z2} [mTAm] a woman's garment [m HAw Hr] in addition to.

extend (hand). bring away booty. cenotaph (above ground level) {G17 P6 D36 X1 O1} [maHat] tomb. negligence {G17 O4 [m Ts] (the land was ) in drought {G17 S24 O34 N23} [mhy] (v.) liver {G17 O34 X1 F51 [mst] a staff {G17 O34 X1 O30U} {G17 O1 O1} [imy prwy] member of the administration [mhr] milk jar {G17 O4 D21 W22} [m hims] humbly {G17 O4 G1 F31 [ms] bring. bring away booty. gang (of workmen) {G17 N37 D36 A12 Z2} [mSw] sword {G17 N37 D36 G43 N34 Z1} [msStA] framework ? (of chariot) {G17 O34 N37 X1 Y1 U30} D36 X1 N29 U37} [mSaqt] shoulder blade {G17 N37 [msH] crocodile {G17 O34 V28 I3} N33A} [mSrwt] evening meal {G17 N37 E23 N8 X1} [mist] (n. bring away booty. wall in (treasure) {G17 M36 D21 O36} [m nf] wrongfully {G17 N35 I9 G37} [m nwdw] awry {G17 N35 U19 W24 G43 D46} {G17 O29 D36 G1 Y1 D21 Z1} [m aA r] (speak) boastfully [mswr] drinking bowl {G17 O34 G36 D21 D118 V30 Z1} [msA] bring. cenotaph (above ground level) {G17 P6 X1 O1} [m Htp nfr wrt] in very good peace (a greeting) {G17 R4 X1 Q3 F35 I9 D21 G36 D21 X1} S29 D54 Z2} [m hims] humbly {G17 O4 M17 F31 [mhit] milch cow {G17 O4 M17 X1 E1} X1 G37 N33A} [mht] forgetfulness.Dictionary of Middle Egyptian G . present (to). present (to).Birds 76 (treasure) {G17 M36 D21 M17 O36} [mDr] shut out (storms). infantry. take aim {G17 O34 G39} [m snt r] in the likeness of. take (aim) {G17 O35 D40} [ms] betake (oneself) {G17 O35 D54} [ms] bring. in accordance with {G17 O34 N35 X5 Y1 X1 D21} U19 W24 Z7 D46 Z7 Z2 D54} [m nwdw] awry {G17 N35 [mSa] soldiers.) be forgetful. in accordance with {G17 O34 N35 X5 X1 D21} [m snt r] in the likeness of. neglectful (of) {G17 O4 Z4 G37} [mh ib] the heart is forgetful (has defective action) {G17 O4 Z4 G37 F34 Z1} D46 A29} [m sxd] head downwards {G17 S29 Aa1 [msADt] nostril {G17 S29 Aa17 I10 . take (aim) {G17 O35 D54} S29 D54} G37} [mhy] be forgetful. extend (hand). army. extend (hand). neglectful {G17 O4 [m hAw] in the neighbourhood of {G17 O4 G43 Z2} [maHat] tomb. present (to).

ordinance. anew {G17 U1 god) {G17 V26A D36 N35 I10 G43 X1 P3} V26A X1 P3} X1 G43 Y1v} [manDt] day barque (of sun god) {G17 H6 Y1 Z2} [m mAat] truly {G17 U5 D36 X1 [m mrwt] in order that {G17 U7 [manDt] day . way. bedrowned {G17 V22 X1 Aa20} [manxt] pendant {G17 S34 N35 Aa1 V28} [mXrw] dealings.) overflow (of Nile) {G17 V22 V28 N35A} [manDt] day barque (of sun [m mAwt] newly. arrangement (of building) {G17 T28 D21 G43 Y1 Z2} V22 V28 A96 N35A} [mHi] swim. dispatch {G17 U28 X1 A16} . arrangement (of building) {G17 T28 D21 Y1 Z2} [mHi] (v.barque (of sun god) {G17 [mHn] (n.Dictionary of Middle Egyptian D19 X1} G .) Medjay.) coil (of serpents) {G17 V28 N35 Z5} [mDAbt] bailer (of boat) {G17 U28 G1 D58 X1 V30} U28 G1 G43 N25} [mDAw] (locality) Medja {G17 {G17 V28 V28 Z4 D54 N35 F34 Z1} [m HHy n ib] with ingenious mind to meet him [m Hsi . launch (a vessel) {G17 [mXrw] dealings. business. and v. course {G17 V13 [msktt] night-barque (of sun god) [mtnwt] (n.Birds 77 D46 G17 Z2 X1 N33} [msdmt] black eye paint {G17 S29 D58 D40} [mDAb] expel (foes) {G17 U28 Z7 [msTpt] portable shrine {G17 S29 V13 Q3 X1} [m xsfw] at the approach of (in meeting) {G17 U35 G43 D54} [mTwn] arena {G17 V13 M42 N35 E1} [msH] crocodile {G17 S29 V28 F27} [msH] crocodile {G17 S29 V28 I3} {G17 S29 V29 V31 X1 X1 P46} N35 G41 N31} [mTn] road.) drown. business.f] (coming) {G17 V28 W14 O34 D54 I9} [mDAw] (n. Police {G17 U28 G1 G43 T14 A1 Z2} [mDAt] chisel {G17 U28 X1 U27} Y2} F22} [m kfAt] indeed {G17 V31 I9 X1 [m ksw] bowing {G17 V31 S29 G43 [mDAt] letter.barque (of sun god) {G17 V27 D46 X1 P121} D21 G43 X1 A2} U28 D58 X1 D3 M3} [mDAbt] drainer (for bilge ?) {G17 V27 X1 P3} [manDt] day . ordinance.) reward {G17 V13 N35 T14 W24 Y2 X1} [msktt] night-barque (of sun god) {G17 S29 V31 X1 X1 P3} A40} [mHy] guardian {G17 V22 M17 M17 [mHi] (v.

combine (attributes). death {G17 X1 D12} [mtwt] seed. common folk. out of {G17 W18 N35 X1} [m xnty] indoors {G17 W18 N35 X1 Z4 D19 O1} [nHbt] bud (of lotus plant) {G21 V28 [nHbt] bud (of lotus) {G21 V28 D58 X1 M9} [m mi] as if {G17 W19 M17} [m mitt] likewise {G17 W19 X1 X1 Y1} A14} D58 X1 M10} [nHbt] bud (of lotus plant) {G21 V28 [mt] dead man. therein {G18 [m ktkt] quietly {G17 V31 X1 V31 D39} [m gbgbt] headlong (of flight). perish. within. prostrate {G17 W11 D58 W11 D58 Z9 X1} D19 X1 N35} [mSa] march. common folk. mankind {G23 M17 M17 X1} [mymy] seed corn of emmer ? {G17 Z4 [rxyt] subjects. perish (of ship). progeny {G17 X1 D53 G43 X1} N5} [nHp] potter's wheel {G21 V28 Q3 O39} [nHH] eternity. death {G17 X1 A55} [mt] die. death {G17 X1 A14} [nHb] harness. seed of man {G20 M17 [m gbgbt] headlong (of flight). slab (of metal) {G22 [Dbt] target {G22 D58 X1 O39 N34 [mt] dead man {G17 X1 Z6} [m mnt] daily {G17 Y5 N35 N5 X1} [m mn] at the fixed rate of {G17 Y5 N35 Y1} N33A} O39} [Dbt] brick. for ever {G21 V28 V28 [nHt] prayer {G21 V28 X1 A2} [mtt] dead woman {G17 X1 X1 A14} Z6 N42 X1 B1} [mtt Hmt] dead woman {G17 X1 X1 D58 X1 O39} [Dbt] brick. prayer {G21 V28 A2} D58 X1 M2} [xnt] (preposition) in the face of. travels {G20 N37 D36 D54} [mxnt] face. perish. upper part of face {G17 W17 [nHi] pray for. mankind . requisition {G21 V28 D58 Z9 D40} W22 Z2} [nHH] (sesame) oil {G21 V28 N5 V28 [mt] die. perish. prostrate {G17 W11 D58 W11 D58 M17 M17 A15 X1} [mmy] giraffe {G18 Z4 F27} M17 G43 N35A} [myw] semen.Birds G17 Z4 N33 Z2} 78 [mks] sceptre {G17 V31 S29 R88A} [mkt] thoracic spine {G17 V31 X1} X1 A2} X1} [mt] die. yoke. death {G17 Z6 [m m] (preposition) among. provide.Dictionary of Middle Egyptian G . ingot. slab (of metal) {G22 X1 [rxyt] subjects. appoint. ingot. mortal man {G17 X1 [mt] die.

fame {G25 Aa1 Y1} [Axw] power (of god) {G25 Aa1 Y1 Z2} [Axw] power (of god) {G25 Aa1 Z2 G43} [gmgm] smash (boxes) {G28 G17 G28 G17 D40 Z9} [Axt] uraeus .dweller {G25 Aa1 X1 [dSrt] red pot {G27 X1 W12} [gmi wS] found destroyed {G28 D3} [gmi] (v. glorious.) be. profitable. control (land) {G28 G17} [gmgm] smash (boxes). tomb (of king) {G25 X1 G43 N37 D3} [gmwt] weakness {G28 G17 .) find. (tomb (of king) {G25 Aa1 [Axty] horizon . profitable.serpent {G25 X1 I13} N27 O1} A7} [gmw] weakness {G28 G17 G43 [gmi wS] found destroyed {G28 G17 [Axt] horizon. beneficial. splendid. become a spirit. be able to (do something). useful.dwellers (a remote people) {G25 Aa1 G4 B53 B53 B53} [Axw] power (of god). useful {G25 Aa1 X1 Y1} Z4 H6 X1 Z1 M2} [Swt dHwty] a type of herb {G26 X1 [dSrw] wrath {G27 D21 G43 Z2} [dSrt] the Red Land. break (of trees) {G28 G17 G28 G17 Z9} Z8 U33 M17} [Axw] power (of god) {G25 Aa1 Y1} [Ax] be a spirit.Birds 79 [Axw] power (of god) {G25 Y1 Z2} [Ax] the spirit-state {G25 Z1} [Ax] spirit {G25 Z1 A52} W3} [Ax] (v. use (one's hand). desert {G27 D21 X1 N25} S3} [dSrt] the Red Crown {G27 D21 X1 [dSrt] the Red Land. desert {G27 X1 N25} X1 Z8} [Axt] horizon. become a spirit. sunshine {G25 Aa1 N8} [Axt] eye (of god) {G25 Aa1 X1 D6} [Axt] uraes-serpent {G25 Aa1 X1 I13} [Axt] flame {G25 Aa1 X1 Q7} [Axt] what is good. tear up (books). beneficial. mastery (over work) {G25 Aa1 G43 Y1 Z2} M17 X1 O1} [DHwtt] festival of Thoth {G26A X1 X1 [DHwtt] festival of Thoth {G26 M17 M17 W4} X1 W3} [DHwtt] festival of Thoth {G26 M17 M17 [DHwty] (divinity) Thoth (god) {G26 X1 Z4 A40} [Axyt] still-room ? {G25 Aa1 M17 [Axw] sunlight.) horizon . profitable {G25} [Ax] spirit {G25} [Ax] spirit {G25 Aa1} [Ax] spirit {G25 Aa1 A51} [Axtyw] (pl. useful.Dictionary of Middle Egyptian {G23 X1 A1 Z2 B1} G .

later on. works (of craftmanship).) black ibis {G28 G17 Z7 [bAkt] maidservant {G29 V31 X1 B1} [bAkt] work. task.) {G29 Z1 [bdt] bed (of gourds etc. espy. flood. carry out (a task). work (horses).. BA {G29 Z1} D46 X1 Z5 M2} [bdt] bed (of gourds etc. task.) have abundance. revenues. to the East) {G29 O39 N25} [bAs] jar {G29 S29 W10B} [bAk] servant {G29 V31 A1} .. BA {G29 Z1 Z6} [bAw] souls (of dead) {G30} [bAw] power {G30 G43 Y1 Z2} [bAw] power {G30 Y1 Z2} [baH] abundance {G32} [baH] inundated land {G32} [baHi] (v. execution (of a design). to the East) {G29 O39 D4 N25} [bAXw] Bahu: a region (originally west of Egypt. enslave {G29 V31 D40} [bAkw] work. task {G29 V31 D40 Z2} [bAkbAk] a cake {G29 V31 G29 V31 N33 Z2} perspicaceous {G28 G17 V28 D4 V4 G1 N31} [gmHsw] hawk {G28 G17 V28 S29 G158A A40} S28} [gmHt] candle {G28 G17 V28 X1 [gmw] mourning {G28 G17 Z7 G37 [bAkw] work. later on. pay taxes. be a soul {G29} [bit] a loaf {G29A M17 N21} [bAt] symbol of Hathor {G29 G1 X1 F62} [bAt] symbol of Hathor {G29 Y8A} [bA] soul. wages {G29 V31 G43 D40 Z2} Y1 Z2} [bAkw] work. inundate {G32} [baHw] inundation. impost. work (for someone).Birds 80 {G28 G17 V28 D4} [gmH] catch sight of.sighted. revenues..) {G29 Z1 [bit] a loaf {G29 M17 X1 N21} M1} D46 X1 Z5 M2} [bAq] tree (moringa arabica) {G29 N29 [bAq] moringa oil {G29 N29 M1 W24 [bA] soul. be inundated.Dictionary of Middle Egyptian G43 X1 A7 Z2 G37} G . taxes. taxes {G29 V31 X1 Z2} [gmHt] plaited hair {G28 V28 X1 D3} [gmHt] candle {G28 V28 X1 S28} [HAmw] type of wine {G28 W10} [bA] possess a soul. taxes {G29 V31 X1 Y1 Z2} [bAkt] revenues. look (at) [gmH wA] far . be well . workmanship. [bAk] work. labour (of captives).supplied.. flood {G32} Z2} [bAq] bright {G29 N29 M46B} [bAXw] Bahu: a region (originally west of Egypt. task {G29 V31 G43 Z2} G41 Z2} [gmwt] (pl.

food {G35 N29 Z7 Z8 Z2} D21 G17 X1 O169 O169 O169} [wrmwt] roofing. food. eldest. grow weary. provisions. excess (of supplies). much. wagon {G36 D21 [aqw] friends {G35 N29 D54 A1 B1 Z2} [wrrt] crown {G36 D21 D21 X1 S2} [wrrt] crown {G36 D21 D21 X1 S6} [wrryt] chariot {G36 D21 D21 X1 T17} D21 O1 Z1} [aq r pr] wedding {G35 N29 D54 [aq r] one over-familiar in speech ? {G35 N29 D54 D21 Z1 A1} F34 Z1} [aq ib] become intimate {G35 N29 D54 [aq ib] intimate friend {G35 N29 D54 {G36 D21 D46 A7 G37} [wrD] be weary. food {G35 G43 Z8 Z2} [wr] great one. awnings {G36 [aqyt] female servant {G35 X1} [wr] great {G36} [wr] swallow (bird) {G36} [wrr] great. grow weary. come and go {G35 N29 D54 O1 D21 D54} [aqw] loaves.Birds {G36 D21} 81 N36 N23} [baH] basin (for irrigation) {G32 N35A [wri] portion (of meat) {G36 D21} [wr] greatness (of size). die {G36 D21 I10 D81} [wri] portion of meat {G36 D21 M17 F51} X1 M3 Z2} [wryt] door posts {G36 D21 M17 M17 . awnings {G36 [aq ib] intimate friend {G35 N29 Y1 D21 G17 X1 G43 O36 X1 Z2} [aqw] provisions. set (of sun). awnings {G36 [wrmwt] roofing. how much ? {G36 D21} [baH] abundance {G32 Y1v} [aq] enter (into) {G35} [aq] enter (into) {G35 D54} [aqw] provisions. income. tire. important [wrD] be weary. ruler (of foreign land) {G36 D21 A1} [wrryt] chariot {G36 D21 D21 M17 M17 X1 M3} [aqyt] female servant {G35 M17 M17 X1} [aq] enter. have the entree.Dictionary of Middle Egyptian G . magnate {G36 D21} [wr] great one. chief. much. many. tire [wrdw] weariness {G36 D21 D46 Z7 A7 G37 Z2} F34 Z1 A1} [wr ib] insolent {G36 D21 F34 Z1} [wri] portion (of meat) {G36 D21 F51B} D21 G17 X1 G43 O36 X1 N21 Z2} [aq pr] come in and go out. sufficiency (of food). run aground. magnate. be noticed {G35 N29 D54} D21 M17 M17 X1 T17} [wrryt] chariot. charge. come in. revenue {G35 N29 X4 Z2} F34 Z1} [wrmwt] roofing.

. of goddess) [wrt] Crown of Upper Egypt {G36 D21 X1 T17} X1 S2} N37 M17 M17 N5 A1} [wrSy] watcher.. poor (of appetite) {G37} [wrt] greatness (of rank). wake. smear on {G36 D21 V28 W1 D40} [wrH] ointment {G36 D21 V28 W1 Z3} [wrH] anoint (someone with.. smear on {G36 D21 V28 W23 A24} [wrH] ointment {G36 D21 V28 W24 Z2} [wrHt] ointment {G36 D21 V28 X1 W23 Z2} [wr xrp Hm(wt)] Master Craftsman [wrt] sacred cow {G36 X1 E1} [wrt] sacred barque {G36 X1 P13} [wrt] sacred barque {G36 X1 P111} [nDs] little / small (of size).. spend much time.Dictionary of Middle Egyptian G . what is important.). very {G36 D21 X1} . spend one's time..Birds 82 D21 M17 M17 X1 S28} [wryt] cloth for straining liquids {G36 [wrryt] chariot {G36 D21 M17 M17 {G36 D21 X1 I12} [wrt] Great One (of uraeus. be awake {G36 D21 N37 N5} Q43} [wrS] wake. be awake {G36 D21 N37 [wrs] head . sentry {G36 D21 X1 S4} [wrt] Crown of Lower Egypt {G36 D21 [wrryt] chariot {G36 D21 X1 T17} [wrS] spend the day. dim (of eyes).) . dull (of ears).rest {G36 D21 S29 M3} [wrt HkAw] Great of Magic (of uraeus) {G36 D21 X1 V28 D28 Z2 I13} [wrt HkAw] Great of Magic (of crowns) {G36 D21 X1 V28 D28 Z2 S2} [wrt HkAw] Great of Magic (of crowns) {G36 D21 X1 V28 D28 Z2 S2 S4} [wr diw] Greatest of the Five {G36 D21 Z1 Z1 Z1 Z1 Z1} [wr xrp Hmwt] Greatest of the Master Craftsmen {G36 D21 S42 U24} [wr swnw] master physician {G36 D21 T11 W24 G43 Z3 A1} U1 Z2 A1} [wr mAw] Greatest of Seers {G36 D21 [wr HkAw] Great of Magic {G36 D21 [wr mdw SmAw] magnate of the Tens of Upper Egypt {G36 M26 V20} [wr mdw Smaw] magnate of the Tens of Upper Egypt {G36 M26 V20} [wr mdw SmAw] magnate of the Tens of Upper Egypt {G36 M26 V20 Z2} [wr mdw SmAw] magnate of the Tens of Upper Egypt {G36 M27 V20 V20 V20 A1} [wr mdw SmAw] magnate of the Tens of Upper Egypt {G36 M27 V20 Z2} [wr mD Smaw] Magnate of the 'Ten of Upper Egypt' {G36 M28} {G36 S42 U24 A1} V28 D28 Z2 A40} [wr HkAw] instrument for 'Opening of the mouth' {G36 D21 V28 D28 Z2 U19} M17 W23 A24} [wrHy] anointer {G36 D21 V28 M17 [wrH] anoint Someone with..

) yours {G40 G1 Z4 O39} [sAtw] ground. art. earth. bird (in general) {G39} [sA] land measure of 1/8 aroura {G39} [wSA] fatten {G39} [sA] son {G39 A1} [sAty bity] the royal twins (Shu and Tefnut) {G39 G39 L2 L2 X1 A40} [Hb] catch (of fish and fowl) {G39 K1} [sA ra] son of Re {G39 N5} [sA tA] snake {G39 N16 I14} [snHm] locust {G39 N35 N42 G17 L4} [pAat] irrigable land {G40 D36 X1 Z5} G1} [pA] (demon.) offerings {G40 G1 [pA] fly. be turned over (of sole of foot) {G40 Aa1 D46 P1A} [gb] (divinity) Geb (the Earth god) {G38 [Apd] duck. soil. earth. and v.laying duck {G39 X1 B3} [sAtw] ground. floor {G39 X1 G43 N21 Z2} G43 X1 X6 Z8 Z3} G43 X1 Z8 Z2} [pAwt] (pl. junior.) my {G40 G1 M17 [pAy .) little.Birds 83 [Srr] (adj. and def. the {G40} [pAw] (auxillary v. earth.) guards {G39 Z2 O1 Z2} [pA] (demon. short {G37} D58 A40} impersonator of Horus) {G39 Z1 U7 I9 A1} [sAw prw] (n. fly up {G40 G1 H5} [pAD] ball or cone (of incense) {G40 G1 I10 Y24} N21 Z2} [sAtw] ground. adj. the {G40 [pAw] (auxillary v. soil. flooring {G39 O34 G1 D46 Y24} [pAD] ball or cone (of incense) {G40 [pAwt] (pl. adj.) this. with past meaning) 'past tense' marker {G40 G1} [pAxd] be turned over (of sole of foot) {G40 G1 Aa1 D46 A29} [pAD] knee-cap {G40 G1 D46 D56 F51} X1 O39 O39 O39} [sAtw] floor boards.i] (pos. younger. and def.) this.k] (pos. floor {G39 X1 [sAty gb] son of Geb {G39 X1 Z4 [pAy] he of {G40 G1 M17 M17} M17 A1} G39 D58 A40} [pAy .) offerings {G40 G1 [ss] hurry {G39 O35} [sAt] daughter {G39 X1 B1} [st ms] egg . soil. with past meaning) 'past tense' marker {G40} [pAxd] be turned upside down. floor {G39 X1 [aff] (n.Dictionary of Middle Egyptian G . part.) fly {G39 Z1} [sA] maggot {G39 Z1 I15} [sA mr .f] a son who loves (ritual M17 M17 V31} S28} [pAqt] fine linen {G40 G1 N29 X1 [pAs] water pot {G40 G1 O34 V102} . meagre.

) I.) I. act stupidly {G43 [wxA] ignorant. endure.) primaeval gods [wxryt] dockyard. me. victuals. endure. suffer. fool {G43 Aa1 M12 G1 G37 A1} [wxA] hall of columns {G43 Aa1 M12 G1 O1} [sHwy] collection. resin {G41 M17 M17 X1 N33 Z2} [wx] night {G43 Aa1 N2} [wx] fetish of Kos {G43 Aa1 R16} [wxt] darkness {G43 Aa1 X1 N2} [w] (enclitic negative part. incompetent G43 X1 A9} [pAwt] burden (of illness) {G41 G1 [pAqyt] shell (of turtle.) not {G43} D54 A1} [war] fugitive {G43 D36 D21 D56 . fly {G43 D36 D21 D56 D54} N35A D21 Z1} [Tn r] reminder. me {G43} [wy] (admirative part. tent pole {G43 Aa1 M17 [qmyt] gum. rush forth.) not {G43 D35} [war] flee. be patient with {G43 Aa1 D46 Y1v} [wxA] column.) men of ancient families [pss] results of labour {G40 G39 Z1 G39 Z1 Z9 D40} [wi] (1st singular dependent prn.) the fleet {G40 G1 P7 G43 P2 Z2} {G40 G4 X6 Z3} [w] property {G43} [wi] (dependent prn. carpenter's workshop {G43 Aa1 D21 M17 M17 X1 P1 M3 Z2} {G40 X1 G43 G4 N11 Z2} G43 X6 N17 N33A} [pAwt] primaeval time {G40 X1 D21 X1 Q2C} [wxryt] carpenter's workshop {G43 Aa1 [pAwt] primaeval time {G40 X1 X6} [pAwty] man of ancient family {G40 X1 X6 U33 M17} [wxd] be painful.Birds 84 [pA aHaw] (collective n.Dictionary of Middle Egyptian G . suffer. of skull). assemblage (of troops). my X6} [pAq] a flat thin cake or biscuit {G40 N29 [pAwtyw] (pl. list {G41 G43 Z4 Y1 Z2} O211} [wxA] column. (deified as) Abundance {G42 Z8 Z2} [w] (enclitic negative part. potsherd {G41 G1 N29 M17 M17 X1 O39} person. summary. tent pole {G43 Aa1 M3} Aa1 M12 G1 G37} G43 X6 A40} [wxA] be foolish.) how ! {G43} {G43 A1} [pAwtyw] (pl. sustenance. explanation {G41 [wSA] fatten {G42} [Dfaw] provisions. flake (of stone). be patient with {G43 Aa1 D46 Aa2} [wxd] foebearance {G43 Aa1 D46 Aa9 Y1} D12 X6} [pAwty] primaeval god {G40 X1 Z4A [pAwty] primaeval god {G40 X1 Z4 [wxd] be painful.

plateau {G43 D36 [wart] flight {G43 D36 D21 X1 D56 Z2} X1 N23} [wart] desert . revert (to) {G43 D46 D58 F46 D54} [wDb a] turn the hand away. gall {G43 D46 D46 [wdi] peasant {G43 D46 D46 Z9} [wart] flight {G43 D36 D21 X1 D56} [wart] flight {G43 D36 D21 X1 D56 D54 Z2} [wDb] divert (offerings.plateau {G43 D36 D21 [wdf] delay {G43 D46 I9 D54} [wdf] delay {G43 D46 I9 G39 D54} D46 I9 N31 D54} X1 O39 N25} D36 D21 Z7 D56 A2} [warw] hastiness (of speech) {G43 [waawt] privacy {G43 D36 D36 Z7 [wdf] delay.plateau {G43 D36 D21 [wart] desert . bathe. of affairs) [wan] juniper {G43 D36 N35 M1} Y1v} [wdn] offer (to) {G43 D46 N35 U32 [wdnw] offerings {G43 D46 N35 W24 [wa] unique.Dictionary of Middle Egyptian G . compose oneself. one only. subdue. desist. sole {G43 D36 T21 Z1} G43 Y1v} D36 V28 N11A} [waH] earth . leg.almond ?. tardily {G43 [wdn] record (royal titulary) {G43 D46 X1 G37 N33A} N35 D245} [wab] pure. recur (illness) {G43 D46 D58 F46 D54} [wDb] fold over. be sluggish. turn back. turn (away from). purity {G43 D36 D60} [iwa] succeed (someone) {G43 D36 F44} [waw] soldier {G43 D36 G43 D40} [waf] bend down.Birds 85 {G43 D36 D21 X1 D56} [wart] hip joint. turn oneself about {G43 D46 D58 F46 D54 D36 Z1} D21 X1 D56 N25} [wart] desert . curled up {G43 D36 I9 A24} Z7 D40} D46 N35 M11} [wdn] instal. purify oneself. action). purification. record (royal titulary) {G43 [wdn] offer (to) {G43 D46 N35 M11 Y1} Y1} [wdnw] offerings {G43 D46 N35 M11 [wdn] be heavy {G43 D46 N35 U32 [waf] subdue (nations) {G43 D36 I9 [wan] juniper {G43 D36 N35 Aa2 M1} [wan] juniper {G43 D36 N35 Aa2 M1} N33 Z2} [wdn] be heavy. carob ? {G43 [wdnt] offering {G43 D46 N35 X1 M11} [wdnt] heavy block of stone {G43 D46 N35 X1 U33 O39} [wdrt] region {G43 D46 D21 X1 N25} . be bent. foot H8} [wdd] gall-bladder. lower leg. become difficult {G43 D46 N35 U32 O39} {G43 D46 N35 U32 Y1} [wdn] weigh (on someone. weigh. cleanse.

shine. appear. be scalded {G43 D58 V28 W15A} [wdH] pour out. deal (harm.Birds 86 N35 Z9} [wdn] record (royal titulary) {G43 D46 [wdpw] butler. implant (an obstacle). pour off {G43 D46 V28 U50A} [iw] come. return {G43 D54} S28} [wbx] be bright {G43 D58 Aa1 Z9 [wbx] be bright {G43 D58 Aa1 Z9 Y1} [wbd] burn. glitter. bathe. press the hand (against) {G43 D46 Z9 D40 D36 Z1} X1 Z5 Q7} [wbdt] burn. instil (terror). commit (offence). send forth (the voice) {G43 D46 Z9 D40} [wdi] lay (a fire). extend (protection) {G43 D46 Z9 D40} [wdi] throw . glitter. overflow. appoint as. pour off {G43 D46 [wdi] give out (a noise). overflow. purity {G43 F17 D58} [wmt] gateway {G43 D52 X1 T14 [wmt] thick cloth {G43 D52 X1 V1} . shine. injury) {G43 D46 Z9 D40} D46 Q7} [wdi] stir up (strife). utter (a cry). be excessive {G43 D58 N35 N5} [wbn] rise.Dictionary of Middle Egyptian G . thickness {G43 D52 [wmtt] thick wall {G43 D52 X1 X1 W24} T14 T14} V28 G43 R1} [wdHw] offering table {G43 D46 [wdHw] offering {G43 D46 V28 [wmt] thick {G43 D52 X1 Y1} F34 Z1} [wmt ib] stout . burning {G43 D58 D46 [wbn] stride briskly {G43 D58 N35 D54} [wbn] rise. be bent on (a purpose) {G43 D46 Z9 D40} [wdi] place. heat. shoot (an arrow). be excessive {G43 D58 N35 N8} [wbnw] wound {G43 D58 N35 W24 G43 Aa3} W24 G43 D26} [wbnw] wound {G43 D58 N35 [wmt] gateway {G43 D52 X1 O1} [wmt] mass (of men) {G43 D52 X1 O36 A1 Z2} [wbnw] wound {G43 D58 N35 W24 G43 F51B} N35 W24 G43 N5} [wbnw] eastern. purify oneself. appear. the east {G43 D58 [wmt] thick cloth {G43 D52 X1 S28 Z2} T14 O1} [wsr] powerful {G43 F12 S29 D21} [wab] pure. plant (trees) {G43 D46 Z9 D40} [wd a] extend the hand (to do something).hearted {G43 D52 X1 Y1 [wmtt] thick wall {G43 D52 X1 Z4 G43 U50A X2 W22 X6} G43 X4 Z2} [wdHw] offering {G43 D46 V28 T14 T14 O1} [wdH] pour out. cook {G43 D46 Q3 G43 X1 X1 O36} [wmtt] thick wall. cleanse. put. purification.

fool {G43 M12 G1 G37 A1} [wxA] column. pluck (flowers). discuss. beat (a mat). incompetent person. purge (the body) {G43 M12 G1 D40} [wDa] cut off (head) {G43 I10 D36 Aa21} [wDa] cut off (head). discern. tent-pole {G43 M12 G1 M3} [wDa] judge. shake out (linen). talk. assign. assent (to).) judge {G43 I10 D36 Aa21 Y1 D21 G43 X1 N1} [wxA] ignorant. support. incompetent person.Dictionary of Middle Egyptian G .) wean {G43 I10 V28} . tent pole {G43 M12 M3} [wHA] hew (stone) {G43 M16 D40} [wHA] hew (stone). empty out. me {G43 M17} [wi] mummy case {G43 M17 A53} [wiA tp itrw] sacred barque for the river {G43 M17 G1 P3 D1 Z1 M17 X1 D21 G43 N36 N35A} N35 W24 Z7 N35A} [wDnw] flood.Birds 87 [wSd] address (someone). subject (of conversation) {G43 I9 G1 G39 A2} [wSAw] darkness {G43 M8 G1 G43 N2 Z3} [wxA] seek {G43 M12 D54} [wxA] seek {G43 M12 G1 Aa1 D54} [wxA] throw off (earth). set aside [wDH] (v. {G43 I10 D36 Aa21 A24} [wDa] cut (cords). accused {G43 F30 D46 A2} [wSA] utter (plaudites). fool {G43 M12 G37 A1} [wxA] column. recite (praises) {G43 M8 G1 A2} G1 G43 G41 N2} [wfA] support (a plea) {G43 I9 G1 A2} [wSAw] darkness {G43 M8 [wfA] lungs {G43 I9 G1 F51} [wfA] talk about. be parted (of lips of wound). devote (to). divorce by judgement {G43 I10 D36 X1 Aa21 A2} D36 X1 Aa21 B1} [wDat] divorced woman {G43 I10 [wHA] cut (crops) {G43 M16 G1 [wDb] turn {G43 I10 D58 N21A} [wdf] delay {G43 I10 I9 D54} [wdf] delay {G43 I10 I9 G38 D54} [wdf] delay {G43 I10 I9 G39 Y1 Z2} [wHA] pluck (flowers) {G43 M16 G1 M2} [wi] (dependent prn. cut (crops) {G43 M16 G1 A24} Aa2 A24} [wDa] discern {G43 I10 D36 T14 D54} [wDat] judgement.) I. question (someone). and n. cut out (sandals) {G43 I10 D36 Aa21 Y1v} [wxA] seek {G43 M12 G1 D54} [wxA] ignorant. judge between {G43 I10 D36 Aa21 Y1v} [wDa] open (door). inundation {G43 I10 [wiA] sacred barque {G43 M17 G1 P4A} [win] thrust aside. push away. remove {G43 I10 D36 Aa21 Y1v} [wDa rwt] (v. cut off (head). have judgement.

be lacking {G43 O4 G37} [whn] throw down (fence) {G43 O4 N35 A35} [wSb] (v. be destroyed. hole {G43 O4 D58 Z9 [whi] (v. push away. be barron. fail. trans. be undone.) escape {G43 O4 D41} D40} [wSd] question (someone) {G43 N37 D46 A2} [whb] pierce.) answer. set aside {G43 M17 K1 N35 D41 D54} H1} Q3 N29 D21 M17 M3 O1} [w pqr] district of Peker {G43 N21 H2 M2} [wSm] ear of corn {G43 N37 G17 [wSm] ear of corn {G43 N37 G17 [w] district. test {G43 N37 G17 [win] thrust aside.Dictionary of Middle Egyptian {G43 M17 K1 N35 D36} G . region {G43 N21 Z1} [wS] urinate {G43 N37 Aa2} [wsS] (v.) be undone (of heart) {G43 D58 A2} [wSb] (v.) answer {G43 N37 [wSbw] comforter ? {G43 N37 O4 G1 G37} D58 G43 Z9 A1} M17 M17 X1 Z9 N33 Z2} [wSbyt] beads {G43 N37 D58 G1 O4 G1 A2} [whAhA] arrogance ? {G43 O4 [wSbt] response ? {G43 N37 D58 X1 Z9 A2} [whi] escape. make an offering (of food and drink) {G43 N37 N35 H1 D40} N37 N35 W24 G43 H1 Z3} [wSnw] poultry (for table) {G43 {G43 N37 D21 N5} [wSa] eat a morsel {G43 N37 D36 A2} D36 F18 A2} [wSnw] poultry (for table) {G43 N37 W24 G43} [wSa] chew. answer for (conduct) {G43 N37 D58 Z9 A2} G42} [wSAt] widgeon ? {G43 N37 G1 X1 [wSm] throat {G43 N37 G17 F10} N35 D1} [whnn] crown (of head) {G43 O4 N35 [whn] throw down (fence) {G43 O4 N35 O37 D40} . be despoiled [wSn] wring the neck. eat a morsel {G43 N37 [wSb] bull {G43 N37 Z9 D58 E1} [whi] (v. miss. and n.Birds 88 {G43 M17 K1 N35 D41 D40} [win] thrust aside. desolate (a place) {G43 N37 D3} G37} N37 N35 G54} [wSr] be despoiled {G43 N37 D21 [wSr] dry up. push away. set aside G43} [wSmw] jar of metal {G43 N37 G17 [wSm] prove ?.) pass (fluid). urinate {G43 N37 Aa2} T19} [wS] be destroyed {G43 N37 G37} Z1} [wS ib] be helpless ? {G43 N37 G37 F34 [wSn] wring the neck (of poultry) {G43 [wS] fall out. and n.

protective spell [wDAt] the uninjured eye of Horus {G43 U28 G1 X1 D10} [wsxt] barge {G43 S29 Aa1 X1 W10 P1} D55} [wsf] (v. be unhindered. proceed. deal arbitrarily with {G43 S29 V13 N35 D54} V13 N35 D54 D36 Z1} G37} [wsS] die out (of a race) {G43 O34 N37 [wsSt] urine {G43 O34 N37 X1 D53} [wsSt] urine {G43 O34 N37 X1 [wsTn a] free of hands {G43 S29 D53 N35A Aa2 Z2} [wsTn] be unhindered {G43 S29 V13 N35 D56 D54} [wsT] (v.) hale. chink.Birds 89 [whn] throw down (fence). extensive (of monuments.) remain over (of balance in calculations) {G43 U28 G1 Y1} {G43 U28 G1 Y1v} [wDA] (adj.) neglect {G43 S29 I9 G41} . set out. breadth {G43 S29 Aa1 W10 Y1} [wDAw] amulets. set (of sun) {G43 U28 D54} [wDA] go. uninjured. dilapidation {G43 O34 V13 G37} D54} X1 G37} [wsT] (v.Dictionary of Middle Egyptian G . riches).) open {G43 Q3 F13} M17} [wpS] strew. trans. ignore. wide. sluggishness {G43 S29 I9 G41 D54} Z7 G41 D54 A1} [wsfw] sluggard {G43 S29 I9 [wsSt] urine {G43 S29 N37 X1 Aa3A} [ws] crack.) (to)saw {G43 S29 T30} [wsTn] travel freely. proceed. attain (a rank). set (of sun) {G43 U28 G1 D54} [wDA r Axt] go to the horizon (die) {G43 U28 G1 D54 D21 N27 X1 O1} {G43 U28 G1 G43 Y1 Z2} [wsx] cup {G43 S29 Aa1 W10} [wsx] barge {G43 S29 Aa1 W10 P1} [wsx] broad. small window {G43 S29 O1} [wsfw] sluggard {G43 O34 I9 G43 [wsS] urinate. sluggish.) be dilapidated. pass (fluid) {G43 O34 N37 D53} [wsi] (v. prosperous [wDA ib] be glad {G43 U28 G1 Y1V [wsf] (v. fall off (of scab) {G43 O4 N35 O118} [wht] failure {G43 O4 X1 G37} [waA] curse {G43 O29 D36 G1 A2} G41} [wsf] be slack. neglect. attain (a rank). ruin. trans. and n. ruin {G43 S29 [wst] sawdust {G43 S29 X1 T30C} [(sbA) waty] lone (star) {G43 T21 U33 [wsTn] travel freely {G43 O34 X1 N35 [wpi] (v. scatter {G43 Q3 N37 Z9} [wsx] barge {G43 S29 Aa1 P1} [wsx] ornamental collar {G43 S29 Aa1 S11} [wDA] go.) be dilapidated. set out.) neglect {G43 S29 I9 [wDA] (v.

delate {G43 V13 O34 U39 A2} [wHs] cut off (hair).) remain over (of balance in calculations) {G43 U28 Y1v} Y1v} D40} [wHA] hew (stone) {G43 V28 G1 [wHAt] cauldron {G43 V28 G1 X1 W7} [wHAt] cauldron {G43 V28 G1 X1 W23} [wDAw] well . something) {G43 [wDAw] amulets {G43 U28 G43 Y1 Z2} V28 D36 P30} [wDA] storehouse {G43 U28 O1} [wDA] pectoral {G43 U28 S95} [wDA] (v. kill (rebels) {G43 V28 S29 T30 D40} [wHyt] village {G43 V28 X1 N25} [wHyt] village {G43 V28 X1 O49} [wAHt] cauldron {G43 V28 X1 W23} [wHAt] cauldron {G43 V28 X1 W115} P30} V13 O34 U39 A2 P8 G43} [wTs xrw] deliver a verdict {G43 [wTs] raise.being of the Palace (official's title) {G43 U28 G1 Z7 Y1 O11 D36 O1} D36 K5} [wHa] fish (synodontis schall) {G43 V28 [wHa] release (someone. kindred {G43 V28 M17 M17 T14 A1 B1 Z2} {G43 U29 M17 M17 X1 O1} [wTs] wear (crown) {G43 U39 D40} V13 O34 G43 U39 A2 A1} V28 M17 M17 X1 A1 B1 Z2} [wHyt] family. lift up {G43 V13 O34 U39 D40} [wHa] loose (fetters) {G43 V28 Z4 D36 [wHyt] family. weigh.Birds 90 {G43 U28 G1 Y1V F34 Z1 V31} [wDA ib .Dictionary of Middle Egyptian F34 Z1} G . lift up. prosperity {G43 U28 [wDAw] amulets {G43 U28 Z2} [wDAyt] mythical abode of Amen-Re {G43 V28 G43 V28 Z9 G37 Z2} [wHwH] disappear (of inscriptions) [wHyt] family. extol. fowlers {G43 V28 D36 G43 A1} [wDAw] well-being. kindred {G43 V28 Z7 Y1v} [wTs] wear (crown) {G43 V13 O34 U39 [wTs] raise. announce {G43 V13 O34 U39} [wTs] lay an information.k] may it please you D53 N33A} [wTtw] offspring {G43 V13 X1 G43 [wDH] (v.being.) wean {G43 V24 V28} [wHaw] fishermen. display. prosperity {G43 U28 G1 Z7 Y1} [wDAw aH] well . kindred. quell (tulmult). wear. relatives {G43 [wTsw] accused person {G43 [wHyt] village {G43 V28 M17 M17 X1 O49} [wTs] raise. lift up (of voice / of crowns in coronation) {G43 V13 S29 U39A Q2B} T14 A1 B1 Z2} [wAH] fillet (of gold) {G43 V29 S12} .

bandager {G43 X1 Aa2 D40} [TAw] don (garment) {G47 G1 D51 . weakness. don (garment). don (garment). them. rob. man {G47 D280 M17 M17} [TAw] take up. their {G43 Z2} [wy] (admirative part. rob. misery {G43 W11 [wtx] flee {G43 X1 Aa1 D54} [wtx] flee {G43 X1 Aa1 D56} [wtx] flee {G43 X1 Aa1 D56 D54} [wtxw] fugitive {G43 X1 Aa1 G43 [TAr] make fast. take possession of (lordship by king) {G47 G1 D21 V19} D56 D54 A1} [wt] place of embalming {G43 X1 Aa2} A1} [TArt] cabin. weakness. steal. snatch. shave.Dictionary of Middle Egyptian G . fasten {G47 G1 D21 D32 D40} [TAr] make fast. harbour (enemies) {G47 G1 A24} W11} [wgg] feebleness.) how ! {G43 Z4} [TAty] vizier {G47} [TAw] take up.Birds 91 V33 V33 G37} [wgg] feebleness. misery {G43 [wggt] woe {G43 V33 V33 X1 G37} [wgb] rise (of sun) {G43 W11 D58 N8} [wgi] chew {G43 W11 F18 A2} [wgiw] ribs (of ship) {G43 W11 [wt] embalm {G43 X1 Aa2 D40} {G43 X1 U30 G4 Z7 S28 Z1 Z2} [wtyw] bandages. harbour (enemies) {G47 D51 D40} P93 P93} [wgiw] ribs (of ship) ? {G43 W11 M17 P93 [wgp] triturate (grind to powder) {G43 W11 Q3 D36} S29 T30 D36} [wgs] cut open. entrenched camp {G47 G1 D21 X1 V19 O1} [wt] embalmer. and n. fasten (on). bind {G43 X1 V38} [wtt] beget {G43 X1 X1 D53} [wttw] begetter {G43 X1 X1 G43 D52 Z1} G1 M17 M17 G43 M3 Z2} X1 F18} [wgyt] jaw {G43 W11 G1 M17 M17 [wgm] (v. seize. suffix prn. gut (fish etc.) crush (grain). snatch. steal. seize.) {G43 W11 [wAg] Wag festival (a religious festival) {G43 W11 W3 N5} [TAb] a vessel {G47 D58 W66} [TAy ] male.) they.. crushed grain {G43 W11 G17 U10} [wgi] (v.) chew {G43 W11 M17 D82} [wgyt] talker {G43 W11 M17 M17 X1 F18 A2} [w pqr] district of Peker (precinct of Osiris at Abydos ?) {G43 Z1 N23 Q3 N29 M17 O49} [w] (3rd person pl. wrappings [wtT] beget {G43 X1 V13} [wtT] beget {G43 X1 V13 D53 Y1} [wt] bandage. shave.

BA {G53 Z1} [bAw] souls (of dead). snatch. rob. power. rob.Dictionary of Middle Egyptian G . frightened man {G54 [TA] pellet {G47 N33} M17 X1 O40} [TnTAt] dais {G47 N35 V13 M17 [snDt] (n. man {G47 G1 M17 M17 D53 A1} [TAw] bearer {G47 Z7 D51 D40} [sSy] nest {G48} [SAa] (n. seize. steal.) sail {G47 G1 G43 S28 X1} [TAwt] theft. snatch. respect {G54 A2} G43 A2 A1} M17 G43 N33A} [TAyw] (pl. don (garment).) fear {G54 X1 Z1} [snDw] timid.) fear. don (garment). a gathering up (of things) {G47 G1 G43 X1 A24} [TAr] make fast.) pellets {G47 G1 M17 [TAw] take up. shave. possess a soul {G53 Z1} [bA] soul. deed of power {G53 Z1 A40 Z3} [snD] (v. seize. steal. take possession of (lordship by king) {G47 G1 M17 D21 T12 D40} [TA] fledgling (figurative for Child) {G47 [TA] fledgling (figurative for Child) {G47 Z1 G39} [TAy] male.clothes.) beginning {G49 D36} [sS] marsh {G49 N23} [HAmw] type of wine {G51 W10} [bA] be a soul. swaddling . harbour (enemies) {G47 M17 M17 D51 D40} [TAw xaw] weapon bearer {G47 N28 D36 M3 Z2} [snDw] timid. bandage {G47 G1 G17 V6} [TAwt] (n. shave. frightened man {G54 Y1} [Xrt nTr] necropolis {G131} [Xrt nTr] necropolis {G131B} [TAw sryt] standard bearer {G47 S35} [TAw xw] fan bearer {G47 S37} . fasten (on). harbour (enemies) {G47 G1 Z7 A24} [TAw] book {G47 G1 Z7 Y1} [TAw] book {G47 G43 V12} [TAw] take up.Birds 92 [TAbt] loan {G47 G1 D58 X1 U9} [TAm] foreskin {G47 G1 G17 D52} [TAm] (v.) show indulgence [TAm] cloak.) veil {G47 G1 G17 S28} {G47 G1 G17 S28 D2 Z1} [TAw] bearer {G47 U23} [TAbt] loan {G47 X1 D58 Y2} [TAty] vizier {G47 X1 X1} [TAty] vizier {G47 X1 Z1 A1} [TAty] vizier {G47 X1 Z4} [TA ib] able {G47 Y1 F34 Z1} [TAw mDAt] sculptor {G47 Y1 X1 Z1} [TA] fledgling (figurative for Child) {G47 Z1} Z1 G7} [TAm Hr] (v.

righteousness {H6} [Swt] side {H6} [Sw] ascend {H6 G43} [Swt] side {H6 X1 Z1} A1 Z2} [Swt] (collective n. mankind.) man.hand side.doing. shade {H6 G43 X1 N5} [Swty] trader {H6 G43 X1 Z4 D40} Z4 S9} Z2} [pAqt] fine linen {H2 N29 X1 Z5 S28 [pAq] a flat thin cake or biscuit {H3 N29 X6} [rmTt] (collective n.) Westerners {H6 X1 G4} [Swyt] shadow. be lacking.) be empty.) neighbours {H6 X1 Z1 [Swt] feather {H6 X1 Z1 D3} .doing.Birds 93 {G139 E21E} [nbwy] The Two Lords (Horus and Seth) G43 A40} [Sw] (divinity) Shu (god of the Air) {H6 [SA] pig {H6 G43 E12} [Dryt] kite (bird) {G144} [rxty] washerman {G167 X1 Z4 A24 A1} [Sw] (v.Dictionary of Middle Egyptian G . dread. mankind {H4 A1 B1 Z2} [Swty] plumes (as diadem) {H6 G43 X1 [imntyw] (pl. men.) men. right side of [imnty] the West {G264B X1} M2 Z2} [Sww] a type of edible vegetable {H6 G43 [Swyt] shadow.) lack {H6 G43 G37} [Sww] a type of edible vegetable {H6 G43 G43 M2 N33A} [bA] hoe (crops) {G225} [imntt] the West {G264A X1 X1 N25} {G264B} [wnmy] right . shade {H6 G43 M17 M17 X1 N5} [Sw] sun. disturbance ? {H4 Z2} [DnH] wing {H5} [mAat] right . be missing (from) {H6 G43 G37} [Sw] (n. be devoid (of). righteousness {H6 X1 Z1} [rmT] (collective n. right. shade {H6 X1 N5} [Swt] feather {H6 X1 Z1} [mAat] right . dried {H6 G43 N5} [Sw] blank papyrus roll {H6 G43 V12} [Swt] feather {H6 G43 X1 D3} [Swt] feather {H6 G43 X1 H5} [Swyt] shadow. Egyptians {H4 X1 Z2} [nrw] fear. sunlight {H6 G43 N5} H . bird (in general) {H1} [wSmw] jar of metal (as beer measure) {H2 G17 G43 W24} [Sw] dry.Parts of birds [Apd] (used in offering formula) duck.

Reptiles [aSA] many. ordinary. numerous. Egypt {I6 G17 X1 O49} [aSA] many. numerous.) Egyptians {I6 X1 A1 A2} [kmt] (locality) the Black Land. duty {I6 G17 Y1v} Z1} [aSA r] chatter {I1 G1 Z2 D21 [aSA xrw] noisy {I1 G1 Z2 P8 Z7 [km] (v. much. put an end to. plentiful. plentiful. quantity.) total up. company (of guests). pay (to). multitude {I1} [aSAt] multitude (of people). fem. multitude {I1 G1 Z2} [aSA xrw] noisy {I1 G1 Z2 Aa1 D21 E23 G43 P8 A2} X1 Y1} [kmt] completion. plentiful.Parts of birds 94 [Sw] needy man {H6 Z7 G37 A1} Z7 G37} [aSAt] the many. quantity. be loquacious {I1 Z2 [Styw] tortoise {I2} [ity] sovereign {I3 I3 G7} [sAq] pull together. multitude {I1 Z2} D21 Z1 A2} [Swiw] emptiness. numerous. much.) herd (of cattle) {I6 Aa15 M17 M17 E1 Z2} [km] black {I6 G17 D3} I . be wary {I5} [sbk] (divinity) Sobek (crocodile god) {I5A A40} [kmyt] (collective n. {I6 G17 Y1v} B1 Z2} [kmt] (collective n. default {H6 Z7 M17 [Swt] emptiness {H6 Z7 X1 G37} [imy] in which is {H8} [imy ib] favourite {H8 F34 Z1} [Ast] (divinity) Isis (goddess) {H8 X1 B1} [imy] in which is {H34} [swHt] (those who are in the ) egg {H34 X1 Z2} [aSA r] chatter. Egypt {I6 [aSA] dove ? {I1 G229} X1 O49} B1 Z2} [aSAt] multitude (of persons) {I1 X1 A1 X1 O49 X1} [kmt] (locality) the Black Land. the many. complete. amount to.) completion. ordinary. final account {I6 G17 [km] black {I6 G17 Y1v} [km] (n. Egypt {I6 [kmt] a jar {I6 X1 W24 Z1} . the masses {I1 X1 Z2} [aSA] many. the masses {I1 G1 X1 A1 Z2} [km wr] (locality) Bitter Lakes region {I6 G17 G36 D21 N25} G17 M17 M17 X1 V12 Z1} [kmyt] conclusion (of book) {I6 [kmt] (locality) the Black Land. profit. much.Dictionary of Middle Egyptian H . ordinary. often {I1 G1 Z2} [aSA] quantity.

weigh.Dictionary of Middle Egyptian I . final account {I6 X1 Y1 Z1 G43} [fdnw] fourth {I9 D46 Z1 W24 Z1 Z1 [km] black {I6 Y1} [km] (v. waste (seed). magnificent {I9 F40 G43 Y1 Z2} [fAi] (v. part {I9 D46 N29 V1} [fdq] (v.) sever.) obliterate.) total up. a great quantity {I8} [f] (suffix prn. wear out (of sandals) {I9 D46 N29 Z9} [fdq] (n. get rid. fail (to do something) {I9 Aa1 V12 D54} [fxt] wig ? {I9 Aa1 X1 O30 D3} [fd] (v. pay (to). {I6 Y1} [Hfn] 100. lift up. deliver (taxes. cast off.) he. splendour. part. complete.) loose. release. its {I9} [fxa] grasp {I9 Aa1 D36 D49} [fnxw] a Syrian people {I9 Aa1 G43 V12 Z2} [fdi] (v. divide.) loose. pull up (plants). loosen (of speech). pull out (hair).) weigh {I9 G1 A131A} [fAi] (v. wealth {I9 N29 F22 D40} . destroy {I9 Aa1 V12 D54} [fAi TAw] 1) sail.000 .) present {I9 G1 O30} [fAk] shorn man {I9 G1 V31 A1} [fAk] be shorn {I9 G1 V31 D3} [fAk] pubic region {I9 G1 V31 F51} A9} [fdq] (v. portion {I9 D46 N29 Z9} D40} X1 A9} [fAyt] weight ? {I9 G1 M17 M17 [fAyt] reward {I9 G1 M17 M17 X1 A9 Y1 Z2} [fAi] (v.) pluck (flowers). it. trans. tribute) {I9 G1 A9} S28} [fx] (v. release {I9 Aa1 [fAi] (v. amount to.) deliver (taxes.) raise.) remove {I9 D46 D36} [fdw] four {I9 D46 G43 Z1 Z1 Z1 Z1} [fdq] sever. put an end to.) slice. trans. divide. support. present. remove {I9 D46 Z9 D40} Z2} [fAw] food-supplies ? {I9 F40 G43 X4 [fAw] magnificence.) sweat {I9 D46 X1 N35A} [fdt] four (feminine). trans. him.) weigh {I9 G1 D40} [fAyt] portable shrine {I9 G1 M17 M17 A9 X1 M3} 2) [fx] (v. tribute) {I9 G1 A9 D40} [fx] (v. his.Reptiles 95 Z2} [kmt] completion.) waste (seed) {I9 D46 N29 Z9 [fAt] financial interest ? {I9 G1 X1 [fAyt] portable shrine {I9 M17 M17 X1 [fdt] (n. quartette {I9 D46 Z1 X1 Z1 Z1 Z1} A9} [fdw] four {I9 D46 Z1 Z1 Z1 Z1} [fqA] reward. carry.) sweat {I9 D46 D26} [fdi] (v. uproot (trees).(verb) the wind rose ? {I9 G1 A9 D40 P5 Z7} [fAi] (v. leave (behind one).

) disgust {I9 X1 G37} [ft] (v.) fish {I9 X1 X1 G43 K1 Z2} G43 X4 Z2} Z1} [fnx ib] acute ? {I9 N35 Aa1 U20 F34 [fnD] (n. become maggoty {I9 N35 X1 I9} {I9 N35 X1 I14} D21 M17 M17 X1 M3} [fnT] (n. long .nosed {I9 N35 D46 X1 I10 A2} [ftt] obliterate (inscription) {I9 X1 [ftt] lint {I9 X1 X1 V1} [fy] (suffix prn. become maggoty {I9 N35 V13 I14} [fnT] (n.) show dislike {I9 X1 G37} [ftft] leap {I9 X1 I9 X1 D54} X1 F20B A2} Z2} [fqA] reward. investigate. take thought (for) {I10 D36 D21 T14 D54} D21 T14 Y1v} [Dar] search out. seek. . and v.) snake. soot {I10 D36 D58 X1 N33 Z2} .) (intestinal) worm. wealth {I9 N29 G1 X4 [fqA] reward. shit {I9 W11 G1 A81} [fgn] defecate. its {I9 Z4} [Dryt] kite (bird) {I10 D21 X1 G144} [drf] writing. palpate (wound).) nose {I9 N35 I10 Aa27 D21 Aa21 Y1v} [Dar] search out. title deeds {I10 D21 Y1 Z5 I9} M17 M17 D19} [fn] be weak. script.) nose {I9 N35 D46 D19} [fnDy] Beaky. shit {I9 W11 N35 A81} [ft] (n.Dictionary of Middle Egyptian I . and v. plan (work).Reptiles 96 [fqA] a cake {I9 N29 G1 X4} Y1} [fqA] reward. (intestinal) worm. investigate {I10 D36 [fsi] cook {I9 S29 Q7} [fk] be wasted (through oppression) {I9 V31 A24} [Dabt] charcoal. be wasted (through oppression) {I9 V31 D3 G37} [fkty] shorn priest {I9 V31 X1 Z4 D3} [fgn] defecate. and v. faint {I9 N35 G37} W24 G43 Y1v} [fnfnw] recompense ? {I9 N35 I9 [fnD] (n. become maggoty [Dar] search out.) snake. probe. wealth {I9 N29 G1 Y1 [fk] be empty. wealth {I9 N29 Y1v} T15 Z3} [fnxw] a Syrian people {I9 N35 Aa1 G43 [fnxw] a Syrian people {I9 N35 Aa1 G43 V12 T14 A1 B1 Z2 N25} G43 V12 Z2} [ftt] obliterate (inscription) {I9 X1 [fnxw] a Syrian people {I9 N35 Aa1 [fnxw] food offerings {I9 N35 Aa1 [ftt] lint {I9 X1 X1 F39} [fttw] (pl.dual) his. wealth {I9 N29 X4} [fqA] reward. investigate {I10 D36 [Dar] seek {I10 D36 D21 M3B D54} [Daryt] lock (on door) {I10 D36 D19} [fnT] (n.

abound (in .i n mw] I speak in exactness [wDb rd] reversion (of offerings from temple to tomb).) fat {I10 D46 D19} [Ddb] incite {I10 D46 D58 D36} [Ddb] sting. recite (spell).000 (numeral) {I10 D58 D36 D50} [Dd . tell (to). take thought (for) {I10 D36 T14 A2} [Dd mdw] words to be spoken. imprison {I10 D46 V28 [Ddkw] canal. channel {I10 D46 V31 [Da] spear (fish) {I10 D36 T14 D54} [Dab] coal . toe.Reptiles G43 O49} 97 [Dam] a sceptre {I10 D36 G17 S41} [Da] storm. unite (lands) {I10 G17 S23 D46 Y1} [dmD] reassemble (dismembered body). speak of. utter (speech). mention (by name). investigate. be renowned (of office) {I10 G17 A2} [dmD] accumulate (grain). investigate. take thought (for) {I10 D36 T14} {I10 D46 R11 G43 X1 O49} [Ddwt] (locality) Mendes (Tell er-Ruba) [Dd mdw] recitation {I10 D46 S43 Z1 Z2} [Dar] search out. speak.wind {I10 D36 P5} [Dar] search out.) fat {I10 D46 G1 Aa2} [DdA] (adj. 10. to be pronounced {I10 D46 S43 Z1 Z2} V1 D40} [DdH] shut up. surgical knife {I10 G43 [Dd] stable.i wrt] I say something important [Dd . assemble. palpate (wound). a reversion offering {I10 D58 G43 D56} {I10 D46 A1 N35 N35A} G43 M3} [Dbw] pole (of chariot) {I10 D58 [Ddb] sting. expect {I10 D46} {I10 D46 A1 G36 D21 X1} G43 N35A N36} [Ddtw] Olive {I10 D46 X1 Z7 M1C} [Dba] finger. digit (one twentyeigth cubit). incite {I10 D46 Aa15 T30} [DdA] (adj.Dictionary of Middle Egyptian I . creep (of flesh) {I10 D46 I9 Y1} [Dwa] lancet. extend (hand) {I10 G17 S23 D46 Y1} [dmD] associate (with). storm .) fat {I10 D46 G1 F5} [Ddf] creep (of flesh) {I10 D46 I9 G37} {I10 D46 I9 X1 I14} [dm] pronounce. incite {I10 D46 D58 T30} [DdA] (adj. probe. enduring {I10 D46 R11} [Ddw] (locality) Busiris {I10 D46 R11 [Dfd] pupil (of eye) {I10 I9 D46 D12} [Df A] be provided. compile (spell). thumb. join (someone). plan (work).black {I10 D36 T20 D58} [Dat] vein (of ore) {I10 D36 X1 Aa2 Z2} [Da] a type of bread {I10 D36 X3} [Dd] say. proclaim (name). seek. probe. (internal bodily) worm [Dms] avocet {I10 G17 S29 G39} D36 Aa17 Z1} [Ddf] stand on end (of hair). bring together (people) {I10 G17 S23 D46 Y1} [Ddft] snake. seek. palpate (wound). plan (work).

victuals. sustenance. sustenance. victuals.provided man {I10 I9 G1 M17 M17 Z8 A1} F5} [Dnd] (v.) dam {I10 N35 M17 X1 U8 N23 Z1} [Dfy] penetrate {I10 I9 M17 M17 D54} [Dfyt] penetration {I10 I9 M17 M17 X1 D54} [Dnnt] skull {I10 N35 N35 X1 D1} [dns] heavy. (deified as) Abundance {I10 I9 G42 Z2} [Dfaw] provisions. (deified as) Abundance {I10 I9 G1 G43 Y1v} [Df Ay] a well .) wrath {I10 N35 D46 F5} [Dnd ib] (v. (deified as) Abundance {I10 I9 G1 Z7 G41 Y1 Z2} A346} [Dnb] crookshank. victuals. sustenance. sustenance. sustenance. (deified as) Abundance {I10 I9 I10 I9 I10 I9} [Dnb] crooked {I10 N35 D58 D56} [Dnbw] territories {I10 N35 D58 G43 N21A N21A N21A} [Dnb] an offering loaf {I10 N35 D58 Z8} [Dnb] deflect {I10 N35 D58 Z9 D54} I10 N35 F5 A24} [DnDn] (v. (deified as) Abundance {I10 I9 I9 I9} [Dfd] pupil (of eye) {I10 I9 I10 D12} [Dfaw] provisions. victuals.) subdue {I10 N35 D46 . intrans.rib {I10 N35 V28 F51 N35 M36 D21 G43 G43 F51} [DnH] wing {I10 N35 V28 H5} [Dnd] angry man {I10 N35 W24 Z7 [Dnd] (v. weighty {I10 N35 S29 U33 Y1v} [Dfaw] provisions.) wrath {I10 N35 I10 N35 [DfDft] drop (of liquid) {I10 I9 I10 I9 [dnit] (n. sustenance.) be angry {I10 N35 D46 [Dnd] (v. (deified as) Abundance {I10 I9 Z8 Z2} M15} [DnH] upper part of hind leg. victuals. victuals. victuals. irksome. victuals. (deified as) Abundance {I10 I9 G43 Y1 Z2} [Dfaw] provisions. trans. sustenance.) be infuriated {I10 N35 D46 F5 F34 Z1} [Dfaw] provisions. sustenance.) be angry {I10 N35 I10 N35 F5 A24} [dfdf] drip {I10 I9 I10 I9 N33} X1 N33 Z2} F5 A24} [DnDn] (n. trans.Dictionary of Middle Egyptian I . trans. victuals.Reptiles A24} 98 supplies) {I10 I9 G1 G39 Y1 Z2} [Dfaw] provisions. overburdened (of stomach).) subdue {I10 N35 D46 F5} [Dnd] (n. cripple {I10 N35 D58 [Dnb] crooked {I10 N35 D58 D36} [Dfaw] provisions. (deified as) Abundance {I10 I9 G42 Z8 Z2} [Dfaw] provisions. sustenance. burdensome (of years).) subdue {I10 N35 [DnDn] (v. intrans. ham {I10 N35 V28 D56} [Dyt] papyrus marsh {I10 M17 M17 X1 [Dsw] call (to) {I10 M23 G43 A2} [DnH n Drww] wing . (deified as) Abundance {I10 I9 G1 G42 Y1} [Dfaw] provisions. intrans.

) serfs {I10 X1 Z1 A1 B1 Z2} [Dt Dt] for ever {I10 X1 Z1 I10 X1 N16} [mDt] oil {I10 X1 Z1 W1B} [Dt] cobra {I10 Z1} [pr] go up. to be pronounced {I10 S43} N14} [aHaw] lifetime. sacred. image. space (of time) {I114} [dwA] (v. separate (from).) (him)self. (his) own {I10 S29} [Dsr] (adj.) separate (from) {I10 O34 D21 [ds] jar {I10 O34 W24} [Ds] (used with a suffix prn. support {I10 S29 D21 D45} {I10 S29 D21 D45 Aa5 X1 Z2} [Dsr Hpwt] row. statues). steer. costly {I10 S29 D21 D45} [Dsr] (v. splendid. bodily form (of god.) praise. ascend (to) {I24B} Z2} D40} [Dsr] (v.Dictionary of Middle Egyptian D46 G37 A1} I . raise. ply one's oar [Dsr Hpwt m] (v. by (him)self.) serfs {I10 X1 N16 A1 B1 Z2} [Dt] estate {I10 X1 O49} [Dt] body. self {I10 X1 Z1} [Dt] estate {I10 X1 Z1} [Dwt] (pl.Reptiles 99 [Dt] eternity. period. leather bag {K4 G1 D21 V19 Z1} D36 G43 F27 Z3} [DHrw] leather lacings {I10 V28 [DHwty] (divinity) Thoth (god) {I10 V28 G43 X1 Z4 A40} [dHty] (n.) clear (a road).) holy.) lead {I10 V28 X1 Z4 N33A} [Dt] estate {I10 X1} [Dt] cobra {I10 X1 I13} [Dt] papyrus stem {I10 X1 M15} D3 B1} [XArt] widow {K4 G1 D21 X1 B1} [XArt] widow {K4 G1 D21 X1 . for ever {I10 X1 N16} [Dt] serf {I10 X1 N16} [Dt] estate {I10 X1 N16} [Dwt] (pl. leather bag {K4 D21 V19} [XAbt] curl (on Red crown) {K4 D58 V1} [XAr] sack.Fish [aD mr] administrator {K3 N36} [XAr] sack. worship {I10 V4 [DHrw] leather lacings {I10 V28 D21 G43 F27 Z3} K .) steer {I10 S29 D21 D45 Aa5 X1 Z2 G17} D40 Z2} [Dsrw] privacy {I10 S29 D21 G43 [Dsrt iAtt] milky wine ? {I10 S29 D21 X1 D45 S40 X1 X1 W24} [Dba] (unknown plant) {I34 D36 M2 [Dsw] call (to) {I10 S29 G43 A26} [Dd mdw] words to be spoken.

Fish 100 G37 B1} [XArt] widow {K4 G1 D21 X1 [XAbb] crookedness {K4 G1 D58 {K4 G1 V31 G43 F34 Z1 A13 Z3} [XAkw ib] disaffected persons [XAyt] heap of corpses {K4 G1 X1 A14 Z2} D58 F19 F19} [XAb] clavicle {K4 G1 D58 U1} [XAb] (adj.) take place. intrans. be. and n. go by. be past. crookedly {K4 G1 D58 U1B D41} [XAt] disease {K4 G1 X1 Aa2 Z3} [XAt] marsh {K4 G1 X1 N23} G17 D200 X1 Aa1 Y1 Z2} [XAmt xt] type of offerings {K4 [XAt] corpse {K4 X1 Aa2} [XAt] corpse {K4 X1 G1 A14} [XAt] oxyrhynchus fish (mormyrus kannume) {K4 X1 Z1 K5} [nSmwt] scales (of fish) {K6} [XAb] (adj. become.) bring about {L1 D21} [xpry] children {L1 D21 A1 Z2} {K4 G1 G17 D32} X1 D32} [XAmt] a type of beer {K4 G1 G17 [XAmt] a type of beer {K4 G1 G17 X1 W22 Z2} G1 U33 N4} [XAXAti] storm {K4 G1 K4 [XAy] thwart (someone) {K4 G1 M17 M17 A2} M17 A24} [XAy] thwart (someone) {K4 G1 M17 G7} [xprr] (divinity) Khopri {L1 D21 D21 [xprr] (divinity) Khopri {L1 D21 G7} [XAyt] heap of corpses {K4 G1 M17 M17 X1 Z2 Aa2} . and n. and n.Insects [xpr] (v. crookedness.) crooked.Dictionary of Middle Egyptian K . and adv. be effective. and adv. occur. crookedness. change (into). crookedly {K4 G1 D58 U1B D41} M3} [XAb] sickle {K4 G1 D58 U1 [XAbt] curl (on Red crown) {K4 G1 D58 X1 V1} [nSmwt] scales (of fish) {K6 Z2} [Spt] (v. come into being.) exist. happen.0 crooked. angry {K7 X1} [XAb] clavicle {K4 G1 D58 Z5 F51} M3} [XAA] clothes peg ? {K4 G1 G1 [XAA] resolute {K4 G1 G1 Y1v} [XAm] bend down (arms in respect) L . intrans. continue (of action) {L1 D21} [xpr] fully cooked (of meat) {L1 D21} [xpr] (v.) crooked. come to pass {L1 D21} [xpr] (v. crookedness.) be discontented. crookedly {K4 G1 D58 U1B} [XAb] (adj. trans. and adv.

splendour {M1 G43 N8} [imAw] tent {M1 G43 O1} [imAt] charm. fermentation ? {L1 D21 S29 I10 I9} G43 Aa15 N8} [imAw] brilliance. graciousness {M1 X1 Y1} [Ax bit] (locality) Chemmis {L2 [pr bity] Palace of King of Lower Egypt {L2 X1 O1} [bit] honey {L2 X1 W24 Z2} [bit] bee {L2 X1 Z1} A45} D2 Z1} [imA Hr] gracious of countenance {M1 Y1 [i] (sportive writing) I. kindliness. splendour {M1 G17 [xprw] form. graciousness [imA] be gracious {M1 G17 Y1v} [imAw] brilliance. scarab {L1 Z1} [xprw] form. hut {M1 G17 G43 O1} [imA] a tree {M1 G17 M1} [imAw] tent {M1 G17 O1} {M1 G17 X1 Y1 Z2} [xprw] form. shape {L1 D21 M17 M17 [xpr n ] accrue to {L1 D21 N35} [xprS] the Blue Crown {L1 D21 N37 S7} M .Insects 101 [xpr m] amounts to {L1 D21 G17} D21 G43 A53 Y1 Z2} [bit] Crown of Lower Egypt {L2 X1 Z5} I12} [xprw] form. splendour {M1 Aa15 N8 Z2} [xpr Ds .Dictionary of Middle Egyptian L . modes of being {L1 Z2} [bity] king of Lower Egypt {L2} X1 G1 Aa1 M15 O49} [imAt] charm. retreat {M3 Aa1 X1 D54} [bity] King of Lower Egypt {L2 X1 Z4 . shape. shape.f] who came into being of himself (of sun god). kindliness. shape.) retire.Plants [imAw] brilliance. me. modes of being {L1 D21 Z2} [imAw] brilliance. shape. modes of being {L1 L1 L1} [xprr] dung beetle. shape. splendour {M1 G17 G43 N8 Z2} [xprw] form. my {M2} [aHwty] cultivator {M2 X1 Z4} [xti] (v. shape {L1 D21 Z7 A53 Z3} G43 Y1 Z2} [imAw] tent. modes of being {L1 [bit] goddess of Lower Egypt {L2 X1 Z5 [xprr] (divinity) Khopri {L1 D21 M17 A40} [xpry] children {L1 D21 M17 M17 A17 Z3} [xAwt] altar {L6 X1 R1} [srqt] (divinity) Selket (scorpion goddess) {L7} A53 G7} [xprw] form. modes of being {L1 [xprw] form.

) furniture [xt n nwH] rod of cord (linear measure of 100 cubits) {M3 X1 Z1 N35 N35 U19 W24 V28 V1} {M3 Aa1 X1 G43 X1 M3 M3 M3 Z2} X1 Z1 N35 S34 Z2 M2} [xt n anxw] l staff-of-life plants {M3 [xt n anx] embodiment of food {M3 [xtxt] turn back.Dictionary of Middle Egyptian M . and v.) retire. engrave {M3 Aa1 X1 T31 D40} O1 Z1} [xtt pr] house . reverse (a contract).) furniture {M3 Aa1 X1 M17 M17 X1 M3 Z2} M3 Z1} [xt TAw] mast {M3 X1 Z1 P5 G43 {M3 Aa1 X1 N35 S34 N35 Aa1} [xt n anx] embodiment of food [xt n Sny] a type of tree {M3 Z1 N35 D3} [snf] last year {M4 M4 I9 N5} [HAt sp] regnal year {M4 X1 O50} [rnpt] year {M4 X1 Z1} [5 Hryw rnpt] the five epagomenal days {M4 X1 Z2 Z4A D2 G43} [5 Hryw rnpt] the five epagomenal days {M4 X1 Z2 Z4A D2 G43} [rr] time {M6 D21} [tr] time. timber. terraced hillside [xt n nwH] 100 cubits (a rod of cord) {M3 X1 Z1 N35 N35 U19 W24 G43 V28 V1} {M3 Aa1 X1 G4 O40} Z2} [xtw] menials {M3 Aa1 X1 G43 D54 [xtwt] (collective n.) carve. investigate.servant {M3 X1 X1 O1} [xt] wood. nullify. pervading {M3 Aa1 X1 D54} [xti] (v. fresh (of water) {M7A} [xti] (v. divorce by judgement {M3B A2} [Dar] search out. poultry {M3 O29 [xtxt] (preposition) through {M3 X1 M3 {M7A M17 M17 Y1v} [rnpy] (adj. mast. plan (work).) young. take thought (for) {M3B Y1v} [xt wn] free moving pole ? {M3 E34 N35 O31 D36} G39} [xt aA] an edible bird.servant {M3 Aa1 X1 X1 [wDat] judgement. season {M6 N5} [rnpy] (adj.) furniture {M3 X1 [xtyw tA] who pervade the land [xtt pr] house . throughout. fresh (of water) . rod (measurement) {M3 X1 Z1} [xt bnr] fruit tree {M3 X1 Z1 D58 N35 D21 M17 M30 Y1v} [xtyw] threshing .Plants X1} 102 [xt] (preposition) through. palpate (wound).floor {M3 Aa1 X1 G4 M35 Z1} G4 N23 Z1} [xtyw] threshing . woodland. and v. retreat {M3 Aa1 X1 D55} {M3 Aa1 X1 G4 D54 Z2 N16 N23 Z1} M17 M17 X1 M3 Z2} [xtwt] (collective n. stick. pole. probe.floor {M3 Aa1 X1 [xtyw] platform. dais. tree. come and go (of pain) {M3 Aa1 X1 M3 Aa1 X1 D55} X1 Z1 N35 S34 N35 Aa1} [xtwt] (collective n. seek.) young.

burn {M8 G1 G17 Q7} G43 Y1v} [SAw] weight. tread on (enemy) (transitive) {M8 D54 G1 S29 D54} [Swbty] ushabti figure {M8 D58 X1 Z4 A53} [SAm] be hot. food {M8 G1 [Swbty] ushabti figure {M8 G1 D58 X1 Z4 A40} M2 Z2} [Axt] Inundation-season {M8 Aa1 X1} [SAa] (n. food {M8 G1 D58 X2 [SAbw] meals. tread on (enemy) (transitive) {M8 D54 G1} A58} W22 Z8} [SAbw] meals. vegetables {M7A X1 M39 [rnpwt] herbs. volume {M8 G1 D36 [SAd] dig.) begin. worth.) beginning {M8 D36 Y1} [SAd] dig. originate {M8 G1 D36 Y1} [SAa r] as far as {M8 G1 D36 Y1 D21} G1 X1 V6} [SASAt] necklace {M8 G1 M8 [SAyt] dues. dig out {M8 G1 D46 D40} [SA] pig {M8 G1 D52 E12} [SAs] travel (intransitive). tread on (enemy) (transitive) {M8 G1 O34 D54} D58 X1 Z4 A53} [Swbty] ushabti figure {M8 G1 V4 [Swb] persea tree {M8 G1 V4 G1 D58 M1} Z4 D40} [SAty] (ship's) complement {M8 G1 X1 .Plants 103 Z2} [rnpwt] herbs. food {M8 G1 D58 [SAd] dig.in . food {M8 G1 D58 G43 Z8 Z2} [SAS] avoid {M8 G1 N37 D54} [SAs] travel (intransitive). value {M8 G1 [SASAt] bosom {M8 G1 M8 G1 O1} [SAa] container (for corn) {M8 G1 D36 X1 F51} [SAat] void {M8 G1 D36 X1 O1} [SAa] (v. spring. dig out {M8 D46 D40} [SAs] travel (intransitive). vegetables {M7A X1 W10 D58 M43 N33 Z2} [SAbw] meals. dig out {M8 G1 D46 A58} Z1} [SAi] bundle ? (of flax) {M8 G1 M17 V1 [SAsw] Beduin {M8 G1 M23 Z7 T14 A1 Z2} [SAd] dig. taxes {M8 G1 M17 M17 X1 Y1 Z2} Y1 N33A} [SAa] space. tread on (enemy) (transitive) {M8 G1 D54} [SAs] travel {M8 G1 D54} [SAbw] meals. be the first.law {M8 G1 G17} [SAmw] soiled linen {M8 G1 G17 G43 S28 Z2 Z1} [SAs] travel (intransitive). food {M8 G1 D58 Y1 Z2} Z7 F51 Z2} [SAbw] meals.Dictionary of Middle Egyptian M . dig out {M8 D54 G1 D46 [SmA] father .

decide {M8 G1 Y1v} [SAw] coriander {M8 G1 Z7 M2 Z2} [SAw] fate {M8 G1 Z9} [SAw] fate {M8 G43 Y1v} [SASAt] necklace {M8 M8 X1 S95} [SAyt] dues. play ?. strike down (with disease).Dictionary of Middle Egyptian M . taxes {M8 M17 M17 X1 Z2} [SAsw] (locality) desert North East of Egypt {M8 M23 G43 N25} [SA] field. little {M12 G1 A17 [xAx] spear (fish) {M12 G1 Aa1 D36} [xAx] be speedy. examine (patient). swamp {M8 N23 Z1} [Sqb] rhinoceros {M8 N29 D58 E131} [SAq] bag {M8 N29 F28} W9} [xAr] bolt (of horses) ? {M12 D21 D54} D54} [xAa] strike down (with disease) {M12 D36 [xAbAs] the starry sky {M12 D58 S29 G43 N14 Z2} [xArw] Khorian {M12 E23 A13} [xArw] Khorian {M12 E23 G43 A13} [xArw] (locality) Khor {M12 E23 N25} G37} [xA] be young. abandon (property) {M12 G1 D36 D40} [xAa] drip (sweat) {M12 G1 D36 D51} [xAa] urination {M12 G1 D36 D53} [xAa] throw {M12 G1 D36 D54} [xAaw] discharges (medical) {M12 G1 D36 G43 D54 Z2} [xAwt] altar {M12 Aa1 X1 X1 R2} {M12 G1 D40} [xAi] measure. harpoon (hippo) . settle.Plants 104 [SA] ordain. predestine. hurry {M12 G1 Aa1 D54} [Swbty] a jar {M8 V4 D58 X1 Z4 F34 Z1} [xAx ib] impatient {M12 G1 Aa1 D54 [xArt] widow {M12 G1 D21 X1 B1} [xArt] widow {M12 G1 D21 X1 [Axt] Inundation season {M8 X1 N5} [SA] assign {M8 Y1} [sSn] lotus {M9 Z1} [wdn] offerer {M11} [wdnw] offerings {M11} [wdnw] offerings {M11 N35 Y1v} [wdn] offer (to) {M11 Y1} [xA tA] land measure (of 10 arouras) {M12} [xA] 1000 {M12} [xAx] be speedy. cast off (bonds). swift {M12 Aa1 D54} [xAst] hill country. assign. meadow. desert {M12 Aa1 S29 V13 N25} G37 B1} D3} [xAry] be wifeless {M12 G1 D21 Z4 [xAa] despatch (messages). swift. order. thrust. foreign land. patrol . hasten. drip (sweat) {M12 G1 D36 D40} [xAa] throw. countryside. marsh.

Dictionary of Middle Egyptian

M - Plants


D58 F19 F19}

[xAbb] crookedness {M12 G1 D58

S29 M17 M17 X1 M2}

[xAsyt] bryony ? {M12 G1 N35 Z2 [xAsyt] bryony ? {M12 G1 N35 Z2

[xAb] hippopotamus {M12 G1 D58

S29 M17 M17 M2 X1 Z3}

E23 Z1 T14 N25}

[xArw] (locality) Khor {M12 G1

[xA] office, bureau {M12 G1 O1} [xA] office, bureau {M12 G1 O27} [xAs] scramble ? {M12 G1 O34 D54}
Z9 N23 Z1}

[xAm] bend (arm in respect) {M12 G1
G17 A24}

G17 D32}

[xAm] bend (arm in respect) {M12 G1 [xAm] bend (arm in respect) {M12 G1

[xAs] creek ? runnel ? {M12 G1 O34 [xAsyt] bryony ? {M12 G1 S29 M17

G17 D41 D40}

M17 X1 M2 Z2}


[xAw] plants, flowers {M12 G1 G43 M2 [xAwy] night {M12 G1 G43 Z4 N2}

G1 S29 V1}

[xAs] curl on front of Red Crown ? {M12 [xAyt] disease {M12 G1 X1 Aa2 G37

[xfa] (v. and n.) grasp, make captures (in war) {M12 G1 I9 D36 D40} [xfa] grasp {M12 G1 I9 D36 D40} [xfa] (n.) booty {M12 G1 I9 D36


[xAt] corpse {M12 G1 X1 Aa2 Z2} [xAt] marsh {M12 G1 X1 N23 Z1}
G1 Z7 Z4 N2 Y1 A1}

[xAwy] benighted traveller {M12


[xAD] dough {M12 G1 I10 N33 N33

[xAm] bend (arm in respect) {M12 G17 [xAbAs] the starry sky {M12 G29 S29 N14

[xAxA] winnow {M12 G1 M12
G1 P5 D36}

N14 N14}

[xAy] altar {M12 G1 M17 M17 R1}
{M12 G1 M17 M17 T14 T14 V1}

[xAw] plants, flowers {M12 G43 M2 Z2} [xAw] plants {M12 G43 M3 Z2} [xAw] bowl {M12 G43 R36} [xAw] bowl {M12 G43 W10} [xAw] plants, flowers {M12 M12 M12
M2 M2 M2}

[xAy] plumb-line, rule (of conduct) [xAyw] measurements {M12 G1 M17

M17 T14 T14 Y1 Z2}

G1 M17 M17 V1}

[xAy] plumb-line, rule (of conduct) {M12 [xAyt] disease {M12 G1 M17 M17

X1 Aa2 G37 Z2}

M17 M17 D51 D40}

[xAi] measure, examine (patient), {M12 [xAyt] slaughter, massacre {M12 M17 M17


[xAwt] altar {M12 G1 M17 M17 X1

X1 A15}

Dictionary of Middle Egyptian

M - Plants


[xA tA] land measure (approx 10 Arouras), type of Crown land {M12 N16 N23 Z1} [xnr] reins {M12 N35 E23 F27}
{M12 N35 N35 X1 M54}

fortunate, happy, make green, make to flourish
{M13 I10 Y1}

[wAD] fortunate man {M13 I10 Y1 A1}
M17 X1 I12}

[mAmA n xAnnt] variety of date-palm [xnr] reins {M12 N35 Z2 E23 Z1

[wADyt] Edjo (Cobra goddess) {M13 M17

[wADyt] hall of columns {M13 M17 M17
X1 O1}


[xA] office, bureau {M12 O1}
{M12 S29 X1 N25}

V28 A18}

[wDH] (n.) weaned child (of royalty) {M13 [wADyt] cobra goddess {M13 X1 I13}

[xAst] hill country, foreign land, desert

[xAi] measure, examine (patient), patrol {M12
U9 D40}

[wADt] rawness {M13 X1 Z2} [wADyty] the two serpent goddesses of Upper and Lower Egypt {M13 X1 Z4 I12 I12


[xAyt] slaughter, massacre {M12 X1 A98

[xAty] office {M12 X1 Z4 O1} [xAw] plants, flowers {M12 Z1 M2 Z2} [xAw] thousands {M12 Z1 Z2} [wDt] (n.) command, decree {M13A G43
X1 Y1}

[wAD] (adj.) fresh {M13 Y1v} [wAD] wadj amulet {M13 Z1 O39} [wAD] (adj.) green {M14}
M17 N35A N36 N21 Z1}

[wAD wr] the sea {M14 G36 D21

[wD] see other entries under wD (command etc) {M13A G43 Y1v}

[wAD wr] the Great Green (Sea) {M14
G36 D21 N36}

[wdHw] offering table {M13A V28 G43

[wAD wr] the sea {M14 G36 N36} [wADDyt] vegetation {M14 I10 X1 M2 [wADyt] hall of columns {M14 M17 M17
X1 O1}

[wAD] papyrus plant {M13A Z1} [wAD] papyrus plant {M13A Z1 M2} [wADw] green eye - paint {M13 D7A} [wAD wr] the sea {M13 G36 N36} [wAD] a green stone, malachite {M13 G43


[wAD] a green stone (malachite ?) {M14 [wADt] green linen {M14 X1 S28}

[wADw] happiness {M14 Y1v} [wAD wr] the sea {M13 I10 G36

N35A N36}

[wADw] success, happiness {M14 Z7 Y1 [mHw] (n.) Lower Egypt {M15}

[wAD] green, pale, fresh, raw, hale, sturdy,

Dictionary of Middle Egyptian

M - Plants G17 G43 G52 A24}


[idHy] marsh - man {M15 G43 A1}

[Ax bit] (locality) Chemmis {M15 L2 X1

{M16 G1 G17 G51 D40}

[HAm] catch (fish), fish (waters)

[mHyt] papyrus plant, clump of papyrus
{M15 M17 M17 X1 M2}

[HAw] mourners {M16 G1 G43
A28 Z2}


[mHw .s] Crown of Lower Egypt {M15 S3 [mHyt] papyrus plant, clump of papyrus

X1 S28}

[HAwt] nakedness {M16 G1 G43

{M15 X1 M2}

[HAw] wealth, increase, excess, surplus {M16 G1 G43 Y1 Z2} [HAw Hr] more than {M16 G1 G43
Y1 Z2 D2 Z1}

[mHw] (n.) Lower Egypt {M16}
X2 W22}

[HAw xt] a special offering {M16 Aa1 X1 [HAayt] strife {M16 D36 Z4 G37}

[HAw Hr nfr] surpassing in beauty {M16 G1 G43 Y1 Z2 D2 Z1 F35 I9

[HA] in attendance {M16 G1} [HA] (non - enclitic part.) would that !, O! {M16 G1 A2} [HAi] (v.) screech (of falcon) {M16 G1

[HAw n] most of {M16 G1 G43
Y1 Z2 N35}

{M16 G1 G43 Y1 Z2 N36 Z2 A1 Z2 B1}

[HAw mr] the lower orders

[HAw nbwt] (the Aegean) Islanders
{M16 G1 G43 X1 Z2 V30 N33A}

[HA] occiput, back (of ear), behind, around {M16 G1 D1} [HA] outside {M16 G1 D1 O1} [HArw] decoy-duck, bait (in general) {M16 G1 D21 Z7 D4 G39}
G1 D36 D36 D54}

G1 M16 G1 D54}

[HAHA] go astray, stumble {M16

[HAy] protector {M16 G1 M17 M17

M17 M17 G43 T30 G1 Z3}

[HAyw] carrion - birds {M16 G1

[HAaa] touch (of ship on land) {M16 [HAayt] strife {M16 G1 D36 M17

[HAyt] flood water {M16 G1 M17
M17 X1 N35A}

M17 X1 A24}

M17 X1 S28}

[HAyt] (n.) bandage {M16 G1 M17 [HAwt] nakedness {M16 G1 M17

M17 M17 X1 G37 Z2}

[HAayt] strife {M16 G1 D36

M17 X1 S28 Z3}

[HAtyw] fine linen {M16 G1 G4

M17 O1}

[HAi] outer parts ? (of house) {M16 G1

{M16 G1 G17 G41 K1 A24}

[HAm] catch (fish), fish (waters) [HAmw] fishermen {M16 G1

[HAq] plunder (goods), capture (towns), carry off (captives) {M16 G1 N29 D36}

Dictionary of Middle Egyptian

M - Plants S28 Z3}


A24 A1}

[HAqw] plunderer {M16 G1 N29 Z7

[HA] outside {M16 G1 O1} [HAHA] stumble {M16 G1 O50 Z4

G43 V30 V30 V30}

[HAw nbwt] (the Aegean) Islanders {M16 [HAw nbw] (Aegean) Islanders, Isles

{M16 G43 V30 V30 V30}

{M16 G1 P1}

[HA] go ashore, run aground (of ship)

[HAHA] stumble {M16 M16 D54} [HAy] protector {M16 M17 M17}

[Hpd] open (mouth) {M16 G1 Q3 D46} [HApd r] open mouthed {M16 G1
Q3 D46 D21 Z1 A40}

[HAyt] mourning {M16 M17 M17 X1

[HAqw] captives {M16 N29 D40 A13 Z3} [HAq] (n.) plunder {M16 N29 D40 Z2} [HAqt] (n.) plunder {M16 N29 X1 D40

[HAp] secret place ? {M16 G1 Q3 O1}
{M16 G1 Q3 S28}

[HAp] secret, mysterious, (to) hide [HAp r Hr] keep silence about

{M16 G1 Q3 S28 D21 Z1 D2 Z1}


[mHw .s] Crown of Lower Egypt {M16 S29

U33 M17 N4}

[HAti] cloudiness (of sky) {M16 G1

[HAty] heart {M16 X1 F34} [HAty] heart, central chest, thought {M16 X1

[HAtyw] fine linen {M16 G1 U33 M17

W11 D54}

[HAg] touch (of ship on land) {M16 G1 [HAgAg] rejoice (over) {M16 G1

Z2 Aa1 Y1 X1}

[HAw xt] a special offering {M16 Y1V

[i] (suffix prn.) I,me,my {M17} [i] (suffix prn.) I,me,my {M17 A1} [i] O!, say, utterance {M17 A2} [yhy] Oho ! {M17 A2 M17 M17 O4
M17 M17 A2}

W11 G1 W11 Y1}


[HAti] bleariness (of eyes) {M16 G1 X1 [HAt] tomb {M16 G1 X1 O1} [HAt] food {M16 G1 X1 X4 Z2} [HAwy] naked man {M16 G1 Z4


[inry] shudder {M17 A2 N35 D21 [inry] shudder {M17 A2 N35 D21

G43 S28 A1}

S28 A1}

[HAwy] naked man {M16 G1 Z4 [HAw xt] a special offering {M16

M17 M17 Z5 A24}

N35 Z2}

[inn] (indepentdent prn.) we {M17 A2 N35 [ihhy] rejoicing {M17 A2 O4 O4 M17

G1 Z7 Y1 Z2 Aa1 X1 Y1 Z2}

[HAtyw] fine linen {M16 G4 G43

M17 A28}

Dictionary of Middle Egyptian

M - Plants N14}


M17 W3 Z2}

[ihhy] a festival {M17 A2 O4 O4 M17

[ity] sovereign {M17 A2 U33 M17 M17

X1 N25}

[ixmt] bank (of river) {M17 Aa1 G17 [ixmw] (adj.) unwearying {M17 Aa1

[iAkb] mourning, wailings (plural) {M17 A2 V31 D58 D3 A2}
D58 D3 A2}

G17 Z2 A7}

[iAkb] mourning {M17 A2 V31 [ikw] stone-quarry {M17 A2 V31

M15 D40 Z2}

[ixi] make to flourish {M17 Aa1 M17

[ixt] things, offerings, possessions, property, matter, affair, something, anything {M17 Aa1

G43 A21A N25}

W24 G43 M3}

[iknw] hoe {M17 A2 V31 N35

[ix] then, therefore, what ? {M17 Aa1 Y1} [im] moan {M17 Aa15 G17 A2}

[i] (interjection) O ! {M17 A26} [iAw] adoration {M17 A30 Z3} [irt Snbt] pectoral {M17 A49 D21
X1 Y1 V7 N35 D58 X1 F51}

[imw] grief {M17 Aa15 G17 A2 [imi] (imperative) give !, place !, cause !

{M17 Aa15 G17 D36}

N2 Z2}

[ixxw] twilight, dusk {M17 Aa1 Aa1 G43

[im] form, shape {M17 Aa15 G17 F51B}
G17 G43 P1}

[imw] ship, ship-load {M17 Aa15

[ixxw] twilight, dusk {M17 Aa1 Aa1 G43

[imw] grief {M17 Aa15 G17 G43 [ixmw wrD] the unwearying
Y1 Z2}

stars {M17 Aa1 Aa15 D35 Z2 G36 D21 D46
A7A N14 Z2}

M17 M17 X1 Y1 Z2}

[imyt] pigment {M17 Aa15 G17

[xr] (non-enclitic part.) and, further {M17
Aa1 D21 A15} D21 O36}

[imDr] rampart {M17 Aa15 G17 M36 [im] gesso ? {M17 Aa15 G17 N33 Z2 [imw] ship {M17 Aa15 G17 P1} [imt] groaning, grief {M17 Aa15 G17
X1 A2}

N23 Z1}

[ixmt] bank (of river) {M17 Aa1 G14 X1

[ixm] extinguish, annul {M17 Aa1 G17

[ixm sk] the indestructible star (the circumpolar star) {M17 Aa1 G17 D35 S29 V31

[ixmw] ignorant ones {M17 Aa1 G17
G37 Z2}

[imt] (locality) Tell el-Farun (Nebeshah) {M17 Aa15 G17 X1 A18 Z4 O49} [im] (v.) moan {M17 Aa15 N35A A2} [imHt] netherworld {M17 Aa15 V28 X1

[ixm sk] indestructible star (the circumpolar) {M17 Aa1 G17 S29 V29 V31

Dictionary of Middle Egyptian O1}

M - Plants A49 S29 T32 G17 Y1 A1}


[imty] foster-child {M17 Aa15 X1 A18}


[irf] (enclitic part.) (not translated) {M17 D21 [irf] enclitic particle {M17 D21 I9} [iri] companion {M17 D21 M17} [iry aA] door - keeper {M17 D21 O29

[inD Hr] hail to... {M17 Aa27 I10 Y1 D2 [iqdw] builder {M17 Aa28 D46 D12

G43 A35}

[irw] shape, form {M17 D4 A53}

D36 O31}

[irw] cattle-tax {M17 D4 D21 G43 [iArrt] vine {M17 D4 D21 X1 M43} [iArrt] vine {M17 D4 D21 X1 M43A} [irtyw] mourning {M17 D4 G4 A2

[irp] wine {M17 D21 Q3 M43} [irp] wine {M17 D21 Q3 W21} [irp] wine {M17 D21 Q3 W22 Z2} [Ar] drive away (from) {M17 D21 T12 [Ar] drive away {M17 D21 T12 D40} [irTn] (enclitic particle) {M17 D21 V13


{M17 D4 G4 N33 Z2}

[irtyw] blue, colour, a blue mineral

[irtyw] blue-dyed linen {M17 D4 G4

A53 Z1}

[irw] shape, form, nature {M17 D4 G43

V13 N35}

[irTn] (enclitic part.) now, but {M17 D21

[irk] (enclitic part.) but, now {M17 D21 V31} [irk] (enclitic particle) {M17 D21 V31} [irt] (enclitic particle) {M17 D21 X1} [irt] (enclitic part.) now, but {M17 D21 X1}

[iryt] milch-cow {M17 D4 M17 M17 X1


[iryt] tax-corn {M17 D4 M17 M17 X1 [irt] duty (of someone) {M17 D4 X1 A47} [irtyw] blue, colour, blue mineral ?

[irt] duty (of someone) {M17 D21 X1} [irit] (female) companion {M17 D21 X1

{M17 D4 X1 G4 N33 Z2}

[irTt] milk {M17 D4 X1 X1 W22} [r] to, at, concerning, more than, so that, until, according as {M17 D21} [ir] as to, if {M17 D21}
A49 Z3} Y1}

[irt] duty, use, purpose {M17 D21 X1 A49 [irTt] milk {M17 D21 X1 X1 W20}

[irt] duty (of someone) {M17 D21 X1 Y1} [iry mDAt] letter carrier {M17 D21 Z1 Y1

[iryw] crew (of boat) {M17 D21 A1 [iry sSm] functionary {M17 D21

[iry] thereof, thereto {M17 D21 Z2}

intrans.Dictionary of Middle Egyptian M . intrans. intrans. unite. squeeze out {M17 D36 I9} [iwayt] troops {M17 D36 M17 M17 X1 A1 Z2} [iry HAt] pilot {M17 D21 Z4 A49 F4 X1 Z1} Z4 N41 G17 G43 P10} [iry Hmw] helmsman {M17 D21 [iry Hmw] helmsman {M17 D21 Z4 N41 G17 Z7 P10} [iai] wash {M17 D36 N35A} [iai] wash. arise {M17 D36 O24A} [iaH] moon {M17 D36 V28 C114A} [iaH] moon {M17 D36 V28 N11A} [iaH] moon {M17 D36 V28 T24 N11A} {M17 D36 D58 F16} D58 F16 Y1} [iab] (v.) be united {M17 D36 D58 O30U} D58 W10} [iab] (v.) be united {M17 D36 [iab] (v. thereto {M17 D21 Z4} Z4 A47 O29 O31 A1} [iwaw] heir {M17 D36 F44} [iaw] washing {M17 D36 G43 N35A} N35A D21 X2 Z1 W22 Z1} [iry aA] door .) be united {M17 D36 [iab] bowl {M17 D36 D58 W10} [iab] assemble (of persons) {M17 D36 [iab] be united. ascend {M17 D36 D21 Y1} [ianw] greeting {M17 D36 N35 W24 Z1 [aS] act as pilot {M17 D36 N37 A2} [aS] pilot {M17 D36 N37 A2} A2 F4 X1} [iart] uraeus {M17 D36 D21 X1 I12} [iart] abode (of god) {M17 D36 D21 X1 O1} D40} [iaaw] cover up {M17 D36 D36 G43 [iab] heap up (corn with a pitchfork) [aS HAt] act as pilot {M17 D36 N37 [ia] tomb (mastaba) {M17 D36 O24A} [ia] ascend.Plants 111 [iry] thereof. join. wash out (an inscription etc) {M17 D36 N35A D40} N35 W24 G43 A2} [ikn] jar {M17 D28 N35 G1 W112A} [ar] mount up {M17 D36 D21 N31} N31} [ianw] greeting ?. present {M17 D36 W10 D58 Y1v} N5} [iaw] breakfast {M17 D36 Z7 N35A D58 W10 S36C} . woe to {M17 D36 [ar] mount up.keeper {M17 D21 [iry] relating to {M17 D21 Z4 A49} [iry sA] keeper of cattle-pens {M17 D21 Z4 A49 Aa18 Z1 O1} [iaw r] breakfast {M17 D36 G43 [iaw r] breakfast {M17 D36 G43 N35A D21 Z1} {M17 D21 Z4 A49 D21 D46 D56 D56} [iry rdwy] one in attendence on [iaw r] breakfast {M17 D36 G43 N35A D154 X2 Z1 W22 Z1} [iaf] wring out. assemble.

tendons {M17 D46 D21 V28 G43 O49} [idHw] the Delta marshes {M17 D46 [idHy] marsh-man {M17 D46 V28 G43 F51 Z2} M17 M17 M15 A1} M17 M17 X1 F21 Y2 Z2} [idryt] punishment {M17 D46 D21 V28 M17 M17 M15 O49 A1} [idHy] marsh .nest {M17 D46 E3 O4 G1 G43 X1 Z4 N33 Z2} V28 G43 G49 O1} [ibH] stream (with liquid). {M17 D46 [idn] lay out (enclosures) ? {M17 D46 Z2} [ibr] ladanum {M17 D58 D21 W1 W23 [ib] think. thirst after (something) {M17 A17} [ibA] dance {M17 D58 A32} [ibr] ladanum ? {M17 D58 D21 M17 N33 Z2} [idn] govern. suppose {M17 D58 E3 A2} [ibr] ladanum ? {M17 D58 E3 M17 W22} [ibhty] Ibhet stone {M17 D58 N35 F143} N35 V20} [idn] serve instead of. influence {M17 D46 X1 N4} [idw] pestilence {M17 D46 Z7 N4} [ib] think.) stitch.burning {M17 D46A [idr] stitch. shore (of flood) {M17 D46 D58 N21A} F21} [idt] wrath ? {M17 D46 X1 A24} [iAdt] pouring rain {M17 D46 X1 N4} [idt] censing. replace. and n.Plants 112 [id] boy {M17 D46 A17} [id] assault {M17 D46 A24} X1} D46 V28 G43 M15 M2 O49} [idHw] the Delta marshes {M17 [idHw] the Delta marshes {M17 D46 V28 G43 N23} [idt] censing. serve as lieutenantcommander {M17 D46 N35 F21 D40} [idn] govern {M17 D46 N35 F21 D40} N35 F21 Y1} [idn] serve instead of. riparian land. stitching {M17 D46 D21 F21} [idrw] nerves. stitching {M17 D46 [idi] be deaf {M17 D46 F21} [idA] smooth {M17 D46 G1} [idw] pestilence {M17 D46 G43 N1} [id] bull {M17 D46 H25 F1} [idyt] girl {M17 D46 M17 M17 X1 [ibi] be thirsty. incense .Dictionary of Middle Egyptian M .man {M17 D46 [idr] herd (of animals) {M17 D46 D21 V37 E1 Z2} [idr] withhold {M17 D46 V37} [idmi] red linen {M17 D46 W19 M17 S28} [idb] river-bank. be suffused (with blood) {M17 D58 E3 V28 N35A F18 Z2} . fragrance. suppose {M17 D58 A2} D58 A2} [idr] (v. sweet savour. incense-burning. replace {M17 D46 [idHw] marsh .

tusk {M17 D58 V28 F18 Z1} [ibHw] libationer {M17 D58 V28 N35A} A2} G43 F27 Z1} [ibAw] Barbary sheep {M17 D58 F40 [ibAw] Barbary sheep {M17 D58 [ibt] thirst {M17 D58 X1 E3 N35A [ibt] thirst {M17 D58 X1 E8} [ibt] thirst {M17 D58 X1 N35A A2} [ibT] bird . shelter {M17 D58 E8 Z7 O1} D56} [abH] fill up {M17 D58 V28 D36} [ibH] tooth.trap {M17 D58 X1 T26} [ibAw] Barbary sheep {M17 D58 Y6 G29 G1 G43 E28} G43 G43 V1 Z2} [ibwy] halliards (of ship) {M17 D58 [ibwy] halliards (of ship) {M17 D58 G43 G43 V1 Z2} [ibw] refuge. shelter {M17 D58 G43 O1} O18} G43 E28} [ibw] tent of purification {M17 D58 G43 [iwn] complexion. thirst after (something) {M17 D58 E8 N35A A24} [ibHw] libationer {M17 D58 E8 V28 G43 N35A} N25} [ibht] (locality) Ibhet {M17 D58 O4 X1 [ibhty] Ibhet-stone {M17 D58 O4 X1 Z4 O39} [ibH] stream (with liquid). suppose {M17 D58 E8 A2} [ib] thirsty man {M17 D58 E8 A2 {M17 D58 M17 N35A} [ibi] be thirsty. disposition {M17 E34 N35 D3} [iwn] complexion. nature. [ibwy] halliards (of ship) {M17 D58 G43 V1} [ibwy] halliard of ship ? {M17 D58 . colour. thirst after (something) [ib] think. shelter {M17 D58 O1} [ib] kid goat {M17 D58 E8 F27} [ibw] refuge {M17 D58 O1} [ibht] (locality) Ibhet {M17 D58 O4 G1 X1 N25} N35A A2 A1} [ib] a thirsty man {M17 D58 E8 [ibi] be thirsty.Dictionary of Middle Egyptian M .Plants G43 Z4 V1 Z2} 113 {M17 D58 E8 A2} [ibi] be thirsty. nature. disposition {M17 E34 N35 D3 Y1} [iwn] complexion. be suffused (with blood) {M17 D58 E8 V28 N35A A24} S57} [ibs] headdress (of king) {M17 D58 S29 [ibT] bird-trap {M17 D58 V13 T26} [ibTt] part of leg {M17 D58 V13 X1 [ibt] thirst {M17 D58 E8 X1 A2} [ibt] thirst {M17 D58 E8 X1 N35A} [ibA] draughtsman {M17 D58 E8 Y6} [ibw] refuge. colour. nature. thirst after (something) [ib] kid goat {M17 D58 N4 E8} A1} [ibw] refuge. colour.

reed. rushes {M17 G1 [iArrt] vine {M17 G1 D21 D21 X1 M43} .) be honoured {M17 F39A Aa1 X1 N18 N23 Z1} [imAxyt] revered one (of dead woman) {M17 F39A Aa1 X1} Z5 G37 Z2} [iAdt] intruders {M17 G1 D46 X1 [i] flesh {M17 F51 F51 F51} [iAw] old man {M17 G1 A19} [iAw] adoration {M17 G1 A30} [iAi] adore {M17 G1 A30} [iAw] adoration {M17 G1 A30 Y1V Z3} Aa1 G43 A40} [iAdt] dew.Dictionary of Middle Egyptian M . radiance {M17 G1 N21 Z2} [iAA] mounds of rubble {M17 G1 G1 [iAAyt] rod. affliction. agent. be weak (of heart) {M17 G1 D21 D21 D4 G37} [iArr] be dim.Plants 114 disposition {M17 E34 N35 F27} [wpwty] messenger. pouring rain. eastern {M17 G1 D58 U33} [iAbt] the East {M17 G1 D58 X1} G1 M17 M17 X1 M2} [iAxw] radiance (as a god) {M17 G1 [Axw] sunlight.) be honoured {M17 F39A Aa1} M17 M17} [imAxy] (v. reeds. influence {M17 G1 D46 X1 Z5 N4} [iAdt] influence {M17 G1 D46 X1 Z5 N35A} [iAdt] net {M17 G1 D46 X1 Z5 V1} [iAb] the east wind {M17 G1 D58 P5} [iAbty] east. rushes {M17 G1 G1 [iAAyt] rod. reeds. sunshine {M17 G1 Aa1 G43 N8} [iAAyt] rod. be weak (of heart) {M17 G1 D21 D21 D7} X1 M2} X1 D5 N33 Z2} [iArrt] grapes {M17 G1 D21 D21 G1 X1 M34} [iAAyt] rod. commissioner. reeds. kindly disposed {M17 [idw] pestilence {M17 G1 D46 F37J [idw] pestilence {M17 G1 D46 G37} [idw] pestilence {M17 G1 D46 G37} [iAdt] tract (of land) {M17 G1 D46 [imAxw] revered one (of the blessed dead) {M17 F39A Aa1} [imAxy] (v. pestilence. rushes {M17 G1 G1 X1 M3} [iArr] be dim (of eye). bystander {M17 F13 Q3 X1 Y2 G7} G43 M2 Z2} [iArw] rushes (plants) {M17 G1 D21 [iArt] lock of hair {M17 G1 D21 X1 D3} [iSd] Ished tree {M17 F30 D46 M46} [iwms] misstatement {M17 F31 S29 A2} F31 S29 A2 F34 Z1} [id] boy {M17 G1 D46 A17 A1} [id] boy {M17 G1 D46 A17A A1} D40} [ims ib] pleasant. rushes {M17 G1 Aa1 G43 N8} [iAxw] sunshine.

lake) {M17 G1 X1 F37 X1 Z1} [iAyt] old woman {M17 G1 M17 D57} [iAtyw] mutilation {M17 G1 X1 G4 [iATw] shambles {M17 G1 X1 G4 [iAt] (divinity) a milk . summon {M17 G1 N37 A2} [iAs] bald {M17 G1 S29 A28} G17} [imA] pleasing (to) {M17 G1 G17 M1} [iAm] offer (to) {M17 G1 G17 S42} [iAm] bind (the sacrifice) {M17 G1 G17 T30A} [imA] pleasing (to) {M17 G1 U1 M1 [iAT] be injured. be distorted. abate {M17 G1 V13 D57 G37} [iATw] shambles {M17 G1 V13 G43 D57 O1 Z2} V1} [iAm] bind (the sacrifice) {M17 G1 G17 [imAt] favour (toward someone) {M17 G1 G17 X1 M1 Y1v} D58 D3} [iAkb] mourning. kindliness. attain old age.) offices. rushes {M17 G1 G1 [iAS] call.Plants 115 X1 S42} [iAAyt] rod. abate (of fever) {M17 G1 X1 D57} G1 G43 X1 O44 Y1 Z2} [imA] be delighted (with). spine (of man. charmed (with) {M17 G1 M1 G17} [imA] a tree {M17 G1 M1 G17} [imAt] charm. kindliness. instant. reeds. vegetables {M17 G1 N29 . graciousness {M17 G1 M1 G17 X1} [imAt] charm. animal). be distorted. animal) {M17 G1 X1 F37 F51B} [iAt] back. old age [iAw] old man {M17 G1 G43 A19 V31 D58 M17 M17 B77 D3 Z2} A1} Z3} [iAkw] the aged {M17 G1 V31 G43 A19 [ikw] stone-quarry {M17 G1 V31 [iAw] adoration {M17 G1 G43 A30} Y1 Z2} [iAw] adoration {M17 G1 G43 A30 [iAwt] old age {M17 G1 G43 X1 A19} [iAwt] (pl. middle (of river. functions {M17 Z7 A20 N25} [iAyt] old woman {M17 G1 X1 A19} [iAT] be injured. animal) {M17 [iAt] back. spine (of man.goddess {M17 G1 X1 G14} [iAyt] old woman {M17 G1 M17 M17 X1 B1} O1 Z2} X1 M2 Z2} [iAqt] leeks. be missing. be missing (from).Dictionary of Middle Egyptian M . time (in general) {M17 G1 X1 F9 N5} G1 X1 F37} [iAt] back. wailings {M17 G1 V31 [iAkby] mourners {M17 G1 {M17 G1 G43 A19} [iAwi] be aged. graciousness {M17 G1 M1 G17 X1} M17 X1 A19 B1} [At] moment. spine (of man.

. trans.. ruin {M17 G1 X1 N30} X1 R12} [iAt] standard (for cult objects) {M17 G1 [iAt] office.. does not exist {M17 [DHwty] (divinity) Thoth (god) {M17 G7} [im] in. and n.) strand.... meat {M17 G43 I9 F51 [imi] 'negatives the verb' {M17 G17 D35} [imy] belongs to (me) {M17 G17 M17 M17} [imsti] (one of the Four sons of Horus) Imseti {M17 G17 S29 U33 G7} [imsti] (one of the Four sons of Horus0 Imseti {M17 G17 S29 X1 G7} [imt] wine of Imt {M17 G17 X1 W10} [iAq] leap {M17 G23 N29 A32B} [ipAt] private office {M17 G40 X1 O1} [iiw] welcome {M17 G43} [iw] is.. together with {M17 G17} G43 D35 X1 X1} X1 N18} [iwbt] crumb (of bread) {M17 G43 D58 [iwms] misstatement {M17 G43 F31 [im] there. namely. from..) seasons {M17 G43 X1 [iTA] steal {M17 G47 G1 A24} [iTA] thief {M17 G47 G1 A24 A1} [iTAy] take {M17 G47 G1 M17 M17 D51 D40} [ikm] shield {M17 I6 G17 F27 Z1} [ifd] quadruple {M17 I9 D46 D41 Z2} [ifd] flee {M17 I9 D46 D54} .....) be aged.Dictionary of Middle Egyptian M . old age {M17 G43 G1 Z4 A19} F51 F51} [imsti] Imseti (a son of Horus) {M17 [iwf] flesh.. be ignorant of {M17 G43 Aa1 G17 D35} [ixmw skw] (pl. attain old age. function {M17 G1 X1 Z5 [iwty] who..not... which. as. when. by means of. shape. as. are {M17 G43} [iw] hump-back ? {M17 G43 A16} [ixxw] twilight..not.. which. side {M17 G17 Aa15} G17 Aa15 S29 U33 G7} [iAwi] (v.not {M17 G43 D35 U33 M17} Y1 Z2} G43 D35 X1} [iwty] who.. though... dusk {M17 G43 Aa1 Aa1 N2 Z2} [iwi] (v. therewith. therein..Plants 116 G43 D57 O1 Z2} [iATw] shambles {M17 G1 X1 [iwxm] (passive participle) know not.not {M17 [iwtt] what is not. therefrom {M17 G17} S29 A2} [im] form. out of.. leave boatless {M17 G43 M17 M17 P19} D21 X1 N25} [igrt] realm of the dead {M17 G43 W11 [iwgrt] realm of the dead {M17 G43 W11 D21 X1 N25} D21 G43 M6 Z2 N5} [trw] (pl.) indestructible stars {M17 G43 Aa1 G17 D35 Z2 S29 V29 V31 N14 Z2} [iAwt] herds {M17 G1 X1 G43 O44 F27 Z2} [iAt] mound.. with.

hues (of sky). thigh.Dictionary of Middle Egyptian M . hind-leg [insy] bright-red linen {M17 K1 N35 [ind] the afflicted man {M17 K1 N35 S29 Z4 S28} [indw] misery {M17 K1 N35 D46 G37 Z3A} [inm] skin (of man or animal). collect. gather together. embrace {M17 K1 N35 V28 V1 D40} D58 X1 M3 Z2} [inbt] fence. collect. enclose. shank. quartette {M17 I9 D46 X1 [ifd] flee {M17 I9 D46 Z4 D41 D56 [inq] unite (the Two Lands). . collect. stackade {M17 K1 N35 [inT] (v. cloth {M17 I9 D46 Z4 [ifdy] couch {M17 I9 D46 Z4 D41 N35 N35 V31 M2 Z2} V6 M3 X1 Z1} [inhmn] pomegranate (tree and fruit) {M17 K1 N35 O4 G17 D36 N35 Z4 M1} O34 Z4 S28} [iwf] flesh (of man) {M17 I9 F51} [if] flesh {M17 I9 F51} [iwf] meat {M17 I9 F51B Z2} [in] eyebrows {M17 K1 N35 D13 Z4} [inat] chin {M17 K1 N35 D36 X1 F51} D46 G37 A1} [insy] bright red linen {M17 K1 N35 [insy] bright red linen {M17 K1 N35 S29 S28} {M17 K1 N35 S29 X1 D56} [inst] calf (of leg). come together {M17 K1 N35 N29 D32 D36} [ifdt] a four. gather together {M17 K1 N35 N29 D51 D40} V1 Z2} D54} [in] cordage (of ship) {M17 K1 N35 N35 [innk] thyme ?. hold (aloof) {M17 K1 N35 D54} [inT] fetter {M17 K1 N35 V13 V1} [inbA] be dumb {M17 K1 N35 [inH] eyebrows {M17 K1 N35 V28 D3} D13} D58 G29 G1 A2} [inb] wall {M17 K1 N35 D58 O36} [inb] wall of (a place) {M17 K1 N35 D58 O36 D40} [inH] eyebrows {M17 K1 N35 V28 D13 [inH] surround. complexion {M17 K1 N35 T34 G17 F27} G37} [indw] misery {M17 K1 N35 D46 Z7 [in] cordage (of ship) {M17 K1 N35 V1 Z2} [ini] delay. gather together {M17 K1 N35 N29 D40} [inq] unite (the Two Lands). water-mint ? {M17 K1 D41 S28} [ifdy] couch.Plants 117 [ifd] rectangular {M17 I9 D46 O39} [ifd] cloth {M17 I9 D46 O39 S28} Z2} embrace. development.) fetter {M17 K1 N35 X1 A24} [int] the bulti-fish {M17 K1 N35 X1 K1} [int] valley {M17 K1 N35 X1 N25} [inD] be afflicted {M17 K1 N35 I10 C7} [inq] unite.

well-to-do. wiseacre {M17 [iDrt] hall ? {M17 M36 D21 X1 O1} [is] be light (of weight). slab. workshop. leaves {M17 M2 Z2} [ym] sea {M17 M17 N35A N36 N21 Z1} [yH] Hey ! {M17 M17 V28 D54} N35A N36 N23} [ym] sea {M17 M17 Z7 G17 D36 Y1} [iqr] wealth. workshop.) reward {M17 M40 S29 G43 Y1 Z2} [inpw] royal child {M17 N35 Q3 A18} . lie light {M17 M40 O34 M2} N29 D21 Y1 A1} T7A} [iqHw] battle-axe {M17 N29 V28 G43 F34 Z1} [is ib] light . workshop. gather together {M17 N35 N29 D32} [inq] unite (the Two Lands). council chamber. linger {M17 K1 N35 X1 [is] lie light (on) {M17 M40 S29 M2} [is] old. trustworthy. pleasing. block {M17 N35 D21 O39} [is] tomb. archive. virtue. council chamber.Plants 118 V1} [inTt] (n.) reward {M17 M40 S29 F147} [isw] (n. council-chamber. council chamber.minded {M17 M40 O34 M2 [in] by. {M17 M40 O34 O194A O1 Z1} [isw] reward {M17 M40 S29 F44 G43} [isw] (n. collect. superior {M17 N29 D21 Y1v} [imAw] brilliance.) reward {M17 M40 S29 G43 M2 Y1 Z2} D21 O39 N35 D21 Z1 N35A} [inr n r mw] sea-shell {M17 N35 [ina] chin {M17 N35 D36 D147} [in m] (int.) fetter {M17 K1 N35 X1 X1 [inty] hinder. collect. workshop. archive {M17 M40 O34 O1} [is] tomb.Dictionary of Middle Egyptian M . rags {M17 M40 [int] valley {M17 K1 X1 N25} [imAw] tent {M17 M1 Aa15 G43 O1} [imw] ship {M17 M1 G17 Z7 P1} Z2 G43 N5} [is] tomb. archive. excellence {M17 N29 D21 [iqr] a trustworthy man. archive.) who ? {M17 N35 G17 D36} [inq] unite (the Two Lands). rock. ancient {M17 M40 S29 M2 Y1} S29 M17 M17 Z7 X1 M2 Z2 V6} Z4 D56 D54} [isywt] old clothes. excellent. {M17 M40 S29 O1} [isi] tomb. {M17 M40 S29 Z4 O1} [isw] reeds {M17 M40 S29 Z7 M2 Z2} [ist] lightness (of tongue) {M17 M40 X1 M2} [iqr] trust. so says {M17 N35} [inr] stone. splendour {M17 M1 [i] reeds. skilful. gather together {M17 N35 N29 V110} [inhmn] pomegranate (tree and fruit) {M17 N35 O4 Y5 M1} G43 X1 M2 Y1 Z2} [iswt] ancient times {M17 M40 S29 [isw] (n.

lag {M17 O4 G17 D54} [Ahw] misery. restrain {M17 N35 [ihmt] detention {M17 O4 G14 X1 G37} [ihm] restrain {M17 O4 G17 A24} [ihm] linger. trouble {M17 O4 G37} [ihw] camp {M17 O4 G43 O1} [yhy] Oho ! {M17 O4 M17} A2} X1 N35 X1 D55} [inT] (v.) fetter {M17 N35 X1 V1} [iS] saliva {M17 N37 A2} N33 N33} [iSdd] sweat {M17 N37 D46 D46 N33 [ihhy] rejoicing {M17 O4 O4 M17 M17 [Ahw] misery. water meadow {M17 N37 E23 O49} [iSt] possessions. fruit of the ished tree {M17 N37 D46 M1} [iSd] fruit of the Ished tree {M17 N37 D46 M39B} Z2} [isr] tamarisk tree {M17 O34 D21 M46} G1} M43A} [iSd] Ished tree {M17 N37 D46 X1 [sA] betake oneself (to) {M17 O34 G39 [isft] wrong. falsehood {M17 [iSrw] the precinct of Mut at Karnak . wrong doing. landmark {M17 O34 X1 Z2} [iSt] possessions.Dictionary of Middle Egyptian M . (morning) meal {M17 N37 [iSt] possessions. Ished tree.Plants 119 [inp] decay {M17 N35 Q3 Aa2} [inpw] (divinity) Anubis {M17 N35 Q3 C7} A42} [iHms] attendant {M17 N41 O34 A17} [Ahw] pain {M17 O4 Aa2 G37} [Ahw] illness {M17 O4 C7 Z5} [ihb] dancing ritual {M17 O4 D58 A32} G43 A32 Z3} [inpw] royal child {M17 N35 Q3 G43 [inpw] royal child (of princess) {M17 N35 Q3 G43 E15} [ihbw] ritual dancers {M17 O4 D58 [ihb] dancing ritual {M17 O4 G1 D58 E15 G7} [inpw] Anubis {M17 N35 Q3 G43 [inswy] testicles {M17 N35 S29 G43 F51 F51} A32} [inTt] fetter {M17 N35 V13 X1 V1} A1} G1 D58 G43 A17 D54 Z2} [ihbw] ritual dancers {M17 O4 [nik] evil doer {M17 N35 V31 G37 [int] the bulti .fish {M17 N35 X1 K1} [intnt] hold back. (morning) meal {M17 [is] (imperative) go ! {M17 O35} [is] go ! {M17 O35 D54} [is HAq] easy prey {M17 O35 M16 N29 N37 X1 Z9 Y1 Z2} . trouble {M17 O4 Z7 G37 [iSd] Balanos. (morning) meal {M17 N37 X1 N33 Z2} O34 I9 X1 Z8} X1 M35} [ist] boundary-stone.

commissioner. adj. examine. bystander {M17 Q3 F13 G43 U33 G7} G1 O1 Z1} [ipA] private office {M17 Q3 G40 [in] by. wrong-doing. recover one's senses. {M17 Q3 Z4 G37 A1} [isfty] evil-doer {M17 S29 I9 X1 [is] old.Dictionary of Middle Egyptian D40} M . ancient {M17 S29 M22} .) these {M17 Q3 X1 G43 X1} [isbt] throne.) swine.) those {M17 Q3 I9} [ipn] (demon. adj. stool {M17 S29 D58 X1 Q12} D283 Z2 F51} [iptf] (demon.) these {M17 Q3 G43} [ipw] (locality) Akhmim {M17 Q3 G43 O49} [is] enclitic particle {M17 S29} [iAs] bald {M17 S29 A28} [iAs] bald {M17 S29 A28} [iAs] bald {M17 S29 Aa2} [Ais] viscera {M17 S29 Aa2} [isr] tamarisk {M17 S29 D21 M1 M3} [isr] tamarisk {M17 S29 D21 M3} [isbt] stool {M17 S29 D58 X1 M3} [isbt] throne {M17 S29 D58 X1 O1} [ipw] payments {M17 Q3 G43 Y1 Z2} [ipf] (demon. agent.Plants Y1} 120 Z2} [ipdw] furniture {M17 Q3 D46 G43 M3 [ip] count.) reward {M17 S29 G43 F44 Y1 Z2} [ipt swt] Temple of Karnak {M17 Q3 X1 [ipt] grain-measure of 4 heqat {M17 Q3 X1 U9} M2} [iswt] ancient times {M17 S29 G43 X1 [isw] ancient ones {M17 S29 G43 Z3} [isft] wrong. so says {M17 S3} [nbA] carrying pole {M17 S3 M17 G43 R7 G29 Z1 M3} [ipw] (demon. adj. adj. adj.) these {M17 Q3 X1 [iptwt] (demon. reckon up. falsehood {M17 S29 I9 X1 G37} [ipt] census {M17 Q3 X1 Y1} [ip] accounting. adj. claim. estimation {M17 Q3 Y1} [ip] exact. assemble. take heed of {M17 Q3 Y1} [ip] set in order.) those {M17 Q3 X1 I9} [iptn] (demon. recognize. allot {M17 Q3 Y1} [ip Dt] collect one's wits. muster. detail. pigs {M17 Q3 [ipt] Twelfth month (name and festival) {M17 Q3 X1 F27 B1} G43} [iptw] (demon. assess. make reckoning.) these {M17 Q3 N35} V28 E12} [ipH] (collective n.) these {M17 Q3 X1 N35} Q1 X1 Z2} [iswy] testicles {M17 S29 F44 Z7 X1 [isw] (n. having (his) wits about (him) {M17 Q3 Y1 I10 X1 Z1} [wpwty] messenger. adj.

) be honoured {M17 U1 F39A [ityt] queen-regnant {M17 U33 M17 M17 [ityt xAw] queen of thousands {M17 Aa1} U33 X1 X1 M12 Z1 Z2 I12} [imAxw] revered one(of the blessed dead) {M17 U1 F39A Aa1 G43 G7} Aa1 M17 M17} {M17 V4 G1 A24} [awAi] steal (goods). gentle. be delighted. O1} . the blessed state (of being dead) {M17 U2 Aa1 F39A Z1} [imAxyw] (pl. linger. intrans.Plants 121 Z1} [issr] Assyria {M17 S29 M23 G43 D21 [imA] a tree {M17 U1 G1 M1} [imAt] charm. cut {M17 S29 Q3 T30} [ispt] quiver (for arrows) {M17 S29 Q3 X1 F27} [imA] a type of tree {M17 U1 M1} [imA] be delighted (with).) revered one (of the aged living) {M17 U2 Aa1 F39A Z1 M17 M17 Z7 A19 A1 Z2} X1 G43 T65} [ispt] quiver (for arrows) {M17 S29 Q3 [ispt] quiver (for arrows) {M17 S29 Q3 X1 M3} [sip] (n. graciousness. charmed {M17 U1 M1} [isq] hinder. favour {M17 U1 G17 X1 M1 Y1} [imA] kind. wait (for) {M17 S29 N29 D54} D56 D54} [isq] (v.) inspection {M17 S29 Q3 Y1} [isT] non-eclitic particle {M17 S29 V13} [isk] non-eclitic particle {M17 S29 V31} [isT] (non . pleasing.) revered one (of the aged living) {M17 U2 Aa1 M17 M17 F39A Z9 Y1 A1} [imr] be deaf {M17 U7 D21 F21} [itmw] suffocation {M17 U15 G17 Z7 G37 Z2} [istn] strap up. well-disposed. female (of any animal) {M17 U1 X1 E30} [imAx] honour. bind {M17 S29 X1 N35 [ity] sovereign {M17 U33 G43 G7} [ity] sovereign {M17 U33 M17 M17 A304} X1 A23} [isw] non-enclitic particle {M17 S29 Z7 A2} Z1} [imAx] spinal cord {M17 U1 Aa1 F39A [imAxy] (v. kindliness. veneration.Dictionary of Middle Egyptian M . be gracious. charmed (with) {M17 U1 M1 G17} [imAt] female ibex.enclitic particle) {M17 S29 X1} [ist] non-eclitic particle {M17 S29 X1} Z7 D40} [imAxyw] (pl.) linger {M17 S29 N29 [ispr] whip {M17 S29 Q3 D21 Z1} [isp] hew. long-horned cattle {M17 V4 [imAxy] be honoured {M17 U1 F39A [imAw] tent {M17 U1 G1 G17 G1 E1} [iwA] beef {M17 V4 G1 F51} [iwAyt] female representative. rob (someone) [iwA] ox.

) we {M17 W24 N35 Z2} W24 G43 A2 Z3} [aHwty] cultivator {M17 V28 G43 X1 Z4A A1} [inw] pattern. snare {M17 V28 T24} [aH] entrap.) either {M17 W11 D21 X1} X1 N25} [igrt] realm of the dead {M17 W11 D21 [igp] clouds. further. model {M17 W25 N35 A239} [iHy] sistrum-player {M17 V28 M17 M17 [ity] sovereign {M17 X1} . any more {M17 W11 [igr] also.) also. prn. jar {M17 V31 N35 W10} [ikkw] councillors ? {M17 V31 V31 G43 A1} D21} [grw] (adv.Dictionary of Middle Egyptian M . soar cloudwards {M17 W11 Q3 N4} Z1 Z1 A1} [aHwty] cultivator {M17 V28 G43 X1 [inn] (ind. wipe away {M17 V28 T24E} [aH] rope {M17 V28 V1} [iHt] cow {M17 V28 X1 E1} [iSst] (int. . further / anymore (after negatives) {M17 W11 D21} [igrt] moreover.) what ? {M17 V6 O34 X1 A2} [iSnn] warcry {M17 V7 N35 N35 A2} M5B} [itrw] seasons {M17 V13 D21 G43 [itnw] opponent {M17 V13 N35 W24 G43 D40 A13} [iHtt] land-tax {M17 V28 X1 X1 N23} [iHy] (title of the priests of Hathor) sistrum player {M17 V28 Z4 G43} [iky] quarryman {M17 V31 A19} [ikm] shield {M17 V31 G17 F27} N35 A24} W24 G43 D40 A13B} [itnw] opponent {M17 V13 N35 [itnt] solar goddess {M17 V13 N35 X1 N5} [iTT] fly up {M17 V13 V13 G40} [iHy] ( title of the priests of Hathor) sistrum player {M17 V28} [iH] Ah ! {M17 V28 A2} [iHy] (title of the priests of Hathor) sistrum player {M17 V28 A239} [iHt] cow {M17 V28 D52 N42 X1 E1A} [iH] bull {M17 V28 F1} [aHA] fight {M17 V28 G1 D36} [aHA] fight {M17 V28 G1 D40} [iHw] a measure of metal {M17 V28 G43} [iHw] weakness {M17 V28 G43 G37} [iHw] stable (for animals) {M17 V28 G43 O1} [ikn] draw (water from well etc) {M17 V31 [ikn] cup.pl.Plants 122 substitute {M17 V4 G1 M17 M17 X1 B1} [iSst] what ?. snare {M17 V28 T24E} [aH] wipe off. wherefore ? {M17 V6 N37 S29 X1} [iaH] moon god {M17 V28 N62 G7C} [aH] entrap. be overcast. now {M17 W11 D21 X1} [grt] (adv.

season {M17 X1 D21 N5} [itrw] river {M17 X1 D21 N36} [itrw] river {M17 X1 D21 N36 N35A} D21 X1 O1} [itrt] row (of men. box {M17 X1 D21 X1 [itrt] conclave (of Upper Egypt) {M17 X1 [imy pr] will. (written) sign {M17 X1 D17} N21 Z1} [ibt] thirst {M17 X1 D58 N35A} [ity] sovereign {M17 X1 G7} [it] father {M17 X1 I9 A1} [it] barley. mystery {M17 X1 W24 G43 Y1v} N35A N36 N23} [tr] time.) seasons {M17 X1 D21 M6 N5 [itrw] river {M17 X1 D21 M17 M17 [itH] drag. hidden. pull out. form. corn {M17 X1 M33} [iAt] mound. disk of the sun {M17 X1 N35 N5} [itnw] secret. draw. testament {M17 X1 Z11 O1 Z1} D21 X1 O157} [imn] create {M17 Y5 N35} N35 A4C} Z1} [itrw] river {M17 X1 D21 Z7 N36 N23 [itmw] (divinity) Atum {M17 X1 D37 A40} [imn] secret. niche.Dictionary of Middle Egyptian M . ruin {M17 X1 N30} [itn] oppose {M17 X1 N35 A24} N35 D19 A24} [itrw] river {M17 X1 D21 E23 N36 [itrw] seasons {M17 X1 D21 G43 M4 M4 M4 N5 N5 N5} [itrw] seasons {M17 X1 D21 G43 M6} D21 G43 N35A N36 N21 Z1} [itn] be in apposition.Plants 123 [atx] strain (mash etc) {M17 X1 Aa1} [atx] strain {M17 X1 Aa1} [tit] image. pull off. hidden {M17 Y5 N35 D35} . draw out {M17 X1 V28 A24} [itH] pull out (eye) {M17 X1 V28 U31} [itH] fortress {M17 X1 V28 U31 O1} [itH] drag {M17 X1 V28 V1 D40} [itnw] secret. mystery {M17 X1 N35 W24 G43 D19 Y1} [itrw] river {M17 X1 D21 G43 N36} [itrw] river {M17 X1 D21 G43 N37 Z2} A24} [itnw] opponent {M17 X1 N35 W24 Z7 Z2} [trw] (pl. of shrubs) {M17 X1 [iTT] fly up {M17 X1 X1 G41} [iTT] fly up {M17 X1 X1 G41} N36 N23 Z1} [itrt] conclave (of Lower Egypt) {M17 X1 D21 X1 O20} [itrw] river {M17 X1 Z7 D21 N35A O32} [itrt] chapel. design. conceal. hide {M17 Y5 [imn] secret. draw off. {M17 X1 [itn] sun. figure. oppose {M17 X1 [itrw] measure of length. shape.

) secret {M17 Y5 N35 W24 Z7 Z2 F32 X1 Z1} [imyw Xt] thoughts {M17 Z11 G43 A4C} [imyw mw] aquatic animals {M17 Z11 G43 Z2 N35A} [imnt] (n. return {M18 M17 M17 D54} [iyt] mishap. harm. trouble.) secret {M17 Y5 N35 X1 A4C} [imnt] Amaunet {M17 Y5 N35 X1 B1} [imnt] the West {M17 Y5 N35 X1 N25} [imnt] secret place {M17 Y5 N35 X1 O1} Y1 Z2} Z11 X1 G43} [imytw] between. superintendant. return {M18 M17 D54} [ii m Htp] come in peace. return safely {M18 M17 D54 G17 R4 X1 Q3} [iiw] welcome {M18 M17 D54 G43 Z4} [ii] come. trouble. harm. a wrong (which is done) {M18 M17 M17 X1 D54} [iyt] mishap. leaves (of reeds) {M17 Z1 M2 Z2} [iwf] flesh (of man) {M17 Z7 I9 F51B Z2} Z5} [inry] shudder {M17 Z7 N35 D21 Z7 [imy ib] favourite {M17 Z11 F34 Z1} [imyw tA] snakes {M17 Z11 G17 G43 Z3 N16 N23 Z1} [imyw tA mw] of land and water {M17 Z11 G17 G43 Z3 N16 N23 Z1 N35A} [iyt] mishap. trouble. harm. {M17 Z11 G17 M3 Aa1 X1} [imy is] councillor {M17 Z11 G17 M17 M40 O34 O1} [imy] who. return {M18 Z4 D54} [aAbt] offerings {M19 X1 Y1 Z2} [sxtyw] class of Cattle {M20 G4 E1 N33A} [imy xt] who are in attendance on. a wrong (which is done) {M18 M17 M17 X1 G37} M17 M17 X1 G37 Z2} [iyt] mishap. return {M18 M17 Z4 D54} [ii] welcome {M18 M17 Z4 D54 U33 M17} [ii] come. return {M18} [ii] come. a wrong (which is done) {M18 M17 M17 X1 D54 G37 Z2} [imnyt] daily offerings {M17 Y5 N35 X1 [i] reeds. which is in.) Westerners {M17 Y5 N35 [imn] Amun {M17 Y5 N35 G7} [imnyt] daily offerings {M17 Y5 N35 G17 Z4 D36 Z1} [imy a] regional officer ? {M17 Z11 [imiwti] among {M17 Z11 G43 X1} [imiwti] between. wrong {M18 [imy xt] following after(of time) {M17 Z11 G17 M3 Aa1 X1} [ii] come.side.Dictionary of Middle Egyptian M . in the midst of {M17 [ii] come.Plants Z11 G17 Z4} 124 G4} [imntyw] (pl. among {M17 Z11 G43 X1 U33 M17} M17 M17 X1 Y1 Z2} {M17 Y5 N35 R13} [imn] right (-hand). the West [imnw] (n. member of the bodyguard. trouble. right . in which is {M17 . harm.

inertness (of the dead) {M22 M22 N35 N35 W24 Z7 A7} [nnyw] inert ones (the Dead) {M22 M22 N35 W24 Z7 A7 A1 Z2} N5 N50} [nnt] lower heaven {M22 M22 N35 X1 [nnSm] spleen {M22 M22 N40 F51} [nnt] lower heaven {M22 M22 O49 N50} [nnw] weariness. inert. fowler {M20 [smw] pastures. extend (boundaries) {M23 G43 S29 Aa1 O39} [nny] be weary. field. she. make wie. him. settle (of flood-waters) {M22 M22 N35 N35 A7} [swt] (ind. hither {M22 M22} [nny] be weary. it. prn. herb {M21 G17 M2} [nxb] (locality) El Kab {M22 D58 W24 O49} [nxbt] Nekhbet (goddess) {M22 D58 W24 X1 G16A} [sA nsw tp] first king's son (a priest) {M23 [sw] (prn. fisherman. these. inert. make spacious. it {M23 G43} [sw] (non-enclitic part. drag (of foot). vegetables. viceroy {M23 G39} G39 Z1 D1 Q3} Z1 B1} X1 Z4 A1} [sxty] peasant.) but {M23 G43 X1} [swt . these. herbage. here. dribble (of fluid). plants. dribble (of fluid). country (beside town) [sxt] (divinity) the Fen goddess {M20 X1 [nxb] (locality) El Kab {M22 O49 D58} [nxbt] Nekhbet (goddess) {M22 X1 D58} [Xr tp nsw] chamberlain {M23 D1 T28} [sA nsw] king's son.Plants 125 {M20 X1 N23} [sxt] marshland. inert {M22 M22 N35} [nn] this. go wrong (of plans). settle (of flood-waters) {M22 M22 N35 M17 M17 A7} [sDn] carry (child) {M23 G43 I10 N35} [swsx] (causative) make extensive (of movements) {M23 G43 S29 Aa1 O39} [swsx] (causative) widen. hither {M22 M22 N35} [nny] be weary.) he. error {M22 M22 N35 N35 T34 G17 G37} [nnw] weariness.) (not translated) {M23 G43} [nn] this. it {M23 G43} [sw] (dependent prn. compound) he.) he. here.f] what is his {M23 G43 X1 I9} [stX] Set {M23 G43 X1 Z4 C7} [nsyw] Kings {M23 M17 M17 G43 Z3} [nsyt] kingship {M23 M17 M17 X1 Y1} [Hmt nsw] queen {M23 N41 X1} [Hmt nsw] queen {M23 N41 X1 B1} [Xr tp nsw] chamberlain {M23 T28 D1} [swt] force (of wind) {M23 X1} [Sps nsw] king's gentleman {M23 X1 A50} S29 Y1 X1 B1} [nnm] err. drag (of foot). inertness (of the dead) {M22 M22 W24 G43 A7 Z2} [Spst nsw] king's lady {M23 X1 A50 . (rarely) she {M23 G43 X1} {M22 M22 N35 N35 M17 M17 Z7 A7 Z6 Z2} [nnyw] inert ones (the Dead) [swt] (enclitic part.Dictionary of Middle Egyptian M .

south of. Upper Egyptian {M26} A2 A1} A40B Z3} [nsyw] kings {M23 X1 N35 M17 M17 [nsyt] kingship {M23 X1 N35 M17 M17 X1 Y1 Z2} [Smaw] musician {M26 D36 G43 Y1v} [nsy] be king {M23 X1 N35 M17 M17 [nsyw] priests of Arsaphes ? {M23 [SmAw] Upper Egypt. South {M24} [rsyw] Southerners {M24 G43 N21 Z2} A43B Z3} Y1} [nsyt] kingship {M23 X1 M17 M17 X1 [nsy] be king {M23 X1 M17 M17 Y1v} [nsw] King of Upper Egypt. Palace of King of Upper Egypt {M23 X1 N35 O1 Z1} [nsw bity] king of Upper and Lower Egypt {M23 X1 L2 X1} [pr nsw] Temple {M23 X1 O1} [Htp di nsw] an offering the king gives {M23 X1 R4 X8} {M23 X1 L2 X1} [nsw bit] King of Upper and Lower Egypt [nsyt] kingship {M23 X1 M17 M17} [nsyw] Kings {M23 X1 M17 M17 G43 [swt] scirpus . South {M24 Z4 N23} [SmAw] Upper Egypt. emblem of Upper Egypt {M23 X1 Z1 M2} [nsyt] kingship {M23 X1 Z2} [stX] (divinity) Seth (god) {M23 X1 Z4 C7} [swit] pill {M23 Z7 M17 X1 M33B} [rsy] southern. south of. Court. south of. Temple.reed. viceroy {M23 X1 [rsyw] Southerners {M24 N21 Z2} [rsy] southern.Plants 126 Aa1} [rx nsw] king's aquaintance {M23 X1 D21 [pr nsw] King's Palace. Upper Egyptian {M26 D36 G43 N24} [Sma] make music {M26 D36 Z5 A2} [Sma s] Crown of Upper Egypt {M26 D36 Z5 S29} X1 N35 M17 M17 Z7 A24 Z2 A1} M17 Z7 G7 Z3} [nsyw] Kings {M23 X1 N35 M17 [Hmt nsw] Queen {M23 X1 N35 N42 X1} [Smaw] musician {M26 M17 M17 X1} [Sma s] Crown of Upper Egypt {M26 S29 .Dictionary of Middle Egyptian M . South {M24 Z4A N21} [sAt nsw] king's daughter {M23 X1 N35 G39 Z1 X1} [rsy] southern. king {M23 X1 N35} [nsw] King {M23 X1 N35 A40} N35 D21 Y1 Aa1} [rsw] the South land {M24 G43 O49} [rsw] south-wind {M24 G43 P5} B1} [rx nsw] king's acquaintance {M23 X1 [sS a n nsw] king's record scribe [rsyw] Southerners {M24 G43 T14 A1 Z2 {M23 X1 N35 D36 N35 Y3 A1} N35 G39 A1} [sA nsw] king's son.

) end. flank {M36 [Drww] wall {M36 D21 G43 G43 N33} [Drw] walls {M36 D21 G43 M3 Z2} [Drw] boundary.) dates {M30 M33} [bnrt] date-palm {M30 X1 M54} [bnrt] date-cakes {M30 X1 X4 Z2} [bnr] (n. limit {M36 D21 D36 [nDm] sweet (of flavour. pleasant. before. hale. pleasing. Upper Egyptian {M27 [Smaw] musician {M27 X1} {M36 D21 A24} G43 Z4} [Dr awy] (n. obstruct [SmAw] Upper Egypt. pleasant {M30 Z1 Y1} [rwDw] agent {M31 G43 D40} [it Sma] barley of Upper Egypt {M33A M26} [it] barley. until {M36 [Dr] (adv. hinder. comfortable (of patient) {M29 G17 Y1v} E23 Z7 N31} [Drw] boundary.) before. end up as. since.) long ago {M36 D21 D36 [Dr bAH] (adv.) at an end {M36 D21} [Dr] end (hunger). well. end.) question {M29 G17 D36} [nDmmyt] passion {M29 G17 G17 M17 M17 X1 D53 Z2} Z1} [Dr awy] (n.Plants 127 [Sma] Upper Egyptian barley {M26 U9} [Sma] make music {M27 A2} O49} D21} [Dr] (preposition) in.) paint {M36 D21 G43 Z4 N33 Z2} [DrD] leaf {M36 D21 I10 F21} M17 D40} [Dri] strong (of staff). limit {M36 D21 D36 [Dr awy] (adv. end.) dates {M30 Z1 U9 Z2} [bnr] sweet.Dictionary of Middle Egyptian S2} M . odour) {M29} [nma] (v. formerly {M36 D21 D53 Y1} Z1} [nDm] carob tree ? {M29 G17 M1} [nDm] sweet (of flavour. corn {M33A M34} [it mHw] barley of Lower Egypt {M33 V22} [bdt] emmer {M34 D46 X1 U9 Z2} [bdt] emmer {M34 X1 Z4 U9} [bdt] emmer {M34 X1 Z4 U9 Z2} [Drtyw] ancestors {M36 D21 G4 A51 Z3} [Dr] obstacle {M36 D21 G37} D21 G43 G43 F51} [Drww] (anatomical) side. limit {M36 D21 G43 N31} Q6} [Drwt] sarcophagus {M36 D21 G43 X1 [Drwy] (n. strongly {M36 D21 [Dri] be hard.) end. odour). stolid {M36 D21 M17 G41 G37} [Dryt] kite (bird) {M36 D21 M17 M17 X1 . limit {M36 D21 [nDm ib] joyful {M29 G17 Y1V F34 Z1} [nDm] carob tree ? {M29 M1A} [bnr] (n.

end.horned cattle {M42 N26 E1 [wnDwt] associates {M42 N26 G43 X1 A1 B1 Z2} [DrDri] stranger {M36 D21 M36 D21 M17 A30 D54 A1} Z2} M17 M17 A30} [DrDry] strange {M36 D21 M36 D21 [DrDry] strange {M36 D21 M36 D21 M17 M17 A280} E8 E8} [wnDw] goats {M42 N26 W24 E8 [Drw] boundary.) offer (things to) {M36 D21 S28} [Drt] hand.Plants 128 [Drwt] hall {M36 D21 M17 M17 X1 O1} [Dri] enclosing wall {M36 D21 M17 O36} [Drit] wall {M36 D21 M17 X1 M3} [Drwt] hall {M36 D21 M17 X1 O1} D21 G43 A30 Z2 A1} [ist] crew (of ship). trunk (of elephant). fodder {M42 X1 A2 X2 . relality {M42 U2 [wnDw] short horned cattle {M42 W24 N26 E1 Z2} X4 Z2} [wnmt] food. sustenance {M42 A2 [DrDri] stranger {M36 D21 M36 Z2} [wnmt] food. gang (of workmen) {M40 X1 Z1 A1 Z2} [ist] company (of rebels) {M40 X1 Z1 A14} [wnm] eat {M42 A2} G43 X4 Z2} [wnmw] food. company (of soldiers). depression {M42 N26 Z4 [wnx] be clothed (in) {M42 N35 Aa1 [wnb] flower {M42 N35 D58 M96} [wnDwt] ships hold {M42 N35 I10 G43 X1 P30} [drp] (v. landmark {M40 X1 Z1} {M42 N35 M42 N35} [wnwn] move about (of child in womb) [wnn nfrw] (divinity) Onnophris {M42 N35 N35 F35 A40} D36} [wn mAa] true being. handle (of jar) {M36 D21 X1 D46} [Dryt] kite (bird) {M36 D21 X1 G5} [Drt] harm {M36 D21 X1 G37} [Drwt] hall {M36 D21 Z7 X1 O1} [Drtyw] ancestors {M36 G4 Z2} [dmA] bind together {M37} [ist] gang (of workmen) {M40} [imy is] councillor {M40 G17} [ist] crew (of ship) {M40 X1 G43 A1 Z2} [ist] palace {M40 X1 O11} [ist] boundary stone. limit {M36 D21 N31} [Dri] enclosing wall {M36 D21 O36} Q3 D39} E1} [wndwt] hollow. relality {M42 N35 U5 [wnDwt] associates {M42 N35 W24 N26 G43 X1 E1 A1 N33A} Aa11} [wn mAa] true being. fodder {M42 A2 X1 Z8 [wnDw] short .Dictionary of Middle Egyptian G39} M . trans.

heaven {N1} A1 B1 Z2} [wbnw] wound {N8 W24 Z7 D26} [Hnmmt] the sun-folk of Heliopolis. effective. restore to order {M44 Y1v} [spd] (adj. mankind {N8 A1 B1 Z2} [wbnw] wound {N8 F51B} [Axw] sunlight. sunshine {N8 G7} [Hnmmt] the sun-folk of Heliopolis. Sothis (goddess) {M44 X1 [spdt] effectiveness ? {M44 X1 Y1} [kApwt] covers {M44 X1 Z1 Z2} [ra nb] everyday {N5 Z1 V30} [ra] (divinity) Re {N6 Z1} [Sw] dry.Sky [hAyt] portal {N1} [pt] sky. Sothis (goddess) [spdt] Sirius (star).Dictionary of Middle Egyptian M . Sothis (goddess) {M44 X1 B1} N14} [spdt] Sirius (star). mankind {N8 X1 Z2} [psDntyw] the new moon and its festival {N9 G4 W3} [Hry mrw] foreman of weavers {N1 N36 [pt m Aiw] a windy sky ? {N1 [psDntyw] the new moon and its festival {N9 N35 G4 W3 N5} [psDntyw] the new moon and its festival {N9 N35 G4 X4} {N9 N35 W3} Q3 X1 G17 G1 M17 Z7 P5} [Hry pDt] troop commander {N1 T10} [Hry pDt] troop commander {N1 T10 X1 [psDntyw] the new moon and its festival . daytime {N5 Z1} [ra] (divinity) Re {N5 Z1 A40} [sw n mswt nbt Hwt] birthday of Nephthys {N5 Z1 N35 F31 S29 G43 X1 Z2 O9 B1} [spdt] Sirius (star). dried {N8} [wbnw] wound {N8} [Hnmmt] the sun-folk of Heliopolis.Plants Z1} 129 [kAny] vintner {M43B M17 M17} [iSd] fruit of various trees {M43 N33 Z2} [spdw] Sopd (god) {M44 G43 G13} {M44 Q3 D46 X1 N14 B1} [xAwy] night {N2} [iAdt] dew {N4} [hrw] day.) display skill. skilled {M44 Y1v} [rx nsw] king's aquaintance {M163} [wAD (pr wAD ?)] an offering loaf {M222} [wAD (pr wAD ?)] an offering loaf {M222 X6B} N . sunshine {N8 G43 A40} [iAxw] radiance (as a god) {N8 G43 A40} [spd] (v.) sharp. mankind {N8 G17 G17 X1 A1 Z2 B1} [Axw] sunlight. supply (food).

morning.Sky X1 N5} 130 [psDntyw] the new moon and its festival {N9 N35 X1 G4 W3} [psDt] Ennead (of gods) {N9 X1 A40 Z2} R8 A40 Z3} [sbAyt] (written) teaching. tomorrow.) praise.) teach. worship {N14 A4} [dwA] (v. worship {N14 X1 A30} [dwAyt] morning {N14 X1 N5} [wnwt] hour {N14 X1 N5} .almond ?.) praise. instructions {N14 G1 M17 M17 Y1 X1} [dwA] rise early {N14 G1 N5} [dwAw] dawn. worship {N14 A30 Y1} [dmD smA] grand total {N14 F36} [dwA] (v.) praise. astronomer {N14 M17 M17} [dwAyt] morning {N14 M17 M17 X1 N5} {N14 M17 M17 X1 Y1 Z2} [sbAyt] (written) teaching. carob ? {N11 N33 Z2} [dwAtyw] dwellers in the netherworld [dwA mwt . instructions [wnwt] priesthood {N14 N5 X1 A1 Z3} [sbA] door {N14 O1} [sbA] door {N14 O32} [dwAw] tomorrow. and n. worship {N14 G1} [sbA] (v. morning {N14 G1 N5} [sbA] door {N14 G1 O1} [dwAyt] morning {N14 G1 X1 N5} [dwAt] netherworld {N14 G1 X1 O1} {N14 G4 X1 O1 A40 Z3} [psDt] Ennead (of gods) {N9 X1 R8 R8 [psDt] Ennead (of gods) {N9 X1 R8 Z3} [psDt] Ennead (of gods) {N9 X1 Z2 R8} [Abd] month {N11} [Ssp] palm (of hand). the morrow {N14 V4 G1 G43 N5 Z4A} [dwA mwt .) praise. astronomer {N14} [dwA] (v. the morrow {N14 G1 G43 N5} [dwAyt] morning {N14 G1 M17 M17 [dwAt] (n. worship {N14 G43} Z4A} [xmntyw] a ship {N12 Z3A Z1A Z3A Z1A [dwAw] dawn. teaching {N14 G1 A24} [wnwty] hour watcher.f] (one of the Four sons of Horus) Duamutef {N14 G14 X1 I9 A40} [dwA wr] deified royal beard {N14 G36} [dwA wr] adze (for Opening the mouth) {N14 G36 U19} [waH] earth . carob ? {N11 V28} X1 P1} [dwA] (v. morning {N14 G43 N5 [wnwty] hour watcher.almond ?.Dictionary of Middle Egyptian N . one seventh of a cubit (measurement) {N11} [Abd] month {N11 N14 D46 N5 Z1} [Abd] monthly festival {N11 N14 D46 W4} [Abd] monthly festival {N11 N14 D46 X4} [waH] earth .f] (one of the Four sons of Horus) Duamutef {N14 G1 A30 Y1 G14 A40 I9} [dwAw] dawn.) praise.

land.) Lower Egypt {N16 V22 [tAwy] (locality) the Two Lands.Sky 131 X1 O1 A40 Z3} [dwAtyw] dwellers in the netherworld {N14 [tAw] (pl.Dictionary of Middle Egyptian N . Egypt {N16 [tAwy rxtt] ends of the earth {N16 N16 [tA Tnn] (divinity) Memphite earth . everyone O40A} [tA rdw] stairway {N16 D21 D46 D56 {N16 U15 G17 G43 A1 B1 Z2} [tA Dsr] the Sacred Land (necropolis) {N16 D45} [tA tmw] all men {N16 U15 G17 Z2} {N16 V13 G17 V28 T14 C104} [tA TmH] (locality) southern Libya Y1v} [tA smA] landing place {N16 F36 G1 [tA tmw] all men {N16 G17 G43 A1 [tA Tnn] (divinity) Memphite earth god {N16 V13 M22 M22 A40} [tA Tnn] (divinity) Memphite earth god {N16 V13 N35 N35 A40} [tA mHw] (locality) Lower Egypt {N16 V22 V28 G43 M15} Z2 B1} G36 D21 R18} [tA wr] (locality) the Thinite nome {N16 [tA Smaw] (locality) Upper Egypt {N16 M26} [tA Smaw] (locality) Upper Egypt {N16 M26 D36 G43 N24} N16} V28 G43 M15} [tA mHw] (n. student {N14 X1 Y1} [wnwt] hour {N14 X1 Z1} [wnwt] priesthood {N14 X1 Z1} [wnwt] priesthood. staff {N14 X1 Z1 A1 Z2} [tA Dsr] the Sacred Land (necropolis) [tA wr] larboard {N16 N23 G36 D21} [tA] earth. ground {N16 N23 Z1} [tA iHw] (locality) Farafra Oasis {N16 N23 Z1 E1 Z2} [sbA] star {N14 Z1} [dwAt] netherworld {N15} [dwAt] netherworld {N15 X1 O1} N17} {N16 N23 Z1 U33 G17 V28 M17 T14 A1 Z2 B1} [tA TmH] (locality) southern Libya [tA sty] (locality) Nubia {N16 Aa32 [tA sty] Nubia {N16 Aa32 X1 N25} [tA rd] stairway {N16 D21 D46 D56 G21 S29 T14 N25} [tA nHsy] (locality) Nubia {N16 N35 [tA mri] (locality) Egypt {N16 U7 D21 M17 M5 N25} O40} D21 M17 N37 O49} [tA mri] (locality) Egypt {N16 U7 [tmw] totality of men.) flat lands (as opposed to Hill countries) {N16 N16 N16} {N16 N21 Z1 D45 D21 N25} [sbAty] pupil.god {N16 Z1 N23 M22 M22 N35 N35 A40} [tA wr] larboard {N17 G36 S22} [tA mHw] (locality) Lower Egypt {N17 D21 Aa1 X1 O49 X1} .

cloth {N18 Z1 S28} [wDb rd] reversion (of offerings from temple to tomb).) evil {N26 G43 G37} [Dw] (adv. sad (of heart) {N26 G43 G37} [tA mri] (locality) Egypt {N17 U7 D21 Z4 M30 O49} [stAt] aroura (of land). desert-dwellers {N25 G4 X1 A13 Z3} . desert-dwellers [xAst] hill country. dirt (encumbering ruin) {N26 G43 X1 G37} [Dwy] (adj. sadness (of heart).Sky 132 N21A X1 U15 A1 Z2 B1} [tA tmw] all men {N17 N17 N21A [tA tmw] all men {N17 N17 {N25 X1 G4 T14 A1 Z2} [xAstyw] foreigners.) evil {N26 G43 Z4} [Dw] the Evil One {N26 I86A} [Dwi] call upon (god) {N26 M17 A26} [Dwy] (adj. necropolis {N25} [xAstyw] foreigners. desert {N25 X1 Z1} U15 G17 Y1 A1 B1 Z3} [tmw] totality of men.) evilly {N26 G37} [Dw] (n. dirt (encumbering ruin) {N26 X1 G37} [Dw] mountain {N26 Z1} [idbwy] the Two Banks (Egypt) {N21 N21 [spAtyw] nomesmen {N24E X1 Z1 A1 Z2} [DAtt] estate {N24 X1 O49} [spAt] district.) bad. evil. nome {N24 X1 Z1} [smyt] desert. everyone {N17 N17 U15 G17 Y1 A1 B1 Z3} [tA tmw] all men {N17 N17 U15 G43} G17 Y1v} X1 Z1 T14 A1 Z2 B1} [xAstyw] foreigners. sheet (of metal) {N18} [iw] island {N18 N23 Z1} [dAiw] loin . evil.) evilly {N26 G43 G37} A26} [Dwi] call upon (god) {N26 G43 M17 [Dw] mountain {N26 G43 O39} [Dwt] evil. sadness (of heart). desert-dwellers {N25 [Dwa] lancet.) evil {N26 N26} [Dw] mountain {N26 O39} [AbDw] (locality) Abydos {N26 U23 O49} [Dwt] evil. a reversion offering {N21A Aa1 X1 X2 W22 X6A} [Dnbw] territories {N21A Z2} [Axt] arable land {N21 G25 Z1} [idbwy] the Two Banks (Egypt) {N21 N21} N23 N23} [Dw] (n. foreign land. sad (of heart) {N26 [Dw] (adv.) bad. surgical knife {N26 D36 Z1 T30} [tA tmw] all men {N17 N17 X1 U15 G37} [Dwiw] jar {N26 E9 W24} [Dw] (adj. a reversion offering {N20 D56} [wDb] turn (to) {N20 D58} [wDb xt] divert (offerings).) evil {N26 G37} [Dw] (adj.Dictionary of Middle Egyptian M15 O49} N .

implements {N28 D36 N34 Z2} I9 G43 V6 Z2} [qrf] bag {N29 D21 I9 S28} V33} [xai] rise (of sun). tombequipment. tackle (of ship).dwellers ( a remote people) {N27 X1 G4} [Axt] horizon {N27 X1 O1} [Axyt] still . implements {N28 Z2} [Axty] horizon-dweller {N27 N27 A40} [Axtyw] (pl.) horizon . evil. uplifted {N29 A28} D21 P5} [qri] storm. exalted. tombequipment. tackle (of ship). tackle (of ship). draw together {N29 D21 I9 D32 D40} [xaw] appearance in glory {N28 D36 G43 Y1 Z2} D40} [qrf] contract. tackle (of ship). and v. implements [qrft] contractions (medical) {N29 D21 I9 X1 V33 Z2} .) evil {N26 Z9 G37} [xa] hill {N28 Z1} [xaw] weapons. utensils. funeral furniture.room {N27 X1 O1} [Axtyw] horizon . funeral furniture. tackle (of ship). broil (food) {N29 [qrrt] cavern {N29 D21 D21 X1 D12} [qrrt] cavern {N29 D21 D21 X1 O1} [qrf] contract. implements {N28 M3 Z2} [Dw] (adj. tombequipment. storm . be raised on high.) bad.) evilly {N26 Z9 G37} [Dw] (n. appear in glory (of god or king).Dictionary of Middle Egyptian N . draw together {N29 D21 I9 [qrft] bag {N29 D21 I9 X1 S28} [qrft] bag {N29 D21 I9 X1 V6} [xaw] appearance in glory {N28 D36 Z2} [xaw] weapons.dwellers {N27 X1 O1 G4 A40 Z3} [qAi] (adj. funeral furniture. implements {N28 D36 G43 Y1 Z2} D21 D21 U30} [qrr] (v.cloud {N29 D21 [qrr] (v.) tall. draw together {N29 D21 I9 [qrfw] (facial) wrinkles {N29 D21 [xaw] weapons. utensils. utensils.Sky {N28 D36 Z7 M3 Z2} 133 [Dwi] separate {N26 Z7 M17 D54} [Dwiw] jar {N26 Z7 M17 W24} G37} [xaw] crown {N28 D36 Z7 S7} [xaw] crown {N28 D36 Z7 Z5 Z2} [xaw] weapons.) fire (pottery).) rage {N28 D36 D21 D40} [Xam] approach {N28 D36 G17 D54} [Xam] approach {N28 D36 G17 D54} [xaw] weapons. funeral furniture. funeral furniture. sad (of heart) {N26 Z9 [Dw] (adv. high. be shining (of kings) {N28 D36 Y1v} [xaw] appearance in glory {N28 D36 Y1 Z2} [qrf] contract. tombequipment. utensils.) fire (pottery). tombequipment. utensils. broil (food) {N29 D21 D21 Q7} [xaw] crown {N28} [Xar] (v.

calm.) cool. arm. double . cold.spirit (as guardian of a place) (of princess of ancient family) {N29 D21 V28 X1 I12} [qbbwt] cold water {N29 D58 D58 W16 X1 N35A} [qrHt] vessel {N29 D21 V28 X1 W10} [qAb] fold over. hollow place {N29 D21 X1 [qArt] door .) bury {N29 D21 S29 T19 D36 [qrs] (n. cold.cloud {N29 D21 [qrHt] vessel {N29 D21 V28 X1 W23} D12} [qrt] depression.Sky 134 D21 M17 D56 D54} [qri] draw near.cloud {N29 D21 P5} [qrsw] coffin {N29 D21 S29 G43 Q6} [qrsw] coffin {N29 D21 S29 M3 D40} [qrs] (n. and v.spirit (as guardian of a place) (of princess of ancient family) {N29 D21 V28 X1 G7} [qbb] (adj.) cool.equipment {N29 D21 S29 D58 D58 M34 W15B} [qbb] (adj. arm.) bury {N29 D21 S29 T19 A24} [qrs] (n.spirit (as guardian of a place) (of princess of ancient family) {N29 D21 V28 X1 H8} [qbb] (adj.bolt {N29 D21 X1 M3} [qa] vomit {N29 D36 D26} M17 E21 A24} N4} [qri] storm. {N29 [qrHt] serpent . attend (someone) {N29 [qri] storm. double over. storm .Dictionary of Middle Egyptian N . hand. cold {N29 D58 D58 N35A} [qrHt] serpent . fashion (men) {N29 D46 Aa28 [qbbwt] cold water {N29 D58 S29 T19 Q6 X1 X1} [qrst] burial {N29 D21 S29 X1 Q6} X1 X1 Q6} D58 G43 X1 W16 N35A} [qrstt] tomb . bight (of net) {N29 D36 V28 D41 N23} [qaHt] shoulder (of beef) {N29 D36 V28 X1 F112} [qrs] (v. hand.) burial {N29 D21 S29 T19 A53 [qaH] elbow.equipment {N29 D21 [qaHw] sunshine {N29 D36 V28 Z7 N8} A35} [qd] build. turn one's back {N29 D36 V28 D41 D40} V28 D41 F51} [qaH] elbow.) burial {N29 D21 S29 T19 M3} [qrstt] tomb . be purified.) burial {N29 D21 S29 T19 A24} [qrs] (v.) bury {N29 D21 S29 T19 A55} Q6} [qrs] (v. turn one's back {N29 D36 V28 D41} [qaH] bend (arm.) cool. shoulder {N29 D36 V28 D41} [qaH] bend (arm. storm . quiet. people to one's will).) be purified {N29 [qrHt] serpent . people to one's will). take one's ease {N29 D58 D58 W15B} D58 D58 W16 N35A} [qbb] (adj. and v. bend (of stream). and v. shoulder {N29 D36 A24} [qaH] corner. storm . cooling (of remedy).cloud {N29 D21 M17 [qrsw] coffin {N29 D21 O34 A55} [qri] storm. and v.

uplifted {N29 G1 A28} [qA sA] presumptuous. double (quantity) {N29 G1 D58 F46 D54} [qAb] intestine.) tall. double over. trans. trans. intrans. middle (of land) {N29 [qAbw] windings (of waterway) {N29 G1 D58 F49} . intrans. and v. middle (of land) {N29 G1 D58 F46 F51} G1 D58 F46 N23 Z1} W16} [qbH] (v.) present libations (to) {N29 D58 V28 W16 N35A} [qbHw] coolness {N29 D58 V28 Z7 W15 N35A Y1 Z2} [qAb] interior.Dictionary of Middle Egyptian N . interior.Sky 135 (quantity) {N29 D58 F46 Y1} [qAbw] windings (of waterway) {N29 D58 F46 Y1} [qb] (n. high. middle (of land) {N29 D58 [qbAt] crown (of head) {N29 D58 G1 [qb] (v. be raised on high.) pour out (water) {N29 X1 F16 Z1} D58 W16 N35A} [bAq] tree (moringa arabica) {N29 D58 M1} Z2} [bAq] moringa oil {N29 D58 M1 W24 [qby] jar (for beer) {N29 D58 M17 M17 W15 N35A P5 Z3} [qbw] cool breeze {N29 D58 Z7 [qAi] (adj.) vomit {N29 G1 D36 A2} [qAb] fold over.) cold {N29 D58 W16} [qb] (as in 'a sky strewn with stars' ) strew ? {N29 D58 W16} {N29 D58 W16 N35A} F49 Y1} [qAb] interior.) purify {N29 D58 V28 [qbH] (v. intrans.) pour a libation (to) [qb] (v. be calm {N29 D58 V28 W16} [qbHw] sky {N29 D58 V28 W16 N35A} [qbH] (v. double (quantity) {N29 G1 D58 F46} [qAb] fold over.bolt {N29 G1 D21 X1 [qrDn] axe {N29 G1 D21 Z1 V28 G43 W16 N35A G39 Z2} [qbHw] wild fowl {N29 D58 I10 Z4 N35 G1 N34} [qbHw] cold water {N29 D58 V28 W15 N35A} [qAa] (v. double over. exalted. overweening {N29 G1 A28 Aa17 Z1} W73} [qbH] foot ? {N29 D58 V28 D56 F51} G43 W15 G39 Z2 N25} [qbHw] sky {N29 D58 V28 [qA ib] haughty {N29 G1 A28 F34 Z1} S29 D21 I9 Q7} [qA srf ] arrogant {N29 G1 A28 [qbHw] cold water {N29 D58 V28 G43 W15 N35A} [qAw] height. top (of voice) {N29 G1 A28 Y1v} W16} [qbHw] cold water {N29 D58 V28 G43 [qbHw] sky {N29 D58 V28 G43 [qAr] bundle {N29 G1 D21 V1} M3} W16 N1} [qArt] door .) present libations (to).

high ground {N29 G1 G1 [qArt] door . high ground {N29 G1 X7} [qmd] devise. draw together {N29 I9 D21 [qfAt] fame {N29 I9 G1 X1 F16 G1 M17 M17 X1 N23 Z1} Y1 Z2} X1 Q2} [qAyt] high throne {N29 G1 M17 M17 [qAqA ib] vainglorious ? {N29 G1 Q7} [qfn] bake. tie (rope-ladder) {N29 G1 S29 V1 D40} [qAs] rope .Sky 136 D58 G43 F46 Z2} [qAbw] coils (of snake) {N29 G1 [qAbw] colis (of snake) {N29 G1 N29 G1 G43 P1} [qAqAw] travelling barge {N29 [qAs] vomit {N29 G1 S29 A2} [qAsw] bonds {N29 G1 S29 G43 V1 D40 Z2} G1 D58 G43 I14 I14 I14} G1 D58 V1 V1 V1} [qAbw] windings (of waterway) {N29 [qAbt] breast {N29 G1 D58 X1 F51} [qAA] hill. arable land {N29 [qrf] contract. bind (victim). rigging (of ship) {N29 [qAs] string (bow). high ground {N29 G1 G1 [qAmdt] funeral oration {N29 G1 [qAt] height {N29 G1 X1 A28} G1 X1 T14 A13} G17 D46 X1 Z5 A2} [qAt] (collective n.bolt {N29 G1 G1 X1 U28 G43 O39 Z2} [qADw] plaster. top (of voice) {N29 G1 [qAA] grains {N29 G1 G43 N33 Z2} [qAA] hill.) foreign foes {N29 G43 A28} [qAw] height. clot (of blood) {N29 I9 N35 [qfn] a loaf {N29 I9 N35 Z8} N29 G1 F34 Z1} .plaster {N29 G1 V28 O39 Z2} X7} [qAA] hill. gypsum {N29 G1 M3} [qAH] mud . mourn {N29 G17 D46 A2} [qAA] hill. high ground {N29 G1 G1 A28 N23 Z1} G1 S29 G43 V1 Z2} [qAsw] bonds. arable land {N29 [qAyt] high ground.ladder {N29 G1 S29 V1 P6B} [qAA] grains {N29 G1 G1 N33 Z2} O40} [qAA] hill. high ground {N29 G1 G43 X7} [qmH] a loaf {N29 G17 V28 T15 X2} [qwr] gold miner {N29 G43 D21 D40} [qwr] gold miner {N29 G43 D21 Z1} Z2} [qAA] grains {N29 G1 M17 M17 N33 [qAA] hill. high ground {N29 G1 M17 M17 O41} [qw] a loaf or cake {N29 G43 X2} V1} G1 M17 M17 X1 N21 Z2} [qAyt] high ground. invent.Dictionary of Middle Egyptian N .

flatten (metal). turn one's back {N29 M17 V28 D41} [qni] (n. and n. strong.) brave. able. and v. people to one's will). incline (oneself). bosom (of mother) {N29 N35 M17 D32 D40} G43 O9C} [qnt] yellowness (in eyes) {N29 N35 X1 [qni] (adj. and v. birthing . conquer. hand. nature {N29 M17 A53 Y1v} [qis] vomit {N29 M17 S29 A2} M17 S29 O49} [qniw] palanquin {N29 N35 M17 M3} M17 Aa3} [qny] be yellow (of eyes) {N29 N35 M17 [qnit] a yellow pigment. dutiful {N29 N35 A24} [qni] (adj. bundle. be profuse {N29 N35 A24} [qn] brave man {N29 N35 A24 A1} [qn] (adj. bow. and n. incline (oneself). amount (to).Kusiyah) {N29 [qnyt] the Braves (a military corps d'elite) {N29 N35 M17 M17 X1 Z2} N35 M17 V19} [qaH] bend (arm. angle {N29 N35 D58 X1 [qnbt] Court (of magistrates) {N29 N35 [qnqn] beat (people). bow.) profusion {N29 N35 A24} [qni] (adj.) fat {N29 N35 F5} [qn] offence. orpiment {N29 N35 M17 M17 X1 W22} [qis] (locality) Cusae (El . attack {N29 N35 G37} [qni] (v. active. and n. subjugate {N29 N35 D58 Z7 O38 Y1 A24} [qn] (adj. stout (of heart).Sky 137 [qfnw] baker {N29 I9 Q7 M17 M17} [qfnw] baker {N29 I9 W24 G43 Q7} [qi] form.) powerful (of speech). orpiment {N29 N35 M17 X1 N33 Z2} D32 M3} [qniw] palanquin {N29 N35 M17 Z7 [qnqnyt] mallet {N29 N35 N29 N35 M17 M17 X1 M3} O38} [qnbt] corner. sturdy (of child).) fat {N29 N35 Aa2} [qnd] be angry. deal wrongly (with) {N29 N35 N29 N35 Z9 D40} [qnn] supremacy {N29 N35 N35 D40} [qns] bury {N29 N35 O34 A55A} [qn] mat {N29 N35 V60} [qnt] valour {N29 N35 X1 D40} F5} D58 X1 O38 A1 Z2} [qnb] bend. capable.) strong {N29 N35 Z4 D40} [qn] brave man {N29 N35 Z4 D40} F5} [qniw] portable shrine {N29 N35 M17 [qni] (adj. pound up (medicines). shape. furious {N29 N35 D46 E32 D40} [qni] sheaf.) strong {N29 N35 Z4 .stool {N29 [qni] ceremonial garment {N29 N35 M17 V60} M17 X1 D4} [qnit] yellowness (of eyes) {N29 N35 [qnit] a yellow pigment. beat out. and v.) embrace.Dictionary of Middle Egyptian N . and v. subjugate {N29 N35 D58 Z7 D40} [qnb] bend.

produce. appearance. carry out (teaching). create. ruin {N30 X1 Z1 N23} [wA] fall (into a condition) {N31} [wA] far (from). go {N31} [Hrw r] apart from. tie (ropeladder) {N29 S29 V1 D40} [qAsw] bonds {N29 S29 V1 Z2} G17 U1 G43 U9} [qH] a type of vase or jar {N29 V28 W23} [qmi] gumned ? {N29 W19 M17} M17 X1 G41 N33 Z2} [qmAw] winnower {N29 T15 [qmyt] gum. resin {N29 W19 M17 [qmA] throw.Dictionary of Middle Egyptian N . long ago.Sky 138 [qn] offence.workers {N29 V28 N29 V28 G43 D43 Z2} [qAs] string (bow). beget. produce. hammer out (from metal) {N29 U1 T14} . besides. beget. (figuratively for Firmness of Character) {N34 Z1 N33A} [qmA] throw.paint {N31 N26 T14 G41 Y1v} [qmA] throw. carry out (teaching). hammer out (from metal) {N29 U1 G1 T14} Z7 N33 Z2} [wADw] green eye . misfortune {N29 S29 T19 N35 X1 G37 Z2} [qaH] bend (arm. troubling (by foes) {N29 O34 N35 [qs] bone {N29 S29 T19} [qsn] irksome {N29 S29 T19 N35 G37} [qsnt] trouble. produce. hammer out (from metal) {N29 U1 G1 G17 T14 Y1v} U1 G1 G17 T14 Y1 Z2} [qmA] form. carry out (teaching). produce. hammer out (from metal) {N29 T15 Y1v} [qmyt] gum. create. create. carry out (teaching). turn ones back {N29 V28 D41} [qHqHw] metal . carry out (teaching). create {N29 U1 G1 [qmA] throw. produce. beget. hammer out (from metal) {N29 U1 Y1v} [qsn] pain. appearance {N29 [qmA] throw. way {N31 X1 Z1} [Xry] Myrrh {N33 D21 M17 M17 N33AV} T14 G41 Y1v} U1 G17 G43 A1 Z3} [qmAw] a type of soldiers {N29 [Hmty] coppersmith {N34 X1 Z4 D40} [Hmt] copper. as well as {N31 D21} [qmA] throw. for a long time past. bind (victim). nature [iAt] mound. create. attack {N29 N35 Z9} [qn] offence. resin {N29 W19 M17 M17 X1 N33A} Q3 X1 D24} [qmi spt] reticent {N29 W19 M17 S29 {N29 U1 G1 G17 T14 G41 Y1v} [qmA] form. people to one's will). hand. beget. create. attack {N29 N35 Z9 G37} T19} [qmA] mourn {N29 U1 T14 G1} [qmA] nature {N29 U1 T14 Y1v} [qmA] throw. beget. minerals. create {N29 U1 G1 [Tni] basin {N31 N35 M17 W10} [wAt] road.

.Sky 139 [n] (preposition) to. {N35 Aa1 Aa1 G6} Aa1 M12 G1 Z7 K1} A17} [nxnw] youth (abstract) {N35 Aa1 N35 [nxn] young. because. us. semen {N35A} [n .. throw open (doors). crepitate (of broken bones) {N35 Aa1 D58 Aa1 D58 Z9} [nxnw] child {N35 Aa1 N35 A17 A1} [nxnw] child {N35 Aa1 N35 A17D} Aa1 N35 G37} [nxbxb] draw back (door bolt). time).) flail. masc. protect. protect {N35 Aa27} . throw open (doors).) we. belonging to [mw] water.) of.i imy] of (mine). small ?. protect. lamentation {N35 [nxA] pendulous {N35 Aa1 M12} [nxAxA] ruffle (hair) {N35 Aa1 M12 G1 Aa1 M12 G1 Aa1 D54} {N35 A1 M17 G17} M17 G17 M17 M17} [n . protection {N35 Aa1 D40} Aa1 N35 A17} [nxbxb] draw back (door bolt). brief ? (of sufferings) {N35 Aa1 G37} Aa1 G43 X1 A2} [ny] (genitival adj.) be old.. assign (property to) [nxb] fresh land {N35 Aa1 D58 Z9 N21 O34 Y1} Z2} [ngsgs] overflow {N35 Aa15 O34 Aa15 Z1} [nD] (v. youthful.i imy] belongs to me {N35 A1 M12 G1 Aa1 M12 G1 S45} [nxAxA] (n. overlaid {N35 W24 G43 A17 Z3} G37} [nxt] youth (abstract) {N35 Aa1 X1 [ngsgs] overflow {N35 Aa15 O34 Aa15 Aa1 D58 X1 Z9 Y1 Z2} {N35 Aa1 D58 Z9} [nxb] open (a mine).) save.Dictionary of Middle Egyptian N . youthful.shaped pendant {N35 [nxx] (v. protection {N35 Aa1 A97 N23 A2} Z1} Aa1 A21A} {N35 Aa1 M12 G1 Aa1 M12 G1 S45} [nxA] knife {N35 Aa1 M12 G1 T31 [nxAw] fish .the younger {N35 [nx] succour. . belongs to (me) [nxwt] complaint. in (sun. our {N35} {N35} [nxb] stipulation {N35 Aa1 D58 Z9 Y1} [nx] youthful. to (persons). for.the younger {N35 [nxnw] child {N35 Aa1 N35 G43 A17} [nxnw] youth (abstract) {N35 Aa1 N35 [nxbt] titulary.) pendulous [nx] miserable {N35 Aa1 A2} [nx] succour. {N35 Aa1 D58 X1 Y1} V12} [nxbt] titulary. {N35 Aa1 D58 X1 Z9 [nxbt] titulary. dew. {N35 Aa1 [nxAxA] (adj. crepitate (of broken bones) {N35 Aa1 D58 N35 Aa1 D58 Z9} [nxn] young.) flail. and n. belongs to {N35} [n] (pl. rain.. to cover... old age {N35 Aa1 [nxx] flail {N35 Aa1 Aa1 G6} [nxAxA] (n. prn.

dread. disturbance {N35 D21 H4 D40} [mwyt] urine {N35A M17 M17 X1 D53} D53 D21 Z1} M17 M6 N5} [nr] time. disturbance {N35 [nrw] fear. smoothness (of complextion).) fear (someone) {N35 D21 [nrw] fear. traverse (waterway). convey (someone) {N35 D36 P1} [nat] expedition {N35 D36 X1 P1} D58 N29 N29 D82} Z3} G14 A24} [nrw] terrible one {N35 D21 G43 [nrw] fear. overawe {N35 D21 [nai] be lenient {N35 D36 G37} [naw] serpent {N35 D36 G43 I14} [nayt] mooring post {N35 D36 M17 M17 X1 M3} [nr] charge (after enemy) {N35 D21 D54} [niAw] ibex {N35 D21 F40 Z7 F27 Z1} D21 G14 D36} [nrw] fear.Sky 140 {N35 Aa27 W24 Y1 N35 Aa27 Y1 W24} [nDnD] (v. return of the year {N35 D21 [nr rr] periodically {N35 D21 [mwyt r ] spittle {N35A M17 M17 X1 M17 M6 N5 D21 M17 M6 N5} [mwyt] urine {N35A M17 M17 X1 N35A} [mwy] be watery {N35A Z7 M17 M17} [nHr] resemble {N35 D2 D21} [nHr] a loaf.) consult (someone) D21 G43 G14 Z3} [nrw] fear. undecorated. disturbance {N35 [nr iHw] ox herd {N35 D21 G14 E1 [nai] travel.) protect {N35 D21 M17 M17 X1 H4 D40} [nrt] vulture {N35 D21 X1 G14} [nrt] vulture {N35 D21 X1 G39} [nar] cat .fish {N35 D36 D21 K1} [naa] smooth. intrans. dread. dread. dread. mix smoothly {N35 D36 D36 Y3 Y1} [nr iHw] ox . disturbance {N35 [ndbdb] sip {N35 D46 D58 D46 D21 G43 G14 A24 Z3} [ndb] sip {N35 D46 D58 D118} .Dictionary of Middle Egyptian N . trans. overawe {N35 D21 [nrit] (v. rapid {N35A D58 N37 V13 A24} D21 G43 H4 D40 Z2} {N35A G43 G43} [mww] Muu class of Ritual dancers [nri] (v. a cake {N35 D2 D21 A478A} [n Hrw] upward {N35 D2 D21 G43 N1} M17 M17 H4 D40} [nri] fear (someone).herd {N35 D21 A1} [nr] charge (after enemy) {N35 D21 D40} D40} [nri] fear (someone). dread. disturbance ? {N35 [mw bST] cataract.) protect {N35 D21 H4 D40} H4 D40} [mw] water {N35A M17 M17 N35A} [mwy] be watery {N35A M17 M17 N35A} [nri] (v.

lick {N35 F20 D58} [nsr] anoint (injury) {N35 F20 O34 D21 D36} [nbd] band (doors with metal) {N35 D58 [nbd] the Evil One {N35 D58 D46 D3 A40} D46 D51 D40} [nbd] band (doors with metal) {N35 D58 [nbdw qd] those of bad character {N35 D58 D46 G43 D3 N33A Aa28 D46 D12 Y1V T14 Z2 A1} D46 V1 D40} [nbd] band (doors with metal) {N35 D58 [nbdt] tress (of hair) {N35 D58 D46 X1 X1 I12} [nsrt] royal serpent {N35 F20 O34 D21 [nsrt] (n.) swim {N35 D58 A15 N35A} [nbd] plait. extent {N35 D46 D58 [ndb] band (door with metal) {N35 D46 D58 Z7 D40} [nbi] (v. burn {N35 D58 M17 Q7} M17 X1 Q7} [ndbyt] bunt ? (of sail) {N35 D46 D58 M17 M17 X1 S28} [nbit] flaming one (of Uraeus) {N35 D58 [nbit] reed {N35 D58 M17 X1 T19 M2} [nbnb] guard {N35 D58 N35 D58 D40} X1 N23 N33A} [ndbwt] area.) flame (of Uraeus againt enemies).Sky 141 G43 X1 N23 Z2 Z1} [ndbwt] area. extent {N35 D46 D58 [nbyt] gold collar {N35 D58 M17 M17 X1} [nbi] flame.Dictionary of Middle Egyptian N . be inflamed (of wounds) {N35 F20 O34 D21 Z4 Q7} [nbA] carrying pole {N35 D58 G29 [nstyw] shrub (Alkanna Tinctoria) {N35 F20 O34 G4 M2 Z2} [nbD] destructive {N35 D58 I10 A24} [nbibi] be hot {N35 D58 M17 D58 M17 Q7} M3} [nsywt] javelin {N35 F20 O34 G43 X1 [nsywt] javelin {N35 F20 O34 G43 X1 [nbA] carrying pole {N35 D58 M17 M3} M17 M3} N34} [nbi] reed. pull (at hair) {N35 E34 N35 A90C} [nsb] lap up.) flame {N35 F20 O34 D21 X1 Q7} D3} [nbA] wig ? {N35 D58 G29 G1 D3} G1 M3} [nsry] (v.) flame {N35 F20 S29 D21 Q7} D40} . be dishevelled. wrap up {N35 D58 D46 D3} D46 D3} [nbs] zizyphus {N35 D58 S29 M1} [nbs] zizyphus {N35 D58 S29 M3} [nb] tie {N35 D58 V1 D36} [niwiw] be glad ? {N35 E9 E9} [nwn] dishevel. measure of 2 cubits {N35 D58 [nby] protector {N35 D58 M17 M17 D51 T30A Z2} [nspw] wounds {N35 F20 O34 Q3 G43 [nsr] anger ? {N35 F20 S29 D21 A2} [nsr] (n.

adj.) that.) who ?.) that. these. those {N35 I9 G1 [nfA pw ] thus it was {N35 I9 G1 Q3 G43} [nHbw kAw] (divinity) the god . for ever {N35 G43A V28 [niw] primaeval waters {N35 G43 G43} [nHbw] yoke .) that. hither {N35 G1} X1 D3} Z4} [ngmgm] conspire {N35 G28 G17 O50 [npAt] a cake (or) a loaf {N35 G40 X1 W10} V28 N5 N23} [nHH] eternity. those {N35 I9} [nfy] wrongfully {N35 I9 A2} [nfa] remove {N35 I9 D36 D54} [nfA] (demon.Sky 142 A2} [nsb] lap up.) flame {N35 F20 S29 Q7} [ns] flame {N35 F20 S29 Q7} G43 X1 M3 Z1} V28} [nHH] eternity. what ? {N35 G17 D36} [nm] who ? {N35 G17 D36} D58 X1 Aa51} [nfA] blow (out of nose) {N35 I9 G1 [nfAfA] creep {N35 I9 G1 I9 [nHbt] lotus .. here. tusk {N35 G21 V28 I10 X1 F18} [nsr] (n. the.i] (pos.) this.Dictionary of Middle Egyptian N .oxen {N35 G43 V28 D58 G43 E1} [nAbt] tress of hair {N35 G1 D58 [nf] (demon. for ever {N35 G21 V28 N5 [nsywt] javelin {N35 F20 S29 Z4 [nHn] rejoice {N35 G21 V28 N35 A2} [nHsy] Nubian {N35 G21 V28 S29 A13} [nHsy] Nubian {N35 G21 V28 S29 Z4 T14 A1} [nsywt] javelin {N35 F20 S29 Z4 G43 N34 X1 Z1} [nst] seat. neuter and pl. for ever {N35 G21 V28} [nHDt] tooth {N35 G21 V28 D46 X1 F18} N31} [nfA] (demon. those {N35 I9 G1} D19} [nAy . lick {N35 F20 S29 D58 Nehebkau and his Festival {N35 G21 V28 D58 G43 D28 D28 D28 D30} [ns] tongue {N35 F20 S29 F51B} [nswt] flame {N35 F20 S29 G43 X1 Q7} X1} [nHbt] neck {N35 G21 V28 D58 F51 [nHDt] tooth. throne {N35 F20 X1 W11} [nX] (bodily) fluid {N35 F32 D26 D36} [niAw] ibex {N35 F40 E30} [niAw] ibex {N35 F40 E30} [nAw] breeze {N35 F40 G43 P5} [nA] (demon.) my {N35 G1 M17 M17 A1} [nAt] weaving room {N35 G1 X1 O1} [n m] (int.bud sceptre {N35 G21 G1 D54} [nHH] eternity.

citizen {N35 I10 [nDs] commoner. detach. wrong . protection {N35 [nDs] commoner. oracle. trans. dim (of eyes). take advice. protect. joy {N35 [nDmmyt] passion {N35 I10 M29 [nft] detach.Dictionary of Middle Egyptian N . greeting ! {N35 I10 Aa27 W24 A2 Aa1 D21 Y1 X1} [nHDt] tusk {N35 I10 V28 X1 F18} [nHDt] tooth {N35 I10 V28 X1 F18} [nDt] serf. call upon. wind {N35 I9 X1 P5 Z7} I10 M29 G17} [nDm] well.) save. citizen. advice. poor (of appetite).Sky 143 [nf] wrong. utter {N35 I10 Aa27 W24 A2} G37 Z2} [nDsw] low estate {N35 I10 S29 G43 [nHDwt] teeth. hale. comfortable. enquire about.doing {N35 I9 G37} [nfy] wrongfully {N35 I9 M17 M17 A2} M17 E1} [nDwt r] counsel. dull (of ears). consult. counsel {N35 I10 N35 I10 Aa27 W24 A2} [nD] confer (office on) {N35 I10 Aa27} [nD] grind {N35 I10 Aa27} [nD] thread {N35 I10 Aa27} I10 Aa27 A2 D2 Z1} [nDsDs] (v.) leap {N35 I9 X1 I9 X1 [nft] breath.doing {N35 I9 M17 [nfy] wrongfully {N35 I9 M17 M17 [nD] confer (office). tusks {N35 I10 V28 M17 M17 X1 F18 Z2} [nD xrt] greet. loosen {N35 I9 X1 V1 D40} [nft] breath. protect {N35 I10 Aa27 [nD r] greet {N35 I10 Aa27 Y2 D21 [nfyt] fan {N35 I9 M17 M17 X1 V19} V1} Z1} [nfnfn] unroll ? {N35 I9 N35 I9 N35 [nft] slacken (bow). ask advice. consultation. consult. pleasing {N35 I10 G17 [nDyt] baseness {N35 I10 M17 M17 X1 X1 A24} [nfyt] fan {N35 I9 X1 F27} D54} G37} [nftft] (v. loosen {N35 I9 [ndb] sip {N35 I10 D58 A2} Y1v} [nDm] pleasant. serfs {N35 I10 A1 B1 X1 . appoint (someone) {N35 I10 Aa27 W24 Y1} E1} W24 Y1} [nD] (v. good fellow (in half contemptuous address) {N35 I10 S29 G37 A1} Aa27 S29 G37 A1} [nDty] protector {N35 I10 Aa27 U33} [nD] take counsel. {N35 I10 S29 G37} [nD Hr] greet.) burn {N35 I10 O34 I10 O34 Q7} [nDs] little / small (of size). wind {N35 I9 Z7 X1 P5 Z3} G17 G17 D53 X1} [nDnD] confer. wrong . greeting {N35 I10 Aa27 W24 G43 X1 Y1 Z2 D21 Z1} [nf] wrong. pay one's respects.

perverse. parry (missile). evoke. alarming. intrans. adult. invoke.) summon. stiffness {N35 M3 Aa1 X1 X1 D40} [niw] primaeval waters {N35 M17 G43} [niw] ostrich {N35 M17 G43 G34} [ny] (adv. abnormal {N35 M16 G1 Aa2} [nHA ib] sad man {N35 M16 G1 [nis n] (v.Sky Aa2 F34 Z1 A1} 144 [nDt] serf.) get rid (of wrong). victory.) call to.) shrink (from) {N35 {N35 M8 G1 G43 Y1 N35} N33 Z2} [nSA] grains (of sand) {N35 M8 G1 M17 M17 Z7 D41 D40} [nyny] Greeting ! {N35 M17 N35 M17} [nis] (v.) make summons. rebuff. intrans. a sad matter {N35 M3 Aa1 X1 A24 D36 Z1} [nxt a] strong of arm. intrans. because of it {N35 M17 M17} M17 D120} [nTrw] (pl. turn back (evil) {N35 M17 D41} [nxt ib] confident {N35 M3 Aa1 X1 A24 F34 Z1} A24 P8 G43 A2} [nxt xrw] reis ? {N35 M3 Aa1 X1 [nxtw] strength.) gods {N35 M6 M6 M6} G43 Y1v} [n SAw] apt to. trans. victorious. summon . recite. terrible.) drive away. trans. avoid. hard {N35 M3 Aa1 X1 A24} G43 Y1 Z2} [n HAw] excessive {N35 M16 G1 Aa1 X1 A24 A1} [nxt] strong man. used after an imperative) therefore. hostages {N35 M3 Aa1 X1 D40} [ni] (v. champion {N35 M3 [nHAt] palpitations ? (of heart) {N35 M16 G1 X1 A2} [nxt Hr] violent {N35 M3 Aa1 X1 A24 D2 Z1} {N35 M16 G1 X1 Aa2 F34 Z1 G37 Z2} [nHAt ib] sadness. victory. trans. hostages [nxtt] victory. champion D41} [ni] (v. fit for {N35 M8 G1 [n SAw n] in the capacity of [ni] throw down (an enemy) {N35 M17 [ni] (v.Dictionary of Middle Egyptian Z2} N . throw down (an enemy). dub {N35 M17 S29 A2} {N35 M17 S29 A2 N35} [nHAt ib] sadness {N35 M16 Aa2 X1 F34 Z1} [nHA] shake ? {N35 M16 G1 A2} [nHA] contrary. intrans. darken ? (sun) {N35 M17 D41} [niAw] ibex {N35 M17 F40 G43 E30A} {N35 M3 Aa1 X1 G43 D40 Z2} [nxtw] strength.) shrink (from) {N35 M17 [ni] (v. stiff. serfs {N35 I10 X1 Z1} X1 N17} M16 G1 Aa2 N35A N36 N23} [nHA] dangerous waters {N35 [nHA n inr] dry rock ? {N35 [n Dt Dt] for ever {N35 I10 X1 Z1 I10 M16 G1 Aa2 N35 M17 D21 N35 O39} [nxt] strong. for it. make invocation {N35 M17 S29 A2} [nis] (v.

{N35 N37 D54} [nmHy] orphan.f m] he will be dubbed as a {N35 M17 S29 A2 X1 G43 I9 G17} {N35 M17 S29 G43 A2} Z1} [nqrw] sieve {N35 N29 D21 Z7 V19 [nqawt] notched sycamore figs [nisw] he who is summoned. divorce. pull (at hair) {N35 M42 N35} W24 W24 G43} [nnw] primaeval waters {N35 N35 W24 [n ntt] because {N35 N35 X1 X1} [nS] expel (from). go wrong (of plans). take possession. hold fast. on my part {N35 N35 V31} [nDrt] imprisonment. private person. error [nnk] belongs to me. suppression (of wrong) {N35 M36 D21 X1 A24} [nDrw] (v.) grasp. arrest. freeman {N35 M170 G17 V28 G43 G37 Z2 A1} G17 G43 X1 Z2 N33} [nSmwt] scales (of fish) {N35 N37 [nDyt] baseness {N35 N26 M17 M17 X1 F5} [nSmwt] scales (of fish) {N35 N37 G17 M17 M17 X1 K1 Z2} [nqr] sift {N35 N29 D21 D36} Z2 N33} [nSmt] green felspar {N35 N37 G17 X1 . draw tight (lips of wound) {N35 M36 D21 A24} {N35 N35 T34 G17 G37} [nnm] err. hold to (orders). be afflicted {N35 N29 G17 [nqm] be bald {N35 N29 G17 D3} [nqmt] affliction {N35 N29 G17 X1 [nik] a serpent demon {N35 M17 V31 I14} [nit] wrong doing {N35 M17 X1 G37 Z3} C7} A2} [nitit] stammer {N35 M17 X1 M17 X1 [nitit] impede {N35 M17 X1 M17 X1 N29 G43 X1 Z2 N33} [nqawt] notched sycamore figs {N35 [nqwt] moisture {N35 N29 G43 X1 D54} N35A} [niw] ostrich {N35 M17 Z7 D41 G39} [niw] bowl {N35 M17 Z7 D41 W24} N50} [nmw] dwarf {N35 N35A} [nyny] Greeting ! {N35 N35 A85} N35 M17 M17 Z7 A7 A1 Z2} [nnt] lower heaven {N35 M22 M22 X1 [nnyw] inert ones (the Dead) {N35 [nDrw] grasp. follow (journeys). observe (regulations) {N35 M36 D21 A24} [nnSm] spleen {N35 N35 N37 G17 F51 Z1} [nDrw] grasp. reckoner [nik] evil doer {N35 M17 V31 D41 A1} {N35 N29 D36 Z7 X1 D51 N33 Z2} C7} [nqm] suffer.Sky 145 [nis tw . drive apart (husband and wife).Dictionary of Middle Egyptian N . hold fast {N35 M36 D40} [nDrt] imprisonment {N35 M36 X1} [nwn] dishevel. put away (a woman). be dishevelled. catch.

) shout {N35 O4 G17 A27} O4 G17} {N35 N37 N35 N4G} [nSni] rage. assuredly {N35 N42 G17 D36 N35} [nhrn] Naharin {N35 O4 D21 N35 G1 N36 N25} N33 Z2} [nhw] loss {N35 O4 M17 M17 G37 [nhnhA] quake {N35 O4 N35 O4 G1} [nhsi] wake {N35 O4 O34 A103} . a little.) shout. storm. a few {N35 O4 G43 Z4 A1 Z2} [nHmn] (non enclitic part. rescue. foul weather. disaster {N35 N37 N35 E244} [nhm] (v. foul weather. carry off. disaster {N35 N37 N35 A24} O4 G17 A2} {N35 N37 N35 E21} [nhm] (v. save. a little. pemphigus {N35 N37 Z7 D26} [nhy] some.Dictionary of Middle Egyptian N . foul weather. assume (an office). storm. foul weather. disaster {N35 N37 N35 Z4 E21} [nSp] pant {N35 N37 Q3 D19 A2} [nSt] hairdresser {N35 N37 X1 D3} [nSw] issue (from wound).Sky 146 O39} [nSmt] green felspar {N35 N37 G17 X1 [nSmt] sacred barque of Osiris {N35 [nhrn] Naharin {N35 O4 D21 N35 N25} Z4 A20} [nhry] noble of Nahrin {N35 O4 D21 [nhrn] (locality) Naharin {N35 O4 D21 N37 G17 X1 P36B} [nSw] a vessel {N35 N37 G43 W24 Z1} [nS] expel (from) {N35 N37 K1 D54} D3 D40} Z4 T14 N25} D46 A2} [nhdhd] throb {N35 O4 D46 O4 [nhrn] (locality) Naharin {N35 [nSy] dress (hair) {N35 N37 M17 M17 O4 G1 D21 Z4 N35 G1 T14 N25} [nSni] rage. foul weather. disaster A24 D54} [nSni] rage.) surely. disaster [nSnS] tear up (documents) {N35 N37 [nhmhm] roar. thunder {N35 O4 G17 [nhmhm] thunder {N35 O4 G17 N35 N37 D40} O4 G17 D40} X1 E21 N4E} [nSnt] the doomed ? {N35 N37 N35 [nh] escape (death) {N35 O4 G37} G37 N33 Z2} [nSni] rage. storm. storm. storm. thunder (of sky) {N35 [nhm] dance for joy ? {N35 O4 G17 [nSni] rage. a few {N35 O4 [nhw] the protection (of king's arm) {N35 O4 G43} [nhw] loss {N35 O4 G43 G37} [nhw] loss {N35 O4 G43 Z2} O4 G43 Z2} [nSwt] mucus {N35 N37 Z7 X1 D26} [nHm] take away. withdraw (oneself) {N35 N42 G17 A24} [n hAw] of the enviroment of {N35 [nhy] some.

) wake {N35 O4 O34 M17 D77} [nhp] care (for) {N35 O4 Q3 A2} [nhp] copulate {N35 O4 Q3 D53} [nhp] care (for) {N35 O4 Q3 D54} [nhp] pulsate {N35 O4 Q3 D54} N5} O50} [n sp] together. a little. flat slab. at once {N35 O34 Q3 [npr] grain (as god) {N35 Q3 D21 M17 A40} [npr] grain {N35 Q3 D21 M17 M33A} [npr] grain {N35 Q3 D21 M33A} [npr] grain {N35 Q3 D21 M33A A40} {N35 Q3 D21 X1 N18 Z2} [nhpw] early morning {N35 O4 Q3 G43 [nhpw] early morning {N35 O4 Q3 N5} [nprt] brim (of well). basis [nhp] rise early in the morning.) slaughter {N35 Q3 D46 T9 [npAw] umbilical cord {N35 Q3 G40 G1 G43 Z2 Z7} G1 Q3 G41 G1} [npApA] flutter {N35 Q3 G41 [npA] be wet {N35 Q3 G41 N35A} [npD] (v. flat slab.) summons {N35 S29 A26} [nsA] type of knife {N35 S29 Aa17 G1 T30A} I13} [nsrt] royal serpent {N35 O34 D21 X1 [nsw] King {N35 O34 G43 G7} [nspw] wounds {N35 O34 Q3 G43 T30A [nsr] flame {N35 S29 D21 Q7} .Sky Z2} 147 [nhsi] wake {N35 O4 O34 D40} [nhsi] (v. early morning {N35 O4 Q3 N5} [nhp] mourn {N35 O4 Q3 Y1} [nhs] hippopotamus {N35 O4 S29 E25} [nhsi] wake {N35 O4 S29 U39 D6} [nht] sycamore tree. lymph nodes [nmi] travel. basis {N35 Q3 D21 X1 N23 Z2} T30} [npD] (v.Dictionary of Middle Egyptian N . tree (in general) {N35 O4 X1 M1} [nprt] brim (of well). a few {N35 O4 Z4 T30} [npDt] (v.) slaughter {N35 Q3 I10 T9 T30} [nht] shelter. traverse {N35 O5 G17 P1} [nbi] swim {N35 S12 D58 N35A} [nis] (n. groin.) sharp knife {N35 Q3 I10 X1 G37 N33 Z2} [npr] grain {N35 Q3 M17 M33A} [npnpt] hem {N35 Q3 N35 Q3 X1 S28} [nhm] pomegranate (tree and fruit) {N35 O4 Z4 U2 D4 G1 G1 N33 Z2} O4 Z4 U2 D4 G1 G1 Z2 N33} [inhmn] pomegranate {N35 {N35 Q3 V28 Z7 F51 Z2} [npHw] iliac region. refuge {N35 O4 X1 O1} Y1 Z2} [nht] (magical) protection {N35 O4 X1 [nhy] some.

traverse {N35 T34 G17 [nmHy] orphan. trans. traverse {N35 T34 G17 [nmt] stride over. steal (with) {N35 T34 G17 G37} [nmw] vats {N35 T34 G17 G43 N36 N21 Z2} [nmHy] orphan.) poverty. traverse {N35 T34 G17 [nmtt] stride. rob (with). traverse {N35 T34 G17 M17 D54} [nmytw] intruding ? {N35 T34 G17 X1 K1 X1} [nmi] shout (of people).Sky 148 I13} [nsrt] royal serpent {N35 S29 D21 X1 [nmiw Sa] Bedouin. partial. go to and fro [nma] be one-sided. journeys. private person. question T34 G17 V28 A17 G37} [nmH] (n. traverse {N35 T34 G17 X1 D54} G43 X1 O1 Z3} [nmt] slaughter house {N35 T34 G17 [nm] go wrong (of plans). actions. movements.) deprive (of). humility {N35 [nma] be one-sided. Sandfarers {N35 T34 G17 M17 Z7 D41 T14 A1 Z2 D36 N37 Z2 N33} [nss] do damage (to) {N35 S29 S29} [n Xrw] downwards {N35 T28 D21 G43 N23 Z1} [nmiw Sa] Bedouin. partial.) be poor {N35 T34 G17 V28 A17 G37} [nm] who ? {N35 T34 G17 D38} D54} [nmi] travel. (legal) procedure {N35 T34 G17 X1 X1 D54 Z2} [nmi] travel. quiver. deduct (from) {N35 T34 G17 V28 A17 G37} [nmH] (v. private person. traverse. {N35 T34 [nmi] travel. rob (with). traverse {N35 T34 X1 D54} . intrans. question {N35 T34 G17 D36 O38} [nmH] (v. low (of cattle) {N35 T34 G17 M17 O5 A2} M17 O5 D36} G17 Z5 X1 D54} [nmt] stride over. Sandfarers {N35 T34 G17 O5 D36 A1 Z3 D36 N37 Z2 N33 A1 Z2 B1} D36 A55} {N35 T34 G17 D36 E21 A24} [nma] be one-sided. question [nma] go to sleep {N35 T34 G17 [nmiw Sa] Bedouin. Sandfarers {N35 T34 G17 M17 Z7 D41 Z2 N37 D36 Z2 N33 T14 Z2 A1} [nmw] dwarf {N35 T34 G17 A282} {N35 T34 G17 D36 A2} {N35 T34 N35 G17 T34 G17 D54} [nmnm] quake. steal (with) {N35 T34 G17 K1} [nmi] shout (of people). low (of cattle) {N35 T34 G17 M17 A2} G17 X1 G4 K1 D54} [nmytw] intruding ? {N35 T34 [nmt] slaughter house {N35 T34 G17 X1 T29} M17 D41} [nmi] travel. freeman (of low degree) {N35 T34 G17 V28 A17 G37 A1} [nm] go wrong (of plans).Dictionary of Middle Egyptian N . partial. freeman {N35 T34 G17 V28 M17 M17 A17} [nmt] stride over.

pool {N35 U19 W24 G43 M17 M17 N35A} N35A} [nwyt] wave {N35 U19 W24 Z7 X1 . flood. prn. for a while {N35 U19 W24 D21 G43 X1 A2} [n mrwt] in order that {N35 U7 [nwi] (v. wave {N35 U19 W24 G43 M17 M17 X1 N35A} G43 N5} {N35 U2 D4 G43 Z2 I9} [nw] time. trans. look {N35 U19 W24 D4} [nwdw] (v.) this. collect. pool. these {N35 U19 [nw] see.) be scorched {N35 [nwd] turn aside.f] at the sight of him [nwyt] waters (of canal). look {N35 U19 W24 G43 W24 N35A N36} D4} O34 Z8} [nws] sheet ? (of metal) {N35 U19 W24 [nw] be weak {N35 U19 W24 Z7 A17} [nwx] (v.) care for. intrans.) heat {N35 U19 W24 D4 A1} [nw] hunter {N35 U19 W24 G43 [nw] hunter {N35 U19 W24 G43 Z7 Aa1 Q7} D4 D54 A1} D56} [nw] hunter {N35 U19 W24 G43 D4 [nw] hunter {N35 U19 W24 G43 D4 U19 W24 Z7 Aa1 Q7} [nwx] (v. take care of.) new {N35 U1 [n mAw . vacillate {N35 U19 W24 Z7 D46 D54} E14C} G43 D46 W1B Z3} [nwdw] unguents {N35 U19 W24 D46 X1 Z2 Aa2} [nwdt] ointment {N35 U19 W24 Z7 [nwdt] swaddling clothes (of child) {N35 U19 W24 Z7 D46 X1 S28} [nwdw] unguents {N35 U19 W24 G43 D46 Z3} {N35 U19 W24 G43 D54} [nwy] (v.) bring back (someone) [nw] weakness {N35 U19 W24 G43 U19 W24 Z7 D46 X1 Z4 W22 A24 G7} [nwdty] ointment maker {N35 [nwd] vacillate {N35 U19 W24 Z7 D46 Z9 G37} G37 Z2} [nwy] return (to a place). trans. pool {N35 U19 W24 G43} [nw] (demon.) squeeze out (oil) {N35 U19 W24 D46 Aa23T} W24 G43 V28 D40 V1} [nwH] bind (enemies) {N35 U19 [nwy] water. flood. bring back (someone) {N35 U19 W24 G43 M17 M17 D54} I10 X1 N33} [nwdt] ointment {N35 U19 W24 Z7 [nwy] water. assemble {N35 U19 W24 G43 V1 D40} [nwH] rope.Sky 149 G1 G43 X1 Y1} [n mAwt] (adj. flood. pool {N35 U19 W24 Z7 N35A} [nwy] water.Dictionary of Middle Egyptian N . come (to someone). band (of metal) {N35 U19 W24 G43 V28 V1} [nwdw] unguents {N35 U19 D46 W23 Z2} [nw] see.

) some.Sky 150 W24 Z7 X1 V1 Z2} [nwt] yarn (for weaving) {N35 U19 Z1} [nbt] basket {N35 V30 D58 X1 V30 [nk] copulate {N35 V31 D53} [nwA wpwt] adze of Wepwawet (used in Opening of the mouth) {N35 U21 E15} [nDA] parch (with thirst) {N35 U28 G1 F10 A2} [nkA] meditate on.bud sceptre {N35 V28 W9 G17} [nXnm] (one of the seven sacred oils) {N35 [ngb] turn aside. a little. take counsel {N35 V31 G1 A2} [nkAt] plot {N35 V31 G1 X1 A2} [nkA] meditate on. think about {N35 V31 [nHi] pray for. for ever {N35 V28 N5 V28} A1} [nHsy] Nubian {N35 V28 S29 Z4 T14 [nbi] melt (metal) {N35 V30 D58 A15 G1 Z9 A24} [ngw] loss {N35 W11 G43 Aa2 G37} E1} N37} [ngAw] long horn bull {N35 W11 G43 [nbi] swim {N35 V30 D58 N35A} . prayer {N35 V28 A2} [nHr] resemble {N35 V28 D2 D21} D58 X1 Aa51} [ngi] break open. look {N35 V4 G1 D5} X1 T12} D57 G37} [nkn] (n. injury. divert {N35 W11 D58 [nHA] abnormal ? {N35 V28 G1 Aa2} Z9} [nHA] alarming {N35 V28 M16 G1 Aa2} Z7 E1} [ngAw] long horn bull {N35 W11 G1 [ngi] break open. break up {N35 W11 [nHH] eternity. advantage {N35 V31 X1 Z9 Y1} Z4 A2} [nkA] meditate on.) harm. a little {N35 V31 X1 Z7 G37 Z2} [nTnT] bladder {N35 V13 N35 V13 [nTTw] bonds {N35 V13 V13 G43 V1 Z2} [nkt] some. think about {N35 V31 G1 Z4 A2} {N35 U28 G1 O39} [nDA] measure (for loaves and dates) [nDAw] chips (of stone) {N35 U28 G1 Z9 Z2} U28 M2} [nDA] measure (for loaves and dates) {N35 I14} [nik] a serpent demon {N35 V31 M17 [nkn] harm. profit. think about. something.Dictionary of Middle Egyptian N . break up {N35 V33 V33 Z9} [nHbt] lotus . piece (of wood). injury {N35 V31 N35 [nkn] sword {N35 V31 N35 T31 Z1} [nktw] (pl. be injured {N35 V31 N35 D57} [nDA] measure (for loaves and dates) {N35 U28 O39} [nwA wpwt] adze of Wepwawet (used in Opening of the mouth) {N35 V4 E19} [nw] see.

prn...) you {N35 X1 X1} [nTTw] bonds {N35 X1 X1 G43 V1} N35 Z2} A24} [ntTn] (ind. us two.. prn.them {N35 Z2} [nts] (ind.fem. prn.fem.. duty. prn.) we. crime {N35 W11 N35} [ntsn] (ind. which {N35 X1 Z4} [nt] Crown of Lower Egypt {N35 X1 Z5 G7} D54} N35 X1 F27} [ntnt] intracranial diaphragm {N35 X1 I12} [nt] (divinity) Neith (goddess) {N35 X1 Z5 [nt] water {N35 X1 Z5 N35A} [ntnt] diaphragm {N35 X1 N35 X1 F51} [ntS] besprinkle {N35 X1 N37 N35A A24} [n] (pl. . . they .) you.pl. parch {N35 X1 D58 F20} [nmwt] net {N35 X1 G14 T90} I9} [nty . {N35 X1 I9} [n it . prn. prn. .f] to his father {N35 X1 I9} [ntf] besprinkle {N35 X1 I9 N35A [ntt] that {N35 X1 X1} [ntT] (ind.Dictionary of Middle Egyptian N .k] which you.. belongs to him {N35 X1 [nty . . {N35 X1 V31} [ntk] (ind.) we two...f] which he. break up {N35 W11 Z9} {N35 X1} R24 I12} [nt] (genitival adj. screech (of falcon) {N35 W11 W11 A2} [ngt] breach (in dam) {N35 W11 X1 Z9 A24} Z7} [nt pw] it is the fact that.) he. prn. . prn.. {N35 X1 Q3 [nt] (divinity) Neith (goddess) {N35 X1 [ngi] break open. us.. prn.) they {N35 X1 O34 [niwt] lower heaven {N35 X1 O49 N50} [ngg] cackle (of goose). fem.. our {N35 Z2} [ny] (suffix prn... prn. belonging to [nrt] vulture {N35 X1 D21 Z5 G39} [nt a] rite.... pl. routine..) she {N35 X1 O34} . belongs to you {N35 X1 V31} [ntf] (ind..pl. prn. our.) of. ritual.) you {N35 X1 X1 D54} [nitit] impede {N35 X1 M17 X1 M17 [nitit] impede {N35 X1 M17 X1 M17 [nty] who. ritual {N35 X1 D36 Y1 Z2} [nt] Crown of Lower Egypt {N35 X1 S4} [nts] (ind.) she {N35 X1 S29} [ntsn] (ind. habit. .) you {N35 X1 V13 [ntb] scorch.Sky 151 M17 M17 X1 Aa2} [ngyt] breach ( of law). execution (of task).) they {N35 X1 S29 N35 Z2} [nt a] custom. rite..pl. organize {N35 X1 D36 Z1 Y1 Z2} [ntT] (ind.pl.) you {N35 X1 V13} N35 Z2} [ntTn] (ind.

junior. partisans. cut up. underlings.) little. short {N37 D21 D21 G37} G37 A1} [Srr] small. used after an imperative) therefore. block {N37 D21 M17 O36 [mist] liver {N36 N23 S29 X1 F51} [ mrw] servants. meagre. us two. nostril {N37 D21 X1 D19 F51} [Srt] type of grain {N37 D21 X1 U9} {N37 D36 A24} [mrt] weavers. our. them {N35 Z4} A85} O1} [maHat] tomb {N36 Z1 P6 D36 X1 [maHat] tomb. supporter {N36} [ mrw] servants. underlings. block {N37 D21 M17 O1 [Sr] stop up. dual) we two. and v. and v. underlings {N36 [mr] canal. underlings. artificial lake {N36 N21 Z1} [ mrw] servants. artificial lake {N36 Z1} [mr] libation trough {N36 Z1 N21 N34} [mr] libation trough {N36 Z1 N21 R103} [Sa] cut off. cut down {N37 P8} [mawH] oar {N36 Z1 N23 G43 V28 [mawH] oar {N36 Z1 N23 G43 V28 D36 D46 F37E T30 D40} D46 F41 T30 D40} [Sad] cut.) little {N37 D21 D21 A17} [nyny] Greeting ! {N35 Z4 N35 Z4 [mr] partisan. younger son {N37 D21 G37 A1} A17} [Sri] lad. bolt (of horses) ? {N37 D21 N37 D54} [Sr] stop up. supporters {N36 N21 A1 B1 Z3} [mr] canal.Dictionary of Middle Egyptian N . supporters {N36 N23 A1 Z2 B1} [ mrw] weavers {N36 N23 A1 Z2 B1} [mrw] bulls {N36 N23 E1 Z2} [minb] axe {N36 N23 N35 D58 N34} [ipw] (locality) Akhmim {N36 N23 Q3 Z7 O49} [Srr] (adj. partisans. because of it {N35 Z4} [ny] (suffix prn. cut down. for it. cut down {N37 D36 P8} . younger. lowly man {N37 D21 D21 [Sri] lad. they. supporters {N36 N23 Z7 A1 Z2 B1} [minb] axe {N36 N35 D58 N34} [minb] axe {N36 N35 F34 D58} X1 Z2} D40} B1} [Srit] daughter {N37 D21 M17 X1 G37 [SrS] hurry ?. cut off. servants. cut off. lowly man {N37 D21 M17 G37 A1} D40} [Sr] stop up. partisans.Sky 152 [ny] (adv. nostril {N37 D21 X1 D19} [Srt] nose. cenotaph (above ground level) {N36 Z1 P6 D36 X1 O1} [Srr] (adj. younger son {N37 D21 M17 [Srr] small. hew (ship) [Sad] cut. block {N37 D21 O36} [Srt] nose.

) be warm. mingle with. cut down. terror {N37 D36 X1 [Sbw] food offerings {N37 D58 N33A} D58 N35 Z9 Y1} [Sbn] mix (with). cut off. terror {N37 D36 X1 [Sat] knife {N37 D36 X1 F41 Y1 T30} [Sat] slaughtering. words) {N37 D58 A2} [Sbb] gullet {N37 D58 D58 F10 F51} [Sbbt] kneaded bread . cut up.paste {N37 D58 D58 X1 Z9 W22 Z2} N37 G17 X1 M2 Z2} [SmSmt] hemp ? {N37 G17 [Smt] mother . divide correctly. set F41 N33A} [Sat] knife {N37 D36 X1 F41 T30} F41 T30 Z2} out (design) {N37 D58 N37 D58 Z9 Y1} [bST] (v.) mix. terror {N37 D36 X1 T30 Z2} Z2} [Sbt] value. cut down {N37 D36 D58 X1 Z9 Z8 Z2} [Sbbt] beer . hew (ship) {N37 D36 F37E A24} D58 D58 Z9 D36} M17 M17 X1 Z8} [Sayt] a type of cake or biscuit {N37 D36 Z8 Z2} [Sbw] necklace {N37 D58 G43 S11} [Sbw] food offerings {N37 D58 G43 [Sbw] necklace {N37 D58 M17 M17 G43 S84} [Say] sand {N37 D36 N33 Z2} [Sa] cut off. hew (ship) {N37 D36 T30A} F41} [Sat] top of the Djed column {N37 D36 X1 [Sat] slaughtering. hew (ship) [Styw] stroke .) rebel (against) {N37 D58 X1 D19 D40} [Sat] slaughtering. confuse (message. mingle with. become feverish {N37 G17 G17 Q7} G17 G17 X1 Q7} {N37 D36 Z9 T7} [Smmt] fever. confuse (message.oar ? {N37 G4 M3 Z1} [Sma] make music {N37 G17 D36} [Smm] (v. have fever. hot.Dictionary of Middle Egyptian N . cut up.) mix. consort (with) {N37 [SbSb] adjust. cut up.Sky 153 D46 T30 A24} [Sad] cut. cut down.law {N37 G17 X1} .mash (a drink) {N37 D58 [Sbb] knead (bread in brewing) {N37 [Sa] cut off. words) {N37 D58 Z9} [Sbw] food offerings {N37 D58 Z9 Z8 Z2} [Sayt] a type of cake or biscuit {N37 D36 [Say] sand {N37 D36 Z4 N33 Z2} [Sa] cut off. inflammation {N37 N35 Z7 D40} [Sdn] be closed (of eyes) {N37 D46 [Smyt] walking . cut down. price {N37 D58 X1 Z9 Y1 [Sat] document {N37 D36 X1 V12} [Saty] weight and value of a twelfth of one deben {N37 D36 X1 Z4 S20 Y1 Z2} X1 Z8} [Sbi] (v.stick {N37 G17 M17 M17 X1 M3} [Sbi] (v.in .

register {N37 I9 D46 [Sfdyt] bier {N37 I9 D46 X1 M3} [Sfi] (v. honour {N37 I9 Y1 Z2} [Sdt] dough {N37 M17 I10 X1 N33A} [Sf] swell {N37 I9 Aa2} [Sfa] (v. respect {N37 I9 M17 [Snbt] breast {N37 N35 D58 X1 F51} G43 X1 S26} M17 X1 Z5 Y1 Z2} [SnDwt] kilt. dart about (of fish) {N37 N35 D36 U13} M17 X1 F7 Z3} [Sfyt] majesty. harvest . secret. detain. register {N37 [Sfdyt] bier {N37 I9 D46 M17 M17 X1 Q19} {N37 N23 Z1} [S] lake. respect {N37 I9 M17 [Sfyt] majesty. repulse. difficult {N37 N16 U30 G1 Z9 Y1} [S Hrt] tomb garden {N37 N23 D2 D21 N1 X1} I9 D46 G43 V12} [Sfdw] papyrus roll.) fight {N37 I9 D36 D40} [Sfdw] metal object (used in ritual) {N37 I9 D46 G43 N34} [StA] mysterious. harvest . awe {N37 I9 N37 I9 [SfSft] respect. apron {N37 N35 I10 Z1} [Sf tbt] the sixth month {N37 I9 M34 X1 [SfSft] respect. garden.headed figure (of Amun) {N37 [Sf] respect. repel. pool. quarrel {N37 N35 V13 X1 [SfSft] respect. awe {N37 I9 N37 . apron {N37 N35 I10 X1 [SnS] tear up (papers) {N37 N35 N37 {N37 I9 N37 I9 M17 M17 X1 Z4 F8} [SfSfyty] one greatly respected Z9 D40} [SfSft] ram's head {N37 I9 N37 I9 X1 F7} Q3 Aa19} [Snp] garment ? (worn by vizier) {N37 N35 [Snsw] slab (for offerings) {N37 N35 X1 F7} [SfSft] respect. hidden.tax {N37 N35A V12} [Sfdw] papyrus roll. respect {N37 I9 G43 N5 U9} U9 Z2} [Smw] harvest. police (district).Sky I9 Z5 Y1 Z2} 154 [Sw] ascend {N37 H6 G43} G43 G43 M2 N33A} [Sww] a type of vegetable {N37 H6 I9 X1 F7} [Sft] ram .Dictionary of Middle Egyptian N . sea [Smw] summer {N37 N35A N5} [Smw] harvest.tax {N37 N35A X1 F7 Z1} [Sna] turn back.) respect {N37 I9 F7} [Sfyt] majesty. basin (for liquids). awe {N37 I9 N37 S29 G43 N21} I9 X1 F7 A24} [Sn] ring {N37 N35 V9} [SnTt] strife. awe {N37 I9 N37 [Sndt] Nile acacia tree {N37 N35 I10 X1 M174A} I9 F8 Y1 Z2} S26} [SnDwt] kilt.

) be discontented. splendid (of buildings). depart (of morbid fluid. precious things. assume (crown).) be blind. angry {N37 Q3 [Spt] (v. night sky {N37 D4} [Sp] (v.) be blind. catch (fish). wealth. purchase. receive.Dictionary of Middle Egyptian D82} N . minerals).) discontent. be skilled (in). present {N37 S29 T18} . skill {N37 O34 K7} [Spt] (n.) skill {N37 O34 Aa18 G43 K18} [Spt] (n. serve. know {N37 O34 Aa18 G1 F5 Y1} X1 K7} [Spt] (v. valuable (of plants. baton {N37 S29 G17 N35A F27} S29 O39} [Ss] alabaster.) discontent. be converant (with). make blind {N37 Q3 [Sp] (v.) sistra {N37 N37 M17 M17 X1 Y8 Z2} [Spt] (v.) be discontented. anger {N37 Q3 X1 [Sptyt] (urinary) bladder {N37 Q3 X1 [Ssr] arrow {N37 O34 D21 T11} [Ssmt] sacred girdle {N37 O34 G17 X1 S17A} M17 M17 F51 X1} X1 N33A} [Ssmt] malachite {N37 S17A O34 [SsA] (n. costly [Sms] follow. vessels of alabaster {N37 [Spsy] noble. angry {N37 Q3 [Spt] a Nile fish (Tetrodon fahaka) {N37 Q3 X1 K7} Aa18 G1 F5 Y1} [SsA] (n.) be wise. august (of gods). evil spirit) {N37 Q3 D26} [Spnt] a measure of beer {N37 Q3 N35 X1 W22} [Ssm] leather roll ?.Sky {N37 Q3 S29 A50} 155 O1 Z2} [SSdw] windows {N37 N37 D46 G39 [Spssw] riches. accept. bring. wear 9clothes) {N37 O34 Q3 O42} G1 E103 Y1v} [Ssmt] malachite {N37 O34 S15 G17 X1 N33A} S29 Aa17 G1 F5 X1 N2} [SsAt] nightfall.) wisdom. dainties (to eat) {N37 Q3 S29 S29 A50 Z2} [Spt] blindness {N37 Q3 X1 D4} X1 D5} [sSy] nest {N37 N37 G48} [sSSwt] (pl.) wisdom {N37 S29 Aa17 [Ssp] take. anger {N37 Q3 X1 [Spt ib] anger {N37 Q3 X1 K7 F34 [SsA] (v. make blind {N37 Q3 D5} [SsAw] bubalis antelope {N37 S29 Aa17 G1 G43 E103} G1 G43 F20 Z1} [SsAw] tongue {N37 S29 Aa17 [Sp] flow out.) be discontented. angry {N37 [sSy] nest {N37 N37 O1} {N37 O34 Aa17 G1 Z7 F5 Y1 Z2} [SsAw] (medical) prescription Q3 X1 K1 A2} [SsA] (v. accompany.) know {N37 O34 Aa18 G1 Z5 Y1} Z1} F5 Y1} [SsA] (n.

hidden.) hostility {N37 X1 [Stm] (v.Sky Z2} 156 S29 V6 W3} [Ss] alabaster.Dictionary of Middle Egyptian N .) be quarrelsome {N37 X1 U15 G17 G41 A2} G37} [SwA] poor {N37 V4 G1 G37} G43 A30 Y1 A1} U15 G17 G41 A24} [Stm] (n. secret. difficult {N37 X1 U30 G1 M17 M17 Y1v} Y1 Z2} [StAt] secrets {N37 X1 U30 G1 X1 . disease {N37 U2 G1 [SmAw] distress. terror {N37 X1 F41 [Styw] tortoise {N37 X1 G4 I2} [SmAw] distress. scrub.) hostility {N37 X1 [SwAw] poor man {N37 V4 G1 [SwAw] poor man {N37 V4 [StA] mysterious.loaf {N37 X1 M17 M17 G43} G17 A2} [Stm] (v. difficult {N37 X1 U30} G1 G43 G37 A1} X1 U30 G1 G43 Y1 Z2} [StAw] (religious) mysteries {N37 [ST] equip {N37 V13 Aa19} [ST] satchel {N37 V13 Aa19} M17 X1 V19} [StA] copse. secret. vessels of alabaster {N37 [SmAw] foreigners {N37 U1 A33 [Skrw] panoply {N37 V31 D21 M1 Z3} M17 Aa30 A1} N25} [Xqry] coiffeur {N37 V31 D21 M17 [Skry] coiffeur {N37 V31 D21 M17 U1 G1 G17 G43 A4 A14 Z3} [SmAw] foreigners {N37 M17 M1 A1} [SmAw] foreigners {N37 U1 G1 G17 G43 A33 Z2 A1} [ST] satchel {N37 X1 Aa19 S28} [Stbt] crate {N37 X1 D58 X1 V19} T30 Z2} [SmAw] disease demons {N37 U1 G1 G17 G43 F37 Z6 Z2} Z4 A14} [Sat] slaughtering. disease {N37 U2 G43 G37 Z2} [Styw] an offering . brushwood ? {N37 X1 U30 G1 M1} [STyt] sanctuary of Sokar {N37 V13 M17 [STyt] sanctuary of Sokar {N37 V13 U30 G1 M17 M17 X1 O1} [sTyt] sanctuary of Sokar {N37 X1 [STyt] sanctuary of Sokar {N37 X1 U30 G1 M17 M17 O1 X1} U33 M17 M17 X1 V19} O1} [STyt] sanctuary of Sokar {N37 V13 X1 [Xkrw] ornaments {N37 V31 D21 Aa30 [StA] mysterious.) be quarrelsome {N37 U15 [SwAw] poor man {N37 V4 A4} [Swb] persea tree {N37 V4 D58 M1} [SwA] poor {N37 V4 G1 A30 [StAt] secrets {N37 X1 M17 M17 X1} U15 G17 G41 A2} [Stm] (n. hidden.

) guests {N41 G17 S29 B3 A1 Z2 B1} [Sm r] babble {N40 G17 D54 D21 D53} [Hmty] homosexual {N41 G17 X1 Z4 [Hmw] steering oar {N41 G17 Z7 P10} [Smt] walking.Sky 157 [StA] mysterious. business {N40 G17 X1 D54 Z2} [Smw] a class of incantations ? {N40 G17 Z7 A2} [pHww] the far north {N41 N41 N41} [pHww] marshlands {N41 N41 N41 N36 Z2} [Hmsi] sit down {N41 O34 A7} [Hmsw] sloth {N41 O34 A17 A1 Z2} A1} [Smw] traveller {N40 G17 Z7 D54 . indeed {N41 G17 D36} [Styt] chamber {N37 X1 U33 M17 M17 [St] (collective n. difficult {N37 X1 U30 G1 Y1v} {N37 X1 U30 G1 Y1 Z2} N14} [biA] a mineral (not metal) {N41 D58 F18 [StAw] secrets.) refine ? (gold) {N37 Z4 N37 Q7} [Sm] pass (of property) {N40} [Sm] go (to). indeed [Hm] (enclitic part. gait. hidden. actions. walk. stroke (of bank of oarswomen) {N37 X1 U33 M17 M17 X1 B1} X1 O6} {N41 G17 A24} [Hm] (enclitic part. actions. business {N40 G17 X1 D54} [Smt] walking.ponds {N37 Z1 N23 Z3A N29 D36 V28 Z7 D41 D54 Z3} [S] garden {N37 Z1 N25} [SSi] (v.k] turn back ! {N41 D40} [St] assessment (of taxes) {N37 X1 Z9 X1 D55} [Hm xt] retreat {N41 G17 M3 Aa1 [Hmy] helmsman {N41 G17 M17 [ Sw qaHw] fish .) tax . secret.) assuredly.Dictionary of Middle Egyptian N . (religious) mysteries [StAw] secrets {N37 X1 U30 G1 Z9 [biA] a mineral (not metal) {N41 D58 N14} [biA] a mineral (not metal) {N41 D58 O39} [Hm] (enclitic part. gait.) assuredly. pass. movements. retreat {N41 G17 D55} G17 D55 M16 G1 V31 D1} Z9 A24 A1 Z2} [Hm HA tp . set (of sun) {N40 G17 D54} Z1} M17 P10 A1} [Hm] steer {N41 G17 P10} [Hmw] steering-oar {N41 G17 P10} [Hmsi] dwell (in) {N41 G17 S29 B3} [Hmsyw] (pl.) assuredly. movements. indeed {N41 G17} Y1} [StAt] secrets {N37 X1 U30 X1 Y1v} [StAw] secrets {N37 X1 U30 Y1v} [Styt] leader.payers {N37 X1 [Hm] coward {N41 G17 D53} [Hm] retire. set out.

) come out.Sky 158 A7 Y1 A1} [Hmsy] guest {N41 O34 M17 M17 [pri] (v. the {O1} [pr xnty] harem {O1 D19 O1} [xnr] harem {O1 D19 O1} [prw] excess.god {N76A N24} [prw n r] utterance {O1 D21 G43 A2 N35 D21 Z1} [prw] motion. come and go {O1 D21 D54 O4 G1 D54} [Hmt] woman. come and go {O1 D21 D54 G35 N29 D54} [pr hAi] (v. Position) {N41 S29 X1 A3} [prw] motion.) ascend and descend. be issued (of supplies) {O1 D21 D54} {O1 D21 D54} [Hmst] session {N41 O34 X1 A51} [Hmst] seat (in sense of Rank. result [idt] cow {N41 X1 E1} [idt] womb.) go. outcome. procession. surplus {O1 D21 G43 Y1 . burst forth (of storm).k] get on with your work ! {O1 [pr n ws] height (of pyramid) {O1 D21 D54 G17 G43 S29 O1} [Hm xt] retreat {N42 G17 M3 Aa1 [pr aq] come in and go out. come out. uterus {N41 X1 E1} [idt] womb. procession.Buildings [pA] this. surplus {O1 D21 G43 D54 Z2} {O1 D21 G43 N17 Z2} [prw] land emerged from inundation [prw] excess. uterus {N41 X1 F45} [idt] cow {N41 X1 F45} [idt] cow {N41 X1 U31} [idt] cow {N41 X1 Z5} X1 D55} [pri] go up.f] a popular resort. trans. ascend (to). uterus {N41 X1 F45} [idt] womb. be subtracted (mathematical) {O1 D21 D54} [pr r] advance against (a position in war) {O1 D21 D54 D21} [pr a] be active {O1 D21 D54 D36 Z1} D21 D54 D36 Z1 V31} [pr a . thronging crowds {O1 D21 D54 O4 G1 D54 I9} [HA] the desert god {N76A A40} [HA] (divinity) the desert . wife {N42 X1 B1} [wbA] open {N46 G29} [iaH] moon god {N62A A40} [15 nt Hb ???] festival of the 15th of the month {N63 V20 Z2 Z4A N35 X1 W3 N5} [pr hA] ascend and descend {O1 D21 D54 O4 G1 D54} [pr hA . escape (from). outcome. result {O1 D21 G43 D54} D54 N35 D21 Z1} [prw n r] utterance {O1 D21 G43 O .Dictionary of Middle Egyptian N . vulva. be renowned (of name) {O1 D21 D54} [pri] (v.

. prosperity) {O1 D21 X1 U13 N33A} [prt] (ritual) procession {O1 D21 X1 X4} [prt] fruit... result {O1 D54 Z2} {O1 G27} [pr Hry] upper part of building {O1 Z1 [pr dwAt] robing room {O1 Z1 D46 V4 N14 X1 O1} I9 D21} [pr nfr] funerary workshop {O1 Z1 F35 [pr dSr] Red House (Treasury of Lower Egypt) [pr wr] National shrine of Upper Egypt at [pr wr] National Shrine of Upper Egypt at El-Kab {O1 Z1 G36 D21 O1 Z1} [pr Dt] estate. (in sense of offspring.. temple {O1 Z1} [pr] household {O1 Z1 A1 B1 Z2} D2 D21 N1} [prt spdt] (heliacal) rising of Sothis Sirius {O1 D21 X1 D54 M44 X1 N14} [prt] the month of Peret (Winter) {O1 D21 X1 N5} [prt] fruit.Buildings 159 El-Kab {O1 G36 O157} [prw Hr] more than {O1 D21 G43 Y1 [prw] motion. (in sense of offspring. School) {O1 S34 O1} [pr HD] treasury {O1 T3 O1} [pr HD] treasury {O1 T3 O1} [pr Sna] labour establishment {O1 U13 A1 B1} Z2 D2 Z1} [pry] hero.to {O1 D21 X1 [xnr] harem {O1 U31 O1} [pr nw] National Shrine of Lower Egypt at Dep {O1 W24 O1} [pr nw] National shrine of Lower Egypt at Dep {O1 W24 O20} [pr] house. School) {O1 S34} [pr anx] House of Life (Temple Scriptorium.Dictionary of Middle Egyptian Z2} O . outcome. result {O1 G43 D54} [pr aA] Pharaoh {O1 O29} [pr aA] Great-House. seed.. (in sense of offspring. seed. procession... ascend. posterity) {O1 D21 X1 D53 N33A} [prt] (ritual) procession {O1 D21 X1 D54} [prt r xrw] invocation offerings {O1 D21 X1 D54 D21 P8 G43 Z8 Z2} D54 G17 D21} [prt m.r] from. palace. seed. posterity) {O1 D21 X1 Z5 U10 Z2} [pr] go up.) houses {O1 D21 [prt a] activity {O1 D21 X1 D36 D40} [prt] fruit.... household. foundation {O1 Z1 I10 X1 N16} .. champion {O1 D21 M17 M17 D54 A1} M17 D54 E2} [pry] ferocious bull {O1 D21 M17 [pryt] crisis ? {O1 D21 M17 M17 X1 C7} M17 M17 X1 O1 Z2} [pryt] (collective n. Palace {O1 O29} [psn] a loaf {O1 O34 N35 X3} [psn] loaf {O1 O34 N35 X4} [pr anx] House of Life (Temple Scriptorium.. be subtracted (mathematical) {O1 D54} [prw] outcome.

daytime {O4 D21 G43 N5 Z1} [hrw nfr] holiday.) milk {O4 D21 D40} M17 X1 V12 Z1} [hi] husband {O4 D52} [hi] husband {O4 D52} [hAi] come down.) assault {O4 D46 D41 D40} [hdmw] footstool {O4 D46 N35A M3} [hdn] a plant {O4 D46 N35 M2} [hdhd] charge (of army) {O4 D46 O4 D46 D54} [pr mDAt] library {O1 Z1 Y1 X1 Z1 V12} [pr HD] treasury {O2} [prt xrw] invocation offerings {O3} [hrw] be quiet. satisfied.. pleasantness {O4 D21 X1 A2} [hrt] peace. punish. pleasantness {O4 D21 X1 Y1} [hrw] (v. at peace {O4 D21 Y1} [hrw] (adj. happy day {O4 [hAb r] send to (a place). be immersed.) attack {O4 D46 D36} Z4} [pr xnty] harem {O1 Z1 U31 X1 Z2} N35 X1 Z4 D19 O1 B1 Z2} [pr xnty] harem {O1 Z1 W18 [hd] attack..) pleasing {O4 D21 Y1} [hr ib] contented {O4 D21 Y1V F34 Z1} A2} X1 N35} [pr nsr] National shrine of Lower Egypt at Pe {O1 Z1 N35 O34 D21 O20} [pr nsr] National Shrine of Lower Egypt at Pe {O1 Z1 N35 O34 D21 Q7 O1} Z1 S12 N33A} [pr nbw] House of Gold (Treasury) {O1 [pr Xry] ground floor {O1 Z1 T28 D21 [hd] bregma (front of the head) {O4 D46 [hd] (n. happy day {O4 D21 G43 N5 Z1 F35 I9 D21} [hAb] send (someone.Dictionary of Middle Egyptian O .Buildings 160 {O1 Z1 L2 X1 A301} [pr bity] Palace of King of Lower Egypt O1} [hrmw] poultry pen {O4 D21 N35A [pr nsw] Temple {O1 Z1 M23 X1 N35} [pr dwAt] robing room {O1 Z1 N14 G1 M17 M17 N5 X1} [hrp] sink. descend tackle etc. {O4 D54} [hrwyt] journal {O4 D21 G43 M17 [hrw] day. suppress (one's desires)..) tread (a place) {O4 D58 D54} D58 D54 D21} D21 G43 N5 Z1 F35 D21 I9} [hrw nfr] holiday. infinitive) be pleased. foundation {O1 Z1 N35 I10 [pr Dt] estate. be quiet. foundation {O1 Z1 N35 I10 [hrt] peace.. obstruct (someone). excavate (stone) {O4 D46 D41 D40} [hd] (n. downhearted {O4 D21 Q3 N35A} [hrp] suppress (one's desires) {O4 D21 Q3 Y1} X1 N16} [pr Dt] estate. content.. send for {O4 . at peace {O4 D21 A2} [hr] (v.. something) {O4 D58 D54} [hbi] (v. prevail over.. dismiss (appellant).

Dictionary of Middle Egyptian O . environment.) ceilings {O4 G1 G43 X1 [hAw] time. drip.) travel (to) {O4 G1 D58 U13 D54} D58 U13 D54} [hbhb] traverse (county) {O4 D58 O4 [hb] humiliate ? {O4 D58 U13} [hb] (n. triturate {O4 D58 N29 D36} [hbny] ebony {O4 D58 N35 U13 M3} D58 N35 X1 W24} [hA r tA] flag. intrans. triturate {O4 G1 D58 O4 D58 U13 A24} [hb] tread {O4 G1 D58 U13 D54} [hbi] (v. tread (a place).) come down.) accede (to office). stable {O4 G1 M17 M17 X1 O1} [hArt] herds (of game) {O4 G1 D21 X1 F28 Z2} [hAw] life-time {O4 G1 N5 Z2} A24 A1 Z2} [hAi] (v. go down. life-time. tackle (dangerous animal) {O4 G1 D54} [hby] ibis {O4 D58 G26} [hbq] beat up. neighbourhood.) tread out (grain). cease {O4 G1 D54 D21 N16 Z1 N21} [hbnt] a jar. fall. fail. descend. ha ! {O4 G1} [hAw] kindred {O4 G1 A1 Z2 B1} [hAw] corvee {O4 G1 A9} B1} [hAw] kindred {O4 G1 M17 M17 A1 Z2 [hAyt] portal. measure of capacity {O4 [hbny] ebony {O4 D58 N35 Z4 M3 G1 D58 D54} [hAb] send (someone. something) {O4 [hAbyt] treading under foot ? {O4 Z2} G1 D58 M17 M17 X1 U13 D54} D58 D54} [hbhb] traverse (country) {O4 D58 O4 [hbhb] drive out (pain) {O4 D58 N29 D36} [hbq] beat up. relatives {O4 G1 G43 A1 Z2 B1} [hAw] corvee {O4 G1 G43 A24} N4 Z3A} U13 D54 F34 Z1} [hb ib] far-ranging of desire ? {O4 D58 [hby] ibis {O4 D58 Z4 G26A} [hAwt] (pl. trans. travel (to). befall (of age). enter (into someone) {O4 D58 U13 D54} U13 A32 D54} [hAbt] dance ? {O4 G1 D58 X1 [hAw] kindred. intrans.) plough {O4 D58 U13} [hbi] (v. belongings. drop {O4 G1 [hAn] rely on {O4 G1 N35 D41 [hATs] kind of jar {O4 G1 V13 S29 W23} . grasp the meaning of {O4 G1 D54} [hAi] (v. circumstances. affairs {O4 G1 G43 Y1 Z2} [hA] (interjection) ho ! .) charge down upon (enemy).Buildings D54} 161 D54 N35} [hAb n] send to (someone) {O4 D58 [hA] (interjection) Ha ! Ho! {O4 G1 D54} [hAi] (v.

chest {O4 N35 Q2} [hn] box. quacking (of wildfowl) {O4 G17 O4 G17 Z2} [hm] be burning {O4 G17 Q7} [hmt] fare (for conveyance) {O4 G17 X1 X4 Z2} [hn] box. shout {O4 M17 [hnw] jar.cry {O4 G17 [hnn] assent (to) {O4 N35 N35 D41 D40} [hnn] deer {O4 N35 N35 F5} [hnn] deer {O4 N35 N35 F27} [hnn] attend to. assent (to). consider.Dictionary of Middle Egyptian O . consider {O4 N35 N35 Y2} [hmhmt] war-shout. family. be deficient.cry. trust (in). chest {O4 N35 Q6E} [hn] box.Buildings O4 N35 W24 G43 A32A} 162 V31 D21 W3} [hAkr] a religious festival {O4 G1 [hAkr] a religious festival {O4 G1 O50 Z4A} [hyhy] make acclamation {O4 M17 M17 [hAyt] portal {O4 M17 M17 X1 N1} [hqs] steal. quacking (of wild-fowl) {O4 G17 O4 G17 X1 A2} O4 G17 X1 E21 D40 Z2} D1 A2} [hnn] attend to. of disease) . cease {O4 N35 Y1} [h] courtyard ? {O4 O1} [hh] blast (of fire. approve( document). shout {O4 M17 M17 A32A} [hi] husband {O4 M17 M17 D52 A1} N35 W24 G43 A32} Z3} [hnw] waves {O4 N35 W24 Z7 N35A [hy hnw] jubilate {O4 M17 M17 O4 [hy hnw] jubilation {O4 M17 M17 [hn] halt. consider {O4 N35 N35 [hmhmt] war . chest {O4 N35 Q6E M3} {O4 N35 W24 G43 W24} Z2} [hmw] emolument {O4 G17 Z7 X2 W22 [hAw] kindred {O4 G43 A1 Z2 B1} [hwt] be burnt {O4 G43 X1 Q7} [hi] husband {O4 M17 D52 A1} [ihm] restrain {O4 M17 G17 D36} [hy] (interjection) hail !. cajole ? {O4 N35 N35 D1} [hmhmt] war . scanty {O4 N29 V31 M17 D21 W3} V31 W4} [hAkr] a religious festival {O4 G1 S29 G37} [hAt] ceiling {O4 G1 X1 N1} [hAw] time {O4 G1 Y1 Z2} [hAw] species of wild fowl {O4 G1 Z7 D54 G39 Z2} M17 M17 A28} [hny] praise (of god or king) {O4 N35 [hnn] attend to. chest {O4 N35 O18} [hn] box. measure of about half litre [hnw] associates. relatives {O4 M17 A2} N35 W24 Z7 A1 B1 Z2} [hy] Hail !. chest {O4 N35 Q5} [hn] box. of heat of sun.

Goldsmith's workshop {O6E} [Hwt anx] Mansion of Life (Royal living Quarters) {O6F X1 O1} [Hwt nt] Mansion of the Red Crown (a Temple) {O6G} [hp] law. alabaster quarries (in Hare Nome). sculptor's workshop) {O6 S12 N33 Z2} [Htt] mine. quarry {O6 X1 O1} [Hwt] temple. funerary chapel {O6 X1 O1} [Hwt] administrative district. ordinance {O4 Q3 Y1} [hsmq] wade {O4 S29 D37 N29 D54} [hATs] a type of jar {O4 V13 S29 W14} [htt] female ape {O4 V13 X1} [hAkr] a religious festival {O4 V31 Z8} [hnw] praise (of god or king) {O4 W24 A73} [ht] call out ? {O4 X1 A2} [hAyt] portal {O4 X1 N1} [ht] portal {O4 X1 N1} [hAyt] portal {O4 X1 O27} [ht] portal {O4 X1 O27} [htt] adoration {O4 X1 X1 E51} [htt] female ape {O4 X1 X1 F27} [htw] ape {O4 X1 Z7 F27} [hAw] neighbourhood. quarries {O6 O6 O6} [Hwwt nt ] (pl. in temple) {O7 X1 D28 O1} D2 D21 C9} [nbt Hwt] (divinity) Nephthys (goddess) {O9} [Hwt Hr] (divinity) Hathor {O10} [Hwt nbw] Mansion of Gold.) mines. quarry {O6 X1 X1 N25} [Htt] (n.Buildings 163 {O4 O4 Z4 Q7} [hh] blast (of fire.) a mine {O6 X1 X1 N25} [Hwt wryt] the Great Mansions (Law Courts) {O6 Z7 X1 O1 Z2 G36 D21 M17 M17 O1 X1 Z3} [Hwt Hr] (divinity) Hathor (goddess) {O6 [Hwt Hr] (name of) the Fourth month {O6 [Hwt kA] chapel (in tomb. of heat of sun. Goldsmith's workshop {O6E} . temple) {O7 D28} [Hwt kA] chapel (in tomb. enviroment {O4 Y1 Z2} [Htwt] (pl. of disease) [Hwt nbw] Mansion of Gold. estate {O6 X1 O1} D28 Z1 Q3 X1 V28 A40} [Hwt kA ptH] Memphis {O6 X1 O1 [Hwt pat] Mansion of the Patricians (a shrine) {O6 X1 O1 Q3 D36 X1 O1 Z2 A1} [h] courtyard ? {O4 Z1} [hwhw] scurry {O4 Z7 O4 Z7 D54} [mr wr] Mnevis Bull {O5 G36 A40} [mr wr] Mnevis Bull {O5 G36 D21 E1} D2 D21 C9} [Htt] mine.) Mansions of the Red Crown {O6 O6 O6 N35 X1 S4} [Hwt nbw] Mansion of Gold (temple at Abydos) {O6 S12} [Hwt nbw] Mansion of Gold (a temple at Abydos).Dictionary of Middle Egyptian {O4 O4 Q7} O .

) bow {O28 X1 T10} [iwnt] bow {O28 X1 Z1} [iwntyw] tribesmen {O28 X1 Z1 Z3} [iwn] pillar {O28 Z1} [iwntyw] tribesmen {O28 Z1 Z2 T14 A13 Z2} [sHy] man of good counsel {O22 M17 [aA(i)] great (of size) {O29} [aAw] greatly {O29} [aA] ass. bureau {O27} [xAwy] night {O27} [iwntyw] tribesmen {O28 A462 O28 A462 O28 A462} [aAb] pleasant (of persons) {O29 D36 [aAb] selfish {O29 D36 D58 M19} [aAbt] offerings {O29 D36 D58 X1 M19 Y1 Z2} [aA] elder son {O29 D36 G1 A1} {O29 D36 G1 D36 D53} [aAa] evil influence (causing disease) [aAa] divine seed (sperm) {O29 D36 M17 X1 O49} [iwnyt] (locality) Latopolis.Dictionary of Middle Egyptian O . temple {O11 D36 O1} [aH] palace. skilled (in) {O22} [sH] booth. gain full knowledge of. temple {O12 O1} [wsxt] hall. court {O15} [tAyty] the shrouded one (of Osiris)(title of Vizier) {O16 X1 X1} [tAyt] shroud {O16 X1 Z1 S28} [tAyty] the shrouded one (of Osiris) {O17} [tA wr] larboard {O17 G36} [kAr] shrine {O18} [arq] know. hall {O22 Z1 O1} [Hb sd] jubilee {O23 W4} [mr] pyramid {O24} [txn] obelisk {O25} [xA] office. perceive. court {O13 X1 O1} [sbx] portal {O14 X1} [wsxt] hall. donkey {O29 D36 D52 F27} D58 M19} [sH] counsel {O22 Y1v} [sH] booth. hall {O22} M17 A1} O49} [iwni] (locality) Hermonthis {O28 N35 M17 [iwnt] (locality) Denderah {O28 N35 X1 O49} O49} [iwni] (locality) Hermonthis {O28 N35 Z4 [iwntyw] tribesmen {O28 O28 O28} [iwnyt] pillared hall {O28 O28 O28 X1 O1} X1 O1} [iwnyt] pillared hall {O28 W24 M17 M17 [iwnw] (locality) Heliopolis {O28 W24 O49} [iwnt] (n. be wise. temple {O11 O1} [aH] palace.Buildings 164 [aH] palace. Esna {O28 M17 G1 D36 D53} .

Pharaoh {O29 D56 D36} W11 X1 D56} [aAgt] hoof. pallid {O29 D36 A13} [aAm] Asiatic {O29 D36 G17 T14 G1 D46 Z7 Y1 A24} {O29 D36 G1 D58 M43 Y1} [aAb] pleasing. donkey {O29 D52 E7} [aAt] female ass. pillar (as part of ship) {O29V} . pallid {O29 D36 G1 N5 I10} N31} [aA] here. Palace. plentiful. yonder {O29 D36 G1 [aAg] thrash {O29 D36 G1 W11 D36} [aAg] thrash {O29 D36 G1 W11 D56} [aAg] thrash {O29 D36 G1 W11 [aAgt] hoof {O29 G1 W11 X1 F123} O1} [pr aA] Great House. provisions {O29 [aAwy r] the two leaves of the door {O29 D36 G43 Z4 O31 O31 D21 Z1} [aAwy rwy] the two leaves of the door {O29 D36 G43 Z4 O31 O31 D21 Z4A M17 M17 M3} D36 G1 D58 X1 M19 Y1 N33A} {O29 D36 G1 D58 X1 M43 X4 Z2} [aAbt] food. rob (someone) [aA] here. difference (in mathematical) {O29 O29 O29} [aA] door {O29 O31} [aA] door {O29 O31 Z1 M3} [aApp] (divinity) Apep {O29 Q3 Q3 I103} [aAt] a great thing {O29 D36 G1 X1 Y1} [aAw] greatly {O29 D36 G1 Y1v} [aA] greatness {O29 D36 G1 Y1v} [aA(i)] great. claw. female donkey {O29 D52 N41 X1 E7} [aAd] be pale. foot {O29 D36 G1 [aAy] excess (over). there. pillar {O29 D36 M3} [aAy] excess (over). offerings [aAbt] selfishness {O29 D36 [aA] column. desirable. provisions.Dictionary of Middle Egyptian O . there. rich.Buildings {O29 D36 G1 Y1} 165 D46 X1 X2} [aAdt] type of bread ? {O29 D36 G1 [aAd] be pale. much. yonder {O29 D36 N31} [aA] door {O29 D36 O31} [aA] door {O29 D36 O31 Z1 M3} {O29 D36 V4 G1 A24} G1 D58 X1 M43 Y1 Z2} T14 A1} [aAm] Asiatic {O29 D36 G1 G17 [aAm] Asiatic {O29 D36 G1 G17 T14 A1} [aAw] greatly {O29 D36 G1 G43 Y1v} G1 M17 M17 N31} [awAi] steal (goods). (of things) [aAbt] food. yonder {O29 D36 [aAt] a great thing {O29 D36 X1} [aA(i)] great (of size) {O29 D36 Y1} [aA] ass. difference (in mathematical) {O29 D36 M17 M17 Y1 Z2} [aA] here. there. senior [aA] column.

meet. it. seek out. numerous {O29 X1 Z5 N37 Z2} [sxr] sweep {O34 Aa1 D21 T11 A24} [sXr] (ancient mis-spelling) sweep. man of rank {O34 A1 Z1} V30} [aA] magnate. metal {O29 X1 N33} N33 W2 W9 W7} [s nb] everyone. anyone. force into place (dislocated bone) {O34 Aa1 D21 A15 D36} [aAt] metal {O29 X1 O39} [aAt] stone vessel {O29 X1 W10} [aSAt] (adj.) hit. someone. its {O34} [sy] (dependent prn. her.Dictionary of Middle Egyptian O . pillar {O29 Z1 M3} O30 O30} [sxi] (v. obstacle. meet.) she.Buildings 166 [aA(i)] great (of quality) {O29V G1 Y1v} Y1V A1} [s] (suffix prn.) many. her. smite. elder son {O29V G1 [aA n pr] majordomo {O29V G1 Y1V A1 N35 O1 Z1} [aAt] a great thing {O29 X1} [aAt] stone vessel {O29 X1 H8} [aAt] costly stone. everybody {O34 A1 Z1 [s nb] everyone. gathering ? {O34 Aa1 [sxn] embrace. occupy (a place) {O34 Aa1 N35 D54} [sxn] kidney fat ? {O34 Aa1 N35 F51} [sxn] resting . seek out. occupy (a place) {O34 Aa1 N35 D32} [sxn] kidney fat ? {O34 Aa1 N35 D32 W24 F51} [sxn] embrace. overlay (with). beat {O34 Aa1 D49} [sxi] (v. it {O34} [s] man.) be deaf {O34 Aa1 F21} [sxm] fane {O34 Aa1 G17 D35 O1} [sxws] (causative) make prosperous. deck out (tomb) {O34 Aa1 G43 O34 Y1} N35 Aa2} [sxnt] (the four) posts (of the sky) {O30 O30 [sDb] guilt {O30U Z1} [sDb] impediment.place {O34 Aa1 N35 G41} Aa1 N35 N37 K1} O31 D21 Z1} [aAwy r] the two leaves of the door {O31 [bxnt] pylon {O32} [sbA] door {O32} [sxnS] (causative) make to stink {O34 [sxn] bind together ? {O34 Aa1 N35 U20} . brush over. stroke {O34 Aa1 D21 T11 A24} [aAt] linen cloth {O29 X1 Z5 V1} [aA(i)] great (of size) {O29 Y1} [aA] column. (no)-one. throw down. guilt.) stone vessels {O29 X1 [sxr] (causative) overthrow. each {O34 A1 Z1 V30} [aAwt] (pl. ill-will {O30U Z1 G37 Z2} [aA] door {O31} [aAm] Asiatic {O31 G17 A40} [aAmt] Asiatic woman {O31 G17 X1 B1} [sxn] swelling ?.) she. (verbal) opposition. each one.

maintain. fracture. diverge {O34 D58 N35} [sbHt] requisition {O34 D58 V28 F18 X1} D58 Y1 S42} G37} [sasa] deface {O34 D36 O34 D36 . rupture (cist). break into.Buildings 167 [sxnt] post {O34 Aa1 N35 X1 M195} [sxs] run. provide. steer off course. reproach {O34 D21 [srxw] accuser. perpetuate. breach (wall). erect (monuments) {O34 D21 G43 D46 T12} [sD] break up (hailstorm). hurry. sheep {O34 D21 E10} X1 W23} [srmt] foodstuff. intrans. hurry. inflict (wound). set right (a wrong). break open (way) {O34 D46 Z9} X1 F21} [srw] goose {O34 D21 G43 G54} [srit] ewe {O34 D21 M17 X1 E10} Y1v} [sab] be equipped (with) {O34 D36 D58 [sab] be equipped (with) {O34 D36 [smtmt] eavesdrop {O34 D52 X1 D52 [sbi] drink {O34 D58 M17 A2} [sbn] glide away (of snakes).child (of king) {O34 D46 X1 Z4 U33} [srd] (causative) make grow. flee {O34 Aa1 O34 D54} [sxws] (causative) make prosperous. present. invade. wisdom {O34 Aa18 A2} Aa1 M17 M17 A2} A40} [saH] noble. plant (trees). fulfil (contract) {O34 D21 G43 D46 T12} [srwD] (causative) strengthen. deck out (tomb) {O34 Aa1 O34 Y1} [sx] chop off (limbs) {O34 Aa1 T30} [smAa] put in order. beverage {O34 D21 G17 [sd] clothe {O34 D46 S28 D36} [sdH] ease (misery) {O34 D46 V28 A2} [sdH] (causative) bring low (the arm of the evil-doer) {O34 D46 V28 D41 G37} D41 G37} [srwD] (causative) make secure.Dictionary of Middle Egyptian O . dignitary {O34 D36 V28 [saH] mummy (mummified person) {O34 D36 V28 A53} E31 A52} [saH] noble. flee {O34 Aa1 O34 A27} [sxs] run. evil spirit G41 G37} [sdAw] trembling {O34 D46 G1 {O34 D21 Aa1 M17 M17 A2} [sdm] eyepaint {O34 D46 G17 F21 D4} [sr] ram. restore (buildings) {O34 D21 G43 D46 T12} [sdH] (causative) punish {O34 D46 V28 [sDty] child. correct. dignitary {O34 D36 V28 [saH] mummy (mummified person) {O34 D36 V28 S20} D36 V28 S20 A50} [saH] mummy (mummified person) {O34 [saH] (v. make to flourish. survey (region) {O34 Aa11 D36} [sAt] prudence. complainer. rupture {O34 D46 Z9} [sD] break.) be noble {O34 D36 V28 S20 Y1} [srxy] accusation. foster .

wardens {O34 G1 V13 W57} {O34 G3 M17 T12 G37} [smAr] (causative) impoverish {O34 G39 G1 M17 M17 G43 D40 Z2} [smyt] desert. await. creep {O34 [sXi] (v.f] one whose coming is awaited {O34 G39 G1 D54 M18 I9 X1} [sA] weak {O34 G39 G1 G37} [sAw] beam.supply ? {O34 G36 D21 X1 A116} [sXr] (v. ward off. G17 X1 N25 Z2} [sAx] glorify (uraeus) {O34 G25} heed {O34 G39 G1 Z7 A47 A24} . restrain. restrain. impetuous {O34 F32 G39 G1 A47 D54} [sAi] (v.) creep {O34 G39 G1 D54} D54} G17 A24} [sA] betake oneself (to) {O34 G39 G1 D40} [sXm] comb (flax) {O34 F32 G17 D51 [sXm] be hasty.) be deaf {O34 F32 Z4 F21} [sAb] jackal {O34 G1 D58 E17} N33} [sAb] drip {O34 G1 D58 N33 N33 N33 [sAT] make libation.) be wise. floor [sAtw] floor boards. ward off. flooring {O34 G39 G1 X1 M3 Z2} N25} [smyt] desert.) guard. warding off (evil) {O34 G39 G1 G43 X1 A47 Z3} {O34 G39 G1 G43 X1 Z4 O49} [sAwty] (locality) Asyut (Lycopolis) [sAww] (pl. impetuous {O34 F32 [sAi iit . necropolis {O34 G17 X1 [smytyw] owners of a desert tomb {O34 N23 Z1} [sAt] wall {O34 G39 G1 X1 O36 [sAw] (v.) milk {O34 F32 D21 D27A [sXrw] a linen fabric {O34 F32 D21 G43 S28 Z3} A2} [sAi] (v. prudent {O34 G39 G1 [sAi] (v.Dictionary of Middle Egyptian O . baulk {O34 G39 G1 G43 M3} G17 D54} [sXi] (v. earth.) milk {O34 F32 D21 D27A} D40} [sXr] (v.) be deaf {O34 F32 F21} D2 Z1} [sXi Hr] (v. pour out (water) [sAwt] watch and ward. necropolis {O34 G17 M17 M17 X1 N25} {O34 G39 G1 X1 G43 N23 Z2} [sAtw] ground.) be neglectful {O34 F32 F21 [sXm] be hasty. glimpse (someone) {O34 G28 G17 V28 D4} W11 M17 M17} [sbAgy] (causative) make weary {O34 G29 X1 O1} [swr] drink {O34 G36 D21 D118} [swr] drink {O34 G36 D21 W22} [swrt] drink . soil.Buildings 168 {O34 D96 G1 G43} [sAw] guard.) linger.) guardians. heed [swnt] arrow {O34 E34 N35 X1 T11} [sSdt] shrine (of falcon) {O34 F30 D46 [sgmH] (causative) cause to see.

them. hear of (something). obliterate {O34 M17 K1 [swt] wheat {O34 G43 X1 M33} [sfxw] (masc.Dictionary of Middle Egyptian O . obliterate {O34 K1 N35} [sinw] ropes {O34 K1 V1 G43 Z2} [s] man.) pass. obey. their {O34 N35} D21 H4} [sDm] hear (voice etc).) they. earth.) seven {O34 I9 Aa1 G43 Z4A Z4A Z2} [sin] rub. rub out. floor {O34 G39 [sin] rub out. obliterate. soil. merciful {O34 I9 D19 [s] man. provide (for someone) {O34 I10 I9 G1 G42 Y1} [snr] (causative) take care of {O34 N35 [snd] a garment {O34 N35 D46 T12A} [sni] (v.) be mild. someone. image.place {O34 M36 D21 A2} [sfA] hatred ? {O34 I9 G1 G37} A2} M17 M17 X1 A55} [sfA] be sluggish {O34 I9 G1 G39 [sf] cut up. man of rank {O34 M2 Z1} [sSA] beseech (from) {O34 M8 A2} [sSA] make progress {O34 M8 G1 D54} [sSA] prayer {O34 M8 G1 F5 Y1v} N35 D36} Z2} G39 G43 X1 O49} [sAwty] (locality) Asyut (Lycopolis) {O34 [sAw] beam.Buildings {O34 I10 I9 G1 G42 Y1} 169 O49} [sAw] (locality) Sais {O34 G39 G1 Z7 [sAwt] loins ? {O34 G39 G43 X1 F51 [sin] rub out. listen (to). someone.) mercy. (no)-one.) foundation. make sacrifice M36 D21 O1} [sDr] department (of the Residence) {O34 [sDrw] sleeper {O34 M36 D21 Z7 A55 A1} {O34 I9 V13 T30} G43 G37} [sDwy] (causative) slander {O34 N26 [sqr anx] captive. rub together {O34 M17 N35 D36} A2} [sf] (n. understand. living prisoner {O34 {O34 I9 X1 T30 A24} [sfT] slaughter (animals). anyone. pass by. satisfy (conditions) {O34 I10 G17 F21} [sDfAy] (causative) endow (altars). baulk {O34 G39 M17 M17 G43 M3 Z2} [sAtw] ground {O34 G39 X1 M3} X1 M3} [sAtw] ground. surpass. figure {O34 M22 M22 [sDryt] sleeping . anyone. cut off {O34 I9 T30} [sfT] slaughter (animals). make sacrifice N29 G1 A13 S34} [sDdm] (causative) make envious {O34 I10 D46 G17 A2} [sn] (suffix and dependent prn. endowment . gentleness {O34 I9 D19 [sf] (v. man of rank {O34 M17 Z1} A53} [snn] likeness. transgress {O34 N35 D54} [sDfAy] (n. judge. (no)-one.

) worship {O34 N35 S29 Z4A G43} [sn] reveal {O34 N35 N18 Y1} N35 T30} [sni] (v. be distorted {O34 N35 [snn] copy (of document) {O34 N35 N35 V12 Z1} X5} [snny] chariot .) fear {O34 N35 I10 X1 G54} N35 M16 G1 Aa2} [snHA] (causative) frustrate {O34 [sn] open {O34 N35 N17} [sni] (v. be distorted {O34 N35 N35 M17 G37} [snb] overstep (boundaries etc).soldier {O34 N35 N35 [snny] chariot . muster (troops). empty out (contents) {O34 N35 I9 Z4 P5} [snhy] (v.) worship {O34 N35 S29 G43 A2 Z2} [snDt] (n. transgress {O34 N35 N18 D54} A2} [snsy] (v. overthrow (landmark) {O34 N35 D58 M184} [snb] overstep (boundary etc). record. overthrow (landmark) {O34 N35 D58 A35} D58 G43 M184 M184 M184} N35 G43 A7} [snnw] suffer. surpass. muster (troops).) worship {O34 N35 S29 Z4 [snsw] (n. succour.) worship {O34 N35 S29 A30} [snsw] (n. sever (necks) {O34 . drive (birds) {O34 N35 O4 M17 M17 A2} {O34 N35 I9 Aa1 I9 Aa1 V12 D54} O4 S29 U40 D5} [snhs] (causative) awaken {O34 N35 [snfw] blood {O34 N35 I9 D26 Z2} [snfw] blood {O34 N35 I9 G43 D26} [snf] (causative) make to breathe. be distorted {O34 N35 [snbw] battlements {O34 N35 [snnw] suffer. pass by.soldier {O34 N35 O36} [snbt] rampart {O34 N35 D58 X1 N23 [snbt] rampart {O34 N35 D58 X1 N35 Z4 T11 D40 A1} O36B} [snSmSm] (causative) sharpen {O34 N35 N37 G17 N37 G17 T30} L4} [snbt] jar {O34 N35 D58 X1 W14} [snbt] jar {O34 N35 D58 X1 W15} D26} [snHm] locust {O34 N35 N42 G17 [snXt] phlegm {O34 N35 F32 X1 [snfxfx] (causative) loosen.) cut off (heads).) register.Dictionary of Middle Egyptian O . record. unload (ships). overthrow (landmark) {O34 N35 D58 O36 D54} [snbt] rampart {O34 N35 D58 X1 M184} N35 M17 G43 D41 G37} [snnw] suffer.Buildings 170 [snb] overstep (boundary etc).) pass. drive (birds) {O34 N35 O4 Z4 D54} [sn] open {O34 N35 O39 D40} [sn] open {O34 N35 O39 O31} [sn] open {O34 N35 O39 O31 D40} [snsy] (v.) register. release [snhy] (v.

Buildings 171 Y1v} [snm] prayer {O34 N35 T34 G17 A30 [snm] greed ? {O34 N35 T34 G17 [snk] (n. surpass. found (a house etc) {O34 N35 X1 Z5 Y1} [sni] (v. calamity L4} [snHm] locust {O34 N35 V28 G17 [snk] tongue {O34 N35 V31 F20} [sny mnt] distress. consume (food).) greed {O34 N35 V31 I3} [snk] (v. supply (necessities) {O34 N35 T34 G17 G51} [snmH] (causative) pray. make supplication {O34 N35 T34 G17 V28 A26 Z3} [snmH] (causative) pray.) be like. conform {O34 N35 X5} {O34 N35 X5} [snm] (causative) feed (someone). resemble. transgress [snt] Senet (a board game) {O34 N35 Y5 X1} [sn] (suffix and dependent prn. surpass. pass by.) they. beg (from) {O34 N35 T34 G17 Y1v} [sny mnt] distress. plan {O34 N35 X1 X1 [snty] likeness {O34 N35 X1 Z4 A53 G17 G41 Y1v} Y1v} {O34 N35 T34 G17 G43 E21 N4 N35A Z2} [snmw] squalls (of rain) [snty] likeness {O34 N35 X1 Z4 Z5 Y1} [snT] measure out (land). their {O34 N35 Z2} {O34 N35 Z4 X5 D54 Y5 N35 X1 G37 Z2} [snm] pray (to). calamity {O34 N35 Z4 X5 D54 Y5 N35 X1 G37 Z3} {O34 N35 Z9 D54} [sni] (v. pass by. transgress [snk ib] haughtiness {O34 N35 V31 F34 Z1} [sSw] disk (of metal) {O34 N37} [sSrr] (causative) lessen {O34 N37 D21 . obscurity {O34 N35 V31 T34 G17 G28 Z8 N33A} [snmw] food . imitate.) be greedy {O34 N35 V31 I3} Z2} D19 A2} [snkt] longing {O34 N35 V31 X1 I3 [snkt] darkness. make supplication {O34 N35 T34 G17 V28 A17 A2} [snmH] (causative) pray.supply {O34 N35 [snm] greed ? {O34 N35 T34 G17 G41 A2} X1 N5} [snw] offerings {O34 N35 W24 D19 Z8} Z8 Z2} [snm] (causative) feed (someone). them.) pass.) pass. make supplication {O34 N35 T34 G17 V28 A30 Y1v} [sni] (v. found (a house etc) {O34 N35 X1 V5} G41 G37} [snm] be sad {O34 N35 T34 G17 [snmw] food . supply (necessities) {O34 N35 T34 G17 G41 A2} [snw] offerings {O34 N35 W24 G43 [snm] supplicate (someone) {O34 N35 T34 G17 G41 A2} [snT] measure out (land). consume (food). copy.Dictionary of Middle Egyptian O .supply {O34 N35 T34 V5} [sntt] foundation.

Buildings 172 [sS] open {O34 N37 O31} Aa17 G1 F5 Y1} [sSr] arrow {O34 N37 D21 T11} Z8} [sSsA] make wise {O34 N37 S29 [sASrt] cake. spread out. spread. document {O34 N37 Y1v} [sS] scribe {O34 N37 Y1v} [sS] (v. spread out. mysterious {O34 N37 X1 U30 G1 Z9 Y1} [sS] (n. post (sentries) {O34 N37 D54} [SsA] (v. expel (rebel) {O34 O1 D21 D54 Y1v} [sA] byre {O34 O1 Z1} [shri] (v. draw. papyrus roll.) know {O34 N37 G1 Y1v} [sSA] pray (to) {O34 N37 G1 Z4 A2} [sSy] nest {O34 N37 G48A} M17 M17 X1 N2 N5} [SsAt] nightfall. make peace {O34 O4 D21 G43 Y1 X1} [shrt] ship {O34 O4 D21 X1 P1} Z9 V1 Z2} [sSy] nest {O34 N37 N37 G49} [sSn] lotus {O34 N37 N37 N35 M9} [sSSt] sistrum {O34 N37 N37 X1 Y8} [sSSt] sistrum {O34 N37 N37 Y18B} . post (sentries) {O34 N37 Z9 D54} [sS] threshold {O34 N37 Z9 D54} [sS] open {O34 N37 Z9 D54} N33} [sS] pass. strew. strew. spread out. enrol (troops) {O34 N37 Y3 Y2} [sSy] nest {O34 N37 Z4 G48A} [sSy] nest {O34 N37 Z4 G49} [sS] pass. strew. infinitive) make content. post (sentries) {O34 N37 D40} [sSdw] drops (of moisture) {O34 N37 D46 G43 D26 Z2} [SstA] (causative) make secret. letter. post (sentries) {O34 N37 N8} [SstA] (adj. inscribe. loaf {O34 N37 D21 X1 [sSrt] cake {O34 N37 D21 X1 Z8} [sS] cut (linen) {O34 N37 T30} [SstAw] secretly {O34 N37 X1 U30 G1 G43 Y1v} [sS] pass.Dictionary of Middle Egyptian D21 G37} O . depiction. spread.) secret {O34 N37 N16 Y1} [sSn] lotus {O34 N37 N35 M2} [sSn] lotus {O34 N37 N35 M9} [sSn] lotus . expel (rebel) {O34 O1 D21 D54} [spri] (causative) make to miss (of missiles). cordage {O34 N37 N35 [spri] (causative) make to miss (of missiles). record. spread out.shaped cuo {O34 N37 N35 M9B} [sSw] disk (of metal) {O34 N37 Z9 G43 [sS] threshold {O34 N37 Z9 O1} [sS] open {O34 N37 Z9 Y1} Z9 A24} [sSn] (causative) weave {O34 N37 N35 [sSnw] ropes. strew. night sky {O34 N37 [sS] pass. spread. paint.) write. spread.) writing.

consume (food). case {O34 Q3 O50} [sp] occasion. make sleek (of skin) {O34 Q3 M12 G1 Z5 Y1} [sps] be tousled {O34 Q3 O34 A88} [sp] misdeed. supply (necessities) {O34 T34 G17 G28 Y1} {O34 Q3 O50} [sp] deed. associate (with). arrive (in). condition {O34 Q3 O50} [sp] occasion. join (a company). consume (food). excluded. dose. portion (of food) {O34 [sp] (as in two TIMES a day) times. fault {O34 Q3 O50 G37} X1 Z2} N35 N18} [ssn] (causative) cause to pass {O34 O34 [spyt] remnant {O34 Q3 O50 M17 M17 [sp n iwtt] in vain {O34 Q3 [ss] (n.) remain over.floor {O34 Q3 X1 O50} N33 Z2} [spxA] (causative) purge (the body). venture. make ready (a boat). act {O34 Q3 O50} [sp] matter. fault {O34 Q3 O50} Q3 O50} [spw] fragments. venture. success {O34 [s] sheaf (of arrows) {O34 T49} [smA] unite. be left out. partake (of).) ashes {O34 O34 Q7} [ssbi] (causative) despatch (army) {O34 O35 D58 D54} O50 N35 D35 X1 X1 G37 Z2} [sn] open {O34 O39 N35 Z9 D54} [spxA] (causative) purge (the body). chance. bundles {O34 Q3 Z7 [sSm] lead. abandoned {O34 Q3 O50} Z4} [sp tpy] the creation {O34 Q3 O50 Q3 D1 [sp nfr] a happy event {O34 Q3 O50 F35 I9 D21} G43 S28 Z2} [sp] misdeed. success. be left out.Dictionary of Middle Egyptian O . abandoned {O34 Q3 O50 Y1v} [spyt] remnant {O34 Q3 X1 D12} [spt] bank (of waterway). make sleek (of skin) {O34 Q3 Aa1 Y1} F42 D54} [spi] (v. excluded.) remain over. supply (necessities) {O34 T34 G17 A2} [sp] medicine. edge (of horizon) {O34 Q3 X1 D24 N21 Z1} [spt] shore {O34 Q3 X1 N21} [spr] arrive. reach. chance. come {O34 Q3 D21 [spA] centipede {O34 Q3 G40 G1 L5} [spt] threshing . twice [snm] (causative) feed (someone). {O34 U1 F36} [smAw] lungs ? {O34 U1 F36 G43 F51 F51 F51} . shore.Buildings Q3 O50} 173 [shA] hostility {O34 O4 G1 A24} E6} [ssmt] horse. gunwale ?. affair. mare {O34 O34 G14 X1 [ssm] horse {O34 O34 G17 E6} [ssf] (causative) soothe {O34 O34 I9 D19} [ssfw] garments {O34 O34 I9 [spi] (v. guide {O34 T32 G17 D54} [snm] (causative) feed (someone).

destroy {O34 U1 G1 T34} [smAt] union {O34 U1 X1 F36} [stpt] (collective n.Buildings 174 {O34 U1 G1 G43} [smAwy] (causative) renovate. cut (throat).Dictionary of Middle Egyptian O . pound. pour out (water) [sAT] libation stone {O34 V13 D126} [sTsw] praises {O34 V13 O34 G43 U39 A2 Z3} U32} [sHm] crush. cut off. props (plural). trituration {O34 V28 [sksi] (causative) make to bow down {O34 V31 D21 A16 D41 G37} U39 Z3} [sTsw] raising up {O34 V13 O34 G43 A40} [skr] (divinity) Sokar (god) {O34 V31 D21 [skr] adorn. destroy {O34 U1 G1 T7} [smA] kill. clouds (figuratively) {O34 V13 O34 M3} [sTs] staff. take recreation {O34 U28 G1 M17 M17 X1 Z9 D2} [swAS] (causative) pay honour to.) choice things (of food) {O34 U21 X1 Q3 F24 F24 F24} [sAb] (causative) make to tarry {O34 U23 D58 Y1v} [sAT] make libation. clouds (figuratively) {O34 V13 O34 T14} [sTsw] raising up {O34 V13 O34 T14 Z2} D52} P59} [skr] (divinity) Sokar (god) {O34 V31 D21 [skr] (divinity) Sokar (god) {O34 V31 D21 Z4 G7C} Z3} [sTsw] praises {O34 V13 O34 U39 A2 A2} [skn] embroil (in quarrels) {O34 V31 N35 [skp] strain (medicament) {O34 V31 Q3 [sTs] staff. decorate {O34 V31 D21 M1 [sTs] staff. hall {O34 V28 O22 O1} [sH] council {O34 V28 O22 Y1} [sHsH] screech (of bird) {O34 V28 O34 V28 G33} [sAT] make libation. cut down {O34 V4 G1 Z9 D40} {O34 V13 A4B A135C} M17 X1 P1} [sHyt] boat (with cabin ?) {O34 V28 M17 [sH] booth. pour out (water) {O34 V13 W57} [smHy] canoe {O34 V22 V28 P1} V28 Z4 P1} [smHy] (causative) sink (ship) {O34 V22 [smHy] canoe {O34 V22 V28 Z4 P1} [sHb] (causative) make festive. renew O39} [sAT] libation stone {O34 V13 W54 A4B [smA] kill. props (plural). props (plural). clouds (figuratively) {O34 V13 O34 U39 D5 M3 Z2} [sAT] libation stone {O34 V13 W54 A4B} A24} V31} [sksk] destroy {O34 V31 S29 V29 . adorn {O34 V28 D58 W3 Y1} [sDAy Hr] amuse oneself. applaud {O34 V4 G1 N37 A30 Y1v} [swA] break.

send. conduct (to). evil {O35 X1 G37} . approach {O35 D58 Z4 D54} [sbw] squalor {O35 D58 Z7 Aa2 Z2} [sbi] (v. attain.Buildings 175 V31 X1 X1 P1} [msktt] night-barque (of sun god) {O34 [. her. necropolis {O34 X1 N25} [smyt] desert. adorn {O34 W4} [sg] command (ship) {O34 W11 A27} [swn] perish {O34 W81 W24 G43} [st] (dependent prn. wife {O34 X1 N42 X1 [sbi] go. spend.sn] (suffix and dependent prn. what ? {O35 M17 M17} [sbt] wrong. necropolis {O34 X1 N25} [smyty] necropolis worker {O34 X1 N25 A1 Z1} Z2} [sbt] wrong. them {O34 X1} [st] woman. perish {O35 G37} G37 N35 N16 N23 Z1} B1} U21 S28 Z1} [stp] strip (of cloth). pass (time). cargo {O35 D58 X1 D54 Y1 Z2} [st Hmt] wife {O34 X1 B1 N41 X1 [st Hmt] woman. their {O34 Z2} [sy] (dependent prn. rag {O34 X1 Q3 [sb n tA] crumble to dust {O35 [stAw] injury {O34 X1 V1} [smnmn] (causative) shift (boundary) {O34 Y5 N35 Y5 N35 D54} [sbw] spoils (of army) {O35 G43 D40 Z2} Z2} [sww] day. travel. dates (in time) {O35 G43 N5 [see entry under sww] dates {O35 G43 [s] doorbolt {O34 Z1} [s] man. attain (good repute). send.) it. man of rank {O34 Z1} [s] doorbolt {O34 Z1 M3} N5 Z2} [sy] who ?. (no)-one. travel. watch over. wife {O34 X1 B1 N41 X1 B1} A40} [stX] (divinity) Seth (god) {O34 X1 F32 [st] pin-tail duck {O34 X1 G39} [smyt] desert. it {O34 Z4} {O34 Z7 M12 G1 G37} [sHb] (causative) make festive.) she. it {O35} [sy] who ?.) they. attain. attain (good repute).) she. evil {O35 D58 X1 G37 [sbt] burden. her. spend. conduct (to). someone. wife {O34 X1 B1} B1} [swxA] (causative) befool (someone) [is] (imperative) go ! {O35} [sbi] go.Dictionary of Middle Egyptian O . what ? {O35} [sby] uraeus {O35 D58 M17 M17 I12} [sbt] burden. anyone. pass (time).) be faint. approach {O35} [sy] (dependent prn. them. cargo {O35 D58 X1 Y1 Z2} N35 Z4} [stny] (causative) crown (king) {O34 X1 [st Hmt] woman. watch over.

) be faint. accept. a Nekhenite [nxn] (locality) Nekhen {O48} [nxny] (someone from) Nekhen.Buildings 176 [sb . stockade {O36A Z3} [Drw] limits {O36B O36B O36B} [sbty] rampart {O36 N21 Z1} Z2} {O42 Q3 N11} [Ssp] one seventh of a cubit (measurement) [Ssp] cucumber (cucumis melo) {O42 Q3 X1 M2 Z2} X1 N33 Z2} [Ssp] cucumber (cucumis melo) {O42 Q3 [Sspt] chapel. Nekhenite {O48 G11} {O48 N35 O1} [nxn] (locality) Nekhen (Hieraconpolis) [mxnmt] carnelian {O48 N35 X1 N33 Z2} [mxnmt] carnelian ?. sheet (of metal) {O39 Z1} N33A} [xtyw] platform. light {O42 Q3 N8} [Ssp] (adj. assume (crown). jasper ? {O48 N35 X1 N33 Z2} . jasper ? {O47 X1 N33 [nxn] (locality) Nekhen (Hieraconpolis) {O47 Z1} [Ssp] palm (of hand) {O42 Q3 D46} [Ssp] statue. image {O42 Q3 A53} [Ssp] take.house. image {O42 Q3 E154} [Sspw] sphinx {O42 Q3 G43 E151} [Ssp] (adj. bright {O42 Q3 N8} [Ssp] palm (of hand) {O42 Q3 N11} {O47 Z1 G43} [nxny] (someone from) Nekhen.) white. receive. image {O42 Q3 E152} [Ssp] statue. jasper ? {O47 [mxnmt] carnelian {O47 N35 G14 X1 [stAt] aroura (of land).tw] in quest of {O35 Y1 X1 G43} [sbi] (v. councillor [mxnmt] carnelian ?. terraced hillside {O40} [rdw] stairway {O40A} [Ssp] statue. purchase.) dawn. what ? {O35 Z4 Y1} [inb] wall {O36A Z1} [inbt] fence.Dictionary of Middle Egyptian O .) white. bright {O42 Q3 N5} [Ssp] (n. catch (fish). wear (clothes) {O42 Q3 D40} Z1} [nxn] (locality) Nekhen {O47 N35 O49 X1 [nxn] (locality) Nekhen (Hieraconpolis) {O47 O49} Z2} [mxnmt] carnelian ?. summer . official. perish {O35 Z4 D54} [sy] who ?. dais. bedroom {O42 Q3 X1 O1} N35} [Sspt dxn] chorus {O42 X1 D46 Aa1 [Sspt nt dxn] chorus of singers [qnbt] Court (of magistrates) {O38 X1 A1 [qnbt] Court (of magistrates) {O38 X1 A20 {O42 X1 N35 X1 D46 Aa1 D41 N35} Z3} [iAt] office. function {O44 X1 Z1} N35 G14 X1 N33A} {O38 X1 Z4 A1} [qnbty] magistrate.

go home {P4 D36 V1 D36} [wHa] fish (synodontis schall) {P4 D36 X1 K1} [wHa] distribute rations ? {P4 D36 X4 Z2} [wHaw] fishermen.) ships {P1 Z2} [wHa] investigate {P4} [wiA] sacred barque {P4A} [wHa] investigate {P4 D36} [wHa ib] capable. skilled {P4 D36 A2 F34 Z1} [wHa] investigate {P4 D36 D54} [wHa] fisherman. fowler {P4 D36 K1 Z2 A1} [wHa] loose (fetters). fowlers {P4 D36 Z7 G43 K1 Z2} [wHaw] fowlers {P4 G43 Z2B} [niwty] local (of gods) {O49 X1 G4 Z3} [niwt] city. town {O49 X1 Z1} A1 Z2A} [niwtyw] citizens. a Nekhenite [niwt] city. townsmen {O49 X1 Z2 A1 [sp 2] twice (repetition) {O50 Z4A} [Snwt] granary {O51} [Snwt] granary {O51 X1 O1} [pr anx] House of Life (Temple Scriptorium.Boats [imw] ship {P1} [pna] turn upside down {P1A} [dpwt] (pl. court {O307} {O48 O49 M17 M17} [nxny] (someone from) Nekhen. return (from). townsmen {O49 X1 Z1 [niwt] lower heaven {O49 X1 Z1 N50 I12} Z2 B1} [niwtyw] citizens. townsmen {O49 X1 G4 A1 Z2} P .Buildings 177 [nxn] shrine {O48 O1} [nxn] (locality) Nekhen (Hieraconpolis) {O48 O49} [wAD] papyriform column {O206} Z2} [mDt] stalled cattle {O289 X1 O1 E1 [nxny] (someone from) Nekhen. a Nekhenite {O48 O49 G43} [pr dwAt] robing room {O292} [wsxt] hall. release. town {O49} [niwty] local (of gods) {O49 G4} [niwty] local (of gods) {O49 O49} [niwtyw] citizens.Dictionary of Middle Egyptian O . temple. tomb-chapel {O90A X1 O1} [arqy] last day of the month {O180 M17 M17 N5} . School) {O54} [pr nfr] funerary workshop {O62} [pr nsw] Temple {O64} [Hwt aAt] palace. administrative centre. fowlers {P4 D36 Z7 G43 G39 K1 D40 A1 Z3} [wHaw] fishermen.

portion. period. stand by. noise {P8 G43 A2} [xrwy] enemy {P8 G43 A14} [xrwy] enemy {P8 G43 D40} [xrwyw] war {P8 G43 M17 M17 G43 D40 Z2} . space (of time) {P6 G43 N5 N23 Z1} [aHaw] lifetime. breath {P5 G43} [nfw] skipper (of boat). period. space (of time) {P6 I114} [aHat] Female Attendant {P6 M17 M17 X1} [aHa] measure for beer {P6 W24 Z1} [aHat] spinal ridge {P6 X1 Z1 F51} [aHaw] tombs {P6 Y1 Z2} [aHa] stela {P6 Z1} [aHa] stela {P6 Z1 O39} [aHaw] stand . quantity (mathematics). sailor {P5 G43 A24 A1} [TAw] (n.Dictionary of Middle Egyptian P .by. arise. period. period. allotment {P6} [aHa] stand {P6} [aHa] attendant {P6 D36} [aHa] stand. wait. service {P6 D36 G43 Y1 Z2} [aHa] heap. space of time {P6 D36 G43 N5 Z1} [aHaw] ships {P6 D36 G43 P1 Z1 Z2} [aHaw] attendance. allotment.Boats 178 [wHaw] fishermen. fowlers {P4 Z2} [TAw] (n. (ceremonial) stations (of persons) {P6 D36 G43 D54 Z2} [aHaw] lifetime. helper {P7 G43 A40} [aHaw] ships {P7 G43 P2 Z2} [aHaw] portions. wealth. allotments {P7 Z8 Z2} [xrw] voice. attend. space (of time) {P6 G43 N5 N36} [aHaw] lifetime. space (of time) {P6 D36 D54} [aHaw] positions (of things). stand up. rise up. raise oneself . period. stand erect. air. cenotaph (above ground level) {P6 D36 X1 O1} [maHat] tomb {P6 D36 X1 O1} [aHat] ships {P6 D36 X1 Z2} [aHaw] (ceremonial) stations (of persons) {P6 D36 Z7} [aHaw] (proper) positions (of things) {P6 D54 Z2} [aHaw] lifetime.) wind {P5} [TA wr] Thinite nome {P5 G36 D21 O49} [tA wr] (locality) the Thinite nome {P5 G36 D21 O49} [TAw wr] (locality) an outlying district of Egypt ? {P5 G36 N36} [TAw] (n. space (of time) {P6 D36 N5 Z1} [maHat] tomb.) air {P5 G43 N33 Z2} [nfyt] fan {P5 N35 I9 M17 M17 X1} [aHa] portion. riches {P6 D36 M35} [aHaw] lifetime. lifetime {P6 D36 D54} [aHaw] lifetime. period.) wind.

case {Q1 X1 O1 T19 .Boats 179 [xrwyt] war {P8 G43 M17 M17 X1 D40 Z2} [xrw .sn] so say they {P8 G43 Y2 S29 N35 Z2} [xrw . position. rank of official {Q1 X1 O1} D21 D46 D56 D56} [st rdwy] rank. station {Q1 X1 O1 D56 Z1} [st ns] speech {Q1 X1 O1 F20 F51B [st ns] speech {Q1 X1 O1 F20 Z1 F51} [st ib] favourite. station {Q1 X1 O1 D56 Z1} [st rd] rank.Dictionary of Middle Egyptian P . station {Q1 X1 O1 [st r] utterance {Q1 X1 O1 D21 Z1} [st a] place of records (archive) {Q1 X1 O1 D36 Y2} [st rd] rank. storehouse. favourite place.Furniture [st xt] meal {Q1 Aa1 Z1 X1 X2 W22 Z8} [wsir] Osiris {Q1 D4} [wsir] Osiris {Q1 D4 A40} A9} {Q1 X1 O1 N29 D21 S29 Q6 D40} [st qrs] (the state of ) being coffined [st qrs] (the state of) being buried {Q1 X1 O1 N29 D21 S29 T19 A24} O1 N29 D58 X1 W15 N35A} [st qbt] entertainment {Q1 X1 [st nt snDm] dwelling . throne. grounds (of house).fy] says {P9} [xrw . place. wish.place [st hA] liability to corvee {Q1 O4 G1 [st skA] ploughing {Q1 S29 D28 U13} {Q1 X1 O1 N35 X1 S29 M29 G17 A17} [st qsnt] evil case {Q1 X1 O1 Q2} M17 M17 X1} [st nTryt] divine state {Q1 X1 O1 R8 [st swab] cleanliness {Q1 X1 O1 [sti] (masc. promenade [st qsnt] evil .fy] says {P8 I9 Z4} [xrwy] enemy {P8 M17 M17 A24 A13} [Hpt] oar {P8 X1 Z1} [xrwy] enemy {P8 Z7 M17 M17 A24 Z6} [xrwyw] war {P8 Z7 M17 M17 Z6} [xrw . department. office. affection {Q1 X1 O1 F34 Z1} [st smA tA] interment {Q1 X1 O1 F36 G1 Y1 N16 N23 Z1} Q .) successor {Q1 U33 M17} [Ast] Isis {Q1 X1 B1} [st a] Place of Records {Q1 X1 D36 Y1} [st a] stroke (of malignant beings) {Q1 X1 D36 Z1 G37 Z2} S29 D60 N35A} {Q1 X1 O1 S29 G43 X1 G43 X1 D54} [st swtwt] avenue.fy] says {P9 Z4} [Hmw] steering-oar {P10} [nSmt] sacred barque of Osiris {P36} Z1} [Ast] (divinity) Isis (goddess) {Q1 X1 G7} [st] seat.

mankind {Q3 D36 X1 F51 A1 Z2} N33 N33} [pxA] type of grain {Q3 Aa1 G1 N33 A1 B1 Z2} [pat] patricians.) foreigners {Q3 [pwntyw] the people of Punt {Q3 E34 N35 G4 T14 A40 A40 A40} D21 N37 N33 Z2} [pwnt] (locality) Punt {Q3 E34 N35 X1 . reveal (a secret) {Q3 Aa1 [pxA] purge. mankind {Q3 D36 X1 H8 [pxA] a type of drink {Q3 Aa1 G1 W10} [pxA] pavement {Q3 Aa1 M12 G1 O39} [pxA] decking (of ship) {Q3 Aa1 M12 G1 V11 M3} [pAat] irrigable land ? {Q3 D36 X1 N23} [pat] a cake or loaf {Q3 D36 X1 X4} [pd] knee {Q3 D46 D56 F51} [pds] box. flatten {Q3 D46 S29 A24} [pds] stamp flat. reveal (a secret) {Q3 Aa1 M12 G1 Y1v} Y1v} [pxA] purge. flatten {Q3 D46 S29 D56} [psDw] back.Furniture 180 [paw] flames ? {Q3 D36 G43 Q7 Z3} I14} X1 O1 Y5 N35 M17 Z4 T14 Z6} [st mni] (the state of) dying {Q1 [apnnt] slug ? {Q3 D36 N35 N35 X1 [apnnt] slug {Q3 D36 N35 N35 X1 [stt] (fem. reveal (a secret) {Q3 Aa1 Y1} Z1} Z7 X1 D56 N23 Z2} {Q3 D46 T9} [pD] stretch (cord in foundation ceremony) [pD] measure (for pigment) {Q3 D46 [pxA ib] clean of heart {Q3 Aa1 Y1 F34 [pri] battlefield {Q3 D21 M17 D40 Z2} [pri] battlefield {Q3 D21 M17 M5 D40} [prS] minium (red oxide of lead) {Q3 T9 N33 Z2} D46 X1 T9 T14 A1 Z2} [pDt] (collective n.Dictionary of Middle Egyptian N35 X1 G37 Z2} Q . spine {Q3 D46 S29 G43 F39A Z1} M12 G1 V11 Y1} [pxA] purge. mankind {Q3 D36 X1 A1 [pat] patricians. reveal (a secret) {Q3 Aa1 M12 [pxA] a type of drink {Q3 Aa1 W10} [pAxt] (divinity) lion goddess {Q3 Aa1 X1 Z1} [psDw] back {Q3 D46 S29 G43 F39 [pdst] pellet {Q3 D46 S29 X1 N33} [pdswt] sand dunes ? {Q3 D46 S29 E23} [pAxt] Pakhet (She who scratches [a lion goddess] ) {Q3 Aa1 X1 E23} [pxA] purge.) successor {Q1 X1 X1 O1} [wsir] (divinity) Osiris {Q2 D4 C98A} [pAxd] be turned over (of dislocation of collar-bone) {Q3 Aa1 D46 A29} [pAxd] be turned upside down {Q3 Aa1 D46 A29} I14} B1 Z2} [pat] patricians. casket {Q3 D46 O34 R3I} [pds] stamp flat.

with past meaning) 'past tense' marker {Q3 G40 G1} [pA] (demon.) scratch {Q3 G40 Aa1} [pAxt] She who scratches (a lion goddess) {Q3 G40 Aa1 X1 E23} [pAw] (auxillary v. and def.) who ?. diffuse (perfume) {Q3 I10 T9} . revert to {Q3 F32 F46 D54 N35} [pAt] cake.) that (yonder) {Q3 I9 Z4} [pD] stretch out (man on ground) {Q3 I10 D54} [pAqt] thin part of bone in skull {Q3 G40 G1 N29 X1 D12} G40 G1 N29 X1 D12} [pAqyt] shell (of turtle. art. pass to. man of ancient family {Q3 G40 G1 X1 Z4 X6} [pAwty] (adj.) this. that {Q3 G43 M17 M17} [pf] (demon. what ?. enclose {Q3 F32 D21 [pXrt] frontier patrol {Q3 F32 D21 X1 X1 H3 D12} [pAqyt] potsherd {Q3 G40 G1 N29 [pAwty] (n. turn about {Q3 F47 D21} [pAx] (v.Dictionary of Middle Egyptian N25} Q .) surround. draw (bow). remedy {Q3 [pXX] control ? (horses) {Q3 F32 F32 Y1v} [pXr n] serve. gossip ? {Q3 [pAwty] primaeval god {Q3 G40 [psi] cook {Q3 I9 S29 Q7} Q7} G1 G43 X1 X6 A40 Z2} [pst] mode of cooking {Q3 I9 S29 X1 [pA] fly. the {Q3 G40 G1} [pw] (demon.) this.) turn. loaf (used in offerings) {Q3 [pAat] quail ? {Q3 G41 D36 X1 G39} X1 A12 Z2} [pXrt] frontier patrol {Q3 F32 F46 A7} [pAg] squat ? {Q3 G41 G1 W11 [pXr] (v.Furniture 181 F46} [pXr] (v.) that (yonder) {Q3 I9 [pAD] a loaf {Q3 G40 G1 D46 X4} G40 G1 G43 A2} [psi] cook {Q3 I9 O34 Q7} [psw] preparation (of food and drink) {Q3 I9 S29 G43 Q7} [pAw] falsehood ?. of skull) {Q3 [pD] extend (oneself in effort).) primaeval {Q3 G40 G1 X1 Z4 X6} A1 Z2} [pXrt] transitory state (description of life) {Q3 F32 D21 X1 F46 N5} F32 D21 X1 F46 Y1 Z2} [pAD] a loaf {Q3 G40 I10 X2} [pAs] water pot {Q3 G40 O34 W23} G40 X1 X6} [pXrt] prescription. whichever {Q3 G43} [pwy] (demon.) this {Q3 G43} [pw] (int.) that (yonder) {Q3 I9} G1 N31} [pfA] (demon. fly up {Q3 G40 G1 H5} G1 M17 M17 X1 M3} [pAyt] lock ? (on door) {Q3 G40 [pf] (demon.) primaeval god.

turn (the eyes against someone) {Q3 N35 D36 P1} [pnq] bale out (a boat. poke (at someone).Dictionary of Middle Egyptian Q . separate (combatants). turn about {Q3 N37 F46} [pSn] split (metal) {Q3 N37 N35 T31 M3} [pSn] split (heads.) disarray (one's hair) {Q3 M17 X1 N36} D36 N35 D36 P1A} [pnana] turn over and over {Q3 N35 [psx] (v. trans. of skull) {Q3 N29 X1 [pAqt] fine linen {Q3 N29 X1 H2 [pSn] split (wood) {Q3 N37 N35 Z9 D40} [pSS] straddle.sighted.) turn. be strewn (with) {Q3 O34 Aa1 D54} [psx] (v. expend (provisions) {Q3 N35 N29 D36} [psDw] back. far . wood) fracture (bones). swab up (blood). spread out (awnings) {Q3 N37 N37 D54} [pSS] spread (oneself over) {Q3 N37 N37 D291} S28 Z2} [pAqt] fine linen {Q3 N29 X1 S28} [pAqt] fine linen {Q3 N29 X1 Z5 Z3A} [pAq] a flat thin cake or biscuit {Q3 N29 X6} [pn] this. intrans. stretch out (man on ground) {Q3 I10 T9} W33 W57} [pnq] bale out (a boat) {Q3 N35 N29 [pD Hr] unwrinkled.) be distraught. spine {Q3 O34 D46 F36C} [psd] upper back {Q3 O34 D46 F37 F51} F51B} D105} [pnq] bale out (a boat) {Q3 N35 N29 [pnq] bale out (water) {Q3 N35 N29 [psDw] back. prescient {Q3 I10 T9 D2 Z1} [pns] clay {Q3 N35 S29 N23} [pnst] scum ? {Q3 N35 S29 X1 N33 Z2} [pns] cut off (a joint). stretch out (arms). water). intrans.) be distraught {Q3 O34 Aa1 Z9} [pna] turn upside down. pull out (hair) {Q3 N35 S29 Z9 D40} [pD ib] be glad {Q3 I10 T9 F34 Z1} [py] a flea {Q3 M17 M17 Z5} [pis] tread in ? (seed) {Q3 M17 S29} D21 O49} [pnw] mouse {Q3 N35 W24 G43 F27} [pXr] (v. slice (bread) {Q3 N37 N35 Z9} [pqr] precinct of Osiris at Abydos {Q3 N29 [pAqyt] potsherd {Q3 N29 M17 M17 X1 O39} D12} [pAqyt] shell (of turtle. spine {Q3 O34 D46 F37J [psDw] back. he of {Q3 N35} M17} [pSS] straddle {Q3 N37 N37 Z9} [psS] divide {Q3 N37 O34 Z9 Y1} [phti] magic word {Q3 O4 U33 M17} O34 Aa1 D54} [pnay] reversal ? {Q3 N35 D36 M17 [pnayt] cataract {Q3 N35 D36 M17 [psx] (v. spread (oneself over). spine {Q3 O34 D46 F38A} .Furniture N35A D36} 182 [pD] stretch (cord in foundation ceremony). metal.

spine {Q3 S29 I10 [psDntyw] the new moon and its festival [psD] shine {Q3 S29 I10 N8} [psDt] group of nine {Q3 S29 I10 N33 X1 Z2 Z2 Z2} [psi] cook {Q3 O34 I9 Q7} [psn] a loaf {Q3 O34 N35 X4} [psn] a loaf {Q3 O34 N35 X6} [psSw] arbitrator {Q3 O34 N37 G43 Z9 Y1 Z2 A1} Z3A Z3A Z3A} [psDt] group of nine {Q3 S29 I10 X1 [psD] nine {Q3 S29 I10 Z2 Z2 Z2} [psS] divide {Q3 S29 N37} [psS] ritual instument (for Opening of the mouth) {Q3 S29 N37 T106} [psS] ritual instument (for Opening of the Mouth ceremony) {Q3 S29 N37 T106} [psS] ritual instrument (made from kfA .Obsidian) {Q3 S29 N37 T106 V31 I9 N17} X1 Z4 Z9 Y1} [psSty] part. spine {Q3 O34 D46 F51B} [psD] shine {Q3 O34 D46 N5} [psD] shine {Q3 O34 D46 N8} {Q3 O34 D46 N35 N9} [p] base (for statue) {Q3 O39} [p] (locality) Pe {Q3 O49} [py] belonging to Pe {Q3 O49} F39 F39 F39} [psDw] back. end by. hit. portion {Q3 [psS] divide.) spital {Q3 S29 W11 D26} [pHDw] chair {Q3 T3 I10 G43 Q16} [pHrr] run {Q3 V28 D21 D21 D54} [pHrt] course (of runner) {Q3 V28 D21 [psS] division {Q3 O34 N37 Z9 Y1 Z2} [psS n grH] midnight {Q3 O34 N37 Z9 Y1 Z2 N35 W11 D21 V28 N2} [psi] cook {Q3 O34 Q7} [psH] (v. attack. and n. sting {Q3 O34 V28 F18 A2} X1 D54} [pAs] water pot {Q3 O34 W10} [pAs] water pot {Q3 O34 W10} F18 A2} [pHwy] reach. hit. finish. end by. attain.Furniture 183 [psDw] back. contest. surround.) bite. caught {Q3 V28 F22 D54} . spine {Q3 O34 D46 F39A} [psDw] back. surround. spear.Dictionary of Middle Egyptian Q .) spit on. contest. finish. share (with) {Q3 O34 N37 Z9} O34 N37 Z9 G17 P8 G43 A1} [psS m xrw] break silence {Q3 [psi] cook {Q3 S29 Q7} D26} [psg] (v.) spit on. spear. share. spit at {Q3 S29 W11 [psg] (n. division {Q3 O34 N37 [psSt] carpet. caught {Q3 V28 F22} [psg] (v. attack. spit at {Q3 O34 W11 [pHwy] reach. matting (of reeds) {Q3 O34 N37 X1 Z9 V19} O34 N37 X1 Z9 Y1 Z2} [psSt] sharing out. attain.

k tn] your Queen {Q3 X1 N1 V31 X1 N35} D40 F34 Z1} D2 Z1} [pgA Hr] honest {Q3 W11 G1 D32 Y1 [pgA] entrance (of horizon) {Q3 W11 G1 N23 Z1} [pgA] bowl {Q3 W11 G1 W10} Z1} A24} [ptpt] trample (enemies) {Q3 X1 Q3 X1 [pgA Hr] honest {Q3 W11 G1 Z9 D2 [pgA ib] open hearted {Q3 W11 G1 Z9 [ptpt] tread (roads). be stretched out (in obeisance) {Q3 X1 Aa1 D54} [pHD] (v.) cut up.king) {Q3 V28 X1 F9 F9} [pHty] (physical) strength. battlefield {Q3 W11 G1 D32} [ptr] see. arena.) open. power (of god. sever {Q3 [pHD] (v. heaven {Q3 X1 N1} [pt . mouth (of valley). power (of god. cut open. behold {Q3 X1 M4B D7} [pt] sky. power (of god. of horizon).king) {Q3 V28 X1 Z4 F9 F9} [pgA] (v.) open {Q3 W11 N9 D40} . trans.Furniture 184 [pHty] (physical) strength. power (of god. behold {Q3 X1 D21 M4B} [ptr] (int. intrans.) burst open (of cist) {Q3 V28 I10 Z9} [pHty] (physical) strength. behold {Q3 X1 D21 M17 M6 [pgA] (v. put down (someone carried).Dictionary of Middle Egyptian Q . be open (of wounds) {Q3 W11 G1 D32 D40} D2 Z1} D4} [pgA Hr] honest {Q3 W11 G1 D32 D40 [pgA ib] open hearted {Q3 W11 G1 D32 D40 Z2} [pri] battlefield {Q3 X1 D21 M17 M6 [ptr] see. behold {Q3 X1 D21 D6} [ptr] see.king) {Q3 V28 F22 X1 Z4 A24} V28 I10 Z9} [pgA] bowl {Q3 W11 W10} [psst] toad or frog {Q3 W11 W11 X1 F27} [pgA] battlefield {Q3 W11 Y24 N20 Z1} [ptx] cast (to the ground).king) {Q3 X1 V28 F9} [pgA] (v. behold {Q3 X1 D21 M17 D6} D40 Z2} [pri] battlefield {Q3 X1 D21 M17 M5 [ptr] see.) open {Q3 W11 D32} Z1} [ptx] cast (to the ground) {Q3 X1 Aa1 D77} [ptr] see.) who ?. trample (enemies) {Q3 X1 Q3 X1 D54} Z9 D40} [ptpt] trample (enemies) {Q3 X1 Q3 X1 F34 Z1} M17 D26} [pgA] be open (of wounds) {Q3 W11 M17 [ptH] create {Q3 X1 V28} [ptH] (divinity) Ptah {Q3 X1 V28 A40} [pHty] (physical) strength. what ? {Q3 X1 D21 M6 A2} [pgA] mouth (of valley) {Q3 W11 D32 N21 [pgA] entrance (of building. reveal.

die (of people) {R4 X1 Q3 G17 S34 N35 Aa1} R . pacify.) be peaceful. peaceful. pardon (someone).) gods of Pe {Q3 Z1 G43 O49} [Htpw] peace. inflammation. gang. be at peace {R4 X1 Q3} [Htp ib Hr] be well-disposed toward {R4 X1 Q3 F34 Z1 D2 Z1} [qrs] (v. temperature. intrans. pacify.Temple Furniture and Emblems [wdHw] offering table {R3} {R3C A1 Z3} [Htpw] peace.) be warm. set {R4 X1 Q3} [Htp] (v. rest in (tomb). good pleasure [Htp] altar {R4 X1 Q3} [Htp] (v. be at peace. hot. become calm {R4} [Htp] boon. peace. occupy (throne). go to rest.) be pleased (with). assume (titulary) {R4} [Htpyw] non-combatants {R4 M17 M17 Y1 Z2} [Htp nTr] god's offerings. assume (titulary) {R4 X1 Q3} [Htp] (v.Dictionary of Middle Egyptian Q . intrans. be happy. be gracious.combatants {R4 X1 [Tt] (collective n.) satisfy. mercy {R4 X1 Q3 X1 Y1} R3Q} [Htp wsxt] forecourt offerings {R4 O13D [Htpt] offerings {R4 X1 Q3 X1 Z8 Z2} . trans. divine offerings {R4 X1 Q3 R8 X2 W22 Z8} M2} [Htpt] bundle (of herbs) {R4 X1 Q3 X1 [Htpt] bundle (of herbs) {R4 X1 Q3 X1 M203} Q3 X1 W22} [Htpt] bowl (for bread offerings) {R4 X1 [Htpt] graciousness. make content. offering {R4} [Htp] (v.) satisfy. mood {Q7} [Htptyw] the peaceful ones (the blessed dead) {R4 X1 Q3 G4 Z8 A40 Z2} [Htp m anx] set (of sun). warmth.) be pleased. make content. pardon. intrans. be happy. occupy (throne). good pleasure {R4 X1 Q3 G43 Y1 Z2} M17 M17 A1 Z3} [Htpyw] non-combatants {R4 X1 Q3 [Htpyw] non. become feverish {Q7} [srf] warm. fever. have fever. partisans Q3 M17 M17 G43 A4 Z3} [Tt] table {R3P X1 Z1} [Htp] (v. contentment. temple) [Htp] altar {R4 R3P} {R4 R4 R4} [p] mat {Q3 Z1} [pyw nTrw] (pl.) staff.) bury {Q6} [qrst] burial {Q6 D36 O34 X1} [qrst] burial {Q6 X1} [psi] cook {Q7} [Smm] (v. be gracious (to).Furniture 185 {Q3 X1 V28 O7 D28} [Hwt kA ptH] chapel (in tomb. become calm. go to rest. rest in (tomb). trans. contentment.

sacred {R8} [nTr] god {R8 A40} [nTry] divine. intrans. pacify. be gracious (to). (Punt ?) {R8 Q3 O1} [kAp] cover. sacred {R8 D21} [ntryt] natron ? {R8 D21 X1 N33 Z2} [nTrt] goddess {R8 D21 X1 Z5 I12} V4 G43 N14} [Htp] offerings {R4 X2 W22} [Htp] altar {R4 Z1} Z2} [Htpw] peace. spread (with wings) {R5 Q3 [nTr dwAw] morning star {R8 D46 [nfr nTr] the good god {R8 F35} [Haw nTr] the King (in person) {R8 F51 F51 F51} [nTr] god {R8 G7} [Xrt nTr] necropolis {R8 G131B N25} X1 I9 A1} A5} [kAp] burn (incense). cense (gods).) satisfy.) be pleased (with). harem {R5 [dwA nTr] praise God {R8 N14 Z1} N16 N25} [tA nTr] (locality) God's Land. trans. make content.Dictionary of Middle Egyptian R . pardon (someone) {R4 X1 Q3 Y1v} [nTry] divine.Temple Furniture and Emblems 186 [Htp] (v. occupy (throne).) be at peace. chamber. rest in (tomb). contentment. roof over. contentment. fumigate (patient) {R5 Q3 D40} [kApw] roof {R5 Q3 G43} P1} [it nTr] god's father (a title) {R8 M17 [dwA nTr] praise God {R8 N14 A30} [dwA nTr] praise God {R8 N14 G1 A30} [kbnt] (seagoing) ship {R5 Q3 N35 X1 [kAp] hut. droop (of eyebrows) {R5 Q3 O38 A1} [kApt] Kyphi {R5 Q3 X1 Q7} S28} [Hmt nTr] god's wife (title of queen) {R8 N41 X1} [Hwt nTr] temple {R8 O6} [Hwt nTr] temple {R8 O6 X1 O1} [sH nTr] god's booth (of Anubis) (an embalmer's workshop) {R8 O21} [kApt] linen cover (of jar) {R5 Q3 X1 [snTr] (causative) cense {R7} .) ram {R7 E10} M17 M17 X1 O1} [bkyt] precinct {R7 G29 D28 Z1 [bkyt] precinct {R7 G29 Z1 D28 [Htpw] peace. intrans. hide oneself. good pleasure Z1 M17 M17 X1 O1} [Htp] (v. be happy. good pleasure {R4 [Htp] offerings {R4 Z8 Z3} [kApw] roof {R5} [kbn] (locality) Byblos {R5 N35 Z4 N25} [kAp] cover. hide (of fowler) {R5 Q3 O1} [kAp] (royal) nursery. take cover. become calm {R4 X1 Q3 Y1v} [Htp] (v. peaceful. assume (titulary) {R4 X1 Q3 Y1v} {R4 X1 Q3 Y1} [bA] (n.

sacred {R8 X1 D21 Y1} [nTry] divine. sacred writings.Dictionary of Middle Egyptian R . duration {R11} [Dd] stable. sacred {R8 X1 D21 Z4 Y1} [mdw nTr] sacred writings {R8 S43} [mdw nTr] word of God. script {R8 S43 D46 G43 A2} [mdw nTr] written characters. written characters. script {R8 S43 D46 Y1 Z2} [nTry] magic cord {R8 D21 Z4 X1 Z5 V1} [nTrw] sacred pole {R8 X1 D21 Z7 M3} [mDAt nTr] god's book {R8 Y1v} [nTr] god {R8 Z1} N14 G1 M17 M17 N14 A40} S43 V12 Z1} [mdw nTr] written characters. enduring {R11} [Ddt] stability. Frankincense ? {R8 T22 [Xrt nTr] necropolis {R10} [Xrt nTr] necropolis {R10 D21 N25} [Dd] stable. written characters.Temple Furniture and Emblems 187 [aA nTr] the great god {R8 O29V} [Htpw nTr] god's offerings. script {R8 [mdw nTr] word of God. script {R8 S43 Y2} D21 M5 N33 Z2} [snTr] incense {R8 T22 N35 V13 [snTr] (causative) cense.) stone masons {R8 [Hm nTr] prophet {R8 U36} [Hm . consecrate {R8 T22 X1 D21 N33A} [Ddwt] (locality) Mendes {R11 D46 X1 .nTr mAat] Prophet of Maat {R8 U36 H6} [saq nTr] entry of god (in procession) [it nTr] god's father {R8 X1} [nTr] godhood. consecrate [nTr dwAw] morning star {R8 Z1 [py nTrw] gods of Pe {R8 Z1 Z3 Q3 M17 M17 G43 O49} {R8 T22 N35 X1 D21 M5 N33 Z2} R7} [snTr] incense {R8 T22 N35 X1 D21 [snTr] incense. divine offerings {R8 R4 X1 Q3 Z7 Z8 Z2} [nTrw] gods {R8 R8 R8} [nTrty] adze (used in Opening of the mouth) {R8 R8 X1 D21 X1 Z4 U19} {R8 S29 G35 N29 W3} [Xrt nTr] necropolis {R8 T28 D21 N25} T28 X1 G4 D40 Z2} [Xrtyw nTrw] (pl. image (of god) {R8 S36} [nTryt] natron ? {R8 X1 D21 M17 S36 X1 Z1} [Swt nTr] sacred figure. sacred writings. divinity {R8 X1 D21} M17 X1 Z2 N33} [Swyt nTr] sacred figure. divine decree. enduring {R11 D46} O49} V13 D21 N33A} N33 Z2} [snTr] incense {R8 T22 X1 D21 M5 [snTr] (causative) cense. image (of god) {R8 [nTrt] divine eye {R8 X1 D21 X1 D10} [nTrt] goddess {R8 X1 D21 X1 I12} [nTry] divine. divine decree.

the left side of {R15 D58 D41} [iAbtyw] Easterners {R15 D58 G1 A1 .Dictionary of Middle Egyptian R .side. right side of {R14 G17 D41} {R14 G17 Z4 D41} [iAbt] the East {R15 D58 X1 N25} [iAbty] east. right [imnt] the West {R14 X1 N25} [imntt] the West {R14 X1 X1 N25} [imnty] right (hand). right. eastern.) Westerners {R13 G4} [imnty] the west wind {R13 P5} Z2} K1} [iAby] left (hand). enduring {R11 R11} O49} [Ddw] (locality) Busiris {R11 R11 G43 N25} [iAbtyw] the east of {R15 D58 G4 [Abw] ivory {R15 D58 G43 N33A T19} [Dd] stable. right side. duration {R11 X1} [Dd] the djed column {R11 Z1} [imn] right (-hand). east. left-hand {R15 D58 X1 [iAbty] left .hand. left-side of [imnty] the west wind {R14 X1 Z4 P5} [imn] right (hand). the West {R14 X1 Z4 N25} [iAbty] east. east. right side of {R14 D41} N23 Z1} [iAbtt] the East {R15 D58 X1 N23 X1 Z1} [imntyw] (pl. toe nail {R15 D58 T19 F51 [iAbtyw] the east of {R15 D58 X1 G4 S57} [imnty] the west wind {R13 X1 P5} [imnt] the West {R14} [wnmy] right . right side of.hand {R15 D58 X1 Z4 N23} [iAby] left (hand). right. eastern. eastern {R15 D58 X1 N25} [iAbty] east. western. the left side of {R15} {R15 D58 Z4 D41} [iAbw] leopard {R15 D58 Z7 F27 Z3} [iAbtyw] the east of {R15 G4 N21 Z1} [iAbtyw] Easterners {R15 G4 Z2} [iAb] the east wind {R15 P5} [Abi] (v. eastern {R15 D58 X1 O39} [iAbt] the east wind {R15 D58 X1 P5} [iAbtt] snare ? {R15 D58 X1 X1 M3} [iAbtt] the East {R15 D58 X1 X1 N25} Z4} [wnmy] right . the West {R13} [imntyw] (pl.hand side.hand side. wish for {R15 D58} [iAby] left (hand). eastern. right .Temple Furniture and Emblems B1 Z2} 188 [Dd] stable.) desire. eastern.) Westerners {R14 G4 Z2} [wnmy] right . east. east. enduring {R11 R11 Y1v} [Ddt] stability. the west {R14 Z1} [iAby] left (hand). eastern. the left side of {R15 D58 N25} [AbDw] a fish {R15 D58 N26 G43 [ibs] headdress (of king) {R15 D58 S29 [iAb] finger.

model.) melt (metal).chamber {R36A X1 O1 Z2} [Xrty nTr] stone mason {R50 A1} {R50 D21 G4 A1 Z2} [nbi] (v.) breadth {S11} [wsx] ornamental collar {S11} [nbi] (v.s] Crown of Lower Egypt {S4 S29} [sxmty] the Double .Dictionary of Middle Egyptian R . gild.Crown {S6} [xprS] the Blue Crown {S7} [Atfw] Atef crown {S8} D40} [iAbt] the East {R15 X1 D58 O49 X1 [iAbtt] the East {R15 X1 X1} [wx] fetish of Kos {R16} [tA wr] (locality) the Thinite nome {R17} [iAtt] milk. build (ships) {S10 [sSAt] (divinity) Seshat (goddess) {R20 X1 [mnw] (divinity) Min (god) {R22} [xm] shrine {R22 Aa1 G17 D35 O1} [xmt] cow {R22 Aa1 X1 E1} [xm] (locality) Letopolis {R22 O49} [mnw] (divinity) Min (god) {R22 R12 A40} [xnt mnw] (locality) Akhmim {R22 R12 D19 X1 O39} V28 T31 D40} [mDHt] fillet ? {S10 X1} [wsx] (n.) stone masons [nbyt] (locality) Ombi (Kom Ombo) {S12 D58 M17 M17 X1 O49} [Xrt nTr] necropolis {R50 X1} D40} [nbnb] guard {S12 D58 S12 D58 [nbyt] gold collar {S12 M17 M17 X1} . cream {R19 X1 X1 W24} B1} [mDH] hew (timber). build (ships) {S10A [mDH] invest (with insignia) {S10 V28} [mDH] hew (timber). cream {R19A X1 X1 W24} [wAst] (locality) Thebes {R19 X1 O49} [iAtt Dsrt] milky wine ? {R19 X1 X1 D45 D21 X1 W10} [iAtt] milk. cast (objects in metal).) cast (objects in metal) {S12 [Xrtyw nTrw] (pl.Clothing [HDt] the White Crown {S1} [HDt] the White Crown {S2} [Sma s] Crown of Upper Egypt {S2 S29} [bity] king of Lower Egypt {S4} [mHw . fashion {S12 D58 A10A} [nbi] gild {S12 D58 D40} [nbw] gold {S12 D58 G43 Z2} D58 M17 M17 A141} [nt] (divinity) Neith (goddess) {R24 X1 B1} [xAwt] altar .Temple Furniture and Emblems 189 [iAbt] the east wind {R15 P5 X1} [iAbt] the East {R15 X1} Z1} S .

treasures {S19 X1 Y1 Z2} [xtm] (n.Clothing 190 [nbw] gold {S12 N33 Z2} {S12 N33 Z2 I12} [xtm] (n.) pour (water) {S22 N35A} V13 X1 N25} [nbw] the Golden One (epithet of Hathor) [nby] goldsmiths {S12 N33 Z2 M17 M17 Z3} [nbt] (locality) Ombos {S12 X1 O49} Z4A G43 N33A} [sAwy] gold two .thirds fine ? {S12 [HD] silver. bring together (people) {S23 D46 [sDAwtyw] treasurers {S20 X1 G4 [xtmt] (n. join (someone).) seal {S20 Y2} [xtmw] cattle {S20 Z1 E1 Z2} [Saty] weight and value of a twelfth of one deben {S20 Z1 O39} [xtm] (n. assemble. island of Sehel {S22 [sTtyw] Asiatics {S22 X1 G4 Z2} [sTtyw] Asiatics {S22 X1 X1 G4 T14 [THnt] faience {S15 N35 X1 N33 Z2} [mnit] necklace (sacred to Hathor) {S18} [sDAw] precious {S19} [sDAw] seal .) seal {S20} [xtmt] (n.Dictionary of Middle Egyptian S . glittering {S15} [THnw] Libyans {S15 N35 W24 Z7 T14 A1 Z2 B1} [sTt] (localities) Asia.) contract {S20 Aa1 X1 Y1v} [xtm] (v. compile (spell).) seal {S20 Z1 O39} [tA wr] larboard {S22 G36} [sti] (v.bearer {S19} [sDAw] seal . join (someone).bearer {S19 G43} A1 Z3} Z3} {S22 X1 X1 Z8} [sTt] (localities) Asia. unite (lands) {S23} [dmD] reassemble (dismembered body).) contract {S20 X1 Y1} . bring together (people) {S23} [dmD r] total {S23 D21} [dmDyt] cycle (of festivals) {S23 D46 M17 M17 N5 X1} [sDAwtyw] treasurers {S19 G43 G4 [sDAwt] precious things.) seal {S20 G17 A24} [xtm] chest {S20 G17 O1} [sDAw] rings ? {S20 G43 Z2} [xtm] fort {S20 O1} Z2} X1 N5} [dmDyt] cycle (of festivals) {S23 D46 [dmDt] collection (of recipes) {S23 D46 X1 V12 Z1} [dmD] accumulate (grain). island of Sehel [dmD] accumulate (grain). money {S14} [THn] gleam. compile (spell). unite (lands) {S23 D46 Y1} [dmD] reassemble (dismembered body). assemble. extend (hand) {S23 D46 Y1} [dmD] associate (with). extend (hand) {S23} [dmD] associate (with).

vertebra {S24 X1 Z1} [Tst] vertebra {S24 X1 Z1 F51} [Tst] knot {S24 X1 Z1 V1} [Ts] phrase.) troops {S24 X1 [Tst] ridge. pl. protector (of poor) {S24 O34 G43 A24 A1} A211 A211 A211} [Tst] (collective n. utterance {S24 O34 Z7 Y1} [Abw] (locality) Elephantine {S24 O49} [Tst] (collective n.Clothing 191 [dmD] total. spine {S24 Z1} [Ts] sandbank {S24 Z1} [Ts] vertebra {S24 Z1 F41} [aw] dragoman {S25} [aw] dragoman {S25 G43 A2} [SnDwt] kilt. clothes. drought {S24 O34 N23} M17 N21 Z1} [ts pri] fighting {S24 O34 Q3 D21 [Ts] used as a prefix to form abstracts {S24 O34 Y1} O34 G37} [Ts Xsy] crime {S24 O34 Y1 F32 [Ts Xsy] crime ? {S24 O34 Y1 F32 O34 G37} M17 N21 Z1} [Ts pri] fighting {S24 O34 Y1 Q3 D21 [Ts Hwrw] reproach {S24 O34 Y1 V28 G36 D21 G43 G37} [Ts] speech. range {S24 X1 N21 Z1} [Tst] knot. utterance. pl. become constricted {S24 O34 Z7 D40} [dmD smA] grand total {S23 F36} [dmDwt] (fem. sentence. unite (Two Lands) {S24 O34 Z7 D40} [dmDw] crowd {S23 D46 Y1 A1 B1 [Ts] clot. maturity {S23 D46 Y1} Z2} [Ts] join. clothing {S28 Z2} [Ts] sandbank. order. tie on (fillet).versa {S24 F46} [Ts] neck {S24 H1} D40 T10 X1 Z1} [Tsw pDt] troop captain {S24 O34 [Ts] vertebra {S24 O34 F51} [Tsw] commander.) crowd {S23 X1 G43 B1 Z3} {S24 O34 Z7 D40} [Ts] tie (knot). phrase. form (unborn bodies). sentence {S24 Y1} [Ts] vertebra. maxim {S24 O34 Z7 A2} [Ts] build (monuments).) crowd {S23 X1 B1} [dmDwt] (fem. model (face of Sphinx) {S24 O34 Z7 D40} . people (of nomarch) {S24 X1 A1} [Ts] model (face of sphinx) {S24} [Ts pXr] vice . rejoin.) troop. knot itself up (with confederacies) {S24 O34 Z7 D40} [Ts] speech. apron {S26} [mnxt] clothing. weave (cloth) [Ts] marshal (troops). knit together (bones). gang (of workmen). battalion. troops.Dictionary of Middle Egyptian Y1} S . type of fabric {S27} [Hbswt] cloth {S28 X1 G43} [Hbs] garment. arrange (rites). levy (troops).

fortune. what ? {S29} [sxr] (causative) overthrow. hang down (of breasts) {S29 Aa1 D46 Aa1 D46 A29} {S29 Aa1 D46 Aa1 D46 D40} [sxdxd] (v.) be upside down. suspend [sxdxd] (v.) hit. trans.sn] (suffix and dependent prn.) hang up. fortune. conduct. its {S29} [snb] health {S29} [sy] (dependent prn.Clothing 192 [.Dictionary of Middle Egyptian S . counsel. them. intrans. call to mind. condition. beat {S29 Aa1 A24} [sxr] plan. think about.) be upside down [sxwn] (causative) dispute {S29 Aa1 E34 N35 A2} E34 N35 D40} [sxwn] (causative) dispute {S29 Aa1 [sxi] (v.custom {S29 Aa1 D21 A2} [sxr] (causative) overthrow. force into place (dislocated bone) {S29 Aa1 D21 A15} [sxmx ib] distract the heart (of someone). governance. force into place (dislocated bone) {S29 A15} [sxr] (causative) overthrow. enjoyment {S29 Aa1 G17 Aa1 F34 Z1} D35} [sxm] (causative) forget {S29 Aa1 G17 [sxmm] (causative) make warm {S29 Aa1 G17 G17} [sxryw] those who govern {S29 Aa1 D21 G43 M17 M17 A1 Z3} M3} [sxm] sceptre. take recreation. smite. throw down.) she. gathering ? {S29 Aa1 N35 . governance. nature. her.) they. fashion. counsel. sistrum {S29 Aa1 G17 [sxwd] (causative) enrich {S29 Aa1 D21 M17 M17 Y1 A1} [sxry] captain (of ship) {S29 Aa1 G43 D46 Aa9 Y1} [sxrt] roll (of papyrus) {S29 Aa1 D21 X1 V12 Z1} G43 D46 Y1 Z2} [sxwd] (causative) enrich {S29 Aa1 [sxr] plan. her. their {S29} [sxd] be upside down. it. force into place (dislocated bone) {S29 Aa1 A15} [sxdxd] (v. condition.) she. be disordered (of dress) {S29 Aa1 D46 A29} {S29 Aa1 D46 Aa1 D46 A29} [s] (suffix prn.house {S29 Aa1 G43 Z4 O1} [sxr Xt] thought {S29 Aa1 D21 Y1V [sxrw] overflowing bowls ? {S29 Aa1 D21 Z7 A15 W24 Z2} [sxi] (causative) remember. determination. determination. throw down. intrans. fashion.custom {S29 Aa1 D21 Y1v} F32 X1 Z1} [sxw] breadth {S29 Aa1 G43 W10} [sxw] breadth {S29 Aa1 G43 W10 Y1} [sxwy] slaughter . it {S29} [sy] who ?. nature. conduct. mention {S29 Aa1 M12 G1 A2} D46 Y1} [sxwd] (causative) enrich {S29 Aa1 D43 [sxwd] (causative) enrich {S29 Aa1 [sxAx] (causative) hasten {S29 Aa1 M12 G1 Aa1 D54} D43 G43 D46 Y1} [sxn] swelling ?. affair. affair. throw down.

clap (hands). persecute {S29 Aa1 S29 D54 G17 Aa18 Z1} [sAx] forcibly drive (into) {S29 Aa17 G1 Aa1 M3} [sA] weak {S29 Aa17 G1 Aa2 G37} {S29 Aa17 G1 Aa2 G37 D36 Z1} [sA a] the weak of arm. dwell [sqr] knead (dough). rest.) be wise. display (decree) {S29 Aa1 Q3 D54} [sAi] (v. bring (offerings). dwell {S29 [sxn] (causative) alight.Clothing 193 [sqr] offer. country (beside town) {S29 Aa1 X1 M20 N21} [sxt] weave. mould (bricks) {S29 Aa1 X1 T26} D21 T12 M17 M17 G37} T12} [sArt] need {S29 Aa17 G1 D21 X1 [sAA] wisdom {S29 Aa17 G1 G1 A2} [sxt] (v. get rid of (something). offer. rest. snare. dwell {S29 [sxnw] a class of incantation ? {S29 Aa1 N35 W24 Z7 D32 A2 Z3} [sqr anx] captive. flee {S29 Aa1 S29 D54} [sxs m sA] pursue. present {S29 Aa7 N29} [sxn] (causative) alight. set up (stairway) {S29 Aa7 T2} [sqr] strike. close (net). be satisfied. the living) {S29 Aa11 D36 Y1 P8} Aa1 N35 Z4 G41} [sxp] (causative) conduct (someone to someone). rest. prudent. be sated {S29 Aa17 G1 A2} {S29 Aa17 G1 Aa1 G17 G43 Z5} [sAxmw] type of bat (mammal) [sxsx] run {S29 Aa1 S29 Aa1 D54} [sxs] run. field. dwell {S29 [smAa xrw] justify (the dead. strike down. rest. hurry.) trap. mould (bricks) {S29 Aa1 X1 [sxt] an offering loaf {S29 Aa1 X1 X4} [sxty] run {S29 Aa1 X1 Z4 D54} A2} [sAw] saiety {S29 Aa17 G1 G43 [sAry] needy man {S29 Aa17 G1 M17 A1} [sAry] needy man {S29 Aa17 G1 M17 . living prisoner {S29 Aa1 N35 X1 O30 Z3} [sxnt] (the four) posts (of the sky) {S29 [sxn] (causative) alight. present {S29 Aa7 T2} [sqr] step out (of feet in dance). grasp (hand) {S29 Aa7 T2} Aa7 T2 S34 A13} Aa1 N35 G41} {S29 Aa1 N35 G41 D54} Aa1 N35 G41 Y1} [sxn] (causative) alight. acquire ? (wealth) {S29 Aa1 X1 T26 D40} [sxt] ambushing ? {S29 Aa1 X1 T26 D54} V1} G1 A2 A1} [sAA] wise man {S29 Aa17 G1 [sAmt] lock of hair {S29 Aa17 G1 G17 X1 D3} [sxt] weave. weak man [sAry] needy man {S29 Aa17 G1 Z2} [sxsw] runners {S29 Aa1 S29 Z7 D54 [sxt] blow {S29 Aa1 X1 A24} [sxt] marshland. work (metal).Dictionary of Middle Egyptian F51} S .

) be satisfied {S29 Aa18 M17 M17 F10 A2} [sATw] tow boat {S29 Aa17 G1 V13 P4} Aa25} [smA] priest (who clothed the god) {S29 [snD] (v.) neighbours.) be wise. repel. be wary {S29 Aa17 G1 N29 I5 Y1v} M3} [sAw] beam.leaf {S29 Aa17 G1 Q3 V28 X1 D62} [sAsA] drive back. perceive.) recognize. loaf {S29 Aa17 G1 [sAp] lay out ? (garden) {S29 Aa17 G1 Q3 D36} Aa18 G1 D21 Y1 X1} [sArt] wisdom.Clothing 194 T12} [sAir] need {S29 Aa17 G1 M17 D21 [sAir] need {S29 Aa17 G1 M17 F51 Z1} [sAH] toe {S29 Aa17 G1 V28 D61 [sAH] Orion (constellation) {S29 Aa17 G1 V28 D61 N14 A40} D21 T12 A24} M17 M17 Y1v} [sAy] prepare ? (bier) {S29 Aa17 G1 [siA] (n. understanding {S29 Aa18 G1 D21 X1 T12 A2} {S29 Aa17 G1 N29 I5 Y1 F34 Z1 D21} N37 D21 X1 Z8} [sASrt] cake. arrive at {S29 I10 G54} . dependants {S29 Aa17 G1 V28 G43 D61 A1 Z2 B1} {S29 Aa17 G1 M17 S32 A2} [siA] (v. know. wisdom {S29 Aa17 [sAt] wall {S29 Aa17 G1 X1 O36} [siA] recognize {S29 Aa17 G1 M17 [sAi] sift (flour etc) {S29 Aa17 G1 X7} [sAi] (v.) perception. force (ship over).Dictionary of Middle Egyptian A1} S .) fear. prudent {S29 Aa17 G1 Y1v} S32 A2} M17 Z7 A24} [sAi] sift (flour etc) {S29 Aa17 G1 [sAq] pull together. apply (oil) {S29 Aa17 G1 S29 Aa17 G1 D54} {S29 Aa18 G1 X1 V2 D54} [sTA] see under other entries for sTA Aa17 G1 S29 Aa17 G1 D40 D54} [sAsA] force (ship over ) {S29 [sAi] (v. reach. knowledge V28 D61 Y1v} [sAH] endow (with) {S29 Aa17 G1 [sAHw] (n. respect {S29 Aa27 N35 Aa17 G1 V28 D61 D54} [sAH] kick. be aware of. understanding {S29 [sAr] be wise {S29 Aa18 G1 D21 Y1} [sAHt] neighbourhood {S29 Aa18 G1 X1 M2} [sApt] lotus . baulk {S29 Aa17 G1 Z7 Aa17 G1 N29 I5 Y1 F34 Z1} [sAq ib] self possessed {S29 [sAq ib r] set one's heart on [sA] byre {S29 Aa17 O1} [sAD] a festival {S29 Aa18 D46 G1} [sArt] wisdom. {S29 Aa17 G1 M17 S32 A2} G1 X1 A2} [sAt] prudence.

voyage (of boat) {S29 Aa28 P1} {S29 Aa30 Y1v} [sqdy] (causative intrans. deliver (from) {S29 D2 D21 M17 A24 D54} [sHri] (causative) remove.) sail. deliver (from) {S29 D2 D21 M17 V19 Y1} [sHr] (causative) fly up {S29 D2 D21 N1} [sqdy] (causative intrans. voyage (of boat) {S29 Aa28 D46 D54} [sqd] sailor. adorn. deliver (from) {S29 D2 D21 G43 A59A} [sHri] (causative) remove. avert (face). travel (of persons) {S29 Aa28 D46 W24 P1} [srx] (causative) complain. exorcise (ill). burnish Aa28 D46 N33 A35} [sqd] (causative) cause to build {S29 [sHri] (causative) remove. drive away (foes). magistrate {S29 D21 [sr] nobleman. traveller {S29 Aa28 D46 N33 A1} [sXkr] (causative) decorate. evil spirit W24 Y1v} [sqd] slope (of a pyramid) {S29 Aa28 D46 [sqdwt] sailing {S29 Aa28 D46 X1 {S29 D21 Aa1 G43 A2} G43 P1 Z2} [srxw] accuser.Clothing 195 [sqd] sailor.) sail. accuse {S29 D21 Aa1 A2} A1} [srx] guilty person {S29 D21 Aa1 G37 [srxw] accuser. complainer. exorcise (ill). traveller {S29 Aa28 D46 [sqdwt] (collective n. NOT of the craftsmen) builders {S29 Aa28 D46 N33 G43 A30 A1 Z2} [sqdy] (causative intrans. drive away (foes). drive away (foes). voyage (of boat) {S29 Aa28 D46 W24 D54} G43 X1 D54} [sHri] (causative) remove. traveller {S29 Aa28 D46 A1} A30 A1} [sqd] sailor.) sail. magistrate {S29 D21 A21} [srxy] accusation. travel (of persons) {S29 Aa28 D46 W24 M17 M17 P1} A17 A1} [sr] nobleman. voyage (of boat). exorcise (ill). sail. exorcise (ill). complainer. sail. deliver (from) {S29 D2 D21 N31} [sqdwt] sailing {S29 Aa28 D46 W24 [sqdwt] sailing {S29 Aa28 D46 [sHr] (causative) fly up {S29 D2 D21 N31 D54} W24 G43 X1 P2} [sqdy] (causative intrans.) company of troops {S29 Aa28 G43 X1 A1} [sqdy] (causative intrans. avert (face).Dictionary of Middle Egyptian S . travel (of persons) {S29 Aa28 D46 W24 A1 P1} [sqdy] (causative trans. deliver (from) {S29 D2 D21 A24} [sqdw] (used for those who commissioned the work.) sail.) sail. avert (face). drive away (foes). lay information against. sail (on waters) {S29 Aa28 D46 W24 P1} [sqdy] causative intrans.) row {S29 Aa28 D46 W24 D33B} [sHri] (causative) remove. evil . avert (face).) sail. drive away (foes). travel (of persons) {S29 Aa28 D46 P1} [sqdy] (causative intrans.) convey (by boat). reproach {S29 D21 Aa1 A2} [sqdy] (ausative trans. exorcise (ill). avert (face).

restore (buildings) {S29 D21 I10 V24 T12} [srwx] (v. make known {S29 D21 E27 [sr aHA] challenge to battle {S29 [srf] warm. erect (monuments) {S29 D21 D46 M32} Y1v} [srw] goose {S29 D21 G54} A2} [srf] take one's ease {S29 D21 I9 D19 [srd] erect (monuments) {S29 D21 D46 [sr] show (something. maintain. wig. warmth. accuse {S29 D21 Aa1 Y2 A84} [sr] tress. restore (buildings) {S29 D21 G43 T12 Y1} [srwt] (collective n.) body of magistrates {S29 D21 G43 X1 A21 Z3} [srwt] prophecies {S29 D21 G43 X1 E27 Z3} [srx] (causative) complain. someone) {S29 D21 D54} [srf] warm.) treatment {S29 D21 G43 [srwi] (causative) remove {S29 D21 G43 M17 D54} [srx] memorial {S29 D21 Aa1 O24A} [srx] Serekh (palace .) treatment {S29 D21 G43 Aa1 D40} [srwD] (causative) strengthen. fever.facade design holding the Horus name of King) {S29 D21 Aa1 O33} [srwD] (causative) make secure. someone) {S29 [srmi] (causative) cause to weep {S29 [srf] rest. lay information against.Clothing 196 spirit {S29 D21 Aa1 M17 M17 A2 Z6} [srx] a government department {S29 D21 Aa1 O1} Aa1 D46 Aa3} [srwx] (n. relief {S29 D21 I9 Q7 Y1v} [srft] fever {S29 D21 I9 X1 Aa2 Z3} [srf] rest. fulfil (contract) {S29 D21 I10 V24 T12} D21 G17 D9} G17 X1 N33A} [srmt] foodstuff.) foster. temperature. mood {S29 D21 I9 Q7} [srf ib] deliberate {S29 D21 I9 Q7 F34 Z1} A2} [sr] foretell. beverage {S29 D21 [srwx] (v. relief {S29 D21 I9 Y1v} [srwD] (causative) make secure. cherish. mood {S29 D21 I9 Q7 Y1v} D21 E27 A2 D34 A24} D21 E27 D54} [sr] show (something. provide. inflammation. set right (a wrong). perpetuate. make to flourish. perpetuate. make to flourish.) foster. hide (of animal) {S29 D21 D3} [srd] (causative) make grow.Dictionary of Middle Egyptian S . treat medically {S29 D21 G43 Aa1 D40} [srwx] (n. plant (trees). temperature. provide. cherish. treat medically {S29 D21 G43 Aa1 D46 Aa3} [sryt] cough {S29 D21 M17 M17 X1 A2} . inflammation. set right (a wrong). maintain. warmth. fulfil (contract) {S29 D21 G43 T12 Y1} [srx] (causative) learn about (future events) {S29 D21 Aa1 Y1v} [srwD] (causative) strengthen. fever.

Clothing 197 Aa2 Z2} [sryt] cough {S29 D21 M17 M17 X1 [sryt] cough {S29 D21 M17 M17 X1 A2} [sr] foretell. restore (buildings) {S29 D21 T12} [sar] (causative) cause to approach (of death). bring to an end. report (evil) {S29 D36 D21 N31 D54} [srt] thorn. forward (pleas. affairs) {S29 D36 D21 N31 D54} . fulfil (contract) {S29 D21 T12} [srwD] (causative) strengthen. set right (a wrong). plough {S29 D28 G1 [skA] plough . put a stop to {S29 D36 D21 N29 V12} [sarq] (causative) kill {S29 D36 D21 N29 V12 T30 D40} [sar] (causative) bring. maintain. maintain. publish (report). plant (trees). make to flourish. erect (monuments) {S29 D21 T12} [srs] (causative) awaken. permit to breathe (of throats) [skA] crops {S29 D28 U13 N33 Z2} U7 D40} [srqt] (divinity) Selket (the scorpion goddess) {S29 D21 N29 X1 L19} [srs] (causative) awaken.) body of magistrates {S29 D21 X1 A21} M17 X1 N31 I13} [saryt] uraerus {S29 D36 D21 M17 [sarq] (causative) finish off. spine {S29 D21 X1 M44} E27} [sr] foretell. set right (a wrong). make known {S29 D21 Z4 [sar] (causative) cause to approach (of death). permit to breathe (of throats) {S29 D21 N29 T113} U13 E1} {S29 D21 N29 T113 Y1} [srq] inhale. fulfil (contract) {S29 D21 T5 T12 Y1} [skA] cultivate.Dictionary of Middle Egyptian S . provide. obtain (royal bounty). complete. present. make to flourish. plough {S29 D28 U13 [skAt] ploughland {S29 D28 X1 U13 N23 Z2} D34 D40} [saHA] (causative) make to vie (with) {S29 [sar] (causative) bring. perpetuate. provide. report (evil) {S29 D36 D21 D54} [srwD] (causative) strengthen. make known {S29 D21 Z5 [srwi] (causative) remove {S29 D21 Z7 D26 Z2} M17 Z4 D54} X1 S35} [sryt] (n. present. forward (pleas. perpetuate. take command of (corps) {S29 D21 O34 U40 D5} [srwD] (causative) make secure.ox {S29 D28 G1 [srq] inhale. make to rise (in rank) {S29 D36 D21 D54} [sary] ewer on a stand {S29 D36 D21 M17 M17 W9C} [srd] make to grow. take command of (corps) {S29 D21 T13 S29 F27} [srwt] (collective n. take command of (corps) {S29 D21 T13 S29 D5} [srs] (causative) awaken. restore (buildings) {S29 D21 T5 T12 Y1} [srwD] (causative) make secure.) standard {S29 D21 M17 M17 U13 D36} [skA] cultivate. publish (report). obtain (royal bounty). bring to an end. affairs) {S29 D36 D21 D54} [sar] (causative) cause to ascend.

obstacle. dignity. intrans. send in. dignities (plural). clear (way) {S29 D45 Y1} Aa1 A4} [sar] (causative) cause to approach (of death). dignity. present. break open (way) {S29 D46 F18 Z9 D40} [saH] noble. bring to an end. sanctify. invade.) make tremble. diminish {S29 D36 N35 D46 G37} D36 V4 G1 Aa2} [sdb] penetrate (of injury) {S29 D46 D58 O30U Z9} [sawA] (causative) cause to go bad {S29 D46 D58 S28} [sdb] fringe (of cloth). guilt. guilt. lessen. forward (pleas. a garment {S29 [saH] (v. trans. inlay {S29 D36 G17 F10} [saq] (causative) cause to enter. dignitary {S29 D36 V28 [sd] tail {S29 D46 F33} [sdA] (v. bring to land.) be noble {S29 D36 V28 E31} [sD] break up (hailstorm). bring. drive (animals) {S29 D36 N29 D54} D40} [sdwx] embalm {S29 D46 Aa1 G43 [sdx] well ? {S29 D46 Aa1 S21} [sdb] chew {S29 D46 D58 A2} [sDb] restore (something to it's owner) {S29 D46 D58 O30U} [sDb] impediment. publish (report). hallow. honours (plural) {S29 D36 V28 S20} [saH] rank.Clothing 198 [sar] (causative) cause to ascend. sanctify. rupture (cist). report (evil) {S29 D36 D21 Z4 N31 D54} [sDsr] causative consecrate. swallow. honours (plural) {S29 D36 V28 E31} E31 A1} [sD] break. (verbal) opposition. inflict (wound). dignities (plural). breach (wall). castrate {S29 D36 D58 T30} [sam] (causative) wash down (medicine). obtain (royal bounty). rupture {S29 D46 F18 Z9 D40} [saH] rank. dignity (of Royalty) {S29 D36 V28 S6} [saH] rank. ill-will {S29 D46 D58 O30U G37 Z2} [san] (causative) beautify {S29 D36 N35 D6} [sand] (causative) make little of. affairs) {S29 D36 D21 Z4 N31 D54} [sdx] (causative) conceal (from) {S29 D46 [sdx] (causative) conceal (from) {S29 D46 Aa1 A16} [sar] (causative) cause to ascend. intrans. shake off (symptom) {S29 D46 G1 G33} [sdA] (v.) tremble {S29 . clear (way) {S29 D45 D21 Y1v} [sDsr] (causative) consecrate. intrans. dignities (plural). ill-will {S29 D46 D58 O30U} [sDb] impediment. hallow. make to rise (in rank) {S29 D36 D21 N31 D54} [sar] (causative) bring.Dictionary of Middle Egyptian S . fracture. dignity. (verbal) opposition. make to rise (in rank) {S29 D36 D21 Z4 N31 D54} [swab] cleanse {S29 D36 D58 F17} [sab] saw out (timbers). circumsize. obstacle. break into.) tremble {S29 D46 G1 G33} [saH] rank. honours (plural) {S29 D36 V28 Z5} [sdA] (v. take out.

breach (wall). shut away (from) {S29 D58 Aa1 O13} [sbx] close (arms around someone). invade. rupture (cist). intrans. fracture. break open (way) {S29 D46 N21 Z9 D40} [sbxt] pylon . examine.shaped chest {S29 D58 Aa1 [sbxt] portal {S29 D58 Aa1 X1 O32 [sDn] carry (child) {S29 D46 N35} [sdmi] (causative) punish {S29 D46 N35 M17 Z5 O39 D40} O1} O13} [sbxt] portal {S29 D58 Aa1 X1 O32 [sbxt] portal {S29 D58 Aa1 X1 O32 D21 G37} [sdSr] (causative) redden {S29 D46 N37 O14} [sdSrw] reddening {S29 D46 N37 D21 G43 G37 Z2} D58 D46 N37 A7} [sbdS] (causative) make weak {S29 D46 W11 A4 D54} [sdgi] (causative) conceal (from) {S29 [sdgw] hidden things {S29 D46 W11 [sb] overstep (fence) {S29 D58 D54} [sAb] jackal {S29 D58 E15} A4 D54 Z2} .Dictionary of Middle Egyptian D46 G1 G33 G37} S . make enquiry {S29 D52 X1 D21 T14 T14 A2} Aa2} [sdwx] embalm {S29 D46 G43 Aa1 [sd] clothe {S29 D46 N20 V6 A24} [sdtyw] weaklings {S29 D46 N21 G4 [smt] hear {S29 D52 X1 F21} [smtr] (causative) bear witness to (truth). make enquiry {S29 D52 X1 M17 M17 X1 T14 T14} A3 Z3} [smtr] (causative) bear witness to (truth). make enquiry {S29 D52 X1 T14 T14 Y1v} W4} [Hb sd] jubilee {S29 D46 N21 O23 [sd] clothe {S29 D46 N21 S28} [sbx] close (arms around someone).Clothing 199 [sdA] egret {S29 D46 G1 G33 Z1} G68} {S29 D46 W11 G1 A4 D54} [sdgi] (causative) conceal (from) [sdAw] trembling {S29 D46 G1 G43 [sdm] eyepaint {S29 D46 G17 D12 [sdg] hidden place {S29 D46 W11 Y1v} [sdmi] (causative) attach (to) {S29 D46 W19} Z2} G17 Y2} [sdm] paint (the eyes. body) {S29 D46 W19 M17} [sdmi] (causative) attach (to) {S29 D46 [sdA] (v. examine. shut away (from) {S29 D58 Aa1 O14} [sbx] jar {S29 D58 Aa1 W24 Z1} X1 O21} [sD] break up (hailstorm).) tremble {S29 D46 G33} [smtr] (causative) bear witness to (truth). inflict (wound). rupture {S29 D46 N21 Z9 D40} [sD] break. break into. examine.

serpent (a demon) {S29 D58 [sbin] alienate (relatives.) rebels {S29 D58 M17 [sbin] alienate (relatives.) rebel {S29 D58 M17 [sbiw] flautist ? {S29 D58 M17 G43 N29 M1 Y1v} [sbq] (adj.Clothing 200 [sAb] jackal {S29 D58 E17} [sbA] star {S29 D58 G1 N14 N5} [sbi] (v.) laugh {S29 D58 V13 F18 A2} A2 D2 Z1} [sbA] surveying instrument {S29 D58 N14 U97} [sbT Hr] friendly {S29 D58 V13 F18 N14 Y1} [sbA] (v. steer off course. property) {S29 [sbn] glide away (of snakes).) calf (lower part of leg) {S29 D58 [sbq] (adj. and n. diverge {S29 D58 N35 K1 D54} K1} X1 W10 F18} [sbT] laugh. precious {S29 D58 N29 D56} [sbi] (v. instructions {S29 D58 N14 G1 M17 M17 Y1 X1} T19B M3 M29 M29} [sb nDm] Sweet flag ? {S29 D58 [sbA] door {S29 D58 N14 G1 O1} {S29 D58 N14 M17 M17 Y1 X1} [sbT] (n. and n.) cry {S29 D58 V28 F18 A2} [sbH] (v. mirth {S29 D58 M17 X1 W10 F18} D58 N35 X1 A17 B1} [sbA] pupil.Dictionary of Middle Egyptian S . precious {S29 D58 N29 Y1} A2 A1} M17 I15} [sbi] rebel .) splendid.) splendid.) rebel {S29 D58 M17 T14 [sbit] (collective n. and n. steer off course. teaching {S29 [sbhA] (causative) make to flee {S29 D58 O4 G1 D55} [sbAyt] (written) teaching.) teach.) laughter. precious {S29 D58 [sbq] (adj. teaching {S29 D58 [sbA dwAw] morning star {S29 A2} [sbH] (n. diverge {S29 D58 N35 D54} X1 E100B} [sbnt] cow in suck {S29 D58 N35 D280 D58 M17 N35 G37} A223} [sbi] (v.) teach. stutent {S29 D58 N14} D58 N14 G1 A24} {S29 D58 N37 M17 M17 D26} [sbSy] (causative) make to vomit [sbA] (v. laughter {S29 D58 M17 [sbnw] fish {S29 D58 N35 W24 Z7 [sbnt] woman who breast feeds {S29 [sbT] (n. mirth {S29 D58 V13 F18 A2} [sbAyt] (written) teaching.) laughter.) rebel {S29 D58 M17 A13} Aa26 A13E} N29 D56} [sbq] (n.) splendid. property) {S29 D58 N35 G37} X1 A15A Z3} [sbn] glide away (of snakes). instructions [sbT] (v. and n.) cry out {S29 D58 V28 F18 [sbHyt] lowing (of cattle) {S29 D58 D58 N14 Z1 D46 V4 G43 N14} . and n.

ribbons.) shoot. decorate (a building). thrust.jar {S29 D58 X1 W14A} [sbty] enclosure {S29 D58 X1 Z4 N37 Z3} [swn] perish {S29 E34 N35 T11 G37} [swn] affliction {S29 E34 N35 T11 G37 [swnt] price {S29 E34 N35 X1 T11 Y1} [swsr] (causative) make strong. consecrate (temple servants) {S29 D60 N35A} D21} {S29 F12 S29 D21 D40} [swsr] (causative) make strong. kindle (light). glitter (of sky) {S29 F29 X1 A24} [sti] (v. purify.) set (fire to) {S29 F29 X1 Q7} [sti] (v. decorate (a building). spear. bandage. inspect (work).Clothing N35 O31 D40 D2 Z1} 201 D58 V31 I5} [sbk] (divinity) Sobek (crocodile god) {S29 [sbt] libation . throw. spear. purify. thrust. make a complaint (against) {S29 E9 G43 M17 M17 A2} [siwH] (causative) inundate {S29 E9 G43 V28 N35A} [styw] Asiatics {S29 F29 G4 T14 A1 [sti] (v. inspect (work).) shoot. make a complaint (against) {S29 E9 G43} [siwy] announce (someone). garlands. consecrate {S29 D60} [swab] (causative) cleanse.) flash {S29 F30 D46 I3} [sSd] thunderbolt {S29 F30 D46 I3 N14 [swnyt] pain {S29 E34 N35 M17 [swnnw] pond {S29 E34 N35 N35 N35A} [swnnw] pond {S29 E34 N35 N35 W24 Z7 T11 N35A N36 N23} O31 D40} Z1} [swn] (causative) open {S29 E34 N35 [swn Hr] (causative) instruct {S29 E34 [sSd] fillet. kindle (light). powerful {S29 F12 D21 D40} N21 Z1} [sbty] rampart {S29 D58 X1 Z4 O36} [swab] (causative) cleanse. tether {S29 F30 D46 V12} [sSd] put a fillet on (someone) {S29 F30 Y1} . ram {S29 E10} [sr] sheep {S29 E10} M17 X1 T11 G37 Z2} B1} [sTit] (divinity) Satis {S29 F29 X1 X1 [sSd] window {S29 F30 D46 D6 O1} [sSd] (v.Dictionary of Middle Egyptian V28 M17 M17 X1 E1} S . throw. powerful [sAb] jackal {S29 F28 D58 E17} [sAbt] particoloured snake {S29 F28 D58 I10 X1} [siwr] (causative) make pregnant {S29 E9 [sAbt] dappled cow {S29 F28 X1 E1} Z2} [siwy] announce (someone). glitter (of sky) {S29 F29 X1 T11 D40} E9 Z7 M17 D53} [siwr] (causative) make pregnant {S29 [siwH] rob ? {S29 E9 Z7 V28 N35A D40} [stt] (divinity) Satis (goddess) {S29 F29 X1 X1 B1} [sr] sheep.

ignore {S29 G17 .Clothing 202 G43} [smsw] (adj.) help. brush over. friendship) {S29 F40 G43} F34 Z1} [sAwi ib] make glad {S29 F40 G43 [sAwy] keep an eye on {S29 F40 G43 Z4A D5} [sXr] sweep. {S29 G1 S32 A2} [siA] (n. brush over. brandish (weapons) {S29 F46 D21 D54 Y1} D21 Y1} [sXbw] draught (of medicine) {S29 [spXr] (causative) register. ignore {S29 G17 [smx] (causative) forget.) recognize. ignore {S29 G17 Aa1 D35 A2} [snfr] (causative) make beautiful. plants. copy {S29 F46 [sAm] (causative) burn up {S29 G1 G17 [sXn] demolish {S29 F32 N35 O37 A24} Q7} V31 V6 A24} [sXAk] strain. brush over. vegetables.) elder. eldest {S29 F31 M23 [smsy] (causative) deliver (woman) {S29 Y1V F34 Z1} [snfr ib] gladden {S29 F35 I9 D21 F31 S29 M17 M17 Z5} [smw] pastures. overlay (with). adorn. knowledge {S29 G1 S32 A2} [sXkr] (causative) decorate. restore (what is defective). stroke {S29 F32 D21 D40} [sXr] sweep. stroke {S29 F32 D21 T11 D36} [sXrt] milking {S29 F32 D21 X1 U32B Z2} [sAwi] lengthen (building). know. herbage. brandish (weapons) {S29 F46 D21 D54} [spXr] (causative) cause to circulate. overlay (with).) perception. burnish {S29 F32 V31 D21 Z5 Y1} [snfr] (causative) make beautiful. be aware of. herb {S29 F37D G17 G43 M2 Z2} [sm] (v. squeeze out {S29 F32 N35 [sAD] a festival {S29 G1 I10 Z1 W3} G43 G37} [sAhhw] grumbler ? {S29 G1 O4 O4 [sXp] swallow {S29 F32 Q3 A2} [sXkr] (causative) decorate. carry out (business) {S29 F35} [sm] a priest {S29 G17 A1} Aa1 D35} [smx] (causative) forget. burnish {S29 F32 V31 D21 Aa30} [sXkr] (causative) decorate. stroke {S29 F32 D21 Z1} [sXat] hare {S29 F32 D36 X1 E34} [sXb] swallow {S29 F32 D58 A2} F32 D58 Z7 N35A} [spXr] (causative) cause to circulate. perceive. succour {S29 F37F G17 A2} F31 S29 Z5} [smsy] (causative) deliver (woman) {S29 [sXr] sweep. adorn. adorn. embellish.Dictionary of Middle Egyptian S . embellish. overlay (with). prolong (lifetime. carry out (business) {S29 F35 I9 D21 Y1} Aa1 N35} [smx] (causative) forget. restore (what is defective). burnish {S29 F32 V31 Aa30} [siA] (v.

surely {S29 G17 E34 N35 A2} [sDm] hear (voice etc).) elder.supply {S29 G36 D21 M17 N35A A116B} S29 G43 A20} [smsw] (adj.pole ? {S29 G17 D36 D40} [swgm] pulverize {S29 G28 G17 [sbAgy] (causative) make weary {S29 [smdt] (collective n.Clothing 203 [smar] (causative) make fortunate. compulsary labour {S29 G17 D46 X1 N21 A1 Z2} N29 M1} [sbAq] (causative) cleanse {S29 G29 [sbAqq] causative give a clear character (to). bring. name). bring to land. beautify (tomb) {S29 G25 Aa1 Y1} {S29 G43 D46 V1 Z9 D40} [swdi] (causative) plant (with trees) . compulsary labour {S29 G17 D46 X1 Z5 A1 Z3} [saq] (causative) cause to enter. send in.) elder. herb {S29 G17 G43 M2 Z2} Y1v} [saqy] head of family {S29 G35 N29 M17 M17 A1 D54} [swr] (causative) promote (an official).) help. hear of (something).) subjects. subordinates. eldest {S29 G17 S29} [smsw] (n. vegetables. pulverize {S29 G28 G17 D36} [sma] sounding . commend (someone) {S29 G29 N29 N29 M1} [smdt] (collective n. eldest {S29 G17 {S29 G36 G37 D21 D46} [swrd] (causative) weary (someone) [smt] hammock {S29 G17 X1 S28} [sAxw] (ritual) recitations {S29 G25 Aa1 G43 Y1 Z2} [spAw] birds made to fly (flushed from cover ?) {S29 G41 G1 Z7 G39 Z2} [swdwd] (v. listen (to). eldest {S29 G17 S29 G43 A1} [swr] drink {S29 G36 D21 M17 N35A [swr] drink .) subjects. compulsary labour {S29 G17 D46 X1 A1 Z2 B1} G29 D58 W11 M17 M17} [smdt] (collective n. judge. glorify (god. satisfy (conditions) {S29 G17 F21} [smw] pastures. drive (animals) {S29 G35 N29 D54} [smt] hear {S29 G17 D52 X1 F21} [smwn] (non-enclitic part. herbage.Dictionary of Middle Egyptian S . understand. succour {S29 G17 M21 [smsw] (adj. subordinates. obey.) probably. plants. increase (herds) {S29 G36 D21} [swr] drink {S29 G36 D21 A410} [swrd] (causative) weary (someone) {S29 G36 D21 D46 A17 G37} [swr] drink {S29 G36 D21 M17 A2} A2} [sm] (v.) elder. subordinates.) bandage {S29 G43 D46 G43 D46 V48} [sAx] (causative) spiritualize (deceased).) subjects. cleanse {S29 G17 D36 D21 Z5 Y1} M3} G43 Y1 Z2} [sAxw] (ritual) recitations {S29 G25 [swgm] (causative) grind. cleanse {S29 G17 D36 D21 D40} [smar] (causative) make fortunate.

keep safe.Clothing G1 D54} 204 [swmt] (causative) make thick. journey. go forth {S29 G43 X1 G43 X1 D54} [swt] wheat {S29 G43 X1 M33} [swt] force (of wind) {S29 G43 X1 P5} [sTAm] (causative) bind up (injury) {S29 G47 G1 G17 S28} Z4A} [swxAy] (n.) go {S29 G43 U28 {S29 I1} [saSA] (causative) make numerous.) convey (to someone) {S29 G43 U28 G1 D54} [swDA] (v. make stout (the heart) {S29 G43 D52 X1 T14C T14C} [swDA] (causative) make healthy. dates (in time) {S29 G43 N5 Z2} G43 O4 E21 A2} [swhi] (v.) boast of. travel. calm (fear) {S29 G43 U28 G1 Y1v} G43 U28 G1 Y1 F34 Z1 D2 Z1} [swmt] (causative) make thick. journey. make stout (the heart) {S29 G43 D52 X1 Y1} [swtwt] walk about.) decay {S29 G43 M12 G37 [sww] day. calm (fear) {S29 G43 U28 Y1v} [swH] wind {S29 G43 V28 P5} [swH] loincloth {S29 G43 V28 S28} [swH] loincloth {S29 G43 V28 V1} [swHt] egg {S29 G43 V28 X1 H8} [swHt] egg {S29 G43 V28 X1 H8 Aa2} [swHt] coffin {S29 G43 V28 X1 M3} [swHt] shroud {S29 G43 V28 X1 V6} [swtwt] walk about. multiply {S29 I1 G1 Z2} . keep safe. make spacious. extend (boundaries) {S29 G43 S29 Aa1 W10 Y1} G43 G37} [sSw] (causative) lose (by theft) {S29 H6 [sSw] (causative) dry (something) {S29 H6 G43 N5} [swDA] (v. extend (boundaries) {S29 G43 O34 Aa1 T24} W22} [sTA] measure of capacity {S29 G47 G1 [sbAq] (causative) cleanse {S29 G225 N29 M1} [swsx] (causative) make extensive (of movements) {S29 G43 S29 Aa1 W10 Y1} [swsx] (causative) widen. travel. make spacious. causative trans. vaunt with {S29 [swhi] (v. make wide.Dictionary of Middle Egyptian S . intrans. go forth {S29 G43 G43 X1 X1 D54} [swf] see entries under wsf {S29 G43 I9 G39 D54} [swDA ib Hr] inform about {S29 [swDA] (causative) make healthy. make wide.) boast of. vaunt with {S29 G43 [swsx] (causative) make extensive (of movements) {S29 G43 O34 Aa1 T24} [swsx] (causative) widen. vaunt with {S29 G43 O4 G1 E21 D40 A2} [swhn] (causative) throw down (building) {S29 G43 O4 N35 O37 Z9 D40} [swhn] (causative) throw down (building) {S29 G43 O4 N35 O118} O4 Z4A A2} [swhi] (v.) boast of. multiply [saSA] (causative) make numerous.

and n. merciful {S29 I9 D19} [sf] mix (with) {S29 I9 D40} [sfAt] hatred ? {S29 I9 G1 X1 G37} X1 G41 G37} I1 Z2 D40} [saSA] escort {S29 I1 Z2 D54} [skm] (causative) make complete. remove (evil). merciful {S29 I9 N35 [sfnA] be drowsy {S29 I9 N35 G1 G41 D4} [sfx] (causative) lose. multiply [saSA] (v. lay aside (garment) {S29 I9 Aa1 V12 Y1} [sftw] butcher {S29 I9 X1 G43 [sfx] (causative) part (fighting animals).) muddle {S29 I9 G43 Y1v} [sf] yesterday {S29 I9 N5} [sf] yesterday {S29 I9 N5 Z4A} D19 A2} [skm] be / become grey .Dictionary of Middle Egyptian S . offer (to god). lay aside (garment) {S29 I9 Aa1 V12 D54} G37} [sfn] (causative) afflict {S29 I9 N35 [sfsf] break ? (knives) {S29 I9 S29 I9 Z9 A24} [sfx] (causative) part (fighting animals). let go (of) {S29 I9 Aa1 V12 D54} [sfT] oil {S29 I9 V13 W1} [sft] clemency {S29 I9 X1 D19 A2} T30 D36 A1} [sfx] (causative) lose. remove (evil). let go (of) {S29 I9 Aa1 V12 Y1} [sft] knife {S29 I9 X1 T30} [sftw] butcher {S29 I9 X1 T30 D36} [sft] (n. release. offer (to god). release.) mercy.) sacrifice {S29 I9 X1 T30 E100B} [sfxw] offerings {S29 I9 Aa1 V12 Z2} [sfxw] excretion {S29 I9 Aa1 Z7 Aa2} .Horned (deity) {S29 I9 Aa1 V12 D40 F16 F16 G7 G7} D19 Y1} [sfn] be kindly. policeman {S29 [sf] (n. make up to {S29 I6 G17 A24} I6 G17 D3 Y1} [sfAt] sluggishness {S29 I9 G1 [skm] be / become grey . loosen.haired {S29 A2} [sfw] the gentle man {S29 I9 G43 D19 [sfw] (n. purify. merciful {S29 I9 N35 [sfn] (causative) afflict {S29 I9 N35 M17 V12 O1} [sfxy] (fem.) police.haired {S29 I6 G17 D3 Z2} F20 Z1} [skm ns] wise {S29 I6 G17 D3 Z2 [sfxw] offerings {S29 I9 Aa1 G43 V12 Z2} [sfn] be kindly.) be mild. loosen.Clothing 205 {S29 I1 Z2} [saSA] (causative) make numerous. gentleness {S29 I9 D19} [sf] (v.) fortress {S29 I9 Aa1 M17 D19 G37} [sfx] purify {S29 I9 Aa1 S28} [sfx] purify {S29 I9 Aa1 V1} [sfxt abw] The Seven . purify.

) foundation. breach (wall). fracture. squeeze out . rupture {S29 I10 W31} [sD] (v. rupture (cist). provide (for someone) {S29 I10 I9 G1 Z8} {S29 I10 I9 G39 Z8 Z2} [sDfAy] (n. break open (way) {S29 I10 Z9} G1 V31 A24} [sDfAy] (causative) endow (altars).child (of king) {S29 I10 X1 A17} [sDfAy] (n. endowment [sDfAy] (causative) endow (altars). recount.) fracture.) foundation. tale {S29 I10 D46 X1 I10 I9 Z9 D40} [sDfAy] (causative) endow (altars). invade. break into.Clothing 206 [sft] oil. rupture (cist).) break. break open (way) {S29 I10 W31} [sDty] child. provide (for someone) {S29 I10 I9 G42} {S29 K4 G1 V31 S28 D40} [sXAk] strain. provide (for someone) {S29 I10 I9 G1 M17 M17 G41 Y1 Z2} [sDfAy] n. shin {S29 I10 V28 F51} G39} [sDfA tryt] oath of allegiance {S29 I10 I9 G1 G42 A2 X1 D21 M17 M17 X1 M6 A30 G37 Z2} [sDH] ringed plover {S29 I10 V28 [sD] (n. talk (of) {S29 [sDdA] (causative) fatten {S29 I10 D46 [sDfAy] (causative) endow (altars).) break up (hailstorm). break into. endowment {S29 I10 I9 G1 M17 M17 G41 Y1 Z2} [sDfAy] (causative) endow (altars). provide (for someone) {S29 I10 I9 Z9 D40} [sd] clothe {S29 I10 N21 S28} A2} [sDb] restore (to life) {S29 I10 D58} [sDb] impediment. inflict (wound) {S29 I10 W31} [sD] (v. ill-will {S29 I10 D58 O30U Y2} [sDn] carry (child) {S29 I10 N35 A406} [sDn] carry (child) {S29 I10 N35 N35 U32} [sDH] shank. squeeze out {S29 K4 [sXAk] strain. provide (for someone) {S29 I10 I9 Y1v} I10 I9 Y1v} [sDfAy] (n.Dictionary of Middle Egyptian S .) foundation. (verbal) opposition. rupture {S29 I10 Z9} [sD] break. endowment {S29 I10 I9 G1 Z8} [sDt] fire. conifer resin ? {S29 I9 X1 W22} I10 D46} [sDd] (causative) relate. shin {S29 I10 V28 D56} [sDfA tryt] oath of allegiance {S29 I10 I9 A2 X1 D21 M17 M17 X1 M6} [sDH] shank. foundation. invade. endowment {S29 K4 G1 V31 S28 A24} [sDfAy] (causative) endow (altars). provide (for someone) {S29 I10 I9 G39 Z8 Z2} [sXAk] strain. obstacle. guilt.) foundation. endowment {S29 [sDfAy] (n. breach (wall).) foundation. flame {S29 I10 X1 Q7} [sD] break up (hailstorm). endowment {S29 G1} Z3} [sDdw] tales {S29 I10 D46 G43 A2 [sDdt] description. squeeze out {S29 I10 I9 G42} [sDfAy] (n. inflict (wound). foster .

pass on. richly provide (altars). mention. memorial {S29 M12 G1 G43 A2} M12 G1 N2} M16 G1 Q3 S28 D40} [sHAp] (causative) conceal {S29 [sHAi] (causative) strip (someone). memorial {S29 M12 G1 A2} [sxAw] remembrance. make to flourish (of person. call to mind. richly provide (altars). turn. mention. mention {S29 M12 G1 A2} [sxAw] remembrance. mention. mention. mention. make grow (a garden) {S29 L1 D21} [sxpr] (causative) effect (a deed). make. make to flourish (of person. office) {S29 M13 Y1v} {S29 M1 Y1v} [simA] (causative) make well-disposed (to) [sSA] beseech (from) {S29 M8 G1 A2} [sSA] pray (to) {S29 M8 G1 A4} [swAD] (causative) make prosperous (of years). educate. mention. memorial {S29 M12 A2} [sxAx] (causative) hasten {S29 M12 Aa1 D54} [swAD] (causative) make prosperous (of years).Clothing 207 [sxpr] (causative) bring into being. refurbish (stela) {S29 M13 I10} [sxpr] (causative) bring into being.Dictionary of Middle Egyptian S . foster (truth). reveal (secret) {S29 M16 S28 D40} [si] shuffle {S29 M17 A363} [sid] (causative) make impotent {S29 M17 D46 A24} [sxA] (causative) spend the night {S29 [sxAw] remembrance. make grow (a garden) {S29 L1} [sxpr] (causative) effect (a deed). bring about (an event) {S29 L1 D21} [swD] (causative) hand over. office) {S29 M14 Y1v} [sxAw] remembrance. educate. breed (animals). refurbish (stela) {S29 M13 Y1v} [swAD] (causative) make green (herbage). foster (truth). transform (into) {S29 L1 D21} [sxpr] (causative) raise (a child). assign (office etc) {S29 M13 Y1v} [swAD] (causative) make green (herbage). reveal (secret) {S29 M16 G1 S28} [sHAi] (causative) strip (someone). create. refurbish (stela) {S29 M14 Y1v} [sxi] (causative) remember. memorial {S29 M12 G43} V13 D57} . assign (office etc) {S29 M13 I10 Y1} [swD] (causative) hand over. memorial {S29 M12 G1 Z7 M17 M17 A2} {S29 M17 G1 D21 D21 D4 G37} [siArr] (causative) dose ? (a patient) [siAt] encroach upon {S29 M17 G1 [sxAw] remembrance. create. transform (into) {S29 L1} [sxpr] (causative) raise (a child). memory. breed (animals). memory. memorial {S29 M12 M17 M17 A2} [swAD] (causative) make green (herbage). memory. bring about (an event) {S29 L1} [sxAw] remembrance. think about. make. memory. memory. pass on. office) {S29 M13 I10} [swAD] (causative) make prosperous (of years). memory. turn. richly provide (altars). make to flourish (of person.

assign.) courier {S29 M17 N35 D54} M21} [sm] (n. make perfect (the deceased).) investigation {S29 M17 Q3 X1} [sipty wr] inventory {S29 M17 Q3 X1 G36 D21 V12} M17 K1 N35 D46 G37} N35 D54} [sin] (causative) wait (for) {S29 M17 K1 [sin] (v. make splendid (a building) {S29 M17 N29 D21 Y1v} Aa2 D54} [siTn] (causative) subordinate (someone to) [saH] noble. pastime {S29 [sin] (v.Dictionary of Middle Egyptian S .) investigation {S29 M17 Q3 X1 [sint] canoe {S29 M17 K1 N35 X1 P1} Z2} [sip] (n. pass away (die) {S29 M17 N35 [sihm] (causative) hold back {S29 M17 O4 G17 D54} [siAt] fringed cloth {S29 M17 G1 X1 G37} [sisy] lighten (burden). destine (to a fate).) investigation {S29 M17 Q3 X1 Z4 Y1} T30} Z4 Y1} [sipty] (n.) deed. allot. revise.) pass away (die) {S29 M17 N35 [sin] (v. pastime {S29 . event. lessen {S29 M17 M40 S29 Z4 M2} [siqr] (causative) enrich (someone). organize (household) {S29 M17 Q3 Y1} [sint] clay seal {S29 M17 K1 N35 X1 [sin] rub {S29 M17 K1 N35 Z7 D40} [simA] (causative) make well-disposed [sysy] hurry {S29 M17 S29 M17 D54} [sis] six . examine.) run {S29 M17 K1 N35 D54} [sin] sever (neck) {S29 M17 K1 N35 X1 Z4 Y1} [sipty] (causative) inspect {S29 M17 Q3 [sipty] (n.Clothing 208 [siAt] (causative) encroach upon (lands).) clay {S29 M17 N35 Aa2 N23} [sin] (n. entrust. cheater {S29 M17 G1 X1 Z4 D57 D40} [sipty] (causative) inspect {S29 M17 Q3 X1} [sipty] (n.) investigation {S29 M17 Q3 X1} N35 D41 D54} [sin] (causative) wait (for) {S29 M17 K1 [sind] (causative) make miserable {S29 [sipty] (n.) inspection {S29 M17 Q3 Y1} [sip] inspect.) run. cheat {S29 M17 G1 X1 D57} [siAty] cheater {S29 M17 G1 X1 D57} S32} D54} [sin] (v.weave linen {S29 M17 S29 S28} [simA] (causative) make well-disposed (to) {S29 M17 U1 M1 Y1v} {S29 M17 V13 N35} (to) {S29 M17 M1 G17 Y1v} [sisy] lighten (burden). affair. dignitary {S29 M17 V28 E31} [saH] noble {S29 M17 V28 E31} [sm] (n.) be sealed with clay {S29 M17 N35 Aa2 N23} M20B G17 Y1v} [sin] (n. event. lessen {S29 M17 O34 [siAty] mutilator. affair.) deed. twister (of speech).

restore to order {S29 M44 D46 T30} [sbA] (v.) sharp. plant (trees). make content. effective.) help. succour {S29 M21 G17 Z4 A2} [sDryt] slaughter {S29 M36 D21 M17 M17 X1 A95 Z2} [smw] vegetables {S29 M21 M203 Z2} [smw] pastures. image. please.) help. teaching {S29 N14 D40} [sbA] door {S29 N14 D58 O32} Z4 G43 G37} [sDwy] (causative) slander {S29 N26 [sxay] (causative) cause to appear (of a god or king).) display skill. give pleasure {S29 M29 G17 Y1v} [snDm] (causative) ease (suffering). inactive. herbage. lie down. make pleasant. please. go to rest. make pleasant. dispaly (object) {S29 N28} . erect (monuments) {S29 M32 D21 D46 T12} [srd] (causative) make grow. go to rest. lie down. do in the night {S29 M36 D21 A95} [smw] vegetables {S29 M21 G17 M2 [sm] (v. inactive. be inert.Dictionary of Middle Egyptian S . make content {S29 M29 N35 I10 G17 Y1v} M44 D46 T30} [spd] (adj. vegetables. erect (monuments) {S29 M32 D21 D46 Y1v} [sDr] spend the night. be seated {S29 M29 G17 Y1v} [sm] (v. do in the night {S29 [spd] (v. ease (suffering). make pleasant. and n. herbage. ease (suffering). herb {S29 M21 Z4A M2} M22 N35 N35 A53} M17 M17 X1 E22A A15A Z2} [sDryt] slaughter {S29 M36 D21 [snn] likeness. please. give pleasure {S29 M29 Y1v} [srd] (causative) make grow. vegetables. sleep. sleep. be inert. plants. give pleasure {S29 M29 N35 I10 G17 Y1v} O36 O1} [swnw] tower {S29 M42 N35 W24 [swnt] price {S29 M42 N35 X1 Y1} [spdw] Sopd (god) {S29 M44 D46 N26 G43 A40} [snDm] (causative) make happy.draught {S29 M36 D21 X1 A55 W23 Z2} [snn] copy (of document) {S29 M22 M22 N35 N35 V12} X1} [snnt] likeness {S29 M22 M22 N35 N35 [snDm] sit. plants. herb {S29 M21 Aa15 M2} Z2} [sDrw] sleeper {S29 M36 D21 A55} [sDr] spend the night. make content.) teach. succour {S29 M37 G17 [swn] flattery {S29 M42 N35} [swnw] tower {S29 M42 N35 W24 G43 O233} A51} [snDm] rest {S29 M29 G17 A55} [snDm] (causative) make happy. plant (trees). skilled {S29 [snDm] (causative) make happy. supply (food).Clothing M36 D21 A55} 209 [smw] pastures. figure {S29 M22 [sDrt] (festival of) Laying (Osiris) to Rest {S29 M36 D21 X1 A55 W3} [sDrt] sleeping .

present {S29 N29 Aa7 T2} [sqr] step out (of feet in dance). grasp (hand) {S29 N29 D21 T2} [sqr] wound. get rid of (something). work (metal). offer. work (metal). present {S29 N29 D21 T30 D36} [sxar] (causative) enrage {S29 N28 [sxay] (causative) cause to appear (of a god or king). kingship) {S29 N29 A28} [sqAi] make high (a building). clap (hands). set up (stairway) {S29 N29 D21 T30 D36} [sqr] strike. grasp (hand) {S29 N29 Aa7 T2} [sqr anx] captive. strike down. strike down. set up (stairway) {S29 N29 D21 T2} [sqr] strike. clap (hands).Clothing 210 [sxay] (causative) cause to appear (of a god or king). set up (stairway) {S29 N29 D21 M17 Aa7} [sqbH] (causative intrans. dispaly (object) {S29 N28 D36 M17 M17} [sqAi] extol (beauty. clap (hands). offer. offer. dispaly (object) {S29 N28 D36} D36 D21 A2} [sqr] strike. king) {S29 N29 A28} R31} [sqA] base (for shrine) {S29 N29 A28 [sqr] knead (dough). victories). grasp (hand) {S29 N29 D21 T30 D36} D36 D26} [sqa] (causative) make vomit {S29 N29 [sqbb] (causative) make cool. present {S29 N29 D21 M17 Aa7} N29 D58 V28 W16} [sqbH] (causative trans. offer. clap (hands). strike down.) give ease {S29 N29 D58 V28 W16} [sqr anx] captive. refresh (oneself) {S29 N29 D58 D58 W15 N35A} [sqr] wound. prolong (lifetime. work (metal). strike down. living prisoner {S29 N29 D21 Aa7 S34 A13} [sqr] step out (of feet in dance). calm (disturbed land).Dictionary of Middle Egyptian S . get rid of (something). set up (stairway) {S29 N29 D21 D40} [sqr] strike. grasp (hand) {S29 N29 D21 M17 Aa7} [sqr] knead (dough). strike down. set upright (a person). get rid of (something). injury {S29 N29 D21 T30} [sqr] knead (dough). get rid of (something). set up (stairway) {S29 N29 Aa7 T2} [sqr] strike. grasp (hand) {S29 N29 D21 D40} {S29 N29 D21 M17 A13E S34 N35 Aa1} D58 D58 W15 N35A} [sqbb] (n. offer. present {S29 N29 D21 D40} [sqr] step out (of feet in dance). living prisoner [sqr] knead (dough). work (metal).) refresh {S29 [sqr] step out (of feet in dance). work (metal).) (to) live in easy circumstances {S29 N29 D58 V28 W16} . clap (hands). get rid of (something). present {S29 N29 D21 T2} [sqr] step out (of feet in dance).) refreshment {S29 N29 [sqbbwy] bathroom {S29 N29 D58 D58 Z7 Z4 W15 N35A O1} N29 D58 F48 Y1} [sqb] (causative) double (supplies) {S29 [sqb] type of wood {S29 N29 D58 M1} [sqbH] (causative intrans. exalt (a god. injury {S29 N29 D21 D40} [sqr] knead (dough).

breathe (air). become well. king) {S29 N29 G1 A28} [snbb] exchange greetings {S29 N35 D58 [snb] banish ? (sleep) {S29 N35 D58 H5 Y1} [snbt] jar {S29 N35 D58 W14} D58 X1 O50 Z4} [sqAi] extol (beauty.) health {S29 N35 D58 Y1v} [snb] (adj. check. succour. fetter. recover {S29 N35 D58 Y1v} [snb mryt] the coast is clear {S29 N35 D58 Y1V U7 D21 M17 M17 N23 X1 Z1} D21 Y1} [sqAs] (causative) bind. kingship) {S29 N29 G1 A28 Y1v} [sqAi] make high (a building). kingship) {S29 N29 G1 A28} [sqAi] make high (a building). stiffness (of limbs) {S29 N35 M3 Aa1 X1 G43 D40 Z2} [snq] suck {S29 N35 N29 D27} [snq] nurse {S29 N35 N29 D27 Y1v} [sn] smell (perfume). their {S29 N35} [snxx] (causative) rejuvenate oneself. victories). well. unload (ships).Clothing 211 W16 G43 O1} [sqbbwy] bathroom {S29 N29 D58 [sniH] angler {S29 N35 D36 V28 G43} D58 Y1v} [sqAi] extol (beauty. kiss [snxt] (causative) make strong.) healthy {S29 N35 D58 Y1v} [snb] (v. polish [snaa ib] (causative) soothe. set upright (a person). empty out (contents) {S29 N35 I9 P5} [snf] (causative) make to breathe.tackle) {S29 N29 G1 S29 V1 A24} V28 D40} [sqAH] (causative) plaster {S29 N29 G1 [sqnd] (causative) enrage {S29 N29 N35 D46 A24} [snr] (causative) terrify {S29 N35 H4 [sqr] set up (stairway. breathe (air). king) {S29 N29 G1 A28 Y1v} [snbt sp 2] Farewell. unload (ships). set upright (a person). farewell {S29 N35 [snb] banish ? (sleep) {S29 N35 D58 Y1v} [snb] (n. ladder) {S29 N29 T2} [sn] (suffix and dependent prn.) they.Dictionary of Middle Egyptian S .) be healthy. string up (fowling . kiss {S29 N35 D19 Y1} {S29 N35 D36 D36 Y3 Y1} [snaa] (causative) make smooth. calm {S29 N35 D36 D36 Y3 Y1 F34 Z1} . strengthen. them. enrich {S29 N35 M3 Aa1 X1 A24} [snxtw] stiffening. renew (breath) {S29 N35 Aa1 Aa1 A20} N35 Aa1 N35 A17} [snf] (causative) make to breathe. intrans. exalt (a god. victories). prolong (lifetime. empty out (contents) {S29 N35 I9 P5 A24} [snxn] (causative) nurse (a child) {S29 [snxn] (causative) control (people) {S29 [snDnDn] (causative) incite {S29 N35 I10 N35 I10 N35 Q7} N35 Aa1 N35 Y1} {S29 N35 K4 G1 K4 G1 A24} [snXAXA] (causative) disturb {S29 N35 D19 A2} [sn] smell (perfume). prolong (lifetime. succour. exalt (a god.

copy. their {S29 N35 Z2} [sny] (dual prn. actions.) they two. dry up {S29 N37 D21 N5} N35 U19 W24 G43 D46 D54} [snwd] (causative) thrust aside {S29 [snwtt] bindweed ? {S29 N35 U19 N8} [sSr] (causative) dry.) be white. damage {S29 N35 [sSp] (v.) be like. dry up {S29 N37 D21 [sSrw] linen {S29 N37 D21 S28} [sSdt] shrine (of falcon) {S29 N37 D46 W24 G43 X1 X1 M2} M17 M17 O21} [snTy] cabin (on vessel) {S29 N35 V13 X1 O1} [snT] measure out (land). refix (eyes of the dead) {S29 N35 V13 V5} N14} [SsAt] nightfall.Dictionary of Middle Egyptian S . entwine {S29 N35 [snH] (causative) bind.) register. them. drive (birds) {S29 N35 O4 A2} [snhAt] shelter. night sky {S29 N37 F5 X1 [sSAt] (divinity) Seshat (goddess) V28 V1} [snH] (causative) bind. imitate. conform {S29 N35 X5 Y1} [sn] (suffix and dependent prn. be bright {S29 N37 Q3 N5} . form (limbs). intrans. record. them two {S29 N35 Z4} [snhp] (causative) rise early {S29 N35 O4 Q3 N5} [snmyt] a rank weed {S29 N35 T34 G17 M17 M17 M2 X1 Z2 Z1} [snwx] (causative) boil {S29 N35 U19 W24 G43 Aa1 Q7} N35 U19 W24 G43 D21 G39} [snwr] (causative) make to tremble {S29 [snwr] (causative) make to tremble [sSrw] things. course. muster (troops).) they.Clothing 212 [snq] suckle {S29 N35 N29 F20 D27} {S29 N35 N42 G17 D54} V31 G43 N2} [snkkw] darkness {S29 N35 V31 [snHm] (causative) prevent (movement) [snkt] darkness. resemble. heat (something) {S29 N37 G17 G17 Q7} V31 N35 D56} [snkn] (causative) injure. refuge {S29 N35 O4 G1 X1 O1} V31 X1 F21 A2} [snktkt] gossip {S29 N35 V31 X1 [snw] poverty {S29 N35 W24 G43 G37} M17 M17 O21} [snTy] cabin (on vessel) {S29 N35 X1 O4 Q3 D54} [snhp] (causative) set in motion {S29 N35 [sni] (v. found (a house etc). manner (of action) {S29 N37 D21 F51} S28 S28 S28} [sSrw] linen {S29 N37 D21 G43 {S29 N35 U19 W24 G43 D21 K1} [sSr] (causative) dry. entwine {S29 {S29 N37 G1 X1 G7C} N35 V28 V1 D40} [sSmm] (causative) warm (someone). obscurity {S29 N35 V31 X1 N8} [snHm] (causative) prevent (movement) {S29 N35 N42 V28 G17 A24} [snhy] (v.

position). wear (clothes) {S29 N37 Q3 O42} {S29 O4 G1 E21 A24} [sSm] conduct {S29 N37 T32} [sSmw] ruler. make inaccessible {S29 N37 X1 U30 G1 Y1v} [shAi] (v.) confusion {S29 O4 G1 [shA] (v. glorify (life on earth) {S29 O29 D36 G1 M17 M17 Y1v} G17 D55} [sHm] (causative) put a stop to {S29 N42 [sHm] crush. purchase. rank.Clothing 213 [sSp] (v. infinitive) make content. magnify (god. magnify (god. truth) {S29 O29 D36} M3} [SstA] (adj. glorify (life on earth) {S29 O29 D36} [saAy] (causative) make great (of size. catch (fish). draw. cause to stand. make to fall {S29 O4 G1 M17 M17 X1 D54} X1 D54} [shAt] discharge (medical) {S29 O4 G1 [swhi] (v. paint. pound. vaunt with {S29 O4 G43 A2} [shp] (causative) govern {S29 O4 Q3 D40} [saAy] (causative) increase (benefits). lighten (darkness) {S29 O42 Q3 N5} [shri] (v. position). rank. make peace {S29 O4 D21 M17 M17 Y1 X1} [shri] (causative) make content. trans.) be white.) secret.) light {S29 N37 Q3 N8} [shA] (n. magnify (god. trans. problem {S29 N37 X1 U30 G1 Y1v} [sS] (v.) make bright. make to fall {S29 O4 G1 D54} [shA] (v. pound.) boast of. enrol (troops) {S29 N37 Y4 Y2} [sSw] disk (of metal) {S29 N37 Z4 Z9 Y1 Z2} [saA] gunwale {S29 O29 D36 G1 [saAy] (causative) increase (benefits). trituration {S29 N42 [saAy] (causative) increase (benefits). truth) {S29 O29V} [saAy] tremble {S29 O29V M17 M17 B2} [sSsp] make brightness. glorify (life on earth) {S29 O29V} [saAy] (causative) make great (of size. mysterious.Dictionary of Middle Egyptian S . intrans. lighten (darkness) {S29 N37 Q3 N8} N37 Q3 N8} [shAi] (causative) bring down. infinitive) bring down. inscribe.) confound (someone) ? {S29 O4 G1 E21 A24} E21 A24} [sSp] (v.) write. truth) {S29 O29 D36 G1 M17 M17 Y1v} N42 G17 U32 D36} N35A} [sHm] crush. be bright {S29 [sSp] (n.) be in confusion [Ssp] take. accept.) secret {S29 N37 X1 U30 G1 Y1v} [SstA] (n. trituration {S29 [saAy] (causative) make great (of size. make peace {S29 O4 D21 Y1v} [sh] terrorize {S29 O4 D41 D40} [saHa] (causative) raise up. . deprive (of) {S29 N37 V4 G1 A4 G37} [SstA] (causative) make secret. rank. assume (crown). (religious) mystery. receive. confidential matter. intrans. position). leader {S29 N37 T32 G43} [sSwA] (causative) impoverish.

establish (against) {S29 P7} [spt] lip (of mouth. radiant {S29 . entrust. effective. make petition {S29 Q3 D21 F42 A2} [sprw] petitioner {S29 Q3 D21 G43 F42 A2 A1} [sip] inspect.) lasso {S29 Q3 V28 V1 D40} [spHt] ribs of beef {S29 Q3 V28 X1 F41} Q3 X1 D24} [saHa] (causitive) raise up. insatl. petition (someone). cause to stand. please. skilled {S29 Q3 D46 M44} [spdt] triangle {S29 Q3 D46 X1 M44} N24 X1 Z1} S28} [skAp] (causative) cover up {S29 R5 Q3 [snTr] (causative) cense. erect. {S29 [spAt] district. restore to order {S29 Q3 D46 M44} [spd] (adj. make sleek (of skin) {S29 Q3 Aa1 M12 G1 V11 Y1} [spr] rib {S29 Q3 D21 F42} [spr] appeal to. satisfy (employees) {S29 R4} [sHtp] (causative) provide (for temple). make gracious (to) {S29 R4 X1 Q3 Y1v} [sHtp ib] please {S29 R4 X1 Q3 Y1 F34 Z1} [spd] (v. cause to stand. set up. pacify.Dictionary of Middle Egyptian S .) inspection {S29 Q3 Y2} [sHtp] (causative) propitate.) lasso {S29 Q3 V28 G43 V1} [sDD] (causative) make permanent {S29 R11 R11} S15A} [stHn] (causative) make dazzling. revise.) petition {S29 Q3 D21 X1 [sprty] petitioner {S29 Q3 D21 X1 F42 U33 M17} [sHtpy] censer {S29 R4 X1 Q3 M17 Y1v} [spdd] supply {S29 Q3 D46 D46 M44 [spdd] supply {S29 Q3 D46 D46 Y2} [sHtp] (causative) propitate. accuse. allot. please. insatl. jar). examine.Clothing 214 set up.) display skill. destine (to a fate).) lasso {S29 Q3 V28 V1} [spH] (v. pacify. accuse. renew (skin) {S29 Q3 N35 D36 P1} {S29 R8 X1 D21 N33 Y1} [snTr] (causative) cense. erect. consecrate {S29 [spAt] district. consecrate F22} [spH] (causative) attain {S29 Q3 V28 [spHw] (n. establish (against) {S29 P6 D36 D54} [saHa] (causative) raise up. accuse. erect. set up. assign. nome {S29 Q3 X1 N24} [spt] ritual ? object {S29 Q3 X1 R93} [spxA] (causative) purge (the body). supply (food). make gracious (to) {S29 R4} M17 R42} F42 A2} [sprt] (n. nome {S29 Q3 G40 R8 V13 D21 N33} [spna] (causative) overturn. satisfy (employees) {S29 R4 X1 Q3 Y1v} [sHtp] (causative) provide (for temple). wound. insatl. establish (against) {S29 P6 A21} [spH] (v. vagina.) sharp. organize (household) {S29 Q3 Y2} [sip] (n.

make wise [ssAw] provisions.) ashes {S29 S29 Q7} [ss] (v. supply (with). mare {S29 S29 G17 X1 [ssnDm] a costly wood {S29 S29 M29 D19} F27} [sst] (infinitive) breathe. enliven (the downcast). prepare (food) {S29 S29 Q3 D46 M44 Y1v} D19} [ssn] (causative) breathe. mare {S29 S29 G17 X1 {S29 S29 V28 D40} [ssH] destroy (enemies). smell {S29 S29 [ssnb] (causative) preserve. enliven (the downcast). supply (with). penetrate (into) {S29 S29 M44 Y1v} N35 D19} {S29 S29 Aa17 G1 A2} [ssAi] (causative) satisfy. dates (in time) {S29 S29 N35 Q7} [sswn] (causative) destroy {S29 S29 E34 [sswn] (n.) burn {S29 S29 R40} S29 G43 N5 Z2} [ssbq] (causative) honour (someone) {S29 [ssbt] make to laugh {S29 S29 D58 X1 F18 A2} [sww] day. preserve. sustenance {S29 M29 M3} [ssnDm] a costly wood {S29 S29 N35 [ssAw] satisfaction {S29 S29 Aa17 G43 A2} [sspd] (causative) enliven (the downcast).Clothing M42 N35 T11 G37} 215 {S29 S15A N35} [stHn] (causative) make dazzling. destruction {S29 S29 G43 N34 Z2} [sanx] (causative) make live. smell {S29 S29 X1 [sst] calf (of leg) {S29 S29 X1 D56} [sswt] a metallic inlay ? {S29 S29 X1 G17 M1} [ssnDm] a costly wood {S29 S29 M29 M1} [sswn] destroy.Dictionary of Middle Egyptian S . prepare (food). sustenance {S29 [ssn] (causative) breathe. radiant {S29 S17 N35} [sspd] (causative) make ready. prepare (food). shatter (heads) [ssH] destroy (enemies) {S29 S29 V28 G37} E6} [ssH] shatter (heads) {S29 S29 V28 T30} [ssmt] horse. supply (with). smell {S29 S29 [ssrd] (causative) plant (garden) {S29 S29 D21 D46 M31} [ss] hurry {S29 S29 D54} S29 D58 N29 Y1} [sspd] (causative) make ready.) destruction {S29 S29 E34 N35 [ssxm] (causative) strengthen {S29 S29 S42 G17} Q7} E34 N35 T11 G37} [sswn] (causative) destroy {S29 S29 [ssmt] horse. penetrate (into) {S29 S29 Q3 D46 M44 Y1v} [sspd] (causative) make ready. radiant [stHn] (causative) make dazzling. heal {S29 S29 S29 Aa17 G1 W22 X2 Z8} N35 D58 Y1v} S29 Aa17 G1 Z7 A2} [ssAw] provisions. penetrate (into) {S29 S29 Q3 D46 Y1v} [ss] (n. revive .

become pale {S29 T3 I10 N5} [sqsn] (causative) make miserable {S29 T19 N35 G37} {S29 T22 D36 D36} [snaa] (causative) make smooth. reveal {S29 T3 I10 N5} [sHD] (causative intrans. provide. nourish. conduct (war. perpetuate {S29 T12 D21 V24 G43 I10 Y1} [sqr] work (metal) {S29 T2 D235} [sHD] inspector {S29 T3} [sHD] (causative trans. nourish.Dictionary of Middle Egyptian S .) mighty one. make clear. become pale [sSmw] ruler. make explanation. kiss {S29 T22 N35 D19} N35 S29 T22 N35 D19} [snsn] (v. preserve. portrait.) make glad O39} [snt] base (of statue) {S29 T22 N35 X1 [sHD wr] (v. revive (dead).) great light . perpetuate (name) {S29 S34} [sanx] (causative) make live.) illumine. make clear. reveal {S29 T3 N8} [sHD] (causative intrans. become pale {S29 T3 N8} [sSmw] ruler. set right (a wrong). gladden. maintain. restore (buildings) {S29 T12 D21 V24 G43 I10 Y1} {S29 S42 G17 Aa1 G43 D40 Z2} [sxmw] (pl.) illumine. govern. polish [sn] smell (perfume).maker (of Sun god) {S29 T3 I10 N5 D21 G37} {S29 T3 I10 N5 F34 Z1} D19 Z8} [sHD ib] (causative trans. leader {S29 T31 G17 M17 M17 D54} [sSm] lead. feed. gladden.) power.) great light . make explanation.) shine. guide {S29 T31 G17 Y1v} .) shine. trans. leader {S29 T31 G17 [sHD] (causative trans. Power [srwD] (causative) strengthen. make illumination.) illumine.maker (of Sun god) {S29 T3 I10 N14 G37 D21} [sHDt] chest (furniture) {S29 T3 I10 X1 M3} [snt] festival of the 6th day of lunar month {S29 T22 N35 X1 Z2 Z2 X2 X6 W22} [sSm] lead. make explanation. show (the way).) be brotherly {S29 T22 [snw] offerings {S29 T22 N35 W24 [sHD wr] (v. rule. guide. make illumination.) shine.work). make illumination. reveal {S29 T5 N5} [srwD] (causative) make secure. fulfil (contract) {S29 T12 D21 V24 G43 I10 Y1} [sanx] sculptor {S29 S34 N35 Aa1 A1} [sHqA] (causative) cause to rule. image.Clothing {S29 T5 N5} 216 (dead). couterpart {S29 T31 G17 G43 A40} M17 M17 A1} [sHD] (causative intrans. trans. gladden. breathe (air). feed. instal as ruler {S29 S38 N29 Y1} [sxm] (n. perpetuate (name) {S29 S34 N35 Aa1} [sHD] (causative trans. grimness {S29 S42 Aa1 G17 D40} [srwD] (causative) make to flourish. intrans. make clear. instruct (people) {S29 T31 G17 D54} X1 N5 M3} [sHDt] chest (furniture) {S29 T3 I10 [sSmw] statue.

couterpart G17 T30A D36} [smA] kill. governance. couterpart E1} [smA] wild bull {S29 U1 G1 G17 [smA] unite.Dictionary of Middle Egyptian S . renew {S29 U1 G1 G43 Z4 Y1} [smA] kill. associate (with). associate (with). arrive (in) {S29 U1 G1 F36 Y1v} [sSmw] statue. the living) {S29 U1 Aa11 D36 P8 A2} [smA] scalp. image. destroy {S29 U1 T30} {S29 U1 Z4A G43 Y1v} [smAwy] (causative) renovate. control {S29 T32 G17 Y1 X1} [simA] (causative) make welldisposed (to) {S29 U1 G1 G17 M1 Y1v} Q7} [sSmt] working out (mathematical). portrait. procedure. renew [smAr] (causative) impoverish {S29 U2 D4 G1 D21 T12} . {S29 U1 G1 F36 Y1v} [smA] unite. nature {S29 T31 G17 Y1 Z2} [sSm] guidance. state. join (a company). couterpart {S29 T32 I12} X1 I12} [sSmt] guiding serpent (of god) {S29 T32 [sSmt] guidance {S29 T32 X1 Y1} [sSmt] guidance {S29 T32 X1 Y1} [smAwy] (causative) renovate. destroy {S29 U1 G1 [sSmw] statue. conduct. join (a company). condition. proof (mathematical) {S29 T32 G17 Y1 X1} [sSm] guidance {S29 T32 G17 Y1v} {S29 T32 G17 Y1v} [sAm] burn up {S29 U1 G1 G17 [sAm] (causative) burn up {S29 U1 G1 G17 Q7} [sSmw] statue. leader {S29 T32 G17 D54 A1} [smA] partake (of). make ready (a boat). leader {S29 T32 [sSmt] leading (of procession). business {S29 T31 G17 Y1 Z2} [sSm] guidance {S29 T32} {S29 T32 Aa15 A48} [smA] ramp ? {S29 U1 G1 F36 N23} [smA] partake (of). portrait. guide {S29 T32 D54} [sSmw] ruler. destroy {S29 U1 G1 T30 D40} U1 M17 D21 T12 D40} [smAr] (causative) impoverish {S29 [smAr] (causative) impoverish {S29 [sSm] business {S29 T32 Y1} [smAa xrw] justify (the dead. portrait. image. state of affairs. image. make ready (a boat). side {S29 U1 D3} [smA] wild bull {S29 U1 E1} U1 M17 D21 T12 G37} [smA] kill. {S29 U1 G1 G17 F36 D36} [simA] make well-disposed {S29 U1 G1 G17 M1 Y1v} G17 G43 D54 A1} [sSmw] ruler.Clothing 217 [sSm] expenditure. guidance. arrive (in) {S29 U1 G1 G17 F36 D36} [sSm] guidance {S29 T32 Aa15 D54} [sSm] lead.

Dictionary of Middle Egyptian

S - Clothing


{S29 U2 D4 G1 G43}

[smAwy] (causative) renovate, renew

U23 D58 Y1 A24}

[sAb] (causative) cross (water) {S29 [smr] friend (of king) {S29 U23

[smAa] put in order, correct, present, survey (region) {S29 U5 D36 D54} [smAa] put in order, correct, present, survey (region) {S29 U5 D36 Y1v} [snwH] (causative) impassion {S29 U19
W24 V28 D280}

G17 D21 A21 A1}

G17 D21 G37}

[smr] (causative) cause pain {S29 U23

[smrw] friends {S29 U23 U23 U23} [swbA] (causative) open, reveal (oneself)
{S29 U26 D58 G1 Y1v}

W24 V28 N42 D52}

[snwH] (causative) impassion {S29 U19

[swbA] (causative) open, reveal (oneself) {S29 U26 D58 G29 M17 M17 Y1v}
U26 Y1v}

[smnx] (causative) advance, ennoble, make distinguised (a name), endow {S29 U22 Aa1} [smnx] (causative) publish, make effective (words), pull, set in order (affairs), {S29 U22

[swbA] (causative) open, reveal (oneself) {S29 [swbA Hr n] instruct {S29 U26 Y1

D2 Z1 N35}

[smnx] (causative) settle (endowment), confirm, embellish, restore, efficiently execute
{S29 U22 Aa1}

{S29 U26 Y1 F34 Z1}

[swbA ib] open the heart (to wisdom)

[smnx] (causative) advance, ennoble, make distinguised (a name), endow {S29 U22 Y1} [smnx] (causative) publish, make effective (words), pull, set in order (affairs), {S29 U22

[sDA] adviser ? {S29 U28 A2} [sDA] travel, depart (in sense of die) {S29
U28 G1 D54}

{S29 U28 G1 G17 D53}

[sDAm] (causative) lie (with woman)

[smnx] (causative) settle (endowment), confirm, embellish, restore, efficiently execute
{S29 U22 Y1}

[sDAyt] seal {S29 U28 G1 M17 M17
X1 S20}

[smrw] friends {S29 U23 A1 Z2} [sAb] jackal {S29 U23 D58 E17} [sAb Swt] many coloured of plummage (of Solar Horus) {S29 U23 D58 H6
X1 Z1 H5 Z2}


[sDH] shank, shin {S29 U28 G1 V28 [sDH] shank {S29 U28 G1 V28 F51}

[sDAy Hr] amuse oneself, take recreation {S29 U28 G1 Z4 Y1 D2 Z1} [sDAmt] (n.) pick {S29 U28 G14 X1 U6} [sDAyt] seal {S29 U28 X1 G43 S20} [sDAy Hr] amuse oneself, take recreation
{S29 U28 Y1 D2 Z1}

U23 D58 H6 X1 Z1 H5 Z2}

[sAb Swt] variegated of plumage {S29

[sAb] drip {S29 U23 D58 N35A} [sAbt] particoloured snake {S29 U23 D58
X1 I14}

[sDAy] take recreation {S29 U28 Z4 Z9}

Dictionary of Middle Egyptian

S - Clothing


[isT] (non - enclitic particle) {S29 U33} [stHn] (causative) make dazzling, radiant {S29 U33 V28 N35 S15} [sxsf] (causative) create opposition (against) {S29 U35 A2}
V2 D54}

(herbage), make to flourish (of person, office)
{S29 V4 I10 M13 M13B Y1v}

[swAD] (causative) make prosperous (of years), richly provide (altars), refurbish (stela)
{S29 V4 I10 M13 M13B Y1v}

[sTA] see under other entries for sTA {S29 [stAw] injury {S29 V2 G1 Z7} [sTA] (v. intrans.) flow {S29 V2 V13

[swAS] (causative) pay honour to, applaud {S29 V4 N37 A30} [swAS] (causative) pay honour to, applaud
{S29 V4 N37 Y1}

[sSr] utter, express {S29 V6 D21 A2} [sSrw] corn {S29 V6 D21 U9 Z2} [sSrw] things, actions, course, manner (of action) {S29 V6 D21 Y1v}
O34 D21 A2}

G1 D54}

[sTA] (v.) (of people) drag, drag away, admit, usherin, bring {S29 V2 V13 G1 D54} [sTA] (v.) (of things) drag, pull, pull out, reduce (swelling), draw off (pus) {S29 V2
V13 G1 D54}

[sSsr] (causative) discuss ? {S29 V6

[swA] (causative) pass (on road), escape (from), surpass (someone), pass away, transgress, occur {S29 V4 G1 D54} [swAw] journey {S29 V4 G1 G43
N31 D54}

[sarq] (causative) finish off, complete, put a stop to {S29 V12 N29} [isT] (non - enclitic particle) {S29 V13} [sTy] odour, smell {S29 V13 Aa3} [sTi] (v.) strew, scatter {S29 V13 D117} [sti] impregnate (female), beget, ejaculate
{S29 V13 F29}

[swA] (causative) pass (on road), escape (from), surpass (someone), pass away, transgress, occur {S29 V4 G1 N31 D54} [swAS] (causative) pay honour to, applaud {S29 V4 G1 N37 A28}
V4 G1 V4 G1}

[sTw] sower {S29 V13 F29A G43}
V13 G1 S29 Z7 A97}

[swAwA] (causative) ponder {S29

[sTsy] be stretched out, prostrate {S29 [sTA] see under other entries for sTA

[swAH] (causative) make to endure, to last, make stay (in house), lengthen (life), last long {S29 V4 G1 V28 V29 Y1v} [swAt] what is past {S29 V4 G1 X1
N31 D54}

{S29 V13 G1 V1 O34}

M17 S22 X1}

[stt] (divinity) Satis (goddess) {S29 V13 [sTit] (divinity) Satis {S29 V13 M17

S22 X1}

[swA] (causative) pass (on road), escape (from), surpass (someone), pass away, transgress, occur {S29 V4 G1 Z9 N31} [swAD] (causative) make green

[sTny] (causative) distinguish, honour, make distinctions, differentiate {S29 V13 N35

Dictionary of Middle Egyptian

S - Clothing


V13 N35 T34 G17 D55}

[stnm] lead astray, confusion {S29

{S29 V13 V2 G1 O34}

[sTA] see under other entries for sTA

[sTny] distinguish, honour, make distinctions {S29 V13 N35 Z4 T14 Y1v} [sTsi] (causative) raise, lift up, remove (lassitude), display (beauty) {S29 V13 O34

[sTA] see under other entries for sTA
{S29 V13 V2 O34}

[sTy] odour, smell {S29 V13 V33}
O22C V30 W10B}

[sty Hb] a sacred oil {S29 V13 V33 [sTit] (divinity) Satis {S29 V13 X1

V13 O34 M17 M17 A98}

[sTsy] be stretched out, prostrate {S29

F29 X1 A43}

[sTsi] (causative) raise, lift up, remove (lassitude), display (beauty) {S29 V13 O34


[sTt] kindle (light) {S29 V13 X1 S22 [sTt] kindle (light) {S29 V13 X1 S22

[sTsi] (causative) raise, lift up, remove (lassitude), display (beauty) {S29 V13 O34 U39


[sTt] jar (for beer) {S29 V13 X1 W22} [smHy] (causative) flood (land), drown (enemy), sink (his ship) {S29 V22 V28 N35A} [swD] (causative) hand over, pass on, assign (office etc) {S29 V24 D46 Y1} [swD] (causative) hand over, pass on, assign (office etc) {S29 V24 G43 A2} [swD] (causative) hand over, pass on, assign (office etc) {S29 V24 G43 Y1v} [swD] (causative) hand over, pass on, assign (office etc) {S29 V24 I10 Y1}

[sTsy] be stretched out, prostrate {S29 V13
O34 Z4 A98}

V13 O34 Z7 A97 D40}

[sTsy] be stretched out, prostrate {S29

[sTp] (v. intrans.) leap up {S29 V13 Q3


[sTp] (v. trans.) overleap {S29 V13 Q3 [sTp] (v.) discharge (of the eyes) {S29

V13 Q3 U21 Aa3 N33A}


[stp sA] palace {S29 V13 Q3 U21 O1 [stp sA] protect, do escort duty {S29 V13

[saD] (causative) make hale {S29 V26 D46

Q3 U21 V16}


[stp] cut up (animal) {S29 V13 Q3 U21 [sTp] (v. intrans.) leap up {S29 V13 Q3

[sHri] (causative) remove, exorcise (ill), drive away (foes), avert (face), deliver (from)
{S29 V28 D2 D21 Aa19 N31}

U21 Y1}

D36 M17 M17 A28}

[sHay] (causative) acclaim {S29 V28

[stpt] (collective n.) choice things (of food) {S29 V13 Q3 X1 U21 F23 F44 Z2} [sTA] weave, spin (yarn) {S29 V13 V2}

[sHb] (causative) make festive, adorn
{S29 V28 D58 W3}


[sHm] (causative) put a stop to {S29 V28

Dictionary of Middle Egyptian

S - Clothing


G17 U32}

[sHm] crush, pound, trituration {S29 V28 [sHwr] (causative) vilify {S29 V28 G37

X1 U15 G37}

[sHtm] (causative) destroy {S29 V28

[sHwy] join up (boundaries) {S29 V28
Z4 G43 G41 Y1}

D21 A2}

D21 M17 A2}

[sHwr] (causative) vilify {S29 V28 G37

[sHwy] collection, summary, assemblage (of troops), list {S29 V28 Z4 G43 Y1v}
G43 Y1v}

[sHwa] (causative) shorten {S29 V28
G43 D36 G37}

[sHwy] collect, asssemble {S29 V28 Z4 [sHb] (causative) make festive, adorn

N35 G37}

[sHDn] (causative) vex {S29 V28 I10 [sHn] (causative) command {S29 V28

{S29 V28 Z4 W3 D58}

M2 N35 D40}

G41 A2}

[sHwy] collect, asssemble {S29 V28 Z7

[sHn] decorate {S29 V28 M2 N35 Y1v}
V28 M17 M17 V28 X1 G39}

[sHyHt] gallinule (moor hen) ? {S29

[sHwy] collection, summary, assemblage (of troops), list {S29 V28 Z7 Z4
G41 Y1 Z2}

[sHyHt] gallinule (moor hen) ? {S29 V28
M17 V28 X1 G39}

[swAH] (causative) make to endure, to last, make stay (in house), lengthen (life), last long
{S29 V29 V28 Y1v}

V28 N29 D21 G37}

[sHqr] (causative) make hungry {S29 [sHtm] (causative) destroy {S29

[sk] wipe, wipe out, wipe away {S29 V29
V31 D36}

V28 Q1 G17 G41 G37}


[ski] (v. trans.) destroy {S29 V29 V31 [ski] (v. intrans.) perish {S29 V29 V31

[sHtp] (causative) propitate, please, pacify, satisfy (employees) {S29 V28 R4 X1 Q3} [sHtp] (causative) provide (for temple), make gracious (to) {S29 V28 R4 X1 Q3}


[ski] (n.) accusation {S29 V29 V31 G37}

[skw] battle {S29 V29 V31 G43 D40 [skw] troops, companies {S29 V29

[sHn] (causative) command {S29 V28 U8 [sHtm] (causative) destroy {S29

V31 G43 D40 Z2}

V28 U15 G17 G39 G37}

V28 U15 G17 G43 G41 G37 A1}

[sHtmw] destroyer {S29

V31 G43 S156 D40 Z2}

[skw] troops, companies {S29 V29

[sk] fell (trees) {S29 V29 V31 M3} [ski] (v. trans.) destroy {S29 V29
V31 M17 M17 G37}

[sHyHt] gallinule (moor hen) ? {S29 V28
V28 X1 G39}

V28 W14 O34 D54}

[sHsi] (causative) meet (someone) {S29

[sksk] destroy {S29 V29 V31 O50 Z4

Dictionary of Middle Egyptian

S - Clothing


V31 D40}

[sksk] destroy {S29 V29 V31 S29 V29 [sksk] destroy {S29 V29 V31 S29 V29

W11 D21 U17 M3 Z2}

[sgrgw] yard arms (of ship) ? {S29

[sgrH] (causative) satisfy {S29 W11 D21
V28 A2}

V31 G37}

T3 A1 Z2}

[skw] troops, companies {S29 V29 V31 [sktw] type of boat {S29 V29 V31

[sgrH] (causative) make peaceful, pacify, satisfy {S29 W11 D21 V28 D41 Y1}
{S29 W11 D21 V28 Y1v}

X1 G43 P1}

[sgrH] (causative) make peaceful, pacify [sgrg] (causative) institute (offerings)

X1 P1}

[sktt] type of boat {S29 V29 V31 X1 [sktt] night - barque (of sun) {S29

{S29 W11 D21 W11 U17}

V29 V31 X1 X1 P1}

D21 Y1}

[sgr] (causative v. and n.) silence {S29 W11 [sgnn] (causative) soften, weaken, anoint

[ski] (v.) pass (time) {S29 V29 V31 Y1}
V31 Z7 A24 A1 Z2}

{S29 W11 N35 N35 A7}

[skw] troops, companies {S29 V29

[sgnn] (causative) soften, weaken, anoint {S29 W11 N35 N35 A7 G37}
N35 W23 Z2}

[swAH] (causative) make to endure, to last, make stay (in house), lengthen (life), last long
{S29 V29 Y1v}

[sgnn] tallow, ointment {S29 W11 N35

[isk] (non - enclitic particle) {S29 V31}
N35 I3}

[sqbbwy] bathroom {S29 W15 O1 O1} [sxnti] (causative) advance, promote
{S29 W17 N35 X1 D19}

[skn] be greedy, lust (after) {S29 V31

[sk] wipe, wipe out, wipe away {S29 V31

{S29 W17 N35 X1 D19 Y1}

[sxnti] (causative) advance, promote [sxnti] (causative) take southward

V29 F32 X1 Z1}

[sk Xt] pour out one's heart {S29 V31

{S29 W17 N35 X1 P1}

[snkkw] darkness {S29 V31 V31 G43

{S29 W17 N35 X1 P1}

[sxnti] (causative) advance, promote


[sktw] type of boat {S29 V31 X1 G43 [skw] battle {S29 V90 M17 M17 D40

[smi] (n.) report, acknowledgement (of letter)
{S29 W19}


[smi] (v.) report, make report, complain, announce, proclaim {S29 W19} [smi] (n.) report, acknowledgement (of letter) {S29 W19 M17 A2} [smi] (v.) report, make report, complain, announce, proclaim {S29 W19 M17 A2}

D21 A2}

[sgr] (causative v. and n.) silence {S29 W11 [sgr] (causative v. and n.) silence {S29

W11 D21 M17 A2}

Dictionary of Middle Egyptian

S - Clothing


[smi] whip {S29 W19 M17 F27 Z1} [smi] chastise {S29 W19 M17 P8 A24} [smi] curds {S29 W19 M17 W24 Z2}
X1 A2}

G43 X1 Y1}

[stwt] (causative) resemble {S29 X1

[stf] liquid ?, to foam up {S29 X1 I9 D26

[smit] charge, accusation {S29 W19 M17


[stfw] sheet (copper) {S29 X1 I9 G43 [stnm] (n.) confusion {S29 X1 N35

[swnw] tower {S29 W24 O233} [snw] wine of Pelusium {S29 W24 W10} [st] (dependent prn.) it, them {S29 X1} [sTi] (v.) strew, scatter {S29 X1 A409} [sTy] odour, smell {S29 X1 Aa2} [stbn] (casuative) hasten {S29 X1 D58
N35 D54}

T34 G17 D54}

{S29 X1 N35 T34 G17 D54}

[stnm] (causative) lead astray, confuse

[sTny] (causative) distinguish, honour, make distinctions, differentiate {S29 X1
N35 W24 Z7 T14 G41}

[sTny] (causative) distinguish, honour, make distinctions, differentiate {S29 X1 N35 Y1} [stX] (divinity) Seth (god) {S29 X1 N37}
O4 D56 D54}

[sti] impregnate (female), beget, ejaculate {S29 X1 F29 D53}
{S29 X1 F29 G1 V2 D54}

[sthi] (causative) ramble about {S29 X1 [stpw] the choicest, pick {S29 X1 Q3

[sTA] see under other entries for sTA [stwt] rays (of sun) {S29 X1 F29

G43 U21 Y1 Z2}

G43 X1 N8}

[stp] choke ? {S29 X1 Q3 U21 A2}
U21 V16}

M17 M17 D4}

[sty] (v.) stare, stare at {S29 X1 F29 [smyt] desert, necropolis {S29

[stp sA] protect, do escort duty {S29 X1 Q3

X1 G17 Aa8 X1 N21 Z1 N25}

[stp] cut up (animal), cut off (limbs), pick out, choose {S29 X1 Q3 U21 Y1} [stpt] (collective n.) choice things (of food) {S29 X1 Q3 X1 U21 Z2} [sTA] weave, spin (yarn) {S29 X1 U30 G1} [stAw] dragging {S29 X1 U30 G1
G43 V2}


[stwr] (causative) keep clean {S29 X1 G36

[stwt] (causative) resemble, smooth over, make over, praise (craftsmanship) {S29
X1 G43 X1 A53 Y1v}

[swtwt] go forth, walk about, journey, travel {S29 X1 G43 X1 D54}

[swtwt] walk about {S29 X1 G43 X1 [stwt] rays (of sun) {S29 X1 G43 X1

X1 U30 G1 Q7}

[stA] (causative) heat, kindle (taper) {S29 [sTA] see under other entries for sTA

{S29 X1 U30 G1 S29 V2 D54}


[sTA] see under other entries for sTA

{S29 Y5 N35 Aa1 U22 Y1} [s] ornamental vessel {S29 Z1} [.sn] (suffix and dependent prn. fasten. efficiently execute. induct (into). perpetuate. it {S29 Z4} [swx] (causative) spend the night {S29 Z7 Aa1 N2} [smnx] (causative) advance. set aside. pull. fasten. ennoble.Clothing 224 {S29 X1 U30 G1 V2 D54} [sTA] see under other entries for sTA [sTA] see under other entries for sTA N35 D54} [smn] (causative) retire.) she. cut short. {S29 Y5 N35 Y1} [smn] (causative) make firm. endow {S29 Y5 N35 Aa1 U22 Y1} [swdf] (causative) make to linger {S29 . compound) they {S29 X1 Z2} Aa2 D21 Z1 A2} [smn] (n.) mainstay (of land). leave to stand. set up (stela). make to endure. confirm (office) {S29 Y5 N35 Y1} [smnx] (causative) settle (endowment). spin (yarn) {S29 X1 V2 D36} [smn] (causative) set in place (parts of body). confirmation (of land-holding) {S29 Y5 N35 Y1} [smn] (causative) affix (adornments). withdraw {S29 Y5 [smntyw] emissaries {S29 Y5 N35 G4 A33} {S29 X1 U30 G1 V2 D54 S29 D54} [smn] goose {S29 Y5 N35 G39} [smn] (causative) affix (adornments). take station. leave to stand. set up (stela). confirm. establish. make to endure. lamp {S29 X1 U30 X1 Q7} [sTA] weave. restore. make effective (words). them. embellish. {S29 Y5 N35 U32 D36} [smn] (causative) make firm. make distinguised (a name). bring on (doom). set in order (affairs). perpetuate. set aside. make fast {S29 Y5 N35 U32 D36} V2 D54 Z2 Aa2} [stAw] injury {S29 X1 U30 G1 Z7 [stA] (causative) heat.) they.Dictionary of Middle Egyptian {S29 X1 U30 G1 V2 D54} S . make fast {S29 Y5 N35 Y1} [sty r] mid . her. kindle (taper) {S29 X1 U30 Q7} X1 U30 V2 D54} [sTA] see under other entries for sTA {S29 [stAt] censer. record (events). establish.) pour (water) {S29 X1 X1 W56} [st] (prn. make to stay. confirm (office) {S29 Y5 N35 U32 D36} [smnw] supports of sky {S29 Y5 N35 W24 U32 Z2} X1 V2 D54} [sTA] see under other entries for sTA {S29 [stwA] (causative) hold up {S29 X1 V4 G1} W24 W24 W24 M3 M3 M3} [smnw] rungs of ladder {S29 Y5 N35 [stkn] (causative) cause to approach. publish {S29 Y5 N35 Aa1 U22 Y1} [smnx] (causative) publish. take station. make to stay. execute (judgements) {S29 X1 V31 N35 D54} [stt] shooting pains {S29 X1 X1 Aa2 Z2} [sti] (v. their {S29 Z3} [sy] (dependent prn.day meal {S29 X1 Z4 [smn] (causative) set in place (parts of body). record (events).

) perception. soles (of feet) {S33 [Tbwt] sandal.) recognize. perceive. take recreation {S29 Z9 U28 D2 Z1} N16 N16 N23 N23} [sf] yesterday {S30 N5} [siA] (v.) perception. be prosperous and healthy {S34 U28 S29} [anx] garland {S34 V12 Z1 Z8} [anx] sandal strap {S34 Z1} G1 A2 A40} [siA] orpiment ? {S32 G1 N33 Z2} [siAt] fringed cloth {S32 Z1} S33} [Tbwty] (dual) sandals. life {S34 N35 Aa1} [anx] person {S34 N35 Aa1 A1} [anx] swear. be aware of.Clothing 225 [anx] captive {S34 A223} [anx] captive {S34 A223 D40} [anxt] eye (of deity) {S34 D10} [anxw] the living {S34 G43 Z2} [anx] garland {S34 M2} [anx] live. knowledge {S32 [siA] (n. know. perceive. be aware of. vaunt with {S29 Z7 [swhA] break up (of ship) {S29 Z7 O4 G1 E21 A24} G1 Z6} [swDA] (causative) die {S29 Z7 U28 [swDb] (causative) wind (rope around) {S29 Z7 V25 D58 F46 Y1} [anxw] the living {S34 N35 Aa1 G43 [anx] beetle {S34 N35 Aa1 L1} [anx tAwy] Memphis {S34 N35 Aa1 A2} [swr] drink {S29 Z9 D21 M17 N35A [sDAy Hr] amuse oneself. {S32 G1 A2} G1 A2} N35 Aa1 N35 A12 Z2 A1} [anx n mSa] private soldier {S34 [anxw] blocks (of alabaster) {S34 N35 Aa1 O39 Z2} X1 D10} [anxt] eye (of deity) {S34 N35 Aa1 [siA] (n.) recognize. knowledge {S32 [anxt] goat {S34 N35 Aa1 X1 E31} [anxt] corn {S34 N35 Aa1 X1 U9 Z2} [anxt] corn {S34 N35 Aa1 X1 X1 U9} [anxt] corn {S34 N35 Aa1 X1 Z8 Z2} [anxwy] ears {S34 S34 F21 F21} [anxw] the living {S34 S34 S34} [anx wDA snb] may he live.) boast of. pulverize [swSr] (causative) dry {S29 Z7 N37 D21 N5} O4 G1 A2} [swhi] (v. oath {S34 N35 Aa1 A2} Z4} {S29 Z7 G28 G17 D36} [swgm] (causative) grind. know. {S32 A2} [siA] (v.Dictionary of Middle Egyptian Z7 D46 I9 D54} S . sole {S33 X1 Z1} [Tbw] sandal maker {S33 Z7 A1} [anx] swear {S34} .

decayed {S40 G37} [wAst] Thebes {S40 X1 N24} [wAsty] the Theban {S40 X1 Z4 O49} [wAsty] the Theban {S40 X1 Z4 S29} [wAs] sceptre {S40 Z1} [wAs] sceptre {S40 Z1 M3} [xw] fan {S37} [HqA] ruler {S38 A1} [awt] herds (in general) {S38 G43 X1 D52 Z2} X1 E8} [awt] small cattle.) power.54 litres) {S38 [HqAt] rulership {S38 N29 X1 Y1} [HqA Hwt] district governor {S38 O6 X1 O49} [HqAt] sceptre {S38 X1 Z1} Y8A} [HqA bAt] guardian of hathor ? (a title) {S38 [wAs] (n. grimness {S42} . electrum {S41 G17 [Damw] fine gold.) ruin {S40 G17 G37} [wAsi] (v.Dictionary of Middle Egyptian S . herds {S38 G43 [awt xAst] desert game {S38 G43 X1 E8 Z2 N25 X1 Z1} G17 G37} [wAs] (ancient mis-spelling) ruin {S41 [Damw] fine gold. shade {S35 X1 Z1} [Swyt] spirit (of god) {S36} [Swyt] shade (as part of man's personality). and v.) standard {S35} [Swyt] shadow. govern {S38 N29 G1 Z2} [Damw] fine gold. have dominion {S40} [Swt ra] Sunshade.) be ruined. goats. electrum {S41 G17 [HqA] rule over. electrum {S41 G17 Z7 [HqA] rule over. electrum {S41 S12 N33 [HqAt] sceptre {S38 N29 X1} [sxm] (n.) dominion. spirit (of god) {S36 X1 Z1} [Swt ra] Sunshade (a type of small Temple) {S36 X1 Z1 D21 D36 N5 Z1} {S36 X1 Z1 N5 Z1} N29 X1 I12} [Hqt] (divinity) Heqat (frog goddess) {S38 [Hqt] Heqat (frog goddess) {S38 N29 X1 I12} N29 X1 U9} [HqAt] corn-measure (of 4. type of small temple [wAsi] (n.Clothing 226 [anx] captive {S34 Z1} [anx] garland {S34 Z1 M2} [anx] mirror {S34 Z1 N34} [anx] garland {S34 Z1 V12} [anxw] the living {S34 Z3} [sryt] (n. govern {S38 N29} [HqA] Ruler {S38 N29 G1 A1} [HqA] ruler {S38 N29 G1 A40} [HqA] ruler {S38 N29 G1 A45} [HqA] ruler {S38 N29 G1 G7} Y1v} S12} G43 S12 N33 Z2} S12 N33 Z2} [Damw] fine gold.

plea {S43 D46 [mdw] (v. Power {S42 [mdw nTr] word of God. estate {S42 N23} [skw] troops.) power.Crown {S42 X1 S6} S6} [sxmty] the Double . divine decree.Clothing G17 G45 Z3} 227 [xrp] baton (of office) {S42} [xrp] controller. (written) word. administrator {S42 A1} [sxm] (n.Crown {S42 Aa1 X1 Z4 S6} [mdw] (n. sistrum {S42 Z1} [abA] sceptre {S42 Z1} [xrp] district ?. affair {S43 D46 X1 A2} . sacred writings. matter. speech. Power {S42 A40} [sxm ir .) mighty one. Power {S42 Z1 Z2} Aa1 X1 C232} Aa1 X1 I12} [sxmt] (divinity) Sekhmet (goddess) {S42 [sxmty] the Double .Dictionary of Middle Egyptian S .) speak against {S43 [mdw Hna] (v.) have power (over).Crown {S42 Aa1 X1 S6} X1 Z4 S1 S3} [sxmty] the Double . estate ? {S42 Z1 N23} [abA] offering . word.Crown {S42 X1 Z4 [sxmt] (divinity) Sekhmet (goddess) {S42 [sxmt] (divinity) Sekhmet (goddess) {S42 [sxm] sceptre. address (someone). be grim (of face) {S42 G17 D40} D46 G43 A2 V28 N35 D36} [sxm] (adj. written characters.) mighty one.hearted. plea {S43 D46 X1 A2} [mdt] speech.stone {S42 Z1 O39} [sxmw] (pl. talk. administrator {S42} [xrp] undertake (works) {S42} [xrp] controller. address (someone) Aa1 X1 Z5 G7} [sxmt] (divinity) Sekhmet (goddess) {S42 {S43 D46 G43 A2} [abA] present (one's hands in ritual gesture) {S42 D58 Y1v} D46 G43 A2 G17} [mdw m] (v. prevail (over). script {S43 D46 G43 Y1 Z2 R8} [mdw] speak. (legal) plea.) speech.f] potentate {S42 A40 D4 I9} [sxm] (n. violence {S42 G17 D40 F34 Z1} [sxm] founder ? (of ship) {S42 G17 D54} [sxmw] (pl. grimness {S42 Aa1 D40} Aa1 X1 B7C} G17 X1 I12} [sxmt] (divinity) Sekhmet (goddess) {S42 [sxmt] power {S42 G17 X1 Z2} [xrp] district.Crown {S42 Aa1 [mdw iAw] staff of old age (supporter of an aged parent) {S43 A20 A1} G43 A2} [sxmty] the Double . word. violent.) powerful {S42 G17 D40} [sxm ib] stout .) dispute with {S43 [sxm] (v. companies {S42 S156 A1 Z2} [sxmty] the Double .) speak. content (of letter). grimness {S42 A24} [sxm] mighty one. give power (to). words.) power.

rod {S43 Z1 M3} [nxnxA] (n.) injure. waste. plea {S43 G17 D46 G43} [mdw] speak. speech. cream {S152 X1 X1 W23} [xwi] protect {S167 Y1} T .k] take to yourself {T1 N35 V31} [HDt] the white crown {T3 X1 S2} [HDt] white linen {T3 X1 S28} . degrade {T3 I10 Z9} [HDi] (n. plea {S43 D46 X1 Z2} [mdw] speak. destroy.) be destroyed. address (someone). speech. speech. speaker {S43 X1 Z4 D40} [mdw] staff. eclipse. bright {T3} [HD] white (of the eye) {T3 D12} [HD] jaw {T3 F19 F19} [HDw] onions {T3 G43 M201} [HD] set forth at dawn {T3 I10 D54} [HDDwt] brightness {T3 I10 I10 G43 X1 N8 Z3} [HD] white. money {T3 S12 N33A} [mdwty] talker.) be upset. bright {T3 I10 N5} [HD Hr] cheerful {T3 I10 N5 D2 Z1} [HD] set forth at dawn {T3 I10 N5 D54} [HD tA] dawn {T3 I10 N5 N16 N23 Z1} [HD] white clothes {T3 I10 N5 S28} [HD] white. plea {S43 D46 Z4 A2} Z7 X1 Z4 A2 A1} [HD] white. bright {T3 I10 N8} [HDt HsAt] milk {T3 I10 X1 N5 V28 O34 G39 G1 X1 E101A Z2 W24} [HDw] onions {T3 I10 Z7 M2 Z2} [HDi] (v. be lacking. perished.) flail {S45} [nms] the (royal) Nemes head cloth {S57C} [wDA] pectoral {S95} [sSm] guidance {S123 D54} [iAtt] milk. word. address (someone). word. destruction {T3 I10 Z9} [HD ib] (v. affair {S43 D46 X1 Y1v} [mdw] speak. trans. speaker {S43 D46 [mdw] speech. plea {S43 G43} S12 G43} [mDw nbw] goldsmiths {S43 G43 Z3 [Dd mdw] recitation {S43 I10} [Dd mdw in] recitation by {S43 I10 M17 N35} [mdwty] taker. annoyed {T3 I10 Z9 F34 Z1} [HDw] onions {T3 M2 N33A} [HD] white. intrans. intrans.) damage. bright {T3 N5} [HD] silver. fail {T3 I10 Z9} [HDi] (v. words {S43 D46 X1 N33A} [mdt] matter. word. address (someone).Clothing 228 [mdt] speech.Warfare and Hunting [mn n . annul.Dictionary of Middle Egyptian S . word. disobey.

build (ships) {T7} [mDH] hewer (of stone).) troop (of soldiers) {T10 X1 Z1 T14 A1 Z2} [psDt (pDwt ?)] the Nine Bows {T10 X1 Z2 Z2 Z2} [pDty] bowman {T10 X1 Z4 D40} [pDty] bowman {T10 Z1 X1 A1} [swnt] price {T11 N35 X1 Y1 Z2} [swn] (n. doctor {T11 W24 Z1 A1} [rwD] cord {T12} [rwD] enduring.) foreigners {T10 X1 T14 A1 B1 Z2} [pDt] bow {T10 X1 Z1} [pDt] (collective n.) predecessors.Warfare and Hunting 229 [HDty] white sandals {T3 X1 Z4 S33 S33} [HDt] white linen {T3 X1 Z5 V6 Z3A} [HD] mace {T3 Z1} [HD] chapel {T3 Z1 O1} [HD Apdw] bird .) damage. and v. carpenter {T7 A1} [mDH] hew (timber).) sharpen (a knife) {T9} [pDt] bow {T9A X1} [pDt] bow {T9A X1 Z1} [pDt] measure (for textiles. build (ships) {T7 V28 D40} [tpy] being upon. prosper {T12 A24} [dAr] subdue (foes) {T12 A24} [rwD] prosperous. prosper {T12 A24} [rwD] control.chapel {T3 Z1 O1 G39 Z2} [HDt] the White Crown {T4 X1 S1} [HDt] white linen {T4 X1 S28} [HD] mace {T4 Z1} [HDt] white (of the eye) {T5 X1 N8} [HDi] (n. for incense) {T9A X1 Z1} [pDt] bow {T9A X1 Z1 M3} Z2} [pDt] (collective n.) foreigners {T9 T14 A1 [pDtyw] foreigners {T9 X1 G4 T14 A1 Z2} [pDt] (collective n. first.) trade {T11 N35 Y1} [swnw] physician.Dictionary of Middle Egyptian T . destruction {T5 Z9 G37} [HDDwt] brightness {T6 X1 G43 N8 Z2} [mDH] hew (timber). administer {T12 G43 D40} . principal. ancestors {T8 G43 D36} [pD] stretch (cord in foundation ceremony) {T9} [pDi] (v. high (priest) {T8} [tp awy] (n. permanent {T12} [rwdt] success {T12} [rwD] prosperous.) foreigners {T9 X1 T14 Z6 Z2} [pDty] foreigner {T9 X1 Z4 T14 A1} [psDt] the Nine Bows (traditional enemies of Egypt) {T10 T10 T10 T10 T10 T10 T10 T10 T10} [pDt] (collective n.

sheep. dangerous. goats {T14 G43 X1 E1 Z2} [nHsy] Nubian {T14 S29 Z4 Z6} [HqAt] corn-measure (of 4. suite {T18 S29 D54} [Sms wDA] (v. sheep. misfortune {T19 N35 X1 G37 Z2} [gnwty] sculptor {T19 T19} [gnwt] records. beget. present {T18 S29 D54} [Smsw] following. produce. retainer {T18 G43 D54 A1} [Smswt] (collective n. beget. troubled.) funeral procession {T18 S29 D54 G43 U28 G1 D54} [Smsw] following. hammer out (from metal) {T14 G41} [awt] small cattle. suite {T18 S29 G43 X1 D54 Z2} [Smsw] following. suite {T18 X1 G43 Z2} [qsn] painful.) follow the funeral {T18 S29 D54 G43 U28 G1 D54} [Sms wDA] (n. sandstone {T12 X1 O39} [rwD] hard {T12 Y1} [rs] wake {T13 D4} [rsw] watch / guard (of sentries).Warfare and Hunting 230 [rwDw] agent {T12 G43 D40} [rwDt] hard stone. create. create. bring.) following. carry out (teaching).post {T14 Z1} [awt] small cattle. retainer {T18 G43 A1} [Smsw] follower. carry out (teaching). irksome. create. goats {T14 Z7 X1 Z5 Z2} [awt] small cattle {T14 Z7 X1 Z5 Z2} [wrryt] chariot {T17 X1} [Smsw Hr] follower of Horus. righteous person {T18 G5} [Smsw] follower. difficult. annals {T19 W24 X1 V12 . beget. carry out (teaching). serve. suite {T18 S29 D54 Z2} [Smsw] worship {T18 S29 D54 Z2} [Smswt] (collective n. suite {T18 G43 X1} [Sms] follow.54 litres) {T14 U9} [THnw] (locality) Libya {T14 W24 N18} [THnw] (locality) Libya {T14 W24 W24 W24 N25} [THnw] one of the seven sacred oils {T14 W24 W24 W24 W1} [wHyt] village {T14 X1 O49} [awt] goats {T14 X1 Z2 E1} [qmA] throw. suite {T18 S29 Z7 D54 A1 Z2} [Smswt] (collective n.) following. painfully. hammer out (from metal) {T14} [aAm] Asiatic {T14 G17 A1} [aAm] Asiatic {T14 G17 A13} [aAm] throwstick {T14 G17 N63A} [qmA] throw. wretched {T19 N35 G37} [qsnt] trouble.Dictionary of Middle Egyptian T . accompany. produce. produce. hammer out (from metal) {T14 Y1v} [mnit] mooring . vigilance {T13 G43 D4} [rst] sacrificial victims {T13 X1 A15A Z2} [rswt] awakening {T13 Z7 X1 D4} [qmA] throw.) following.

equal. breathe (air). counterpart. kiss {T22 D19} [sn Dt] person sharing in funerary offerings {T22 I10 X1 N16} [sn Dt] person sharing in funerary offerings {T22 I10 X1 N35} [snwt] (pl. fellow.) agree to (action) {T22 N35 T22 N35 Y1v} [snw] companion. private apartments {T21 D36 D36 G43} [waaw] private apartments {T21 D36 D36 G43 O1} [wai] (v.) brethren {T22 N35 W24 G43 X1 A1 Z2 B1} [snwt] (pl.f] unique {T21 D36 Z1 D2 Aa1 Aa1 Aa1 I9} [wa im nb] every one of them {T21 D36 Z1 M17 G17 V30} [wa nb] everyone.) be alone {T21 Z1 D36} [waty] goat {T21 Z1 D36 E31} [waaw] privacy {T21 Z1 D36 G43 Z2} [wai] be alone {T21 Z7 D36 Z1 G37} [sn] smell (perfume). each {T21 D36 Z1 V30} [wa] one {T21V} [waty] sole.Dictionary of Middle Egyptian T . single {T21 X1 X1} [watt] royal uraeus {T21 X1 X1 I13} [waty] sole. single {T21 X1 Z1} [waty] goat {T21 X1 Z4 E31} [wai] (v. trans. sole {T21 Z1} [wai] (v.) be alone {T21 Z1} [wa] unique. one only. dual contestants (in Court of Law) {T22 N35 W24 G43 A1 Z4A} [snwt] (collective n. (dual) contestants (in court of law) {T22 N35 W24 Z7 A1 A1} [snw] two {T22 N35 W24 Z7 Z4A} . unique. single {T21 D36 X1 Z4 G37} [wa] one. single {T21V} [waty] sole.Warfare and Hunting 231 Z2} [gnwty] sculptor {T19 X1 Z4 A24 A1} [qs] bone {T19 Z1} [waty] sole.) flagstaff {T22 M17 M17 X1 M3 Z2} [sn] brother {T22 N35 A1} [sn] husband {T22 N35 A1} [sn] smell (perfume). breathe (air). one only {T21 D36 Z1} [wa Hr xw . single {T21 D36} [waaw] privacy.) flagstaff {T22 N35 W24 G43 X1 M3 Z2} [sniH] angler {T22 N35 W24 M17 V28} [snw] jar {T22 N35 W24 W66} [snwty] (dual) female companions {T22 N35 W24 X1 Z4A} [snw] contestants (in Court of Law) {T22 N35 W24 Z4A} [snw] companion. equal. each one. fellow.) be alone {T21 D36 G37} [waty] captive {T21 D36 X1 A13} [waty] sole. kiss {T22 N35 D19} [snsn] (v. counterpart.

provide. block {T25 D58 O36 D40} [DbA] (locality) Edfu {T25 D58 O49} [DbA] garment (worn by god) {T25 D58 S27} [DbA] garment (worn by god) {T25 D58 S115} [DbAt] robing . compensation.) be brotherly. bribes {T25 D58 G43 Y1 Z2} [DbA] mat of leaves {T25 D58 M2} [DbA] stop up. reward. bribes {T25 D58} [DbAw] payments. trans.) be well diposed toward {T22 T22 N35 Y1} [snwt] (pl. reward.) brotherly affection {T22 T22 Y1v} [sngr] (locality) Babylonia {T22 W11 D21 N25} [snw] two {T22 W24 Z4A} [snw] offerings {T22 W24 Z8 Z2} [snt] sister {T22 X1 B1} [snt] flagstaff {T22 X1 Z1} [aHwtyw] (pl. block {T25 Y1v} [sxt] stone for patching ? {T26 Aa1 X1 O39} [sxt] close (net) {T26 D36} [sxt] weave.Dictionary of Middle Egyptian T .) cultivators {T24 G43 G4 D40 Z2} [aHwty] cultivator {T24 X1 A1} [aHwty] cultivator {T24 X1 N23 A1} [aHt] farm land {T24 X1 Z2} [DbA] clothe.) flagstaff {T22 T22 T22} [snwt] shrine {T22 T22 T22 N35 X1 O1} [snwt] shrine {T22 T22 T22 N35 X1 O19 O20} [snwt] shrine {T22 T22 T22 N35 X1 O20} [snsn] (v. bribes {T25 D58 G1 Z7 Y1 Z2} [DbAw] floats (of net) {T25 D58 G43 M3 Z2} [DbAw] altars {T25 D58 G43 R40 R40 Z3} [DbAw] payments. associate {T22 T22 Y1v} [snsn] (v. clothe. sarcophagus {T25 D58 X1 O1} [DbA] repay. compensation. compensation. make repayment. restore. fraternize.Warfare and Hunting 232 [snt] wife {T22 N35 X1 B1} [snt] sister {T22 N35 X1 B1} [snt] base (of statue) {T22 N35 X1 O39} [snt] festival of the 6th day of lunar month {T22 N35 X1 X2 W22 X4 Z2} [snsn] (v. intrans. reward.room. be well diposed toward. mould (bricks) {T26 X1 Aa1 Z9 A24} [sxtt Hr] spider {T27 X1 X1 D2 Z1} . replace. adorn. agree (to action) {T22 T22 Y1v} [snsn] (n. trans.) mingle with.room {T25 X1 O1} [DbA] stop up. adorn {T25} [DbAw] payments. pad {T25 D58 Y1} [DbAw] crowning {T25 G43 S4} [DbAt] robing .

due 9from). requirements. belongings. in the charge of {T28 D21 D36 Z1} [Xry a] apprentice. lower part. skill {T28 X1} [nmt] slaughter house {T29C O1} [kbnt] (seagoing) ship {T30B Q3 N35 X1 P2G} [wst] sawdust {T30C} [smA] kill. having. lower part. in the charge of {T28 D36} [Xrtyw nTrw] (pl. lower part. underside {T28 D21 Z4} [Xry] which is under. due 9from). share. under the supervision of {T28 D21 D2 Z1} [Xr a] under the hand of. lower. war) {T32} [nmst] type of jar {T34 G17 Q1 X1 W22} [nms] the (royal) Nemes head cloth {T34 G17 S29 S57C} [nmHyt] free woman ? {T34 G17 V28 M17 M17 G37 X1} . assistant {T28 D21 D36 Z1 A1} [Xry a] halliard {T28 D21 D36 Z1 V1} [Xrw] men {T28 D21 G43 A1 Z2} [Xrwy] testicles {T28 D21 G43 D283} [Xrw] base. suffering from (illness) {T28 D21 Z4} [Xry Xt] abdomen. requirements. subject (to someone's actions) {T28 D21} [Xr] (preposition) under. through (of means). inhabitants (of land). underside {T28 D21 N23 Z2} [Xr st Hr] supervision {T28 D21 Q1 X1 O1 D2 Z1} [Xry Hbt] lector (priest) {T28 D21 V28 D58 W3 N5 A1} [Xrt a] deceit {T28 D21 X1 D36 G37 Z2} [Xrt a] writing materials {T28 D21 X1 D36 Y1 Z2} [Xrt] possessions.Warfare and Hunting 233 [Xrw] relatives (of family). under-side (of sky) {T28 D21 Z4 F32 X1 Z1} [Xr a] under the hand of. share.) stone masons {T28 R8 G4 A1 Z2A} [Xrt] possessions. holding. duty. inhabitants (of land) {T28 D21 A1 B1 Z2} [Xry sA] the hindermost ? {T28 D21 Aa17 Z1} [Xr tp] under the head of. carrying. portion. duty. possessing {T28 D21} [Xrw] relatives (of family). underside {T28 D21 G43 N23 Z1} [Xrwy] testicles {T28 D21 G43 Z4 D283} [Xrw] base. belongings. household members {T28 A1 B1 Z2} [Xr tp ra] (the spirits) who attend Re {T28 D1 N5} [Xr] (preposition) at (head or foot). beside {T28 D21 D1 Z1} [Xr Hr] under the control of. skill {T28 D21 X1 Y1 Z2} [Xrw] base. underlings. destroy {T30 D36} [dmt] knife {T30 X1 Z1} [sSm] conduct (work. underlings. possessing. portion.Dictionary of Middle Egyptian T .

take care of.Agriculture and Crafts [mAx] sheaf {U1 Aa1 M182} [mAa] real {U1 Aa11 D36 G1} T12} [mAi] lion {U1 G1 M17 F27} [mAyt] sheath (of sword) {U1 G1 M17 M17 Aa2 X1 M3} [mAr] wretched man. hock (of animal) {U1 G1 Q1 X1 D56} [mAs] kneel {U1 G1 S29 D56} {U1 G1 U1 G1 Z7 M1 Z3A} [mAwt] rays (of light) {U1 G1 [mAwt] shaft (of spear) {U1 G1 F40 Z7 X1 T19B M3} [mAmAw] (pl.palms [mAA r] (v. be renewed {U1 G1 G43 Z4 Y1} [mAr] wretched man. freeman {T34 V28 A17} T12 G37 Z2} [mAir] misery {U1 G1 M17 D21 [mAr] wretched man. private person.) a new thing [mAH] wreath {U1 G1 V28 M2} [mAH] pasture {U1 G1 V28 N23 Z1} [mAH] wreath {U1 G1 V28 V6} [mAT] proclaim {U1 G1 W7 V13 A2} {U1 G1 G43 X1 Y1} [mAwy] (adj.Warfare and Hunting {U1 G1 M17 D21 T12 G37 A1} 234 [nmst] type of jar {T34 Q1 X1 W22} [nms] clothe with the head cloth {T34 S29 S28} [nmHy] orphan.) new. and v. intrans. pauper {U1A D21 [mAx] burn {U1 G1 Aa1 Q7} [mAr] wretched man.HsA] fierce lion {U1 G1 M17 [mAqt] ladder {U1 G1 N29 X1 M3} [mAqt] ladder {U1 G1 N29 X1 P6} [miAsw] spines {U1 G1 O34 T30A T30A T30A} D21 T12 G37 A1} [mAx] burn {U1 G1 F32 Q7} F40 X1 G43 Y1 Z2} [mAst] knee (of man). take heed of {U1 G1 G1 D4 D21} [mAtryt] female mourners {U1 G1 U33 D21 M17 M17 X1 B1 Z2} [mAwt] rays (of light) {U1 G1 G43 X1 N8 Z3} [mAtryt] female mourners {U1 G1 U33 D21 M17 M17 X1 D56 B1 D54 Z2} N21 Z2} [mAwt] new land {U1 G1 G43 X1 [mAwt] (adj.Dictionary of Middle Egyptian T . pauper {U1 G1 V28 S29 F27} [mA .HsA] fierce lion U . pauper {U1 G1 M17 D21 T12 M17 M17 G37 A1} [mAi] lion {U1 G1 M17 E22} {U1 G1 M17 E22 V28 S29 Aa18 G43 F18 Y1} [mA .) dom .) look toward. and v. pauper .

pauper {U1 M17 G43 H2 P5} [mAaw] breeze {U2 Aa11 D36 [mAi] lion {U1 M17 E22} [mA .) steer (ship).HsA] fierce lion {U1 M17 V28 S29 E22} [mAaw] (adv. trans. triumph {U2 Aa11 P8} [mA] oryx {U2 D4 F81 Z1} [mAr] dispossess (someone of ) {U2 D4 G1 D21 T12 A24} G1 D21 T12 G37 A1} [mAr] wretched man. trans. guide. despatch.) aright {U2 Aa11 D36 G43 Y1v} [mAqt] ladder {U1 N29 X1 P6 M3} G43} H2} [mAa] temple (of head) {U2 Aa11 D36 [mAa] real {U2 Aa11 D36 H2A Y1v} [mAa] bank (of river or lake) {U2 Aa11 [mAw] (pl.) oryx {U1 N33 N33 N33 [mAs] kneel {U1 S29 D159} [mAst] knee (of man). paddle (water) {U2 Aa11 D36 D54} [mAa] (v. appearance {U2 D4 G1 G1} [mAA] (intrans. stalk (of corn).) justification.n . throw out (rope from ship) {U2 Aa11 D36 D54} [mAa] (v. direct.) new {U1 G1 Y1v} [mAwy] (adj.) lions {U1 G43 E22} [mAwt] shaft (of spear). vindication.) new {U1 G43} [mAiw] (pl. staff. and v. hock (of animal) D36 N23} {U1 S29 X1 D56} {U2 Aa11 D36 X1 C10} [mAat] rightness.) set out (on journey) {U2 Aa11 D36 D54} [mAr] wretched man. and v. look (at ) {U2 D4 G1 G1} . extend (limbs). the righteous (the blessed dead) {U2 Aa11 D36 X1 G4 Y1 A1 Z2} Y1v} [mAat] truth {U2 Aa11 D36 X1 Z5 [mAa .HD] oryx {U1 T3 E28} [mAmA] dom-palm {U1 U1 M54} [mAmA] dom-palm {U1 U1 M54A} [mAmA .) lead.Agriculture and Crafts 235 [mAT] granite {U1 G1 X1 O39} [mAwy] (adj. intrans.) look on (at event) . send. pauper {U2 D4 [mAw] aspect.xAnnt] dompalm {U1 U1 N35 M12 N35 N35 X1 M54} [mAT] acclaim {U1 V13 A30} [mAT] proclaim {U1 V13 W7} [mAT] granite {U1 V13 W23} [mAnw] (locality) the Western mountain {U1 W24 W24 W24 N25} [mAT] granite {U1 X1 Aa2} [mAT] granite {U1 X1 W8} [mAatyw] just men. measuring-rod {U1 G43 X1 M195} D21 T12 G37} [mAwt] a new thing {U1 X1 Y1} [mAa] (v.Dictionary of Middle Egyptian U .xrw] (n. orderly management [mA .

look on {U2 D12 D12} U2 G1 G43 U26 Z2} [mAaw] breeze {U5 D36 G43 P5} N23} [mAa] bank (of river or lake) {U5 D36 H2 [mAa] bank (of river or lake) {U5 D36 [mAmAw] (pl. be triumphant. see to (the performance of a task). right-doing.Agriculture and Crafts 236 [mAA] (v. inspect. vindicated (against someone).s HAt] its bow (of ship) {U2 Z1 M3 S29 F4 X1} [mAaty] (dual) judgement {U5 D36 X1 [mAaty] (dual) judgement {U5 D36 {U2 Z1 M3 S29 F22 G43} [mA .) justification. direct.xrw] deceased.) truth.) truly.) new {U2 Y1} [mA] stern (of boat) {U2 Z1} [mA . extend. make presentation (to) {U5 D36 D54} [mAa] (adj. trans. triumph {U5 D36 P8 G43 A2} [mAat] (adv. orderly management {U5 D36 X1 H6 Y1 Z2} Z4 H6 H6} X1 M195} [mAwt] shaft (of spear).) {U2 D4 G1 G1} G43 D2 Z1 N34} look on {U3} [mArw] viewing place (in sun cult) {U3 D21 G43 D6 O1} [mAw . the righteous (the blessed dead) {U5 D36 G4 C10 Z2} [mAaw] products. inspect.) present.) lions {U2 D4 G1 G43 F27 Z2} [mAA n] look at {U2 D4 G1 N35} Z2} [mAa . look upon.palms {U2 [imAt] charm {U2 X1 M46} [imAt] charm.s pHw ?] its stern (of ship) X1 Z4 H6 H6 I12 I12} [mAA] see. regard.) see. true of voice {U5 D36 Aa1 D21 P8} [mAa] (v. and v. inspect (work etc. offer. righteousness. be justified. kindliness.. see to. true of voice {U5 D36 P8 G43 A2} [mAa .) fit to be offered {U5 D36 D54} [mAatyw] just men. guide. despatch.) deceased.xrw] (n. rightly {U5 D36 .) dom . vindication. look upon. vindicated. see to. regard.Dictionary of Middle Egyptian U . set out {U4 D36 Y1} [mAiw] (pl. regard. paddle. really. be justified. graciousness {U2 X1 M46B} N37 N21 Z1} [mAaw] breeze {U5 D36 P5} [mAa . rightness. justice. offering. steer. throw out.xrw] (adv. gifts {U5 D36 G43 N33 Z2} [mAw] aspect.HsA] Fierce lion {U2 D4 V28 O34 G39 E22} [mAt] lioness {U2 D4 X1 E22} [mAA] see. look upon. tribute. Y1v} [mAa] (adv.Hr] mirror {U2 D4 G1 [mAa] lead. measuring rod {U2 [mAwt] measuring rod {U2 X1 M195} [mAtt] mandrake ? {U2 X1 X1 M2} [mAwy] (adj. appearance {U2 D4 G43 [mAfdt] (divinity) Mafdet (a cat goddess ?) {U2 D4 I9 D46 X1} [mA . send.

Agriculture and Crafts 237 [mAa] (adj. and v.Dictionary of Middle Egyptian U .) love.) love. want. avenue (of statues) {U7 D21 D21 X1 O5 O1} D21 M17 M17 X1 I3 Z2} [mryt] (collective n. righteous. will. underlings {U7 D21 D21 M17 M17 X1 Z8 Z2} [mrryt] lumps ? (of incense) {U7 D21 M17 M17 X1 A1 Z2 B1} [mrrt] street. {U5 D36 Y1} [mAa] (adj. loyal (to) {U5 D36 Y1v} [mAa] (v.) love.) love. will.) fit to be offered {U5 D36 Y1} [mAaw] products {U5 D36 Y1 Z2} Z4 H2 N23 Z1} D21 D21 X1 O38} [mrrt] street. wish. rightly belong (to). and v. offer.) true (of speech). want. servants. be in order (of balance) {U5 D36 Y1v} [mAa] (adj. desire {U7 D21 G43 X1 A2} [mryt] wife {U6 D21 X1} [mrwt] (n.) rightful (of property). true (to). desire {U6 D21 X1 A2} G43 X1 Z4 A2 A1} [ mrwty] the well-beloved {U7 D21 Z4} [mrwty] the well-beloved {U6 G43 X1 [mrw] a type of wood {U6 M17 M17 M3} [mri] (v. real. avenue (of statues) {U7 [mry] fighting bull {U7 D21 D53 E2} [mrt] throat.pole {U7 D21 M17 M3} [mry] fighting bull {U7 D21 M17 M17 D52 E2} A2} E101} [mry] fighting bull {U7 D21 M17 M17 [mrt] weavers. desire {U6 D21 [mrw] strip (of cloth) {U7 D21 G43 V1} [mrwt] (n.) crocodiles {U6 [mrw] desert {U7 D21 G43 N25} D21 G43 N25 S29 N35 D58 Y1v} [mrw snb] the coast is clear {U7 D21 D21 M17 M17 X1 I3 Z2} [mrw] strip (of cloth) {U7 D21 G43 S28} [mr wr] Mnevis Bull {U6 D21 G36 O5} [mrw] a type of wood {U6 D21 M41} N36} U33 M17} [mrwty] the well-beloved {U7 D21 G43 [mri] (v. larynx {U7 D21 F10 X1 F51} G43 D21 M17 M17 X1 G27} [mrwryt] black stork {U7 D21 [mrw] a type of wood {U7 D21 G43 M3} [mAa] bank (of river or lake) {U5 D36 M17 M17 X1 Z4} [mrwty] the well-beloved {U7 D21 G43 [mAa] temple (of head) {U5 D36 Z5 F51B} [mrw] harbours ? {U7 D21 G43 N23 Z2 Z1} Z2} [mAaw] type of wood {U5 D36 Z7 M3 [mryt] (collective n. desire {U7 D21 [mri] sounding .) present. pleasing. wish.) crocodiles {U7 . make presentation (to). just.

posterity) {U13 X1 N33 Z2} {U15 G17} [mrt] weavers.54 litres each) {U9 U9} Z1} [mryt] height (of triangle) {U7 D21 M17 M17 N23 X1 Z1} [HqAt] corn-measure (of 4.) plough {U13} [rwyt] court of law. quay. artificial lakes {U7 D21 Z7 N35A} Z2} [biAyt] miracles.54 litres) {U9} [bi(A)w] wonders.) decay (of buildings) {U7 D21 [mrHt] oil. seed. servants. (corn in general) {U10} [HqAt] corn-measure (of 4. desire {U7 D21 X1 [mrty] eyes {U7 D21 X1 Z4 D4 D4} [mrw] (pl. cease {U15 G17 G37} [mrt] street {U7 D21 X1 O1} [mrt] a type of boat {U7 D21 X1 P4} Z2} [biAt] gritstone {U16 X1 O39} [bit] character. sandbank ?. marvels {U16 Y1 X1 [HqAt] corn-measure (of 4. shore. (in sense of offspring. marvel (at) {U16 X1 Z2} [mrwt] (n. infinitive) wonder. posterity) {U13 D21 X1 N33AV} {U13 D36 O1} [Snaw] storehouse. {U7 [mri] run aground (of ship) {U7 D21 [it] barley. labour establishment [mr] bind {U7 D21 V1 S28} V28 G37} [mrH] (n. hall {U13 D21 M17 M17 X1 O1} M17 N35A D40} X1 X1} [mrwty] the well-beloved {U7 D21 N36 [mr] bind {U7 D21 V1 D40} [mryn] Syrian warrior {U7 D21 V1 M17 Z3 M17 N35} [prt] fruit.) love.54 litres) {U9 X1 D21 M17 M17 N23 X1 Z1} [mryt] bank. seed. qualities {U16 X1 Y1 Z2} [biAi] (v. labour establishment {U13 O1} W24 Z2} [mr] milk jar {U7 D21 W23} D21 X1 A1 Z2 B1} [Sna] labourer ? {U13 O1 A1} [prt] fruit.Dictionary of Middle Egyptian U . grease {U7 D21 V28 X1 [hbnt] a jar {U13 N35 X1 W24} [hbny] ebony {U13 N35 Z4 M3} [Snaw] storehouse. (in sense of offspring.54 litres) {U11} [hb] (n. underlings {U7 [mrt] (divinity) Meret (Musician goddess) {U7 D21 X1 D6 G7} [mrt] (divinity) Meret (Musician goddess) {U7 D21 X1 D41} [tm] (negative) (negates the sentence) [itm] Atum {U15 G17 A40} [tm] perish. will.Agriculture and Crafts 238 N21 X1 Z1} [mryt] bank. marvels {U16 Z2} .) canals. shore {U7 D21 M17 M17 [HqAti] double corn-measure (of 4.

) choice things (of food) [stpt] (n.) settle (crown on king) {U17 [grg] falsehood. trans. establish (a house). trans.) choice {U21 X1 Y1v} [stpw] the choicest.Dictionary of Middle Egyptian U . put one's trust (in).) tarry. set in order. scorch {U23 D58 G43 Q7} [stp] (v.) choice things (of food) {U21 F51 F51 F51} D58 E26 G43 W6 N25} [stpw] the choicest. rag {U21 Q3 S28} . link. {U17 Y1} [nwdw] unguents {U19 G43 M29 I10 Z2 Aa2} [stpt] (collective n. ruined {U21 Q3 [stp] (n. be merged. cord {U20 W24 X1 D54} [Ab] (v. choose {U21 Q3 Y1v} [stp sA] protect. pool {U19 W24 M17 M17 N36} D58 Z9 Y1} [Abx] (v. trans.) furnish (waste lands with veg). wish for {U23 D58 A2} [Abx] unite. engage {U23 D58 Aa1 D36} [Ab] (v. pick {U21 G43 Y1v} G37} [Abw] cessation {U23 D58 G43 D54} [Abw] elephant {U23 D58 G43 E26} [Abw] ivory {U23 D58 G43 F18} [Abw] brand.. cease {U23 D58 [Aby] panther {U23 D58 E24} [Abw] (locality) Elephantine {U23 [stp] cut up (animal) {U21} [stpt] (collective n. intrans. rag {U21 Q3 V6} [stp sA] palace {U21 Q3 V16 O1} [stpt] (collective n.) {U22} [mnxw] excellence. do escort duty {U21 V16} [stp sA] palace {U21 V16 O1} {U21 X1 F51 Z2} [grg] (v.) be dismembered. trans.) choice things (of food) {U21 Q3 X1 F51 Z2} [stp] pick out.) avoid.) be ready.) found (a land).Agriculture and Crafts 239 D36} [grg] (v. mingle. lie {U17 G37} [grgt] catch (of fish) {U17 X1} [stp] strip (of cloth)..) ruin {U21 Q3 G37} [stp] strip (of cloth). pick {U21 Y1} [mnx] potent (of king etc. provide (for). mix.) join (a god) {U23 Aa1 [nwdw] unguents {U19 W24 M29 G17} [nwyt] pool {U19 W24 X1 N37} [nwt] adze {U19 Z1} [nwt] adze {U20 W24 X1 U19} V1 N33 N33 N33} [Abi] desire. settle (crown on king). stray {U23 D58 D54} [nwt] yarn (for weaving). flood. people (a place) {U17 Y1} [grg] (v. trans. intrans. virtues (of someone) {U22 Z2} G43 I10 G43 M171 Z2 N33} [nwdw] unguents {U19 W24 [nw] time {U19 W24 G43 N14 N5 Z4B} [nwy] water. make preparation {U17 Y1} [grg] (v.

) sick. skilful {U24 G43 Y1v} [Hmw ib] ingenious {U24 G43 Y1 F34 Z1} G17 D21 G37} [mr] (adj. carpenter {U24 G43} T30} [Abt] brand {U23 D58 X1 Y4 S15} [iAby] left (hand). be [Aby] panther {U23 D58 M17 M17 F27} K1 Z1} [AbDw] a fish {U23 D58 N26 G43 sorry for {U23 G17 D21 G37 F34 Z1 N35} [mr n] painful to {U23 G17 D21 G37 N35} [AbDw] Abydos {U23 D58 N26 O49} [Abw] (locality) Elephantine {U23 D58 S24 O49} [mr] pyramid {U23 G17 D21 O24} Z2} [Abw] ivory {U23 D58 T19} A2} [mrt] pains {U23 G17 D21 X1 G37 [mr] pyramid {U23 G17 O24} [Abw] elephant {U23 G43 E26} [AbAb] be delighted {U23 D58 U23 D58 [Abw] (locality) Elephantine {U23 D58 W6 N25} [Abw] (locality) Elephantine {U23 G43 O49} S24} [Abt] (collective n. expert. eastern.) craftsmen {U24 [mr] (adv.) family {U23 D58 [Abt] (n.) family {U23 D58 X1 [Abt] family {U23 D58 X1 S24 A1 B1 [AbDw] (locality) Abydos {U23 N26 N24} [Abw] (locality) Elephantine {U23 W6 D58} A1} Z2} X1 T30 A1 B1 Z2} [Abt] (collective n. painful {U23 [Hmt r] etcetera. diseased. carpenter {U24 [Hmww] craftsman.) sorely {U23 G17 D21 C7} [mr] (n.Agriculture and Crafts 240 [Abw] ivory {U23 D58 G43 T19} G43 T30} A1} [mr] sick man {U23 G17 D21 G37 [mr Hr ib n] be displeasing to [Abw] brand (slaves. expert.) brand {U23 D58 X1 Y3 [Hmww] craftsman.Dictionary of Middle Egyptian U . ill. and so forth {U24 X1 D21} . expert. the left side of {U23 D58 Z4 D41} Z7 Aa2 N25} {U24 G43 G43 A1} [Hmww] craftsman. east. ailment {U23 G17 D21 G37} [Hmw] be skilled.) pain. carpenter [Hmwtyw] craftsmen {U24 G43 G43 G4 D40 Z2 A1} [Abw] (locality) Elephantine {U23 D58 G43 X1 A1 Z2} [Hmwt] (collective n. cattle) {U23 D58 [Aby] panther {U23 D58 M17 M17 {U23 G17 D21 G37 D2 Z1 F34 Z1 N35} E24} D21} [mr r] painful to {U23 G17 D21 G37 [mr ib n] have compassion on.

and so forth {U24 X1 [Hmt r] magic . troops {U28 [wbA] open up. oppose (actions) [wbA] reveal (a matter) {U26 G29 Y1v} [wbA] open court (of temple) {U26 N1 O1} [DArw] need {U28 D21 Z7 Aa2 Z2} A2} {U28 G1 M17 S29 A2} A211} [DAis] civil war {U28 G1 M17 S29 [DAisw] disputant {U28 G1 M17 [DArw] need {U28 G1 D21 G43 [DArw] need {U28 G1 D21 G43 S29 G43 A2 A1} S29 Z5} [DAis] argument.Agriculture and Crafts 241 [Hmt] skill {U24 X1 Y1} [Hmt] skill. burn {U28 G1 I9 Q7} M17 G4} G29 G1 M17 M17 X1 B1} G29 G1 X1 Y1 B1} [wbAyt] maidservant {U26 D58 [DAytyw] opponents {U28 G1 M17 [DAyt] wrongdoing {U28 G1 M17 [wbA] drill (stone).Dictionary of Middle Egyptian U . reveal. explore (a region) {U26 D58 Y1v} M17 X1 G37 Z2} [DAyt] robe {U28 G1 M17 M17 X1 V6} Z7 Z6} [DAyw] opponent {U28 G1 M17 M17 [DAis] dispute. argue. determined {U26 D58 G29 G1 Y1v} [wbA] butler {U26 D58 W23 D40} [wbAt] opening {U26 D58 X1 Y1} [wbA] open up. oppose (actions) {U28 G1 S29 A2} N33 Z2} U28 G1 D1 Z1} [DADA] head.spell {U24 X1 Z1 Y1 {U28 G1 D58 V28 G43 D36 A1} [DAbHw] type of fisherman Z2 D21 Z1} [DAlm (DArm)] (fragrant African wood) Aspalathos {U28 G1 E23 G20 M2 Z2} [Hmwy] work {U24 Z4A G43 Y1v} [wbA] open {U26} {U26 D58 G29 G1 D54} T14 A1 Z2} [DAmw] young men {U28 G1 G17 [DAmw] young men. open. craft (of sculptor) {U24 X1 Z1} [Hmwt] craftsmen {U24 X1 Z1 A1 Z3} Z1 Y1 Z2 D21 Z1} D46 G43 O1} [DAdw] audience hall {U28 G1 [DAdw] audience hall {U28 G1 D46 G43 O27} [Hmt r] etcetera. explore (a region) [wbAyt] maidservant {U26 D58 G1 G17 Z7 A17 A1 Z2} [DAw] night {U28 G1 G43 N2} [DAf] (v. tip (of bow) {U28 G1 . expose. argue.) heat. dispute {U28 G1 M17 V32 A2} [DAw] mat {U28 G1 S28} [DArt] bitter gourd {U28 G1 D21 X1 [DArw] need {U28 G1 D21 Y1 Z2} [DAis] dispute.

prosperity {U28 G43} [wDA] (v.) remain over (of balance in calculations) {U28 G43} [wDA] go. fortress.Dictionary of Middle Egyptian U . cross (sky) {U28 [DADA] head.) pierce. transfix {U28 G1 Z9 P4} [DAi] (v.) ferry (one across). assessors {U28 U28 W24 X1 Aa8 A1 Z2} W24 G43 D77 D77 D77} [DAmw] young men. pierce. provide (with). restrain {U31} [xnty] outer-chamber {U31 X1 O1} {U31 X1 O1} [xnrt] prison. {U28 G1 Z9 P4} [wDAw] well . troops [DAis] argument. assessors W24} {U28 G1 W24 G43 D156 D156 D156} [DAmw] young men.) reach out (of child's mouth after milk). deficiency {U29 X1 Z2} [DAytyw] opponents {U28 G1 Z9 G4 A59A Z3} [DA] fire .drill {U28 Z1} [DAw] mat {U28 Z1 S28} [DAi] (v. devour (food).) reach out (of child's mouth after milk).) extend (arm). tip (of bow) {U28 U28 D1} [DADAt] magistrates.) reach out (of child's mouth after milk) {U28 Z9 M17 M17} [DAt] balance. oppose (oneself). dispute {U28 M17 S29 A24} [DAyt] wrongdoing {U28 G1 X1 Y2} [DAi] (v. pierce. cross (sky) [DA tA] be busied. take (the breast to). interfere (with) {U28 G1 Z9 P1 N16 N23 Z1} [DAi] (v. oppose (oneself). devour (food). transfix {U28 Z9 D40} [DAi] (v. attain (a rank). transfix {U28 G1 Z9 D40} [DAi] (v. provide (with).Agriculture and Crafts 242 M3} [DADAt] lyre {U28 G1 U28 G1 X1 [DADAw] pot {U28 G1 U28 G1 Z7 [DAw] mat {U28 G43 S28} {U28 I10 D12 X1 A1 A1 A1} [DADAt] magistrates. set (of sun) {U28 G43 D54} [wDA] pectoral {U28 G43 L3} [rtH] confine. set out. council-chamber [rtHty] baker {U31 X1 Z4 D36 A1} . handfull {U28 X1 D47} [DAt] crane {U28 X1 O39 G39} [DAtt] estate {U28 X1 X1 Aa8} [DAyt] wrongdoing {U28 X1 Z9} [DA] fire .being. remainder. {U28 G1 Z9 D40} [DA r] be contentious {U28 G1 Z9 D40 D21 Z1} [DAhy] (locality) part of Palestine and Phoenicia {U28 O4 Z4 N25} P1} [DAi] ferry (one across).) extend (arm). proceed.drill {U28 G1 Z9 M3} {U28 G1 Z9 P1} [DAi] (v. troops {U28 D46 D21 D56} [DA rd] impede {U28 G1 Z9 D40 [DAyt] wrongdoing {U28 X1} [DAt] hand. take (the breast to).

f n . repress (crime). a tree.) sail upstream {U34 X1 D54} A24} [tiSps] Cinnamon. repel. redress (wrong) {U35 A24} [Trt] willow {U33 D21 X1 M1} [Tmsw] injury.) punishment. violet {U33 G17 S29 [TmHw] Libyans {U33 G17 V28 M17 [xsf a] oppose. ruddy. trans.) not translated {U33 M17} [ity] sovereign {U33 M17 M17 A21A} [tisw] quarterstaff {U33 M23 G43 M3} N35 W24 Z7 T14 N25 Z2} [ xsfw . drive (cattle). a tree. ward off.Dictionary of Middle Egyptian U .) drive away.f] that he may confute himself {U35 A24 I9 N35 I9 I10 O34 I9} [twr] show respect to {U33 G36 D21} [ti] (non enclitic part. avoid (anger). prevent {U35 A24} [xsf Hr] defend {U35 A24 D2 Z1} [xsf r] contend against {U35 A24 D21} Z2} Y3} [Tms] red. (and its) spice ? [xsf] (intrans.f Ds . v. oppose. harm {U33 F31 O34 G43 Y3 G37 Z2} Y1v} [Tms] be besmeared {U33 F31 S29 Y3 [tmsw] panelling {U33 F31 S29 Z7 M3 [xsf] (v. (and its) spice ? [xsf] (n.f] near him {U35 G43 D54 I9} [xsft] punishment {U35 X1 A24} [Hm] servant {U36 A1} [Hm] Majesty {U36 A40} G43 G43} [THnw] (locality) Libya {U33 V28 [THnt] faience {U33 V28 N35 X1 N33 Z2} [Hmww] fuller (washer of cloth) ? {U36 [THnt] faience {U33 V28 N35 X1 S15} [Hmww] fuller (washer of cloth)? {U36 N35A} . a tree.) reprove (words).) (not translated) {U33} {U33 A40B S29 M1A} [tHwy] pea {U33 V28 Z7 Z4 N33 Z2} [tHwy] pea {U33 V28 Z7 Z4 N33 Z2} [tit] pestle {U33 X1 Z1 O39} [tit] an amulet {U33 X1 Z1 V39} [tiw] yes {U33 Z7 A2} [xsfw] (v. opposition {U35 A24 D36 Z1} T14 A1 Z2 B1} [xsf . disapproval {U35 {U33 A50 S29 N33 Z2} {U33 A51 M3} [tiSps] Cinnamon. trans. (and its) spice ? [tiSps] Cinnamon.Agriculture and Crafts 243 [Hsmn] (v.) menstruate {U32 D26} [Hsmn] bronze {U32 N33AV} [Hsmn] bronze {U32 N34 N33A} [Hsmn] menstruation {U32 N35 D26} [ti] (non enclitic part. with following preposition) punish {U35 A24} [xsf] (v. divert (water).

Agriculture and Crafts 244 [Hmt] Majesty (of Queen) {U36 X1} [Hmt] female servant {U36 X1 B1} [Hmt] female servant {U36 X1 Z1 B1} [Hmt] stand ? (for target) {U36 X1 Z1 M3} [Hm] Majesty (of king) {U36 Z1} [Hm] servant {U36 Z1 A1} [Hm] Majesty {U36 Z1 G7} [Hmw] servants {U36 Z7 A1} [Xaqw] barber {U37 G43} [wTs] wear (crown) {U39I} Z1} X1 D54} [sTA] see under other entries for sTA {V2 [sTA] see under other entries for sTA {V2 X1 G1 D54} X1 M3} [stAt] roller (for moving ship) {V2 X1 [stAt] aroura (of land). schemer {V4 G1 A2} [wA] far (from).Dictionary of Middle Egyptian U .lying agricultural land {V4 D58 X1 N23} [rs tp] be watchful. vigilant {U40 D6 D1 [mxAt] balance {U92 X1} [sbA] surveying instrument {U97 Z2} [mAT] proclaim {U120 W7} [wA] brood (on).rope (of clap-net) {V4 [wAaw] captain ? (of ship) {V4 [stAw] injury {V2 F51 Z2} [stAw] injury {V2 X1 Aa2} G1 D36 G43 D40} [wA] fall (into a condition) {V4 G1 D54} . sheet (of metal) [stAw] injury {V2 X1 Z7} [stAw] injury {V2 Z2} [wAxi] be inundated (of land). and Cloth [St] one hundred {V1} [SnT] sheriff {V1 A1} [Snt] anger {V1 X1} [SnT] sheriff {V1 X1 A24 A1} [sTA] see under other entries for sTA {V2 D54} M2 Z2} G1 Aa1 M15 O1} [wAxy] columned forecourt {V4 [wAxy] columned forecourt {V4 G1 Aa1 Z4 M15 O1} G1 D21 X1 V1} [wArt] draw . for a long time past. conspire (against).Rope. long ago. be content (of persons) {V4 Aa1} [wAx] flood {V4 Aa1 M15} [wAbt] high . sheet (of metal) {V2 X1 X1 N23 Z1} {V2 X1 X1 O39} [stAt] aroura (of land). Baskets. go {V4 G1 A24} G1 Aa1 M15} [wAxi] be inundated. be content {V4 [wAx] (n.) flood {V4 G1 Aa1 M15 V .

happy {V4 I10 M14} D7 N33A} [wADw] green eye .paint {V4 I10 [wAD] (adj.Dictionary of Middle Egyptian V . garland {V4 V28 S11 . be strong.paint {V4 I10 N26 [wAxy] columned forecourt {V4 M15 [wA] far (from). Baskets. go {V4 N31} [wA] fall (into a condition) {V4 N31} G1 A2} [wAwA] take counsel {V4 G1 V4 [wAwAt] fiery one ? {V4 G1 [wAS] (n. socket (of eye. swaddling . long ago. way {V4 G1 X1 N31} [wAt] cord {V4 G1 X1 V1} [wA] far (from). go {V4 G1 Z7 Z7 N31 D54} [wADDt] vegetation {V4 I10 I10 X1 M13} G1 D58 X1 Z2} [wAm] bake ? {V4 G1 G17 Q7} G43 N35A} [wAw] wave (of the sea) {V4 G1 [wADt] bow (of ship) {V4 G1 I10 X1} [wAi] roast ? (grain) {V4 G1 M17 Q7} [wA] fall (into a condition) {V4 G1 N31} [wA] far (from). go {V4 G1 N31} [wAS] be honoured. tooth) {V4 G1 D58 M2} D58 M2} [wAg] Wag festival (a religious festival) {V4 G1 W11 W4} [wAg] Wag festival (a religious festival) {V4 G1 W11 X4H} G43 A482 Z2} [wAb] rooted (to the spot) {V4 G1 [wAb] cloth ?. decayed {V4 G1 S29 S40} O27} M13A G43 D7 N33A} [wADw] green eye . honour {V4 G1 N37 A28} [wAi] roast ? (grain) {V4 G1 Q7} [wAsi] be ruined. long ago. long ago. for a long time past.) honour {V4 N37 A30 Y1v} [wAs] sceptre {V4 S29 S40} M17 M17 X1 N25} V4 G1 X1 Q7} [wAwAi] (locality) Wawat {V4 V4 G1 V28 V29 A24} [wAH] (see entries under wAH) {V4 [wAwAt] Wawat (Northern Nubia) {V4 V4 X1 N25} [wAHw] necklace {V4 G1 V28 V29 V1} [wAwAt] cord {V4 V4 X1 V1} [wAg] shouting {V4 G1 W11 A2} [wAg] a religious festival {V4 G1 W11 [wAwAt] cord {V4 V4 X1 V20} [wAHw] wreath. for a long time past.Rope. for a long time past. and Cloth W3} 245 [wAb] root (of plant). leg.clothes {V4 G1 D58 V1} [wAtw] conspirators ? {V4 G1 X1 G1 D58 X1 N23} [wAbt] high-lying agriculural land {V4 [wAbt] body of the Red Crown {V4 [wAt] road.) fortunate.

refix (eyes of the dead) {V5 X1} [sntt] foundation. express {V6 O34 D21 A2} [Ssr] tongue {V6 O34 D21 F20} [sSrw] things. vessels of alabaster {V6 W3} [wAHwt] oblations {V4 V28 V29 [Sst] alabaster {V6 X1} [sSrw] corn {V6 Z1 U9 Z2} [Snw] circuit. dart about (of fish) {V7 N35 D36 D54} [Sna] turn back. and Cloth 246 [Ss] alabaster. dart about (of fish) {V7 N35 D36 E23 D54} [Sna] breast {V7 N35 D36 F51} [Snaw] policing {V7 N35 D36 G43 U13 D54} [Sna] turn back. police (district). detain. circumference {V7 N35 D12} D36 D40 A1} G43 X1 X4 Z2} [wAHwt] oblations {V4 V28 X1 R33} [wAg] Wag festival (a religious festival) {V4 W11 W3} [wAt] road. policeman {V7 N35 [Sna] turn back. police (district). Baskets. actions. repel.Rope. repulse.Dictionary of Middle Egyptian M2 M2 M2} V . detain. police (district). baton {V6 O34 G17 F27} [Sna] turn back. plan {V5 X1 X1 N23} [Ss] alabaster. repel. course. repel. repulse. form (limbs). detain. way {V4 X1 N31} [snT] measure out (land). detain. circumference {V7 M17 M17} [Snw] circuit. vessels of alabaster {V6} [Ss] rope {V6} [SsAw] bubalis antelope {V6 F40 E103} [wADt] green linen {V6 M14 Z2} [Ss] alabaster. police (district).cloud {V7 N35 D36 U13 [Ssm] leather roll ?. dart about (of fish) {V7 N35 D36 U31 O1} [Ssmt] malachite {V6 O34 G17 X1 O39} [Ss] bier ? {V6 O34 Q19} [Ssr] arrow {V6 S29 D21 T11} [Ssr] utter. dart about (of fish) {V7 N35 D36 M17 M17 A24} [Snaw] police {V7 N35 D36 U13 G43 A1} [Ssm] be bloodshot (of eyes) {V6 O34 N4} [Sna] storm . repulse. found (a house etc). repel. manner (of action) {V6 O34 D21 G43 Y1 Z2} G17 D4} [Sna] constable. apron {V7 N35 D46 [Sndt] Nile acacia tree {V7 N35 D46 X1 [Snbt] breast {V7 N35 D58 G11 X1} [ggwy] stare {V6 V6 G43 X1 D4 Z2} . express {V6 S29 D21 Y1} [Ss] rope {V6 S29 V1} M1} [Snat] detention {V7 N35 D36 X1 A24} [Snaw] storehouse. labour establishment {V7 N35 D36 Z7 U13 O1} M17 M17 X1 S28} [SnDwt] kilt. repulse. vessels of alabaster {V6 N37} [Ssr] utter.

oppose (someone).Rope. {V7 [Sn wr] ocean {V7 N35 G36 D21 N36} [Sni] (v.) curse. quarrel {V7 N35 U33 [Snw] circuit. suffer from (something) {V7 N35 G37} I3} N35 V1 D40} [Sni] (v. foe (of king). quarrel {V7 N35 U33 [Snw] troubles. quarrel {V7 N35 V13 Y2} [Snw] enquiry {V7 N35 W24 G43 A2} G43 G37 Z2} [Snyt] storm {V7 N35 M17 X1 N33 N33 [Sns] a cake or loaf {V7 N35 S29 Z8} [SnTw] strife.Dictionary of Middle Egyptian V . surround. quarrel {V7 N35 V13 X1 [SnTt] strife.) suffer in (oneself). litigate {V7 N35 V1 A2} D12} [Sni] (v. need {V7 N35 W24 [Snw] circuit. enclose.) inquire into (a matter).) encircle {V7 N35 V1 D54} [Sni] (v. and Cloth 247 [Snbt] breast {V7 N35 D58 X1 F51} N35A N36} [Sn wr] ocean {V7 N35 G36 D21 [Sni] (v.) encircle. question (someone). courtier {V7 N35 U33 M17 M17 A24} [Sni] (v. Baskets. utter (sedition). quarrel {V7 N35 V13 X1 Z4 A1} [Sn] tree {V7 N35 M1} X1 A1 Z3} G43 A2} [Snwt] entourage {V7 N35 M17 M17 [Snwt] entourage {V7 N35 M17 M17 D249} [SnTt] strife. circumference {V7 N35 [Snwt] entourage {V7 N35 W24 G43 [Snty] quarrelsome man. grass {V7 N35 W24 Z7 D3} Z7 V1} [Snw] net.) encircle {V7 N35 V1 Z8} [SnT] sheriff {V7 N35 V13} [SnT] revile (God).) cover (diseased eye) {V7 N35 V1 [Sni] (v. punish (crime) {V7 N35 V13 A24} F34 Z1} [Sn] be infested with crocodiles {V7 N35 [SnDty] wearer of a kilt {V7 N35 I10 X1 A1} M1} [Sndt] Nile acacia tree {V7 N35 I10 X1 [SnDty] wearer of a kilt {V7 N35 I10 [SnT ib] be angry {V7 N35 V13 A24 [SnTw] strife. meshes (of net) {V7 N35 W24 . circumference {V7 N35 W24 G43 V1} M17 M17 A2} [Snw] cartouche {V7 N35 W24 G43 V9} W24 G43 V10} M17 M17 A14} [SnTw] strife. conjure (sickness) {V7 N35 V1 A2} X1 A40 Z3} [Snw] hair. quarrel {V7 N35 V13 X1 V1} X1 A20 A1 Z2} [Snyt] storm {V7 N35 M17 M17 X1 N4} [Sni] dispel (strife) {V7 N35 M17 N4} N33} [SnTw] strife. exorcise.

oppose (someone). grass {V7 N35 Z4 D3 Z2} Z4 D3 Z2 N16 N23 Z1 M2 M33} [Tryt] complaint {V13 D21 M17 M17 [Trp] an edible bird (goose ?) {V13 D21 Q3 G54} [Sny tA] fenugreek ? {V7 N35 [Trt] willow {V13 D21 X1 M1} S33} [Sns] a cake or loaf {V7 O34 X2} [Sns] a cake or loaf {V7 O34 X3} [Snsw] slab (for offerings) {V7 S29 R4} [Snwt] granary {V7 W24 X1 O51} [Snyt] storm {V7 X1 M17 N4} [Sn wr] ocean {V8 G36 N36} [Snw] net.) man. soles (of feet) {V13 D58 G43 X1 Z4 S33} [Tbn] be quick {V13 D58 N35 D54} {V13 D58 O4 N35 D56 D54 Z2} [Tbhn] leap. curse {V7 N35 [arq ib] clever {V12 N29 Y1 F34 Z1} [T] (suffix prn. depart (to) {V12 D54} M17 N5} [arqy] last day of the month {V12 M17 [arq] don (a garment) {V12 N29} [arq] swear {V12 N29 A2} [arqy] last day of the month {V12 N29 M17 M17 N5} [Snt] spell. punish (crime) {V7 N35 X1 V1 A2} [SnTt] strife. conjuration.Dictionary of Middle Egyptian V . Baskets.) set out.Rope. mankind. courtier {V7 N35 X1 A24 A1} [SnT] sheriff {V7 N35 X1 V1} [SnT] sheriff {V7 N35 X1 V1} X1 V1 A2} [diwt] shriek. and Cloth 248 Z7 V10 O39} [Snw] cartouche . Egyptians {V13 D21 A1 B1 Z2} [Trm] wink {V13 D21 G17 D6} X1 A30} [SnT] revile (God). punish (crime) {V7 N35 X1 A24} [Snty] quarrelsome man. provide with sandals {V13 D58 S33} [Tb] crate {V13 D58 U103} . your {V13} [rmT] (collective n. oppose (someone). circumference {V8 W24 G43 V1} [Tbw] sole (of foot) {V13 D58 G43 [Tbwty] (dual) sandals.amulet {V7 N35 W24 [Snwt] entourage {V7 N35 W24 Z7 [pxA] decking (of ship) {V11 M3} Z2 Z1} [diwt] shriek {V11 M17 M17 X1 A2 X1 A20 A1 Z2} [Snw] enclosure {V7 N35 W24 Z8} [SnT] revile (God). quarrel {V7 N35 X1 X1 V1 G37} [Snty] heron {V7 N35 X1 Z4 G31} [Sni] (v. prance (of animals) [Tbi] (v. intrans. meshes (of net) {V8 N35 Z8} [Snw] circuit. foe (of king). men. bellow {V11 X1 G43 A2 Z2} [fx] (v.) be shod.) curse {V7 N35 Z4 A2} [Snw] hair.) you.

soles (of feet) [Twn] gore (with horn). Baskets. explanation {V13 N35 T14 G41 N35A D21 Z1} [Tnw] number. go astray. numbering. explanation {V13 N35 T14 G41 Y2 W24 G43 D21} O49} [Tni] (locality) Thinis {V13 N35 T14 M17 [tn] (demon. be distinguised (of actions) {V13 N35 T14 G41} [Tn r] reminder. figure. promote. design. err. every time that {V13 N35 T14 G41 W24 G43 Y1v} [tit] image. (written) sign {V13 M17 X1 D17} [Tit] dais {V13 M17 X1 O40} [Tnnt] sanctuary at Memphis {V13 M22 M22 N35 X1 O1} [Tn r] reminder. numbering. prn. prn. census (of cattle.) sail {V13 N35 I9 M17 M17 X1 S28} [Tnwt] quantity. deflect (of balance). distinguish (from).) lift up. form. shape. your {V13 N35} G39} [Tni] (v. stick (into) [Tni] (locality) Thinis {V13 N35 M17 Z4 [Tnnt] sanctuary at Memphis {V13 N35 {V13 E34 N35 D40} F16} [Twn] gore (with horn) {V13 E34 N35 [Tms] red. each. promote {V13 N35 A1} [TmH] Libyan {V13 G17 V28 T14 [Tw] (dependent prn. elder {V13 N35 M17 A20} [Tni] basin {V13 N35 M17 V30} O49} [Tbwty] (dual) sandals. the dead) {V13 N35 W24 G43 X1 Y1 Z2} Y1 Z2} [Tnft] bag {V13 N35 I9 X1 S28} [Tni] old man {V13 N35 M17 A20} [Tnw] number {V13 N35 W24 G43 . promote. violet {V13 G17 S29 N35 X1 O1} [Tni] (locality) Thinis {V13 N35 O49} T14 G40 Y1v} Y3} [Tni] (v.Dictionary of Middle Egyptian V . every. ruddy. and Cloth 249 [tbtb] hoist {V13 D58 V13 D58 V1} {V13 D58 X1 S33 S33} [tni] old man. whence ? {V13 N35 T14 G41} [Tni] (v. be distinguised (of actions) {V13 N35 T14 Y1v} [TnHr] hawk {V13 N35 D2 D21 W24 [TnTAt] dais {V13 N35 G47 X1 O40} [tnm] turn aside. be confused (of roads) {V13 N35 T34 G17 D55} [Tnwt] census (of cattle) {V13 N35 W24 G43 X1 E1 Z2} [Tnf] enjoyment {V13 N35 I9 A2} [Tnfyt] (n. prisoners.) where ?.) you.) lift up. counting. distinguish (from).Rope.) this {V13 N35} [Tn] (dependent prn.) you {V13 G43 X1} [tf] saw {V13 M17 I9 G1 T31} [TiTi] trot {V13 M17 V13 M17 D54} [Tn] (int.) lift up. number.) you {V13 G43} [Tit] dais {V13 G43 O40} [Twt] (ind.

lift up. bear a grudge (against) {V13 O34 U39 Y1v} [Tsi] (v.) you. bear a grudge (against) {V13 O34 U39 A2} [Tsi] (v. bear a grudge (against) {V13 O34 T14} [Tst] station (in life) {V13 O34 T14 X1 Z2} Z2} [Tntt] sacred cattle {V13 N35 X1 X1 E1 [TnTAt] dais {V13 N35 X1 X1 O40} [Tsi] (v. dog {V13 O34 G17 F27} [Tswrt] an offering loaf {V13 O34 [Tst] complaint {V13 O34 X1 U39 Y1 [tpr] breathe {V13 Q3 M17 D19} [TpHt] cavern {V13 Q3 V28 X1 N44} [TpHt] cavern {V13 Q3 V28 X1 N44 N89} [TpHt] cavern. lift up {V13 O34 U39 Y1v} [Ts] vertebra.) be angry (with).Rope. range {V13 O34 S24 X1 V28 X1 O1} .dual) you two. prance (of animals) {V13 [Thm] harry {V13 O4 G17 A2} D40} [Tsi] (v. levy (troops) {V13 O34 [Tsi] (v. your {V13 N35 Z2} Z1 D40} [Tnr] eager.) be angry (with). hole (of snake) {V13 Q3 G43 D21 X1 X6} [Ts] tie on (fillet) {V13 O34 S24} N25} [Tst] ridge.) be angry (with).) be angry (with). dog {V13 O34 G17 [Tsm] hound. and Cloth 250 T14 G41 A2} [Tnw] distinction {V13 N35 W24 Z7 [Ts] vertebra. . bear a grudge (against) {V13 O34 A2} [Ts nmtt] undertake journeys {V13 O34 D54 N35 T34 G17 X1 X1 D54 Z2} [Tsi] (v.) raise. Baskets.Dictionary of Middle Egyptian V . spine {V13 O34 V1 Z1} [Tst] tooth {V13 O34 X1 F18} Z2} E14} [Tsm] hound.) go up (to a place) {V13 O34 U39 [Ts nmtt] undertake journeys {V13 O34 [Tny] (suffix prn. valour {V13 N35 Z2 D21 [Tsi] (v. lift up {V13 O34 U39 Q4 [Ts] marshal (troops). spine {V13 O34 S24 Z1} [Ts] support {V13 O34 T14} T14} [Tnwt] (a religious festival) census (of the dead) {V13 N35 X1 T14 G41 W3} [Tnwt] (a religious festival) census (of the dead) {V13 N35 X1 T14 G41 Y1v} [Tnt] difference (between x and y) {V13 N35 X1 T14 G41 Y1} [Ts] marshal (troops).) raise.) raise. set up (ruined walls) {V13 O34 U39 D36} D54} [Tn] (suffix and dependent prn. your {V13 N35 Z4} U39 D54 X1 D54 Z2} O4 D58 N35 D54 N33A} [Tbhn] leap. levy (troops) {V13 O34 U39 Y1v} [Thm] hunt {V13 O4 G17 D54} [Tsi] (v.

) joy {V13 V28 G43 A2} Z2} [iTi] (v.) number {V13 W24 Y2} [Tbt] vase {V13 X1 D58 W22} .hobble {V16} [sA] protection {V16} [sAw] magician {V16} [sA] phyle (of priests).) lean (on). set (crown on head) {V13 V4 Y1v} [THw] (v. remove.Rope.) rejoice {V13 V28 G43 F18 Z2} {V13 V28 N35 D36} [THn] (v. support. gang.) lance ? (an infected place) [THn] meet.Dictionary of Middle Egyptian V . rob {V15 A24} {V13 U1 D36 V31} [TmA a . conquer. heed V28 N35 D54} [sAwty] (locality) Asyut (Lycopolis) {V16 G43 X1 O49} S17} [THn] gleam. troop (of animals) {V16 A1 Z2} {V16 G1 D96} [THw] (n. / intrans.) joy {V13 V28 G43 F18 Y1 [THw] (v. troop (of animals) {V17 A1 Z2} [sAw] magician {V17 G43 A1} [sA] amulet {V17 Z1} [sA] protection {V17 Z1 Y1 Z2} [THHwt] exultation {V13 V28 V28 [THHwt] exultation {V13 V28 V28 X1 G43 Y1 Z2} [Tnw] (pl. engage (with enemy) {V13 [sAw] guard. trans. ward off.conduct. sustain. take possession of. company. restrain. company. overflow {V13 X1 I9 [THnw] (locality) Libya {V13 T14 V28 [TmA awy] strong . woodwork {V13 X1 Z1 M3} [Tt] table {V13 X1 Z1 R3P} [iTi] take. and Cloth 251 [Ts] sit {V13 S29 A7} W24 W24 N18 W24} D54} [Ttf] flow down. and n. hold up. regiment (of troops). pass. partisans {V13 X1 Z1 A1 Z2} D36} [Tt] board. spend. arrest.armed {V13 U1 [Tt] (collective n.) take (for use) {V15 X1 D40} [iTw] thief {V15 X1 Z7 A24 A1} [sA] cattle . glittering {V13 V28 N35 [THnt] faience {V13 V28 S16 N35 Z1} [sA] byre {V16 O1 Z1} [sA tA] reverence ? {V16 Z1 N16 N21 X1 N33A} [THH] exult {V13 V28 V28 F18 A2} X1 A2 Z3} [sA] protection {V17} [sA] phyle (of priests). move. regiment (of troops). Baskets.) staff.) rejoice {V13 V28 G43 A2} [THw] (n.k] your arm is strong [TmA] cadaster {V13 U1 S23} [TmA] cadaster {V13 U1 V19 N21 Z1} [iT Hpt] travel by boat {V15 A24 V28 X1 Q3 P10} [twA] (v.

and v. leather bag {V19} [TmA] cadaster {V19 Z1 N23} [mD] (the number) ten {V20} [mabA] harpoon {V20 V20 V20} {V20 V20 V20 A21 A1 Z2} [mHaw] flax {V22 D36 V28 Z5} [mH] seize.) Lower Egypt. capture {V22 D40} [mH] cubit {V22 D42} T30} [mHwnw] slaughter {V22 E34 N35 W24 [mHtyw] northerners {V22 G4 Z2} [mabAyw] the Thirty (a judicial body) [mabAyt] House of the Thirty {V20 V20 [mHy] guardian {V22 M17 M17 A40} [mHyt] (collective n. and adj.) Lower Egypt {V22 V28 M15} [mHyt] (collective n. Baskets. storm from the north. ponder (on) [mHyt] north wind. and Cloth 252 [mDt] byre {V19} [XAr] sack. lay hold of.Dictionary of Middle Egyptian V . take thought (for). ponder (on) {V22 D36 A2} [mHi] (n.game {V22 N35 I12} [mHn] (n.Rope.) coil (of serpents) {V22 N35 W24} N37} [mHi] inundate (land) {V22 V28 D117 [mHw] linen thread {V22 V28 G43 M2} [mHy] guardian {V22 D36 M17 M17 [mHw] (n. grasp (instructions). Lower Egyptian {V22 V28 G43 M15} [mHw] (n.) the Coiled one {V22 [mHn] (n.) care {V22 D36 A2} A40} N35 I12} N35 M17 M17 X1 I12} [mHnyt] (fem. and v.) fish {V22 M17 M17 X1 K1 Z2} V20 D58 M17 M17 X1 O1 Z3} V20 V20 M17 M17 X1 O1 Z2} [mabAyt] House of the Thirty {V20 [mabA] harpoon {V20 V20 V20 N34} [mabAyt] House of the Thirty {V20 V20 V20 X1 O1} [mH tA] land cubit (one hundredth of one aroura) {V22 N16} {V22 N35 I12} [mHn] the coiled one ( a serpent spirit) [mHn] a board .) be concerned (for).) fish {V22 V28 M17 M17 X1 K1 Z2} [mHy] guardian {V22 D36 V28 A40} [mHy] guardian {V22 D36 V28 M17 M17 A40} {V22 D36 V28 Z4 F37B A2 Z3} [mHi] take thought (for).) coil (of serpents) {V22 [mD] deep {V21} [mD] deep {V21 N35A} [mDt] byre {V21 X1 O1} [mD] deep {V21 Y1v} [mH] cubit {V22 D36} [mHi] (v. 'norther' {V22 V28 M17 M17 X1 P5} {V22 V28 M17 M17 X1 P5 N35A} [mHy] flax {V22 D36 V28 Z4 F37B M2 Z2} [mHyt] storm from the north .

) North {V22 X1} N23 T14 A1 Z2} G17} [mH ib m] trust in {V22 Y1 F34 Z1 [mH nfr] render good account {V22 Y1 [mHtyw] northerners {V22 X1 G4 F35 I9 D21} [mHyt] (collective n. turn. complete. turn oneself about {V24 D58 F46 D54 D36 Z1} M15} [mHt] (locality) the Delta marshes {V22 X1 [mHt] flood waters {V22 X1 N35A} [mHyt] north wind {V22 X1 P5} [mHt] fan ? {V22 X1 S36} [mHt] bowl {V22 X1 W10} [mHtt] north {V22 X1 X1} [mHt] the complete eye (of Horus) {V22 X1 Y2 D12} [wDb] turn (to) {V24 D58 N20} [wDb] river bank {V24 D58 N20 N23 Z1} [wDb xt] divert (offerings). a reversion-offering {V24 D58 N21A D56} [mHt r] northward to {V22 X1 Z4 N23 [mHt m] northward to {V22 X1 Z4 N23 G17} [wDb] river-bank. revert. pay in full.Dictionary of Middle Egyptian V .) drown. swim {V22 V28 N35A} Y1} [mH] (v. be full of.) fill. {V22 [mHi] (v. and Cloth 253 [mHi] (v. compose oneself. direct.) be full.Rope. inundate (land). trans. riparian-lands. reversionoffering {V24 D58 N21 Aa1 X1} [wDb rd] reversion (of offerings from temple to tomb). make whole. be complete.) northern {V22 X1 Z4 N23} [mHty] (n. bedrowned. desist. turn back.) North {V22 X1 Z4 N23} D21} [wDb] turn {V24 D58 N21A D55} [wDb rd] reversion ( of offerings from temple to tomb). finish {V22 Y1} [mH xft] act according to {V22 Y1 Aa1 I9 X1} {V22 V28 N35A S29 A40} [mHw . confidant {V22 Y1 F34 Z1} [mHty] (n.) inlay {V22 Y1} G43 G43 E1 Z2} [Hww] (ancient mis-spelling) cattle {V24 .s] Crown of Lower Egypt [mHyt] papyrus plant. intrans. sea-shore {V24 D58 N21A Z1} [mH] (v.) fish {V22 X1 K1 Z2} [mH m ] full measure {V22 Y1 G17} [wDb] fold over. Baskets. recur {V24 D58 F46 D54} [wDb a] turn the hand away.) launch (a vessel) {V22 V28 N35A} [mH] (v. divert. trans. overflow (of Nile). a reversion offering {V24 D58 N21A D21 D46 D56} [mHty] (adj. clump of papyrus {V22 V28 X1 M15 M2 Z3} [mHw] hunter {V22 V28 Z7 P2 K1 A1} D56 D56} [mH rdwy] hurry ! {V22 Y1 D21 D46 [mH ib] one who is trusted.

Dictionary of Middle Egyptian

V - Rope, Baskets, and Cloth



[wD] act as pilot, pilot, {V24 G43 I10 [wDb] turn back {V24 G43 I10 D58

F46 N21 Z2}

[wDb] riparian lands {V25 D58 G43

[wDb] sea shore {V25 D58 N20 Z2} [wDb xt] divert (offerings), a reversion offering {V25 D58 Z7 F48 Aa1 X1
Y1 Z2}

Z5 D54}

[wD] stela {V24 G43 I10 O26}
I10 V28 G43 R3}

[wdHw] offering table {V24 G43

[wD] (written) decree, despatch {V24 G43


[wDi] depart, stray (of cattle) {V25 G43 [wDt] (n.) command, decree {V25 G43

V12 Z1}

[wD] (written) decree, despatch {V24 G43 [wDH] (v.) wean {V24 G43 V28 D82} [wDt] command, decree {V24 G43 X1 Y1}

I10 X1 Y1}

[wD] see other entries under wD (command etc) {V25 G43 I10 Y1}
{V25 G43 M17 M17 X1 D54}

[wDyt] campaign, expedition, journey

[wD] (v.) allot, decree (something to), commit, commend (someone to), entrust (a matter) {V24 G43 Y1v} [wD] (v.) command, make a command, enjoin (an instruction), decree (someone to) {V24 G43

[wD] stela {V25 G43 O26} [wD] stela {V25 G43 O39} [mtr] (v. trans.) instruct {V25 G43
O39 D52 X1 T14 T14}

[wD] inscription {V25 G43 V12} [wD] stela {V25 G43 V12 O26} [wD] jug {V25 G43 W70} [wD] see other entries under wD (command etc) {V25 G43 Y1v} [wD] stela {V25 G43 Y1v}
G43 Y1 S43 D46 G43}

[wD] (n.) command, (written) decree, despatch, precept {V24 G43 Y1v}

[wD tp] give orders ? {V24 G43 Y1 D1

[wD mdw] command, control, govern {V24
S43 Y1 Z2}


[wdHw] offering table {V24 V28 G43 [wDt mdw] (n.) command {V24 X1 S43

[wD mdw] (n.) command {V25

D46 Z7 Y1v}

[wDt mdw] command {V24 X1 S43 Y1v}
{V24 Y1V N35 V31 N35 D57}

[wD mdw] (v.) command, control, govern {V25 G43 Y1 S43 D46 G43} [wD] inscription {V25 G43 Y2} [wDyt] campaign, expedition, journey {V25
M17 M17 X1 D54}

[wD nkn] do harm, execute sentence

[wD] (v. trans.) pilot (someone) {V25 A200} [wDb] folded cloth {V25 D58 F46}

M17 X1 P1}

[wDyt] campaign, expedition {V25 M17

Dictionary of Middle Egyptian

V - Rope, Baskets, and Cloth


[wDH] wean, weaned child {V25 V28 A17}
V28 A18}

Z7 A24}

[aDyw] winnowers {V26 I10 M17 M17

[wDH] (n.) weaned child (of royalty) {V25 [wdHw] offering table {V25 V28 G43

[aD] edge, margin (of cultivation) {V26 I10
N23 Z1}


[aD] fat, grease {V26 I10 O39 Z2} [aD] edge, margin (of cultivation) {V26 N23} [aD] fat, grease {V26 W24 Z2}
X1 P3}


[wdHw] offering table {V25 V28 G43

[wDH] door of cast metal {V25 V28 O31} [wDH] cast (metal) {V25 V28 Q7} [wdH] pour out, pour off {V25 V28 W24

[manDt] day - barque (of sun god) {V26

[aD] be safe {V26 Y1} [aD] spool, reel {V26 Z1 M3} [aDt] slaughter, massacre {V27 X1 A15A} [Hwi] surge up, overflow {V28 A24} [Hwi] surge up, overflow {V28 A24 D40} [Hw ny r Hr] combat {V28 A24 N35
Z4 D21 D2 Z1 D40}

[wdHw] offering table {V25 V28 W24 Z7}

[wDt] (n.) command, decree {V25 X1 G43

[wDt] (n.) command, decree {V25 X1 V12

[wDt] (n.) command, decree {V25 X1 Y1} [wD] stela {V25 X1 Z1 Y1 O39} [aD] fat, grease {V26 D46 O39}

A24 Z12 A24 N35A}

[Hwi] surge up, overflow, rain {V28 [Hw ny r Hr] combat {V28 A24

[aD] hack up, destroy {V26 D46 U7

Z12 A24 N35 Z4 D21 D2 Z1 A24}

[aD] hack up, destroy {V26 D46 U7 D40} [aD mr] administrator {V26 D46 U7
D40 N36}

[Hwi] (v.) beat, srike, smite, defeat (in argument), drive off (cattle) {V28 A25 A24} [Hwi] (v.) drive in (mooring post), flap (wings), clap, gather (crops) {V28 A25 A24} [Hwi] (v.) thresh (corn),throw (against), tread (road etc..), roam (the earth) {V28 A25

[aD] fat, grease {V26 D46 W24 Z2} [aD] be safe {V26 D46 Y1v} [aD] perceive {V26 D46 Y1v} [aD] fat, grease {V26 D46 Z4 N33 Z2} [aDw] Buri fish {V26 D46 Z7 K1 Z1} [aD] fatten ? {V26 I10 A24}

[Hwyt] (n.) rain {V28 A25 M17 M17 X1

[HAi] (v.) screech (of falcon) {V28 A28}
A90D Z12 A24 N35A}

[Hwi] surge up, overflow, rain {V28

Dictionary of Middle Egyptian

V - Rope, Baskets, and Cloth



[Hpw] Apis Bull {V28 Aa5 Q3 G39 [Hr] terror, dread {V28 D2 D21 Aa19

[Ha] flesh {V28 D36 F51}

[Haw nb] all people {V28 D36 F51B [Haw] body {V28 D36 F51B Z2}


[Hr] (adj.) distant {V28 D2 D21 N31} [Hr] (v.) be far (from) {V28 D2 D21 N31}
D21 X1 A24 Z3}

[Hwa] short {V28 D36 G37} [Hai] (v.) rejoice {V28 D36 G43} [Hwaw] short men {V28 D36 G43
D41 A1 Z2}

[Hryt] terror, dread, respect {V28 D2 [Hryt] terror, dread, respect {V28 D2

D21 X1 Aa19 A24 Z3}

[Hapy] Nile {V28 D21 Q3 N37 A40} [Hapy] Nile {V28 D21 Q3 N37 A40}
G1 A2 Z3}

P1 Z2}

[Haaw] ships {V28 D36 G43 G43 [Haww] ships {V28 D36 G43 P3 Z2}

[HqAw] magic, magic spells {V28 D28 [HqAw] magic, magic spells {V28

[Hawt] joy {V28 D36 G43 X1 A28 Z3} [Hai] (v.) rejoice {V28 D36 M17 M17
A28 Y1v}

D28 G1 Z7 A2 Z3}

[Ha] palace {V28 D36 O1} [Haww] ships {V28 D36 P3 Z2}
N37 Z2}

Y1 A40}

[HkAy] magician {V28 D28 M17 M17

[HkAw] god of Magic {V28 D28 Y1 Z3

[Hapy] Nile {V28 D36 Q3 D21 N35A

[HqAw] magic, magic spells {V28 D28 Z2} [Hai] (v.) rejoice {V28 D36 A28 A2} [Hai] (adj.) joyful {V28 D36 A28 A2} [Hai] (v.) rejoice {V28 D36 A28 Y1v} [Haaw] rejoice {V28 D36 D36 A28}
A28 Y1v}

[Hapy] Nile {V28 D36 Q3 N35A} [Hapy] Nile {V28 D36 Q3 Z4 N36} [Hapy] (divinity) Hapy (Nile god)
{V28 D36 Q3 Z4 N36 N35A A40}

G1 A24}

[HaDA] (v.) plunder {V28 D36 U28 [HaDA] (n.) robbery {V28 D36 U28

[Haaw] rejoice {V28 D36 D36 G43 [Haawt] joy {V28 D36 D36 G43 X1

G1 A24}

U28 G1 G43 X1 G37 A24 Z3}

[HadAwt] robbery {V28 D36



[Hba] play (draughts) {V28 D36 D58

[Hawt] joy {V28 D36 X1 A28 Z2B} [Hat] wick (of lamp) {V28 D36 X1 V1} [Hai] (v.) rejoice {V28 D36 Y1}

[Hat] wick {V28 D36 D133 X1}

Dictionary of Middle Egyptian

V - Rope, Baskets, and Cloth


D46 D58 A15 D40}

[Hdb] overthrow, be prostrate {V28

covering {V28 D58 S29 S28} [Hbs Hr] cover the head {V28 D58 S29
S28 D1 Z1}

[Hdb] sit (on), seat (oneself) {V28 D46
D58 D54}

D46 D58 Z9 D40}

[Hdb] overthrow, be prostrate {V28 [Hba] play (draughts) {V28 D58 D36

[Hbs Hr] be inaccessible to pleas (cover the face) {V28 D58 S29 S28 D2 Z1} [Hbswt] cloth {V28 D58 S29 X1 G43}
Z7 S28 Z2 Z1}

T14 T14 Y1v}

[Hbsw] deception ? {V28 D58 S29


[Hbbt] water {V28 D58 D58 N21

[Hb] festival {V28 D58 W3} [Hb] mourn {V28 D58 W3 A24} [Hb] celebrate a triumph {V28 D58
W3 D32 D40}

[Hbbt] water {V28 D58 D58 X1 N35A} [HbAbA] waddle {V28 D58
G29 G1 D58 G29 G1 D54}

G39 K1 Z2}

[Hb] catch (of fish and fowl) {V28 D58


[Hb] celebrate a triumph {V28 D58 W3

[Hbw] target {V28 D58 G43 O39} [Hbw] target {V28 D58 G43 Z26} [Hby] be festal, make festival {V28 D58
M17 M17 W4}

[Hb] celebrate a triumph {V28 D58 W3 Y1} [Hb] festival {V28 D58 W4} [Hb] catch (of fish and fowl) {V28
D58 W4 G39 K1 Z2}

M17 M17 X1 W4}

[Hbyt] festival offerings {V28 D58

W4 M17 M17}

[Hby] be festal, make festival {V28 D58 [Hbyt] festival offerings {V28 D58

[Hbyt] festival offerings {V28 D58 M17
M17 X1 Y24 Z3A}

W4 M17 M17 X1 Z2}

S28 D40}

[Hbs] bear (flabellum) {V28 D58 O34 [Hb sd] jubilee {V28 D58 S29 D46


[Hbt] ritual book {V28 D58 X1 W3

[Hb] festival {V28 D58 Y2} [Hbw] target {V28 D58 Z5} [Hwn] child, young man {V28 E34 N35

N21 W3 N5}


[Hbsw] bundle ? {V28 D58 S29 G43 [Hbsyt] wife {V28 D58 S29 M17 M17

X1 S28}

[Hbs] clothe, be clothed, don (garment), furnish (house), hide, cover up {V28 D58 S29


[Hwn] (n.) youthful vigour {V28 E34 N35

[Hwn] rib-roast {V28 E34 N35 F51} [Hwn] child, young man {V28 E34
N35 M42 A17}

[Hbs] garment, clothes, clothing, cloth,

Dictionary of Middle Egyptian

V - Rope, Baskets, and Cloth


[Hw] food {V28 F18 Z2} [Ha .i] myself {V28 F51 F51 F51 A1}
{V28 G1}

[HmA] ball {V28 G17 G1 Y24}
G17 N34 Z1}

[Hmm] surgeon's knife ? {V28 G17

[HA] (non enclitic part.) would that !,


[HAi] (v.) mourn, wail, screech (of falcon), dance (at funeral) {V28 G1 A28} [HAi] (v.) mourn {V28 G1 A73} [HAab] a bad quality {V28 G1 D36
Z1 D58 A24}

[Hnmmt] the sun-folk of Heliopolis, mankind {V28 G17 G17 X1 Z2 N8} [Hmsi] (v. trans.) occupy (a place) {V28
G17 O34 A7}

[mHi] inundate (land) {V28 G17 V22}

[HmAgt] carnelian {V28 G17 W11 X1

[HAd] (v.) lust {V28 G1 D46 D52}

[HmAgt] carnelian, garnet {V28 G17 W11
X1 Z2}

[HAd] fish trap, trap fish {V28 G1 D46

[HAi] (v.) mourn {V28 G1 D81} [HAi] (v.) screech (of falcon) {V28 G1

D21 G43 A2}

[Hwrw] speak ill ?, decry ? {V28 G36

[Hwrw] poor, humble man, despicable person {V28 G36 D21 G43 A17 A1} [Hwrw] poor, humble man, despicable person {V28 G36 D21 G43 A17 G37

[HAi] (v.) wail {V28 G1 M17}

[HAy] be naked {V28 G1 M17 M17 [HAmw] type of wine {V28 G1 N35A

[Hwrw] poor, humble man, despicable person {V28 G36 D21 G43 G37 A1}
{V28 G36 D21 G43 G37 F34 Z1}



[HA] the desert god {V28 G1 N76A [HAti] cloak {V28 G1 U33 M17 S28}

[Hwrw ib] poor of understanding

[Hwrw] the meanest of birds {V28 G36
D21 G43 G37 Z2}

[AHwt] (pl.) fields, arable lands, earth, mould {V28 G1 X1 N21 Z2} [HAt] tomb {V28 G1 X1 O18} [HAti] cloak {V28 G1 X1 S28} [HAty] heart, central chest, thought {V28
G1 X1 Z4 F34}

[HsA] dough {V28 G39}
G39 X1 E101A}

[HsAt] (divinity) a cow goddess {V28

[Hww] proclaim {V28 G43} [Hwy] (non enclitic part.) would that ! {V28

[AH] bread {V28 G1 X4} [AH] type of bread {V28 G1 Z8}

[Hwi] (v.) drive off (cattle) {V28 G43 A24} [Hw] food {V28 G43 A40}

Dictionary of Middle Egyptian

V - Rope, Baskets, and Cloth



[Hw] Authoritative Utterance {V28 G43 [Hww] beat (of wings) {V28 G43 D3 Z2}


[HfAw] snake {V28 I9 G1 G43 [HfAt] crawling posture {V28 I9

G1 X1 A16A}

[Hwa] short {V28 G43 D36 G37} [Hwa ib] apprehensive {V28 G43 D36 G37
F34 Z1} X1 D54}

[HfAt] crawling posture {V28 I9 G1

[HfAt] intestinal worm {V28 I9 X1

[Hww] a class of bulls, cattle (in general) {V28 G43 D52 E1 Z2} [Hw] food {V28 G43 F18 Y1}
F18 Y1 A40}

I10 D58 A15}

[HDb] overthrow, be prostrate {V28

[Hw] Authoritative Utterance {V28 G43

[HDi] (n.) damage, destruction {V28 I10

[Hw] food {V28 G43 F18 Z2} [Hw] (royal) ordinance {V28 G43 G7} [Hww] proclaim {V28 G43 G43} [Hww] a class of bulls, cattle (in general) {V28 G43 G43 E1 Z2} [Hww] a class of bulls, cattle (in general) {V28 G43 M17 M17 G43 E1 Z3} [Hwtf] rob, plunder {V28 G43 X1 I9

I10 Z9 G37}

[HDi] (n.) damage, destruction {V28

[Hn] go speedily, an attack {V28 M2 N35

M2 N35 D58 X1 N23 Z2}

[Hnbwt] confines (of district) {V28

[Hnwt] horn {V28 M2 N35 F16} [Hnmmt] the sun-folk of Heliopolis, mankind {V28 M2 N35 G17 G17 X1
A1 Z2 B1}

V1 D40}

[Hwtf] rob, plunder {V28 G43 X1 I9

[Hnw] bowl {V28 M2 N35 G43 W10} [Hni] (n.) rush {V28 M2 N35 M2}
N35 D54}

[Hwy] (non - enclitic part.) would that !
{V28 G43 Z4}

[HnHn] hinder, detain {V28 M2 N35 M2

[Hww] proclaim {V28 G43 Z4A A2} [Hw] food {V28 G43 Z8 Z2} [HTA] type of bread {V28 G47 W10} [Hfd] sit {V28 I9 D46 A7} [Hfd] climb {V28 I9 D46 D54} [Hf] range (hills, of lion) {V28 I9 D54} [HfAw] snake {V28 I9 F40 G43 I14}

[HnHnt] swelling {V28 M2 N35 M2
N35 X1 H8}


[Hni] (n.) rush (plant) {V28 M2 N35 M17 [Hnyt] spear {V28 M2 N35 M17 M17

X1 T80A}

N35 N35 D52}

[Hnn] penis, circumcised penis {V28 M2

[Hnn] phallus, circumsized penis {V28 M2

constricted {V28 M2 N35 [Hns ib] meanness {V28 M2 N35 S29 M2 N35 W11 W11 F51} [Hngg] tonsils ?.) goods. detain {V28 M2 N35 V28 D55} W24 Z7 M17 M17 P114} V28 M2 N35 D55} [HnHn] hinder. greedy {V28 M2 .Dictionary of Middle Egyptian N35 N35 D53 F51B} V . chattels. cripple ? N35A N36 N23 Z1} [Hnw] canal {V28 M2 N35 W24 Z7 {V28 M2 N35 V28 M2 N35 V36 D54 A1} [Hnty] be covetous. Baskets. detain {V28 M2 N35 [HnHn] dawdler ?. obstruct {V28 M2 N35 V36} M2 N35 O34 V31 X1 D3} [Hnskt] braided lock (of hair) {V28 [Hnskt] braided lock (of hair) {V28 N35 V36 G37} [Hn] control (one's mouth) {V28 M2 M2 N35 O34 V31 X1 D156} [Hn] control (oneself) {V28 M2 N35 V36 Y1v} S29 G37} [Hns] narrow. and Cloth 260 [Hnn] hoe {V28 M2 N35 N35 M3} [Hnsktyw] wearers of the side-lock (of hair) {V28 M2 N35 O34 V31 G4 D156 D156 D156 Z2} M17 M17 X1 D39 O1 Z2} [Hnkyt] bed {V28 M2 N35 V31 [Hnkyt] bed.Rope. chattels. possessions {V28 M2 N35 W24 G43 Y1 Z2} Z2} [Hnsktyw] wearers of the side-lock (of hair) {V28 M2 N35 S29 V31 M17 M17 G4 D3 A40 Z3} M2 N35 U33 M17 M17 Z5} [Hnty] equerry (of foreign prince) {V28 [Hnw] ribs {V28 M2 N35 W24 Z7 F51 [Hnw] barque of Sokar {V28 M2 N35 [HnHn] hinder. bier {V28 M2 N35 V31 M17 M17 X1 D41 S28} [Hnskyt] she who has braided hair {V28 M2 N35 O34 V31 M17 M17 D3 X1} N35 V31 Z7 D39 Z1} [Hnkw] (diplomatic) gifts {V28 M2 [Hn] encumber. bowl. greedy {V28 M2 N35 X1 A24} V31 D39} [Hnk] make offering (to) {V28 M2 N35 [Hnkw] scale-pan (of a balance) G1 F27 Z1} [HntA] porcupine ? {V28 M2 N35 X1 {V28 M2 N35 V31 G43 D39} [HntA] breastbone {V28 M2 N35 X1 G1 F51} M2 N35 V31 G43 U91} [Hnkw] scale-pan (of balance) {V28 [Hnt] greed {V28 M2 N35 X1 I3} N35 X1 I3 A24} [Hnkw] scale-pan (of balance) {V28 M2 N35 V31 G43 V29} [Hnty] be covetous. possessions. salivary glands ? {V28 [Hnw] (military) Commanders G37 F34 Z1} N31 G37} [Hns] constricted {V28 M2 N35 S29 {V28 M2 N35 W24 G43 D40 A1 Z3} [Hnw] jar. goods {V28 M2 N35 W24 G43 W22} [Hnw] (pl.

young man {V28 M42 N35 A17D} {V28 M2 N35 X1 Z4 V36 V36} [Hnty] (dual) the two sides. services {V28 M2 N35 X1 V36 Y1 Z2} {V28 M2 N35 X1 Y1} V1 V1} [Htrw] lashings {V28 M6 D21 G43 V1 [HAd] fish-trap {V28 M16 G1 D46 [Hnt] occupation. business. control (oneself) {V28 M2 N35 Y1v} D36 Z1} U30 G1 G37} [Hns a] mean. eternity {V28 M2 N35 X1 Z4A V36} M16 G1 Q3 Y1} [HAp] (adj. {V28 M2 N35 X1 U33 M17 Y2} [Hnt] occupation. watercourse {V28 M2 [HntA] be in need {V28 M2 N35 X1 [Hn] provide. lifetime {V28 M2 M3} M43A Z3} [HAw] vintage {V28 M16 G1 G43 N35 X1 Y1} [HAq] carry off (captives) {V28 M16 G1 N29 A24} [Hnty] (dual) the two sides (of time). refreshed. craft. business. the two ends (of time). craft. greedy {V28 M2 N35 X1 Z4 V36 A24} [HAwty] naked man {V28 M16 G1 X1 A1} {V28 M2 N35 X1 Z4 V36 V36} [Hnty] the two sides/ends (of time) [Hnty] the two sides / ends (of a space). the two ends (of space) {V28 M2 N35 X1 Z4 V36 V36 N31 N31} [Hnt] swampy lake. increase {V28 M16 G43 [HAg] be glad {V28 M16 W11 A2} [Hwn] be rejuvenated. watercourse {V28 M2 N35 X1 Z5 N36 N23} X1 A17 B1} [Hwnt] maiden {V28 M42 N35 W24 [Hn] charge (someone with task).Rope. eternity {V28 M2 N35 X1 Z4 N31} M16 G1 U33 M17 N4} [HAti] bleariness (of eyes) {V28 [Hnty] be covetous. eternity.) secret. services [Hnt] space (of time). ungenerous {V28 M2 S29 X1 U30 G1 M23 G43 I1} [HntAsw] lizard {V28 M2 N35 [Hnt] greed {V28 M2 X1} [Hnwt] horn {V28 M3D N35 W24 X1 O120} [Hnty] (dual) the two sides (of time).Dictionary of Middle Egyptian V . govern. command. Baskets. occupy (oneself) {V28 M2 N35 Y1v} [Hwnt] pupil (of eye) {V28 M42 N35 X1 Z1} [Hwnt] maiden {V28 M42 X1 N35 A17} . the two ends (of time). mysterious {V28 [HAti] bleariness (of eyes) {V28 M16 [Hnti] porcupine ? {V28 M2 N35 X1 Z4 F27} G1 U33 M17 D5} [Hnty] (dual) the two sides (of time). and Cloth 261 N35 X1 N37} [Hnt] swampy lake. the two ends (of time). equip. commend (someone). continually. youthful vigour {V28 M42 N35 A17} [Hwn] child. Y1 Z2} [HAw] wealth.

be burdened {V28 N35 V31 D39} [Hqr] hungry man {V28 N29 D21 A2 [Hqr] (n.Rope. dough {V28 O34 G39 G1 N35A} . dwell (in). hunger {V28 N29 D21 W24 D39 W24 W24} [Hnkt] offerings {V28 N35 V31 X1 [Hnkyt] bed {V28 N35 V31 X1 S28} [Hnwt] mistress {V28 N35 W24 X1 B1} [Hnty] (foreign) commander {V28 N35 X1 G43 M17 M17} G37} A1} [Hqr] hungry man {V28 N29 D21 G37 [Hnty] (foreign) commander.) hunger {V28 N29 D21 G37} [Hqr] be hungry. for ever {V28 N5 V28} [nHH] eternity {V28 N5 V28} [Hb] festival {V28 N5 W3 D58} [Hqr] (v. Baskets. offer (something). sit down. therewith. seat (someone) {V28 N41 S29 A7} [Hms Hr] besiege (town) {V28 N41 S29 A7 D2 Z1} [Hna] together with. make offering. and.Dictionary of Middle Egyptian V . equerry (of foreign prince) {V28 N35 X1 U30 M17 M17 D40} [Hqt] (divinity) Heqat (frog goddess) {V28 N29 X1 B1} [Hnt] cup {V28 N35 X1 W10} [Hmw] steering-oar {V28 N41 G17 G43 M3} I7} [Hqt] Heqat (frog goddess) {V28 N29 X1 [HqAt] sceptre {V28 N29 X1 S38} [Hnqt] beer {V28 N29 X1 W22} [Hnqt] beer {V28 N29 X1 W22} [Hqt] (divinity) Heqat (frog goddess) {V28 N29 X1 Z5 G7} {V28 N41 G43 S29 X1 T62} [Hmwst] female counterpart of the KA [Hmsi] sit. and. together with them {V28 N35 D36} [Hna] together with. together with them {V28 N35 D36 Z2} D40} [Hmsi] sit down {V28 N41 S29 A285} [Hms] penis {V28 N41 S29 D52} A17 A1 Z2} [HaAw] children {V28 O29 D36 G1 [Hnb] convey (land) {V28 N35 D58 Z7 [Hnyt] spear {V28 N35 M17 M17 X1 [HaAw] children {V28 O29V D36 G43 A17 A1} T80} Z2} [HaAw] children {V28 O29V G1 G37 [Hnn] hoe {V28 N35 N35 U8 Z1} [Hns ib] meanness {V28 N35 S29 F34 Z1} [HsA] dough {V28 O34 G39} [HsA] milk. and {V28 N35} [Hna] together with. and Cloth 262 [nHH] eternity. mucus.) be hungry {V28 N29 D21 A2} A1} G17 T34 G17 D54} [Hnmnm] creep {V28 N35 T34 [Hnk] to present (someone). therewith.

) embrace {V28 Q3 X1 D32 D36} A1} [Hsw] minstrel {V28 S29 D41 G43 [Hst] (fem. become calm {V28 R4 X1 Q3} [Htp] (v. smash {V28 S29 D58 Aa2} [Hsb] count. occupy (throne). ribs ? (of boat) {V28 Q3 X1 G43 D32 M3 Z2} D58 G43 Aa2 Y1} Z9} [Hsb] break.) be pleased (with). peaceful. intrans. be destroyed {V28 Q1 Aa15 G37} [Hptt] course (of sun and moon) {V28 Q3 Q1 X1} [Htm] (v.) minstrel {V28 S29 D41 X1 B1} [Hsb] breaak.) be at peace. intrans. and Cloth 263 [Hsp] garden {V28 O34 Q3 N24} [Hsmn] natron {V28 O34 Y5 N35 R9} X4 Z2} [Hptw] cross-timbers (of door-leaves). be gracious (to). account {V28 S29 [Hpt] travel {V28 Q3 X1 D54} [Hptw] cross-timber (of door leaves). reckon. assume (titulary) {V28 R4 X1 Q3} [Hs] be cold {V28 S29 A359} [Hs] be cold {V28 S29 A361} [Hs] excrement {V28 S29 Aa2 Z2} [HsA] mucus {V28 S29 Aa17 G1 N35A} [Hpy] (divinity) Hapy (one of the four sons of Horus) {V28 Q3 Aa5 M17 M17} [Hpd] open (mouth) {V28 Q3 D46 D25} E1} [Hpw] Apis Bull {V28 Q3 G43 Aa5 [Hapy] Nile {V28 Q3 N36} [Hapy] Nile {V28 Q3 N36} [Hpgt] a leaping dance {V28 Q3 W11 X1} [Hpt] oar {V28 Q3 X1 Aa5} [Hpt] embrace. contentment. ribs (of boat) {V28 Q3 X1 G43 M3 Z2} [Hpt] oar {V28 Q3 X1 P8} [Hpt] oar {V28 Q3 X1 P10} X1 T9 X1 D54} [Hsmn] (type of ) food {V28 O34 Y5 N35 [Htm] (v. intrans. be destroyed {V28 R4 X1 Q3} [Htpw] peace. armful {V28 Q3 X1 D32} [Hpt] (v. trans. reckon with (offenders) {V28 S29 D58 Aa2 Y1} X4 Z1} D32 X1 D54} [Hptt] course (of sun or moon) {V28 Q3 X1 [Hsb] a type of bread {V28 S29 D58 Aa2 [Hsbw] reckoning. intrans. good pleasure {V28 Q1 X1 U15} [Htp] (v.) satisfy.) perish. rest in (tomb). fracture {V28 S29 D58 . pardon (someone) {V28 R4 X1 Q3} X1 E101A} Y1} [Htm] provide {V28 Q1 X1 G17 G39 [Htmt] chair {V28 Q1 X1 M3} [Htm] (v. smash.Rope. be destroyed {V28 [HsAt] (divinity) a cow goddess {V28 Q1 [Htp] (v. pacify.) perish. be happy. intrans. and n.Dictionary of Middle Egyptian V .) perish. Baskets. make content.

behead {V28 S29 N29 T30} [Hsqt] chopper {V28 S29 N29 X1 T30} [Hsp] garden {V28 S29 Q3 N23 Z1} N35 U32 D26} [Htm] (v.. bronze. search for. intrans.) destroy. Baskets. (enemies). smell offensive. and Cloth 264 [Hsi] (v. quarry {V28 V13 X1 O1} O1} N33 Z2} [HmAt] salt {V28 U2 X1 N33 Z2} W24 G43 P60C} [Hnw] barque of Sokar {V28 U8 N35 [Htt] (n.Dictionary of Middle Egyptian V . be missing {V28 V28 [Hkn] acclaim (someone) {V28 V31 N35 W24 G43 A2} . quench (thirst) {V28 U15 D35 G39} [Htm] (v.) perish.) destroy (enemies).) seek. garnet {V28 U1 [HmAt] salt {V28 U1 G1 X1 U32 [HTT] armpit {V28 V13 V13 X1 D41} [HTTt] armpit {V28 V13 V13 X1 F51B} [HTt] hyena {V28 V13 X1 E17} [Htt] mine.Rope.. amethyst {V28 S29 Y5 N35 U32 Z2 N33} G1 G1 X1 Z2 Aa2} [HwAAt] putrefaction {V28 V4 [HwAAt] putrefaction {V28 V4 G1 G43 Aa3 X1} [Hwi] (v. trans.. putrefy. spoil (enjoyment) {V28 V4 G1 Aa2} [Hsmn] menstruation {V28 S29 Y5 [Hsmn] natron. eternity {V28 U8 N35 X1 Z4 D54} [Htm] (v.) flap (wings) {V28 T2} [HD] white. be missing (from) {V28 V28 D54} [Hnty] (dual) the two sides (of time). provide (a temple with. search for. levy. complete (period of time).) {V28 V13 D21 M17 M5B} Z5 E1 Z3} [Htr] yoke (of oxen) {V28 V13 D21 [HTT] carry under the arm {V28 V13 V13 D210} [HmAgt] carnelian. quench (thirst) {V28 U15 G17 G41 G37} [Hts] bring to an end. bright {V28 T3 I10 N8} [Xry Hbt] lector (priest) {V28 T28 D58} [Xry Hbt] lector (priest) {V28 T28 D58} [HmA] ball {V28 U1 G1 H8} G1 X1 W11 Z2 N33} [Htr] tax. rot.) mine (building) {V28 V13 X1 [wdHw] offering table {V28 V25 G43 R3} [Hnw] jar {V28 U8 N35 W24 G43 W23} Z7 X1 Z4A A1} [Hnwty] servant {V28 U8 N35 W24 [wDH] pour out {V28 V25 W24 D36} [HH] breaking the force ? (of a wave in wreck) {V28 V28 A21 A24} [HHy] (v.. celebrate (festival) {V28 U33 S29 Aa30} [HwA] foul.. cut out (heart etc).) sing {V28 S29 D207} [Hsq] cut off (head etc). be destroyed {V28 U15 G17 G41 G37} Z4 D54} [HHy] seek. trans. the two ends (of time). offensive..

turn away (the evil doer0 {V28 W14 S29 Z4 D54} [Hsty] (n. praise {V28 W14 O34 S3 X1 I3} [Hnty] be covetous.) minstrel {V28 W14 O34 X1} X1 A2} [Hst] (n. horses.) sing {V28 W14 O34 Z4 A2} [Hsi] (v.) minstrel {V28 W14 M17 M17 X1 D41} X1 Z2} [Hsyt] concubines {V28 W14 M17 M17 [Hsw] minstrel {V28 W14 O34} [Hsy] favoured. provide (a temple) {V28 .Rope. and Cloth 265 [Hknw] praise (to king / god). praised one {V28 W14 [Htr] tax. levy. turn away {V28 W14 O34 [Htr] yoke (of oxen) {V28 X1 D21 E1} D21 E6} [Htr] span (of horses). Baskets. horses. chariotry {V28 X1 D54} O34 D54 D2 Z1 G17} [Hs Hr m] face (an enemy) {V28 W14 [Hs Hr .) favour. acclaim {V28 V31 N35 Y1} [Hknw] a sacred oil {V28 V31 W24 W1} [Hknw] praise (to king / god) {V28 V31 W24 Y1v} W14 O34 M17 M17 A2 A1} [Hst] (fem.) praise {V28 W14 O34 X1 Y1v} [Hsi] (v.f] courageous {V28 W14 O34 [Htr] span (of horses). thanksgiving {V28 V31 N35 W24 G43 A2} W24 Z7 N33 Z2} [Hsw] spell (for protection against water) {V28 W14 O34 G43 P1 N35A} G43 U33 M17} [Hknw] a sacred oil {V28 V31 N35 [Hswti] (adj.) favourite {V28 W14 O34 [Hsy] favoured one. celebrate (festival) {V28 X1 Aa30 S29} [Ht] become entangled (of hair) {V28 X1 D3 D40} [Hb] celebrate a triumph {V28 W3 D58} [Hb] festival {V28 W3 D58} [Hb] catch (of fish and fowl) {V28 W3 D58 G39 Z2 K1 Z2} V31 V1 D40} [Hnsk] tie up ? {V28 W10 N35 O34 [Hgg] saliva ? {V28 W11 W11 F51} [Hst] (fem. chariotry {V28 X1 D21 M6 E6A Z2} X1 D21 M6 Y1v} O34 G43 A2} [Hsy] favoured.) turn back. chariotry {V28 X1 D21 E6A} D54 D2 Z1 I9} [Htrw] span (of horses).) sing {V28 W14 S29 A2} [Hs] be cold {V28 W14 S29 P5} [Hst] water jar {V28 W14 S29 X1 W24} [Hsi] (v.Dictionary of Middle Egyptian V . praised one {V28 W14 O34 A1} O34 A2} [Hsi] favour / praise (someone) {V28 W14 [Hsi] turn back. praised one {V28 [Hkn] be joyful. complete (period of time). greedy {V28 V36 [Hst] (n.) praise {V28 W14 X1 Z4A A2} [Hnwt] mistress {V28 W24 X1 B1} [Hnwt] mistress {V28 W24 X1 I12} [Hts] bring to an end.

. companies {V29 A1 Z1 Z2} [wAH] fillet (of gold) {V29 G43 S12} [wAHw] wreath.) destroy (enemies). provide (a temple with. owner {V30} [nb] husband {V30 A1} [nb] Lord. Owner {V30 A1} [nb Hnt] craftsman {V30 A1 [HTt] hyena {V28 X1 X1 E17} [Htt] windpipe. quench (thirst) {V28 X1 U15 D35} [Htm] (v.. pitch. levy. wrinkled {V28 [wAHt] processional station {V29 X1 O1} [nb] any.. awning {V28 X1 U30 G1 [HtA] sail. enter. garland.. permit {V29 V28 Y1v} [wAH] set down. master.) perish. awning {V28 X1 U30 G1 [wAH ib] be kindly.) {V28 X1 D21 Y1} [Hwt a] extending the arm {V28 X1 D36} [Hta] bed {V28 X1 D36 M3 Z1} [Hwt] stroke (of falcon) {V28 X1 D40} [Htw] bowls {V28 X1 G43 W10 Z2} F10 F51} M2} [wAH] (see entries under wAH) {V29 V28 [wAHyt] corn {V29 V28 M17 M17 X1 [wAHyt] temenos {V29 V28 M17 M17 [Htyt] throat {V28 X1 M17 M17 X1 X1 Z2} [Htm] (v. be patient {V29 V28 Y1v} [wAH] leave aside. be contracted (medical) [Htr] tax.. quench (thirst) {V28 X1 U15 G17 G39} [Htm] provide (with) {V28 X1 U15 Y1v} [HtAw] wrinkles ? {V28 X1 U30 G1 G43 G37 Z2} [wAHw] necklace {V29 V28 S11B} [wAHyt] corn {V29 V28 X1 U9 Z2} [wAH] live long. levy. throat {V28 X1 X1 F10} [Htt] mine. all {V30} [nb] lord.Dictionary of Middle Egyptian V . Master. Baskets... benevolence {V29 V28 Y1 F34 Z1} [wAHw] wreath. ignore. garland {V29 M2} [wAHyt] corn {V29 M17 M17 X1 U9} D36} [Htr] bind together. discard {V29 V28 Y1v} Z1} [wAH tp] bow the head {V29 V28 Y1 D1 P5} [HtA] sail. quarry {V28 X1 X1 O1} [Hty] smoke {V28 X1 Z4 Q7} [Hwi] surge up. provide (a temple with. trans.) {V28 X1 D21 M7A A2} {V28 X1 D21 V1} [wAH] (see entries under wAH) {V29} [skw] troops. lay down.. endure. lay aside.... trans. intrans. every. threadbare. patient.. overlook. clemency.) destroy (enemies). apply. stow.Rope. store up. overflow {V28 Z7 A24} . necklace {V29 V28 Z7 M2} S28} X1 U30 G1 V6} [HtA] shabby. be destroyed {V28 X1 U15 G17 G37} [Htm] (v. institute. wait. stack. and Cloth 266 [Htr] tax.

) you.enclitic part.) think about. Master. plan {V31 G1 [kA] (non .All {V30 A40 X1 [k] (suffix prn.) so. overbearing . mistress {V30 X1 B1} [nbt tA] queen (Lady of the Land) {V30 X1 B1 N16 N23 Z1} N33 Z2} [kAw] sycomore figs {V31 G1 G43 [kAwty] builder's workman. porter {V31 G1 G43 X1 Z4 A9} D21 M36 D21 I12} [nbt r Dr] Mistress-of-All {V30 X1 [kAi] boat (of Nubian type) {V31 G1 M17 P2H} [nbt pt] Lady of Heaven {V30 X1 I12 Q3 X1 N1} N25} [kAS] (locality) Kush {V31 G1 N37 [kAhs] be harsh.of .Rope. your {V31} [ksw] bowings {V31 A16 Z3} Q3 D51 D40} [nb irt xt] Lord of Action {V30 D4 Aa1 X1} [krp] scrape out (inscription) {V31 D21 [kbn] (locality) Byblos {V31 D58 N35 Aa1 X1} [nb irt xt] Lord of Action {V30 D4 X1 [nb r Dr] Lord-of-All {V30 D21 M36 N25} D21 A40} D21 G7} [nb r Dr] Lord . Baskets. Owner {V30 G7} [nbwy] The Two Lords (Horus and Seth) {V30 G7C G7C} A2} [kAi] (v. Owner {V30 A40} [nb anx] Lord of life {V30 A40 S34} U15 G17} Z1} [nbt] lordship. orchard {V31 [nbt] lady.Dictionary of Middle Egyptian V28 M2 N35 X1 V36 Y1 Z2} V .f] he will say {V31 G1 A2 I9} [kAr] shrine {V31 G1 D21 O21} [kAr] shrine {V31 G1 D21 V19 O1} G1 G17 G43 O1} [nb anx] sarcophagus (Lord-of-Life) {V30 S34 N35 Aa1 Q6} V30} [nbwt] the isles (of the Aegean) {V30 V30 [kAmw] vineyard. authority (of king) {V30 X1 [nbwt] the isles (of the Aegean) {V30 X1 Z2} [nb tm] Lord .All {V30 D21 M36 N35 X1 P1} [kbnt] (seagoing) ship {V31 D58 [kA] (non . overbearing {V31 [nbt pr] wife {V30 X1 O1 Z1} {V30 X1 O6 X1 O1 G7} G1 O4 S29 A2} [nbt Hwt] (divinity) Nephthys (goddess) [kAhs] be harsh.of . mistress {V30 X1} [nbt] lady. and Cloth 267 [nb] Lord. then {V31 [nb anx] sarcophagus {V30 S34 A54} {V30 S34 N35 Aa1 A54} G1 A2} [nb anx] sarcophagus (Lord-of-Life) [kA . Master.) so.enclitic part. then {V31 G1} [nb] Lord.

despoil {V31 I9 F22 Y1} [kfA] flow forth {V31 I9 G1 D26} [kfA] hinder . unclothe. bottom (of jar). captures {V31 I9 D36 D49} {V31 I9 D36 D49} F22 Y1 F34 Z1} [kfA ib] trustworthy {V31 I9 G1 [kfA ib Hr] trust in {V31 I9 G1 [kfa] (v. gather (flowers) {V31 I9 G1 F22 D54} [kf] uncover. doff (clothes).) make requisition {V31 I9 D36 Q3 Aa19 O1} [kf] strip away (of sail). unclothe.) make captures {V31 I9 D36 [kfaw] warrior {V31 I9 D36 G43 [kff] suck. make requisition [kfaw] warrior {V31 I9 D36 D49 F22 Y1 F34 Z1 D2} N25} [kftyw] (locality) Crete ? {V31 I9 G4 D40} D272 D40} [kfa] (v. unclothe. strip.parts (of bird). plan. gather (flowers) {V31 I9 M17 M17 S28} . clear (of sky). flow forth {V31 I9 I9 D26} [kf] strip away (of sail).Rope. strip. clear (of sky). deprive. clear (of sky). base (of abscess) {V31 I9 G1 F22} [kf] strip away (of sail). doff (clothes). doff (clothes). gather (flowers) {V31 I9 F22 Y1} [kf] uncover. Baskets. despoil {V31 I9 G1 F22 S28 D40} [kfA] be discreet {V31 I9 G1 F22 Y1} [kfa] booty. strip. despoil {V31 I9 G1 F22 D54} [kf] strip away (of sail).) make captures {V31 I9 D36 D40} [kf] uncover. deprive. unclothe. and Cloth D49 D40} 268 N25} [kAS] (locality) Kush {V31 G1 O34 [kAp] hut. plot {V31 [kit] shout of acclaim {V31 G43 X1 Y2} [kfa] shoot at (traget) {V31 I9 D36 D40} [kfa] (v. strip. doff (clothes). deprive. device. gather (flowers) {V31 I9 D40} [kf] uncover. despoil {V31 I9 D40} [kf] strip away (of sail). gather (flowers) {V31 I9 G1 F22 S28 D40} G1 Q3 M44} [kApAp] (v. hide (of fowler) {V31 G1 V1 D40} [kfa] (v. clear (of sky).) make captures.Dictionary of Middle Egyptian {V31 G1 O4 S29 E21 A24} V . deprive. clear (of sky).) cover {V31 G1 Q3 [kApw] Bittern {V31 G1 Q3 G43 A4 G67} A4 G228} [kApw] Bittern {V31 G1 Q3 G43 [kApwt] covers {V31 G1 Q3 X1 M44 N33A} G1 Q3 X1 M44 N33A N1 Q3 X1} [kApwt pt] covers the sky {V31 [kAp] fumigate (patient) {V31 G1 Q3 Z5 D40} I3} [kApw] crocodile {V31 G1 Q3 Z7 [kAS] (locality) Kush {V31 G1 S29 T14 N25} G1 X1 A2} [kAt] thought.

) sullenness {V31 N35 M17 A30} [kni] (v. strip.) other. another {V31 M17 M17} [ky Dd] otherwise said {V31 M17 M17 D46 I10} [kAS] (locality) Kush {V31 N37 N25} [khb] harm (someone).) bend down. be prostrate {V31 O34 A20} [ks] (v. deprive.) bend down. doff (clothes). howl {V31 O4 D58 E21 A24} [khA] raise (the voice). utter (a bellow). browbeat.) pose {V31 O34 F9} [ksm] defy. despoil {V31 I9 M17 M17 S28} [kf] obsidian {V31 I9 N17} [kf] strip away (of sail). rage furiously {V31 O4 G1 A2} [khA] utter (a bellow) {V31 O4 G1 D40} Y2} [khA] raise (the voice) {V31 O4 G1 [ky] monkey {V31 M17 M17 E32} [kit] shout of acclaim {V31 M17 M17 X1} [kit] shout of acclaim {V31 M17 X1} [knm] wrap (in) {V31 N35 G17 F27} [kni] (n. roar.) be sullen {V31 N35 M17 D19} [ksi] (v. be violent. browbeat {V31 O34 G17 . doff (clothes). deprive. profane (temple) {V31 O34 G17 D41 D40} D41 G37} [ksm] defy. clear (of sky). gather (flowers) {V31 I9 S28} [kf] uncover.Rope. be prostrate {V31 O34 A16} [ksi] (v. Baskets. despoil {V31 I9 S28} U33 G43 N25} [knn] Sweet flag {V31 N35 N35 M3} [kns] pubic region ? {V31 N35 S29 F51} [knmtyw] they who dwell in darkness (name of a conquered people) {V31 N35 T34 G17 X1 G4 Z2 N25} [knmt] darkness {V31 N35 T34 G17 X1 N2} [kftyw] (locality) Crete ? {V31 I9 N2} [knHw] darkness {V31 N35 V28 G43 [knH] dark.Dictionary of Middle Egyptian V . strip. bow down. despoil {V31 I9 Y1} [ki] cry out {V31 M17 A2} [ky] (masc. and Cloth 269 [kf] uncover.) bend down. doff (clothes). bow down.) sullenness {V31 N35 M17 A2} [kni] (v. gather (flowers) {V31 I9 Y1} [kf] uncover.) be sullen {V31 N35 M17 A2} [kni] (n. clear (of sky). unclothe. unclothe. deprive. strip. darken {V31 N35 V28 N2} [knkn] lash out (with tail) {V31 N35 [kftiw] a type of sea . be prostrate {V31 O34 A16 D41} [ksi] (v. unclothe. bow down.going ships {V31 I9 U33 G43 P1 Z2} [kft] gash {V31 I9 X1 T30} Z2} V31 N35 F22} [kft] trustworthiness {V31 I9 X1 Y1 G37 Z2} [knt] dislike (of someone) {V31 N35 X1 [kf] strip away (of sail).

course. pl. business. actions. journeys.) quiver {V31 X1 V31 X1 Z9 D54} [Hnty] (dual) the two sides (of time). another {V31 X1} [kAt] thought. trans.Dictionary of Middle Egyptian V . services {V36 X1 Y1 Z2} [ktkt] quiet {V31 X1 V31 X1 A2} [ktkt] (v.) other.Rope. the two ends (of time). device {V31 X1} Z2} [ggwy] stare {V33 V33 G43 D6} [gsA] (locality) Apollonopolis {V33 V33 S29 Z4 O49} [kt xtw] others {V31 X1 Aa1 X1 Y1 A1 [kt xtw] others {V31 X1 Aa1 Z4 A1 Z2 [sSrw] linen {V33 Z1 S28} [sSrw] corn {V33 Z1 U9 Z2} [sSrw] things. manner (of action) {V33 Z1 Y1 Z2} {V36G} B1} [kt] pettiness {V31 X1 G37} [kit] shout of acclaim {V31 X1 G43} W10 Z2} [Hn] occupy (one's hands with business) [ktwt] cauldrons {V31 X1 G43 X1 [Hnty] (dual) the two sides.) other. movements. trifling. eternity {V36 X1 Z4} [idr] herd {V37 D21 E1 N33A} X1 G37} G37} [ktt] small. Baskets. a trifle {V31 X1 X1 [ktt] girl {V31 X1 X1 G37 B1} [kt] pettiness {V31 X1 Z1 G37} [kywy] (masc.) bag {V33} [sSrw] linen bags {V33 D21 G43 V33 N33A} [kHkH] become old {V31 V28 V31 [kHkHt] hacking (of cough) {V31 V28 V31 V28 X1 A2} [gbb] earth {V33 D58 D58 N21 Z2} O49} [kkw] darkness {V31 V31 G43 N2} G43 N2 F36 G43 N2} [gbtyw] (locality) Koptos {V33 D58 G4 [gbgb] (v. . the two ends (of space) {V36 V36} [Hnt] occupation. and Cloth G43 Z4} 270 [kAp] burn (incense) {V31 Q3 R5} [ksw] bowings {V31 S29 G43 A16} [ksw] bowings {V31 S29 G43 A20} V28 A20} N35 U19 W24} [knanw] Canaanites {V31 Z4 N35 D36 [arf] (n. plan.) fell (enemy) {V33 D58 [kkw smAw] twilight {V31 V31 V33 D58} [kk] be dark (of child about to be born) {V31 V31 N2} {V33 S29 Aa17 G1 O49} [gsA] (locality) Apollonopolis (Kus) [kkw] darkness {V31 V31 N2} [kt] (fem. another {V31 Z4 [idryt] punishment {V37 D21 M17 M17 [tit] an amulet {V39 X1 Z1} [nmtt] stride. craft.

BA {W10A G29 Z6} [Hnt] cup {W10 X1} [Hnwt] mistress {W10 X1} [wsxt] hall. endue. receive. married couple ? {W9 Z7 A1 Z2 B1} [bA] soul.nurse {W9 B1} [Xnm] herd {W9 G17 F27 Z2} [Xnmt] (n. be provided. Baskets.) well. married couple ? {W9 A1 Z2} [Xnmt] (dry) . associated (with). grease {W1 Z3} [Hb] festival {W3} [Hbyt] festival offerings {W3 X1 Z2} [Hb] festival {W4} [Hby] be festal. be provided.) be united.) well.Stone and Ceramic Vessels [bAst] (locality) Bubastis {W1 X1 O49} [bAstt] (divinity) Bastet {W1 X1 X1} [bAstt] (divinity) Bastet {W1 X1 X1 B1} [bAstt] (divinity) Bastet {W1 X1 X1 C164} [mrHt] oil. court {W10 X1 O1} [wsx] extensive (of riches) {W10 Y1} M17} [gsty] (scribe's) palette {W11 Aa13 U33 .Dictionary of Middle Egyptian V . enter. and Cloth 271 actions. cistern {W9 X1 N35A} [Xnmt] (n. enfold. dependants. cistern {W9 G17 X1 N37} [Xnmw] citizens.) well. trans. endowed (with) {W9 G17 Y1} W . take. make festival {W4 M17 M17} [Hbyt] festival offerings {W4 M17 M17 X1} [Xnm] (v. cistern {W9 X1 N42 N35A} O23} [Hb sd] jubilee {W4 S29 D46 N21 [Hbt] ritual book {W4 X1 Y1} [Xry Hbt] lector (priest) {W5} [Xry Hbt] lector (priest) {W5A A1} [Xnm] (v.) well. married couple ? {W9 N35 G17 A1 Z2} [Xnmw] citizens. married couple ? {W9 N35 T34 G17 A1 Z2} [mrHt] unguent {W9 X1} [Xnmt] (n. (legal) procedure {V84 X1 X1 D54 Z2} [Xnm] (v.) join. intrans. wear.) be united. dependants. dependants. enrich. protect. lie on {W9 G17 Y1} [Xnmw] (divinity) Khnum (god) {W9 G17 Z7 C4} G17 Z7 E11} [Xnmw] (divinity) Khnum (god) {W9 [Xnmw] (divinity) Khnum (god) {W9 G17 Z7 F7} G17 Z7 G7} [Xnmw] (divinity) Khnum (god) {W9 [Xnmw] (divinity) Khnum (god) {W9 G43} [Xnmw] citizens. intrans. cistern {W9 X1 N36} [Xnmt] (n. associated (with).Rope. unite with. endowed (with) {W9} [Xnmw] citizens. enclose. dependants.

provide (for).) be ready.) furnish (waste lands with veg).) be silent. now {W11 [grt] (adv. intrans.) be weak. settle (crown on king). any more {W11 [gs] (n. finish off. be still.) found (a land).Dictionary of Middle Egyptian W .) complete. make preparation {W11 D21 U17 Y1} [grg] (v.) deprive (of) {W11 D19} [grw] (adv. desist (from) {W11 D21 A2} D21 A2} D21 X1} [grt] (enclitic part.) also. put one's trust (in).) fell (enemy) [gbgb] be lame {W11 D58 W11 M17 G37 A1} [grgy] liar {W11 D21 U17 M17 [grg] (v.) either {W11 D21 X1 A2} [gnn] (v.) moreover. any more {W11 [gbA] arm {W11 D58 D41} D58 D58 A40} [gb] (divinity) Geb (the Earth god) {W11 [gbtyw] (locality) Koptos {W11 D58 G4 X1 O49 Z1} D21 G43} A2 A1} [grw] the silent man {W11 D21 G43 D41} [gbA] arm {W11 D58 G29 G1 [gbA] side (of room) {W11 D58 [grg] falsehood. constricted.) deprive (of) {W11 G1 D19} [gbA] arm {W11 G1 D58 D41} [gbA] arm {W11 G1 D58 D41} Z2} [grH] night {W11 D21 V28 N2} [gAw] lack {W11 G1 G43 Aa2 G37 .) also. further. lack. any more {W11 D21} [gs] (v. intrans. lie {W11 D21 U17 G37 Z2} G29 G1 D41 N23 Z1} [gb] goose {W11 D58 G38} {W11 D58 W11 D58 A7 G37} [gbgb] (v. lie {W11 D21 U17 A2} [grg] falsehood. languish.) silence {W11 D21 A2} [grw] the silent man {W11 D21 A2 A1} [grw] (adv. cease. further. trans. trans. trans.) snare (wildfowl).) deprive (of) {W11 G1 [grH] (v. deprivation {W11 D58 Z9} [gb] deprivation {W11 D58 Z9 G37} [gAw] (v.) end. hunt {W11 Aa2 G37} [gAw] (v.) also. trans.Stone and Ceramic Vessels 272 [gAw] (v. establish (a house). be satisfied (with) {W11 D21 V28 D41 Y1} [grH] (n. trans. trans. be quiet. set in order. be soft {W11 D35 N35 A7} [grw] (adv.) be narrow. {W11 D21 U17 Y1} [grg] (n. people (a place) {W11 D21 U17 Y1} [grg] (v. further. cessation {W11 D21 V28 D41 Y1} [gAw] (v.) hunter {W11 D21 U17 Z7 A24} D58 A7 G37} Z9 A24} [gbgb] be lame {W11 D58 W11 D58 [gb] deficiency. be lacking {W11 G1 Aa2 G37} D21 U17 Z7 A24} [grg] (v.

be soft {W11 N35 N35 [gn] stand (for ritual bowl) {W11 N35 R88} [gmHsw] hawk {W11 N35 V28 S29 G43 G158} A2} [grg] falsehood.) lack. abandon {W11 G43 N37 Z9 D40} [gwS] become askew.tailed monkey {W11 I9 F27} [gfn] rebuff {W11 I9 N35 D19 A2} [giw] Cyperus sedge {W11 M17 G43 M2 Z2} [gAp] (v. want {W11 G1 V32 X1 G37} [gnX] serve (someone) {W11 N35 F32 [gnX] mount (poles in gold) {W11 N35 X1 Aa2 G37 Z2} [gAwt] (n. smear on (unguent) {W11 G1 S29 W22 A24} [gAti] shrine {W11 G1 U33 M17 M3} [gAH] be weary {W11 G1 V28 A7} [gAw] (v. want {W11 G1 Z7 [gmHsw] hawk {W11 G17 V28 M23 F32 N34} G43 G158} [gnXt] star {W11 N35 F32 X1 N14} [gfn] rebuff {W11 N35 I9 D20 A2} A7} W11 G17 Z9} [gmgm] tear up (books) {W11 G17 [gmt] black ibis {W11 G17 X1} [gAwt] dues. bent. turn away. turn away. intrans.) be weak. annals {W11 N35 W24 G43 X1 T19 T19 T19 Y1 Y1 Y1} . twisted. turn away. tribute {W11 G1 X1 [gnbtw] a foreign people from Pwenet {W11 N35 D58 X1 G43 D3 A40 Z3} N14} [gAwt] (n. abandon {W11 G43 N37 D55} [gwS] become askew. twisted.loaf {W11 M17 M17 X6} G43 V32 V32 V32} [gAwt] dues.) lack.) be narrow.Stone and Ceramic Vessels 273 [gAw] lack {W11 G1 G43 V32 G37} [gAf] monkey {W11 G1 I9} [gAf] monkey {W11 G1 I9 E53} Q3 T30} away. abandon {W11 G43 N37 D54} [gwS] become askew. twisted.Dictionary of Middle Egyptian W . abandon {W11 G43 N37 D4} [gwS] become askew. abandon {W11 G43 N37 Z9 G37} [gwg] shout (at) {W11 G43 W11 A2} [gf] long . bent.) lance (an infection) {W11 G1 [gs] anoint (someone with). constricted {W11 G1 V32 G37} [gAgA] cackle {W11 G1 W11 G1 A2} [gif] monkey {W11 M17 I9} [gif] monkey {W11 M17 I9 E32} [gy] an offering . twisted. turn away. bent. lie {W11 N35 W11 M5 [gng] falsehood {W11 N35 W11 M5 A2} [gnwt] records. bent. twisted. tribute {W11 G43 Aa2 Z2} [gw] class of bull {W11 G43 E1} [gwf] monkey {W11 G43 I9 E32} [gwS] become askew. bent. turn [gnn] (v.

hold {W11 [gnwt] records. turn away {W14 S29 [Hsy] favoured. border (of land). praised one {W14 M17 M17 X1} {W11 S29 Aa17 G1 O37} S29 Aa17 G1 V110} [gsA] (locality) Apollonopolis {W11 [gmA] temple (of head) {W11 U1 G1 F51} G1 D1 D40} [gwA] pull tight. half.hold {W11 V4 O50 W24 Z7 M3 Z2} Z4A D1} M17 F51 Z2} [gnwy] suet {W11 N35 W24 Z7 M17 [gnnwt] weakness {W11 N35 W24 [gAH] be weary {W11 V28 A7} [gHs] gazelle {W11 V28 S29 D56 F27} [gHs] gazelle {W11 V28 S29 E28} [ggwy] stare {W11 W11 G43 D6} [ggwy] stare {W11 W11 G43 Z4 D6} [ggt] kidney ? {W11 W11 X1 F51} [grt] (adv.) records. praise (someone0 {W14} Z7 X1 A7 G37 Z2} Y1 Z2} [gnwt] records. smear on (unguent) {W11 O34 D36} [igp] be overcast (of sky) {W11 Q3 N4} [gp n mw] cloudburst {W11 Q3 N35A N35 N35A} [gs] side.Stone and Ceramic Vessels 274 N35 W24 G43 X1 T19 V12 N33A} [gnwt] (n. favour (someone with) [Hsi] spin (yarn) {W14} [qbHt] libation vase {W14A X1} [Hsw] minstrel {W14 G43} [Hsyt] (fem. be choked {W11 V4 D54} [Hsi] (v. annals {W11 N35 W24 X1 T19 T19 T19} V4 G1 M17 M17 Z8 Z5 D1} Z2} [gnwy] suet {W11 N35 W24 Z7 F51 [gnw] branches (of trees) {W11 N35 M3} [gwAt] chest {W11 V4 G1 D1 X1 [gwAwA] strangle . course {W11 S29 Aa13 [gsA] favourite {W11 S29 Aa17 G1 A1} Aa17 G1 F51} [gsA] favour (someone with) {W11 S29 [gsA] tilt.Dictionary of Middle Egyptian W .) favour (someone).) turn back. run. throne {W11 X1 Z1} [gb] deficiency {W11 Z1 D58} [Hsi] (v. annals {W11 G1 D1 D40 D21} [gwA r] beseige (a city) {W11 V4 [gwAwA] strangle . throne {W11 X1 Q2} [gtH] be tired {W11 X1 V28 A7} [nst] seat.) either {W11 X1} [nst] seat. throne {W11 X1 O1} [nst] seat.) favoured. half aroura {W11 S29 Aa13} X1 D54} [gst] speed. annals {W11 N35 X1 T19 [gs] anoint (someone with). praised one {W14 S29 .

take one's ease {W15B Y1v} [qbHw] cold water {W15 N35A} [qbH snw .) sail upstream. south.pl. southern. earlier {W18 N35 X1} [Hsi] (v. south of. .) favours {W14 W14 W14} [Hst] (n. southern part {W18 N35 X1 G4 N23} [qbH] fountain ? {W16} [qbH] death {W16 A55} [qbHw] libation vase {W16 G43} N35A} X1 G43 Y1v} [xntw] (adv.f] (one of the Four sons of Horus) Qebehsenuef {W15 T22 N35 A40 Z2 I9} [qbH snw . intrans. principal.) favour (someone). quiet. among. earlier {W18 N35 [xnt tA] (locality) the Southland {W18 N35 X1 N16 Z1 N21 N25} [xnty] foreland. who is at the head of {W18 N35 X1} [xnt] face. travel southward {W17 N35 X1 P2} [xnty] outer-chamber {W17 X1 D19 O1} [xnt] rack (for jars). sideboard {W18 [xntyt] (infinitive) southward voyage {W18 N35 X1 U33 M17 M17 P1 X1} [xnt Hn nfr] (locality) Nubia {W18 N35 X1 V36 F35 N25} . foremost {W17} [imy xnt] chamberlain {W17 G17} [xnti] (v. outstanding of mind {W18 N35 U33 M17 F34} [xnt] (adv.f] (one of the Four sons of Horus) Qebehsenuef {W15 T22 T22 T22 I9 A40} [xnty] foreland.f] (one of the Four sons of Horus) Qebehsenuef {W15 T22 N35 W24 G43 Z2 I9} [xnty Xty] eleventh month of year [qbH snw . from. praise (someone) [xnt] (preposition) in front of.) before.) first (in time) {W18 N35 X1} [xntw] (adv. be purified. cold. southern part {W18 N35 X1 N21 Z1} [qb] (v. out of {W18 N35 X1} [xnty] foremost. brow {W18 N35 X1 D19} [xnty Xty] (divinity) Khenti-Hety (god) {W18 N35 X1 F32 U33 Z4 G7} {W18 N35 X1 F32 U33 Z4 G7} [qbb] cool. south. cooling.) before.) favour {W14 S29 X1 A2} [Hswti] (adj.) favour {W14 X1} [Hst] water jar {W14 X1 Z1} {W14 Y1v} Z1} [xntyw S] tenants ? {W18 G4 N37 N21 [xnti ib] be glad of heart. travel southward {W18 N35 X1 P2} N35 X1 Q38} [xnty] who is at the head of.Stone and Ceramic Vessels 275 [Hst] (n.) sail upstream. protruding {W18 N35 X1} [xnty] who / which is in front of.) favourite {W14 W14} [Hswt] (n.) pour a libation (to) {W16 [qbbwt] cold water {W16 N35A} [xnti] (v.Dictionary of Middle Egyptian M17 M17 A1} W . calm. pre-eminent in.

principal. south of. who is at the head of {W18 N35 X1 Z4} D36} [miat] loom ? {W19 M17 D36 X1 O1} [mi m ] (int. pre-eminent in.Stone and Ceramic Vessels 276 [xnty] foremost.) the equal (of someone) {W19 M17 A1} [my] (adv. protruding {W18 N35 X1 Z4} [xnty] who / which is in front of.Dictionary of Middle Egyptian W . hither.) how ? {W19 M17 G17 [miw] cat {W19 M17 G43 E13} [miw] cat {W19 M17 G43 F27} [my] (adv. sideboard {W18 Z2} [mi] (preposition) like. accordingly {W19 M17 M17} [xnty] outer-chamber {W18 N35 X1 Z4 D19 O1} X1 Z4 D19 O1} [xnty] principal (of offices) {W18 N35 [xnty] Khenti (a crocodile god) [miw] cat {W19 M17 M17 X1 F27} Z2} {W18 N35 X1 Z4 I3 G7} [myt] a drink {W19 M17 M17 X1 W24 [mi qi] according to {W19 M17 N29 M17 N35 X1 Z4 O1} [xnty] principal (of offices) {W18 [xntyw tA] Southerners {W18 X1 A53 Y1v} G4 N16 N21 Z1} N37 Z1 N21} [xnt S] garden (with trees) {W18 X1 [xnt S] (locality) Lebanon {W18 {W19 M17 N35 G1 A2} [minA] here. accordingly [mint] type of land {W19 M17 N35 X1 N23 Z1} X1 N37 Z1 N21 N25} [xnt] rack (for jars). according as {W19} [mibt] axe {W19 D58 X1 T7} [mibt] axe {W19 F34 X1 T7} Z5 Z5} W24 Z2} [mint] daily fare {W19 M17 N35 X1 [miswt] crown of Upper Egypt {W19 M17 O34 X1 Z5 I12} [mist] liver {W19 M17 S29 X1 F51 Z1} [miHat] chapel {W19 M17 V28 X1 O1} [mity] equal to.) likewise. cenotaph (above ground . southern.f] entire {W19 M17 Aa28 D46 O34 G43 X1 S2} [maHat] tomb. similar to {W19 M17 X1} Y1v} [miAsw] spines {W19 G1 O34 Z5 [mi] (preposition) like. accordingly {W19 M17 [min] today {W19 N35 N5} [min mAwt] anew this day {W19 Z2} [ mi xt] the like {W19 M17 Aa1 X1 Y1 [mi qd] in every respect {W19 M17 Aa28 N35 U1 U1} {W19 N35 W19 U2 X1} [min mi mAwt ???] anew this day [miswt] crown of Upper Egypt {W19 D46 D12 Y1} D12 Y1 I9} [mi qd .) likewise. like this. according as {W19 M17} [mi] (adv.

remove. the sky {W24 X1 N1 B1} [nwt] cord {W24 X1 V1 Z2} [nw] (genitival adj. pl. cook {W24 Z7 A1} [ini] bring. buy. attain. bring away.Dictionary of Middle Egyptian W . carry off. prn. carry off. similar to {W19 X1 Z4 Y1v} [mitw] (n. abode. appoint. Nun (god) {W24 [nnw] primaeval waters {W24 W24 W24 N1 N35A} N1 N35A} [nnw] primaeval waters {W24 W24 W24 [mitt] the like {W19 X1 X1 Y1} Y1 M17 D21 Z4} [nwt] Nut (sky . belonging to {W24 Z1} [wdpw] butler. pl. the sky {W24 W24 X1 W24 N1 B1} [mitt iry] the like thereof {W19 X1 X1 [mity] likeness {W19 X1 Z4 A51} [mity] equal to. reach. appoint. fetch. similar to {W19 X1 M17 M17} W24 W24 N1 A40} [nnw] primaeval waters. cook {W24 Q3 G43 M17 M17 A415} [nwH] band (of metal) {W24 V28 V1} V31} [in m mH] carry off captive {W25 N35 [inHAst] lotus-leaves ? {W25 N35 [ink] (ind. Residence {W24 N35A} [in Hrt] (divinity) Onuris {W25 N1 A40} [in Hrt] (divinity) Onuris {W25 N31 G7} [ini] bring.goddess). bring about. remove (something) {W25} [ini] overcome (trouble).) of.goddess). fetch. use {W25} [inyt] refrain (of song) ? {W25 M17 M17 X1 A2} M17 X1} [wdpwyt] serving maid {W24 G43 M17 [m Xnw] within {W24 N35A} [Xnw] (n. cook {W24 G43 A24 A1 Z2} A40} [nwt] (divinity) Nut (goddess) {W24 X1 N1 [nwt] (divinity) Nut (sky . reach.) I am. use {W25 N35} G17 V22 D40} M17 A415} [wdpw] butler.) of. home.Stone and Ceramic Vessels 277 level) {W19 P6 X1 O1} [maHat] tomb {W19 P6 X1 O1} [mit] copy (of document) {W19 X1} [mity] equal to. buy. belonging to me {W24 [kAmw] vineyard {W24 V31 M43} [nnw] primaeval waters {W24 W24 W24 M16 G1 S29 X1 N33 Z2} D21 X1 N31 G7} [in Hrt] Onuris {W25 N35 V28 D2 G43 N1 N35A} .) equal {W19 X1 Z7 Y1 A1} [Hnkt] beer {W22} [anw] (locality) Ainu ? (source of Limestone) {W24 D36 D8} [wdpw] cupbearer {W24 G43} [wdpw] butler.) interior. attain (a place). cook {W24 Q3 G43 M17 [wdpw] butler. overcome. belonging to {W24 Z1} [nw] (masc.

your {X1} [T] (suffix prn. pierce (the sky of pylons) {X1 Aa1 N35 D5} [txn] obelisk {X1 Aa1 N35 O25} [tx] plummet (of balance) {X1 Aa1 T55} [txi] (v. gifts (from palace).lighting {X1 D28 G1 G43 Q7} Q3 G41} D54} [txtx] disorder (hair) {X1 Aa1 X1 Aa1 [tkA] (v.) be drunk.) you.Bread [t] (suffix prn. pray {X1 D21 M6 A2} X . design. figure. greet respectfully {X1 D21 M6 Y1v} [txb] immerse.dues (to be paid). crumple (papers) {X1 Aa1 X1 Aa1 D3} M6} [trwy] (dual) seasons {X1 D21 M17 [tryt] (n. {W25 N35 W24 G43 Y1 Z2} [txt] drunkenness {X1 Aa1 X1 W24} [txy] the second month {X1 Aa1 Z4 W3} [tit] image. injure (eye). show respect {X1 D21 M6 A30 Y1v} [tr] time. tribute. greet respectfully.Stone and Ceramic Vessels 278 V19 Z3} [inw] matting {W25 N35 W24 G43 V1} [txtx] crumple (papers) {X1 Aa1 X1 Aa1 [inw] produce (of region). shape.) forsooth.) you.) seasons {X1 D21 G43 M4 N5 Z2} [inw] produce (of a region). season {X1 D21 M6 N5} [trwy] (dual) seasons {X1 D21 M6 N5 N5} [tr] respect (someone). irrigate {X1 Aa1 D58 [txw] drunkard {X1 Aa1 G43 W24 A1} [twr] reed {X1 D21 M17 M5 M2} [tr] time.Dictionary of Middle Egyptian W .) drink deep {X1 Aa1 N35A} [txn] injury (to eye).) respect {X1 D21 M17 M17 A30} [tr] show respect {X1 D21 M17 M17 A30} [tryt] (n. drink deep {X1 Aa1 W24} [tx] plummet (of balance) {X1 Aa1 W24} [txi] (v. quarry {W25 W24 Z2} N5 N5} [trwy] (dual) seasons {X1 D21 G43 M6 [tr] (enclitic part. (written) sign {X1 D17} [trw] (pl.) illumine {X1 D28 G1 Q7} . worship (god). season {X1 D21 M17 M6 N5} M6 Z4 G43 N5 N5} [txi] (v.) be drunk {X1 Aa1 W24 A24} [txtx] disorder (hair). form.) respect {X1 D21 M17 M17 X1 [Trp] an edible bird (goose ?) {X1 D21 [tkAw] (the rite of) torch . gifts.your {X1} [DHwty] (divinity) Thoth (god) {X1 A40} N35A} [tr] respect (someone).quarry (of hunter) {W25 N35 W24 G43 Y1 Z2} [inw] tribute (of subject lands).

) illumine {X1 D28 Q7} [tkA] (n. and def.) your {X1 G1 M17 M17 T19 Y1v} [twr] reed {X1 G36 D21 T19} T19 A2} [Hr nbt] Falcon of Gold {X1 G8} [mwt] (divinity) Mut (goddess) {X1 G16B} [t imy tA] a type of bread (used in ritual offerings) {X1 G17 N16} [Tms] red. trans. trans.dweller {X1 G25 {X1 D58 M17 M17 X1 S33 S33} [tby] pay {X1 D58 M17 M17 Z9} [tbn] bone . flame {X1 D28 Q7} G43 S33 S33} A1 Z2} [TmHw] Libyans {X1 G17 V28 T14 [Axt] what is good. ruddy. that {X1 G43} .i] (pos. intrans.) my {X1 G1 M17 [tAy . trans. ruddy.) be clean {X1 G36 D21 [sTit] (divinity) Satis {X1 F29 X1} [Tms] red. violet {X1 F31 S29 Y3 Y1v} M17 A1} M17 T19 A2} [twr] show respect to {X1 G36 D21 [tA] (demon. sole {X1 D58 X1 S33} [tbt] payment.Bread 279 [tkA] (v. taper. adj. trans.) cleanse {X1 G36 D21 A24} Y1 Z2} [twr] show respect to {X1 G36 D21 A30} M17 A1} A24} [twn] rise. intrans.) torch.) this. intrans.marrow ? {X1 D58 N35 Aa2} [Tbi] (v.Dictionary of Middle Egyptian X . intrans. reward {X1 D58 X1 Z9 [twr] (v. art.) be shod {X1 D58 S33} D40} Aa1 Z8 Z8 A40} [twr] (v.) be clean {X1 G36} A24} [tbtb] hoist {X1 D58 X1 D58 V1 [Tbwt] sandal. the {X1 G1} M17 A1} [twr] (v.) his {X1 G1 M17 T19 Y1v} [twr] show respect to {X1 G36 D21 M17 [twr] (v. trans. useful {X1 G25 Aa1} [Tbwy] (dual) soles (of feet) {X1 D58 [Tbwty] (dual) sandals.) be clean {X1 G36 D21 [twr] (v.f] (pos.) cleanse {X1 G36 D21 T19 A2} [tw] you {X1 G43} [tw] (demon.) this. adj. soles (of feet) Z1} [Axt] arable land {X1 G25 Aa1 N23 [Axty] horizon . intrans. raise {X1 E34 N35 E1 [twr] (v.) be clean {X1 G36 D21 M17 I9} M17 V31} [tAy .) cleanse {X1 G36} [twr] (v.) cleanse {X1 G36 D21 [twr] (v. adj. violet {X1 G17 S29 Y3 Y1v} [twr] (v. profitable.) cleanse {X1 G36 D21 M17 T19 Y1v} [tAy .k] (pos.) be clean {X1 G36 D21 [twr] (v.

prn. split (wood) {X1 M8 Z9 D36} [tit] image. assembled. your {X1 G43} [tw .) you.i] (compound prn. adj.) this.) this {X1 N35} [tni] (n. swerve. pray {X1 M6} [tS] smash (heads).) you {X1 G43 V13 N35 Z2} [tw . image. design. figure.) one {X1 G43} [tw] (dependent prn.Bread 280 [tw] (indef. adj. figure.) you. complete {X1 G43 X1 A53 Y1v} [titi] trample on (foe) {X1 M17 X1 M17 [titi] trample on (foe) {X1 M17 X1 M17 [twt] like (to).) you {X1 G43 X1 A53 Y1v} [twt] be pleased. full. (written) sign {X1 M17 X1 D17} A459} V31} G43 X1 A23H} [twt] statue.) old age {X1 N35 A20} [tnbX] turn aside. entire.) that (over there) {X1 I9 G1} D40} D54} [titi] trample on (foe) {X1 M17 X1 M17 [titi] trample on (foe) {X1 M17 X1 M17 D56} [dwAw] dawn. natural (to). that {X1 G43 M17 [Twtn] (prn. prn.) that (over there) {X1 I9} [tfi] (v. form. united.Dictionary of Middle Egyptian X .) that (over there) {X1 [tfi] (v. run at random (of cattle) {X1 N35 D58 F32 D54} I9 G1 N31} [tf] (demon.) you {X1 G43 X1 A53 [Twt] (ind.) leap {X1 I9 D56 D54} [tf] (demon. be in accord. image. suitable. adj. pleasing {X1 G43 X1 A53 Y1v} [it] father {X1 I9} [tf] (demon.) you {X1 G43 [tr] (enclitic part. (written) sign {X1 M17 D17} [tiA] acute pain {X1 M17 G1 F18} [tiA] shriek {X1 M17 G1 F18 A2} [tit] (written) sign {X1 M17 X1 D15} [tit] image.) forsooth. fitting. figure. your {X1 N35} [tn] (demon. infinitive) leap {X1 I9 M17 M17 X1 D56 D54 Z2} [tfn] orphan {X1 I9 N35 G37 A1} B7C} [tfnt] (divinity) Tefnut {X1 I9 N35 X1 [t nbs] a type of bread (used in ritual offerings) {X1 N35 D58 S29} . adj. form.) I {X1 G43 A1} M17} I12} [tfnt] (divinity) Tefnet {X1 I9 N35 X1 [tf] saw {X1 I9 T31} [tfnt] (divinity) Tefnet {X1 I9 W24 X1 I12} [twy] (demon. likeness {X1 [twt] statue. figure.k] (compound prn. morning {X1 N14 G1 N5} [Tn] (dependent prn. shrink (from). prn. shape. likeness {X1 G43 X1 A53} Y1v} [Twt] (ind. grind (corn). design. fair. prn. shape.

gloom {X1 N35 T34 G17 G43 D54} [tnw] (variant of Tni) lift up. gloom {X1 N35 [Tni] (v. numbering. speech) {X1 N35 T14 G41 Y1v} [tnw] (n. distinguish. whence ? {X1 N35 T14 G41} [Tni] (v. whence ? {X1 [Tnw] distinction {X1 N35 W24 N35 M22 M22 N35 X1 O1} G43 T14 G41 Y1v} N35 M22 M22 N35 X1 O1} [Tnmt] a Memphite sanctuary {X1 {X1 N35 W24 G43 T14 G41 Y1v} [tnw] (variant of Tnw) distinction [tn] (int.) (variant of Tnw) number [rTnw] Retenu (Syria) {X1 N35 W24 Z7 T14 G41 N25} [tnw] (variant of Tni) lift up. err.) grow old {X1 N35 M17 A20} [tni] (external) signs of old age {X1 N35 W24 Z2} [tnmw] beer {X1 N35 T34 G17 Z7 [tnT] spur . distinguish.) (variant of Tn) where ?. whence ? {X1 N35 T14 G41 N31} N35 T14 G41 N31} [Tnw] (pl. be distinguished (of actions. whence ? {X1 N35 W24 G43 T14 G41} N35 W24 G43 T14 G41} A20 Aa2} [tni] (v. be distinguished (of actions.Dictionary of Middle Egyptian X . whence ? {X1 [Tni] (v.) (variant of Tnw) number {X1 N35 W24 Z7 T14 G41 Y1 Z2} T14 G41 Y1 Z2} [tnm] turn aside.) where ?. be confused (of roads) {X1 N35 T34 G17 D55} [Tnw] number {X1 N35 W24 Z7 [tn] you.) where ?. go astray.) grow old {X1 N35 M17 T14 [Tnnt] sanctuary at Memphis {X1 [Tn] (int. number.winged plover {X1 N35 V13 G23} M17 Aa2 Z2} [tn] (int.Bread T34 G17 G43 N2} 281 Z1} [TnTAt] dais {X1 N35 G47 O41 X1 [tni] (n. gloom {X1 N35 [tnmw] darkness.) (variant of Tn) where ?.) number {X1 N35 W24 G43 Y1 Z2} [Tn] (int. speech) {X1 N35 Z4A T14 G41} T34 G17 G43 F27} [tnmw] darkness. your {X1 N35 Z2} T34 G17 G37} [tnm] deflect (of balance) {X1 N35 [tnmw] darkness.) lift up. promote. distinguish (from).) you. deflect (of balance).) be distinguised (of actions) {X1 N35 Z4A T14 G41} . promote. census {X1 N35 W24 G43 X1 Y1 Z2} [tn] (int.) (variant of Tn) where ?. promote.) be distinguised (of actions) {X1 N35 T14 G41 A2} [Tnwt] census (of prisoners) {X1 N35 W24 G43 X1 Y1 Z2} [tnwt] (variant of Tnwt) quantity. be distinguised (of actions) {X1 N35 T14 G41 Y1v} {X1 N35 W24 G43 Y1 Z2} [tnw] (n. your {X1 N35 Z2} [Tn] (suffix and dependent prn.) old age {X1 N35 M17 A20} [tni] (v.

Dictionary of Middle Egyptian X . destroy. transgress.hand. intrans. trans.) falsify (account) {X1 O4 [thr] a Syrian warrior {X1 O4 G43 D21 A1} [tStS] crush {X1 N37 X1 N37 Z9 D54 A1} [thw] transgressor {X1 O4 G43 D56 [tSi] (v. undertake (works).) impugn (one's character).) where ?.) go astray {X1 O4 D54} [thi] (v.) who ?.) be absent (from). be missing (from). trans.Bread 282 [tn] (int. drive (cattle). falsify (account) {X1 O4 D56 D54} [thi] (v. desist (from) {X1 N37 Z9 D54} [tAS] boundary {X1 N37 Z9 N21 Z1} [thi] (v. mislead.) (variant of Tn) where ?. trans.) transgress {X1 O4 G1 [thm] destroy {X1 O4 G17 D56 D40} [Tn] (int. penetrate.) go astray. knock (on door) {X1 O4 G17 D56 D54} [thm] perforation. trespass. intrans. violate (corpse) {X1 O4 D56 D54} [tpnn] cumin {X1 Q3 N35 N35 N33 Z2} [TpHt] cavern {X1 Q3 V28 X1 O1} A2} [ptr] (int.) be missing (from) {X1 N37 D56 D54} [thm] perforate. whence ? {X1 N35 [tS] spit out {X1 N37 D26} [tSi] (v.) lead astray. left . puncture {X1 O4 G17 D56 Y24} [tSb] smash {X1 N37 D58 Z9} [tSw] deserter {X1 N37 G43 A1} D40} G37} [thi] (v. the East {X1 R15 Z4} [thi] (v. trans. attack (with). disobey {X1 O4 D56 D54} [thi] (v.) be missing (from) {X1 N37 Z4 D54} [mDt] depth {X1 O289 N35A} [tpr] breathe {X1 Q3 D21 D20} [tpr] breathe {X1 Q3 M17 D19 D40} [tpr] breathe {X1 Q3 M17 D19 D40} [tpiw] ox {X1 Q3 M17 D19 E1} [tpiw] ox {X1 Q3 M17 G43 E1} [tpnn] cummin {X1 Q3 M22 M22 N35 N35 N33 Z2} [tS] smash (heads). split (wood) {X1 N37 Z9 D40} [tAS] fix the limits of {X1 N37 Z9 D54} [tSi] (v. eastern.) attack (with) {X1 O4 D56} [thi] (v. grind (corn). whence ? {X1 N35 Z4 T14 G41 N31} Z4 T14 G41 N31} D56 D54} [thi] (v. intrans. overstep (path).reject (petitions). err {X1 O4 D56 D54} [thw] transgressor {X1 O4 D56 D54 A1} [xAwt] altar {X1 R36A Z1} Z1} [tmA] mat {X1 U1 G1 G17 V19 . intrans. incite.) neglect (appointed dates). what ? {X1 Q3 Z4 M6 [it nTr] god's father {X1 R8} [iAbty] east.) desist (from) {X1 N37 D54} [tSi] (v.

maker {X1 U30 U15 D54 A1 B1 Z3} [tm] be complete. dregs {X1 U30 G1 V28 X1 W24 Z2} U15 G17 G43 A1 Z2 B1} Z2} [tAw] heat {X1 U30 G1 Z7 Q7 Y1 [tAw] heat {X1 U30 G1 Z7 Q7 Z3} [tmt] sledge {X1 U15 G17 X1 M3} O34 D54} [tms] turn (the face to someone) {X1 U15 [tAS] boundary {X1 U30 N37 N21} [tAS] boundary {X1 U30 N37 Z9} [tSi] (v. everyone {X1 [tAHt] lees.Bread 283 X1 M2 Z2} [tmAyt] mat {X1 U1 G1 G17 [tmAyt] mat {X1 U1 G1 M17 M17 F34 Z1} [tA ib] hot temper {X1 U30 G1 A24 [tAmw] worm.Dictionary of Middle Egyptian X . entire.tempered {X1 U30 G1 Q7} [tAH] mischief . everyone {X1 U15 [tAyt] (divinity) goddess of weaving {X1 U30 G1 M17 M17 X1 S28 B1} [tAyty] the shrouded one (of Osiris)(title of Vizier) {X1 U30 G1 M17 M17 X1 Z4 O16} A1 B1 Z2} G43 A40} [itmw] (divinity) Atum {X1 U15 Aa15 [tm] perish {X1 U15 D35 G17} [tmw] totality of men.maker {X1 U30 {X1 U15 G17 D35} [tm] (negative) (negates the sentence) [tmw] totality of men. complete. bane {X1 U30 G1 X1 V19} G17 Z7 I14} [tmA] mat {X1 U1 G1 V19} [TmA] cadaster {X1 U1 G17 V19 Z1} [tmA] mat {X1 U1 S23} [tmAyt] mat {X1 U2 X1 Z5} U15} {X1 U30 G1 M17 M17 X1 I12} [tAyt] (divinity) goddess of weaving [tAyt] shroud {X1 U30 G1 M17 M17 X1 O16} X1 S28} [tAyt] shroud {X1 U30 G1 M17 M17 [tm] (negative) (negates the sentence) {X1 [tmw] totality of men. the universe {X1 U15 G17} U15 G17} [tm] (negative) (negates the sentence) {X1 [tm] close (the mouth). everyone {X1 N23} [tAS] boundary {X1 U30 G1 N37 Z9 [tA] kiln {X1 U30 G1 O1} [tAw] heat {X1 U30 G1 Q7} [tA] hot. to hush {X1 U15 G1 V28 G41 A2 A1} G17 A2} G1 V28 G41 D54 A1} [tAH] mischief . everything.) be missing (from) {X1 U30 N37 Z9 D54} [tmt] sledge {X1 U15 X1 Z1} [tA] kiln {X1 U30} [twA] poverty {X1 V4 A4} . hot .

) put a claim (on). inferior {X1 V4 G1 M17 M17 Z7 A30 A2 A1} V4 G43 X1 W10B} [twtt] likeness {X1 Z7 X1 X1 A53 Y1 [twAwt] one of the seven sacred oils {X1 [t] bread. fruit . loaf {X2 Z8 Z2} [pAwt] primaeval time {X6 X1} [wnm] eat {X7 X7 A2} [twAwt] one of the seven sacred oils {X1 V4 X1 W9} [tkr] opponent {X1 V31 D21 A1} [tkn] be near.) put a claim (on). inferior T3 M44} {X1 V4 G1 A30 A1} [t] bread.tree(s) {X8 N29} D21 D54} [tks] pierce {X1 V31 S29 D54} [tkkw] attackers {X1 V31 V31 Z7 A223 Z2} [tkk] (v.) claim {X1 V4 G1 A2} [twA] (v. appoint. draw near.) claim {X1 V4 G1 A20 A2} [twA] (v. claim from (someone). intrans.) heaps {X7 X7 X7} [rdi] give.Bread 284 [twA] (n. grant {X8} [spdw] Sopd (god) {X8 G13} [dqrw] fruit. border (on) {X1 V31 N35 D54} W24 Z7 D54 A1 B1 Z2} [wnm] eat {X7 X7 A2} [wnmyt] devouring flame {X7 X7 M17 M17 X1 Q7} [tknw] neighbours {X1 V31 N35 [aHaw] (pl.) lean (on) {X1 V4 G1 A20} [twA] (n. place. pleasing {X1 X1 A53} [twt] suitable. approach. appeal to (someone) {X1 V4 G1 A2} [twt] full. appeal to (someone) {X1 V4 G1 A30} [t n tp r] bread for the mouth {X1 X2 [t HD] white .) hold up.) hold up {X1 V4 G1 D40} [twAw] man of low station. claim from (someone). fitting {X1 X1 G43 Y1v} [twt] fair. put. permit.Dictionary of Middle Egyptian X .loaf (used in offerings) {X1 X2 [twAw] man of low station. attack (someone). attack (someone) {X1 V31 V31 Z7 D40} [di pr] cut away (a joint of meat) {X8 O1 .) violate (frontier). loaf {X1 X2} [t ] (cryptic writing of DHwty NOT transliterated as t) Thoth {X1 X2 A40} [DHwty] (divinity) Thoth (god) {X1 X2 A40} N35 D1 Q3 D21 Z1} [twA] (v. cause. sustain {X1 [twA] (n.) forsooth. entire {X1 X1 Y2} [t] bread. set (crown on head) {X1 V4 G1 A20} V4 G1 A20} [twA] (v. pleasing {X1 X1 Y1} [twt] full. pray {X1 Z4} Z2} [twA] (n. trans. entire {X1 X1} [twt] fair. loaf {X1 X2 Z8 Z2} [ty] (enclitic part.) support.

plantation {Y5 M1 M1 M1} [mnx] be joyful ? {Y5 N35 Aa1} O49} [di] provisions {X8 Z1 U9 Z2} Y . letter.) write. virtues (of someone) [mDAt] chisel {Y1 X1 Z1 N34} [mDAt] papyrus . devoted.roll {Y1 X1 Z1 V12} [mDAt] letter. trusty (of officials).) staff.. paint. Music [dmD] total {Y1} {Y1 X1 A1 Z3} G17} [mnx m] be joyful over ? {Y5 N35 Aa1 [mnxw] excellence. gang. depiction. partisans [mDAt] chisel {Y1 X1 Z1} [mDAt] papyrus roll. letter. well established. book. enrol (troops) {Y3 Y1} [sS] (n.) writing. record. excellent (of occasions). dispatch {Y1 X1 Z1} U22 Y1} [mnx] (adv.) thoroughly {Y5 N35 Aa1 [mnxw] excellence.Writing. document {Y3 Y1} [mnTw] Bedouin {Y5 G4 A49 Z3} [mnw] trees. polish {Y3 Y1} [dt xn] beating time {X8 X1 Aa1 N35 [Ddw] (locality) Busiris {X8 X8 G43 [sS] (v.Bread 285 [di anx] given life {X8 S34} [di anx] given life {X8 S34} [di rs tp] foreman {X8 T13 D1 Z1 A1} [di rs tp] foreman {X8 T13 D4 D1 Z1} D41} Aa28 D46 W24 X1 Y1v} [sS kdwt] painter.) {Y5 N35 Aa1 U22 D40} [Tt] (collective n.Dictionary of Middle Egyptian X . well famed. virtues (of someone) {Y5 N35 Aa1 G43 U22 Y1 Z2} [mnx] (n. Games. draughtsman {Y3 [naa] undecorated {Y3 Y1} [snaa] (causative) make smooth. efficacious (of commands) {Y5 N35 Aa1 U22 Y1} [sS qdwt] draughtsman {Y3 [sS dnit] scribe of distribution {Y3 A1 D46 N35 F21 X1 Y1v} [mnx] well disposed.) chisel {Y5 N35 Aa1 U22} [mnx] potent (of king etc. inscribe. draw. splendid (of buildings). and v. costly (of material) {Y5 N35 Aa1 U22 Y1} X1 V12} [sS Sat] secretary {Y3 A1 N37 D36 [mnx n] go well with (affairs) {Y5 N35 Aa1 U22 Y1V N35} . dispatch {Y2 Z1} [Tms] be besmeared {Y3} [sS] scribe {Y3 A1} A1 Aa28 D46 W24 G43 X1 Y1 Z2} {Y5 N35 Aa1 U22 Y1} [mnx] lavish (of worship). papyrus roll. {Y5 N35 Aa1 U22 Y1} [mnx] potent (of king).

) cheek {Y5 N35 D46 X1 [mn nfr] (locality) Memphis {Y5 [mnxt] the third month {Y5 N35 Aa1 X1} [mnxt] type of fabric. assult troops. infantry. suffer. suffer from. be troubled about {Y5 N35 G37} {Y5 N35 Aa1 Y1} [mnxw] excellence. soldiery {Y5 N35 I9 X1 A21 Z3} [mnD] breast {Y5 N35 I10 D27} . assault troops. soldiers {Y5 N35 I9 M17 M17 X1 A20 Z3} D27 E1} [mnat] milch cow {Y5 N35 D36 X1 [mnat] milch cow {Y5 N35 D36 X1 [mnfAt] trained soldiers. infantry.) (male )nurse {Y5 N35 D36 [mnfAt] trained soldiers. be ill of. assult troops. clothing {Y5 N35 Aa1 X1 S27} A14 Z2} N35 F35 I9 D21 O24 O49} [mnTw] Bedouin {Y5 N35 G4 T14 Aa1 X1 S28} [mnxt] type of fabric. assault troops. clothing {Y5 N35 [mnxt] willingness (of heart) {Y5 N35 Aa1 X1 U22} [mn] be ill. soldiery {Y5 N35 I9 G1 X1 A12 Z3} [mnfAt] trained soldiers.) nurse {Y5 N35 D36 B5} [mnat] (v.) nurse {Y5 N35 D36 D27A} X1 A352} N35 I9 D21 X1 S107} [mnfAt] trained soldiers. infantry. assult troops. Games. infantry.Writing.) nurse {Y5 N35 D36 X1 B1} [mnat] (n. assult troops.) nurse {Y5 N35 D36 X1 D27} [mnfAt] trained soldiers.) cheek {Y5 N35 D46 X1 D27 F51} [mnfAt] trained soldiers.. suffer in (part of the body). soldiers {Y5 N35 I9 G1 X1 A1 Z2} [mnat] (n. Music 286 D40} [mnx] string (beads) {Y5 N35 Aa1 V1 F51} [mnDt ] (n. infantry.) (male) nurse {Y5 N35 D36 [mnat] (n.) {Y5 N35 Aa1 [mn] sick man {Y5 N35 G37 A1} [mnw] pain {Y5 N35 G37 Z2} G43 G7} Y1} [mnw] (divinity) Min (god) {Y5 N35 [mnTAt] pottery vessel {Y5 N35 G47 Aa1 Y1 F34 Z1} [mnx ib] pleasing to the heart {Y5 N35 G1 W22 X1} [mni] act as herdsman {Y5 N35 Aa20 M17} [mnay] (n. virtues (of someone) [mnx] potent (of king etc. infantry. soldiers {Y5 N35 I9 M17 X1 M17 A12 Z3} E1} Z4 D27} [mnay] (n. soldiery {Y5 N35 I9 X1 A1 Z3} [mnD] breast {Y5 N35 D46 D27} [mnDt ] (n.) (male) nurse {Y5 N35 D27 D36} N35 I9 D21 X1 M29} [mnfrt] band (for arm or ankle) {Y5 [mnfrt] band (for arm or ankle) {Y5 [mni] (v.Dictionary of Middle Egyptian Y .

Games.) die {Y5 N35 M17 N35 M17 X1 S18} [mnit] necklace (sacred to Hathor) {Y5 [mni] (v. marry (to). trans. whipping post . endow (with) {Y5 N35 M17 Aa28 P1} G17 V19} [mnDm] basket {Y5 N35 M29 I10 [mnDm] basket {Y5 N35 M29 V19} [mnDr] stomach {Y5 N35 M36 D21 F51} [mnqb] chapel {Y5 N35 N29 D58 O1} [mnqb] fan {Y5 N35 N29 D58 S36} [mnqb] cool place. trans.) cheek {Y5 N35 I10 X1 [mni] death {Y5 N35 M17 Aa28 A54} [mni] death {Y5 N35 M17 Aa28 A55} [mni] (v. intrans. {Y5 N35 N29 D58 W15 O1} [mni] (v.Dictionary of Middle Egyptian Y . root (of disease) {Y5 N35 [mniw] herdsman {Y5 N35 M17 U58 D46 Y3} [mnhD] scribe's palette {Y5 N35 O4 [mnhD] scribe's palette {Y5 N35 O4 G43} I10 Y3} M17 W23} [mni] jar.Writing. revive (the dead) {Y5 N35 M17 Aa28 P1} [mni] (v. measure of capacity {Y5 N35 [mnit] mooring post.) moor (ship) {Y5 N35 M17 Aa28 Y2} [mni] death {Y5 N35 M17 Aa28 Z6} M17 D40} [mni] (v.) moor (ship). Music {Y5 N35 M17 X1 Aa28 M3} 287 D19} [mnDt ] (n. measure of capacity {Y5 N35 M17 Z9 W24} Aa28 P1} [mni] (v.) endow (with) {Y5 N35 [mniA] a part of the arm {Y5 N35 [mnq] come to an end {Y5 N35 N29 V12} [mnqt] jar ? {Y5 N35 N29 X1 W23} G43 O1} M17 G1 D41} X1 Aa28 O49} [mniwt] harbour {Y5 N35 M17 G43 [mnnw] fortress {Y5 N35 N35 W24 [mny] corvee {Y5 N35 M17 M17 A9 A1 Z2} [mnnw] fortress {Y5 N35 N35 W24 O1} [mnn] Wood pitch {Y5 N35 N35 W24 Z2} [mnS] cartouche {Y5 N35 N37 V10} [mnSt] ochre (red or yellow ?) {Y5 N35 N37 X1 N33 Z2} D56 D56} [mny] (dual) thighs {Y5 N35 M17 M17 [mnwt] pigeon {Y5 N35 M17 M17 X1 G39} M17 M17 X1 M3} [mnyt] root. trans.) save (the drowning). whipping post {Y5 [mnst] lack ? {Y5 N35 S29 X1 G37} N35 V13 G43 A40} [mnTw] (divinity) Montu (god) {Y5 N35 M17 X1 Aa28} [mnTw] (divinity) Montu (god) {Y5 N35 V13 G43 C7} [mnit] mooring post. attach (to). trans. intrans.) die {Y5 N35 M17 Z6} [mni] jar.

quartz ? {Y5 N35 W24 [mnw] thread {Y5 N35 W24 V1} [mnwt] pigeon {Y5 N35 W24 X1 G39} [mnw] pain {Y5 N35 W24 Z7 G37 Z2} [mni] jar {Y5 N35 W27B} [mnt] (fem. be attached (to). measure of capacity {Y5 N35 Z9 W24} N35 X1 D56} [mnt] thigh (of man). haunch (of ox) {Y5 [mnt] haunch (of ox) {Y5 N35 X1 F114} [mnw] type of stone.) be firm. someone {Y5 A1} [mn] so .Writing. suffering [mnsA] jar (for liquids) {Y5 N35 V16 W14} {Y5 N35 X1 G37 Z2} G43 Z3} [mnHw] froth ? (on lips) {Y5 N35 V28 [mnwt] pigeon {Y5 N35 X1 G41} N35 X1 S18} [mnH] papyrus plant {Y5 N35 V28 M2} [mnH] wax {Y5 N35 V28 N33 Z2} [mnH] papyrus plant {Y5 N35 V28 Z4 M15 M2} [mnit] necklace (sacred to Hathor) {Y5 [mntt] diorite {Y5 N35 X1 X1 O39} [mnt] content (of receptacle) {Y5 N35 X1 Y1} N35 V31 D21 F27 X1 Z1} [mnkrt] bull's tail (worn by king) {Y5 [mnw] pigeons {Y5 N35 W24 G43 [mnt] the like {Y5 N35 X1 Y1} X1 Z7 G7} [mnTw] (divinity) Montu (god) {Y5 N35 [mnt] malady {Y5 N35 X1 Z9 Z2} G39 M33A} G43 M1} [mnw] trees. someone {Y5 N35 Y1 [mn iry] a sample thereof {Y5 N35 Y1 A1 M17 D21 Z4} [mnmn] move quickly (of person).so. remain (in). be shifted (of boundary) {Y5 N35 Y5 N35 D54} X1 E1 Z3} [mnmnt] cattle {Y5 N35 Y5 N35 N35 X1 B1} [mni] jar. intrans. be vested (in) {Y5 N35 Y1} [mn] (v. trans.) be fixed. quartz ? {Y5 W24} [mnw] monument {Y5 W24 W24 W24} .) so-and-so.) swallow (bird) {Y5 N35 X1 [mnt] malady. (earth)quake. plantation {Y5 N35 W24 [mnnw] fortress {Y5 N35 W24 G43 [mn] (v. intrans. move about (of army). stick fast (in). what is harmful. Games.Dictionary of Middle Egyptian Y .) establish. dwell (in). press (with fingers) {Y5 N35 Y1} O1} O1} [mnnw] fortress {Y5 N35 W24 G43 [mnw] monuments {Y5 N35 W24 G43 Y1 Z2} O39} [mnw] type of stone. established. enduring (of king) {Y5 N35 Y1} [mn] (v.and . Music 288 G43 T14 A1 Z2} [mnTw] Bedouin {Y5 N35 V13 G37} [mnt] (n.

dual contestants (in Court of Law) {Z4A W24 Y1} W24 W24 M1 M1 M1} [sfxw] seven {Z4A Z4A Z2} [xmntyw] a ship {Z4A Z4A Z4A Z4A N35 X1 G4 P1} [mnwy] abundant of monuments (epitaph of King) {Y5 W24 W24 W24 M17 M17 Y1v} [mnit] mooring post. equal {Z4A W24} [wsS] (v. plantation {Y5 W24 W24 [mnw] trees. Music 289 W24 M1A} [mnw] trees. equal.Strokes and Figures [xmnyw] Ogdoad {Z1 Z1 Z1 Z1 Z1 Z1 Z1 Z1 M17 M17 G43 A40 Z3} [xmnw] (locality) Hermopolis {Z1 Z1 Z1 Z1 Z1 Z1 Z1 Z1 W24 O49} Z7 U32 Y1 Z2} A24} [wdH] pour out. act stupidly {Z7 M12 [wxA] full blast (of storm) ? {Z7 M12 [sis] six . counterpart.Writing. region {Z7 N23} [wSm] mix {Z7 N37 G17 A24} D53} [diwt] five parts {Z2 Z4A X1 G43 [snnw] second (ordinal number). Games.weave linen {Z2 Z2 S28} [psDt] group of nine {Z2 Z2 Z2 X1} Z2} G1 P5} [w] district. intrans. whipping post {Y5 X1 Aa28} P1} [xmntyw] a ship {Z4A Z4A Z4A Z4A U33 [wxr] dockyard {Z7 Aa1 D21 O1 O1} [wxdt] pain {Z7 Aa1 D46 X1 Aa2} [wxdw] pain {Z7 Aa1 D46 Z7 Aa2 Z2} [wan] juniper {Z7 D36 D21 Aa2 M1} [wDb] fold over {Z7 D46 D58 F46 Z3} [mnTw] Bedouin {Y5 X1 G43 C248 [ibA] draughtsman {Y6} [sxm ir .f] potentate {Y8 G17 A24 D4 I9 A44} D54} Z2} [wdnt] offering {Z7 D46 N35 U32 Y1 [wdnw] offerings {Z7 D46 N35 W24 Z .) urinate {Z7 N37 N37 .Dictionary of Middle Egyptian Y . plantation {Y5 W24 [snw] companion. pour off {Z7 D46 V28 [wx] night {Z7 G1 M12 N2} [wdf] be sluggish (of wound) {Z7 [xmt nw] third {Z2 W24} {Z2 Z2 N35 X1 W3} I10 I9 G1 G41 D54} [snt] festival of the 6th day of lunar month [wSA] fatten {Z7 M8 G1 D51 D40} G1 G37} [snt] festival of the 6th day of lunar month {Z2 Z2 N35 X1 W4} [wxA] be foolish. twin. fellow.

their {Z7 Z2} [Hsb] one quarter (number). which is in {Z11} [wnm] eat {Z11 A2} [wnm] fattened ox {Z11 A2 U9 N33 Z2 E1} G1 S29 T30A D40} F18 M3} [wgiw] ribs (of ship) {Z7 W11 G1 Z7 [wgyt] jaw {Z7 W11 M17 M17 X1 F19} [wgyt] jaw {Z7 W11 X1 F19} [wt] bandage {Z7 X1 Aa2} [w] (suffix prn. flame {Z9 X1 Q7} X1} [wp st] specify it (details of it) {Z9 Y1 S29 [wHyt] family. escape (from). which is in front. consume {Z11 G17 [imy rn . transgress.) they.Dictionary of Middle Egyptian Z . kindred {Z7 V28 Z7 X1 [wgs] cut open. surpass (someone).Strokes and Figures 290 [wsty] letter {Z7 S29 X1 V12} [wDA] storehouse {Z7 U28 G1 O1} T14 A1 B1 Z2} [sDt] fire. cut down {Z9 T30 D40} [imy HAt] pattern. surpass (someone). mould (of conduct) [imy Xt] viscera {Z11 G17 F32 X1 F51} G36 D21 X1} [imy wrt] starboard (of ship) {Z11 G17 [imy wt] name of Anubis-fetish {Z11 G17 G43 X1 Aa2} M17 M17 X1 Q7} [wnmyt] devouring flame {Z11 G17 . them. cut (throat). who existed aforetime. occur {Z9 N31} [Sbn] mixed. pass away. various {Z9 N35} [Sbnw] various {Z9 N35} [Sbnw] various {Z9 N35 W24 G43} [Sbnw] various {Z9 N35 W24 Y1 Z2} [swA] break. pass away. cut (throat). transgress. occur {Z9 D54} [imi] 'negates the verb' {Z11 G17 D35} [imy bAH] who is in the presence. cut down {Z9 D40} Z2} [wnmw] food. feed on. which is in {Z11 G17} A2} [wnm] eat. cut off. cut off.f] list of names {Z11 G17 D21 N35 I9 A1 Z2} [swA] (causative) pass (on road). ancestor {Z11 G17 D53} [imy HAt] who. gut (fish etc) {Z7 W11 [xbsw] ploughlands {Z9 Z2} [imy] who is in. sustenance {Z11 Aa15 U9 [wnDw] short horned cattle {Z11A N26 Z7 E1 Z2} [imy xnt] chamberlain {Z11 D19 X1} [imy] who is in. one quarter of an aroura {Z9} [Sbn] mixed. escape (from). various {Z9} [swA] break. which was before {Z11 G17 F4 X1 Z1} {Z11 G17 F4 X1 Z1} [kA Sbn] rabble ? {Z9 E1} [xbsw] ploughlands {Z9 G43 N21 Z2} [swA] (causative) pass (on road).

f] Royal Uraeus (she who is on his front) {Z11 G17 X1 F4 X1 Z1 I9 I13} [xwi] exempt (from dues) {Aa1 Aa1 Aa1 [imt nDst] stern (of ship) {Z11 G17 X1 N35 I10 S29 X1 G37} [xx] neck.sn] so say they {Aa1 D21 P8 A2 .lying land {Aa1 D21 E23 Z2} [xrw] enemy {Aa1 D21 G43 A15} [xrw] enemy {Aa1 D21 G43 A15 A14} A15 N23 Z1 Z3} {Z11 G36 D21 X1 O1} [imy sA] attendant {Z11 V17 A1} [imy sA] attendant {Z11 V17 A1} [imy xmt] chamberlain {Z11 W17 A1} [wnm] eat of. {Aa1 D21} [xr] fall (in military sense) {Aa1 D21 A15} [xrw] enemy {Aa1 D21 A15} D21 A15} Y1 Z2 O1 Z1} [imt pt] will. necropolis ? {Aa1 D21 O1} [xrw .Strokes and Figures 291 G17 Q1 X1 O1 D36 Z1 A1} [imy st a] acolyte.) and. speak (to).) so says {Aa1 D21} [xr] (preposition) with.f] list of names {Z11 G17 Z4 D21 N35 I9} [imy hrw .lying land {Aa1 D21 G43 [xryt] butchery {Aa1 D21 M17 M17 X1 E1 Z2} [xrS] bundle {Aa1 D21 N37 M181} [xr] tomb (belonging to reigning King). further {Aa1 [xrw] low . in the midst of {Z11 G17 Z4 X1 Z7} [xr] (non-enclitic part. who is on duty for the day {Z11 G17 Z4 O4 D21 Z7 N5 Z1 I9} [imytw] between. fodder {Z11 G17 X1 X4 Z2} [xm] shrine {Aa1 Aa15 D35 O1} [xr] (non-enclitic part. testament {Z11 G17 [wnmt] food. feed on {Z11 Y1} [imyw xtw] those of later times. by (of agent). testament {Z11 G17 X1 [imy rn . under (a king). except {Aa1 Aa1 Aa1} D40} [imt HAt . near.f] sentry. throat {Aa1 Aa1 F10} [xAx Hr] impatience {Aa1 Aa1 M12 D54 D2 Z1} X1 O1 Y1 Z2} [imy pr] will. further {Aa1 D21} [xr] (auxillary v.lying land {Aa1 D21 A15 N23 O1} [imy wrt] the West {Z11 G36 D21 X1 [imy wrt] designation of priestly phyle Z1} [xrw] low .Dictionary of Middle Egyptian Z . posterity {Z11 Z2 G43 M3 Aa1 X1 D54 A1 Z3} [xrw] low .Unclassified [xw] exception. in the midst of {Z11 G17 X1} Aa . helper {Z11 [imytw] between.) and.

lead. wrongdoing {Aa1 [xw] fan {Aa1 D43 G43 S37} [xwi] protect. taxes {Aa1 D21 X1 Q3 D44 [xwsi] build up (of bricks) {Aa1 D43 [xrt] state. wealthy {Aa1 D36 G43 [xww] baseness. administrator {Aa1 D21 [xrp ib] having authority {Aa1 D21 Q3 D44 F34 Z1} [xrpw] mallet {Aa1 D21 Q3 G43 M3} [xrpw] mallet {Aa1 D21 Q3 G43 U22} Z2} [xw] protection {Aa1 D43 G43 Y1 Z2} [xwsi] pound. make offering of. construct {Aa1 D36 O34 Y1} [xwi] protect {Aa1 D43} [xwdt] wealth of timber {Aa1 D43 G43 D46 X1 M3 Z2} [xrw . direct (someone) {Aa1 D21 Q3 D44} [xrp] bring. requirements. favour {Aa1 D21 [xamw] throat {Aa1 D36 G17 F10 F51} F51} [xamw] throat {Aa1 D36 G17 Z7 F10 [xwdw] class of fishermen G39 Z2} [xdDw] waterfowl {Aa1 D46 N26 Z7 [xwd] rich. provide.fy] says {Aa1 D21 P8 I9 Z4} X1 A24} S29 A24} [xwsi] build.Unclassified 292 E23 G43 A2} [xrw] voice. products (of a place) {Aa1 D21 X1 Y1 Z2} [xwt] sanctuary {Aa1 D43 X1 O1} [xwt] protection {Aa1 D43 X1 Y1 Z2} [xwi] protect {Aa1 D43 Y1 Z4 G43} [xwd] richman {Aa1 D43 Z7 D46 N34 Y1 Z2 A1} X1 Y1 Z2 F34 Z1} [xrt ib] wish. avoid. wealthy {Aa1 D46 O38} {Aa1 D36 G43 D46 G43 D36 A1} . desire. exempt. administer. be shining (of kings) {Aa1 D36 N28} [xwsi] build. appear in glory (of god or king). affairs.Dictionary of Middle Egyptian S29 N35 Z2} Aa . construct {Aa1 D36 G43 [xrwyt] war {Aa1 D21 P8 M17 M17 [xai] rise (of sun). get ahead (with work). wrongdoing {Aa1 D36 G43 G37} E23 Z7 M17 M17 A24 A1} [xrw . undertake (works) {Aa1 D21 Q3 D44} [xrp] govern. noise {Aa1 D21 P8 [xrwy] enemy {Aa1 D21 P8 D46 O38 Y1} [xwd] rich. act as controller. dedicate {Aa1 D21 Q3 D44} Q3 D44} D43 G43 G43 G37 Z2} [xww] baseness. concerns.prevent {Aa1 D43 G43 Y1} [xwi bAq] The Bright Protected One (the reigning king) {Aa1 D43 G43 Y1 D58 G29 G1 N29 M1 A48} [xrp] controller. set aside. control. condition. beat up {Aa1 D43 O34} S29 A34 D40} [xrpt] dues.sn] so say they {Aa1 D21 P8 S29 N35 Z2} [xrp] drive (cattle). exclude.

ravage. be distorted (of character / voice) {Aa1 D58 N35 Z9} . treble (revenues) {Aa1 D52 X1 Z2} [xmt] intend. anticipate {Aa1 D52 X1 Z2 Y1} [xmt] intend.Unclassified 293 [xwd] rich {Aa1 D46 O38} [xdi] travel downstream. trans. expect.Dictionary of Middle Egyptian Aa . anticipate {Aa1 D52 X1} [xmt] intend. plan. anticipate {Aa1 D52} [xmt] intend. expect. take thought (for). anticipate {Aa1 D52 Aa15 X1 D35} [xmt] intend. plan. expect. take thought (for). plan. anticipate {Aa1 D52 X1 Z3} [xmt] intend.) dance {Aa1 D58 A32} {Aa1 D58 D46 G37} [xbbt] jar {Aa1 D58 D58 X1 W22} G29 G1 M17 M17 X1 Z4 Z2 B1} [xbwt] (fem. lay waste. disfavour {Aa1 D58 I10} [xbD] (v. expect. expect. subvert (law) {Aa1 D58 G29 G1 U7 G37} [xbA Hr] downcast {Aa1 D58 G29 G1 U7 G37 D2 Z1} Z2} [xbw] dancers {Aa1 D58 G43 Z9 A1 [xbA] destroy. anticipate {Aa1 D52 X1 Z3 A2} [xmt nw] third {Aa1 D52 Z2 W24} [xbi] (v. plan. anticipate {Aa1 D52 X1 A2} [xmt] treble {Aa1 D52 X1 N35A D35} [xmt] treble {Aa1 D52 X1 Z1A Z4B} [xmt] three {Aa1 D52 X1 Z2} [xmt] (v. accusation {Aa1 D58 N35 X1 Z9 G37 Z2} hateful {Aa1 D58 D46 X1 G37 Z2} [xbb] (n. expect. subvert (law) {Aa1 D58 G225} [xbD] (n. disfavour [xbD] (v.) displeasure. ravage. take thought (for).) displeasure. expect. take thought (for). plan. intrans.) dancers {Aa1 D58 [xbA] destroy. plan. disfavour {Aa1 D58 I10 Z9 G37} A14 Z2} [xbyt] carnage {Aa1 D58 M17 M17 X1 [xbn] be distorted (of character) {Aa1 D58 N35 A24} Z4 A1} [xbnty] criminal {Aa1 D58 N35 X1 [xbnty] criminal {Aa1 D58 N35 X1 Z4 Z9 G37} [xbD] (v. trans. intrans. ravage.) dance {Aa1 D58 D58 A32} [xbn] distort (speech). subvert (law) {Aa1 D58 G29 G1 U7 D36} [xbA] destroy. plan.) be hateful. North {Aa1 D46 P1} [xdt] land .) do for third time. plan. expect.register {Aa1 D46 X1 Y1} [xmt] intend. take thought (for). lay waste. take thought (for). anticipate {Aa1 D52 X1 Z2 D35} [xmt] intend. flow (of water). what is X1 Z4 Z9 G37 A1} [xbnty] criminal {Aa1 D58 N35 [xbnt] crime. what is hateful {Aa1 D58 I10} D58 I10} [xbD] (v.) be displeased with {Aa1 [xbD] (n.) be hateful. lay waste. take thought (for). northwards. take thought (for).) displeasure.

Dictionary of Middle Egyptian Aa . bureau {Aa1 G1 O1 Z1} [xm] exclude {Aa1 G17 A24} [xm] harm (someone) {Aa1 G17 A35E U7 D40} [xbst] tail {Aa1 D58 O34 X1 F33} G43} [xbsw] ploughlands {Aa1 D58 O34 Z9 [xbstyw] bearded ones {Aa1 D58 S29 G1 D3 T14 A40 Z3} G43 N23 Z2} [xbsw] ploughlands {Aa1 D58 S29 D40} [xbst] tail {Aa1 D58 S29 M17 M17 X1 F33B Z2} [xm] (v. subtract. lessen. reduce. lay waste. subvert (law) {Aa1 D58 Z9} [xbi] (v.) be unconcious of (one's limbs) {Aa1 G17 G37} [xbnt] accusation {Aa1 D58 Z5 N35 [xbA] destroy. grip (of oar) {Aa1 G17 [xbn] be distorted (of speech ). subvert (law) {Aa1 D58 U7 D40} [xbt] (n. be ignorant of {Aa1 G17 G17 D35} [xm] (v. lessening (of moon / mouth) {Aa1 D58 X1 Z9} [xbt] place of execution {Aa1 D58 X1 Z9 O1} D35 Aa1 X1 Y1 Z2 A1} X1 Z1} [xm Dt] swoon {Aa1 G17 D35 I10 [xma] seize.flea {Aa1 G17 M17 M17 [xm] demolish (buildings).Unclassified 294 [xbn] distort (speech).lying land {Aa1 E23 N23 Z2} [xA] office.) waste (time) {Aa1 D58 Z9 Y2} [xrw] low . grasp. collect (of people). ravage. be hushed (of voice).) dance {Aa1 D58 Z9 A32} D40} [xbswt] beard {Aa1 D58 O34 G43 X1 [xbs] hack up (earth) {Aa1 D58 O34 [xbi] (v. lay waste. exclude {Aa1 G17 . of staff). be distorted (of character / voice) {Aa1 D58 N35 Z9 G37} D3} [xbi] (v. penetrate (water. ravage. waste (time). damage (tomb).) exaction {Aa1 D58 Z9} [xmw] dust {Aa1 G17 G43 P5 Z3} G39} [xmy] sand . be unconcious of. debar (from). lessen {Aa1 D58 Z9 [xbi] (v. {Aa1 D58 Z9} [xbi] (n. exaction. (be found guilty) {Aa1 D58 Z5 N35} X1} [xm] wild (of animals) ? {Aa1 G17 D54} [xm] (passive participle) know not. be ignorant of. harm (someone).) know not. drive off {Aa1 G17 D36 D272} D36 X1 M3} [xmat] butt.) dance {Aa1 D58 X1 A32} [xbt] deduction. lessen {Aa1 D58 Z9 U6} [xbi] (v.) reduce.) deduct. exact (dues).) reduce. ignorance {Aa1 G17 D35} A1} [xm] ignorant man {Aa1 G17 D35 [xmxt] ignoramus {Aa1 G17 U17} [xbs] hack up (earth) {Aa1 D58 S29 [xbA] destroy.

according to. profitable. bow down {Aa1 M12 G1 G17 D41} [xAwy] night {Aa1 M12 G1 G43 N2} [xAwt] hide (of animal) {Aa1 M12 G1 G43 X1 F27} [xfxf] (v.) flood {Aa1 I9 Aa1 I9 [xfa] (n. at the time of. examine (patient) {Aa1 M12 G1 U9} [xAw] bowl {Aa1 M12 G1 W10 Z1} [xAyt] disease {Aa1 M12 G1 X1 Aa2} [xAtb] have pity (on) {Aa1 M12 G1 X1 D58 D40} [xfAt] food {Aa1 I9 G1 X1 X4 Z2} [xft] when. hurry {Aa1 M12 G1 Aa1 [xAx Hr] impatience {Aa1 M12 G1 O38 Y1} [xwd] rich.) plunder {Aa1 I9 Z9 D40} [xDy] riches {Aa1 I10 M17 M17 Y1 Z2} [xAa] despatch (messages) {Aa1 L6 D36} [xAa] cast off (bonds) {Aa1 L6 G1 D36} D54} [Axt] what is good.) fist {Aa1 I9 D36 D49 Z1} [xfa] a cake {Aa1 I9 D36 X6} [xfAAt] banks (of waterway) {Aa1 I9 G1 G1 X1 Y1 Z2} Z2} X1 R1} [xAwt] altar {Aa1 M12 G1 G43 [xAw] thousands {Aa1 M12 G1 G43 [xAi] measure. beat flat. (speech) to (someone) {Aa1 I9 X1} .Unclassified 295 [xm] be dry {Aa1 G17 P5} [xm] warm {Aa1 G17 Q7} [xtm] valuables ? {Aa1 G17 X1 S20} [Axt] arable land {Aa1 G25 X1 N21} {Aa1 G25 X1 Z2} [xft] (prep. make captures (in war) {Aa1 I9 D36 D49} [xfa] (v. at the time of. build. in accordance with. when. build up. when.) booty {Aa1 I9 D36 D49} [xfa] (v. (speech) to (someone) {Aa1 I9} Z5 N35A} D58 Z9} [xAb] be bent (of arm) {Aa1 M12 G1 [xAm] bend (arm in respect).Dictionary of Middle Egyptian O37 D40} Aa . wealthy {Aa1 G43 D46 Aa1 D54 D2 Z1} [xwdw] class of fishermen {Aa1 G43 N26 G43} Aa1 D54 D21 Z1} [xAx r] quick of speech {Aa1 M12 G1 [xAa] harpoon (hippopotamus) {Aa1 M12 G1 D36 D40} [xwsi] pound. construct.) in front of. as well as. useful [xwi] prevent {Aa1 G43} [xwd] rich. stir {Aa1 G43 S29 A34} [xft] (preposition) in front of. according to. beat up.) grasp. corresponding to {Aa1 I9} [xft] when. as well as. corresponding to {Aa1 I9 X1} [xfty] enemy {Aa1 I9 X1 Z4 Z6} [xf] (v. wealthy {Aa1 G43 D46 Aa9 Y1} [xAx] hasten. and n. in accordance with.

offend ? {Aa1 N35 D46 D56 D54} [xnd] lower part. offend ? {Aa1 N35 D46 D54} [xnd] tread (ways etc). prisoner {Aa1 [xnr] criminal.) rebel {Aa1 N35 G41 A1} [xni] (v. foreign land.) play music {Aa1 N35 G41 [xni] (v. tread down (foes). tread down (foes). matter. stop. drive (cattle) {Aa1 N35 I3} A1} [xnd] lower part. be a child {Aa1 M17 M17 A17} Q2} [xyt] shelter {Aa1 M17 M17 X1 O1} [xni] (v.Unclassified 296 {Aa1 M12 S29 X1 N25} [xAst] hill country. prisoner {Aa1 N35 D21 M17 U31 G37} D21 U31 A2 A1} [xnr] criminal. calf of leg {Aa1 N35 D46 D56 F51} F44} [xnD] shin of beef {Aa1 N35 D46 F44} [xnr] restrain {Aa1 N35 M17 D19 D40} . rest (on) {Aa1 N35 G41} [xn] (n.Dictionary of Middle Egyptian Aa . affair [xn n mdt] proverb {Aa1 [xnrt] harem {Aa1 N35 D21 X1 U31 B1} N35 G41 A2 N35 S43 D46 X1 A2} [xn] clap (hands) {Aa1 N35 D41} [xni] (v.) alight (from flight). rest (on) {Aa1 N35 G41 D54} [xn] scowling (of face) ? {Aa1 N35 G41 Y1v} [xn] direct (one's hand against). utterance. stop.) alight (from flight).) play music {Aa1 N35 B47} [xnr] harem {Aa1 N35 D21 B1 Z2} [xnrwt] women of the harem {Aa1 N35 D21 G43 X1 A1 B1} [xndw] throne {Aa1 N35 D46 O40} [xnd] bend (wood). prisoner {Aa1 N35 {Aa1 N35 G41 A2} [xn] speech. twist together (flowerstems) {Aa1 N35 D46 U7} [xnr] reins {Aa1 N35 E23 F27} W24} D40} [xnr] restrain {Aa1 N35 D21 M17 D19 [xnrwt] women of the harem {Aa1 [xnms] type of beer {Aa1 N35 G17 S29 N35 D21 M17 M17 X1 Y1 Z2} [xni] (v. halt.) play music {Aa1 N35 D44} [xnd] tread (ways etc). offend ? {Aa1 N35 D46 D56} D46 D56} D54} [xni] (v. halt. desert O40} [xndw] throne {Aa1 N35 D46 G43 [xndw] throne {Aa1 N35 D46 G43 [xy] child.) play music {Aa1 N35 G41 A2} N35 D21 M17 U31 A2 A1} [xnr] criminal. calf of leg {Aa1 N35 [xnfA] arrogance {Aa1 N35 I9 G1 [xnfw] a cake {Aa1 N35 I9 G43 X3} [xnD] shin of beef {Aa1 N35 I10 [xnd] tread (ways etc). tread down (foes).

) smell {Aa1 N35 T34 Aa15 Z4 R7 Z2} [xnw] child {Aa1 N35 W24 G43 A17} A338 Z3} Aa15 Z4 R7 Z2} [xnmw] (n.) be friendly with {Aa1 N35 T34 G17 S29 A21 Y1v} [xnS] (v. smell (odours). tenth month of the year {Aa1 N35 M23 G43 G7} G37} [xnms] (v. steal. present (offering) {Aa1 N35 Q3 D40} M17 X1 Aa2 Z2} G17 X1 D19 B1} G17 X1 X1 B1} [xnmtt] (n. abode {Aa1 N35 [xnws] midge. make sweet-smelling {Aa1 N35 T34 G17 D19 A2} W24 G43 O1} [xnw] resting .) stink {Aa1 N35 N37 K1 T34 G17 S29 B3 A1} [xnms] friend.Dictionary of Middle Egyptian Aa .place.) nurse {Aa1 N35 T34 [xnms] type of beer {Aa1 N35 T34 S29} [xnmtt] (n. relative {Aa1 N35 T34 G17 S29 A21 A1} [xnr] restrain {Aa1 N35 M17 U31 D54} [xnsw] Moon-god Khonsu {Aa1 N35 M23 G43 A40} T34 G17 S29 A21 G41 Y1 Z2} [xnms] mosquito {Aa1 N35 [xnsw] Moon-god Khonsu.) nurse {Aa1 N35 T34 X1 X1 B1} [xnsyt] scurf ? {Aa1 N35 S29 M17 [xnmw] (n. stop. pour (water).place.) nurse {Aa1 N35 T34 [xnmt] prostitute {Aa1 N35 T34 [xns] (v.) be friendly with. relative {Aa1 N35 [xns] (v. rest (on) {Aa1 N35 M17 M17 G41} N35 M17 M17 X1 G41 D54 Z2 B1} G17 G43 D19 Z2} [xnmw] (n. catch (ball).) traverse (region). glad.) smell {Aa1 N35 T34 [xnwwt] female musicians {Aa1 [xnms] (v.) alight (from flight). halt. abode {Aa1 [xnmw] (n.Unclassified 297 [xni] (v.) smell {Aa1 N35 T34 D19 Z2} N35 W24 G43 G41 O1} [xnm] belabour (with blows). travel.) traverse (region). and n.) smell {Aa1 N35 T34 [xnw] musicians {Aa1 N35 W24 G43 [xnw] resting . midge {Aa1 N35 W24 [xnwwt] female musicians {Aa1 N35 . spread (of illness) {Aa1 N35 O35 P4} [xnp] receive (semen) {Aa1 N35 Q3 D19} [xnp] snatch. spread (of illness) {Aa1 N35 O34 D54} [xns] move in two directions {Aa1 N35 O34 E177} [xnmst] friend {Aa1 N35 T34 G17 S29 X1} G17 X1 B5} [xnmtt] (n. friendship {Aa1 N35 T34 G17 S29 A7} [xnms] friend. travel. gladden {Aa1 N35 T34 G17 D19 A2} [xnm] breathe (air). gnat {Aa1 N35 W24 G43 S29 G37} [xnm] make sweet-smelling {Aa1 N35 T34 G17 D19 Aa2} G43 S29 G37} [xnws] gnat.

go by. become. be. bureau {Aa1 O1} [xA] office. drive away (darkness.) sail upstream. delight over {Aa1 N35 X1 N37 D19 Y1 F34 Z1 G17} [xntS] walk about freely {Aa1 N35 X1 N37 D54} [xsr] dispel. make glad {Aa1 N35 X1 N37 D19 Y1} [xntS ib m] delight in. evil etc ). drive away (darkness. . be past. clear (a road). foremost {Aa1 N35 X1} [xAsyt] bryony ? {Aa1 O34 [xAsyt] bryony {Aa1 O34 Aa18 [xnwt] female musician {Aa1 N35 X1 B47} [xnrt] council-chamber {Aa1 N35 X1 D19} G41 Y1 Z2} G1 M17 M17 X1 Z2 M2} G37} [xsy] bribe {Aa1 O34 Aa18 Z4 Z4 Z4 [xnt] festival outlay ? {Aa1 N35 X1 [xsr] dispel. remove (dirt) {Aa1 O34 D21 V29 D40} [xntS] have enjoyment (of). evil etc ). among. bureau {Aa1 O27} Aa18 G1 M17 M17 X1 Z2 M2} W24 G43 X1 B47} [xnwt] female musician {Aa1 N35 [xnt] (preposition) in front of.) resting (herd) {Aa1 N35 Z4 G41} [xrS] bundle {Aa1 N37 D21 M2} [xpr] take place. happen. out of {Aa1 N35 X1} [xnty] who is at the head of. remove (dirt) {Aa1 O34 D21 V29 V12 D40} [xsmt] cow {Aa1 O34 D52 X1 E1} N33A} [xsbD] lapis lazuli {Aa1 O34 D58 D46 [xsm] shrine {Aa1 O34 G17 D35 O1} [xsm] shrine {Aa1 O34 G17 O1} N21} [xntS] orchard ? {Aa1 N35 X1 N37 [xnt] household {Aa1 N35 X1 O1} [xnty] outer-chamber {Aa1 N35 X1 O1} [xnti] (v. come to pass {Aa1 Q3 D21} {Aa1 N35 X1 P2} [xn nfr] good {Aa1 N35 Y1 F35} I9 D21} [xn nfr] benefactions {Aa1 N35 Y1 F35 [xni] (v. occur. be glad. evil etc ).Unclassified 298 [xrS] bundle {Aa1 N37 D21 V1} [xA] office. remove (dirt) {Aa1 O34 D21 V29 A24} [xnwwt] female musicians {Aa1 N35 X1 G41 Z2} D19 N36} [xntS] orchard ? {Aa1 N35 X1 N37 [xsr] dispel. be effective. change (into). travel southward O49} [xsm] (locality) Letopolis {Aa1 O34 G17 [xAs] creek ? runnel ? {Aa1 O34 N21 Z1} [xs] creek {Aa1 O34 N21 Z1} [xsy] bribe {Aa1 O34 Z4 M2} [xpi] die {Aa1 Q3 A14} [xpr] exist. come into being. drive away (darkness.Dictionary of Middle Egyptian W24 G43 X1 B1 Z3} Aa . clear (a road). from. clear (a road).

remove (dirt) {Aa1 S29 D21 D40} [xsbD] blue. power {Aa1 Q3 [xpS] constellation of the Great Bear {Aa1 Q3 N37 F23 N14 A40} [xsf] (v. ward off.) reprove (words). prevent {Aa1 S29 I9 U34 A24} F51B} [xpS] strength. become. clear (a road). redress (wrong) {Aa1 S29 I9 U34 A24} N37 F23 A24} [xpS] strong arm. scarab {Aa1 Q3 D21 D21 L1} T16} [xpS] schimetar. be effective.axe {Aa1 Q3 N37 T7B} S29 I9 U34 A24} [xsf] (n. be past. arm {Aa1 Q3 N37 F23} [xsf] (intrans. divert (water). be.) punishment. occur.) drive away. occur. go by. disapproval {Aa1 . happen. blue-black (of hair) {Aa1 S29 [xsbD] lapis lazuli {Aa1 S29 D58 I10 N33 Z2} [xpyt] death {Aa1 Q3 M17 M17 X1 A14} [xpS] foreleg. come into being. continue (of action) {Aa1 Q3 D21 L1} Z2} A2 Z3} [xpp] (pl. change (into). continue (of action) {Aa1 Q3 L1 D21} D21 M17 M17 A40} [xprr] (divinity) Khopri {Aa1 Q3 L1 D58 I10 D12} [xsbD] blue. drive (cattle). repress (crime).) strange {Aa1 Q3 Q3 M17 M17 [xpp] strange {Aa1 Q3 Q3 Y1} [xpyt] death {Aa1 Q3 X1 A55} [xpyt] death {Aa1 Q3 X1 Z6} [xm] shrine {Aa1 R22 G17 O20} [xm] shrine {Aa1 R22 O1} [xpdw] buttocks {Aa1 Q3 D46 G43 F51 [xpi] (v. strength. go by. avoid (anger). oppose. power {Aa1 Q3 N37 F24 [xpS] battle . with following preposition) punish {Aa1 S29 I9 U34 A24} [xsf] (v. change (into). intrans. be. be past. battle-axe {Aa1 Q3 N37 [xpS] be effective ? {Aa1 Q3 N37 Y1} [xpp] stranger {Aa1 Q3 Q3 A13} [xppwt] strange things {Aa1 Q3 Q3 G43 Y1 Z2} [xprw] form. drive away (darkness. thigh. shape {Aa1 Q3 D21 G43 [xpr] exist.) encounter (someone) {Aa1 Q3 D54} [xpw] journeys {Aa1 Q3 G43 D54 Z2} Z2} [xnrtt] conspiracy ? {Aa1 S3 D21 X1 X1 A14} [xpw] journeys {Aa1 Q3 G43 X1 D54 [xpr] exist. become. trans. repel. come into being. be effective.Unclassified 299 continue (of action) {Aa1 Q3 D21} [xprr] dung beetle.Dictionary of Middle Egyptian Aa . trans. come to pass {Aa1 Q3 D21 L1} X1 Z2} [xpr] take place. trans.) travel {Aa1 Q3 D54} [xpi] (v. come to pass {Aa1 Q3 L1 D21} [xsr] dispel. blue-black (of hair) {Aa1 S29 D58 D46 N33 Z2} [xpr] take place. evil etc ) . v. happen.

servant {Aa1 X1 X1 D54 O1 Z1} [xtm] fort {Aa1 X1 G17 O1} [xtm] (n.servant {Aa1 X1 X1 O1 [xtt] (fem. include. as well as.) contract {Aa1 X1 G17 X1 Y1} . corresponding to {Aa1 X1 I9} [xfty] enemy {Aa1 X1 I9 A1} [xfty] enemy {Aa1 X1 I9 A13} [xfty] enemy {Aa1 X1 I9 A90} X1 I9 D2 Z1} [xsf] spin (yarn) {Aa1 S29 U34} [xsf] opponent {Aa1 S29 U34 I9} [xsfw] (v.) sail upstream {Aa1 S29 [mAxw] (pl. (speech) to (someone) {Aa1 X1 I9} [xft] (preposition) in front of. affair. contract (with someone). affair.) contract {Aa1 X1 G17 X1 [xt m st] all well and good {Aa1 X1 Y1 Z2 G17 Q1 O1 X1} [xtmt] (n.) seal. mix (ingredients) {Aa1 X1 G17 S20} [xtm] (v.) carve. engrave {Aa1 X1 D51 D40} M17 M17 S20 A1} [xtmy] seal . offerings. close (doors). property.) sail upstream {Aa1 S29 U34 I9 X1 P1} [xft Hr] in front of.) sail upstream {Aa1 S29 U34 I9 G43 X1 P1} I9 P4} [xsfw] (v. put a seal (on).) seal {Aa1 X1 G17 S20} [xtm] (v. possessions.) sail upstream {Aa1 S29 U34 [xsfw] (v. property. in accordance with.maker {Aa1 X1 G17 [xtmyt] sealed chamber {Aa1 X1 [xtA] (locality) Hatti {Aa1 X1 U30 G1 G17 M17 M17 X1 S20 O1} [Xtt] pluck (plants) {Aa1 X1 X1} [Xtt] pluck (plants). storehouse.) fiery {Aa1 X1 X1 Q7} [xt] things. offerings.) accordingly {Aa1 X1 I9 U35 M17 M17 X1 P1} [xsfw] (v. anything {Aa1 X1 Y1 Z2} S20 Y1} [xtmt] (n. to prey on {Aa1 X1 X1} [xtt pr] house .Dictionary of Middle Egyptian Aa . something.) contract {Aa1 X1 G17 S20 Y1} [xt] thing(s). something. when. fort {Aa1 X1 [xtm] (n. according to.) seal {Aa1 X1 G17 S20 D40} G17 S20 O1} Z1} [xtt pr] house . in the presence of {Aa1 [xftw] (adv. anything {Aa1 X1 Y1 Z2} [xtm] chest.Unclassified 300 U35} [xsft] punishment {Aa1 S29 I9 X1 [xftw] (adv.) accordingly {Aa1 X1 I9} [xft] when.) seal {Aa1 X1 S20} [xtA] creep up to {Aa1 X1 U30 G1 D54} N25} [xti] (v. at the time of. matter. matter. possessions.) sheaf {Aa1 U1 G43} [xmAA] shrink {Aa1 U2 D4 G1 G1 A17} G43} [xt] fire {Aa1 X1 Q7} [xtm] (n.

offerings..) be provided (with) {Aa8 N35 Y1} X1 G4 T14 A1 B1 Z2 N25} [wHAtyw] oasis . something.wrapping {Aa2 X1 G43 V6} [wHAt] oasis.Dictionary of Middle Egyptian Aa . {Aa1 Z4 Aa1 Z4} D46 D12 Y1 V31} [xy qd ...) first quality. intrans. bind {Aa2 X1 A24} [wt] embalmer. best quality {Aa8 N35 [qn] (v.) complete. nome {Aa8 X1 Z1} [Hsb] count.region {Aa2 X1 N25} [wHAt] oasis.Unclassified 301 [xt pr] property {Aa1 X1 Y1 Z2 O1 Z1} Y1 Z2 V30 X1} [Hsb] workman {Aa2 Z1 A1} [wxdw] pain {Aa2 Z2} [Xpw] figures (inlaid in metal) {Aa2 Z2} [wt] wrappings {Aa2 Z2} [Hpw] Apis Bull {Aa5A Q3 E1} [Hpt] oar {Aa5A Z2} [Hpy] (divinity) Hapy (one of the four sons of Horus) {Aa5 Q3 A40} D54} [xt nbt] everything. necropolis {Aa8 X1 N25} [DAtt] estate {Aa8 X1 O49} [DAtt] estate {Aa8 X1 X1} [spAt] district. affair. bandager {Aa2 X1 D40 A1} [sqr anx] captive.... child.so...k] how are you ? {Aa1 Z4 Aa28 [xwd] richman {Aa1 Z7 D46 Aa9 Y1 [Hpwty] runner {Aa5 Q3 G43 X1 Z4 A1} [Hpy] (divinity) Hapy (a son of Horus) {Aa5 Q3 M17 M17 A40} [xt] things. oasis region {Aa2 X1 T14 N25} {Aa8 N35 Y1} [qn] mat {Aa8 N35 Z28} [smyt] desert.. oasis . living prisoner {Aa7 [Ts] sandbank {Aa8 N23 Z1} [DAtt] estate {Aa8 N23 Z1} [qn] mat {Aa8 N35 Aa19} [qn] (v... reckon {Aa2 Y1} [Hsb] account {Aa2 Y1} [Hsb] (n. xy] as. possessions. bandager {Aa2 D36 A1} [Hsbw] doom {Aa2 G43 A14} [aS] cedar {Aa2 M1} [wt] bandage. property. trans. be a child {Aa1 Z1 A17} [xy] what ? {Aa1 Z4} [xy ... bind {Aa2 D36} [wt] embalmer. anything {Aa1 X1 [xt mnt] something {Aa1 X1 Y5 N35 Y1 X1} [x] placenta ?.. cease [wt] mummy ... accomplish.) fracture {Aa2 Z1} .. anything {Aa1 Z8 Z2} [Hpt] oar {Aa5 X1 P8} [Hpt] oar {Aa5 X1 Z1} S34 A223} [wt] bandage..dwellers {Aa2 Y1} [qn] (n. matter.

extend (hand). present. way {Aa15 D36 X1 N35 T14 N31 D54} [ms] bring. upper part {Aa13 Z1 D2 D21 N1} [sngr] (locality) Babylonia {Aa18 N35 [gsy] neighbour {Aa13 Z1 M17 M17 A1} M17 M3} [sA] back {Aa18 Z1} [sAsA] drive back. paddle. justified {Aa11 D36 X1 Z1} [mSdt] ford {Aa15 D36 F30 D46 N21 [mk] boat {Aa15 D36 V31 P1} G1 F29} [mAa] lead. loyal {Aa11 Y1} [gs n bHs] side of veal {Aa13 N35 E3} O1 Z1} [mgA] skirmisher ? {Aa15 D36 W11 [mTn] road. successful {Aa15 D36 [mAa . smear on (unguent) {Aa13 O34 W23 A24} [gst] speed. bring away booty.xrw] deceased.xrw] deceased. steer. take (aim) {Aa15 D38 O35 D58 D54} [gs pr] administrative district. direct. temple {Aa13 [gs pr] administrative district {Aa13 O1 Z1 [mgA] skirmisher ? {Aa15 D39 W11 G1 T14 A14} O49} M17 A17} [mgA] skirmisher ? {Aa15 D39 W11 [mSrw] evening {Aa15 N37 D21 [gsgs] regulate {Aa13 O34 Aa13 O34} [gsi] (v.Dictionary of Middle Egyptian Aa . send.Unclassified 302 [mAa] true {Aa11} P8H} D21 D46 V29 Y1v} [mar] fortunate. run. throw out. guide. half . half. extend. border (of land). set out {Aa11 D54} [mAa . despatch. shape {Aa15 Z1} [sA] byre {Aa17 Z1} [sA] back {Aa17 Z1} [sAi] (v. course {Aa13 O34 X1 D54} [gsty] (scribe's) palette {Aa13 O34 X1 M3} [gsw] ointment {Aa13 O34 Z7 W24 Z2} {Aa13 Z1} [gs] side. justified {Aa11 P8H} [mAat] truth {Aa11 X1 Y1} [mAa] true.) be wise.aroura [gs Hry] top.) run {Aa13 O34 D54} M3B} E23 G43 N2} [gsty] (scribe's) palette {Aa13 O34 U33 [imsti] (one of the Four sons of Horus) Imseti {Aa15 O34 U33 M17 A40} [imHt] netherworld {Aa15 V28 X1 O1} [mgg] cluck (of bird) {Aa15 W11 W11} [imt] wine of Imt {Aa15 X1 W10} [im] form. repel {Aa18 Z1 Aa18 Z1 D54} [gsty] (scribe's) palette {Aa13 Z1 U33 [mxAt] balance {Aa15 Aa1 X1 U92} . prudent {Aa18 A2} W11 D21 Z1 N25} [gs] anoint (someone with).

) judge {Aa22 D21 [STyt] sanctuary of Sokar {Aa19 X1 O1} [Hryt] terror. guard against (magic). judgement {Aa21 S43 D46 G43 A2 Z3} [sA] byre {Aa18 Z1 O1} [swtwt] walk about. acquire. protector {Aa27 W24 D36} . litigate. intrans. litigate (with) {Aa21 [nD] save. protect {Aa27} [nD Hr] greet {Aa27 D2} [nDt Hr] gifts {Aa27 I10 D2} X1} Z2} [aprw] equipment {Aa20 D21 G43 Y1 [aprw] jewellery {Aa20 D21 N33A} [aprt] type of jar {Aa20 D21 X1 W22} [apr] provide. trans. and n. journey. question. workmen {Aa20 D21 G43 A1 Z2} [nD] (v. counsel {Aa27 W24 [wDayt] mussel ?. have judgement (against). ask advice {Aa27 W24} {Aa27 W24 A2} [nD] (v. greet {Aa27 W24 A2 D21 Z1} Aa27 W24 A2} D36 Y1 D21 M17 M17 X1 Y1} D36 X1 Z5} [wDayt] shell (to hold ink ?) {Aa21 G43 [nDnD] (n. consult.) enquire about (something) [nD xrt] greeting ! {Aa27 W24 A2 D36 Y1} [wDa] be parted (of lips of wound) {Aa21 [wDa rwt] (v.) take counsel.) save. travel. protect. respect {Aa19 M17 M17 X1 Z2} [wDa mdw] judge. dread. man (a vessel) {Aa20 D21 Y1} [aprw] jewellery {Aa20 G43 N33A} [wDa] (epithet of Seth) he who is judged {Aa21 A40} [nD xrt] greet {Aa27 I10 W24 Aa1 D21 [nDwt r] counsel {Aa27 I10 X1 D21 Z1} [nD] (v. respect {Aa19 X1 Z2} A1 A1 A1} Z1 M17 X1 M17} A24} [mDd] press on (with orders) {Aa23 D46 [aprw] sailors {Aa20 Aa20 Aa20 [mDd] press on {Aa23 Y1v} [smA] priest (who clothed the god) {Aa25 A1} [aprw] jewellery {Aa20 D21 G43} [aprw] sailors. make good (harm). litigate (with) {Aa21 S43 Y2} B1} [wDat] divorced woman {Aa21 X1 Y1 [wDa rwt] (v.) advice. shell (to hold ink?) {Aa21 M17 M17 X1 H8} S43 D36 Y2} [wDa mdw] (v. and n. protection. go forth {Aa18 Z1 X1 G43 O50 Z4 D54} [Hryt] terror. equip.Unclassified 303 N35 Z2 W11 D21 N25} [sngr] (locality) Babylonia {Aa18 Z1 [wDa mdw] judge.) judge. incur.) judge {Aa21 Aa1 D21 X1 Y1 Z2} [nD Hr] greet {Aa27 W24 A2 D2 Z1} [nD r] take counsel. dread.Dictionary of Middle Egyptian Aa .

reputation. disposition.Dictionary of Middle Egyptian Aa . reputation.) sleep {Aa28 D46 D46 D6} D46 D46 G43 D12 Y2 Z2} [Xkrw] insignia {Aa30} [Xkrw] panoply. sayings) {Aa28 [qd] pot {Aa28 D46 W24} [sty] Nubian mineral (ochre ?) {Aa32 X1 . disposition.) sleep {Aa28 D46 D46 W24 D7} [qdw] men of Kode {Aa28 D46 G43 A13 Z3} [styw] Nubians {Aa32 X1 G4 T14 A1 [sty] Nubia {Aa32 X1 N25} [styw] Nubians {Aa32 X1 N25 T14 A1 N33A} D46 I9 D51 D40} [qdf] gather (flowers. fashion (men) {Aa28 D46 D12 A158} [qd] form. extent {Aa28 D46 W24 Y1 Z2} [qdwt] drawings {Aa28 D46 X1 Y1 Z2} [qdwt] drawings {Aa28 G43 X1 Z2} [qd] builder {Aa28 O36 A1} [qd] builder {Aa28 O36 A24 A1} [qdt] kite (weight of one tenth of a deben) {Aa28 X1 O39} [nDwt r] counsel {Aa27 X1 G43 D21 [qd] form. insignia {Aa30 Y1V Z2} [Xkrw] ornaments {Aa30 Z3} N33A} [qddw] characters (of people) {Aa28 [qdd] (n.) sleep {Aa28 D46 W24 D4} [qd] go round {Aa28 D46 W24 D54} G43 X1 Y1 Z2} [nDtyw] maidservants ? {Aa27 W24 X1 [nDty] protector {Aa27 W24 X1 Z4 [qdwt] drawings {Aa28 D46 W24 [qdtm] praying mantis {Aa28 D46 D40} [nD] (n. fashion (men) {Aa28 D46 [qd] potter (as epitaph of Khnum) {Aa28 D46 W24 C35} [qd] (v. nature.) protection {Aa27 W24 Y1} [nD Hr] protect {Aa27 W24 Y1 D2 Z1} [nD] flour {Aa27 W24 Z2} [nD] flour {Aa27 W24 Z7 U9 Z2} Z1} W24 X1 G17 L17} W24 X1 X1 M1} [qdtt] a conifer (from Syria) {Aa28 D46 [qd] go round {Aa28 D46 W24 Y1} [qd] form.Unclassified 304 [nD] grind {Aa27 W24 D36} [nDw] miller {Aa27 W24 G43 A143A} [nD] thread {Aa27 W24 S28} [nDt Hr] gifts {Aa27 W24 X1 D2 Z1} [nDtt] protectress {Aa27 W24 X1 X1} Z4A B1 Z3} [qd] use the potter's wheel {Aa28 D46 W24} W24 A30 A24} [qd] build. extent {Aa28 D12} [qd] build. character. character. nature. extent {Aa28 D46 D12 Y1} [qdd] (n. character. nature. fashion (men) {Aa28 D46 A35} [qd] build. and n. disposition. reputation.

Dictionary of Middle Egyptian Z4 N33 Z2} Aa .Unclassified 305 [sty] Nubia {Aa32 X1 Z8} .

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